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How Railroads are built in Geor-
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RaxighkN. C, July 9th, 1875?
Editors : la common with
many citizens of Granville, I feel ft deep
interest ia the soeeoM of the project on
foot to build ft railroad from Oxford to
Henderson. The fol lowing highly inter-
.12.(0 eating correspondence, which appeared in
. 1 .25 the Aaherille Citizen of a recent date, is
weu wortn puDiisbmg iu the JLeader, and
i I k t r i i Km.
ueiug careiuuj consiaerea Dy loose WHO
are actively coucerned in the enterprise
that would prove no beneficial to the
county if successfully carried out. 4m
Phillips in bis letter to Gen. Clin
Bbows very conclusively how ft rail
a A . mm a a
can Do built, if the people are in earnest.
,i.iksT THE FAIR.
Tkrea great book heroes has the earth
Htm of Juan Fernandez,
The Pilgrim who in dream had birth,
Ajjd the hero of Cerrantea !
These ars the three undying news as
Immortal trio clever
If how story printer's art embalms
In human thought forever I
They're but the echoes and the rbynfea
Our natures reproduce O I
What spirit, sick of these sad times.
Is not a moral Crusoe ?
What honest cavaliere now daah
'Gainst windmills, helmet soapy !
What scared saints tremble at the clash
Of chains in Castle Mopy !
There is a deep, unspoken song,
Which all my being fills, sir ;
My trembling soul hath echoed long
What ne'er my wild harp trills, sir I
Oh 1 could I rise from comic stress
And stranger, Quixotic measures
From morbid Crusoe loneliness
To Christian's holy pleasures 1
Could I but shake from off my feet
That bile's unsocial dust, air,
And all man Lore, as it were meet
I should, when die 1 must, air !
Could X forget to fight with wrong
Heal old contention's soars, air ;
Forget the feuds I've cherished long
My bootless, mimic vara, sir !
Tkat ware art Wisdom Af P.b
Is slways gentle peace, su
lu rocks festooned with flow'rs of Faith,
Which Immense breathe of Grace, sir I
The gusrdian angels hover near,
While Pilgrim threads iu mases
At Death's cold stream soft "Never fear"
They whisper and sing praises !
Had Bunyan chose, in Bedford jail.
To bold a grumbling pen, sir,
And told of bitter wrongs his tale,
A Byron he had been, sir !
faith made that "den" to Bunyan's tiew
A flowery Fernandez !
There be a greater hero drew
Than De Foe's or Cervantes' I
His Pilgrim bold I I see him yet I
From dsrk Destruction's city
Hw ere fixed on the wicket gate
Bent 'neath his burden weighty
Corns marching o'er the dreary plain
Bee him in Desppnd's mire, air.
Where Pliable turned back amain,
And Pilgrim Uerp required, sir I
And oh ! that martyr by the way,
Bear Faithful! How I've wept, sir,
When, in the town of Vanity
Where all the year was kept, sir,
A worldly Fair, which Pilgrims true
Could not go round, but make, sir,
Their way straight through, the hellish crew
Burnt Faithful at the stake, sir !
Nay, he shows how it can be built al
Let every one read
without money.
important letter.
Very respectfully,
T. 13. Kingsbury.
I eaa
I m
rejoice to aid in connecting my native
and adopted States with bars of iron, de
veloping and increasing the material re
sources of both States, and uniting their
citizens by the identity of ft common in
terest. On this line between this place
and Ashe ville there are natural resources
greater than that of any part of Pennsyl
vania, yet what hi the difference in popu
lation and wealth t My hope of the South
is not in politics, bat in the development
of our resources and the increased pros
perity of oar people. Excuse this digres
sion. Wo wUl have a urge meeting of
all the upper counties on the 2d July, at
Elijah. Can't yon meet with us there 1
We wiB give yon a hearty welcome.
Yours truly,
From the Viekaborg Herald.
Ashkyillk, June 1, 1877.
