North Carolina Newspapers

NO. 42. WHOLE NO. 832
" proprietor and Editor
Associate Editor.
Ike Vear, pitablein advance. ...
MX. M'JSTHti.i. j
, ',;.,'m-4 to one address,
.. 1,50
Having again Organized for
BUSINESS, Lave just opened
entirely neV and fresh, in tlie room
ynnT CTAVPR A'H formerly occupied as the Hardware Store,
' I atil tint t : Hr. ts. IliJkAhttm AV t . x
the inspection of which they most cor-
- . . . . ! - I II : .i .1 II' : mi
rpi:j'DEUS hi compliment to ma lrienci 1 uiaiij uivue iue pnuuc. xuerr
I and the piib!ic.and1tAMKmfclhid would 'TiH'?' - v
iwire mock
u.irlrt to their uftteutwu bis extended facilities
lr nM'eting dee and iu Lis lino of business.
II,. U now prepared to furnish all kind of
ir .vr stones, ftfom the chuufixiHt Head Stones.
4 ii ctIioii monument. ThoK? prefciiag was carefully selected by ill e senior mm
. 1. . ,,,.,1 i-.u-liutlir mnrks tint. on hand. .!! I 1 - k .r - A ! - 'f ' - J L"t.
iwr( . ' 1 . J . . T. T . j . - 1 oer 01 incurui in person, aim uou? 11 at
....... .....I., nn .h.ivf I tni'ii tr1fHe IIHK.I . . - i.i ' . 0 .--
PubluSed by rtpiest of UU author eu.
j J i i A TEUE 8T0EY.
. : How lonely is the house to-night,
It's still, and silent as the tomb ;
So low has burned the fire light
; Its fitful glare makes fitful gloom,
That lingers 'bout the silent room,
Dancing o'er the painted wall,
With a strange unearthly glow,
In the form of death'a dark pall, '
Falling in Bhadows long and low:
Bringing to memory days now gone
Dark days of sorrow and woe.
Past scenes now crowd upon me fast,
Both form, and scenes of long ago.
Alas! alas !t and is it just,
That now those forms are lying low,
1 Ail crumbling to their natire dust.
rGRANT'8 HORSES. HOUSES. DOG i Nobl SErriaixiTe L w
CARTS. ETfi followirj extracts frim tt- .rk .fR.. 1 iK
w -w- 1 q r. T r vm va v v v 1
iiiufv w'iLu Hui'ciucatiiUH, uraua.
tf,:(H,uf thi ctkutract.! Sntisractlon
t.til. H williikot ho undersold, 1
tmth. Orders MoIiit'd. Addresj", " j
1 7:1 r i; jjOIIN Jl. BUIS. Salisburf.
Sludweil Brothers
1 r ATTT1H? AV Slroo
Manufacturers. and Jobbers of
fou ; . I
and the
North s or
rates whicn wm enable tnem to aell as
low, for CASH, as
in the (Thyj for Goodsi of same quality,,
oil iko-vi I'lAiu lita r It xm rf I
r if
Groceries, Crockery Waret Boots and
Shoes jSole Leather, Calf and
Binding Skins, Grain and
t ' j
I UftiSs, Scythes, Cap, Letter
and Note Taper,
. i " -
L ) . i
lhV!a complete etOCk in all lines. IllCllId- n'n1 Vknli nf ifn1 aeoAftmonf
iml' iiit'ir , tionuiar uranuc aiaie juus,
. .iii 1 it . 1 1 i-
Viow mqes. ana ; t omens x no. ocus. l&mt&k'f A1MRirt ffllf
fMars solicited and carefully tilled at iilllH If Slili d llLiJlli
l i(:t uisrkft rates.
J. L MOOSE, Salesman.:
f.U 2 i J .. ... ' 20:4 Jm " ;
-i- j -ri -tt : t
A Mi Siri.LilvlviN. J. P. (Jowa;n
'pllE .lundfirsijfne'd hitvinjr fti.-o'-iatnd thein
I M-tviiiii bu-iucs.H under the firm name of
i .i ;
H AVlC openi-il iu V J
v lien (liif V Wi tTi
in-Cv I'rit'iids. T v
'..f 1 ;irir--t an ill
Uolim-H "new huild-
1I115 llardwiiro Store,
leused to nn't t old and
have u iiianilicent room
i't, 111 town axid
V. Xarco tfe? Splondld
pOiIPltylNG a tyneral axtortment. llaint
V l w-ure exeojted',''and will guarranteei us
(."Oil liar.Min iw can ho sold by any House in
.tin Soiith. Thoy will deal heavily in Groceries
ami imun'ry I'hhIucp, Im.viujr and selling,. and
1 iviM all vaIio vrjsh iither to buy or sell to Call
en them. A. il. SL'LI.l VAN .t Cor :
Jan. tilth, 12. ' l!:tf "
i:v.riticK. t. j. 1 liicE.
