North Carolina Newspapers

SALISBURY N. C MAY, 13, 1875.
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NO. 81. WHOLE NO. 85
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UTif m ti av uv HTaiiMifl omuM asoma. a or-i nn ami m noasemanosa i ttaitd j
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Proprietor and Ed itoi .
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Associate Editor.
u. Devabletnadvana fB.10
inr address H'-O
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r JWI. M
The lirhta of home, how bright it
. r . . . . .
When e venioc ansae asouiat n
And from the lattice for it gleams
To lore, and rest . and oomseri calls !
When wearied with the toils of day,
And strife for glory, gold or fame,
Sow sweet to seek the quiet way.
Where loving llos will iter our
Around the light of home.
am Hoc a be (1 inch) One insertion $100
mmJ H .. . two 1 .50
. . - ta wetter number 0 insertions
A-nXt Special notice 25 per cent, more
iTncaXu advertisements. . d r in notice
$ ess P" fur n
f now nrnred to do all kinds of
-pairing with dispatch. With good tools
J7 twSstf-five years experience in the
ass , .. ! i :i
wafioM.aauiaci.ioii is mmmuwru- u'r1 '"
taction given to Engine and Boiler work,
rfcoa Woolen, Mining and Agriculture
Machines; and wood turning of all kinds,
jbop oa Corner of Fulton and Council Street,
Salisbury. N. C .
f E. H. MARSH.
Jilj 16. 1874 tf.
Mrs. Dr. Reeves has again resumed her
batiaess in this well known house, and she
faroestly solicit the patronage of her old
friends and the public at large. Quests
itoppiog at this House will find nothing
teflseted that will add to their comfort
tither on the part of the proprietresa no
tast of the clerk, Mr. D. R. Fraley.
The Omnibus will be found at the (epo
aiuat to convey passengers to and : at
D-e.31, 1874-ly
' !f 4s !' i&f .jfl'
A. li ; "r. -if ! -a--Wftsrta-ifwif ik& Jauft.jAaakli ?
in favor of this Company by the Crown ofteera. The name "GUANA H AN I !"
ia a ttegutereu 1 KAlh, NAKa at the United States Fatekt Otfice, and all persona are
warned from making use of the same in connection with fertilizers of any kind.
And bring me toil andpad- . t; J fwrt
My heart may olt be weary
My enp no sweet contain; .
Rut when the darkest hours appear.
My heart will torn to thee
Andeaat away ail doubta and ear
For yon will pray for nan.
r onune s irown may in row
. , .
uara snanowB o er my r, ,
Ana maxe ine miure au agJw
With scenes ol oonrtan! rlrife
lot Hone's bright star shall steady glow,
My heart wtu turn to tnee.
And not a fear shall I know.
For yon will pray far me.
At least 10 tiroes, and let it up agin, and
The same individible doant have the privilege,
of brethen his own air, and no one's eUe :
kach one most take whatever cornea to him :
O Sextant, doant yon know ear Innga is Iwllnaen
To bio the fier of life, and keep it from
goin out ; and how can beikajea bio without
wina t
And aint wind ore f i pat 1t to yoar conscbens,
Are is the same to na as milk to habit.
I Or water is to ih, or pendlosM to clocx
Or roots and airba unto an injun Doctor,
kjt imie pu unio on omepatn.
Or hoys to gurU. Are ia for ns to breathe.
Wat aigninea who ftrescbei if I can't breath ?
Wats Pol? M-atoPoJIus? to eianere who
are ded ?
Ded far want of broth? why aeatsnC when na
Its only caose we cant b ret he no saoee that's all
And now, v sextant, let me hear of vou
t let a little are into ourehorch
(fewer are is certain proper for the pews)
Ana ao u weak nays and ooaday tew
It aint much troable oaly snake a hole
And the are will come in of itself;
it lavs to cam in whar it can git warm ;
And o how it will rouse the people up,
And sperrit op the preacher, and stop gerps.
And yawns, and nggets, as electooal
Aa wind on the dry Roan the Profit tells of.
