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1 '
At about three miles and a half to the
-est otKoeboUe is situated a dirty and
-iierable village called Laten.' There
are only a iew fbherageti there. The
coast U barren and inhoapi table. The
tea shuts in its whito beh of shingles,
divided from place to place by immense
rocks; and when it is stormy, yon can
hetr the distant rumbling of the "Mon
de Monmuson," an immense funnel,
which suck up thej fishing boat that go
too near it. At low tide, the women go
ftnd pick up shells among the sea-wrack,
whilst the men aid busy in the fields.
The fishermen are some of them stationed
it St. Martin de Re; ethers at La Koch
He, tbat old Hngnmot port, fortified by
towers and ramparts. Along the coast
are vast marshes, overgrown with mush
rooms, and bordered by thyme. I started
one morning in the mouth of September,
before sunrise, with Captain Tailhadea.
We had spent the night at Porlneuf,
where, Heur-Admiral B'urde had" enter
tained ub, and at dawn we had left bis-
hospitable hotihr, wiih our gnus on oar
ihouhlsrs, our game bugs, und our pipes
The lirst rays nf the eun dissipated the
for, and we saw the sparkling ocean
The islands of Re and Oleron were visible
on the horizon like two black spots, and
some sloops were tacking about, their
sails spread to enter Ln Kochelle. After
five bourn of a painful march, wc found
ourselves on the coast ot Li RApentie,
which is the most barren pert of that arid
Now," said Tailhades, "let ns try to
find oat where we are. Here is the Saot
da Hone; the coata-guard's but ought to
be over there; ami since we are the strong
est, we will m ike a raid on that solitary
official's breakfast. Did I not pay so t
Do you not ace the curling smoke Let
hi bear to the right; we shall get a break
fast in that direction."
The coast-guard received us with open
arms, and having given our dogs nn itn
menae basin oi eonp, we did honor to the
promiscuous breakfast. If i spend to
much lime in briuging before my. readers
the leeettd of the "Repentie." it is that I
thought it indiapeosibie to transport them
lo tbe place where it was related to me;
o that they may forgive its simplicity
on accouut of its truth, for I did not in
vent it.
I will now let the coast-guard speak.
"Before tbey had built the two light
houses which shine at night like two
stars between Oleron and Re. you might
have seen, on the top of the Roche du
Bone, a post strengthened with iron
clamps, and. eurmnuuted by an enormous
lantern. Every evening the coast-guard
lighted it, and the boats that came up to
the rock turned away when tbey per-
eeived the light. Worthy Rtbard, whose j
ago no one know, ha often told mo i
bout the coast-guard Kern an, who spent
we greater part of his life oonteniplatin
I I t
uiug us rays rouna tue rock, he went to
vu ")iuS vjuu lormoie wuo were in
"La MoueUebad watched his nroeeed-
ings, and when he was gone, she climbed
the rock in hcrOurn. By dint of throw
ing stones, she had succeeded in break
ing one of the sides of the lantern, so
that the wind and rain rushed in and pat
out the light. At sea the signals of dis
tress weTe redoubled, but at daybreak.
Kprnan, to his dismay, found his lantern
broken." ' " lliA
La Moartte on her side ran to the
shore. It was covered wtfh fragments of
all kinds; but the were h1solsonae dead
bodies. Mie.from rfnff t& the otbeiy
pulling off Ube rings, turning ont the pock
els.. . Hut suddenly siie, grew pale; she
stumbled, and then felrAa her koeek -on
the white stones. Her eves were Mood.
shot; she, turned one body over and .osar;
sue put one band to the heart; s ho kissed
it crying like a mad woman,. lor she, had
lecoguized her sonher son Jack ! She
carried the body aweyyand brought it to
her but. 1 here she wrapped it in warm
linen, and called herbo'y by uaMC,' im
ploring him to answer her. After that
day, she never left heir .cottage, She, re
m. tined like a statue of Grief, seated night
and day on a stone.
"Some itind neighbors gave her some
food. The cure of Lai mi came to seebex ;
and she prayed and cried so much, that
people came from miles around to see her.
