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SALISBURY, S. C, AUGUST, 12, 1875.
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jt Omio sketcoed a sermon preached
For there are times when all men,
-Spotted Tail.
The following account of the celebra
ted Souix Chief, Spotted TatT, is from
advarce sheets of General Brisbin's
book :
During the Utter years of the war,
part of Spotted Tail's family remained
for a time at Fort Laramie, and with them
was Ma favorite daughter, a young girl
just budding into womanhood. The fort
waa then garrisoned by companies of Ohio
regiment of volunteer cavalry. Among
. I rtrt Sm .mm .
me omcers ot this regiment was a young
man of good appearance and pleasant
manners and with whom the chief's
daughter fell in love. Her passion does
not seem to have been reciprocated by
the young soldier, and he did all in his
power to convince her he could not mirry
net, and ih n ini' ii would
A Tear of Flood a&d Storms
paper. At the fourth snot from 60 yaids
distance, the bowl of a pipe, which the
son was smoking, was crushed. At the
fifth shot a copper cent waa thrown in the
air and hit. The sixth and seven shots
were delivered at a blaekened five-cent
nickel piece thrown up by the son, stand
ing about thirty yards oft At the first
attempt the shot missed. The old gentle
man bowed considerable mortification
and laid the blame upon a bystander, who
at the critical moment sneezed loudly.
The next attempt, however, was an en
tire success. The old man declined any
further t rials of his skill , and when offer
ered a snm of money to repeat his first
feat of shooting a potato from his son's
hand, be refused, saying he don't wish to
try such experiments unless his weapon
I mm. t Ll 1 I mi L!L!.-
wfipi iifiiu v r-ieitiieu. 1 ne cm d ion whh . . ... rm t
. J ... 1 Jnlv in Miuannri the nt. wmi
ine inci mat ... , " .
the more remarkable from
e: . HIUI iln ii hi. n wmi'ri lit' wmnir in
him to pM his addree to her. But the ",H marksman waa an old man, at least
iufataated girl would not believe, andi1- His eye, however, is a clear bright
wet understand why eh, a princess, His appearance is that of a poor
the daughter of the most powerful "assm I he young man ehowed not the
cheifonthe plains, was not a sniuble ,ek tremor anxiety during the danger
wife for the anMUr Tv after ' " experiments upon himself. The old
Return of the Amaricaa x, viig
day she would dress herself with scrudu-
Tht ancient maid ! when thus she said,
"Dear Aidward, are you serious 7"
I, mucj dog and worse than hog.
Laughed in her face mysterious t
I ibould have been compelled to join
The monks' Carthusian order
To pay a fine in my own coin
For such a cruel murder !
And yet this life, it is no joke,
And love, it is no dream, sir ;
Though Wit may oft be Wisdom's cloak,
And Cupid oft grow tame, sir!
"A little nonsesce, now and then,"
A classic writer stateth,
"Is relished by the best of men"
Too much, a stink createth !
And so I needs must interlard
Tbese Cantos, mischief-ringing,
With texts that count and sense that's hard,
And hymns the saints are singing
Out aa the shores celestial, where,
Dressed op, we go each Sunday,
Aad then forget, and thoughtless swear
A little, 'cause its Monday !
Again, my reader, Colonel, Squire,
I'm feelin mighty solemn,
And hope I wont excite your ire,
Should I sing, in this column,
Boms saw-sole-lay snd doe-my-may,
Shaped note and pesky roundhead,
Which last, they say 's the donkey bray
On which true music's founded !
Boms roundheads, O I they're never slow
To prove their faith by works, sir !
All keys they sing at sight, and ring
All chords, like Oabriel's clerks, sir !
They acorn to start the score by heart.
Like ignorant buckwheaters 1
Aad yet for tall, a dozen' all
The tunes in round-head metres f
, ; Twixt Goth and Hon, just six for one
Half-dozen for the other t
Each lasy son of a big pep gun
Is Humbug's own twin brother !
Bom folks, astride of Gilpin's horse,
Bald Ignorance his name, sir,
Will gallop on from bad to worse
Conceit their only claim, sir!
