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ciate' Editor.
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Story of a Fifteex Teab Old Ac
tress who Makeikd hee Father's
A correepoudent write from Chicago.
under date of the 18th,, aa follows; ,
Quite oft en a herniation of considerable
iiiurt st ia epiuiig in our eourta. Some
tiroes h may be in- the matter of au early
real rotate txantactioo ; and again the di
vree court may open to the vi-w of the
public the diffident phase mil ich married
life , may atttaine. A ejise was called in
the Superior ourt on Saturday, from ihe
1 facts of which the fanciful might draw an
' rT. ' , fcjteitinp romance, fitto adoru thepag-s
X ES kO. tft f'iwrible Temptation" novel, or a
' i work of a similar nature. It seems that
the parties to the action were the daughter
of one f or wealthiest citizeus-a resi
dent of Michigan! avenue and his coach
man. It necessarily follows that where a
divorce is wanted a marriage exists ; and
f . ii Hh' ch."iM st Head Stones, .gI1(.n ja tfo fHvt, j tils mauer, and upon
r ,' -;T ibt, inures; f the ease. -
(. (!) wui'M not. on nana, can 6 , ,
; m '.uhhort Umic. strictly in aer L Oossipj,- people those who know all
.,;tccitk-ivtinmi drafts, and tlie about tlie piivatc afftirs of everybody be
:'.r. -act. SafislWtion inwraii. Canse th-v sav" told Un-ib so deliffht
in indulging in intimations that the marriage
4-!it-lLv FOOT6T0XI
. - lu- ct tjipliim ntR to his friend
)j i'i;t( ,iind ru'tbis method wonltf4
. I 1 ! 1
it j'Mi.iuu.i in ui. nnu oi ,uinesi.
. i. :-'-,;;v I'd to
furnish all kind.' of
I" r iii t' it- he TindiMSold, oith or
t ' i ' "o'ift-d. Addrenn,
; I , i ; ! , JOHN' U. HU1S. SalilurF.
.. ;f jVs. E. BRYCE SILL
1 i ! HAYS & SILL
trial of strength j between Greeley and
Grant irt any oft the ' State that have
voted. ' The elections which have been
held were purely local, and in many cases
the issues were made up and the candid"
ates nominated before the Liberal move
ment was fully develop 6V We believe
that Mr. Greeley I is personally stronger
in almost every State, and in every local
ity, that) were the vaiious' candidates
running In opposition to the Administra
tion, and that his vote in November will
be greatly in advance of their. Thou
sands off men will vote for Mr. GreeleT
who would net vote for any other man
agaiuct fan Administration Republican.
We agree with the Times, that 'the true
crisis of 'the fiht. has not yet been reach
ed. RitfVd Wh g
Fifty Avenue Hotel, to answer to a eharW
of violating the Enforcemmt Act. xi-
siructiug an o5cr in ; the1 diwharjje of his
duties, &t, refused liail (although a
retired merchant aorth fifty time thi
mount of bail, oflVred himself as surety)
was sent to jail and kept there, aud fiually
was released on the security ol t he same par
ty bat was refused an ezamii a i n because
the witnesses against him were"on duty !'
The gentleman, whose name is lleiurich.
ana us irwnos are very indignant, ami the
papers are loud in denoatictng the "tyran
ny." &., &c We don't see why they
should get xciedah.ut it. Theeffpnd-r
is not au attached of ihe JleraU. The.y
are allowed by Genera) Grant to n-ake a
living, and get along, provided they
qo nuining against uw re-elect Mn. II
J une 23. sixty-three vessels hav left that
p rt for Kngla ud loaded with wha. Of
this uuniber. IS cleared in July, 32 in
Aujnsfand 15 more in September to date.
B fore the fiist one reaches Iverpoil.
nearly, or quite, 100 vessels will be on
the wy, with tbvir prows pntntir to the
same port,' and currying 125,000 tons oH
wheat. It adl that, with sufficient ton
nage, such a fleet cn be maintained for
ix months. Jiurul Xetc Yorker.
Druggist & Apothecaries,
- sALxsirtrav, u. c.
1 jlaving purchased the contents of the
i pni Htbrc forineily occupied by Dr.
Jvlwuid Sill. Weesp ctfully call the at
tention ojf -the Citizens of Salisbury and
the! iMirrouii(liiig cniufry, to the new ar
rniigcincnt, and inform them that we will
continue to carry on the business at; the
:itnoi!cvf"'d the same excellent way.