One morning so they say she was
fouud dead on her stone; They wished
to carry her away, but nobody could suc
ceed. Tbe water that dropped from iie
rock liid petrified the o hi She
was there, sad and pale, Ijke a statute of
Grief. And as people hdd often bestow '
ed money upon her, the eitre ot Lilen,
according to La Monette's wwh, had an
other beacon put up instead of Kernau's
lantern. It is to this day called 'The
renjtent s Lighthouse. ,
m t r m'"-. a.ry ..T . . ;
i tetVw &b jFwB4bji Hjckory Press.
Our California Letter.
T'J 1
San aA.Nttisco, Nov. 5tb.
Mr. Editor : --The recent firw m Vir
gintrVttyi JNev., threw a great many
people oat of business ; tue number has
been estimated at trom 10.000 to 12,000
pebpfca who are homeless aud dependent
upon the generosity of the public for their
food and clothes ; the majority of them"
have left for California ahd ate 'tertving
here daily together with eruigrnnta from
the East and foreigners. .The Chinese
arrive hore on almost every boat. There
are now about 12,000 in this city. "They
are not afraid to work and are varyfeV
irig, some of them" Iia"vlrig wmuch as
iiOO.000 io coin ott hand, besides their
property. They occupy abont to'ur
blocks in the city where they carry on
their trade, 'mostly manTrfaotarto
Tliere are about fifty feigar manufactor
ies among them, the largest factory work
ing from twelve to twenty hands besides
stemmers. Yoa would be sarprised to
see the cigars in one of these factories.
They never seem to get tired, as tbey
-work night and day. Some oi their fac
tories are down in tbe basement ot tbe
large houses and it Is so dark " that they
have to keep the gas lit all the time. .
i If-
'' fit -'"? Mi
st-j.'S . fr
i VT itjl UlU B
A Permanent Majority.
Tb$ Cinciauii Enquirer says ft will
he a Ions time before the Republican
. s - . .
party will afn -have x majority in the
Congress of the United States. By its
attempt to make the colored man tbe
governing claa m the tontnern states,
by its imprudent interference in the elec
tions without end, by its support of the
carpet-bag class, it forfeited confidence
and' sunpoh. Nearly one-half of the
hite people of the South, were opposed
to the Democratic party, as much so as
the Rjpfmblieans. They have been re
pelled bt unjust legislation. The old
aittetn slava Stattrs baVc1 one hundred
aud seventeen members of the House of
Representatives. Of these, but fourteen
belong' to 'the Republican organization.
Nearly nine-tenths "f them are Democrats,
and it is altogether likely that hereafter
the Democrats can count1 upon a hundred
vtrters from tkt sccTMriOoe hundred
aud fortyeight are a majority, ana ft
Would be -erange itideed if the Democrat
cy iu all thu great States of the North
could not elect forty-eight members. Very
soon, as the terms of the present Senators
expire, tlie wholn South will be represented
by thirty-two Democratic United Stat
Senatois, which it withiu seven of a ma
jority of that body. The present voters
of the Nation-.are agaiust the Republican
partj. It may now bid a long farewell
to iu Ccngre&ional
They are also great tinners and manu
facture a great many of the cane that tbe
fruit is preserved in ; they (the tin
shops) are also worked on a large scale.
They have all the latest improved ma
chinery. You will see .every day duty
men going all around the streets will
about two sheets of tin in a box strapped
over tuelr shoumers noun wing at every
a m f . . ? i i
uouse "tinny, trmiy. cut you never
see a Chinaman at this ; they arc indus
trious, And thrive, while tbee men who
ruu all over town haye been truned off
for negligence, and other causes, hardly
make a living. You go on a door further
you will see a
and ot Entering you will see abont twelve
sevvirfg machines going at a lively rale,
which dogs furnish one of the most sold to the ; merchants very easily,
important economic considerations af- After listening to their jabbering awhile
fecting the State. Iu the Irst place, ! you leave, and the next door will take
thev militate against the mutton crop ; you into a.
