North Carolina Newspapers

NO. 71. WHOLE HO. 75-
""BT"" "Mff- BS""'"'
W ate hman
.. -i - . - -ma,
Proprietor and Ed i tot .
Associate Editor.
Ai Y kaBi payable in advane. ....$2.(0
Six Months.
f Copies to any
.. 1.25
address -y. 10.0
On Bquaks (1 incli) One insertion $100
S . two " 1-50
Rates for a greater number of insertions
moderate. Special notices 25 per cent, more
In regular advertisement. Reading notice
i cents per line for each and every insertion
$50 00 FEB TON OF
2,000 POUNDS.
in favor of this Com nan v b v the Crown officers. The name "frUANAHANI ! "
la n "D 1 nm S 1 - a t-t- . a mm i . a . . aw. m '
.o a owmiereu aiwiiae, MAftK at the United States Fa-text Uffice, and all persons are
warned from making use of the same in connection with fertilizers of any kind.
$68 FEB 2,000 lbs. paya
ble Nov. l.
Liberal and advanta-
feous Terms for Large
iots Given on Applica
tion. Local Agents at all
the Principal Depots.
General Agents for North Carolina and
Salisbury, N. C.
Wholesale and Retail Dealert in Furniture,
nasjD Invite Attention to their stock of
Cottage Bedsteads French Chamber
Ml Suits, Walnut and painted Cane Seats
Chairs Rocking Chairs of all descriptions, Ex
tension Dining Table of all kinds Wardrobes,
Washstands. What-Notes, Sofas, Reception
Chairs and Parlor Suits. Also, many other
articles which we are prepared to sell as cheap
or cheaper than any House in the western part
of the State.
Be sure to call nearly opposite the Mansion
Hotel, next door below the Express office, see
our stock and hear our prices. Our terms cash.
Special orders (made from photographs in
our office) will be supplied.
Examine the Analyses and Letters of Prof. P. B. WILSON, Balitimore : Prof. H. O.
WHITE, Professor of Chemistry University of Georgia; Prof. F. A. GENTH, Philadelphia,
x-roiessor oi Appueu onemistry , University of Pennsylvania.
Christmas nisjst, 1874.
In offering this FERTILIZER to the Agricultural Community s Second Season we do so
with the utmost Confidence, feeling satisfied that the high opinion, we 'formed, and expressed
last season based on its Chemical Constituents have been most satisfactorily borne out by the
test, by which all Fertilliaers must be judged, that of the Plantation.
xjash season, uwiug iu we lateness ai wmcn we commenced importing we were lorceu 10 pot
our Unano on the market at once, but now having continued oar importations during the sum-
m 1 I . - -- . . . I s . . . . . - . v
mer and tall, and Having large and well ventilated Warehouses in Wis Lity and City r'oint, we
are enabled to put our Guano on the market, in a condition jui to dryness, and freedom from
lumps, equal to any Manufactured Fertiliser.
We solicit a careful persual of our Circular containing the certificates sent us, and which can
be had on application at this OFFICE, or from any of our AGENTS. Having nothing to con
ceal, we made an innovation on established usage, by publishing those letters received unfavora
ble, to our Guano, but careful inquiry in many cases proves that the cause of its failure waa not
owing to any iauit in me unano, but to those far beyond our control- we nave frequently
heard the same complaints of its kindred Fertilizer. Peruvian Guano, but the concurrent testi
mony of well known Farmers and Planters from Maryland to the extreme Western counties of
North Carolina, justify us in claiming a place for our Fertilizer Superior to many, and Second
to None.
We confidently expect the continued patronage of the Agricultural Community and no exer
tion snau oe spared on our pari to maae
! -
By Sue J. Jessaxixs Dickson.
One more christmasgone ai last,
Swept into the silent past;
Yes, one more cbristmas glad t sublime 1
Walked upon the whA of Time.
Yea, one more Christmas Span bright!
Cheered us with its satiM light,
Spread all its glory o'er the earth,
Filled our hearts with less and mirth.
