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IV. T H HID 3E11IE?.
NO. 9. "WHOLE NOrSitt'
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N Proprietor ad Iditor.'
Aoclate Editor.
)MB eab, paytbloiD advance.. ....$2.00
dlX M0XTII8, ...... 1.00
5 JHies to oue addresi, ; . . I0.X)
' j I MM
' (L !rtYI'IPYT
fliESDEUtl hi compliment to hi friend
I n.l th nntilic.aud in thia uietbnd would
fcAat to thHlr attention bis extended facilities
for meeting demand In bi line of bntineM.r.
He U how prepared to furnish all kinds of
Orave Stones, from the cheapest Head Stones,
to the costliest monuiifont. Those prefenng
trie and wry costlj- worku n.t n hand, can
commoiIaU'd on short time, strictly in ac-
pord&nce with p!cificatnf, draft. and the
term-of the contract. Satisfaction puaran-
-ii If will hot be undersold. .North or
South. Orders dieted. Addrt-sH,
j7;tf J0I1N" II. BUIS. Salisbury.
r. a.
Druggist 5: Apothecaries,
HaTing parcliased the content of the
Dnie 8tore forrnt-rlv' occanied by Dr.
Kdward Sill. We respt ctfull4 cajl th at
trition of the Citizens of Salisbury and
tne snrronnding country, to the new ar
mnretnentiftiid Inform iliem thatwe will
coiitinne to carry on the bncinces at the
fame place, and Che patnc excellent way.
We will endeavor to keep 011 hand all the
rarioun good the people may need ier-
taiivinc 1 or line, and-, therifoieT hope.
by trict attention to bufinces. to receive
a liberal patronage. , i
Physician's Orders Prompt
ly Attended To.
Prescriptions accurately and
'artfully com poumled by reliable
and competent Druggists day or
night. v
43 lr
1 1 ! '
A SECRET.- - -.
v - mmmm y
It Is your secret and mine, love !
Ah inw ! how the dreary rain,
Whh a slow persistence all day Iodr,
Dripped on the wiudow pane!
The chamber was weird with, shadows,
And dark with the deepening gloom.
Where you in your royal womanhood "J
Lay waiting for the tomb!
They had robed you all in white, love
In your hair was a i in vie rose ; '
A marble rose it might Well hare -been.
In its cold and still repose !
O. paler than yonder earven saint,
XAnd calm as the angels are.
You seemed so near in, my beloved,
Yet were, alas, so far !
I -do not know if I wept. love.
Rut my soul rose np and said ; -"My
heart shall speak unto her heart.
Though here she is lying-r-dead!
I will give her a hist lof e-token , .
That shall be to ber a sign
In the dirk grave--or beyond it ! ,
Of this deathless love of mine."
So I sought me a little scroll, love
And thereon in eager haste, ' -Lest
another's eye should r ad them.
Some mystic, words I trated.
Then close in your clasped fingers,
Olose in your waxen hand,
I placed the scroll as an amulet.
Sure you would understand!
The secret is your's and mine, love !
Only we lwo may know
What words shone clear in the darkness
Of your grave no green and low,
But if. when we meet hereafter
In the dawn of a failure day.
You whimper those mystical words, love.
Jt is all I would have you say !
.Prom the Aldine for November
GEN. HAMPTON IN FREDERICK I one rising 6 years, a very heavy and pow-
MARYLAND. lertui draagut norse, wuicu scemea to get
I quite well, was sent to work, but in three
The False Education of Vie Times. days, the disease returned and settled in
one of its bind less, and no remedy nor
The recent addresB of the ereat caval-1 care could overcome it ;-be Hived, eating
ry leader is full of grand and noble heartily for five months, quite unable to
thoughts; We givej an extract on the work, and eventually dropped down from
subject of education, which in the address etiepr weekness and never rallild
"V .-. . r i- e - ...l t. 't
was prefatory to ma piea tor sgnsunuii 1 ai urci me gurgwu uicu most uorsea
colleges, in which our youth should bo I and the condition of the blood seemed to
aamillta TO pecome pracuceu nu imc. j wsrrani u ; uui iiivariauij iiie one uieu
gent farmers : J died ; seemingly from log of strength, and
Of the three pressing wants, tne iacR 1 with mine, those only, wuicli were not
of proper "education among our people, J bled escaped ; this was observed all round.
especially among the great body ot our 1 1 he following hints deducted trom my
farmers and planters, it lias been specified 1 own observation, (though 1 should be sur
as the first and most serious. I am not I ry to place it in contradiction to the opin-
onetfjf those who measure the virtue and j inn -of any veterinary surgeon) may be
intelligence of a people, by their ability to f -mid to be nsetal
read and to write. I There i as much I Let the stable be thoroughly ventilated.
