North Carolina Newspapers

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SALISBURY, H. ' C, IIAECH 25; j 1880.
HO 23
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-SSKu &, lfiio?Q Cough, and
?Lses cf tlie Breaking Organs,
ft &ies and lical tlicv Membrane of
ILiinn-. inflamed and poisoned by
&, V: prcventtbe nht
i!?lir."tnesa aeross the chest
Sjfi accompany it. wrauuruw
ISaa Incurable nabdr. Itis only
ffilX BALSAM islhatremedyi
ht remedy,
noVX I DESI'AltV mlim, ior
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The cool audacity with which the! Rad
ical party attempt to inveigle the people
bat the agent and creature of the States,
is made to oppress the '"people and over
ride the State laws; and disregard State
authority, while a host of supervisors of
. - ; 1
into a rapport of its measures arid its elections keep guard over our ballot boxes,
leaders, vith a view of achieving a lignal and an army of mercenary minions ride
triumph! this year, is refreshing in the up and down the country destroying! the
highest degree to those well posted in the : people's property and murdering and op
rise and progress; history, record! and pressing freeborn citizens with impunity,
crimes of radicalism. It requires , great Every one well acquainted with the
cheek and boldness for a party," or an in-, nefarious and sagninary acts of Radical--clividnat,
.whose record is reeking;; With ism knows full well that this enumeration
many; crimes, to press with ranch grace, does not cover an hundredth part of its
claims to merit and consideration, before ' crimes. Yet the party which perpetrated
the public. But the Radical party and its these monstrous deeds of violence and
leaders are very striking exceptions o the ; wrong is still in power. - Many of the men
general rule. The more infamous the re- . who sowed the seeds of hatred between
cord or incompetent, the candidate, the the North and the South is still holding
more persistent the effort to deceive the , higk places of trust. Men who endorso
people and obtain from them a new) lease these acts of villainy and injustice, who
of power It is the grossest effrontery for organized the Union League for the base
the party, collectively or individually, to purposes before stated, who shout them
come before the people at all laying selves hoarse oyer Radicalism at given
claims to merit, or fitness for positions of signals, and who serve the more con spicu
trust and honor in the face of the mon- ous and venal leaders, as pimps and wet-
Leach, who introduced the Best bill, ; wilt
also speak shortly on the same side. This
bill, by the way, has received an amendment
since it was published. , Just before it was
introduced, Mr. J. S. Henderson, of Rowan,
had an interview with Mr. Best, during
which he induced him to withdraw the
clause exempting the property from taxa
tion, and in this form it is now before the
committee. 1 I ' '
Of course it is impossible, as yet, to de
termine when the committee will make its
report, but very few are disposed to doubt
what that report will be, when it is made,
unless there are some very important devel
opments in relation to the proposed contract
with MrT Best within the next few days.
Most of the members of the committee, and
indeed most of the members of the Legis
lature, had made up their minds on the rail-
rrtd nnpetinn Hofirtr tlivY arrivoil in 1? a 1
eigh. It is believed by some that a minori- PeoPle had no voice in Pab,ic,
. , Vote as You Pray. ...
Let Christian men who neglect
their political duties, or what is a9
bad if not worse, surrender their
right of private judgment to a little
coterie of "professionals," rlngmakers
and ring-masters, read the following
timely and weighty words from the
Richmond Christian Advocate:
"When Paul wrete to the Churches
in the provinces, his readers had no
more to do with the Roman govern
ment than the mules that trotted
along the highway. Nero was a hid
eous tyrant and wild beast ; but the
More Railroad Talk.
Something About the Tennessee Con
scoundrel, and, being estranged from
her family, could obtain no help. In
1875 1 she was married, to Wm. Col
lins, a laboring man under the Brook
lyn Gai Company. Until a year ago
her married life was compartiyely
&PP7 jbut her husband lost his em
ployment, and poverty and consumn- has iust been called together sneeial-i
- f j- i i - - ;, . ; l
er warning to "fast" girls ! She had New York syndicate for thepurchase'
Bristol Tena. Sews.