w a. . r- .41
annually to the extent of at least 50,
000,000; secondly, they cost, at an
average of twenty-five cents a week where about fifty hands- aro working,
each, $6,500,000 enough to run all nch one at his machine; these shoes and
our common schools, anfl leavea steal- j slippers are also sold here in the eity
able surplus; thirdly, they also kill : "y- 1 bey have various otuer factor
annually, through hydrophobia, at
The statistics of the State of Missouri, I
report ? 4:
400,000 Dogs,
ies which are useless to mention. Some
of them are jewelers but are not perfect in
that. '
There are about four money brokers
among them1, who have quite a pile in
their show glasses. They are" very good
Tbe dispatches from Montrael will
furnish instructive reading to politicians
who have been so ready to bring religious
issues prcmatuiefy into our own political
discussions. Mere is a case involving the
mere burial ot the bones of a mau long
siuce dead which-convulses a city, almost
a whole kingdom, for weeks, places the
city in imminent peril of riot, subjects the
Government lo great expanse, brings out
the military, and provokes a bitterness
which years can hardly allay. How
would it be in the United States if poli
ticians were generally to find it to their
interest to foment religious disturbances
throughout all the States as a means of
' r
carrying elections or preparing tor a rresi-
lemial campaign ? Ihoughtiul people
knw now, the whole country we trust
will-come, soon to realize, tint there is no
more reckieas cr dangerous incendiary
au the man who sceka to arouse reu
loue prejudices in political .-matters,
inveuis or even exaggerates occasions -for
sectarian hatreds. Wherever file school
svstera i3 re.ilTy threatened, it must- h
defended at all hazard?. Whors it is not
threatened, the reckless effort to raako a
political issue about it for personal ad vans
tnge is a crime which should make the
man who c lUmUs it inlmous. N. Y.
t n v. PRivrn.urrTTVn
Make the prayer meeting more attrac
tive, more interesting. .People trill go
where there is life aud power. Maay of
our prayer-meet uos aro dull and cold.
with little to attract and interest. A
prayer-meeting needn a variety. In some
churches, the tame brethren offer aub-
'stanlialiy the same prayer from one
year's eud to the other, and in about tbe
same order. If speakioe is introduced.
the same brethren speak. There is no
variety. Now, we are thankful for those
faithful veterans ( though wa do wish tbey
would sometimes get Inch a baptism as
to forget their old prayers and launch oat
into new fields) ; bat let as try and intro
duce soma new blood. There is a won
derful charm In variety. God has im
planted this love of change in the human
heart. 1 be face t natore is over chang
ing. Kven spring would loose her charms
if she never gave way to summer. Wa
rant fruit and harvests as well as Moo
soms and flowers. If the tangoes long
silcut and the voices now still were to
break forth in the prayer and testimony,
in response and praise, oar prayer-meetings
would soon present but few empty
Brevity is another characteristic of a
good prayer meeting. As a rale, oar
prayers, our hymns, and our remarks, are
all too long. Better for five persons to
pray two minutes each, than for one
brother or sister to pray ten minutes.
Better to sing six times a single verse at
a time, than to sing six verses in succes
sion. Brevity refreshes and rests, whilst
excessive length wearies and repels. Wa
can all feel for the brother who was pray
ed into a good atate of mind, and then
prayed out of it.
Freedom should characterize the pray
er-meeting. Let all be encouraged to
t ike part. Let eaeh be free to exercise
It- ! V .
uta peculiar ems. Let praise, prayer,
and testimony follow in quick and sweet
succession. lite Methodist.
The Baltimore GaxetU mvs: Tbo
Soathern States aro now attracting rreat-
er attention throughout tbe country as an
inviting field for immigration, and espe
cially In the West and North 'WSat.
Tli is a gratify fng intelligence. It is mi -
pvoMvio iot oooniry to e prosperous
wnu a portion ot it is impoverished and
ground beneath the heel of an oppressor.