I de admire one little choir, .
Who nothing know of chords, sir
Feat sweet-voiced girls, like orioles,
Wood-nymphs or mocking birds, sir I
They warble free more melody
Than organ's richest swell, sir
Their soft refrain my dreams retain,
like mermaid's magic shell, sir !
When morn her gayest smile doth yield.
And groves with chirpings ring, sir,
I hear them, as they go afield,
Their mslin carol ring, sir ;
Aad as they trill their tender lay,
Aad play their tasks so well, air,
Hsy sever care, I softly pray.
Those happy spirits quell, sir 1
Sing on, ye gay and lightsome hearts,
While round yon e'er is beaming
The humble peace which toil imparts
Yea self-reliance teeming !
Brave hearts and true 1 In praise of yon
The robin's notes are ringing 1
,'All work is worship !" as he flew,
I heard the wild bee singing I
The sv'aing casts its shadows slow,
And Mill the feathered throngs, sir,
Art answered, from that portal low,
By those sweet minstrels' songs air,
Aad still at househould tasks they're found
And social pleasures share, sir
I sigh and pass 'tis holy ground,
For innocence is there, sir 1
When Southern maidens singing go
"Southern sun's to face, air
I fight along the cotton row,
Aad count it no disgrace, air,
I tall you, Independence is
Daclared her battles won, sir!
Oar losses sll redeemed by this :
"Tkt girU won't be outdone, air I
After the heat of the noon-tide ray
After the cares of the vearv dav
Finished the duties and toils of the day-
Cometh the end.
Into the unknown spirit land.
Over the river by no bridge spanned,
Crossing alone the misty strand,
Beginning the end.
Only a flatter and gasp for breath,
aij a cross and lily wreath,
Only s sleep the daisies beneath,
Hot yet the end.
Cleaving the sky with wings of a dove,
A crown of light in the realms- above,
A dwelling forever where God ia love,
TuUi! the blissful end.
'Gsinat Satan matched, qnote scriptures fetched Ions care, and come to the fort to see her
From far, like solemn, tall men ! beloved. It was pitiable to observe her,
As when, young blood, in jest I wooed as hour after boor she would sit on the
A maiden multifarious doorsteps of the young officer's quarters,
j, years snd hair false-curled, My dear," wailing for him to come out. At other
cl- ..;,t '-W.W are von MT-ri-ous 7" times s be would follow him about the
w ""-i - i .... . .
paraae grouna iiKe a dog, seeming per
fectly happy if she could be near him aud
enjoy the privilege of looking at him.
Spotted Tail hearing of the strange
conduct of his daughter, and deeply
mortified at her want of self respect, and
hastened to the fort, and putting her in
chsrge of snme kind friends, bade them
carry her off into the Rocky Mountains,
where a portion of her tribe dwelt, and
endeavored in every way to make her for
get her unfortunate love. She went away
eckly enough but tell into a deep melan
choly, from which no effort of friends
could arouse her. Presently she refused
to take any food, aud pitied way to a mere
One day a courier horse was white
with foam, sought the great chief aud told
him bis daughter was dying of broken
heart, and wished to see him once more
before she passed to the happy spirit land.
Away over mountain and stream hurried
the chief and paused not fur food or rest
until he had reached the bedside of his
beloved child, lie found her still alive
but fast sinking, aud she bade him Bit
close beside her and hpld her fleshless
bands in his while she told him all her
simple story of love and suffering and
a broken heart. She then said : "I shall
soon be at rest my father, aud with those
of our kindred who have gone b Kue. in
that beautiful land I will wait for you,
and you will soon come to join me, dear
father, for your looks are whitened with
care, you are fast growing old aud tired.
You are a great cnief and have yet many
warriors, but the pale faces are in re niim
erous than the leaves ot the forest, and I
pray you to cease waning with them.
Spare your people, my chief, real a little
while in peace, and yon will have reached
man, referring to his son, aaid, "Bob can
shoot just as well as I can."
Both Killed.