We will endeavor to keep on hand all the
y v.irioiip goods the peojde may nted per- great importance to relate, arid with the
after the discovery of certain facta more
important to his filhc tbau any one else,
11 1 "1
Mr. Vjoacnmau excepted, luese same
people also are of the opinion that, after
frequent, too frequent, rides, on which
occusions the old gentlemau's close car
riage was" used to a ggod advantage, as
subsequently appeared, a lively feeling of
friendship sprung up between the fair
heiress aud the gallant coachman. How
ever, the facts as divulged at the trial
warrant your correspondent in saying
that on one of. these rides the subject ol
marriage was broached, a ready acquie
scence followed, the license was procured,
and before the setting of that day's sun,
by a Methodist clergyman. The happy
couple drove back to the father's home,
and the bride, her heart palpitating with
joy for the noble impulses influencing her
lu ge lord, considered the matter of too
X -
taiiiii.g o our line, ami therefore hope secret sale in her own young heart betook
iiyirttictj attention to bupinegs. to receive her to her virgin chamber, while the gal
a liberal! patronage. I. j lant, handsome coachman hied himself to
T) .no n nno florin TWmn L ' lo 1,1 ie staute, ana dreamed as only
.x nj piiuiaii o uoi o xx umpu- a haplV groomSloan can. Tte ecivt w78
too much for the 'childtd wife for she
was only fifteen and her sifter was in
formed of tlie status of her domestic affairs.
The, father-iu-liw.
ly Attended To.
Prescriptions accurately and
carefully compounded ly reliable
H a iid competent Druggists day or
r mght.
From the Richmond Dispatch.
Nf.gR'i RtJLK. We have negro rule in
this State on account of the disgraceful
apathy of a large portion of the while
voters -KalelghrrW
True and such would have been the
case in Virginia bad not the Conservative
mas-es, white and colored, risen in their
might in 1869 and by the election of Gov
Tvr it i .i .
ernor y aiaer aixa ineir veto oi tlie pro
scriptive clauses of the Constitution dc
clared that the interest of the people
should not bo thus subordinated to the
supposed interest of otie race. The good
fieople of North Carolina, following the
ead of iVifgiuia, took the same position
iu 1870. and redeemed their State irom
the worst forms of corruption, but now
only two yeah later they have by apa
thy lost uearly all they then gamed, the
Radical candidate for Governor carrying
the S;ate at the .last election. t
, Here is the moral : If North Carolina,
with a registered while majority of 50,
000, aiid with only 20,L00 while Radicals
is loet to the Conservatives by Conserva
tive voters remaining away from the polls,
are not; we in Vliginia, with a registered
white majority of only 30,000, and with
15,000 white Radicals, iu some danger of
having our State turned over to the igno
rant and vicious who would overwhelm us
if we fail to carry a single election.
Had not twentysfive or thirty thousand
North Carolina Conservatives remained
at home in August the old North State
would now have been iii the van of the
Libera) army, tlie election of Greeley aud
Brown would have been assured, aud
North parolina would have hpr own gov
eminent in her own hands. "Ihe stay at
nome j voters cause tne loss ot many an
important political battle. If we would
the file of North Carolina, and the
and Indiana? tVilmington Journal.
Harmony in the married state is the
very first object to be aimed at. Nothing
can preserve affection 'uninterrupted but
rum resolution never to differ in will.
and a determination in each to consider
saved the Union, and it, with the appur- the love of the other a of more vnla
Knin;re, urioiigs ID 1IU. IeSiae,- Wf !." nj i'rii wiltirTfT nn WIUCII a
wonldlikrfd'know IT John Umw'nV soul wish has beeu fifed: How ligfii.ln fact,
is not marchiue on, and if the colored ia he ssrriCi e of any other wih weiched
troops did not fight nobly iu iVnnsylvaia jgaint the sffctions f one with whout
we are to pa our lif And thngh op
position in a single instance will hardlv
of itelf produce alienation, vet everyone
has his pouch into which all these oppo
si ionn are put, and wlnle that is fillinr.
the alienation is insensibly going on, and
when filled incomplete. If wonld nuzzle
either to say why ; becanse no one differ
ence ban been maiked enonjrh to produce
a serious i ffect by tuelf. Hut be fi.ols
bis afi.-clion wearied out by a constant
stream of checks and obstacles. Other
resources of di'coutent very common, in
deed, are the cmis purposes of husband
and ifc. in common conversation : a din-
jtonition to criticise and qo-stion whatever
the other says a depire always to d.
monstrate and make him feel himself
wrong, espeeialy in sympathy. Nothing
IS so goading. .Much better, tluref re,
if our companion vi.-ws a thing in a diff-r-ent
light from what we do, to leave him
in quiet possession. What is the use of
ree living him if the thing be unimportant?
And if important, let it pass for the prej-
ent, aud watt a softer moment and more
conciliatory occasion of revising the snb-
. t I. TV J l K . i-UJ
t sua; r
. .M 1 L AS S and (i old and Silver JlecLtls ' j
. h p .w aid. '1 10 ClIALES MSl'IEl-V '
i jlje !.e.-t l'ianos ill coinpctitiou
.tli the leading inaiiulactur
; ' f the c )untry.
Ouic and UewWarcroom?,
LrUrty st., Baltimore, ml
Pianos contain all the latest im
. u. In-found in a hVst-ct Piano,
'! 1 "i-al .iinproreiuents o( his own in.
