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in meioit ol KritK.SOlIK STOl ACk, Ucart
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VOU S ALL BV TUKO. r. KUi;ri;.
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; l4 k bills-
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a Home Insurance Co.
IxcoRroRATEi;18oO.- ; CapitatI. $3oO,CCO
, j. Rhodes browne, jvJfeL
I1 Losses Eqnitiiblyi Afljutect
AndTromptly Ifaid in Ful !
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surance Will do well -to protect tbcni selves by
Hcruring a Toticy in "(Jeorgia Home Insurance
v". rvHrm.ic Hi rrouniR'ii poinu in an ine
Southern States.
I tilljce 2o. 2, (Jranjte Kdw,
A pril ij, '72. 1 v tSalWrnrv? N. 0.
rPUE nronrU'tvrft of thc iustlv
I Mill .irj 1 a the market tor Wills AT
solicit coils from all who
lattf it to fell.
pay the I'tftjheift market caili prices
" iFlour! Hour ! !
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solicit ordefrrf
four difl'ovrint
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Fornl jFiincy brings tu drauiiug eyes
A pict ur ' s w-eet aud clear
And, p8 I gaze, new beauties rise,
And uiauy an image dear. : '"
Tia not of boary castle ray,
Nof hatn'et iuD the down, i
:'Nr ithere the. lingering inooulains
U er ancient, tower or town
But fleepinjf now in soinmer'a light
: Aud now in.wiuter'a snow.
She bungs the borne again to-night
u. Of t euty years ago.
Street fKit! thou liadst no frowuing walls,
Nol battlemeut uor mere ;
But in tby hosuitable halls
-' Wlmt gladsiui light and chtr !
Ilowjinuoc'ut the mirth a fid jest.
How fondly; 1ieaind each ye.
How! kindly Welcomed was the e"t
. Of low esta'e or high ! :
.OK Uappy .Earth, if in thy ronud
All. might Welcome know.
As io that ioibe each, pilgrim ?wJ?l f
l: Of twenty ear-fagu,, ft '. ti " , f
And where nrje they ? The happy baud
Vh gathered 'round theb- ire.
And prayed f r talv of foreiga laud
Ueside the bveniug fire ;
The laughiug girl,, the bright -eyed boys.
The youth,; the maid were there ;
Thej tottering iufaut spread his toys
He ide his inother's chair.
Butlnow how; drear each well-known room
yhen fadeis the snnset glow !
: Forjbutone lamp lights up the home
df twenty pears ago.
One who had dwelt for years afar
Found in t iy shades a grave
Sortie wand r where the even'ug tar
Siuks in the western wave . -
Feaittered, perchance, for aye ar they
Once gathered 'neath thy roof ;
For duty calls, aud they obey
Her high but stem behoof
Yet from each heart foud prayers will rise
When Fafacy does but rhow
That pictured home to d earning eyes
Of twenty! years ago.
i j Courier-Journal.
the men who were surrounding1 the line
that led to the rock and taJety to eudean
vor, if possible, ti save the L9J. The
poor little fellow was immediately passed
overlhe heads of the struggling truss of be
iiigsand placed iii the boat. The kindly
men who were rtfasrgling tome life U
NO. 30. WHOLE NO. 70
!..!... 1 ..! J r J- ... I'. . - i . r - f . "
perceiTi.ig me lenacmna ia"jin wmca woanaea, na atlempiiiig to rise fell back-- know that we lud . -ueli 011 Mr1i.irr.
lie was strngglmg; tor- lite, f out to - ward 1.U0 the sea, struggled for a moment" "My God'.aid another, ' it'a the W.omeu.M
and sank to rie no "more.
snppose it is not necessary," said one
of j he crew, -m gire you the tninnte par
(UuUrs of h iw each life was Iot. Kverj
Nucceediug minute recdniner waves wash
most wept for sympathy as tht put the' ed off one, two or three, sometimes ix,
lad on shore, sale in body, though sadly
afflicted by his pH rents' loss. f- j
Mr. Fo ley, i lie chief engineer who re
mained on the rock for several hour as
rifting the passengeim .to land from the
ship, says it was! extremely harrowing to
Aid o it wm. Tli4 gei swi pt 1 hem o il
! of the steerar, and, wirli their ch;Mrrn,
4-lhc nuinber of two jr three hundred.
