North Carolina Newspapers

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'Carolina Watchman,
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Maine are a yet" without relief?
i it ..uliii h rive assumed the lead-
. the war on the Governor and coun
b' tmii"tiit0!l-meetings bare been, held
nan OI B sou uiuuu aim
i rUnseclies niade, until the. people are
it jfcady l''0P:n a regular ar dance.
"K.llevtd however, that "sober second
Lj',jl j aven sinie, aim iub uimum
iich really a serious one,.. will beset:
d f ;
ceorJance with well recognized
,4' - hfinstice. e nave no idea that
Ifj nf Maine ; will sanction anv
4. i wljjcl "tieicaiB me cir.uiy epresseu.
... .if H,e lCOpie ai Uic uiuip uy, iHOUgu,
. tiwv liave a precedent in that
Htati 'fnaU.c by tn Jtepuoncans a lew years
I if two wroncrs could ever make
J F : ! L.l 1 ....... mi'A flirt T nt!i:lfttnrA trv
fit! ' w"u H".&nv vj 6 : ?:
i--it '.f.raiif. nartr.
Grant's SUTi(Kux Touu.
Dec. W. General ; Gra;
frcfclpgton,' Uec. yu. uenerai ; uram i
..u party tJC Ior iuciiuiouu-a.ii u.iii-iiiaB - iiic ay
this afternoon in ioi. mm ocori s pri
vatdcar, !"- mtneni. n( l'iy ;
istil of Gen. and Sir. &:ant, Geu.and
fr$$jieridan, CoL and Ainu Grant, Miss
tvlf. of Galena, aiid Ilvron t An-
Governor in
Vote ix Louisiaxa. Uetutna Life in NeW- OrliMins lMftv A'ears
irom forty 'live parishes, out of;fifty?ejglt U w Affo; 1 1
Si ve mi ionowing l eatuts oi tlio votei for I f 1 1 u tt- ' :i iv.
Lonisianan at the redentl Bcwifcbinpt bnfnettes, with eyes that ravi
ishetl, even the anchorite led the" brave Cre-
uojs through the mazT.lauyrinths ot
tic niajoifities so fur, Sa.010, ., , In the kuuq 1 ova nt JlouJ to tn? erry music of the
parishes the majorities for the debt: ot- eicliUCa:iin4 wa,tz- On ball nights Orleans
dinance i is The LegisUtnrW is ret waablaxe with the lights from the
moreT largely Democratic than the jasi 1 jWindows, and bv, twelve oVlock the
qhe, . v ' , jflo)f -wsa crowded wjth jj
f ; - imm , : i:1J-at;,'tlie violin.and . b&ssoon could be heard th,e
-TTI newg from Hayti indicates cleat delicate footfalls, and tiny slippers tripped
quiet there. Tlio Island of Harti con merrily tnrough the mtncacies of schottis-
sisti'oftwo repwblicsr both uf tWhich h'h"4 to n outsider, appeared as hap
have ,.bei' 'oVcrturhwi by rerolntiona 1 PJ as t wedding. Presently a young man.
during tho past month, lu one the Presi- who had receired some slight affront, would
dent is being beseiged by the opposition leaT? h partner and slip over to a friend,
and most of the ministrv have beeii htuifr: A fe niiputes' conversation would follow,
iu the other, the President his -wisely attU ne ,ncmJ WDum bearaciiai
flod from tlm (.nnh-v' wLHa 1,1.1-1 leugc td the rude dispeller of the gayety
ents, are either hi j:l,r concealed at one oovmg
of the forecoimr consulates. All the nresi- Kfntiemen would quietly withdraw froni the
w j ' ,
election! Democratic majorities, 37245; !suf
Kepublicau mtijorities 11,235; Demoera''
- 1 - , i s : 4" (
i . .. . i r t sni r i t n
ts ministers bcius thus dead, in cx- 'room am go Dm towarapAntnon,
or besieged tW two reblics are en- 8uaTe !Hrou!Mi2 W"??
tuir the uiimoial uxurv of neae nul I V1 i ..v. , ..
- . J Ml -
weapons at hand'Were swofdeanes, and the
seconds examined the blades to see if they
were, of theJindtepgHvI tTha city damps
in those; days:w'ere suspended over the mid
die f tbe streets. A54&irge tiprfght1 ptwt
nypoiutmcut of Gen. Jos. E. John
stou to Ihj head of tho committee, to re
r an-r -t- t "- i. 'Li Jji.iiti..ili.-i. ...
