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it, said the. Ion cant blame me for be- j Married! Yes, they were to be marri. d
ing in a horry, it's so long. Ewjr one at McKibbeu's Corners knew
That's true, said the postmaster. Well, that now. Jessie Lester went no more
better lock next time. Bat why dont , to the nostofficH fur hfr inns pxiifT.tod
following, entitled -Watch. Mother,
i . - ... 1 1 . . i . u:v
. . ... i,rf in iiiusm lime kcuii it u iviu
. . v tin. nr-i.iv
w' ... ......
Mother ! watch tne nine test,
Climbing o've the garden wall,
Boumlisg through the busy streets,
Ranging cellar, shed and hall,
VfVrT counts the moments lust,
Sever miod the time it costs,
Little feet will go astray.
Quids them, muther while you may.
Mother ! watch the little band
Picking berries by the way,
Xaking houses in the sand.
Towing up the fragrant hay.
Never dare the question ask.
Why to me this weary task !
These same little bands may prove
Messengers of light and love.
Mother ! watch the little tongne,
Prattling eloquent and wild.
What is said and what is sung,
By the happy, joyoas child.
Catch the word while yet unspoken.
Stop the vow before 'tis broken ;
This same tongne may yet proclaim,
Blessings in a Saviour's name.
Mother ! watch the little heart,
Beating soft and warm for you ;
Wholesome lessons uuw impart ;
Keep. O keep that youug heart true,
Extracting every weed,
Sowing good and precious seed ;
Harvest rich you then may see, ,
Blptuiog of eternity.
One rainy niglil, about half-pact eight
'clock, the train bad dashed iulo McKib
bso's Corners, at.d the mail had been de
lifered at the store and post office.
John r airjKh.ii, tne postmaster, had
spened the bag and counted the letters.
There were, as he made out, just ten, and
one was larger than the others and had a
ltd seal; and then he had found that he
bad left bis glasses on the newspapers in
the back room, and withont bis glasses he
could not read a line; and so, of course
at had gone after tbem, returning to find
two persons in tho store Farmer Roper
icd Squire McKibben, whose ancestors
Ltd given name to the place.
Wet, sin t iti said Mr. fairjohn, nod-
yon waul Mr. McKibben will take yon
over when he goes. He passes your cor
ner. Yes, wait, Mrs. Lester, cried Mr. Me
Kih ben, 'I'll take yon and welcome.'
But she bad answered:
'Thank yon, I don't mind walking alone
and was gone.
'Keeps it np, don't suet' asked the
'It's a shame said Mr. McKibben.
'How many yeara is it now since Les
ter went oSV
'Ten,' said the postmaster. 'I know,
tor it was the dav I came here. She was
as prety a woman as you'd want to tee
then, wasn't she ?'
'Well, yet,' said Mr. McKibben. -'Sailed
in the Sphynx,' said the poet
master. 'And we -all know that the
Sphynx went down in that voyage, el)
bauds along with her. The rent of the
women put on widow's weeds, them that
letter. Job was fnrnishtna his bouse-
had turnip bed it, for on the morrow the
wedding was to lake place. And it was
night again. A month from that night,
when she had come f"r the last time, as
every one thought, through rain and mod
to make her sadly foolish query, she was
sensible at last very sensible. She had
chosen the substance instead of the shad
ow. And now as we said, it was night, and
& wetter one than the other later, too,
for Mr. Fairjohn had closed the store,
and was compounding for himself what
he called a 'night cap' of some fragrant
liquor, warm water, lemons and soger
and was supping it by the stove when
there came upon his. door a feeble knock,
and when being repeated, he heard il
there staggered in out of the rain a drip
ping figure that of Jessie Lester, the bride
who was to be on the morrow.
She was trembling with cold, and as he
Inst husbands four in this town itself, j led her along to the fire she burst into a
without their groceries, you see, said the
squire. Mail's in, I see. That train
came nesr running into my truck, too.
Wasn't noticing the flag, and drove across
jut in time to save myself. Any letters
lor me 1 .
I'll see, said Mr. Faiijohn.
He turned to the little pile of envelopes
tod turned them over in his hand like a
deck of csrds.
