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L NO. 72. WHOLE NO. 7ft.
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the House or Representatives.
Wednesday, February 10, 1876.
The House being as a committee of the whole
on the State of the Union
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MONOl'UL.I UJT TUIO VAJ.UABL.JSi IJISrUOir MAS BBKN UKEATED undeniable that the policy pursued toward
I in favor of this Company by the Crown officers. The name "GL ANAHANI !" tbe South since the late war, with the oaten
. Ussdetered TKA Dr. MA KK at the United States Patent Office, and all persona ara sible purpose of rehabilitating that section
waned from making use of the seme in connection with fertilizers of any kind. land restoring to it prosperity, happiness, and
hopefulness, has resulted in a most lamen
table failure. This is substantially coufes-
sed, even by the partisans of tbe Admitm
tration, in the continual charges they are
making, that the South is full of violence.
disorder, and bloodshed, and that there is no
security there for the personal and political
rights of a large class of the citizens. Be
presenting in part one of those Southern
States, I indignantly repel the accusations
of violence and lawlessness pot forth against
our people, as basely false and slanderous,
born either of pitiable ignoranee or diabolical
bate, out that tbe course of treatment to
1 it a V 1 . - a a m
wmcn me ooutn nas oeen subjected with a
view to its restoration has been somehow or
other fatally defective is amply demonstrated
by the fact that that n at u rail y fertile and glor
ious regionpies this day in ruins, while the peo
pie, alter ten years ot weary waiting add un
told hardships and self-denial, are not only
bankrupt, but profoundly disheartened and
dismayed at the prospect before them in
deed, contemplate the future with leas hope
and courage than they did on the day of the
surrender. It is a sad, fearful spectacle to
see an entire people, by nature proud, brave,
energetic, and high -spin ted, reduced to the
a a
, . " , - a . , . I vi urunu uj uuniy, VUlllCWiUUt
our uuiiu uu u.i.i, uusx, uui iiuw iuuwu uu'. .rTT.." : ,,V"B . robbery, slander, and the persisteut injustice
mtr mi? fa", ana navmg large and well ventilated w arenouses - v,y ana ui, i we and impiacalle hatreU of tUe , uUjn
r. naoia no n our vjiuwo on me uaraei, in a couaiuon as uij. uwuvui iiviu
ne the Analyaes and Letters of Prof. P. B. WILSON, Balitimore ; Prof. H. C.
WHITE, lroSBSo of O'bemwtry, I nivenut y of Georgia ; I'rof. J . A. (tJSXf Til, Philadelphia,
1'rofeMor of Applied Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania.
la offering this FERTILIZER to the Agricultural Community a Second Season we do so
.iik tJto ttttnoat Confidence, feelinc satinfied that the hiflrh opinion, we 'formed, and expressed
laat afgkna based on its Chemical Cor.nti:ttents have been most satisfactorily borne out by the
ttst. by wnlen ail rertunrers must be judged, that ot the rianiauon.
IjMT vvn. owm h uut lateness ai wnicn we corameneeu nu,iuiung nc cic in.cvi iu piu
lumiM. eaual to anv Manufactured Fertilizer.
We solicit a careful persual of our Circular containing the certificates sent ur, and which can
be bad on application at this 0F9ICE. or from any of our AGENTS; Having nothing to con
eeal, we made an innovation on established usage, by publishing those letters received unfavora
ble to our Guano, but careful inquiry in many cases proves that the cause of its failure waa not
owing to any fault in the Guano, but to those far beyond our control We have frequently
heard the same complaints of its kindred Fertilizer, Peruvian Guano, but the concurrent testi
mony of well known Farmers and Planters from Maryland to the extreme Western counties of
Norm Carolina, justify us in claiming a place for our Fertilizer Superior to many, and Second
lo None.
We confidently expect the continued patronage of the Agricultural Community and no exer
tion shall be spared on our part to make i""
Presided, N. M. TAXXOR, of Bowlett, Tannor & Co.
Vice President, ROBT. A. MARTIN, of Robt A. Martin &
JOHN B. STEVENS, of Stevens Brothers.
8. P. ARRINGTON, ot John Arringlon & Sons.
JOHN U. PATTERSON, of Petlorsou, & Sons.
U R. BISUOP of Bishop & Branch. .