' " ' ' to he found ill other instruments.
' 1 '" i tend) and titiVh of their inxtru
t t he fuelled by any manufaetur
.!!. ' '.- u-j'oit nier.t of 4ccnnd-haiid Pianos
4 hand, l'roin $7f to $:tn(J.
, "i .nn! t.'limvh Organ-, souvp twenty dif-
i : vif s on hand troiii-i" slid upwards.
:'r Illustrated Catalogue, containing
i. ti
... MAN, -
aiidia "compttent horeeman" wanted a
place in the morning papers. The bill
lor the divorce next appeared, and the case
wat on trial when 1 dropped in. The
argument was just concluded, and the
council accompanied by the irate father-in-law,
were -engaged in drawing up an
amendment to the bill, as suggested by
the Court, when in walked the' groom of
all groomr, iu the matter ofjhe separation
of L. VS. L. His manly figure was pain
fully erect, and r manifestly much money
hail been squandered in his make-up for
-the occasion. He approached thecouiiBel,
aud tremulously inquired
still more disastrous condition of 'States
in the
vote o
extreme South, let us poll the full
our party for Crreeley aud Browu
The harvest is neatly ended. There is
some corn to husk, po;a oes to dig, roots
to ge her, apple t pit k, butter and chei e
o market, etc., etc iJU the farmers who
tag rareiuilv kept account with the dioVr
ent department of the farm can approxi
mately estimate his profits for the year.
W hat are they I e do not ask for this
question because we desire it answered to
ourselves. Aud ifhe finds out there are
profits, we hope he can put his finger iiq
his ledger and telljast what crops did,
and what did not, yield him his net re
This course we deem absolutely essen
tial to intel igetit, economical, and proges
sive husbandry. If the blind leads the
blind they both fall in the ditch. It a
mau's corn crop has cost him $1 per bush
el, and is worth in market bui 75 cents
that is, if he can buy corn for 75 cents
..I I I II I I 4ll
per ousnei. equally eooa. tn fodder he
gets from the crop grown will scarcely fill
Let a man fail in business, what an
effect it has on his former creditors 1 Meu
who have taken him by the boor, shrug
i heir shoulders, and pass on with a cold
How do OQ do?"
Every trifle of bill is hunted up and
presented lhat would not have seen light
for months to emit, but fir the uv fortunes
of ihe debtor. 1 f it is paid, w ell and gol;
if not, the scow) of the sheriff prhaps
meets him at the corner. A raau bo baa
never failed knows but little of bumu
In prosperity be sails alot.g gently,
wafted by favorable smile and kind words
from everybody. He pHdns himseli on
his name and spotless character, and
makt s his boast that be has not an enemy
in the world. Alt! the change. He
look at the world ia a different light
when reverses come upon him. He rends
suspicion on every brw. He batdly
know bow lo move, or to do this thing
or the other ; 'here are spies about Inm, a
writ is ready lor hi lark. To k mow
w hat quality ol stuff the wurlu is nude uf.
a person must b rnbmanatc, and slop
paying once in bis lifetime. If he has
kind liieuds, then they are made m ni(. l.
A failure is a moral sieve, it brings out
the aheat, and shows 'he chaff. A man
thus barns that word find pretended
good will ate not and do uut constitute
real friendship.
m w a
1 II E Li KANT lNO.Ng. Here IS the
style of speech employed by Col. Fok
sky's Press, in speMkinir' of bis brother
(irantite GuaM's owu' tLc Nt limes :
Saisg Wood WiTiiorr a Saw.
The Scientific American records ' the
change of one of the trppos sibUitie of
the past lnt a reality " Geo. Robinson,
M. I , of New Ymk, has invented a mode
of sawing or catting wood withont sawcr
axs, by electricity. The galvanic current
w Wh paeiug over platinum wite in taS.
ceiit qoantity beats the wire to while heat.
This wire thus heaU-d dvx-s the wotk of
stw or sXe, without any appreciable ex
endilare of muscuUr force. Uy arraag
ing the w ires w iib baudl-s or other mcana,
by which it may Lv guided, any kind of
luwb-r wbetLrr ia tites, logs, or pla&k
may be cut as detlrrd. The battery need
be only of ihe simplest ktud, aa qaAntity
not intensity ci current is rt-quiml. A
child by this means, may 11 U largest
tree in the forrst, divide it into logs, r
cut It Into Wards, without saw or as T"
Only tU.V of it! The !dta of mtti;
down a Hag' pine tree with a wite ! S rae
wircre stands op and declares : I don't
believe it. It can't fe done," but soeh
should remember that they talked jast so
alien the telegraph was prx.jf-cied. It U
only another urool that ibe impossibilities
ot to day arc the scientific facts tf to
New ToaK, Oct. 21 Mrs. Greeley
has relapsed.
