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tell. t' ' I-V" VX i--: - I
M AtilO AQWJi. IT D. F. W IliLCOX. Secretary. 1 '1
NO. 32 WHOLE N6: 873
: ' i
Only l fLitvrvT that he gar me.
Ouljjpla flivrr nthing more. "
Bot Iirlierih it tenderly. darly.
Aa rt th b liflit days of yore.
Owly s oy that was fleeting
Fa iom 8rtd heart to rove, .
Yet lifBinory delight still to Hnder
O'ei klie jjpeil that its fragrance v
For over rOUTV thU
LlYEK JUDICIISE tas proved to be the
lit painful offspring,
, eptehonotSriU,HOCKSTOMACK,Heart-
. Aftr Tear of careful exponuients, jo meet a
H CTeataudurgentdouiand, wo now produce Iropu
ear origiual Genuine VotnXera
j TJqold form of SIMMON' LIVER BEJJ&
7 ..r.t ...,:,.! nil it wmidcrim aiur 3
LliU,CWViiu,"n ....... w
. uU!e propertie. and oifrr it in r j jf.
' Tha luwder.(pricc a before,) I .t'U prj paclsnpo.
tUiutby man ..........
! f IVEli RKOULATOU nnli'SfJ iu our engraved
, ! wrapper, with Triule mark. Stamp and bigua
1 hlt unbroken.' None -otner ikou'
' 1 i- J.II.ZKILIN&CO,;
"j i if aeon, Oa. and Phjiudelphui.
" : Spirit or the se
f iVjiK fcruiiTO thk Auk will orient a pair
1,1 !of fine pietucH tsort.OO to jeVcry hu!)
Xiber for 1873, who Wy- S2 n' Hdvance for
; A year .ih. i- . .... i;.,..,. .irl,.
if LUhographic; -' V"!,UH J't?c.,,f
X r ;ch ij. 2228 iciie, and the V'iclurf aeil m. the
'.ii' toreiforfOlK.rjmr. .
RV T. II. 'PBITUIIA.RH, V. D., 1 t-pnir:om.nS
lUTill.T-HUiWOX, :-)hdi.ors.
klv FaiiW PajH'r, adapieii
Georgia Hamp Insurance Co
Ikcorpoeatep, l50j Capital SpoOjOOO
J. RHODES T3ROWNE, Pi-eaident,
D. F. W fLLJdOX: Smetory. It v
111 Losses ! famitably Adjusted
! And Prompt y Paid in Full!
Property owners deainnrr, to obtain reliable In
surauce will do well jto protect themselves by
oenrins a Policy In ' Georgia Home Insurance
Co." Agencies &i prominent points iii all the
Southern States. :i ! i i
f J! ALLEN EROWIh; Agent,
I Ofiice No. 2, Granite Row, j
! April 2o, '-72.'- fly x Salisbury, X.C. j
Only Aletter I cherifh,
f Gnardvd with ra'e many Tears,
Tho Itk wordsl oh how few, yet how tender
Are bluri-fd and blotted with tears.
Only a: promise to love me,
Toi love tue while love should last.
In dreams I oft hear it repeated
As .npy heari goes baek to the past,
I , i
Only a vanished presence
Only a yearning heart.
Only a, voiceless longing.
A oice that will noi depart.
Only ;a weary soul wAiting,
Waiting that haven of rest
1 Where the onion of hearts is -etcrnalf
And! true love forever is blest.
any danger; land I (urtuer state that on
les Ward and Flawtra are rerrtovtid from
that parish there will be a fcaiful amount
of LWdf hedi - - jj i . i I -
Ward liaa full posFessiorior (lfax, and
avows Ins determination w remain at all
hazards. J i ! ' I j
1 think it lost to etate U ati there are
colored people there who eadlyjdtprecate
ific occnrrenf, and, io fctr manhr f them
iikc mvseu. uave ueeu corapewea Dt
threats f violence, to leave tthe Iace.
I do not believe that the white oeonle
of Grant parish wonld provoke f qaarrel,
or harm the colored people r at all, unless
positively forced to do so ;,and a believe
mat mere aw not reauy exist sny cause
for the conduct of the negroes! jn this.'
affair, except; it be; tlic haired Ihey bear
tnc white peopio or tue parisn i neg
lected to ttajio that Lawyer Richardson,
of Colfax, had been driverf away from his
uflmp, anu nie notiae nrea into reieaieoiy.
The foregoicg 1.1 believe Ufcb tle R
its details : jj Y
All that Ij know about it is, that this
man Flowers, col. who was a member of
tfie bayonet, Legislature at that time, with
a p-irty of tn or twelve otlif if, jwent to
Mr. iladnot;8 house, and took frlm there
a cofHu in which his (Uadnot't) etiild was
embalmed, ; thinking that it contained
ORIGIN OF THE FEUD. money. They then took it out into the
In a&lilioh to the particulars heretofore road an? ? PC" ; but finding what
for a settlement of ihia imbroglici And that! also. That" nnihiuf
n.: . i . I .!. r.