FRANK POTTS, General Agent.
one class of their population against another ;
interfering between the capitalist and the
operative in Massachusetts or the employer
and tbe miner in rennsy i vauia ; recognizing
or deposing governors and setting op or
patting down State governments at pleasure ;
imagining all manner of evil concerning them
and ever ready to believe tne tyiug nones oi
limi WTT T T k Iff TUT TlflTlTinTCI their ene,me8' and vnegdeB ; stiowenng all
llUn. TTILLIAJu IU. llUlJljlrlu. our favors upon the base and venal among
' I iKam rm nn.n Airriint fWilltlalia.1 A won t it rorc
whom our own society naa vomited forth
upon them ; driving immigration and capital
away by holding them up to the world as
brutal and barbarous! speaking of them
commonly aa traitors, murderers, and bandits;
sending oar military officers among them to
hector, browbeat, and threaten ; and if under
alt these accumulated iujories and insults they
showed the least anger and resentment, or
despair drove them to any rashness, feeliug
all the tyrant rising up in our souls and long
ing to clutch them by the throat and crush
them iuto the earth as re el slaves. Look on
this picture, 0, men of the North, and tell
me, how would you like to have it yours ? It
is ours. Were that condition your own
would you believe yourselves living under a
free government ? Would your philosophy
and self-control enable you tone always calm.
always wise ? Would not the American
freemen's soul within yon sometimes burst
forth in wild passion and irrepressible rage ?
We are learning to bear these things with
patience, rauence and enuarauce are our
watchwords, and will continue to be so under
all the provocations of those who apparently
seek to madden as that they make the capital
out of our exhibitions of just reseutineut
Such trials are sore indeed, and would crush
the manly spirit of almost any people: but
there is a vitality, a fortitude, and a high met
tle in that magnificent race of southern
white men which will, I trust euable them
to go successfully through the dreadful or
deal and come out of the craeible with finer,
grander, nobler qualities, and fitted to stamp
tbeir impress upon the pages of future his
tory in characters even more resplendent
than those which reoord their past.
Because the radical leaders did not know the
South, nor the motives and spirit of its action,
nor the real temper of its people, they never
comprehended the problem they were set to
solye at the close of the war. The task of re
storing the Union at that time was far easier
and simpler than will ever be believed by those
who have so wofully bungled over it. Even
assuming that the southern people, in entering
upon that great conflict of arms, committed an
error of judgment, nevertheless, it is beyond
doubt that they were faithful to their solemn
convictions of duty ; that they were true to their
honest opinions concerning the adjustment of
powers under our system of government : and
that they verily believe their cause was the
cause of true liberty on thin continent. With
this failli in tnem tens of thousands died for
that cause with the purest motives of patriotism,
ana wun uie cncernii resignation oi martvrs
i nese are sooer truth-., ana l should think the
northern people would love to recognize them
as such. If thev do not, thev must judge all
those millions of men who are now their coun
tryineti to be concious and willful traitors and
criminals of the worst type, and surely there
would be small RatisfactioH in thinking thus of
so large a number of those who are fellowciti
zens with them of this great (omitry. On the
other hand no one question that thoxe who
fought on the aide of the Union were likewise
honest, partiote, and thoroughly true to their
sense of duty, and the cause of liberty and conn
try as they viewed i. The differences of opin
ion which divided the combatants were aa old
asp: he Government itself. Tl ey had been de
bated bitterly in this very Ha 1 for two genera
tions, but they remained undecided until finally
referred to the dread arbitmnicut of arms
fruits. Failure, shameful, wretched fail ire, where each side maintained its views with a
is the outcome of it all. The people of the heroism and devotion which struck the nations
whole country have said so in the verdict of ! wilh awe anJ "hed y't iosUr upon the
utter condemnation they gate iu the late American name. The South was overpowered
elections against the republican party and i l? !he g PfP1' Sve up forever aH
its Doli-v claims of the right of secession, and submitted
i - l e i,.i : i e . .u . without repining to the abolition of slavery as
In spite of the overwhelming defeat that hnvi the immcdiate of7 the
party has so recently experienced on account in wllich th were defealed. When
Of its mistaken course, its leaders here show j the WM fairiy decided by overwhelming,
no signsof heeding the popular voice, and through 4he force of numbers, their armies in
the Administration appears more reckless- the field, they yielded at once. There never
ly resolved thau ever to push forward in the ; was a great war lhat ended so suddenly and
path of the usurpation. These meu seem left so little resentment in the minds of tbe
stricken with a fatal blindness, so that they
cannot or will not see that their arms are
a i x . i mm -mm v - . . . m a aa
umpneuin uie neia, aia not care to nak vote the radical ticket. A restored Union
uuimiung tne questions inereoy aecraea to a I no saw ootoet, mk m UBMa in wMeh the radi-
new trial before a court and jury. Pardon nry leal leaders could role and revel in power and
aaying another thing. If the death-penalty 1 plunder.