A MENAGERIE ON A STRIKE, here others more alarming were going on 1 strong says that she thought he had en-
i In the main portion of the tent, where I t:rtd tuioogb the cellar, bat the jury, -
A TFRRIFIC SCEF DFSPRTTVFn nearr eT7 animal which had not sue-1 alter ei am ining the premises, think ba
truth as poetry in the aphorism :
- "A little learning b a dangerous thing."
- The fatal mistake of the age, at least
in some portions of this country, springB
from the prevalent belief that mere Intel
but kept thoroughly free ifroin draught,
and be well lime washed Cover the ani
mals over as close as pofeible, with warm
rugs, place straw in the stall, instead of
saw-dust, if possible ; but if not, clean it
lectual training is of itself sufficient for oat entirely every dav. hanr a bair of hot
all the purposes of this life, without that bran mah up to its nostril twice a day,
e "wax-
' ' j Stood with Dlstei d d Jatcs.
AU the IVihl Bens's Loose and on the around the centre pole, awaiting tie mo
Rampage - Eight Men Killed. j ?ent when e Lo,.d Bme of. lhe ua:
and the victims come tumbling down.
The first man to drop was the ringmas-
did not. That the cae is one el mud ex.
aud not one of suicide, there can hf no
reasonable aouhi. Madison Ind.t Courier,
Vet. 18.
From tke TUuttiUe Ercning Pro.
mm a . I I
lhe muss was originated by the effort ter. who was the lowest pti the Dole. He
of the proprietor of the show to train a (track squarely in the jaws of an alliga
hippopotamus to run around the ring and I tor that swallowed him whole and with-
f .l 11 a m
jump through hoops aud banners, after
oat choking. This sight so frightened a
"canvass man that be fell, and the alli
gator snapped at him, but too quickly,
nd the victim bounded from the tip of
the manner of trained ponies, the "boss"
hoping, if successful, to make all rival
establishments take a back seat. For
several days the training had been going
on whenever the exhibition stopped long
enough in one place to afford . a few leis
ure hours, but up to the oc easioii referred
to, the bippotamu had only been - allow- tDd tbook the centre pole as a boy aUkes
eu io penoriB in pnraie wuu uia iimos an apple tree lor truit, and this caused
pmioiicu oy log-cnains, ana a large iorceot
employees on band with red-hot pitch
There is a lengthy articla in the Sat
urday Review, comparing the women
of Euglartd aad thoc of other nations,'
which protnise to attract no little at!en4
Hon. 1q the outset, it bints at tne exist .1
teiice of a stale of aflalrs in good English
ocicty thai has uo parallel . here, simply
because our be it society Li at once netih( .
cr so good nor so bad. There was a
anaine v.cic oounaea irominei poi umc. and ithin the memory cf lhe iaa.
crocodile s mouth into the arms of a bear, who mhen
who hugged him fondly and earned him -J. p,, WM thsveryiype i
o under the seats to eat at leisure. The of .wectoeas, . eonj pared
eleobaut now reached out wttb bis trunk -i r. .
1 WIUI WllvD IUC t ICUVU El 1 1 WU loft .
Seven more Victims.
folks, pickaxes, crowbars, and bricks to inclndiog two very plnmp and ju'cy ac-
His sceptre is a rattle.
His throne is mother's arms ;
He reigns a tiny tyrant.
In all his dimpled charms ! ,
Yet round hi- royal presence
Our loving hearts ennviue ;
D.ictator of the cradle,
And king by right divine !
Whatever be his mandates.
No courties dare rebel ;
His mother's chief of the household.
Prime minister as well ! " , -In
you peranibutar.
llisdowny car of state
Ezartiug. rosy monarch.
What triumphs on him wait !
- In purple ease and splendor,
"Long, long he seeks to reign ;
All hiuts of noise disjointed
' He smiles at ..with disdain !
