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lne Carolina
Proprietor and Editor.
Associate Editor.
Y k ah payabletn advance.
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Copies to any
address...., 10.0
TAc people of North Carolina in Con
vention assembled do ordain. Tbat the
following sections be added to article foar
of the Constitution :
Section.-. Any Jndge of the Su
preme Court or of the Superior Courts, and
the presiding officers of such Courts in
ferior to the Supreme Court as may be
established by law, may be removed from
office for -mental or physical inability upon
a concurrent resolution of two-thirds of
both houses of the General Assembly.
The Judge or presidiug officer, against
whom the General Assembly may be
about to proceed, shall receive notice
thereof, accompanied by a copy of tlie
causes alleged for his removal, at east
twenty days before the day on which
either House of the General Assembly
snail act thereon.
Sec.. Any Clerk of the Supreme
Court, or of the Superior Courts, or of
such Courts interior to the Supreme Court
as may be established by law, may be
removed from office for mental or physi
cal inability ; the Clerk of the Supreme
rftfW707W Clerk, at g Coar(8 by
tiou assemttca ao oraam, " ." judge rWing lhe district, and the Clerks
four, ' a"c,e lwui uc """
it vk S5T IS I Sn R IT U S
oxe StUABB.(l inch) One insertion
v.. two "
RllP for a greater number
ra(vierate. Special notices 26
Si 00
of insertions
per cent, more
i... ,..Hwprtifmntn. Bead in notice.
J,,, ycr line for each and every insertion
fatted by ihe North Carolina Constitu
tional Convention of 1875.
Itfiid three times and ratified in open
Convention, this 30th day of September,
The people of North Carolina in Con
tention assembled do ordain, That sect ion
eietit. of articles four, of the Constitution
b amended so as to reaa us iouowb :
The .Supreme Court shall consist of a
Chief Justice and two Associate Justice's.
Read three limes and ratified in open
Conveutiou, this 30ih day of September,
The people of North Carolina in Con
vention assembled do ordain, Tbat section
four article four, of the Constitution be
amended so as to read as follows :
The Judicial power of the State shall
l... in a Court for the trial of Im
peachments, a Supreme Court, Superior
Courts, Courts of Justices of the Peace,
and such other Courts as may be estab
lished by law.
Read three times and ratified in open
Convention, this the 30th day of Sep
tember, 1875.
there is no God. Go on a street further
and you wilt see a man trying to prove
there is no hell, and no soul in a man,
and so on all over the city.
Patent medicine men also join in with
the others, and Temperance lecturers, and
here they have it. This is the way Sun
day is kept in the Western metropolis.
1 he ladies are all hearty and well made
(apparently), but it is very seldom you
find one that is really refined and modest,
or that will not go to the theatre on Sun
day. Fast ! did I say t Well just come
and see for yourself. No more at pres
ent.- Piedmont Press.
H. II. B.
of such Courts inferior to the Supreme
Court as may be established by law, by
the presiding officers of said Courts. The
Clerk against whom proceedings are in
stituted shall receive notice thereof, ao
cdmpanied by a copy of causes alleged
for his removal at least ten days before
the day appointed to act thereon, and the
Clerk shall be entitled to an appeal to
the next term of the Superior Court, and
then to the Supreme Court, as provided
in other cases of appeals.
Read three times and ratified
Convention, this 8ih day of
in open
Letter From California.
A Painful Scene and a Touching
In the Marora (III.) News of the 25th
of September is an account of the resign
nation of Elder J. V. Beekman as pastor
of a church in that village. For some
time past the reverened gentleman's hab
its have been s'ucb as to cause great grief
to his friends and bring reproach upon
the Church. At the close of the sermon
which was preached bj a neighboring
pastor, Elder Beekman made the follow
ing address, which we give as a warning
to all men, both young and old, to avoid
the tin and shame which have come upon
this man :
As a man I havo the highest conception
as to what the life and character of a min-
i 111 VI
ister ot tue gospel stiouia oe. 1 Enow
hat be should lead a consistent and up
right life that can be looked to by
community as an example of purity
righteousness. Knowing that my
has not been snch in all respects, I desire
to tender to this church, for which I have
labored so long, my resignation.