The Legislature of North .Carolina
everything needful for happiness, but
couldn't stay contented at home.
An Oriental Mesmerizer.
of one of the railroad lines leading1
from the seaboard towards Cincinnati
and Louisville. This syndicate has ;
deposited a very large amount of
monev as an earnest that thev mean
Strange stories come from India of business. North Carolina i noW
the feats performed by a native mes- building by convict laQr two lines.'
menrer named Buni, whose mignetic 0ne of them leada from Wilmington
power would aDoear to be found auite "c-i:-i ir ".i.. j"!:''
ty report will be made byJMr. Dortch and ad no responsibility for the bad deeds irresistible by the lower animals upon ville to pj R,k where it will
j his frends, and it is possible that the Re
publican members of the; committee will
of their rulers.
which he exclusively exerts it. He
connect with the Morristown road.
strous crimes which smell to heaven nd nurses, are here in our midst. Yea, are hoi j vote with the minority.
which it has perpetrated against the con-J ding offices of trust and emolument by the
America is not Rome under the oiva enr tn wliioV Vi nniK I m. .. . . . . .
' . Ane otber leadg lrora uumberland. at
nr I VAnt Iiama vmmaA Iamm I 1 j l i a a I j..
stitution of the country, against law and graceiind favor of men calling themselves
liberty, tlie riglits of the citizens, and the Democrats and claiming to love justice,
well-being and good order of society. equity and truth. 'When we think of the
When we see with what pertinacity the liberty, peace, prosperity and happiness
Radical wire-pullers ply their ingenious that prevailed everyhwere before the
schemes to entrap the listless masses and Radical party of fraud, violence and
unan. A he citizens here jmust bear invited to bring all manner of fero- thc hfead of navigation above' Will
the odium of an unworthv eovern- ninn nA nntmKl- wilrl nA . . . , .. i
' i I i i- , " " mingtou, via ureensuoro, Ait. Airey
torment, of Robeson, if t the ment. ; Had Paul addressed an epistle holds them with his glittering eye. and Ore Knob toward Bristol it "
rnw rjrf-'n l. F!?1" In lNMCMdl theysubside intoa may Both of these lines look to
state of virulent irritation
.i i t
1 1 Host Poivcrfnl Heullng
liAnbnt ever Discovered.
liLry fiarbolie Salre heals burnt,
uru'w Carbono Salvo cure sores.'
Hkr5 Varbolio Salve vllayM pnisu
ttmrfy Ctrholie S'llrnatrrs eruptions.
Hmry'! f.arhoUe Sntra heals i tuples
fapryts ParOoiio talva ittals brumes.
lkftVJcnry's, arid Tato No Otber.
I asked a leading Republican of the
House, Dr. N
Republican members
- ' t T .,vuua tuw ouujiun lutu m I mat;
S'th.e.8!!", "!i.h51nt ,,e "on.14hve writteain 'different condition of cataleptic .tiffness, from c ' rUnd Ga. in order t reach
tuiu. um, i 'uvu strain from that to a people where which thev can onlv be revived bv t -n a - a ui
wiination had lecn arrived at as vet . His ' . wnicn iney can oniy De revivea oy Louisville and Cincinnati. and the
I cn4tnA liw Ma i I . t i I
secure their votes for the retention of blood came into power, and then draw a own people, he said, were tomparitively in- our rt8 " BC1CT,' govcruoni. certain passes wnicn ne solemnly exe- New York syndicate means to pur-
t.wi:1 n...l !.. . h!inn nftlia luitrnn mrAnn if Ilia im-nmra i. it. .,1.;.4. tT V, .f..n.l 1 XI VyliriBLiaUB BDCnd VaSL Slllllg ltl I Xllts Tl(h hll lirht hnH A enot. in . . t m . t r '
iMuivai uiuv;c-iiuivici o, uu tva i.uj iiuiuu- j juvmicm uivrAjtiij muugiu, iuv t vuo . umcrcui, uu me suujo,t. nc Him tcicucu i vv niku nguv unuu. oiiaAb iu i chase one ot theDi. JLt tne vireensDoro