"Why there's only nine" he said. I'm
are I counted right. 1 counted ten, and
I thought one had a red seal. I might
u well give op keeping the office if I'm
foiag to lose my. seinee like that. There
Mu't any obe in here while I was gone,
U there, squire 1"
'Only Roper and I, said the squire;'
W Roper's son. But he didn't cutne in,
did bel"
They took what the Almighty sent and
didn't rebel. She set up that her hus
band wasn't dead, and would come back.
She's kept it np ever einee; comes for his
letter regular, and he was drowned along
with all the rest of course, ten years ago.
Me thirty. Well she's changed
a good deal in that time,'
Yes, said the other man; bat there is
my son Job wild over her yet. He's
offered himself twice. He stands ready
to offer himself again any day ready to
be a father to heread and a good husband
to her. He s better off than I bo. His
mother's father left him all he had He's
crazy as Job crazy, I call it. Plenty
of pretty gals, aud healthy, smart widows,
and he sees no one but that pale, slim
little thing that's just gone ont into the
mud; and she why, of course she s lost
her s ;nsee or she'd have him. Works
like a slave to keep herself and child.
lives in a rickety shanty waiting for a
drowned man to come back again. -Why,
every one knows Charlie Lester was
drowned in the Sphynx. There wasn't
a soul saved, not one. It was in the pa
pers. Now, the bottle was found with a
letter in it writ by some one before the
ship sunk. Aud she is waiting for him
'Crazy on that point,' said the post
master. "Well, poor soot, she'd only
been married a week when the Sphynx
sailed; that makes a difference.'
'Ob, yes,' said the farmer.
Then their parcel being ready, they
went out to the wagon, and Mr. Fairjohn
having stared into the rainy night awhile
put np his shutters and went to bed.
Meanwhile, the woman plodded on through
the mud. 'Walking off her disappoint-
m. t ft a .
tnent. she said to lierselt. It was one
she should have been used to, and now
the absurdity of it seemed to strike her
for the first time iu all those years.
' 1 hey laugh at me. she mattered to
herself. '1 know they laugh at me. Per
haps I am mad; but they don't know
what love is. Charlie wouldn't have left
me like this If he had died he wonld
have given me some sign; aud, yet yet,
if he were alive, it would be stranger still
to the condition of oar people, cumbrous
and expensive. It is tainted with aa ar
rogant use of moral platitudes and exhor-
. i r . iu 'i i. . L. J :
taiions, is unintelligible, in pans
and has many matters crys'alixed into
constitutional law which belong to the
evanescent and changeable ideas of the
day, and ought to have beon left to the
domain of ordinary legislation.
Judge Warren says : ,
"No change of the incumbents of office
can make our present Conslltation toler
able. Persistence in the right has won
all oar recent victories. The calling of a
Convention is a monument it the interest
of true Conservatism and I fanuot under
stand that what is so manitly for the
good of the people is likely to be danger
ous to the party that favors it."
Colonel Folk says ;
no man has yet bean found with enough
of that bad courage which beers public
odium tostand forth in defense of this
most mischievous and wicked coustitu-
a 99
Colonel David Coleman says t
"The Constitution wants not one or
two amend menu ; a general change is
- j - i .
neeaea. xy a convention we are sure
to get the amendment, all of tbem, with
out delay, without excitement, better and
"Our Constitution is at fall of mischief THE OLD CRY
as an egg is of meat and in truth is well I
nigh as bad as bad can be. There art Th BdieU are on the "same old
'many bold and bad men fn the State bat . drunk, raising the familiar and artful
cry of other days, thai the Homestead is
la danger. The Roekey Meant Jfail
which is devoting itself with whole soul
to the patriotic duty of carrying Kash
county for Buna and Convention, thus
briefly demolishes this impudent assum
ption : "It is mere clap-trap, and they
knew it. The 75,000 negro voters and
about 11,000 white men make np the
Republican party in North Carolina.
New Advertisements, "
m m m
: Ml
i l k . - L . U - T - 1 . I '
noZ' gwiauve These combined do not own one tenth
. m ' . H nouses teads in the State. Not
uoionei wtuiam a. Alien taya:
My active participation in the Legis-
flood of tears.
