North Carolina Newspapers

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r ails, aud busiuess locals
ju this luipcr
Pleasatlt Band gives
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' ..ntlie iiigt't of the
22nd. Prof.
VHXcaveBstiUvviththen,. ,
The Local went turkey hunting last
rw.fc and got a turkey. No one knows
. Io- he got it-rather strange !
. nM rnirnlsir election of
in Vulton -Iodgfi,
a. T...! ,1 ...
vear 1?'
will bo lieiu on m-xi
night, Dee.:
o - -
The weather, this week, so far as
teiiMK'rature and sun light are concerned,
.asUU spring-like and delightful. Ratii
Vaim to butcher heavy pork lrogs.
. -o- -
The Sunday School children of Union
church and sin rounding country are to
i 'in-; still as day.
Union church is on tlie
old Hajttei Shop road, 5 miles from town
One little Hull, with a steady hand to
drive inadeon a Davie -farm this year,
nWbushela corn, 2 bales cotton, 30 bush
es xvtimt and two ban s of tobacco po
tatoes, cabbage, &c.
The next semi-annual meeting of the
IJttwan, &c, Teachers Association will be
'lii-ia in Salisbury on lnday aud Satur
day, I)ec28tli and 2I)th.,
' i GEO. II. McNEILL, Pres.
- o
Salisbury Hook Store See. the adver
.tiscment of Mr. Geo. opp. He lias
opened a new lioolc More in ran or jone, i
. . T
Gaskill & Co's store. It is a new thing
and we hope it will be successful.
ri'' Owing to some" unpreparedness as
0 a dwelling house, we tliink, at his des
Ttlnation in Wayne, tiie Rev. Mr. Gannon
idid not leave here as formerly announced.
.lie will now -probablj-. await the signal
."front his church friends in said county.
., ,, ' o-
Mrs. Honorable Burton Craige took the
train here Tuesday evening to visit her
.'son," Mr. Frank Craige, residing in Maury
: Co.t Tennessee. 5 She was accompanied
by her daughter, Miss Annie Craige. They
'expect to spend tlie winter in Tennessee.
Returned. Mr. W. S. Blackmer has re
lumed from the University of North Caro
" lina, at Chapel Hill. Mr. George Harrison
- has returned from St. Louis, or there
abouts, where he has been doing business,
lie likes old Salisbury liest, he says.
Mr. W. L, Rankin, the efficient express
iigent at this point, asks ns to say to those
Ripping any kind of Christinas presents
; ly express to be careful, about marking.
" Be suie and mark boldly and -plainly, to
avoid mistake, for the express frttices are
always full during the holidays.
"Wc learn that on last Thursday night,
between twtuaud three o'clock in the
.'.'morning, -the 'barn of Mr. Sandy Smith, of
Davidson county, with seven mules and
n his forage was entirely consumed by
lire. Supposed to be the work of an iu
, rccndia;ry. Loss about $2,(KX).
One; day. last week, while looking out
of our .-sanctum window, 'we saw a hog
stealthily approach a man's wagon, rear
tip on the wagon tongue and lift out his
dinner basket ami start down street.
Thereupon, immediately, there began a
most exciting chase, which woundup in
a general scatterution of biscuits, pies,
pork and the like. Every body enjoyed
it except that man and he, well, he must
have been the man Josh Billings was look
ing for.
In this city,. Dec. 14th, Miss Bettie
Murphy, eldest daughter of Mr. Andrew
J. Murphy, in thje 20th year of her life.
Death has invaded this family three
times within the past 12 months? Jfirst,
the wife and mother was taken ; tlien the
-eldest son, and now the eldest daiighter.
It is seldom any family experiences such
waves of sorrow within one year. Miss
Bettie's remains were followed to the grave
on Sunday last by hundreds of sy mpathis
k ing friends.
; o
Mr. John F. Wilson, of this place lost
his left forefinger Saturday .-evening, last
while1 out hunting. He was sitting on a
, rail fence or was crossing one, the butt of
his gun on the ground and his left
hand on the niuzzel. In attempting to
lift the gun, the cck struck a rail and
exploded one barrel of the piece, the
charge passing through the upper part of
the palm, carrying away" tho bones, ten
dons and muscles of the forefinger. This
involved the total los of that meinbei , so
that when Drs. Whitehead ami Trantham
came with their surgical relief they decid
ed at once to take a way the linger, together
with all the shattered -bones, and close up
the racancy as neatly as possible. At the
present writing tho patient is doing well.
Information Waxtko, of an itinerant
Methodist preacher, whose name was
Isaac Robinson. He came as is supposed,
" from Prince GeorgeXo., Maryland, about
1801, to Iredell Co.,. C, with a young
son, Andrew -Green liobinson, who also be
eame a Methodist preacher.
It is further supposed that the family
jnternianied with another, by Ujo name
ff Caton at or near tlie Forks of the Yad
kin. Some of the" same family went to
Canada and changed their name to Kob
ertson, and those w ho came this way may
have done the same. Hon. John K. Rob
inson, a member of Congress, is desirous
to know whether any of the descendants
f this Robinson family, or of the Catons
Are now living in this section of country.