Editor Ciiisen : As I waa deairouf ejf
learviog something as to the advantages
of using convict labor on railroads, I made
some enquiries of lr. J. A. Bisaner, of
Georgia, whom I accidentally met at
Charlotte. As convicts have been used
for some time in that State on pffotm
work, be promised to secure for me iufor
motion on the subject. In consequence
of tbis, I received from him a day or two
since a letter endorsing a statement of
Gen. Phillips, which contains much use
ful information, not only on thia subject,
but also in relation to a railroad enter
prise, which may interest our Western
counties. As we practical enect ot using
convict labor is a subject rather new iu
our Slate, it struck ire that you might
think it worth while to publish General
Phillips' letter. Supposing that he would
not object to ita publicity, I place it at
your dbpoal.
Yours truly, dee-,
T. L. Clinom an.
ThyGxki. Who Wiss. The
hen passed when women must be pale and
delicate to be interesting when she moat
be totally ignorant of all practical knowl
edge, to be call refined and high bred
when ahe moat know nothing of the ear-
rent political news of the day, or he call
ed masculine or strong-minded. It it not
a sign of high birth or refinement to be
sickly and ignorant. Those who affect
anything of the kind are behind the times,
and moat shake up and air themselves
mentally and physically, or drop under
the firm strides of common sense ideas,
and be crashed into utter kasigniicance.
In these days an active, rosy faced girl,
with brain quick and clear, warm, light
heart, a temper quickly heated at intend
J ! 1. 1 7 "Vs . - ... .
Capabilities ot
J. M. Smith, a
Green Bay, furnishes
statements of bis experi
Four W
i w
nideoer of
tome interesting
ts in hiarb
MaU "Widow by
tpnseed the 1
Des Mouse. (Iowa),
On Saturday last Mr. Lewis Walker
He baa found the rale invarfble, I dW al Wtgt lJ7, bmrmg a widow.
not a aingle exception to it, that the more rrrloaB 10 " e X
he has spent in cultivating and manuring, wub taat if be died he
the creator k ks ths est sMssftts. J be buried at hb old home, a
acre. Last season he cultivated fourteen aaa or Bevingtoo, which is
acres, and began with a more thorough eiffhleeu miles from Dee Moines, on the
andeznenaivs cultiTstion thn pr W I VYinterse rood. With a heart foB of
fore. The result was, that, although nd aseile and weighted with sov
tbere was a "terrific droaett " on. of ik. row "d desolation the widow plneed Use
dry est seasons ever known in that legion, body of the lata husband in a casket and
after pending 93,986, or 9384 per nftve, started to obey bis last reoaeet.
5 5
Hew Casngwe for IPTS and 7 wttk fiafl do
a W
Mariktta, Ga., May 26, 1875.
Gen. Thomas L. Clingman :
My Dear Sin : Mr. Bisaner has just
communicated your message with the re
quest that I give you a statement ''as to
the working of our eoi.victs in tbn con
struction af railroads " Since the war
our Penitentiary convicts have been
bound out and by the lessee worked on
railroads and other public and private
workc. The first Ksaee worked the en
tire force together and made fortunes. At
the expiratiou of their term iu April of
last year, different componies bid for giv
en uiipiheia at different prices, and the
convict w.ere farmed out to small compa
nies of lessees some to be worked iu
coal and iron mines, others on railroads
and farms. We h ve beeu trying since
1858 to build a railroad from this place
via Duck town and Marys ville to Knox
ville and connect with the W. N. C. Ex
tention at Murphy. Our company be
lieving that with the con i vet labor we
could grade our road, and that the narrow
guage was best, and that upon an unin
cumbered roadbed we could eecure iron
and motive power on first mortgage
bonds, organized a company of lessees
interested in the building of the road,
because of the development of the coun
try through which the road would pass,
and the bnstnese it would 01102 to our
little city. Tbis company bid for 100
convicts and their pro rata of the iocreaae,
to be worked on the Marietta & North
Georgia Railroad at 811 per annum per
capita, in feeding, clothing, guarding or
w js t 1 mi
workiug, and to care lor tne sick
' They entered Vicksburg j ust at dark.
The two mules' before the covered was on
leaned agaiust eaeh other for support, and
a man having any knowledge of mules,
would have said that a lunch of scrap
iron would hsve been a God send to them.
There was a big dog under the Wagon,
and he locked around in a suspicions,
frightened way, as if expecting an attack
horn some quarter.
Peeping out from the wagon was a wo
a . s ft so a t't r
man ana tnree cnituren. rter race was
as yellow as ochre and as sharp as a
plantation hoe, and if the children had a
hit of bacon for months pasit their looks
didn't show it.
