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Exciting News from McDowell
County I
Two Men
and one Woman
JlaidoJ the llevenuc Officers, &c.
m r
One night last wceK a party oi men
mine to the residence of Sani'l Billiard,
an eld n i" living in Turkey Cove, Mc
1)orl! Co , if tor he had gone to bed, and
failed lii up, and said to him that they
wrre Ivcvenuo officers Franks and Allman,
and tliat thoy wished to know where
Jo Mace's still house was, and after some
relosal on the part of Milliard, they said
ihev would comt el him to go. Hilliard
then came out and the parties told him to
uke the road, and having gone about a
quarter of a mnY one of the party (there
tang two) hi ruck Hilliard and knocked
him down, when a third man rushed from
the bnslies who attempted to cover him
ft . 1 ! 111 1. .... ....1 . . t
wy.ti OIBSkUing iik.b u bhuci, mm who ui
the party Btriking. him with a stick Two
of the parly then went aside in the bushes,
nd the other threatened to kill him, but
finally released Hilliard, who was not sc
riowly injured.
And on lust Monday night a week,
l'lben Haney, of the same locality, was
cercly whipped on Armstrong's Creek,
above Mrs. Reed', in Turkey Cove.
ilamy had been to town, and going
borne three disguised men came up and
pulled bim off his horse, and beat him
ry severely so much so that he did
r , 1 1.1
not get home lor several days, ana men
Ltd to be carried ou a litter. Haney
Ud a sack of flour and tome coffee, which
ihev Matured in the road. Jt is said
ikal llancy is very likely to die from his
And then again on Tuesday l ight of
the sime week, it is reported that three
ssbsfirn I'.ii ties whipped a woman, name
not grfttt, near the same locality. This
woman had been living in a little house
no the side of the mountain for. but a
ihotl tim . Our informant did not obtain
and station, by regularly sharing with
known and to him notorious thieves and
purjurers, the spoils of their joint infamy.
A sad picture indeed, yet there is one
more painful still. One step from Gen.
liabccck s office, which has become the
arcanum of our national disgrace, and we
are in tbenrtVAte office of the. nreiident
of the United States. To-day the eyes
of the whole nation are turned to him in
shame and reproach. There he sits
stolid, sordid, sullen. It is possible to
believe Gen. Henderson's solemn assur
ance of faith in Grant's entire innocence ?
There is but one ground where it cau be
presumed, and that is bis utter imbecility.
Until that is proven, and until it is de
nied that from the very first day
day of his inauguration, up to the present
hour, Grant baa invariably associated
with the most corrupt scoundrels and bas
uever appoiuted an honest official "where
it could be avoided";' until his intimac7
with Casey, with Tom Murphy, with
Lest, with Corbie, with Boss Shepherd,
I . t w w- rv a
wun DaDcocR, Joyce ana Mcuonaid is
explained ; until his appointment of near
ly all of these to high placeaof power aud
profit can be justified until he has re
called Cramer from Copenhagen and
Emma Mine Schenck from the court of
St. James ; until he removes Brother in
law Jim. Casey from robbing the reve
uuein New Orleans, withdraws bis broth
er Orville from the Indian ring, and ig
nominiously kicks Babcock out of the
White House we shall not believe him
free from the knowledge of what his most
intimate confidents daily practiced before
his eyes, and largely, if not entirely, by
the use of his name and power. There
are constitutional governments in which
ministers resign the very moment they
lose the cofidencc of the people. One
hundredth part of the disgrace of this
whiskey ring would instantly drive the
cabinet of any constitutional government
from power. If Gen. Grant has a spark
of shame or honor left, let him show it by
vacating the White House which he bas
Lit him resign ?
has only seen them in rose color. Let
him wait until they have got him where
they want him, have made him dependent
pon them, and are able to say to him
authoritatively, "Brother, do this," or
"Brother, leave undoue that," and he will
regret from the bottom of his soul that he
ever saw or heard of such a place as Des
Moines. N. Y. World.