of iW
bad been resorted to, whether by regular trials
in the law-courts or through drum-bead court
martial, it would have been out of the inaction
to put to aeath the whole wit hern people, or
even any considerable portion of them. Per
haps a hundred, or at ail events, a thousand
victims would have satisfied a blooJ-thirstv
people, and I nave already said that the men
of the North are not of that disposition. Now,
I hope I shall not be considered as indulging
in bravado when I express the deliberate opin
ion that if the southern people con Id hare fore
seen all that has befallen them since the sur
render the infinite wrong and ruin, the Op
pressions, humiliations, petty iaswlta, and ia
deecribable villainies and had been offered
the choice of suffering all that or, on the other
. . , "-j u:j .L ' T . "l l orveuoone eisewnere, as a crime agiinat em
hand, to stand up and abide the casting of the action. When I speak thus, I know there ar
" ? fai whole number I eho wiU seXto .pTrVirty mSS
a kuuuwuu uieu 10 ue ouereu up as a ssennce
ignorant freedmen were given the ballot, ail
utterly unprepared SB they were to use K ex
cept for their own injary and that of the eom
muuities of which they formed a component
part No impartial man can deny that the
grant of universal suffrage to the colored race
so won after their liberatioi. waa a most dan
gerous experiment, foil of peril to popular gov
eminent, fraught with evil to that race itself,
and leading to inevitable civil confusion and
pecuniary rain in several State. Even its mad
authors shrank back at first from this moaaswe
and confessed it wild and impracticablle. B3t
the need of votes for their party overcame their
scruples and drove them on to perpetrate what
I unhesitatingly denounce here, aa I have
often Oone elsewhere, as a crime agiinst civlt-
marvsksM thing, and ret
. a - - -
praie so ranch aboot tbe "life
mem" should be skins Lo di
y. Ir. ine Inter Occsa, ooeof the
inent organs of radical opinion, I
Iv a fow days sine tbe bold
this is no Iobsmt a tmnuaedl
ooosent of the people, but a
to the wrath of their enemies, they would have
chosen ine utter alternately aa the more mer
ciful. Frequent reference is also made in the de
bates here to the liberality which has been
shown to the southern men in the removal of
disabilities and restoration to the privileges of
citiaeuship. But it ought not to be forgotten
that those who now boast of removing disabil
ities first imposed those disabilities and for
the most selfishly partisan purpose that they I and noiaonea with an iudk e.
might Ue the haud of the most intelligent and I No Wend ofthenegrocould falltoperceivethat
nervert mv meaninr
snd charged me with hostility to the colored
ixmpie. nut l nave no inch leelinr. nor
lava those whom I represent here. Be
tween tbe southern whits people and the
negroes, with acarcelr an exception, there al
ways existed a good understanding and een-
umeauoi mendshin and kindly regard. Thi
Is inoomprehenfible to those self-conceited
fanatics whose knowledge of southern affair
is no derived from a study of the (acts bit
' evolved from their own inner consciousness'
implacable hatred of the ulera. Such
is to-day the miserable situation of those tea
millions of white men who fill that immense
domain stretch tug from the Potomac youder
to the far-off Kio Grande
Instead of rebuilding the waste p'aces left
by tbe war, our desolation grows more deso
late ; no progress, no money, uo aeeamula
tion of property, no opening to euterpnse
no hope. Need we ask who is responsible
for all this ? There is no difficulty in deter
mining where the responsibility rests. It
rests upou the leaders and so-called states
men of the republican party. The close of
the war found that party omnipotent iu this
country, occupying all the departments of
the Government, controlling tbe Army, aud
haviug, also, prestige of the great victory
just won in the field a conjunction of favor
ing circumstances which might have insured
to that party perpetual predoiniuauce had not
tbe splendor of its achievements been so soon
eclipsed by th magnitude of what I shall
call its mistakes history will call them
crimes. The task of rehabilitating the de
feated States, and replacing them iu uormal
relations to the rest of the Union, necessari
ly fell into the hands of the radical leaders.
It was theirs to devise aud execute the plans
for this purpose, and there was noue to say
them nay or seriously obstruct them. States
ship never had a grander opportunity nor
a nobler field iu which to exhibit its resou o s
of skill and benenceuce. But behold the
really destructive to all that the American
people hold dear. They imagine or pretend
that they are saving the institutions of the
country, and yet fail to comprehend that
those institutions, when transformed as they
seek to have them, would really be destroy
ed or not worth saving. For exauipie, they
are trying to suspend the wnt of habeas cor
vanquished. They might have kept up a
guerrilla war for an indefinite penod, and
bankrupted the continent. But they j iekkd to
their fate with that resignation which became
a brave and patriotic and Christian people, as
they are; for they fell they were surrendering
not merely to the bayonets of their adversaries,
but to the inscrutable decree of the God of
battles ; and they felt, also, that the welfare of
their country required that, if they yielded at
all. they should yield without reserve. That
In offering this Fellilizer to the people of Rowan, and surrounding counties we are satis- a w. lT. Tk 7V : P,e YJE" .amL ,eade". Vrt Uod
ftsd that we offer them the best Guano for the least money now on the market. It baa been fair elections, forgetting that the only object fearing heroes, like Jackson and Lee, may
throughly tried during the past season and the results have been even better than we hoped eiecwous ougm to oe io preserve aacu s- r have been nuataxen, but must have been con-
. W r - 1 . m at I J MHiatlimiio ms 1 wi Mrs. ,,f atsjKaia .
for. Below we append two of the numerous certificates we have received.
cred privileges as the writ of habeas corpus
from ever being suspended.
