North Carolina Newspapers

    Carolina Watchman.
JULY 29.;
mnf voter" don't want to deceive any
.Til r- t . n . td .
Hear them now about freight
. . t a DttVTnnnorvu
. a u c a. o v iv. . v v
wjionoir TICKETS.
Send in roar orders foi election tickets
P( TT f 1 - j : "if ij
Wore It is too late ;
... V
We An now printing them at VI ,00 per
lwnsbip tickets, and 76 eta.
per 1060 for Convention Tickets.
Dash most accompany the order.
Pisnoneex aoicais.
The Raleigh Smiiacl of the SSd inst.
1 1
"Man j voters" have issued a circular
la the voters and especially to the tax
payers of Rowan county for the avowed
purpose of correcting the ialacies and er
rets of an address issued by order of the
Board of Directors of the Yadkin Valley
Kail Bead. Betting out aa they do, with
this avowed intention, tbe public would
Isfnflj infer, that they were auxious
that the people should not be misled, and
henee no effort would be made by "many
eeeara" to do it themselves 1 but I propose
to show that ''many voters" are either
tetany ignorant of what they write, or
their circular la intended to accomplish I obscrib, and
this very work. J do not propose to eetab
Thev tell vou the rates have Veen re-
duced on every thing except cotton to ai
to put Salisbury equal with Charlotte.
Tee ; and to whom is the county indebted
tor this reduction f What haa brought
it about 1 Nothing but a dread of com
petition' from this proposed Road. Let
the county vote "subscript ion, " and it will
be permanent? and the. great diecrimna
lion against cotton, the great staple, will
be removed. Bet vote "no subscription,"
and ten days after the election the old
odious tarriff of discriminations agaiust
Salisbury will he in force again.
I might notice tb'ie circular at great
length showing all the time the ignorance
of tbe writers of the subject upon which
they write, or the shallow attempt to mis
lead and deceive the people while profes
sing to enlighten them ; but I will con
clude this article by noticing one state
ment so glaringly lalse that we are net-
orally led to ask woo made it f and
wuetuer bis mother ever taugut uitn in
boyhood to tell the truth ? t
I refer to tbe statement hi. (be conclu
ion of the circular, that not more than
twenty miles of the Road will be buiil
and . we shall have the debt on the couu
ty :
Read the act authorising the county to
if "many voters" be
Iteved what they wrote ; see if that act
lava .
The batch of
new publish-
ed yesterday is a stinging indictment
against tbe Republican party.
1. In South Carolina. ex-Treasurer
Parker, a violent Radical and carpet bag
ger, has just been convicted of embessling
severty-five thousand dollars trom tue
treasury of the State during his adminis
tration. 2. Another dispatch tells of the defal
cation of Matthew Droeeer, a Republican
mail contractor on the line between Vicks-
borer and New Orleans.
3. Sull another, , I he roe t master
General has commenced suit against the
bondetnen of over 40 defaulting contrac
tors " Tlie uFort v Thievee" to the fiont
v m
stain ! Of coarse all these government
contractors are favorites with the Radical
4. But it is the revenue service that
shews worse. TJ. 8. Collector Johnson,
of Louisville, is shown to have stolen
eisrhiv-ooe thousand nine hundred dollars!
That was a big haul; and it appears be
u carry mc ou his roguery tor
ft. In St. lui. Missouri, e gut revenue
officials have iust been iu die ted tor dia
, - t
honest practices.