iiou oi rauicui priucipies, we are no inucii luuicieu, iud uiuius icnn;;u ogaiuat i to me presence in luticigu 01 anowier pany, i vuuivura, juwunug iciigiuus
overcome for tlie moment as almost to
forget that fcliese leaders, and this
ixre responsible for all the bitterness
the wrongs, all the desolation, all the
all the blood that have afiiicted-and curs- party from place and power. A govern- not examined into its affairs, condition, &c
ed our country for the last quarter of a ment of force a sort of centralized des- I ntber sources, I learn that Col. Fitch is a
century, i Lest some good Democrat be 1 potism has been erected over the ruins lobbyist, but what is to lobby Jbr against that the Christian will not "vote as
deceived by the insidious approaches and ' of our old Democratic system of law and has not yet appeared. Col. Humphrey, of
oily-tongued flatteryof these interested liberty. Under the old Democratic sys- Goldsboro, and one or two other Rcpubli-
reprcscntatiyes of this bastard child of tern the people ruled and the government cans of the east are here, ana it is beuevea
a state 01 viruieni irritation was rrtnt a; nA n TT.K Ka ftpn
the liberty of the people, the sovereignty a Col. Fitch, of New York, who he under- speakers, and for disseminating moral
party of tlie States, our free institutions, and 8tood had come for the purpose of looking intellieence. why shall thev not exert nronrietor. eneWl in a wnod.n I J. ,
, all social order-can we any longer doubt after the road. But he was unable to make . .... : .. fli "2 j, ' t4 , .ana use. ouI . uuat?
war, s that it is our imperative duty to drive this Uny propostioiTfor the reason that he had . 1 " ' - - t.ucu uc.tcu uu ie Fiauriu iv railroad line to the Gap. In thiscoiv
Puritamc hate and oft-defeated Federal
ism, wo will enumerate a few of the crimes
CUIES IN one iniNunx.
, EdiyisXatbcIis Roches,
lit riJ-
Cbntagioia Dlseasen Colds. Hoarseness,
UiyiOoerca, ana wiwoprng voai
:;h I : J'Uasant to tlut Taste,
Ml 0iwK8ilsd Ito'
was their agent : Under Radicalism, the j by a good many Democrats that they come
government rules and oppresses the peo- J for the purpose of organizing the Republi-
with which it has blurred the fairest pages pie, and the people , are but its supple can members against the sale,
of American history, xltwas Puritanic tools and subjects. Is their any wonder the Virginia midIjAnd.
hate. 8ubseauentlv "developed into Kadi- i we have hard times, and thieves and ty- Col. Buford, President of the Richmond
calismr that first taught the doctrine of . rants filliug high places. Look at the I & Danville Railroad, is here. Among the
secession and threatened to put it into great and lamentable changes that these reports that one hears Hying around is mat
practice i It was Yankee greed, radical j rascals have wrought and say what pun- he comes to ask the Legislature to place
wA.irr tl.nt st,nl thn ixmr npirocs iroiii . ihraent is due to men wlH) nave niannea some son ot resincuon on uie Virginia -uiu
" " i a j ; t - -
the jungles of Africa, first made slaves of and
them, then sold them to the South, and does
, , - - .
iwwer and a complete overthrow and de- Railroad, now a valuable property
convicts now, and a prospect of more.
We have over one hundred, thousand
dollars that will soon be in shape as
subscriptions, and we shall behalf
i Zyspepsia and Bniousnesa.
, 24 CoSecra Place. TTrwTork.
For Sale by T, F. XLUTTZ, Dmgist,
:i$;ly M l .Salisbury, N. C.
