North Carolina Newspapers

    Tj O O A. T.
We now have a ti i-wcekly mail to
bcmarle froni i-tlii-ilace- -
tt. M. Whitehead is uow occupying an
office one door this wide of the Post Office.
Since Wade Harris has learned to play
on a pair of bones he proposes to Join a
minstrel troupe. He would make a first
class Vend man '
- The robbius have made their appear
ance in great: numbers in this section.
The boys are snapping at them with beau
, A darkey pulled from his face the other
day a splinter vrhich had been there three
years. It was lodged in hi face while
unloading plank.
' o
Thanks for an invitation to attend a
hop to be given at the Boy den House,
Friday evening:, March the first. Will
try and hop around.
o .
A bridce between Henry and Old Fort
was washed away last Thursday niglit
Friday's train did not arrived until 7 a. ni.
. - ;
C S. Brown. Jr.. has made several
trips to Raleigh since the first of January
Some people accuse him of "Hying 'round"
I -in that city don't know how true it is
i but it looks suspicious.
1 u
1 Mr. L. V. Ukowx and family, aceoni-
. pauied by Mr. M. A. Vanderford, left
TntmAtiv mailt for Denton. Texas, where
I " -- -f '
I jnent.
i ' o
I The March winds have begun to whis-
tie 'around the house corners and roar in
the tree tops. This has been so far a rc
1 markably moderate winter. Can't say
f how twill bo towards spring.
I Our town presented a busiuess
were i pearance last Saturday. The streets
I filled with
from Wilkes, Davie,
&c, and the pavements frith busy coun-
? trymen all intent on trade.
1 . - o
Mr. J. A Stockton, merchant tailor of
; Statcsville lias moved back to this place.
Mr. S. left Salisbury several years ago
f and has been wandering round ever since.
He can't be satisfied any where except in
v old Salisbury.
j o
! Salisbury is aj-emarkable place for
music among the boys. About two-thirds
I of the young men play on one or more
i instruments, Go it boys, it will never
do you any harm, and will afford you
many hours of innocent enjoyment.
I : o
I A little boy yas killed in Yadkin co.,
last week while' play mg with a dog. The
dog-rau under a rifle which Was standing
in the comer, and knocked it down. The
piece was discharged iind the contents
passed through' the ImmIv of the boy kill
ius him iiistnutlv.
We have received a programme of the
, first Grand -Concert by the Cornet Baud
of Henderson ville. Prof. W. II. Neave,
of this place, has been teaching the Band.
We notice also that his name appears as
composer of all the music played by the
Baud. Ile'is the best musician and band
teacher in the South I We mean it.
Pekso'nai.. Mr. L.S. Ov.erman, private
, secretary to Gov. Vance, was in the city
last Siinday. "
Mrl J. N.fff." Summerell has returned
from Hampden .Sidney, Va., where he has
been preparing himself for the' ministry.
IIewilV spend a few months vacation in
this State before returning.
The person who sent us an account of
' the Heudrix trial in Mocksville, omitted
to give his name. It is strange that peo
ple can't "remember that we publish no
' communication without the writer's real
name'. Thp above communication is well
j written and would have appeared in this
l paper but for the omission named.
o -r-
I Sckub-Races. r At the old Fair Grounds
last Saturday evening quite a crowd "was
assembled to witness the races, -Four
I horses were entered, and four poo) sold,
; first and second choice, aud the field in
feach pool No side betting was allowed.
The racing was exciting and enjoyed by
all. The M.
A. Smith mare was vietori-
OUS. j'i :
The flowers are coming again violets,
daises, snow-drops and crocuses, are
lout, surprising and gratifying all who
"love "the stars of earth." Yes, and the
-girls 'are getting out, too, and that sends
the life-blood of the batchelors bounding
I through their veins. Flowers ! girls !
poetry ! niusic ! all these in this siuful
' world !.
i Almost-a Fike. The roof of the- "L"
of the. residence of Miss Fisher of
this; place was discovered to be on fire
about day light last Thursday morning.
'A negro man passing saw it and gave tlie
alarm. It was speedily quenched. If it
Jiad hot been for this timely discovery tlie
Jwliole building would certainly have leeu
; ' -0-i r-r ; .