How Two Southern Gentleman Vowed
Vow and Kept it
The Stateaman of Austin, Texaa, aays:
From Serbin comes the news of the finale
ot a teartul tragedy, ana we are able to
1 rm 1 . .
gainer me following details m regard to
it. Drs. Mellette and Manning were
a.a a
Dotn practicing pnysicians m tue same
ueiguboihood, aud had been living there
for several years. Some little profession
al jealousies sprang
The present year will be memorable
says the Baltimore Crorerre, as the season
of flood and storms. The whole universe
seems to be at war with the watery ele
ment. In F ranee the terrible undulations
in the valley of the Garonne have had
their counterpart ia the destructive over
flow of the Danube in Hungary and the
calamitous tidal wave of Lake Leman, in
Switzerland, which caused snch destruc
tion at Geneva. England haa been visi
ted by almost incessant rainfalls daring
the whole summer long, which have rain
ed large portions of the growing crops,
and a si miliar misfortune has befallen the
great central States of the West. Aa
giving an idea of the rainfall in June and
can publishes statistic allowing that
19 b5 in inches of ram have fallen in two
monibe while the total average 24 inches.
The storm belt extends over the States
of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois,
Soul hern Iowa and Missouri. The heavy
raina began in May and extended through
June, with intervals of clear weather, but
since the first of July the rainfall baa
been almost incessant. The destruction
has been as great as that eacred by .sud
den inundations, but the loss of growing
crops has been heavy. Throughout the
fertile bottoms of the Scioto, Muskingum,
and Miami valleys of Ohio, and the
Wabash regions of Indiana, the lands are
entirely submerged, in many places to
the depth ot several feet. The wheat
crop, whether standing or harvested, haa
been almost completely ruined, while the
standing Corn has greatly suffered, and in
many places has been washed away. So
continuous have been the rains that very
little harvesting had been done, so that
The speedy arrival hi this country of
Messrs. Moody and Sankey is expected.
They were to leave Liverpool in the
steamer of August 4th, yesterday, and
ay therefore reach this citv in the coarse
of next week. For their safe voyage and
return to the native shores in good health,
the most fervent prayers will be offered
by thousands who have beard of the won
derful tbinga that have been done through
the instrnoientality of tbese two men.
The story of their work in Britain if
more extraordinary than any paaaage in
religions history since the days of White
field and Wesley. And indeed in many
aspects the movement haa been more re
markable. We mast consider the peeu-
furniture of
forward ss we have backward
oosvder things as fall ng, we
y eesse to a great central
all ia
one piece, which woeJd send oat waves si
heat through a perfectly empty ether.
aad gradually cool itself down. As this
mass got cool ft would be deprived ef all
life or motion. It woo Id be j est a ssave
enormous frozen block to the middle ef
the ether. Bat ono eonolaaion ia
which we have no right whatever as
upon. l depends opoo the as sen ass
tion that the laws of geometry and
rk.niM am m.L J -1 -
T rr.T r f r Granite Row .
auauiuicijr true w evr aoa ever.
is vsw -ff. . 4 JfflMl
From the Journal of
The Sun Cholera Mixture.
a a it i e a
liar intellectual furniture ot the m-n
their culture end training t their tor- More than forty years age, when H
eige origin, Bud that, too. ABsertcaas i fcd that
I hails naiAara nna n rmt f txtm aaAMi a I I Ku .
rT-fT "r" eho era waa aaUe than tt.. 1 I
mi hdtwaan t hom
and Mallette,iu time, began to talk about he wheat crop U nearly a total loss It
k. ..Umm. i , u . . j j is impossible to make an estimate of dam-
llic uiuvi uuVrWil iu nun ndo iraiucu as
an unjustifiable roauner. He did not, as it
is said, confine his remarks about Maun ing
in a professional capacity alone, but had
placed him in a wrong social light before
others, and had also indulged in reflcc
lions upon the character of a near female
relative of Manning. Manning finally
aa as .a aa
larors wit boat heralding or
their success is disarming opposition,
allaying prejudice snd securing confi
dence : their wondeiful facility iu obtaiu
ing the co operation of those who never
before co-operated with each ether, but
who now joined heart aud baud in up
holding the bauds of the these two lay
men : when we consider these elements
of the work, it challenges cam pari sou with
any modem rehgtuas movement in any
part of the world. Jr. X. Observer.