It nisver
It Never Pays.
pays to fret and growl
uen tortuiie seems-our toe ;
bo better hied will look ahead
And stjiike thelra ver blow,
1' l r luck is work, 1
i T Aod those who shirk
Should riot lament their doom,
pi yieiu me lmy,
And clear the way.
better men have room.
finally, in defiance of all law robbed the
Southern people of this species of proper
ty. We say nibbed the people of this
property, tor it vcah as clearly a rouoery
ns any act ever 'committed b" Capt. Kidd,
or that of any other of the most desperate
brigand "who ever trod' the deck of a
piratical craft. It was Radicalism which,
after robbing the South, robbed the freed-
men of their hard earned dimes through
that most infamous of swindles, the Sav
ings Rank. It was Radical-abolitionism
that inaugurated the war as early as 1835,
by declaring throagh the public prints
that, "slavery must be abolished, if not
by the fear of the sword, then by the stcord
itself." It was blood-thirsty, rapacious,
tyrannic Radicalism that prosecuted .the
most unnatural war of modern times, un
til more than a million innocent men had
been , slaughtered and the wail of the
widow aud the cry of the orphan-were to
be heard througout'all the land ; that des
olated and impoverished" the Southern
country, burned Southern homes and
: 1 1. j: i : a ii " i J i i ,i
.u me a.ue u.recuou f cnargeu was wntning ana hissing nerceiy. nectr0n we wish to say to these gen-
a ui iijrpwirwy or wwaruice DUDI Deni Over tne Cage ana UXed tUmm that w. ar nnalilncr onr Nar.
his eye upon its occupant, gently rnw Onatre road ahead with eiirhtv
l l mi y-t . .1 . .. . . . ..I o a 0
ne prays. a ne uristian voter must waving ins hand over the serpent's
answer to his Uod for his ballot.. He restless head. In less than a minute
can only quit himself of his ereat the snake stretched itself out stiffen-
responsibility by using his franchise to ed, and lay apparently dead. Buni
good ends. took it up and thrust several needles wnv tn Rstillvillfi with the pradincr'
rri i i i ll... ... .. . I J o. o
AiiearinKing-nouse3organire,worK, mto its body, but it gave no sign ot before the close of this vear. Our
speud money to enlarge their privil- life, A few passes then restored it to jine penetrates the largest beds of iron
egeior maKing urunsarus, ruining its lormer angry activity. Dunse- -ml noal on this continent and to
families, increasing crime and police quently a savage dog, held in a leash completion will show-an iron boom m
expenses. Ibis is done tor purely sei- by its owner, was brought in, and, at the counties of Scott, Lee and Wise,
make one's head swim to
- .
ate. Experts declare tno
the iron the very finest in
There are only the Lake
A A mf I . . I . . . I
struction of our free institutions will have StRte. As yet there is nothing in the action teiuuumui. auu uanU), uicu.- pea upon its Deny as vuougii bineKcu g uperior and the northern JNew XOTfe
been accomplished.' Then the people of Col. Butwrd, beyond the mere fact oti selves t , oupiueness wouia give me by lightning. It seemed absolutely deD08its like it. In amount we caa
must wake up and drive the thieves and his presence in Raleigh at this time, upon e to their Christian profession, and paralyzed by some unknown agency, uat them all. The distance to Cum-
despots from power. Let every democratic which to base sucii a report. brj reproach upon their patriotism, and was unable to move a muscle un- ki0 A fm RrUtnl U nhtmt
THE LEGISLATURE. a , l" l ... -.1 ... . , x-., "" ' V .
a nuuureu votes at me pons wm til reieasea irom tne magneuzer s inn Wa havo at least foor
of capititalists who are
i. . .