they tliUtt U thn to cteijitty. '
L-ahy wim in lli rig:g:nc eyeii knurs,
moTiug np and d-wji u. ki-ep Itla blood
in cirenUti'Mi: . Jle sawjuaeii ou blh sides
of him fall from Exhaustion, mostly-able
bodied (jrurinans 1 hs only chance of
cries at last attracted the Captain, wU, sliiipery surface.1 He mnst have bef-n dressed, piohtblv a iotvtner. wh-idid nt POLITICAL COMW.ldXTIO4 '
The lrsielation of the naU mint U 1
"VYeat YirginU does not seem to hhx un
raveled the pliticl diEcultici that exist -ia
that State. In the first place thefdaal . t
conjretsional elections have not yetecm
decided: It wiU be rr mem be red thst the
Republicans held that the 221 of Abit
ras the proper time to fleet Congresiaen,
imciiTKa iceircanuiaaies wita tatslirbt
opposuion, wnne me oilier party elected
Then a dozen were swept away and went
out aide byfeide Into the Valley of Death.
Them is do language that can describe
the feelings of a man huldlng on for dear j escape theie was by means of 4 rope to
life to a bit of rigging and watching his
trieudi" and companions straggling, clurch-
behold the suffeiings t the uufortunaie 'g sinking, dying. The weakest, of
creature even ifjter they werej rescued, j omrse, went first. One poor fellow bad
Many of lh'm became insane, frothed at managed to get himself in a position
the mouth and toppled off lite jrock into where he was peuned in by pieces of tim-
iera were tier which could not very well be affected
I His bdy was nearly entirely protected.
' From my position in the rigging I could
The "Atlantic" Calamity.
ncrilH-r fori lfclwbo ,pi.v(
. 'vo:ir'u liuWriniioi).
4 i:,.'i.l,i..rK(:bcniU-'nex4ciitel in the finest style
Vof Lilhojaj.liie pi inlii.j; t lie printed surface of
em-li U ix'iSiiKlits, ami tne pictures sen in me
More for'SoO per pair. :
Kev.T, ll. ViitTi itKij), l I)., Contrihirting
Rev. IT. T. 1Us(,nv ,'Edi'ora.
0 The AjiK is awcckly I'ami'.y I'.iper, adapted
,tfj the JInie Cin lc, die Fanmr, ilie Mechanic,
the Tradesman, alike iik every section -of the
'.'Sn'ite': it! U not scciionj in jU character, nor
oirlizaii ir seclnriail. lk'sidex all the news of
.ilie ilW. 'collated with a Mew to correctness and
' jieciiraey1,! its eoluuins Hiill be iiUl with the
i elioin-st liiattc f aj.proprllit to tlie difl'frent le-1'partiiient-St.ri-.
1 1 1st -t ii al and l'.ioj;raphieal
1 '!-ketciiW, Travel and Ad .-enttire, Sabhath lU-ad-1
ine, Wit and Ijinuor, .ai ictiltnra!, Vn resj on-
deuce', on Kpitone of the News of the Day, 5ce.
The iHtbllcation of Original Stories u special
', feature of the AoK, amlj for this year weTmve
' urocured neveral from te pens of poimlnr and
!nt..rpiintf writer:.' In IliHt lU nartnknt alone
we can promise onr read
in rharatte- to that of a
' papci. ' r 1 r'
()ne coty one year, ( wit
X ; . - !
PLiANTKllS should ci amine the aovc-naincd
toil nndh-t4iil!ile (Jin before bnrinffianv llher.
It coniUir.s the required ("alitie of Siiupjii-Hy.
