North Carolina Newspapers

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Sweet, $10X
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Luililio? "commute,
h S. I Harrison. r.
- I: R .msaV, liave paid
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The frienidiof thl4 gtitlemnn will be nplon-i-Oved
ami ipdiHrfnt to !afn tliTtt he la going to
icrrhTt';1iW" hints to be ftin VR i candidate Tor
i the t. filce of i!!erlfliVafte,liaving appeared be-
f.n? tlisl;ite C'ounty Uoi.Tcnt Um and declared,
most j-iutelyi thru he vrould abide the decWon
itt Paid bod, f confess that are very much
disappointed n what 'w considered to be the
cltaracter of.Jlk Waltot; and we yet hope that
hcwilTfiefl tlUt be ha3Ueeit lletenirig to evil
counsels nnd forbid a.thtrig to Be done that will
con vict liim iii ?the eyes of U good men of moral
perjury. "Weyet belierd that he will reconsider
I he matterltlKroughlv artdnotnllow thisitigma
to be attached to hh name. It U too damaging
it i too great a "crime, to be permitted for the'l
paltry confideratloii of ofSee, tojRay nothing of
the other evil consequences that: wilt arise irom
it. He may claim that be U jnnocent and hot
responsible for the baneful iiifluinces it must
certainty har upon himself and the party or
ganization but this will not doJ; It u too slial-
low ami will not serve a a nuouiuge or excuse
for the wrong?, injuirie' and "heart-burnings it
w ill impose, r lie was beaten in the Convention
fairly and no mistake, t- . ' - -
On the fi?st ballot he got five Xowjiships, and
Coughenour five; and NYaggoner one. This
tin ir o i
tulciitiov.?, wbicU.woi-e IHfr-
llQlffl. MILLS'.
f eeWbratpd
rmiR nronrietors iof thbe i?V
,JL . Ally are iu ttt nirket lur wilKAXi flO't
polieit ckill,froiii 3f who -hare it to sell. Thpr
Flour! Plour!! a
Thev i also Mlit onlr4 fur flour. : They f
manufacture fotuj diffei int grades of Hour,
ranscing Sest Family, iacul7
tra, ai:d Super. i !
t ay aisoa?j:cii.ruers iot isran. ;
They exchangei or grind for tojl, as may be
detircd. : M i ' j -1
OBTU CAE0LIK,, In the Siipcrw-'
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not rui?tM If
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Kow it win uoi
lofc ibi ai"."
b n-iiiiLutifcd?
f ci ipt n lUt nb
Mii.'.'OhC over
will ':vit bopi
a tin- ToWH W
nil the aubHCilption lift
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dd to b t these gentlemen
How tlion p1 Il they
TMieic U due on IliefluU-,
Hit SISO; hut I uo not
10 or S7. ol tin h mount
the p"d lmien
ho nohiv :i!,M--i.' l
,urr,-nt;ffH-Hrdu..l r!" T
lievinj; ib'w coiiiin l lev;
o (luiii ho ?, J. Vv
jTcgiittti. 1 ' j '
i,r will tU iojwn
un' tKi? vvspo riibiljty J
mid liku to h.tvc isu;-
JunelS, I873.J
flr' nly to our
LandriiUiiO iiiauii
wink ulidertJikfi
,.l? fl'en till1
uiei Ji.iitif.ty:
ililV if
nt or i n: V.'u i '
.1. S. McCUniilN$,
Tliki u matter whu-n ai-ixnis vrj
tk( i.s to cciniplete; in a
;i i u . -1 praife-wortliy
bv them laft vo:r. W e
1 allud. d to mid believe
?! itlo be'iiH irjiri.'iMKl abovi;. Gri-nt credit
.nli, Hnirirfou, lJnb'i
only for Jisi'iUiiin jbe
:iyinr the colif racial
b personal attention
j:1veu fo the vofk while it wa.- in procf
it ruii.-tmciio l. llTliVy really merited a
icwiird by lhe :,x u i' nl,1 11 wmUl! Ll'
i (Miniate not ijnly o deny iliem pojmc
ti.kon of thank-,';mv tol-sne th'ein tobicar
i In; money burdin which lUey 'vneroukdy
ar-tuajed iii bcb;llf the citizen, i
billot was read, and no election having been
madf. of eonre. ; the matter stool just as it did
1 - : '
before tbci ballot had been taken. The Town
ship theniiw recprwiJer and vote again. This
they did, and Couglienour received- 7 and Wal
ton 2, twaTownsbiis not voting. Here Cough
enour had clear majority, i'tving him the
nomuiaiiwn-.: - j '
We re-iTi.rm that the nomination was made
fairly, and lhat;'Mr. Valtonwa3 honorably
beaten im a Convention by wliose-deciion he
had plwigfcd his word and sacred honor to abide.
Will he do it? That's the important question
lor him to decide now. It would be a gross
outrage for him to endjuiger the election of tht
entire ticket, in order foment a little spleen on
the party who received the jiomination.
lie had a goodly ninnber of warm, worthy
friend;, in the Oopvcntion, and if they were lens
active or lefs Riiccessfui than Coughenouf's, thift
U their iiult, and they sltould not complairt,
and weWieve, and iu fact, wo know, that the
major! tyiof them are men of too good ense
than to do o'.lie'rwise titan vote far the nominee
on the day of election! They -have'had enough
of independent ticketsjju) man who runs as such
can be eljected, eVen if he could do ao with hn-
JL X A su :
A. Carpon Erecntorof 1
T. J. Lqwdermilk ij Deft.
4f 111 Mil 1 i- -
Wifliara. Vance' tow;) rttiuon f settlement
f.-. dcrtuuk; - HaiTivT
-Jane Lowdcrmilk,
r Joseph :KelIar and
- wife Doyey M.'Kel
v lar. I " " .