Alas ! that royal erreatness
Shuold ever be disowned ;
Here comes a tiny stranger
King Baby is dethroued,
From the Albine for November .
better education 6f lhe moral sense, which gjve i & t,e nourishing and stimulating subdue huu and kep bun within bounds J robats, to drop off. 1 he man on top,
can aloue teach man bis duty to his neigh- t06d it can take ; such as gruel with egs Bl,ould any symptoms of a rebellious however, had by this time succeeded in
bor and to hia God. In the ceaseless and . n(l little wine beaten on in it as a spun be manifest d. ernawin? a hole through th? roof of the
unseemly struggle for place and riches drench .if it will not take it otherwise and Everything was lovely, however; the tent, through which he crawled ami slid
which is debauching the moral tone ot so et ;t iavc a little gentle exercise in the hemoth struck ins gait admirably, and down the canvass to the ground, tne re-
arge. a pan 01 me popmauou 01 iuis 1 run once n day as soon as it can walk. sue 11 seeming gooa nature iiiai nis mainaer 01 lue uiguienea men miiowmg
owners oetei mined to unshackle him tor bis example. A boo a ana laaaer com
a short time, and make him jump through I pany and two hose companies bad ar-
paper balloons. 4 rived, and boles being cut in the canvass,
lhe assistants stationed themselves several streams of chloroform were thrown
qairming mass of animal life
nd iu ten minutes the erap'oyee
1 1 .. . j j 1
pre it inconvenience and loss I lue suacaies weie unioosea, aua sure 1 01 ine snow uau nuercu tnu organ or
leaves no time for the orooer training: of f ,;mA vnn mivKn nlre1 t nm it t.. enough they did go. Allowing his under curing their charges. It took sev
heart ana soui, ana too mucu 01 wu is 1 WOtk too early.
falsely called education has for its whole Trusting however, that from its non-
end to impart only Buch knowledge sb appearance in this district, try note will
country, all true education is neglected, Immediati ly upon the appearance of the
aud many young men are launched on the disease, let every horse be pat into a sta-
sea of life with intellects sharpened atthe I e ag far 0ff from tue 0tl,ers as possible.
expense ot all higher tacaities, wnicn are The best nan s to let it remain its own.
lef: undeveloped and uneducated. The and remove all the rest, if this is praclica- around the ring; a mammoth balloon wa upon the s
wild pursuit ofrealth as the only object ble; and, remember, do not be in a hurry, placed in position, and at the word "Go!" within, and
of life Nhe cursed greed of gold" al bowever greU iuconvenience and loss l"e shackles weie unloosed, aud sure of the sho
ward7sab4le tbing;' bat according Xa
the writer rt fern d to above, all that his
been changed, and a comparison of tbe
two ladies redounds to the disadvantage
of the fair vouug Britain. lanr, 4t'
seems, is at th bottom cf it. For tha 4'
last ten years the fairer lulf of English '
p-itricim society seems t have ben
gradually cankered by the introdactioa
of slang phrases. According to the Satur k
day llccictc, ladies in EngUtidare break
iiig out into strange oaths, and adopting
the used op expletives of roughs and
rowdies. This U a sudrieully sUrtline;
assertion, but the writer evidently know
whereof be speaks, aud gives some fear
tul examples wuhal. It u the character ,j
will Quality its Dos?essor to enter the mad
race lor power, wealth aud other mere
temporal blessings. The caustic words
of the Roman satirist, describing that ed- Bloodwoi th Street,
be valueless.
1 am sir, yours &c,
Samuel J. r all.
, I istic of the publication rtferred to that U
lip to drop do. like .h., of . c bo.r. M r.p.i, .11 . . l g. t tb. Z''A:Z&VZ2 "
nal dredgo when it expectorates a mouth- occupants back in their old quarters, but I . r . . " . . . v
. b i .i i- y . .. v .1 . . i ? i i l i Amon? that society its circuUlion is aU
mi oi muu, me uippoiamus gave a snort it was at last accompusnea, ana prt para- . , . . , . . i. i.
i . i , ,7 i ii I e . i i .i J j t I most universal, and lue plain lolertnee 1
that reverberated through the bal oon. tiona for the burial of the dead becan. , r
Ml CMS ami Gold and Sitter Medals'
were awarded to Chales M. Stieff
- for the best Pianos in competition .
I with all the leading mannfactur-
crs of the Country.
Office and ZTew Warerooms,
Ko.9 forth Lrberty St., HA L TJMORE,, Md.
The StirfT Pi
I walked the Valley of Silence
Down the dim voiceless Valley alone ;
Aud I heard not the-fall of a footstep
Around me save Fod's and my own;
And the hush of my heartJs as holy.
As hovers when Angels have flown.
Long ago I was wear- of voices
Whose mnsic iny heart could not win ;
Long ago I was weary of uoes
Tnat fretted my sul with their din ;
Long ago I was weary f places
Where I met but the llumau and Sin.
I walkedtliTo' the -world with the wordly ;
I craved what the World never gave;
And I said ; "In the world, each Ideal
That shines like a star on life's wave.
Is tossed on the, shores of the Ueal,
Aud sleeps like a dream iu thegrave."
And still did I pi'e for the Perfect.