Strength and I):uability.It Gins fait and tlean,
makes rxcolictit hut (oiien brnieang l44b. to
l-V.'.-. per lb. alnivo market;) and isiitiivtfrj;ally
!idni!ttel t-i oe Ine ntrMtet running pin liiaue
A' h-ave had thirty yenji-V expuratnee lUlhe
bushiest, and warrant eMery gin ptjifcet. (iins
eonstaittly in the hands fournaeijts, to wLieh
we invite inspection. j
Oiicnpars, with testiun nials nndf;'U piirffcu
lars, niiy be bad by midr 's.-ii r. j J T
I 1SUAEI. F. I KOWX, resint,
Iirinvn Cotton (Tin Cd-, New London iCoim
CUaIvFOKD AvllKUilG; A ireiJts SnlMir.ry
N. C ! Marel 6-i-4oos.
r entertafniBCHt epial
iy oi ine ponuiar siorv
; niihoiit itietures.
. t .... ... , ,
six monthrt do
2 picture.? $2 -'0
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w earnestly requested
published before the wart
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opy. Addres,
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L. D.
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wil.1 be sent to any 01 re ordering tiiiui
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l.l ! -Ilf fH K,
oiAVF''' s.
D. SINE, Iiox8.
lis nnfortunate ships left Liverpool
o i htr last trip on the 20:h of March, and
experienced stormy weather during the
voyage, aud on the inoriiiiig'of the eleventh
day jeniled her career ai d sei.t to a watery
grave uearlyisix hundred out of the nine
finnan d atid-seventy-eight persons whose
lives depended on her tafe'y.
Jfehii Foxley, Chief Ei pineer, pays the
tfsc1 BtrncW on the lock at afjuaitei-past
thieti o clock a, 111. 011 iho Inst 111st., and
cntttjmcticcd h beel over the port side, the
se breaking over the ship nnd vessel liU
litigj rapidl) i All the. f'enialo- jiafsengers
wh were a-deep at the time the ship eh tick
were pi evented from coming on deck by
the Bea 8 washing overlhe ship and filling
Some of the passengers got into
ifeboats. the davit falls being cut awav
to allow the! boais to float clear of the da
vits: in the expectation of getting clear of
the) veeeerfby that tueain, but -a tea
broke on board and washed the sreater
portion of the passengers w ho were in the
boats out, the 1 otts were stove, aud those
who ventured in them tieiiehed. The
third otficer, Mr. Brady, and two quar
tcrruaste. s swam ashore with a small
line which j enabled a great nuinlx-r of
tbe!paeeuger8 and crew to get on shore.
I gut on l iie rock so.m afterwards, and
alsd Robert Herring, second ; John
Hodgson, thiii; William l'.ittirsoti fourth;
Samuel Diivis, Bix'.h, uud Rolcrt McFar
latiL seventh, ei ginetr, and e and others
of the crvwjund passengers asrif ted others
to proceed ! from the vers 1 by the rope to
the; rock. ! The cold -was so intense that
sorue of thni, being benumbed, were nib
ble; to ho d ou to l he rope aud they let go
and we wire unable to render tin ui ruy
astfisLiiice.; The rock that we were ou
was covered with sea weed, which made
it Very dailgeiou to staitd upon, aud its
edges werei loui d i
All on the rock being soaking wet and
cold were, unable to render any asuiftance
to those who were in the greatest of peril.
A number f them waln d off the wreck
unit diowued, and a number who wore try
in to, get from the. rock to the island by
a line were alio washed from it and drown-
d We could perceive people falling from
the shin s side and ritririne:. 1 hree'boata
winch were carried acniss the ndand ren-
the water and we're' drowned i 1
so chilled and exhausted with the cold ! by action of the waves.
that they laid down and die'd.vSojne dv d
after that they had been taken to the main
land. , All the passengers spiak in the
highest terms of the gallant conduct of the
third othcer. Mri iirnny, and tb hist en
gineer in particular, who remaiip-d on the
wreck for hours ! assisting the pMseugers
to reach the rock, i wo lady cabin pas
sengers came oil deck in the excitement
and stood near! I he wheelhouse. They
hesitated a moment. lVeseutly they came
out and endeavored to reach th4 forward
part of the ship from where the passengers
were being sent! ashore on the lines. At
that moment a hnge wave swept over the
ship's quarter, j 'I he men clingjng to the
rigging heard two heart rendiu shrieks,
and when thy! looked the wjotm-n had
dirappoared. These are only a few of the
terrible incidents of that fearful wreck.