In thi proceeding, it appearing to the wtw
faction of the Court that the abo ve named "de
fendant are non-reidents of thi State; It is
therefor ordered that publication l malt in
the "Carolina Watchman" a newp-'ptrpublii-h-
ed in Salisbury, N." U., fornix wvcks snoce.
irelr, reiuiring aaid defendant to apiearatthe
ofBee of the Clerk of the iiupcrior Court for
the Gonnty of Alexander fit the Court Hu?e
in Tavlorsyille, on the 8th dav of Jttlv next,
and answer the complaint of Plainliir, orthe
fame will be lieard ezjxirie as to them. j
Thw 23rd dav J JIar 1872. i
" II M. ; STEVENSON, Clerk
Superior Court, Alexander Co.
I 1
I will iy the highest cisli piice for
Wo'l, Hides aiid Boiit. Wocl taken in
l be diK or washed but clear of bur
M()wer Reaper
Tr-C v . . '.. M 1 . -.1 ,Yk- .."
IN(JB; af w HOlJULi; and TRIP-
t ' X - 1 j A XT)
! I TLK Silver Plated - Onstois Cut Glass
Complete Sewing MACHINE, Unities, and 3 Haiidoinv 8 Day Clocks,
?l : I u'.ii'i'-inti.kl .til ii1it i IT u til it tit ViAmrnA
' til I fill 1 1 t (ill ii,ti t i v m v.iwvu
TUT . ,
Relvider Manufacturing Co.. lUlvider. C.
J.; has the gearing (or cog wheel) all in an
iron case, o as tq exclude all crit, dirt, &ic
Contains many tw aad valuable feature
which Uo not exi&t ia othf-rs. Works well on
sinotb or atouey laud and is not liable to
get but of order.
I'ersous iatmdins to bny mowers and
Reapers, this sunmier. ruld do well to ex
amine the
before purchasiug -1sevhei.
An ageut wanted iu every eoutty i;i the
State. Send for illustrated eircu'.ars to
Geu'l State Agt. lor X. C.
Friedburg. Forthe Co., N. C
."alUbury, N. C.
fmar. '2'', 3m At:'!it for Rowau Co.
v. n- :t
i . 1XSU
" ; r -
Piano Fortes
IxcxRmK.VTri, I?V
prices to;ciose co:tij;iiuieiit, at
The first and only liUTTOX-IIOLE AND
SEWING MACHINE tombyied that lias ;
made its advent in this or any other country. !
KS" The following reasons are given why j
this is the best . i !
VamiXy Machine to Purchase.
1. Because it will- uo, 7. cecasiie von
Uecause it will do 7. Becasue you can!
everytUmg that any nta- quiekly ra;a or iov. ertke t VVTK rp AG FATS for the McM-iamis
chine can -do, wwmg 'leed to aJapt itto tltiekor hl , 8rG AJ;'V ' , . . dlCJ';
ffom"the finest to the tbinclotl;. : UH Improved .rinU Machiiiet. 1 arties
toarse.-t material,, l.ein-; 8. Because yoa liave a ; j., tH., f ay woud do well to send to
nilnsr, laiiing. cordial, snort deep d by ; , . J . , ,v . , ,
braiding. Milling, gath- which ti,e iluead is eoa- ' '.' P"CM ami particulars. W .fiTUJited
ering and feeding it, at;stantly drawn from the ; to giC satisfaction,
the same titue ruiiliug, centre ; the tension is ( Very lteiPPCt fully
(luiltii)K, etc.i better than consequently even 1 and rMT.'r nnnu v V pn
any other machine. jdeesnot hreak the thread, j JjIiIjM, IJKt.lW iS, ix LI.,
2 Because the tensions ! 1. Because the presser- I Importers a;id Dealer in General
a e more easily aujusteu 1001 inn s oaeK; mat the Hnrdwaro. lList Tittle 41. . ( 'hlotto. N. C.
tlian any oilier machine .cloth can be easily re
3. Because it can work moved after being se -ved.
a beautiful button-hole 10- Because the best
making as fiae a pearl as mechanics pronounce it j
bKtlsc hand.; tie best finished and!
4. Because; it will em- made ori the best prinei- j
broidcr ovec. the edge, pie of any machine man- I
making aueat and beau-fractured. It has no i
tifal border on any srar-Vnrincs to break; noth-1
or to hiniseif and justice to tho party organic- ! ment. In'a to get ut of order, i
. im.:0 .,.,,.. ir..d ') vmn audi &. Because it will vfork! 11. iiecaute it is two !
Hon. 1 us game w.v tried 4.e.y aao aijit hfrJe ;inacllines5n ons. a Bit- !
also last year, but the'peojtie put their cotuiein- fj. Because it can do ton hole Wopkino and
nation upon it. It caijnoti workanv better now. over.handtsditning.i by Skwig Macuixe com-
- :- .1 . .... . ; ivrt'.ich sheets J nillow cas- billed.
if it docs it will be oitlv to defeat Walton and i .
i ml t lio titffl arc ive(i
( V.n .rb .nnnr both.- and elect aT Radical sheniiT, I cAerand DVtl.
de-irublo Iiriek II iue with 7 rooms and
all ueeessar- .t;t In ures ; eituatMl in the
most desirable iu- t of Town. Persons wiLihg
tonurchasf, can apptj t,t tLis elLcc.
Georgia Home Insurance Co.
; ar Ackaovlod bj ail irL LaTt tLtta ta cm,'
? " - -
atd bj Xf lr$i Itmncul Tmltt, U bf tqniX
ind n r.iary rfpt,
Superior to any LXxttlactred . ,
Thetf iuThlint Iuutmse Vifff, Equality,
t rtttntt cf HnlliatcytJ Jmt,
. L'lifticily f Touch, and '
I. F. W1LU X, Sccrtiary.
11 Losses E uilaMy Adjusted
Vnil Promptly raid in Full!
ItoiktIt owner de!rin' to oKtain rt-!iK! Tn-
Kurance? will do wtliilo n!ect lhuwlv by
eiinr a I oIkt in fticorgia Home lnfumtcef
Dealers, Teachers and others
dririr.f topnrrhr t ftrt!a icftrtttett ar
InritcJ i e xatulne thr-r rno before entire
heir electi.n ebevLer.