Health of Farmers.
called upon Mallette to give an explana
n i - i i
ttou or bis course, woieb resulted m an
a a mtm a mi
agreement between them to bgbt. i bey
went to a store, selected each of them a
butcher k .ife, and then seeking an open
place commenced the work ot carnage
The kuivea, in their virgin purity did the
work well, but belore either were mortal
ly wounded they were separated, Mai
1.. 1. - M
lette weltering in ins gore, ana Manning
a wreck of his former self. Though sep
arated, and death, in Mauning's case ap
pearing immtuent, a fearful veugun
mutually vowed upou the spot aud faith
fully k pt, aa the sequel shows. The
combatants slowly recovered from thrir
wounds. Manning's neck had almost
been severed from his body, and in his
recovery be became tearfully deformed,
l-i jl J a
nia ueaa oeiug arawn uy tne sevenng
of the muscles entirely out ef its proper
position. He went to the towu of Bclton,
in Bell county, while convalescing, and
remained there for a few months. Time
i as. a a.ta r i
age done. Allliougli the loss falls Heavily
a m ft' ta
on the farmers of me inundated regions.
there is no reason to apprehend a serious
scarcity ot wheat or corn. The supply
of the former will undoubtedly be small,
as compared with that of last year, but
still euongh to meet the demands .of the
export trade. The corn crop promises to
be unusually large.
Another danger which yet threatens
from the storm is the rising of the Missis
sippi from rhe heavy rains, aad the break
ing of the leveea. The floods of ita upper
tributaries have receded, and it ia hoped
so dread a calamity may be averted from
the so tecently devested regions, though
it is yet too early to speak with assurance.
Agriculture should be the most enobling
of all vocations. It would be, if farmers
cultivated the earth aa teachers develope
the bead and preacbera educate the heart.
Teachers all aim to train the thoughts
and feelings to truth and love, unity aud
happiness. Farmers should train the
earth to produce such crops and fruits,
aud such only aa am cmntneive to the
beet health and highest welfare of human
v I m. m
beings. Then would heir calling be wamtroat pocket, aud
traiiMformed from one of degrading drug I band. It it :
aKaHaank ai
Salisbsry.N C .a !
N U It i : H V .
a . r l ...
aocior or ootn hemispheres drew ap s
prescription, which was noMtsned (for
working people) in the New York 5am,
and took the name of "The Son Cholera
Mixture." Oar contemporary never lent
its asms to a better article. We have
seen it in eonauat ae for nearly two
score years, and found it to be the best
remedy for looseness of the bowels ever
yet discovered. It b to be commended for
several reasons. It is not to be ml led
with liquor, and therefore will not be used
ss an alcoholic beverage. Ita ingredients
are well known among all the com moo
people, and it will have an ptejediee to
combat ; each of the materials is ia equal
proportion to the others, snd it msy
therefore be compounded without ptofes
sional akill ; aad aa the doss is eo very
small, it may be carried in a tiny phial in
be alwaya at
JL larre atork a reaw.nable
1 1
M 4
w OsialasTws sW n?& aad 7 wka
seription of fnm. mt free.
July I. 1S7&. 4tvo.
At the old ataad of Foster A
Just received a fail line of Hat,
aeta, trimmed and untnm
and all U
tie, at
l of Hata, aad Bs
tssaa. BBWassBVtMBJsl
aad Asjetisaa awsssV
j.. .-.nasi
car aad diepasea.
a e n i ,
Inn satin nt ntir luiirnpv nf 1 1 to nr. in mss
to join me inthe happy home to which I Ued on, and vengauce demanded that
am uow coins?. The Di e faces are Lu uo'v: . "c "V luc
CJ o - - -
people, and between them and you 1 hope
war will never come again. And, O my
father aud my chief, when I am dead,
lake my poor wasted body and lay it ou
the hill beside the fort where I learned to
love so well." The pulseless hand grew
cold as the great chief promised bis child
all she asked of him, then the lustrous
eyes glased over, the thin lips ceased to
to move, the smile fled from the wasted
face, aud the Indian girl was dead.
