North Carolina Newspapers

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Carolina w awuiuaii.
ass OCTOBER. 28.
Cdar(vellnriery.-Rrf Pliifl, Yd. TKisW been the tnrtr orrinr4
kiBMmiU " - r. i I I
ted a fine lot of Grape and Apples at our Fair fVef in . TBcre
art week. We have tested the oualitr of MnM MS nothing occurred to mar the pleaS-
Di4 anybody ever se such weather I
Bon SaperUr Coart next week.
ga the ad vrtiaetnente. It will pay you .
from people who think enough of your
to ask for H Dy auven.wug.
or their fmils and found them very fine. They
nave an excellent assortment of late Apple.
which our people would do wall to cultivate.
Orders sent to them to make the selection will
generally prove very satisfactory ; for they will
sort, no doubt, with a view to the time of rip.
ening, arranging so as to give a supply of fruit
the whole year round. Thev have the best
varieties of grapes we have seen anywhere.
We sre in
debted to the Hon. W. M. Bobbins
y Weather Map
DOU.YMOCNT Cam are aH the
UrCohlio Beall & Denu have then.
. ! -!'-"!
T Bt fail t" te4 Mr. Kerr Craige's ad.
H has fine building loU for sale.
gui Ming
and Loan next Monday night.
visitors, so far as we can learn, all went home,
not only pleased but delighted, and with our
good neighbor Caldwell of the Obtrver, we
ure of any one. The absence of all trust that the amenities of the occasion may
gambling and swindling machines is
certainly a great improvement. The
1 resident and- Directors did all in
their power to prevent gamesters from
intruding daring the Fair and much
credit is due them, for their perfect
Mahshalls la our notice of the Fair,
we inadvertently neglected to attention the
eery very praise worthy eondoet of the ex
cellent Chief Marshall. Capt. W. H. Craw
ford, and his corps of gentlemanly assistants.
The perfect system, good order and smooth
roaoiug of the whole affair, was largely
due t their quiet, hut most excellent man
Hogs. There was a pretty
war a m l
Vatiokal hotel,. Mine nosi oi tap
Stuooal ilolel of this city keeps a good house.
The farmers this year are using more blue
ofaiol than-usual, an 1 we may look for clean
0t wheat uest eeasou.
Mr. John Bnis has returned to his old stand
with a Urge supply of new marble.
Improving- The three colored men who
wre injured by the reeeat explosion at Dune
Meeotain, are all convalescent.
Prize Baby. Mr O. A. Bingham's fine boy
k.k Look the premium at the "baby show"
during the late Fair
Missionary: Rev M H Houston, a Pres
byterian Missionary to Sucbow, China, lectured
in the Presbyterian Church on Thursday night
last. The lecture is highly spoken of by all
who heard it, and at its conclusion a liberal
collection was made for the benefit of the mis
sion. It will be remembered that our talented
young townsman Rev Jno W David is attached
to the Suchow Mission.
The ores of the Allen mine urDavie county,
have been tested, as we learn, and show great
richness. There are two veins lying near each
other, one bearing silver and the other copper.
The ores tested for silver (a pulverized table
spoonful) yielded about $ cts. That for copper,
at the ratnof about $400 per ton. These veins
have been followed to the depth of 28 feet, and
show a slight increase in width and improve
ment in the character of the ores.
list of exhibitors, in this line at the
Fair. The Berkshire stock is coming
in again, and we think, with the Es
sex, will ere long root out the white
Chester. A cross of the Berkshire
T T1 - a- a m
ana rsex is in the highest lavor we
think, though there were some very
fine specimens of mixed Chesters.
Mr. O. Atwell exhibited two white
pigs, Chester and Essex, less than six
months old, which weighed 210 and
252 lbs. Mr. John C. Miller was on
hand with very Hue. pigs of 5 weeks
Essex and Berkshire. Jas. Crawforc
exhibited 2 Chester, 8 months, the
fattest on the grounds. Entries No
3, 5, 7, 8, 1, all very fine, hut their
owners were unknown to us. Entry
No. 2 was "Tom Holt," an Essex
Boar of 521 lbs. No. 13, a thorough
bred sow, heavier then Tom Holt.
lead to a better feeling between Charlotte and
The financial result is highly gratifying.
