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Carolina Watchman
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t&- The proposed Dog Law is quite
popular in (bio section: We mean the
"jw proposed for the protection of sheep
iron doge. Several farmer have asked
as to urge the passage of such a law - by
the present Legislature.
North Carolina has tried optional Usury,
what good has it worked 1 Where i
that tidal wave of capital that was to
How in t How many baye been benefit
tad, and how many have been ruined t
Count up the list of the poor borrowers
who have been ruined, sold oat of house
and home, because. they borrowed money
at usurions rates, and you will find that
nearly every other man baa been damaged,
while only one in a hundred has
Wen benefitted, by the accursed ay stem
of optional usury ; and this is only half
way to what is proposed by the money
ring. What will the Legislature do ?
Hon. F. E. Sbober is a candidate for
Clark to the House of Representatives in
the next Congress.
Stale Journal
We do hope Mr. Shober may succeed
in obtaining the position. We know of
no one whom it would suit better, or who their influence to secure the passage of a
would be likely to fill it wkh more gen- Usury law, we now refer to the matter to
and acceptability. Then North Carolina remind them of their promise.
if entitled to consideration as the first to There is scarcely a more important mat
lead off in the groat Democratic Victory ter before the Legislature. A law fixing
af last year. The selection of Mr. Shober the rate of interest at a reasonable figure
to tne tieiKsuip oi me next nouseoi ivep- W(mld be hailed wuu general grain cu
reeentatives wculd be but a just recogna- tiou, and prove a great blessing to the
The Charlotte Ob&rocf regrets
that the Watchman should opposa an Ap
propriation by the Legislature for tne.
purpose of defraying the expenses of the
Centennial celebration of the HeckleuDurg
Declaration of Independence,
Now. as the Landmark and some other
paper have reminded us that this is a land
of sorrows 5 that the evidencee of distress
are in every household, and that there is
a prospect of nearly every body's dying,
who are now living, before auother hun
dred years roll routid, we are decidedly
impressed with the impressiou that t will
matter very liule with those who are to
hold the second Centennial whether there
is an appropriation made by the present
Legislature for the purpose desired or
uot. It would perhaps be a good thing
for the present generation to set an exam
ple of economy P the children of the uext
since times are eo distressingly bard.
But we don't propose to control the Leg
islature in this matter. We only speak
onr own opinions through the Watchman.
W do not ask any one to adopt them ;
and besides we are liberal and generous,
always open to conviction, and ready to
confess our errors and retrace our steps
when we are convinced that we arc in the
wrong. But we cau'f see the matter
through those lumps.
There are several members in the pres-
. 9 3 a .
eut .Legislature, wno promisea 10 use
tiou of North Carolina's service and influ
ence iu the triumphs of 1874.
State. It would stop plastering tne
County records with mortgages, increase
the value of real estate, and maugerate
an era of improvement, enterprise, iudus
try and prosperity. A few disgruntled
and ambitious, not to say selfish,
capitalist, would draw in their money, but
there would still be plenty left, more ac
cessable aud put to better use
Ah 1 We are told that money should
be free, that it is a commodity of trade
and should not be trammeled. So is
whiskey, but those who vend it are some
what subject to certain laws, think you t
There are many other things that might
be mentioned, as luxuries and commodi
ties of trade, and yet they are subjected
to the restraints of law. We cannot see
the propriety in putting money down as a
commodity of trade, and if we were to
admit that it is, we can see no justice in
allowing the money lender less freedom
from leual restraint than the whiskey
vender. Laws are made for the purpose
of punishing and preventing evils. Who
will tay that excessive Usury is not an
evil f There are many things that work
.11 l .1, U,,f n.l.c. ttr? ara
n .1 . . . very we i iu mcwiy , uut n ucu vmw
lift nf thA h(sf PVi.lAnMi tlm I v' J'
is UN time to have a Convention, ami reducpd NT?