A partial cause of this change of feeling
is found in the met that the Radical cam
paign stories ot Soathern Km it lax out-
.- ''.aamcmn
rages htve quite disappeared from political
literature- The Republican journala, in the
effort to bolster up the waning fortunes of
their party by fictitious aooouoU of
oowsnarn rroooie, inflicted tajnvMa upon
me entire South, which time alone can
remedy- There ore vast areas of un-
worked territory iu the Sooth, a soil nat
urally fertile, long seasons, and s healthful
climate. With the tide of emigration
once tamed toward tbe Soetfe toe ehae-
nel will rapidly deepen, and ajy ratal:,
that uufortauate country will era lone en
joy fur more than its old time prosperity.
least one hundred and twenty persons,
which, at $5,000 each the average
price paid by railroads for the very
poorest of brakesmen amounts to the
further snm of $ 600,000. Here is a
direct expenditure of nearly $7,750,-
000 for dogs, not to mention the fines, ! .ce.Qtlnt. iQ i!,;, Kn. Thev have
cost, and more remote sentimental their restaurants, hotels, &c. Any one
dam. teres resulting: trom law-suits
about dog fights and severance
friendship between owners of combative-
cujrs. Capitalized, .our dogs
L represent a waste of 680,000,000, aiid f
ts ; that is bothered with too good an appetite
of j and willies to cure himself, I witl guaran
tee that if he would walk through
'thing to
invcstecL at compound interest, their. J b
. l"J 1 , n-i .-if.
wortniessnec3 wouia pay on tne
tional debt before 1900."",V"
il-" n
Siiw ovr.J
No more remunerative business can
be found than wool-growing "in Flor- you have seen they have. They
Jrla nnd InVlpd flirnno-hniit.hA Snnth. kind of leaf which they make
D ft. JfMAT
Is now reeetrina: and opeeiac for the -
apeetum of the people ofSonsoery and
At County tbe Boat Seftnsfad Stock of
ttat baa evsr bees echiWitrd la
Fancy Brand, of Cigars oed
at Hottovj firores. Canakx
pkio and foeey. Flea,
J USmefea. Hoiaiae, JrUivs.
anJ io fact anything thai a first
el Grocery hoese shoehl ha vow
also beys oed sells Dosaesaia heeee -all
kind of eoestry proeaee. Hoping to sea
ay many tnanO both in town and
T remain WadteatfoHr
o? r. 5fiH.,i
are not seen. They seem to have left that
in China, bit of all the other messes ever
have a
ida, aud indeed throughout the South, kind of leaf which tbey make wto a
wherever dry lands predominate. cornucopia and elite up a cocoanut very
The common annual income from a fine and together with some of Jhe.r nets
fli- P ia k;rfw-tliro fill Hand put it m their markets, lhey
.i-,i t 1 m. ,Ui-L -u rc gret sh dealers, bat
btilv ob-
sticoess is
ana a tntra ter cent, ine
stacle to full and complet
the uncontrolled and useloss'cfogs that
the lantern, aud pconle taid h was in 1 every where abound. If the legisla
te with it. The lantern, at all eventf, ! ture would enforce a tax on dogs,
great fish dealers, but no oysters.
X Chinaman was never known to take
a dri nk of tv t er only" in tea. Too enter
an v of their bouses and their tea pot is
was ftlways bright-aud in good condition, which, as.the country now stands, feat always on the stove. Tbey drink tea the
in stormy weather.-when the sky was ; much needed animal, they WouId dO! same as we do water They are great
mace aim thundery, when he broken' a great service to the wool growers
alniiglcs rolled like thcuder, it .w visible nA tKp vjvlnnblp doo- owners s well. 1
at the end of thv post: and the eailors who . m ti wnnA aill vast.1v to the t but hardly ever take any liquor; all smoke,
tnanked Heaven wliru thev had cscaned ! 1.1 t?.t ' t-.y v?i ill . wwuhuiai. . Knt vv wMnnt see one that chews r are
tbe reefs, blessed Kenan a little in their " o, . , erv fine waBhers and ironers, bat don't
sorts. He was the only one who loved STS" " 1 " ?3fi3r Tl think they ever cook.-The females
and protected ihu lantern, for it had manv lua Ke5i' -JU-L- 1 ie Kai
ent-mits. All the wreckers nu iho onaat Ifang
hated it. Formerlv. a storm w o-nnrl 1 this is our experience in a small way,
thing for them, and. after a nigh6of misc- and we see no reason why twomen
ry to Uiose at sea, they snatched uo all knd a eood doff may not care for two
uie nciies mat were thrown
?r .1 U ' Hijegw1 amw hc ! only tlie support ot two horses and Those that have not hair enough abraidw
--..a n.v; WC1-W iinrii Ui;U nnus. ana tne fLr.K-
"inmrn nua runn ( . I lei-i 'PfcM. l.arl
w - A. MV. 7 IIUU
Tnrfframi the
raT)ge,)' and without feeding, at least
very lazy nevef work at all.
