i . H f Ml III A ! ft- III- S II- 3-! FLORA'S IIAIK. It was the nfterndon of a; clear February Jay, bright sky above, capital sleigbing bcnsatliVand a keen, knife-like midway between, j when Silas Monteague's superb chesnut col ored horses were checked in front of the plate-glass windows of aj fash ionable coiffeur's establishment, just out of the whirl and tumult ofBroadJ Way, and a young latly of about seven teen alighted from the chocolate col ored coupe to enter tbe dominion of pomatum and frisettos. The knight of comb and scissors advanced briskly from behind , the counter to meet his pretty customer, who twas dress in velvets and sables that-might have, and probably did, cost a small fortune. 'Don't let me interrupt you Mr. Macasser,- 8aid the lady, carelessly sinking down on a crimson brocatelle sofa, and glancing toward two wo men with whom the coiff'er had been in deep conversation at the moment of her entrance. 'I can wait a few minu . tea perfectly well.' 'You are very kind, Miss lonta gue, but our business is completed,' he added in a lower tone of, voice. 'Only some womn come to sell - their liair. You see they have stepped in side for our cutter to take it off.' j To sell their hair?' repeated . Miss Montague. , fCertainly, ma'am. Its a very com mon thing, I assure you, more partic ularly since it has become usual to Wear the hair short. And then hard times, you know' 'But surely it is impossible to get enough to be any compensation for. the loss of a fine head of hair said the young lady, earnestly. 'Oh, you are mistaken. For long, luxuriant hair of a good, colorsuch - hair, for instance, as yours, Miss Montague- we give as much as three dol lars.? . 'Three dollars!' repeated the girl, scornfully. ;' ' . -'Hair will soon grow again, Miss Montague,' said the hairdresser, shrug--ging his shoulders. 'In what way can I serve you to-day ?' 'I came in to request you to send some one to arrange my hair to-morrow evening.' 'Mrs. Warrener's ball?' smoothly interposed the man, who appeared to be au jfciii in fashionable intelligence. 'Certainly, to be sure. I will send Francois. What jewels do you wear?' 'Only a small wreath of netted pearls round the braids.' " And Macassar bowed his fair young patroness out of the store with srail mg complaisance. She stood a mo ment on the step, as if thinking, then spoke to the liveried servant on the box; j 'You may drive home, John. I i shall not need you any more to-day,' she said quietly. - John touched first his srold banded hat anA then his horses, and in a few j moments was out of sight, very glad to be relieved. - . ---- - if' ' j - Then,, and not till then, Miss Mon tague walked briskly away; brushing ; the pavements of obscure streets with i her costly silk as if she cared not for j Ita lustrous splendor, treading narrow j alleys, and at length ascended the un ; carpeted stjairs of a tenement house going if the third storyv i The xloor was opened by a pale, shadowy-looking woman, scarce older j in the calendar of years than Miss I Montagrue herself, but alas ! how much j more a&ed in the record of care and 'Flora, dearest, how- kind this is of voti. -For Flora ; Mon tague had thrown her arms round the slender figure, and was showering kisses on the pale forehead with true girlish warmth of affectiou. 'Yoii can'tle more surprised to see me, Lizzie, than I am to be here! I was out shopping, when suddenly the idea occurred to me of stealing an Interview with you. So I sent John home, and h.re I am.', 'But, Flora, what would my uucle ay ?' - He never will know,' said Flora, demurelyr 'And besides, Lizzie, my conscience docs uot condemn me for this visit; Papa's conduct has been so unkind, so act ually inhuman toward you. Think of it, dearest. After giv- lngyoun luxurious home until now, to turn Jyou out of doors just for Carry ing a poor artist and you Jus sister' dau;ntcr., Tme,' -aid the delicate young crea- 1 ture whom Flora addressed as Lizzie. I Yet if it were not for Clement's con ; tinued illness and poverty, I should never for a moment regret that h The door was rudely pushed open pBanHKaaVanaVaVMBMaaaVaMMaalMB ! at this moment.- without even the ! trifling formality of a' warning knock, ana a wiry jieau, whu suaru , ieinc ; eyes to match, was t trust uncererao- -- i- ::cr erem'oney niously in. ; 1 'I say, missus, 13 that read? Lizzie turned very pale and clasp ed her wand fingers tightly together- 'but- , - 1 1 'J :v -f ' - The head and eyes now. advanced entirely into the room, with the short, thick-set figure toi longed. which they be- 'Look here, marm said the man harshly, 'this is the third week you've had this 'ere two rooms, " and not a red cent of rent have I set fives on. Need'nt tell me your husband's sick ; there's enough tenants I can get with out sick husbands. 