Have Removed
W here th will continue to Sell Flour.
Meal, Fr-$h j Mats. Bacon. Lard. Butter.
VH. CdTee.i'l'eas Snyar, Salt, Pickles,"Mo-
.l.isfs, Ace , togi-tlier with a large and varied
..f .....,. Ii. .11 j ... li. .;:
-I'iy hi. ifiirriiiui Him iaoie uece.siiie.
Urine your coiiutry pr)duee to
1 it.
1 r
P .Ci r
MIUMS un$ Gold and fleer Mcthts
wercav anUjd to GiialeSI. Stiekf
for tin bejpij Pianos in coraptjtition!
with all Stijc leading manufajrtnr- i
I nrat hf tliocointry.
Office and CTcw Warcroom,
rffJUUfy St., BAtTlMQRE, MJ.
Tljs feti'cjr 1'iiiuos t-.ontain ill the latest im-prytpme-iitji
to U found iu a ifirst-ctas Tiano,
nn additional improvements of hjs owntin
i'ti..ti, not to W juund in otiier inMrumeUts.
t-ne, j toiih and finish: of their instru
"'uW cam btiJ excelled by any mimufactur--
iu.L : . .
"i rays ;on baud.
iVirloir and Hh
f. . .. . ,
lij ios on Hand tnm JC 1 unit mvnni
im tor: lllurated Catalog, containing
"" oror twelve humhedj BOintheraers
' ''.ve hundred of, which are Virginians, ti'o
: 'l,ir,n North Carolinians, one 1 hundred and
' "')' E:vst fcnesisea.ns. and others throughout
"", Sith). m ho. have bought the:Stjeff Piado
r ee iae close or the war. , j L
-; 1,1 ! 1 H Saliftburj'.
They fefl assured of their ability to
givq entireiisatiefaction, and especially in-
vite old friends and customers to call and
bring with them their acquaintances.
They expect and intend to maintain the;
reputation lot the Old Murphy llonae,
which is well known throughout cetera
North CitrOlina. All they ask is an ex
amination of thejr slock and the prices.:
No trouble to show goods, so come right
along. I heir motto,
Sninll profits, ready pay and
With a good stock, low prices, fair
dealing and prompt attention, they will
endeavor" tb merit their share -of the pub
lic patronage They; are in the market
for nil kinds of produce and- solicit calls
from sellers and buyers.
! J?. & A. MURPHY.
Salisbury, jMarch 23, 1872. f27:ly
; And -Commission Merchants, ;
j , Salisbury, March 1st, 1872.
Keep constiintly on hand a larre And choice
comprisinfr Dry Gopda, Groceries, Wares, etc.
of which they would especially mention
Sugar and Coffee, of all grades,
i 1 1
1 ; SOIJ2 and
-i ii Upper LEATHER.
; HATS, "
i 1 ' BONNETS,
f I LIQUORS, of all
kinds always on hand, of cbjoicje quality. ,
tiEspcclial attention given to consign
ments ami prompt returns made.
2i:tf I t ii - j
3SC jn 2SJf
ing of a modern and commodious house, am
ple out buildings, good water, a fine large gar
den, and front 8 to 33 acres of excellent land,
all lying in the suburbs of Salisbury; all in
closed, and lligible for -buildirTg lots. The
above property is onebf themosi DESIRABLE
Under our State Constitution and laws
poor deLtoi s are allowed a homestead of
the valne of $1,000, and personal proper- round iuga
tr of the value of 5500. 1 ue uomeatead
" 1 t 1 1 .. 1.. : . j
IS exempi iroui eaie uiiuci sii.uiiuu uu- 1 u .r.i . .
1 e 1 . 1 vx .t i f joii.c ui me newspaper men nave said
ring the tera of his natural We. the life .... , , , , r V u,c" ",B, 10
" b " .. .. A 1 .... I tnt lie nrODfbt elrvn KnrtH tirn
of his wife, and until Uis-yomt chUd lv " 'r: n ' 1. ,
.1.- r i.,a,,iffA,; u...Sk... lui-uHiamiiioriei anu
and that
w-fc a
A Lonr Branch corresoondent f ih. 1 a,BIW at. H
1 rAntrait it Hear l il,- ; . : I 1
. . v. w ijic ri urn I III 1 1 c uiai
IForWis writting op iho personnel sur-
of Gen. Grant there. We
quote :
. . I f WT-jL, a
arrives a, u ,.gc u. J Gen. Porter's came together
Thepersoual property is exempt only . . . K .
'Unci I . . . . .... "J
r . . 13. , - i causect uououDieuiy tne miidtaement of
. . . . .1 - - e. . I U13 Stable. I he 1 resident has hnt sAven
. 1.5. I H.' J , 1 . i ., '
lo Ilia ucibuuiu icuivccui";n a uio
e make the
i ofG
What a noble
It brings to mind that bitter day,
That took all joy from my young life,
Twas then our darling went away
To, mix within th battle's strife,
'Twas then he joined our Southern band
Who went to fight the coming foe.