You are aware that I refer to my sin of
intemperance. This may be my last op
portunity of addressing yon, and I want
to ask vou that vou will not charge this
it would
teaches better things. Charge it all -to
ray own depravity and sinful nature. To
you who have not this habit it is strange
tli if I should thus yield to temptation. I
well remember the time wbeu I
thought it strauge that others drank and
ruined tliemseiVes with alconoi. l
The Winston Sentinel, of Oct. 21, thus
nails the lie the Radicals told about the
cost of the convention :
The convention will cost about $31,000,
which amount will be more than saved
in one year by reducing the pay of mem
bers of the h gislatnre and limiting the
length of the session. The Radicals
during the campaign declared
cost at least 8300,000, and
$500,000. But this is as near the truth
as they generally come.
The Charlotte Observer, of October 21,
wants the amendments property explain
ed to the people, and has this to say on
the subject :
"It is very easy to see tbat the falling iui lnat trjere are so many vouns
off in the Democratic vote in this state in nere this morning that I may lift
August last was due to tne want ot
1 Jack O W Atwell
S Brood Mare Rebecca
Jas Norwood
4 Saddle Ilorse, Jock Roulac
Jas Norwood
8 Yearling Colt Andrew Barger
0 Draft Horses Snml Bailey
12 Stallion C F Walker
14 4 yr. Old Colt C P Walker
17 Stallion P W Hairston
33 Brood Mare ft Colt
P W Hairston
34 Saddle Horse
35 Single II .mess "
36 3 yr Old Colt J C Miller
37 Mule between 1 A 8 veers
O WAtwell
38 Pr Draft Mules Thos E Brown
33 Stallion H Nail
40 8 Tr Old Stallion
n M Leaser
43 Single Mule O T Thomson
43 5 44 Jas Scott
44 Pr Draft Mules
J R Crawford
1st $5 00
let 1000
1st 500
1st 3 00
1st 00
2nd 10 00
1st 500
1st 1000
2nd 500
2nd 300
2nd 3 00
1st 5 00
lit 5 00
1st 8 00
Sd 500
1st 500
2d 3 00
1st 5 00
2d 500
6 Grain Fertiliser Drill "
7 Sulky Hay Rake
8 Corn Sheller, r
Hi 4 i ' .
v neat r an,
10 Cider and Wine Press, u
11 Extension Ladder,
18 Portable Engine, Joshua
13 Thresher sad Separator M
14 Horse Power, -
15 Reaper sad Mower Combined,
Joshua Thomas
It Mower, -
17 Mower and Dropner Combined
a m - -
18 Ptrnrp,
20 Florence Sewing Machine,
22 Mattress, J B Watson,
23 Dot Brooms, tS ft D
24 Bedroom Set, J A Clodfclter A Co 5 ft D
85 Dressing Bureau " 5 ft D
24 Secretary and Writing Desk
J A ClodfelUr ft Co
4 neifer, W H norah 1st $5 00
5 Devon Milch Cow, John Beard, 1st 8 00
6 Heifer " u Snd 8 00
8 Bull, S R Clark 1st 8 00
10 Bull, J B Johnston 2nd 4 00
11 Milch Cow, " Snd 4 00
15 Fatted Beef M 1st 5 00
38 Fine Ton Bujnrv. W M Barker
29 Two Horse Carriage, 44 44
30 Spring Wagon, 44 44
31 Open Buc-'v,
33 44 44 ai
83 44 44 44
24 U U 44
85 Shelton Tobacco nsnger.
$5 ft D
$3 AD
t for best
) diaplsy
yea want Hardware at
figures, call oa the undersigned at Ha.
Graaite Row.
Salisbury ,N. C ,Msy 1 3-tl.
41 1 Horse Farmc
Tlxe people of North Carolina in Con
olina assembled do ordain. That section
eight, of article two, be strikenfrom the
Read three limes and ratified in open
Convention, this the 30th day of Sep
tember, 1575.
Tlie people of North Carolina in Con
tention assembled do ordain : That the
smendmcnts niado to the Constitution of
North Carolina by this Convention shall
not have the effect to vacate any office or
term of the office new existing under the
Constitution of the State, and filled or
held by rirtue of any election or appoint-.
meut under the said Constitution, and
the laws of the State made iu pursuance
, Head three times and ratified in open
Convention, this the 4ih day of October,
San Francisco, Cal.
Sept. 30, 1875.