Oh one more Christmas ! did it bring,
Soft upon its gilded wisjk
To all earth's children, h and low,
Happiness instead of wot, t
I Or were there some all wrest , in night,
vrer wueae pain no roy . m,
The gleam of cbristmas morn could throw,
Or lend its softening glow T
Oh ! as the light of Christmas morn.
Softly circled e'er the earth,
Did some poor mourner weep alone,
While others joyed in their mirth.
Did some one o'er the silent bier.
Bend and shed a bitter tear ;
And kiss once more the pale white face.
Where cold death had left his trace ?
And were there some who gaged them back
Over times hard, beaten track,
While o'er their faces sad and white,
Beamed no happy chriatmaa light?
If such there were Great God above.
Shed around them rays of love 1
Oh ! break the claims what e'er they be,
Let the wi etched mourners free !
And men ait sad that were glad for
sweet songs' sake :
The same year beckons, and elder with younger
Takes mutely the cup from his hand that wo
shall take.
They pass ere the leaves be past or the snows
be come ;
And the birds are loud, but the lips that out
sang thf m dumb.
Time takes them home thai we loved, fair
names and famous,
To the soft long steep, to the broad sweet
bosom of death :
But the flower of their souls he shall take not
away to shame us.
J or the hps lack song forever that now lack
For with us the music and perfume that die
not shall dwell,
Though the dead to our dead bid welcome,
and farewell.
From s Philadelphia
On the Turkey Cook's Attack
Upon the Honorable Judge
spencer s Cap.
B9" A full assortment ef Rosewood, Metals
and Walnut Burial Cases, which eaa be furnish
en at 3 hours notice.
March 19. 1874 1 y.
President, N. M. TANNOR, of R owlet t, Tan nor & Co.
Vice President, ROBT. A. MARTIN, of Robt A. Martin & Co.
JOHN B. STEVENS, of Stevens Brothers.
S. Pj ARUINGTON, of John Arrington & Sons.
JOHN R. PATTERSON, of Petterson, & Sons.
C. K. BISHOP of Bishop & Branch.
One more cbristmas now has fled,
Come and gone with waialesa bread;
And now my God, I come to thee,
And thankfully bend the knee.
Oh yes ! I bow before thy Throne,
And ask thy blessing here to-night,
Make me kind Father all thine own ;
And lead me in the path of light.
How beautifully has the Quaker poet
W hitter, expressed the mighty march of
events the lightening like progress of
the age.
Behind the squaw's light birch canoe,
The steamer rocks and raves ;
And city lots are taked for sale
Above old Indian graves
I hear the tread of pioneers
Of nations yet to be
The first low wash of waves where
Shall roam a human sea,
The rudiments of Empire here
Are plastic yet and warm ;
The chaos of a mighty world
Is rounding into form.
FRANK POTTS, General Agent.
8AL18BYEY, N. C.
Nenralgia worked on Mrs Jones
'Till 'neat h the sod it laid her,
She was a worthy MethodLtt,
And served as a crusader.
Her obsequies were held at two,
With plenty of good carriages.
I dearly luv the singin' bird
And little busxin' bee,
But dearer far than all the world
Is thy sweet voice to me.
Oh, very deep is daddy's well,
And deeper is the sea,
But deeper in my buzxum is
The luv I bear for thee.
Then smile on me, dear Angelina,
And make my heart feel lite ;
Chain the big dog and I will cum
A courtiu' Sunday nite.
In the degenerate age,
What ho.-ts of knaves engage. 1
Do all they e in
To fetter man.
Dreading be should be free :
Leagued with the scoundrel pack
Even turkey cocks attack
The cap of liberty !
We get the above from the Wilmington
Journal. Judge Spencer, who ia refer
red to above, died in 1794. Wheeler,
in his history of North Carolina, referring
to Mr. Spencer's death says : "His
death was caused by a most singular cir
cumstance. He had been in ill health,
and was sitting in his yard in the sun.