Ym1 I l-i iiititnti - tn n.lilrMc tliVkv fl.,.t,.l wmcii rau u n ynFjeciiHg-Buniiori. o
Army of the nepublicatPittsbui-giiretwo the !amP' was at each coroer, ami tlie lights
very siffuiflcaut ihcidents:andirRrrka ""T ' "i!r-Jl"w " ..rr
,VLiJ!i,ftl,B Chica-o InMvmn. they bo-iniiiiiff of the abatement of "thati'sec UP w ,ittle attached to the post- It
will f&h Kichniond at eleven o'clock to- komil hate which all but iKliticiausrecogi wasja SfeS affair, but h held its
A recent "chamre; in one of the. Nmthcm
railroad lias thrown a wet blnkt-t wirer the
proposed exteusionl of the "jrginia Midland
llailrocid to thh oriany other place. There
is no prolwibility of ths scheme lieing carri
ed into efiecf. at least lipt for several years
to qomt,LuMdmafk. Mj ' i j : -
An llliiVoU yoii jli invested $1.50 iu a
New yoilc finu to discover ho-.v to'ap-
ai w-ejlju siiciety. ji Tim ieeeipt; which
Ue-ieeeivea uy utnru man was snort,
simple and eai"umj(jrstiod; "Always
eep your faee washed ahd don't suck
more tlin one fiiisreil at n time."
K. Chulkins. U. it, of Rochester, . Y..
rertifies, Oct. Oths, that hn has used
the .Safe lvidneyj ixnd Liver Cure in hjs
practice lor diseases ot; trie kiuueys and
liverand the reiulti has been satisfactory
in the extreme. Jlo-MiVs : 'l would now
prewerilc the sauie remedy! Ual similar
ly araictcil, and jyoii are sit liberty to so
State in your testiniomals."
yjanltApl-'A j' (''. 1
i " mnt exnect to be in Cliarlestpu New niWas an unmitinited evil. Those! ii-1 own aTns.1 newfef Inventions even down to
Yfinbruius. From Cliarleston ?they pointmoutsarotribate toicniiueiity per-1 u,e 'r portion oi niecuy. inis
ivftpr soiml worth and genuine patriotisms ""k ",'?,V.V,-U"?.wt.v Wl
llafaoa in the Reamer Alexandria, of jjress or a partisan military, organization
F ' . . I - r . i nL.-- .. . . ; .land somelMidv was wonnded and cirried
hlieiNew xoric uavana i-iine, wiuoii icit i no aaiiiitncii virtues- iw the go called - - -..
e- Vi'k Saturday, and will put in at I rebel South. The world 'move. ir
Wniindlna for them. Gen. Sheridan Hum llecorder
ill accompany tho party as far as Ha
tana.faud his future movements will -bo j -rAx- Au.ege'd Coxspiracy A'gai4t Af
tfoVerned by theourse of events in the gIiaxitax. Calcutta, December i 15.
Ipqijaiu country, j t 1 ho 1'ioncer newspaper asserts that au
immense mass of correspondence has
home ami
the pleasure
P. S. Gen. Grant and party, passed here
csterday mornlug between 9 1 and 101 louua ana laid betore the gtivern-
,hllr Liw niTH erowrt were at- "lent, luciuuing lnsiruciious uoiu tne
rad tolthe depot to see them.. The Russian', goyerumeut to its agents inCen
iiieral camo' out on the philforrn and tral Aia, maikiug out the couisa they
I sH. . . ... . . I r..n ' r.t. "
shpoK hauus witu a iiumoer ot persons
o stepped forward. It was a juiet greet
;4m5;hxaing " Pther poisy demon.
gtfatlonj either on arri val or departure.
if !
were to follow with ex-Auieer Shere AH.