If any one can give information, ho is re
quested to communicate to this paper;
to Hon. John R. Robinson, House of Reps.,
Washington, or to Geo. R. McNeill, Salis
bury N. C.
Sad and Fatal Accident. Little Ellen, 1
an epileptic daughter of Mr. D. C. Iieid,
aged seven years, residing a few miles
east of jtowD, although the ' subject
of unremitting solicitude and watchful
ness, wliile being leu alone in t ue sitting
room, one morning last week, not exceed
ing 2 or 3 minutes, fell into the fire, and
was so badly: burned before assistance
reached her, as to cause her death in four
hours. When found she was standing in
the floor, iichtiug the flames out of her
face with her hands. Her clothing w
entirely consumed except a band around
her waist. - She only spoke, twice, once in
answer to a question, she said, "yes, I
had a fit and fell into the fire." And
again "Oh, papa, I cannot stand it."
Prof J. II. Denck, assisted by Mrs.
Annie R. Rankin, Miss Jeanelte Schloss
and Prof. E. B. Xeave, gave a musical
concert at Meroueyfs opera Hall last Mon
day night. Prof. Denck's performance
was truly wonderful. It is only a few
times in one's life (in this section, at least,)
that an opportunity to hear such a dis
tinguisheu musician as 1'rot. Uenek is
offered. Prof. E. Ik Neave in his cornet
solo, certainly, displayed much skill in
x - - -
execution and splendid judgment in ex
pression. W e nave heard many , play a
cornet, but none. ever, that eouals Mr.
Neave. Mrs. lean kin, sang two songs in
her usual attractive style. Miss Schloss
in Cavatinapfrom Robert le Diable cer
taiiily deserves the highest praise it was i
J " 1
by far the finest song of the evening.
Now ! the girls are happy ! The boys
are happy ! What makes them happy "
ujlt we jiave it skating Rink. - Mr
Wren is conducting it in Meroney's Hall.
The vounir folks are sliouinjr and sliding
in all directions. There are'several class
es who visit ska'tiusr Rmks. 1 here are
the professional skaters gracefully (?)
gliding 'round the room ou one foot and
the like. Then we have the sliders, these
strike one lick with the left foot and then
slide across the floor with both arms out
stretched like a turkey buzzard about to
light. Then we have the zigzaggers
these can't control their feet, and each leg
isJeft to go its own way and they gener
ally go different ways. Then we have
the girls, they are always, without excep
tion, about to fall, this they never do,
but they are scared the boys must stay
close about in case of accident. Some of
the girls laugh right loud, if you were to
stand justgoutside and keep right still,
you. miglifbear one laugh occassioually.
They are ajl, as we said at the outset,
very happy.
o ;
Xv have already published notices of
the decease of the late Mrs. Nancy- R.
White, wife of Philo Whiteat Whites
town, New York. Probably no other
Lady "to the manor-born" in Rowan
county, or in Western CaroFiua, or possi
bly within the limits of the State was ever
called to sustain more aeltcate Tiner rr
sponsBnVsocial and official relations with
society in public life, as tlie companion
of her husband in the varied official posi
tions to which he had been called, by both
National and State Governments, at home
and abroad, diplomatic and otherwise,
than tlie lamented subject of this obitua-
ry. it was tneir aesuny 10 nave resiueu
many years in foreign countries, and for
lengthened periods in each of three of
these United States: And it must be con
solatorv to the bereaved husband, in his
anguisli for the loss of his most cherished
treasure on earth, as well as of heart-felt
satisfaction to Iier numerous surviving
relatives and attached friends here and
elsewhere, to know that the deceased ladV
was esteemed, and loved, and honored, in
eacli and all the communities where she
had resided and was best known. During
fourteen years, at the meridian of their
lives, and in the primeval days of that
State, Mr. and Mrs. White's home was in
Wisconsin, where they were active par
ticipauts in the responsible work of aid
ing to .mould the political, social, literary
and religious institutions of that then
new and rapidly rising State sovereignty
And that it may be seen how well the late
Mrs. White acquitted herself of her obli
gations to that community, to its social
institutions and its religious organiza-
Hons, we extract the following obituary
notice from a Racine (Wisconsin) News
paper :
From the Racine Argus.
Died at Whitcstown, N. Y.. November 29th,
1877, Mrs. Nancy K. White, wife of Hon. Philo
White, aed neventy-tive years. For long years,
at an early day, they were prominent residents
of Racine, as well as of Milwaukee previously.
It is with a senRation ol real griet and pain
that the-veiy many friend of General and the
late Airs. White, hear of the death of that most
lovely and estimable lady, whose amaible char
abler wax 01 the highest-type ot Christian wo
manhood. So loving and" devoted to her
friend, 0 genial, kind and charitable to all.