The receipts were sufficient to pay in full, dol
lar lor dollar in auk, every premium ottered.
all expenses incurred, and leave a balance in
the treasury besides.
On Friday at one o'clock, while the Fair was
still in prozivss, the Treasurer's office was
opened for the payment of premiums as fast as
they were called for. This is something which,
so far as we know has never been done by any
Fair ever held in the State.
The number of the entries was so much
greater than was anticipated that the Secretary
used up all the entry tags, and had to write
more. This is something unprecedented
this department from Cedar
Nursery, in Yadkin Couilty,'
proprietors sent down, also, a lot of
fruit trees and" vines for sale. ' The
apples b ho wn were in great variety
and perfect beauties ; grapes, well pre
served and very fine.
Woodson of the News elevated
himself upon a chicken coop and
crowed out about 70 su I scribers from
the happy crowd around him.
Falls T7TTTlTim7n
wnosjc i i ill I if 1 1
Sim. Jill Aafw -,
Novetbas and Lb
Another mother made
gaiatr? Skttled. Sheriff Chas. F. Wag
goaer. settled with the State Treasurer, on
Taenday of LbU week. IIo Is ill ways among the
ftrtt to settlo up.
Case of Stnte vs. John Berry, charged with
marder of Caleb Setter, viu continued at Da
ridjon court last week.
Wsedrfon of the Neva had a fine lot of print
tag specimens at our fitir. They wre very
aineh admired for the skill and ueatness evinced
ia their execution by all who saw them. We
rjret nut having seen them.
Pass Him Around : Lookout for one G
H. Hancock, who professes to be an agent for
ba "Saany South," published at Atlanta. JltV
a fraud. Particulars next week.
Mr. D. It. Julian has opened out in his new
aland with a great variety of canned meats
oslera, groceries, notion and so on. He means
business: (Jo and sec him.
To be Torn ap.
A rumor Is floating aruuud that a strong
effort is Id he made to have the W. N. C
R. R. from Statesville to Salisbury, torn up.
The thing is too outrageous to be true. It
would be such a gross usurpation of power.
as our people would not tamely submit to.
Eveu if they had the right, we have no idea
that tt e gentlemen who eompose the Com
mission, would thiuk of doing anything of
the kind; and we merely meution the rumor
to say that we do not believe there ia any
foundation for it.
Another Midnight Robbery : They
didn't seem to out for anything but money last
night. Some rascal cut a slat out of Mr. J. P.
Go wan a front window blind the sash being
partly raised reach iu with a elick or hook,
and fished out his pants and cost and went
through the pockets. The only thing taken
was about forty cents in money which Mr. G
lappened to have in his pocket-book. The
Oca Fair. We take the subjoined com
raenis from sources we very much respect, in
regard to our Fair.
From the Hillsboro Rocorder.
The Watchman thinks the success greater
than ever before. The crowd was larger, the
display of all things finer, and altogether
Kowan shows her capability to make the finest
countv exhibitions in the Stale. Her success
will stimulate to farther effort until the Rowan
Fair will become the Great Exposition of the
Western Counties.
Botts. This dangerous disease iu horses
may he promptly cured by drenehtng with,
a strong tea inude of common garden tensey.
It is said to he Infallible. 1
Th JsTsNM Troupe failed to meet their en
gagements here last week, and we sea that
Ihty failed to turu up iu Charlotte this week.
They must have busted ? A ud tl.ey owe us
a kill too, doggon Vin.
Rtv. Archibald Hakeb, who was for
many years Pastor of the First Presbyterian
Church, of this place fiilled its pnlpit on last
JBabbath. Mr. Baker received many a warm
greeting from his former parishioners.
the empty poeket-book, with some papers left
carefnlly on the window-sill
This should make our people careful about
fastening their doors and windows, as the steal
ing for the winter, haB evidently set in
So no cm. During the war this article filled
an indispensable place in the products of the
farm, and the strangest part of it is, that
The officers from President down to the
Police, were unremitting in their exertions,
and each and every one of them are deserving
of the very highest praise. The popular and
accomplished young President, Mr. A. H.
Boyden woo golden epinions from all by his
genial deportment, active oversight, and intense
personal interest in everything connected with
the Fair. To him more than to any, or perhaps
stl, others is due the splendid success achieved
and it is the wish of every friend of the Fair
that he may be induced to accept the position
for the coming year. The Secretary, Mr. B.