The reasons which urge the republican
party forward still in its unwise course are
the same that have led to failure iu its whole
policy toward the South. It may be useful
to inquire concerning the reasons of that
failure. I shall not have time to notice j
Salisbury, N. Cm October lOtb, 1874. I many uf them, but only one or two of the
Messrs Meroney & Bro. moat promiuent- I
Gentlemen : In reply to your inquirv as to the merits of the Guanahani Guano, I will state The first that I will mention is that the !
that I have given it a fair, and, aa 1 think, a thorough test, and believe it to be one of the best meu who have coutrolled the repubheau
fertilisers now in nse in our country. In the month of February I bought two tons and applied party never did know tbe South, or uuder-1
- - - . - - S AA TT1"1 .1
Hover my hum at the rate of 200 pounds to the acre under Cotton, ana luvpounusiouie sere on stand its people, uuuae every otuer poiiti-.
rsu ine oin OI UCtOOCr X piCKeu irum oiis row ui vuiwii i"i """Bi . cm wKBUiziitiuu nuiu ima r.-i r a lairu iu
the U uited states, uie republican party is ,
essentially a sectiouat j
which tbe Father of his j
. I .nntFit ir.i iMuk.l thu nuAnlu o niiinal tn Vila '
ritilOUt theGllamthani A 5U1 nnncsHii the row. 80 rows or 150 pounds to the acre ; , i .u... ...
- . " j j - - - , - i lareweii nuui t-so. iu no uiilu umi iiai i
ilh ( :. :n iJ i .1 1 ... t. n . ,0 j n QAll rtniimla trt tlto .lire HllOWintZ 1 . . r '
rgy w'" 7u puouus 10 "v v 0 was sectioual. When it acceded to power
- "nmw ui over wo per cent.
How easily could the breach between the sec
experienced class of the southern people until
carpet-baggers and negroes, backed np by the
military, couiu seise upon tne governments or
all those States and contool them for tbe re
publican party. Tho manner in which those
disabilities were imposed, was also in violation
of ever' principal of justice and liberty, for
they were in tne nature of penalties laid upou
individuals without trial, and for offenses
whereof they were never convicted Their op
eration was most unfair and ineanitablc. lor
they often fell upon men who had been at heart
faithful to tbe union, while many of tho most
active confederates entirely escaped. Those
disabilities were never removed until the
radical loaders supposed their grip upon 'the
South was too secure ever to be seriously en
dangered bv any opposition. And now, when
they behold the intellect and virtue of the
South once more partially unfettered, .and ad
vancing to that supremacy there which those
attributes always will and oaght to maintain
in every community of enlightened people,
the Administration in V ashineton becomes
profoundly nueasy, because ignorance and dJn
h one -ty are losing control of the South; and at
this very moment the most high-hauded and
tyrannical schemes are being devised here by
which new shackles may be put on the limbs
t f southern white that tho subservient
tools of the Administration may be enabled to
wriggle their slimy way np again into place
and power in that hapless section. All this is
done, too, upon tbe pretext that the South is
plotting a renewal of the war, when every man
in America with a spoonful of brains ought to
know that such an idea is at preposterous aa it
would be to expect a rolcauo to burst out this
day on Pennsylvania avennc.
N ; the course of the leaders the of dominant
party is not aud never has been magnanimous to
wards the South but tyrannical, unpatriotic,
exasperating, and thoroughly selfish.
For 0110, 1 have always believed if that kind
hearted man who was nHsasiuated in this city
on the 14th of April, lefi6, had lived to deal
with the problem of reconstruction, the South
would have beou generously treated, and would
have been happy and prosperous long ago.
Not that the man who succeeded him in the
Presidency was wanting in honexty or faithful
ness to his sense of duty ; bat Abraham Lin-
I coin wastheouly man able to control the ro
I publican party who possessed tho spirit of
1 . 1 oi, v mm fli-iHt v. Tliorp rirn 111 mi c t i hir
men lu high places equal to bun, perhaps, in
intclect, but he alone of them all scorns to bare
had any soul. 0, mysterious Fate ! to quench
the warm pulses of that kind heart, and turn us
over totho tonder mercies of bitter, implacable
tyrants !
Among the causes which have gone far to
produce incalculable evils to the whote country,
and greatly hindered tho solution ot tbe prob
lem of southern restoration, must be specially
uoted that selfish ambition of the radical lead
ers which has prom; t -d, and still prompts
them, to labor with far more zeal for the per
petuation of their own political assendency
than for tho welfare of tho American people
and the preservation of our free institutions.
I say tbe leaders, because I wish it to be well
understood that iu this as well as every other
point of my arraingnment of the republican
party, I draw a broad line of distinction between
the motives of those kadt r, and of the mouses
who have followed and been misled by them.