Atlanta Med. Jour.
on a son of gold, I took the aoriy train
from 0 with a oarae fall of naonstv.
rf ,
but toned in an under packet of m j polo-
ag h1
Rnm iMlK lnilnM.wl I.0ft f T.f T U WttaAV lUlirimAw. PmT TT V
mwmmmmm j tvh miiu uutis VI 0 IVI x V v v a , vnniuiaiviv a bws a. a.
WHITE, Professor of Chemistry, University of Georgia ; Prof. F. A. GENTH, Philadelphia,
jrroieseor oi Appuoa ciiemistry, University of Pennsylvania.
Tie Mwl Press,
li the only paper published in Catawba
County, and hae an extensive circulation
among Merchants, farmers, and all classes
f business nei. in the State. The Pkers
da live, wide-awakn Demoerata paper,
aae is a desirnble medium for advertising in
Western North Carolina. Liberal terms
allowed oa yearly advertisement. Subsc ip
tiae 92.00. in advance.
Editors and Proprietors.
atul lit iH i outs than ecr.
Qssm now and get the BEST. Get the stove
aslled the
fyee want one that will outlast any other, and
sal is mads of all NEW IRON, and warranted
s pv satisfaction &c. Various styles, of cook
it (toves at a small profit.
Bbexi laoN A Copper Ware made of the
bbvt MarXRlXL, on band or made to order.
Merckacta supplied at Low Prices. Cash
faid hr nil kinds of Copper, Brass Ac. Ask for
Baowa'a Tin shop Main Street. Salisbury, N.
C , Ik V. Drown.
I am nail prepared to cut good
.or marking Tobacoo. Flour Patent article Ac.
Every person doing any kind of work or busi
nam should have a stencil to advertise his busi
ness, as it is acknowledged to be the bent and
easpest wsy to let people know what yon are
Ons mark with stencil may get a customer,
for you, that will put Hundreim of Dollars
U yoar bands. Try it and yon will get n cus
tomer you never thought of.
One-fourth inch letters 5 cents per letter
One-half and five-eights 6 u u
Three-fourth A One inch letters 7 M " "
They may be sent to any part of the U. S.
bj mail at a small cost.
Send in your orders stating site of letters yen
Prtfer, and the Stencil will be made neatly tat
and promptly forwarded.
Fuher street Salisbury, N. C.
April 23, 1874 tf.
The Horth Carolina
In offering this FERTILIZER to the Agricultural Community a Second Season we do so
with the utmost Confidence, feeling satisfied that the high opinion, we formed, and expressed
last season based on its Chemical Constituents have been most satisfactorily borne oat by the
test, by which all Kerti Ilizers must be judged, that of the Plantation.
Last season, owing to the lateness at which we commenced importing we were forced to pot
our Gaano on the market at once, but now having continued our importations during the sum
mer and fall, and having large and weH ventMated Warehouses in this City and City Point, we
are enabled to put our Guano on the market, in a condition as to dryness, and freedom from
lumps, equal to any Manufactured Fertilizer.
We solicit a careful perstial of our Circular containing the certificates sent ns. and which can
be had on application at this OFFICE, or from any of our AGENTS. Haying nothing to con
ceal, we made an innovation on established image, by publishing those letters received unfavora
ble to our Guano, but careful inquiry in many cases proves that the cause of its fsilure ass not
owing to any taint in the Uuano, but to those far beyond our control e have frequently
heard the same complaints of its kindred Fertilizer, Peruvian Guano, but the concurrent testi
mony of well known Farmers ami Planters from Maryland to the extreme Western counties of
North Carolina, justify ua in claiming a place for our Fertiliser Superior to many, and Second
to None. J.
We confidently expect the continued patronage of the Agricultural Community and no exer
tion shall be spared on our part to make
She plucked a rose, and idly polled
The crimson leaves apart.
I whispered, "Tell me why it is
That rose ts like m v heart 7"
"What know I of your heart f said aha,
"Your riddle' ia too deep for me."