eliected such ruin. These despera- land Kailroad to prevent the extension irom nsh euUS tne lust tor money. Dnail Jjuni S command, Jet loose upon him. j a. wjjj
am iitf na ini1ita tf ilkltwr lliallKf I TjAnvlllf to I . llirlottP. HDd that tflC SriTU- I .1 '.t'.-nn ! 1.. .mIaiuu I - ?x 1 a ,1 1 l.!a I
viu iuov viim... .vr, I 1 o I UUL LUC VUUU UUiCUS. Ill 111C lUbVaCSb I AS 11. wai rujsiiiiif UlWillU 111111. Ill 13 L- I a 1
... 7 . . i - j -in ' I ' conieuipi
as ever, ami just as mucu ocnt oo r ofgobriely, public morals, for the Hn? with furv. he raised his hand. L.,:
git. Give them a few more years of very seriously attect the JNortn Carolina , -' - - - ' HUW,V w
tO the I f w.v... .x...., aa "vm. auu lu , u; u5lw ut UK ulr .. ,
paper in the land begin to tell the simple
but terrible truth of our wrongs from this
day 1 tell it without stint and without
mercy to the culprits. Let Democratic
clubs be formed iu every town and ham
let, in every township and county in the
State : distribute democratic newspapers
The sessions of both branches to-day were - I retcaacu "c ujo6U5W", 100 miles.
I a ! 1 l i - 1 I 11 1 i a 1- 1 1 I
very short, being taken up with the consid- buopreso moie evu muu a uuii- gpeil oy a majestic wave oi ihb iijiiiu. companies
eration of matters of local interest to the !
several members. The Republicans are urg-
injc that some action be taken in relation to
the seat of young Etheridge, of Bertie,
and documents, let Democratic speak- which is contested by a colored man named
ro forth and tll the unvarnished storv Robbins. This matter was before the com-
of Radical crimes and our wrongs and it uiittee- on privileges and elections at the
will not be long before the people will
change this downward tendency to ruin
and put new and better men at the helm.
Salisbury Examiner.
last session, but was not acted on, owing to j jg
drcd sermons.
; We have heard of 'practical poli
tics;' it is time for.practical religion. No 1
party ever won in a campaign by re
lying upon the set speeches of its ora-1
tors at the Court Houses. The battle
fought out in the cabins in the
A Future Feminine Diary.
Monday. Just as I had settled ray
household work for the day, l was
called away to serve nn a jury, and
had to remain in tlie law courts until
- anxious to open negotiations, with us
for the completion of the road. To
our own people we wish to say that
quick movements are necessary. Not
for one jnoment can we allow thft
movement to stand still. . ' "J
This connection with theeaastatWil-.
me Hume, u.u.. j TO,.v, w. i mountain gorges, ine last voter is we cvcuiuS. t m n !n rnmUrland fin
ment, of thc , contestant, to furnish the , t nd hmuaht to the Tnesdav.-Some riots having taken nimgton, N. C via Cumberlaudliap
Etheridge and
To avoid much useless matter usually
given in the regular reports of Legislative
nroceedinirs- we nrefer in our account of
0 . i
Suutlum citie., insulted and outraged j tliatjwdy to giVc tbo following .iK-ci.1 re
ttiever pays to wreck Jho health
a drndsinjr after ixaui,
f tidt lie is sold who thinks that gold
lsclleitest bought with pain.
' jSA.uhnmblejlot,
k: pA.cosy--cotr!'' '
Iare tempted even kings,"
; UFbr station high,
! J That wealth will buv.
Notjoft eontentment brings. ;
t Dcyerj pays ! 1 A1 blunt refrain
Well wortihv of
Fr A;and' youth'must learn the truth
That nothing pays that's wrong.
The good and pure
iAlnni sii-h &nr
fro brut r prolonged snccess.
"yhile what is right
:i Mill llPAVPll Rlirllt
I always 6ure to bless.
Southern women, robbed them of their
jewelry and their clothing, and perpetra
ted tliewsands of other nameless crimes
that vould have disgraced the Van
dals of the fifth century, or tlie predatory
bauds of Attilla the Hun. It was; Radi
calism that refused to exchange prisoners
of war,1 Itwos the Radical party that
overthrew sovereign State governments
and established , in their stead satrapies
or military despotisms, and in a time of
profoumLpeace suspended the writ of habe-
, as corpus, arrested and threw men into fil
thy dungeons, and dragged them before
drnui-head courts martial to be tried for
trumped up otfeuces. It was the Radical
From the CharlotteX)BSERcER.