6 And in a letter to the Attorney
General of Louisiana, Gov. Kellogg makes
this damning charge;, "Investigation
that have taken place before both eivi
and criminal court.-, and 1 lie .investigation
and report of State examiners, disclose
gross culpability on tbe part of other per
sona whose ecu have injured the Slate,
Before a man becomes hungry, watch
fal nature baa calculated in her way bow
mucb nutriment tbe body needs, and pro
vides as mucb of a liquid sdovUnee as
will be necessary to prepare from the food
to be eaten that amouut of sustenance
bich the system may require. When
his is freely stored on and ail is ready,
the sensation of hunger commence and
increases with the stesddy increasing a
mount of tbe dieestioe material Just re
ferred to. and the verv instant tue ursl
mouthful of food is swallowed, this "gas
Equal to any in the country, with an imptev.
ad cotton roll Miposfor to ant other Qhx
Manufactured by
Wi nnboro, & C
References : W. R. Creght, R. R. AgL, and
Mai. F. W. Woodward.
July 15, 1870-amopd.
- - . NOTICE.
The Commissioners have ordered the
stat this by vague conjectures, bat by don't require ihat those bonds shall be
facte, plain facts such as every delivered as the Koad is graded, and that
hoy with common intelligence the last shelf be paid when forty miles
are graded. "Many voters, were you
. Mfc$
that the
see and understand.
address is first attacked for saying 'sTnant of this t If so call in your cir-
county bonds are not to be issued culars, but if you were not, tbe next time
tmtll $30,000 are raised, and this asser- 7 attempt to deceive tbe people and get
tseej Is ftaUy contradicted and a tabular th to ot Bead that will
a - v a d m
t made to sustain that contradic Pce our town and county on equal foot-
xr s a . . '-
and vt in that araiem-nt Lh .fi . Mg with otiier sections, exercise more
POO subscription by tbe Town of SaJisbery iu$" J- "'mber that it is
Is left out, and for why t Simply because Ubi mor "T i" youreelvea than
nd for years have east discredit on the
Government. J especially call your at
tention to the record iu this respect and
request that yon will immediately take
prompt measures to bring to justice all
those who have been guilty of defrauding
tbe State as disclosed by these ioqoi-
yam . .
i lea. - 1
This is a telegraphic picture of Repub-
W M -lit W.
teanism it is no nnanciai suttcn. it
is fact, flashed over the wires from ei
tbentie sources.
m 1 m
U mAArnA tn It it m.k th e.O nOA R..t I tO tool Otbcrs.
iy voters" may contend that the
subscription contributes a part of
the 1100,000 to be subscribed by other Queen Victoria and the Centennial.
parties ; but this is too thin to hold water, Some of the newspapers , particularly
for tbe net says to be hereafter subscribed, lh0se North, have been urging that Queen
nd the town subscription was made not Victoria be invited to attend tbe Ceuten
after but Wort tbe act was passed. Did m in i876. We like the idea, and can
meny voters in this wish to correct or ool think of a good reason why tbe invi
ULL.JI I . ...
JTTT l tation should not botu be given and
"Many voters'' attempt to show lkeaeced. Queen Victoria is a lady in
300,000 subscribed, only 1200,000 lhe highest sense of the word; and we
could he raised ; and in order to do this Afafc t ha, hee well said that her sub-
they estimate the S60.000 already sob hta lam her mor. ih.n ihMV ! mlt.
Dorine a speech at a Fourth of July oeiebra
lion Hillsdale, near Washington Fred Douglas
ulluded to the condition ot thecolered race and
"All we ask is a fair field to work in. and the
white men to leave us alone. We have been
injured more than we have been helped by men
who have proteased to be our Irieuds. 1 her
are lawyers without clients ministers, broken
down minister without churches wandering
teachers without schools. They have tbe gilt
of great beggars. They have the gift of begging
. t m rwi .
oown 10 a nicety. 1 ney are great ai getting
out circulars. They scatter them broadcast
over the land, as leaves before autumnal galea.