An art shall ex-
Congress, lackiug the moral conrage to rmpt the rrl estate of afsoeiaiin fnra
settle it, left the whole subject to the'dis-1 -ither Stat( county or muoieintl uxe to
cff'tion of the President, as the two houses I the same extent, jeeordioj; U h value, as
left the Mormon difficult? and that the Prei other real state s tuxed,". i ...
dent adh ring to the Kellogg gottmraeuU J . Alo with the following" Act approved
nshe had notified Congress he shonld do it I February 10, 1SC3: - "' "
left to his owu discretion, has made it de "An Art in rt-ljition to faxirj h.trr in
facto the State government. We come, J National Hinks'j 7 v
then, to Governor Kellogg, tie advised I Be tt enacted by the Strife an J House
b compromise of thi Colfax difBculty but o ltrptesenhUices of thf Utx'cd States f
it was bis doty to inform himself of the America in Congress aisembletl, That the
exact situation of atXiirs there, and to ar- words "place wbtret)ie Back is located,
rest Ward and his negro followers before and not elsewhereMn ccin tortyuine
or immedutcly after their advabced apon of the "Act to provide a natioaa! curency,'
the town. For this duty he should be eall I approved June jhird, eighteen bandied
ed to account. He is evidently unequal J and si xtr-foar, shall be construed cnl
to his position. As for iho slaughter of held to mean the State within which the
the negroes, it is a punishment which they Bank is located and the Legislature of
stupidly brought upon themselves. v.W e each State may ! determine and direct the
hope' the lesson, throughout the Sooth, manner and place of taxirrg all the shares
will dp them good, in teaching: them the of National Bank located withiu stid
folly of appealing to arms for tb redress State,' subject to the restriction that the
6f fancied wrongor the vindication of taxation shall not be at a great rate than
imaginary" political right. They ought j is assessed upon any eber iaioey&capi-
to know that a war of races means tbettai in the bank nf individual citizens ot
examination of the black race, and that such Stata: Arid pracided ahrays, That
in every appeal to arms they are sure to the shares of any National Bank owned
be severely puuixhed. President Grant, by non resident! of any State, shall be
meantime, should bring Governor Kellogg taxed in the city or town where said bank
to a strict account for his aparerttly crirai-1 is located, and not elsewhere
sndden turn in the road, when the tad dlt
tamed, as the. horse was in the actor
making the circuit, the was da bed be af
long against a tree, aud feiriifeless anj
rnangled to the ground, never to rise agaioL
Hrr chest was completely crashed, an4
without speaking m word, shie ceased t
breathe in about fifteen mi pales, Bhp
wss only sixteen rears of arrv was In tie
Ihtom and flash of maidenly beauty, anil
her sad, unexpected death Was a hard '
blow to her widowed mother and the ref
mainder of her. family. The disceaaed
was a native of East Tennessee and Cxbm
to this country about a rear! arts. !Uoc
family re nor but respectable people."
ti 1 .i - 1 .r i. ' .
i ui-jr mix voc uianini tympaiiiirs 01 irje
. .. .! ; . . .
iiuiic currouuuiuc cviamunur in liiia si
t . f.
ucrrat riucui.
rr,IIE proprietors if the-se jastJv celebrated
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solicit calls from ll-jwho bavet to sell. They
p4y the highest vtqrkpt cash prices. 'ij
Flour Flour!!
desired.' ,
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manufacture fonr
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Tiicy also soreit orders lor jiran.
family, ramilti 3Sx-
giiud for toll, as maj' be
Tl. An i a wet
ii..... f -ri Farmer. tii
i pvitv rctiiiii of the
iliio iraoeiiuai, r
late- it;i m-t in tbhractt-r, nor
-. i:id.-s aiUhe newnof
2il a . .vilut..t with a v4ew to coirrectnw ami
SVXiiratiT,! lis columns will Ub
rthoicot malter sppfoirrte to t'te
k..v;rtri. Histo'ru :l ami
Trnvt-l and Adver.lnri'
fineT W it Vnd 1 1 unior, A Rfio lihur a
nr. n Ei'ttone of tlie News of t
At-nct. an Epitone
kliirtrcnt de-
Kilibath Koa-I-
, CrrcsHrti
ie Day, &o.
PLANTERS should! exanHne th aborc-nnmed
d and reliable 0njbi;f'ore. biiying a?j-othr.
It combins tho i(llri'ii qualities ot .Simplicity.