"Because my heart was full of hopes
Aa leaves npon your rose ;
Yon scatter them from day to-day
As now you scatter those.
And soon my poor heart, stripped of all,
Forgotten, as the rose, must fall."
"Ah ! crimson cheeks and bashful eyes !
My riddle was so plain
She stooped snd gathered from the ground
The fragrant leaves again.
"Ah, love t" I cried, ' and can it be,
Sweet hopes may yet return to mef
I b ad read all sorts of borrid
about pickpockets, and didn't mean to
part with any bank noloa except tor value
I felt a little flattered at first, and
scarcely ventured to look around me, for
it aeenacd that everybody mast know that
I waa going to London to bow saw wed
ding outfit.
If I attempt to toR anything abont tha
adventures of that daj I know I shall not
Women could perbape understand boar
I felt in that lairy land of tbdee great cir-
elee of fashion that exiat only in London-
glittering balls where the poor aowing
big girls, or the laborer's wile are treated
with aa much consideration and respect aa
the millionaire's lady cr the yonog daaneot
who can't ret on a glove for the diamond
ring on ber finger.
I bought the wedding dress, white rep
ilk and a veil ol tulle, suspended from a
garland of orange blossoms, and I selected
a blue ailk, and a peach colored silk, and
a maroon ailk, and dear me 1 what it ike
W as Twnlj 7
Older Than He, but He Lovcxl
"What I want to know," eahi a
yooi.g man of twenty, at foe
before the sergeant in charge ef the De
here "
triot Central Sutton,
for wee to gat some ad vine
'Proceed,' said the
You koow Nauey
Newer beard of ber.
'Weil she's a
eld, end I
Gather the sacred dnot
Of the warriors tried and true,
Who bore the Flag of our Nation's
And fell in the cause, though Lost,
And died for me and yon.
President, N. M. TANNOR, of Rowlrtt, Tannor & Co.
Vice President. ROBT. A. MARTIN, of Robt A. Martin & Co.
JOHN B. STEVENS, of Stevens Brothers.
8. P. ARR1NGTON, ot John Arrington & Sons.
JOHN R. PATTERSON, of Pettersou, & Sous.
C. R. BISHOP of Bishop & Branch.
FRiK POTTS, General Agent.
In offering this Feltilixer to the people of Rowan, and surrounding counties wears
fied that we offer them the best Guano for the least money now "on the market. It baa been
throughly tried during the past season and th results have been even better than ws hoped
for. Below we append two of the numerous certificates we have received.
f r
All Classes of Insurable Property,
ttjiojtLoti or Damage by Fire, oa the
Most Favorable Terms.
to Stockholders are gentlemen interested
bsilding up North Carolina Inati
totions, and among them are
many of the prominent bua
iaesa and financial men
of the State.
W, Promptly Adjusted and Paid.
Il appeals with confidence to the In-
of Property in North Caroline.
iinnie Home Mmtiom
J H. BATTLE, Jr., Prest.
F. COttPvn o ' .
a, supervisor.
Gather them cae and all 1
From private to the Chief,
Come they from hovel or prirotely hall,
They fell for no, and for them should mil
the tears of a Nation's grief.
Gather the corpses strewn
OVr many a battle plain,
From many a graye that Ilea so lone,
Without a name and without a stone,
Uather the Southern slain.
We core not whence they came.
Dear is their lifeless clay !
Whether unknown, or known, to fame,
their cause and country still the same
They died and wore the Gray.
Wherever the brave hare died,
They should not rest apart ;
Living they struggle side bv side
Why should the hand ofdea'tk divide
A single heart from heart ?
Gather tlieir scattered day,
Wherever it may rest ;"
Just as they marched to the bloody fray,
Just as they fell on the battle day ;
Bury them breast to breast.
' i
The foemnn need not dread
This gathering of the brave:
Without sword or flag, and with
less tread,
We must muster once more our
Out of each lonely grave.
The foe man need not frown,
They are all powerless now
We gather them here, and we lay
And tears and prayers are the only crown
We bring to wreath each brow.
