North Carolina Newspapers

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J. Bit UN Kit,
Proprietor and Kdiier.
AsHOciat Editor. :
Ok ear. pyTlia aJvauce. ".2'.$2.W
Six Mox-riis. ...
5' Cipi w one (JJre?sf .......
HEAD !& FOOT STONES.Otn? P"" $Y required forthe
, T3 T I - : '
John h. buss
riE5DEK8 tin coiiiulimt nts to his fripniln
! and tbe iuilic,ud in this method would 1
bring t thtiir attention his .extended facilities'
fr uu-eting demand.) in hi lint; of husinens.
JIc id now prepared to fumi-ih j all kinds of
Crate Stone, from the cheapest Head Stones,
to the .:C'Mtlieit munumentit. Those un'feiinc
South.! Ordofii solit ted. .Address,
17;tf j ! J(UIf H. HUIS. Salisbury.
Ha l i ns: a j?a i n O rsran : zed for
bUlNEiii, have just open til a
entirely new and fn-fh, in . t lie room
'formerly occupied ax I lie Hani ware -Store,
ami ii xt j door to Hinliani 3ct'o., to
the iutpeciinn of wliich they iuot cor.
diallv invite the jmllic. Thepr
''' carefully selected by di senior m-m-her
f I lie firn; in person, itml honrht at
rule wlm li u ill enable thm to tell ad
low, lt CASH, an f
In lb
be fit y, for Good.- of iainc nnalifv.
Their Nlock i general, ciubratii'g
all the1 various branches ot i
Groceries, Croclt ry Yme, Hoofs and
Shbc$ Sole Leather,
Calf aud
; ' 'MniIing .Skins, Giiiin and
1 ; ' : - I
Grass, Scythes? Cpl Letter
. j
andtXufe Paper,
and a beautiful assortment of
I iney iee! AMured ot their ability to!
k.tV r.niie .aiwiacuon, and especially m-
t l.:.. . lI .i . .
s iiriiiK Him mem tiuir -acouaintaiiceti
Ntv Po and Verr cost I v works not on hand, can rrnfl
1e aVminodntd 0:1 short timnj strictly in ac- ' Q,lL ct feT 1 pulSUltS Ot Objects connected With
eordaut-e with nerinntim-. .lmlfs. Arul thA . ntSllCll by our feoutliem States of a 1 k..k:..., 'in
. v .9- a. vv UVtlV71l 1U 1 111! IV I IMI HIT III 1 . A
term or tne contract. Satisfaction, pimran- quality superior to that ot Sicilv. For 1 . n : i-Ili ;
teed. He will not he undersold. North or aiAn e !,:. ...i. . . . i suit,in a very little time, in this
- -- ' ;-r-- . uusiucss aiiiurc. m onsnrp ennn
j Tliey expect and intend ti uiaiutainl the
j "reputation of tiie Old Murphy II
wbicli is well knowo throughout V( stern
I 'North: Carolina. AU ih V ask is an x-
...,.,., t men mock ianu i no pricei.
trouble to fbttw good?)! so come riyht
along. T'lieir nintio,
Small 2roJits, readtt pay cnid
. . : - -h i '
i a
Ptock,- lrw prices,
ucaunj; aifd prompt attention, they will
endeavor to merit their shire of ihe pub
ic patronage They are in lliemaiket
t r all kinds of product alud ndicit calls
t om both Bt'llern and buyers.
" ! ' 7. tO MUliniY.
KOhT, MUlil'H Y,
Salbary, March 3, lb72. l7:ly j
-A. M. .'Sullivan.
J. P. Gown.
J'Ml'K nrtjlcrsifrnM having; asK'iated tliem
Helves m business under.Uio linn nmne of
I I :V V, ,,l,"''d in U...T. IbJluies' new h iiUl
1 lltig. next lor to the Hard ware -Store
where ;ihv cil Le-nleased ito i,n;et old atui
lutw liii-mU. They have a inniticent r.M.m
tue la'gjt ami be.-t in towa'-j-ai.d
A Xartreo els Crloxxciici
flOMPIUSINR a yrurnil
J U.ftl.. . A v r...t . t ...I i
UMiortmeiit. Hunl-
pood iKtrgairis as can In; soi,j
II iiuarxaatee as
ttin Month.
ith.' They will. deal ;, n ..:
lIlV II J I t lfi.n..ii t.i
coa:r n- Pinduee. buvine .-..! .n... . ;,.v
invite all wU i wish either t..!l.uv or -ell' t.'M
on the in
Jan1 2 I'll. 1 17:
AN A Co.
A -!ralile Hriek House
4T ?Bl,arr. out Ixmsei :
in-.std.s(iraUlB oart ..f t..u... t
with Tfoma and
situated in tbe
iP-.c.uftppiyatCLil office!