The indignation meeting, held in
New York city, to give expression to the
Louisiana outrage, was a big thing ; but
what do such meetings amount to if
they fail to embolden Congress to perform
the duty whieh devolves upon it ? Con
gress has done nothing yet. Why has
not Grant been impeached J While these
meeting show tbatthe masses of the
people are opposed to a military despb
tistn, the criminal indifference of Congress
l the strongest evidence that the Radical
leaderfl are in sympathy with Grant and
Sheridan and really countenance their
crimes against civil liberty, constitutional
law, and the rights of the States and
people. The failure of Congress to im
peach Grant for these outrages can not be
mistaken. It shows a settled purpose on
the part of Grant and the Radical leaders
"to disregard the people and to overturn
tLd present form, of Government if posij
- ble. Such is Radicalism stripped of all
Let no one be mistaken.
n'li C - - ...I,a lira t n
cry, a amaii class, a iew uo wuW
usury, on the interest which tbey are
permitted to extort almost without limit
from the laboring millions. The money
men of England are prosperous aud in
dependent, but the great masses of the
people are mere hewers of wood and
drawers of water mere slaves, to the mon
ey class who are in fact the government.
And so it will be here, should the tune
ever come when the money lords shall be
permitted to exaet whatever interest they
may choose. The Federal government
has already set the example and estab
lished a precedent in favor of a moneyed
aristocracy, and it becomes the duty of
the States to rebuke the Federal govern
ment and pnt an effectual check upon the
proposed outrage by passing such laws
as will keep interest at reasonable rates.
The States ville Landmark publishes it
says for the purpose of disapproval, tpe
following extract from Hon. W. M. Rob
bin late speech The extract reads :
"Much as I regret and condemn those
acts of the Presidentand the Lieutenant
General, I have special reasons for avoid
ing all approbions terms of speaaing 01
those distinguished men. Let Jus take
Droad, maniy view?, aim u jusmo i
1 1 01. : J ,.7
every man. ircnerai anenuun is ii-
lant soldier.
The taudmark then proceeded to com
ment after this style ;
MThu Maior was prudent enough to
avoid opprobium, and we truly regret that
be was so very uniortuuate as to bestow
unineeded adulation upon that course,
vulgar tyrant and butcher. Sheridan.
Certainly his bosom must have been over
charged with the milk of human kindness,
and equally certain, he was not looking at
thu brute through the spectacles furnished
by the people in the 6th Congressional
We are surprised at the above comment,
coming from the intelligent source it does.
Maj. Robbiu'ssimply told the truth when
he said Sheridan is a gallant soldier,
and every veteran of tree's army will
sustain him in the assertion he has made.
aws n
Greensboro ha excel'etjt graded fr
schools fur children of both face.
r ja . vj h aj 3
The FavettevilloJWs lUo retnovnd
to Charlotte and to become a daily.
The Field' Crop Premium List of the W.
C. Agrieulral Society has been published.
Hertford Academy was burned oa the
night of t Je Oth . Ashes left iu the building
Col. Talentt, the well kuown superintend
ent of K. (c D. It. R has gone to Mexico.
The Presbytermu Church of Milton has
called the Rev. Mr- Kitxgerald, of Hjlls
boro, to its pastoral charge.
P. A. Wilson. Ei has been appointed
Assistant Internal Revenue Collector for the
5th district vim N. 8. Cook resigned.
The Milton Ohronick says fears are enter
tained that wheat will suffer from the hard
weather through which we are now pass
ing. Bishop Marvin will preach the sermon
apd Dr, Munsey will deliver the address at
Trinity College commencement on Juue the
lOtl . '
It if stated that the Fa?1 River mills use
annually about 136,000 I tales of cotton, or
otte thirteenth f the entire crop, which they
convert into 332.000.000 yards of cloth.
They employ over 15,000 operatives, and
pay the in $500,000 per month.
Things seem to be going all right now
in South Carolina. Chamberlaine is
making an acceptable Governor, while
the people have quieted down and appear
tp be working contentedly and happy for
their material recostmction. Exchange.
On the question of Convention the Mon
roe Enquirer has this lo say 1 "We have
taken the trouble to find out o me thing of
the feeling of the people of this county
on the Convention question. We believe
every single person we have conversed
with-rand the number includes somo of
onr most prominent citizens exprcts
themselves as favoring the movement.
