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J. J. " BUUNEIl,
Proprietor nd Editor.
Associate Editor.
OmE: F.ARt payiM iu advance. ...
Six (Months, " f
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In- cuiiijiiiiiM nt to Lis frauds
ji'iMu', nul lii tl.irt uiflbod wonJd
.- mreution lite exl iuiHl f.acilitM'n
';iiitul. in Li- liiM' if I'Usincsj
. ;i'f,ir ! lu furni-b all kind of
v,-. Irnin tl'o Humix-m' lltad Stnp,
;i.'f i:!'i!!ii:u.Mit, Tho.-o rcfi-i ir.jr
I t-t' i o-tly wiik not . turliHiul, ran
simrt li;nc, -t di tly i; at-
vitii -ji-'viliiMtiniis, (Irnl'ts. ami the
i In f 'ut'-nct. S.iTfr-t'nction sritnran
1 1 will !) t In iii:ilci M!,' North or
JoHN H. fir IS. S.UisV.urv.
Druggist & Apothecaries,
; SALISSUZ17, II. c.
Uiiving purchased the contents of the
.Drug Store foruK-ily occupied by Dr.
' Kdwsrd Sill. We resptctiully call the at
tfntiotitof the (yiti.ens of Salisbury and
the swr'rouuding country, to tlie new ar
rangement, and inform ihem that we will
continue to carry on the business at the
fatne jilrtce, and the same excellent 'wayT
We Will endeavor to keep on hand all the
various goods the people may need per
tuinin'g "to otir litie ntid therefore hope
by utnet attention to busiuesd. to receive
a lilnial patronage. ' '
Physician's Orders Prompt
. j ly -Attended To.
Prescriptions accurately and
care i'ulhi com noiimled hu reliable
and competent )ruaahts dan or
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M 1 C M S th -i i, .hi llv,i Silrcr Medals
. .Je award, 'i lo I'jIALICS M. Si'IEFF
'1 .' the. I'st I'iaims iu comjieiition
wfnh i.l! il.c leadihg muutactur- ,
J '' the country.
flce and 17 ew Warcrooms,
.WM Libcihi Si I! t i.tiucmv v.r
l Jiyii JI x Pianos contain all the latest ini
, -.oenreiits t. lie luiind in a fiit-ctas Piano,
a linmal iintirovxjiietits of liis own in.
'' tii'i-j i,i j,, i, jn ,,tiu.f in-tninuMil.
ii-v t"ie, tench and titiish ..f .their inM fu
- lit, eiiian-t he excelled hy any uniuiitaetur-
j 1 - -"
large assortment of sccond-huml Piunos
- ay- .in hand, from !".'. to .:i!0.
I' l..r in. ,1 l'l. ... j .
". v ii it .i -j i is n : i -.11 1 ic i wei; r 111 - Ktyh.s ..n hand from 0t ,,d Uij itnls
SMnl:j..r lii-tsnted Calaloirui. coiifaininL'
:u'..f! f over tv,.v hi:iwt I ..iiil...i-i.i..-J
lave n-r'tdied . :,-!, ,.re Viri. tw..
. 1 v- .. . ' .
l .Ollll
a Home Insurance Co.
Incorporated, I8o0. Capital. $350,000
J- JlirrrDES BROWNE, Aideut, '
D- V. W'lLLCOX, Setrdaryl
AH Losses Equitably Adjusted
And Promptly Paid in; Full!
Jperty owners desiring to obtain reliable ln
Tnee will do well to protect themselves bv
-unng a pQylc j :(ieorKiH jIomi Inw,ran
Agencies at prominent points in nil the
botall,rn Slates. . . 1 .
j t J. ALLEIn" BROWN, Agent,
. ' j . i Office No. 2, Granlle Row,
252- It : Salisbury,! N.C. ,
Marriage CertifWfr foraae horo. t
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,va f.
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ii ; r . iuth i 1 , . t i i i a .
IJ cims-n,,.. avd olhers throgh..,,t )U While speaki,,- of the clock ' H,,ld.? MHM,,iUi ;,,"'-' i,r"vt'd al
tie; South). ho ...,v,. Hnnght the Stiell l'iaiio 5 i , 1 bouse the identical proceedings enacted at
.n.c.,tl,iM lose,,, .lH mention that ou Sunday evening, f Surrency 's begin at M. Peterson's
20 ,0 J.Mld;N into WN Agent : presence ot- your corre-s,so;de,,t, . aa f Surrency's a soon aa the
..iw, Salisbury,' N. 0. and two or three friends that, at .the hour jj . l,.i 1 i . n . .
: r 1 - i i i ..... , ladle left, i hey remained at Paitei sou s
: I e'gutt l M"'-k only tour, while it had j r.. .....i .j ... i
a firf iii 21
From the Savannan Kewi.