"We're a sad family" replied the man
as he returned from the grocery with a
pound of crackers and a bit of cheese.
''AnyibiDg bad happened" asked the
You see that woman in the wagon thar.
Well, she weighed a hundred and sixty
pounds when we struck Louisana, a year
ago. Thar she is now, gone down to a
shadder, and you eouldu't hear her holler
across the road !"
''Yes, sbe does look bad."
"And thar's three childrenfell away
to bones and bide and ha'r. Thar used
to be seven. The rest ar' planted over
thar' across the river !"
Well, that is 6ad."
"And thar's thetn mules," continued
the stranger, bis voice growing husky.
"Thar was a. time wbeu tbey was jtst
ole lightning ; had to tie 'em up ont door
for fear they'd kck the stable down.
They doo't look like it now, but they
was once able to ruu a plow into the side
so deep that it took a nigger a day to dig
down to the handles !''
"They seem worn out now."
. . a a a
"And gaze eu mat dog on poor
Timothy !' continued the man, brushing
a tear from the left eye "that's what
takes the pluck o' me! When I brooght
that dog from old Kentucky, the taller
fried out of him as he walked, and wbeu he
sot his teeth on to anything, it bad to
come or die. And what is be now T
Whar's his bouudcu' step, bis fat, his
grace ?"
"You had bad luck then ?"
"Yes. thinrs sot again us from the
start. The raiu drowned the crops out
the ager shook us up atairs and down
fever took the children away, and the old
woman! and the moles and Timothy
sot lieht down and piued away to the
o a
sbadders ?"
"And ypa are moving ?"
. . mm SS
" We re jogging, stranger, kinder jog
gin' along and around, lookiu fur a pUee
to squat. The old woman sighs for Kai
tuck, and Timothy he'd git up on bis bind
lege and howl if we w'erc pinted that way,
but I thought we'd jog a little further."
. m m t Ml . r askes
The And will you settle in Mississippi 1
ue uwa a newer Daiance loan lor any
vious year.
lie appears to retard eonstani
ed insults or injury, and Vast aa quick to 1 t,on especially through drought in
forgive; whose feet can run al faat aa her f necion with copious manuring, as all
tongue, and not pot her oat of breath; I important. Stable manure hi tbe standard;
who is not afraid of freckles, or to breathe wUh snch use of the superphosphates.
the pure air of heaven, unrestrained by lfe afh?n4 anarea M dieorered jtoessed
uic urawu curiums ui s cioee carnage: w-r-' w rang pnui m,
and, above all, who can sneak her mind. "After you have learned bow to 0
and gives her opinion on important topics money to tbe best advantage," he remarks,
which. interest intelligent people, is the I a larger profit rosy he msde by laying
true girl who will make a good woman, oat 9300 per acre than with leas. After
Tbis is the girl who wins these dsys. tne second year, if your land does not pay
Even fope sod dandies, who so strongly H it8 expenses, taxes, and ten per cent.
oppose women's rights, like a woman that ot 91,000 per acre, there is something
can talk well, even if she is not bauds wrong so mew Here. 1 bave some scree of
some. I lend that did not pay ex pen see for two
years, but for a number of years nest have
lint- fail a A In n.v . I.
From the Somerset Meawufcwr. V' JT " 1TJ TT
hi a abort
seeds of 1
ew $2,000 oer sere. I
A New Jersey Girl Sells Herself i garden to do more than that
He adds that he ia now aiming at
O AAA I 1 .a
i,uuu uueoeis 01 ocioos per acre, tUeo a
crop of carrots of turnips, or 500 bushels
of early potatoes; or, if strawberries,
19,8000 quarts or 400 bushels per acre.
This amount of strawberries is not wholly
impossible, as we have known, under our
own observation, thia rata on two thirds
of au acre. Mats. Ploughman.
for $1,000.
A somewhat eccentric though wealthy
gentleman named Gates has recently
beeu creatine outte a sensation in
in and about Somerville. He ia well ad
vanced in years, being upward 70, him
self s widower and a cripple, with ooe
married daughter, an only child. Ha
moved into Hillsborough township over a
year ago, and bought considerable real
estate, giving one farm to bis daughter.