Put Union county down as for Couven
If a man tells yon that be does not want
to advertise ; that he is doing as much
business as he wants to, cease soliciting
him. Those men sometimes come to do
ing less business than they want to do.
the purpoae of
Reliable ?eetieaj,
It cannot be reasonably upoeed that when
s person tcfiea to ihe jMeyf a
whose benefit he liaa experienced, without
iciution, that he does so for
misleading the public, or from
live than thai of gratitude. It is still more Un
reasonable to suppose thai eaaineot physician
would corroborate the evMenoe thu jjiven nn
leas they were persuaded of iu truth. The
proprietors of Huatetter's Stosnach Bitter art J
constantly In the receipt of voluntary teatiinop-
ials acknowledging the curative and prevent!
potency of hid benecent tonic
and corrective.
emanating not only from these who have felt
ita influence, but aUo fsqai well known mem
ber of the medical profession both here and
abroad, who have witnessed it e fleets, and
prescribed it in their private practice. In the
face of such evidence a this, to which the wid
est publicity ha repeatedly been given, it
would be absurd to question the medicinal vir
tue of the Bitter. Skepticism upon this point
was long ago disarmed, and they are to-day a
much respected and far more widely known
than many of the official remedies which
figure conspicuously in the pharmacopoeia.
TJiey are universally recognized to be the
supreme remedy for intermittent end remittent
fevers, dyspepsia, liver complaint, general de
bility, disorders of the bowl and nervousness,
a well a a mean fortifying the system against
malarious influences and those which operate
injuriously upon the sensitive organs. Wheth
er used as a remedy for actual disease, a a
means of building np the broken down phyai-
que, or of hastening convalesense, they are never
resorted to in vain, aud they restore complete
health when prescribed remedies cannot even
initiate it recovery.
HBLmm aH T
Is now offered to every one interested in beautifying aud protecting the graves,
their deceased relatives.
They are made in four sices, with a verfety Jf Mjlee, ranf'g tu mc arasafej
i sRn .Irnrdinr io sice and atvle. Can be panned any cador dt-sir aaadei.
i ..... .1.. ..t. ..f nilrrKiMTi. A eilvauiaed plate, containins? Trkfi
H l HII It'll IVJ ut mmimm. w f - O . . "
iiiscriptiMi pertiee de.ire, is fumihed wilh each moond free otclarmx.
Im nAuril Ml nrireS as to
ol.tce it within reach of all. We the eH
and publk generally to call and examine for themselves,
Specimen can be seen at V. s. aa-y - PLYLER,
( Saihswry. J. C Af. 6. I74
Sheridau can be a gallant soldier and a 1 and your hill for advertising may turn
tyiant, and he has fairly won both appela
ting. When we consider thp peculiar
audieuce the Major was addressing, we
arc gratified at the manner in which he
disposed of Sheridan. His words were
well chosen, and they will be universally
endorsed by thinking men everywhere.
If be had indnlged in bitter abuse of
Grant ad Sheridan at such a time and at
such a place he would not only have
disgraced himself, but his speech would
have done great harm. His assertions
were dignified, truthful, and yet sufficient
ly severe. We endorse every word, aud
honor him and the people of the 6th Dis
trict will honor him, for having made bo
able and fit a speech in their behalf.
Ml l 3 . .IE
mat 11 win resuu in great eooa to tue
people of the State, is the fact that the
entire Radical press of the State is bitterly The States ville Landmark, in an article
opposed to it. It was disposed to on Usury Qustiou, says :
twit the Conservatives for not favoring "Any legislation whatever on this que-
the measure so long as there was doubt t,on 18 claB legislation. A stringent
about it being called, but as soon as pub U8ur J" operate, either to the detriment
. r. or to the advantage of certain classes, and
lie sentiment turns in favor of Convention,
vice versa. Free, unshackled money
1 the whole pack of Radical editors raise a ali restrictions removed effects ail alike,
' howl against it. Even the State Supreme and is the nearest approach to wise and
Court, it is given out, will now decide, or alutary legislation."
has already decided that the worthless
Let us theu admit that any legislation
amendments to the Constitution adopted 00 VTy d8 legislation, is it not al-
in .173 are Constitutional. This decision ways wise to legislate so as to Jo the . ,
is evidently strained, mid, really, amounts greatest good to tho greatest numbers 1 lbe
General Government are expressed in
to notbiug, if made aa stated : It will be We were never a stickler for class legisla- the Constitution. Another importaut fact
rerarded aa aimnlv aneffirt. of a nrtU lion, but suppose this class lecialation, it is tliat the sovereignty ot a State is complete
r ' r T I V " . . ' . - 1 1 1 :. u ac .4.: .