, Brunex, Ramsay, Tomlinson and Bla
key, those western editors, will shortly
have a hymeueal torchlight procession
and kid glove mass meeting. Notwith
standing the fact- that they clubbed to
gether last Monday and found that they
didVt have chs enough between them
. to buy. tayhe cheap licenses. Concord
-Sun. -
- It seems that the fourabove named ink
' slingers are Harris special hobbies. What
;will hello when they are married T We'll
sit back and fling chips at you, old coon !
f Mark this, you'll ruo the day you
published the above item thoseneu are
; not to bo fKled with.
of the Lenoir Topic no longer
hides his love. He 'oDenlv declared his
fondness for and admiration of- a "sweet,
rich, silvery, mellow voice, which rang
out on the calm night air," and lots
more of such stuff. Now -we never did
approve of courting.through a public jour
nal, but it may be the thing. Pop the
question next issue, Bro-B.
A man stopped here Tuesday, represent
ing himself as the contracting agent of the
above Company, which he said would ex
hibit here on the 11th March. But there
are circumstances in the case which suggest
fraud. The advance agent is probably us
ing the old bills of an exploded company
on the faith' of which be obtains his travel
ing expenses free. Look out for him.
A tremendous crowd assembled in the
Opera Hall last Monday night to witness
the marriage of Mr. Jno. H. Earnheart to
Miss Bettie Sossaman. We suppose no
disrespect was intended the minister,
wheu, as he-was reading the ceremony,
the audience rose and stood on the seats
aud some on the backs of the seats. It
was only eagerness to see what was going
on that prompted this actiou, and made
the andience forget that the Baptist's
were usingthe Hall as a place for reli
gious worship. That fact explains how
the marriage came to take place in the
! O
The Wrong Parties. Last Sunday
evening just after the exercises had beeu
opened in the Methodist Sunday School,
the Superintendent observed several faces
at one of the windows, and sent a gentle
man out to ask the parties in. Just as the
messenger reached the vestibule he met
two ladies and delivered his message. As
the young ladies passed up the aisle to
their seats they observed all eyes turned
on them. The Superintendent asked his
messenger for the names of the parties at
the-window: lie replied that he prefer
red'nor giving them. This circumstance
forced tho whole school to believe that
the young ladies were guilty of running
around the church and peeping in at the
windows, &c. The ladies soon found out
that they were the supposed guilty ones,
and were compelled, by their own feel
ings, to leave before the close of the
The d ish little boys who were really
guilty of the offense escaped in wild glee
after seeing the innocent girls suffer for
their misdeeds.
There is a gentleman in this town who
offers to give a fee simple deed to an
eligible town lot to any competent man
who will establish on it a
Also 20 acres of land, rent free for five
years to any one who .will plant and tend
on it a
Also, the use of one of the best build
ings in town, rent free for one year, to
any man who will open it as a
These are splendid offers, and ought to
find acceptance. There are also more ot
he same kind.
Xotice to Gas Consumers. All bills paid
within five days from date tliereof, will
be discounted (as heretofore) 5 per cent.
After that time, full Kite ($6 per thou
sand) will be charged. No deviation
whatever. J. ALLEN BROWN,
Pres't. Gas Co.
. For the next 30 days we will sell
Standard Medium and Dark CALICOES
at 6 1-4 cents per yard. This price is
only for the purpose of reducing onr
large stock, and will not be permanent.
After 30 days prices will be as they have
been'during the "winter.
Feb. 18, 1878. 19:3t
Who want chemicals, for composting with
stable manure aud cotton seed, I would
say that in addition to my usual supply
of Navassa and Pacific Guanoes, I have
several formulas (Or receipes) and neces
sary chemical compounds to make up
same, at prices from $10 to $12 to" make
a ton, which includes Acid Phosphate,
the principle part of compound, which I
buy in car load quantities aud therefore
reasonable. I can jsell at considerably
less than other parties. Call ajid exam
ine for yourselves. No charges made for
formulas. J. ALLEN BROWN.
worn and pale. Worms are .destroying
her. When we send to the store agaiu
don't forget to buy a bottle of Shriuer's
Indian Vermifuge. . -
Dank liobbed.
Dkxter Maine, Feb. . The Treas
urer of the Savings Bank was found
bound, gagged, and nearly dead. It is
believed that the Bank was robbed.