Ma ia a.ttl.1 t(i rtiiVA K..11 nnila lutMdli ariih
biamonev-to such an extent that bis ew York Tribune.
family became alarmed, and an effort was Lady Franklin and Other Wives.
made by his daughter and son-iu-law to The white-haired old woman, who in
nave mm ueciareu insane ana piaceounaer the eyes of the whole world still shows
guaraiansnip, out mis enort proved a ran- her faithful devotion to the husband who
urc. amuuK ui uiuer eccentricities was itft hr in th H...1. r .-.-.I. a
his evident fondness for the society of beauty, to return no more to 1ier, baa
young ladies. Or the 5th of July he be- been, far this tsrtiAn on. of th m-
.J i J I W- 1 "
came Hcquamiea who a yonng iaay irom palhetic figun s in modern history. The
tne west, wno, wito ker motfter, wss UuCtg 0f her ilory bHVe ba ploatky
i pm nnrnrii v Hinrvmr in ,"iinnrv p ann i 1 i . .
r a ---.-.-...v, .s niciun-r-que ana uramaric. I in f vvaa
- SB IB 1
who is not yet out ot ner teens, to whom ne th. hrav evnlnrr . H 1,.io .t.m.l
had made proposals of marriage. The girl Cfid d sileuce im the chambers w here
took one hour to consider the matter, and .lis snow and ice are born, tiuu n uinhjsLiL
then signified her acceptance, althourh, -d enuMtrw f .wful .nrt
it is said against the wishes of her mother, fui tDledors of liarht. whose mvste.iea
and Mouday ot tbis week tbe parties were are bnt uuie PM terrible to the li vine-
united in marriage, the ceremony takiug
place iu Plaiufield the mother in the mean
time having become reconciled. Fftoen
thousaud dollars was the marriage portion
of the bride, which sum was at one placed
at her disposal.
world than those of Hades : and there
was the poor wife, powerful ouly in ber
devotion, going from one couutry to ans
other, asking help to find snd bring him
back from death. When the appeal of
the we man was answered and twenty ex
peditions, one after another, at a cost of
over six millions dollars, were sent ont
by shrewd practical governments upon
this Quixotic errand, ths heart of the
world waa touched. Nothing in the eld
crusades was more ehivalrie than thia re
sponse to a wife's appeal ; those money
making mercenary days need more than
ss m
passed through the city Mc oday
Arriving at Bevingtoo inquiry
as to ths Hoaffty
body Was to be buried, the widow being
an entire stranger to everybody. She was
ssked whose body it was. when it was
or. sf -
is the
lawful hooeend of the dsurhtor of the
owner of the arses lass whors he requested
to be buried, and who was then residing
at her father's. Of these facts the widow
was ignorant, snd the certain knowledge
or tne eceoe watch must tollo
ing of tbe two wives of ooe haahsaad under
such circumstances induced seene of the
citizens to inform wife No. 9 of the facts.
She was at first astounded, then mortified
aod indignant at the base deception which
bad been practiced upon her. She in
structed tie okiaana to lake the body to
tbe residence of wife No. 1. and taking
the firat trian returned to West Libertv.
and tbe first knowledge wife No. 1 had of
tbe matter waa the arrival of the body at
her reside ooe. Si nest her departure it has
boon discovered thai Walker boa alee a
wifs iu Missouri, another in Ohio, and
perhaps others elsewhere.
The North Polar Region.
Ia an article upon the occasion of the
sailing of the new British diacovery expe
dition to tbe north pole, the London Times
says :
"So what we really begin thia 20th day
of Hay, 1875, ia in all prolabilitiea a
progressive series of operation for the
discovery ol this planet's most intractable
and Inaccessible quarter. At present
there lies within a few weeks of us, and
right between as end inhabited coo Use ass,
a circle, 1,400 miles across, of which we
i a. a s a s a
know not even wnetntr it be land or wa
ter, or in what respect it ts affected by
some conditions wholly different from our
own. is it aoytbing more than a grei
refrigerator for the prodaation of cold
that is, far the absorption of beat f If wa
ter preponderate there, then the cold need
not be so extreme as we imagine; and
just aa the equator ia not every where hot
ter than tbe tropics, joat aa the eastern
hemisphere is warmer by 10 ia north
SBasBaW " "arall9Jj
LsJPf re, estt
si a irpw rash .
Mm I
At ths old stand of Poster ft Horsft.