Vtheir hiar and shaving.
Their heads are shaved with a razor all
mAnili oTinl tlii Inn U'liirh 1A nl.i'LPil
.1 a.. ' lit -ii -- xi x - -r -.- r--
u.wn up on tue tnousanci sneep at an annual cuei 01 1 and fait ovn 0Ter tue,r rhoulders
The Louisville Courier Journal Bays :
What the average man has to endure in
the way of senseless and indiscriminate
introductions that are of no benefit either
to himself or the other man is dreadful
euough, bat it is nothing to what tho poor
persecuted womcu havo to pnt np with
from one another. When man meets man
if there is a third man along, an introduc
tion follows. When woman meets woman,
and the two happen to know each other,
there id osculation, and this oeeulatiou is
generally about a thoueaud limes worse
than tbe most unnecessary and uncalled
for introduction. 11 the two women hap
pen to bate each other, tho emack is loud
er and the accompanying hypocrisy much
more demonstrative than wh u tue oppo
site feeling predominates. Each is dis
gusted, and each despises tbe other just a
little more ii that is possible.
Sometimes women meet who are really
moved by reciprocal affection, hut even
then there is a triHe of hypocrisy iu the
kiss tbat followe, and they undoubtedly
feel that it might just as well be omitted
in the future, if a few iudepeudant femi
nine' Spirits would strikeout and begin the
reform. There is no reason to suppose
that the kisses of women (or women are
anv more agreeable than tbe kisses of
men for men ; yet wheie is the American
who would hesitate between a bloody
homicide and a kiss from one of his own
-sex! The honest woman who one day
completely lost control of her temper and
blurted out : "Mrs. Smacker, I hades
lic-f you would spit in my face as to kisa
me there now was only eiving veut
to an indignation built up by years of
persecution, and many of hr sisters se
cretly approve of the explosion.
Those politicians are mistaken who
fancy that a war with Spain would be
popular. Our tax-ridden peotile are not
enamored at pressut of what The London
Times calls a "spirited foreigu policy."
1 here has been a great deal ot specula
tion about the possibility of Gen. Grant's
involving the country in a foreign war
before the next Presidential election.
We prefer to believe that these specula
tions do him gross injustice. In any
. t 1 1 . . arm . .
case, so mng as uamuton r isn remains
in the Cabinet, we are sare tbat the
ctuutry may rely with considerable secu
rity upon his keeping us out of any rash
collisions with Spain or with any other
foreign power. We undoubtedly owe a
great debt of gratitude to Seetetery Fi-h
(or the conservative wisdom with which
ho had avoided complications in the past.
The country has learned to trust him,
and need not fear that he will betray the
trust. N Y Tribune.
Inev had at
tempted to break the lantern and to throw
oown the post; but Keman declared he
ould ahoot any oue he fouud attempting
Mch a tiling again Aaoug those the
lantern had beggared was an old womau
whd La Mouette (the sea gull), but
aevertbelci, alio ought to have had pity
upon othess, for her son, a brave sailor.
at aea. He was twenty .years old,
a called Jack, whom every one in Lalen
ai' ecaU8c (,f his good heartt
''The sessou had been fine that year,
M a number of the wrecker had gone
,nlnd to seek work. La Mouettc, blas
Pnemed from morning till uight, and one.
Jai threatening the lantern, she said:
uraed lantern, they have placed you
"ere Jo ruin people; but that must be put
sndto.' t
"You are very wicked, La Mouetle,"
eran answered: "and God will punish
h was at the time of the equinoctial
JNta. The tea found iti bed too nar
One night, tho waves, like, giants
peo trom prison, rose, up towards iho.
j; the wind bowled like a guilty spirit;
-gnaia ot distress were heard at
wan fiMiflWUrrtero with the
w' e had, he put
uenuesaw the be
-The Richmond lF7tt7 strongly urges
the farmers of Virginia, to engage in
this branch of industryand says:
" Witk- the" extinction dfc slavery,
tle old system of .cultivation has be
eomo unprofitable. Ia its place mu6t
be substituted others adopted to our
altered condition of labor. Among
these, not one is so profitable in the
interior as the raising of wool, &c.