Rev. A. W. Mangum. In sketching
the various members of the recent Meth
odist conference in Wilmington, the Star
of Dec. 8, has this to say of Rev. A. W.
Mangum, so well known and beloved in
this city :
One of the most accomplished members
of the body which has just adjourned was
Rev. Adolphus W. Mangum, of illustrious
lineage, who as scholar, orator, poet and
pastor, is a household word in many
countiesNrf North Carolina. The age of
Professor Mangum is about 40. He
came to the conference In 1856, and was
made Professor of Englsh Literature and
Belles Letters last summer in the Univer
sity of North Carolina. Professor Man
gum bad been previous to bis election to
the Professorial chair, a minister of the
Methodist church in foil connection.
Handling a fluent aud graceful pen, his
contributions of prose and verse have
enriched the newspaper press for
many year. He has published one vol
, . .. ' II M
bishop of the more powerful Methodist
communion, supported by two Hundred ot
its ministers, urges tbe re election ot
Grant 1 We know of nothing in the
history of oar religious bodies, Roman
Catholic or Protestant, thai compares
tth the action of the Methodist Sabbath
School Uuion at Boston in impertinence
and presumption
receive general rebuke from tbe great
denomination it misrepresented.
pfatit r4i
Removing StumMw A friend ask
as what can be done to get rid of
stamps in fields whether crude oil
would not cause the stumps to barn
readily ? In our experience we have
We are sure It will j found it preferable to remove stamps
witn mac nines maae tor that purpose
and burn them afterwards, if desired.
It is slow work Burning isolated
stumps in a field and the same amount
of time spent in uprooting them will
be much more effective. A good team,
horses or oxen, with a stamp machine,
will clear quite a space of ground in a
day, and if the ground be atony, tbe
work may be further progressed by
filing the boles when 3m stossps
came from with stones to within eigh-
4,281,93 jteeh inches or two feet of the surface.
4,279,33 Crude oil is not verv inflammable.
and unless used in large quantities its
only effect is to clear the surface of
the stump and make it last even long
er than it otherwise would. Rural
New Yorker.
What They Oive.
Tbe Minutes of the N. C. Conference
make the following financial exhibit as to
tbe amount of what the Conference con
tributed last year for church p irposea :
Paid the Presiding Elders,. 0,666,4l
Ptttors 68,544,84
1,648 84
Widows and Orphans
Missions '
Sunday Schools
Building and Repairing
Churches ..36,011,88
Bible Cause 110,09
Incidental 5,669,98
rag does tSMMMai Issue
Fourth. Frequently stir lbs soil,
until plants have reached a growth
suitable for harvesting them, or until
they have perfected their seed. The
reasons it this are in the preceding
Fifth. If ft field refuses to ricld a
crop, ascertain what its queJWLs are,
by washing or otherwise, isnsT supply
its deficiencies from sesse aehsr pert
of the fkrm. In most oases, this oh so re
would not require a costly removal of
eann, ana mignt result in making
both fields highlv fertile. It is often
done where land is more valuable
than with us. JV. R Farmer.
so long dishonored.
Total $137,816,01
Tbe average salary of the preacher is
umc of poetry, Myrtle Leaves," and was only $.535, and that, too, iu a profession
for a time on tbe staff of a weekly reli- which is called upon to bear more, endure
gious and literary paper, the Message, more and in many instances to labor more
published at Greeusboro. He graduated uo any oiner Known. Ann me tame
at Randolph Macon College. true ot an orner oeuominations oureiy
Professor Mangum is above the medium the laborer is worthy of more hire than
ht, is lithe, graceful, erect, with bis loia i auq ne win prouaoiy siinigncr in
tne next wortu mail some oi laosc wno
are nuder his ministrations week after
week; who feast when he is hungry, wbo
are warm when he is cold, and who dole
out so dismally the pittance they bestow
each Suuday to help keep body and soul
fine, shapelv bead covered with greyish
dark hair and beard thrown back. His
expression lights up strongly in speaking,
and he talks with energy and fervor.
His stvle as orator may be inferred from
this physical inventory.