And the dead thus meet the dead
While the living o'er them ween ;
And the men whom Lee and Stonewall
And the hearts that once together bled,
Together still shall sleep.
Published by request and fully
Salisbury, N. O., October 10th, 1874.
Messrs Meroney & Bro.
Gentlemen : In reply to your inquiry as to the merits of the Guanahani Guano, I will slate
that I have given it a fair, and, as I think, a thorough test, and believe it to be ooe of the best
fertilizers now in use in our country. In the month of February 1 bought two tons and applied
it over my farm at the rate of 200 pounds to the acre under Cotton, and 100 poundsto the acre on
Corn. On the 8th of October I picked from one row of Cotton 14 rods long, which had been
! fertilized at the above rate. 8 pounds of seed cotton : from another immediately by the side of
I this one. of the same lenzth. to which I had applied no fertiliser. I picked H ounces the some
I . i n 0, . r DEiui . i . i l a.:i: J 1 . T ... 1 ,u-
ouy snowing n mucrence 01 over oow per ceni. oeiween miiu irriiiiseu imi nui. i nwmcu mc
number of unopened bolls in each, and making calculation on this basis, I find that the land
without the Guanahani would yield 30 ounces to the row, 80 rows or 150 pounds to the acre ;
with Guanahani it will yield 12 pounds to the row, 80 rows or 960 pounds to the acre showing
a difference of over 600 per cent.
I have not had an opportunity to test the Corn yet, but from general observation, I feel war
ranted in making the statement that Guanahani has benefited my Corn at least 100 per cent.
On one acre of ground, as a test, I sowed 400 pounds of Guanahani broadcast, subsoiling at
the same time 15 inches deep. This acre, under ordinary circumstances, has average 700 pounds
of seed cotton ; this year the yield will be at least 1800 pounds E. A. PBOPST.
f s li
Agent et Salisbury
Davie Co., N. C.
Messrs Meroney & Bro. ,
Gbntlemex : In reply to your inquiry ss to the merits of Guanahani Guano, I would say
that I used It last Summer on an old field which would have produced eery poorly under ordi
nary circumstances but which under the application of Guanahani yielded me a very good crop.
I had one test row and this showed a diflerence of over three hundred per cent, in favor of the
I am satisfied that it is a good Fertiliser and take pleasure in recommending it to every far
mer who wishes to incressehis crops as being fully equal if not superior to any Guano on tha
.a rrlTrrrrnff ffj
'uS..t.v if. .v not.-
.') M .atuhnCl
O sextant of the meetinhotme, which sweeps
And dusts, or is supposed to ! and makes tiers,
And lites the gas, and sometimes leaves a screw
In which case it smells orful worse than
lamp-ile :
And wrings the Bel and toles it when men dyes
to the grief of survivin pardnsrs, nod sweeps
pathes ;
And for the ser vases gits $100 per anum,
Which them that thinks deer, let em try it:
Getin up before starliie in ail weathers and
Kindlin fiers when the wether ia as cold
As sera, and like as not green wood for kindlers;
I wouldn't be hired to do it for no some
But o sea leal 1 there are 1 kommodity
Wich's more thangoald, wich doant cost nothin,
Worth more than anything czsef the Hole of
i mean pewer Are, sextant, i mean power Are I
O it is plenty out odoores, so plenty it doant no
What on airth to do with itself, but Ays above
Scatterin lessee and blows off men's hats ;
in short, its jest free as are' oat dooraa.
But o sextant, out church its scarce as piety,
scarce as bank bills when aginat beg for mias-
Wich some say is party often (taint nothin
to me,
What 1 give aint nothin to nobody) but o sex
u shet 5C0 men, wimmen and children,
8peahslly the latter, up in a tile place,
Home has bad b ret us, soraejtint 2 sweet,
Some is fevery, seme is scrbfilus, some has bad
errrrrrs sxrr-Tm rrv a, frrrffffi i
addaW )yUt'i 2 KiuJii
. y.f:. i i. s. .