I m frightened,' she said, 'borne one
followed me all the way, I heard them.
'xou ve no business to be out alone at
night,' s-aid old Fairjohn, bluntly 'And
what s the matter
She looked op at him piteoosly.
'I thought there would be a latter,' she
said. 'I dreamt there was one. f:
I thought Charlie came and said: 'Go
to the office once more. I have written
I have written.' And I thought I saw
letter with a red seal.' -'So
did I,' mattered old Fairjohn to
And he went to the box where the let
ters were kept and brought them to her
in his band.
'Look for yourself,' he said. 'And now
Mrs. Lester, I am au old man; take my
advice, remember what your duty will be
at ter to-morrow, ltemember not to go
Ten years have gone since yonr hus
band left this place. If he's alive he's a
rascal , and you are free of him by law;
but we all know that every man on board.
Wet or not, our folks aio t going to do No QO; they righl j am wroug
and most expeditious as well as the most
satisfactory mode of amending the Coo
stitution and ridding ourselves forever of
the obnoxious features which confessedly
overwhelm and oppress us. If a Coo
vention shall assemble and restore the old
Constitution as far as is consistent with
the new order of things and guarding the
Homestead and exemptions, the people
will "rise up and call it blessed,"
Hon. Burgess S. Gaitber says :
"Individually I should prefer that the
Convention wheu convened should re
adopt the State Constitution we had on
the 20th of May, 1861, with the necessary
amendments growing ont of the recent
amendments of the Constitution of the
United States and the ordinances 'in our
present Constitution on the question of
slavery with the addition of the homestead
personal property exemptions.
Judge Howard says :
" The general ambiguity of the instru
ment ; the uncertainty of the terms of
office ; and the resultant embarrassment
to the administration of justice, if the late
opinion of the Attorney General be cor
rect ; the establishment of all ihe Courts
thereby restraining the discretionary pow
er of creating and modifying Courts to meet
the varying wants aud interests of the
negro in a hundred owns a tract of land.
The Democratic party own nioeteutba
i t the Hoaaaa leads, and sm soDesble man
tntion has been such at to impress upon lor m momm ow "X1
me in no ordinary manner the many and wou ettl w 0WI throat by demolishing
tbesuuation and condition of our people. Its own property. If it was disposed to
lative dei artment of the General Assemhlv
1 consider a Uon vention too cheapest of Mortu Uarolma under the presen Comi-
it ii a v
the Sphynx was drowned, bo he a good ; people - the limitations of jurisdiction em
wife to Job Roper and forget this folly, I barrussing the adjustment of riehte and
I'll take you home again this time. Dou't
come again.'
She made no answer but only tossed
the letters over iu her lap, aud said:
I seem to know it had a red seal.
And as she spoke, old Fairjohn, glan
cing at the door, saw a dark shadow
there, saw it grow darker; saw it enter,
aud starting np on bis defense, if need be
recognise-d Job Roper.
He was very pale, and took no nottco
of Faiijohn, but crossing the store on be
side Jessie Lester.
'Yon love that man best, even now,' he
said. 'You'd rather have found a letter
fmm him than not, though to-morrow is
our wedding day.
increasing the expense and uncertairty of
litigation ; the localizing the Judges when
the reasons had recurred requiring rota
tion of circuits and various other restric
tions upon legislative action, entirely be
side aud in uo way dependent npou the
great provisions that should constitute the
organic law aud protect the rights of the
citizens from unjust or partial legislation
these all demand revision or rejection."
Hon. John Manning says :
"The Constitution was framed by men
for the most part of very little experience
in political affairs and still less acquainted
with our coudition and wants, aud never
received the free, untrarameled approval
that instrument and ita utter inedaptatioa to
important defects aud great superfluities of
ambiguity and restrictions upon the legiss
lative department, its loose and unrestrain
ed power vested in the hands of the Exe
alive Department have been and continue
to be sources of much embarrassment in
perfecting useful legislation for the coun
try. Under such a Constitution wo can
never hope to see our good old State de
veloped into a great and glorious com
monwealth such as ber natural resources
entitle her to be."