The Upper
and Nether
Clover. Mr. Bur well Cash ion,
near Alexandriana, believes in clover,
and has raised some of the finest stock
in this county. Mr. W. H. Matthews
bought the cow from him which took
the premium several times at the Fair
1 S 1 1 f T 1 A I I 1 1 m
ot tlic arolin:i. lie has another ot cxecraoie puiiosopby, however, u accep-
the same breed, which gives six gal- td. then we of the South, poor and hard
Ions of milk a day. He has kindly UP wc my
Frost the Macon (Oa.) Ttlraph.
Roehefoueald, or some other cynical
Frenchman, baa declared that every man
takes comfort in the iafortaaee even of
his friends. This for tbe honor of bo
man nature we capitally doubt. Bat if
there be any semblance of Irmth hi the
remark, It may be traced si so ply is the
net that sorrow b the common lot of
and tbe comparison tends to make
afflicted bear their troubles better when
they perceive that ethers, it mailers not
if they be kinsmen, softer more. In oth
er words, misery loves company. If this
the new
More beautiful than ever is
just received st Bell A Bro's,
consiftting of
18 x. SKQASZuNT 2:S AC
We have made in the ha
It is apparent from the President's
Message that an invidious aud ill-uaturcd
press has done him serious wrong. All
the time that he was accused of iuuketing
around the country, a champion dead
head, he was really bnsyJu hunting for
subjects for his message. His visits to
Colorado and Wyoming impressed his
sagacious mind with the inequality of our
public land system. A Hying trip to
Salt Lake and a hurried interview with
Brother Bringham convinced him of tbe
anamalous, scandalous condition of Utah
and the unblushing prevalence there, of
the unnatural vice called pluralism. AH
the time in which he was credited with
taking his dolce farneinte aud listening
Branch, he
This carpet, which was made for Na
poleon III, is thus described : Its size
is about forty feet square. Ihe center
piece its most prominent object occu-
i n
imne nearly one half ot the whole area,
represents a beautiful, oval-shaped pict
ure, set in gold fringe, and if suitably
hung would at a distance be eaiy mista
ken tor au elegant painting. The picture
shows the harbor, castle and surrounding
county of Marseilles, I ranee. In the
foreground, ono is charmed by tbe blue
water and the Btately ships at anchor
further back, the harbor and ancient cas
tle, rising grandly in its magnficcnt
whiteness against tho green foliage envel
oping the base of the mountains which
form the background and lift their hoary
beads into a bluo sky Hiked with fleecy
clouds. Napoleon's coat-of-arms sur
mounts the the picture, and a Latin mot
to, wrought in gold on blue ribbon-like
ground, lies half unrolled at the base.
ing this lovely
brown, is a gar-
A New Investios W. A. Weant,
of Salisbury, has invented and patented a
"seif-adiuptinff railway switch, which
will be of incalculable advantage to rail
road companies, both iu point of economy
and safety. With this attachment, a
train running thirty miles au hour can be
run on tbe side track at the will of the
engineer, and should the connection be
with the switch, and tbe engineer wish to
go ahead on the maiu track, be can with
equal ease shift the switch, running at
the same gperd; in fact, it is impossible to
run a train oft at a switch with this at
tachment. Some company or party of
means should own the patent, so as to
put it into practical use. Mr. Weant, be-
a i
ms a hara-iaborHir mecuauic ot very
small means, would negotiate with parties
for an interest in the invention, so as to
bring it properly before the public. Here
is a chance for some one to make a for
tune. Raleigh Sentinel.
sent us some of the butter from this
cow, and it is equal to any in the
Northern market. Perhaps the low
price of cotton will teach our farmers
a lesson. Dr. Mills thinks that we
have the best clover land in the world.
i ut tnc cotton insanity has kept our
farmers from raising clover in large
quantities. Wc hope that every
Grange Lecturer will din into the ears
of Grangers the necessity for varied
crops. South. Home.