Tbey went to free our sunny land,
And lay the vile invader low.
Our hearts with misery deep were filled;
And on; our lives there fell a blight
Whilst every joy of life was stilled.
For now our bouse must sink in night,
For he the star that beamed so bright,
The only brother dear had we :
Must leave his parents, kindred all,
And go obey that stern decree,
In answer to his country's call.
Our father had been gone all day
From home, and had not yet returned;
Our brotherto was gone away ;
But soon a dreadful truth we learned,
For when the sable night had n eared
He came and sought our parlor room ;
And tofd us then he'd volunteered.!
Oh God 1 the grief that wrung our hearts,
When this dread news struck on the ear ;
None knew but He, who strength imparts
To bear the cross without a tear.
But oh. our hearts were filled with woe
When thus was broke the home band link.
nowjcould we let our dear one go,;
Oh bitter, was the cup to drink !
He looked so handsome, brave and grand,
As on the morn he marched away
To fight for this our southern land.i
O'er his fair face a smile did play
And in his dark eves gleamed a light
Which said, '-dear mother weep no more,
For with God's help I'll do thejight,
And when this war, dear mother's o'er,
And I have Won the wreath of fame,
Then to your arms I'll come again;
Come, with a glory covered name, !
And bring you joy for every pain.'
Alas! alas! for lour long years, j
Our southern heros fought in vain,
Whilst friends at home were shediog tears,
Involved in ruin, care and pain. ,
? A "" .
Oh where was he, our cherished one !
Who had been gone from home so long?
Ah, ha4 his earthly race been run,
Or was he doing right, or wrong? i
Oil he had kept his promise well, )
And kept hU place upon the field,
Where thickly fell the ball and shll ;
And where the strongest soldier 'reeled,
As thick and fast the death-shot How,
' And loud the artilery pealed.
Yes at his post he stood him true,
'Stern courage written on his face, j
Whilst towered high his noble form,
That rising form, of manly grace "
Which well might brook the battle's storm.
Four long years sped wearily by, '
But oh, the south had sunk in gloom;
All o'er the land the orphan's cry :
Bewailed her dire and dreadful doom.
For northern leagues oppressed her now,
Whilst -cold within the silent tomb
Lay our gallant Jackson's brow ;
And many brave men too had sunk,
Ah, sunk alas I to rise no more.
Since first the south with blood got drunk.
And when the "cruel war" was o'er,
Twas then we saw our darling one;
But oh; so changed in form and face,
The mother,' scarcely knew her son.
Far gone the boy-hood's tender grace,
.And dim the once bright sparkling eye,
And sad the higTi and noble brow.
How oft I've heard the mother sigh
For him who's sweetly sleeping now.
- ! il
He stayed with us a few short years,
Our own dear, darling noble boy ;
But oftjthcrt&came cold sick'ning fears
That soon would end our earthly joy.
We saw the flush that often crept
Up to his cheek so white, and pale:
We saw how feeble grew his step,
And from our hearts there rose a wail
Of anguish deep and still,
A wail that could repressed ;
And through our hearts there went a thrill
Of pnin that would not let us rest.
At last there, came a dreadful day,
When lie was stricken down in death:
While yet upon his bed he lay,
With fading eye and heaving breath,
His words were these "oh Father, now,
In StPa nl's place I sweetly rest."
He spoke no more,; cold grew his brow
He's living now amid the blest.
I ' j ! L ' ' '
Thy work is done, oh brother, sleep!
No angry winds can reach thee now ;
Tly slumber too is calm and deep
No troubles can assail thee now.
Then rest my brother, sweetly rest
Within that sweet, and holy spot;
For thou art nowamid the blest,
And bless'd are they who find thy lot.
death. After that the homestead reverts
to his creditors for the satisfaction of his
debts. Until after that time the rever
sion cannot be sold under the State laws.
If the debtor improves bis land, by build
ing or otherwise, so as to increase its
value, it ts liable to a re-asgess.mentl If
he acquires property cf any kind ft is li
able to be seized as soon as acquired and
sold under execution. If he makes any
money be is liable to be harrassed by: sup
plemental proceedings. He is therefore,
left without any incentive to further ex
ertion thaii may be necessary to furnish
a bare subsistence for his family. He can
hortes a pair of largo carriage horses,
three of the trottin? enecies. and two ufd
lot hacking by the young Ci rants, and for ' snere snail be some
marketing. The carriage horses are mac-! P.,)U. of li,ler f,ife in lhe ontry,
f n .i .
niuceui creatures ox iventucKy stock, and
tide, and Insert la Tiea thereof, the CnTUvw
TL Gots1 Arxtubly shall Lav m
powrr to dVptir th Uiicial depcrltMBt U
' any rw-r or Jar'iMJlctkxi which rtghtfallr
ing. of the Radical Jeacfrs who mistake ! U tU General A.s.Uy shall allot .