A large turkey gobbler was attracted by
some part of his clothing, which was red,
for which color turkeys have a great an
tipathy. The turkey attacked Judge
Spencer most furiously, and before assis
. ii- i. .
tance conm rescue mm, so severely was
he wounded, that he died in a short time
from the injuries."
This story seems incredible, but it is so
an authenticated as to leave no room to
Singular and Fatal Acident .
We have unaccountably overlooked
the following obituary notice of the late
Judge Spencer, of our Slate, which we
find in the r ayetteaville Gazelle. The
reference to the particular incident con
nected with the death of the Judge, which
follows the obituary, is from a Pbiladel
phia paper aud has called our attention to
the original article in the Gazette :
DIED. At his seat in Anson county
on the 20th ult. the Honorable Samuel
Spencer, L. L D., and one of the Judges
of the Superior Court of this Stale
"His honor s health had been declining
for about two years, but he performed the
last Circuit, three months since ; and we
understand, intended to have loft home
in a few days, for this town, where the
Superior Court is now sitting, had it uot
Christian Courtesy.
I saw same where the other day. a sen-
tence like this : "The truest cowrUsr Is
the truest Christianity." This is not
simply saying, I take it, that a Christian
HI be gentleman ; it teaches that the
spirit of self denial, foregoing personal ad
vantages for the sake of favoring another.
is me root and substance of the regenera
ted life. Now. here ia a nractical teat.
brought near to us in all the scenes of oar
intercourse with oar fellows, showing
what manner of inirit we are oi. If m
are truly, that is, sincerely, courteous and
polite, we are serving Christ, showing his
example, and exhibiting his spirit. If in
tne collisions of personal interests through
the day, w$ are more careful to favor our- tD7 kT nwee done.
selves, to Secure the best, to be served cisely of the kind of stsfrsseeo Wbo go
fir I, to gratify our own wishes and tastes, attl brggi on stamps aa4 eisawbere,
and to gratify and serve others, I care not of lUc an limited resources oi the Uwlswi
what names we bear, or what professions I States, and decrying m eoaapansoa all Use
e maae, er what rHurtwas exercises we pnncipauues ana powers of Karoo. We
m m.m . . , - I 1 . 1 m
engage in, the spirit of the Master is not cau lueir particular attention to the
in us. that the victorious war of the U
States closed in 1SC5. and that the
Useless Worrv Life has great 10 w,,,ch France was defeated
troubles in store for all of ns : and few 1S71. France baa paid an
As for Louisiana, we have toati
to say a great deal upon ihea
We fear we shall be forced to sayja great
deal more before Louisiana gets a jest sssd
(ree government, and befors Use stayer
his civic career, aad which he Mb
more than any other mas m
to prevent the fulfillment of. is fml filled b r
his successor, since nobody any longer
expects the fulfillment of it htti--As
to the Reveaaa bill which paased the
House yesterday, the pretext -? in nasal
necessity on which it was put farward it,
wa think, as impudent a thing ts eeeaa
from such financiers as Mr. Dawes wad
bis co-workers in the son port of it. aa
m w
live to be men and Women without know
ing terrible grief. But, fortumatcly, these
intense moments cannot fill all the years.
Time helps ns to forget, at least the sorest
of the pain. To every one woold come
some joy but for the little worries that
happen with the passing hours cares
about money aud the cost of things, small
quarrels, petty jealousies, false shame ;
snd an awful dread of what "they" will
think if we take a little comfort, act to
suit ourselves, and know people we like
whether they are genteel" or not, and say
what wc mean, instead of what is expect
Worries sat the life away. Tbey gnaw
and bite wrinkles into the face, and bring
gray hairs on the head, -and half the time
they are not only absolutely needless bat
absurd. Why in the name of all
that is sensible, can we not wait nntil the
draught of sorrow is forced to our lips,
and nat sip needlessly at the cup of gall
and wormwood ? If every man could say
to himself, "Small worries shall mostcer
certain not lengthen my face ;" if every wo
man could refuse to fret over such trifles
as impudent cooks, and napkins with un
timely holes iu them, 'more of ns would
live out the three score and ten years al
lotted to us by Heaven, and we shall all
certainly be much better company while
we lasted.