Dexter, Maine, Feb. 23. Lost even
ing J, W. Barron Treasurer of Dexter
Savings Bank, not returning home as us
ual, search was make for him at the Bank,
when the doors of the Savings Bank rooms
were' found broken open. Barron's groans
could be hcardTin the vault in which he
was locked, and when entrance was ob
tained to the vault he was found lying on
the floor, cuffed, gagged, and a rope about
his neck. He was taken out in ji sense
less condition and died at 5:30 o'clock this
morning. He had several severe wounds
on the head. - The robbers obtained less
than a hundred dollars and probably
murdered the Treasurer because, ho refus
ed io open the sajfe.
Europe Armed to the Teeth--The Situation
i U Still, JXfliatiffaetoryZi Z
LoxDOX, Feb. f23. Reuters hare the
following: "Constantinople, Feb. 23.
A draft of the peace conditions contained
the stipulation that the six principal Turk
ish iron clads should be ceded to Russia.
on the ground that otherwise the Porte
might sell them to England. The Sultan
objected to this stipulation. He stated
that he would, prefer to destroy the ves
sels and promised not to transfer them to
any foreign power. - The incident termin
ated by., the. Sultan undertaking not f to
sell iroto clads to England, in considera
tion of vrhich Russia withdrew her de
mand for their immediate cession. It is
understood that the treaty 'of peace i on
the point of being signed. It is probable
the Russian Grand Duke Nicholas will
visit the Sultan here."
The Times' Vienna special confirms the
report that the Czar has threatened to
occupy Constantinople.
The Porte hesitates to subscribe to
Russia's conditions of peace, which vir
tually abolish Turkish domination in
Europe, except in the immediate neigh
borhood of Constantinople.
The Porte holdsconstant cabinet councils.
St. Petersbug, Feb. 23. The Golos,
iu its issue of to-day, says, regarding the
proposed peace negotiations, "either the
British squadron should withdraw to Besi
ka Bay or the Porte should receive proof
that it reckons in vain upon the presence
of the British iron clads in the sea of
Marmora. Turkey should be informed
that if peace is not signed at the earliest
practicable date hostilities will be resum
ed." Loxnox, Feb. 23. The Times and
Daily Graphic both regard the situation
as very unsatisfactory. The Daily Tele
graph says nothing could well be darker
than the prospect. The Tunes in its lead
ing editorial article says that it considers
the situation very unsatisfactory. "Eu
rope," says the article, "is armed to the
teeth and is increasing its armaments day
by day. In such circumstances the coun
try can but give its confidence to the gov
ernment and trusi they will be able to
control the dangerous susceptibilities
which have on all sides been aroused."
The Manchester Guardian publishes a
Pera dispatch, which says : "Great aux
lety prevails here. 1 he Russian arma
ments have passed Adrianople for torpe
do service iu the gulf of Saros and the sea
of Marniora."
. A lielgvaue uispatcu to the nines says
a teelimr ot ammositv against Kussia is
prevalent here.
Souih Carolina State Criminals.
Coixmbia, S. C, Feb. 20. The special
committee appointed io investigate the
conduct of D. T. Corbin, in regard to the
charge of bribery and corruption, reported
adversely to Corbin to-day, and recom
mended the Attorney-General to institute
criminal proceedings against him imme
diately. The proof is said to be abuu
dant and conclusive.
The Governor pardoned L. Cass Car
penter to-day, upon the recommendation
of a large number of citizens and nearly
all of the members of tlie Legislature.
Carpenter is at the point of death from
consumption, and is bankrupt. Incarcer
ation for a longer time would have added
nothing to his punishment. His wife is
invalid, and is entirely deendent upon
him for support. Such is the extreme
poverty and distress of the family that
the action of the Governor is unanimous
ly sustained by the entire community.
Is Leo Liberal?
Loxdox, February 25.
The Manchester Guardians Rome cor
respondent telegraphs as follows: "Tlie
feeling is growing here that the new
Pope is not so liberal as was thought.
It see'ms certain that Cardinal Pecci and
Leo XIII. do not hold the same views.
It is now believed that the Pope will
remain secluded in the Vatican."
A London dispatch says that the Earl
of Bathquish is dead, aged 87.
A telegram from New York says that
the storeship, Supply, with good3 for
the Paris Exposition, sailed to-day.
Tlie elevator in the Grand Central
Hotel, Paris, lost its balance, Sunday,
and was carried to the roof with great
force, killing three persons a Russian
lady, a French gentleman aud a servant.