Iicliuhle Rport of the Mysterious Phe,
As wp intiraatrd in-otir Ii.soe of Satur
day, we now have ih j)!t.H,,r. Javing
More the nad.-rg of jT.e News an intVUi.
pMit, cnect and inrereninp account f
i fie late wonderful plieiiomiwl mai.ifnia
imi.H at Snrrem-y, N. 6. on the Macon &
Brutif w itk RiroMd : r
Savanxah. Oct. 28, 1872
Editor Morning Ncics : -
According Jo promiee.I herewith tranii
rait j ori the naoit important portion!'
int. rviw Ud on yePterday with the Sar
rency furuil , whose recent myeterionf
history hni gwne so far toward exciuog'
the attention of our citizens and the pub
lic 'i!Prally.
Th 7 p. in. Macoh train on the Atlan
tic and Gulf Railroad leaving your city
oii-llie evening of ili 26 h inst., bore your
coni-fpoiident tafV-ly lo
on th.- Maron ai.d Urunfvick Railroad,
a d the pc ne .-f the- late in vptrii-.ii
mm; pc?. We left the car., at 11 j o'clock
on bapii ay -night, aijd t-iok a caMial tur
vev . t our Miuv.Ui.d.g. It ii certainly
one of tin lait places that I would iUp
p'?e a fpiri'. onld choose to locate
plMHtly prankt i i Ifjrerdeuiaiti, or a magi-,
ciau to d if play his ekill
comfortable, though bnrlt man olden style,
in situated near the railroad and near the
centre of a circle ot cypres-? pond, pnr
rojindirig Iandn of a low, damp nature,
and covered with saw palmetto. The train
left 'and e proceeded to th Iioiihc, whert
we found several young men around n
bright fire. We soon enlivened the scene
with jokes, phoit stories, &e., and in thh
way passed off theremaindt-r of the night,
and the next day proceeded to converse
with different nu mbers of the family, wit
nesses of the late exciting Scenes.
! tiie owner of the ptace, was the first whom
we approached ; hut as he wa in this city
at the coniruencetnent of the affair, he
only told us a portion of what was done.
and. which was told hy members of his
family who witnessed the'whole proceed
ing. On his return he was made" acquaint
ed with what was goiug on, and skui af
ter witnessed se-eral mysteries hituselt.
",m, ns thejr will come in
j under the testimony of the others.
told es$by Mr. Surrency was the affair of
j the clock, already mentioned in the Ma
: con Enterprise, and w hie If was witnessed
' by the representative of that journal. 'I'lir
cioi k was hanging to the wall iu the par-'
irtiiud h id ever been character zed for
the correctness of ita time. Suddenly
with '
the hands began to n ove around with ex
ceedingly rapid motion, the hour hand
exactly five minims ahead ol thtmiuute
hand. In this singular position they con
tinued lo move for seventeen minutes, in
which time it had described five hours,
and each timei as it arrived at the 12
o'clock mark it would jtause and si, ike,
though with the greatest irregularity
Sometimes it would strike one hour for
another, sue'a as twelve for one, Sec, and
a. the end ot the five hours ceased its wild
movements and was i-Pi'idate Kv a
- - -.a j j
present, and who was a watchmaker and
jeweller by trade. It was then started,
f ver Klnce lots tent it nsnal crttA limn I
which w aa always very accurate, being i
kept according lo i he etandardlime of the !,
M. and B Ii R. Duiii.g this occurrence!
the gentlemen prt sent looked at their
... r o ,
watches and found tint e1Cl, had the pro- j
i . j .
4"'1' ,,uie, h h)t tl,e 'd,'a of
aV I
Js dissipalefl. as the watches as well as
. . ...
been su.king correctly from twelve the j
tiight previous, and 1 distinctly rememfier
counting seven on the eveuiug in qu-stmn, j
at that hour. e merely mention this as
r .i ocen.a u, u0 ,,. , witnout asc luiug u ;
t r out' afliu tuit l.uff at ti t kaitrai ff at ra I r t lia 1
!i a . . . . . . .. . a . . , . .a . ll...n . a
, deiiingeinent of machinery It continued
I running, and when examined was appa
rently all right. This is all that we wit
nessed during our stay, aa we arrived too
late to see any of the performances, which
i ceased
on Friday evening, the 25. It, ajod very
nearly at theatne bonral which It began
on Thursday, the 17ih. As I have said
Mr. Sunency was iu this city at the be
ginning of the alT.iir, aud -was expected
home that evening. The train, however,
was behind, and his daughter, a young
lady of, I suppobe, 17 years, walked out
tb the track aud looked up the railroad to
see if she could discover the lights of the
expected train. While anxiously looking
she distinctly ' ,
in the form of a man approaching her, but
apparently with no bad intention. She,
however, turned, and walked quietly lack
to the steps, and just as she reached thm
heard something like a chunk come whiz
zing through the air and fell to the ground
iiuile near Iter. , For ear of being laughed
at for cowardice, she concluded not to
mention it to the family, and tat down oo
the steps. -She looked immediately in the
1 I
f r I
direction he had come, but could see
S'ie could see it in no direction, though
the grounds are quite open, and we feel
sure, from the distance iliowu us, that she
could plainly have seen an object of a
much smaller six, especially when mov
ing. As uhe took her seat on the step,
oTher, things Htijilar to the fiisi fell around
her in vif-rv ratnd succession, and in Quite
close pro miiy, none striking her. Hiey ,
w I ' A
all came from the direction whencelche
had seen tliM apparition. She then nnjved
into the parlor, lK-re were nm gentle
uieii, Nii,ig llte'iu ia luinicier. She still
(aid nothing of it, and went iulo
which adjoins the bouse, where her moth-
er was superintending the preparation of
supper, j As he was grung frou th par
lor through a passage war to the kitcUtn.
she could distinctly bear things similar to
those described, falling m ine yard and
againstnhe end of the house, apparently
moving inline ntrectton ot the kitchen.
