North Carolina Newspapers

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tComiito lUatrijman.
1 Editor, and Proprietor.
Osz "VearI paykWem advance. ....$2.5()
Sii-Months, j " 1-50
5 t( one ladJrpsB .10.00
f pEN'DKKS tomplitiicnts in his friends
1. and tjb blic. and in tbU'niethtxl would--lirinjr
U thlr atjtentionT his eitetulfid iacilitieu
"for inciting deiiiahdrt in hU Mm of buMine8.
lie U now xreiared lo fHruifh all kind. of
Crnvc Stones, from the. cheapest Head Stones,
tn the loflUicht 1 monument. Those preferinx
rlylr ind very costly work iiit on fraud, can
bn ttcfnvmoaatea on unori lime, RinBiiy m ac-i-onlanpe
with-HpecifieatituJH, drafts, and the
((.nun tf thfl contract. Satififactjon gnaran
teed. Jle .will not bo nude r.HoId, . North or
South.! Orders Holioted. AddreHH,
17;tf iJOlIN.n. RUIS. Salisbury.
Studwell Brothers
IT! MURRAY j Street,
' NEW ' YO'KK, -
'''! 1
Manufacturers and Jobbers of
j. FOR , - ' K i
Have a tompletc etock in all lines, iuclud
iiwr ' thefr Zonular Granite State Iuls,
I Xipl'htv shoes, nud omcns Pelt. bids.
t Orders HolicUcd and carefully tilled at,
Rawest market rales.,
MOOSK, Salesman.
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" 1LU .1
R I C HiVl O R3 D
i l' :
i j' ' ! j AKr
1 .
Xoiwe to shippers and the Trcivclliny
1 i . : rubik. -
MoHtlf UaUimpre, Pltilttih'ljdua, New
I York, and poston, and all point j
JS 0 and East, 'cst
ami Northwest.
leaves liilnnond on TnesdajB, Thursdays
and ivUnraays, at I . M., c nnectmc with
the phndil Sti-ainer .
of Virginia
n k 1 fv t
For the AbovcrNamcd Points,
tviuvhiug at th rjver landings, and arriving
in Balti more on the ful lowing nioriiiiig iu
titiw'to eoniiect tith triiins North and iest.
Through "ticlU'tS and lla'rirat'u checked to
all points:
322 J. 3VX 33 XI.
leaves Baltimore., Pier No. DO Ight Street,
on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 4
r. m arriviug iu Richmond at 1 1 o'clock the
foil Jm in g mioriijug. -
! i. -h : --
Through Bills of Lading Given to all
; PoiiUs. -v
2J J. XI. XJ i
From Richmond to Baltimore. !
4 00
7 05
hi 50
17 25
14 75
r roiu Richmond to Philadelphia,
From Richmond to New York,
from liithmond to Boston, all rail,
From Richmond to-Bostou, by Sound
' WM. N. BRAGG, Sup!.
, ! I NoJO Light Street, JJaltimors,
! f L. TAYLOR, Ticket Ac Freight ACt.
Richmond, Va.
N'. II. HtlTCHKlss, Travelling Agt.
' i- -L'l ! . 20:3m.
A-M. SuUivASr' Jrp. Gowax
TPlIiE undersigned having associated' them
- solves iu buHinfcw under the firm name of
1 TAVE opened in R. J tIolmen' new build
-njr. next door to tho Hardware Store,
!iere they will bo pleased to-meet old- and
" ftu'nds. They have a magnificent room
te largest and boot iu town and
' -
(OMratSINa a general -amortment, naru.
ward excepted, and will guarrante as
KOO(1 barifaJn kil fan llA Holt hv mir 1 1 txnn in
'; tQ South'. Thev will deal heavilv in P,
' 1 cjiuiitry Pio()uee, buyinir and selling, and
: "mt all who wish cither to buv ot sell t rail
them.. A. M. SULLIVAN & Co.