Of personal character, with the advantage of
very extensive travel, a life time of familiar
intercourse, with the best society, she Was
generous, simple, elegant, Christian woman,
H)ssessed of a constant habit of courtesy and
kindness, and a singularly winning manner and
Gone when most we felt her worth,
When her virtues brightest shonej
Cone when all the joys of earth,
Might be counted ad Iter own.
May a loving mid merciful God comfort her
noble husband, for He alone can.
- A bale of cotton was washed sixty miles
down Nense river by the recent freshet,
and Burton Adams swam out and floated
it a shore and took it to Raleigh and sold
it for $40.41. Dr. Penny went to Raleigh
and knew his own cotton and took it
homeland now tlrey have Adams in jug
for that $40Al.BeSdesraU Tunes.
Wasn't that a little hard on Adams ?
The Danbury Reporter says : We are
authorized to announce the fact that
Governor Vance will furnish at Winston,
free of charge, 30,000 fish- (black base,
a choice variety), to any one who will go
for theni, and put them in Dan river.
The following lines were written on the
fly leaf of a copy of the Iliad sent to Gen.
Lee by a young English poet, Philip
Stanhope Worsely, a scholar of . Cornus
Christ i College, Oxford, who in I860 pub
itshed a translation of the llaid in the
Spenserian stauza.
The grave old bard who never dies,
Receive him iu our native tongue,
I send thee, but with weeping eyes,
The story that he snug.
Thy Troy has fallen Ihy dear land
Is marred beneath the spoiler's heel;
I cannot trust my trembling hand
To write the grief I feel.
Oh, home of tears ! But let her bear
This blazen to the end of time;
No nation rose so white and fair
None fell so pure of crime.
The widow's moan, tho orphan's wail
Are round thee; but in truth le strong;
Eternal truth, though till tilings fail
Can never be made wrong.
1, -
An angels heart, an angel's month,
1 (Not Homers), could alone for me
Hymn forth the great Confederate South,
Y irguna hrst then Lee.
Abstract of 1'roeeedimjs.
Mayor's Office, Dec. 7, 1677. Present
Mayor Stewart and Comuiiss'ers, Holmes,
Kestler, Craige, Atwell, Suider, Marsh,
Hovah and Kluttz.
Citv Wtdcrhpr rpnrirrofl crrrs rereints of
. ,. , .. x. . ,ia
public scales tor November 8 ISAo.
Long &, Lowry and A. G. II aly burton
were granted retail liquor licenses.
The city attorney reported that the
county attorney agreed with him that
certain property belonging to the Presby
terian, and Episcopal churches, occupied
respectively by R. J. Holmes and A. G
Haly burton, are liable to taxation under
the law.
Tlie city attorney reported that he had
collected :
On judgments rs Meronev & Bro., 8G2fi.G0.
" " J. W. McKenzie, liWXU.
And paid out :
The Wet herb il judgment rs the
Town, - -
Paid to Town Treasurer,
Attorneys' fees, - - -
Total, - - - SlHtf.SI.
The subiect of building Market. House,
&c, in public square was diseased, and
pending its consideration the Hoard ad
journed to 7 P. M., when it re-assembled,
and on motion the Mayor appointed
Messrs. Holmes, Craige and Atwell a
committee to consider the matter and re
port at next regular meeting. J no. V.
Mauney of counsel for town reported that
the administrators of John I. Shaver had
obtained judgment against the town for
$778.23. $200 was appropriated for uni
forming the Hook & Ladder Company,
and $100 for uniforming the colored Fire
Theo. F. Kluttz was elected Chief of the
Tire ITennTxment," and Messrs. Marsh,
Kestler and Kluttz appointed a commit tec
to report regulations lor the government
of that department. Messrs. Holmes,
Kluttz and Horah were appointed a finance
committee to audit all accounts against
the town. The following accounts were
then approved, subject to taxes :
R J Holmes, supplies to hands, $26.50;
M L Arey, ditto, 56.15; Mauney & Ross,
ditto, $23.85; J M Brown, ditto, $3.25 ;
John H Euniss, ditto, $1.75; Wm Smith
deal, Hardware, 77 cts.; C M Pool, police,
$30; Geo Shaver, police, $30; Thos Bell,
sexton, $25; Jas Swink, blacksmithing
60 cts; J P Webber, ditto, $1.60; J J
Stewart, hauling $6.90; YV M Nelson,
Lumber, $9.73; Julian & Fraley, carpen
tering, $3.50; J II Earuhnrt, blacksmith
ing, $2.25. Total amount, $226.90.
Ordered that taxes due from adminis
trators of John I. Shavers estate be cred
ited on their judgment against the town.
Adjourned. THEO. F. KLUTTZ,
Economy is the order of the hour, and
every expenditure, however small, is ex
pected to uive a return in full value.
every family requires one good, reliable
family newspaper. If such an article can
be procured for less than one cent for each
working day of the year, we are not aware
of it. -.1 Family Newspaper should contain
a carefully-prepared summary of all the
news of the day, both Beliyious and iSecu
lar; and if arranged so that tho two de
partments may be separated aud read by
two individuals at the same time, so much
the better. The Family Xeic2oper shonld
have attractive reading and information
for the various members of a household.
