North Carolina Newspapers

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"They hare est lo Lenoir county 23y ears old.
J '"Mr. Uriah Herring, Coroner of Duplin conn-
One Robert Leggit, with--whHa-skin, eloped
from Kew Bern; a fe days , agit Fanny 1
Uell, a colored married woman,- The women is
fcoshatuL'-EThef! arrested "and
LtM .tnl,lwi txw ifi ..iHiJ
: ri -V; vtVf'c?' .v? I
Hon. Wm. H. Seward died at hw resudencel
lo Auburn; K.4JtThqi4ia0tKinrt;iIi
It was whoboaited that h Secretary of State
, tjnderIcoln! durire'wir,;clJ touch .
. bell rone nt linra a Mliion orrMlwl In n
euuthnnnder thcontrol of Lincoln. Thhi j
wraaanexerewe or power that would ,cost Ue It
XJueen of England her head. It was carrying out-
rtge and oppression to an extent rarely reached
by the most bruUl and tyrannical crowned
Jads of Uie world. Uut ne lias gone to render
aa account before the bar of God. -
James Gordon Bennett, Jr is preparing to
.i . . . i. i.:. r..iL. : r' i
Cemetery, Brooklyn, which j is to cost$200,000.
i Bayhns Ilenderson who was confined in Ma
con county Jail for the murder of Opt. Rim
rod Jarrttt, jroke out on the 2nd inst. s.'
A murder has been committed in Madinon
county Th yictim was a distiller named B.
VT. Clark alias Benlnman. lie was sleeping
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n fiisi 9xiilI.lkAiiaA mt tha timA M Imsi aofinaainii.
u T. . ,L..i.. .k.t v
ri anil (tlknfi liim jrttlkrtiit walrincr Kim.
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The GmilKMuw of Mr. It. F. Boyken, of
Ssropson county, was burned about a week ago.
AIM ura WMwiuenui, iiifing uu rauneu
...w, vUWU. . v.,.
nmu"S "U18-
ueeuof source oi nres 01 late years, in mere
bo way to prevent the destruction of gin house
j this means? A little care and attention
might help the matter.
The local elections in Connecticut, on the
Elb Instant, . how a gain for the Democrats of Court, some time hst year, on the charge Charlotte and taking a horse rode off to
..T -i . 'I f. t- t-, , . . . f ward his home in the upper part of Row-
Miss Minnie Deems, daughter of the Rev.
Dr. Deems, was, on Thursday last, married in
Ifsw York to Mr. Verbrey.adistlniruwhedlaw.
jer of Augusta, Ga. j
The Charlotte Denoerat sars. the Stockhold-
ers ef the North Carolina rresbulerian met in
thlaette la eek. dnrin Kvnod
and elected Rev. T. L. Pevaux of Florida, as
Editor of the Preshvterian. Wtr learn he is a
Wntfeman f .Mm ami mMn inA mm.' tn
n "j . , .
v- c.- t,;i.i .
the State highly recommended.
.anavufriwua fair opens on iUeuay ue
22nd inst. A grand times is anticipated.
. lion. A, M. Waddell has Lued a stirring ap-
peal to his constituents, urging hem to stand
i .. . i .... i... , .i t-l i
arm auu renew iiieir enuns ior ine luiuerai-
Greeley cause. He telU tlieni that, Greeley
will be the next president if hi. friends do their
jfts- an1 tVar I aa rr iV imrtAvrfltiAA hnj Ivaam
uuSjt M4VS a,a vr ui uv am j'vi iuiivvi .liao Lmril
given to' the rehultin Pennsylvania and Ohio;
that we can give theae States to Grant and tlun
beat him badlr.
ftfru IraA errant Clktinrrra firanno vaav
sj ;wi
buildings, costing $4o,oo800 have been erect-
' .t TlilrtMft Itnlolj tinrn I K..;if
. fr, . ,.. ,
Prenident Grant liaa issued nrorl.-Mtinf inn
ine forth tha 28th ,lae nr vn,u w
me day Of thanksgiving".
Bars" raysoa WillU Fannv Fern, wife of
James barton, died at her residence, in New
York, on Thursday evening the 10th inst., in
uie sixiy-um year oi ner ago. one was Known
America and the world of letters
jas Fanny Fern. She was married twice. The
t m -At"-' C r- . . .
f productions of her pen always found ready sale.
u.nnnWrAr rt ximAA.- t. i...
. been re-cantared. He was overtaken nr th
Scene of the murder and the watch of Capt.
larrett found concealed en his person. He
now conneBBCT to crime. in citizens oi Ma-
eoonty have petitioned the Governor for a
., E special term of court, in order that Henderson's
caTmaytbe disposed o -
In. . . . .. ..
r 7 w &Daar-
;,Tille CUfen, and will take charge of it at once.
Ik. M.srnnnin. rjwi ' lima rwinrriit tia i
Capt. Najt Atkinson retires.
Gen. Ws room at the Washington and Lee
University is to be kept forever untouched,
. - It will be in future the favorite resort of pil
, TfTlms, who. will assemble there to Ideas the
, name an I hallow the memory of the great war-
rior.;. . '.' .'
i J, j. .Jas, Sjpaulding, founder of lhe N. Y. ITaria,
r- ( la dcaLy r . ; ! . '
'4,' TTis worklngmen's TJnioiT have nominated
, 'James O'Brien for Mayor of New York City.
. . , " famrsiany has nominated Abraham E. Law
: rence tok Mayor.
.rifteep business houses at White Hall, Illi
nol hate been burned.
Judge R. T. Gibson, of Geonria. Is dead. .