Does it Pay to Cook Food for
Stock ? We will state that our farm
contains 800 acres, and we generally
iccu one nuuureu neaa ot cattle on
grass in summer, and wc fatten each
winter about forty head of cattle in the
stable. Wc raise from forty to fifty New England
to the wild waves at Lon?
the reasons alleged by the disguiseS par- wa8 actuaII v adding to his previous stud- Immediately surround
IM for whipping cither ot these persons, jeB u political economy au acquaintance picture, m a bed ot rich brown, is a gar-1 thk Wilmingtok JouaNAL. The
ma it is ooiy a matter oi conjecture. w,ln tne fftr more ary anfj intricate branch " ueauium nu ere, mucu larger Journal of yesterday says :
of theology. His admiration for Glad- ian natural sise, nut so Driuiani ana so Aceording to previous announcement,
Stone led him not only to read that high- aencaiei ana accuracy repreoeuieu mm
flung stateman's recent pamphlets and it seems as if one might stoop and lift the
peiats one irom anotuer. uuisiue oi mis
garland, and serving as a border to the
carpet, is a wreath formed of overlapping
oak leaves nd acorns, also in natural
And on last Thursday, Revenue officere
Hav. Tattrrsou and others made a rade
In tlrin locality, and arrested several par-
tin for illicit distilling, and seized one
distillery-as the property of Jo. Mace.
(leore Waycastcr was arrested for illicit
f.iHillmtr, and in default of bail, was con-
hm in jail at Baktrsville.
Wc give the facts as detailed to us by
reliable parties, but until further develop
ments we are unahle to (rive information
ito tho parties implicated in the whip
ping A shcvillc Expositor.
I From the St. Louis Times. 1
At last. A sudden flash and the
White House stands revealed in a light
haaeful corruption and pollusion. To
fad the revelations iu the Avery trial
on to oe iuckPd is inevitable. It is
Htslotic Gen. Babcock who is disgraced
in the eyes of the whole nation, it is not
acres of wheat, twenty to thirty of oats,
twenty of corn, and three or four acres
of Swedish turnips. Our engine is a
five-horse boiler, something more,
with engine attached to its side. And
this threshes our grain, Cuts and steams
the fodder, pumps the water, saws the
wood, end does the churning, and thus
is very handy to have on the farm.
We have three steam-boxes, holding
as wc are, may take abundant cooso
lation from the superibr misfortunes of our
Northern brethren.
To show the terrible condition of tbe
manufacturing interest, a well known gen
tleman and fellow-citizen just arrived
from New England, suited yesterday that
he saw large sales of tbe best Arnold
prints made by dealers In North Adam,
Mass., on tbe 5th ins:., at two aad a half
cents per yard.
This was not at auction but a regular
business transaction. The moral is that
paper must be met when it falls due to
preserve mercantile credit.
Another opulent mm master, wbo runs
seven furnaces in Massachusetts and one
in New York, bas not sold a pound of
metal iu three years. He has acres of it
stacked op, waiting for better prices, and
in the meantime borrotcs money to carry
on operations.
Tbe reason of this is the excessive cost
of production, at points so remote from
the coal fields. Prouidence and other
cities are now actually
Diamond and Weed ding Ring.
Special sitfiea sjrias? to
and Timing of fine Walchea and Regulator.
All Wntchw repaired br d ar w -ranted
12 BtoDtaa.
OAce 2 door above National lists!, ana
aijrn of large V alch and rrn.
Salutary, Dec. 2, 1875 if.
Is now receiTina- and opening for tbe la-
rpeetioa of the people of Salisbury and Row
an Count j the Best Selected Stoat of
purchasing their iron from Alabama at
$28 per ton, delivered on board tbe cars
which is less than it can be made for
New England.
The doleful condition of things may be
further illustrated by an incident relating
to the woolen trade. A Mr. Blackstone.
who died several years since in Massa
chusetts, worth an immense fortune, left
a provision in his will that his mills should
be worked on full time- for two years
that has ever been exhibited in SeJUbvry
Fancy Brand of Cigars and ChsraoSS.
at bottom figures. Candies, both
plain aud faoey. Figs. Almonds,
Oranges, Raisins, Jellies,
and In fact anything that a first
elans Grocery bone should bay,
also hays and sells Domestic bacon and
all kind of country produce. Hoping to SSS
my many friends both in town and country.