Sfreiifitli and Il'.u; iility. It Gins fatand clean,
nlMkes eC4illeut i$t (often brinjiinjr l-4c. lo
l-yc. jir lb. abor narket.) rvrnl is uoTve-nlly
adinitted to e thd gh-t:e.Kt:ninnii.g jiin made.
fo h ive had tUirfy year'' experience in the
busini;ss and varjaht every gin pe-rfrct. Gips
(nstftiit!y intte Ij lud.tof our agents to wLii-b
we, invite insptctijn. i !
I Circulars, with H4iinonia's aud udl particu
Urs, niav 1ft' lu.d llat!dresii'g. , j i
! ; ISItAl-m IMtOWN, Presidontj
j Ilijowu ColUtiHtjin Co , JSew Loudon, L!onn.
CUAWFOKD tfpCILlG, A ginits Salisbury,
ji 0; - i March 6H-4mof.
-H '
"The publication of Original Stortes is a special
Vesture of the Aok, and fo h.--car we have
Locurcd several from tW Pn c( popular and
Surl-ating writer.. In this Dl t.nt,, alone
can promise our x - -?
pnhlisljQd by us, by telegraph and edito
rially, hi regard to the recent bloody affray
in tho jtbwn of Colfax, Louisiana, we give
the follqwmg.
Thei Captain of the steamboat South'
dmptokf ho was the first ;;to take the
news to New Orleans, makes, the follow
ing Rtitytuent :
Weiarrived at Colfax Sunday evening
abont o'clock ; found that the white
people! and sheriff, I suppose, at their head,
had captured the town after having a con
flict with the negroes ; it was reported to
roe that abont 100 negroes had been kill
ed and I many others wounded; we saw
from the boat fifteen or iwenty lying
around ion the bunk dead ; one white man
was reported killed, whose name I d'd not
learn and two very seriously wounded
Messrs.! Hadnot and Harris; Mr. Haduot
was shot ihrongh thebowels, and . uj
posedito be mortally wounded; we brought
Hani? land Hadnot down from-Colfax to
A!exinrlria ; three or four oilier while men
were jslightly wounded.
About 100 negroes escaped, but it was
reported the whiles wt-re ill pursuing
All of the leader? ol the not es
especially the white men. The
having amhusradrd -themselves
iu the tourthouse, and the whites finding
vpia no other mode of nttnek left
Net fire to the building. The whiles
!er- in tlio- iK-iglioo-noou ot l.'U
The fight lasted fiom 12 o'clock
nparly 5 l. M. The whiles are now
in possession of Colfax, and when I left
iast Sunday night everything was very
nal hegligeuce in this business. N. Y.
it was. left the dead body of the child on
tue roaa. uuiier, -a coiora man ana a
respecWible merchant, and another man,
gathered up the child, replacing ifcas well
as they could, and carried it back into
Iladnot's house. s
Bntler then saw Flowers and etpostn-
latcd with biro at what he had beendoing,
telling him that, ii was wrong, and that
he ought not to hare done as heIid.
Flowers and his party becoming exasper
ated, then gave Butler twenty-tour! hours.
in which to. leave, ot which he toqfc ad
vantage, fearing for his life. .
Wx. Ilnditot then gathered twenty-five
men logeiher, and sent word to the ne
grocs that they must remove th -ir women
aud children 'as he ii. tended ni.kipg an
attack npoit them.
Butler say; that he cannot see any rea
son in the world f r th attack, except it
be the aninnus that the negroes yi-ivc
agTtjns't thei whites ; and that, in his pin
i)ii, alone prompted the action.
Section eleven of "An act to provide
for the collection of taxes by the State
and the several! conntics of the State on
property, polls and income," ratified 2Sth
of February, 1$?3, is as follbws :
"All other porsoual property whatever
including money, credits, investments in
bonds, stocks, joint stock compmies or
r . - t sn r rr tt t j 1 1 otherwise, and .all taxable polls, aud all
( (larrMnnntMirfl. ff III Attn l nrk nri(it . . .. . . .
v J ' other subjects i liable to taxation, ex-
this sal
cept such frandliiie and personal proper
ty a! herein speeialFy provided for shall
I e iTen iu the to nal i4i in h'u h the per
s .n charged rcids on the first of April.
I he residence j of a corporat on, partner-
I Premiums.
n charade- to that of .any of the
-aDers. ' ' !.-
$2 "0
1 25
Ont cony one ycBq (with 2 pic
af . I" witbO'it fie
i$ ri s it month no
k Eterv resder of the SrntiT qV the Ace as
VuUUhedlH-fethe war, is tarnuy
ito rehewi their-patronage; send, for specuueu
copyj . AAilI)3 & iniotoiiTOM.