Some portion of the paper should be de
voted, every week, tWreligious and moral
improvement, to current secular news, to
agriculture, commerce, markets, finance,
to general literature, &c, with a special
department for the young. Above all, the
Family Newspaper should be perfectly
pure, and free from all contaminating in
fluences in its readiug matter or iu its ad
vertisements. Too much attention cannot
be paid to this feature, when the press is
Hooding the country with so much that is
vile aud pernicious. To crown all, the
Family Newspaper should be untrammelled
by any afliliatiou with sect or party, and
should be free to give all the good news
from and about all the world. If such a
Family Newspajyer can be had for one cen t
a day, it should be taken by every family
in the land.
Such a Family Newspaper, in every re
spect, we find in the New York Obser
ver, now commencing its fifty -sixth vol
ume. Progressive, comprehensive, sound,
reliable, pure, it is just what is needed in
your household. Send $3.15 for a year to
The New York Observer, 37 Park Row,
New York. Sample copies are sent free.
It is ill to bring but of the flesh what
is bred in the bone.
Parties having work in my shop for re
pairs will please call for the same on or
before Jan. 18th 1S7S, or it will lie sold
for repairs?-" B.A.BELL.
We very much regret to learn from an
other source, that Mr. Bell will leave this
place in January, to open a Jewelry Store
in Newbern. Mr. B. has been one if the
most euterprizing business men in. our
town for several years fair and just in all
his transaction, with many of our citi-
zens warmly enlisted towards him as a
social gentleman. Watchman.
A fine variety of Holiday Books, Box
Paper, &c.. at C. Plylernj Book Store.
Call and examine.
At the Salisbury Book Storo mav be
found writing paper from 5 cent per
quire up, Envelopes from 5 cents per pack
up, Ladies Fine Papers from 15 ceuts a
box up, &c.
Nice lot of chroiuos, engravings and
photo statuary.
Inks, pens and pencils.
School books very cheap.
Albums, Note Books, Blanks Books,
Ledgers,. &c, low dowh.
A select lot of Novels by different au
thors in fact everything usually kept in
a first-class book store., -..Any book or
other article not in stock, will be ordered
immediately on' application.
Give me a trial.
In rear of Jones, Gaskill & Co.
Go to G. M. Iiuis' if you want to buy
groceries and confectioneries cheap. He
is just receiving a full and splendid as
sortment of goods in his line for the Holi
days. Sells staple goods cheaper than
ever. Good brown sugar 10 cents, and
coffee as low as 20 cents per pound other
goods as low in proportion.
army of Worms is eating it up. One dose
of Shriuer's Indian Vermifuge will de
stroy them and ave its life. Only 25
ceuts a bottle or live for one dollar.
Life is short, and we should do all we
cau to prolong it. Check a cough or cold
nt once by using an old and reliable rem
edy such as Dr. Bali's Cough Syrup.
Price 25 cents.
Gen. Sheridan is in Washington and
has expressed the opinion ihat there will
be no war with Mexico unless it comes
"by accidental collision of American and
Mexican forc-s.'" It probably never has
occurred to him that under the Constitu
tion of the United States war cannot come
by accident," and that it belongs to Con
gress and not to the army to declare war.
If he lives until after 1879, we trust he
will learn that by the same Federal Con
stitution the military power is subordinate
to the civil in these United States, and
and that a Lieutenant General who shall
dare to propose to the President to declare
citizens banditti with the assurance that
upon such proclamation he will summari
ly iut them out of the wav, will be in
danger of losing his commission in the
shortest sort of order. But it would take
Sheridan a million of years to learn all he
needs to know. Hal. Obserrcr.
A correspondent, "N," iu to-day's paper,
pays a fitting tribute to the sterling worth,
the commanding abilities and the irre
proachable character and spotless reputa
tion of Hon. George Davis, in advancing
his claims to a grateful recognition of his
merit at the hands of his fellow-citizens
through the General .Assembly, . by his
promotion to the bench of the Supreme
Court of North Carolina.
As a lawyer, Mr. Davis is a peer of the
most prominent in the profession iu North
Carolina : deeply read through the fruits
of long study ; thoroughly disciplined by
an extensive practice ; a powerful advo
eate and an impressive orator, he would
adorn the bench as he has shed lustre on
the bar.
His services to the country and to his
people are too well known to require no
tice from' us suffice it to say that to him
belongs that rare virtue of true citizenship
which never shrank from the acceptance
and the performance of public duty. Amid
the many eminent names which have
been mentioned in connection with the
Supreme Court bench, the Legislature
could not err in the selection of that of
Hon. George Davis. North Carolina Ga
Revenue officers haVe been making
several successful raids in this regioi
within the last week and quite an excite
inent has been created thereby. Most of
the seizures have been made several miles
out of the city, the blockaders generally
considering it safest to keep that distance
from the city.