I remain Re? p'-etfullr
polemical disquisitions, but his earlier
volumes also. It is quite apparcut that
he gets some of his horror about tbe con
dition of affairs iu Cuba from Gladstones
report upon Kinc Bomba's
in Naples; and Gladstone
State.' Dubhshed while ho was still a
student of Christ Church, has palpably
inspired some of the President's phrases
about hierocratic matters.
Gladstone probably to-day heartily
wisnes tie naa let clerical matters aioue,
and. tbe third term will not be out before
Grant exneriences the same distrust for
the long robes. Even a third term would
be dearly purchased by a politician at the
cost of subserviency to theological doctors
the hardest masters, the most thankless
allies in the world. Politics and ecclesi
astics, taken together, compose a most
- . '
A r renchman
the Journal was sold yesterday. By
this sale the paper is relieved of its pe
cuniary embarrassments, and is again on
a solid financial foundation. At present
there will be no change in its editorial mau-
aerement, and in no event will there be
one hundred bushels each, and one of I without stoppage.
If tbe attempt to do this be persisted
estimated that his legatees
these filled with cut straw, two hun-!
dred pounds of bran worth seventy-
five cents per hundred, evenly mixed,
packed in solid
moistened with water.
and well steamed, will feed sixty head
i's Government colors, their various shades of green and anv departure in its political bearing and of cattle three times for one day, all
's "Church and brown blending in exquisite beauty. 1 position. Always true, always bold, un- they will eat. Fattening cattle
It is quite impossible to give an idea of
this wonderful fabric, which was made
with the needles of poor women who
wrought it in sections and set together
after the manner of the camel's hair
shawls. Its texture is as delicate as a
silken robe, and no painter could portray
color or detail with more skill. It actual
ly cost $10,000 to muke it. Mr. Stewart
saw it at tbe Paris Exposition aud pur
chased it as a uovelty to exhibit to friends.
The New York Herald says :
"Now. if Bishop Haven were a Catho
lic nrelate this speech would have been
hailed throughout the country with furi-
...m jia.nikatiAfi Tint ttiA Riahnn in a
.a. I . H..l.).:n4 . dams Mlhinill, I . . . . . .
VT f . V , V , J -V T prelate of the Methodist Church, of which
Gen. friend, and let the long robes bej you do Pregident Grant ia an cautious if not
IJ . 1 . I J A J . I .. . I. a .. A A w ' ' I n 1
compromising in its political opinione, it
ill give forth, at no time and under no
circumstances, any uncertain sound.
"Its business depaitment will be
placed under a gentleman of recognized
competency and experience ; its publish
ing department will be enlarged and
improved, and nothing will be left uu-
done to render the Journal a welcome
visitor in overv household. It will onlv the bpnncr, and we have
ask to be ijudged by and be received on from our own experience,
its merits
in, u is estimated tbat his legatees will
have nothing left to divide, so ruinous is
tbe loss of operating.
Wc bear too, of further reduction in
laborers' wages, continued failures Jn
every city, and wide-spread suffering
throughout the North. Tbe writer saw
-a e
mucn mat was discouraging last summer
at Fall River aud elsewhere, but the
troubles then were but trivial eompared
nth tbe present.
This is the upas fruit which emancipa-
a i
agth produced for our New
The South,
violence and
fed extra. In this way. we can feed
all our straw and cornstalks and poor
hay, if we have anv, with a little grain
and bran, turn it all into quick, active
manure to stimulate new crons. aud
can kopn more stork, and at one third lin has at length prodi
r . . I is i j . l :i .i .
less expense than at the old way. Our puau nrop.sts.
etvb onf in lffnr rnrlifion Jn "PP u" 've Oy
i ..v. compeuea to enter tue mauuiaciunug
, , ' arena for subsistence, is now beating those
who Irtrmpr v th f n n at Ihoir r,ttn
is a saving to us of fully one-third in employment, and ere long, not only Iron
the cost ot wintering our animals. In ad domestic, but shoes, wooden ware,
When you want Hardware at
figures, call on the undersigned at No.