By thti'titne she had gained the entrance,
bricEbats, bottles, &c, were idling
on .cverf side. The gentlemen prrsent
wire called, and diligent search nude,
though fiojou'e could be s-en. yet those
missiles "were falling around. It then got
among the pots nu the pt,', ihiew t)u m
oft, o vet turned the coff.-e pot. threw crock
ery, kidves, Sec , ab.Ht ih. ti or, and en
tered .he house, where similar etiong
took place. Books, glasses and oibr
things, were scattered a bout ih- fl .or. A
youi ger bro her ot Mr. Surr ncy wmf here,
sent fori and remained with the family
during! the night. : ile was one of the
priucipa) witnesses jof the
and detailed us many interesting itero.
One in particular was, that while standing
before jl he fire in tlie par or, looking to
wards some book shelves in tin; opposite
end of the room, hej distinctly taw a book
from the middle of a pileof six or eight
describe an arch upward from the ehelf,
and then gradually ; descend some six or
seven feet from theVhelf, and lie quietly
on the. floor. He! picked it up, laid it
hack, and the same- motion
n was gone
through again. He then called frouj an adpuning room, tind i
showed it to her as it lav ou the floor, i
and she said that she had'put it back f.otn
lh me ....itio. lin.- il.t v i
The boi.k was a quarto volume ot Walker's '
Ti;-.;, ....... ...... .... i w '
lfiliii iini t, . miu n n pi riniviii in its. .1 c 1
could enumerate vjery numeious instances
of the kiud, but space forbids.
to say thlest ot it, that thes- things cou'd
go on in d:ff rent pans, of :He house at the
same time, they usually choose
this manner of proceeding; and fiequent
Iv open day titno would thev go on
inside i he house over the yaid at the same
moment, and with articles t fan altogether
niflerent aey ad nature. We were also
' i
in the middle of tin put lor fl.ior, where a
bottle of oil is said to have fallen The
bottle was reru.t.edi from the house .or
fear of its coining lira contract with fire.
its coining lira
and placed on a pot in the back van!,
when it suddenly left, passed ar mud to
the front of the house, came tlnonh the
front door while closed, fell u i he floor
and broke near the. able where it tonner
ly sat. The spot wii evidently cans-d
from oil, and it cet iainly fell from the dir-
ection of the front door as can be easily
seen fixm its shape
ve were torn mat
lefi her home for a day by the advice of
1 I... I ' J . .. J i .i j i . i .
uer uusoaiiu ; auu irienns, ana w uuiirr
J.,,,,., ..... ,i... I . r - i
i oc . o, a menu
V,r" Pa,r,), o- t" mile distant.
Al,f",U8 U &'1 al1 'he i","nnrtt'" Wt
Ctuld' We ,at ,,ut ,lk'', lu AIr
Al,a Ju1 ll, ,e colI,v
of our tab. . Mrs. S. and daughter did
leave home during the week, and went to
.urs. i . t wiiu i lie intention ol lemaiinn"
hou8eboJ -ood9 -i- destryyed,
jruA ,U a.. ' '
remained at Mr. Patterson's and her
. l i . ......
SE...Liirrr rriiinipn. h ill i :.h Hiftr.i. m a.i.. nrriv.
Lotne 8Ut , fae y
. - .
began again. They ceased at Patterson's
when she left there and .have never re
turned, though the young lady rciniiued,
aud was seen there hy jour coirespon
dent ami frieiids. 1'hese strange things
have never happened except where Mrs.
Surreucy was present ; and always ceased
when she left ; and it is Very clear, assum
ing it to be fiom a supernatural souree,
that she is the medium through which it
acted. She et ted to ,.s that she bad neer
been mesmerized, nevcrjsaw, a mesmerist
or spiritualist that she ! know of, utver
read a woik ou i
and lias never thought
when she heard o.hers
about it except
imention it. The
same may be said of daughter, while Mr
F i i tr j w - -
Surrency has always bej-n a strong oppo
nent of the doctrine of spiritnlism iu any
form. He ia a plain, practical farmer, a
well-to-do and popular citizen, and has an
excellent uaine among his neighbors,
many of whom we met at bis house, and all
ot the railroads employes with whom we
spoke, eem to' sie with ach iu heaping
praLte upou hiihaelf and jwife. ,
.."J ..,.!. iii. suspictoj-4 .
was orer known to rest upon h! conduct,
and in politics we were lold h- ws
s.anucb Democrat-m prn..f Df which I
w.Il say :hat hew a subscriber to th- 8a-
TannabJ,ews Yourcompondent m.ticed
aeveral hies o papers in the bouse
and al ol th.m were Manucli Democratic
journals. Tb part of the long ad
inn test ing murviews that we bad with
, liw l-iniiltf k.. J .....