Mr. A. C. Brvau. deputy collector, one
the party who have been makiug the seiz
ures, reports the following :
From W. A. Heudrix, of Davie county
ou the 11th inst., one wagon and team
for peddling, tobacco, without a license.
On the 12th inst., from John Combs, o
Wilkes county, two wagons and teams
for carrying empty whiskey barrels, the
brands ou which had not been defaced, as
required by law.
On the 15th instant., one wagon and
team from Thomas Combs, of Wilkes coun
ty for selling stamped packages without
On yesterday, from W. A. Bentley, of
Wilkes county, one wagon and team, ten
bushels of chestnuts, a lot of cabbage fcc,
for hauling stamped packages without
On the same dav. from J. A. Bibe, of
the fifth district, one wagon aud team,
aud thirty-two boxes of tobacco. On the
Villi iJj-tlUC Ul llloo ncifcotauura luiitiiuiiu
been used before, and on the other," which
was half full" of tobacco, there' was no
stamp at all.
The wagons and teams tegpther with
all the property seized, have !hcii brought
into tris city, and for t!i? present are left
in charge of J. V. Wadsworth, Esq.
Charlotte Observer.
A fatal and must distressing accident
occurred in Beriyhill township, Satui day.
Benjamin and Rnlwi t Price sns of John
J. Price, Esq., the former about twenty
years of age aud the latter about uigh.te?i.,
were engaged iu a wnstle, when Ben
jamin threw his brother and fell on him.
At first, the younger brother exper
ienced 110 pain or inconvenience from the
fall, but subsequently be discovered thai
he had lost the use 01 his arm, and then
legau to feel himself growing weakr .
He kept on siuki'.ir for a short time, wh 11
he died. An examination .showing that
he had burst an artery in tlie lower part
of his neck and had bled to death intern
ally. The unfortunate occurrence will be
deplored all over the comity. The father
of tlie young man is one of our widest
known and best citizens.
Tlie remain of young Price were in
terred at Steel Creek church yesterday.
Char. Obncrnr.
Let us hold the Supreme Court judge
ship up as an office to be filled only by
our purest, truest and greatest citizen?
Even so. Anie 1.
The Russians are rejoicing immensely
over their Plevna victory. They have
nothing mneh to boast of. They crushed
Gsman rasha by the weight 01 superior
forces and the heaviest artillery. Iialeiyh
n A K Rfl ED.
At Oakley. Ark., at the residence ot tlie bride's fa
ther, on mu November, Dy i.ev , or f i.kas. 11
I'kndi.kton, or Auburn, Arc, to Miss itannik u
Mooke, daughter of Col James 11 .Moore.
1 lie Uuckeye ha viruns which lie in Hit
bitter principle called Iculiii, which have.
been utilized lor the cure ot Hemorrhoids, or
iles. In stdfi'riin with that dint-ase use Tnb-
ler s JJuckeve 1 lie Ointment, onlv ov cents a
bottle. For wile at Traiitliani's Dru' Siore.
German Syrup."
other medicine in the world was ever
given ptich a test of its curative qualities af
lioscliee tjcnnan Sviiiu. in three years two
million lour hundred thousand small hottles
of this medicine have been distributed free i
ctutrnc bv liruuiMsts in lliis counirv to uiom.
rllicted with Consumption, Asthma, Cron
severe otirhH. i neurnoiua and oilier diseases
of the Throat nml Lnnus, giving the American
people undeniable proof that German fcyrup'
will cure tin in. The result has bti n that
Druirc-ists in e'rrv town and village in lite
United States arc recommending it to their ens
tomers. Co to vour 1 r iir"ist. and ask what
hev know a'.out it. .vaunle Bottles 1U cents
Regular size 70 centa. Three doses will relieve
nv case.
Now and Then.
It U only now ami then that such men a?
Hon. Alex. II. Stephens, hx-Cov- fMnith anil
Kx-Oov. Ilrown of endorse a medicine for
the throat ami lungs', nnd when they do it 1?
pretty good evideiue loat the remedy must be
good for the cure of cough, colds and lung af
fections. Thev recommend the d lobe ri.ow-
KR Coeou Sykup, and their testimonium are
to he .seen round llie ten cent Kainple bottles of
the Globe Flower Syrup, for fale by 1 heo. I.
Kluttz. A simple buttle relieve" the worst
.1. .1 t- 1 ..:
coiiirli ami win cure sore uiroai. xwegui;ir m.c
bottles, fifty dose?, $1.
Salisbury Male Academy
The exercises of this Institution will be re
sumed under the direction of Mr. 11. M. Davi.,
Jan. 2d. 187$. Persons wishing to enter pnpils
should applv to Mr. K. M. Divis or . JI.
NO CREDIT. is now receiving a Stock of
General Merchandise, which he will sell Tor
cash or barter, af such prices as will .nit the
times. He invites the public to call and ex
amine. He will also bnv Cotton, Flour,
Wheat, Corn, and country produce generally.