F. Rogers, this year, as always before, filled
his responsible office, with the very highest
credit to himself, anu satisfaction to the asso
ciation and its patrons. The Directors, each
and all, did their whole duty, and too much
can not be said in their praise.
This grand success, in the face of 'he hard
times, and she discouraging predictions of
croackerw, places the Salisbury Fair on a proud,
and we believe, a permanent footing. If our
people will only sustain it, it is destined to be
the Fair of the State.
The officeis are now hard at work on their
reports, and a meeting of the stockholders will
be called at an early day.
The Great Anti-Periodic
The certainty and promptitude with which
11 octette rtf Stomach Bitters conquer the most
obstinate cases of malarial discs e, and Jthe
complete protection which they afford the
system against the miasmatic poison which
impregnate the air of low-lying, marshy lo
calities, stamp them as he foremost of A men-
can auti-periodic Wherever on this conti
nent fever, and ague s a regular visitant in
the bottom lands of the South, the new clear
ings and milling districts of the West, and. in
all localities in the fiastexn and Middle State-
where malaria prevails, the Bitters aro recog
niied as the only true specific for the disease.
on, Pailadslpals ra. w.
mas Awarded far HOLM A KXW
A. J. liOL.HA
From the Charlotte Democrat.
TheSalisbitby Fair. The "Western Fair"
was held at Salisbury last week, and was a
success, there being more articles on exhibition
andmore people in attendance tbait in previous
On Thursday the Hornet Steam Fire Com
pany of this Citv was on the Fair Grounds,
and, together with the Kowan Iiifie Guards,
made a fine di-udav
We are pleased that so many of our citisens
went to our sifter Town on the occasion of the
Fnr, and we are pleased that the Farmers o
Rowan took so much interest in the exhibition
not allowing little spiteful prejudices or jeal
ouaies to prevent them from aiding the under
The match game of Bao Ball for a Silver
Pitcher, between the Mecklenburg Base Bal
coat and pants were left lying in the yard, and qub of Conc resulted in a victory far the
The Concord Suv, and other papers have
made kind and flattering notices of our success
ful fair.
aud its most reliable preventive. They arc
moreover, a safe and agreeable as weal as a
certain remedy, and on this account arc ina-
mejgurobiy superior to the preparations of
qninine, arenic, bumuth. and other mineral
mtifton.s mistakenly administered as curatives
for maladies caused by miasma, and which if
persisTed in work irreparable injury to the con
Uniortunatelv, fever and ague, and the other
febrlie complain 's generated by miasma, are
not tbe ouly evils which result from it. A
great variety of disorders are superinduced by
the iritat ion which it causes. Among these
are neuralgia, rheumatism, gout periodical
headache, palpitation, painful affections of tbe
spleen, and armus derangement of tbe atom
.. h. When traceable to malaria, the above
affections are apt to assume like the di "-'
which originated them, an intermittent tpye;
that is to say. they recur at regular- intcrvais.
Hostetter s Hitters, however, obviates tbtm
all. by Ua iiLinr the miasmatic virus Irom the
the huwest, and oldest eaUblUhad La
pared to duplicate auj Merchant' or
Physician's BUI, bought anywhere in
done, ia doing, and intends to do. tbe
argeit Dm; trade ia ibis seetioa ca tbe
sssww ari nu!. .Ylrwda ara
mrjt UkitiMi Gouic. sAwwisai hew
This astute pa;er says of our Fair : We were
in Salisbury yesterday looking around for
p0 something to write to edify our farmers but
many of that class of our citizens should ever dor compels us to say we did not find much,
have discontinued, the use of it. It-is cheaper, The exhibition in no department was good, at-
and a great deal better, than any molasses they
can buy for the price it costs to produce it.
And then those who make and use it know
tendance was only respectable, at furthest not
numbering over twelve hundred.'