.rH1r, M , rfl w cu,
manor other agency, lhe lude thing is
ittrueand weal least lave n vrV lta ui l
K. r.verv ord siaiken bvtli. n .-u.n. -
will, an air of candor that in inulligt ,i
auditor can disiegnrd Each -I ihem was
questioned by us apart lntn t'ie I'thers.
and at dijferent times, wlirn th-y did ,;.t
expect it, and end, tallii A 'with ibetiihvr
... ,
mm a i.ibjiI I . -111 I... . i ,
, V t I "-n..r. - furj sa,u
was also suUtnttated by many t their ;
neighbor and away f.oor Wr preaeuce. j
11 " " . "
that humaii agencies co4i!d operate s..dif- :
f us. ly ovev a Inane and grounds, iu the
pie.enceot hundreds, all ou he alert, and i
. . -
yet not be delected, unless we asumetbe !
tmp.obable poaitiou that a man's eves and
til an. sure ot little value to him. That the
f-cheme is c. ncocted froui motives of pro
hf, is alike l,utib,as we were assured by
disinterested authority, that in the past
week Mr. Surrency had fed no lees ihau
lodg-'i.g them at night, and all without
cln:gi ig one dime. We can bear witness
to this to some extent fioiu last Sunday's
olserations, and judittg troui what we
8 tw in the tieighborhood ot Mr. uriency's
cane patch, we would gueos that a good
ly numl bad paid court there as well as
al the table. That euch things are done
by either himself or family, is equally
absurd, as it is highly iwij.robable tlit
they would continue a thit g so
This assertioa seems to hurt tin m verv
much, and they seem to he quite worn out
with it, and hope it has gone forever
Mr. S. is also pained to see so many ab
surd stone? and exaggerations iu regard
to it, as for instance the.
about the hog appearing in th house, and
al-Ol ubollt. the H liiltfV twiflt.. mmii cr tn
; . " " J b voinntanlv Mrs. b. as-
8l'red "h" bd mI ,,"z"n P" "
" c,,"kt rv' V, china. Sec, and
fhn e! ,,,f ,he, ." dug piece o '
'r ,d W,4,ch wa" ' bil.a
satu-er, and which she had for six d ffer-
ent tinipa hih-ii remtvr.d
e 1 u..u
from one pnrt of the house to another,
without being broken. No live object
has ever been seen by any o the b. mil y
that seerned at all i vstetVuis, except he
apparition seen by the young lady. No
mysterious voice lias ever been heart!. No.
questions have ever heen asked fr. m eith-
party, ami " .'.tiinattot.R hnve ever
bv lvc" Jmm u""" power,
j I he whole thing is clothing in darks
i ness and to us bear the
and if any one will do as we did, a- d com"
tr. any other conclu-ioo. it more th t-t
we can now snppose It at b ar a phe
nonienon, and one thatW would I ke to
have explain, d,
IX, conch sion.
we will r turn our sincere 'barks to Mr
Snrn iicy and tao-ily foi their uiiiing Mt
tentions a' ri kit dness during our brief
lav I ho m.iiii r ii ... I .
p,ompt and cheerful answers, and each
reined to aid the othef iu those little
kindnesses that f?o to m:iLs life and LnaJ.
mp nlt'ai,itnt.
St !l P t a- t 1 T
v. a iiciioAii gjm
HflBWVWX If I 1 1,1
1 Wlal
Ui.e n the mot diKiroi- uj HSaim wp
IiaVr- ever leen called imou to miiit a ttrka.L
I l -t .
N lute, walkd into an ld open well,
supposed to be bout j-0 feet dp, aud on
the same lot where the tents hid been
erected. Hrr cries ii,UIm &itru-terl tlr
"I'"1 Al,W 'f 'he Circus
" employees, who immediaielv
! a,U r U,e w A large
crowd unnn hsnu in
- wiuu ur
scene or ine accuieut, eacu crowding ihe
other to get a position nearest lo it. when
x- . . .... . . . "
.Mcuaia 11. Aslie, auofuer of the circus
men, w hile endeavoring o render aid to
those already iu the well, was accidents-
puslu-d iu a . ,ere being 0 rurb
around the excavation. To add to ihe
horrors a large lamp, such as showmen
generally use, which had carelessly been
pla ed near tin edge, to enable those out
side preparing to rescue to see, was upset
a .d knocked into the well ou top of the
lhre unfortunate within. This did the
wo,k of death. The woman was soon
r-r.vel.tped in the fiery fl .iu and before
assistance could be rendered burned to
deith ; the two men were rescued alive
hut more or less burned about their arms,
face and legs. The two suff-reia were
immediately taken to Dr. Hauler's Infir
mary where all possible assistance was
rendered them by Drs. : Woodley, Faisou
and UuntT. They art not dangerously
iniur. d. A colored mau was also slight
ly burned.