If you are worth anything they will find out
where yon live, and if you never got a letter
before you will get one now. Fellow-citisens
we must stop these men from begging for us as
a poor and helpless people. Thev say, 'Please
give me tome thing to educate the poor black
Deo ol e. but do I uray uav it to me.' and if
scribed at 40.000 and the countv and ' 1 .11 e u i. fl m Knndred d.ol,a!8 " " dn.ced. to abul
' uu inuuKcuuut ui uci men personal hundred cents wlien it gets to the 'ioor vtecB
people. We do not want, we will not have,
these second rate men begging for ns, AVe pro
test against it "
Referring to the Freemen's Havings-Bank, he
said : 'We have had a Freeman'a Saving In
stitute, but we don't want any more. Our
white friends told us that if we had cents to
bring th em to them and they would take care of
tbera. If we had dollars, or hundreds, or thous
I anda, to bring them to them. Tbey told us they
bad a gooae aim a golden egg. Yea, we pot
ftsa Wum nut an that nv mmItU. our millions there, but where are they now?
fAf years past so that any stockholder lhe semblance of royalty to congratulate The men who went into that hank a few
receive the cordial PMr ,mfn. are .no.w " -
nidi nomes ana orive iiwr one turnouts. 11
makes me feel badly to think how we have been
gobbed. J ust enough-honest men have been
put into thf bank to insure its success, but
while they put in two sound apples they alinped
in five or six speckled ones, and were sure to
tuin the specks down.'
He urged .he colored people to atop begging
for themselves, and if they built churches, not
to ask the white people to' pay for them. If
they had banks, colleges ana papers, not to ask
other people to support them ; bnt be indepen
dent. In concluding he said : 'We propose to
cut loose from all indivious institution?; and to
part company with all those wondering mendi
cants who have followed us simply for paltry
gain, and we dnow bid an efleetiouate farewell
to all these plnderera in the future If we need
a Moses, we will find him in our own tribes.'
at $40,000 and the county and
bonds at 50 cents, iu the dollar, hut
to be liberal, as tbey do not want to de
ceive any one, tbey put them at 60 cts.,
Md the remaining subscription of 50,000
lt $40,000. Now as to tbe $50,000 sub
waribed, "many voters" know that 5 per
and ail on account ot ner nigh persona
merits and goodness. No people in the
wide world are more respectful and lov
- -., a Lm .a
ing towaras the worthy woman than ire
Americans, and none would bestow
more sincere homage to Queen Victoria,
rii a" a
wnose peaceful, nappy reign has been a
A Speech by Fred- Douglass.
trie iuice" is poured out into the stomach
through a thousand sluices ; but no more
has been prepared than was neceseary,
(or nature does nothing in vain ; SO that
. . . .
if a single mouthful more of food has b"eu
swallowed than the u nteropi -d or unstimu
lated polite would have called for. there
is no gastric juice for its solution, end tt re
maiis but to fret end worry end irritate fur
hours together. If the amount eaten is
mucb m excess, the stomach, as if in ut
ter discouragement at tbe magnitude of
its task, ceases us attempts at Oigesttor,
forthwith commences the process of eject
ing the tfrtnataral load by means of nausea
and vomiting to soene eases ; in others it
remains tor an hour or more like weight.
easy lieevinees ; thee ittegios to ''sot
that is, to decompose, to rot, and the dis
gusting fas or liquid comes op into the
throat, causuig mote or less of s scaldtug
sensation from the pH of tbe stomach to
the throat ; this is railed kheart bum.1
At length the half-rotted mixture is
forced out of (be month hy the outraged
stomach with tbst horrible odor and teste
itb which every glutton is familiar. In
some cases the steneby mass is passed
out of tbe stomach downward, eaoemr
in its progress a gosh of liquid from a I
parts of tbe lotestinal canal to wash tt
with a flood out of the system ; this is the
diarrhea" which surprises the gourmand
at midnight or lu the early morning hours,
when a late or over-hearty meal has been
ten. When sufficient food bss been
taken fur tbe amount of gastric juice sup
p i d, hunger ceases, and every mnuihKl
swallowed after that, no gastric juice
having been prepared for its dissolution,
remains without any bed htul ehang .