Patriotism does not seem to prevail
over the love of gain in England to-day
anv more than among our Northern hreth
reu during the late unpleasantness.
Throughout the current auti -Russian de
monstrations, the Czar's agents in Eng
land, the New York- Sun says, have been
cooly contracting with British manufac
turers for the machinery of the new tor
pedo flotilla at St. Petersburg, and have
been forwarding British-made torpedoes
to Constantinople. These latter have
been principally the Whitehead, or fish
torpedoes, such as were used at Baton m,
and pronouueed by Sir Charles Beresford,
in Parliament, to be "remarkably intelli
gent able to do anything but speak."
It is odd to see a simultaneous movement
of British troops to check Russia and of
British torpedoes to help her. Should
these submarine missiles from Mr, White
head's works blow Admiral Hornby's fleet
to flinders, some months hence, England
will appreciate the supposed feelings of
Byron's struck eagle, that
"Viewed bis own feather on the fatal dart.
And winged tne shaft tnat quivered In nls heart."
A New York dispatch says Jos P. Wall,
who kicked his wife to death has been
sentenced to fifteen years in the State
prison. He was advised by the judge to
bring civil suit against the parties who
sold him liquor and sue for damages for
the support of his children, now doubly
We are sincerely pained to receive in
telligence of the death bf. Capt. E. C.
Woodson, the Veil known city editor of
the Raleigh Observer; wh ich sad event
occurred in Raleigh yesterday morning it
2:45 o'clock, after an illness lasting only
from Sunday afternoon. There is per
haps no journalist in the State with so
large a circle of acquaintances, and none
with a greater degree of popularity
hamoug all classess and conditions of peo
ple. A native of Warren county and a
telegraph operator in early life, he bought
an interest in the Warren ton Gazette a
short time after tlie" war and became 'one
of the editors and proprietors of that pa
per. He came first into prominence, how
ever, as city editor of the Raleigh r,Xeics,
which position he "assumed with the es
tablishment of that paper in 1871, and in
which he achieved a repntatiou second to
that of no North Carolina repoi;ter before
or since that time, as an indefatigable
news gatherer and a sprightly and hu
morous writer. Some of his. productions
will bo long remembered as first-class
specimens of the current style of Ameri
cau humor. Retiriug from the Xetcs
alxnit three years ago, he, became con
nected with the Wilson Advance and sub
sequently founded the Wilson Express,
About a year ago he became- city.editor.
of the Raleigh Observer and so continued
up to th time of his death.
Geuial, warm-hearted, always merry
and with a heart full of charity and good
will to the world, bright in intellect, hon
arable and unselfish, he has cone to his
ave in the prime of manlrood. CJtar,
Observer, 247.
Description' of Christ. The follow
ing is a correct translation of an epistle
sent by Hublius Lentulns to the Roman
Senate: There appeared in these davs a
man of great virtue, named Jesus Christ,
who is yet among us; of the gentiles ac
cepted as for a prophet of tf uth; but his
disciples call him the Sou of God. He
raiseth the dead and cureth all manner
of desease. A man of stature,, somwhat
tall and comely, with a very reverend
countenance, such as the beholder must
both love and fear. His hair the color of
a chestnut full ripe, plain to the ears,
whence, downward, it is more orient,
cnrliug and waving alwint his shoulders.
In the midst of his forehead is a stream
or partition of his hair, after the manner
of the Nnzarites; forehead plain and very
delicate, his face without spot or wrinkle,
beautiful with a lovely red; his mouth
and nose so formed as nothing can be re
presented; his beard thick, in color like
his hair; not over long; his look innocent
and mature; his eye gray, quick and clear.
In reproving, he is terrible; in admonish
ing, courteous and fair-spoken; pleasant
iu conversation, mixed with gravity. It
cannot be remembered that any have seen
him laugh, but many have seen him weep:
iu proportion of body, most excellent;
his hands and arms delectable to behold;
in speaking, very temperate, modest and
wise; a man of singular beauty, surpass
ing the children of men.
Important Sale.- The other day a very
important transaction took place in real
property here, Messrs. II. & E. J. Lilly
buying at public vendno the two large
and well-known Beaver Creek factories,
located about seven miles from town.