These papers are said to show that Rus
sian intrigues against Afghanistan were
active as far back as 1673, and to ? afford
conclusive proof of the falsity of the ex
cuse given tor thy Kussiau mission to
Cabul last year. i j
t bedrest" or tket party.;rcturned Jo
re oi ine uan. 7 it seems mcreai-
ble,' .looking back inow to those days, to
think .how Jfew of these affairs terminated'
fatally. ' The seconds were prompt to: stop
the lighting at the px blood, but even this
would hardly prevent severe strokes Uvcre
the young gentlemen of those rollicking j-ears
not expcrtFwith the i!X)ne thing ' wsis
prevented by this appeal to the codei, and
that was- street uroiis and promiscuous
shooting, wh'erebythe lives of innocent spec
tators were placed in jeopardy. Insults were
quickly atoned and the quarrel ended
ki pciEST Piep for WmpriNG- Boys !
who Officiated at a Pkotestaxt Jujrn-
raM '' I The fctutesvme lAindmark savs a
hpr;oft!ie f"rris Catholic Church, Ver- strong petition has been forwarded to
gaillel, Indiana, for assault and Mttery, in Representative Aimficld in opinisition
sorely: whipping three boys, his pupils, to the proposed removal of the United
for attending as pall bearers the funeral of gtatea Ditrict Court from Statesville to
mvcthiu w : , w uj in jug-1 jiorrantoQ
ment against him iq one Case for $13, and in
saoincr ioi 10, ana cost, wilicn amount to nickovy Carolinian : A wagon passed
or;3p0.: The case excited great interest, through Hickory this week with these
and o much bitler feeling was engendered 8igI1ificant woixls lrawn in blazing char
tutthe venue was changed three times. acter3 ou its cover : "North Carbliuaor
tasrietenuaut wasnrst arresieuai JiorriP, Bust." It was a prodigal son ofjtlie Old
mpiey county, maiana, on iovemoer 11, Nortu gtat(J tinsT miuoU
but ippUed to have the case removed to
Batcsville, from which it was again remov-
d to Pierceville after the trial had begun,
nd; thence it was removed to Versailles,
here It was finally decided. .
Care of "Flowers.
There are many thing iu the care ' and
cultivation, of flowers which need fie
queut repetition.: Nearly Uli: flowering
plants nccl rest at some se.isou of the
year.'fIt should not bo expected that ro
sea, fn'chias, etc., which have bceu kept
at their best flowering all summer will
continue to do so all winter, lhey, must
have rest.' .1 heir natural habits are to
grow and bloom six mouths and rest six
.... - .'.'it ' . . ' ...
lhe tuchnis require less rest. It one
wants their -tea, noisette, China or bour
bon r ose, to be igay, during Uui-winter
Lthev should be kept iu some cooli sha
dy place diihug 'suuinier. Keep th
buds iickdotFttnU"see tlmt the? roots,
do uot in-ow tliroucrh lhe bottom of the
Raleigh Xews : The longest train that
ever came into Raleigh', or probably was
ever moved in our States was the through
frieght on the Raleigh & Gaston Railroaders. V ft A OH I If-It 1 P It l B
ou Wednesday last. If reached this city Most plants require rich soil. Rut
on schedule time, with forty -eight cars
'Thurible RM. Accidext. The Tele-
graph; reports from Loudon, England, ovier five huudred yards long nearly a
dated!. Dec. 2I)th a most horrible third of a mile,
accident on the North British , R. R., at
4 w'clock that morning, by which SOU
lives were lost. The: train bad just left
Edioburg and fell thrdngh a bjidge, fall
ing 18 feet before reaching the water,
: ti.
WilkeBlKroiMejr e stop ; the press
to announce the death of lie v. James
McNeil, which occurred jit his homejiear
lkt avian " Falls last1 night. Ho com-
. which was"45 feet deep. There were plained of feeling a little unwell on re
'-I. ' 1 I x ' 1.... :. . ....1. xi .j 1
about 300 passengers on the train besides
tho Company's work hands, ami not one
Cjscaped totellliow the accident happened.
The bridge was new, and was thought to
W a wonderful master-niece of skill and
strength. . -
tiring, but was not thought 'to be very
sickl t His wife discovered1 about mid
night that he was dead. -
- i
T)ie legislature of S
KdlMon'H lilectric Light.
A long nrticledescriptive of Edison's
outh Carolina hare elective light, with illustrations appears
Element of the Stats simultaneously i two hiding newspapers,
one at the East and the other at the West
It is declared that Mr. Edison lias found
passed an act for the settlement
debt in accordance with the recent decision
Ot the Statp Snnrprni Pnnrt feffarded as
i Irclt victorv ainst thfi rmndiationists. at least, what seems to be an absolute
AH!ic't to utilize the Columbia canal has solution of one of the most important
pvea great satisfaction, and itis thought problems that has engaged the attention
will make Columbia the Lowell of the South. P scienunc men anu inventors in our
if .B 1 1- ; 1 - - 1 ' I : c. t. I . ... . .. t . i
vcooipani of uorthern capitalists are on tluurifc"t tt!"liy 01 seeu yet 11 is strong mm uiusruo
liind. and ready to takeadvantage of the 8,vev Alf lu,,li vu -,PluS,tja? ,J0r-
sous who raise flowers .must study this
ucstioii carefully by learning the history
and nature of the plants iu their care.