! I. jA wgine exploded her boiler last Tuesdarl f Kt tBat lnere rjsny 4o fool
ll .t i.i . .ILL j
. aaorntng, at Hover fetation, on Uie Atlantic and
North Carolina Eailroad, instantly killing B.
U rendeft t Deaufort, N. C, the conductor, ami
i engineer Faison. The fireman was also badly
j'lnjuredi .
- f , ' Tlie Iutherfirdtn- Vindiemtor of 14th inst.
1' eaya, the case of Harry Churchhill, for the
, -.'U. killing pttho UtUe bey Lewis, moved from
r that corjnty to Cleaveland, was tried last week
V at HeUy, and resulted in his acquittal.
, Col. ohn A. Rowland, f Robeson county,
' Is dead'! -
c If- 'jP'.t.Son"y'veninftnear Rocky Point,
Nl a? negro by the name of Jonas Baits a
vaulted pr.. W. T. Ennett and was by the Dr.
x. vf hutf r lhe awanlt was unprovoked. The negro
. erillrecver.: 5 ... -
. : I Theref Irf a negro preacher in the work-honse
' ' - stt WHmington for stealing a piece of meat.
? Alexander Dillon, a youth f about 18 years,
' attempted to kill his father, at Savannah, Ga.,
' :' few das since, because the old man called him
. jl puppyL After firing three shots Itrto the .old
swan an foiling to kill him, he-concluded to try
.. - jVIa plstdl on himself. He succeeded in putting
period; to bi4 &wn worthless , existence. The
lather will recover,'
Xh Greeley A Rrown paper throughout the
country, unanimously sjrree that there 13 noth
Ing in tW wit loot to prodHce di'pondgncy or
justify fears s fo the final result of Uiecanvass,
and thai Horace Greeley will be the next Pre.
sident. . It all ' depends . on the action' of hi
5 The citizens of the village of Durham have
raised $75,50 which they hare ' forwarded
to Mr. Geo, D, stiller to he used in buying a! new
press fur Mr, J.Turner, Jr." Bully for Durham!
Jacob July died at Warren ton, Vaim SunH
day last, aged 101 years,
The "trial of GpT. Leach, on a charge of Ka
Kluxisni, hi been postponed' again. The Gerw
eral has heretofore proved that he never had
anv connection with such an order, yet he is
hoiin!i Ani.n t,- nri Sanetm lUti
The dk deeds of thVBaidi will
yet xvtvA. upon
i their head.
JZ mneder d.
groengagedjn ap affray at NadJaon, Rocking-
bam Co-- Sundaynight; last.' J The negro was
ur,, j . . f : I " " s
. - Cfts' V i.
fX Tf!FT
Fnday n.ght last while she Ung
The Ralekh Jcira. sneakina of the recent
meeting of the Executive' Committers of . the
Democratic and Liberal parties BayV,after a
full and free interchange of opinion, the senti-
ment wa8 nnanimous that there should be no
abandonment of the purpow to contest, but on
the other hand it wxf determined that the work
f:..(: : 1.1 i. .i i
neweil tjgor. ! '
SylT highly probable jthat the
vote of North Carolina, in the coming elec
tion, will determine whether Greeley pr
Grant shnll be Hie next prpeieut. I H(w
3 I roru imnntunr is 1 1 inti flint iva I
lvJ iuiuvuiu i is ui ii t asciw W rilUUJU I
1 - i I
strive to carry the State for Greeley.
Will Democrats and Conservatives tun
Will Democrats and Conservatives tnrn
I ' . j i i ' J,
H,,u rme , wo snau catry ne
j State. Ijet every conservative go to the
pong. i.1 13 Ulgniy lmpOrtAnl 1 mat We 1
mould enny the State whether Ureeley
i8 elected or not. It can be done.
It will be remembered that this gentle-
man was indicted in the U. $. District
I k,.: .. XT.. I'li. J i.J
ters. He has been put to no little trouble
and expense attendiug Court hi different
timpahia chra hoinv wor;t0W Lff
h fin1Iv tl, U ..; j Ua
He finally trot the nromise of a t,ia Ud
k:. . , V . V. i
",'"B" " uesoay ot last week,
at Greensboro : but befoio the day arrit-
e1 a nolPros- was enterciTin his case, and
he was discharged final! v. Tile Solie trik
fr -i...;..t.. ti'L lJ-s!L
......un. u.viiii( ujut iic iiiiu CAtfUiin
,- . . i l
ed the witnene the case arid, that there
wfts na eviaetKe to sustain the cliarffes
him. The whole tblnsr w
as; a
malicious persecution ou the Urt of Some
I . r, t ;! I T ;
"St. Loub, Oct. 12, 1872.UThe Vigi-
I ' ' O
lance Committee of Lafayette county have
killed two horse thieves."
N e give the above as a specimen I of
I 1ia n Atva flmf . .. ' ! it
i kuv "vie tnak Maiijr jjruufca U9 IrOu lue
North and North-west. I
I . i
It would really seem thatcrime! Imd
"ot those sections, andbat Lynch
i . . . . ' T J , v
law liad teen adopted as the mode of
Now Jt ma7 be tne Jnret way to gel
rid of liorse thieves, to have them lynched
by Vigilance Committees ; but if it Is the
hest way to firet rid of cr m rials in tl.
North, why .hould these northern people
. , . , , , f .
raise such a howl when a few desnerate
. - " uesperaie
metl ,n tue Soath adoPl ibe eame method
to r,a lhe commanity of a barn-burher, or
otuer daring criminal 1 If it ia ku kluxism
to hang a barn-burner in the Fonth it is
Ku Kiuxism to liang a horse thief in the
North. But the northern people seem to
,i u-,i . , . , i .
th nlr whatever they do is right, j They
will yet awake to this ereat error. !