Mr. W. A Wright, Jndge R. S. French,
Judge O. P. Mears, Mr. John L. Holmes,
Colonel Robert Strange and Honorable
George Davis unite in saying :
"We are decidedly of the opinion that
the Constitution needs to be changed in
very many very material respects, and
that too, right speedily. Indeed the
daily experiences of six years in oar
Legislative Halls, in the Courts of Justice,
and in every walk in lite, shows thai it is
an inseparable obstacle to good govern
ment." Edward Conigland says :
"The Constitution of 1868 is not
adapted to the wants of the people, is
i a i . . F
ouraeosome ana oppressive in Its opera
tion, and should be ameuded in the most
efficient and speediest practicable mode."
do so, every delegate in the convention is)
worn not to interfere with tho Home
Bw OataJrua for 1876 as4 ? & ftaU da- . nw. i
Rax PLanav
Yadkia Coaatv, B.'C
U7 i. aV-ttsa.
i SO
For sale at ENNIS8' Drug Store.
Jone 3, tf.
This from the Laoisbnrg Courier
is bound to command attention MTt
"is a fact that in every-county in the
"State, where the Conservative party
''has been in power, tho counties are
"out of debt, and their paper is readily
"taken at face valne, and a number of
"them have from ten to twenty thousand
"dollars In bank Aud in every eoootv
"where the Radical party has been in
"power, the county scrip has been at a
"discount, and nearly every eoenty 1ms
"asked for a special lax, to feed and
"the corrupt officials who hold the offices.
These are facts."
Now, we ask, doea this array of start
ling facta not speak as with the voice of
the trumpet against the Radical part v.
The Radicals oppose Convention, which
would remedy these grave wiongs.
mrrr ' f
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Who Framed the Present Canby
Constitution P
On looking over onr files we find in is,
sup of March 18, 1868, the following
brief telegram from Raleigh anneaaeiwg
the adjournment of the Canby Conven
tion on the evening of the 17th of
March :
She looked up into his face with a pite- of a majority of the people who were to
ous glance. be subject to it ; and were it ever so per-
'I never lied to you,' she said. 'Xoa fact, it is wanting in the vital essence
know that.' ! a free Constitution, that is to say
He grew whiter still. ! consent of the governed. It is impossi-
'I told you a man would lose his soul ble for the Legislature to do much to re
for sncb a love as mine, be said. 'Did lieve the people while the present Con
Marriage Not ice. A St. Louis local
editor was recently married, and bis brother
local of tun Pt. Louis Deiaucrat art v as bin
the following "good notice :
"Some people get married, and Souse
don't. Some men perfer maids and sae
other men perfer widows that is a matter
of taste. Each born of the dilemma has its
advantage possessed by a widow is that she
has graduated, had her eye-tenth cut . and
knows what a what. A virgin has every
thing to learn. and it requires patience aad
perseverance to instruct ber. Oar gold
haired friend, George Centre Brown, tbs
ssosatioual writer preferred a widow. He
piekt-4 out tbe beat one ia the city M re
Jennie 8. Jenkins and oa Saturday, the
twain were made one Tbe anVctivns of tbs
lovely and s?nhing widow have for some
time centered ia Centre, and she was hia'n
from center to cireuuiferenee. Three ex
quisite children, ready made, assist materially
ia eetneuting the nnion. Tis sweet to he
called "papa" by eherub lips on ones wedd
ing day Tbe eveniug went org smoothly
i rits and no-
to eontii
in all brraacbss usually taught in a first
High School. Yon ng men prepared for
inrrcollere. Price of tuition as feNews
grade. 91.25, 2n $2,00, 3rd W OO, par as8v sdT
mmmm w r-sara a wm s I I V-c UlUir MlS4taSJBJ
st $7.00 per mo. For further particular aaV4r
dress liEO. R. MrNEILL A. PrisweanLt
Wood Leaf, Rowan Co. N. .
June 14-6 w. 1
. i I
r J
1st '
muflt be dead.
And as thongh tbe news bad inst been
whispered to her, she clasped her' hands
to ber forehead, eave a cry. and sank
w aj
down on her knees in the road.