This sale involved a fortune in itself, the
purchasers invested about $70,000 in the
enterprise, as they .became the owners of
not only tlie two large factory buildings,
with their machinery, but also all the as
sets of the company stock. ou baud, all
the personal property, teams, wagons,
goods, &c, &c. North Carolina Gazette.
W. X. C. Railroad Xeie -Engine and
Steel Rails.
Ma,j Wilson, president of the Western
North Carolina Railroad, has just return
ed frem a trip to the North, where he
purchased a thirty-live ton engine prob
ably the largest in the State ami a suffi
cient lot of steel rails to lay ten miles of
track. The rails are intended for that
portion of the road which lies between
Henry's and the top of the mountain, and
the engine will be used for the heavy
grades on the western end of the road.
The track beyond the mountain will also
be laid with steel rails. Cliarlotte Ob.
Fire this Morning Loss of Life.
The alarm of tire was sounded at
2:30 o'clock this morning. The flames
were seen rising from a 1J story house,
iu the rear of the Rescue engine-house.
The building was occupied "by several
colored people. These escaped just in
time to. save their lives, except, a child,
aged 5 year, who was burned. She was
the daughter of a woman by the r name of
Lottie Smith. The house nest door, iu
which a colored man was lying 6ick,
caught fire, but the flames were extin
guished, and he was carried out. Hal.
X. Y. Herald: A confirmation conies
from Havana of the terms on which ieace
is offered by the Spandiards to the Cnbans,
and a general acceptance of them by the
insurgent iu the field h asserted. Owing
to the vigorous aud, we may say, com
petitive system of braggadocio and fals
ification which has prevailed on both
sides for the past eight years, the con
firmation will need to be further confirm
ed before we can prepare to believe it.
The Cuban patriots iu America, we may
add, say they will die before they surren
der; they will sacrifice every, armed pa
triot in the field first.
Peace has nt last dawned for Cuba.
Some time aga we published the basis
of the peace conditions. All the insur
gent chiefs have given in their adhesion
to the conditions, and general satisfac
tion is expre.sod all over the island.
' "Kit
New York, Feb 25-Gold opened : at
2J. Money 5. .:,.!. '; 't ; . ' . u ...
.Cottpn quiet; sales 94,000i uplands 40
15-1(5:; Orleans II 1-16. Tork dull1 at
$11 .00$ 1 1 .20. Lard scarcely- so firmi
$7.57. - ,: . .-
Baltimore, Feb 25 -Flour verv quiet
Howard Street and Western superfine
S&7534.25; extra $4.75&$5.25f family
$5.50$b50-, Southern corn steadyjSouth-
ern wnice oz(go4.
-Liverpool, Feb 25. Cotton middling
uplands HJj middling Orleans .
Cincinnati. Feb 25. Flour family
$5.256.r5. Pork inactiVe "at $10.75.
Lard quietsteam 7fc kettle 7&38 Bulk
meats in fair demand and Tower shoul
ders $3.60; short rib $5.40$5.42f; short
clear $5.a34 Bacon qniet and firm
shoulders $4.504.G2i; ribs $6.10$G.20;
clear sides $6.30$6.50; shoulders nomi
nal; sides $5.05; hams $5J.
Baltimore, Feb 25. Provisions very
dull mess $11.50. Bacon shoulders 51;
clear rib 6J; hams 10U. Lard refin
ed 8L Coffee dull; Cargoes 14&19L
Sugar quiet at 99f.
Sum marry forluv, without a cent in
their pocket nor a drop of pedigree.
This looks desperate but it is the strength
of tlie game.
Snm marry because they think wim
niin will be scarce nexf year add live to
wonder how the crop holds out. . ,
Sum marry to get rid of themselves,
and discover that tlie game was one that
two could play at aud neither win.
Sum marry the second time to get even,
and find it a gambling game the more
they put down the less they take up.
Sum marry to be happy, and not fiud
iug it, wonder where all the happiness
goes tew when it dies.
Sum marry, they can't tell why aud live,
they can't tell how.
Almost everbody gets married, and it
iz a good joke.
Sam marry iu haste, and then set down
and think it carefully over. Sum t'tiuk it
carefully over tust aud then set down and
marry. Both ways are right if they hit
the mark.
Sum many coqnetts. This is like hy
ing a poor farm, heavily mortgaged and
working the balance of your days to clear
oph the mortgage.