Young men as well as old becatpe paraly
zed, and us they clung to the riggi'ig or to
the sides of thej vessel they seeifud bereit
of all reason, and when spoked to by the
others to make! some effort to reach the
boat and save tliems elves they would roll
their eyes, then Mature fixedly at he sjteak'
era and a:'k, in a whining tout', ''Wh.t
boat ? Many again w ho were Roused out
of tlieir berths had scarcely tmo to put
their cloths ou and rush on deck ere th-y
perished. One; cabin passengef, a young
man, came up wi.h only a vest on. He
clnngto the shii side for a time iud finally
rolled on into the ecu and was Host.
Iiis counteuauce as
the shore, which Mr. Brady, third officer,
swam ashore with. Nearly half the num
ber of those who ran tho ruk of crcaiiiiz
on this, lost their lives.'
its men on the fouit'i Tharsday ia Octo-
Umw Tt, : 1 . r . 1
nation 011 the subject, which both parties
contend is to be construed in their avor. -The
legislature, which has a Democratic
majority, passed an act to troc4y the
evil, which was vetoed by tb GoTtroor," '
and repesied over bis veto! StCl ih";
blames McAllister, a native Jf Glasgow
bcotland, w ho piwvid to bo a very
gent person, g ive a an i tlijjtii.ct ac
count of the w'mc'k. Hi- saysj thai the
Captain sighted land ou Tuetday 11101 I
near bis exact po.-1u.1t1, bei.ig u Hali
fax harbor, wlieie he had ucciilcd-lo call
for coal. The three o'clock bell f-ang "ali'd CO(
well," and qu titer of an hour ficrw auls, I ;vr
when 1 was asleep in my berilijiu ir.e tor
ward steerage, ;I heard acifh.l iuiioedi
ately jumped up, put on .my clothes and
rushed on deck. N aily ail life passen
gers in l hat pijrt of the th?eriige, to the
number of nnej hundred and twenty eight,
ii not more, also rushed upon d ck at the
saint! tiino 3me of the pasfenets who
fitst succedi-d jiu getting uponj the deck
were odd by dome of the i.tlicrrs in com
cand that nothing was wrong: thai they
had only lowered the anchor. The pas
sengers then went down again and Hied
to persuade the rest to that ttbtct. I think
this was dime1; to prevent contussion on
deck. I caine. up agjin aud h ul just lime
It was about
my position
see the expression of
from time to time he took his hands from
his face, gazed about as if not daring to
lift his head, aud then again hid his sight.
in an unlucky uoomen:, denng a lull he
lifted up a porliou of his body to make
himself more comfortable, when the big
gcet wave I had yet seen caught aud
swept him iu a moment out of sight.
j He so conducted himself at the trying
time as to w in the highest commeudations
fiorn the passengers. ;
r A calculation was now made by Cap
tain. Williams, showing that the loss of
(ifc, though immense, w as not so largo as
hud been reported. The Atlantic had on
board thirty-.three cabin passengers, " 800
steerage passengers and a crew (officers
included) of 143 men ; total, 97G sbnl?,
leaving ihe number lost at 5 1G. 1 his may
uol be precisely correct, but 13 ncarly so.
Accounts varv concerning the numbers
of jost and saved. The latest news con
firms the statement that over seven hun
dred went down with the ship or were af
teiVards swept off and drowned. The
rescued are now reported to be about fhree
hundred men and one child, principally
Gefiuau emigrants, ai d the crew. As
there was no lime to pave the ship's pa
per's or other documents the list of lost
cannot bs.- obtained.
One roan had just secured a fhur birrel qal5oi unsettled, as those extlud"ed M
". mi vim ecnn in vdtcu labcnd.
to jpptal u thtt body. Another trouble t
some question has arisen, and that,' is the
appobiiur .power. . 11o constiteiion
represented as ineonabtcnt, rlierfe itlreTTt
Iates t the creation and filling of ft Seers
not dtrcctly provided for therein Tnclnd- 1
iug schools officers and manager! of the 1
different State institutions, ia sill k little
cuuik i,vvv uiuccil tor iue wuoic OlAlO
The Governor claims the power! to a.l-
t. . l. 3 .1 .
jfjiuv uii'sc euiccra unucriue constKUllOth ,
al provision for vacincies, while the Leg
m m I -
istaturo claims thst they be apfKunlcd l
uj u uuaui 01 puunc woras appoinicu
by irself. This, it is thought, will lead U
the appointment of two different ietfl of-
on deck when he waa washed overboard.