While one plant is a native of bogs and
ponds, requiring constant water, j others
are natives' of arid deserts, requirin
comparatively 110 dampness, j While
these are' the extremes, they all vary
more or less 111 the degree of dampness re
quired for their prosperity. This must be
studied and practiced.
The degree, and quality of fertilizers
required for each is also aniee question
Nearly all plants require a . fiue, friable
soil. . The manure of horses, hogs and
chickens is considered hot, and if used
lavishly wfl turn the plants. The msi-
nure of birds is the richest, but, like gu
auo, should not be used where seeds are
sown, as il is too strong for - them, and
will destroy their vitality. G uano, which
has been bit the shores of the islands
probably for thousands of years, has lost
some of the strengli which injures the vi
iB.:F. Butler'says he cannot see how-the
Governor and couueifof Maiue could have
dpnd otherwise than they have. That un-
dr the pnnaf if nf'inn nf tho State liA?P fffi i lUS
Edison was making in this direction, and
of the dohbts expreseed by many scieuti
60 men as to-whether he would1 ever suc5
ceed iu cupipletiug a perfect and economl-
-. . t 1 1 5 rri :'.' . I ' '.'L -1 -1
cai electric light. 1 ins, iiowever, accoru
to the present 'account, he has ac4
i1 i
UCISCe hrnilvli lufnra1ini
'Mpfhtrti i - l tually accomplished. . Ho lias discarded
Becnis to he fiimnlv mHtistprinltn ilecide I J , , V i '
. . . : l"J mm n 'i .sr.' JI.....1.-.1. '
h the linMtir nf . ttn r ..nt 1116 lueii m using incauucscen piauuuiu
DP Dd ll.iv. im riM,ttn ituW 1utMn l',-M:u
lU?;i j....i':.:; ..rj i.irr adopted a carbon light of a peculiar kind,;
- -: r "tt . 1 - o ; i ...-i. : j: i. : i
that the substance best athipted for car
I 4 fi'G u la u. - A woman in Australia, BOon i;lt Si.i iW:; which llii-na ia
ttlih ii. r,
i T 'r 1 " r" the form, of 'Bristol' card-uoara. .lu&lips,
8;a man, haviug-iu the meWntimc.-. marr. u t,i vu hatl tohooda
ril tk. i r .t-5i-.M . - .
Or w'cs,-tw oi.wuuu. uiv ucmi, Faureulwit.' This carbonized papers
I , re J oeen aisc'jvereu, uer wives iu a gUbe, the air isjexlmnsted
uvu wu i ner AvitnouL uctraviDs tne : :.. s.-;t..:
crct, and had she not gone mad it is te iamp" i ready for nse.l According to
the account this lamp is one of reniarka
ble siindicityTAs completed, it is a ghisa
frljtlu. i-s;tiiifr mi 1 ct-inil nf t n 1 n V 1
jtiRE. There was a fire irfBoston on the . w1 ' r tJlB riwi' lf nn- nrdinaWt IW
tmtnetn, wnicii aestroyca aoout bu rner aild ,tbo nWes f)OIU the Hectric
worui oi propeny, m ouiiumga battcry maybi obnreyed to It i the tube
wa goods. It broke nut irvthe paper ware- tJiat rved to convey the gas to the same
1 """- "- v" f'.r.l burner, uuiy tlie form of the lamp needs
(irobable it would uot have been discover
ed until her death.
troet; and spread out in several directions."
H I ! : " J ' H
I A negro woman in Charlotte, says the
jOWrj-er. was filling a lamp while holding a
lighted wick1 in her hand. The fire reached
lihd exploded the lamp, covering her in an
inita6t with: flames, and' she '.was burned to
Stf'crisn ami Ai..A ;w
J An atmpt was made on the life of the
king of Spain. Tuesdav. bv a. rounjr man.
a laborer, W fifinir a pistol shot at the
j ifyal carriage while passing through the,
to be mourned to serve tor tne table, or
in brackets, or chandeliers.' The elec
tricity may bo generated frdnj a battery
contrived for household use, or from a
ceutral outside source, and, in either case
the liirht is altoirether under control of
persons in thehouse where it is used. . It
is alledged that it can be produced more
cheaply than t'.ie
a meter has" been perfected, to measure
the quantity of electricity used. lie pro
poses, it is said, tcT light up; Menlo Park
on New Year's luxo by the process we
have described. Baltimore San,
(ck iu) m
4 mm.