w e.a .a
luaemnny wiuiin tbese three years,
while the Lniled 8tete, by dint of
sorts of expedients new to national
have succeeded in placing sevwatV'five
millions in two years, the $44,000,000
losn ssked for by the city of Pads the
other day has been subscribed forty -two
and a half times over, snd the Congress
of the United States is bow drivesrto ex
traordinary and once abandoned means of
raising revenue in Older to avoid deficit.
If Mr. Dawee and the rest are right, as
they are, ia the estimate they pat apo
the resources of the United States, now
can they possibly avoid I he inference that
the difference is because the mas to whom
French finance has been confided ' know
their boeioess, snd the man to wooes
American finance has been coufidsd do nott
N Y World.
Perseverance Versus Genius.
To PaxvxxT Lasd Fbom Washiwo.
By using a common rafter level, stop
ping sbout fifteen feet, with a Hoe and
plumb hanging to the center of the cross
bar. With this I moved across the field,
placing the foot of the level so as to keep
on a level with the ground, and as this
level is moved, a peg is stuck where the
rear foot of the level stood. Whea the
line is ran across the field, I take a male
and scooter plow, making a mark fro woo
peg to the other, bending gradually from
one peg to the other, so as to keep all the
time cu s level; then w'uh a torn plow
throw op a Urge (bed t) This is done at
intervals of from forty to sixty feet apart;
thea lay off the rows paralel with the
beds, filling in the abort rows la the eesr
ter between the beds. Prepare the land
by deep plowing, and cultivate with soy
low that will leave the surface level. By
As contemplated by tbe generality, the
two qualities constituting the caption of
these desultory remarks are diametrically
opposite to each other ; the former being
looked upon as a somewhat grovelling
tlioneh Draiscworthv Quality : while the
latter is appreciated as something celestial deep preparation, gentle rains sink In
in its nature, and emanating, indeed, from ground, and oy level culture neavy
m frirllv divine snarcA. To drnnunrp forced OUt. and LoereDV lose weir
this view of the matter as originating in
the purest delusion, and as sustained in a
great measure by the force of prejudice
and snperstition combined, would be
been for the following accident, which, itfdeemed, probably, on our part, as s reek-
less snd danng intermeddling with tbe
is thought, hastened his death : He was
sitting in the piazza with a red cap on his
head, when a large cock turkey passing,
the Judge being sleepy began to nod ;
when the turkey, mistaking the nodding
and the red cap for a challenge, made so
violent and unexpected an attack on His
Honor, that he threw him out on his chair
on the floor ; and before he could get any
assistance, so beat and bruised him, that
he died within a few days after."
and what soil is moved lodges against the
beds and terraces, making quiets
Robert McCord, of Goorgta.
Lost In Use
To Gray Wood Non-Iicsid ear, Tou are here
by notified that the following summons has
been issued against you (to wit.)
J. K. JcKES,
Gray Wood
Tou are
Cray Wood, the
be found within
n Vflflr iwinntn fn I.a ,,,l
before the JUDGE OV OfTtt sinpRwfnw
commanded to Summon
'.fondant uhove named. if to
UOLItr, to he held for the Conntr of TWM
son at the Court House in Lexington, on the
m Monday aRer the 3rd Monday of March,
i m1 suswer the complaint which will be
SSSio the office of the CLEliK OF THE
In offering this Feltilizer to the people of Rowan, and surrounding counties we are satis
fied that we offer them the best Qnano for the least money now on the market. It has been
throughly tried during the past season and the results have been even better than we hoped
for. Below we append two of the numerous certificates we have received.
sL m ...