Hat not before be had obtained a told,
grasping either end, the bottom being out.
The barrel, from it a bnild, would bo pre
cipifated by the sea some distance above
the waves and then fall back Que more
than usually heavy -sea seat barrel and
man at least six feet high. Hel had lost '
his hold before he caaio down. Tailing ic
the trough of the sri ; but though on top
of a wave, which roe a little farther on,
the barrel Vode buoyantly, the, nun did
not come to light.
"We saw very Ii tie of tho wiraen and
children," says another (informant; "every
thing happened so quick that before even
those who were strongest had gout out of
the choked passageway the females were
either so bewildered or the water had so
impeded their progress thst very few
came on deck. Thoo that did were
swept away before they could fas'eu
themselves or be secured by others.
"I saw one woman," said he, "in the
water wilh three children just as they
were washed ovei board two in her arms
(one infant) and the other with its arms
about her neck. They went down almost
Full Irport of the ProeccdiPfjs.
w l .1.1 .-11
11 13 undorsiooti me government win
commence investigation ,11 1 lie
eiit of the Cuuard and olln rs are mik-
ing nirangenn'iits to forward all who are
able to go to New York by steamer. In
ihe meantime all that is necessary will be
done by the citizens and authorities fur
the comfort of the survivors.
The passengers were taken care of by
the Cuuard azents on their anival here
this afierurton. About one hundred and ,
tifty of them will go by t lie steamer Chase I
to Portland to-morrow, the remainder go- j
ing bv the steamer lalrooiuh tomorrow
night if there is room for them.
Ltrie ciish
At S41isbury $1,20.
t. . t 1 SEI nil i !
47 : tf :
n. i
to stet on the saloon deck.
ten, minutes alter the ship first struck
when she turned over 'towards the land
and sank. A number of persons clnngto
the bulwarks. but, the sea' being high, they
were washed Jiff and many wei'e drowned.
The others, along with, myself, who got
in the rigging, swung themselves, off by
ropes into the water and swam io the rock
a distance of about fifty yards. About
one hundred Und fifty, who were passen
gers principally belonging to that part of
the steerage that I was in, saved them
selves in this way. We remained on the
rock about two hours when i assistance
came to us from the tdiore and we taken
off, hut in an exhausted condition.
, One steerage passeiig r, w ho succeed
ed i 1 reaching I lie rock, died ilnre fro in
exhaustion beforf assistance c uie We
were treated WelJ and evei v ea e laken of
us by the li.-hineti on shore at l'rosp -ct.
About one bu .dred aud Shy who got in
the rigging and on the shin's ide, beside
the number I have already mentioned,
were taken off first and landed.
The Captiiu, who was dinting to the
About one hundred bodies have been
recovered at Prospect. The agents here
have ordered 100 coffins to be sent down
at once. The company are paying all the
expenses. The city authorities and the
lVnincial Legislature have taken meas
ures to relieve passengers that may require
if. The steamship company's agents are
doing all in their power for the welfare of j
the passengers.
Patrick Leaky, a young Irishman, hail
ing jrom Wateiford, whse brogue was
very prominent, had been on deck at 3
o'clock A. M., aud then everything was
going on us usual. He went into the for
ward streerage, and had not been there
but i fi:w seconds w hen the crash cam.
Willi his chum, one Hogan, he instantly
attempted to gain the deck, but even in
the pioment the passageways hid become
blocked. Such was the startling nature
of the shock that it had aroused passengcis
out of thir berths aud into passages be
fore they knew or even thought of what
was the matter. hen Leahy had reached
Western North Carolina Ilailroad
Comn:i?ion met in the Etecutive office
011 Weduesd iy, April S. id, IS7;f. Present,
Gov. Caldwell, Judge'Munly, (v . Davi.-,
Jos. II. Wilson and W ilier L. JSieele.
On moiir n, Gov. CiMwell wasapjiomt
ed Chaiimau, and Col. ' teel Hecn-t.iry.