pamonfor patriot it di ahd bate forntates-1 dis-ribat tit t Mttioa of tk'ta r.vr a.d l-
tuanahip. If such ben as Palmer were r'idti n. nich drt not fwruia to tbt Ba
in power we might xk for peace indeed. I prwi.r Cuurt. among th other coorts pr-
v- ' I . . .... i ... i
ow; i come to ond questiuu about i u ilii cTM.Tuuon or wnicn may m
bich lliere is sotde difference. If rou ' ly iu ,oe!l it
elect Gen. Grant, k ou retain in pumer ,ny 1 ',Jr r J"1 rtm
men who, like Mortin. iitut that there is ; ' ' Ti .i ( T'ZLr .r
still . fight betweealthe bov. i blue and i " ! f1 5!
the boys in gray ; tUo cl-iss who are aJ- , Uluw th lanr. Court, so far as the same
ways appealing to the public pnjudiccs, ' may be d..n without conflict with otbet pro-
cost 82,000. T. he fast or trotling horses
are, not so grand or imposing, but cost
more, while the others areordiuary burses
with no considerable value.
carriages consist of a barouche, a
dog cart, a light wagon for speed in trot
ting, and a pony phaeton.
1 he stable is splendidly furnished with
harnesses for the various turnoutsaddles,
b riddles
and clothing. Indeed, it is just
aiif.h n a t a 1 l I a mm ,n mifrKl avwamI A A
uu- pcvcuu..., o.o u .uuui -idering the President's great taste and
l"e,"M,JaM1,or in this direction. I mad
oi me. ue can oniy expect, aner nis
death, to isee them thrown npon the cold
charities of the world, homeless and pen-
uyless, without any, preparation to meet
the difficulties that! must cou trout them.
And iu tlie meantime bis creditors have
gained nothing They are no better off
than the would have been, had they re-
cipted the debtor in lull and discharged
him from: all his obligations at the close of
the war. For what they may be able to
obtain from tho reversion of a worn-out
judgment in this direction. I made an
estimate of the cost of his stable, which
ill not be found to be far out of the
way :
2 carriage horses
3 trotting horses (they cost
2 ordinary horses
1 barouche
1 dg cart
1 trotting wagon
1 phaeton
and exhausted homestead, which may not Harnesses, saddles, clothing,
fall in for a quarter of a century, they would
have gained from the increased prosperi
ty of the country.
Is there no remedy for this state of
things I j There is.' It is furnished by
the recent amendment to the general
Bankrupt law. As amended the Bank
rupt law Alllows to the bankrupt SI, 000
worth of personal property or money.'
It also allows him a homestead worth
The President's dog-cart is considered
the most stylish thing of the kiud ever
seen here. It is his favorite vehicle. I
saw it pass up Ocean Avenue. Let me
describe it :
Here is a sensation. The children on the
, precisely as it is allowed by our porch drop theip playthings, the croquet
State Constitution and laws, ior, in tinjr maiden leans on her mallet, ant
adopting the State homestead and person- ibe Jersey gardener, lost in admiration
al property exempi ions, the Daukrupt law for the approaching show, stands holding
adopts tlieni suo tnoao. It exempts to Hie a bunch of weeds he has just pulled
bankrupt precisely the same eftate iu the
property that the State law dots. J5f it
discharges him from all h is indebtedness
It enables him to commence tlie world
w. i f
anew, it makes niiu once more a ircc-
man. He may then appropriate his ram
ings to the purposes which Cod and na
ture intended tie should appropriate them
to the support of his family and the edn-
tion of his children. If he makes more
than he finds necessary for these purposes,
then he ia morally bound to pay the baK
auce on his debts.
The impression seems to prevail that
where judgmeuts have been docketed
against a debtor tbey create a lien upou
his homestead, and that, consequently,
he will lose it if he goes into bankruptcy.
Hut this is a mistake, lhe particular es
tate created by the homestead law hexempt
from execuiiou. Our Supreme Court has
decided that docketed judgments do not
attach to and bind the homestead estate,
but only the -reversion. The bankrupt,
therefore, so far as his home-stead is con
cerned, will be left precisely where the
State law leaves him. But he will be al
lowed 500 aioiie in personal property.
It is true that the Bankrupt Courts will
order the reversion, or remainder, of his
homestead to I e sold. But how much
worse off will lie be Tor that 1 lie can't
possibly be any icorse off, andhemay be a
great ienbetler off. As the money arising
from the sale of the reversion go, iu
almost every instance, 10 pay the expen
ses of the bankrupt proceedings, nocredi
tor will be specially interested in bidding
for it. In most instances it will sell for a
mere song, and the friends of the bank
rupt will buy it for him, and allow him to
redeem it. In this way most of the bank
that they may hate the benefit
populaf cry ; but If yon elect Ilrnce
Ureelej you reciect the admirable
language of bis letjftr the people will
shake bands ove rjjji period of blood, and
we snail te brcthre asain.