: :
The! origin of the bloody and di plora
V.le contest above related is given in '.lie
New O i leans Picayune of the 6th inst.J
which i publishes the statement of O. J.
Butlerl a colored man. residing in the
toiwn ol Colfax, to the following effect;
A band of negroes were, a ehort time
j 75,730
. li.liiu 111 jr u
L Slilito 65.000
j to the Subscribes; of
! ftTTVl TTTtl'STTlT! ?nTTtWTJ
f Kverv Subscriber ia sure of on uremium ago, organized in the parish of Grant, and
any way, aud l4j'haaan ejual chfuee of re- headoa by two men, named respectively
eeiving a CVASH Ifreuiiuin, OU A$PIAXO, William Ward, ulias Captain and Flowers,
nun t' -A'T. ''IT UI'U'IVC. lHfl4TVir i i . i . r.l
uiujix, L -i oii iur mayuMii nave seizeQ anu taKeii possession oi ine
via., etc. ! 1 - i i :
- $y)oo i n
l 0DR FIRESI0 YlllEKD Efyht Page,
LdUjcSize, lUn.stritcd the Family's H'e-clLf. is
in its TlllKl) VltLUJl and Has attamatne
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price $3. pei yettrlf f2 numbers, j
I j The Elegant Chror&o j
I r Thonlj illeliable
... ' 1 v -t i
fa iv,
courthouse .in Colfax, and driven all the
white men from that place. They broke
into the house of Judge W. R. Rutland,
and .other houses occupied by white peo
ple, and pluudei cd litem, la Mr. II ad
not' house was the bndy of a dead child,
embalmed and in a c fiiii. This the ruf
fians hclually carried away, and threw
upon the banks of the liver, 'i hey then
destroyed a tine piano in the; same house.
Mr Shackelfurd was hhot at tliree times
while lattemnting to cross the river with
his family, by the saint band.
A lady school tear her was driven out
of her house and robbed of her jewt-ls,
which the scoundrels sold for two bottles
8iz5 16 x20 incliesi 16 colors. Acknowledged
by all to b.i tho ij AN DSOMKST and MOST
V A l.n A It I.K ovpniiiim liiptnic ii Anirii-.a.
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UK I 1 1 Flf PlflSE Chromo the Uuiof ubcribiig (two H'o) jexre 11 into thj hands of one who re-
V X Md Ui t l 1 l'i4V lliu iiviivuu -aw
Gift Distribution in the
' . Country ! ;
SG0,000 90
'bp drywn Monday Arid 2Sth, JS73
:$5,600 each in Greenbacks !
-Two urws 81,000 1 - . f - !
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j Tfen ladies' Gold Huntinc Wptclfes, worth $7o
1 ' facht -J . ' t ' i
B00 Gold ((tut Styvr Jivr Jfuptlny IllrjA-Ai".", ( in
j all,) uvfthiom 5t) (.J :.T.U eaifil'
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Whole rTumbcr Gifts, C,500. -
j Tickets Liiniti d tei ((,0UO,
to whom Liberal I'lejuiunia will lo rmid.
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nlteulars coril.'iiiiiiiij a foil list of prizes, a de-
scription of the manner of draw'1112, and either
'tawmuion' ln reference to ftlie. Pistribution,
- 1 milll I... 1 . ' I .1 I. ..! I till...
etnt ttiist le addrVhscd to - j: i
1A1 orncjv r L, 1. iSINK, Ix SC.
4IIA11K iu the distribution of $i5jl00 ia cash
i;id t.ther vemiun)-. I
thu second Tuesdwjf hi June next, "jho Clironio
find Certificate sent on recept of pfie. BPE-
CIMlvN t'Ol'lESJ 1'KEilIL-M flST, Jtt C
to anv address. $ !
Either lojcal or
vaseii'.g jio every
town. L'irgccash
pay aitq nest out
fit. iM-iid at oois- i 1 tr'itns. liddrces.
tHjn FWtt:S!D&fcKIESiT;Chleiig. Ill '
Feb. 37-1 f. If And lli!iitvr, ihl.
i ana ffrm
Fuioisbed to ordt'f- at Short Noticp, at Steam
fa w Jtliil on WestfVn N. C. K. K-, twenty miles
from alisom v. I '
Puce at mill Ml.' At ' SalilTiry $1,20.
vi!n Dried at ijfylisbnry, SlfiQ.
iTz:n.ns cask.- ,
47: tf: !-! L K. Ii. COWAN.'