The heart broken chief bid the atten
dants drees the body of the princess for
burial, and on the ehouldc:s of the stout
warriors it was carried to Laramie and
fulfilled. The forces of attraction that
were to bring these two men again togeth
er in mortal combat were too great to
withstand, and Manning found himself, a
few days ago, in the little town of Serbin.
VeugaucH had claimed its reward; and uo i
sooner had Manning become quietly dom
iciled at his own home, than the fierce
Mallette loaded his gun with deadly miss
stes, went in search of Mauuing, and
followed him to his own door, where he 1
nade an attempt to kill him, which result
ed in the immediate death of Mallette.
Manning had not forgotten th; mutual
vowa of vengance, aud when Mallette
A most wonderful and alnost maracu
lous escape occurred al the wharf of the
old Wilmington aud YVeldou Railroad on
Monday. It appears that Mr. U. G. iloss
hud a number ot workmen eugagud m
extending the wharf to deep waur, the
water at that point being very sballo
With this view be had driven a number
of pilings in a line from the wharf, cut'
ting them off at a low water mark, to
which he had attached "stringers," con
sistiug of timber placed on top of the
pilings and then secured. At the time
we allude to in the out set the tide was
rising and the timbers were aboat eveu
with the water, while the wind was blow
ing quite briskly up the river, wheu Mr
Ross who was euperiudeuding the work,
suddenly discovered the little steamer
Fire-Flu pasiug the wharf of Messrs.
ery a d itiieirainuble toil to one id h..e.
ment aud luxury. The germinating seeds.
the waving grains, the luscious fruits, so
suggi-stive of the source of all life aud
blessing, aud the harvest season, so typi
cal of a resurrection and immortality.
ought to make the life an agriculturist a
continual pastiime. And this would be
the farmer s life, if farming was managed
as it should be. Farmers have uni on. died
natural advantages for health strength
and longevity. The statistics of disease
and the tables of mortality, however, are
against them. This is not due to that vo
cal ion but to their misuses of it. No
via.-, a- a 2. -i , is probably so reckless
of health conditions. So far a our ac
quaintance with the habit of fanners is
concerned snd it has bec.n extensive it
compels the conclusion, that, aa a rule,
the dietetic habits of farmers are worse
than those of a y other class who bavo
the means ot choosing for themselves.
Science of Health.
Tioeu opii,
Meuth pip..
Mix the shove in equal parts : dose.
ten to thirty drops. In plain terms, take
equal parte tincture of opium, red pepper,
rhnbarb, peper mint, aad camphor, and
mix ibem for nae. Iu case of diarrhoea
take a dose of ten or tweoty drops ia
three or four teaspoenfals of water. Ke
one who haa tbia by and take ia time will
ever have the cholera. We earn mend it
I to oar western friends, and hope that the
receipt will be widely published. Even
when no cholera is anticipated it is aa
excellent remedy for ordinary summer
id SUsaptag seas to prdar.
Orders executed
Pinking aad
The Rtore will b
tern and no
any ooa. lata role r unvarihSS. .
tyring St Oct 1875.
120 Bags Coffee,
50 Barrels Sugar,
40- "
Bather Serious Gas.
A very pretty, miss of aboat seventeen
went to a Dr. R to have a troublesome
tooth extracted, and after dreading it
awhile at leugth reaolved to take a dose
of laughing gaa to take the sharp
edge off. A lady friend accompan
ied her, and was anxious to oote the
effect ot the subtle "gas upon her charming
and vivacious campauion. She did not
have to wait long, for no sooner had the
Trast Ike Utile Oases.
I call to mind two families that havs
grown ap within my knowledge two
homes presided over by parents who were
anxious to do right, and ta rear their
children to do right. Ia awe of
homes the lock aod key were pat
every door behiod which cake, pie
drawer containing curiosities and trinket.