She knelt there a few- moments and
Here you come, he said, tired to death
worn out, still on that fruitless errand.
Jessie Lester, can't you give up this non
sense aud think of the living a little ?
Think of me, Jessie, for jnst hair" an
I do think of yon, she said. I am very
sorry yon should be so good to me when
I roust seem so bad to you.
Then she sat down on tbe porch and
took ber little hood off, and leaned her
bead wearily agaiust the Wall of the
house; and the man arose and crossed
over aud 8at dowu beside her.
Give it a softer resting place, Jessie,
you think those were idle words ?
Then he plunged his haud into his bo
som, and the next instant a letter with a
red seal, lay in Jessie's lap.
'I've made you happy, and now I'll
go,' he said. 'Fairjohn, I stole that letter
a month ago off the counter yonder. I
knew who wrote it at a glance;' and then
the door closed behind him and be was
But Jessie had torn open the letter and
looked after him.
stitutiou is in force.
handsome an "item.1
Raleioh, March 17, 18G8.
"The Constitution Convention ad
joorned to day. The closing scenes last
' p f night and this morning wore very discredf skies serene friends in goodap
iC,hm 1 iuWe- A,ter d ceremony of signing WJ hort- w congratulate
. f.-.: .i- . tioualfriend upon seeorinr tnon
iuc uuntuiuuuii was gone lurougu wun
(the Conservatives having refused to sign
it retired from the ball) the eapitol bell
was ordered to be rung in honor of tbe
event. The floor was then cleared and
the black and white Rndicals joined
hands, in honest social equality forming
a circle, and commenced a sort
. Ledtea whose complexion are darkened t '
marred by ducolorsiion or blemishes,
dues a beautiful, clear akin of a rich
color, by tbe use of
A healthful, safe, and dalightM
Bar beautifying the face, sect , ana
By a single apnlicaiioa, si I lbs lovely
of twenty can be brought back to ladies of forty
or lonv-wee; ins ratic omimry beeatfy trans-
formed into the charnuif cjir belle by the osa
m ww nagrsni cosmetic l he laded complex
ion apeediiy rename the freh b loose of voeth
undet iu healthful and delightful rfliiswss i
For Sale by Joo. IL ENNLS3
J uns 24, 75. Sslubery, it a
onr sense
p'y of so AdminiBtrators Hotice to
ot a corn
field dance, singing such songs as "Old
And these were the words she read, old terially and speedily ame:ided, would be
Faiijohn reading over her shoulder: to cast uujust imputation on the sincerity
'ABOVE THE silvek star. Jessie, I and honesty of purpose of the party which
don't know wbat makes me. believe that I X have supported since ita organization."
i r S Ml as . a
shall hod you mme still, after all these
Hon. Jos. B. B. 1 1 clip lor, formerly At
toruey Geueral of the Stole, says :
"I know of no member of tbe Democratic-Coueervative
patty who has at any
time defended the rresent Constitution or
said that material amendments were not John Bro"' Soul is M arching On," and
necessary. Under these circumstances to 'Hang Jeff Davis on a Sour Apple Tree.'
harbor a doubt that the best interesta Tbe frrt(k" disorder prevailed.
of the people of the State requires that ; Gen- LutlefiVld, who had been manipn
the oresent Constitution should be ma- 1 the financial schemes of the Con-
... ... i .i i
en: inn, among oiners, maae a gi r.nca
.. i, ...
uon speee.n ana ciosea oy calling upon
"No." said old Rooer. 'I don't think
at Job came in at all. He jusi weut off be Baidf faere 0D my heai
.i n , 8he loked 00 ' illt0 the Di6ht 1,01 al
Well, said the postmaster, after anoth- hm M ibe poke:
rrch, 'well I must be mistaken. Yes, 4Jobr ehe 6aid ,r begin to thiok you
is a letter for you your folks, any- are rjKUt lhat he weot dwn Ul the
7-ai.d something tor yon, Mr. Roper. Sobynx with the rest ten years ago. But
Aim ...... u s . 8ti iw . . - w
-mM ju wouiun i passi whl,t o
k, no,' mud farmer Roper, 'give it to
That's from Smith that's clerking
aew York, 1 reckon.
get any
tin to stav and farm.