Mil if
i tin::) '.
a half
And some haint
clean; i
But every 1 on em breathes in A oat
an in
fiv 50 limes s mink, or 1 million and
brethean hour.
Now how lens will a chnreh f ul of are last et
that rote.
4 1 ask vou, say 15 minita, and then whefs to be
did? rr ti
ahySften they most breathe it aU oyer again.
I am Hattie Hyde, en old maid.
least not a yonug one, and I intend to re
main ao.
But I came very near getting married
last spring, and I will tell yon how it bap- I use of cataloguing them ell f
I am thirty-five, and not absolutely
ugly at least, when I look in the glass
I ses reflected there a good fresh com
plexion, sparkling hazel eyes, snd an a
bnndanee of brown bair.
I might have married two or three times
only I wasn't really ie love.
But when Clarence Raymond came
down to spend the vacation with his snot
Mrs. Richford I must confe. e toe
little womanly flatter around the hear:,
for lie waa tall and handsome, and. in
short, just the hero ot romauce that 1 bad
alwaya dreamed about.
"Hattie." said Mrs. Richford - we were
quite confidential friends, and sailed one
another II n tic and Pamela, end borrow,
ed each other's books, and all sorts of
things "Hattie, 1 thiuk Claieuee rather
fancies you.'
"Do you V said I, feeling the telltale
ans ae. m n
niusnes coming into my uce, and my
heart began to thump beneath the pret
ty lace tuckers of Valenciennes end pink
ribbon that I had taketi to wearing every
"I am certain of it," aaid Mrs. Rich
ford ; 'and how nice it will be to have yon
tor a cousin.
It waa very nice to be ngnged.
He gave me a lovely cameo ring, choic
er and more antique than any diamond
could have been.
It bad been his ruo'her's ring, he aaid,
and he repeated the most deliciom poetry,
and vowed that it expressed the vary
sentiment of his heart.
And we had wanderings in the cool,
fern-scented woods, and 1 began to won
der whether I should be married in white
aatin or e dove colored traveling dress,
and pink rihbona in my hat.
One evening, net after Clarence had
returned to hie unavoidable engagement
in the city, eld Uncle Elnuthan came to
visit me.
Uncle Elnathan was ooe of those pei
sons of whom we are apt to ask, "why
were they ever created ?
He was a venerable old gentleman,
with long silver hair, that fell over the
collar of hia bottle-green coat, and cloth
gaiters that irresistibly reminded one of a
black pussy eat, and he took snuff and
talked through hia nose.
"Harrietsaid Uncle EInatban "is
this truel"
"Is what true, Uncle ?"
All this fol de-rol about your being en
gaged to e man ten years younger than
yoorself. Harriet 1 Harriet ! I thought
yon bad better sense."
"It's only five years, Uncle, said I.
pouting, and I suppose I have a right to
get engaged without sending to von for a
"Harriet, this is not a subject to be
flippant about," aaid Uncle Elnathan.
'Von may depend upon it, that th is young,
man is a mere fortune hunter. Yon have
property, Harriet, and be has found it
"Uncle !" I cried, starting op, "I will
not listen tamely to such aspersions npon
the character of one who
"Well, my dear, yon needn't get exci
ted," said the intolerable old gentlemen,
topping his hsnd npon the lid of his silver
snuff box.
"Yon sre not a child, Harriet, nor yet
e sentimental school girl. Let's talk the
matter calmly over.
"I decline to discuss it, sir, was my
dignified reply. "My mind Is made up
and no amount ot medliug interference can
induce me to alter it."
"But aren't yon just a little pert to
wards your old Uncle, Hattie 1' - ,
So my Unele went away, silver hair.
snuff-box, pussy gaiters, and all, and I
s it down to make a memorandum of the
things I should require for my wedding
outfit. For I hsd resolved to mske su
especial journey to Loudon cn that boai
Ah, the delight of reveling over coon
frs full of choice, filmy laces, billows of
bridal silks, oceans of tulle 1 it brought
the color to my cheeks only to think of
And besides, wsa It not necessary that
Clarence's wife should have all that
'I'm only
Other girls have been brides elect be
fore me, and they all know just hew it all
And as for those w bo havn't jest W
them wait until their tarn comes.