Ti.baco manufactures and dealer have
r-soled to uor no cat.d.dale Ir Utn
grcrs wlo will not pledge himself to con
tend for modification oi the preseut oa-
.- r . ' .
presstre taxation oi ineir in teres is.
A. U. Stoib -, Itc Private SecreUry
to Cot.sul Rut U r, i:i Egypt, prints long
affidavit detailing proceedings of Roller,
by which the latter made some twenty
rtrm of
The New Yotk Times in the camnairn
now bappvly almost over has earned for I thousand dollars in gold by
itself a reputation for tnftimv only surnas- hlack mMling and other reprehensible
sed bv that of the men in Pennsylvania, ways- Stollogo also stales that butler
'i-.. .....
whom in us slavish subserviency it has w drunk nearly all the time, and was m
hud d to the sku a. It i the D.ile. t'V ol frequent strset row and fights, and wa
the American press, and as such it p lid under a subsidy of some thousand pound
lor slanders can be passed by, but us u-niog per year irom ibe rvnedive
brutality, il. ignorance, and lack of p itriot
out the margin of.diff rence ; and hen, if Je" togwner." it is wonderlul how msny
he blindly goes on raising corn, year after P-"0"8 re renuerea nnuappy ny inatten
year, with no knowledge of what it costs
him, it will require tho profits be may
derive Irom some other cron to counter
balance his hiss on corn. tiit if he knows
what the com coetg him, and whence th
profits he gets are derived, it will be an
easy matter, comparatively, to stop the
leaks and tucreatfc the profits the succeed
ing year.
Have the profits been derived from econ
omy, or from bberabty of expenditure iu
I .1 m w i
rem. ion to espeeial crops i In other
words", is there any o-'e crop which res
turned $2 for every SI expeneded in pro
ducing it; aud if.iUy Xpen4j ut culture
or tor plant food per Aftuaa beeu iu
creased, would the pronts Dave corres
poudii.gly increased ? Or has the firmer
tion to the rule of prudence. Thomas
ism, nonor, ana decency, constitute it a
mean critic of even the mo?t ordinary of
found the maximum of expense per acre lP,acH.ry ad baseness.
m t II .
1 liu returns ot the recent election in
the State come in very slowly, yet enough
is known of the result to state that the
Moses ticket (the rogues party) has been
elected by a ui gority of not less than v'e thousand iuo.-t probably by
a greater majority. U chard II . Cain,
colored, ia elected to Congress lor the
State at Jargj ; J. H. Raiuey, colored,
from the first district ; A. J. Ransier, col
ored, from lh second district ; R. 1J. El
liot, colored, from the third district ; and
A. SJ Wallace, white, from the fourth
district, over Perry, democrat. Cain and
At that moment he caught sight of that Rauster are nt w men the others were
father-in-law, who sat in a corner glai ing . members of the last Congress. Accor
savagely, at him. The spinal column i ding to the best data we have been able
willed, the bald head shrank down behind to obtain, Wallace is elected from the
the Alexis collar; the red neclie fluttered I fourth district by a majority of over fif-
. vy i c iu"Uiuiii niiu iiic rifiucrit 11 riir-i I Ltrrrii 1111 iiirtHi m lit ttrti ir. nil ili m f.r i n.i , . i . .
. ... 1 J . . ' , 1 resuirs. i tie trouble is, that in making
auib.t.ous p ebian swung upon his heel, Poor South Carolina, she is again des. ! up accounts with crops loo many f .rmeis
secretly folded his tent, and uleiitly stole l5nt d to be rAi.d by negrori aud ,hieves, estimate the amount ot time consumed in
fiorn the room m lime to evade the pater-! backed up by i.ant and his Adininistra- their production, instead ot charging each
na ueiieoicuoi. : "U.i, w nat a rascal tve tio. And yet you may hear some white ! crop, daily, with the time actually ex-
IK I I liu uiunn trt.t tskl Iha aar a a ionwl I'll
. , 7,v ' vi-, me,, W10 (lilve tne reputation ot being ponded upon it.
a mtr o,u ge ai. looa. , u e hoiie8t AAy Uwt imul 18 a better man than j Tlie result of sn. h inquiry as We In
noor in autues, occasionally bursting toith Oree ! v. Iffti,.4v el. et. d I,- u ill
Every now ai.d then the pub'ic is start
led by the exj-o-ur? of some domestic or
social villainy based on a secret marriage.