'Yonr son Job did,' said the squire.
'Oh, my son Job, He'd try the patience
ihii oanesakc,' said Farmer Roper.
on Job, bah.'
Jnst si this moment the door of the
i. ....
p c opened, aud there entered at it a
'"tie women dressed in a cheat) calico.
"rapped in a thin faded shawl. '
obs looked timidly about the store,
JjJ mors timidly at lbs heap of letters,
"en, in an appealing voice like thai
w lightened child, said :
Mr. Fairjohn Is there any letter for
vjbpstmstter. who was a little deaf,
u lurnen ina. i.u i j j
u.o ikqu away buu u iu uvi
what good would I do you t what do you
want to marry me tor 1 ;
The man drew closer as he answered:
'Before you were married to Charles
Lester 1 loved yoa. While you were
married I loved you. All these leu years
since that vessel went down I have loved
you. A man mnst have the woman he
loves if be gives his soul for her.'
'What a horrible thought V said she.
'I should have said his life,' said Job.
'I dou't waot to shock yoa, bat yoa don't
kuow what it would be to me to have
yoa. And then I'd do everything for
yonr bov
Yes,' she answerea, -x mow you
SV" "
Then the
Meeting oj Ihe North Carolina Rail
Company at Greensboro,
The annual meeting of the company
was held at Greensboro on the 8th Inst
We have no particulars of the meeting
beyond the elecUon of Directors on the
part of tbe Stockholders. The following
gen'lemen were elected :
T. M . Holt, of Haw River.
R. B Haywood, of Raleigh,
M. L Holmei. of Salisbury.
D. McRae, of Wilmington.
Tbe later gentleman was elected to fill
the vacancy occasioned by the appoint
ment ef Hon. W A Smith as Director on
All persona basing claims against tbs
ot ur. u. r. Ho nam a, deceased, are
notified to exhibit the name to the und
on or before the 11th day of June, 1870.
sll peraon indebted to said satala
to settle prom pile.
Blackmer t Henderson, Auoraeya,
bslisbury, r
Jons 10. 1875. owe. pd.
- J
other songs of the same disgraceful char
All this, fellow citizens of North Car-
I olina, took place in the Convention halls
commentary on the men and measures of
that body.
Sons of Successful Men.
ni w..i. . T o. i .
years, out sometning aoes.
Fi ve.ut us were cist on a desert island ! "The Constitution not the choice of
when the Sphynx weot down. The two the people who are governed by it but a
ret alive were taken off it yesterday in bastard begotten by tyrauuy and periury.
skins, with our beards to our knees. We It is a compound of organic principles and of your State Capitol. How do you like
must go to England first then home. . statutory requirements thrown together the picture t It fnrnishes a disgraceful
Jessie, Jessie, if I do not find you as I without order, incongruous aud absurd,
left you 1 shall go mad . Your husband, t It is mysterious and cumbersome aud
Charles Lester, j tends jo impede rattier than advance rut-
And so Jessie's letter had come at last. ' ional progress. It imposes burdens
And as John Faii john looked into her "grievous to be borue" and prevents the
face he saw bow angles looked in Para- parage of laws which growing ccovenien
dise. , j eee and necessities demand. Il. needs heavy
And Job. Job was found drowned pruning and a thorough reconstruction to
the next morning. Jessie never knew it, bring it into harmonious shape, solid
nerhana. for she and her bov were on i structure and becoming proportions. All
r, ------ j it r
partial attempts at amendment inererore
will only add more patches to the mosiac
garment. A general revision, preserving
the Constitution Need! Pip1e. 'jS
ailU BUCU UUW piuvi.-iuuo aa wui biMiicu
condition requires, is ihe only means by
which we can hope to get the organic law
the body to aid him in singing ''Old
.Tnlin Urfiiun'j fin It 1 Im lliit.lilfi r fm "
h;,.h -a. Anno anA fnnZA k' P-rt of the State.