Persona wishing
"7 m ,
i! It AJ
Among tne omer; objects to which
ira hav in fftm,., r i
" - . -r. - - ... .";
"rC -r" "Vr." ;. "- 33
in connection with tho AWKf
Jn comparatively a tew years past,
large qnanties of it have been, import-
ed irpm Europe, IbrHhe purpose of
' t . n . - ' - ,
j . 7"; -vr'
.! nnnff fit fho ncct i. r It..
I loom, and in the preparation of, the
superior quaiiucs 01 morocco.
Sicily formerly furnished this pro
duct to the world in the most abun
dance, but within the last few years.
revolution lias taken place
ments made by responsible parties and
published 7n the Report of the Agri
cultural Bureau for 18.1!). Tf hn,1
j been supposed that ths' American spe
cies were deficient in tannic acid, but
l tli kj opinion was founded unon flip
fact, that there had been a want of
care and skill in gathering the leaves,
and in their preparation at ;the manu
factories. More care have been used
in these respects, since 1867, it is now
demontrated and acknowledged by
consumers in our own country, and
dealers in Europe, that American Su
muc; from the best mills, excels in
quality and equals in preparation any
in the world. An English importing
house, with branches in. New York,
Philadelphia and Savannah, in a cir
cular to the trade dated Doc. 1.8, 18G9,
calls attention to tire very fine Vir
ginia sumac now being received by
them, which is pronounced' "equal in
j every respect to the finest Sicily," and
proves it by the following analysis,
and recommends its use in place of
i lie oieiiiaH product :
Tannin, finest Sicily, 23 G."
SatuF .. .. 00
Vegetable, fibre. " (.j..'ij
Virginia. 30. 00
The Chemist of our Agricultural
Bureau made an analysis of ' several
samples, and reports that the result
proves that our Sumac contains both
coloring matter and tannin, and is
used in dyeing and calico printing as
a substitute for nutgalls, for produc
ing shades of gray color, and lor dye
ing Turkey, red; it is also uscde.xlen-
I sively- for tanning the finer kinds of
leather. Ihe latter being the most
important use, the Chemist directed
his attention chiefly to the amount of
tannin and first presents the analy
sis by Wagner, who had determined
the amount of tannin in-Euroi can Su-
muc by tiie use ot ciuc.iona as a
as follows
1st quality
10 ."0 per cent.
-13 00
He adds that Uauke (in Presenilis'
pitschrift, 1864,) gives as the
age of six analyses of Sumac!
13 per
cent, ot tannin, and thinks this may
be looked" upon as an average-per cent
age of the greatjmlk of tiie Mediter
ranean, although fine samples of Pal
ermo will yield 22 and 21 per cent,
tannin. The-following the result of
tnc samples anahzed by I'rof. Anti-
V '
f reau
Chemist ot the Agricultural Bu-
1. Sample of tannin from J. D.
uordon, Girardstown, West Viro-iniu
W. II. Russell, Fredericksburg, Va
Tannin 2:5.50, Veg. fibre, c.,&7 1.80.
lliese results were obtained by the
use of Hammer's method of determin
ing tannin, as described by Present us,
and a.s the returns show greater rich
ness in tannin, in the American sam-
, pies, which did not all appear of first
quality, it "proves our capability 6f
comiKttng with the best foreign sour
I ces.
A. Macrae, produce broker of Liv
erpool, Eng., who has personally ex
amined the-Sumac of this country, in
his Importers' and Exporters' Circu
lar of Jan. 10, 1870, says:
" A great revolution is about to be
witnessed in this tanning and dyeing
material (Sumac:) Supplies have com
couiniencecl to arrive fro:y Virginia,
U. S., the cpiality of w hich is the best
that has ever reached Great Britain
allusion is then maje to the analysis
first given above. If, therefore, "fin
est Sicily is worth 20s. )er hundred
weighttinest American lsof the val
ue of 21s.; but is -quite certain that as
a rule American will undersell the Si
cm.Ti inconsiderably, although as
the quality is" 20 per cent, better.
In common fairness it must be added,
however, that the xerv worst tests of
the Acenean are super or to the best
of the Sicilian ; this includes not only
the Suniacs of Virginia, but those of
Maryland, Tcunpssce, &c."
One anner, in Wilmiugton, , Del.,
uses annually 100 to 500 tons of Sn-
- I . nnciu n niinc-
1 annin 20.80, Vegetable fibre, t-c..