Editor Piedmont Press,
Dear Sir : I
have no doubt but that your readers
would be pleased to hear from this part
of the United States. I send you a letter
which you can publish if you like, lhe
Bank of California, which was suspended
some time since, will open again to-mor
w ft w
v nil 1 i a.
row (tJct. 1,). Hie people nave great
deal of confidence in it, notwithstanding the
reports that have been circulated. To
show you the confidence that is placed iu
it I will copy the words of Senator
Sharon at a meeting of the Board of Trus
tees of tlie Bank of California yesierdy :
' Gentlemen, 1 have heretofore stated
that I am willing to bring half my for
tune into the Bank of California, I have
taken steps to make good that promise,
and as speedily as the necessary arrange
ments can be made I shall place $7,500,
000 to the credit of the concern.'
That promise, coming from a man
whose word is his bond, determines a
great future for the Bank of California. I
have no doubt but that the people of the
East think the late President, W. C. Rals
ton, was a swindler and that he committed
suicide, but such is not the .case in San
Francisco ; although several of the lead
ing papers have defamed his name. - (1
have no doubt but that they will be
punished for it.) He was well thought
of here
want or in-
tormatiou among the white people as to
the issues involved. Long before the
Democratic piess became aroused the
Radical press had thundered into the ears
of the masses a perfect cylone of misrep
resentation and falsehood, which the ma-
m a S .
jority never heard corrected, as it was
noticeable tbat not 0119 halt the white
voters turned out at the discussions. Our
party should not be caught napping till
too late another lime. We hope every
Democrat who feels an interest in the
success of his party will, now while the
subiect is fresh, take the trouble to see
that the amendments passed by the late
convention are thoroughly understood by
the whole people. All the amendments
are a popular character and only need to
be understood to bo adopted. Let every
intelligent, reading Democratic see that
his less intelligent ueighbors thoroughly
uow, and
voice in warning and beg them to profit
byjniy example. You think now that
you are strong and in uo danger. I well
remember the time wbeu I believed the
same. Twelve vears a?o. when I reach
cd forth my inexperienced hand-and took
the intoxicating cup, I thounht I was
strong; but I developed a habit that now
Yearling, Cotswold Buck
James Norwood 1st $4 00
44 Cotswold Ewe 44 1st 4 00
44 44 44 44 2nd 2 00
Catswold Lamb 0 mos old
James Norwood 1st 3 00
" 6 mos old " 2nd 2 00
1 Buck, Andrew Barger 2nd 2 00
Pr Pigs under 6 mos.
O W Atwell
Boar, William Howard
Sow and Pigs, " 44
2nd $2 00
1st 5 00
2nd 2 00
1st 5 00
1st 10 00
understand the amendments
there will be no trouble about
tion a year hence."
eir adop
To New York in Three Hours
Baltimore Gazette, 19th.
A number of persons yesterday visited
Tlte people of North Carolina in Con
vention assembled do ordain, That sec
tions twenty six and twenty-seven, arti
cle four of the Constitution be striken out
and insert the following
the intersection of Boundary aud Madison
v r it
avenues to see iroieeaor oenroeuer s
steerable air-ship, with which he proposes
to visit different portions of the United
States and the Old World, and he ex
plained to all the various sections aud
workings of the machine. The ladies
seemed to be particularly interested, and
teld the Professor "ihey would so love to
take a trio beyond the clouds in his air-
I ship." He said to them that he never
. rj .i. rv-f a,u a ,.tinCa invited anv one to make an ascension for
friends of the late W. C. Ralston will ! the reason that when they made one trip
hold a meeting at Union Hall, in order to tuey always wisnea to go again.
determine what steps shall be taken to j
confute the slanders cast upon the fair 1
fame ef the dead public benefactor, and
at the same time punish his foul defamers. I
Every man with the heart of a man beat- j
ing ir, his breast will atteud the meeting, ,
and show that poor RaLton, though gone, !
is not friendless.
Speaking of the bank, there ia one
thing remarkable, and that is, not a single,
The Justices of the Supreme Court
hall be elected by the qualified voters of mercantile failure has yet occurred iu all j
the State, as is provided for the election this monetary panic. lne Btocic oroaers
- 1 p . 1 r 1 A 1.1
ui mcmoers or me wcnerai aHimuij. 1 T 1 . , nil,:,
also hold their own surprisingly well.
fi t 1..1J .u . re r Jo paurr uao j pi"..