The good mother aad the sternly jas
mther meant well I hev meant to re
Fire-Fly pa-sing the wharf of Messrs. Jllflaenc0 a.nUwl it8eIf lhan sbe "T TV " Otf
Vick and Mebaue, which extends connd- tKrew her ufnmD. dimtfUd ,rm. around temptation from tb park ef the child ran fern Q
6000 lbs. Bacon. 000 las. Lard,
2000 lbs. Bast Sugar Cared Haass,
20 Kegs 8oda,
20 Boxes 44
50 " Adamantine Candles,
40 " Soap, 2000 lb.
30 Cases Oysters,
20 do Brandy Peaches
20 do Lemon Symp,
g0 do Fresh Peaches,
10 do Pins Apples,
10 do Smoking Tot
25 arose Suaff, 25 Coils CeUoa
40 dns. Paiuted Pails,
40 Bases Assorted Candy,
100 Reams Wrapping Paper,
A fan hue of Weed at auk.
A fall I'm of Bot V c
A fall line of Hata.
A foil linear Saddles A BvaAUa, Beit, Peaaer.
Ginger. 8ce. Canned Gu4. K j: Bat : r
J ate
woiliuiv aw v e0 vhiiivm ww -' lit , , ,
laid to rest among the pale faces, one of made b? Pf c b,e 5 5" full
r ... ' I r, .... r . I l i t.1 la Full nin... ll,rn,.l,
prepared. Mallette fell pierced through
the heart with a bullet, aud a fierce and
bloody vow was fulfilled.
whose race she bad so fatally loved. Her
grave is still pointed out to the traveller,
and there it will long remain a monument
of the saddest story of the plains. Spot
ted Tuil often speaks of his dear daughter
with iff i innate reiniuhrauce, aud one iu
a creat counsel held v-U the whites at
Laramie be said : "Were not the hope-1 The Bein Public ot Tarbes, June 29,
lessnesss of resistance, and the dictates of thus describes the desrnction of the bridge
policy sufficient to restrain me from acts of of the Adour : U rom daybreak the en
war, the pledge 1 made to my dead child lure tengin oi me siruciure was
A Terrible Moment.
erably beyond that of the railroad wharf,
being immediately below it and making
directly fur the obstructions, with full
head of steam on aud the wind aud tide
with her. Mr. Rose, who was almost
overwhelmed with consternation and
alarm, waved and shouted to the officers
of the approaching boat, but to no pur
pose. The knowledge of the awful dan
ger so near at band bad come too late to
the captain and engineer for them to
alter their coarse, and the boat sped with
threw her plump, dimpled arms around
the nee of the susceptible dentist, ex
claiming ss she visited bis lips with her
own : "Oh, yon desr darling duck of a
man, you are good enough to eat !"
Of course she knew nothing about the
but what was ibe reealtf As the chil
dren came to the age ef reflection they
were forcibly reminded ef the feat that
hey were not treats d. If they were not
trusted by their own parents wka knew
leer. Toeaeea. oraet err.
Tenners kiaehine Otis. V . Sc.
The above stank waa l u- : tbs late
aeai j decline la price. e-d l nVred at We4r
sals A Retail at very shmt pref for rssai
Jan Jrd 187s, 4
fearful rapidity to her appareutly certain luju, ue wi-hed Wheu she recov
lnnirh nirh followed, or the eonfuainn on
the part of the demist, any more thaU she lh" WH eonrse they were not worthy
kuew what she bad done. But the doe . of trust. Thsy naturally accepted the
tor was somewhat flattered, and ased the . titoation, and, jast as aataraliy their wits
most skillful manipulations iu extracting folod work io cireainrenting tbc keepers
Satan t . tan t la Itiai n ti Altun1 mr. a svalnl an .
tlJ rj i.cctu BBBBBwaj wu aa wan tva nw or we t e on
mouth. In reility, the j b was finished
a I. Hvy plow i. rc.