'Hr mreo uavsofthe next term thereof.
r"11 " aiu I'CiCIlUant takn ii.if co
that if
1,1 fi
mils to an.wnr th Mui1
ww time prescribed by law, the Paintiff will
PPI to the Court for judgment again the
ieien,iautlorthesum of three hundred aud
f.y'.KTe,,0 Dl'"aand Interest thereon
n 55,'J 0ct W. till paid.
doe return 1 ROt' f "0,umon8 make
mj haml and al of said
Mhie seoth, day of January. 1875.
"Koftne Superior Courte-f Davidson County.
kJJH also notified that the abovo
p ut.ti han sued oat an attachment
property upon a Bond executed
Salisbury, N. C, October 10th, 1874.
Messrs Meroney & Bro.
Gentlemen : In reply to your inquiry as to the merits of the Ouanahani Guano, I will state
that I have given it a fair, and, as I think, a thorough test, and believe it to be one of the best
fertilisers now in use in our country. In tbe month of February 1 bought two tons and applied
it over mjr farm at the rate of 200 pounds to the acre under Cotton, and 100 poundstothe acre on
Corn. On the 8th of October I picked from one row of Cotton 14 rods long, which had been
fertilised at the above rate, 8 pounds of seed cotton ; from another immediately by the side of
this one, of the same length, to which 1 had applied no fertiliser, 1 picked 1 ounces tbe same
day showing difference of over 8500 per cent, between land fertilised and not. I counted the
number of unopened bolls in each, and making calculation on this basis, I find that the' land
without the Guanahani would yield 30 ounces to the row, 80 rows or 150 pounds to tbe acre ;
with Guanahani it will yield 12 pounds to the row, 80 rows or 960 pounds to tbe acre showing
a difference of over 600 per cent.
I have not had an opportunity to test the Corn yet, but from general observation, I feel war
ranted in making the statement that Guanahani has benefited my Corn at least 100 per cent.
On one acre of ground, as a test, I sowed 400 pounds of Guanahani broadcast, subsoiling at
the same time 15 inches deep. This acre, under ordinary circumstances, has average 700 pounds
of seed cotton ; this year the yield will be at least 1800 pounds E. A. PROPST.
I've Been Thinking.
I've been thinking, I've been thinking.
Wbat a glorious world were this,
Did folks mind their business more.
And mind their neighbors' less !
For instance, you and I, my friend.
Are sadly prone to talk
Of matters that concern us not
And others' follies mock.
I've been thinking, if we'd begin
To mind our own affairs.
That possibly our neighbors might
Contrive to manage theirs.
We have faults enough at home to mend
It may be so with others ;
It would seem strange if it were not,
Since all mankind are brothers.
Oh ! would that we had charity
For every man and woman ;
Forgiveness is the mark of those
ili whom "to err is human. '
Then let us banish jealously
Let's lift our fallen brother;
And as we journey down life's road,
Do good to one another.
DUrtV IlftIM a 11. ....1 . J ,
on ik. ... V r " " '"u DJkwuiea liY YOU
tlmJK; , October 172. for tfiiS
uirin; hundred and sixtv five 80-100 n.,li
ZrZ?!2t thercon tUI pid nd that said
SanVn . alt"Lhmcnt returnable to the
hoSTi, 7, mof David8n to be held at the Court
sJoS.r V5 ToWTn of Lexington, on the Gth
S&K 3rd Monlay E March, A. D 1875-
SS TKSS? required to an
Cl-r.L . ' C. F.LOWE.
F.k VA J-r sPe"r Court for Davidson Co.
25, 1876-6w,
Davie Co., N. C.
Messrs Meroney & Bro.
Gentlemen: In reply to your inquiry as to the merits of Guanahani Guano, I would say
that I used it last Summer on an old field which woold have produced very poorly under ordi
nary circumstances but which nnder the application of Guanahani yielded me a very wood crop.
I had one test row and this showed a difference of over three hundred per cent, in favor of the
I am satisfied that it is a eood Fertiliser and take pleasure in recommending it to every far
mer who wishes to increasehis crops as being fully equal if not superior to any Guano on the
-r-r-r- r t t -, w TT dt TT k rr k TT A TT A m ft i TTlTk m 1T 1 (
YVJS SJSiilj riiU AJN AtLAJNl JLX rVjti XUJM . Like summer gone forth
made sunny,
In the garden ef death, where the singers whose
names are deathless.