I believe iu tbe people, I have an abiding
faith in tho uprigct and patriotic impulse of the
popular masses, bo'h North and South, in their
fidelity to tbe principles id frco government,
aud in their wish to do rig'it, if they know what
right is, and are not uiUled by demagogue and
I am satisfied that tbe northern people, and
especially those gallaut Union soldiers who
constitute so considerable a part of that peo
ple, and between whom and us there sprang
up so profound a respect fur each othor in the
long aud well-fought contest, would never nave
sanctioned the unjust sud despotio measures
If 1 mistake not. the lasssAaaa
aoon demonstrate to even bod V that
tain a renr different opinio. M
would make our burtn Mtl (M I
has been trying for years to rale ten mill
auzens by lore and fear ; and if U
cs, pray Sow aMefc liberty
oouid aae-
esraocsi rea liDSMp.
Hons have been healed then by the exercise of imuoM u UUwn the South if they could have
ol those whosliaped the policy of the victors.
Suppose, when the folds of the old flag of our
fathers, so glorious with their deeds, floated
out over us again, there had come with it the
assurance that we were under the ais of con
stitutional law and liberty, even as understood
by our adversaries when the fight began. Sup
posefjit had been said to us, "You have sought
to divide the Union. That never shall be done
known our real sanations and purposes, and if
i A, - , i i . i.
, moir passions ana prcjuuict.. uau am m-eu
' aroused against us by those schemiug, dariug
plotiers who sought a aellih advantage from
these actional stnfes and hatreds His npon
1 these, aud not upon the people whom they hare
deceived, that my cenNarcs are meat to fall.
What words can portray the wickedness of
j those who have not allowed the people of the
' two blccdimr sections of this country to be at
Corn. On thn 8th nt w,.k..r T ninkml from one row of Cotton 14 rods Ions, which had been
fertilised at the sKn.o mt 8 imnnrl. nf seed cotton i from another immediately by the side of
this one, of the same length, to which I had applied no fertiliser, I picked 1J ounces the same aui has beeD always
day showing difference of over 8500 per cent, between land fertilized and not. I counted the part-.,, thiU2 wbiel
umber of unopened bolls in each, and making calculation on this basis, I find that the land KjJJy- warued the l
I have not had an onnortnnltv to test the Corn vet. but from general observation, I feel war
ranted in making the statement that Guanahani has benefited my Corn at least 100 per cent.
On one acre of ground, aa a test, I sowed 400 pounds of Guanahani broadcast, subsoiluig at
the same time 15 inches deep. This acre, under ordinary circumstances, has average 7 W pounds
of ased cotton ; this year the yield will be at least 1800 pounds E. A. PKOl'ST.
P.. if Imrincr bavmI tht Union anil ih-st .loved ' nCACfl thotlHl the hsht Was OVCr; WOO have
the institution which threatened it, we now" in- ; kept alive the strife ; who have fanned the
vita you back to your place under the common flames of discord; who have, for ten long years,
Viovernment. Let us forget our strifes and be been nurturing the seeds orhate, because out of
brothers again, and unite in building up and all this wide-spread mincry and ruin they could
beautifying our common glorious heritage." ; reap preferment of coin gold for th melvesl
Could there but have been to the ruler, of this Snrely, surely . the exeorstjon of posterity nni
f.vl,h -.1 ..h,rH m I,... a,lrpn 1 theinaljdioiuroflleavon most light upou
tbe n si set lation of those relations of mutual
confidence and benevolence between him and
the white people among whom his lot is cast is
or the Highest importance to him. But t
pretended friends of the negro have done all
they could to bring about race antagonism
The negro, when freed and thrown oat to shift
for nhnself, needed to go to work iodaauioas
ly and without distraction, so as to secure a
competency for hinatelf and familv. But the
radicals diverted him from this .plain road of
honest thrift, and made him a noisy, lazy poli
iician, ana in too many rases the only thing
he does now ia to steal and vote, while the
men he elects to office govern and steal. Suf
frage was given to him, thev said, to enable
him to protect himself, and now they aay
auOrage ia no protection, but a peril to him
and they propose to nam the most extraordi
nary laws, even going so far aa to suspend the
writ oi anoeoj corpus, in order to secure to the
negro his right to vote. Through snch contra
dictory theories and inconsistent pretext the
devious policy of the radical leader proceeds,
consistent only in this, that its sole and con
stant aim is their own aggrandizement.
Instead of fostering pesea between the
so needful to both and especially to the weaker,
these selfish men banded the negroes together
in secret, oath-bound leagues, instilled into
their minds jealousy and hostility toward the
white people, led them to the polls raswiaw to
vote into office tbe vilest of man, used them to
overthrow tbe governments and plunder the
people of mates, to ruin credit, insu!t decency.
ana trample out all hopes ot prosperity-, ia
short, these men havf led the negroes to dbvracc
themselves by their miserable failures in sphere
of action for which they were unfit, aad also to
become, aa far as poaaibla, a nuisance to the com
munities in which they live. In spite ef aft
this, the generous-hearted people of the South,
who know the poor negro, do not hate Lira
they only pity him. They know that be is lit
tle to blame for it all, for in his ignorance ht
has simply been the deluded tool of designing
hypocritiea, who told him pleasing lies, bat
cared nothing for him except to get his vote.