: ' '
UFSTUATES' BLANKS at (his office
1 b. . - - r T .
h ; -
3?TK .Hi:;-: " - i ' H it:.' SALISBURY; N. G...UNE-rtlS? i ';;.,i -iw .-.. '.
- r,- ' ' ' ' ; - - -' ' , . - JNl). 3. WHOLE NO." 828
I n v wt nt ww wt -! .- i l. I; . ; - .' i - ' L t : r -.. ' - - . :
r Ma. eviurphv
Ttavin aain OrsranizccI for
11 J
BUslJESSr lmvd just opened a
I -
entirely tixr and fn&ir hi the
: room
formerly occupied as tlie Hardware Store.1
Knu next, uoor io ,ni
iisliam & lb., to
the inPDectin of wLicl
tbey most cor-
dialy iovit tfe6 puUlici.
was. carefully selected by ilio senior mrn-
jof I he hu; niperff, and bought at
wlueli will eiiab
them to sell as
for CAjSII, as
in 1
e ityf for Goodti of sarae quality.
r luiu is gciierai.eniDracing
'- I .In
40 . . : . . - 1
all the vatiotid brunches
Groceries, rCrocfyrg
Ware, Boots and
Shoes Sole ! Leather,
Calf and
Binding Skins;
Grass, Scythes
; and Note
Grain and
Cap, Letter
and a beautiful assortment of
S ' ' I ' f : j i
1 ney leei fassurcd ot their ability to
give entire satisfaction, and especially irj-
tlte old trienua ahu ctistouieri' to call and
bring with .them their acquaintances
iiiey expectiand intend to maintain the
itoniltatmii fif tlo il.l Mnriihv H.Mian
hicli 6 well knowirithrqu'rhout Western
Js'orth Carolina, -i Al tln-y ask is an cx
Jliiiioatinii if their xlock and the prices
jo tioulJe U ihiw Jo(kT
so- como rilit
uloncr. Theh
Small profits, read pay and
! With a good stock, low prices, fair
lealhig ami prornpt'j attention, they will
ndeavor to inent tla-ir share of the pnb-
ic patronage; 1 hey are in the market
W all kinds of produce and solicit calls
from both sellers and! buyers.
1 B.&.A.M1KPHY.
ItOIiT. MUllPIl,
fealisburv. March 23. 1S72. fS7:lvl
wiioiJksale and uetail,
And Comnisson Merchants,
' ; Sfarsnijitv, March 1st, 1872.
Keep constantly 'on lijind a large and choice
coniitrisin? Dryj (JocxH, Groceries. Wares, etc.
ot which they would especially mention
Sugar and Coffee, of all grades,
SOLE 4nd
FLOUR anfl
- LIQUORS, of all
Kinds always on uanjl, of choiceiquauty.
nfEpeciali attention given, to cons
incuts and prompt rut urns made.
24:tf i
4 4-
a hahs chance
A V T TT n t 1," T C A I PCT a npi.-
iris of a niodern jand commodionshouse, am-
1ie pui uuuuinot. cool water, a hue larn-A crnr
, ! ' . O- O "
all lying m the Suburbs of Salisbury ; all in-
'"t "" Jivni oju O9iauo ui .v.-vutOl lillKl.
w.v. viiiivic uui yuiiuiiiK; iuui. 1 lie
laoovv ivivriy i onepi me most 1IU51 KA J5L.E
(in this part of the country, and will be increa-
mI.ama. ... a x r . 1 rvnn v"r- r vm
jedin VLCK byUhe Completion of thecontem-
piated Kail Uoada tofthw place. Tersona in
'.' l 1 i. . . ..
i;reMn mi Kiuai propuriv, are lnvueuio can on,
or aaoresa me euoscriper. : -
! ' ? - I ! Salihbury, N. C.
April 13, 18721. 3l:tf.
MlWj. S. WI TERRELL, will do
kind of - t .
Fancy Hair Work.
-Repair BraidVsmaie Cnrls, Switches, Or
naments and Jewelry Setts ; also make fami
ly hair into Wreathi. aud Boouets.