Jftst reserved a full line of Hats, and
soft all ths latent Freach and
Orders executed
Pinkie aad
ThsfHoeawlll be
teas aad ao foods at verb will
any ooe- This rale is oavarible.
with care aad dlsfsaadL
Stamping done to ordbft '
j9 j
16tb 6a.
Prescription Departm
with I
I will sail
Wed to Merooev dt Bro.
. m aa -
s eat
Ladies whose complrxic
af a rich
color, by ths use of
A healthful, safe, and delightful
fOT bftOllTTIWtf t H sWct, ck, aVfTJH
Br a nagle application, til tbe lovely!
of twenty can be brought back to ladies
or forty -Ove ; Use rustle eoemtrj
formed into tbe charming city b
of this fragraat cosmetic
Ion speedily reao
under ha health fol and
For Bale by Joo. H. ENNIS8
June U, 7S. BarlsVorp,
' eftasuBS
mingcity belle b tftOJSJS
etic. The faded rnmalsl
the fresh bloom i
From Faithful's ashea Hopeful
Aod constantly attended
Poor Cbristsin to his Journey's close
Tnswtksr on thev wended.
Through snares and prisons, battles sore,
Which rouse our inmost pity,
Till tbey found rest fbrsvermors
Is that Celestial City i
When darkness, dread and horror cams
On Christian, in Death'a flood, air,
His dear friend Hopeful then did name
Thia old text, for his good, sir :
"In wicked deaths there are no bands
Their strength is firm untroubled,
They eae no blood upon their hands
Tbe righteous trial's doubled !"
Drink to tbe dregs tbe bitter cup,
O good men, when ye witness
The wicked prosper ye must sup
This gall, to teat your fitness 1
Aad be not tempted to distrust
Bit justice never failing 1
tr i .i j -1 1 - -
miK urn me uregF, n wni veuium
To sutler and be willing t
Bleat dreamer! Ev'ry world-wide breees
That volumes leaves doth fan, air
E'en hj Uie frosty Hebrides,
OrSOkry Hindustan, air.
Where'er ia mart or on tbe main,
Aa Eegliah flag's unfurled, sir,
Thai book helps wind Christ's sllkeo chains
Of love around the world, sir !
' sras E. P. H.
"I'll see. Tbey say the sile here is
good end crops sure, but dunno. If I
git a good bit o' land on sheers we'll stop
and make dirt fly, but if I can't we'll
make for Kaintuck and keep jogging as
long as the mules hold out.
"Well I'm sorry for you' said the re-
contrast and obligations of the bond for
the faithful compliance with tbe terms
proposed. The leasees then contracted
with the railroad company to work tbis
force on the road at the lowest cash prices
for which work of the kind could be done
and receive no other nay than actual nec
essary ezpensee, except stock iu tbe road porter,
at par, the railroad company paying al! "Bleeged to you, si
necessary expenses, and the profit being P a stiff backbone
iu paid op slock. Our stock ia divided
into shares of $25, payable in provisions,
- 1, rt a saft sa awl f rr J U f fit
UJUlOVa uuiecr, tail. uuu iuuisi wv i rfV a
price, and net more than $5 on the .hare heart, to .ay nulhiu' about limothy un
! w. a mA ,w der the wagon, a dog who was bruog up
UU bUC lav u hue mnu, raaft w uv ianiu wou
to sorrow aud griet !"
And climbed into tbe wagon, pushed
on the lines, and the mules moved slowly
on their way.