And then as the a an began to decline
on its western way, I feliexeeeeivsly and
uuromonticly hungry.
"Is there a nice ladies' dining
near were?"
Une ot the shopmen went with me to
the door to point oat a glittering establish
ment, wi lb Its windows full of hot. house
fruits, and morsels of paces end delicately
tinted cakes.
Deer me t London is the place to feel
one's luaignificance.
I dp not think that I, Hattie Hyde,
ever felt ao smull in the whole course of
my life ss I did walking over the floor of
M Recbamier's Parisian restaurant, with
a waiter running on before to point out a
marble table aparkling with cat-glass end
silver, and another following on behind
carrying my traveling-bag and parasol;
while an elegant Frenchman, curled end
perfumed, stood in the middle of the door
bowiog as if be were under eternal obli
gations to me for ao much as coming in
his establishment.
I set down, feeling much sa if I were
an impostor, venturing meekly to look
around a little after the waiter had sim
mered away.
Then, for the first lime, I noticed a
auperbly-dressed young lady, one or two
tables beyond, in a lovely hat, with a
: :ll - 1 ft a . ...
mug. iuoc wuiow piame, ana neir nxe a
shower of gold.
Oh, how pretty she s thought I,
"How proud her lover most be of her.
I mened the lest bit in the world for
ward, to see the young man in question.
Good heaven 1
It Was Clarence.
A I'd as I sat staring, completely con
cealed from bis vie by the golden hair
and the lilac willow plume, I could hear
bis Mghl, peculiar laugh.
You would 'ut have me yourself Kate,
said be; you have only yourself to blame
for it.
' That's no reason yoa should throw
yourself away," pouted the lady.
Sun's a desperate old maid, said Clar
ence, as old as the hills and t w ice as an
tiquated. But she's got the money. A
man In my position has got to look out
for money, you k now, Kate. Would
you like to see ber photograph T
And than the two heads were eloea to
gether for en instant, and the young lady's
rippling laugh mingled with Clarence's
mellower tones.
The idea of carrying such a thing
next to yoar heart ' said she. -
It does seem rather outrageous, don't ill
id be. Bat when ws are married, aft
that sort of thing will be over. I'll see
that she finds ber level.
Yes, when ! thought I, now thoroughly
And I got up and harried oat of the
res tan rant, nearly stumbling over a tray,
a dich of oysters and cop of coffee.
"I I vs changed my mind," laid
I, flinging a sovereign toward him.
Never mnd those oysters.
I took the next train to C , and
wrote a stratching note to Clarence the
aame evening.
Do you want, to know what was in it I
Of course like all women's letters, the
best port of it was ia the postscript.
"Our engagement is at an sod.
H. H.
"P. S. The next time you examine
Indies' photographs in a crowded restaur
ant, it might be well to examfne yoar
CWance had Some aence after all.
He never came near ma with useless
I govs the Wedding drees to little
Dorothy Miller, who was to be married in
m a
'Whew!' whisiled the om
'I doa't blame yon,"
young man in a broken voiee.
twenty and she's forty, but a
always tell when he's going to
of himself.'
Ajtd mi f-.ll i v
' ---" 'm wwww I
-a am mat, end as soon as ws get
through talking I'm going aa la gat sossa
one to kick me over to Canada and bock I
Yes. sir, fell dead hi fove-loeed a wo
man near forty.'
'What Collared What oilers
I'm human, same's anybody else.
when I love I love like a locomotive oa n
down grade. What do yoa think I did
ia just sve weeks by tha watch Warns
la tha theatre sixteen times, woo awt c
eleigb riding twelve Uenaa, bad three
toe Tear
lies, went to three lectures and
out to oat oysters ten or twelve
Feet, sir cost see nearly ttOO.