In a message to the Legislature, ou the
Louisiana question, the Governor of New
Jersey, treats the whole subiect of
Federal and State rights iu the following
concise and able manner ;
That such action was a clear violation
of the Constitution needs no argument.
A mere statement of a iew fundamental
principles which lie at the foundation of
onr system of government, and which are
so plain as to have become axioms, is all
that is necessary. The first great truth
bearing upon the question is that the
United States Government is the creation
of the States ; that it has no power except
that which was bestowed npou it by the
States, and that all powers not delegated
are reserved to the States and the people
I he delegated powers given to
out bad. It is only those who'pre?s uu"
business while it is really good, who gain
that impetus which "ends them over the
hard places, It is the large advertisers
who know how to "bridge over" panics,
wars, hard-times, elc. Their experience
in advertising has shown tin iu how tbey
may get rid of a heavy stock in time aud
get their money for . lteportcr.
The R ids ville Enterprise says : Ap
plications will be made to the present
Legislature of North Carolina, for a char
tor of a railway from some point 011 the
k a s
lialcigii oc iiH.-ton railroad, at cr near
He n dei son or Hidgeway, or from some
intermediate jniiit, to the Western or
North-western houndry of the State, said
railway to pass Oxford, Roxhoro, Yancey
ville, and Reidsville, Wentworlb and
thence by the most practicable route to its
terminus as hereinbefore indicated.
A Maryland Rebuke.
i Baltimore Gazette, 12. J
Yesterday's election for Mayor, at
Cumberland, Md , resulted in the election
of John Humburd, Esq., the Democratic
candidate, Hopewell Iiehb, Esq., Repnb
can, being defeated by one hundred and
rilty majority. The late incumbent, W.
R. McCulley, was a Republican, and
Cumberland has given a majority for that
party for several years, and at the late
Congressional flection gave a majority
against Mr. Walsh. People are bece'ming
tired of liepublican misrule
Town Lot 9 and Farm Lands
In obedience to a decree of the U. 8. DUtrict
Court, the unJensiicned asuignees of Jeliu Foster
in b:tukruHcv, will proceed to re- II on thr
20th day of K'braary, 1875, at the Court House
in Salisbury, beffining at 13 o'clock, the follow
ing valuable l'roiertv belonging to th Said
Jehn Foster, bankrupt, to wit. 2 acres of
Land in the North ward of the Town, known
as the Ice Pond Lot. acres of Land io the
Town adjoining the Land of Hon. Bi'rton
11 acre known a the Gravtl Pit Lot. 181
acre of Farm Land 2 j miles North West of
I own, adjoining the Lands of Mrs. W. G. Nc-
Neely, H. C. Dunham and other.
Al-o a portion of his Homestead in th
North wsrd.
TERMS: One fourth Cash, balance Six,
Twelve and Eighteen months, in equal pay
ment. Persona wishing to inapect the above proper
ty may do so by calling on us.
T. K. lOWK..
S. H. WILEY. AJ8t,ee--Salisbury,
X. C Jan. 10. 1875. (4t.)
I am now prepared to
do all kinds of
' ..I . 1 W..1 .. 1
repairing wun oiicu. " b
and twenty-live years espenenew in toe
busiuess.satifUctionisguarauieeo r-pera
attention given tu Engine aud Boiler work.
Cotton Wuolen, aiiutug sua ngi rc...-.w
Machinesjand wikwI turning oraliamu.
Shop on Cirner of Fulton and Council Street,
Salisbury. C
XL, . II. u vi. 11
July 10. 74 tf.
. 1 :
(nrT t'l EARAXT. C ABARBV8 Co N. C.
Th second five months tern of this Institu
tion will brain Jan. 4th. 1875.