Together with all imJrrn IxEpruTemrcta. Tt
A . . ....
.So'utbcraSurei. lp,,K'nl puiuU ln aH U," , n,' LoranPLlyMr.rd tlntbtrthe rcarlH
; J. .1 J.LEN r!U)WN. Agent,
t 0.i"e No. i, (iraniie Row,
April 2 '72. lfl
Saii 4.1 ry, N. C.
CorsTi:itKFiT Yox,tv- The country i fijled
wilh tountcrfeil fractional currency. Hitherto
. . . ' -. I .
it liiw passed tin rt iitly in manyr coinmuiiiqics,
L refusing .to takcftor hertna-
t to tun's it. J; it Li'iis practice win not stano.
It wjll'mirelv cuine loan end-, and the tinie is
ImImlh it is fully come sijitne
it. A inercbant ol tins place
till i.viek, ami retjuestcd u
UiiU ts in ' ibis Kjnii ioiis iur-
perhapH all tiie tickeU This
of the uplit Mr. Walton
will be the restilt
is getting tip. if it is
imtfaroll'. And
hoilXV-ill loye by
vi-ite hs one day
lo am J.i'iiice, that
rw.icy Avould be r
th i'4t Com t.
the syi;t ho luvfiiil
iWTVerf-' trade,
lioiihe whtcji tak
J irv li'imshtr, and
li in.atMl passes out lids lind
jf ciifreUejI. ; If hit were t go before the Cr snd
it h gfKnli many io the trouble and exjene of
appeal lug jin Cuure. 1
I lie kinows, it wfmid
persisted in. Will yqtt allow" it, gool men :of
Rowan county? Mr.; Walton was taken from
the roekaby the Deniocrjitic party and given a
chance to make what! he) is vforth, and this is
the reward he oflerstheiu for Uieir kindness and
their sufirages. Sliaife on such conduct. We
say that he owes to the party and to himself to
withdraw from the ciinvass- -to refuse the use
of liis name, and to support the regular nomi
nee. IIU friends should i demand this.much of
him instead of encourgint him to run. To in
sist onlus running Is 1o ifndanger the success of
! tile entire ticket. Will our friends and the op-
ppeal to
them in earnest and fron) the purest'ult r this matter well and act as good and
;i udenti men should dct Ivrho arej deeply inter
ested in defeating thieying and despotic Radical
ism. It willii'ver- do tjo endanler the whole
ticket, SAate and county, by ttdllcring to such
trifles merelyJo. gratify the private pique of one
o. ,17 and 59 Market St.,
r?Sr No other Machine can accomplish the 'gl "V 4 f O T A Ell
kind of Biwlhfl- stated in Nos. Z: 4. f. nnd (5. i yf W ilkSiEUW
Parties jising a family sewing machine want
a Whole Machine, one with all the improve
ments, i !i
It is to last a LIFETIME, and therefore one ;
is wanted that will do the most work and do it
the best -ti and this machine can do several ! , , , ,
kinds of sewing not lone on ,, other machine, wut & constantly on hand and for sale.
besides doing every kind that all others can do. j f.--Y" All inducements tHuallv held out bv
The Jmcriean or Plain &vUq Machine. '"iberii Man.Kaet.irers can only be had in tl
. Mate at (Ik aUive j-Iace.
1 ItlllMll lllv UUlU'H-IMMV rttir.Ij i vv i
Auction an 1 Commission
Staple, Dry Goods,
fcti,n( ric 9, C rcr lr
'are, a tut Produce
GBX H 11 A I, L. Y .
SHALL keep a - j;-ly t.f t .vi-;.i a cord
athe taarkttcau 1 l"-..rd . ad at nriie tu ru.:
Short, lints, Cm
and Glass
the timrs
Leading Factories in the Cuited States.
R. R. R.
Radway's Ready Relict
Cures the y--rs' pa'.; s in from
Not ue hour after v adiug l.t advertisement
need an v olio si.!I'. r witli PAIN.
r.uv.yaY'S i:i:aiv ri:lil'F
. . 1" . 1 . . T . ll .. i! .4 .. .1
onlv Pain lu uieuy that !ii.-t.; st is ir.einost 1 '
excruciating pains, a lays It !ltn.atious. audi l'! ("a.-bag, p.jcon
cures Conge.-tior..--, avIu ther ol ll:e li:i:gs, ston:- i iour ar.d Mcull
nch. Rowels or other glands or m gnus by me Svri tt ai.d a
aoiiheation, id in ij oi.e to twei.i v mii'.tt
or cm ruejut : n the air
Rlieumatic, Red.ndden, li :'u tn, ( 'rinpli d. Ner
vous, Neuralgic -r pruM rated with c.isea e may 1
suffer. RAlVAs RLAUV LI. LI Li' wiil
utlord i;itant a-e.
iijhun matt" ii of liir- lii'h.f i'.t
Iii jUiinhhtthm or thr .7rrcr,
hi Hunt in tltion of the- L'oirtls,
( ou'tc.itioti of the Avii'.f.
Sure Throat, lHJJ'ct'Jt brcathtmj.
J'lilj'itttttnn of the ll'ill t,
Utjsterivx, croup, Diptlunc ,
Headache, Toothache,
At urahjio, RhctimaL'u'm,
Cold ChiU, Aj.te ,,.'.'.
The npplicai i'-n t! the ,'"'' l.'etitf o the
part or parts v. here tl." ;;',!) or oitliculty txits
matter how violent or cxenn-iutiiig the pain ! 'ncnuy kepi u lr aU.iiy tii t ;y. i.x;t ruije lntmu.ctiL Xhil
ly 'ii l.a;.d
Will buy all kh.d
ket prievs. i
Cali paid for Iw.
any kind bought r
will afford am! ei-n.iort.
Tw. 'ii!y drop in a ball a ton.bVr .f waterwill
rh, T".t.tter. T.e;
;ugar, i't rfve, iluI.'.-.-ei-.
iiietv of nuh f"ot3t
frds it selected. rrgardlcM of cott. mM yrm- irtl
auxedit will f tLe cb-apt in tfce end.