1'he colored wo.ran is the wife' of Silas
Uhite She had no children. Aa aoot,
as Mr. John Roliinson, Jr., heard of the
sad calamity, he called at our ofSce and
deposited $20 for the purpose of defray
ing the expenses of a decent burial of toe
onfortanate'rictirA.' ' -v
W hardly know to whom the Liaise of
place last night, edi.esdav, Oct. 30 h. K"ulJ rt,, !'gn'en Hie I'.inoc. ul so tliat , fc ' '" eonmry ana to tlie
While the people were I. aving the large ' ,,H y w,'l never duru lo pursue the bnsi- wo',,4 fervent admirtisi tation.
pavilions of John Rohioson's t'itcas and ne!"'- I ' 0P,r,"''v laws, the iiivi-lnou dis
MeiMgetie, at the close of iheevenioe ex- I The net was drawn yesterday. The c oins, -h- class role, the raid-and nut
hinMon, a colored woman named Eliza ' offic rs commenced about 2 o'clock, walk- r ',,cn Froude adto t ed had
7, 172.
, bis .ffair ought to le attach. Thewell
opening is located only within a few feet '
of the sidewlk, lhnm h uft fenJ
,mnnd the lot. it w, not covcrrd nor had
h n p.nicle of curb It is . wonder that
some such ac, idet has not haopeed be-
f.,re this. Mr. Rabin-..,, assures n that
r .- ... I : j .... .
t,f nc opetdne wason the n .,n
1 here t,Hd a bouse b tw., ,. c?
' einse.
pavilion and the
Wfll.G..tdbiiu' Mes
wh.x r
l.-'ll il.g M'e W,. ptt U,Ur, it,,t,,J
m - s .i i-.t-wiiiMM., i cr nix d
fr il.
' " - ... nni ...... m MM
..11 i, ... .... ...
imny n , am n.g all ctvUized pei.ple,
to the dUcove.ies. iuventi..,,,, d inj.
pmv. UieTiir. iV She mechanical art.
Wite'll,e iy.of W-tt, IU., awl
Aikwught, all the great movements af.
c,i"K ,ht' "lions of the different or-
V M" 1,1 ""''i' ? nWr lbir
. .... ... mm
1 "" u" " Uiuc I'tatl c il.le only by
UlU'tUu ,iou "d ' " m.chineiy as
, IO U1U4U ",,,u'".ry
in ine giwio: tnu'-F these in, by
ueieoi.ary ngtii.1 r ov
sDjm rior prowess
assumed or usmpi-d ihe rt-l.t lo rule ov. r
. .1... ......... I .1 ...... i I
the great lalwuing masses, w ho content to
have their wauls supplied, wlieth.r of
courtly display and extravagance, or of
prodaiory waifare upon their rivals, wi.h
oi.t a i bought or caie as to the amout.t or
kind ot labor r quired for grrtif'ving the
demands of their pride and ambition.
The tillers ot the soil, the artisan and
the manufacturer, all upon a common
level, w.-re legaroVd as mere eeifs, us ful
only as producers of w hat was required
by the higher orders.
Labor-saving machinery baa changed
all this. It has been the greu elevaiiog
and equal zing ageucy of modern times,
ai d made il Mssthle tor the ioechnic and
the laborer to supply his wants and sur
round himself with cotntoits, convenience,
and luxuries unknown in burner times to
even the very highest oiders. He is no
longer the pert of dependent of other
ranks, compelled lo devote his lif' subject
to the r will, in luinist. rin to the wants
of others, f..r the mere' right of existence
for himself.
All this we owe te the mechanic and
mechanical arts. The great movement
in this dir.-ction is still going on at con
stantly accelerated ratio One improve
ment onlv stimiiUiea to another ; a com
fort of luxury fr to-dar is a necessity for
tomonow one improvement or advance
secures the means and opportunity for
still fui titer triumphs.
The mechanic of to-day is not defined,
as he nnw by a liier-iy lion of ihe
old aristocrat.c court ciicles, as 4a low
mean f'.-llow." He may, if he improves
his opportunities, be the peer of men in
any rank or professionion.
Th- Detroit Free Press of the 22d piints
the follow ing history :
It is a fuel better known to
the cost in bouse th u, to ou sid. rs
It a' al l";st e.-i ten. I, v..rn;.t
c i h D t : i..t i i t r i i - s't. -g'".d
T: i g . d- in i i .
s.'ck-, -: t. r:1.!... .s ol - U. '..
ot no g'. i va.. ; hi. th.- i,.i. ,. -gh-
i- ti" -i it the s ce. s 11, bi g! -
ovira-m.ll lo is -i a.l v al a s an in
d'lf. ni nt f'l ill.- Mlingi'ler f liv the
gine on a larger scale. Men may and do
s nuggle c'othiug now at:d then, bnt it is
the feiti-ih' sex which carries the burden
of g'tir. The custom-house offi 'uls at j
.1 J 1 . I ...