For cool misrepresentation, the above woukt
The Fair last Thursday presented a
lively 6cene. The attendance was
very large of both sexes and of all
acres and color. A vast, good humor
ed throng, each one intent on seeing
and enjoying all that was to be seen
and heard. The ruain stand, occupi
ed by the ladies, flashed with gay
colors and was radiant with smiling
faces. Greetings and wit and repar
tee were the order of the day. There
were numerous visitors from the ad
joining counties and some from other
States; and we saw none, absolutely
not one, who seemed friendless aud
alone. Good order and happiness
reigned without disturbance to mar
them, while the sweet music of the
Silver Cornets inspired the most art
lc?s gaiety.
It would be a pleasing task, were
it possible, to present to the reader
the brilliant "scenes, intermingled
with gay equipages, the articles on
exhibition in the halls and on the
grounds. But it cannot be done. The
entries this year are more numerous
thau ever before, and many of them
It any person stirr.-nnir with r r.VKR and
Agub. Iutriiitteot or Hilliuus Fevr wil
call at the Drug tore f Then. F. Klutts
nd get a bottle of AGUE COXQUEItOU
x'lr immediate cure is certHi". and the chills
will not -nun hack during that eeasou. It
m tains uo Qninine, Arsenic or ouW Pol
Sous, ami alter taxing one-nnit bottle vou
Will fetd better iu health, thaa von have felt
wrha.s for years. It entirely cleans th
whole system, purifies th Kvr and other
sec'etory onraus. rnee 81. 00 per bottle
try it. Ask your Druggish about others who
hare used it.
is tbe place U bay any thing that you
want from a Corn plaster, to a 17 box of
perfumery. From a paper of Lampblack
to. a thousand pounds of While Lead.
From a dose of Castor Oil to a hundred
ounces of Quinine. From a tooth pick
te a Pocket Book, fro bragging either,
but solid facts. To prove it. eall on, or
write to TUL'O F. KLUTTZ
Wholesale & Retail Drnggista,
Salitbnty, N. C.
rnher en bmv Urinate snd fare the leva aad
aueetion of any aaewaa) eWw aeweae tastaaslr.
40b paar. Ry saail 50 eta Has Ca, l.
7th 8u Paila, Pa. iw
;ro. u $5oo. 'ts
i hook entitled : Mrm asm i"'""11 ""
QkreLn explain in everrthine -JOHN
Hi' KL1NG A t. Bankers
THE"$50,000 OMIU'
$5 70 $50 SSHS
liTrtirular sent l!rK Addreat PEN 0LETO5
St HEAD, 60 Wall ftreet. New York. 4w.
Pri,. P.rkv in the wurld. It
15 enelMe,
T w w- w -
Holder, Pencil, patem leaai
dee of Jewelrv. flsaawe pa
Friar. 24'- Circular
A m 76'J ibosKlwav. N T.
Uj Wee
soil i aa
cosrtatas la
Paa. Pea
re, seat a
with iliaaat
DBEXEL'S. HOYTS, and Hcwoubian
Colognes. WRIGHT'S. LUBIN'S. and all
other Handkerchief Ex'.raeta.
Aa KLUTTZ'S Drag Store.
uKfl TtJSwD bvaaZll fof 1 U 1 0
Stock Privlleg, hasT ,
Ijid and will py
large I'roBts. KSSV
r.. d Stacks. Bde
nd tit, d ixmabt on Martina. 1
Per Ceni, allowid on dcjK iu i-.iert lo
draft. Uuckw-UevAlV, Baukera aad
ker, N. 10 Wall btnet, w lurk.
Box 4317.
Saludcuy, N. f'Oet. 2nd 1875.
The following list of prices have been eiab-
tislied bv the lioaxd of Town Com mi ssioners
for weighing on the public Scales:
Cotton per bale 10 cts.
Hay & Fodder per bale 10 "
Drove Horses 15 cb per head.
" Cattle 10 " u 44
4 Hogs 5 ' " 44
44 Sheep 5 u 44
One horse wagon loaded 20 rU.
Two 44 - SO "
Ihrie 44 M 35 44
Four 41 44 44 40 44
No additional expense for re-weighing emp
ty wagons.
Oct 7-lmo. C. B. C.
Cashmere Boquet, Brown Wind
or, Stf.cuxo. Poncixe, Carbolic, aad
fifty other kinds of T ilet Soape, at from 5
to 75 cents a cake.
At KLUTTZ'S Drag Store.