Tbe reat lucrrae ia the lale.of vnr Iflftni
uicnt. La enabU-d tm to reduce our price for
Hrt CU Piano. Trom ten to twrntr-Cre per
cent, l than any other ttTC (fffcritu
iamccla of ictrumecta) intbe Utlte Sutrf.
Wbile we act upin the tnaiitn of "qultk lca
and iiiall pjofit, we xr.aYe it, at tie M.ffl
time, a etial td ject to fnrxih rcr cOkl ttx-ra
ilb is?trutucEt in to waj itfrrior to lie Ut
in the iiiark.Lt.
Many faaiilie Lire Lad a drirc to cbtaia A
Piano, but could not aJTurd lo pay the dealer a
prof.i ofiY tu. j lui to J3i0, tuilbtrdotbej -wuk
f l
rv ;)rc'i
and P.r.e. (.Ion I, f
old Lt AlU tu !l IT li i'UI-
missiou antl nrotiqi itti.u:s n, ;(!". t,:e ,ne
a trial : iu-diiir all ve p. A. ''.!-. - Law
oiLce oq InuissM.relt. S. Y. TLKLKI.L.
IH AVi: takcu tli
the of ti.i si
wai.l of a tir. t t.t
........ 1 ... ,1 wl Iiiio'hI
, s . r I mmv.itj ,f ic.'i iib iKit see? t e
IP. is in Varnest. niul one ol . . . . J i .
s what he says. lie is a cilosc
and know-s ev rv buiiiu-s 1 1 from Salisb iry was in Niv Yolk bityii g
f-KI;; lie met there a North Carolinian, of
iVMH'otalle conneuthms ijt the old Slate, iwho
tr residing in the cityj A (teV tbe usual j-nni-
plitueiild, he said 'to tbe nnjfchant Well 1
yni love to make liiuniey every body lovts to
doit; but you rtlii't do it by merchandise as
f.i-t vitm would like." i
i s i ,
Suspecting, that nome rascality was lying back,
the uiciefuut nnsucred ( .
"Ni that is true :j there is a deal of hard w ork
ami risk in country mcrcl andise, and the clear
I If tin ii-!!! iMirI'.'f'-i inVifJirrfii'ilutrr lilt tifrn!
J. . ( 1 J,. ;lIlitliV M I'irili Jll Ml. IViiUI Villi-, ouv.vv.
tv-tue-itiv.wv have heard of tins case: ainer-1 , 1 i ,, . ,
. I v .. . I . J t . ;ii iil'(i.i ilium'. We should all unite cn the
regular nominee,' or c(jae to hojsd for victory
over our intole rant atid'ccirrtjipt' political foes.
It will be co d cotnTort to find, after the elec
tion, that we liave ioetj thei 'Senator, lost our,
commoners, lost all our counjty officers and have
nothing for them jail except Wr i. A. Walton.
That gentleman, uniess"dead tothePen
sililitis which have hitherto characterised him,
will then feci most keenly tlie error productive
of such'restilts. and wish hirrjsfdf con cealedj, from
the eye', and shieldeit"from !the silent scm, of
those whose displeasure he has justly catjsed.
Is it more to the interest of Rowan tS elect
Win. A, - Walton,, ' Sheriff, -than to defeat the
enemies who are robbing ind oppressing u?
We hope every eon.4crvati1e voter will look at
done -on'.; tlie Combination except bulteu-hole .
and overseahiing. N j
! yalishm v. X. C.
Examine them before purchasing any other 1
Sewing Machine. j
I do not hetatc to say the American Co .r. bin a- I
t-on, suruasse all other iiiacli!i:es. B. side.-, do'. ng ,
all the worfe that other machines can. it ov.?rsf ains,
and works button-holes in any fabric, from Swiss ,
niuslhi. to lieaver rbftli 1 liaVe used Sin.eer's, !
Sloat", Howe's and the Weed niachines, and litid :
the Aineiicanlar superior to tfierti all.
j ' Mi&i M. nvn-EroE.
I hfive Used six different Sewing' Machines. The
American surpasses them all.'
Mas. A j L. Paivky.
T h.ive usb'I The Tingsr and other ni.tehines and
would not eXclianjje tile Aiiuriciin fV)l'ary.
MUS. II . liKlNUI.K.
and VESTH"5r CEQASs !
TJtt'jf 'ire i-rc rnu'notf for flit ir Chnriti
n(j Sdu Slops, Ucatth and Parity of
Tone, l'Ae-jant Dcsiyn uul Fin
ish. In fact llu'if stir puss
Heretofore known or introduced in this city.
Call, Hoar and See Them!
All Instruments Warranted for l ive Years.
S JM'.'AXOS TPXK-1) ANM BKl' AlKiiit.rTj
A choice selection of Sheet M i-u'e on hand
and lor sale. J. F. RFKt 'KI-.PT.
may :R-:j7-tf Wilmirton, N. C.
x!nit,t Ii l.t netbl.l n . mV'.' h (luitrhc, itt-ll'ih'ti .
i lit' i'!,', t"hc, .".(: ill l f b'li'iit, Ol d ' i it
tt run! pmti.s.
Travelers !:o'i: 1 Mv.L.y- carry a hottle f
'Kadway Ueailv i.i ; ir. v. ill. tLi'.r. A ! w
drojis in water villpiev :t siel.:es or pains
from" ! w a: r. It . .In :ii ttiian l'a lab
I'.ii.ndy or bh ! r. . a'.
Pevcr and iLnc. .
Fever nn; ; . tm- i r.y t W. Tlicr
not a remedial i.L'ei.t i;: l!ii-i woild that will
euro Pevr ami a ;.! d all ntiu-r Malurioi.-.
Pfiliotis, Sfarl-l.T plio.d. Yellow a:.i o;!i r l'e-
ag.-ney in Sali.l.i.ry .for
jMji:il.'.r Maehii.e. A Lin
.N-uii.g Uti.':!,e are i:.-
:n . ':
k It
i unj tjti.Mi .1 ;:i -::np.a'-.t .