Attorney and Counsellor at Lar, .
jf: SALISBURY, X. C. -fjfiicci
in the; Court House lot. next door
to Bqnire Haughton. , Will practice in all
thel Courts of the State.
jj-1 ; CoTtlandt Street,
HOTCllIvlSfi POND, Piioi-niETous.
,-;- ' r
j! 0a T!i3 European PUn.
The resrtiranl, cafe anl im li room attach
ed;iarc uii:ir Ibr el ; j uw nd excel
lenice 'f nervier. 1 looms LOits. lo $2 per day
$3 lo 10 jht week. - Convenient tu all ferrie
anirnly i;u!ro;n!s.
New Furniture, New Management
I .i 'if I. . .
' s i- r. k
i- v.iffr' .
VHEA' YOli 'if AWT."
1 At Low Figures
the undersigned alKo. 2, Granite
Call inn
Saliishiirv .N C.,
June S if.
g.Avepetabl preparation nnd the only muw
remedy Iq tbe world for Brislit' IIcm,
iitnMiM, ana axju luanejr, urtr and -
KrTesUmonlals of thehiehest order in nroof
of tbese stAtemenU.
tarVor the i-nre of Ilbta. call for War.
exa Sal)i&bcttt Cure.. - - . .
B3-Forthe 't!!ira Brlfrlil's nnrt th nlhr
I diseases, call . for jVariie-r'a Safe Kidaey
BICAtOlfi i
Bk ,1 ! J
Sufo Keme
dics arc sold
bjr - Druggists
and Iealers
tit Blediclno
1 eTerywlici'c.
nJS I i IToprletow,
Rochester, N. Y.
KScnd for Pamphlet
and TeatimouiaU.
Who Shall! be President ?
Who Shall be Governor ?
Take vyur Counly
scribe for ; !
IVper, and then sub
On and Off Slick as Grease !
ltirtjifcf Tally .iiuionnees his eontinnancc t
his nht stiind in his old I i lie, on iluin Street,
opposite K-iniss' i-irug Store. He is always
ready and anxious to accommodate customers
n Ins It lie. in the bust in inner possible.' De is
ptepareillo U li.-st class work nd can eoin-
,iete with any northern blmp or Hand made
" His machines, lasts, te.. are of the
latest ai-t! le-t jiaierns. lie works tlio very
bept material and keeps on band ready made
work, and strek equal to any special order,
ijieitairtnii 1 1 iM a;id promptly done at rea-
anhable prices. S.itisfeetion jruarauteed or no
Prices lo Suit lhe Times.
Cash orders bv mail promptly filled.
JJl.Gmos W.'il. EAGLE.
GEO. W. Y0PP, Propr.
i (AtPlyler's U'ul St::nd.)
Night new book
tefl to Cure!
or inojiey retiMHUil it dinttums are
strictly folhiwetl.
! PRICE 25 CENTS, at
2:th ENN1SS' Din-Store
The Raleigh Observer,
DmuH-ratic Newspaper,
ASHE, Editor & Owner.
. . 2.00
Dau.v, per njnnuni,
Semi-WeeKiJy, rcr uiiuuiu,
Wkkki.y, peil aiinuin, . ....
Potm:tterjs allowesil a liheral coiiunis
siu on all new snhscribers they may
obtain for T;ii; Oikuvei:.
lo make 1 it lo to lanil, ana Jioorer anu
Mechanics Liens, lor sale at this Ofiice
ir. t: -.j rc;-a ,j i-'; -
Practical Blacksmitli
SH O P eoonectea wtta Brown ft TerMe Uvery
tsUbles. rw14 deiilL'Tkt bf ShtieH. to Milt anr -
KiMpe or loot- AIIshoHnx on strietry s lentlflc pna-4
optv tt Ann ANTED., All lOada DliCksumuiBjj
prounxlv tlone. - ' - ,
Tfc ..Sinier aein7;.TripipIiaiit ,-; ; ;
at Tirr
. , . T'fi to i.l - i ,- a
STAT Tl P A T J -1 I'
our ot
will sell y ojl bde ton of
Bojloii, Gamer SCo's
Kotk the followino; improvements: As v-
Elegant frniUletl stanil, luiprovi-l .liobbiq j
Wintler; winds thread without runnins
the marhine. Improved jtatent Journal, yrukkj
makes it . '
JJEF()IIE THE TuilLIC, t v - -
Sold cheap fir cash, or small monthly
instalments;- at". thcf".!ttets ''of.thcSinwr.''' t.