79.20. 2. From Jacob Kamsbuctj,
Georgetown, D. C; Tannin 18,55,
Vegetable fibre, tc, 81.75. 3. -From
T X i a i ' ! - . i -
7" T i . Vi
act ion interior o tbe foreign ; it lias
allv iirena'red. of anninV !,ihKi
P? jut the Jmanufacturers in
T , rauS"1ailT
thcomparat.yelncw branch
23 J!
7"l 7. 7U"!C" ' .ntcturi.y
LikUL.i Liie iifTPfr r is nftr. in tun nnfmoi
nut is ot a nature that mav beovpr.
mJin "n: w-Vi:r
; ;:.h'vwv, n
very! reasonably. conclude; that ina
very little time we will , be enabled
not only to supply the demands of our
own country wih this article, but at
the same time successfully imnptn ?n
; the forcioMi mnrL-prs wifh ih
product. Our ienterpnse and keen
as it has doue iii others more partic- i carPeu ;.Jiaid.wuiking, hon
uldrly can we point to the success of' Si nTT ""''I1 s? ,,ight81 a,li"
the cheese manufacture, in which we 1 t "T "a loU,8
i i ! i ir i ' tiade,"inat they niibt never need ti iL..
have been enabled successfully to beat i tu ,h,l,y way to arn a Zat tr
he i English inj their own markets, j Lucy, of course, he hoped for something
they; have been -forced to send to this Letter. Ilia wife wj thrifty, Seotch-
,vuuuy lur instructors m tne business,
iu cuaoie incm retain their trade.
In 1864 e ivxpoiUd eight million
pound Sumac, Valued at a quarter of
a million dollars ; in 1868, 13,700,
990 lbs., valued at 0559,421 ; and in
1869, about j ll'million pounds, val
ued jat $468,362; The whole consump
tion: of Sumac in the United States in
1869, aggregated over 10,000 tons of
2240 lbs., and the domestic production
Hus uuuui o,uuu tons, 01 winch ii,ouu
were furnished by Virginia.
Sfimac possesses remarkable vitality
and as it tiourislies upon the poorest
soil, its cultivation may become a pro
fitable branch of agricultural industry
and, in cohnnending it to the atten-
tlATY CiV mi t TV 1 f rit-O art inn
1 t 1 ' . j
a vva C V .1 il V JIM UH
me, flino- niLlitiah,! nf'
. I V . 7 vVia v "wci-
uore,timt it is no untried experiment,
1 ..iijj . t. : 1 ,.1.
mil 1111 irs n k vfi uiin tmii- tii-?tnt 1
j . ; r l,"' "pu)
apit.its prqdu-tfcon iounu entirely lea-
sibje, and remunerative.
Moda of Gttllhyition. In Sicily, the
shrub is cut jolf entirely a little above
t her ground ; nfer one years p-rowth
and the haves threshed oil' w hen suf
ficiently dry. ! Shoots put forth
from the roots 'about the stump, fur
nishing leaves; fur a succeeding har
vest. The shrub is propagated by
planting sections of the root, usually
rows for enough 'apart to allow of cul
tivation with tbe plow or hoc. iLmay
be grown from seed, which should be
soaked will before planting, in order
to induce a more rapid germination ;
and whether the roots or seeds are
planted it should be done previous to
the rainy season of the year, to give
the plants sutljcient moisture. In the
U.- S., the leaves of the Sumac are
gathered by striding or -beating them
from the shruU at anv time from the
middle of July to the appearance of
. . r
aututnn irosts-i-the leaves separated
from the branches and twigs, and arc
delivered at tlje; mills in the fall, the
average price laid for them being 1.
75 per 100 lbs; Mills have been in
troduced for grinding Sumac, which
will be found .described in the Agri
cultural KcjK)ft for 18G9, page 2:2,
with the drawing as patented by Mr.
Chase of Alexandria, Va., from whom
doubtless any additional information
can be derived; by those who contem
plate entering into the euitiuation or
manufacture, j
jA correspondent at Mobile, of the
Ilural Aldh'jmhn, who spent several
years in Sicily, where he had oppor
tunities of learning all about this plant,
thinks that the Southern States can,
a ml eventually will raise Sumac
enowgh to supply the world the cul
tivation is so simple, that even with
our bungl ug larrangoinents, there is
no excuse for cur not going into it.
u In Sicilly he says) they plant the
roots or small plants, as we do corn ;
hjlls abou three feet apart, rows about
four, so that tiie pi ow or harrow can
save the hard iiabor ot the hoe. Thev
hbe it two or three times beforc.l e ,,er flo,D t,,K
rams, finish in May and gather it in
July and August. ; The leaves arc the
only parts made use of. After being
separatedj from the twigs by threshing,
tjje leaves aref ground to the state of
fineness in which jou see in the U.S.,
being passed through- seives of sulH-
eicnt fineiicss hnd put intti ba-sof 1G0
lb. each. Th proper sason for plant- i
iag' the ijoolsj or plants is in Novem-1
ber. Dee. and .I.-ni Wlmn U
rainy, the plants take root better. !
:"c SrwH,M1 J "'J ons or
?'xl; n."S-4 out of each root;!
ailtl when, at eiatujrity, which in Sicily :
fu, u ! 1 ;
uij u fVugiJM, iney are ail cut
pit at the stiinin.i and laid in small
handfuls not spread ont much, as the
the sun will turn the leaves yellow) to
dry say fori day or two great care
being1! taken that!
no rain falls on
thenii' it K4r li'ji-h I-ftmry
--: T I - J ill : 1 , I . 1 , . - ,
A. an fl,lnL f nt . acl,fc;gfc.''V,!kKr,fu"7"d
iSi ,rt0 J!11 ter' IVP'1 ' -ry without
fige licenses are offered at balf price.