" W v ; 4 ;-a
Ladies Rmbrnidi-red !, . wm.sA llA.
in her dying hour would cause me to keep
at peace witb your people."
From the Richmond Whig.
The Old Flint-Lock Rifle.
with people, too busy in watching the
passage in the stream of trees, gates, arti
cles of fundi ure stid other things, to have
any apprehension of the danger they ran.
At a quarter before one, some workmen,
noticing the water dashing violent against j
the piers of the bridge, and the flood at -tainiug
the crown of the arches, saw the
An elr!erlv man named Beckwith. re- masouary begin to open. A lockmtlh
siding in one of the Peninsula counties, named Bart hex was one of the first to per
came to this city last Thursday ou bttsi ceiveHhe danger, which-be at once an
ness. Ue brought with him an oldfash- nouneed, begging the crowd to retire at
ioned flint h ek rifle to have a stock put once. At nrst no attention was paid to
on. On the cars ho fell in conversation the warning ; but some men employed at
with a party of three gentlemen from this (be arsenal came behind the store of M.
city, when one of them, to test the reality Roee and saw the dual fly and the mortar
of some of the extraordinary feats of give way, on wbieh a workmsn called
marksmanship he boasted of, offered him Coulmet hurried away and joined Bartbes
S10 to repeat some of them, to wbieh the in giving the alarm. Still the idea pre
two added 85 between them. The trial 1 vailed that tne wooie mciueni was a piece
came off in an old field half a mile below I of pleasantry. But on seeing tboae two
Rockertr, and waa witnessed by about a men pale, and terrified, the people began
dozen persons. I to leave tne nnage. ai mat moment an
The old flint iocs was nred seven times, oscmauon was pew, aim me panic i eacneu
aod only once missed ita aim. The old its height ; a few ecouds later a detona
. r i , . . . I " I l i:i- l. C: 1
front finAll after UiaKtner IWO SOOlS ai HUH o ueaiu uae mc uniig "trim
small objects tooneBide, to get his hand pieces of artillery ; it was the bridge which
steady, as be said, banded bis son a po- bad given away, precipiiaung wuu n aev
ram and stationed him at fifty yards dis I eral nnfortunste persons into the river
tance, holding the potato between his They are said to have four in number,
thumb and forefinger. The rifle cracked and to have succeeded in saving them-
and the potato fell cloven in three or four selves, and ws sincerely trust that such
pieces. One of the larger pieces was is the case. The crash was followed by
ihen thrown in sir, the marksmen keeps the cries snd lamentations nt toe pope-
ing at the same distance, and again the lace ; one calling out for bis brother, an -
shot told. Au inch aod a half auger other bis son ; this one seeking his wife
was then produced, and a bole bored in and that other her husband. After the
the fence, behind wbieh waa fastened s first moment of terror and passed crowds
pieee of white paper. At a distance of hurried to cross by the railway bridge,
sixty yards the marksman sent s ball still intact, in order to realtors their
clear through the aperture, piercing the families and friends.
doom. Upou her deck were a number of
men, womeu and children, who were pas
sengers from mithfield to this city, and
as the little stesmer n eared the obet ruc
tions the cheeks of sll including the offi
cer of the boat and Mr. Ross, were liter
ally blanched with terror. And now
comes the shock, while every one's breath
is suspended and heart atands still aa the
crew and passengers seem to realise the
fearful doom from which they can per
ceive no shadow of a chance of escape.
But, lo ! and behold, the bow of the little
craft mounts the obstruction, the fearful
speed at which she was being driven im
pels her forward with irresistible force,
and she finally to the astonishment of all
glides safely out shaken and scarred, into
the water beyond the danger which had
so imminently threatened ber aud her
precious freight. A man with a child la
bis arms ia thrown by ths concussion into
the now seething waters, but be recov or
himself and the child is kept at hand and
the man who was cast is rescued. Aud
now the time for cougra'-niaiiou has come
and all are at least safe that they have
by an almost miracuious interposition of
Divine Providence been snatched from
the very jaws of death. W&. Journal.
ered from its effects her friend asked ber
of the bidden treasures. Fruit er pee try,
accidentally left exposed, was ears to dis
appear. If the culprit was found he was
LadMM Snsner at SIX w r
Ladaea Croquet BUpaiira a: $Ui - h
Ladiea Cloth Gaiters U I l?S e..n&
Ladie (loth Oa fer al e,.rb
A lax fa lot of Qui J ran anew eery
mWt 1 1.1 I I .l
enect deiigniiui, ana eveu asaea tne
dentist if be would not give it to her
"Yes," aaid he, "if yon will go through
the ssme performance yon weut through
just now.