1 uejr turn, uoiu mcir uuicc. lur c.guk - - . mMtAn ne hni,,P men unnn
this coast. v
Emierants arrive here
The Judges of the Superior Courts,
elected at the first election under this
amendment shall be elected in like man
ner as is provided for Justices of the
Snpreuio Court, and shall hold their
offices for eight years. The General
Assembly may, from time to time pro
vide by law that the Judges of the Super
ior Courts, chosen at succeeding elections
instead of being elected by the voters of
the whole State, as is provided for, shall
be elected by the voters of their respective
Read three times and ratified in open
Convection, this 9th day of October,
A number of applications have been
received to take passage iu the air ship,
and among them the application of Pro
fessor Wise, the aironaut, who with Pro
fessor Schroeder, is sanguine of the suc
cess of the enterprise and a safe voyage
across the Atlantic. Schroeder says he
has expended years of study and large
sums cf money upon the invention and its
final completion, and many prominent
scientists, and especially those of Europe,
believe that all that is expected ot the
ship will be realized.
In 1872 Schroeder states that he made
. . ... ! l :
an ascension wuu a smaller macuine,
similarly constructed, from Brazil.
Yesterday was the first day that an
exhibition was given of the ship portion
, of the balloon, the propellers, &c. It is
i constructed of wire about tbree-six-teenths
! of an inch in diameter, is eizbtv-fiv-e feet
holds me in chains, aud in the most awful
slavery that humanity was ever subjected
to. It holds me iu its embrace when I
seek my bed for repose; it disturbs my
dreams during the weary hours of night
and seizes me as if prey when I rise up
in the moruing to enter upon the duties
of the day.
Profit, oh ! profit, by my example.
See what it has done for me. There was
a time when I stood as fair as any minis
ter of the Church in Illinois; there was a
time when I had as btight prospects and
as cheering h.po$ for the fu:ure as any of
my cUssuiutes. But now they are all
gono because of intemperance. O ! that
I could bring the whole world to hear my
warning voice. Young ladies, you can do
much to remove this rursc from the world
by not countenancing tia use among your
comp tuions
Bietbren, I sever my connection with
you as your pastor with a sad heart. It
would be sad upon the most favorable
circumstances, but much more so as it is.
But I shall remain wiih you in tho church
and labor in the community for a liveli
hood; I will come to your social meetings
and work with you iu the Sunday school,
aud will do all I can to alone for the great
sin I have committed.
God knows I do not wish to injure His
cause. Pray for me that I may yet over,
come this besetting sin. I trust that I able to conquer. Bat shall I go
down uuder the withering influence,'! ask.
that you remember me kindly. Wher
ever you meet me and under what cir
cumstances, remember there was a lime
when you were proud of me. But treat
me as you may, act towards me aa you
choose, I beg that you will remember my
wife kiudly. Do not give her pain aud
sorrow because of my wrong doiug. Poor
woman, she has always suffered euough.
I married her a sweet and iunoceut girl.
She has been a patient aud fui'hful wife.
Again I ask that you will kindly remem
ber my wife and children.
5 Pen of nogs, 44 44
7 Litter of Pigs, under C mos
William Howard 2nd
10 Pen of Piff?. under 6 mos
John C Miller 1st 4 00
12 Fattening Hogs
U U Crawford 2nd
Brood Sow, II Y Miller 1st
8 00
3 00
5 00
8 U Shelton Dipl
Meroney & Bro '
Farmer's 3 Horse Plow,
Meroney fc Bro '
2 Horse Left-Hand Plow,
Meroney & Bro 1
SulkeyPlow, 44 44 '
Cotton Scraper, D A Atwell 1
5 Horse Collars, 44 $1 & D
58 Saddle, 44 44 Diploma
57 Blacksmith Fan, L V Brown
58 Fire Extinguisher, 44
59 Hail Cotton Gin Feeder and
Condenser, Wm A Smith 1st Prem'
60 Two Horse Cast Plow,
J n Best Diploms
One 44 44 44 44 44 44
Two Horse Steel Plow, 44 44 44
Feed Cutter, 44 44
Farm Gate, 44 44 44
P.l orwl Uil Pnr u 14 44
rc- nail a a v. v.
arc n 9 u r y .
5 ig 9
mrf Mock at rvaMnbl rates.