'But it was all far love,'
I thought so, and wheat sees did I dl j
Bought bar a Set watch, a f 10 bracelet,
a $6 ring, a $7 set of jewelry, e new drees
and gave ber e $5 gold piece with a base
in it- Yes, sir, I drew 5K frees she
bank asm j red I aei mid ajsod It adl-h
up on her I' xfnah
And then
'She portended to love back, and whan
I sqwoae ber band sbs smiled and smiled
and looked heaps of love at sea. riba'd
lean on my arm, talk about cupid, and T
git off poetry by the rod, end it was plash
ly underetorwl that sre war to be married
in Jnae. Ob, she knew her bis, and aba
slid asoaad ma as the Bengal tiger does a
round a lamb I' "
Did she break the en gag east at V he
'Last night,' said the young man,
lowing the lump in bis threat, 'aba
me she'd been trifling with ma all
She said she waa engaged to another
and she codld never be more than a sietor
to me I I tell yoa, seergeut, yoa as old
have knocked me down with a straw. I
braced up arter awhile and called bar
hypocrite, when she called me e white
beaded idiot, and the boarders threw ana
oat of doors. r
'Five hundred dollars gone, and I'm
wrecked man.
He b'aw but oose, wiped bis eyes and
continued :
'1 don't want to drown myself; the wa
ter's awfal old, and perhspt 1 eon gat
over tins. I want them presents back,
end III ga in Maskegon and try and far
get ber. It's wrenched me all to pmeae,
and I aaa neves love agaia. Ware yon ew
er in lava, anrgaenl V
'No, never.'
Then yoa don't know lbs awssiah
the gripping around the heart. Il eats
bks a kusfe, and all I eon think of ia be
iag laid out in a anfEiny my right hood
holdiog a bunch oi rosea, and my left
testing ou my heart.'
'Yoa are young, you uny oat grow
It. '
I may I may, bet It's oa awfal sad
den, nnd bits so hard, that I feel oa if I'd
fallen trom a bouse. Go to the
sergeant, and see if you eta t get
things back. If I'm alive I'll be
again to-morrow, and iff don't cot
may keep the things for year ktndoasu.
I'm white beaded, bat I'm tea der-hearted,
and waul to retire behind some bam and
Aad be retired.
Th Sea's DlBTAVCa. The first ds
lerssinatiou of the sun's distance composed
from observations oa last December's trsvfl
ait of Venus eomes from e French nemos
in the form of a letter add tested in the
Astronomer Royal, Professor Airy, aad
published by the latter ia the
Da iy Nnrs. The computations are
by M. Puieeax, ea astronomer of the Paris
Observatory, from eye obserwatsna aw
Peking, China, and the island of Su Pool,
in the Indian ocean. The rtifftiraeme of
the latitude of these stations Is mors than
78f dega. which give a pretty long bona
to pay her a hundred pounds mat no had
borrowed of bar. wham be mot held oi my
tom required 1 D f ) H
I didn't care for myself ao much, bat I
w$a determined not to disgrace Clarence.
Bo one radiant September day, when
the sk v was as blue as blue ribbon, and
the very hares hang motionless in the
October, and couldn't afford a
li.iefor calculations by the U aileron
method. The result onnoanood for solar
trousseau. I uaralax ia 8.879 secoodt. This is aaeene-
I euppooo I shall wear out the blue and what larger paralax than the favorite fla
a a - rw - e a I w
tne peacn coior ana tua maroon io umee. or-s now to use amnag
Oh, I forgot to aay that Mrs. Richford though not oa bfgb on
waa very anzry. 1 base) boost made If aossoot it
It seemed that Clarence bad nromiaed I dare the dieunae of
I - -7 a aw t
And I am thankful (rem
mr bean then. L still
the bottom of
son to
91,900,000 mdes. Preopsoor Set
studies, in advance of the transit, lad him
to the belief that the distance wo aid eltU
matety be dwwrutiuw
aad 91,700,000 miles.
Feb. lMlr1f li ewurrl kkX 1
i sen took tt
WW m
.M A wutrC " sweX
k I -II vTs
mm . Ohl
aa w ttc a sesf
then agio, end sa en, lp i

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