$50 to $10,000
IU, bm iaTMtod in Slock Pri.ilw tmimit
900 r-jf? PROFIT
"How to 1 o It," a book 00 Wall 8u. mi ftea.
TCM HK! !. ' . Baakcta aad Broer,
2 Wall i.. New York.
We want naae ooe ia eveey eowi
oidera aad deliver go-t fat the old
aal C. O. D. Huo-e. Lnr ca wa
Salisbury Favori Cigar.
Only 5 Cents.
Yon in a Good Humor.
Also. All popular brands at from S to
Hid cbanre in rvrrv
of cither rs.
new flsl, cirrwlaea, leroMS rtf-, rosapleic
rot free and wat laid. Kmd Car It al
and iti.ike nvaare at T.Kir
J. RALLskOO.i .
25 ceuts.
a -4 . " 11 .
wtiatHiiey are eaung wnicti is not the ca"e I take the premium at any Fair, and for its corn-
when they use 40 or 00 cents molasses, or in- DuterefaUtion we have only to refer lo the yerv
deed syrup of any price. One aeighborhood fair and eomplimenUry notice of the exhibition,
near (own, noweer, continues 10 use sorgum, Wished bv friend Everett of the Concord Sun.
In Salishnrv, October 19th, bv Rev. Barnl,
Rotjirofk, Mr. John Eagle, and alias Addis
II. daughter of C. F. Miller. 1;.
On Thursday 7th October, at the honse of Mr
Th.-. Morrison, by Kev. W. B. Preasly, Mr. H.
II. Buse and Miss Jane K. Morrison both of
Iredell, N. O.
Br. Bessent
aud they find their interest in it. Mrs. Mary
E. Thoiuason and sons, turned out 2,100 gallons
woodson the ubiquitous, was also on
band at the Fair, and largely increased the
subscription list of our esteemed contempo
rarythe Raleigh News. Thauks for his
fair and complimentary notice of the Fair.
"ItV r vw a 1 . m
ine r air w eeK uauy hs year was a
j 1 , .
aciaea improvement upon last. It was a
The Charlotte Observer, spoke in high terms ( f
the exhibition in all the departments, nnd es
this year, and yet not through witlwt. They are tinuted lhe crowa on Thursday-the same day
well fixed for the business, and produce an
article very superior to ordinary molasses,
which they sell readily at f0 cts per gallon by
the barrel. It pays better than cotton
Oct. 28, 1876. tf.
A Midnight Visitor. On Wednesday
night last, t about 3 a. in., while Dr Sum-'
vwj creditable little sheet, and we are glad nawn wa8 prrioallj absent, Mrs. Sum
inereu was awaiienea oy ;r.e naruiug 01 a
pet nog, and looking up discovered a uegro
man standing in the room. Upon being
asked what he wanted he
He enqnired where tbe Doctor was, who
was iu the house, &e., aud was
respectjul enough in his manner, except
that he said he would not leave until he got
some money. Ten sents he eaid would
satisfy him, hut .is Mrs. S. didn't have that
t know that our enterprising young friend
who conducted It, realized about two dollars
and eighty 6ey?n and a half cents clear pro
that the Register man speaks of at from 2500 to
3000. The Raleigh 'csrsssvs:
" It was our pleasat privilege to attend this
week the Salisbury Fair, which is as it has
heretofore been, the best agricultural exrtositiori
in the .State.
The general disnlav of live etoi-k, machinery.
manufactured goods, products of the soil, &c,,
was far better and larger than that of any pre
vious vear. We never witnessed as huee beets,
Due potatoes, large cabbages, or better speci
mens of corn.
Floral Hall was ss usual a perfect gem of
1, . 1.1. a: 1 1 1 i j;- li . .1
jjj inooey. w,vi anu ll!e ul?,P,:y ingiuy creatinine totne
ANY person wanting good
Lumber, should address
signed. Orders solicited
Tel low Pine
the under
Beneca Wheat The prettiest wheat ever
exhibited in this market has been shown m-by
Mr. Thos. J. Mernney. It is beautiful. Tdr.
-Mcroney has purchased a small quanity of it
so sow. It bears the above name and was im-
oet 28 75 Stncs.
M. L. nr. A v.
Hickory. N.C-
Book Agents
and Good Salesmen
MONEY" with the
profed by a farmer in N. Y. 8tate, starting amouut, and as In- couldn't make the change
irom a single head.