1 !pi u. ! ; i :j - i:r r.
t lua.- would c-t more to k-cp in rr j air tlaa it U"
worth, hi are a large i ol tur tnukic lotir
pep!c Lave Ihtu obliged lo do witLout.
We can L.n.:h New Scrcu-OtUte Pile
Porte from 2.75 to 930 dollar. ScooU
vile,) 1. 1 call ui lav Jtureai.i! et.uiiit.e tl
if lle-l:ed, W ill be -Iit lo their Te-u'.i
tlial. Tho Wte.i't
ti ii rn i: i it y . Leau'y
and ea:i d all a.iy
v. r ... ...
oincr .'lac::'.: ;e cie itci ii t: r , kI m a"-. w. i .
and I .tin re.nly t.; -! it- m-Tr.. ,:!.
other Tjuhine a? : j time, l! a -!
Mael.i-.e a:td tuini the L -k St'i h: nr!
both ;b;i ;.iU t !. -:.4 ai d -t ). a..', ;'.!.
er side. Lead tl.c f l!"V i' 1 "i-e
v i muiA.i..
Lr.d p.toSom irom 40 to 250 d.!!r.
I f Par: ':!cri:.g by mail lr.T rely Bia
the iK'ft M-k ili. L.
Our Pin are fLlh arrartcd f.r t-ii year
p. - riplive Cireu'jr nt to pt1a tf tL
eou:ity ujk;. .-.pp'n !ii.n. "
Mu S. W.
V ;h ami l isting perfume, with a great
i variety of (,t!ier extraets fur the baruiker
chief, including all kind of toihe! artic!t, at
C. R. PARKER iV(.()'S Ihwj; Store.
gains 4oinc h li
4'Lcf walk up
pal you m a! way
I'hfy wenjt up,
it; but how can it be helped?"
Tout long, tlie njierchaiit's lbow, be said
rnto,your room : I think If can
Jto improve matters.
Hid there in the privacy of the
t iiet)
I ( you wish to ot'joy a good
i y ivy S'uue ot tlie g'niiine iLiMina Cigar
ia;-t received at
C. R. PAillvKi: 1- CO'S Pr
g Store.
p'acr, witliilulia wird, lie drew fern his pick-1 ll,is ,,,e of- fwon "d; common
t a package, i ml displayed Irom it a fjuantiiy
of luoxt beatktiful
frarlional clirrinev
j cxictittd coitiitiihit imlncv
, "it is the easi.M thing iii the
across the counter to your cus-
nl a hundred of whom knows
iveeil the good the and bad; nnd
thoj-e even who do know jbe
ichitjate to pass it and receive
scnsCj wnd decide for himself on the line of duty.
It is an important matter, avid having now done
i- SAt isjiUKT. N. C, May 221. 18T-2.
Mesoxey.? A Bko., jugts. a merle m Com . S. M;
Sir: I li-ivfe used the. Howe. Singer, Wi eeler At
'Vilson, VVjipox iV (iihls Sewirg machines, ami
would hot qive tap AniTiean Combination for a!!
of thrm, it will do ali:U:atis ciain:ed for it in the
circular. I on:-idcr it superior' to all otlurs I
have ever seju. Very Bespecit fully,
;,j ' Mll-J.tlKO. Y . U ARBINSON.
We the utier!5gied ake great plea-uve in ariving
Our tstinioijy in favor ol the ; American ,-e vii:K
M-u hine in;to a uy other, beliexin tl ; t
is it truthtuUy rccomiiioiided as the l est maciiii
I made. ,lt is siniple, dinabie. runs very light and
does not get out of orler or drop stitches.
f Mss. Laura M. Iivkuman,
;r i i' A . L . i oust,
' f . Ai.Li:n Brown,
I ' A . W. N'OK'l UKHN.
I: ; A. E. Josrs,
; M. E. Tuomason", '
I i .- ! ii of l n " i . . i
V h-ave seen flaming advertisemints and heard in ".7. Wtcnuiaid, l amis, ij.l,
Varnishes, Hruslics, Jh;c Slufo,
Ve's (aided by Hiniiifs Jii'.i) so li'.'.eh.
Kadwa's Rcaclc Kchei.
l'l.'.y cetls pi r b-it
' ! Slt'ontf and pare rii h Pd'-od Iiriric of
Jirslt 'i mi iii, it '.oar' d In'au
fijal C"i,iJ it .-a -a id to ltd.
3. r.ADV7AY'3'
Sarsaparilaii Ik-solvent
lias made tl"' mo-' at,,). idling Cans: so
Vo'tC M.iehiUP b.
i kr ..wn in this jm r t ;
pi a-ii;i' to rii'i imv
had in toy n.:.i :
I iean Coi!ibii.a:i.- :i
! then: .dl ii l.iir i
' !:!.. i: -iy, I :
o l:i i . i. i l.i- e
, ism. S-i'-,.,;!.,y
I machitl" eat! h .
I 1 thii.k it -I.;:;-'
ui" ;i.i'.l--'e!i!i li . e'
: ly sew Ji.g c
I ehiiie, Le-p
Mr. S.;W. Ti 'ii.i.i.1
Mi -. N. I 1! b'KIS.
i ioNAi. iitel. i
t-u'Ki , Ajir.l io,
). 1
TANNKKS Oil, Magio-and
Transparent Machino Oil at
prices at
. Hi t- llf I i.ili i;cs thr bll
YE R'I,i:CTF '."ELY call the attention
of .Physicians, Mcicli.iiits and the public
generally to our wdll selected stfk of
Nowwibjl I
rld to ias thij
turner-, not otic
the dllk-rtnce bet
b -sides, in any .of
dill'crencc, don't
""i '
Cetting no inirbednkte answer from the nler-
"I call sit pud v this in anv divirp.l nvonitA
ta low rate (jif $0 to the hundred."
Tl merchant kjnietly infurmitl hini that 'l'e
"had struck ilhe wrong man, for that kindof lius
iiicKis'J and by a well di rectal (ire of the ri c,
broiigjit tlie busiiuss to a clo.-cj The peraiir
iinpiirious clirtt bey shortly after fell into e
liandsluf the it tits of the law, :nd may lie, mwt
cribb ing en 'Mn-ile prison walk !