Aud still found 'lie False with the irue ;
'iiinos contain all the latest im
pruveiiient to Ik- found m a Hrt-clas Piano,
1 with additional 'improvements of his own in- j 80ucht 'inid the Mutnan Ax Ilea' en
"""- ""no lounu iu"jner mxirumem. j tt j caneht a mere glimpse of its lilue,
And I went when the clouds of Mortal'
Veiled even the gmnpse .from -my view.
ucation which teaches that money is the
chief good, are sadly applicable to many
of our youth, who are taught in the same
school :
"Make money ; honestly if you can,
but, if not honestly, make money by any
It is this pernicious touching that is
making so many of the people lose their
ancient and hardy virtues, and it is against j ,
mis aoHse oi an mgu aim iruu ruucaimii
that I now protest, not against eduction
heelf. It is undoubtedly a good thing to
know h:w to read and write, bnt the
mere possession of these rudiments of ed
ucation profit a man but little, unless his
nobler faculties are directed in the proper
way ; and it U a mistake to enppose that
beiause he can read and write he is a
better man or more intelligent citizen.
The Athenieus, it may safely be assumed,
though the great body of tbera were with
out these acquirements, were quite as
well versed in literature, science, polities'
and the polite arts, as the people of New
Englard, whose boast it is ihat their sys
tem of free schools has diffused education
more generally among the people than in
any other country ; and the experience of
every thinking man in the routn win
bear me oul iu the assertion, that in all
the elements which go to make up true
manhood -honesty, truth, honor, faith,
courage and intelligence - our own people,
all unlettered as many of them are, have
proved themselves, in war as in peace, at
least the equals of those who pride then-
selves' oil their' superior education. But
while these are facts which cannot be
success fully controverted, it does not fol
low that a proper education, a development
1 of thts full power of body, of mind and of
heart, should be neglected, ana it is in
behalf of this higher and nobler educa
tion that I now appeal to you and through
you to the people of the South.
wrecking it in a very handsome manner,
but unfortunately killing the two men
that held it, and
Raleigh N. C , Nov. 1st, 1872.
Upsetting the Lion's Cage.
Two young men of Catawba county, N.
C., John and James Mallard, Vere not
satisfied with their native State, aud went
out West to Montana Itrntory, to try
eir fortunes. They are now satisfied
The Killed tcci all doing Well,
most of them having died rcguhrly every
season ever since they entered inta the
how busiuess. One man in particular,
which coutamed tour lions of unasal who was swallowed by the alligator, re
fierceness. The moment the overturned covered more rapidly than any of the
lion's cage conght the eye of the hipno- others. His name is John Smith, and
iiAfomnu t, iwtAiA t r lit . n nut- -Aoiard 1 f 1 ri va"t litni ! nits nf
iiiuc ti. uwunut u fair it uiiu uik uuk a uui irnui i o n in ni iu &u w t" l
I reeion of blasDhcmv."an accasation wbicb
lo..; ...,.,0f. iV,. 1. .,i.;i. :.. ai;,,;,,;....: ;.. icn n i,;iil I clearly indicates that slang is allied to ir
lions escao d. and at once beiran to add nreviouslv at Chicago bv the mad cle- reverence, and that its effects may not
their roars to the tumult that raged on ail pliant Romeo, and also had his head
sides, j ue nig elephant "Horace uree-i crushed into a shapeless m-iss Dy a lion
ilmt no ataLrmentit would aPDCXT inUa
columns whose falsity soald be ipcedir
ly exposed- That Euglish society, there- ,
tore, bas become vitiaU-d by the prevalence
of fashionable slang may be accepted as
a fact ; and nnfortunalely this slang hp '
pears to be of the worst description. The
wiitcr cveu goes so far to charge tbjf Ecg-'
lish ladies with "little ventureaTinto the ,
r - i I
and want to get back home. 1 hey write j ., who hid bt.en quietiy 0ius ou an which he was ra hiding, while doing the
aOOUl UIU UKTI IUUHHY OB ii'iiuwr, l jnjs JmCt i,
stend nf Li-ffiiiir a rVir-rlr nn I li.nit n mintr arpnp Ht .Toliet. Ill . ill 1870.