"Mime confiding oung lady has been in- I luirlit cixtv v.
duced to marry her lover secretly, and to
keen the tnarnatre secret tor months, and
perhaps for years. In a recent case
tnarnage had been kept secret tor nea ly
seven years. Of com se, a man who wishes
to keep his iatriage a secret is always
actuated by elffih, and usually be mo.
lives lie is acting a part pMyine a
game ; and his confiding wile is pretty sun
in tut end, to h id herself the victuo of
Wltat it Cot to Carry Mai me. A W.-U tes
ted writer in tlie Tribune, a n-Mdent f M'u.e.
says tha' the last elctn.n in that State roit
tlie (irantitn hard njK.n tw.. hundrJ thei!
n.l it.llr ! Says the writer : "lu th
firet ( o eri-Mi'iiiHl )i-tr;rt t.i't twow-ek
since a Jraut p!ilira n lxastd that hi p'ty
f r !liirl.-it:h in th tovro
where he liv". aii.l a suiall t'vij t.Ni. If
t- -u m ui an tm r no th. pa...
1 Itf l.iWf.t TC w a ?.). w hil- t' -..pie f ey
gave a barrel .J Emir. atil t-r -!ii..r taint-
IV tnT tMiuiflit a fnw. Mt o.u iiiiuin is
and it seen e. t he the eei.fral diift f di
cuasiou all durititt the last of the cuvm and
oo elcliou day itself, that ihe Iputd'teaus
made utr of mouey vi tieri-vrr t'lev eulJ. In
some instance, to tl.e ktinwtmie ofhuuJ-
reds. il was frly off-reil at the t
Advising Whf.rk to Go We ofiea
getiuquires like thie : I t aut to know la
hat part of th- Li.iud elates yoo re
commend me to go. 1 want logo lo some
arm climate. My means are limited. I
am a sii.cle man anddou I mind Lard work.
s 1 want to get a home fur myself." We
have no advice to give in response to such
an ii.quiry exc-pt this : There is not a
-late in the l oi..n h.rh has wrrn cli
mate, that has not some advantage over
some .b:-r Stste ; and any vrorig man
able and wiliii. to, who is frugal,
ran mik- him!f a hme in any of ibcta
lion t ask bir advice, but goand begin the
wotk ol securing a home at obce.
it pays to gave to any one crop i 1 hese
are interesting and profitable questions for
htm to answer.
Mtt I Mr . I . . m
i no tf.sses or en rt and lime on a tarm
are very tn ch greater than rait men rea
lize. I h- loss ot time perhaps is greater.
not ith.-tanding the a 't that farmers woik
so many hours per day. i bis loss is not
due lo ihe tact that the time is not all oi
nearly all occupied, but to the other fact
that it is too often improperly directed, is
is i:ot economized and hence is wasted
But if the time absolutely spent in the
producting, harvesting and" marketing ot
a crop is charged to that Ciop, the hus
L I I It
oanuinaii soon discovers its value, now
in lie n it enters into cost, and will uevi-e
ways aud means to economize i: that is,
to expend less time in producing the same
. iii i
.v woman anoniu in ver conseirx to be
man ted secretly. Her marri-tge !ioilii
be sob mnZd iu the light ot publicity,
and not in ihe cli oh-w of co;icetiliu -ui
. i i ii.-
rut' smoini ns i ust a uitn who has a
reason for eh: oiidi 'tr in dokm-M the a-
which in b:s istiinat o . at b at slnoil
be the ciowni g trior v of his life. '1 be
man who als ha m ux nlot on h. 1
- who nat. ra ly tak a to 'ickey and con
ce.iliuei.t, auo is never ralv to hiv,- In
i i
actions brought out into ( pen ! iy, is ap
to be so cnusiUuiiniiuliy i. i(ie that he sel
dom, even by accid.-nt, deviate into the
paih ot honor or virtue. No woman who
vallb s her domestic "Happiness should ey
r listen to the sngg. r-ti-ms ot such a man
iu lavor ot a secret nnrtiage,
Disraeli and Io-thai. .4ro;o ol
theexp-cted new novel fn-tn tl;e eii (
Mr. Iiraeii. ii in Mfi'imd that -Ixihair"
might never have been Htitien but for lb
illties- of All. Irira'li, now i-cointe
IJeMC'Oiffi' hi. She w.i making low re
t-overv, and lor liutiaiil, aulimii lo
amue tb- huis of conVMlerei nee, though
-I 1 ... !"!
Illeti tire .1 Willi Hie CHim .l lUe l.X lie.
i .
qoer, connived to u nl tun' to write a
i.ri i l t-i
CtMpter ol Hie OOV l every dV. n' !l.
l . . . - I : i -l
D' lo'T wutieii out I'l IU ill. I ;i lo Hie
a a a
rooming, was earth d nn to lle nek t liini
ber and aronse! tin- tedious h urs of lh
invalid in the cenin?.