" i aa ww eas ww. whw e va ' t i ' ww - a WW a ye m m - m
phar I 6T-1"J,-I5 lo aoow UU SSCSSrs
Holt aud Haywood, and we believe Mr
in Saf
loe ascsJa
Ito a.
f edl
2 Two Horse Wsgoos cheap for o
June 1st 4 time
Holmes, received almost a unanimous vote
of the private stock Netci.
Sherman on the Generis of the
There was a pause.
him ber haud.
Job,' she said very softly, I shall pre
nd -nothing I don't feel, but I know I've
TL. ... T . I
Tw mat soe bad entered, and she came tend-nothing
"Oter U ths pniiMnr a..A ' tu i;kr I all this time, and if VOU want
" " 'V-l UUU LUC 1IC Uk IV. II I ajCT-CU L1U T w - - - j - j
It s very gooa ot
HlflVj r be'oro she spoke again. She was a me you can have me.
little VAni.n I. ... . A I t Uao ma tin
JKnf written opon it, bat she was nei- And this seemed to have ended that
Wd nor ogly yet WJ18 ten years watching and waiting, and
"jetbmg in the damp curls clustering there was a triumph in Job's eyes as he
,.Ter faded ealien l.nnd nd In thM nrnuA awnv and left ber with his first
lUlU , .. . ' - i J
-uviua, dimpled chin absolutely child
. .s a?
kiss on her brow. But at ihe end or toe
i i. mnA Innknd baek.
, - i i green iuo wo po- --
there a Ititor for roe this time. Mr. 'I told her the truth,' he said, 'when I
Jao I she satf
uO... '9." . . ... I . . ..A a mn an I
.i - run iiw Aoiin nun mu mo i nmri thui wncn n man uicu w u.. .
we taiy-rirnrv ' i . . . . t. u .u. tu.
h T4cr looKea up. 1 1 love her, ne mast nave nor, u
l lBere ain't: and vnu're a fool for sara his son! itself.'
And then he drew from bit breaat a
a letter with a great red seal upon it, look
ed at it for a moment, and hid it away
w . " -
vou re a tool tor
Uch m t.AIL ' l. -:a L
' i xesver i
to tee, I felt ju a harry to get ! sg?in.
j s w
their way to New York to meet the Silver
Star when it made port.
Amending P
What does Governor Graham say abont
it. He declares :
"The present Constitution of this State
is an anomaly fn American institutions.
It has no claim to continuance by . reason
of the times in which it was composed,
tbe influential character of its authors,
and we may add tbe circumstances of ita
adoption. It has as much application to
the people of Illinois as to us. There are
provisions in the Constitution insulting
and degrading to the sovereignty of the
State and purposely placed there."
. Judge Manly ay,:
"The Constitution ought to be amend
ed in many material respects, and it should
be done at once, as indispensibly necessary
to useful legislation. There is no person
in the State, it seems to me, who has the
sense to form a judgement upon the sub
ject at all. who, at the same time, is capa
ble of freeing himself from the blinding
efforts of prejudice and self interest, who
does not understand and acknowledge
this. Manvofit8 provisions are foreign
to oar habits and modes of life, uneoitcd
old names have ceased in
into harmony in all its parts, securing all ' famed at the bar seldom have successors.
Next to the inquiry, what becomes of tbe
pins? an interesting question would be:
Wbat becomes of the successful men 7 A
few men and a few firms are in the hands'
of the founders ; but these are exceptions.
The old name and the old trade generally
pass into the hands of others. "Do you see
that man shoveling coal 1 Wall, his chil
dren, aud children like his, will jostle your
pampered sons and rule this land, said ao
old Enelaud Yorker, the other day. The
the pulpit. The
proper landmarks for legislative and judi
cial guidance and unfettering the General
Assembly from many needless restraints
which now hamper and control it. And
this requires a Convention.
Montfort McGehee, Esq., of Person,
says :
v "The Constitution was imposed on as
by force. We look on it as a badge of ser
vitude. It was the work of needy ad
ventures ignorant of political science, in
tent only on plunder and office. It has
manacled the hands of the Legislature
where action is essential to prosperity aud
progress. - It had engendered and kept
alive a constant strife between the several
departments of tho government; the
boundary line between the law-making
executive branches of oar Government is
yet undefined after ears of litigation.