One with another make music unheard of
Where the dead sweet
lone breathless,
And the fair eyes shine that shall
or change again.
Who comes now crowned with the blosoms of
snow-white years ?
What music is this that the world of the
dead men hears.
Beloved of men, whosef words on our lips were
Whose nsme in our ears aad our father's
cars was sweet.
ol the land bis songs
roses fade not of lips
weep not
A Cure for Lock-jaw.
In course of the Cantor lectnrcs, recen
tly delivered before the Biitirh Society of
Arts by Dr. Benjamin Richardson, the
following deeply important remarks were
made upon nitrite of amy : One of jhese
specimens, I mean the nitrite of amy!,
has within the last few years obtained a
remarkable importance, owing to its ex
traordinary action upon the body. A
distinguished chemist, Prof. Guthrie,
rlulu distilling over nitrite of amyl from
amylic alcohol, observed that the vapor,
when inhaled, quickened his circulation,
and marie him feel as if he hsd been run
ning. There waa flushing of his face,
rapid action of his heart, aud breathless
ness In 18G1-C2 I made a careful and
prolonged study the action of this singu
lar body, and discovered that it produced
its effect by causing an cxtremo relaxa
lion, first of the blood vessels, and after
ward of the muscular fibrers of the body.
To such an exteut did this agent thus
relax, I found it wonld even overcome the
tetanic epasm produced by strychnia ; and
having thus discovered its action, 1 ven
tured to propose its use for removing t lie
spasm iu some of the extremist spasmo
dic diseases. The results have more than
realized my expectations. Uuder the in
fluence of this agent, one of the most
agonizing of known human maladies,
called augina pectoris, has been brought
under such control that the paroxysms
have been regularly prevented, and iu one
instuuee, at least, altogether removed.
Even tetanus, or lock-jaw, has been sub
dued by it, and in two instances, of an
extreme kind, so effectively as to warrant
the credit of what may be trnly called a
Printers tee $10.5 F,k I3tb, 1875.-3mo,
Freight added.
To the beautiful veiled bright world where
the elad ghosts meet,
Child with father, and bridegoooi with bride,
and anaruish with rest,
No soul shall pass of a singer than this more
The same year calls, and one goes hence with
long established conclusions of mankind,
and a silly attempt, at best, to contro
vert a self evident proposition. Let as
ran the risk for a single moment. Let
ns summon one of two spirits "from the
vasty deep" (as Glendowir boasted he
could do) die spirits of John Milton and
Sir Isaac Newton, for instance, who, when
in this world, passed as two of the greatest
geniuses that ever lived. Well, the latter,
Sir Isaae, we feel saiihcd, on being in
tcriogated as to the matter under consid
eration, wonld Fay. what ho said in
bis life-time, that whatever he had
achieved, in the way of science or dis
covery, he had achieved "through patient
thought" (ho scorned the word "genius," )
sod John Milton would deabtlsss tell as
that his "Paradise Lost" was the result.
imply, of "indefatigable labor and care."
Indeed, all tbe reaily great that have ever
lived, equally disclaim this evanescent
quality of genius, ascribing their success
and renown exclusively to the homely
quality of perseverance.
from Holly
Save All the Boxes. There is
nothing that will induce early laying in
pullets better, if as well, as to be fed with
raw bones, pounded in pieces of the prop
er sise. It strengthens them, and prevents
leg weakness, which is often seen in cock
erels. But for chickens intended for ex
hibition, we wonld not reeomend its nse,
for it is conceded that growth ceases when
the pullet commences to lay. In these
eases bone dost will be fonud to an-
swer better, as it does not nave tne same
effect on the tendency to lay.