For terms call at &er residence on Church
street. West of the Methodist Church. Sam
pies cauj be seen at S. W, Teehell's Store
on Inmss street! -' - i
May 9r i872.4i4if.
i 4: i. -. J
watchman office
is well supflicd with
A large and elegant assortment of
Pictorial or
suititble for all kinds of
- - f
Ijncr and more Ornamental Types for
Business & Professional
Visitng, Party and Wedding Cards ;
College and School
-Circulars of all kinds ;
Tobacco Notices and
' f,i" vV -1 !
for all purposes ;
For Clerks, Magistrates
1 ; and'SollCltOrS !
Or anything! else required in tbe
Printing Line.
k i J. s .
j Is a . candidate for public KtVOr. Its
I . ,. . i , . , ,
CircUUllon IS gOOU, and Its StanQing
I T J.4.i J
anJ patronaJ improving.
It is one
of the best advertising mediums in
' . 'ili- :1r !"t - ,
the Stale, and offers its facilities on as
. i. 1 ' ! I
r libera terms as any.
IN the District Court of the United States
for the Cape-Fear District of North Carolina.
In the matter of John W. Ilolm, bankrupt.
Upon the application of the Assignee of John
W. Holm, bankrupt, it is ordered that a second
meeting of the Creditors of said bankrupt be
held m Charlotte, on the 29th of Mar 1872, at
10 o'clock, a. mat the office of R. II. Broadfield,
one of the Reciiters in Bankruptcy, in said Dis
trict, for the purpose named ini thej Twenty-se-
Tentn pecupu 01 the Act or Congress.
t : Ttr XT QTirncAV
May 1st, 1872 2w34. ! 1
t Mi-1- :1
--,-1 is. !T ii 1 . i
i- I r I- I i
: 1 i ' ! !
1 lan lis
(Efitoltnn tDatch
, .1.
ssi lujiij ana uoia ana tuicer Medals
were awarded to Chales M. Stieff
for the best Pianos in competition
with all the leading manufactur
ers of the country.
Office and Hew Wareroomt.
No. 9 North Lrbtrty St BALTIMORE, Md.
The StiefT Piano contain all the latest im.
proveutentatobe found in a first-cla.a Piano.
with additional improvements of his own in
vention, not to be found in other in truments.
The tone, touch and finih of their instru
ments caunot be excelled by any manufactur
ed. A larco assortment of pecond-hna Plnnn
always on hand, from $75 to $300.
Parlor and Church Orcau. some twentv ilif.
ferent styles on hand from $50 and upwards.
oeuu liiusiratea uauioiie, coutainins
nauies of over twelre hundred Sourhrnra
(five hundred of which are Virginian, two
hundred North Carolinians, one hundred and
fifty East Tenne8tean. and others throughout
the South), who have bought the Stieff Piano
since the close of the war. i
J. ALLEN BK0WN, Aeent,
22:40t Salisbury, N. C.
R. W. Tkice. T. J. Price.
r A hi I L I U.IUltrH 5 I U K t I
Where tliy will continue to Sell Flour,
Meal, Fresh Meats. Racoii. Lard. Rutter,
Eggs, Cffee. Teas. Sugar, Salt, Pickles, Mo
lasses, See.', together with a large and varied
stock of household aud table necessities.
Bring your country produce to
From the Aheville Citizen.
Hurrah for Governor Caldwell.
Engineer Hoisted by Jfis Oirn Petard
Fifteen Inch Shell Exploded Ui. dri
ll is Feet His Excellency Jiloicn Ep
irardfroni the Earth- Supposed Gone
Up to Consult the Man in the 2Ioon.
We call attention to the letter of Gen.
Clinginau below. From it will he eeeu
that the bills through which (Jeoige W.
Swepson obtained the money from the
State was drawn up by .Judge Merrimon
and Gen. Clinginau, but were
by Gov. Caldwell and Hon. Sam
imuel F.
Phillips, and gotten through mainly by
the influence of Gov. Caldwell, then L.
Governor and President of the Senate.