Borden House, Nov. 20, 1877.
5:tf. S. W. COLE.
An oV physician retired from active practice, hav
ing hail nlu-.'rt 1 in his hands by an Kast Iudian mis
sionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy
for the speedy and perin inent cure, 01 consumption,
Bronchiits, L'atirrh, Asthma, and all Throat and
Lu;i" atTi'ftliins. a positive and radical cure for
General Debility and all nervous compl;UnUs after
bavins thoroughly tested its wonderful curative
powers in thousiiuds of cases, feels It his duty to
make it known to his suffer! as; fellows. The recipe
will be sent free of charge, u all who desire It, with
full directions for preparing and successfully using.,
Axldress with stamp naming this paper. Dr. J. C.
Stonk, 44 North Ninui Strtet, Philadelphia, Pa.
(oin s.3:)
Special Ten ef Mjurinr Coirf.
In pursuance of an order of the Governor
of the State of North Carolina, "a Special
Term of the Superior Court, for the trial of
Civil Cases, will be held for the county of
Rowan, on Monday the 14th day of January,
1878, and continue" until the business is dis
posed of."
All civil suitor, having actions at issue in
the Superior Court of Rowan county, are noti
fied to attend said term of the Court at the
tine aforesaid, together with all witnesses, who
Pie under subpoena in civil actions depending
in said Court. -
Chairman County Commissioners.
December 4th, 1877. 7:4w.
The exhaustion of the old edition and the re
cent changes in the Constitution and Statutes
of the State, greatly affecting the jurisdiction ot
Magistrates and County Officers, makes a new
and revised edition of thin STANDARD
WORK a necessity.
The Publisher would therefore announce that
he has in pres and will shortly issue a new and
revised edition embracing the recent changes
in the Constitution and Statutes of the State,
thus making it a complete, accurate and relia
ble guide for all Magistrates, County Officers
and Business men. Price$2.50. Law sheep
bind inc. Sent free of postage on receipt of
price. Address
J. H. ENNISS, Pubrfsher,
Raleigh, N.C.
. mmmmmmm
Ii the most rental balsam ever used OT
sufferers from palmonary diseases.
It Is composed of herbal products, which
hare a specific effect on the throat and
lane ; detaches from the air cells all Ir
ritating matter; causes it to be expeeto.
rated, and at once checks tho Inflammatioa
vrhlch produces the eonirh. A single dose?
relieves the most distressing. paroxysm
soothes nervousness, and enables the sur
ferer to enjoy niet rest at night. Beta
pleasant cordial, it tones the weak stom
ach, and is specially recommended for
children v q
What others say about
Tutt's Expectorant.
Had Asthma Thirty Years.
Baltimore, February 3, 1875
" I have had Asthma thirty years, and-nevcr found
a medicine that had such a hanpv eflrct."
W. F. H0GAN, Charles 8L
A Child's Idea of Meril.
Niw Orleans, forembtr 11, 1S76.
"Tutt's Expectorant is a familiar name in my house.
My wife thinks it the best medicine ia the world,
and the children mr it is 'nicer than molasses
candy " NOAH WOODWARD, 101 N. Poydrts St.
"Six, and all Croupy."
I am the mother of sit children ; all of them hare
beencroopy. Without Tutt's Expectorant, I don't
think they could have survived some of the attacks.
It is a mother's blessing. "
MARY STEVENS, Frankfort, y.
A Doctor's, Advice. t
" In my practice, I advise all families to keep Tutt's
Expectorant, in sudden emergencies, for coughs,
croup, diphtheria, etc."
T. P. ELLIS, M.D., Newark, N. J.
Hold by nil druggUt: Price $1.00. Office
35 Murray Street, JTete York.
inc. mcr. id Biiuwii di mo rnuu
Tutt's Pills are worth their weight in gold."
. v REV. I. R. SIMPSON. Lovisville, Ky.
' Tutt's Pills are a TpecIaTblessinsj of the nine
teenth century'-REVfJR OSGOOD, Now York.
I have used Tutt's ilis tor torpor of the liver.
They are superior to any medicine for biliary dis
orders ever lnade.,
Tiir rnrr te iiunuia ou itp en 11 it i
I. P. CARR, Attorneys Law, Augusta, Qa.
I have csed Tutt'i
t's Pills nv
; hve years in my family.
Thev are uneaualed for costi veiness and biliousness.'
r. n. wiLsun, uoorgsiown, lexas.
'I have used Tutt's Meuicine with irreat benefit.'
W. W. MANN, Editor Mobile Register.
We sell fifty boxesTCTTs Pills to five of all
others." SAYRE & CO., Cariortvillo. Ga.
"Tutt's Pills have only to be tried to establish
their merits. Thev work like marie."
W. H. BARRON, 96 Summer SL, Borloa,
There is no medicine so well adapted to the cure
Of bilious disorders as Tutt's Pills."