The finest spicimeo ef Brussels lace U
so complicated as to require the labor of
seven persons on one roere. and each
jN-raTMe is employed at diolinct ftatote
"I the oik. The thread oed U ef ex-
qit?ite tififie, which is spun In data
nn .ergronnd rooms, where jt is tafScteut
ly insist t" prevent the ibicad fiuiaMpsr-
liing. If is so di'licalc as scarcely lo bo
s en, and the rfm is so irrsnf-d that all
ihe liglit admi:i-d shall f!I epoti the
work. It in snch thai renders
the Hr3"e! grouud sn Cftly. f)n a
of not two tnebe wid.frora
two bin. died to thre bunird bobbin r
ornetiroei ud ; and for a larger width,
a matiy at iiht buudreo on the same
into a spasm of vchcmeul expletives, -vow
ing lhat
would - cane
him : and 1 believe
never keep a unci in otace or sustain such
a Slate Government as Scott's and Musts
iu Sokith '..aioliua. Democrat.
over twelve hundred Southerners would, lor the elderly gen ileman was con-
ii e Uai.dred of which are Virginians, two aidei ably "on the ecite." His solicitors
n-MMiir-o i nroiii.iaiis, one iiumtreil and Pllfl.iivorid
Ii")- hi t r-:iiii'-!M-?i:iM and others throughout
the .South), who have h. rtght the Stit-fl' I'iano
since the close of the. war.
.2&40t Sali, 0.
endeavored to calm him by whispering
"newt-paper men were in the room," but
all to no avail.
is I lie strangest ot
eases on the divorce record of either nu i t !
Tlilere is a venerable maxim tire truth
of which, we believe, no one is
suggested above will be lo cause a higher
value to he placid upon time, to see that
. it is not wasted and therefore, a better
i direction of ihe idT.n ts or force expended
in producing crop. The bent wavs and
GORING OF ' ni"a',! will be devised and adopted fordo
ing the most woik m the least tune and at
the" le; t ; for eve.y thougntfi.l
fi4l IIKT k IlllH M I h:4t I !. I ill t.rr i i .. il-l i.ii. .. J h.
Ul Ulf.l u
1 .1 I . '4 Muibu, ni, iii ill. ri , nn unr IC U 11" IMil 11 1 ! I .1 a- 1 I
ana me ecal)aue or h - ! - .. . . r uuniuiftn? w coi oi orodiuMiun lit en
giddy, foolish girl was rold by an injudi- !" uWrr. " w verity- hanc,g yr,tnHal Xeic Ywker,
Clous tiarent to w ntr I'l.U "I V l'r
. llb-M If'li trLriil d i kVW hara .xn 1
strangest ot all the remaikable L x-
V'I.k. UVIUIII'IIIC 111 llliK, 1,11
which the new-nap i are commeutincr.
this maxim very vividly to our
It t
Georgia Hdiiie Insurance Co.
Incorporate, iiV). Capital. $350,000
I) K. WILUXlX.&cretary.
All losses Equitably Adjusted
j And Promptly Paid in Full!
Property owners desiring to obtain reliable In
surance will do well to protect themselves hv
sc. wring a 1 W ui "(.'eorgia Ihaueliisurancje
i Aitetieiea at pronioeut point in All the
I Vmiht-m biiite. . , - .,
! J. A7.LEN liKOWN, Agent,
Dflice o. Granite Row,
!' Salisbury, N.C
April 2, 72
i, :
.Marriage Certificates for salo here.
While the lesser. Administration organs
are engaged iu boasting over their antici
pated t ii urn j ii in November, the leading
organ of thai party, the New York 'limes
(Grant's own ) strikes a much lower key,
and admonishes the ll publicans against
indulging au overweening confidence. It
reminds them that "ihe Presidential bat
tle" has not yet been fought. While ta
king hope from the result of the October
elections, it yet admonishes its friends of
the importancefif continued effort. The
Ttmes says : " The tide of a campaign
'has been turned -before now, botp in the
"stiugle of actual wai fare and in that of
"politics, by the rash assumption that a
"beaten enemy was as good as no enemy
"at all." It declares, with emphasis, that
"the true crisis of the fight bus not yet
been reached." f
We commend these enggestion of the
President's chief organ to the fajut heart
ed iu our owu rank who are disposed to
give up before tha great battle has been
lought While wedo not underrate the
successes achieved by the Radicals in
lnneylvaiiiaand Ohio (albeit accomplish
ed by fraud and false counting), neither
do'we underrate the4 Liberal' success in
Indian;!, and the u loads mada by; Liber
alism in. Ohio. j-
It should also be borne in mind that
thus far there has not teen any .actual
and ?
their z-al to establish perfect just'ee
, heavenly Condition of things in the
i, the Radical Congress of the Uui- I
tales passed iii 1870 what is known
as the Enfoi cement Act, and again in 1S71
and again in 1872 re-forced that act so
that the aforesaid beatific"conditi n should
be preserved and perpetuated. The acts
were-made of general application to the
I whole com. try, although it was well under
stood that the blessings they provided
were really intended for theso-ealled "in
surrectionary" States. Under their bene
cent operation innocent men were instruct
ed in their duties by th gentle means of
detetjtives, deputy-marshals, blank war
rants, perjury, &ct resulting in shaved
heads, strip d clo.hes convict labor and
blasted lives; and ihe spectacle refreshed
all hyal hearts, illustrating as it did the
valo of liberty and the triumph of repub
licaiusra But by some strange misappre
hension on the part of the rfficers ot the
biw, Ian attempt his been made to extend
the ' blessi. g exclusively iuteuded for us,
into the latitude of loyalty.