stranger, I re tried to
and I rue.. I km
see tbi thing through, bat when a fellow
remembers what those male, was, and
then see 'em now, it', 'nnff to break his
then until 30 dsy. notice waa given in
one newspaper. We commenced without
one dollar, made oar survey, located the
road, aod now have 18 mile, of tbe road
graded. Oar subscription list has never
reached $50,000 rolvent stock owing to
several difficulties, the principle ones be
ing waut ot confidence in the ability of
the people to bund a railroad, and tne
capacity of the narrow gaage to meet the
I was prevented from atteuding your
Centennial at Charlotte by a eotiveutiou
! of our stockholders aud meetings ou the
line of road. I believe that- oar people
now have confidence in their ability to
build the road on the plan proponed, and
also confidence in tbe narrow guage
A Christian Gentleman He is
above a mean thing. He can not stoop to
a mean fraud. Be invade, no secret in
the keeping of another. He betraya no
secret entrusted to his keeping. He never
strut, in borrowed plumage. He never
takes selfLh advantage of our mistakes
He uses no ignoble weapons in eontrover-1 the old poet s great thought now snd then
sy. He never .tab. in the dark. He i. to refresh them and, aa we are told, our
ashamed of inunendoes. He is not one solve., we bsd it here. This woman's
thing to a man's face, and another behind ceniogal lore waa of tbe grand old heroic
his back. If, by accident, he cornea iu model. ; it took ne back to the day. of
possesion of hi. neighbor.', counsel, be I Cato and Lueretia. We even felt a little
passes upon them an act of instant oblivion. I surprised that the story should have miss
He bears sealed pseksges without tempo ed it. way aud happened io our own age,
eriug with tbe wax. Paper, not meant among bepaoiered and fashionable women,
i i a ..a a o een sa
tor uis eye wnetuer tney nutter at tne and pretty intermtnaoie scandal gossip,
window, or be open before him in on- and suits in divorce courts
guarded exposure, are sacred to him. He But, after all, ia it est worth oar while
invades no privacy of other., however the to consider whether tbe eternal Ice and
sentiy sleepe. Bolts aod bars, rook, aod .now and great national expedition may
keys, hedge, and pockets, bond, and se I not have served as a pedestal to lift this
eqriiiea, notice, tresspassers, are none of 1 especial woman. loyalty into do ties ; and
tbem for bjm. He may be trusted alone, whether, under tbe befnlled and fashion
out of sight, near the thinnest partition I able and commonplace Uvea of tbe women
anywhere. He buy. no offices, he .ell. who live next door or jostle u. in the
none, he intrigues for none. He would horse-ears there may not he found love
rather fail of his right, than win them snd faith of just as large snd pare propor-
through dishonor. He will est honest I tion. ? Love snd Marriage are the rule
) bread. He tramples on no sensitive feel-1 among us, and Love aud Marriage are not,
ing. ii ue nave reouse ror anomer, ne is i in spite oi appearances, matters oi uuin
straightforward, open, manly ; he cannot aod foul jealousy and fouler passion, to
descend to scurrility. In short, whatever jealousy aod fouler passion, to be pawed
be judges honorable be nractice. toward and gloated over by tbe public. Tbe
"Blessed is the man that endartth temp
tetioo : for when he is tired be shall receive
we erown of life, which the Loan bath
Promised to them that love him Jas. 1.
"(Jesahw Rev. 2, 10.)
"I have fought a fight. I hav fin
M my course, I have kept the faith ;
aeufurth. there is laid op for me a erowu
rigkiaoaauess. which the Loan, the
We question if a more beautiful sight
sen be .een upon this wide world than the
fashionable promenade oa Puoeees street,
Edinburg. any sunny day about four
o'clock. Let the spectator take his eye
from the picturesque glories of exquhute
landscape, and fix them upon the more
beautiful of nature's works who pass by
him. The writer promenaded upon one
occasion during the past summer with an
American gentleman of considerable taste:
lMie actual expense of workiug our force and, said be: ''What I admire about your
r . . nJr i l o l-j: .1 i t i . u
the past two won tus waa eouu per mouia. i fswwi imiki is mm sssiisjy tuuu u
This includes all tbe expenses of the cou- their high -bred faces." Ho bad struck
L . IB .Is mm ' " ft s S 1 ft
but uot tbe salaries ot the tight note, in tae nign orea air
which be remarked he saw perfect health
without vulgarity: ease of manner with
uuapproaebable dignity, elegance of cos
tume with common sense. Scotch girl,
are educated for use, not show: to live s
i tife of usefulness and pleasure to othera
and theinsetves. What they know tbey
have learned solidly. If they play the
pi mo. which they generally can, they do
uot offend the musical sense by sitfug
down like a mark of iuterogation, and
thumping tne soul out ot a snowy piece
tract ing company,
the officers of the road. In this force we
have eight good rook masons, who build
our culverts; two excellent blacksmiths
and two wagon maker., who repair carts,
tools, etc.; a shoemaker aud narutes ma
her, who make and repair the harness,
snd several good carpenter.. We cau do
all the work of any kind including the
hridroa and tic. and it ought not to cost
more than we paid the last two mouths to
work the convicts after the equipments
r on run furnished. Tlieu it is best lj-
2a Judge . fthall give me at that day, quested that I should rive V
aa tot to me oul y. hut opto all them that mn t kntld the
,0hl appearloi. 2 Tim. 4. 7. youprorjoae to bufld too
"And eXr ,L rail aii.' u .v- AaoviHe to Hurphy . I siuo
The premrssa list of the fislisftary
1874, e now ready (or
be bad of Secrets rr B. F
mi urns offered In Depart as
Hall.) will be paid hi missy or Silver
if desired. B. F. ROGERS.