Alter reading the act under which the
Commission was appointed, and a general
consultation, the Coinmisriou adjourned
till 4, o'clock p. m.
Upon tho rc-asscnibling, Hon. Geo.
Davis sent in a letter declining to act on
j the Commission, having dsccilaintd the
Southern Security Company are the real
plautitTs in the suil iu wh:eh the decrre
was made fir thv? sale of thq Western
North Carolina Railroad, aui he being
the Attorney of the Security Company iu
the matter of the Wilmington, Columbia
aud Augusta Railroad.
Alt r further consultation (du:ing which
Col. Marcus Erwin, one of the commis
sioners appointed by the Circuit Court was
present, but who declined iu ' a letter to
the Governor to co-operate with the Leg
islative CommUsio;',)in adjournment was
had tint 1 Thursday 10 o'clock a. m.
The Commission met on; Thursday
morning puisuant to adjournment, when
Judge Manly offered the fallowing, which
was adopted
Whereas, It seems to the Board of
Coram issioners that the duties-committed
'.o it bv the lute act of the 'General Assem
bly entitled "An actiu relation tothesaie
and completion of the H eseru North
Carolina Ilailroad Co.," would be best
performed by aud with the authority ol
the corporation charged wit'i the building
of the road, as well as that of the
Asseuioly, tin reforcy
J!cslccl, That W. II. Ilowrirton, E-q.,
Prcsideut of said company, be. respectful
ly requested to call a geueral meeting of
tiie stockholders as caily as practicable,
to consult ou the propriety of" accepting
and consenting to the provisions of said
officers in that State, produced motk;
euiDarrasbment in its administration.
1 here is also another class as to the act
of the Legislature creatirrg a board of pub-
i;c woras, w uicu is ueia to tc unefnstua
ual by the Ciovernorand his fricr.Bs. S t
maiiy are the political complication! of i
West Virginia that it may be wel appro- !
bended that they will culminate Jin tho
same stale of affairs as exist ia Lott'uiana.
, i
The announcement has recently beco
ide that a Philadelphia manufa&arer U
preparing a plsn for a 'column I. (KM) feet
high, to be costructcd entirely of iron, in
opeti work, fiom the summit of w iich the
grounds of the CenUnuial Expos lion are
to be illuminated by means of a rait aud
magnificent Drummond light. It will bo
the loftiest stmcture in the world) thongU
possefsing, probably but little arictu
ral beauty. The tallrct thing of jhe kind
now in existence is said to be he iron
open-w ork central spire of the Cathedral
iu Koucn, France, which is spoke of as. a
peculiarly unsightly object. It win erect
ed a few years ago to replace the besnli-
ful spire destroyed many years previously
by lightning: and though the baildera
were determined to make it a few feet
higher than the celebrated Straspurg ca
thedral, their wmk is pronounced, as posi
tively hideous as that of their predecrssors
was stately and superb. Probjtbly the
next highest work of mao s handf. allow
St. Peter's, at Rome, to be aheqush-d
arc two chimneys of chemical frorks in
Glaseow, though each of these fall tome
what short of 600 feet.
Knows Aorj Gixls.
most unaccolnla blest
.1 L J : J.- : ! .1 I
L ..i J. .. . i.. i i . u .- Stun s side, passed oft about a bundled
tci o aim sn:w utiui iue ni-ron uuu n iu i - ri t t 1 v j . i : , . . . r r ti t-
-,,rH Rnveril npr-nn who Wrtmo com. Vim&r M,c ,m MaJv,"Pa m . saw several men jump overboard a ltd sink, j requiMie iniiy aeccompiisniu
pletcly exhausted laid down on the rock "ii !'V ' r i
' ; - y. . '. . .1 A .mil filiki u ln u allll illi.rti,ir lt
'"'J. ""'I i r-
and died, f ome rf(pf the passengers b-
catne maniac., foamed at the mouth aud
toitotea uboat like eliiloien. wo were
very kindly received and tr ated by the
people on chore. M.r. Ryan, magistrate,
and Mr. James Coveley, fisl.m in, rend
ered us every assistance. The chief offi
cer, Mr. Frith, who is supposed was drown
ed, was seen clinging to the rigging, but
iiq assistance could be-given him. At ele
ven o'clock the same morning the ship was
breakiug up and cargo washing ashore.