The irldustry requires but' a small
force compared to the cultivation of
wheat, corn and tobacco, and, there
fore, the Legislature should foster it
fn-efcrery possible way."
The Scmi-Tropieal magaEiner pub
lished at Jacksonville, Florida, makes
these suggestions, and it will be seen
that there is something to be shid cm
both sides, for there are different kinds
of dogs, as of inen some . good and
some bad. One-IsiBd-Jtelps to take
care of the sheep, and the other kind
Kite them. 1 r,Ag ,3FWIHTAJi
plaited in with it - They shave inside of
their ears with a little instrument cut all
the little hairs out of their ears.
esa were Heard at sea. Experienced miners pronounce me .uu, .wuh w,. nB ...., r . . r . . .
antem with the beat Stanly eeonty gold mine, euual to any blew out her brains jusT a. she had been that party would have been ;VfuU 2
in a ftS wick, sun on the PacrficI.t, and capable of being saluted at a brid. The murderer wea t, but . for W l
aneficient light 1 worked to greater profit. ; . - Up. e. ,n thi. eity and Broaklyn. grand result.
THEIR shoes and hose.
Their shoes are made of cloth with
wooden soles about one inch thick. Their
hose ore made of domestic (bleached).
They carry everything in two baskets
that are fastened on a pole and thrown
across the shoulder. They are very food
of rice. Are never ragged or have dirty
face aud hands and are very fond of
schools. The members of the different
churches here have a Sunday School for
them where they are taught to read and
sing; this school is largely attended and
some of them learn fast. The majority
can't understand the English language,
and those who do, speak it very badly,
as ihey would say : "He no good for he
is lazy," &c , and other such phrases.
v A LI r UK.i 1 A
Carolina Central liailway.-The
York H'ord of the 12th inst. says:
"In the suit of Horatio G. Onderdonk
against tho Carolina Central Railway
Company an attachment against all the
property of the company to be fouud iu
this Slate was granted Weduesday by
Judge Baruard, of the New York supreme
court, the company having defaulted in
paying the interest ou $143,000 of its
bonds held by tbe plaintiff."
Washixotox. D. C, Nov. 15.
The official cotton crop report for Novem
her makes a direct comparison of tbe
products of this year with that of 1874.
As former reports of condition have indi
cated, tho States bordering cu the Allan
tie all show a reduced product, aud those
in the Mississippi valley an increased
yield. Prior lu Nov. 1st, killing frosts
had appeared in the more Northern States
of thu cottou belt, iu some coualies of
northern Geurgia sod in tbo district north
of th V n' jice River in Alabama.
Elsewhere the cotton plant was aninjored,
and generally in vigorous growth on the
beet lands.
There is much inequality iu the prog
ress of picking. In some counties of
Georgia aud Aiaboma the horvest is near
ly over. Iu Mississippi tbe work has
been delayed by political difficulties aud
by sickness ; in Washington county two
thirds of the crop was ongalbered, and it
was feared that Christmas wonkl fiud
one-fourth still in the fields.
Fine weather boa been the rale with a
few exceptions, but in Louisiana much
fibre has been lost or stained by storms.
Tbe effect of the great September
storm iu Southern Texas proves h-s dis
astrous than was at first represented.