11 he destruction of the Sentinel
0ffice h? 8ome fiend 8 on of the most
jdiabolicalowar dly and useless outra
of the times. If i was done by a politi-
cal onnnnpnt. ho vua Krtt. fni H- j
rr ... .w auu uBiiu.
If bvaDersonalenemvof Mr T i:
m -w - m--m & HI n aii-
I 1
is a coward and assassin at heart Wi..
-. . , ii j ;
c,uo motive, me aaataruijr perpetrator
nas placed bimselt without the DalHcf hn.
man sympathy if not mercy, and deserves
tlw. -f. .l . 1 ii ! 1 .
ru" UHW penalty tne :im can inflict.
fc.very good citizen of whatever party
should and will condemn hint. H I' !
We were glad to see the Inst denancU
aUon f tlie crime by the Baleigh Era,
t 1 , 1 .
isb. thoughtless and , uncharitable aa tn
, - , . . t 1 j i
. .vM,.aMou. own
a spirit U-.iiorrible. Beeidt, two evils
tiirpntpn that rktfipa wit I. e..
never make a right. Whatk bitv nnnl
,,r r
vui uvt arcu vuia jaci ueiore meir eves
t . , r . .. " .1 1 1 J
b be no soeh thoubl U W, r
, . 7i f, i
mau strive to liod tke eailty
iei mere
tion, but
party, andesee that he is duly aud law-
. . .
fullv Dunished. II!
Presidevtiai. : fi!f.v.rrTrrVr il.
ber that the Presidential Election takes
-m v VrfS s 7 UCUICIJJM
place this year, on Tnesdfr ! the tth of
i. j
The Cotton , CROP.-Accordin tk
the most carefalestbn-i.. ihW
,t ...... vi
tne cotton worm , have resulted in a loss
to the producers alone of more than eigh
teen millions of dollars, while a nroDor
tionate loss fall on the cotton merchants
in the way of revenue. ?r I -
All this harne ha bn nmvuilr! k.
. !:,.!. 'SZl':n :7'"T
iu ou, maa jarameQ ine
1 . j labor at the very moment lie 1 was about
.1 lo rean it. " it ii
u?ws, w ,., MU nWQ uuo oi mi
IFair week Oast) passed peaceably and p!eas
antly j sbdt althongU th Fair of itself vas not
si grand a auttesa as was desired, it was as sue-
cewful as could reasonably hare been expected,
eonsiderlnflhat it vas our second attempt.; j io
i We bare na reason to be dispirited. VKa
expected to make progress by degrees, and by cotnpieieij demolisned. uic ijrpe in tue
t,- w-. m.-..a ,.t,.n K-lcotnDosinr room adioiuiuall knoeked
belter able to iiow marked improTement. We aow no P na : every uung ; in u.e
hare been sufficiently encouraged lo make re SrPa "l confosion and disorder. A large
LtLfl!J-.-..f-:--.i.,.,,. crowd of citizens soon crathend, around
Fair is a fixed institution which shall yet coo
pete with the best in the State.
We have, beard the address of Gen. Bofiw
Barringer, delivered on the occasion, avorably
spoken of. T w
The tournament came off Friday morning be
fore a large assembly of visitors.
Messrs y R Barker. W L Ranking, J R
HendersonJ A L KlutU. A J Neal. E R j
Brown, C 8 Brown, Jr.. B A Long, F M I
Thompson,1 and C 6 Lanier, were the cum-
pet ing knights.: After a spirited contest, the
honors. were won by Messrs A J Neat. C S
Brown, Jr.; J R Ilenderson, and W R Bar
ker respectively. -i.,';.
The Coronation Ball, Friday night at the
Borden House, was alao an enjoyable a flair.
' Mr, A. J. Neal crowned Mb Bryant of
Mocksville Queen of Love and Beauty t Mr. 8.
C Brown crowned Miss Annie Ruwzee of Salis
bury, first maid of honor: Mr. J. R. Hender"
son, Mis Annie Moore of Statesville, second
maid of honor: and Mr. W. R. Barker, Mwb
Bettie Bacon, of Concord,
After thia ceremony the dance began and I
was kept up till the wee hours Saturday morn- Such an act of fieiidUhness is too inf.t
ing. , moua to bjsjiropeily charucteiizcd aud de-
ine supper was gotten np in Uol. (J. S. Brown s
usual good styla.
The whole was a very pleasant entertainment.
ye hope there are many such 5n store forour
wvi n lA fUlt.
The secretary has kindly furnished us with a
list whch be found in another
We learn from 2ke Charlotte Observer
that Dr.!F. NLueky, of Rowan, visited
I .liflrlnttn ln&t t rinav. An tmaiiipsd Mu
tfl ,iie ei. v Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock
on the uue8ville train. He got off at
Mooresville, thirty -one miles distant from
caU2ht up with him on the road, and bv
their rather peculiar actions somewhat
excited the susnicions of the Doctor.
V f "ve. muea Irom u,ef
When four or five miles from the depot,
about niglit-lall, Uie men ordered Uim lo
baltf cattght hi8 horae.g bridle rein, and
demanded bis money, saying to him that
tbey knew he bad been to Charlotte to get
nwy. .
TbU-odden and rather peremptory d
j . j- i .r , - .
mand somewhat surprised the Dr. but he
kept Cobl, and proceeded to discuss the
matter with the robbers, which he did in
so civil and courteous a manner that they
were thrown completelely off their guard,
! - L i : i cr j t
put spurs to his horae and effected his es-
i .1 .
armed, was verv lucku.