Exnenses for lUard, Tuition, Room Rent,
Washing, l- uel and Lighu. from $70 to $90.
For Oatalogue apply to
L. A. BIKLE, President.
Th. firm of C. K. Barker A Co.. was dis-
sold on the 1st. iut.. hv muinsl cooent. All
teronc indebted are rvp:esled to call and settle
ilirir icroant with Jno. H. Enniss. aeent. at
C. R. Barker A Cb s old Stand.
Dee. SI loo.
The pablie grhoul will rt, ib Salisbar
on Moudaj tbvlltbJaa. 1875.
Dee. 23rd 1674.
asa ifciasaaCf I
BELL & BiO., J
B ;t ! imr X C B
n . n j tx..J i. vorv diffHrent from local or private nd f VF spbcre, and from
" - -o"ou,u ,r . 7 it follows that is the duty of the several
The State Debt Conference.
Raleigh News of gatorday.
1 be cnnierenoe on tne Mate debt eon
tinued throughout yesterday, the proceed
ing of which are as yet uot made public
Gov. Brogden sent to the conference on
yesterday a number of letters received by
himself in regard to the State debt ques
tion, which were read by the Clerk
Several of the lerters were from bond hoi
ders in bngland, and others from parties
in several ol onr Northern cities. The
general sentiment of foreign bondholders
.i. t , VfcA l.tM l.wl It. I ll A i s . 1 1 , . a , . 1 . .
, Is- . I a .t 1 Mil l a DvvUIB IW UC TIU VA ISZM III tUl IUIIUWIUE
party fire so wicked and dangerous in their e atsertton that "astringent usury of the Constitution will also observe thai t from , er f Qco R M
' rw I . ... . ... I ira tromnri ton i n rr i ho nnienosiri m nf 1
tendency thai it is the bonuden
every good citizen to oppose them
way and under all circumstances
the Rads bare declared against Conven
tion it is conclusive evidence that )t
necessary and right.
the Amendments are of no value whatever legislation, and is in this case fully justi- g n ag lhe UnUed Sute to
l-rfi "
amy bow.
assert and maintain, in a constitutions
The ideas and policy of the Radical We felly agree whh onr eonteniporary manner, their several rights. The stndeut
Having; aeeepteJ the Affey f the old
aud reliable NEW ORLEANS las. Co..
Ktlabhthid 1805. whieh. ha never es4
doing buiues and has paid Six million
Oollars loae to lhe rilix'-ti f New OrleaL
alone. Iam prcparrd to issae Fire lus.
Sifi to fi9fl''er ',h-v x 1'ue- Terms free. Policies to my fri-ods who wih to build up
" 4 ss v " a v v..
Situations l y thie Teaefcers "f mneh el-
perien -e. teach Ihe Lni(lish hranrhes oiilj.
Will aecfpt small Sahrte. Lzeelhut lefer-
euci-. AjM'J St tMe UfBcw,
Oder the best selection of Jewelry is W
ouod in Western North Caruiins.
Gold Oprra and Vrl haiii.
Portland, Maine,
Jan. 19, 1873, ly.
Kerosene and Soline Oil
At Reduced Prices at ENNI$S'
Next to Meroney & tiro.
Thev sre sireitfor tt-.e c-rl4wd
Spectacles .d Eve Glaaeee, ManwfacU
ed from Minute Crystal I LbkLkw
Watched. lot s n I Jewelry rensiiva
soresf Soathfru Iu'.ilutions and kep th
motiev in the oiltl;. t ran le en at ih- V;" . .
warranted 12 months, thargrs a low s
tfireof Walton A It', corner mam 6i Iu- ' taut suit go"d work
neas streets.
Dec. 10. mo. J. D. McNEELY
Store on Jiaiu street. 2 door siiove i
1ST4 lv.
Union Sets at
Next to Meroney ,V Bro.
A Fine Milch Cow wish
young Cnlf, apply
to S. F. LOKD.
Rowan Mill N. C Jan. 6th, 2w.
The Leading Life Company of the South.