Corpses Here also washed within Teach.
We started at two o'clock yesterday after
noou for Halifax and ai lived iu town at
eleven olock P. M., where we were well
c;ired for.; The fifth engineer, Thomas
Grant Urqnehart belonging to Dumfiies,
Scotland,! is among the drowned. Inci
dents of the most heartrending character
the ship's side when tin- I'apiaiM g"t r-tnre
rescind by bnats. I thai ti e !'(,
same nnmhor which w ere rli ging to i he t
shin's sifle and riirsrins were savi, mak-
ing abont 1 three Ion. dred faved. I
think that no more than that number were
saved. Mv clium and on" of tie passan-
gers named Uunningh.iui, "f Glasgow, I
know were saved.
deck the ship had commenced to rock n of conf-rnng upon, the Board
ovef ft oni side to side, but then there were organized under if, such powers upon the
few bat the officers and crew visible. He ! lmrl company as may l.e deemed
the pur
Some of them did not m
swim, nut as in all cas
bee.imi?d.izil and venture
chapco of getting out of the. vessel that
ike an attempt to ; V'iM' ' Assembly.
cs ol shipwreck, HmoIi cJ fm the r, 1 ! t a copy of tli
ured on the first solution be transmitted to tie- Preside
tfew Xori. Office, 27 BEEKMAJTf Bt
April 1672. 3&ly
! Cheap - Cliat d Mortgages;
arid Various other blanks Ifor sale bore.
This office? was one of the number wl o
had secured a place on an impromptu raft
that had been thrown overboiard. One
after'anothef the others hid bejen washed
away, until lie only remained the wild his frail craft rapidly towards the
occurred.! The little fellow, the only child He j evidently thought that he
soed from the wreck, rushed nu n deck would be saved, as ue waeo, uis nai io
ith the ttream of passengers when the tbose on Doara tue snip, nm in. a aesion
first alarm was given, j His parents and dent but rather in a triuiupnait m inner,
other members of his family were still be A wave whidi ; came immediately, even
- . . - I - a ! i 11. J J la
low. They perished when the ship filled nile ne nan ni$ nai in ma nawi, oasneu
aud fell over on her side. Hustled about I the raft agauist it to the loot of the rug-
albng with that struggling mass of eicit- gwl ascent, iwhere still anotber threw him
e4 humanity, the piieooa screams of the abont six feet opon the rocks, whore it
poor Tittle fellow went to '.he stoutest heart stranded mm. ncu uio wier was rc-
Ue leaned opon the back of ope of the juen ceding it carried the rait away, leaving
-ii ri - ii 'i. T .1,1... nn.irttirmmmtnr lpinC mot innlr-tiB fin
in ine nope oi uemg sayeq uy mm. iui i ...yi.v -j --
the man shook off the j waiuug boy, lita nrst .siriitin ; ne craicw.u yn iue
presented nself. There wre six life boats
6Wtng to deck. These were lakdi pits
session of by men and several cast off.
0.hrs the waves ewept away. All save
onej succumbed to the fury of the wavs
iinijiediau'ly, and the ocenpanta were
drowned. When the water commence d
to tmr? in the steerage the passengers
ui vie for the hurricuue deck. The cap
tai I shouted for any men who had lift
be ts or buoys to rush into that sea or
mount the rigging, as those were thenttly
chances for life. L'-ahy and his chum
immediately s nded the riggiiig after
mfech trouble an. I from thence had-a good
vi;w ol what was going on. ;
I'lien," said he, "I saw the first and
awful sight. It was just gleaming day.
A large mass of something drifted past
the shin ou top of the wave and then was
to view in a trougti ot sea. As it
passed by a moan it must have been a
shriek, but the tempest dueled the sound
-4-seemed to surge up from the mass,
wjhich extended over fifty yards of water.
"Wha js that V asked Leahy of one
next him. 7oca lions, said the one aa-
of the road.