Hew CatabfiM for IH7S sad 76 with full dt
criptiona o( fruit, mmi! free.
Rrt Pum,
Yadkia (.00017. C
J0I7 I. 1875.-4tm.
'At the old stand of Forter A Horah.
Jiwt received a full line .f Ht, and
oeU, trimmed snd tintriromed. Kibboo,8carfc
and all lhe latest trench and American novel-
we, at
Pr Geese, O W Atwell 1st Pre.
44 White Ducks,
Mi Zartha Hartman
Rumpled Chicken,
Miss Clara Tate
Turkey, Mis3 Nellie Howard
Pair of Brahma, A Parker
Trio Table Chickens 44
Pair Game Chickens, A Barger
Puir of Turkeys, Ucttie Thotuason
Pat Mod Wagon Break.
H W Weedon
Lamp, Buis & Barker,
Case of Toilet Arts, Buis A Barker
Pat Folding Clothes Reck,
G W Green
72 Specimens of Photography,
W T Robertson
74 Cotton Plow Iron Wheel,
DrOM Shemwell
80 Corn H usher, Edward Tate
Calf Skins,
Order executed with care and dU patch.
Pinking snd Stamping does to order.
The Store will be conducted on the Cash ve
tem and no goods or work will be charged fee
any one. Thia rale ta nnvanble.
April, 15th 6we.
Wheat.'Charlotte City Mills 1st P $8 00
Bu Rxd Wheat, O W Atwell 1st P 3 00
Bu Oats, 44 " 2nd 1 00
Sack Flour, H M Iscnhour 1st 5 00
1 Bale of Cotton S R Harrison 1st 8 00
Bu Rye, James Norwood
no competition $2 00 P
16 Bu of Barley, James Norwood
no competition $8 00 P
18 Bu Clover Seed. J Norwood $4 Recom.
20 Bale of Native Grass Hay,
James Norwood $5 1st P
22 Bale of Clover Ray, 44 $3 2nd
27 Bu Yellow Stock Corn.
R A Shuping $2 P
32 Bu Black Oats, Andrew Barger $2 1st
39 Bale of Clover Hay, T E Brown $5 1st
40 2 Bales Nativa Grass Hav 44 8 2nd
49 Bu White Wheat, G T thomason $2 2nd
43 Bu Field Peas 44 44 82 Pre
44 Bushel of Grist 44 44 1st 83
45 Sample of Sorghum,
G T Thomason no com. 83
40 Orchard Grass Seed,
W T Thomason $4 Pre
50 i Bushel Beans,
C C K rider no com. P Recom -52
Sack of Flour, J S McCubbins 2nd $3 00
54 Bu Bread Corn, W W Miller Pre. 2 00
5G Bu Hominey Corn,
J F E Brown Pre. 2 00
Overman Holmes A Co Prem $8
2 Sides of Upper Leather,
Overman Holmes A Co Prem 62
Plain Flannel, M R Thomason $2
Home Made Flannel,
J D Johnston 1st f8
Spill Stock 1875.
1 Hearth rug Miss A. E. Rutt lodge $8.
3 Embroi'd hdk f - 2.
8 Cake basket Mrs. Dr. Murdock pr'um
10 Bed quilt 2
Set tidlet mats Mrs. J. A. Clodfelter pr'm
Embr'd hdk'f W. IT Neave pr'm
Braid d pillow ah'm It W. Price pr'm
M Humphreys
pr ui
Worsted tidy
Child's sack
Emb'd shawl
Alt ban
35 Lth'r pict' frame W. 8. Negus
87 Hair work Miss L Morgan
89 Pin cosh. A mat Mrs. W. 8. Neeus
40 2 Gown yokes MissM. F. Henderson pr'm
48 Embr'd sash Miss B. Wren pr'm
53 Fly brush Mrs. L V. Brown 1
60 Dspl'y of miry ., S. J. Halyberton 1
63 Lot of tatting Miss Laura Buis 1
68 Slose flowers M E. Mabcry 1
Case dried flowers Mrs. W. M. Barker $1
Dried Grasses Miss Ann is Mean 1
80 Pots flowers - Jennie Coffin 4
Bu White Wheat, II G Miller
44 neai, "
Bale of Cotton, J F Smith
Bu Corn Meal, J D Johnston
82 2nd
$1 2nd
84 2nd
$2 1st
daily, and are
leavii.g nearly as fast, those who are able.