Affairs at the State Capital Letter
From our Staff Correspondent.
proper proof.
bins received pay for attendance at the
last session. The whole question ha9 been
referred to the judiciary committee.
"Tlie gentleman from Orange" is still the
conspicuous member of the Ilouse
old his head is turned against every other
man's, and especially against those of the
powers that be. The affable persistency
with which he comes forward on every ques
tion the curious mixture of blandness and
to, and brought to the
Brilliant sermons, in costly Church
es, have their use. Christianity, to
win, must come to plain work and
common-sense. It ought to meet its
. A antagonists in the canvass and at the my: friend Susie, who has heard that
U1 . l.i a t li.j .a vr::
polls. The man who prays, "Thy tne mwitia are to ue caneu ouu v ii-
I .1 n.a TTnftK and frrMinia
place in our neighborhood, was forced " .... ..i
l a -i ii t ...ii boro, is the straightest possible line
to act as special constable. Paraded . .r . . i
. ... . . itir i .nnisviiie anu iiuciuuau. xiw
the streets all dav long in state oi
. mt
constant alarm.
Wednesday. Received a letter from
for Tuisville and Cincinnati, lake
the map and make the Jine, and the
reader will be surprised that be never;
saw it before.
kingdom come
" out-to throw his ted her, and discovered that the wo-
The confusion which resulted from the
re-assembling of a Legislature that never ex
pected to meet again, having cleared away, boldness, affords a diverting spectacle, and
the situation here is more easily ascertained,
and can now be more definitely defined.
' For the first two days it was not known
whether or not it would be possible to enact
any new laws or repeal any already in exis
tence, and for this reason many members
who came to Raleigh with instructions from
their coii6titency to do this or repeal. that,
have been on the anxious bench, and it was I unl Worcester were invoked in proof of his J spew them out
party that dispersed the Legislatures ot even difficult to get some to talk on the sub- position, but tjie shaker disregarded these
great sovereign Mates auu maue tne civu for the consideration of which the Leg- authorites, and the protest was not entered
whole influence as a citizen in favor men, as citirens, are now name to
of whatever will hasten the coming of military service,
that kingdom. -Thursday. Had to attend an in-
; ! rri . "ik a i J :.... siuet i rnmner' iurvman. A verv
every head is turned when the gentleman ; xne nribtiau Hu uju '''Mr- IT7" aZa u
J "-" . , . . . I , ,i 1 al. I nn a.conf Hnlv in(1PM1 nlt WSS held
from Orange is recognized by the chair. To-I even to go to Uie precinct wnere wic -m. j - - -----
dav ho presented and asked to have read a j rotten politician and his drunken I upon
protest against thc organization of the ajeg by the absence of good men,
House. The protest was lenthy, and wa themgelvc9 into powcr and
lased upon the fact that the occasion tor , , . . . .
. , T , . . r. patronize debaucheries that man is
calling the Legislature together in extra
D . - i 1 1 lU.l llrt.l "I will
soKKirn whs lioi caunuiuiuai i. " .
com mi
a roan wno nau
most horrible suicide.
Friday. Having failed to obey the
orders of a county court judge, was
subservient to military authority, ; dis
franchised the best and purest men iu the
country and set over them their former
Khive&L It was the Radical party that
jThe master of Red Leaf,", com- j gnt an army of carpet bag thieves to rob
PWf rfits Southern proclivities." . Indeed! avi& oppress the people iu their imppver-
hA tnml helpless stite. Jt was the
' j ii if.- :
Grajtltic. of this city, in a crit-
H lijwes these people, who are de-
'PUj.1 -with "Uncle Tom's Cabin " and "A
Wf fand " and the thousand and other
Yfiowa shortcominss are held up to the
itht nn four
'livHl ever look" at the picture in
jUch they arc drawn to '"the life. Mrs.