Investments made and Losses Adjusted at
Mrs. -Dr- Reeve has again resumed her
busia in t His well known boo, und he
earnestly sdiets th pstrouas; of her old
frieuds and the public at large, finest
stopping at this Houie will find nothing
neglected that will add t'J their cotufort.
ueither ou-the part of the proprietress nor
that of th cl-rk. Mr. I). R. F rale v.
The Oisuious w ill befoiiud at the depot as
usual to convey pas?nger to and from the
Dec. 3f. 1874 ly,
Uy careful observation SM mxpt
several rrsrs in the Mrrrantiie A
busineeik, wr, hare been enabled to
pretty well, what lbe peojJe need in
and wo ttve pcrr-had our presrat
well assorted sJock with snevUI r
their wmu We flatter ourselves thst
please our friends and to public
both to qushtT and price. Our
S3 1
r tM m
Administrator'! Notice to Debtors
All person having claims against the estate
of James Murphy, deoeaaed, are hereby notified
of everv thing usnallv k"pt in our Une,
nork. t aiHt imbU I'TLERY. IMjrTL W
(H NS, Blacksmith and Carpenters TsswJ
Trace, A all kinds of Wagon A Well
la aiV lultll fKs s i HIP t f f Ksa nnitsfMivniul am s
Annu.1 Dividend. PecUred to Policy-Hol- iHh day of December. A. I. 1S73.
J. F.(K)vAN.
Admr. of Jamea Murphv, Dacj.'
Dec 10 Je74-w.
duty of 'w w operate either to the detrimeut T" - --t. m...... . f portgroouti, N. n
"'V I r. the Central Government on th riartit of ' . .. '
inevsrw ior to theadvautageot cerUiuclasses, and Lu i :. T:i!w- ' cheerfully com
i I uauc. ncic icaiuus o iid uiuiiary I r ' "
a:n..vice sersa and this is mst the reason nw.e In.n ii,,-..w urnnnA vcru ' "JL J u"
ply with any
government may deem
the ritise:irt. -
The English letters express a desire
that the past due iuterest ou State bonds
may Inndsd into tiew bonds and any com
aU who are not backers and brokers will u no iuTa8ioil ;bere mu8t be in8Urrection or promise the people see tojiropose
Policies iu Northern Companies transferred
vithoHt or additional annual ea'ow.
The Pioneer Life Cb.,oflh Sooth, establUh
ed in I860.
Net Assets in July 1874, $2,248,02UA5.
Annual Income (nearlv) $1, 700 000.00.
Special Agent, Salisbury, N. C. Gen. Agent,
uruc tJhirlotte . C.
Jan. 1st 1875 lmo.
Greensboro Prtriot, please copv tovr time.
and send hill to this Uflke.
we desire to see a judicious Usury law cise such guards and restrictions a made
nassed and enforce. If there ia no Uanrv subordinate to the civil power. Before
Llh monv nT-.s will h- lv,d wbiU tbe ftrm7 f lUe United State8 lawfully
T. 9 I ha tiQi iri OliV nr frlio Stntaa ui linn .,..
w w uowv u i v w i mm iMtiva w ssctl luui v;
The Titton-Bcecher scandal is drag
ging its slow length aloug through the
Nov York Courts. Mrs. Tilton and Mrs.
Beecher both attended the court regular
ly, and some time other women accom
pany them and remain thronghout the da
listeniug to the filthy detail of evidence.
Xl is marvelous how any woman can fail
to see the impropriety of attending such
court. The evidence is brought out
with hitting effect against Beeeher. The
half of what has already been published
s sufficient to satisfy every one, except
(bote who will not be convinced, that
Beecher, the groat Yankee sentational
preacher, the representative man of
orheru ideas and Northernisms, is not
only an adulterer, but a liar and a villian.
Ve are sorry to think that it is possible
Cor any one, occupying the place that
Beeeher has occupied, can sink so low in
the scale of infamy. ISot withstanding all
the world will believe Beeeher quietly alter
reading (he against him, Ply
mouth Church will, if it be possible so to
dof purchase his acqoital by the court.
We tbipk we have seen this much fore
shaddowed in the selection of the jury.