Granite Row.
Salisbury ,N. 0.,May 13-tf.
J v
unsatipf .ictorv dose. A r renchman re
tloueth most intimate personal political cently attempted to mingle some theolog-
neua ot the head of the government, tbe j ical elements with a paper of his discuss-
rcauve oi mc executive : it is not alone in? nublic affairs, when he was told by a
ft one tiouse and Us occupants
i - - .
political parly that elevated
The Lash in Virginia A Pleas
ant echo of vJld Times. ine
Petersburg Index-Appeal says :
"Two colored boys were arrested in
feeding hogs, we find that two bush
els of corn, ground and cooked, is s
little better than four bushels of shell
ed corn. We have proved this by
the best test we can give it. We have
no hesitation in saying that our conn-
i nr w
Lrial i 1 1 at i a kl at t . 1
I , r lu.e Pe.aeocy, and made Bab- not understand them, neither sex. xae . member. His eharch is one of
: ,7,ai 2 't -: 6 .ry C,l,ZeD' T"fr rcmark , keen 0ne' u , WC P ;r the most powerful in this eonntry. Vig
uo iiai t v uias tii f iti'iiL in iiih i aa iina ntipn riRSri ri'iii 1 1 sktru. su z caqi: li v i i
a...: 'i " ... . . - - i - 7.7 - . - ' orous iu its discipline, untiring m m
r-o1Hsmp)raualtctlgrieve(laula6haill. Mike female politics, i here is tne me , . . - .TmD,thy with the
this eity yesterday, on the charge of
: t i r nrh
of LoJTer Brandon, the theft having beeJ cnce in the economy of this mode of
committed in Petersburg. They we ''"S owc,,Kl"eu8 .wu
ra whenever be turns his eves or his
loougiiu in couiteniplation of the sad
'fctacle After all we are Americans
-ui wo are Ueraocrats, and wc cannot
M,l'Pii a feeliug of indienant humilia
exactingness. the same tyranny. The
Church will not have a part; it must nave
all of you. It is execrably that is to
say, femininely jealous of its presump
tive rights, while it uses up all its vocab-
e at the shameless greed of the present 1 ulary in defining. Its ally must be its
cUQlbentS of the White Tlnnae wherehv
nnnw ot tbe whole natiou is prostitu
m tuc eyes ot the whole world.
t ... . i . . .
was no longer surmiss, suspicion or
NtStft, it is a lamentable fact establish-
f(I fy le?a evidence
Itlntns a ' I I
-""."to which wns
BSjrtr lo the miMt enlnaaxl eomhinn-
'on of robbers of the national treasury and
. mpt ot the national honor was loca-
tou xt door to tbe treasury building In
l .1,1,1.,... .1 .... S-m .
-:-gwn-uie wiute House. It is
licence that General Babcock, tbe
feawifa private secretary, his right
"a ia tact, wa secretly iu league with
llll m... t .
-wi nononea as well as the most
; oi tLe scoundrels in tbe ring : that
servant, its lever, its ever watcutut cava
lier, and tbe least neglect fulness is visited
with swift anathema. Mr. Grant may
think it very nice to glide into tbe third
term noon an only tide of theological
that the powerful souhistrv. It may seem to suit his pres-
eommunicated all ent pursuit excellently well to have Dr.