But, after all, married life iz full as cer
tain as the dry goods business. Kno man
kan swear exactly whar he will fetch up
wheu he touches calico. Kno man ken
tell jist what calico has made up its mind
to do next. Calico dout know herself.
Dry goods of all kinds is the child of cir
cumstansis. The man who stauds on the bank shiv
ering, and duesent, iz more apt to ketch
cold than him who pitches his head fust
into the river.
Ifennybody asks yon whi yon got mar
ried (if it needs be), tell him don't rec
collekt. IS IT TRUE?
Some person has written thus:
Nothing is more common than to hear
people talk of what they pay for adver
tisements, ets., as so much given to char
ity. Newspapers by enhancing property
in the neighborhood and giving the lo
calities in which they are published a
reputation abroad, beuefit all such, par
ticularly if they are merchants or real
estate owners, thrice the amount yearly
of the nieagre sum they pay for their
support. Besides every public-spirited
citizen had a laundable pride in having a
pajer of which he is not ashamed even
though he should pick it up in New York
or Washington.
A good-looking, thriving, sheet helps
property, gives character to the locality
and is iu many respects a desirable public
convenience. If from any cause the mat
ter in the local or editorial column should
not be up to your standard, do not cast
it aside and pronounce it good for nothing
until satisfied that there lias been more
labor bestowed upon it"than is paid for.
If you want a good readable sheet, - it
must be supported not in- a spirit of
charity, but iHicanse you feel a necessity
t.) support it; the printing press is the
power that moves the people.
Ou tUn 21st dav of February, 187s, by the Rev. II.
M. Brown, M r. Thkodokk if. H. Morris and Martha
Ann at the residence of the brides' father,
Davie Co., C. ,
In Meroney's Hall In Salisbury, N. C, Feb. 25th
1S73, by the Rev. J. B. Boone. Miss Euzabkth Sos
8amon and Mr. John Henry Earnhart, both ot Sal
isbury. THE
A Live and Lively Weekly
Subscription ami postage only $1.00 a yenr.
Office in the Orphan Building, at Oxford.
Practical Blacksmith
O HOP connected wltli Brown a Verble's Uvery
stables. HTW designs of Shoes, to suit anv
snane ot foot. All shoeing on strictly selentlnc nrin.
clplesand WARRANTED. All kinds blackmitnlng
promptly done. lR:ly
By virtue of a Mortgage Deed executed to
me on 16th day of Augunt, 1877, by Richmond
Hendriz of the County oT Davie, Twill sell to
the highest bidder for cash, at the Court House
door in Mocksville, on Monday, J 8th 'day of
March, 1878, the tract of land in said Mortgage
Deed described, ii .-'a tract of land lying
in Davie county, adjoining the lands of James
Walker, David Howard, M. Call and K. Hen
drix. Cootainins 1 1C teres more or !es.u :
Feb. 16, 1878. 18:1m, Mortgagee.
"German Syrup.
; Jfo other medicine In the world was ever
given tucfc ' tet of its! curative qualities '
Boschee'e Gcrpiae Syrup. Jv tlire yearn two
million loor hoodred. thousand fiaall bottle
of this medicine have been dintrlboted free ef
charge by ' Druggist-in nh'ui country; to ihwe
ftfflicted wUV Cooftutnption, Asthnia,. Croup,
revere Coughs, pneumonia and other disease
of the Throat and Luncs, giving the American
people undeniable proof that German Syrup
will cure them, t The result has been "that
fDrnzgists in every tpwn and village in. the
United states are recommeDdiog It totheircua
tomer.' ' Go to your Drnziat, and auk what
they know about it- sample Bottles 10 ceata.
Regular ze: o cents. , Three doses will relieve
any case.
' We" not on1 y recommend Coiwenr Cou
pon nd Honey of Tar for Sore Throat, Colds,
Hoarene89, Croup, Whooping Cotigb, etc., but
we confidently awert that it can e reCoimump-
Hon.' The increasing deinand for it, and the
many testimonials of appreciation daily re
ceived by the maniifacturera. attest .thai Com
cetveu oy tne nianuiaciurers, attest ,lnal Uom-1
pound Honey of Tar bears the palm as a core 1
for ill diseae of the Throat and Lungs. Price
50 cents a bottle. 1 For sale at C. R. Bakxxm's
JYe confidently recommend Couasena' Com
pound Honey of Tar an a care for Consump
tion, and all rough of long standing. During
lbs seasons of ice and snow it is Veil to remem
ber that thia invaluable preparation will a fiord
Mpeedy relief Wall nenwns offering with cold.