The question is oftel ked. what i Germany
doing With Uia vast sujns cf money wrani firn
l- ranee, in the shape of a war indciuciiy ? The
whole amount which M ranee i to pav "foots up
somewbat in exct df 1, 441,467,90 i thaltrs.
Of this -sum, howtvei. Kmi.ce rvirtak
86,Gt)6,6GC thalera forfierailwartof Aluaocaml
Lorai ne. The Gcrmin jrovernmtnt has urd
this sunt first in aidiiL and rrUrinz the pro
vinces ireviouly antjext-d, pivirisr C'l.TfiOisui
thalers to person auJ corporation h" pm nn- '
property wadetroyil and standing 1 l,44o. i
thalera )n replenihjiini the rolling stock on lhe
railway: lines. Large Uura have teen pud lo
the families of the laiil-wher: 4.0Urf0 thsler
have been distributed among the "lcci fil en
erals, ahd ten timet tint sum hnteen ( ajmrt
ax a reserve fund for t ie next war. It can thus
be seen that German? not onlv mrkc Frame
pay for the past war, but U furnUh find lo
forge chains for hervflf in the future. Thi i a
sad conclusion lo a war commenced for the pur
pose of upholJiner n Imperial dtnuty in
France; I'ktluJclji.'ii'i Aj.
Jl'DT.E SETTLE i North Carolina, who
presided over the Gr -at convention at PhiU
ddlph a, was an out poken sto-.Mnuist be
fore thw war and su isequently a captain in
the rebel army. W lat a howl would go up
from the Grant can p, should the coining
Democratic uatioualiconveiitioo sdt a on
federate captain to prebide over its delibera
tions ! - i
Do you see that pair of large, wel
matched baj- horses T
Indeed, theyarc so much alike incolor
shape and action, you conclude at once
some horse party has had a hand in the
buying of thcec for their fortunate owner.
And the harness, too bright, massive
ly golden, and gvorgenus are strictly in
keeping with the magnificence of the
horses : so that so far as both of these are
concerned you are also reminded of lhe
equipages of the weahhy and aristocratic
if your thoughts have ever turned in that
But still more conspicuous us thy ap
proach you are the driver and his com
panion. Jet isn't a circumstance to the black
ness of their faces ; while their costumes
are white corduroy and white flannel,
trimmed with silver, with white top boots,
as nearly as you can make out ; and '.he
contrast between their costumes and glos
sy hats and f icrs is as marked and
distinct as that f daylight and darkness.
The taller holds the reins, but he is
equal to the emergency, and so far as the
unpractised white eye can determine,
there is not a ripple of any kind on his
Nubian face.
The shoiter sr-cras entirely for orna-
nint, and sils with his arms folded across
his chest a black and white monument
to wealthy and social greatness.
The carriage i such as the fnX hunting
people ol -another count. go to the "meet"
The part wh'reon fit the driver and
his ally is consul rally elevated above
tlie rest, while the rear, which by the
bold Briton is used for the transportation
of hi j bird dogs, is here converted into a
r isky
I Cheering News fkom Ou Johnson.
A private letter froi$ a prominent of
Johnson monty to a gentleman iu tlu city,
says: The Democrats and Conservatives
areatworkin earnfst. Jiihuvn will un
doubtedly poll a larger Conservative majori
ty than ever before.
Constitutional Amendments,
Passed in the Jlo ise of llcprcsentattirs
January 17, IStH
AN ACT to alier tie Constitution of North
Theticneral Am-nidv
enactt three-fifth of
IIoti4e concurring. I
That the l oiiMituilm of thu State be alttrtd
as follow, to wit
Amend section mi
striking out lhe fint i
inclitding toe word
of North Carolina do
il the un-tubvr oi each
Is THERE no Remedt. The U. S.
CircuitXJourt is nowin its fourth week
and since its commencement there have
been in the city a large number of Ku
Klux (so called) defendants and witnesses,-
who have - not at yet been permitted a
hearing, and have exhausted every ex
pedient to come before the Court. These
men, or a large majority of them are poor
rupts may soon become the owners of their seat for the proprietor of ail ibis
homesteads in fee simple. In any event, splendor.
he will have all that lhe State Homestead Perhaps you like carnages painteti yei-
and exemption laws allow him and $500 low 'tis altogether a matter ofyste
more if he happens to have it when he and it so, yon wouiu ime uns one ior wie
files his petition in bankruptcy. At lhe sides and under parts arc paie yellow,
same time he will b discliargedfrom all not a sickly, but a sort of an aristocratic
his debts. This must iiecessarily be f o, mi- p:et'u-al pale, while the rest of the vehicle
less the decision of our Supreme Court in is black.