ine ,err cock iii lilt" ci'v are as vigilant
h nmv
is can but what chaiices"have
v ag tins' i, o i-ter' hop skirts and gi-
i ic lust!e? They cannot stop to e. p
ler shawls, examine ,i-kt-ls. look into
.... 1
: n
j under
. hftV 'Hftat dl.fl lirtll ta a . a- .1 fl... I.. a
-' " " aia ir-m n inn . I'll llll" IMl.H,
oiid bo they tmit cMii;Mit thr-ir wo. k
will, i Im kunwli dp. that e'Md ar- Inline
finMjrjrlert, and nmy on pHiul hikI
' Hidden IjmuI of tlo ir ut-tn c-iii tmn ih
-. "
ed fif een or twenty Women up stair into
the custom rooms and handed them over
to a woman to be searched. Every boat
load which lauded tor about three hours
was heated iu the same minuet that is,
all the female portion. Some were indig
nant aud appealed to their husband, who
vainly appealed lo the custom ofScers
Others want, d to fdntaway, but after
looking at the planks and considering the
dust concluded not to. OthciS went
laughed or turned pile, but none .f ih -m
were allowed toeactiw. During the afier
noon about one hundred and, fjlty Women
were- co. fionted by Uncle Sam, aud the
old man had a good deal of fun and made
some, wonderful discoveries.
For iusianc a uiodest little woman,
wi,o was in a great hurry to go borne to
her sick child, pulled out a few pins, and
ten yard of English fl.ntul fell to the
tbeor. A tall woman, with tears iu Iwr
eyes, who asserted that she w..uld sooner
chop her head off than to think of uug
gling, unfastened a pound of tea from her
skeleton, and asserted that must have
b-cn placed there by some designing per
on. Another one indignantly - denied
"ihe right of searrh," but after remaining
a prisoner for an hour or l wo, told the
searcher o ake it ai .1 go to grass
throw ing a package of ribbons and laces
on the tloor. A lot o calico was found
on another, rome velvet ou another, aud
at eat ten per cent, of the w bole number
were fo-tud to le euaged in smuggling.
The were satisfied with coufiaca-
(iuglhe goods.
Man' extreme action come net from
Li trill bat from hia nature.
We hare already nntd the advent t f
this uotrd English historian, and com
men ted ou hi first Irxiarr. N"w r ,...
tice Im- has roGd the wrath of Father
Tom Buike and that htlet iUum
put his Uncc iu rest and ridden a dough
ty till against the Euglish chawpht,.
Lp..n the m-rit. .f ibt coutrtivery
hich we pri,.l eUewhen tLc Savannah
Jlrpubi'cuu thi.s couimenls :
i '.. K- g.Uh and Irish Knight Errants,
I . u.leand Faihei Tui Buike, Lrr
ii. .. i ill iih rhaipeued Lncvinthe
rt New V.,k - and each has done
m. .lifUlii ll.V,.ir 1. 1. I j
W--J .... nu imiir lauu.
B.:t. aie ruui.ii. c .f fence both
ai learoml, and Ufh enttiuuf n-n
Uial a nil brlweei, two orh chatauious is
. dee4 a aight lout. Fb come ral
1 Uuay up to the lisu Mr the
! ehalgrr. Father Barker lhslrfewti.,
j hitting bard blows back lh bis eler-
, caJ eroxier, the stalwart EnglisUr armed
' t,,l,t w,, w"rd and pear. Ifc.ih are
i I 1 . . -
-Jead :n earnest., that the
tighl proinx o be fj. ICe One, lM.uld
t Couliuiie. and Froude lovokedto more
retofis. It is nn-si iogeniuus id.- lor
r.ngl tiU to send over an advtcaie In i.lead
its Cause g,i,.st I.eUnd's
j i . .. . .
and pay biu, liberally f.,r doing s.-of
Anrricun p,ltta for Fruude geis jwtuJ
bis pa tun; is ui by Ins Yankee audience.
There really i. much ..f Yaukee4 stnart
liesa" in this; and il proves thai our But
ish brethrru are not above taking useful
hints in greenback gaiherine froui Itroih.-r
.lonat hau, at whose m.,aU and luat.ueta
Ibey turn up their amtocraiic and coi
lemptuos iiwri -ofieu decruly, we
must say.
Father Buike, on the contrary, fights
for faith and country gallantly aud gra
toitouSly. The condict is a very ioieres
ting and instructive one, and we tiusi ii
will go oo. We gire ou our outside mgt
a syuopsis of M. Fn.ud's assault, a..d
am. I b.-r of Father Buike'a pairy aud tv
tun, in tieice.
lutbe same papper we 6ed the po m we
give, to-day ; and aprons to Mr. Ftoii-l.-'s
use of the phrase. "H .,d is ihvcker ibto
water," the ashingu.ii 1'ntriut poiuu-U-ly
say s :
Iu the speech which Mr. Fn.ude, the
einin-nt histoiiau, injile at the dinner
given lo in N. w V.,rk by his pub
liehers, th. te occ.iire.l rt sirguiatlv in ant
atin-ion I
for One wlm so scnii.ulonslv tn.d
as Mr Fjoude rVuleuily did, Iu all
reference to our civil s His
oH-,.n.g paragraph referied to ihe ui. inor-
" V"uhiii"'.i e 1 .nu. nil. li.n
be dashed Ins ships i. ihe fiie i.l P. ihn
t rt in f'hiua ami hmughl ..ff ihe ciicplel
aiid suffering English boms, cxci .lining,
' BI.mmI ia ihick.r than wut.r." Mr.