JOS. BRUM MEL, Richmond, Virginia.
Sold by druggist. 25 eents t boae. Offlet
35 Murray Street, Jfete York.
has been made by 1)r. Tctt, of New York,
which restores youthful beauty tetfce hair.
That eminent chemist has succeeded In
producing a Hair Dye which Imitates
nature to perfection. Old bachelors may
now rejoice."
Price $1.00. Office 35 Murray SL,
( Kete York. Sold by all druggists.
On meeting a friend the fir t inquiry is a -ways
rogardins his health. Why? Beca e
health is of the first consideration; yet many
will sit in a cold, damp theatre, reardles of
weak lungs and liacking cough. Discard some
of the ephemeral jdeasures of the day, such as
theatre-going, cigar-smokirig, &c, and invest
your small change in something that will be a
noting henelit. For instenoe, Couwieiiii' Com
pound Honey of Tar costs only 0 c?nts, and
will nirtryour Cough, Cold, ami II diseases of
the Throat and Lnii;. Try it. For nale at
II. T. Trantham'.-nJrtig Store. 40:.jiu.
A "Very Good Reason.
The reason why only one sample bottle of
Mehkej.'s Hepatixk for the Liverwiil heboid
to the same person, f.r ten cents, by our Drug
gist, Theo. F. Kluttz is because of the enormous
expense of importing the Hepaline into this
country ; but as there are fifty daes in the large
size bottles, it seems two cents per dose is cheap
enough afterall for a medicine that cures dya
peysia and liver complaint. All who have not
had a sample buttle are entitled to one fir ten
cents at Theo. F. K blitz's Dru; store. Three
doses relieves any case of dyspepsia, constipa
tion, indigestion or liver complaint, in the
world. Regular size bottles, fifty doses, 1 00.
poiT orncs directory.
For the benefit, of the public the following directo
ry of the Post oilk-e of this city Is published :
Two malls north of iilclimoud, Va., per ilay.
First opens, 11. so A. M. Closes 7.oo P. M.
Second opens "..') P. M. " 9.ini
South n mail opens 7.00 A.M. " 6.00 "
Western " " 3.i:o P. M. " 1.50 A. M.
Hut one mall a day eat of Greensboro to Kalelgh
and other points eastward which closes at T.ihi P. M.
Hut one mail a day to points between Salisbury
and litchmond, Va., which closes at 9.00 P. M.
Three mails a week to Mocksville and other points
on thl route. Leaving on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday and returning the following days.
Two mails a week to Albemarle and other points
on this route. Leaving on Monday ana Thursday
and returning the following days.
tine malt a week to Jackson HUT and other points
on this route. Leaving Monday and returning next
One mail a weeTTto Mooresville and Intermediate
points. Arriving at 12 M., Friday, and leaving 1 P
M., same day
One mall a week to Mt. Vernon and Wood Leaf
Leaving Saturday at X A. M., and returning at 6 same
onice hours for delivering mails from 7.30 A. M., to
1 P. M.. an l from 1.30 P. M., to ti.::op. M. Sunday oflice
hours from 7 A. M., to s A. M. From 11.30 A. M., to
ia M., an i from 6 P. M. to . P. M.
Money orders Issued and paid, and letters regis
tered from a A. M. to 4 P. l.
p k i v 1: c: u is u i; t .
Corrected bv J. M. Kxox &, Co.
Decern bcr, 19, 1877.
Cotton dull Middlings, 10i10J
low do U(a9f
stains (5
Bacon, countv, hog round 1011
Butter " 2025
Egos 12
Chickens -per ftl.SQt&OO
Coux new 404o
Meal moderate demand at CO
Wheat good demand at 1.101.25
Flouu market stocked-
Potatoes, Ihisii
Onions no demand
-best fain. $3.00
Apples, dried
Sic An
Simonton Female College.
State sville, TI. C.
The Fall Tern Opens Aug. 29, 1877.
Board and English tuition, $85.00 per ses
sion of twenty weeks. Catalogue and circular
with full particulars, on application.
Address MRS. E. N. GRANT,
41:6m. PrincipaLl
Positively xhe Last Notice.
All persons indebted to me, either by note
or account, mast call and settle by tlie 1st day
of November, 1877. All failing to comply
will, after that date, find the same in the hands
of an officer for collection.
51;3t W. SMITH DEAL.
ft? A'T-W PIANO, ORGAN W-t. esr L.-k
Q-Jtil i 1 nun ling r See! Organs, 12 i;
Pi:n,waMifjf $130,rc $b.V. Or. rrer.
).miel K. JJrnltr, Wanhingloii N. J. ' 4w
llUllO Li m frt
Ilevolver. llniKtiaied Pri-e
v. tifrvl Wetter m (i
Wurk, Pillid.iiry, I'. V ' 4w
C STY-LBS OF CARDtL Mte. V. X t YetrCanl.
oc. buiaple sc. 4. nustl 4' Xasfctu, X. V
nil I3 ir fctKt80ttfa , "-"Hr
US Ba &a watch Jne with flrrft ur-Urr.