,Thc electrical girl: In the beginning
of 1S46, a year memorial in the history
of table-tnrnnig and spirit rapping, An
gel que Colli o was a girl of fourteen, liv
ing in the garden of Bouvigny, near La
Perriere, department of Orue, France.
She was of low statue, but of , robust
frame, and apathetic to au extraordinary
degree both in body and in mind. 0:i
January lb of the year named, while the
girl was, with three others, engaged in
weaving Bilk thread gloves, the oaken
table at which they worked began to
move and change position. The work
women were alarmed : work was for a
moment suspended, but was soon resumed.
But, when Aagclique ng tin took her place
the (able began anew tc move with great
violence ; she. felt herself attracted to it,
but, so soon st she touched it, it retreated
before her, or was even upset. The fol
lowing morning similar phenomena were
observed, aud before long public opinion
was very decided in affirming that An
geliqne Cottiit was possessed of a devil,
and that sbo should be brought before the
Patish pneat. But the cure was a man
of too much common sense to heed t heir
request for au -exorcism, and resolved to
see tbe facts for himself. The girl was
brought to the cure's boose, and tbero
'.he phenomena were repeated, though
uot with tbe same intensity as before ;
the table retreated, but was not over
turned, while the chair on which An
geliqne was seated moved in a contrary
direction, rocking the while and giving
Angel ique great difficulty in keeping her
seat. From Popular Science Monthly
'for March.
A correspondent writing as
township. New Ifasover county, gives
following particulars of s remark abts
stance in which a child leas thau thi
of ag-. was lost and spent the night la the
woods on ooe of the oldest nights wa have
had this season, and yet who ts still sllva.
and we hope in a fair way to recover. Ha
mis :
Sunday evening the 7th, about 3 o'clock,
Mr Felix Met-ks Wtx hwoM to sail oe soom
neighbor. As be was ia the art of 1 eating,
his little boy. only two Tears aad seven
w.nths old. asked to go with hiss, bat kts
father told him be tald go if ha woold go
to the boose sod wrap sp. The little key
aturU-d to the house, and Mr Meeks.
in that it was fc eold for the child
wiiii lnui. took advantasre of his
aud rode off. it seems that Iks little ksw
did not go to tbe hoisa. Vat, as soon as kts
father left, bs turned and followad biss.
Mrs. Meeks. thinking he was with kfj
father, as it was his eastern to
esrrv him around, thought nothing of his
abseuce until Mr Meks returned,
dark, withoet h m. Search was then
but he coo'.d not be found. The slams
given aud tEe neighbors turned oat with
lights, built up fire, and eahaostod swarf
means to find the little fallow, bat aM m
vain. At a late hour ia the night tkwv
ceased their searches. By day light this
(Uonday) morning tbe woods were fsH at
hunters exploring every nook and uorasr.
and calling for little George. A boat t
o'clock this morning the little fellow started
nn from between two trees, and asked if
Dana was coining, saving, at the
"I am so eold." He was picked
carried home, where his father and
met him as one lost, but fonud agaia, I
no oue can express thir feelings. They
twCed he woold soon die. thinking he
too badly frozen to live. .The neighbors all
bad their remedies, and went to work to
restore bicn. if Dossible. His
slocking were frozen stiff on his
his lem and feel were nulled op to
extent that it was with difficulty tbey
get his khoes off. His hands and
frozen, and his ears were like icietea.
called in Dr. Ennett. who gave a
prognosis. For a little bbi not three
old to sleep oat iu an open swampy
from three p. m. until 9 a- in., the naxt
on such a night, when it was almost II
sible to keep warm in a tight mm
most incredible, but sueh is tit
inington JourmaL
Bio Pnr.iMCTiONR The
clopedia Briianuiea" has
asserlious i "If the natural
Amrrica were fully developed it
a ffortWostenanee to 3,600,000009
lants s number ucsrly five times as great as
the entire mass of bumsn beings bow
existing on the globe ! And what ts area
more surprising, it is not improbable thai
this urodirous population will be to
ia tence within three or st most
tuiits." .

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