The price is $5,00 per
Rla.l to Ifarn that Col. 8. MsD. Tate
has been elected to fill this position. His
Swimate.knowledgA of the affairs of the
, awad, hhj long experience in managing rail-
eoads, with his well known uprightness of
haraetsr, eminently fit him for the position.
which we doubt not be will fill with credit
to himself and profit to the State.
she gave him fitly cents, when he quietly
1 1 - ti ...
iook ins departure, ce was certainly a
mild-mannered thief, and Mrs Summerell
showed herself a brave, self-possessed lady
A Suggestion.
The public roads leading into Salisbury
are iu a deplorable condition. This is es
pecially true of the old Mocksville road.
which, just beyond the limits of the town, MbUllliatej
and for several miles out, is almost impassa
ble. Thit is one picture, now for another.
From six to a dozen lazv, fatted rascals
-Charlotte Observkr. This sprightly are constantly lyiug iu jail and being sup-
euterpnsing journal was repreeeuted at ported at the expense of the honest people of as the officers of the Fair are grateful to them
Take it all in all, the Salisbury Fair was a
quiet and grand sneewss, and far exceeded that of any
previous year. 1 tie general good order that
prevailed on the grounds, the smooth, systema
tic plan of operations, &c., &o, reflucted great
credit on the able Board of Directors, with Mt.
A.. H. Bovden as President, and B. r. Rogers,
Esq., as Secretary."
Here are three reliable papers, whose state
ments all contradict the prejudiced account
given by this Concord Reyister" and we are
content Cor the pubi ic to say which it will be-
li ve. As to the crowd, we happen to know,
that on the day spoken of, more than 1000 day
tickets were sold at the gate ; 350 persons were
admitted on Railroad coupons : 200 as invited
guests and not less than 1000 on season tickets
previously purchased, making at leat 2550
persons on the grounds. These figures can be
We are at a loss to account for
the animus of the Rgititr toward our Fair.
The people of Concord snd Cabarrus, turned
out liberally, and so far a we know went away
well pleased. The citizens of Salisbury, as well
r 1
The French Edition of which sella tor fltlS,
ind the London Edition for 200. Our
cheapest and moat elfiant publication
in America and the BEST TO SELL,
Crit'e vie with e-.ich other -in
it, and the masses buy it.
Agent iu Charleston. S. C, reports 87
Va , 117; another in Memphis, &M) orders.
taken in thre work.
Full Particulars Fre. Address
J. B. FOllD & CO.. Publishers.
1 Park Place, New York.
oct 28. 75-tf.
.or Fair last week, in tbe person of its tal- the couuty.
nted and popular vouuc local. Mr. Joseph
- w rJ - s
f. Laldwell. The Observer is oue of tbe
t papers in the South, and Joe Caldwell
nss few sfials, anywhere, as a paragraph-
Now put this and that together.
Judge, or the County Commissioners.
for this kind patronage, tnd we are ready on !
Let the all occasions to reciprocate it. We appeal to
or them to ssy whether the disparaging, dam-em-
whoever is the right party, put these jail- wttb-faint-praise account published by the re-
birds to work on these neglected roads. This doubtable RtgUter, is a fair one or not.
will make them earn their salt, it will be a
raul urvii0 ti town anil iMinnlv. and tvill
We hear a greatdeal of complaint on the i0 more to deter the rascals from their ras-
P"t of some of our cilisens because the eality than any other means that can he
devised Its worth the trial anyway.
The town -authorities, would, we doubt
not, furuUlCa sutficient guard for them while
1. ,1 Sl 1 '- - " i.
uy snow" at the fr last week was not
note generally known. We heard one inau
y if he had known it he eonld hava 4 'knock -
f4 the hind sights" of of anv of them. They at work.
wugnt to have another baby show next
tockholderi: Mtettag. By order
w ine rresident there will he a meeting of the
mi ..LI . a
suoidars of the W. N. C. Agricultural and
Sheep. There were some beauti
ful Cots-wool sheep, 6 aud 12 mouths
old, and several others of a different
Msehanical Fair Association, at the Conrt breed -showing the great superiority
Home, oa Wednesday moreiog next at 10 o- of these improved breeds. Some one
V. Business vitally aflecting the Associa- fnnii two flaahmerA. nr wwwJlw ffonts
Z 11? l"T.','J'i-"j..:t;,tobt hj I beautiful animaWwith afiueooalof
in person or bj nliahle piogy. ' I JJD8 wnto w00l-
Now that the crowd is gone, the dust cleared
away, and the excitement subsided, we can
write calmy and advisedly of tbe "Fiih Ananal
Fair of Western North Carolina," which was
held in Salisbury last week.