inflaming and in i tin p. and exhausting
tbe stomach by ita effuta to get rid
of i- and this is the first step toward
forming "dyspepsia" which becomes
more and mora deeply uxd by every
repeated outrage, until at length it
a hard round ball, or a lump of lead, an un
remains a life time worry to tbe mind,
filling it with horrible iinaginnings, and
a weary wasting torture of the body, until
Into tbe grave. Tbe moral
tsuctioe of the Ail
ada thiatla. psreaas. therefore, owing or hol
ding pnssuiatun of vacant lota or back yard
growing up in these or other obnoxious shrub
bery are notified that they will be expected to
have them cleaned out within ten da after
thU notice Otherwise, Che ordinance will he
enforced against all whw dkuwerard it.
July 15th 1875. Mayor.
Joh Watts, Plaintiff!
in . vuviiini uivmr- i
ng Company,, . Defendant.
IV the Skerifof Assam Graafs, Oresftaff
Too are hereby commanded in the name of the
Mate to Summon the ortfc Carolina Ore Dre
ing Company. Dmeadutit, in the above set km,
to appear at the aext Term ei the Superior
Court of the County of Rowan, at the CoVirt
xioaae in Salisbury, on I be eta Monday after
- a w m. m . t . ' . . . a - .
me jru .aonosf in neptemoer next laea a
there to answer the complaint of John Witt.,
f lainun in thia anit. And you are further
commanded to notify the mid Defendant that
if he faif to answer the complaint within I
I iroe "perinea by law, she plaintiff will applj
ler tae iwtmldsmaaaeit m the Cemulaint and
for all coal and charges in thi suit incurred
Witness. J. M Horah. Or 9f mmr mud
Quri,aloMt,i Siiffssarw, this Ou 2nd day of
i,A. Rl 875.
Clerk Swrkerier-Ceurt Rawao Couaty.
July 15, 187 w.
(Lmte S HflO
St GLOt'wH OKt V CO.,
rcwO u
atf m9 JP LmmWoT' JL
E ' Jbm4
s i nB8HiiiiiiiwHSmPr
sym kBtQsBswfHpiS mnsassmfl
I S2Bm9Bm9m9Bj
BBawMmSjshnsislJmamswsesa r.
- i
Improved CTJC U M
the acknowledge Stand
ard of the market, by
u)uu. .. verdict, tbe best earns for
lhe least money Attention is invited
tu Blatohlay'a Improved Bracket, the
Drop Caeok Valve, whieh cawbe wHh-
Irawa witboot diatorbtna tbe int
iu'l the copper chamber which never
cracks, scales or rusts and will last a
life time. For sale by Dealers end the trade
generally, in order to be sure that you fret
Iatchh-y V Pump, be careful and see that R ba
my trade-mark as above If you do not know
where to buy. description circulars, together
with the name and address of lhe agent nearest
yon will be promptly furnished by addressing
it passes Into tbe grave. Tbe moral ot w,,n n'P
this article is, that the man who forces Oil AS O. BLATCtlLEV, Manufacturer
bis food, be who ests without an incline
tion, and he wbo strives by tonics, or bit.
lets, or nine, or other alcoholic liquors,
to get np an appetite, is s sinner agsinst
body and sonl a virtual suicide.- Dr.
506 Commerce St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Feb. 18. 1875 tf.
Keep it before Uio people that th negro 120 Bags CfT. e,
Spring St ocU875.
m . r r . i r
Aa inrentSon having a meat impevtant henrtmg en the lumre oi laani
wtuea the ooaciiu or roiuaie oi i'mr '-"ji"' -
and the quality of tone rendered
Ifial tt that tf tie Beit Pipe Orgy of lie Sue Capacity.
fr relrhrated "Vol Celrte.M "Voa Hamaim." Wilcox Pkteni." -Oetare CmmW.' the
ing lm" or "Cmrionrt" bu "Gttu. Horn," "Cremona," "Vnx Aagebri, -mla
: LAThi.Mnun ljsli its
of that has been paid in and been blessing to tbe world. If she
interest at 8 per cent, for about ehe wonjd not of
were to
meet eveu
p u ty while iu power, spent $35,771.81
more of the people's money iu two YEaks
than the white mau's party has speut iu
FOrn YBAltS.