Hill vs. Kcsler should be reversed on an And that man mere, wmi aronmi man
appeal to the Supreme Court of the Uni- surmounted by a white stovepip.- hat,
led States. Iu that event the homestead with ft lace that don i inaicaie aujming
can only be secured by the operation of you would be likely to mistake for grcit-
the bankrupt law. So it is plain that the ness, but seems to give snow u.u.. .,4
only entirely safe course for debtors, who larder and the cellar. "Why, that's the
are deeply involved, is to take advantage President," says the honest Jersey gar-
of the amended Bankrupt law while they dener.
may. For there is a strong party in the uNo,"
'Oh. ye?; I knew that team. lis
just the biggest fetch on this shore,
of the fiit article, hv
Sane thereof, do n lutxl
ut;" tliis being llieciaufc
relating to lhe State uLht.
Amend section ttrcjjof lhe eomnl .irikl
striking out the word ! annually, and in i ting
in lieu thereof, the wlrd " biennially ;" Uing
in reference to lhe cions of the Gei.eial A-
Amend section fivdof the second trtit!, hv
striking out all that ireevde the word, " tl
said Senate districts, f and bv t-trikinj out tne
ihrac"a afore.Tid h." " in said section : the
parts no stricken otA having to t
State cvnu. j
Add a new section fo 'he second aiticlc to he
style! " section U,-' linl to read as follows:
" The'membcr of the general Anibly fchall
each .'eceive ibrce undrc-l dollar a a com
pensation lor tlu ir sn ices during their term,
subject lo such rcjjul .lions in regard to time of
payment and red;ictikii for non-atn ndance a
i n a i be precrii d bii law ; hut they may have
I an additional al!owaiVe when tl. y are called
togi'ther in ppf ti ll se-ion, aixi mileage tJiali bv
ten Cents jht niile for. cadi e?M"n."
nn nd wel ion ot.c of the third ank le by
Mrikitiz out tbewrmli " fur," where t!iy
txt iir first in ani l sermon, .and inserting, in lien
thervof, the words " tjwo yenr,'" lein in rtfr
cncii to the ttrini of executive uflieerB.
Slriite out the wordj. " .Sujei inliiid nt of Pub
lic Vork,'' whvrever tbey ini-ur in lhe Co:wii
lution, thus aUiiiliir,t thai tlLcc.
- Amen J section si of the tl.'-rd article, by
striking out the w rd "annually" Hisdiu-M-iting.
in lieu thertof. the word "biennial
ly." so as to.couf ri i to the provisions re
specting the session of the Gtueral Assein-blv.
Siriko midsections two and three of th
T .. l'l
fourth articles being the provisions uhirl. re-
f.-r to the aoixiintaneut aua Uul.cs oi li.e
Co-b CotiniiisMoneri
AUr section furif thf fourth article, so
tbt s:i.l seel ton sh.ihl reada flh-.vs : "Th
judicial power of th Stat
tiikiiii ( ima conatnattoa.
Strike out sections six tec. scTea-
rf a ' a
of the 1 n t'ftro, iwntyxv asa tiuny-tbrv
il toe l .urtn anicie.
Amend section twentytix of the aovrtk
; article by striking out all that part which b-
gias with, ana follows the word bot la
sid section aed. ia lito cflhtf art
stricken out. inserting tbt following x
'The judicial officers and the clerks f aij
eoarta which may be established by law.
ahall be chosen by the vote of the qna'ified
electors, and for such term as may be pre
rriled bv law. T1 voters of earh pre
cinct, establ hed at is elsewber provided
for iu this constitQt'um. sh all elect two fas
tie- of tlie peaee f.r such term as uay be
fixed by law, whose juriadiclioD shall extend
throughout their respective evunties. The
M ueral Assembly may provide for theelec-'
tu.uof more than two jnslicea ol the peace
: a those precincts which cantata cities or
towns, or In which other special reasons ren
der it expedient. The chief magistrates of
cities kiid incorporated towns sha.ll have
tin-judicial powers of j a slices of the peace."
Amend ectWm thirty of the foarta article
by st-iking out the word "township" and
i setting, in lieu thereof, the word "pre
cinct. ; aUo in the latt sentencr ol the tame
section, strike oat the words ''the commis
sioners of the county rosy appoint to such
oihee for the tinet iired term, and la liea
iereof insert "au appointmeat to fill such
vacancy lor the unexpired term S&alt be
made as may he prescribed by law."
Amend sections one and scvea w the fi tb
article, bv striking out the word 'commie -
bioners of the several connties" where tbey
tx-cur in said sections, and ia lieu tbetvof in
serting the words, "couuty authoniies es
tablished and authorized by law.?
Strike out section four f the fifth article.
relating to laxatiou to pay the State debt and
i interest.