j ixreter would ! probably never have
!ten,jor we have published, "The Mas
Retl Leif," but to give these assail-
A -;?ri"e South an opportunity to sec
tlw fho vur
ated that Tourgee has sold his
POUbt airORSPairrtifi'nn TTrrill 1m vprv
0Iatl if he should wt. from first to last.
peiliatf $10,00 from it.V. T. Corre-
iTTn'' Weekly.
feW Um at.- i .L .1-4-
Uie world, at whw-li Rinrrlo-nlr n!atS
i- . o r i
. 'uaac ?or export; Tliere are one or two
j n!!' shmenti at the Northl where a
, "jamentaf three-p'y pistes are made.
I CW Berne manhfrtftnnirtli nnlv rnm-
Radicid party that organized the Union
Leagues to get up riots aud disturhauces
for political purposes. It was tho Radical
partys that enacted the infernal so-called
Reconstruction laws and forced them
down the throats of the people with the
bayonet. It was the Radical party that
passeiT the most notable cf all tho atro
cious Tulmiuations,kuownas theEiforcc-
ment "Act. 'uis aiaooucai measure
eclipsed any tiling in the celebrated Sedi
tion Act of 179, under tlie elder Adams,
in its direct attacks upon public liberty;
It was the Radical party that committed
the crowning infamy of ; the age by
stealing the Presidency in open defiance
of law and s pressed public sentiment,
aud seating in the presidential chair a
man who hadbeen defeated by the ballots
of more than five hundred thousand
white freemen. It is the Radical party
that is still laboring to do away with our
government of laws and liberty and toercct
islature waa called together. To-day (Wed-1 on the record. I lie was not in theleast dis
nesday), however, it is pretty well settled j concerted, and a few moments later remark-
that just so much general legislation will be ed to a party of gentlemen standing in the
gone into as can be gotton rid of before the 0bby that if he couldn't proVe in a" half
committee of twenty-five makes its report hour that Jarvis was ring-struck, he would
on. arree to eo to the penucnuar wr uw,
Uncertainty of
Riches and
tub KAiiaKUAi vided they'd stop
This committee meets with open doors in J teaching Sunday school in that institution
the Senate chamber, anrt two-tinrus oi tne
locked up in prison for contempt.
owe this scrape to the extravagance of
my husband a man who will buy
hats and coats, and will not work for
our living.
Saturday. In deep tribulation.
The governor of the jail is a female,
and as a matter of course, favors the
nriennora AalfPll fnr a. hook.
Holden al'Heck from dent Tyler, was one of the belles 0H n(j WJU furnislied with a work upon
Sad Death of an Ex-President'
jVlece. Ten years ago Miss Jennie
Tyler, the grand-niece of ex-Presi-1 .
l , . 11. male
members of both Houses attend its sessions.
Indeed it is understood that the fight will
be made in the coomittee room. Mr. Dortch's
speech is generally regarded as a very strong
one, but flic objection urged against it is
that his plan shown by his bill already
published is impracticable. "True Mr.
Dortch has shown us," said a member of the
committee, "that there are several very ser
ious objections to the sale of the property,
but what is he going to do with it ? ! Con
vict labor can't be worked without money.