tent )Ce.
every man.- Selected.
A Free and East Costume. - A
Pari, correspondent in the Baltimore
Gazette describe, a loose, cool, and not
eoetly toilet worn ont at a French sea side
resort ; Berck is on the French coast, a
short distance from Boulogne. Tbe fish
women set tbe fashion, and the wealthiest
visitors easily follow it. A single thin
garment, falling from tbe neck to a little
below the knee, and a pair of gaily-worked
slippers, constitute the entire costume at
Berck. Stockings are unknown, or at
least, if any lady appear, with stocking,
.he i. recognised a. a new comer. It may
require twenty-four hours for her prudery
to swear off ; s( the end of that time sbe
will appear in as scanty a diets as the
rest. About half of them, indeed, dispense
even with the slippers, snd one sees groups
playing croquet, the gentlemen clad in
snowy linen and westing red or blue
caps, sod the ladies in hst. and abort
bright-colored skirts, but neither encum
bered by .hue. or stockings. Oftentimes,
however, the wind, blow the dry .and
for miles over the the beech, and to pre
vent this from getting into the eyes, glas
es or spectacles with wire gauze frames
are woru ; which, on young and fair faces,
have a droll effect. One would think
majority of American wives have no op
portunity to prove tbe depth of their loy
aity , io countless live, it never finds
louder expressed than daily service, cook
ing, sewing, tbe rearing of children, trivial
helps, modesties, forbearances, tender
nesses, offered hourly for a life long, bat
to which no thought notice io giving by
ber who gives or him who takes.
'And when the 1 Chief Skherd .h.n
Wm. ye shall receive a crown, of glory
"fcd.tb got away." 1 Peter, 4, 5. f
hr in th world, aud if nrouerly managed of music like aneftcentric sky rocket in ft
i . r . . u. Hi saner re I shower of wrirUgiaTS. - The Scotch girl
tuo noi ... . i -i i af XIBTVaSA nui t . j i, - ,
oa details, may not veutaro on tne eonanes ot . mar- i also tost tne same sna wogia sting tne
road from velous execution; but what she pJy. if 1 ftukies and calves -wbicn are so frssfy
ssT . . ?s. . a s . as so T . . a I a a . as . tL sir m. a m, f X at
Murphy. I sincerely hope generally executed wim teeiinf, trained exposea ; nat it so, tue tect is not severe
that you will. Wo hope to doable our I acceoi ana proper time, i ne same rui. euougo to mquce incir oarcer. to jon ice
tores auring tne summer, -auo iuvui "sw-.'-s- - . --.t a .!,
T . T ..... utx ' .asrvs ',H"
A Locomotive with. Legs. At the
sitting of the Academy of Science ou
Tuesday, M. Treses exhibited a model of
a locomotive engine now being tried on
the Eastern Railway. This engine has
no wheels, bnt what may be called leg..
It doe. not roll: it walks, runs, or gallops.
It is like an ordinary railway engine;
with straight lods terminating in. broad
circular skates. There are three lews in
front snd two behind. The moving cyl
inders, instead of turning wheels, raise
the feet, and tbe whole acta something
after the fashion of a three-legged horse.
The invention is especially adapted for
carrying a great weight up an incline.
The engine at work on the Eastern Rail
way weigh, ton tons, aad goes seven or
eight kilometers aa hoar, and can accom
plish if desired, twenty kilometers. Of
course this style of lacomotiye ia not like
ly to dbphsee the eae now in use, hot it
hi especially applicable to mountain rail
ways, and ia step in a new direction.