They are disappoined at not finding gold
growing ou trees as they expected. I
...,..,1.1 aav tn oil ttmao wlin bavR an e no.
tion of coming to California to not come j Q length, nine feet high, and eight feet
2 he people of North Carolina in Con
vention assembled do ordain, Tbat section
one, article tix, of tho Constitution, be
amended to read as follows :
1 8tc . Every male person, born in
tie United States, and every male person
who hss been naturalized, twenty-one
years old or upwsrd, who shall reside in
llm Alalai . I .1. . .l;.w
-v uiwa vwcivo oiuuut licit unwiuius e i -i 1 ,... fc
tbe election, and ninety day. tithe coon- ottt. .
..' J J ... .1 ...II .i..nia whcrA I ipp arp nn
V in Which ho. nffora to vnlp ahall be I51 . J
deemed an elector. But no person, who,
upon conviction or confession in open
court, ahall be adjudged guilty of felony,
or of any other crime infamous by the
laws of ibis State, and hereafter commits
ted, shall be deemed an elector, unless
Uch neraon ahull ho restored tn the risrhts
ft citizenship iu a mode prescribed by 8Pn uin.
law. I not teligi
without a g o l trade. If you are a good
carpenter, blacksmith, plasterer, bricklay
er. &c. vou can readily get from S3 to
84 per day, but it m surprising to see t he i
thousands ot young men who come to mis
State having no trades at all, and there
are, 1 will assert, one tuouaeuiu yuung
men here idle. If a man wants to watt
in a restaurant, saloon or hotel, he can no
doubt get a place at $3 to $C0 per month.
It is quite different here to that in the
East ; a driver stands as high in soeiety
here as the one he drives, for there are no
negroes to do the work, and white men
do it, except washing:, which the china
men have full charge of, and to do them
justice, they are the finest workmen tbe
world ever knew.
There is hardly any sueh thing aa re
ligion in California. There are upwards
of one hundred churches in this city, but
are rarelv ever atteuded, and you can't
v 4a
are. bunday
is the best day in tbe whole week for
trade, the places of public amusement are
crowded on Sunday, the theatres are bet
ter natrooized on Sunday night than any Bar rooms and the majority of
the stores never think about shutting up
on 8unday. A great many of tbe people
a - II .1 BT -
fishing ana nunung. l am
,i w I i T
ious man, wisn l was, out a can
Its lifting capacity will be lor ten
Bead three times, and ratified in open
Convention, this the 9th day of October,
ordinance to add two sections TO arti
say it was a reuet tor me to get lusiue oi
a chureh on Sunday. There are men
who have their regular place to preach in
the streets on Sunday. In one street
you can see a large crowd, and on going
near you will find a man trying to prove
The balloon portion of the air-ship,
which has not yet beeu adjusted, will be
sixty five feet high, eighty-rfive feet in
circumference, aud sixty -five in diameter.
It is constructed of eighteen hundred yards
(three cases) of cambric, from which one
thousand four hundred and ninety-six
ropes will depend,' and hold the ship.
The pushing and pulling propellers to be
attached to the bow and steru of the ship
are ten ieet long and three aud a half
feet in height. These propellers will be
covered with canvas, as also the sides and
top of tbe ship.
The ship will be the balloon portion
and steering apparatus will be completed
mm m v -
about tbe nrst ot November, proximo,
when Professor Schroeder will uudertake
daily ascensions from the Hippodrome lot.
The shin is to be worked by a crew ot
eiebt men. aud Schroeder says he cau
readily steer it through the changing cur
rents of the air as well as a mariner does
bis vessel upoa the ocean.
About the 8ih of November he expects
to start upon his first trip, which will be
from Baltimore to New York, a distance
of two hundred miles, which he thiuks he
will make in three hours. Ha has. he
savs. made seventy tour miles an hour iu
a balloon. The air-ship will be exhibited
in New York, Washington, and other
cities in the Union, and the venture will
not be until the spring of 1876. The
ship was christened a few evenings since
hat a meeting of the stockholders tbe
"City of Baltimore."
Shocking Ordeal for a
Factory Girl.