What will the Radicals say to this expo
sure ? Their candidate for Governor aud
atfi candidate for Attorney General re
sponsible for the legislation which ena
bled Swepson to ruin the State's credit !
So confidential were Swenson's relations
with the Governor, that he wrote to him
rather than to any of hi other counsel.
Abbeville, May 17, 1S72.
To tht Editor of the Citizen :
SlR : As I, iu common with other del
egates from Buncombe county, voted in
the Greensboro Convention to make the
lion. A. S. Merrimon the candidate tor
Governor, I think it but fair to defend
him, from attacks unjustly made against
him, Iu connection with myrelf, for acting
as the counsel of George W. Swepson.
As to the false charge iu the Eiu of yeB-
terday, the Kadical organ published at
ltau-iiili, that 1 bad sworn that 1 bad re-
ceived fifteen thousand dollars from
Swepson, it is hardly necessary forme
to contradict it, because that very paper
itself last winter referred to it as false,
aud assailed tho Sentinel nfiice for giviug
currency to if, through a typographical
-! - m
error. 1 ne circurnstaucc is wormy oi
notice; ouly as showing the little regard
for truth cutertaiued by that paper.
As. however, Judge .Merrimon is a can
didate for the highest office in the State,
he merits defence at the hands of his po
litical friends
When the Legislature met in Novem
ber, 15G8, Mr. George W. Swepson's
standing in the State as a business man
and a captalist was very 1. inland Judge
Merrimon and 1, as well as other eminent
lawyers at Raleigh, did business for him
exactly as we should have done it for
any other respectable gentleman iu the
State. What he wished us to do was
important to our section, and in itself
praiseworthy. Judire Merrimon aud I
had been residents cf the western part of
f. 1
low-citizens, anxious, to obtain railroad
facilities, and the bills we prepared were
Dioner in themselves to carry out meas
urea f public importance. I am coufi-
dent that Judge Merrimon had no more
eround than mveclf to enspect that the
money to be appropriated was to be mia
applied. 1 never did anything as conn
sm. . s a a St. K a sa i& m mm or onjnn nil ii
. ' . -c
he left the office of President of the road
without settling fairl v with the Company,
n f-nw. nil T -a tn.n nf -T n rt (rn f fr.
rimon I bare not the slightest reason to
...Dn...l,0 U on..nt.n9nr SWoniAn'
sa M0 LF. " sum v w w aa v-'- ---.w
embezzlement of the frauds of the Com-
I Th. Smnnrfint ft liniPCTPr In whieh
II wifih to call the attention of every man
mm Hemoved
in the' State. h, that Gov. Tod It. nM.
??"vI.ttwe to ft greater extent for
the legislation that enabled G. W. Swcrn
eon to defraud tbc Stat i,n
Jndgo Merrimon or myself. Got. Oald-
weu cauoot nave TorgoUen wbat 1 allnde
to; and wbcu be sees tbis "ktter, I trust
he will at once eau bis central organ to
rectify its mistakes and cease its attacks.
Tbe Act of the Legislature ratified 29th
day of Jannary. A: D.. 1869. wa r.
f,ared t by Jr J- Caldwell, then Lieni.
Ooyeruor and President of the Stua:c.
and carried through the Legislature main
ly by bis influence. This Act contain
alinotst all the important legiltion of the
eessiou for the Western N. C. Road, nnd
makes, the: large appropriation of seven
millions of dollars for the construction of
both divisions of the road. Ihu circum
stances attending its passage were these:
J udge Merriuioa and I bad prepared a
bill which met with Gov. Caldwell' op.
position Hia objection to it wag that it
allowed the private stockholders to elect
all the directors of both divisions of the
road, because it provided that in the
election the State proxy ahould vote only
one-third of her stock, so ns to allow the
private stockholders the control. Gov.