She was then informed by ber companion
what she had done, and coloring up slight-
aud casting rather a bubious look at
the dentist, sbe said :
"Never mind, I guess I won't have
any more, for I am convinced now that it
makes a person act like a tool.
Fancy the feelings of that tootb-jerker.
Ow Cousrk. A middle aged woman,
says the Free Press, fell as she wss de
scending a pair of stairs on Jefferson
avenue yesterday, aud the first msn to
help her reach ber feet waa a banker who
happened to be passing.
"Did yon fall, madam t he inquired, as
he seised her arm
"Fall T of course I fell, yon fool, yoa
ion don t suppose I d sit down here to
rest, do yon " she snapped.
He don't aav
how she liked it, aud she proclaimed the punished. Bv-end-by ths elder si the
children found falss keys to fit the locks
ot the eloaet doors: and so it came to pass
that systematic thieving became the order
of the day.
Io the other home, with the same nam
ber of children, not hi g, that could poeei-
bly excite lbs normal desire ot a child
waa ever locked ap or hidden. From
cellar to garret, all atoring places of fruit,
pastry and sweetmeats were open and
free. One of the very first fdeea impress
ed upon the minds of the children waa
that they were worthy of trust. Ami
they were trusted. No false deaiiee as
appetites were created by concealing from
them good and pleasant things. And so,
being trusted, thsy grew np trustworthy;
and the good mother of that bonaebnid
would as soon hsve thought of6uding her
child cutting lis own fingers off as finding
it using those fingers in stealing.
And who shall say hew much of this
early education is earned into the after
life, for weal or woe f Far more, 1 wot,
than is generally considered.
There is a vast difference between need
leeslv setting temptation before the little
ones, and a generous, hearty trusting ot
them. And, again, there are excretions
to nearly ail nslrn. I know a child with
eyes so weak, and luugs so painfully sen
sitive, that be cannot hear the sunlight or
the fresh air. Yet. WW believe sunlight
and freah air is SS gists ally healthy far
children. JkJeptonteaia w not ibe
condition of nnr little ones. If,
an unlucky arch in is discovered to he
absolutely afflicted with that pilferiag
disease, let the remedy of restraint be ap
plied; bat hs taw name 4 lawn and) eserey,
do ant administer the m edict oe ta the dear
child that is kakhis--it amy be as dan
gerou as it i unjust.
A writer In the Fortnightly Review
make an effort to show that, although we
can in no way time the beginning ot the
universe, we hsve much evedence to show
that the wolrd began to solidify between
one aud two hundred millions of years
ago, and that, though we can say nothing
as to the end of the universe, the end of
the earth, and with it of consciousness
opon the earth, ia as probable as science
can make anything. The reader will
rarely not he templed to patient rending
by gloomy conclusion that study ot the
orgiu and probable deeiiuy of the universe
is useless, because ws here found a scien
tific point of view no date to go upoo.
Iu any ease all we know is that the ana
is going oat. If we fall into the au then
we shall be fried. It we go away from
the sun, or the sun goes oat, then ws shell
be frozen. So that, so far as the earth is
concerned, we have no means of determin
ing what will be the character of the end,
but we know that ons of these two things
must take place in time. Bat la regard
to the whole universe, If we were to travel
. . t.'-oaes 4vvjef ft - '- - Cyj
th beet artertioe of X
la Weatern North
Ctold Opera snd Vest CI
Spectacles and
tl fro Mia st
JVaadbea, C
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mw ta V3 tnesrncjst
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WJ-mtt S

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