K'-ep iulwfore the people, that
the rule of lhe negro party, tbe pvople
had to pay S490,57b,90, of their money
to keep their State Goverumeut in opera
50 Bnrrela Sugar,
40 ' MoUs-s,
5000 lbs. B .con, 8000 lbs. Lard,
2000 lbs. B ft Sugar Cured Uams,
under i 20 Kgs Soda,
20 Boxes
50 ' Adamantine Candles,
40 " Soap. 2000 lbs. Carolina Rice.
Can be obtained only in these Organ.
Fifty DiffeStyW - oiaxaolx
Quality and V olume of Tone LnequaJlcd.
PRICES, 850 TO $500.
Factory and Warerooms, Cor. 6th and Congests.
ESTABLISHED XV 1850. AOI2WT1 Wanted in Every Conty
May 20. 1875.
tion one year, and that undr the rnle of 30 Cases Oysters,
wbo has since the date of his sobserip- b.,. but gbe wonld
tion become enable to keep it np, can not ing of M
irpptlnP' of an Kmarllah iiMikiuff IV utinn
only give it away J bm MU it any day to wl)ch MM pr5jw fVen mon) lhmo
tbe hollow devotion of tbe most monarch
ical country ou earth. She loves the
people and the people loves her; and all
this iudependent of bar official position.
rent parties. Did "many voters" wish
to correct or mialeed when they estimated
a loss of 810,000 here I
her"Many voters" next, with a great show
liberality, estimates tbe County and
i Town bonds ai 60 eta in the dollar. If I
really believed that they thought they
would he sold that low, constituting as
'Hawy do the rich money holders of this
.ggeonty, I would be inclined to give them
-'"sore credit for liberality than has gener
Salisbury, N. C.
July 23d, 1875.
Editors Carolina Watchman
Gentlemen : Will yon please do me
the favor to rive me Lhe nrivileM nf aav.
llfor n tccorded to them in opposing ing a few words to tbe colored voters of
the road; for if thev were as selfish aad
talping as many think, them, they would ki
Justice to Jefferson Davis.
In aUading to tbe ent!ias:astie reception
Rowan county on the subject of tbe Yad-
in Railroad ? I don't pretend to know
lmt this nnnnrtnnSts Mas I, L t . ? . . l . 1 . I . XM " '
" v u . uao. v. uunii c iiiiitfi iiiiiri. -9 f 11 1 1 1 1 11 i n iiiav tin nnv . i v. . . . .
AA ' ' , , ! wtiicti fir resident lMvis received in
0e ej the tores made by the usury law. am so fully persuaded that it Is the interest jTrWU New York Tribune says :
of the colored men to vote for it, that 1 1 "The Sooth laid down its arms and ae
in County and Town bonds am surprised they do not see it. I know pledged ttte of the opinions for
wmcn u was conienning, oui u na never
abandoned its hero worship or ceased to
the white man's party it takes only $236,
Keep it before the people, tbst negro
government coats them more ihsu twice
as much as while government, and that
too, although white government means
safety aud security to fife, liberty and
property, and negro government means
wrong, outrage and oppression to both
pei eon and property.
Tbe triumph of Radicalism means ne
gro supremacy. Read this, from the
Henderenr 'Tribune, aud see if it don't.