..xt- i. u . i : : : ! ... - -----1 ---, - ----
" UHV oven uui ueic cvi uiuvc iuc ,P1,i, I,,.,,.,,, , -.,..,
16th ot May, iroin tnat time np to ttie isi ;fu.rn ruoni(;nlll upetii.g broke his in tho pring of lb72, when Forepangh's
oi August cuao. v.rj c.u w.-uivr ftPuingH and picking up the Cardiff animals broke loose, and bis last death
a heavy snowstorm in July. During the (;i;int wl i ri.M,.j n.Jir nr,.viniI. ,n thn one related occur-
month of August the days were pleasant by ,,ircw Ul,fr,uuale being across red when a rhinoceros stepped on him a:
something like the dasof March and ,l ,., i.:ii:lltr niwi,i,tr .tl ; ;,a ilj it,, in;;. i. Vi..i Mr.
. i tii'j iviii niiiiuM u a IU VJ b"0 I lblA4 M-r ou, Aaa'''L "-t - . .
sage aud knocking in the end of the cage Smith is still ou deck wilh BUrneyum's
gn at show, and can he seen with the oth
er fossils and petrifications at this place
April in Ninth Carolina; but the nights
were cool and some of them frosty and
the. weather of this month so far has been
colder than that of August ; one night last
week was freezing.
that contained
1 Wild Rhinoseros.
who at once came out,
The farms arc signaled along the creeks l(,rn j,llo iti gronnd,
running his
and rivers; the soilofadaik mud like I frirhtrd sh
owmen some
gave the now af-
specimens of
The tone, tenth and finish of their instru
ments cauaut bo excelled bv anv manufactur
ed." 'A
A Urtre a.snortnieit of seofiml-haiul Pianos
alwai on hand , from $75 to fcK (.
Prlir ami Church Orirans.- some twent v dif
ferent tyleH on hand from .$oOand.upwards.
betm tos Illustrated Cataloirie, containing
names of over twelve huudred 'Southerners
(fire hundred of whiih are Virziuians. two
hundred North Cnrolinians, one hundred and
liny 5-trtt TennesKcaivx, aud olhera throughout
the South), who have boneht the Stieff Piano
sines the close of the war.
J. ALuEN ItUOWN, Agent, "
J2:40t ' Salisbury, N. C.
- - - a
And I toiled on, heart-tired of the Human ;
Aud I inoaued 'mid the masses of mea ;
Till I knelt long at an Altar
And heard a voice call me since then
I walked down the Valley of Silence
That lies far beyond mortal ken.
Do you ask what I f-und in the Valley !
'lis my trystmg place wim me lfiviub,
Aud I fell at the feet of the Holy v
And above ine a voice said : "Bmine.
And then rose from the depths.of mypirit
. i ' vi v;nu t
AU eCJnO Jy uar tutu vj iuiuv.
lhe days are long enough to enable them
I ihe tarmerfj to work lo and IS hours. only gives them about six hours tu
rest and sleep in. It requires n great deal
r .
Henry II. Armstrong, a well known
citizen of this place, and one of the pro
prietors of the Madison marine railway,
came to bis death about eleven o'clock
last night, under circumstances that rival
afkwig lr m-
Home Insurance Co,
Istx)RqRArED, 1850. Capital. $350,000
Di F. WI LLCOX, Stcrctiiry.
All. Losscs Equitably Adjusted
And Promptly Taid in Full!
I Property owners desiring to obtain reliable In-
irjinee will do well to rotect themnelves by
curing a Tulkv in V (Georgia Home Insurance
Ajjenclcsat prominent points in all the
wmern State ' i
. t , Ofiice No. 2, Granite Row, -Apri2Vn.,j
(Jy) A . Salisbury, N. C. :
riago Certificates for sale 1ier,
As the teirible hcrse malady that has
so excited the minds of the Northern peo
ple for the last week is spreading So uh,
and ibe probability is that it will s on
break out in our State, we publish wiih
pleasure the following valuable eugges-
tions handed us by Mr. S. J. Fall, one of
our recent English settlers. Mr. Fall
has seen much of this disease in England,
1 and lost Several valuable horses before
he ojlUined the remedy he now kindly of
fers to the rcnderB of the Netcs.
CaptE. D. Woodsos, City Editor Daily
Sir: Having noticed the accounts of
the fearful disease now ravaging among the
horses of the North, and hiving lost five
horses myself frjnn it, I thought perhaps
a you ask how I live inhe Valley ?
I went and I dreamland rpray
But my tear is as sweet as the dew-drops
yTht fall on the roses or aiay :
And my pray'r like a perfume from cansors, Ue relation of my experience and obser
vations might possibly be f some service,
should it unfortunately reach as far as
Raleigh or this neighborhood.
Precisely the same diseate first appear
ed in the locality in which I resided, in
K ill earn iiuhb a niu " , . j r .1
That toman, like the Dove of the Deluge, England, at the same period of the year
Ascendeth to God night and day
In the hush iu the Valley of Silence'
I dream of fill the songs that 1 sing;
And the mnsic fiW's dowu the dim valley
Till each finds a word f.r a wring.