T?TT lo.uuious, wa., uiarri-
tt ., ' -v . - -. ' vjuri mi
:. . -uu muni' ui i,ui;i.
- ' - - "
: -T . . . . . -
' , lo Bu!rMMi d,.,n. f,
1 ''ve u meaning tear more near! v
cits, of our reader a
or iLe dioice
About twenty years zi a rrii! babv
wa. born laa carpenter aud hi wile, wbo
bad fire bova rAv .w.; ... ...
r uu uu-
' r r.. w Iai W1 Boiarv cuu
i brother.
SIi was the souietbiusr
11:" ,V:Vtr
f til eo MsJ a. J r? tit
u 7""
j her father and tbe bigjr bA dubbed ifel
j "little lady carried ber out proudly o
Sunday afternoon, a ben their own clothe.
were coarse and patched enough ; but che
never lacked a bii ot embroidery or a feath
er iu br cap. She,Unhke myriad of other
children, ua bonrto no inexorable i...
J.!".rita,,ce ot PoverlVr dirt, or crime.
I woman, who had livetl iu one buueu
at service tor fifteen years before her mar
riage, and could command a high salary
at any time now as house keeper. " (jiils
iu the old country," she .aid, were et
to woik from the lime they could walk.
They did not need lo drudge so here
Tb ere were chances for llieui in a tree
country ." She never passed a rich man's
daughter, delicately dressed, that .be did
not think of tbeae chances chances that
numbered not only easy living and re
fiotmenls, but equipages, velvets, dia
monds. Educatiou placed all men on a
level. 11,
er motlier s heart waa sorn nft
tender. Why should not her little Kirl
enter into mat ln-ti unknoivn worhl of
luxury from which she had been shut out ?
God had made 110 life so full of blessings
thai it ought not to be possible to Luev
' ... .1 I 1
j nan iitr loving
....111. . .
w an ner loviu? bin! eve.
and wonder
! V 11 It was qu.te true
uki Had made no l:fe ol
hood which
is not possible to the child.
lappv woman-
. vi... 1 -it ti
au piucucai, nimijie intellect
frank, e.uuest, aff. ctionate ;
bl'ihes and
j tears came quickly, sign.- of a delicate na-
' ,u,e al,d tender, conscience, b riuiug to a
! 8'1 vant a a queen, both of them beinjr
JUU children. One would have said the
em worn 10 ue in time a pure maiden,
a loving wife, a faithful mother.
J-he wejil to scliool years after her broth
ers wire at work but learned little more
ihau to nad aud wiiie ; whatever ability
sin- had assuredly did not lie in tbe patb
of book, knowledge; the boys bought her
a cheap piano at auction, on whiih she
stniniiiied a f-w street airs. iYnplewho
noticed the gilts ica. lines and winnii:
manner, old ber inoihi r it was time she
was making some provision for h.-r, and
offered to tke lr into their houses as ser
vant. Hut menial work was a
i cort ,i,,iv
.Vtl. -
a was .,
insult. Eveirdrud
mi 11 10 i,ucv s vairue clianccn
was an
en ner tuat sue might run with her school
companions, 01 read the cheap papers ot
the day. Gradually the fine delicacv fad-
ji i. i ...
ome was snar-
- v -wivv. cr w uiuii :
quick step dragged lazily; it became a
eu out i tier lace : ber voiec en w !..., I
matter ot course tor Iht to watch her old I
fath r woik for ber while- she sat idle. At 1
last the lurn came ; the elder brothers
married; the old man and his wife di-u
a defol uied brother kept the house with
Lucy, but it was nectstary that shesh:uld
earn her own living. There were half a
dozen homes open to her, where she would
have had flight wnrk which would have
fined her for ber duties when she married,
high wages, and the protection and seclu
sion of a refined Christaiu family, but this
girl, w hone Master was born in a stable,
was indignant at being asked t. take ihe
place of a servant. She went into a mill
The wages were good. She had the
ambition Velvets and diamonds in ide the
lady. She could a least flaunt in Terrl.
and Mdlon gold. tJbe had the ima
gitiali hi of'other youog giita - the z't for
love, adventure. No knights or gentl . ,
men came about the mills, of hers to tl e
house but there was the cha
aiivc ciiui 01 1.
........ 1:
iicut troui young men on the streets the
encounter on the street cars goiu" home
it night.