One of the great incidental infuries dona the
negro in this whole business is that he has been
taught to depend so entirely on others and not
on himself for his advancement a Unit which
is naturally prominent in his negative, paras
itical character, and needs to be eradicated and
not fostered, if yon would make a man of bim.
Another thing is tbe wild and extravagant
notions that have been awakened in his bosom
concerning what is to be done for him, concern
ing his rights and his wrongs, and bis whole
relations to be American Government and peo
ple. For example, some of you sedulously in
culcale uiton the negro, and try ourselves to
believe, that his inferiority in menial and mor
al advancement is tbe result of his former sub-
lection in the South, t have more than on-e
heard the expression on this floor that the "ne
gro has been brutalized by southern slavery .'-
It is time for such preposterous and slander
ons nonsense to stop. A century or two ago
the nearoes went into that slavery, a few utterly
degraded, besotted, grub-eating, snake-worship
ing savages. Jen years ago they came out from
that yoke, millions of civilized, Christianized
men, even able, in jour opinion, to help gov
ern this glorious com. try . strange bruuu
tine" lhat !
But the negro is kept unhappy and rcstlssa
wilh the idea that lie is still a terribly wronged
man. Instead of teaching him to use wisely
the gifts he has received, yon keep htm pining
for some great imaginary blessing still ahead,
some El Dorado, some Hesperian garden, to
which your legislation is to transport him, where
the Ills which, alas, mast always oppress poor
humanity, white and buck alike, cannot
I was grealJ) struck with this thought the oth
er day during the debate on the so-cal led "civil
riahU mil. Una colored member said, r
this bill and jrive my people a chance in the
race of life." Another said, Hiive us our lib
erties: give us our rights; give us our privileg
No thought seemed to enter their minds Uut
anything had yet ben done for them, or that
there wua any savor of absurdity or ingratitude
in their present clamor. A rcw years ago th
men were slaves, hoeing in some ssastars cot
ton-patch or corn-field. Now, they are not on
ly freed and made citizen, bat promoted to be
rulers and law-makers for the proudest nation
in the world. If there be a spectacle on earth
more transcendently ludicrous than all others
it certainly ia lo behold a corn-held negro
L t , m
uis ianu r i nere are
i i
who Ulk about aJairata
pi, and Arkansas, as if i
Central or South Ai
vital It
a a
that the gamgreaw which ia hoyaauas. Usare .
the extremities will soon sstinto the heart el
toe body politic, if hia not HIM I Hi II
are told that the "leanim of thai aYiJnnVahanfai
secured, and it u under this pretext that aaost
of the dangerous innovations in onr yetesn of
govsrnasaut are being made Ofeoanwa,atWBt
of those who fought on the other aide, I cannot
with decorum, aay that von ought not to asenre
the legitimate results 0 the war; Inst avary
American baa a right to ask what thaw
gun to prevent
ast was Ik awfa
which your brave
Mows b Its
Tbe war was bewun to orevent
or ine union. That was the orii
helming numbers acainat us. Has not that
result been secured ? Has it not been tew years -
bullet-rent battle-flags, and swore bv lbs Wosmc
ot soldiers to accept the Union as fsjMnntt'
iou ought to believe as, for whatever earn we
have done, we have never dwittJ roe. Vt
did not do so at the beginning of thai
a r.ere was no sneaking cot
orable doable-dealing en
ztonreaantattvas west forth fr
proclaiming openly the purpose of lha
mr movements were all made hi the
daylight, without
or rrand. Standing before vou, there a, la the
attitude of men who have never been fobs as
honor, we demand that yen toast an ashes sjajg
give our sworn pledge of eternal fidelity to the
Union. If (be should attempt It, we shall see
woo can strike the moat gallant
defense. Dunne the war tka laa
ded so aa to include the abolition of 1
ry. Many of your soldiers were
they were induced toaeejaueace epoa the
thai It was this slavery thai
tne l nion. nine tbe war wan fosarhi tl
and no other que, lion arose durilg IU 1 Tbe negro waa freed, every
State so amending Its constitution aa forever th
Croiubil involuntary eervitode within aav
the perpetuity of the Union and the
pation of the negro. All other 1
1. a . . 1
suiu 01 ine war, or which we bear so moon, are
ingenious anbterfagca, invented
war by those who weae seek I
which thev could cajole a eonidii
supporting them in Ihe
ter designs. Aad so subtle an
these plotters acquired, that if
looks back to and longs for 1
republic of the fathers be Is b
bom." The results of toe war, indeed ! Why.
sir, if tbe gallant heroes who fell under Che
SUrs and Stripes conld see the ruin yoe
wrought, tne outrages yon have
States wrecked, millions of while
the travesties of governments you karew eat am,
bayonets ia legislative halls, faros aasj traasWy
stalking alternately across the stage, Ameneavt
free institutions themselves ia deadly perfL
ig people into
something like the
would tenasjawin
and I mam close,
which eesabl toha
patrious people
to -peak to
real foet-
nd could hear you aay this
fought and died for, they
their graves this day.