Tho verdict of tbe people is "made up.
This Constitution is an offence to us and
we do not intend to live under it."
Colonel L C. Edwards lays :
The eminent jurists carry their honors with
them to the grave. Merchant princes are
obliterated. Tbe reason is clear. Tbe
fathers laid tbe basis of business one way.
and the sous build another. Men who
earned their fortunes by bard work and
diligence, and who kuow sixteen hours' toil
by personal attention, who were their own
book-keepers, salesmen, cashiers, and often
Followed by sous who do aa
nnrters. are
little as possible ; who delegate to others ail Albert Sidney Johnston was more
Tbe following occurs in a Rt. Louis
Times reporter's account of a recant in
terview with Gen. 8berman t
"Did the rebels fight well at Shi
lobl" "Yes, sir. They hardly kept np tbe
appearances of skirmishes. They struck
us in fixed line of battle, and fought like
tigers. I saw their colonels with the
oaked eye seise the nags from tho stan
ds! d bearers and rush up and plant them,
and there wonld be a clump of men col
lected around each standard until, under
our ten i tic fire, they seemed to melt out
of tbe air. The slaughter in that field
was fearful. As they advanced oar sol
diers would watt until they got within
murdering distance and then give them
"General Sherman who was the princi
pal genius of tbe confederacy in the wes
tern field r
"Oh, Joe Johnston, " said Gen. Sher
man. "He was a cunning, subtle fellow.
of a
He- Jt
The premium list of the Saltsbary Fair far
1875, is now ready tot distribution snd asay ,
be bad of Secretary B. F. Rogers. The pre
miums offered in Department No. 8 (Fiscal
Hall,) will he paid ia monsv or Silver wars,
if desired. B. F. ROGERS. -7
- - J
School, roa MALES aUd FEMALE H
Bay. H. M. Baowv, A. B. Principal
Mr. L. P. -Scwxana, Assist
The next Sean ion of this handaossely located
Institution will commence Aug. Sad, ItSL,
The course of instruction will bs thoroagh sad
practical. Thin Institution ia located bot fasw
road, is a healthy count rv. Tuition is as (ha
lows: $1,00, $1,50, $2.00, $2.80, $3.00, asal
$4.00 per month, accord ia4 m to Stage wssV
ilghly n
1.00 per
the work they eaa, and who know mora of I Ken tuck ian, and had a fine inspiring
the road than tbe ledger- tain-. us hotel presence oo tbe battle field. We fell in
men were gentlemen, men of intelligence, oar n9m witboot knowing much about
L.n ....... tka Mf k a S I mm. L. 1 . eZ ....
men wow w uo m w c i , the effect of his death
IftUU, auu urin euun m KWJ.w.Mft u ...I I
trade. Young men who fling the example
of their sires to tbe winds, find it easier to
squander a valuable name, run through a
fortune quicker than it was earned aad fed
themselves, while young, at a point from
which their fathers started. One thins; la
qsite marked in New York. It is tho met
that tbe heavy business is getting in the
hand of foreigners. The heavy importers,
the great bankers are foreigners snd much
of toe trade of value is slipping oat of the
hands of A metres a, aa tbe trade of England
got into tbe bands of to Lombards.
There was a lull in the battle, He
had bee i killed and Beauregard could not
be found."
"Gen. Sherman, did you ever
crass Pat Cleburne t"
-Oh. yes," said 8bermao, "Pat
everywhere. He was jost coming up to
the prominence be deserved when ho was
killed . If there had been another year
of Cleburne and too war, bo would have
left on el tho gi sat sal mmmnmtimm hi tho I
south wast. J
Board can be had in h
Hiss st from $7.00 to $9
pis facilities sfforded to young man wawwash to ibeiaaelvss. For further particolars ad-
drasa Rev. H. M. BROW,
Salisbury, Aswan 43a, V. a
Msy 17 8 tanc-rd.
To cure Dyspepsia, Migei-
tion, Sick Headaehe, Kidney
Disease. Ac
For Sale atENNIBh'Drag
h- i. v ? r I t S. : ai
,iry : 'jw.
s .

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