The story is told. There came a day
when tbe deformed brother, who bad
watched over ber since she was a baby
with a sorer tenderness because no other
woman could ever be near or dear to him
one weni giaa.y i ne street lite suited
her now ; for the change in the gi.l did
not beiriti in dress or face or vniei- it
ed out from within, lear by
training had corrupted soul and brain. Ii
mattered little when the symptom, of d.
cay shoned themselves to the world. For
your, she had tasted the streets lile. Lnt
week it eiuh-d. In the bright sunli .ht ,
year her
l,lo tl d, il
!hoii .va"
Ithy woman en nt out of the
into the sione archway of the
, auf the iron gares wi.h heav y
c" pnsu.
V s !!r :'
not to open for two
sentenced for irrai d
oeiner wneu tliey own. her
ruiued body will be there to draVi self out
in,,, the sui.hght again, matter s little J
may live until old age. But Lucy 'ho,,-
esi. unseinsti. pure in thought, died Ion".
ago It it had been only to sleep with
her mother on yonder hillside, we mii-l.t
have made the grass green above her
knowing that ihe child would come again!
But she still living, went down into a
J a a a a
grave irom winch there is no place of re
tory without
Annr.CAi. c .1- t ' fr -7
I do not find it for themselve..7ViMtf.
a moral ai lea.i it lias uone. it mothers
'. it mntharj
Newark, Ob,.,. w. one of Li. Lt
ffort!i, and hi. arraigmnJitt o Grant and
in. cabinet i. unau.weraLle. Head wbnt
ne.aid: - , . .
They bare failed to retoncila the North
ano the cmutn.
They bare failed to oiing about a good
underetading brwen ih black and wbluj
race. aud, on tbe contrary. hav rr.r.
ed the former in fearful auUoni.m tgaiuit
the latter. . . ; " . , j
They bare upheld ihe mn'tt in ft mo a.
ruler, in the Sooth that erer aQieted
community, aud j Uiu. enabled tbem to
bar... and plunder tbeir constituent, a.
no people ever were . bara..ed and plun
dered before.; r. . -7.. V,.
They hare abjured tbe
mode, of peace, nnd. instead of them,
have employed the bayouct and the duu
eeon. l,n ..,.1 :. 1 !. 1 ,.. .
- ... j auiinuucu euerai inteiler-
: . , . . 1 . .
truer 111 niip i- i-riim i.
" "r,niiuniuguilowr ! 11 p Asm -nt! lo
ry them under the sun. of the tiuv ami njiut will In abom $7 o.:u
, .
ii-cy nave emu nrrd ihonmiu
aw - H g,a,e 'ouvention, and dictate it.
platform and its nomination.
They have employed .11 armej refuel
of the United Suite, to carry away mem
bers of u Stale Lcgielaturc, in order to
deprive it of a quorum.
They have carried electi-.n. by pronecuts
ing iheir opponentu for pretended offence,
and imprisonment if they did uot tupport
the Administration.
They have, for the .ame purpose, made
the most corrupt u-e of the. public patron
age ever known in any country.
They have decended so low as to tnrn
laborers out of employment in navy yard,
aud arsenals, because they Toted accord
ing to the dictate, of tbeir boneet judge
ment. J n
They have marched out other such la
borers to th polls in military array, and
compelled 1'icui to vote marked ticket.
; u,,der l,lt' e'e8 ' tpcclion of Govern
nient agents.
They have placed the liberty of erery
human being in the Republic at the mercy
of the President, by unconstitutionally
authorizing a eu-pensiou of habeas cur
pus. They have brought our Treasury ac
counts into such inextricable confusion
that no nan can tell what is the true
amount of our public debt or the exact
sum of our annual expenditure.
In the conduct o; our foreign affairs
they have reversed the policy of our Gov.
eminent from its very foundation a poli
cy that favred tbe extension and nt the
restriction ot the right, of neutral 11.
In like manner they have violated our
traditional policy and instinct., by frown
ing, instead of encouraging Cuban inde
pendence. Tiny have disregarded the plainest
provision of statute law in the sales of
ot arms for ihe use of the lVnch against
the fil erm 1 us.
lo eiit.,111 trnm the tyrant Ii ics a sale
lJf . , . .
,,""""'", I'resideut, violaliug our
I ow" """ut'on, has assumed the war
making power, and employed our naval
forces to uphold the would be vender of
his country and to menace the friendly
Republic of Hay tL
i hen see the larce that was enaete.l bv
me .vi
I. r. . .... J
linn t .....I : . . ...
tf i it... j.. I. . r :i a
u"i i'iuii anil llH I .imirri'ililiinil
I . . . . r ... .1... .1 t
" i i r " cinji iv oi vivu oervicc
in i,,,- njipnieimy solemn recom
mend atitju. of the President to beguile
the ear, and the scorn, derision, nnd ne
glect aiih which they were treated by his
Congressional partisans.