We have Related tbi.s circunistancc. to sbrw
Wit may happen that o much spurious frac
tional curreney i in nrcujation. It may be, and
datibttew is, l.roulvt in in other wavs." Rut jit
uiUerinot som-li how it catmf intocirculatioK
" it aoes now it Mia be nut not ,...i ... .
Tie only way uec:;n suggest is, for every otle
to refuse it. j Those who can't distinguish bU
teu-n the gisiKl bad,' should bo careful fo
deal with those wlo can; and should makela
point of returning every such bill to ahe n
U paid it lo them. Many of our n.crcbanjs,
Wl of lheui4 we believe,) are everts, or r.carjy
, In the detection of counterit money, pjr.
-am. Reevks, ojr this ph-ice, Uaches the art (
Wl'ion, and but few if any of our business
Minnayeotiuticu tp take Icwoii from hini. Tlie
'ulcs ai fejv and simple tut once explained
jwl fnly nnderMtoiHl, any' on? is able- readily o
detect spurious turrcncy!. ' j
We dismiss th a subject with the warning tliajt,
,'ress mclii ccaie to deal in spuri.Mis eurrenc.
-v wm ere icusmmcr iwiui .1 t.. v .
I . . i i ...... .
u toicrale it:
all we can to bring it before the minds of the much said .by Agents o I other machines.
people, we dismiss it to them, to be ileal t with ten.1iuvr,party; if itfrefa fait truil before eorepetert
according to their cool and (deliberate judgment, ju lges the American !vJac!iine will rot do us well.
'., -i,, fn .;J.: ... ... :h ' if not HitU r, 'the -srork done on any other nnx-l. inc.
Read the follow ing certi u ate. a);d Jo vu fuabllj W( - thut uo otflur pia4.iiillC
fetatc oi-vQrui i arohna,
llowai) tj'tju'nly,
: Salishiiiy, dune 13U, 1872.
We, ;T. A. Davis, Chairman, and T. G.
IlaughKiii and-Jos. A. I Ljwkins, secretaries, of
the democratic conservative' convention of Ro
wan County, hehl in the Coin! House, in
Salisbury the 1st dfy of Jtjrie, 1S7J, do hereby?
certify tleat the following is a true statement of
the ballots of thcdl, Towi3hijs ofsaid (.ounty,
as given in to, ami f roelnigned by the Chairman,
frofii the rcsjuctiye delegations then and there
L-assnublcd, viz : i; I -
Onthei lst ballot, W. A. IValton, ree'd. 5 votes
h votes'
1 vote
Lamps, Lamp Fij tares, dr., dr.
LL flOODS wnrranted, pure, frcsli and
genuine, and prices to suit the time.
AH -'orders promptly nttendtd t'. !peeial
t-are and attention given to our prescription de-
Ht'rf'i'i -i a , itii' r iliC ito at i co ij
tra!if M 'oi-d ijid Mi d t ine, that
i;yj;iVy an increase
M-.F.N AN h I L 1P.
Tin: ij:.: at bi.cuu i-i i'..i ii:i.
I It in.
I h (fe U-e'l ;.'.
f ti ne t.' lest it .
rn!lll!l'!!.'i !l a I
h i
.l.y f ;
a.i o
f, i
.ir r...
I, j.e
J :-
H r.
do. -. ; i
Vehaveleen Agcritsf r .evvirez Taobines s'.nre
taR iiw. iiini siii-r.t 1 ... i :v !... .-v itn-ii.,. i
and Florence's, and ! I ave abaLdotcd all lor the Ca,llIK'1; .,1.,,,, .
Amerienn. i C . L. LALf.LL A ( o., Dru i-tr
Send and get anipW of work. uSaeciis.-or lo Jno. II. hNM--,)
2T:ly H MKijONEY &'Bib')'., Ag'ts. 2C:tf Sails! a ry. N. C
C Cngh jH.V
C. i'. Wtijgoncr,
i candi l ile, hatintr s majority, of the
votes of the townships, - wj
a 9 n ir
Ijieh was ti,) by order
of theChairman,;;lll the tjojivnsbips retired" and
balloted a second time.
On theind ballot, AV. A. -Walton, rcc'd. 2 votes
" i; " " I W. C. Coughenonr, " ! 7 vote,
Mofraran'a refusing to vte, and Litakcr's, the
same,? WlCoiigheiKHlrj, having received a
Mnjodfy otthe ves of all the townships, Was
decltfiid the nominee of the convention, for the
office k)f lu:riir of Rowan1 County.
IK A. DAY IS, Chairman,
ed to the Stli4nrv
A. ii AW KIN 3 j Scc'-TB-
mni now 1k dicontin-
l-ruMiiisi'," an.ptjie
tlfc " WofchhtdiJ
ii . ' ,
S. E; Corner Fourth and Walnut Streets.
iliAssetis, $3,638,884.88,
EuRGE W. HILL l'resideut.
a.-i.::..:; KeM.Iv.M
i,.( d. sv. eat , uritu
of t he -v t e;u t !;
:!.- ti e .a-t- ti.e l.ody
.ui'ei :al. sen. I' la. .-y p...
; ; . :. . .i i :.-ea-1 s, u !( 1 1 s in
u i-.-.-. !.. i - in the g!t:d
: e e; c. st r i
nd t. e wor-t
Every drop :' t he
co.iiiu iit.ii a'.i s ii-o;,
and ot I i r li -i - :. :.
ViliiT ol Im'
w i.'Ll lieu a
1 li-s eo.isui..; i
i t tie tin i.i , n.
and o'l.'e." p i
lllo.'oas ui - b
forms of kiii ' i e.t-es, fit.;
scaiu i.e'd, ring v. ; u
. Le. ulac-ii ! ;'.s. W .Tl.. ill ll-il lie-ti. .ihfev;
in tin; wouinl'. ai.'i .dl W'. ahi !::. ai.d jiiiii.Tni
dlfh urges. I.i,h: -w ' -. lo.-- o -j cin: at.U ad
v.-at s o! the i.,e i'. .:. iiiif, are Within the cur
;;tie r.iiige of lb:.-- u
( :ic ( lit 1; e i v
Coal I!