John A. II) man has caused one Prnmer,
a negro from Warren county, to be ap
pointed route or mail agent between Wil
mington and Weldon. lie succeeds Mr
Rnbinson, and took his place tbe first of
July. Negro Congressmen negro Jus
tices of the fence negro Cons'ables
negro Legislators negro School Trus
tees negro Mail Agent - that s what
Republicanism means. White men of
North Caroline, will yoo put in power
the Negro Rulk Party t
St 60 cents in the dollar, with the whole I that some of the leader of the Reoobli
county and town as eeemrUy, running as I can party ere doing their beat to turn
these hoods do and drawing 6 per cent, away the colored voters from supporting
Joeld serve to alleviate the suffering of an the Railroad measure. I know that they
uioeuo wnose occupation was gone when are al way a trying to lead or drive the
the esery Jaw passed. The average time colored men in every election in tbe way
es these hoods, running as tbey do from tbey want them to go f but I do not know
1880 to 1900, if sold at 0 cents in tbe
venerate the men who led its armies and
its councils." The Angnsta (Ga. ) Chron
icle and Sentinel thus answers the com
ment of the Tribune. "If the Tribune
means by bero-worship' that the South
ern people have not forgotten nor neg
lected tbe men whom thev chose aa their
- i W ,
that it is always best for the colored voter leaders because their struggle for indenen
would ha equivalent to $60,000 td obey their wishes. As to the Railroad, denee proved unsuccessful, tbe Sooth will
- ie a I su . , . .'J am f at
a. - m w
Jig htsveetfor fifteen years, during which I know it will be aa much to the interest Prrmpt,y P,j,ly the enarge.
time the interest without being coraponn of the black man to have it as it can be
k4J el 6 per cent on 8100,000 wonld be
860,000. So that the principal and in
terest for the investment el $60,000 in
fifteen years would be 8160,000. But I
i ueir generais ano iuir statesmen are
i II t MM lllflpfllv Klldlimsrl in ji.taal mm IS ll.u
for the white man. It wilt give ns plen- cause had been victorious.
ty of work to do at fair prices, end if that "Nor is it right for the North to expect
is not to our luterest, what can be better ! OOBinern mcn 10 rrtn tneir leaders as
the authors ot their misfortunes. Trey
It is impossible for the white man to make
the credit for such a perfect willingness for a benefit, either as a helper before, or teen years ego. If tbey WTwrong they
well as a laborer afterwards; because a man hawe only themselves to blame. . If their
who has money is sure to spend it in build
20 do Brandy Teacbea.
20 do L' in in Syrup,
0 do hreah Peaches.
10 do Pine Apple,
0 do Smking Tobacco.
3c Jut.- solf-uiUrest, for it h
known that reliable parties bare proposed
revolt wee treason Mr.
eta is tbe dollar; and in tbe face
1 It M f .. I . . -- ' -
umwm mmu TU,-eri Mumaung good times for every bodv. That is whv
ooda at 50 to 60 cts, and yet Cf L am Mss out for tbe Railed I sWS
sjias to correct miaerepreseeutmus in hide myself behind a bnah on this sub
ssead ot eeeetving tbe people i
luvis was no
more a traitor than tbe humblest voter
who asked him to be President t f the
a w
was no more
soldier in bis
plenty of work at fair prices always makes arm7 who dared disease and death in
,w- .ae I 1 S" S a . ' ' -
tejjhlm the coatract for grading the Uoad iug houses, farming, building taetoriea.
57 , b4 .nd .o work become, plenty. A . lritor th.n the nriv.le .
defenee uf tbe hist cause. "
These are truthful and jusi
They contrast most favorably
ess ot toe little creaiu res
ject, nor do I intend that any man white tered and fawned upon Mr Davis
with the
who flat-
Nest, "many voters" make an estimate or black, shall fool ma mt f sv. be Sad offices to give and a orosoect
af tbe cost of grading lire Road, and they U. They talk about Us makine m Ki- ecnrwf r independence, and who ere
,Ssma tseir esumate on tue cost ot the ortb debt on tbe county. All I have to say on th tK 1 1 inn WC"U"H fcUC ieauefB 01
Thk Rad icala are working desi erately ,
aud either the leaders of tbe party are
vary liberal iu their contributions or the
contingent fund of the government is at
their disposal ; at any rate, tbey have
plenty of money and use it freely, The
Executive Committee is in permanent
session in this City.