JQI W. Fifth. St,
I, ' '
Jffew Jox miA 27 BEEKMiN S
I -April 26. 1872J432:! y
h Cheap Chattel Mortgages,
aid various othjei blanks for sle Jberje.
them jiba-t-they were doing wrong, and
begged them, for the sake of their families,
to desist. I told them that if they con
tinned' they and tlieir families as well
would be killed. They took no heed of
what 1 said, but asked me if I was in col
iusiou with Judge Kutiaim ; "anu it vou
are,' 'they said, "we 1 will give you only
twenty four horns to leave the place; and
if you do not leave in that time we'll kill
you .""j
I, knowing their desperate nature, com
plied w it it their demand, and fled with tny
family on the first boat, leaving my all at
iheir mercv.
This man Ward, without the consent of
he people, declared himself elected to ihe
bayonet Legislature from the parish of
Gi ant, and,, on. the supposed grounds of a
ballot-box having been broken open, he
was seated and after the session of that
Legislature was over he returned to Grant
parish,, declaring himself, as it were, a
ditatjnrr aud assu.zed the authority of
putting out of office thoe gentlemen who
then had h'gal possession. Ward demand-
d that Sheriff . N:ih wonld deliver the
conrtfhouse to his charge, which demand
Mr. Kash refused tojcompjy with. Wheic
upon Ward broke: op-n ths building, and
then took possession, and dared Mr. Nash
to proclaim himself sheriff of that parish.
The iwhile people wjko held oifice then
gave jup to the negro rule, without any n
other resistance.
It was at this time, after Ward had
taken possession of the court-house, that
be calledjiis band of marauders around
him, stating to them that his life was in
danger, it having been threatened by Mr.
Hadnot, the whole of which I had no hesi
tancy in pronouncing false, as I do not
FAX. ; I
The war of factions under which .ifor
six tunnlliA, L uisi;io t has been suffering
ill the pe llsif not, all the evils, of auarcr.y
ut last take that inost dau'erons sh tne
to the blocks of :a war of races. The
bloody affair: at the little hamlet of Colfjix
n the parish; of Grant, near Alexaudrig,
on the R'-d River, from the details which
we publi.-hed 'yesterday, was cleaily 9
conflict nit between the Kellogg faction
an.l the Warmelh faction, but betweeit
the whites aiid blacks a conflict of tht-
two races, jail olhor lines of distinction be-
ing merged ;iu the distinction of color.'
The quaird'grew out of the political com
plications jof the State, but in this bloody
aflair at Colfax it-was, by the stupidity of
the negroes,! re duced to a question of the
local ascendancy of the white or the
lacks. j
It anyehra that Grant parish or county
was recently f.rn.ed out of a part of the
arge parish of Rapides 011 the Ked Ktver
above Alexandria, and that, whdu the
new paiisli or county was named in hon
or of President Grant, its county seat, a
small hamlet, wa named after the, then
Vice President, Colfax Grant and Col-
ax. beiog thus associated wiih the crea
tion of thd new parish. Nex it appears
that, by accident ignorance, neglect or
design somen litre, the returns 01 the last
tlfclion for this new paush were not of-
fically reported, and that, in the absenee
of any official returns both sets- of the lo
cal candidates concerned claimed to be
elected ; that they both appealed at length
to Governor jKellngg at New Orleans hr
ill .1 .1 .
a decision, ann inai lie aavises iue con
testing phi-lies to settle tin; controversy
among themselves. The fusionists or anti-
kejlogg faction were thn in possession
of t he county offices. Roth factions, tm
appolnted, returned to New Oilcans iu
anything ,bu$ a condition t:r a compro
mise; and, S (o make short woik ot tho
matter, some two jvecks ago a negro 1 y
t,he name of 'Ward, with a band of ignor
ant and credulous negro followers, look
armed possession of the Court llouto
V formerly a sugar houte), proceeded to
throw up iutrenchruttitts, and drove or
frightened tho whites from tho settlement
and from all the neighborhood within a
circle of i twenty or thirty miles Irotn
the military jhculquar'ers ,f Ward and
his army; of; invasion and occupation at
Colfax. ; I
The resort to arms aud war thus en
forced upon the whites was promptly
adopted, jand their sig, storming and
capture of the Court House at Caifax, ac
cording to the details so far received, was
'thort, sharp and deci.-ive." The hosiil
blacks, niimicring, in the outset, fiom four
to five hundred, were first driven into their
citadel, and be Com t House being set on
fire, the in their eff ris to escape, were
exposed to a disch-irgo of musketry, frin
which cigluy or a hundred of them were
killed anti-many Wonded. Their linglead-
er, it appears, escapee, and all the sur
viving blacks of the locality, after this
terrible dtfeat, quickly disappeared
Now. the ioucstion arises. Where lies
the responsibility for this bloody and dis
graceful affair! The responsibility a'
taches first to the national admtnistiation-;
next it falls upon Congress, and next upon
Govi rnori Kellogg. The mi-taken policy
of Uencral Grant in ia.iiaii ot nescc in
Louisiana! hais been productive oniy of mii
hief, confusion and disorder. It is but
justice to; bim, however, to say that he
Washisgtov, April 9
There is a great deal of speculation in
this city at the present, as also cousidera
ble anxiety, iu regard to certain measures
rprpntlv Irtbn bv iKo (tnvprnnipnt whii4i
yj -j - " ! ; .5... ..-.l. r.. .1..