Caldwell objected to this, and said bis
party was entitled to have the control of
the corporations. After tht struggle iu
the legislature had continued some weeks,
MrSwepson told Judge Merrimon and
myself that be could not get the bill
through against Caldwell's inilueoce, be
and bad agreed to make a compromise
with him, and that Caldwell bad himself
prepared a bill wb'ch he was willing to ac
cept. iBotb Mi rrimoii and 1 objected to
the compromise, though afterwards, on
finding that this bill niL.rdcd the only
chance for any appropriation to the road,
1 eventually withdrew my opposition, aud
thf hill in tli i t f. inn in-iii,
Caldwell's iuauence, became h law. Du
ring the contest I hud a conversation with
Gov. Caldwell uirself, and he stated that
he was quite willing thtt the Western
Division thuuld be arranged as Mr. Strep
I " 1 . . 1 i m
eon ULEiren it io ue, out tnat bo was not
willing that the K-tstcrn Divijion should
be in like condition because ol his oppo
sition to Col. Tate, its president. Iience
it will be seen that the 10ih section pro
iuvb iii.ii in me Jasirrn division tne
State shall vote pro rata on all her stock,
while section 11 provides that she shall
vote only one-third her etock iu the Wes
tern Division. The tflect of these pro
visions enabled Gov. llolden, through
the proxy appointed Ly him, to choose
all the diiectors on the Eastern Division,
and thus displace Col. S. McD. Tate,
while a the proxy would vote only one
third of tho stock in the Western Division
Mr. Swt pson and his fiicuds would elect
all the dii .etors in that Division, and thus
have control of the operations of the road.
On examining this entire Act, it will he
found that il ratifies" all the previous
legislation for . and transactions of the
IS x M m . .1
W estcrn Division of Mr. bwepson s road.
X OUIS"1' Y1 in,S co,,M,"-on. un',er w
etate that after my return from tho North,
in March of that year I met Gov. Cald
well on the street, and he itivited me to
his room to see a letter he had just receiv
ed from Mr. Swepson, then in Florida,
requesting some additional Legislation.
On hia explaining to me what Mr. Swep
son wished to have done, I, in accord
ance with Gov. Caldwell's wi-hes, weut
to the Hon. S. F. Phillips' office and told
him that Mr. Swepson drsired him to
prepare a bill to carry out hi view, and
Mr. Phillips, in compliance with my sug
grsiions, li .uned a hill which became a
law, having been ratified the 1st day of
April, A. i), 1SG9, to be f uud on page
218, of the Vol. of Laws for 1SGS aud
I refer to these transactions with uo
wish to prejudice either Gov. Caldwell or
Mr. Phillips, but merely that Justice may
be done to everybody. Having in all
public transactions myself in variably don
exactly what I thought right, 1 wish my
actions known to every oue, and presume
that these gentlemen have feelings
and arc quite as willing as I am that the
part they have taken in public business
I should be uodei stood.
In fact, as at that time none of us, 1
suppose, had any reason to believe that
the appropriations wiH- be misapplied,
there is no just ground for assailing us.
In any view that may be tckeu of the
matter. Judire Merritnou's poeitiou is
quite as defensible as that of his oppo
nent, and I think it is time that Gov.
Caldwell' organ should understand this.
Very Respectfully, Sec,
Fircin Robeson County. - The dwelling
house of Mrs. Mary Ann McLean, resid
ing about three-quarti-is of a mile from
Shoe Heel, Robeson county, was discov
ered to be on tiro vcteruay morning
about 0 o'clock, and before anything
eould be done in the way of extinguish-
in" the llames it was entirely consumncd
The building was quite a Urge one,
two stories high and containing
rooms. The fire was evidently the work
of an iuceudiaiv, as it orig'wutcd on the
outside of the diniug room, situated ahoul
It sMi pft from the 111 ;li ti builJitl wilL
1 which it was connected by a piazza. 'Ihe
family saved but a small poilion of their
furniture ; and clothing, including a few
beds. Mrs McLean estimates her loss
rtt from Sl.doO to t2,00U, ujwu which
the-re was no iusui.ince. 1 he loss falls
- hvavily upon the Udy in question, as we
- learn that she will not be able to replace
v 1 9 r niiiK 1 1 .i w m w " i. 1 1 1 i 1 1 aiuiaiiitu
x- l. 1 1....... ,.l.t...,w,I
to the perpetrator of tbe ternble deed
Wil, Slur, May 28
A little son of Benj. bbi Iton, or this
eounty, went out to a chestnut stump
near the house to cut a sprout to make
whistle, when he was bitten by a rattle -
snake several times, and died in
a few
hoara. Danlury Reporter.