We might multiply words in praise of thia arrest
remedy, but (sufficient to insure it a w!oume in
every household is the fact that it is a never
failing cure for Consumption," Croup, Sort
Throat, Hoarseness, Whooping twigli, etc.
Use Coussens' Compound Honey of Tar. Price
50 cents a bottle. For sale at C. R. Bark en's
We can change a fifty dollar hill if yon want a
bottle of Gi-obe Fmjwkr Couch Syrup, the
greatest Cough and Lung Remedy in the world;
or -if you want to try it first and see if what the
Hon. Alex. II. Stephen, Ex-Gov. Smith, Ex-
Oov. Brown and Hon. Robert Toombs of Geor
gia, say about it is true, you can gel a Sample
Bottle for ten cents at Theo. F. Kluttx's Drng
Store, that relieves an ordinary cpld. Tlie
Globe Flower Couon Syrup never had an
equal for Coughs, Colds and Long Affections.
It positively cures Consumption -when all other
boa.ted remedies fail. Sample Bottles, ten
cents. Regular size, fifty doses, $1.00.
Ahead vhere they loan you a dollar and chalk
it down till to-morrow, for a bottle of M ca
fe el's Hepatine for the Liver. The enormous
expense of importing the ingredients of this
great liver medicine into this country, is why
our Druggist, Theo. F. Klattz, sells but one
sample bottle to the same person for ten cents;
but as there are fifty doses in the large size bot
tles, it is cheap enough after all at two cents
per dose, for a medicine that has never been
known to fail in the eure of dyspepsia and all
diseases of the liver. It has never failed in the
cure of liver complaint when taken as directed,
no matter of how long standing the disease. It
cures Chills and Fever, Constipation of the
Bowels, Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. Sam
ple Bottles ten cents; regular size, fiftv doses,
For the benefit of the public the following directo
ry of the Post oilloe of this city Is published:
Two malls north of Ktchmond, Va., per day.
First opens, 1 1.30 A. M. Closes 7.00 P. M.
Second opf-ns 6.00 P. M. " .)0
South'n mall opens 7.00 A.M. " "
Western " " 3.00 P.M. " 10.50 A.M.
But one mall a clay ea-t of Greensboro to Raleigh
and other points eastward which chines at UK) P. M.
But one mall a day to points between Salisbury
and Richmond, Va'.; which closes at 9.00 H. M.
Three malls a week to Mocksville aud other points
on this route. leaving on Monday, Wednesday aud
Friday and returning the following days.
Two malls a week to Albemarle and other points
on this route. l.ea lng on Monday and Thursday
and returning the following days.
one malt a week to Jackson Hill and other points
on this route. Leaving Monday and returning next
one malt a wcekto MooresvlUe and Intermediate
points. Arriving at 14 M., Friday, and leaving 1 P.
M., same day.
One mall a week to Mt. Vernon and Wood Leaf.
Ijp Itv Saturday at 7 A. and returning at same
t . u ' uitt r delivering malls from 7.30 A. M., to
1 p. V . from 1.3t P. M., to .30 P. M. Sunday ofllce
hniir ",u T A. M., to a A. M. From 11.30 A. M., to
i M., and from P. M. to 6.30 P. M.
Money Orders Issued and paid, and letters regis
tered from t A. M. to 4 P. M.
Corrected by J. II. Knox & Co.
February 28, 1878.
Cottox dull Middlings,
low do
Bacox, county, hog round
Chickens per dozen
Corn new moderate deinand at
WriEAT trood demand at
Flouk market stocked-
-best fam. $3.00
Potatoes, Irish
Onions no demand
Apples, dried -Suoar
Great chance to make money. If you
. cant get gold you can get greenbacks.
We need a person In every town to take
.subscriptions for the largest, cheapest
aavi ir.a musuabcu La 111 I (luuuiauvu
in the world. Any one can become a auecessfui
atrent. Tne mast elegant work of art given free to
subscribers. The price Is so low that almost every
body subscribes. One agent reports making over
also a week. A lady agent reports taking over 400
subscribers In ten days. All who engage make mon
ey fast. ou can devote all your time to the busi
ness, or only vour spare time. You need not be away
irom nome over nignt. xou can ao n as wen as
others. Full particulars, directions and terms free.