Fnude waa exidently unconseci iht
Commodore Vatttii-H's gallantry had b.-eu
quite forgot in the bit;, rer r membrtnee
that be was an . fficer of the boatile Con
federacy, and Mr. Froude seems alo lo
hae be, ;, unaware thu he was address
i g a collection of gentlemen the tu .j'-riiy
ot w h,.Qi had bng been, and were then.
particularly and epc:ally occupied in'
a:gutng against aud lefuttng the doctrine
Wn,Hl lUk' than water," and
in oj,p., to it the more acceptably
IV ii a .ic de ri,,e that "hale is righteous,
i d sin uld long pre:!.
I rb-rinian hiinsi lf of the dinner at
' ' Mr. Fronde was speaking, even
h l-tMii.n tliat the srho.11 should prac
I Sir Phillip Hd.eyV, noble raxitn,
''"I knowledge was of no use, but as it
affo.deif us practical piii.ciplcs, which we
could so apply 44tbat public advantage
may be the result," was all the same ex
hausting all the powers of his intt-lh rt
and cuitHre in bringing to bear all tl,
di'H,ncH' mechin-ry of the jwerful press
j " ro,"r"l'' J, i" order to perpetuate st
i "n'1 r-' thiuw,licy..f "hate " f
! h ,n ,n:' c"n":r7 alieady suff. n-t
... I. 'IM A . J
rel so
tll'icl'. 1 lie Colidui.tu of In ai.d ali
I. fit
Mr F-onde d.M.rerat -d n tHiat-rliitlu .....
the v.-iy rot dition o which Mr. Curtis
ami his c dleapu.-a were striving m reduce
t at U h-inv SoU'b. w i h hid riven the
1 mm MA . II a... I.. . 1.
, m . ''"" ,Mr hui.dreda jears the
'. chroi,'c 'deer of the British Sute, wer
! n-0'-' pn which Mr Curts and bis
. . i i i.i -
pary uaa eiectea tlieir system 4 lecu,
st ruction for the South, and to perpetuus
which they were now an urgently pre-
ing General Grant's re-election. I u fact,
never was a speech hs'S suited to an to. than Mr. Froude'a to the guesu at
crioner s dinner, - and hw tsandopp and
happy shots, so uncons.-isusly aud eirnea-
' K'". tnnst have made cars burn, to
the light and to the left of him, with un
wonted tingling.
7Vc'd(f At the recent term of ihe
Son-r,or Ouri. Judge Wat's decided
the sui's. of the Governor's Directors ap
pointed tor the Insane A-ylnm, Deaf,
uurao ana tinna Asyiutn, jVitiientur v,
and K-eper of the , apital, against the
appointees of ihe Legislature, i., f,-or (
the Directors. An appeal was taken lo
the .Mpretue Court.
In tlecase of W. II .Howertoti aairst
S McDlate, for Kts -esciou of the W.
N. (j. lUilroa'l, ihe facts were submitted
to Jne'ge ('lood t his we k at Salisbury.
He baa uot rend -ted bis decision a, this
writing. These cases will be argued aud
deelded on app-a) by the Supreme Coutt
at tlie next tersa which comm-nces on
the first Monday of -January next. Era.
Lately an English plow was indnced
into one of the province of ludia aud the
native were taught its supeiiority over
their own clumsy machinery. At first as
lonished and celighred at its ofT-cts, as
oon aa the agent's back was twn.ed. ihev
painted it red and set it op en one end
aud worshipped it.
8. WHOLE NO. 848.
At a Superior Coart. UU eatty rri, 1,1 the Welerw ptlt frt lh mt
here were preset.! fmir rn,ioet UVrrt
p4vid L. Sw,i. S-rfl- H, IIn),nt la..
!ews and John R. lHdg. On eertain
day of the trrm they wrr. .JJ in
room without C4 .r m tn n,g,t0
tleu. ; and. Uing .ii rrrattj-.! f:,et.ii ard
men of soei habits by nstnrw and edo
caiiou.they soon instinctively congrc paled
themUes, and becauvs etigajrd m
bly and htiraomut Coneimion.