On Thursday last, at Remington sta
tion, on the Cineinuatti and Marietta Rail
road, Carrie Dawson, employed iu a paper
mill, while standing uear a revolving
shaft, was caught by her hair and the
scalp torn from her bead, stripping the
skin from the back of her neck to the
eyebrows. A considerable time elapsed
before medical aid reached her. aud it
was not deemed advisable to attempt to
. . . a t
restore the lifeless scalp to its tortner
place. To-day, Dr. A. J. Howe, of Cin
einuatti, commeuced tbe restoration of
skin to the wounded girl s bead by takiug
small piece of scalp from the bead ot
her sister, who gave beraelf freely for ber
injured sister's relief, while auother lady
offered skiu from ber own shoulders to
supply what was ueeded for the forehead.
Supplies sufficient to start a growth ot
new membraue were taken irom eacu oi
these ladies, aud while Mrs. Dawson's
condition is daugerous, her physicisu en
tertains considerable hope ot her recovery
and the success of bis effort to cover her
head with new skiu.
6 Mangel Wurtzel Beets
William Howard
7 Globular Onions, u
8 White English Onions,
William Howard Snd P
4 Pumpkins, Win Murdock 1st P
1st P $1 00
1st P 2 00
1 00
1 00
8 Needlewock b spread Mrs. Dr. Whitchc'd 1
10 Cotn comfort W. R. Barker 1
18 Calico patch quilt D. A. Miller t
21 Woolen coverlet A. A. File 8
33 Worsted quilt C. C. K rider t
34 Pr woolen blnk'ts M. E. Thotnaaon 2
37 Woolen jeans J. D. Johnson 8
8 Pr. cotton hose Martha Kuaeel .50
4 infant socks Mrs. Dr. Murdoch .50
5 ladies hoes C. C. Krider .50
8 infant stockings .50
Begs Coffee,
Barrels Sugar,
44 Molasses, I
6000 lbs. Bacon, 8000 lbs. Lard,
8000 lbs. Best Sugar Cured Haass,
80 Kegs Soda,
80 Boxes 44
50 44 Adsmantine Candles,
40 44 Soap, 2000 lhe. Carol .aa
30 Cases Oysters,
20 do Brandy Peaches,
20 do Umon Syrnp,
Fresh iVacb s,
Pioe Apphs,
Smoking Tobacco,
25 Gross Suuf, 25 Cni!a lotto Is
40 d"S. Painted Pails,
40 Boxes Assorted Candy,
100 Reams Wiapping Papr,
A fall line of Wood t Willon vara.
A foil line of Boot k Shoes (very ckeaa).
A fall line of BaU.
A full unacf Saddles k Bridles, Salt, Pi saw r.
Ginser. Spice. Canned Goods. Boyal Baftbg
I'uvder. Cisaf'.Tohaeco. Crockery.
Tanner k Machine Ox'm.kc.kc
The above sleek was bunarnt ioc
besvy decline in pneaa, aod i offrred at W bola
aaka k Retail at very abort nroi'a. far cash.
Juns 8rd 1875. .
Bu Peach Blow Irish Potatoes
John Beard 1st P
10 1 Bu Early Rose Iriah Potatoes
Mrs F E Shober 2nd P
24 Variety of Grapes,
Craft & Sailor 1st P
Bu Sweet Potatoes,
W H norah 2nd P
Tomatoes. John Beard 1st P
Variety of Apples,
Craft 6 Sailor 1st P
i Bu of Apples,
Mn Jana lint ledge 1st f
35 Squashes,
Mr Fannie Thomason 1st P
Qrt Tnl.ln U,.,.f S
Mrs M O Thomason 1st
37 Parsmips, 44 14 1st
38 Radishes, 44 44 1st
43 t Ho f Apples,
J D Johnston 2nd P 1 00
45 Bu Sweet Potatoes,
James Scott 1st P 8 00
Bottle Grape Wine,
Mrs T S Brown 83 best
2 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
2 00
5 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
I 44 Blat klrtirrv Jelly Mrs. F. E. Brown,
5 " Sauce 44
6 Sweet Pickles Plums 44
7 44 Musk Melon 44
8 1 Jar PresM Strawb'rrs .. F. E. Shober
II Glaaa crape jhlly Mias Lena
18 Jar prs'd chcr'ys Mrs. A W .X or then p'm
24 Yellow Pechrr cabbage
Miss May Shober prem.
Damson Pre's Mrs.F. E. Shober prem.