Ameud section six of the fifth article by
inertirg after the word -iDitrUEeot ia
saiJ section the wirds "or asf Xher per
sonal projieity."
lnert the word "and" before the word,
"surveyor" in section oae of the 7th article,
and strike out the words "and fiveeummie
sinners" in said si-ctiou ; also add to raid
section the followicg: "The Geseral As
sembly shall provide for a system of ooucty
government for the several counties of (be
Amend section two of the seventh article,
by sirikiug out the word "rtnmislooer
and in hen thereof iniM-rtitig the words
.nnty unlhorili established and authorized
by law;" and in the same section strike oat
the words, "the IJeC'rter of Deeds shall be
shail le ve!-.l ;n
of impeachments, a Su
r Conrt. such interior
established by htw, and
the IVare."
of the fourth arlicl
shall read a follow
may. J: or mere is a strong party
i country m favor of its repeal, and they
may succeed. Dayidsox
h I : .1 i m i. : I
tment or secrtml-hanrl P aims 1 l"".l'n" u""f w," " - flnd nnable to naw hotel bi Is. and are
from S7;" to siti (i l! ed in .viCK ibyj the completion of the contem-I f . m j u-r. u
Lei n;;.?;L it i: A nlared liail liofd- to thiS nlare. Persons in- necessarily . Compelled to shift about as
r w.uie ivuii uu- f . , " . i r . .. .. tA., iL. ..n V 1 A ..!. .
I termed in sucn nroDertv.; are mviteaio can on. i l,,cJ -- .caiou j "my
ATi Deeds, Trustee fDeeda,
CoirinnssiotSer's Deeds, j sliorilf ?
m Chattel Mortgages, eVt !
r or Sale at this oiVu
, x- -TO OV 1
various other blanks lbr sale here.
or address tho subscriber.;
i ',. Ill i ' j : Salisbury, N. C.
April 18, 182. 3I;:tf, j
J MRS. S. W. TERRELL, will do any
kiud of :' t - 'J L
Fancy Hnir Work. ;
Repair Rraides. make Corls Switches, Or
nainenjts and Jewelry Rjejtts ; also make fami
ly hair into Wreaths, and lioouets.
For terms calf at heri resideuee on Church
street. West of the Methodist Church. Sam
plea can be seen at S. W. Tebbell' Store
on Inniss street. 1
May 9, 1873 3Itf.
that many of them are getting sick, and
if something is not speedly done for them
the consequences will be awful. We
visited on yesterday, a young man from
Sampson, a defendant in a Ku Klux case,
who' was lying dangerously ill in a small
garret room on Faycttevillc street, so
close and uncomfortable that a well m in
could no more than snrvive three days
confinement in it. and yet it was the best
be could do.
We ask in the name of humanity, if
something cannot be done by the court,
to relieve these poor unfortunates, either
let them be tried or recognized. Raleigh
Netcs. ' t r
rrc r
v a a
The subject has been nnder discussion
among our citizens of purchasing the en
tile block w here the. Court House former
ly stood, and settingi it apart as a public
square, with the new Conrt House in the
centre. The property can be purchased
at a moderate figure, and we trust earn
estly that the movers iu this happy un
dertaking may be successful.
'1 he city needs a public square, has
needed one for a long time, and no better
onnortunitv will ever be Presented of
I J .
securing one in ah eligible place. A few
mills on the dollar of taxation will accom
plish it, and then we will have something
of which onr little city may be proud.
A meetinjr will be held to-night at Odd
Fellow's hall to take this subject under
discussion when, it is hoped, there will
be a fnll attendance of our citizens.
Greensboro" Patriot.
'You don't mean to tell me that this is
the man I saw on a bay horse utar the
applc-lree in Virginia ?'
4,1 don t know notinng aooni no ir
nia nnnle.tree. but that's Grant, the
III 'm I f f
President of the United States, and them
bays and the niggers just lay over any
thing I ever saw.
a court for the trial
preme CourtI Super!
Courts as may be
Courts of Jnlire (
Alter section eigh
so that said! sect i
"The Supreme Co;ijt shall consist of ; Chief
Tiifct'in. and two Associate .Tut!fe: Von-
J-fcf. That this shaUfnot apply to the j'l-Me.-,
luring their preterit term of ofti". nu!e
by death, resignation. ,r o'he' tnenirn
her -r Associate justices Mian oe retiucea
to two." j
Alter section twelve of the fonrth article
so that said section shall read as
"The State shall le divided
(Ten Leach and CjI. More head address
cd large nnmber of people at Co. Shops
Monday evening. It lhe voters oi Aia
Aance evince lhe same interest in me
issues of the day that the people about
the Shorn do. we will carry Alamance
---- - i ' . . -
cotuity by four hundred at leart.
Lrrtcnsooro I'titnoi.
follow ;
into nine vnii-
cial districts, for eao. of which a judg shall
Isa chosen; and in each ditrict a Superior
Court shall be held at Iet twice n eart.
year, to continue ior sucn nine m earn rouu
tv respectively as nay b prescribed by law.