It id impossible for any intelligent jury lb
fail to coovict, iu this case, if it be not
iuflueuced by improper motives. It it
against justice and truth : Two hemiav
pbere. will await with anxiety to see which
hall win. 1
be oppressed. A usury law will protect domestic violence, and alsu application for ! PETITION 0E COLORED CITt-
tne laboring class, tne real estate owner?, troops irom tne proper civn auuiomy ot
aud others from oppressive usury. Is it
not better to favor
thau the former
,r J ' f I . T si if.u. T'L-i
not better to favor the latter class rather I s" ",..M7 iwmwre
is iid i in Be? si'Mi, i lie v rover nor cannot
the State. The right of such application
gislature. If the Legislature
'?sion, the Governor cannot
apply, uuless he first call upon the Leg
The remainder of the aboye extract is ieiature to convene. If upon being sum
altogether irreconcilable with the portion moued the Legislature cannot eouvene,
jnst noticed, The repeal of all Usury UUfand M n, has a Governcr
,. . uc iiEut hi vail i cucui Bumicrs iulO HI
favor of si,..
law i tantamount to a law iu
the moneyed class ; "tree, unshackled
mouey all restrictions removed effects
The Legislature could have been con
vened. In fact, on that day it was iu
all not alike, and is not the nearest ap- session ; and the extraordinary spectacle
a . . . - 1 mn AA lm t.rl t , t 1 . . T ....! &
p roach to wise salutary legislation.
In times like the present to remove
restrictions on money would be about as the right to be there. There was no iu
Barboer Lawis of Tennessee presented
in the House to-day a petition with 300
signatures from the, colored people iu
yanous sections of the South, representing
that the signers are desimos of having
some portions of the South or South -West
territory set apart for their exclusive use.
and pravine Congress to form it into
States aud Territories, with similar pro
lection as Is now given by law to the
was presented ot the United State armv Cherokee, Choctaw, and Seminole ludians
dispersing by force tho very body without Tue petitioners sute that tbey are desi
au whose application not a single soldier had ro of hvlg f,r chance in the great
la - . t 1 1 .1
race of life, and are satisfied that neither
wise as the orders of a general permitting surrection or domestic violence ; there was themselves or children can ever have it so
tiniat rained travel thmncrl, I.;. li no riot : it was not a mob that was His. lg a tbey are iu the midst of the
IT i j y . . I A ; . r i.
on the eve of a battle. People em- Hr w ?nV ?" 0? lUe J 7 7-1
. , ,::,p but it was the Legislative Assembly of a Pml education, and banng mny other
barrassed as ours are more liable to go MVm;0 a,... mm...- ... advantages
mm I . tiHi h ub uu uruiuary I o
CALL AT J. H. EHHI8S' 1 d'"W a. 174-ow
Wagon and Bugry Materiil;
1 1 oise bo i 1 d i njt Material, urh as LOCH,
HINtiKS.Si'lSEWflL (ilass. NAILS, faff.
Ac Bt-st of white PAIXTS, FADrLR
uuirii imuvivc -if vi-tr -.J utusOit
Line ; Iiisavo)' Cireabr 4 Upright
1 J;.;-J i - Xl-ii a- 'ntA two and on aan Croavost wd Hsnd SrSS,
Aiuuiiusirdiur s xiougb io ueflieii Jz
. Plow Moulds ; Iron assl llsel fiJ a4 war
AH p-r4in Having claims against the eo- on Tire ; hlraw Cutters, Ideal Cutters,
ate ..f J I . Wdmsu. deceased, are hereby ftfjy wr QVjpT T JTQ W
notified to exhibit the same to the uudtr- IsU&Iv O fl LtlAli ISIvJ
siKiie i iu or ot iore tn- 4tti day ot December. &n() m-nT Mtrt thiosn Iqo iijssmqm to
1 lion. e invite all io give a a call, aa
JUM A IV. hi MM .
dmr. of J. P. GOODMAN. Dec
J Q Cedar Gove Nurseries.
into extremes and are more easilv imnoaed i nvasiotl of const itntinn&l licrliia Kiit
.! . . . " I . . 1" -, TI,- T J i.t; TJ f
JL ill, JyUMUUJl J. HlfC-O U' X Iff
tbey would be under more favorable or ! I" ImMt impont feature, London. January 18 The limes, in
.uijiciumg mc nguu oi me estates aud an editorial, says: "lu the gloom sure
the liberties of the citizen. roondine us. there is one thinr nercentr
, - r - C7 t 1
ble, and that is all the men that are aim
prosperous circumstances.