The aaodei exhibited at the lendsaay of
Science esaeoded an iodise of twenty fir ?
owgsaea win ease
ow 4xtn ; vl --'fos inn
latitude than the western, and the north
era hemisphere very much warmer than
tbe routbern, ao even the arctic circle
may have the benefit a gome gonial m
fluenees. It bos at least half a year of
continuous day. What if it be found suf
ficiently habitable for the eatabliabment
of stations in which the production and
economy of heat will be the only series.
difiieofty? oessoos ts sanyniany hot U
confesses itself to be hoping against hope
as to the matter of its expectations. Aa
animal or two, seeds that can stand any
cold, some of the lowest forms of vegeta
ble life, and perhaps organisms io tbe see
the possible revelation of an atmoatpbere I S4.0O per
completely clear of aqueous disturbance,
figure prominently in the catalogue of
hope. If, as is suspected, there ho ing re
dients in the earth's atmcslphere too sub
tle for chemical analysis, the stectrnsenpe
may detect tbero in a region whore bu
midity ao loafer embarrasses the a
Then what is be aurora t Is it of earth,
or of heaven f I. it saet.orle 1 Ia it cos
mic 1 Does it reveal a aniveree! medium f
I. it s magnet ic phenomenon f At about
the 70th degree of latitats), the expedition
will reach the other aide of the magnetic
pole, and will have to steer by roles ths
contrary to our own, and becoming more
and more complex till ths needle points
finally to the canter of tbe earth. At the
pole net only the cosapasa, hart even the
moon, snd stars will cense to be
available for the usual purpose, of obssr i
vstion; thst is, if anything should happ-n
to the chronometers, for all will then de
pend ou the preservation of Greenwich
tisao. The forlorn hope told off fax
pole will have to mark its track very
fully if it would be sure of retracing ita
course back again. The geologists,
ethnologist, aod palasologist fret at their
exclusion, hot they must admit their
chances would be small indeed. Tbey
can wait, at sal events . Perhaps the ease
bone widest felt and deepest ia that of
something anksowo and uoconjeetared.
Who would hsve guessed s tew years ago
that the interior of Africa waa populous
and deiififal, that the eenaa was full of
life and undergoing change, or that the
elements snd fabric of tbe san would yield
to analysis T The expedition is a lottery,
in which we know too well there are
blanks, hot ia which thar. are sure to he
some pnxes, perhaps one or two
School, roa MALES ajtd
H. M. Bbows. a B
Mr. L. P.
of tale
la nation will
The course of isassossien will be
practical This Institotkai fc
ssilea Worth of Ha last rveo the
road, ia a healthy cooairy.
lows: $1.00, $IA0,
Teiuoo tonai
Board eaa be had ia highly
Hies at frees $7jM to eWAt per sasmnV dps.
board tbesaselraa For further partita Was. fti
R. M
fWliabwry, Ea
1ftS undersigned take pleasure LsMsntlsfimig
teat tney are bow is mo.pts ad a Ucaja ssayak af
April aud dssiisr Goods selected wsth fag
care sod direct Crosi tbe Kasters sssrsnllW
aist'eg In part of all kinda of Dry JllfiyMp.
'1 teanag
ev aa.
rso iel
ipsce see
i -a saw
ftrua at
i rw-ad
Whisk ta-rj
easfi. Hbrl
era dt
Highest Cksb
UTdu sal IssTdssm
Oat pleats w
The following is the number of meet
ings held by Moody and Ssakey io Lon
don during tbe pest four months, with
the aggregate off attendance t Ia Oasja
ber well 90 mewtineje elloodod by 480,000
people ; in Victoria, 45 meetings attended
by 40,000; in the Opera House, 60 meet
ings attended by 330,000; ia tbe dow, 60
meeting, attended by 7t0,000. The
amount of money expended tor hsubiiog,
printing, s towards, saft., ia LdO.OOO.
Moody aod Sanaoy havo declined to
from tbs
04 a.
k.- a : i. edt
Quick Sales and small
profits i sell so
aod wa believ. that thassyablfc
it to tbeir Interest to on
our .took hjafere
io trouble n ssnrsNHi
Ttt I ceive aay com pens atioo froo
We beg to ret era eer
patrooage snd hope by
etriet atteotioa to buait
al the asms
McCUBBtNS. Bt AL k TriJlsT,
aosh assjeft lit
40Stft aoj?4
raw Cv3 a as has aaf

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