Jar citron Mi Jennie Howard prem.
tl N'o 1. Heirr n'.ow Shoe at 81
women eoes at isv si si
Ladies EmbntJemd 61ippara aa 100 worth 10
Ladica Slippera at I25 worth 17,
Lediea Croquet Slippera a: 8l worth 8f0.
Ladiea Cloth Gaiters t I75 wort a $tM. j
Ladies Cloth Gaiter at flPK wi ! t
Tomato catsup Mrs Jno. Bcaed
Aple jelly K. U. Cowan
48 Cucumber pick'ls Bettie Thomason
48 Peach pre's Mrs. Saml. Reaves
52 Chow chow BetticTlu
A larre lot of Children Sbie rrry ckcp.
1 Can peaches
4 Can tomatoes
8 .. Apples
Mrs. F. E. Shober $1
W. 8. Negns 1
., E. L. Shaman 1
2 Iced cake MiaaJ. D. Rutledge
5 Loaf bread Dinah Foard
6 Crackers Miss Fannie Thomason
7 Cocoanut cake Bell Murphy
8 Marble M
10 Jelly Mrs. E. H Marsh
14 I.i-ht Rolls K E. Linton
15 Biscuit E .L. b hum an
m.- afS
Fable of Discontentment.
A canary and a gold-fish had their lot
thrown tocttherin the same room. Oue
hot day tbe master ef the huuse heard tbe
fish complaining of his dumb condition,
snd envvins: the sweet voice of his com
panion overhead. ' Oh 1 I wish I could
sing as sweetly as my friend up there ! "
whilst the canary was eyeing the inhabi
tant of the globe. "Uow cool it looks !
I wish my lot was there i" 4Bo, then, it
shall be," said the master, and forthwith
placed the fish in the air and the bird in
the water: whereupon they saw their folly,
and repented of their discontent. Of
which the moral is sooner drawn than
practised let every man be content iu
the state in which providence has placed
him, and believe that it it what it best
fitted for him.
W C Garrett 4 Co $2 00
6 Butter, Miu Ida Howard 2 00
7 Berry Foster Whiskey,
Meroney A Bro Recom.
8 Variety Grapes Wines 7 bottles.
Craft & bailor 85 & Dip.
10 iDor Bottles Blackberry Wine,
J H Best $1 00
13 Butter, M E Thomsson 8 00
14 Vinegar (Apple) J A Thomason 8 00
15 Frames Honey Comb,
I McOvercash Recom.
17 Butter, C C Krider 1 80
17 Dry Cured nam, H G Miller 8 00
21 1 Bottle Blackberry Wine,
J D Johnston 8 00
28 8 Gals Cider Vinegar,
G T Thomason 8 00
1 Bottle Blackberry Cordial, Recom.
1 44 Catsup
I Oil painting Miss A L Rutledge
4 Knuns R Owen
7 Crayon drawing Harry Overman
10 - Mollie C. Bell
II Pencil Mrs. Mary E Owen
13 Wster color Mias May Shober
13 - Mrs. E. 1L Marsh
Entry Xo 8 recommended for the first and
best article old note book pecan. 84.
Wreath of Piah scales, Sd bast, preen, rec
ommended 82.
Bristol Board Lamp Shade, recom ended
for 4th best prem. $L
aLajkUP' 1mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmWkmmmmtm. I
w ibmv VQta 4
saaa y I
aalactlne of Jej
North Caroline, O
Apple Jelly, Annie L Brown (18)
Pair of Brackets,
Earnest Man tram, (10)
Lot of Chickens,
Earnest Shober, (10)
Pencil Drawing,
MJasJosie Burke, (IS)
Crocheted Tidy, Bailie Marsh
Shell Frame, Carry Marsh
Collection of Insects, Eddie Marsh
Gold Opera ad Teat haless,
Subsoil & Turnincr 1 Horse Plow
E S Cook fc Co Dinlnm.. 1 l Loaf of Bread, Anna X
Subsoil & Turning 3 Horse Plow 44 i Pencil Drawiag Ho 5 dep m t W
Grain Dr n dad for premium.
Col. HJP. Uaderhill Dipsonse Apple Jelly entry 1 dspartm't
MWlafbr the
saiZvs Glasses, M
SSjBBk m. a . . m
frvm piaata crystal raatntuue. a i
Wattbae, Clochs aeal Jevelnr
warranted 12 aaoaths, ebsrnss SS low as

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