The State certainly will hot appropriate an-
Washington, and her death is now an
: 1 : - nf Rrs-u-klrltrn With
rs coxcxtrsiox. - nouuwu iu aiv.;,
aiv. .niiiL three days with the Leg- a prospect of her remains being inter-
islature.the time allotted for my stay in red at the public expense. She was
Raleigh,! nesuanon m preuicnui; i uaugnicr ni Hiinani t . ji,oh
was born in Richmond, Va., in 1848,
and lived with her father who was on
ftcn. Lee's staff, ami was reduced to
that tlie Western North Carolina Railroad sold, an to Mr. Best, but there will
be no hasty action, and tne interest oi me
State will be lis zealously guarded as thc
circumstances will permit;
Last week a heavily laden freight car got
loose from the train at the top of the Blue
Ridce. on the Western North Carolina Rair-
Roraan law. Cried myself to sleep
over a passage which told me that no
one could obtain the privileges o
a citizen without accepting a citizen's
duties and responsibilities. Oh, why
did I give up the privileges of a rea
for the miseries of a mock
poverty by the results oi tne war. i m
Jennie, however, was attractive in I Raleigh OUercer: Mr. W.J. Hicka, Su-
person well educated, and inherited perintendent of the Fenitentiary, nas paiu
a fortune through a Californa relative into the Treasury 1
Tue Reward. It is more than
likely that the reward offered by
Gov. Jarvis forthe capture of Bob
Pharr and refused Policeman Hill
and others on the technical ground
that having killed Pharr in the at
tempt to arrest him they did not ef
fect his capture, will be given -them
by special act of the Legislature.
Information from Raleigh states that
bill providing for the payment .of
the reward has already -passed me
branch of the Legislature and- it can
probably be gotten- through the oth-
er without difficulty. All that should
be necessary is that our members give
a plain statement of the case. Char.
Mr. Pierre Lorillard has consented) to
furnish a considerable portion of the funds
for an inrcstigation, under the auspices of
the French Government, of the ruina of the
ancient civilizations of Jlexico and Central
America; and the work will be as interest
ing as that of Layard, Botta and George
Smith in Egypt and Asia Minor and on the.
coasts of the Mediterranean.
I . t . ,:3i...l.iani:.)n.tii flinnltp
other cent towards its completion; tho road roaa,anusiarieuiK; r
Of about 120 miles per uuur, auu, iu uin,6
still better time, when it came to a curve,
don't pay its own expenses, and hence can't
furnish any funds. It's perfect folly to talk
about the State being able to make money
out of it, if private individuls can. Experi
ence teaches the very reverse of this.'
The committee has jut met for the second
time, and it is understood that Capt. C. M.
. . f i C , mKava 5 f cfnrtfkrl it.
some tnree nines jrwu " "
left the track t go a near way, and was
burst up, with several hundred dollars worth
of goods. Asheville Jjurnal.
It is said tbat ex-Collector Powers has
a fortune tnrougn
and became a favorite in Washing
toil society. In 1872 she lived in
Brooklyn, and was enticed into a se
cret marriage with a man she met at
a fashionable boarding-house. He se-
of convicts on thc Uxloru s utnaerson
Railroad. Last week eighteen convicts
were sent to the University Railroad. There
are now sixty convicts on that work.
A special election for a member of the
Ilouse of Representatives was held in Per-
of a Blaine boom in East-
holdera the Federal Goyernmehtlwhicti Gen. ' UuSelyAc priaaf , , ,
A If onimans countv yesterday, to till the vacan-
curea possession wi u ilm tunt .an.. , r : . T -t -m
i. , . . t i.i cv caused by the resignation of J. 31. Jilals-
was discovered that he had another , wcre candidates, each run
wife in Buffalo. A suit for the re- fion his own hook" George IL Wood
coveryofthe money failed because wm.1 Nixon, Joshua L. Whedbce, J. A
she had nothiug left to prosecute the Vain and Robert P, Smith
Orford Free lance: We noticed last
week thc resignations of three more magp
trates of .hc county, and this is but a con
tinuation of what has taken place for the
past six months. Since the appointment of
the magistrates by the Legislature, nearly
one third have resigned. ? 1 j-'
Nearly every day some new developments
come to light whiclf show the existence of a
regularly organized gang of white and col
ored parties banded together fo thc purpose
of passing counterfeit money and stealing
horses in this county. - " V
A walk to the green pea fields in the yi-
j cinity of New Berne, is the Sunday aner
noon jpractice of many of our citizons. !
- . : .v;
-! i
i L
' -s
if iv
iff-, s.
.. . -!
Jfji- ."v. H"Vr
j . ii

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