The amount of lint iu comparison with
weight of seed coton is quite reliable,
rJucm'T trom twentv-Uve to thirtv-loree
per cent., but so far as reported appears
to bo less than in 1874. The State per
centages representing the aggregate
quantity as compared with last year are
as follows : North Carolina 91, South
Carolina 76, Georgia 71 Florida 90,
Alabama 102, Mississippi 111, Louisiana
100. Texas 114, Arkansas 135, Tenness
see J 16. The crop of Arkansas is a
good one, bat the figures are increased
more by the fact of last year's poor yield
than by the excess of this year's crop
These fieures point to a small advance
Two ex-renators of Mississippi have
undertaken lo exphuo tbe result of the
late elecifons, and curiously euough, al
though they are both Republican;, tbey
disagree in accounting for the defeat of
their party. Mr Pease attribute tbe
Democratic victory to tkm system of ia
timidftticn adopted by that party. Beads
of armed men paraded tho country, be
tays, with pieces of artillery, sir king
terror into the hearts of the colored peo-
pie ; and armed Democrats had a way 0
dropping io at Republican meetings with
their rifies and revolvers, and looking
around to see who was present with a
eolemn stare that convinced the negro
. . 1 . . .
auauors mat tney would De much more
comfortable at home. Mr. Ravels, who is
himself a gentlemen of color, asserts that
the Republican parly was besieu because
the people of his race have grown tired of
tbe "unprincipled advent Brers' ' who have
so long assumed to lead the. They
were dctermiued l break from the mtel
lectual bondage which these demagogues
desired to perpetuate, and rose against all
men known to be incompetent and dis
honest. Tbe ex senator does not look
upon the result of tbe election as a defeat
in auy sense, bat a a victory for the bat
ter ekaBeoU of the people. He verj
naively declares : "I can net recognise
"nor do the masi .s ot mv DOotHo who
"read recognize lbs majority of tigfisla
''who' have been In power for the past,
"two years, as Republicans. We de ejet
"believe that Republicanism aeeana cor
ruption, theft and embezzlement These
"three offences, have beeu prevalent
"among e greet portion of our officc-bI
ders." This explanation has the merit
of being new, while that offered by ex
senator Pease is an old story and was
rehearsed alter a visit In Morion at In
dianapolis. By the way, it is astonishing
to see how many people still foil lo per
ceive that Republicanism, 00 matter what
its significance once was, aew only
"meant corruption, theft and embezxJu-
meut." Though it is identified with
tho o crimes iu New York as well as io
Mississippi, thousands "lured by the
whistling of a name" cling to It. They
will know better by and by. Experiencj
keeps a dear school, but Iikm will learn
1 - , e
in uo other. JV. I. n orui.
When yoa want Hardware at lew
figures, cell on the undersigned at No. t
ti ran ite Row.
8olisbttry ,N. C.,Moy IS-tf.
9 9 9
A lares stock at
aeeoable rates.
New Caiftloeue for tt75 and 76 with fall da
script ions of fruit, sent tree. .
Address CRAFT A 6AJIB,
Rao Putin,
nor 1, ioio..
At tee eld ateed of Foster A
Juet rvceircd . full line of H
nets, trimmed
and all tbe latest
i afull line ofjlaaeia
Mt French and Aaserieaa eevei-
Orden executed with eere urn
Pinkir nr to
The Btore will he eondected oe the Ooaiojt
lea and no eooda or work will he eOeroei te
any one. Thu rule ta oavarible.
April, 15th 6 wa.
Spring Stock: 1875.
Destructive Watee Bpoct Below
Newbeem Foe a P&aoovs Rilled
andOthees Wouxdeo. The Newberu
Xutshcli of yesterday says :
Mr. Nathaniel M. Gaskill. of this city,
has received I alters from reliable gentle-
-A C . 9 e s
niea iitioc on ine oiraite, in wutcn is a
tcrribl account of the ravage of a de
structive water a pout at Herker's I aland,
about forty miles below this city, 00 the
lOtb inst. I he columu of water slrnck
the dwelling of Mrs. Gaskill, a respecta
ble and highly esteemed widow lady, and
totally destroy ed tbe building, instantly
killing fourcbildreu and mortally woun
ding Mason Gaskill, eon of the lady oil u
ded to, besides slightly wounding several
others. A young baby which was io tbe
upper story of the building at tbe time of
the accident, bos never been seen or beard
of siuce. We learn that Mason Gaskill,
the young man mortally wounded, was ot
most excellent habits and was highly es
teemed aud loved by all who knew bim
The affnis has ereated the greatest excite
ment io the surrounding country, and has
cast a gloom over the entire Island.
u' .
At St. Mary, Mo., last week, as a girl
: i named Rye was being married to a Mr.