Lo.-k at that other farce at Philadel
phia the pissageof n resolution in favor
1,1 i r i .
ot the abnlmo:, of the franking privilege,
while u,e Kadjcal tuawrity i Cougre..
fet-a.Mly refuse to abolish it.
l,oU at that other transparent piece of
hypocrisy - the
pass a
.gainst land grants
p, "a ca It ewilll Mill
f if n t
to corporations, afier
y. onirreHPa had rivn tn tl.
more laud than is contained in
States like Ohio.
7 - w
L u.k at the f. nui., ,. prtv desnotism
t at applies the political lom.ili.iwk to ihe
very founders nf the Republican party,
because they dare lo ditfer from Grant
Look at the vast multitude of
Fed. ral
use the
ofSc-rs and employee, who, to
' . .- ,i
u' .-. J ... ......... . .1 . I . . . .
! - ;""""yr ulr,, nl c" "ir po-
.. .. ,,,r.t uwU lur iear 01 losing
their official heads.
. ... jy-i.-iu nuu ijTornism
that are a scandal and disgrace to the an-
jMouting power , ercise ,f your rights. It uothiog ,bon
at the list of givers of gifts who ' deter you from the peiformance ot these
have received pub c honors and emolu- 1 duties. He earnest, be vigilant, be active
ments from the r ceiver of gif.a. - n membeiing that you have no right to
Look at the absence from their posts be idle or careless w hen you have acoun
for a large portion of the year of the j try to save,
chief fBcers of the Government, leaving M
the Conduct of liublic atTxtr tn inl...,.li. .
nates and tle.ks.
See Cabinet Ministers forsaking their
dmies and peiambulaiing the country
making speeches to effect iheir couthiu-
ance in jmwer.
I Look at these things, and consider the
' , V. 1 'V ,,am,,,"',"'
' !',,lf (,,", U Att,w" "d ihn answer
10 ;ihii nwii conscience tiie question. 'Is
there reason for the prevail in r discou
tent?" . b
xiti iaroiinri JS.irroic G vtgz Railroad
A Xac EnterpriseAnother Inlet
For several month, pa.t the people of
tbe npDer counties in the Sfma ht. k-..
I ( - a ... IUI. HIT, ll4Vf
discns.i,,? the feasibility of boild
railroad whicb would .iven ontfet.
, ' f J
railroad which would live an nutlet, rhntn
ling a
J: . t I v . i ' .
- cci. irom me orinweaiern portion
bf ihc to State Cbarle.ton. ia February f
a.wl At .k v-.i.- ' " s
8uie. A wa. .Son tarm
and arraign m. .tonce U
looking to the erly completion l tbe
jinnee uutier coutempUtioo.
leterday Dr. A. II, Dave the for
mcr Intendantof ib' town of Cheater aud
1 re.ideut ot the new ro4lf urirt& i-
cny, aud with avicwt aicerulotoS lie
future propect. of tbe new ro.d, a repot
ter r the Courier called upon him. Tb
doctor, wbo ia quite an etotbnia.t npoa
th tuLjrd, waa found quite .wUliqg t
ie all tbe Information deaircd, and from
him the following particular, were oU
tained : T- 7
The Caroliua N.trow Cse iUHrd
U de..finel from Cbwter to York, ia ibi.
State, and from ihenc In a direct lioa
toLinoir, N. pi.,p through tbe
town, of Dallas, Lincoln and Newton, N.
t'..a distanri nf aluiiti .. I .1 1 :
I j
... wwn 'iii- iiiiuurru m IPI.
"v o o n u.moM
'1.1 .
Kiuzc rotd.
mui in.. ..i .. . :
J c ouuy diroub whirl, i; p....,-. i, . very
m- 1 l'uim .uhh .tt... 1 -
l'icb P'f ' by way .f Chailotte
L. to iJiliun .-ite. The IVsiden: aver
that corn abicb is now .old in that sec
tion fir forty oi.ts jicr bushel, cos', about
twenty f..ur o nts trinsp iriation to lid-
timoru to Ch iilei.;ou a. much more.
Hence consuuiei. at this place are com
pclled to pay double price. He contends
that by the completion of the new rod,
it can be brought dit.t to Ch.rh sUju at
a cot of about fifteen cettts, a verv ma
terial reduction iu the price. The "cost nf
the constmctiou of the road being so much
less, and the cost of running expenses b-inir
j also so much lest than that of the ordiuary
v.y. ,uU, not enaoie 1 lie new
road to transport fiieghl at proportion. te
ly lower rates, and by this means it u
thought that a large and valuable trade
will be diverted to Charleston.