respectable citizen of New York has
visited by two strangers at his pri-
r sidericej b 8 beeen cross-examined
as to hi residence, n uv. age, &c. until his
iudigfnaiion prompted him to show the
strangers the door, whereupon he was ar
rested,' carried, not to Court, bat to the
Let oar Eesteru readers try to form
some conception of the way wheat is
grown in California, from the following
stat -met.t gathered from the San Francis
co bulletin. There is a wheat field in
Joaquin Valley which covers 36.000 acres
The crop this jear is r- p-i'ed to average
40 bushels per acre, oi 1 440.000 hustiel
in all, w hich would require over forty ships
of medium size to transport it to market.
One side of this "lot" is 17 miles long.
When ploweo, ten four-horse teams were
attat h to ten gang plows, each gang hav
ing four plows. Luueh was served at a
midwar station, and supper at the termi
nus, 17 m:e fiom the place of starting.
The grain was cut by twenty of the larg
est reapers. There are two other wheat
fields in this valley, one of which con
tains 23,000 acres aud the oilier 17,00.
Then as an offset to this magnificent state
ment, we have this : "There are thous
ands of tons of wheat which cannot be
taken out of the valley this season, and
must remain over, a dead capita), or what
is nearly as undesirable, will only com
mand adranae at heavy rate of interest ."
And then, to how the wheat growers of
the Western States the importance of
W t m
providing tor the consumption at home
Tiik New Ymk HirnUl hiving said
:hat Greeley allies h i4 sutler d Irom "the
absence ot any w-ll defined ii-su- s involv
log a prn c pie of government," ihe Tri
bane makes the ti-llowiug jus' reply :
ii .i.? -i.i . i .
necnucnaiioii wim tin- o-'UUl, Id I irm
al the South, R form at the North, an end
to proscitption, to carpet-bag robbery, to
the reign of cot ruption and the t hoice of
Governors by convict are not tin se w 11
defined issue 7 do not iheie involve priu
Ciples of government ? If members of
Congress sell their o'.es tor rail way shares
aud divid mis ; if a Sei ator of the L . S
goes back telling taUeh-iods to catch the
votes of lohiti -ii and Germans ; if Grant
mikes it f.mily mailer of the i.ffices,
and ee.l.U Unworthy persons to repre-elit
us al loreigu courts, ii.her becaure they
are relations or thoee of bis particular
friends ; it all the blasters in theeouu
try neglect their business, and conspire to
br -ak down the circulation ot a newspap-r
b cause ihey do not bke it any better than
it likes tln m ; if the Heads of the Depaitv
U'ents leave their duties to make p:irti- n
stump speeches iu behalf of ihe President ;
if cleiks paid by the nation are detailed
i i . i i ...
io euvei'.p uocuincuia anfi to ciieal itie
post office by forging franks then we
say that there is a plenty of issues always
j i i
ana wuerever aim uy wuomsoever lUeee
offense are defended.
Grant nnd 1h' Ctln-ct R tc ew1r-d
orati.r. iitnieil l;Mii.l.!-h. in a h -- I . at
1 'tHipr I nstii ute X Vi.rk. ia-t lnd y a ght wi h ur-Mt emoliaiis thai wlnu
rn-.U-ri- 'K H-.u'rf- .i rt. .1. mhi r--
i i-'Hj i- .i--rrt.
tre.ui. a f v wU !.f..ri- i I a lit W .
re.I race than r
And imiit (v'i- lr.
who. in it f i Ali
bi tter fi ii-iul
1.-V - he li- d. W"
it. tain I . lf.l. !-r
ing l-m, Va.. Iat a. lid ti.e ..;.a.-J t
pie. timng '.tin r thing-, that U ut a
eral otucr r during ttie ar. aud l.eru 'eu
('rant t-ay. w ith his v n ears. 1 lint if
r.nil.l he rm vinee.l tlit the i r w m wng.-d
for the freed nn f the uegrohe woull return
hi sword to the iienbhatd. l.arr it on th
rack, and there 'et it t.U the rust I. ad
coaauined it. 7t-i. Whig.
Hartranft's mijority in the State will
be just whatever the Radical Sute Com
mittee ehooe to count it. They will
nvmipnlate the figures to s:it themselves
and W" will hive to eicept the result
Tney may make it thirty or fifty thousand
As perpetrators of election trauds and main
pultors of election returns the present Rad
ical managements in Pennsylvania is the
greatest success of the age. Simon Came
ron has taught iliern their Umou well and
they have been very apt scholars, .'ust
make it whatever you please, gentlemen
we doo't care a .
Bcllciunte (P'l J Watchmau.