In truth, howeter. Swain, Hilimn,ata
Dews bd coosprrej to have fun over their fHrnd Dodte, for their
own aroueroeut, and to bia special daaa
age. Swaio ii the leader iu the coospi.
racy. He bad latrly set n an epirramaa
lie piu.h on owe John Iodrs," ef
Knglisb memory, and as o charmed
with lit humor, that he- brought it to the
notice of llillman and I)ewt ; atd they
all tesoUed to ue it over their brother
Dwlge. So, on the cecal ion alio Jed to
iu the court-room. Swain, the leader, got
np as the topic of conversation the subject
of '.bili.4,i,-t" U'd j-co-ely inquired
w hat epiuph -ach migtit nr. peri v have
after death I Now, says Dews, odreM
ni: himself i, feUw-crnspiraior,
whal shall we say of our U.rt her MI lodge,
af'.er be ia g..e. Swain, who was the
prepared shaker, said piuaingly, let tae
see ; and irat.el.auly wro'e, aa il Le veta
tliet, ronjM.iiig it, mid having finished and will write this over hia
tomb :
"Hft He JJ.. who dodftj ail
And nt ver diaipni n (n ;
He dj.l(e'f him'f. wbttrer be could,
ouuid tea Uodr tl dviL"
The epitaph was received nih the
highest glee by thrrn all except poor
D.Hlge, who faintly lanrb.-d, WithtlIipl,
but not ih the heart,, however,
as the rr of Uugbter ws over, Hodge
was sen sitting. Mini sujili..gly writing,
at a table a f.-w f. i t w,a a Batter
l P Iprise and w..o.l.-r with his com pa o-
' 'o ".-e him so quickly gather up hia
... mi p.. sure, a..d imi e4roedy rcribbl
""' I" ' they ruriously watch
ed ihe pi..grea ,.( ihe w , iting and awaited
side by sub-. o s.-e lnt he cald proba
bl v Im- d...,. .,..d. r sncli circumstances.
In a f w minute he f.. m it It that tr...!.
.1 and l se..! wl.i.-l. ..-... I.J-
b.o.d and U f.Ce . . ruoVed wjlh
pleo,,,. , aod. aJivaorii.g to hia brnhnrr,
be held up his wntieu paper aiid aaid
"U.ia w:ll ,..r 1 1. - . t ..r ... i
atr all g,,e, and y..a ate all laid betide
me," and he read aloud :
"Here !ie a lliilrnan ao.2 a Swain.
Tl-ir hi , .. it.aii,
The livtl in .in at,. I ,J,J ; tIn,
And the p-.t hj.
Krum the Cieatf land Herald
(itM)D DoJ.
IU fiiU a lst t;i,li ,,t Xifkf, and
Kc Guard Orrr Jllm or Many
On Thursday afternoon and Friday
morning The H trail chronicled the fact
that a little boy seven yeara old, who bad
wandered away from his home on Chat
bam strwt, Wrpi Side, and beenm lrnt,
was found by a pnficeman on Tbursc'sr
morning crouched iu the corner of a yard
at the corner of Bank and Lake streets,
aleep and hif frozen, for the weather
was quite eld. To this should now Le
added the fart that the boy, finding him
self unable to make his way Ir-me, began
tq cry, aud while thus engagtd, a large
dog.appaicmly a croe. between the bonod
aid ahepherd breeds, which tke boy had
never seen betoie, came along, and appre
ciating the boy's diatress, took up a posi
tion close to the boy. and rsmainsJ nn
r... !.!:. ... r
t his ahiegy coveriu? to keep c-rafortabla
j the fret and lnubs ot bi hutein ward,
II- raa in dowmil.! s.f-r.. .. 1.;. .tr
impftM-o guardianship, f.r when the ofEcer
attempted lo arouse the little sleeper, and
tke him to the station for better security,
the dn loanitt stei a disposition to rrritl
anv tutederrnce with l,i char re. audit
J required coi.fid-rat.le coaxing on the prt
J ol the patrolman to induce compliance on
' the part of the can-ne conafable. He -
, n ill r cmi ceded ibr noiuL Lowarrr. and
.. ... .
suffered the lilt Ic wanderer u be lei to the
central station, whrrv be bad a chance to
g-t a good nap on a lounge in a arm
r.ia. Bat Una dog did tuvt oert hia
even here, AstVr la think the Lor
m'gitt require further attentiao. and he
followed on to the st iltoo, stole quietly
i..o the room w here be u taken, atrecb
el lnru. If on the floor beside the couch
o his litile companion, and when the
rgeam went ihiiher at 7 o'dk in the
to..n,ii.g. to l.a.k after the little fellow, the
doc man if. -ried oo little anger at the in-tru-w.u.
a..d stark ty the boy with a ti
j d-liiy aa d. voted as
lt waa wood erf uL
Tbe liiib- f. ).,w wag then taken to the
Weal Side aiaiion o li-trit street, tha
dog a i. at' n ling, and taking up a
poi .n at hia fee' aa aon aa they reach
r.1 there, and ieh g all comers with an
rye of j-h.o and deieruined guardian,
snip. Wh t l-erarae of the xo after tbi,
beyond the fact that the boy was ret to red
to bia home, we know rior, but the peca
liar, and wnnderfal conduct of that dg
e -rtaiulv deaerve the mentioo and cota
auvudaiioo w here make of iL
Colonel Blaxtox Dcxcax, in disrait,
ha shaken off the duat from hi fret and
gone to Europe. Bourbons on tbi side
of the water are in tears but the Bour
booic NapoLEOXS are ia rapt ares. It is
supposed that he is gone to Europe to
engineer tle reitaratKMi ot hi hiead.
1 Locxs NaroLcox
Lock attend him

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