Although T)r. Lnckey knows nearly
l O J w j
ever7 bdy throughout that section of
country, these robbers were entire stran
gers to him. 'Raleigh Era.
There are several crrorB in the above,
as we Iparn the facts from Dr. Lucky.
There were but two men ; (col'd) the Dr.
was in a buggy ; his horse was not seized,
: I . I. nil . t-v . l
iimuvi was uv uaiieu. x ue uoctor niaae
his escape by fortunately taking a differ-
ent road from that on which the would
be robbers and murderers took their stand.
w . i , , , , , -
It is not true that be does not know the
parties. The negroes suspected are of
bad character.
, ,
Tnis Raleigh Sentinel. We rrSret
l.:. 1 . ii i
this valuable paper is compelled to eus-
, i ii,. ,
pend a conpleot weeks in order to give time
for repairing damages sustained by the
recent disaster inflicted by some cowardlv
The subjoined notice has been issued
by the editor of the Sentinel :
Owing to the destruction of onr press
the piing of type, and the blowincr un of
1 a Dart ot tne Diuiuinsrs ocenmed
I 1 V r
we find it impossible lo continue the nub!
1 Heatihn nf 011 r nn rvrr n t nroaunt W ...... ..
f" r-r--f"-
raove mio new onuaings, procure a dew
I niPfll hftVA m. larrro pmMant nf BA ...
r V V B 7 . f OCk "P
ana uislriouted, and make other ananere-
Iments before we can re commence the
Publication of the Sentinel. Wi t1.r
fore ver7 Iebintl7 suspend publication
I with this issue, and nn
wun mis issue and on
i Vr"V 0-.,.r . .
...r . wwocr
win oegin to DHOiisu onr Uailv edition
- . - - a m. 7 w-k m
the jSemi-Weekly and Weekly to follow
in due course.
Vfe regret exceedingly the necessity
which forces os to this course, but the un-
eapecieu caiamuy mat lias visited us ab-
Li.V.i. .r.-u
expected calamity that has visited us ah
jdii;i wuiuci eutu acuuii. i e ieei
. 1 r . , ... I
1 uueu mat our inenas, doiii subscribers
I ad ad veriisere, will make all due allow-
ance under the circumsUnces.
m :
I i
I How It War T)nw rFtia nm
IJow It Was Done. -The correspon-
dni bf lhe Baltimore Sun says that sVme
af th flnnaprvativn dpttira. i,
1 : - - -v.v v... . v v un
retitrned to
Washington from Philadel-
1 abundant proof of the frauds
I Dhia fnrniah
there. In one instance a Washington
I colored man was followed nntil h haA
T?1 .in6 Jli"ei' Mch Ume dgig
1 -- a aw
,'"5 W
I w wmmmm a MaW aS.V. BVS m
From The Daily News Oct. 11th.
Diabolism in Rakiah-The Sentinel fim
i-RZosw. Alnn.aTL. i
Blown io Atoms -The Pre and
T:-. .. a -A.? 7
Damning Act of Fiendishjness and
Crime A Slow Maich found in the
Unk it tks Jl: . . m
Iti. '... . . A
piosion, wnica snoot nearly everr build
mg In the city.
Soon thei irm nf r .-J
j ft
t .
was soon ascertained that the noise pro-
I A v't uu
eeeded from the ofEce of The It nl rial
I I " 0"
t!nel. The firemen were proraptl.on the
spot, at TJi Sentinel odcc adjoined the
engine Iiousp. Upon e xaroination The
Seni'mcl press Toom was Found io be in
ruins, the roof ol the boose being blown
piece una f cauerea in every uirccuun,
iua press wuicn prmtea jl lie oenunn wae
the dismantled building, and the impres
sion was nniversa) th.nt some fiend in hti
msn form had blown np The Sentinel
press by placing powder underneath. :
This opinion was confirmed by sub
srqnent etamtnation of the ruins. A small
job prvss in the composing room, which
escaped destruction, was examined and a
VHpt.r 0f pow.ler found under it with a
low match which had been lightcucd,
but had gone out.
This was proof conclusive that the oat
rage was planned by some enemy or ene
mies of the Editor of The tenttnel. '
It is said that about ten minutes before
the explosion, a colored boy "who lives
near the office, saw two individuals ruu
ning off from the spot in the direction of
the depot, with bat in baud.
We learn that the office and press were
partly insured, but we do not know to
what f xtt nt. 1 lie press cost some 53,000
This diabolical and hellish outrage has
excited great indignation, and the vile
wretch who conceived and carried it into
execution, deserves the severest penalty
that the law can inflict,
It will be seen from the following cdi-
trtrilil wlurh annenrtd in double-leaded
coiumilP in the Tribune of the 10th inst.,
that the contest for President is not yet
over, but has fairly begun. The article
is headed "ludiaua andVictory." It is
as follows :
Waiting before the October elections,
we said : 11 oar friends carry either one
of the three States we shall have the bet
ter chance of success in November. The
other side . mnn carry all three to give
them the better prospect."
We hare carried one of them, and the
one mot desperately contested. We h.tve
overthrown the ablest of tli3 cabal that
led the President to his rnin we would
say also the mo.t unscrupulous, if, iu tin
hour ol Pennsylvania's shame, we could
forget Simon Cameron. Thos. A. Hend
ricks U elected Governor of Indiana.