The Trident id j() tbe city for the
purpose of appointing comrniseio.i to open
books of suLscriptiou to the c-ipital stock
of the road, which is fixed at $700,00. It
is proposed to raise $200,000 private sub
scription, aud as soon as this shall ,iiv.
been done, the various counti s lb u'b
which the road will pas have promised
to subscribe the balance. of this loat to Char
leston will at onre bejrrceind when il
is staled that it will our citv ibe
outlet of the product of bet grain coiinljes
in North t'arolii.a, a section lllcl, .,,
this lime only a ciicuitous com. cti m with
Charlotte, N . C , and which will be thrown
iu direct coaitnunicmtion with our city bv
ue uew rouie. 1 ne 1'reytdent, Dr. D
i au T-urigeuc go-u:icaU man,
way fitted for the carrying jut
in every
f n iui-
poriant an eutt rprie, und We hve
dtiubt of tie entire succe.-e ;Le
I he cScc rs of the
Comim:iV. lleriift
meeting In i! at Iii.c.iiiitun, North
. . . . -i '
1 Carolina, August 27, are as f. lions
I anient, A. II. lav."a. lMixt ,if
ii. y.
bet-lt-y, loikviile, S.u;h "andiua
a .
! -1',z wncolnton, ..uib Carolina; and
' A. 1
Ford, Catawba, Nonh Curuima.
Ch'jrlcitvn Courur.
Is his able and eloquent
Ncfeaik, Ohio. Senator Tb
Mres n
ui-iii (in.
n lo J.-t
closed : ".May 1 uot appeal to
I lui I .l.n iirli . i-
. . - -
i . . J '
nuuieasonuiz tjassion .?
i . . '
aud the
ween vou
. . , . ......
. . . ..... i .i . . . .
uuiy you owe vour counti v t f
i mi iruniiu tuu mat a uouutitul
dence has cast your lot iu
l-l '.X I
and blessed you with institutions more'
ben. burnt, bcii lightly administered,!
than ever before a t re enjoyed by mankind!
Mjv I ti ll tl. .i.ii . I
e.snt i I ir, - t
i ...vs-. uirrEiii9 .
luijHjse upon you corr.-spoi;ding duties aud '
j that y..U cannot.ei.j,, v ibeone ubout the 1
i pcilonuauce of the ulber ; that von cannot '
long piorper if you assist iu cr'usbii th !
j j wife oitpiinrs
jiiorj uij ui.ieis ; w,ai you cjunot re
main lice if you ally yours.'lvc ai;h t r
aiiny and murule : ihat vou r
j serve self govern un-nt if you renounce our
right aud let other, cboosu vonr r..!.-.
! The prosperity of ihe South is rm. 1..1 f..l
I tbe t,ue heing and the H hole republic '
feels the injury. Il is your duty to aid
iu restoring her prosiK,itv 1'non her !
lair bsom the he 1 of the oppressor is !
placed, it is you duty lo see thmt it
I .
'F1'11 removed, If government is ia ,
, uanger wueu ine penpi.; vole under tba of prejudice instead of reason.
I " " uni mey reiuse 10 Vole at all. It i
! 3 0r duty to preserve it bv an honr-.i . t
The moral of the Pensylvania election
. dreary one. It show- that any d-'
1 ministration, with the resoures of the
Treasury at its command, a legion of of-fice-holders
at il. beck and call, the t,e
groe. as supplementary force, roughs aud
n praters re,dy t. do i;s bidding, and
. thousands of men, styling ihemselve -free
jAniericin citrus," siar.dii.g in tlie
ical market-p ace ready to be bought, can
Icairy any Slate it pleases, elect any 'man
; it phases, and that the faxiiou in none.- 1
jo long as it. tut mber act i.i uuvoo and
'work vigorously together
can continue.
In t-pite ol all tbeffJorlof the honi si and
true men of the Kepuldie, to hold -ml
maintiiu control ot tbe dovernuv-iit. We
are n--w in tho midst of an era of corrup-
tion, and It seems a" if we are destined to
tread tb downuaid j.ttfi until all artbor-
ity becmcs co.icen:raled in a few bind.-,
and from au oligarchy we pass by natur
al tranMtiou into impVrialism.
Hid fimore Gazt tte.
ad married ber. tZn7 "
-oth-r Ucaci .fc.tfj
Soma Um. afu-rw.rd my JJ ? fur b. waa I Z X?-H.w -l
- . V va IU II. T m tm t m . '
UiB;ar-bad al.
cr r brMW-'and at tb.
aaaae iiu.
oa tf .. i
?LUr; "My wif. wa
I wa. my fc . babaod aud tUclV. I
prandch. d It. rardUtler, IwaTuJ
own grandUthci.- ' ' MU
Cuts you fi all l'ox. ! -
?l , f lU !. AleiO.
1 un aiiU
e 1 ----- Can r
fsmall.poxaod scaila fever to U,
be exu-ruaJ .pplictia f carbvli. al
"ict m,h ma,ai success. Io the ea.f
one pa.nnt with wtQm J
all thcjM-nod a ben p-nul, .ppeared, tt
ordered an entm., .J then hTTto. i'
t.ent-a gir of eleven je.r.-po0rcdV.