The m ssage of Peace they may bring.
But far on the deeftthere are billows
That never shall break nn the beach ;
Aud I have heard soncs iu the silence
That never shall float iuto speech :
And 1 have had di earns in the Valley
T.oo lofti for language to reach.
And I have seen Thoughts in the Valley
Ah ! me, how my spirit was stirred j
And they wear the holy vejls on their faces:
And their footsteps can scarcely be beard
They pass through the Valley like Virgins,
X pure .for the touch of a word.
Pa you ask me the place of the Valley,
Ye hearts that are harrow ed by cause ?
Jt Uetb far away between mountains,
Aud God auid bis Angels are. tl ee; A
And one hi the dark mount f Sorrow,
And oner-tbe dark mountain of Prayer.
Of all eoiiaoW.lons,'.w6rkia7;the y most
fortifying and the most healthy,' Bfecanae
it solaces a man not jy jringUig hiw caAe
bnt jfenirin efforts.: Ay -
in lS70 Its spread was peculiarly rapid,
and scarce a stable within a large radius
escaped, Iwhilst its diignosia and develop
ment being so entirely without precedent
completely baffled tho skill of the local
reterna y jsi rgeons.-
The first thing noticable was a sudden
weakness, manifesting itself whilst Uhe
horse was at work ; then, in the course of
an hours or so, their eyeaand notsrils be
came affected - precisely in the same way
as in influenza; then a hollow cough. and
in a few r hoars a great . swelling of one,
two and sometimes all 'he legs from the
thigh to the knee, affecting also the loer
narta of the body, and likewise a creat
diSculty in taking any food or nourish
aient. I a , those whiclv recovered, it seem
ed to ruu .its course in about three weeks ;
bat it was a long lime before tbey regain
e 1 their wbel strength ; and in this lay the
greater' danger, as, if put to work too soon
ibey "relapsed, and. either died at ouce, or
the disease settled in joxne- particular part
or limb' j for instances, I had a valaable
character, the production ol which is small ,I,)U5rbing tl,at were never equalled by for his wife and mother i i-law au J neigh
grain, such as wheat, oats, banly and hmraan or steam power. The four lions bor's childrer.
Irish potatoes; but owing' to the short now began to lash their tails in fury and
season ibis year the small grain crops waik in circles around the centre pole,
hav'nt had time to mature beloie it had to un which seventeen of the showmen as-
be cut. The average yield of wheat per I ceded tho inomint the hippopotamus
acre is from thirty four to forty bushels ; fKtll bellowed. The latter animal was in
and the hiring expenses are $50 and GU tut. nirantime diverting himself by a set
per month during the summer season ; and to wj,j, a couple of grizzly bears that he
had liberated.
"Horace Greeley" seemed to grow
infuriated at this - juncture, and, after
killine: aconnleof camels, turned his at
of capital lor a man to farm successfully tention to the other cages, and with one
here. I sweeD of his trunk demolished each, the
I heard one of the oldest farmers in rhin-ceroa following behind and corn
Montana say the other day, that he hadn't plating the work.
made any money off of his farm ; and ifit
r , . r t , - , ,.;j t.;. fortunately the Canvass teas Aetc.
had not been for Ins business outside his J
farm he wouldn't more than make a living, and without a flaw; and all of the libcra-
There is move money made off of stock ted animals were roaming about the en-
than anything else ; but they are so dear, closure. Hyenas sneaked around under
a jioor man can't afford to buy much of a the seats, bears growled from the upper
start. The price of good ruitk cows are benches, monkeys shrieked and chattered
from $75 to $200 ; and inferior stock cau from the ropes and supporters, the ir was
be bought for $50 and $60. Butter is filled with flying coikatoes, parrots, ea-
worth 50 cents during the summer, and gk"S owli, aud other bi:ds, while ostri-
iu the Utter part of winter and first of ches roamed at will below, and heard
spring it is worth 75 cents to $1.25. a'oove all this uproar were the pitiful calls j manner,
Hogs are very scarce. Pigs two weeks I from the seventeen men who hung for
$2 50 and 53. 1 he most important thing dear lite to the ccntre-pie, which was
or a man to consider is this : that whilst I tiew aud slipuery and difficult to cling to.