Judge Manly offend the followin
which was also agreed to:
Ttcsolvetl, That the chairman of this
Board give notice in one or more newspa
per of the State, of the time, f onr next
meeting, aud that he invii propositions
at that time from any party or parlies for
th'? purchase and completion of the West
ern N. ( Railroad, or nthfr proposal
connected with tho objects oilte General
Assembly in contituting thia Board.
O'l motion of Mr.' Wilson, it was order
ed that when this ; Board adjourn, it ad
journ to meet at the Executive office in
the city of Raleigh on Moud'y the 13lb
May next. " ,
The Board then adjourned. Sentinel.
A Good idea. Th passenger cim
on the Richmond & I)invilc Railroad
have attached within a patent aparatus
showing the station the train is appro idl
ing. It is a very simple contrivance, and
has attadtl to it a bell to attract the at
tention of the pissengers wliti brake
man regulates it as he doe at every sta
tion. It is a decided corivcni.Mice to
travellers, and saves conductors the nec
essity of answering qacstions,
What a Boy
Girls are the
things iu the worl 1, except a woman. Like
the wicked flea, when you have them they
ain't there. I can cipher clear lover the
improper fractions, and the teacher says I
do it first rate ; bull cant cipher out a t
gill, proper or improper, and Jou can't i
either. The only rule in arithmetic 4bat
hits their case is the double rule of three.
They are as full of Old Nick a their skin
can holJ and they would dieif they couldn't
torment somebody. Wficu lbe try to
be mean they are as rqcan al pusley,''
though thpy ain't as mean as thfy let on,
except sometimes, md then they ire agood
deal m'Mnrr. Tfie only way to afong
w ith a girl w hen site come to ua with)
In-r nonsense is to give ier lit hi tat, and'
when you get a giil flimmux-dt she is as!
m I I
uice as a new pin. A giil cati pow more
wild oats in a day than a boy can sowii
a year, but girls g-t their wild oits sowed!
afler a while, which boys tifr do, ani,!
then they sett le down as calmn anl pi act da a "
a modpuddlc. Bat I like them firri rate, and,
1 guess the boys all do. I don't! care ho
m my trick thev i!ay on me -land they'
don't care either. The hoitytoUitt in thrl
world can alwas boil over like fa glas o
soda. Py-and-by they ill get iato thi
traces wiiu someuouy iney uaek ana pui
r. . . ., . I . .. r. ..t.l At. I rrt. 1 1 . m . . A I 1. -.1 I
an lauj ao uiu vvv nuirv ..a.
the lie.mty of ihem. flu id them wave, j I
say ; they will pny for it some i'ay, sewji
iug on buttons and trying t irake 'ft
man -f the fellow they have spliced n ui,
and ten chances to one it I bey
th'j woist ol it
1 1 is cettiinly an anxiom tbaL until t!r
luilleniiiuui ia r-aclK-d aud there s no go. It
at nil in the wotld, ciim'can oaly be pre
vented by the fetr of pouishmenf, and j tit
in the drgne that rtiribathm fwCows awif
mil iro pai till ly upoa the heels' ef crime
(Ik s the world more nearly spproxias' J
to tlut blisaful Slate It may Le regari -ed
as another Mxmm thtt the ptiiishmer t
must Ik- eommeiisuraic wwh shecrisa,
ai.d upon this batsis are all llse crimitoat .
law of the civilised world founded. A,
as willful and deliberate murder is. tlie ciim?f wh'cb the law takt-f u
niinre, bo must the serverest pciwIlMa '
f the law be vititcd opon thatniowt grt
vious offense. Death is th cevvrrat pajn.
al:y which the law rosy euforcJand dUi
Ins. and we think properly. Mm ljda-
d as the proper puriihmeit ffr talcoli-
ted and malicious ro order.
Venders of sewing machine
calling themselves "health agents
i" ... I. : ..... I , - . i) 'f j ; ' i. ; ; ; :
. -1 ' 1 ' ' ' f- ' '." . ij - 1 i . - : .! -i : -
-, ' ' ' -- ! - - ' - . f-' j i I ! ' I t
.-:'' ; ''' ' ' '" ' ' ' 'j ' ' ' ' ; ' ''" ' '' ' h ' J ' I " '" ' iHl j' j ' ' I j
. t

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