Wc have no desire to underrate the
gravity of the situation. We have been
counted out of Pennsylvania, which we
should have carried. We could eauily
have dispensed with its votes in the Elec
toral Collage but the moral effect of the
loss is depressing, to a greater extent than
the number of electoral votes would indU
cate. The work is made harder for us in
New York, harder for our brether in all
the States we mean to carry, by the
I triumph of Cameron s- money, in the suc-
v , i . is
I CCSS Ol tue l eiiiieiiiiary cuuuuiaie
f rom
this dav till the first Tuesday of Novem
ber, we shall have upon us a steady, con
tinuous strain.
But we shall win ! Oar Liberal He
publicans did well in Pennsylvania. In
parts of Ohio they won signal victory,
while the Grant majority in the State i
handsomely reduced. In Indiana the
Liberal and Democratic victory h;is been
won in the race of such lavish efforts to
kill the free suffrages of a State by im
Dortation and by midnight vinherrin as
even Morton never before attempted, and
neither he nor anybody can again arhive.
. And now we are in the open field! It
is no longer possible to concentrate a Uab-
inc,t a TreasUry, all the patronage and
all the mnncv of the National Administra-
tio i on two or three States. Thirity-sev-
en States cannot be gapged in a night,
,ike Norlh 9lrolT Rnd V,nn',VH"i ,'or
overpowereu uy siu-er wciui iikc .iaine.
, i J Mli . .
On the broader field the contt-st assumes
a fair aspect ; and Indiana gives us the
omen of victory. Under her iuspiiation
the splendid Liberal Republicans and
1 ueinociaiic or ganzaiioiwr in Illinois ue-
C w 7.1" W"' 5 ' T"6,, , "
Consider once more the list of States as
itmay f-ir,y be ll ced to-day, in theli-h:
of the elections within a week in Georgia,
Connecticut and Indiana :
Greeley, Electors Grant. Electors
- - " lowa. .......
6 Kansas,
in .
. . .
Arkansas... . ,
I .
-'J Miii up
-t Massachusetts,. .
. . . 3
. . . . 3
.. .??
1 -
I s 1 1 vt . -
'S'" rsenrasna.
ludiaua lo Navada..
Kentucky IS.OIuo.
lxuisiaua a Orir..u.3- -
JJf rJlaud- - - Jl'unsyivanU.. .
. 22
i..w.u... .",oonin Carolina..
New .lersy .9 Ver.i out
New York :il
t..- to
Texas,...'... V--".?
Vireiuia II
West Virginia, 5
Total 176
Leaving still seriously contested
i.aiiloruia b New IIainphire.. . .5
IUiufds ,.,.12'Xorth Camliua.. ! !i
Minnesota 5 Khode Islaud 4
Mississippi;. 8iscmsiu 10
1 fpt . 1
I hat leaves us
r lHvesus but six votes to win
f"m U.,e doublful Suj ; it leaves Grant
I sixtynve. On that showing, who can
... .
aou&l side the ch:nces lie? Illi.
n,l ,wou,d decl Nlr- (Jm J-or North
,iaa-"r aiiiwma or sIinnsMta
w promising ; either one ol the four
1 t 1 . t
rould settle the fizht. Couraire. Tiiends
the enemy have done their worst; we have
wrested Indiana from their grasp, and tin:
way to bnal victory is clear 1
t-V f f 1 "n" "79 ot ,he 8,1
tt T tl 1 a mm - .
ijwinei will De lll-IU, commenc
T 1 . nV
"mows ;
Sept 2nd
'Sept. lCih
Jept. 30 h
OeL 14tl
M 23ih
Nor. 11th
4 15th
T. 1 .1 .
&k 10 aa error to imagine mat women
talk more than men. They're listened
. .a. a
to most mat s all.
- w 1 m .. it
Stallion 1st premium. Thus. T. Goodman.
-.24 . Tbos. A. UmaU
Brood mare 1st V J C Miller.
2.1 - J A Fisher.
Saddlehorse2d - Thus Manhr. "
Matched 1st R A Brown
Wst sioele harness hJYse. A J Mock.
2d . - -WBMeareS. s
1st best draft horse. JPSiok.
best etlt between 3 and 4 yrs. John Graham'.
2d " 3anl 4 yrs. S A Iwraoee.
It best eolt between 1 and 2 yrs. W U Mears.
best siuglo Mule 1st premium. II A Knot.
1st best eolt bet. 2 and 3 yrs pr. V r Merony.
colt between 1 and 2 jra, 1st pr. J C M)ers.
eolt 1 and 2 vrs. 24 ir.; ! do -
, CLASS 11. :
Bull, lt premiaiu. Ranxxn Jacobs.
calf between 2 and 3 yrs. Istpr J A Uradaha w
eatf 1 and 2 lt pr. Willie llarrUva.
ealf under 1 year 1st pr. Hubert Knox.
Buek. 1st premium. W B Meares.
Ewe, 1st " Willi Harrison.
Boar lstprrmum, Geo ThomjLsoa.
24 J 11 VerbU.
Sow 1st - JC Miller.
24 8ALwra&e.
Fatted hog 1st M Geo Miwery.
Fair of pis 1st - 1111 Knot. ' '
Utter pigs, 1st - JC Miller.
2i Aud Uargvr.
3d do
Table chickens lt - MrsCB McLean
pair Turkeys 1st Wil. llarrifuo
iugle 1st - T Johnson
Domestic geese 1st W B Meares.
Nild geese 1st " LV Brown,
domestic Ducks 1st " W B Meares.
do do 24 " And Barger.
Pea fowls 1st T Johusou.
pair Guineas 1st " W C Fraley.
Ha u tain chickens 1st J Rumple.