.Mannfactnrins' Com pany, tvest door to R 1 -iUrker's
Drug store. , " - ' h. judtj
4:ly. J. O. IvEAM, Aot. '"
; Per 200-liis. Ccltca,
It is lhe besi in use. "Easy to manipulated
Requires no cot ion seed nor stable manure.
No efiarse for recipe or-right to use. Equal
to any !".) jrtnnn. lias bu n iested fur year
Call !um1 cet' particulars and Fee testiineiiialf
Don't be huuibned by cheap iniiliiliuns.
You ca gel l lie genuine only from
! TIIEO. V. KLUTTZ, Di:r con
No'20:ly Sole Asjent fi Rowan
Manufacturers of THE CELEBRATED
Tlwe itnleCled to P. is, Heilig A Son,-areJ
mailietl to ca
After tbe lOil
ami accounts
Ah drew Mur
1 ima pay up withoiu delay.
willje fdaced in lhe hands of
liv. r.sii , for collection. The
of costs
Dec. 24, IS
undersigned hjopes all may avoid lite payment
ceiturauM uujies, wuu and w uriout , Topa.
'.- - . . -0-T . 11 i trr:4.4
Iiom (eal-lKx and Piano, made of perfectly aeai
.snaetl wood, trluel anil re vveil linnly. ,
Wheki.s (.eitume'Sarven patent (jEr-boiled la 0U M i
iMftae ikitnted. . ' ," .. -i..,.J J"
Tvkk Madi-oi U'si KctlneJ Iron, secured bjrXor- .
way Iron Iiolvs. , i .. . .HiM,
axki.s Stiiw-i oiliir. itnoii, patent, Anchor Brand.
Si'Kisnis KUnHr. w'arraniiil oU-tetnwred. "t.
iKAKisi Made of best Seasoned lliekory. j ' i L'
Iron Wok'k l.est (jualily of relbml trradea oTIroa tUf- L
Skats si renuliteiii'd lv paM-ut Seat-enrner InMiK. '.'-!
Paintini; fainted b'.ack with goldsmpUijf andotb-, i
er ornamentiii ion. ' ' -i !, -T
'101 leauwr oioi iiuirauen) vuarur ana nacK '
Stay, ntbiHT rof, RneR bacKunJ slJe vurtatna, '.'? f
llufcti iteaUlli'. , i . i- J'iV
rrsniONs and-su ks of tot or leather aa mrfenvd. i,'L
IMSUK I ull I.eatUf r. M iUi pateut Silver la-rutl.s MK '
SUArT-l.eariiert rtmineit, Kt rengtheoed at Um noes Iji .
bar by T plates. ' i. ; "i 'f!!!..
CCMIASTEK: , .- j Jii i
These HugiCleS are gtiar.intml. with fair and tea-" ; ; '
tionable ue, f ir ooe year fnnn -lte or narvBaxr. i. p
Ullt I WiH till! IltT-rO to :1V JIV ill- liiM I .W.- ; 1 i
hrree It any Aa-t. SjVftnvr. r Wheel elves war, eaaf ft
ed bv lnipiTf-cUii in material or Workman?inln,aiMt:i !i i
the same is rettrtied to me by the purchaser, t will
"return him a nw aie, Ue paylo tlie cUarjfei4wnijjH
wav ou same. ' . i j i -
The Top Bu-ftils are all in.rlCwiih Ktdftlnif Italia, !
so ili-ii tiiev ciu l' an T; or 04 ten Huiorlea, rr iia '
SThew, BUCCIES are made of the pt Mm- i "V
terial, good 'orkHianahiu, St vie, Mfoaff4j.
and I ruble to every respect. 1 hey Will Uejpfai 'urii
cheap tor cash. . -7.ti',HiM-
r all an 1 exanJhie them and hear prkva be
fort purchasing elsewhere. " ' J
x W. smithdeal. hum:
SAi.naa HY. N. c.j Ntv. ll. i;t. 4t tat j"
P. N.
Unsurpassed for Durability, Economy, and Convenlenca.