1 I don't want to hear no excuses they don't amount to nothing. I jest want you to under stand this much : if them three dol lars ain't paid down) before the clock strikes five, ou you (go, bag and bag- ease, on the navenieut. I've stood this kind o' nonsense long enough.' He disappeared I closing the door behind him with a bang that made the walls rattle. Flora had listened to the brief colloquy with paling cheek, which grew still whiter as Lizzie burst into a paroxysm of bitter tears, binding her facie in ner hands. Flora arose and bent over the bowed form with a caressing touch. .'Dearest, are things really as bad as this?' ; Lizzie replied only by sobs 'Can't you contrive to raise the money to pay this man?' 'How can I V moaned Lizzie. 'Everything we have except the very bed Clement lies on, is sold or pawn ed. L am faint Trom'4Iack of bread, and it is impossible to get even the most poorly paid work.' . Flora's lip quivered. She had never seen poverty in this ghastly guise be lore. - i Oh, if I could help you,' she sigh ed. 'But papa never gives me any money ; he pays my. bills cheerfully, but everything passes through his own hands.' 'It would kill Clement to be mov ed,' sobbed Lizzie. 'If I could but ob tain the three dollars I would not care.for aught else.' j As Flora bent over; her cousin, one shining braid of glossy golden hair became detached from its fastening and fell from beneath her bonnet. She put nplier hand! mechanically to replace it, and at that moment she re membered Air. Maccassar's words. 'Lizzie! she exclaimed, impetu ously, 'wait a few minutes and yon shall have the money; I will be back in half an hour.' And she hurried away with crim son cheeks and sparkling eyes. Mr. Macassar was lounging over a neSvspaper when Miss Montague en tered his luxurious! room a second time. 'Sir,' she said, and advancing close to the counter, and) speaking in a tremulous tone, 'I have concluded to have my Jiair cut oflj will you give three dollars for it?' The spruce coiffure started. Was Miss Montague in earnest, or was this only a jest? - j ' 'Why do you not answer me?' she asked, sharply. ) 'Certainly, Miss Montague,' stam mered the hairdresser recovering his tongue. 'I shall be most happy if you wish it. Please step this way.' Poor Flora ! Never had her golden waves of hair seemed half so lovely and lustrous as they j did at the mo ment that the deft fingers of Francois unbraided them and passed the cruel, gleaming scissors among the bright strands. And when Mr. Macassar, with polite alacrity) presented herj with a bank note, the big "3" might as well have been an Egyptian hieroglyphic for all that her tearll swjmmjng eyes could decipher of it. iShe carried the money to Lizzie, and then, woman-like, Went home, looked in ihe glass, and then cried heartily. For she had been passing proud of those pale brown tresses, -threaded with gold and blendyig into auburn lights at every turn of her daiutv head. And now they are all gouc 1 ail: gone! j Who is that pretty girl jusLcotr Uig: in the room, i the white crape, w.th blue forget-me-nots in her hair. and the little short jdancing curls, like bits of coiled sunshine, round her head ?'The sneaker was an ately drwed young man, who stood ,:k fa j . .. Mr.v rT , T?ytai .nM. W arrener bnlhantljr lighted At h,s r gn .oong ge-eman, w.th large hlack ejresand somewhat haughty, ' although handsome face. He had bent eagerly forward at his, companiou s worus. .fit can't be possible If he exclaimed 'And yet-j-it isl'Mis Montague 1' : 'Faith, Giloryy you're right I' ejacu lated ' young f Man vers, 'Flora Mou- tauge, and none elsci But what on earth has the bewithchlng little fairy done with tha glorious hair of hers ? Cut it off to be in fashion, I'll be ound !' . , L rit . fl do not tl i ak.. said Gilory, con tracting Ibis ! eyebrows, "that Miss Montague is, one to enslave herself to all the idle freaks of the, reigning mode.' i j I f if' ! 'I know you're a sworn admirer of the young lady,! Gilory returned his companion laughingly ; but women are alike !' 