Frotajhe Montjomcrj jtAla.) Adr. andllaiL
r Pi ?Vj V R0BBINS. r
It?will be a sourte of rratication to tbe
manr Alabama friends ef Maj. Wm. Mae
Robbina to know that be bat been nomi
nated bj the Democrats, of the 7th North
Carolina District, to represent tbem in
the Congre of the lj nited States. Msj.
Itobbins. though a North Carolinian W
birth, was at one time a citizen of Bar
bouricountv, in tht. State. Subsequent!
be removed to Jla ion, and at that place
continued the practice of his profession
until tho war broke out, wben he volun
teered aud was elected 1st Iieuteuaiit of
Company G., (Marion Light Infantry) ot
the 4 th Alabama I regiment. At York
town, in tbe msnth of May, 18G2, be waa
dected Captain of Uhe Company, the for
mer O-puiii, lUti, Porter King, bailor
t.6cu.. x rom toe v;apuiocy be arose,
by seniority of connnission; to tbe Major
ity of tbe Regiment in which capacity
he served with Utinguished zeal and
ability, until the surrender at Appomat
tox. 1 be writer hereef bad the honor of
erring under thejiMajor'a command da
ring the entire period of the war, and it
affords him pleasure to add that a braver
soldier ia the hour of storm aud battle
never drew sword in behalf of any cause
ncrcver uanger jlrowued most threat-,
eniugly there could always be teen the
commanding frm and gleaming sword ol
Mae. Robb ins, eucbatagiug bi men and
sharing all their jdaagers. Uis kerse
seemed to be endowed with tbe gift of
biquity, especially when tbe balls were
ainging their furneral dirges in discordaut
chorusvs. Some ofjthe men declared that
Robbins struck hii spots into bis horns'
ribs aud lifted hiar through space by the
mere lorte and impetuosity ot bis own
daring spirit ; aud that no muic so fully
developed the M4in,and the ldier in the
MHjor, as that which sprung, canopied iu
clouds of smoke, from the brazen throats
of the laukee cannon. On the Gib of
May, 16C4 at the great battle of the Wil
deruess Maj. R. (ixcived a dangerous
wound in the head fioru nhich lte never
fully recovered befoit; the collapse of our
canae. And, strange to say. notwith
standing he was iu'all ihe battles fought
by the Army of Northern Virginia, and
and was ulwajrs, by choice, iu the very
forefront of dangrr. ihia was the ouly
scratch he received during the eutiic four
yeai. At the battle of Darbytown, ou
13th day of October, 1 SO 1 , a charge was
about to be inaugurated, but when the
Mjor attempted to draw his "battle
blade" lie found it o firmly elued to its
ecaLbard with rust tlhat it defied his mo.l
spasmodic aud pe-rsifteut endcaois. Not
to bt outdone, howei er, he matched from
hi belt a trusty frying pan, and brau-
lt aloli called upon bis men to
follow him to victory". The men respond
ed with veils and fauehtcr. but victorv
wun'l jut the tiling they were eearcliiug
for on tliat particnlar occasion. TLej
" v BIUJl1 w sv i t.s vuunq siller,
Wld wbctlllhal w iccrtained lbe wi,d
hunt " after v
ictorr ceased. But we
brought off wiih us abouteighty of Kautz's
cavalry horses and fix of the finest steel
gnn iu the Northern army. These we
captured from the eavalrv. before ther
had had sufficient toue to f,et their rii-
n 9 gar in order. ; All Ibis en passant.