The General Assembly shall lay off said dls-
so lhat the said nine
tricts in due time.
fudges may be chosen and begin their
al term at the first
bers of the Genera
rx ejjkio clerk or the board cf commission
ers '
Strike ont rction three of lhe seventh ar
ticle, ani in lieu thereof insert tb followitg ;
"The county authorities established and ao-tho-iz-d
by law shall see that the respective
counties are ilivid.-d into a suitable Lumber
of sub division, as compact and convenient
in shape as jmssible. and marked ot: by de
finite Ixiiindaries. which may be altered whea
n--ary . Sail sub divisions shall be knowa
bv the name of precinct. They shall have
i.o corporate powers. The township gov
ern:) enu are nli!M,ed. The boundaries of
the pn citic: shall be the same which here
t. dr fined tlie townships until they shall
be altered."
Strike ut sectiors f-nr. five, six, ten and
eh-ven of the s vetuh article, which relate to
the township S) stein.
Amend sections eight acd nine of toe
seventh art'o-le. by sinking out the words "or
townships" where they occur in said sections.
Strike out section three of the ninth article.
and in lieu thereof insert the following : "The
General Asen,hly shall make suitable pro
vision by law for the management and regu
lation of the public schools, aod for terfect-
ing the syfi-in of fre public instruction."
Strike out section five of the ninth article,
and in hen thereof, insert the following:
--The ;.-uerl Assembly shall have power U
provide for the election of TraiU-ea of the
1'niversity of North Carolina, in whom,
cl.oen. shall le vested all the privileges,
rt:htk, frLhics and endowments hereto
fore iu any wise granted to, or conferred op
on. the lh.ard of Truatees of Said Universi
ty, a .d the General Assemblv may make
such provisions, laws and regulations, from
time to time. a may be necessary and ex
pedient, for the maintenance and mansge
ineut of sa'.d University."
Strike out section thirteen, fourteen and
fifteen -f the ninth article, relating to tbe
Unive sfty of No th Carolina. Amend sec
tion ten of the eleventh article by striking
out the word "at the charge of the Slate."
and iu lieu thereof, insert the words "by the
S'ate; and ttie who do njl own property
exemption presrtihed in this Cons'.ilution, or
b.-i:ig minor, whose parents do not own
prrerty over and above the same." shall be
cared for a the tbarge of the State.
Alter section seven of the fourteenth ar
ticle so that said section lhall read at fol
foi'ows: "No person who shall bold anyof
fire ,r place of trust or profit under tLe United
Mates, or auy department there, or nnder
any other Mate or government, shall bold or
exercise any other oJLceor place f trust Of
ti'ofit un.ler the authority of this State, or be
e.igitiie to a seat in enner iiuun ii wh
General Assembly ; Protidtd. That riOthlB
herein Contained shall extend toofheersia
It is expected that Senator Wilson, of wrapt in flame before November.
Massachusetts-.Republican nominee for V ice
t- : J . :ll V.. :n ,1.: Ci.ta fir tk nnr.
a i Kj, uruii nin uc iu bin ' v '
I nose of canvassing, by the 1st of July. f than it has beep fur years.
eueral ei-ction for rrtetn-
Asembly which shall
occur after tlie ratification of this section.
TI.- fi..nemJ AhMeoildv uiHT reduce orin-
rrease the number t f Districts to take effect
a, the end of each judicial wm.
Strikeout s-ctioii tlirt en of the fourth
aitie'.e whioh Exes the p eaent judicial dis
tricts. Amend section fifteen of the ftinh ar
ticle by strUing ut all f!er th word
. . mm
The Great Northwest. The ground- "otfi." -nd inaert r.p. iu ue-. i ti.e , ...t s
swell is beginning. The pe.ple are getting i str.cnen ouv, i .......w -
fired of wafting tr Is.lti.5tre. They eW, j Assembly prefi U . pr per sy r n o.
nes wt.i ue , r"vuu o j-, o..j -
trict twice iu surcfsa'.on. and the judges may
a'.so eiehaoge diArict wi'h eavh other, as
. t iji., msv be nrovided brlaw"
THF wnear crop in erry eown.j - J, 1 of lhm fjartn tr.
hold in any longer. All the pra ries
f the rorstitut ion. shall ei-tiBoe to
heir function antil any provliinsj
the militia. Justice of the I'eace, Cotnuiis
s'wners I -r Social I'urposes.M
Ad 1 another section to the fortbeetth sw
ticle to be styled "section 8." asd to read as
follows: "Cunty olfitera. jasuers of the
neace and -;her o.lcers whose offices are
ab-!ished oi changed :n any way by the al-
trcesary to te ma"1e ny law ta oroer W
ft; 1 1 . ff. et to the a'terati ma. so far as relate
to sa d offerer shall have been made."
IJe i.uu.ber the sections ia those articles
from which an section Las been strict es
withont the insertion of another in its stead:
and give to any new section that Bomber
w bich by this method would have beee give
to the section for abich it it snbstiteA, and
t.e alteration shall be embodied ioio the
eons'itotion, and the s-vczal aertxw no
bTd censemtive'.y.
' L

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