Elegant and expensive Outfit free. If you want pro
fitable work send us your address at once. It costs
nothing to try the business. No one who engages
falls to make great pay. Address "The People's
Journal," Portland, Maine, 4S:ly.
4 I
The subscriber is now receiving a Stock of
General Merchandise, which he will sell for
cash or barter, at such prices as will uit the
times. He invite the public to call and ex
amine. He will also buy Cotton, Flour,
Wheat, Corn, and country produce generally.
Borden House, Nov. 20, 1877.
5:lf. S. W. COLE.-
q n a i i,
4-Sm W. M. NELSON.
Mortgage Deeds for sale here
I ii' Tim.
I have opened at the' old stand, recently ocf
iipied by K. -Frank Graham & Co., with a. ,
leel Stock of
Sold CHEAPER than cau belwwahtanx
where m . Salisbury. irti .
Eggs taken as Cash.-a ' '
BASIS, tliereby' manv adtantas
muse who oo a crenu tiuiuies. 3
."Thanking" m. friends Jor past' Tavo'rs. and
- .t. u j v . . -
hoping to merit a continuation of ' the same. -T
am most respectl'nlly, Ac, ' .s--; a
, .-...44:11, .-A
Xx aaeqQslsd foe hs enr snd prcTsatMaef
Csttla.Heca.k.hp,saaPowsv f .!
in ix
UTk Prsw. RsUiswt s. H4 : - -
An old pnyMciaa renreu rrom active pracrrce, raw-
I ntr hn1 nlflpfld In his hands hv sn East Indian nta.
for tbe speedy and permanent cure or Consumption, '
Broachltla, caUrrb, Aatluna, and all Throat and
Lung affections, also a positive and radical core Jor. -Central
DeblUty and all nervous rompUlnta, after
powers In thousands of cases, feels It his doty to
make it known to bis suffering fellows. Tbe redpe
wiu te sent irec of cnarpp, to auwno aetnre it, wiut
full directions for preparing and successfully aalng.
Address with sLaiuo namlmr this naner. Dr. J. (L
Stoxe, 44 North Mnth Btreet, Philadelphia, Pa.
(6UIOS.S:) . , - 1
FOE. 1878.
v. . .... . - -- - . ' .
Don't neglect to call on C. PIvler at th
best quality and latest styles of writing paper
ltept here. Also tne renowned Dinger Re win r
Machine can be bad here at rrom $35 to f4U,
He respectfully invites all to call and.examin -goods
and machines. lldy.
Livery & Safe Stableo.
Will convey passengers to and from any point
with tlie best ock and vehicle.
will find'it to their interest to call upon then
before making arrangements elsewhere..'
Drovers and Traders
wilLfiiid at this establishroent good Iota nd
statles, and plenty of good hay, fodder, MU
and corn. . . s
Those wishing turnouts for pleasure drifriof
will find the bett accommodation! at tbea
Mr. J. F. Webb will always be found at th
Stables and promises entire satisfaction to all
customers. 42: tf. T IlliUlVllU.l III 1 t ,t
We are the first to offer "
First-Class v Sewing-'- Machines
: .k. K f .11 te ,Wlt T.
For Twenty-Tive Dollars
on ao ornamented Iron Stand ana Treadle, wltii
walnut lopan irawer, ana neceaaary Atiaca.
ment. and deliver it at any Itailroad Iepoti tb
United States,
Ties niaultiues are warranted to do the wbta
line of Family Sewing, with more rapidity, nera
eaue of niaaajreineut, and tesa fatifae to the oper
ates than any Machine now in one. Tbtf Biako'
the Docblk I n reap .Stitch la inch a maaner thai
they avoitl the necessity of wiodiajf the aader
thread, and will ew from the finest cambric to tha
heaviest overcoat cloth. 8nd for a eirealar aa4
hree-ears. .
47: ly. 73 J Filbert St.. Philadelphia, P
GEO. W. Y0PP, Propr.
(Just in rear of Jones, Gasltill & Co'a 8lore.)
Cficap Chattel Mortgacre,' '
and various other blanks for aJl

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