1 4. 1 tf s j-i I rw m 1 I I 1 .
you can get good wages, cu ana iou i i he only ammai tuat retained us pres-
dollars per month during the summer; in I euce of mind was
the wiulw so cold that not more than Blarneyum's Gorila.
onefifth of the laborers can get employ
ment ; and it takes pretty near all they Ilia cage had escaped being upset, and
can make m summer to ooara tuem in I be stood inside, beating his breast at d
winter. During the winter yon can see roaring in that half dog bark and b. If
men going around offering to work for leonine roar that Du Chaillu describes as
their board. "curdlinir the very hair on your head
The society generally is bad; no young hn an African forest." By this time,
adies to associate with. We hav'nt had I however, voices were heard on tho oui-
the pleasure of a lady's company since we I aide, the entire neighborhood having bo
left good old North Carolina. We don't Icnme eroused by the pandemonium, and
expect to remain out here very long he-I the moment Ihe gnrrrlU beard these
fore we return home; for, we can live bet- I voices be changed his tacMcs aud shriek-
terand make more mouey raising wheat jed, "For the love of the St. Patrick, help
in Western N. C, than we can here I me out of this bloody scrape, and I'll
Wood and timber is hard to get at here. I (,cver hire out for a gorilla again as long
Corn meal is worth $7 piT bushel. The as I live." We will leave this unhappy
seasor a are loo short o laise it hen I animal to his fate, and return to the
Charlotte Democrat. . c. n;-
anui uwiny vn
be etpected to stop at the mere corrup
tion ot speech.
American society, it is feared, if weigh
ed iu the balance, will bo found by no
He was destroyed again at Philadelphia means free trom this social wergut upon
gooa Dieeoing. oiang iu nc iurui n -other,
is almost universal here, but we are"
happy to believe it a stronger to the
boudoir. At all events, if American wo-
men certainly if Southern women nse
lang, and widely srparted from the sort'
to which the English writer refers. The
worst that they aie guilty of, and it is not
a trivial fault, i? the assumption of nick
names, v hich has chauged all our Marys
and Sarahs and Harriets and Margarets
into Mollies and Sallies and Hat tics and
Mactries. But slang is objectionable Hi
any form, and no one who has under bii
control the morals of a household should
ueglcet to suppress ita first exhibition, aa
a dangerous laxity which brings iramod
esty aud irriligion in its train.
next week. K-raeruber these are the
same animals that broke loo-e aud killed
so many people. This fact alone should
induce even husband to procure tickets
From the San Francico Bulletin.
One of the Treat historic trees of the
n mystery the celebrated Nathan murder I world has jut disappeared through an
iase of New York. The evidence before act of vandalism, the motive for which it
the coroner's jury discloses the following i utterly impossible to discover. Every
facts: Mr. Armstrong had not been liv- tU(!i til ol history will remmber the story
ing amicably with his wife for some tim- ,,f the "Nechc Trieste," or "Night
past. During ihe lasi tw o we k he ht Grief." when the Aatecs, infuriated at the
been at New Albany, and not lonj ao fe',l designs of the Spaniards under Her
his partner iu this city, H. Clay Jones, nando Curler, the reprcseuUtive filibuster
received a letter tioin him,
formation regarding his fa inly. Mr. Joims
iniotmed him that his wife was selling off
and preparing to move to New Oileans.
Mr Armstrong uncxpecudly retunnd
home lat night, and went to his wid-'s
room up stairs, where, Mrs. Aimslroeg
says, he Uat her, abused her in every
ii ii i t.j
, and nnaiiy nraggeii ner aown
a . m 1
stairs. At the root ol the stairs me scream
ed, and he releisedher. S!i went p
stairs immediately, crying, iuto a room
occupied by her sister and her two daugh
ters, when presently they heard a pistol
shot, the daughters remarking it, bnt no
further attention was paid to it. Mrs.
Armstrong then wanted her sister to go
down stairs with her while she fastened
the door tb-ougb which her husband had
cone out, and, as she supposed, had Wfi
open. This her sister was afraid to do,
and Mrs. Armstrong called Andrew Mc
Manaman. who occupies lhe house next
door, to come. Mr. McMauaman answer
ed the summons, and coming into the
yard, found the body of Mr. Armstr ng
lying across the walk, with a bullet bole
just at the corner of the left eye.
I'tv.i. r i anmin? the body, the forr-hrai
I n
.. I'll
around us, and among tho other srild
TnE Latest iy Suicide. The latest 1 beasts who had now made their w ay to
novelty in suicides comes from Cleveland, I thai portion of the teut used by the pro-
n. I 1.1 a 1
(J , where an individual wno naa drawn a
blank in a lottery went to bis death after
the following unique and elaborate pre
parations : He first procured a loaded
revolver and connected it with clock-work,
so that it should be fired off at a certain
time. He then got into bed, and, after
placing the pistol behind bis ear, took a
dose ot chloroform. Under the influence
of the narcotic he then went asleep. At
the given lime the dock work pressed the
trigger, discharging the pistol and launch
ing the slambcrer into eternity. This
device is an accession to the plain self
shootings and hanging of ordinary suicide,
and in ita mechanical merits seems neater,
if not quieter, lhau the guillotine.