Y ; ComblnbiK mil Improvenenta f YbIm,
. And Perfect la Operation.
OH 8AL iff
C. Fi BAKER & COr, Salisbury, N. a
LENOIR, Caldwell Co., N. C.
The Sprinb Term lie "ins January 14th,"
l(r0. Tuition ier session from $10 to
2ti. ' lloiiril iu -ood private families, per
session 550.1 Washing and lights extra.
For fnrt her tun tu iihirs send tor circu
lar. -E. W. FALIC'ETTE, Princ'l
Dec. 18, 16711. 10:'U Lenoir, X.C.
.; 1 . 1 i ! " t
High Point, N. C.
An English. iMaiheinatical, Classical, Coni and Hcie'itilic Acailemy.
; Mfj.W. B. LYNCH, A. M., Piirtipal,
; B. P. REID, A. B., Aisiant.
-1 The Spring Session of 18S0 begins January
21st. I or Uircular Adilresp,
Mai. W. B. LYNCH,
9: Cw j j High romt, I.
Thai Little
5 SHOP ;
Who has once 'used
the rEOI'LESV MACHINE will prefer it over all others, and
ACILXTS selling it lind it just what the
PEOPLE want. It makes the shuttle lock
stitch, rttas easily, docs the widest range ol
vt:ik, and winds the ludibius without running
t lie works of the. machine. Write for descript
ive lircujai'a a:.d full particulars.
used very sparingly.
"Plants reinire a rich soil, and no arti
cle winch cau, be had so easily is as good
i hen manure used as a. liquid, but for
indoor pots too m ucli is ofleii si ve. Com -
wercial, fertilizers j .liave,. hu 1" bad smell.
Cnarcoai la uoi suiiLcieuiiy utHHi vvuen 11
can be sd easily had!. The wood coals in
tUe ashes removed from stoves or firc-
ffacesjaretiiiuwiat. is wanted. - It is
iar uenei ior uiiiiiiiiiiu m tuo uuuuju tu
pots than gravel, broken crockery or brick
Cliarcoiil absorbs ninety times its bulk
o ammonia, and when finely t pul ver
ized -and mixed With earth, it isliighly
btiiieficial to the growth of plants.
"Soot is another valuable fertilizer and
insect destroyer.- It is especially nn ac-Ijt-cngfent
in destroying the '( aphis.' Put
(i UU41 b l'l lb III (ft AIIVII UUbVII VU
- - . . . ...
stand four or tivc days, tse it without
any seuiiueni in a Kriug?ruu ionnge anu
about the root of dan island the 'aphis or
Biltet Casl
f I will sell on'Momfiv tlie T2ib lnv of Janu
ary at publi auction, tlie Vacant Lot adjoining
a v Store .10 feet front and 90 feet deet- to
lhe bitrbest Lid.ler. Pavinentswill be made
to suit the
i 9:3t.
SClSAI'-lhOX, 150nES,
And nthoi Produce! Wanted. Don't For-
il I ajgq .
c &sff imm
: f
ssssiMa:? -wjSNasE
. 1
1301 & 1303 Buttonwood St.,
PMla; eMia SewiiiT Machine Cif
Buy only the
1 1 is -ran
Only Sevjps Machine
9; V ....
Pate; MaVp? 3Ttfl nnmpntp?? u'
ii'ini:iiii idi-vniitti 11 nil 1 111 1 liim 1111 u. -.fH-'T
- i ' ' U :
Their prives are as low aa it U pWiLU iOfj
-make t hem, ami tbeir vrur in inferior any, ' .:.
Tliev till o'rdeia-in. to ilpartmentn.1 ' ;; 1
Their ready made rtoekJn niM' conrW 7 if
a general assort nieiit f liotue furiMlttrtBtd'fiqll
sleads, lureau, (Jluriiea IVessea, IBgeV 7
Racks. Wardrobes, Imm ic t-asea.upuoaruianu
Cbinal'resses, Candfe Slniidn, Tin Safe, DtaHrf' ;:.
Tn bless- Washst.mds, Chair, &e. ' lliejf AMD 1
keep an asoTtni4ril of , ( ; ,.;' .rfu'p ;
of w ilnut, nine and poplar, Trom $1 ' opnrafa. j
Also, VYinffow Sash. They till orders without , K
vexatioua delays. Wilt contract for carpenteraj ,
rnrL- nn.l -:.rr:inl yalisfaelion.' Will take good FV
t . -r".. . -.. .....Iimu in avnltativ t IXt
furniture. Jr'bvp nearly opposite Watchman
'"!iniflW-l Vlt I W r !
chV, und i t E er y if;.