But we are not satisfied that free money
is the best for all classes, for th nnnlw We are pleased to learn from the Sairit I ir nrm.n0 : M ,uncM a
generallly, even in prosperous times. It ffjfe ge lhat evpJ7 lJuor. dfalw the snrronndiog nations, including the' best
boots nothing that u.urv laws have all ri:1. .,ww E?.n 01 wrtd. be iherwn.-
. 'is - : 6 w uiinoro. it is noton- The momen
la paid fled away.
ecessity. What she won by arms she
notori- The momentary appeareuceof peace have
Germany recognizes the stern
been repealed iu England. The preference ous fact that little or no attention ia paid fled away,
thus given to money there is perfectly 10 tbe law forbidding the sale of intoxi- neepssirv '
consistent with the institution aud form o ono under year of age ; can only bold by arms, and wbUe arms
I mnn all crnnd .iti.An. ..Ill It . 1 I . . 7
Island. Thev i 5 k i V TJ . 7 inese are in her hands. The Times
a I s .,5.1 S J dbaocher. of youth shall bp ,um. that Germany cannot raise a thi
t m0Q7 nto- marrily punished. nA h,r i L Zl u-
e l . .
oi goveromea oi iuat
I have au arietociacy there, a money
third armv.
auu ner nepea are in ber navy.
AS It presents Great Aitr irtion to all, esse
daily to the sick and afflicted. From tho
fact he has on hand a Large and well seleoled
assortment of
Which he is determined to sell a cheap or
cheaper than any Drug House in th State.
Calognei, Toilet Soaps, Combs, Tooth ft
Hair Brushes,
Tobacco, JSegari
and Snuff.
Copperas, Ac, cVc.
N. B. Prescriptions carefully aad accurately
compound at
At C. R. Barker A Co', stand next to Meroney
A Bro'.
When von want Hardware at low
figures, call on the undersigned at No. 8
Granite Row.
Salisbury, N. C.May IS-lf,
Craft and Sailor. Proprietor :
R-d Plaina. Yadkiu County. N . C.
Great indncetnenta oflered to psir
chasers of Fruit. Irees Grape Vines.
Strawberry and Raspberry Plants.
1 TTt . ... ... - , ..
rrice uisi now res i y, wiin list oi ieadiog
varieties. . Send for it.
Red PtaUus. Yadkin Co. X. C.
Aoa. o
Strrtt, ! dsos Mms Klmtt Drwf
examine our stuck and hear prices
chasing elseshere.
Special attention given to Order.
Salibary, Nov. 7A, 74. ass
Turbin Water Wheel
g f 4 - fc.
Administrators Notice tu Creditor!.
AU persons having claim against the as at
of A. M. Goodman, deci. i-. ! nrf ln-rbv iwuinl
to exhibit the same to the undersigned on or
before the 8th day of Jannary, A. D. 187.
Adm'r.of A. M.GOODMAN iw
Jan. 6, 1876 6w.
Maaafactarsrs for tas stk aa test
Patent county right of Fan Mill for Blaek
smith's forges sr offered for sale in any or all
counties west of Yadkin river, lo the Sute
right of South Carolina.
The Fan can be seen at L. V. Brown's Tin
Shop. Apply or write to
ThoinaavUle, N. C.
Nearly 7000 now In use, workbg
beads varying from 2 to 240 feeti
24 sisrs, Iron 5 to 96 inches.
The eat powerful Wheel ia the a
And most economical io two of
post free.
Portable and Staiionarv Steam
and Boilers, Habeoek dc Wileai
w i i,i ara t tti MwtWsf
iuduious li u-rs, Loaupii s x
Miner sis, Saw and Grist M'lU, FW
31ill Machinery tor bite iss -and
Oil Milb, Shaitiof; Prry
II angers.
Sep. 3. 1874 wmoe.

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