are thought to look towards! war with UIp J L , -00..,
some foreign power, but the precise mean- P"rp ( this, set, shall be deemed to be
ingot which no one seems fully to nndi-r lbo township m which its puncipal
stand. Common report and private ud. fice or PU,ce Pf business is situated ; if.
vices from New Orleans, taken in couriec howcvfc, the corporation, partnership or
tion with what is klwwn in regard to the M-ociAion, had separate places of bust-
movements of United States troops upon PM.ln m.orc lfia,n ne 'P.
the Mexican frontier aud the offidal i. given in each, the property or effects
spection of Federal fortifications in the therein, but anybody of lauds belonging
same neighborhood, incline most people to 10 P"0"9 or Morporauon, p.irt.leh.p or
believe that before long the Government u.,u u. u. u vj v .....
will make hostile demonstrations againet Hall bo giveq in which tho larger part
Mexh-o. Yet there are others who believe ll"Lr,, ,w ,tsited- , .
that the snl jective point of the expedi- Ihe language of this section is explicit
lion nill bo Cuba, or even Wnezuela o the place where the subjects speci-
which is to be forced ,0 ,v it long neg- fieifru,t0 Masted for taxaUon.
k-cted debt to the Uuiiid' States. It is'l The law imposing the taxes on moneys,
known that (i ncr.,1 Grant does not feel credits bonds, stock, &c . is 111 accordance
entirely at cn.e in to ihe position'lu.tbe reqqirement, .,f iLii State Con
: 1:1. 1... K i.. mnjf, titution.aud fho State I rcasurer, a Minis-
. 11 1.1:1.. : . :i.i 1 tertol officer must carry mto i-ff-.-ct the
would very iu icu iiki-, 111 ;iny iiossiuiu 1 . i , , '
,t- . ' ! 1 ? nrnrimons of the law.
wav. to limit ontiiic iiitcniJoii irom ins , r .
own personal acts of commission and wil
ful oni'ssi n and, for th; sake of the party
Sudcicnt light has been thrown on tSe -lite
and somewhat 'xnyileriaias tnurder pF7
Goodrich, in Brooklyn, to. point; the moral
of the crime. Hero was a man, (says le
N"ew York Tribune,) "ihoogk ha kept a
fairseeming did honorable exterior to the
world, through the vile channel of fnggs
tive Advertisements, scught the means laf
establishing guUly connections with' ml-
guiueu women. lie nan uainuunext an
unhallowed relation with one or two of
these persons, aud had been Involvrdlo
a degree which most have vu&c his life a -burden.
One of these women had bern
privately placed in the boose where the
man finally met his death. He had,jit
would appear, been prty ;to a etimioal
act of abortion committed ori this perso :
and he had, when tired oj the liaison,
tried, with much difScalty ind shameful
struggle, to shake her off. We have ho
heart to do more than allude to the 1 ha use
ful scenes which must have cone before
to cause tho "aek-i ivers minreuvre 1
Money on ; hand or on deposit in any
bank in or out of the State, including
therein all fends invested within thirity,
. 1 tr ,. ,t t : 1 :
i.i 1 . n in: i t . i uari uiiuic luc iti i .11-111 in .hit nn-
nuu the licail Aioouner scannai 10 uc . . , , . - .
t a v . ro t? in rr Trnnnri v with i hp iii ipii l iii
evade the paymeut of any taxes, must be of guilt and hame ; but the lesson must
the taxes paid. le read : Can a man take lire in bis do
ft .1
The tax-payers must likewise list the
amount to solvent credits owing to him
frgot:cn in the place of some ctriking ac
ti,t Tf ij irtgiii ill if til ore 14 snnifl liinr
.1.... v...i. 1 listed and
Mil I'iim, anu uiiirii; lung iv .innj .
is likely to be startled by news which will J
be anything but pleasing to; Quaker,
that in which the nnhsppy sun's life went
out w,ith violence and blood. We catch
only occasional glimpses of an ill-regala
ted life, of lnwless nassion, ind of p radi
ces at which a high, and pure manhood
1 .. . 1 .
loots wuii enmson inaignauon. ai iui,
the crop of evil bore its lrgilimite fruit.