Burbon wheat 1st premium C A I fee.
do do 24 J C Miller.
Oats 1st II G Miller.
Peas 1st AV II Holt.
Tobacco 34 " Albert Watum
Sorghum syrup 1st " GTThomasoo
Sack flour 1st " Eimnett Br.
do do 24 Adam llartman
Torn meal 1st, AM Peeler.
Bread cm 1st " J A Holt,
bale of llay 1st Fisher & Webb,
native Grass 1st Burgees Owens,
bale Cotton 1st ' J A Fisher.
Case of Oils, special premiam, C A liege.
Sweet Potatoes 1st premium Mrs M LChonn
do do 2d do II G Miller.
Irish do 1st do W Howard,
do do 2d do do
Table Beets l!.t do J P Gowao.
Stock do do do I) A Davis.
Pumpkin do do A M Snllivao
bullet apples do do HJSwiuk.
l'ears do do J A Hudson,
do 2d do Mrs FK Shbvr
Grapes lit do J A Hudson.
Bacon Hams 1st premium D A Davis.
Butter do do Ms C C Kridr.
Wine do do Mrs E Hearue.
do 2d do d
iiiiiMUe plow jsi premium J 11 1 hoinpson ! M-pie. i uiey rnnseiu to it or bear m
2 horse mould , diff reiice, tlo ir di moralizatiou and tor-
boa nl plow do do do do ruptioii have gone further and reached a
2 lo wrouglit do do Crawford A: Heilig morc dangtrous stage than has been imag
1 do do do do do do i ,MJ
SubiMiil plow do do J II Thotnpvm
Cotton pltiw do do DutiD A: HiKcan ! ,t. . T ,
Mauufacturers Forettville. Wake Co, by j illichmoiid AM.ig J
S W Terrell I It is not tileaint In cinUin At f.-t a Ti
t 11 a mm
Ho-serake do do J K Brk
Mou iiij; Msrhine 1st pr. C A liege
no l C I lamer
t raw cutter do
do J H Thompson
laud saw mill do
do C A Ileire
do peg machine
do do do
do W M Barker
do C V Baker & Co
do Kintnert Bros,
do J V Buon
do Karohart & Co.
do Crawford Sc Ileilitr,
do do do
do do do
do J II Thompson
do do do
do do do
do Hippy &i KisOer
p ;Ky
Cooking stote
Wheat drill
hors- wagon
otton ein
(irle cuu
L rse Kwer
rn shellt-r
ioad scraper
folding Harrow do
Cottou planter do
Grau cradio do
do C A Hege
NN eed Family Favorite Sewiug Machine,
J5 NV Ternll
Sole leather lt premium J II VerbU
Calfskins do do do 00
Upper leather do do do do
Fa1 111 basket . do Phillip Oweos.
Faucy basket do C A liege
I.on haudle brooms do J 11 Watson
Mattt ass do A J DuvmI
I)Mirs and Sash do P I Mrr oey
Cedar Ited.tead do do do
Jeanes cloth do C A liege
Shirting do do
Toweling do do j
Blankets Jo Mrs D A Davis
Flannel 00 do do
Flour bread ndla, Mrs F E Shobrr.
Mrs U N Etnmrrt.
Cocoanut cake.
Mrs Jane Brown.
" C K McLean.
" MeCabbins.
" CKMcUd.
Miss Essie Meares.
" Emily Howerlon
Mock At Brow n.
. ..
C A liege
Mrs C K McLean.
Mis R Fisher.
Mrs E II Fowler.
do do
do do
I lly
I nrdial.
Dritl IVaehea,
Home made soap,.
NN hitewtiven cotton
Nn t counteriksue.
col'd woven do
col'd woolen do
(die pateh work quilt.
Mrs Fm!nr
ratch work quilt.
Silk patch work quilt.
- Lot HaiUy.
Miss Bit Miller.
Y ooleu do do do
Mr Shuman.
Miss FKreth.
do do
Miss Sammerell,
Mrs 8 Leaid.
MrsT B
Mrs 8 W Terrell
Crutehel work. 1st nr.
do do 2d pr.
Embroidered Linen,
do Worsted,
Shell wotk.
Knit work.
Oil I'aiutine,
Mis May MeCorkl
Lady's Bonnet
Child's Hat
Leather work frame, "
Hoinespnn larn
Home kbit Socks
Shirt mad by hand.
Wool flower wreath.
Paper do do
Net Tidies
Pin Cushion
Coooterpaos) Laeo
Pencil sketch.
Crayon do
Ornamental Lake
Sweet Pickle Tomato
Canned fruit
Jliss alcMurray.
do U
MrS UTeirell
"DA Davis,
" do
S W Terrell.
T B Long.
- F..wUr.
Miss MeMorrav.
Jane E Davis
" Eswle Cowan
Mrs EH Marsh.
Mrs MeCubbios.
Mrs Sallivaa
Worsted Lamp Mat ; Mrs J K Graham.
iliim madeCarprt llrs IIeinrch.
Collection of Flowi rs ; Mrs M L Holtac.
do ht boose plants pr da ' da
do do da do 2d pr ' do -Fr
the most meritorious articles ot men
Honed io the fUt if premiums fancy straw
basket first pretniota Earnl Rrache.
Hearth mg 24 do Miss Loa Graham. '
Water 5doc pintio 3d pr. Miss May Shober
colored Yarn 4th premium. Mr Urge.