Newman and Bishop oimpson at nis ei- declaration of the bishop as deplora Spring
bows to supply him with hackneyed b,e rQm e point of view. It ie a h-jf eoc
nhrasea about tbe tall ot Auara, traus
masses of oar people, carry mg its faith to
the frontiers and planting its churches
amid every" discouragement, Methodism
represents in the Protestant religion that
missionary -nroselvting influence wbieh
has giveu Catholicism its marvelous po
er. Nor do we underrate tbe importance
of a declaration in favor of a third term
by a Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal
Church. It shows that President Grant,
when he made his extraordinarg speech
at Des Moinos. knew the sentiment to
taken before Justice Atkinson, and tbe experience, ana we
evidence proving their guilt, they were
ordered thirty-nine lashes each at tbe
whipping post. Officer Perkinson was
annoiuted saecial constable to execute
the sentence, which it is reported be did
with remarkable skill."
believe that
and everything else we need will be made
at home, and far more cheaply. And our
Northern friends have only themselves
to thank for it. With such a country
and climate as ours, we have only to will
to be independent, and go t work in the
right direction, and tbe result is certain
to be scbisved.
it is
destined to be practiced much more
extensively in tne future. Live Stock
larre atock at reasonable rate.
Kew ( analogue for l"?r. and 78 with fell da
acriptionf of frail, wnl free. ,
Ken rune,
Yedki Cenoty..a
Nov 1, 1875.-3moe.
Culture in
which he appealed. But we look upon bunting
Bad and Fatal Accident. Saturday
morning Edward Archer, a son of Dr.
Edward Archer, of Chesterfield, met
with an accident which resulted in his
instant death. The young man was out
'equently received from and forward
u Ifleirramn in r- - -' : .lo. -C.-l 1 J .1. - Iroihta tn tahe.
, i ,w . wr viz luiiyi') iuji iiio viiiii i ituu nie teniu 'n v v
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.iwn inaespeusable to carry out
"yematiz,d, robbery of the govern-
Piv-i 1 l,Be h'8 fluonco with
, "dentGrant aud Commissioner Doug--
. i bring about the revocation of
tOW II A.J . . .
ff0 ,,;'riransiemug tbe supervisors
..--u.trict to another, which m-
Tr. aua undoubtedly would have
'-" UlO nvo.ik. . I . 1. . . I .
k;i. . --imiuw ui tue rniK : uuv
ader double oath, honor and nav.
".I mm . l . . . . . m '
"v Iminilnnliul r.i.,t.. a.. ....on. ..
..... J
gr ess ion, education, intelligence, ucuu
goges and priestcraft; but he likes to take
bis ease in hisinn far too well to submit
agreeably to the yoke he is unconsciously
bowing bianeck to. Grant probably
thinks of going into this ecumenical busi
ness as tbe Venetians went into tbe Pal
estinian crusades, they get all the profits
all tbe
horn knneka. But the Church is not
going to fight, and especially ie not going
in firriit anv hatt es but its own. 1'or a
y .
great many centuries it has practiced the
useful art of accomplishing its purposes
by keeping all tbe rest of the world in
hot water and setliug everybody else by
tU mmmm. while it stood bv to sbaTO with
the victor. It is hardly possible at
at the time near Huguenot
He laid bis gun, which was
every point oi view. j.t is a hit cocked at tbe t ine, upon a log near
reflection upon his religion and an inter- by, and stooped over to drink from a
ference in our politics that we are sure nrine. In doing so his foot strnek the
ill be resented by tbe Methodists them- ( eaD causing it to fall upon the ground and
selves. It he supposes mat ateiuoaisi eo Qff. Tbe entire load struck the unfor-
will, as a general thing, submit to be told
by a clergyman even if he is a bishop,
whose duty it is to win souls to Christ,
that they must vote one way or another,
their sense of iudependeuce will rebel.
The declaration of Bishop Haven in fa
vor of a third term will give new color to
the intrigues which have been on foot
for some lime in favor of a third term."
Tbe New York Sun remarks :
"Suppose a Roman Catholic Congress,
incited thereto by Cardinal McCloskey,
should pass resolutions advising the elec
tive Presidency ot Tilden.
n i
tanate young man in the nreast, killing
him instantly. Petersburg Index-Appeal
winive, ind next as a general of
tion to the jrresmency ot uiuen, or
i i-- .'k- nu.,S ;li oh. in ere its Thurman or anybody ele, what a howl
laic uay ihai iuu vu'iivu wwe- , i
for - Grant,
instead of trying to make
H l lle lI,,ted 8tatvS, he viola- j Grant go for it. Grant knows very little j
''O inlliAnnr -...1 A: L. 3 . -1 . . .mJ oa (nr tYio An MM ho
nd.houor, ud disgraced trust doatrine yet and
State nnless they banded themselves to
gth"r to destroy the napist. Jet hers s
Mammoth Petition. A special dis
patch to the Richmoud Dispatch, among
other information given says :
Mr. Randall filed at the speaker ' desk
to-day a mammoth petition praying for
the repeal of tbe bank sump check act.