Kxciled by rage
tier was the first
jeiate Muu aud his family," after which
7UI HII ULIV'I 1 11V w i t I'" AVUH I i
pnelor as a museum
and hunger a Bengal
t . i
to attack the contents ot the mnseuni,
and he commenced by killing the -'Tern
per ate Muu
he sprang u
and bega i to devour her. The hyenas,
whosure not so particular in regard lu
their diet, sprang upon the "Drunkard
and hia wife," aud were toon feasting on
them. The lions reveled in blood to the
cage containg the "Bell Ringerf," while
elephant amused himself by knocking
the stuffing out of ihe "t-gypliao Mum
mies, and also destroyi
nent generals of the
these horrible scenes were
as fonnd to be covered with brwcs, and
OHe of his binds was somewhat cut and
lorn These injuries. Dr. Collins testifi
ed, from iheir appearauce bd been inflict
ed immedia'. ly b-fore death, almwing ihat
t. A.fa,A Ua b-en encsir-J in a vioo
lent struggle. fu referciice to the proba
bility being self ii.rl eted, witnes observ
ed that there was but a possibility that
such was lhe ease. To inflict th wound
himself, Mr. Armstrong wo. 11 have been
obliged to use the left hand, and bold the
pijtol in a very unnatural manner. In
.r.i:,: fi.r. w.r ifio wnnnil self-in-
UUIIIIII - - - -
flieted. powd. r marks would have brrr uitor of it.
found mi bis face, and ibe wenfn on or
near lhe spot, nciihcr of which facts wee
ibe case
of all time, availed his force with an ln ! futy, cut it to pieces, and
aluio-i c.urieJ.d in tutting off the. few
Mirvivors in th' ir escape from the Qty of
MduM by l'-aiing up the causeway which
iu rl-iws the h.ill w waiei ol the laae
o l he mVi.iUud, iu the dinction of Cb
'lhe Spaniards hemmed iu on all sides.
and fiiblini: hand to hand wiih lhe energy.
of desperation, fo:ccd their way along the
causeway, step by step, and, by throwing
the Unlies of the dead into the gaps OL
the cauew ay, succeeded at hut in dragg
ing their artillery over them aud irachig
lhe iKdid land. Cortex, wounded, Us-.
hearteucd and exhausted, balled under a,
great evpreas ire, near where the Girata
de SnCosmo, wiibin the walls ef the
city, was subaenenlly located, aad taere
rallied the remt ant ol his lorces is ue .
retreat toward TUxcala, where ha foeni
the allies, who subsequently enabled Jbisa
to reduce the city to capiiulation.-Thii
tree was held in great revereue by the
Mexicans, both of Spauiih and Indian
cVscent, and a church was erected by it
in commemoration of ibe event which
occurred there.
The "Tree of Cortex" stood grea and
flourishing, though large sections ita
gigantic trunk were decayed, ealil Ua
mootb, when some vandal filled the cavi
ty with rars aataratrd wiih coal ofl, set
them on firr in ibe night, and at dawn
only a heap of in.-Aing coal marked lhe
spot where tbi great b'uloric laodntark
stood. Private letters received from lh
city of Mexico say ihat the greatest in,
diguation was awakened there by the
dasurdly outrage, and iba lioverament
and the bi-tonc Society had effetcdi
reward for the diarovrry of the pp
Wr learn that a rerioos d.fScohy oecar
rrd at Mos Netk, on last Monday tjigbi.
. a
tm . - rt t.t ihm affatr : between f numUr f Ihe coppT rolordd
IIC IU''II wjwr. j ... . - - , .
U how Mr. Armstrong goi iu the honse. 1 iiibabitarits of hwletowri( ibe resalt oT
5 That he was inside U proved by tb fact which wa. that two ol Ibe uxenue
ibat tlte body was Ioo:mi wnnoai uoow, wtn "i; -
r farther par
"E-yplUn Mum- ihat the body was fontnl w uhoat booU, ' were, wry badly wmino
ingaeveral promi- and the boot, were tpd fa ihp parlor.-- . hating
wfr. Bat while Mr. MeMaaaman stales that when ht ar- kutfe. W e c, .Id le.m
ere being enacted tjftd all the doors were fst, Mr. Arm- t.eulart. U Umftom .

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