A funny scene took place at the WbiteIToas
opoa the eettatfoa vt ik dcW siloa of lb
Teton isoox tath l'raOdefiL. Tb Waahing
ton -Sur vancKra ior ll truth of the tnW
raaing liule incident. Medicine Bear, chtrfof
tl Teton CHOOX, opettnl lb bif talk" wuh a
speech very similar to the one be recently soade
bclorr Secretary of the iLterior ; bat before do
inS laid hU bore ralamet oa the taaaii-
pira, and after removing hU featber bead drew,
deliberately praceeded la onaLirt LJraatlf. to the
o small astoouhmeat of the pale face preaent.
After diverting Liawlf of his sblrt, beadvsne.
ed lovsn: the I're-ident, and koldinr it sMi
was about to not it over Ike Great Fathers bead,
ln General Cowra took bold of it and 4ac-
ing It on a chair 144 Medidne Bear, thrunch
th ioterpreur, tbst the Uresi Father would
acrei it. Of eou be vouUL Iltaevrrde
rlinra anythirtg. and even the dinv, fivwsy war
skirt t'l a big cxotix Int.tan as eUoc. II te
caaaot wear it bimaelf, it will, at lea-t, male aa
exrelleni roverug ikla winter lor thane boll
pu. Catch bin rcfuaine anythlrf so tuefitL
Xo man in Georgia can vote nnleci
be con aliovr that he has raid his poll
tax. In some part of the rotate the
Hadicals collectctl the poll-tax from
the negroes, pocketttl the cah, and
gave the poor tliijK lxjtw reccipta,on
which thev claimed the right in vote.
This is the latest dcvclopemcnt of Rad
ical meanness.
UI acing the Music icitha ConfdenX Front '
New Y'ork Tribanr.J
In Pennsylvania the work was done in
the precise form and manner prescribed.
The majority in Philadelphia was put op
io a monslions figure, to cover all con
tingencies, and we bare n doubt it will
do it. The returns are nndertrolnr c ha nres
still in the reports but Grant Republicans
claim 20.000 now for Hartranfi in a city
which at lhe last test election gave only
1 1,494 ! Nobody doubts that this i- fraud,
unabashed, nneonceah-d, gigantic Wheth
er Peunsylvanians choose to have the
convict's candidate forced on them by such
inejus, they must decide for themselves.
New Yoik Sun.
This majority H-irlranft's is altogether
the product of fraud. Such open, andis
guised, shameless villainy was never be
fore practiced in any Ameiican tlcetion.
The evidence is pivi-n at Urge iu another
part of this jwiper. It will be pondered
with sadncrs und wUrin by all honest
We a ill no, here inquire how snch un
precedented fraud aiil be rrccivt-d bt lh-
1 1 f .1 a
I a . aKa
is enough lo endure tlieiu. nut ihrse
J bad as they are, do no; tender the Liberal
.cause derperate. In a sense, llo-sr ibree
States wire uieiely the rkirmirh line, ol
j the great Liberal array, and if lhy had
sided with us, our work would have been
done As it is, ihev have our reserves
f ! ... .
uutouciud, winch, auu proper energy,
are fully equal lo ul.iinale liiumph.
IXotfdk Virg:nian
It is equally mournful that elsewhere
than in lVnuy IvaniaJ the systems of
colonisation and fraudulent voting have
been successfully applied ; but, even with
these facts before us, " all is not losL"
Far from it I We have a reasonable
chance for the November election, lor
tho NovtmUr election, lor then, hen
the fight is along the whole line, the Ad
ministration cannot concentrate on any
one separate S ate with its colonists and
money, liut even rranlin!? that w are
ong hcie, it is ui4mfirt that a new
complexion has been giveu lo public af-
lairs. 1 he Liberal movement means am-
nesiy as opjK.sMl to the policy ol central-
ixation. These grand and beiuficenl ideas
. . .
nave isrvii laulr placed before the propW
1 ine rsoriu, and although the n sponse
f . a .1 a a a 1
as not been hal we hoped, we arc in
nni IH.inn tt f.flm . . i.i. - t. .
rant us in declaring that the safety of the
r tit . f . ..
nepuuucaa party may ue louna in this
1 - . ...
kw ADvaaruajsKorra.
FoCS D. Mr Oliver P. Hnbb. ol
Oreensboro', found ou Monday 15th Oct
a ur Lajx, lined wi'h silk, which be
has left at our office, lo be reclaimed by
lhe owner by patiuj for this notice. No
other charres.
alJtEJiKht ooi snr. Court.
Sarah Vstt Plaintiff
K e'aJtrri'"? w'i- AVl UnAi
Prrher and wife KlisaWih, 8oo llarriarum
o'l wile hsrah, Michael Kwsim and wife
Caroline, J. J. NVaiu, Larkia II. Jooe. .nl
wife Lreeer, illiaro lUrrrs and wifa Mis-
a . 1 a ....... m m mmmr-
auetn, .eiiy jonea, v Ulia Jonea afld wife
I reeey, Andrew SieI and wile Sarah, TW
J. NN alt and wife Ann'aa. DefradaBta
It appearing to tha saikfacUott of IhNa Ccwrt
tkal J. J. NVaif, Lsrkin II. Jonea asJ ie
-eeeey, reuy joow, YkilJisas Junn su.1 mlU
Lreeev and Andrew Si eel asd wiU K.r.k .1
lenoania in in shove mio are tManrrWdenta f
tfiM iMaie. It M lbrrfumdrtJ L. iL 1
that fmUiealluM h m! for ix aatmaasve
week in rhe SalUmrv -NVatehma- a
a t aa " "I""'
per MlhdisJ .1 Salubory, North Carolina, t.f
a iinisiHisni aa sa r 1 smaa a .
mppnr ml
the rouiplsint of plaintilT, or the
beard rz parte aa 10 them.
vt uneaa i Al. rMrrenanfi. rWk nm.lA r
a . Sk a
Uwnty of Aleiasaler , al l the C-art II-h U public P7rallr. ..l mit . , ta 3d Mon.l.v ia Warrh 187J, Iheir tnaer' tu H.e t- t : ' . "
then tni there to idea a. iMtr iUu. . ' .1. :i .i .11 !.