After the war Msj. Rabbin settled in
Salisbury, Noith Carolina, intending to
resume the practicejof the law, but his
fellow-citizens appreciated too highly his
sph-ndid forensic abilities to suffer his
dignified retirement to remain. undisturb
ed. Thev, therefore, contiqnrd him to
t 1. Jk Q.(. f'
in hich he served
as " the Scua'of from Rowan.'
uulil his
nomination for Congress by the Conserv
atives of the 7 lb District. As true as steel,
as bright as a damsseus blade, and as
eloquent as trnth itself, he will make a
representative of whom the iconoclasts of
Liberty may well stand in awe, and for
whose record no gallant son of the Old
North State will ever have the slightest
occasion to tluh. c bone be may be
elected by ten thousand majority. Tbe
South needs such men in h-r ofSces of
trust aud honor, aud the imperilled liber
ties of the whole people will nowhere find
a truer anu more leainrss ueienucr man
the gallant Wm. Mao. Robbins.
From the Daily Wilmington Journal.
Ntw YokK, May, 1872.
Eureka ! Just as the gren Morse, for
ty years ago, was developing his system
ol telegraphy in secret and alone; jufl
as r ulton created bis k team engiue tu the
solitude of an bumble apartment, so have
I to-day secu a manlin New York who ,
for tinny years, lias given ins to one
m. a. 'f. ta-s
grand idea, and ut last exhibits the happy
CQusummation of hiajlabors to ;, tbe
setting oi type uy .iuaeoio-i j. wtu,
; l ! i : ... f I
wriuklcd and bent wih thought; uwallo
to speak a word of English ; poor iu this
world's possessions ; the lubabitanl of au
atic, and sharing Uis room wuu tue curi
ous creature of Lis brain, there he sits at
this moment in front of a row of piano
keys, sending a type joto its place at each , tu see. yet she seemed to bold them pell
touch, and reproducing the columns cf a j bound daring the entire readings. Ax
newspaper at the rate of six thousand , times, a breathless iilence, which waa
"ems" an hour, or i other words doing ' almost naiufal, pervaded tbe ball; bat.
ins average work efj lour coraposiiori.
To describe the machine iu detail here, is
impossible. SufSce it to say il oc-
. . I:
cnpies not more spaoe mau an oruioarj
bureau, is operated VY a treadle ana is
simple in co.lstTUClion. Ttacueu to uis
an apparatus for " iuslifyiug," and accom-
1 ,
Pa )l h M
le whole isia macuine lor dis-
. . -. . . .....
(Each af these processes is
1erformed rapidly and cnrreetly. The
pauty cf the invention is its utility and
ecouomy tie estimated cost uot more
than four hundred dollars -a sum that
will enable weJI-to-dq composiiors to own
mm a l - jm m m
a tbe appratns, tnus save wW w
i a
None have vet
1 oi ooin noay ana miea.
I been manufactured ;or aale, but the lar
1 m mm m ' It f
gest peblisberin rew loranaspveo
order for forty at toes - company la
orgauized for their introduction. It may
be months or years before practical km
is made of the little re volelionaxy entirety
bet here it la, the success fal solstiea of
problem - that has worried the xafoda of
men for a eentary.
-WORLD." ;
The UUc (N. Y.) Oujcrrcr, which la
reputed to be Mr. Seymour's organ baa
tbe following comments on the cottrte cf
the New York llVfJ;
Tbe New York World makea a iplrit
ed denial to the assertion that it haa been
sold to th Radical xnaaagers, bet tkat
the transfer was to be kept teeret till after
the meeting of the Baltimore Convention.
We do not know bow lb remor absmlsl
hhave arisen nnlcaa H ia doe to tbe fact
that tbe iroHJ at tbe present time la do
ing rrwwlj ht tbe Grant party dealrt
it to do. It U denouncing la violent
terms, day after day, tbe coming coals
tion of tbe Liberal element in politics.