.rer w.tb carbolic .cid 0 .
be next day . .erere attaekCfi ronfl J..
small x wa. tbrcau-aed, but tb. cb. i
a. sponged ;.be;b.d;prcTou.Ir U..'
aiou rrrrr.hJ . . I
iL.' w 7' of tUBrib
1 owder were then !i. ,
p.m.;of Dtrt
tility and lit VaiU, girl slept ouieljj
ver.I huor.t wbco .be ... Ltr '
No VCScicles form. .f.
, un UN !
was ConrilMni r
l'..t ! . . U ,ew C.
Larbohc acid wa. ia tbe meant !m. p!t:..
ully used about tbe room.
Hivobce Brrott MAracr. A iw
penl f,r wealthy b.cbelor. baa .ne.,.d
ui irsi. an unniariW n... -k 1.
mane a .MoOUna went
-pend a year aiib hi. friend..
bill for divorce and alimony, O0 Jt
f d.scrtion. The deftndant ool pim,.
...p. a J-rge p.rt ot b.. property .
R idged to h!s pretended wife Oa
-mm to Montana thr riciim fii A , .
n chancery to ..i le ,,r divorce i -ccedmgs,
.aeannp that he b.d neverl .
-r heard ( ,be -oman. but I be jadr. .
o.ded it w.s too Ute, and lb, deair
w.dow kerF, ber ill gotten wealth,
Montana bU-J
j-nkm? of thr climtte of the Arm.l
if-pul.Pr. J'n.f. s-or (;'.uld ".y. : A
t 4ier b fi oncovrr-d 11. il.. :
uncovered in the mi...
:rv at
'iht ik fr-. .w.- i
Mod as , by m.g.c ; the bod f J.
:.iuaU dry up ...p.j of JWoj ,
if0..ih,r.x.,ciM. norcx,soreo
uii raw pioduces ptrspiratioa.
A wretched ed.u,r Uo bwn'laar m
;; uki of Li. -"rv, udi- u
Uo say. be tbe,, -inkL," ml.
' faiu would call his nwr, but U
"t h.r rale." He dlmt that ,i
I- I... Uu "rspurou
""ch. d A. i be .aide i, Und
"-P-, lb reaJ-r i ..ft lo tnfr
-as c:th r . c:,l or . keg of wLbkj.
Fiom the Gicvii.b ro Patriot:
, , yesterday
r.M .M1ij r.
.Iva-.ce J , y Uxlfrro. rUr"
'"drenf ho ha. ju,t gul OQl of :
- here he h ,s been confind twelve tea. ...
t . m
i .i . . ti lor
sotae i vi"
' " L . S. Jaw. Tl
itbt Itap.e.
I .rribly with th.
lx-u li -ene ,
'7 ' ,"'-.v r" a bninistered tbe.
m this siction cf the enoutry.
Itisequilly noarnfal ibat elaevlr
h ,u i lVnujlvaoi.J the systetu- -
C .ioni tii., fraudulent Tetiflf L
Tho Pitn , w...i.-ia at Id twell'. .! .
rratiou of th'.- Sibbuh to cirrv oat -1nci.1l
scheme. Tbe wondetfal p.n
he lytrn-C s simplicity. Ha tb. 0 a;
dministrathiti eversbovrj any Chria4
relivities, other than an oceaai--anctimouiou.
pandering to tb f ptra
" fthe,i, i. t,diaiT U'hr.oo.or-
well', associate, in tbe Cabioeot, 8
'J I).!a ... ..ciually, iu publbl.I.-
r his m-ster in this State, blajpbeu.
allud.-d to the Saviour ot HUakUa a
' that fellow."-HU Star. 1
A okbioun ..m iu lu wife ar ttV
w -dd g: Mh seems now we an b-
t geiber, to volume, ia ooe, r
c asps." -Vee," oberve4 on i of
g iests, .me side highly ornaaend f
ui-.rocco, and a:d tbe otber
-i .
- ho w.i badly rnnnl-
.tf y ii. .Lid. V. It UI n .
I till I
ler n
mi (
irae linje am. baa aerir .
fed. 11 arrived In-re but VrUy
ly o- Sh-f.fT .McM IUn and -
I il i I ! ' 1 i t hi rial a f k.. . . ,
in I l! tItbi ri.l at f . .
...i i .,i vc j arn
t to lii b: n rle. d ou
a w.i
rortit. 3m ,nif m.
The fxig hmich Admini-tralloo
pane i io w inter qitr rtat Waabi'
The bill pip., h csrriafe., IU .
Porter, an 1 all ih r-t of ibe Pre 14 . ,
Irain are announced h Livlnir l. .
pressed froaj th- seabore to thC.
(overuor U.Mr. of Michigan. 4 1
elgbtct 11 v ara" reiJrt Ce in th. Ury
an pity ought to mile tfoj good .1
dj mrt, . t vs that "Graol
iu' i the rro. corrupt One .
country ha evir bad."
1 1 ! . . ' ' - ' i: - Jl. I U - . -
' - l y . ; ,A -' . ' - j ' f

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