V rJilT'JUK h lk day of Ootob'r
5 M ATHA, do yoa know that laree Urw
IL A A. MUIirllY. next W t. IWUsal
i easi do much better tLrr tV (
y at aay other store. A J urn all rwir fn,o.
lofoand sea
R. & A. Murphy's
For 1872.
- - -
VTs take tJesara ia atinAtmrinj tthcw
sros t4 Hoasn sa l tL miy&tim muatM tka
wt ara o rroritiag ai4 wpmier tW
. .
AND r , .
. , t
Kiock 4 GOU3 we KsreVrr kad (
kiUtloocr fiututroua f;ir.J s!.d cu4otkrr.
We have tskea tauh time, and aaoMrl
lo look t bargains L mr patfe d r
that all Tuo4 a to bay will L4 u u
tbir auvsntsgt lo call an4
exsxixj: ovn stock.
and prices bcibrt porchaCrx .
Wc have a lare toe of aU kinds U
Dry Goods,
Boots, SJoex, and GaiUrt fr Ladt,
Gents, JJUiuand CUUrt, all good
stock ( and no SluLltf tntkj
Caps, Xotions, Gtocrj, ltot'trn J ,.
tori, SJe Leather, C,f SUt,
Liming Skins, Drvpps, Sjucrt,
Soap, and a 1 Air ye
Stock of Fine
Grocericof Hih quality and low prkta.
Salt, Stfrnj, Bngjirg n C4 in Jtct,
Chtese. Cruder, Clctr Srrd
nd in fart ncatlv tverrthitij wsii!il sik! a!! at
netnrninr nor thanks tr lL pitrtnCfn
lilierall U-t.-J on u in'.t me r-tt. N
Manh lau, nt lrut l.y urUi aJUMtkiti tu t-.
nc, aud -oi i j -n.-M to t.i.r cuktutxrt to sserit a
cuuiinnaitOe lte mr.
Very Uejrtfa!lr,
jl d a. X burn
V All or.lT aI1 Lavs our promt a'-
ltdllT. Ml lll HY.
Slibiirr, (let. 17. 1. '."t
200 HEAD OlMil-LF
Cattle Wanted.
The undrrMiNxl imlt tu r Um-e T. Jl
drrd fine ll -ci -V ii: r uv-i.rrt.;
prrl to U.-t.l.t4 i.J, .r".-
TUry wiKiM alu.r.iw ! tA it U ....
bury il.rr rr fun, il.f D4t.4
U-t t fvHir lii:M-rclj - I; narl, : 4-, Mtaa,
Vednc.UT, Friday 'l Hiuidr tn..t,,
House brr.kfn Ojrii aud Money $l4-fc.
From the li to iU iut U m, w, f
hoic in Iatidn, a V.-n M-a.
and lhe fr.lorit. rtolm : I nr (t. W .uu-
dred IVJUr l;li, t.a Tetrfv tUs-
iiill; al- !M-er-t lb amount aca
A reward o( Troi-vr Il,dir. aiU l riv
en for tbt reroiery of lbs oiuixt.
K Alt AH w. l.iuvt;u.
Dvireox N. c.
Oct. Mb lbTi. 4 3c
!TI t'-orrt 11 2c Kflsnd have tmirei
their Kali Stock of Millii.erv (Jousc-
piifinr everr ll inr in tin sr ur at.d
I .
Lstest Stjles. ladies are iuiu-6 k 3
Undsec their seht'ton. a Lith enil.raee ere-
ry thin New and iVautiful for llaU sJ
Uoui.c ts aud Omaraeuts for the Hair.
I 3: 1m:
I ' "
I J U i I L h
m irr wtrn 1 r.e wi-pit?!
1 .aaa " i u ait( tl.i u.i..1
I am araia andrr the n;iT uf eslhrtc
who are doe m to call mud make iavaved
Now 1 mnn mM akat I aar and as k
'Mtht lo think ll.i i meaatXr a-ne
It-:.: - .
or 11 ia nieaai Kr ou.
IM 1 : "t
RalUbwrr, SrpC 3.
rriTrtrrtireZen sfrirvoVi O Tit C
UUilUiOOlUU Cltua
CO At tlit Sign of the Iltd iVf .
WAIX 7l.llT
a t
fca?OrUeta at.d nnfcirtiit t t ren t
I"Mlr!. tT AiMtiosi ; er "'" i
ttUic d a.
Oh! Ycs-Oh! Yes-Oh!
IIai. fallrn twtk to a Mwi"-,.
been rtiaturced ! ..rniwn a ci''""-fJf
wa.- Mia Usui iwv t'w m
j ,0. M. ( . 1 1. -!.. I
,b , ,u, kno1lll i0 ,itr jj.rratm.-
a .
be who may haveaTikis u M u .
January 1PT2.
N. R. I nirrmtinw t attr4
S "wwj aii auxia oi fooos at Mit,.
dented low pricvk? ,
Now after bona clnnirtr; yon kad 1-t-t,
what Too aeed in llieir line and po iU. a
irtc of anr kind of prt-fene i 7TI
Admiauriral sod itrre Kea ,
tf:U J. K. 1.1 KKI,
1 1

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