1 I i 'All women are alike 1" The words fell like molten iron on Clarence Gil roy's heart. Vas it indeed so? Had the idle dream ithat Flora was better and nobler , than the rest of her sex, proved but a vanishing delusion, af ter all? He ripembered the words he had heard her ' speak but an evening or two before : 'Nothing shall ever induce me to have mv hairj cut off in the absurd - j . i - f way that people call fashionable.' She had not scrupled to perjure herself then ; she was unthinking and frivolous! as the idlest butterfly that ever j fluttered around the flower gardens of society. He turned away silently ; and jwhen Flora Montague's innocent, violet blue eyes were raised smilingly toward his! face, they en countered a cold repellant gaze that the fair young girl was unable entire ly to comprehend. The spray of the blue forget-me-nots had fallen from Miss Montague's hair, and she had gone into the com parative solitude of the conservatory with saucy Nellie Hyde, to re-arrange them. One chandelier alone diffused its soft luster among acac ias and tea-roses, from shades of crim-som-tinted glass, and the two girls stood directly beneath its pink glow all unconscious that Clarence Gilory leaned against the further door, a few steps beyond in the shadow of a blossoming tropical vine, whoso fiery scarlet stars almost touched his fore head, i 'Do you know, Clory said Nellie, ss she adjusted the truant flowers, and stepped backward to observe the gen eral effect, 'that everybody is wonder ing what in the world possessed you to cut off that splendid golden hair of yours?' Some lay it to the score of vanity others to that of caprice and' 'Nellie!' said the soft serious voice of Flora, with a tremulous falter in its accents, 'I never meant to reveal the secret to any living soul, but I cannot bear that you, dearest, should imagine me capeble of such frivulous folly. I will itell you just why it was cut off, if you will promise me to keop the secret within your bosom.' 'I promise said Nellie, passing her arm caressingly around Flora's waist. Clarence Gilory moved uneasi ly amid the moving leaves and fiery dropping stars of his fragrant screen. But he could not well retreat now ; and besides it is not a very dignified characteristic to record of such a stately individual as Mr. Clarence Gilory, but there certainly was a keen impulseof curiosity to learn why Flora Montague had cut oft the lovely tresses of which she well knew him to be such an enthusiastic admirer. And so, not without a secret mis giving, he played the part of listener. 'You know resumed Flora, 'all about my poor Cousin Lizzie's mis fortunate marriage with Clement Per cy.' : ; And she went on to tell the simple story of her adventure the day be fore, with Sjiich pathps that Nellie j Hyde was in tears ere the recital was finished. And there was another pair of eyes not very fur off, slightly dimmed, also. 'I had no money pursued Flora 'I felt that it would not be honorable to sell anything that papa had given me, -knowing his feelings1 on the sub ject, and so- W as it very wron"- to sell my hair Nellie ? "If you could have seen how welcome Ihe money was to poor Lizzie I 1 ' t i ' . ' - When at length the jconservatoy's perfumed ajsles were vacant, and Cla rence Gilroy left his nook among the vines he felt that one glimpse into Flora Montague's heart was worth half the fortune that imade him the ilnl nf m nnnn t m "'"'"o MMMuuiiis ana gM daughter,.: The ecli,e upon his soul had passed away. was astonished very a-reeahlr ,1.'. recent of an anoaamous letter con- lainin nS .banknote for fifty dollars, And the . next day after that-FIora stole, around ( to , tell, her cousin that she was engaged ' to Clarence Oilroy i' 'And when I have, a .hoinelof my own, dearest she said, 'you and Cle raent shall; share it.. . Clarence . said SO.' :- I., j. : ' : W S t i i : X M!rs, ' QUroy kept the word that .Flora Montague had pledged. Kindness. : It cannot be too often remarked that kindness is one of; the virtues that hardly (ever ifaii , to produce an effect-; kindness "in season and out of season ;" kindness which! is in every one 8 power. How very much the wheels of, life would lie smoothed, how much.. every one woald add to the sum of total lmmau happiness if every one j would take hold of any of tlie many opportunities which every situation briers to be kind, courteous, easy and agreeable tovarjl tlie chance travelers that he meets j on his jour neys : towards the chance sufferers that he comes across ! It is never for gotten. The boy at school never for gets the kindness of an elder school fellow. The poor, solitary, and way worn man or woman never forgets the pressure of a kind, feeling hand. the glance of a loving, sympathetic eye. 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