. I i - 1 1 1
.-.II' ri:CL'!!l
vi-; -. sore i,
ery-ii a l .s.
;. b r of ilederu ( hen i -t
Vi: to .i
ol di
rv.and a ;--w u.e.' n-e u.t
i wisi.ti.-' or c;.'-! : i:. ion.
i'.i-o its potent pow.-r to cure tla ni.
ll the patb'i:' . daily;;g reij.. ei !y the
wa-tes ami b-fomp..sitio:i thtt i- ..: n.-.a' . y
! pri.givj8irg..-t.e:-eulii. it.Tcstii gib. w.ite-,
and repairs tbe s.-iiiie with Lew i.:..le;t..l Male
:i,-.ii heal:h lil.M.d i!:d thi-1 1 S.; r- : i 1 1 i i . :i
e ; '.i ! ; It J
(!. i: - w i i. (
C. M Tremaine & Brother,
-135 Srcomc Street, Z7ew ITork.
IStfllV. Jl.tnh '.'.'. 1-T.
ot the Stale. i: .:,!....'.-t .e 1 .
,j,,.v (combination
" li t f t il m O Mtirhinr .
a? e'lti.iv M w ai.d i ti
ll li -V. ,'." a.
..rt .-l ti...! I n
'.er t he " V . t ,." -i.
d l:i e I
i W" si. V i
ha..- ,
io i
i , 1. 1
ty co'i-T.-'n-t
" ; : i ' ,t t t r i :
ion .
en -
: r
ii i "a-s
to .-
I c hit-' 1
rit. I
v. attt ol ..
a:id iinr..
V ti. o!
... t
: r ' '
r I
1 i'
. I.
li V !-
i i.- it'a
- e i- i r
: , it ... i an
liuggy, lc.
vi Jern y Wag :i. t.e.ult
W lif'L'V. 1 l'f M
l.ox l.n'iy:
hie double se
. , I it t r
( lur. sett ia.MV llari.' fs. !. i n
w. ti;k1'i;i.i.
Aplil in. IS' 2
(With Carj-ctdcr and PurdctCs AVap
! I inprovcuicnttj
' The djign ia'. lc revdr to.e ei-lirelj uTrr
cen.c in I Li s inrtn;n: i.t.
Tiir icrdirl i I caBlmtci:
Thr Irrjtul Scrrmcflfcr Im I !
! Wr 1 halltt-f llit World U l'ccil
;.( ojidmVy mute the jmftM, deoleTM
' rtn-l the M'r't trvlld QfliCTaVif Ut tjmVtinC
' ,'Ai .'; ).' toi dtrfml inti wet,!.
The Dr.rdctt Ccmljinaticn Organ
.". , ;. . r. t ii. i Ml : tt i -.. 1 1 i it .f all r
! ..a; U i : W'U'iKnl -i d dti fe ,J w
. r l ...- Hitf 'tuf tl t itliitrd tat
It. .-I " . t'. ;.;..! l:.tlr 1Li I t f Xht U
ill.:- liin.-l .i.rt.i.i. f i.i. .i 4 tit ij l 1 ta a l--,
ill 4 a irio'ut i.ii :n 1 1 f Itll'r B.!4 ife
f.Jlir t'l 11 l'e 1.1! it s ol
MavlT. H72 -s
RAITS t" LNIfrr.m
T..WH, fii,j;i .i-.i ;
!. k.. . I t 1 ! tic ;o on iitt of aW
it. I .t' 'i " 'tir ted rr u cc, w Iri
-vi iu at ,'. d thi Ut tt'cDjaty U.
- it: t . ,1'mi.u cTcl. : 1 t Ce t. !. rittlt .tndiriftit it. oir wif rr&lita
il.AlKA, 1 . X ti. rs,l..t , odl.ll,.,;..'.aLlUaMl
ml. If not l.ef.o.- the i, U.f Jut n f , a; ..fTt.,, ,.Ur.- u t
it will then !. hn'fl it p. h if if. Appiy (T, .J u a st 1 orj.n . f t.- t .,pi ta
I J . K . I t bkl., Aj; I. l riM-.ovirn cil 1 i u-r li a ki.4.
i will and doe sec.."- a ciii'
pen UK'!
tin n i.
,lc ..!!;;:.
Wllilo Vhc
ji'.tr;tiea".i.'... ..
loss ol w:;tr-s. :t -
rV hty tic pa'i.
i.fMter at
'pjiet ite
r. ire ot
i e colored peopU cf the S. C. Lave
o Igmated a njoteiuent looking to lheforl
mation 0f n )lirty t u knou. M
fbe "Iloacat Ucptiblican Parly'
" i;a, jortit-suTr as tire " Vo!chhu:w new
represents lmtHf of thcijv We; arc petting
tyv r three ccjiles of prjne papery vlieh
UlinOeosary. --j J . f - . , "
, ir. .:.ii.::. t..-' ,
.-- - . 1 i rap'.... a:-.d v-
w l . i !i:',i-i it .:ov1'.' .
, , .:. . . .. T I
,i! - . i .- . l e 1 o u . : : i ; i r. '
I ,,. ' i o I e if Mil iie-i...iii '.Vi";:..t it'.- 1
i . ,. - . ..:'. I'..
creasing. :. . ....... e....- , i... i..c-,
vfi t c-cel at n!;own ivi.tei.iai r.'fe.i - ,:i u.e i
d' Chronic. SiT'dV.ons.i oti :.;;.!.- rt,.rfr 1,,-irl
I Will' EH
1 f..rm-! tb
rest,, a
ut I
tfi; il;.
li A ee
ianT nrrr n (- . a
JUlliN iV iu.MiA. Ml rcliU Y. i Urinary a
i t
,'n di"ea.-es ; it is ti e on.y : :tiv.- i ;.:e
i -KIDNEY it I.EAl-l'i:!: CuM PLAINT.-.-J T 11 li
id wo.;., , s. ..tvel, i:. . .e Mafi.ifii.-n:re.l bv
' i ce e.r.
trThe :firsNv of fMr. .Helper's parr,
the 'yfritmife, ia-Out. and . meets public fafor.