Brooks, a discarded lover . entered tbe
church and, forcing his way to tbo alter,
as bear-
The N. Y. Sun gives the
to show the importance
Upon the elections in the cities
ing upon the resnlts in the
States :
'.phe .State of Ohio would have
Democratic, and Gov. Allen would
been successful iu tbe late election,
for the majorities given to the Republic
cau ticket in the cities of Cincinnati and
Tbe State of Pennsylvania also would
have been successful at last Tuesday's
election, but for the Republican majority
in the city of Philadelphia.
The State of New York would hare
srone Renuhlican. and the State ticket of
upon last year's aggregate, if November
and Deeetriber should be favorable to the
opening and pieking of the top crop.
Wilmington fox-hunters have challen
ged South Carolina for a grand hoot,
Dec. 10.
This statesman audapatriot has passed
away, hut bis deeds will live after him.
What a commentary is bis fame on the
advantages of an American citizen I Un
lettered and unaided, relying upon him
self, be advanced step by step from the
lowest station in life, to the highest office
in the gift of the American people. All
this was accornpiisned by nnswerviug
integrity, dauntless courage, and perse
vering research. By the exercise of these
principles, it is in the power of any poor
and friend leas boy to attain the samo
The Irish World is severe on the
Prince of Wales. It says: "Now, tbe
character of the Prince of Walea is
notorious: as tho sun at noon-day. It la
not the whispered scandal ot private
malevolence; it is blazoned to the fur
winds and known to the whole world
1 be Prince of Wales is a patriarch ot
profligacy, aud, though yoang in years
a veteran in the fbalett turpitude Tbe
evidence of his depravity it to be found
in his enormous indebtedness, wbicb
towers, like a gloomy pyramid in the
howling waste of bis misspent life, as tbe
monument of bis debauchery the no
qneaticuable tcatimonial of bis loathsome
lieentioasuets. We mast go down into
the foul depths of Roman history to
Messolina or Hellogabalue to find tur
pitude so extreme and corruption so un
limited." Oh, De&'t Go la To-ff ight, Jaka. .
"Uh. don't go to tho liqu r store,
Ob, doo't o there to-night.
To speed eer ealj shilling. Jobs.
Yoe know 'twould not bo right;
There's not a loaf at home, John.
There's not a coal, you know.
Though we ore faint and hungry,
aud test eomea dowe the
UO lUg CoftVe,
60 BemUSaear,
40 " Molasses,
5000 Ibe. ncon. 2000 lbs. Lard.
2000 lbs. Beet Soger Cored Bams,
20 Kegs Soda,
20 Boxes "
50 M Adamantine Coed Us,
46 " Hoop, 2000 lbs.
30 Coses Oysters,
20 do Brandy P
20 do Iemon Syrup,
20 do Fresh PeoeWs.
10 do Pioe Apple.
10 do Smoking Toba
25 Groea Snuff, 25 Coils
40 dox. Painted Pails,
40 Boxes Assorted Candy,
100 Reams Wrapping Paper,
A full Una of Wood A Wilk. war.
A full ho of Iiool A Shoos (
A full line or Hats.
A fall line rf Saddles 1 Bridl, Salt.
Ginoer. Sffee. Canned Ooods. SoyeJ
Powders. VAxara. Toneeeo, iToeaerv.
Tanners A Maehfne Oils, Ae , Ae.
The above stock was bought sin as
heavy decline in pnoe. and ta a
sale A K--til at rriy abort prt.ota.far so
June 3rdl67S.
the lata
Oh, don't go there to-night.-
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Ladies Embroidered Slipper at W0
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LhM l lnth Gaiters U f ITS worth tBO.
Ladies Cloth Goiters at worth $3uu.
A Urge lot of Children oboes eery e.
I) IN Oil AM A 00.
Insurance aid Batiiif. Chidj.
Capital and Assets over
State Deposit
At the Lame Current Rmme.
Take a Policy la the Lyachborg
I am also Agent for the Sort
State Lit looeroeee Coeapeuy.
If yoa her the goad of ywer Coewhry eg
heart keep yaer moeey la the SuatJh aod
help heilal op Home 1 titftfJui

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