It has suddenly grown as proscriptire aa
the most violent of tbe pro-Adminlatrv
tion organs. If it possessed aenee ila
course would be deplorable, A a it poa-
esea no influence, tu conduct siosrJy
excites cot. tempt. If it be bonesu
opposed to tbe iudorscment of Mc
Mr. (iretley we certainly would not caee
its right and duty to give expression to
that opposition. Bat when it as
same to speek for tbe DemocraU
of thii State and of the cotratrj,
and; say that Greeley's nomination at
Baltimore ia a moral, political, and cco
noinical iropoibbtlity," we must take
occasion to remind the IForM that It does
not speak for the Democrats of central
New York. We know the sentiments f
onr people here at home, and we declare,
without fear of a contradiction, that nin
leotbs of the Democrats in this sectiom
favor a onion on the Cincinnati platform,
aud with Cincinnati nominees.
Since tho discussion at PilUboro be
tween Judge Merrimon and Gov. Cald
well, tbe Netrs has frequently alluded to
the fact that the charge preferred against
Judge MerriiLou that he was the counsel
of Swepson, was made to recoil a poa
Gov. Caldwell, with damaging cfTccL
Judge Merrimon proved that it waa
through Caldwell's inflence the Swepson
Railroad bill paired the Legislature.
He further proved that Caldwell shap
ed the bill to suit himself, re-modeled and
re wrote it, inserting certain odious fea
tares in it which Judge Merrimon disap
proved, and in that objectionable form it
became a law.
He further proved that the Governor
was "cheek by jowl" with Swepson
was his right baud man in organizing the
Railroad officer thst Gov. Vance and
Judge Merrimon resisted the Swepson
organization and defeated it notwith
standing it was sealously championed by
Caldwell himself.
If North Carolina has been swindled
by the Swepson Railroad bill, Governor
Caldwell more than any other man In
the State is responsible for the cnact
raeut of the bill. Pal. News.
Now that Judge Fettle has coxrclodtl
to accept the nomination for Congress In
this district, and Gen. Leach renominated
we msy ssy that the caovasj baa began,
and the work will be hard fjotn this till
When the Radicals put Settle ia the
field they took their best metal as a sort
of firlorn boe, having little hope thai
they woold be able to carry lbe district.
In (Jen. Ix-acb we have a candidate of
immense popularity, of large ability and
one of the best woikers io the Slate, ae
that the content to be waged will be ns)
child's play.
Personally Settle is well liked and has,
pei haps, more friends outside the party
io nhich be bilougs than any man ia it;
bnt, these friends will be lbe but io the
world to aid bim in real jlw g tbe dreama
of bis ambitiou. As a partisan, and n
member aud sustaiuer cf a grossly cox
rupt, wicked and tyranical organization
be will uatl with that deles ersiiek
he should meet with from a peaple wbe
value their liberties and believe ihsca
worth preserving. Greensboro' Patriot
HisTCioxic HzxDixa Our city waa
favored this week with le drligktol lit-
I erary entertainments Ly 3Iiss Jennie
patteron. of Mississippi. Miss I ia
I -
. young, modest, beautiful and accomplish
aud has uudtrtaken by ber trad in ga
realize funds to educate a vounrer
brother and sirtrr. This is a noble, self
sacrificing spirit, and should always give
her a full house iu any Southern city;
but, we have never beard any one read
with half the ease, grae.fulneeand pow
er that she evinces. Her audiences were
! uot Urge as we weald have been rUi
wben sue touched opou tlie comie ail
was joyous and happy, and long and re
peated applause greeted ber every eSbrt.
Grctntlonf Patriot
Sad Acx;idem. Saudcrs Iiiersou, eon
f I'inckncy Rierson, of this coontv4
some fourteen or
tftcen years U, tbe
widdowed mother, fell
only help of Lis
fiora a male and became entangled in tbe
gear, beu the mule become frightened and
run, dragging him about oue hundred
and fifty yards by bis I owl, breaking and
dislocapng bones and biutsing hia in a
sboczunr manner, lie was tax en up
lie was taken
. insensible, but is yet alive with bet little
- , bo pea of hi xtoortry.jMmlurj Rt
nas purter.

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