The thoughtless sower resptd the whffU
wiud. j . '1
When an enraged, jealorrs tnitrfss,ia
San Francisco publicly shot ker psiamohr,
ho was tardily repenting rf his faithless
ness to his lawfal wife, there was a grfat
cry of horror that a manl of lesrnig,
wealth, culture, and high position aholhl
be so struck down. As if his whole lifo
with the dreadful creature who killed him
bad not been a natural preparation (Tor
the bloody event which terminated it.''
We may never know just how and why
the Rrooklyu murder was copmittcd. The
i deed may have had no human wi loesses
who will ever publUh their dismal itfry
to the wotld. Rut out of 1 that tragedy
has come inoogh to warn the templed,
alarm the guilty. Purity aid honor tarn ,
away from the sorrowfnl
ending of
som and not be burned t
i . 1 .-r .1... 1.. 1 1
1 11 .1 11 em 1 . ( WlilUirr ill or oui oi im: 01a cj uy lmmiu,
however well the noble army of filibusters V"UVk" 1 .
.. r ' i i note, bill of exchange, open account, or
tinaylikeit. i ast wnuer Lrenerai issuorue - t - t r r .
Won.lR Ab, aud Major Savage, will, due and payaUe or br any Covernenneni
iithers. were in New Orleans, as cotnrais- , r ' . . i i
?. ' r-n ted States. &C, subiect to deducation in
I n nr j rrk i cYirk r ii ii a i iii u 1 1
grievances of America citizens against
.Mexico nitranders, and now that General (
Ijcrs, the Secretary of War, and the I
Iiieutenanti-Gencral of the Army have
giine to inspect onr Mexican borders, and
. i . . . . . a k . . a .1 : . : . I A,, i i..A..4
nie iroopa nave uiuhu, it is aiuiit uriuuu
oqiici mat jiaxico is not io near
t'aVig of American gunboats.
snbdivisions, sec. 9, of the ''Machin
ery Act." ;
Roods issued by any govenrnment or
corporation, except those of this State or
of the United States, must be listed at
tlieir market value.
The forgoing conclusions arc reached.
A lady writer in the New York Tim es
thus discourses of the pleasures of drown
ing aud haitging :
Hanging, like drowning,! after tha trt
disagreeable strangling fi-elirig, is adrliht
ful thing no doubt. There was an told
monk, of the order of St. Atigutline, who
used to regul-uly retire to! his ctll-aud
hang himself up on a peg by his nock,
AiT INPORTANT COMMUNI'W- entirely consistent with piincipVs of the
law as based upon the constitutional pro
vision on the subject.
1 IIC IlJIi'lllg tAlllMilfiuilil ni. i it v v.. 1 rj , I
after a cartful consideration of the Acts of attended by a brother monk whose duty
the General Assembly in relation to Rev
enue, and I am pcrsnaded that they arc
State of Noktii Caiwlixa,
Tueasi rv Deiaktment,
Rihigh, April 16 1873.
lihc following opiniou is published in
reply to such persons as have ias-ked my
. r . I I : . 1 . I.
PHY, Jk.
The New York Herald has been guess
ing at the reasons for the present visit of
of ihe law in resp-ct to the rvsmciu yraiu anu uri u ao a ..ie8
axation of stocks, bonds, solvent credits, "'-' to that city. Among oim r u.eories
i. . m its aiilopnririiiKV rfenrkrlsr Mill sif fltliilt la
money, and for tho liilorroritun ot -
corpdra.ions and stockholders therein.and one to the effect thai Miss Nellie is cng,g
all others interested : . wf 1 Murpl. y the late
o .- rt .. i .1.- : A - co'.lector oi me pori oi .ew xorit. air
i .. .... i i j. e t t. hnmii M urnb v. Jr.. IS a VOUli?
revenue, lui.neu me j:q aay oi Jiarcn, r y' '
1S73 nrovUts that "ihero shall be an ad "'Jlv ij r .
valorim tax of twenty eents for the gen
Jjeliee that he jeycr "thought he was .in ' jialed o Ponjjreas a.t the late session
era 1 fund on every one hundred dollars
value. of real and personal property in the
State subject to exemptions made by
law, including inouejs, credits, bonds,
stocks, etc :
Thfc snbj cts menu in d in .eetion I are
also taxable under sections 2, 4 and 4, im
posing taxes for special purposes.