If this party works so hard for the rain
of the State, will no' the Democrats work
as hard fee ita salvation T If the Repub
lican contribute so lavishly to retrieve
their leases, will not tbe Democrats, not
only increase their efforts, but open their
purses to retain this power We want to
buy no votes. We want to corrupt no
man. Hut the necessary expenses of
compaign must not fall upon a few public
spirited and zealous men. JSeics.
The triumph of Radicalism means ne
ww a 1 ai .a
gro supremacy, lteaa this, trorn the
Hendersou Tribune, and see if it don't
John A Hyman baa caused one Plum aer
a negro, from Warren county, to be ap
pointed route or stall agent between
Wilmington and Weldon. He succeeds
Mr. Robinsoe, end took big place tbe first
of July. Negro Congressmen negro
Justices of the Peace negro Constables
negro Legislators negro Scbol Trustees
negro Mail Agents, that's what Re
publicanism means. White men of North
Carolina, will you put in power the negro
Role Party f
25 Gross buuff, 46 Coi's Cotton
40 dns. Pouted Pails,
40 Boxes A 'Baited Candy,
100 Reams Wrapping Paper,
A. full line of Wood A Wilh.n ware.
A full Una of Booie A Shoe (very cheap),
A full line of liaU.
A full line Saddles A Bridle, alt, Pepprr.
Oincer. 81 ace. Canned Good. Royal Baking
Powders, lasers. Tobacco, C rocker j, Keruaenu.
Tanners A Machine Oils, Ac , Ae.
The alxirc stock waa bourht ninee the late
heavy declion in prices, and in offered ai Whale
aale A Retail at very abort ema's, for csu,
June 3rd 1875.
So. 1. Heivy plow Shoes at $160 worth $100.
'Women Shoes at $125" ISO A I7&.
Ladies Embroidrrfd Hlippers at 100 worth loO,
Ladies blippers at $lx worth 176,
Ladien Crrquer Slipper at $14S worth
Ladies Cloth Gaiters tt f 175 Worth f250,
Ladio Cloth Gaiter at $PK worth $30,
ly. , . ,
It will run lighter. I will tmw wr land better. It will make yew better crews, liwsnesi
you lu to keey it is order, than any aher Pluw you bare rr used.
We will furnUh yea foiwt one y-ar for one plow in or linary land for one Delkar-
..Id (aniuorJ I'iow 7
A large lot of Children Shoe rery cMenp.
lil.Mi.lAM A v
Jut Published, in a seaed
tit cents.
s Lecture on the M
meat end Me.adicnl cure of beuunal wt-ak
' . m 1. , a m . t
neaa, orepernwuorrnoa.inaucea oy reii.ADUi,
luvoluotarv smisatoDn, 1 in potency, arvou
Debility, and Impediments to Marriage grner
allv; Courtuinption. Kpileusr. and Fit; Mental
aud Phritical Incapacity, do. By ROBERT
CI LVEKWELL. at. V., autUor ol tntr
"Green Book.'' Ac.
The world-renowned aet tor, in this admira
ble Lecture, clearly proves from hi own exje
rience tht the lawtul conseeusooea of neii
Abuse may bo effectually removed without
meuiciue, and witno t uangerous aergieai oper
ations, bougies, instrument, ring, or coroiai.
pointing out a mode of curs at once certain and
effectual, by which every sufferer, no matter
what bis condition may be, cure nimaelf cbwwe
ly privately and radically.
CsT This Lecture trill strove a boon to
sands and thousands
Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any
address, on receipt of six cents or two post
age stamps.
Address tbe Publishers,
bring it back
on jut eoor Hlark-mith t dn l! tian- on ronr 4d-Caaioi;
We have ht aaae - a gri r4irti.iti in Priee ?
All we saw es yea is. Tr it. and then if you don't like it
he lefawiiil to yaw.