Tbe petition was enclosed in a handsome
waluut box. It is seven hundred aud
six feet, or about one eighth of a mile in
length. It contains thirty thousand three
hundred and nineteen names, represent
ing thirty -three States and five territories.
He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor
man : he that loveth wine and oil aha! 1 not
us rich.J-rc-r.
In the preparation of the soil for
crops, the first thing to be done is to
remove all surplus water. Not to do
this, would be about as unwise as for
the carpenter to commence building
the house at the ridgepole.
The next, to plough deep, because
the minerals in the subsoil may be
needed in the upper portions.
The thin!, to pulverize the soil un
til it is in a condition so fine that the
elements of fertility which it contains
shall be intimately mingled with each
other. The plough, harrow, and hoe,
will not perfectly accomplished this ;
the roller will accomplish much,
and a more recent implement, called,
'The Breaker aud Leveller," will do
definitely more. Jn this condition,
the soil will cling to the small roots,
the rain water will come along with
its ammonia to dissolve tbe sand, the
potash, the lime, the magnesia, and
other minerals present, and plants will
grow with great vigor. But this is
not all. If a drought occurs, the air
will penetrate a porous soil, taking
along with it, moisture, heat, ammonia,
carbonic add, &c, Ac, and give life
1 and activity to It, v?r- much as breath-
war a v V m r a
we nave interviewee Mr. l. r. wen
of Shelby, on the subject of grape cellar.
If. W..1 1 . fnnrtmmn u.u im. mmmwm
mmM. II II.. tvvn ww. mm . . L V ,
witbin three quarters of a mile of Shelby,
and bis success ha been quite remarka
ble. Lat year he produced from this
viuevard 7,000 gallon of wioe thi
year baa produced 10,000 gallons, lie
baa a capacious cellar oa the press ie
now containing 15,000 gallons, in ck
a follow : 6 caks holding 10G0 gall .oa
each; 3 casks holding 800 gallon each;
2 casks holding 700 gal loo each, and
dpwa to smaller vises.
Mr. Walls say he began tbe grape
collar in 1869. He has what is called
He urease Air Treatment for the purpne
of purifying and making dear tbe wine,
. . - 6 my m m a
which i a perfect Boceeee. lit vine are
traiaed on wire treilers. These wises
average from one lo two dollars per gal
lon, and be finds a ready demand. Mr.
Well say he plants the cutting any
time from October to May. Tbe cuttings
will be famished by bim at 83 60 per
thousand; tbe roots at 82 per dozen. Tbi
gentleman i of the opinion that the grape
culture can be made profitable ie Boat
all the counties of Western Carolina, the
higher op lb country the better.
This splendid vineyard i a general
resort for visitor, and ia kind of a park
for Shelby. Mr. Well is a successful
merchant is Shelby, d will seQ hi,
wioe in say qusotity. 4nerflef r-1
At lh old land of Fr
JoM rereired a full line of Hat.
nei, trimmed and nntriaaaaed. Hibboaa, Scara
and all tbe latest French and America povl-
Order eaeruted with
Finking an
Tbr Store will b
tn and no gooda or work will be
li t one- ThU rale H nvrika
April, iMa-Sw.
Iwm aid Miii Cnpaij.
Capital and Avt over
Stave Detun 15.
At the Lowest Current Rates.
Take a Policy io th Lyoeabarg
I am ala- Agent for tbe Korth
Stat Lit Inarane Ccwoaay.
If yo-i hare tbe good uf yner Cnaatry
swart krti jour momj ia the
help baild ap Hume Intiiotve.
v. ai nat a
' 1
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