In everything, it was by far the most grati-
fving success, which has ever crowned the ef-
forts of the association. Heaven seemed pro
pitious, and gave such superb weather during
the entire roar days of the exposition, as one
seldom sees. The crowd was large, respectable
and orderly, and the exhibition was full and
fine in every department, better than eve'
There was not a single gambling concern, or
side show on the grounds, though there had
1&&&WtnA A .4ta y a single In
dividual for the privilege of running a fortune
wheel during the Fair. For this action the
more interesting. A panorama, OI Has returned from Irs monntain tour, and
great dimensions would fail to W0V,d.b?, V? uIr"1111
- and vicinity who ne;-t hm serTicen. to call at
give It all, or StlOUOW tne spirit Of his oftice at an early day.
the scene. It should be w itnessed to
be appreciated it.
All the stalls were filled some ve
'ry fine looking, with renowned ances
tors, aud otners uupretentious as to
pedigree but nevertheless very sqowy
with all. Of course the mules all"
boast of celebrated Don's, nobles of
Spain, as their progenators. We sup
pose that Mr. P. W. Hairston, exhi
bited the finest blooded stock on the
ground, "Ildcrrim," a brown colt
foalded in 1871, and bred by M; H.
Sanford, Eq., Preakocss stud form
Bouborn County, Ky., by. imported
a a WW
Australian, xlifl petlicrree runs very
far back and contains many brilliant
In this department a large display
was made embracing reapers, mowers,
cotton gins, thrashers, grain cleaners,
seed drills, corn shcllers and huskers,
hay rakes, harrows, plows; in fact a
great variety 01 articles too nu
merous to particularize. The farmers
took a lively interest iu these things
and well they may.
was a mi nature world, more than we
con enumerate ranging tnrougn a
great many departments of the useful
ornamental, beautiful and curious. I
we remember any things better than
others in this hall, G. S. H. Apple-
gate's Architectural designs (from Char
lotte); Mrs. Jackson's patchwork
from Davie countVt snd the fountain
andyiowers which occupied the centre,
are they. Applegate's designs exhibit
taste and skill in a very important
line of business. Mrs. Jackson '3 patch
work illustrates what patience and
faith can accomplish by the use of
the needle and thread in making a
garment hold ont until a fellow can
get a new pair of pants. She wrestled
heroically, and we hope she won a
glorions victory.
There were some beautiful fruit in
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KLUTTZ8 Drug Stoat.
Chemical Paints, to called, have pro t en
fsilnrcs ; simply because the t-hrmi-iry
of their mmofacture eeema to consist in
the quantity uf water ibat is combined
with the paint, by tbe addition of au
Alkali, cither Potash, Lime or Soem. dec.
Chemical Paints containing water peel
from tbe wood, and are not Economical,
Popular Edition (5 .iO). containing over I because they will not cover as much aar-
Vne Hunftred ffll-pafie aunrto Ptea.-ls tliaU f Paints
We offer our 1'uep a red PaiaTT with
praising the cruarantee that it is not a Chemical
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ers. Our P.iint will crer more aariac
than any Chrmiral Paint io tbe aruild.
We authorize their sale, auhject to the
aatistsetion of all buyers. W e agree to
rp-paint auy house vith Eueli.b BB
While Lead, or any other White Land, il
our Paint do Hot prove perfectly aat'isfitc
Minnfaetored brf .
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fr. cut. and l.tlrutw A I t -lH Mock of Iurt
ao.1 IUUiU Uttmm MenW ia a nail
aa IW,k.. U r Pt.TMri.n- aiM family aaa, eon-
Matillr Vrf.; in intk. tr.ti r yrt mail pre
iTaUrtMlrd to. AiUtrro ik.aaicaB ATi
WIFE NO. 19.