8UaHlT, N April I
is;.'. f
" . 41 tM n a .: . 1 .t-z I . . "
tteaa, lorgwug, or now u,at polnt ,.f tf WB;M wh(j
that tbe coat of grading a Koad saost of tbe nrorert a t
. . . I w r r
-.-i ; ii .
ess to tell people not to 611
The address of tbe Republican State
Executive Committee contains this sen
tence : "These large amounts (the esti
mated expenses of tbe Convention, &c)
iMidsntwnUieeottntry tbrougb which 8ure tlie colored voters need not be afraid oil lamps after dark, snd warn them never ought to be saved to the people, already
rfirwes, in some costing 40, on 50,000 par of it. Colored voters of Rowan dAnt h to P' kerosene on a alow fire to snake etacyernw under burdens grievous to be
ftss j sails sasd
WeMany n
J aeters- k
exceeding $3,000. deceived about tbie ibing. bet let ns. naa VS?. ?f. P-sce see
, I anA n i . . oe oniy teacner mat thousands
to be
ill heed
now wet a eompelcnt and all, vote for it at tbe election ? r n f W,U bW(l aMM aeDicT jj
it UtM Ji.u.i mi Er.l r' . I Tl,on . on thelcfrom nine millions to thirty six
naa surveyed tkis U ad,
.ssWssafed the cost at $310,000 for
wVoks Koad, and gfve it as bis opinion
tea by eosae ebauges iu tbe Koad the
ws; could be reduced to $260,000, yet
borne.' Verily tbe burdens are grievous
A public debt increased by tbe Radrs
end 1 will meet any eososedj mea b the etreet at about two o'eJeok mat afternoon. end a botched np Constitution made
1 'a . j ' m L m . a . Ml .a .'mm - a a -w. a
tbe Coauty any day, at any place, to discuss we were startled by e alarm from a by the thieves and plunderers whom
this subject. Let them
show their bands.
ami .ml woo,deD dulling near the risksveik. and I Canby put in power over the Bute in
i rushing in with a
a terrible 1868. Tbese sre tbe two burdens that
e met our astonished gaze.- Chetier weigh like moenuloi of treble 00 wot
pprwiid geeeht.
cxias. j. o. uxors dtco.
wry, Hew Tok; Post Office Bos,
April 16 1876. ly.
Just Received a Freeh tepfay f
Early W bite Flat Dutch. Bariy Red Top
Yellow Aberdeen and toe rellow unta Bags
At EfNlSS'3
Will open its Pall
from $ to $10 par
from$l to Kiw month,
e. . R L- ARSRBSTRT. Pres
Happy Home, m- C
V'4SfaSs9Wr--lr - "l" sassv. MmT
sSw vawisr- - j, Jlrt'4lflhkllk-'
BeS-"" . MMaLaW. mm' . msI tjM?
... mm m . . : lk MCVft
Is wow offered to averv one interested iu beautifying and protecneg um m-
tlieir deceased reiativea. . eel
TIh-v are made in f.,ur site, with a variety of styles, ranging in pnes
to $60. according to sine aud style. Can be painted any eolev eesirvw,
galvaniaed to sail tbe taete of purcheeere. A gsivaaiaed paste, eoatamsef
lnscriotioii oarlia oair. M furuih1 with each
m w
miM u-aire. 1 ruroihl with each noma jrm e
eocli nrices as u place it wttbtn reach of all. ne iarn
is efered at sneti pi ires as pi
aud poblir generally to call awd eaaniitfe fbv t
bmu b M-ii mi J A. Kamsav s
Homer and Grave's School,
i67t, IIUIBOM, H. C.
Tks KU aawaoa of ls7 epeswee tAe toons 1
. "fits flBWi eeeee) sissaicmiae, . .. I
Jeiv i-gw. ft J
vr r a m a 1 wi a v
BLraB kjsoWN to
iimssf ITCH CUfiL
fKIOE 96 Jt 50 CTt-
rW sale ejEWIW' Pf

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