my opinion the slocks. in Dan its
irr National ll.uiks or banking in-
stitutions esiablisuea uuaer me laws oi
this State, and in all other corporations or
associations of the nature of joint stock
companies, ate taxable. ;
This const ruction of th laws, so tar as
it affeicts National Rank stock, especially,
is consilient with tho following provision
of tho Act of Congress, approved June 3,
"Prociiled, That nothing ii this Act
shall be cons: rued to prevent all ihe shares
in any of the said Associations, held by
rtny p-'sv.i o body corporate, from Ix-ing
included in iho valuation of the personal
property f Mich persons or corporation in
the assessni'-nt of taxes imposed by or un
der State authority at the place wheie
sucli bank is located, and not else here,
bat ot a greater rate th in is assessed
upon other moneyed capital in the hands
ot individual citizens of such State. Pro-
and a
blonde. lie has a gentlemanly, prepos
sessing appearance, and will b: very rich
ly endowed, it is said, by his fjith'r,
whose wealth is well known. Miss Nellie
is a young lady of about nineteen years
of age, and, .while not pretty, has a fasci
nating, pleasant, jaunty look, and a gen
erally very fashionable appearance. She
looks on the present trip better than ever,
and has alieady seen a good deal of the
-world. She is the f jm cial pet of her papa
and mama. The report is that the iuteu-
... ... a
ti.m of the two families is to nave the
m a
it was to count fo many and to cut ti:m
down. The sensation wai to delicious,
the uiagnificeut visions presented tohis
half choked soul were so ecstatic, tlia ho
could uo more forego the futoticatioi of
hanging than can ihe opiuuj eater intermit
his dose. Then like the effects of las
heesh, tlf result of hanging is ntvcrff icy
alike. The gorgcons delirium ever ta'kes'
new shapes of delight. Arid so the monk
went on, till his attendant got earth-,
and one day didn't cut hlin dwu bou
enough, and theic i an end of it. j
The writer of this ImotrJthat drowning
is all it is said to be, for she unco took a
header out of a boat after an escaping
tronf, into ihe waters of Likc Chiu;ery.
I Afior ilia Aral nln nf rti1in IT Witer.
mm ol r . . ' r. ; . T V
with ncr unmisiaittnie nose ia ine hmu,
with gorg-ju., floating dream sinking
like far-off mnsic through her brain, tran
quil, supreov-Jy content, conscious of tba
siir in the water made by lkoe whoctove
three times afur her, she ws onutlerably
lmppy. The shadow of ihk moving ot
above darkened the shining sands aroind,
and it was actual inter fereure with happi
ness when a pioping hand unaneb&red
your correspondent from blissful repoH
aud shot her opto the sublight. With
the first touch of sir came inseasibijity,
and whh a return of consciousness cam
marriage solemnized this Spring, and that misery ana sgooy bu-..uu..
; 1- . 1. .1.- t :ll
immeoiauiy auer mo yonn-j wupie wm - i i 'i.i. 'l :,
nroceed to Europe on a bridal toor. It believe hanging may be also, although tt
i . . . . .
was even said that the purchases made a
o rj i
has some unpleasant features.
few days ago were for the wedding trous
scau of Miss Nellie Grant. Whether all
this is true or uot. the Ho raid does not
Fniu tho SoinervilU; Falcon
It is rarely we arc called upon lo re
cord any evmts so sadly h- art-rending in
its nature and details as the one to which
we now allude. List week a young lady
Stew iit. wl
The colored voters of Philadelphia are
'ou the rampage," and ine Ist upon aifair
representation in ofSci! circles. "l!hey
object lo de all the voting wiihoot hating
some of the j lasant places voted for Jand
hence they demand a recognition of their
service in a more subi taiitUl uiauucr thu
the mere woid.4 of appiofl that lave
hilherlo grecU-d llnir labors. This lb
while Radicals object to, .Lecanwi bey
want all toe public pluuai-rilbcnjjilYj
The L vingtoii (Va.) Galctte 4y the
Hon. Judah P. licujauiin.i tufchlrale
Si tictary f
named Lnz btewini, wliose mother re-
tided further. That the tax so imposed' sides on the farm of Mr. Clay Irwin, near
under the laws ofany Mate upon I he shares Macon, in tins cour.ij , earn u .ui i.
f fil. o-aiatlftiu MiithiiriKed bv ride on a rather wild horse. B
yi - j . , -1 i I
this Act, shall not exceed the rate iinpos. reckless rider, and wiping to
-,1 hnnn iIia Bh:irea in anv of the banks exercise, she laid whip lo Ihe amraa
" - - j ... .."..r.. I ... ... 1
' .1 : j i iknrii i i Ki.t. tin nuid iDetd. da sue went. I asbiorton auu
where suchasociation is located. Provided unmindful of dauger, until ho came to a ' Messrs. Kruttchuitu.
i . . ;
. 3 .1
Stale and unvf one Olj tier
to lake Majesty Quceu Victotu's couusellos at
iriug a law. will viait the Uoited Sutc doriiig
njoy the I the Summer, aud probably L-xiug'loU.
imal and Two of Mr. Reiijauiiu's nephews are at
Leo Uiurcrsity-j-uu
- !
. .

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