Ten (tolLir u iUv tnnrai.teed. M. CliOlAill
& CO., riiiladilpins, V , or Milvauke, Vi-
?ousin. .St
A Certain zii M KnreT
'.jr;re Ied.if'?i..n in !'ri A trial l It ! ft,,-.
Mr. .1. A. DKOLLlNGKK.La JVrtf. Indian.
Box 1003 ( Fo.-Hiiily Mrs. Dr. SVlI. CuIIm.
For Cms. limits A 8piaio,
lilind Miii. 1 leetli u Tiles l.luii-
iM.i in. Fr :rt irel f imV, Fro ! Lixnbs nr.d
I'nr , 1'iiiis in i! Mm-i I. an 1
euj I ''com, Dii- ar hg Somh, 6ell d Sore
5 eg1. Frx pel and VariiMe Veins ia Sax-
yofxos. ok Wncii 1 azki- Ask li.r
t, b -c:r.;e it i Im tier, hi runt' r mid r4ai-r
tit m aiiv r-lier. and ! w.irr in'rd bv WKFKS
. l'JLMER, U'lioi.isAi k Dki ggisT, 500
vVasliiiun n y reet, Uoton, .!asj. 4w
Sen I for Reduced 1'ruc Lit of
MONTH, (Nov. 1S77). Address, MA8ON &
HAMLIN ORGAN CO., Bonton, New York.
it Chicago. 4w.
S59 IJroadway, New York City
Chicago, II!.: New Orleans, La.
or San Fram-isro. Cal."
Those wishing Relief and Cure fvr !li'PTtT:K
should consult Dr. J. A. SHERMAN, 26
Broadway, New Ynifc-
Send 10cfs. for hi new book with Pbotr-"
graphic likenesses f bad eases before arid
after cure. Beware of rheats who pretend lt
fnrnWh Dr. ShernrMn's treatment.
One of these- fel'ows, a germaii clerk, now
calling himself Dr. W. (i. Crempien. is indict
ed on complaint of Dr, S. a.nt await.otrial for
forgery and embezzlement. 4w,
V VVI ' sT
mum mmM
- --, -
It aim lo be a farorite hi- rtry family
looked for eagerly by the young folks, arid reail
with intereft by the older. Its j nrpose is to
interest while it a Minxes; lohu judicious, prac
tical, sensible, and l? have really jiermaneni
worth, while it attracts for the hour.
It is handsomely illustrated, and has for con
tributors some of the most attractive writers iu
the country. Among these are :
I. T. Trowbridge, Jin:il M 11 loch Craik,
James T. Fields. J. D.AN'hittier,
Rebecca II, Davis, Louise C, Moullon,
Mr. A. II. Leonowens, C. . Stephens,
Edward Everett Hale,
Harriet K SHiffonl,
A. T. D. Whitney,
Win. CulUn Bryant,
Louisa M. Aleott.
Its reading is adapted to old and voting; ia
very comprehensive in it character. If gives
Sloi ies of Adventure,
Letters of Travel,
Editorials upon Current
Stones of Home' and
School -Life,
Tales, Poetry,
Seleciions for Decla-
Anecdotes, Punles,
Facts and Incidents.
Historical Articles,
Biograph'I Sketclus,
Religious Articles,
Subscription Price, $1
75. Speeiwen eopies
sent free. Please mention in what
Iaper ion
read this advertiserrfent
G:4w. 41 Temple Place, Boiton.
PiiEPArtEK for Immediate Use.
From t he thourandt of purchuer$ of our UHK-
PARED PAINTS, we havt rtt to hear the
first Complaint. Tlie reason i apparent. Our
paiYite have stood the test of yea i, where' all
other paints hate Jailrd in durability Their
covering capacity, leing greater than un other
pan.t, preseiit a practical item oj fcnvotut. Our
taints are ovaranteed in everv particular, tha
consumer assuming no rifle whatever, as we will
re-paint any building on which our paints do not
prove satisfactory; allowing a choice of Englmb
B. B. W lute Lead, or anv other paint muse.
(20:3m) . T. F. KLUTTZ" Salisbury, N. O
Will also attend to the calling of sale
in the country for Administrators', Executors,
and others. Terms to suit the times. 7:1m.
We will during these HARD TIMES and the
and ORGANS, of first-cliots makers at low'er
prices for cash, or Installments than tf belore
are the BEST MADE, warra.ed for fire year.
III. Catalogues Mailed: threat Inducements to
the trade. PI ANOS,7 octave,$140;7 1-3 H!taT
$150. ORGANS, 2MOs, $48j 4 stojis, GC; 7
stops, $05; S s-tops, $70; 10 Mi,$&5; 12 sto,
$90; in perfect order, ot uetl a yir; Fhi et Mu
sic ut half price. HORACE WATERS &
S)NS, Manufacturerji nml Dtaltm, 40 Eat
14:h Street, New York. 4w

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