It is well got np, nnd exhibit decided a-
ii!itj. ic wish the .editor abundant
li ! 1 A LEX AN 1 Hill WIIILDEN.
ITok. JA. POLLOCIC. i. kimjAh Timupsnv tiv.n kv.c.vxt
jf.nKliTq .'uouKinv. FiiiLiF h. minole, ' hox.a. cattell,
3 - I
Issues all farms of Life and Endowment Policies,
;- 'i ' t ' :
I "HE ; AMEIf ICAN has been ta active operation for nearly a qarU-r of a try, has 1hci '"t'um-'
goyorr.rnl fend contrul led br' gentlemen di.itini?nished ' tliieir k;;,-, m.l! "? 'lTi ' 1 L '
,.Um,.w W4..K. l ... i. " . ; .meriiai .-
ifjjiti.iLf.ini ji.jiuiu , ,tiMi -ii riniuciiUT sut'cesslui. i
It baa tuet obligations with vgnal romptness, and in a most ,-pirit.
AnvrtigitaajB.iniiug meiub rs, the (-pmnanr has the honor .f iiuiulu iii..- mai v of tb most
ehnineat iud liadinr men. in all ultferi-iofiri r.d r.i k..-. t. ,.-..i-;i & gynts waited, who sboald appl l,y let! tr oi in person to
. I ; -J' ; .-.' 1 REV. L.F. AYAY, Oen'l Asreut.
U, e.' ' StntenvillcN. C
OrtoC4L St. Clair Dearixo, Sapt. Agent. Wilmington, X. C. Lmav:?::Ukly
A i! r;iT:i::tirii-. r.v.i'. if nil c ;-i -
llfi-'ht s !i e.
where there ure lirieh-ou-t
teris thick, i-ioudy, ..i:. i witu si.i
'or t!
it.-, or ' hi- v a
-tai.i . s .,ne
i.k- wli.te silk
. and v i.i ti llsere
..' ii when .i-.-i r p
.iii f the : -a k anil, niiii 1 r
ol a:;
the white i 1 an i
u? there i n nu r. id. dark
and w:i'e '". r d -jm-is
a prUkit.g. hui:.ii v s..i
wuier. iii t,.c ;
aim g the b .. - -
IerJect Biir?::Uvc Fiilx,
jtetf- t'.v ta-ie'es-" e- -t;'i t y f : tt i! v it! jnt-t.m, reaiatf pt,i:y. i ie. i.-i- ai.c st i '.u.t ,i n.
i:adw;yV li'U. -r t: uie . i ! -k'-i f 4 lie
stomaeb. Iirir. left's ki-'.i . . K'ad.Vr. i.-i-om
.lisf.isei, I e i.lifhr. J-'. a'- S' - il "-
t I.i- lis I c "... " : .- .i m i .i.i.-iii-
... ( Is I . l an. I n.l . runjer. i.:- 01
cm. Vi nr?6lel ti ti'i-rt a ,-'-
live mn rcre-y eif.-i-eo;i.i:.i g
toir. Miuerala or d.-.itf : ifis tin
'A is dure.-of li Ai-w at's lilt will 're tu
. a .. . ,- ....... f n,R ...! 1 1 -- r i'. . . "Vic.?.
T.-i m ir-M.i n.i u..-.., ----- ,
iJ(-MlllFri."J. r-'L. i.i
Peaf! Kai.-'K ist'Tn e." Sor ior.e lcur-tamp
to RADWAV & tl).,' 3J Warren Street. Cor. of
Chnrth Stre-t. N Yoik. Ibforuiatiun wrth
thoa-aadx will be sect you. June 30 26 -It
and pr; e.
Tl m arcitr . I
of H..y, . m i",
pi tit'g or
' :t:t I
Ali t'i T-ir j ir. jroi m 1 1. r t h I.i rdrtt (r
i i-r.r'.!' J l-T f.t. Ir.t-t g ariuly tm
.1 ,
1 1
ati J
Ti t..w ! V I '.' '. 1 f f-- J tW rH
u.i'l.ii ul i it !.-; -.:.. ;'tp fi i ti i kt-kikf
.r...'r.)i t'.-i U:ni uf tuL ir I k : iti.C flUtU.
Tir .VfK I'l.l' Irt'l' j1r I f T f iht r
i'l tt th : : It i Ir . I .1 p rJrct m-J
i t. n.i i.t is e Lt e tt r m u."
; s li K i:.
A ul i ii. :.n A ... C
lily u' -e .
.if t H i i e-. ".
k e t.ngi.i;. .a '.i.
;i: :
t a !- o it.
;.i.n.i-ijl ( l UroCfLt toatefc
b..-t r a;
!te M i
l. ..
a '.
Tit y. ..- p o'-'TitT -it rcrr-j
..f -.t i' r . ' 1 n ! i aid I'Ttdrfi.J of-
ii n-:.t .rhtrf.i:. "g th-r ttb a eucWr
.f r-e- m d or-,g im n itri h ta istm
u.c: t ! - -.i h pt -ift-ct.' l a-to h b i.t.d c-rci
;.. Ma n "
K 1!"
! I
i v
j1. but - 1
: il'.-.- 1 a IT .1.
ryrere ho baT
tup ! hi acti.'r'
- .
It "!..U :(,! IfB
oloiir it It alalia.
EfiGLISH and CLASSICAL i'i 1 I;'!r,!p;t,,r?iB rw ii h- frc
."Vculloii, . C
' KEY. J. C. CI. A
S. M. I IN1
I 'I'llL ll:bir :..
j A tb l.'.tl. iln; i
Tuition, liiM.t K5
P..i.ird in faiuiiii
Fjr CircoUr artl
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