IV.f-t-or Harris, the well known and
i i .i i 1.
popular lecturer on l tirenology aoa LUc
Scietice of lltlioot.ii j, nude a w " u -
derf .1 fuircs i?i Yotk tb's eas.n
mi ll his e i li.bun.iit of flic wotks. He ia
.!: d now at evirv rrat.d ftsUvaloc
n.g eiliiUii ' s. x r n I iii c cars. run-Ooau
in a.r, aed r.t'.n r new pv rt W clinic iuvtn
ti .i . the bke a.d roTi Itv ol which never
has been i!nessfj in ibis city before. If
this country ;s to celebrate its centernai
antiiversaiy of American Indfpendioce,
Coi.gns rhould engage Proftssor Hanis
to get up the displays fui.the large citiesf
tor he m the only man wb can make
fin vv r. k - fj Mith mi ulc union. J'iitteroy's
TnE Outlaws. The UAjcsonian has
the following on the outlaw r: -
"We learn from p4-rsans residing in
the neighborhood that the remaining out
laws have been seen occasionally, ot late,
about their old hatinla m ScutH-iowu, and
that tbey have beeu reiulorceti by a white
man of the neighborhood, who ha n et in
ly joined them. N e were uuabled to
learn the uame ot ibis uew recruit, but are
informed lhat he is a native of South Car
olioa who moved lo this county with hi
i a m i ly last spring, for the purpose ot far
ming in connection with his wife's father,
ou the plantation of Mr. Robert MrKenzie,
who has siuce died. He and his father-
iu-Uw eooit had a tailing out, aud be sud-
of their product by encouraging home j denly disappeared, h aving hia wife and
. .. J .1: :iJ I . . ! i 1 . 1 r. ...
manuiaciures anu utverauy ww industry, cnitdren uuprovidt d lor. vv. tien next
Gkxi'ink Fools. He who wipes his
nose ou a nutmeg graier, and picks his
teelh wilh a raz.r. She who say "no"
to a proposal f a genih nun when she
has reach-d the age of llnr'y. He who
g Is so drunk at night, that he puts his
cloth to bed, and hang hitn-'ell on the
back of a chair She w liorolt her clo-eks
a ith hiickb.tts in order to give them color.
He who puir on hi hat, lakes bis cane,
and star a oat in pursuit of an honest and
disinterested p -litician. he w ho pit ches
and slaps a child to make it quit bawling.
SrTESvii.LB Oixror. We learn
from the American that Capt. Tat lor
Mjttiu ha ! tbe Simonlon Fetsala
Colli ge. ii. is a couria of Prt-f. Martio
of I -id "ou College, and was a noble
sMdier of the Ct.fetlerncy. At Peters
burg, Capt. M. x-rformed one of the moS
heroic rts of the war. He attacked with
his battery of artillery a Yankee gunboat
ascending tbe Appomattox and set it on
fire with bis shells. Capt. M's. pieces
bad to cross an open plun before gelling
into poeilion, and dutiug the engagement
had no shelter whatever. We with him
great emcees. Cbatlor.e IIo$uC.
in nn article upon
says: ''Here we lean
The new bridge i,ow i.i course of con
struction over the Frith oYTay, iu Scot
la. d, will be the longest bridge in the
wotld longer even than lh Yctoiii
bridge, Montreal. Tle Victotia
is 9.194 feet long, while tbe Tay budge
will be 10,321, tnak ng a difference in
favor of Tay bridge ol 1.136 feet. Ifibe
lay bridge were eighty yards longer, it
A;: Illinois editor
tnt aurora ixireaiie
over ll-e verge of the infinite, longing to
grasp lis myotrriee lout in ihe profandi
tie of imno i-sity ." Previous to this bis
friend in'endi d to run hint for Congress
ujxin the t nip-rance li k t ; bol tiow tbe
project his rt abaudoi.ei betaose tbey
say that a man who would "lean over the
v re of tli infinite" in order to try to
grasp tbe autota bon l;n iu ibe middle of
the night, must get into rondiliotia which
unfit birn for the duties of Good Templar-sb-p.
would be tw.) mi'es exactly, and for nil
thus rendering themselves independent of seen In- was in company with tlie outlaws, I i , tents and nuries it may therefore be
foreign markets, we print a statement of where he has been seen frequently within ! called a two rode bridge, and will have
the same paper, dated Sep. ?0, that since . the past few mouth." I ninety piers and eighty-bint spies.
The first bal of iVier tbefjreat, whiod
is d npori by the llnseians as tbe
progei.bor oJ the Roaetan tiet, has ben
li(-ught fiom the Moscow ExbXiiioa to
its f.rrner and reeiiog place by the fort of
St. Peter and Paul, wilh ceremoaie
similar to tboi which accompanied its
transport to Mecow sortie lime lince.
Lady Fvar.k'.iu writes ibe IxmdonTinvs
tbal she is not suffrring tota waxt of a

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