Mv ti me ia nearly out.
leaving many things nnaah
said, in justice to the bun est.
who aent me here. Before I ever
greaa, I longed for the opportunity
the people of the North from
platform like Ibis, and tell them tbe
ft . a a eat
inga ana purposes 01 tne soreiy-esau
pie of my section, believing that, if the
lar masses of both sections could understand one
another, we should atones see gonad as
and friendship restored. This I have
ored to do on the few occasions during this term
of Congress when I conld obtain tbe fleer ; bet
in doing this, you can bear witness UntlSfM
have spoken (aa I never shall) ia the whining
tones of the whipped spaniel, kejt tn she ksssV
pendent and tearless spirit ef a ssawBssawwasi
represents freemen. We speak oat boldly and
bluntly our thoughts, bees nas we have ne sift
er designs to cover up, asm we are ton
to be treacht rons. If ever the time shall
here when I must tuna my voice lo
and speak with bated breath for fear of
trig some tyrant, then I shall leave these aall
forever, aod aewking a boms io on quiet eovs
of our mountains, try lo forget that I ever fMfo
eooutry. r-
But. thank God. no such evil faiaeaoiSaT as
called for now, for the future is biightaarla
the old-lime spirit of American likwwey is
ins out of sleep. Tbe arrest Nona has
through the mists of misrepresents
which radiralt-m ha so long hid tka traSSi
peeling the afLira of the Sooth, ami in the fa U
elections pronounced ber emjhstic C
tion of the men in power. e ia the
has aran
lea wUh
dcraUnd what this mesas. Ik
fellow-couatrvmen of the Northern
willing lo trust our patriotic
mon country, iu iriatiieiiosw, its
aire aims, aod iu future
and we are resolved not to
faience. I am aware that
and we shall be subjected to
I know that the radical leaders. In th tr
at ihe prospect ef dssaosSlion
f Davib Co., N. C.
Messrs Meroney & Bro.
, Okntlemrm In reply to your inquiry as to the merits of Guanahani Guano, I would say
that I used it last Summer on an old field which would have produced very poorly under ordi
ry circumstances but which under the application of Guanahani yielded me a very good crop.
1 bad one test row and this showed a diflerence of over three hundred per cent, in favor of the
.. .
I am satisfied that it is a good Fertilizer and take pleasure to recommencing it to every r-
who wishes to increasehis crons as beinc fully equal if not superior to any Guano on the
Freight added.
in 1860 it was exclusively sectional, and the
natural result of its entrance iuto authority
was the hostile array of the two sections
against each other in mortal strife. To this
day that party remains sectioual iu its whole
spirit aud toue aud leadership, and inaiuly
so its composition ; for, with the exceptiou
of a small minority of honest, but poorly-in-fonned
men, its outy supporlets in the South
are the negroes and carpet-baggers, a few
pliable gentlemen who joined its for the
sake of office and spoils. Duriug
the six years of Grant's adiuiuistratiou, no
southern man of auy race or color has occu
pied a place in his cabinet. Jnstead ot giv
itg meu of that section a share in the Fed
eral administration, it has been common to
send northern men down to fill the offices
among us, to be legislators aud governors
for our States, thus eonveruug tnem into
radical satrapies instead of self-governing
commonwealths. In brief, under tne repnb-
aa nnn fUfWr I ,lwlu lmrty one ena OI lDIS co"11" goverus
n-tU I JJ1V A V-TJ-v . 1 the other, and home-rule is utterly ignorea
I . U .1. mt.U .sv 11 .1 . . wot n .1
11 ine uuruicru ucuuie wuu w unuciawsuu
how gr'mdiiig aud irritating this is to us let
them imagine the tables turned aud consider
how they would like' to have the people of
the South inter meddling in all their local ana
domestic concerns : watching with a jealous
and suspicious eye all the moveinenfs of
their social life ; espousing the cause of
country the faiih and charity to have sisoken
such words, the wind and wares of .sectional
conflict would soon have subsided iuto a great
c ilm. and the people would have wellnigh for
eotten. before this time, the horro's of that
-mm M ill 1
strife. 1 say this knowing as wen as any now
the defeated felt, for I was one of those who
fought it through to the last, with my whole
soul enlisted in the cause, and with no thought
of giving it up while there remained a shadow
of hope ; and the bitterness 01 ueieal wes msue
more poignant to me by the recollection of many
dearest friends fallen in vain.
I have heard republicans in thu Congress
boast of their magnanimity to the boulh
that they put nobody to death after the war.