Sribant Yotiufi Rehellioua
t y Tin- onlT nitnp!re K spoor of all
KaxRananf Baiooan's H Aasaa erst m
burt. io klormooi . A lviiaa ooar ex
Ui lb oorld, AS omU VOMAJI cax. tk
SE"BETS, atYTEa! aad csumes nf sne
horrinle mfMrm of Pol ra. any, frosa inn vary
brf ianisaj. Nearly Unt UhanrsUsna beaatify
taeworft. It ia lias lat omUoc book pasaUanaai
1U.0UD mora men and womra eaa kar rano.oy
mrnt and makr frm $ to $10 daily. All
Lire Arrtit. are vrilinc f'r Iltortratetl
lar villi Larre Tuna. Knt free. Dn not
drlar. hot addrr Dt'STIN, OILMAN A Cs
mm - m - - af a 1 m t - J Vi-
1 iiartioni, it, iaragak lit. or uenuuiu, vto.
Ont 14 Am
ty-SUOj 2kwfW- y o4fWAafSr
UUHm mX&tmm&L
Trrr . - J m. rsra
r . v
aatTiM IbAWm:
ic 11. roorv; m.i
lnt-or f nam Mama T.t, C 1 ama
a 04a
Cliills Cured for 25 Cents.
L S.
Warranted nr money R 'funded, at
a j .
1 n T
. . . . BJ
Intendine to remove to Darie Countr. I will
ell mv Piano for $500, in inntalimerotou
LAMPS from 25 eta., to 15 00,
ot S50Af100'.r. lrf. ,un:hMer 7 Pt'RE OR PE WINE, for Chntches
erery 00 a7 1 hi Piano m one of Cii ains n
M. bnrrv'a 7i Octave, Grand Square Scale,
rosewood casv, four round corners, carved "rut,
Louis XIV Style, with extra carved feat and
pedal. Original price $825. In depth and
beanty of tone and equality of touch this Piano
is unsurpassed.
Iu ray alseoce call oa Moses L.
tt. li. ULPER.
60 els. per quart.
WHITE LEAD, Warranted equal
any in the world, 11 cents per pound.
THEO. P. KLUTTZ'8, Ditto Stoiv
t-mm m nun. ou las uaro. " H
1U4 da "fcrwffc Kro T-J. i' apm
Piinin.x. mu. all f.aa. td lmmmi C ro
Vi-mm-K. 1 rmammm mVf t' Hi u mm
Crr.j7t VTnwa .,
n, i. . -v fl-Jar A Taw
0-. he W 11 7 tm t inoa oarmwi aa
Kanim. tW Wrmt IbOIm, U-mmi-' mi
Oennasan,aaa imj uBi tajB4k
Or frmtt--' Arrj mmK U
trwr V- m fmr . tnwJ -
A.. .. .... Ki. 1
... -.- r- ar BBafaaeaaaaami-vwu
If -r mr v
r.C7 inVAL!?3 AT A DIITAC1
Ar bvatd. Ail Lrl 4-a ."
arm u4 w-.kk f. tr 1 i
a. . w maai aaiafa
I... .J a m mm irr. a.
a-.- v .' aal li A
tm-n i.. waw b.- traafn. tr
a.. a i errtca.
t ri . lo Hftier an an mwna mm
Vs. 10 Lealaytnn Are. T.
JlrKtrs Science in Story.
J. , fatcurs oJJrrss
Ar. Bcrr:'a Twi; Searaj and flat
Ta- S' Arm mm
an l aM-.t a
aaaaK. M im- i jt ta
y.x tk a--T-tr mt a
hfa i
a-:e'i ".i
Srw Y .a Citt
frtsa BS
V--4 mt 0 rem- ft
Dr. lar-.-'s Cej:al Hail
V.t i-r. korr ikr t o t3a. aStaa rmmmmrm
a; m "' Mrp1 jJJ2la?iBaBanTaaii aaatiB
atdr Vl isan aaaavwaa. ata. Taa.aaTaa
aa mmt, t
. 1 CMU wi-jaad T I
trxim, V, b. mm ma
a n a41. tm at aaaana
Ar .d
m iifprii trnit iT
Ba.LT8attTT. n. M. I Avaara. a
ana. MfaVftHto 9mW fVHV fatNaaaVsl

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