ESSTOiiUOrfoiiTE Post OrFiCK.aj
green fly will disapear. liegonias, I3al
sihiis, Canary V JJird V, flowers, Celosias,
Coleus, Cypress vines, Daturus, Oera
ulura, Aeliotrope Pansies and.'IPassiou
flowers require, the, very richest Rils, anil
during tlieir rapid growth and. flowering,
tho water with which they, are sprinkled
should ha ve soni e clear and pteasan t fer
tilizers, in it. And lo koumj richer liquid
inanuro for the roots. Iowa State liegis-t,
: . n t 4 , 1 'ii
The ngent of ai fina which : ia in the
dog skin ! trade tit Bridgeport, Conn.,
has bfH.'Min f IJaleiirh tellinir the'peoide
cheapest oil, and that ' "Sf? a 1 n V, wm
IV V .U tf'v aa,
what he kuows about the merit of Shri
ner's Indian Vermifnge the iojilar rem-;
edy. j
l'f-t nmt DOF-FMINFNT amons Southern
BoanUi!gSclMKllorIiujs. :
Thft 171st Session ending: Dec. 17th,
1879. la been the most prosperous in the b8
vears of the ScboolV bistort.
Tbe "NEW AMERICAN" is easiiy learned, doe's not et out.o' oider and will c
more work with less lDortbai any otbc3rjmacWne.-.liiustratd'Ci;cu'ar'j
-' "-" . . i im
. ;
W Yd
1(1 1
m m
IR ' I . r- !
l-'UO-M f . S,' i- i i -
.' .-. ? :,..' -;q(j
S- DOTEY. Manarer. t N- Oarlca Street, Daltimorer 4d.
The 172nd Session will begin Jan. 14th,
1880. Board rfl2 per montl.. Tuition 5o0
per SssionJ For Catalogue giving full -iy
ticulars, Addrew,! Maj. B. BINGHAM.
MERONEYS & IldGERS, Agents, Salisbury, N. C.
Price from 25 to 845.
I do not hesitate l say
II other machines.
; . -. . i i ir I; im. i I tie W
yomiff,! Aletliuni-sizeil WUi.r--;. MlIsilI1 , leaver rloih
vvanted : Apply at tins ynice.
b'nd the Vm
w. .;.t ,1.
lhe Ameiican MadiiiKfsurpasses all other macaines. jaiue- y
orUtbat other machines can. it reverse ania anU worH out on o . a ,
1 have Usiu sin;errj iioe anu . --
el k a ii is tjuiitiior to llieui all.
I gittorncs at ,
I have
used the Singer and other machines, and -wuu
uot exchange lhe American ftr
S. 4islory, N. C., May 221872.
. r .
MehokeV Buo., Agents American fcewingacnine. wilr,r& GibbS.Scwing M
fcll:-I have us.d U.e Howe, ,. ... U claimed for-
chines, and wuuld not give the Amen. iu.?r an y. t - -
in the circular. I conquer n sitriur iu a.i uw.v,3 .
Very resicctfullv,
...t ...TU nni nnl tf are mnney. bat rl . -i
the Uesl Uhh mad.e. Yon wttt find irbiJ'
Well ' Selected Stock of Hardware, Mowerff
Tbreliera, and Sewing machine, f f -
Straw-Cutters & Gora-Shlers
" Gruin Cradle?, Grain -and GraraScytliei, hij
i'low- Hots, Mattocks and Picks,.' jilidvel,
fcr,inil KnrktJlans. Paiota. OiW Putty.
and VarnUh, Eockn, Jlinj-e audi Screw -f j
J' Cross-Cut, ll nu aao uui oaws. ,
Blacksmitli & j3arpkteg
Tin and Hollow Ware, Patent Oil Cani.y
Patent FlyFans and Traps., .j -.4 it
iiuuuii, ui Xiii " 7; !
Kny-l'laracM, Harne Leatlier and r
Monntings, Wagon and llnggy Materials,
and many other articles too tedious to .
nieution. ; ' ' ; j
. . .ii iiiint main i ttreet. i-.
Ai neuis oia ZZvxZr '
'i ' 1.. '

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