Well, as I will not be unfair or unjust, I deem
it due to lay, what is a mutter for universal
pride and congratulation, that the American
neonle. both North and South. are free from
that blood-thirsty temper which marks some
races of men, aad which takes delight in blood
and butchery for their own sake. History will
record with satisfaction the fact that no venge
ful slaughter of vanquished foes added to the
rivers of fraternal blood which Uie war it
self had shed. But candor requires the confes
sion that no such slaughter could have occurred
except through wanton barbarity, and in con
travention of the law ; for it is, I believe,, well
understood that even the confederate president
was released from prison without a trial for
treason because the ablest jurist of the country
mm it as their ooinion that he could not be.
ninth u 11 Irle.d oriminalit !
When the subject Is looked at closely. It Is
astounding to perceive how greatly the leaders
1 of the republican party have been governed in
their whole po.icy by the ambition to strength
en their own grasp upon tho reins ol power.
Common sense might have tanght that, in re-
1 building the scattered fabric of civilinstitution
in the South, those olaases ol people soon in
I have been allowed to bear a share in the work
I who.: experience aud knowledge of affairs
titled them for it. rtut uy the ingenious contri
vance of disfranchisement and tert-ths, most
if those men were banned and excluded froui
i" ! the council nf their respective Si ates aud com
munition at that niwt trying and important
crisis. Why was this doue ? Simply because
those were men of two stubborn and indepen
dent material to become the tools of the domi
nant party. It is false to say they ware ex
cluded because they would have beeu danger
ous to the country by forming new plans to
reopen the war. Every man knew that this
was impossible; and none knew it better
than those who, having jnat overthrow u the
miirhtv armies of the confederacy, felt them
selves able to put down, without the slightest
effort, auy new outbreak. No, sir; thoe men
would hare built well enough for the welfare
and peace of the country, for the restoration
of the Union, fur the happiness and rerewed
prosperity of the defeated Sta'es ay, they
were the only men, with a few exceptions, who
could secure these things but they would
not serve the ends of the radical lead era. It
taisaw Is lo
standing up in the toaayress 01 tbe uniteo lU roykl Je.pcraiesndsWisaj asses,
btstoaand axclaimang in piieuua tones of grief ,)rt, U,T , prpoof revering control fee taw
ana siiMtiicauon, 'lto give ma poor .-irican
some chance: give SS our rights : give ua our
After what I have said in regard to the folly
and absurdity of the policy which has been
pursued with respect to the negro, it is proper
that I shall add lhat 1 know of no serious pur
pose on tbe part of anybody to deprive the ne
gro of the privilege, of voting, ur auy other
privilege which has been conferred on hiui.
We do, scene of as, think that the Government
might wisely cease lo bolster ap ignorance and
incompetency, mainly represented by the negro,
stop interfering with the natural order of things
and trying to aaakeUhe pyramid stand on it
apex, aod allow the virtue aad intelligence of
the Hoot h, at present mainly lound wiUi the
white race, to resume their normal control in
that section. Tit rtnLcal plea ia to make
slaves often million white men for the prt-len-ded
good of lour million blacks, Oara iale
rltape the conduct of aaVira that all, both while
aad brack, may be happy and free. Ia a wonl,
oar principle is "keens rule." Since every other
purpose of recoesstssf
bouih. Tbsy even 000 1 ass 1 asm a
of the writ of I el as pas, that grant
of peraonal liberty, ia
and exapoU ihe
them to desperation.
heard in the political ctrcses of
the intent ion is to provoke out breaks and
aaackA. a Sh -SB Sk S
shed in th Southc rn ?ate, and taat
aimed really to bi ing about
be perfected before this aeanhan ef
esfassSBstas. The a pretext ia to be
rending the military iato ail
limidale and overawe the
cure their votes in lha next praaideastial el
or And excuses for throwing them osJt
I et messv to these sVaspcraie are
people, and either aa-
u not now
convicted under the laws of the land ; and the w&3 not happy. nr .pero a, resurrected States
Government of the United States, having trt- that wen wanted ; it was States bx,
programme has tailed, would
win to try thur
Another grand reason, which I must asention
bat have not time to elaborate, why the radical
policy has failed ta restore confidence and tran
quility to the Pooth and to the whole eooi
Is that U:e readers f lhat party bare JsSSjh' se
cretly engaged iu revoluiionauig ofir Govern
ment in its very essence. They never have
been willing to se she' finvemmetK rs-eatab-1
is bed on thee w hereon Us fathers founded
it, even with slavery abolished and the privil
eges of the negr?' guaranteed. Herein is a
steer; eesT-.
count. 1 et messy to lhe SJaaperntei
that we mean to foil their plans by the
tv of oar patience. Keep the psama, easaj
law, and treat in God and the jnatsos
Aaeerieaa people. Tasne are ihe gUx
by which we shall cootinee to
look forward with cwftssV
iheacliieven of s ptorions victory by
ennaereatTve and the dcnsnrratle voter
,.rtli and Roaih in the rrent contest of
whrna Prexidcpt who re Veres the
aad respects popular rights shall lake eontr l
of affairs, and the centennial of A ami area In.
dopendsnce shall dawn upon onr country ln
nv and unilssl. and our free
cued from the perils which now threaten it,
13lh. 1875. 3mos.

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