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I : ISALISBUEYi ll.' C., APBIL; 8,': 1880.
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ie CaroUna Watchman, :
; tdTT B V 90. 1880. -
I FEBRUARY 80,1880.
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Salisbury Examiner. ' .
; When! that stern old patriot, Andrew
Jackson,; made his appearance on I'thestage
of the Union, Massachusetts, in full force,
euteied the field against binvj but he was
too popular, too powerful, 'to be damaged
by the intemperate vituperation and abuse
for a candidate for rmblic . office.' The
I offall and skum of the human family from
every country and of every color, were or
ganized, the most irresponsible vagabonds,
adventurers, cut-throats ' and scoundrels
were placed over them as officers, - and
sent to desolate the South, to rob and mur
der her people, because they dursfcj insist
upon 5 the; protection of their property
c - t ; I ; . , , , ; - . , i
and a strict observance of the
of these Radical, Parjtan peato. Stil in. ! "" " v
f"??! Thai Uoion Wbiel. they had
letter and
provisions of our clearlywritten ; consti-
cry .vrith the war
was lor tue union.
jso recently
; The importance of this Railroad to the
people of Rowan and Salisbury
considerable discussion a
Perfect wisdom hath four parte, viz:
sbury is exciting visapm, uie pnnciplp of doing things
gaim tThat the aright; justice, the principle of doing
people of Uowxvn ill tly loefited -tliing3 eqaally in public and private;
by it is generally agreed. (ThoHuportantr 1 .j . . . . . 4 . ,
qLtion is, how Us it tobe secured U16' the. principle of - not flying -
Where is tiiejnoney to come fromf How i lrom,; an&r buts meeting , it; .and 1
and denounced, everything that was t)b
and sacred, and noble Thev had
cd their poisonous theories into
much is uecessary to render its comple
tion a certainty T jWe haye been assured
that a subscription of $200,000 by the
people of Rowan will give , us the road.
Will tlie nennle vote this amount of suh-
pon, and denounced as a f Will the benefits to be derived
WaS DUre ' 11 iuwu urn Hit uuuxo .w w u; t itu ' ' . . J r r " I 1 ' - QUICK
innbeolat.: P5; ."S f'mm!d&$&- Wming points of oor everlasting safe, securely the catches that held the ; -And killed the babv tool'shriek
mTt WmW H then, Lthe slaisi Jlr. and Mrs. Atkinson went, ed S ' '
v.Wuwu0 uvwi iw iuw Hiui um- ism snatched at tlie golden opportunity L ihinoV
dren and many of their neighbors, and t tt . -.. r TV i J la tneiinportantj
.1 P. . ' l to carry out their aristocratic schemes, so ,. (ipr, ; a s
some, of these had emigrated to other , , . A ' . A.-s
f f.D ! i vA i-Ji lnany t,mes condemnetl by the people, wiU bot incpea8e
i one; i-et uie reopje well
subscription of $200,000
States, to the West and North, carrying J. ."'rT ,T - j.h "4 will not increase the taxes y that is; it will
,in. ti... -11 t.- iil--V ' .rLU,eAu thisfclse and druukeahowl fprtnot make them heavier than thev would
the IJnion,, This was a happy hit. Thousr ,mve LeeD) giuce t;e tu- N c
ands had bn brought to revere the very Kailroad has reduced the takes 12 per cent.
It WllSniOreafaUat- ji- tt r.Tl upia Tn.mtA'n anliaorintlnr.
With tllPTil nil Mm lHirnti itia nnil iso.
ditious purposes of their villainous creed.
!j ' rAi,ta' Pnemnonhl. Bronchitis, 1 They opposed and denounced everv effort I
P?SPSsiS? of the government; to acquire new terri-
8 thoHeKanef 1 try. The acqusition of Texas called but
5hLnnss inflamea, ana poisonea Dy uu the bitterness of all the puritan tribes,
name of the Union.
icism than anything else. There hearts
swelled with pride at the merej announce
nient of the name. Tlieir love for it
r". II . A TV f 1 M I I'll I u H.l n UlUUUi I . 1 . -.a i a
lurougnout the whole country. ext tjey araounted tQ- gort of gnper8tft,0 reV,
KmTanrl we arrayed as one nian agajnstthe Mex- rence. ThVrushed to arms in obedi.
wBotsa incurHWio iiiiwj ""'j ; I ican warswuicii resuiteu so glorious) y to I ' . - . . TT
4 oo 7; ----
l'jU 1.1,'t IIALia.U. ISliMHiirmCTii.
W' IT f 1 ITf nvA VAn
iren tlioasn rroiessiomu wu m
ii i i
the American arms aud "cave to us ithe-
golden fleece of California, The Puritans,
the Radicals,the Federalists were extreme
ly virulent and vindictive in their oppo
sition, and the leaders of this faction of
New EngUudgain tiilked of secession s,so
that it will be seen that Massacbsetts and
her dupes have opposed every step of the
country to greatness, and that it is to-day
must be preserved, with as much enthu
siasm as ever, gallant- kiught 'did ;tp tho
defense of fair woniaii.' AYhihV tlie'reaf
disnnionists, the Abolitionist, shrieked
and howled ,1 ike so many hungry Wolvesj
or hyenas, but took care to keep oujb of
the fight. " They hounded on thejnon-
Puritanic laboring classes ofiiative Amer-l
1 1 i jLgeM ever w
Xr.-Ma 'Carbolic Salve, heels bum: j
Vtnri't Carbollo Salve rrres sores.
Vtmrv' Carbolie Salvo always pain.
Uerv' Carbolie Salve curt eruptions.
trJL Carbolie Sdlre heals pimples.!
Mtnrg't Carbolic Salve heals Omist
if.uis. iiiid thft f!fltR nml Tntoh who luid
wliat it is iff spite of them. The glories becomejkmericaniod. and all they cofild
ofmeiicaparms,: the achievement of ilire with high bounties, to fight tleir ba
uui auumeu ana u.e gieaiuess or pur t,es wbio they remaiued at home td reap ..Ll,,,
country are what they are in spite of lu- a(1vnnwa nnd profits nf hiorli nvis. .
i? i ; - . : , I ket vviiicli w
Ilk fejr Henry's, and TalioNo Other.
i .91 '"Ai
rjtnuisra, and not because
As all contagious or infectious diseases
are more liable to take hold of the filthy,
the weak: and the groveling, so abolition
ism first made its appearance as a chronic
distemper of the mind among the Puritan
tribes of Massachusetts.
Burr says the people Unaware of dan
provided no quarantine precautions;
in a yeryi few years, not only all theP
nin htt c ,nrnn r.
ConUffioos Diseases Colds, Hoarsraeso,
f pleasant to the Taste.
tanic chtri-ches, but many called Evangeli-
of the robberies and confiscations, and to
see that all the offices, civil and military,
were filled by the faitlifulX . t i
Tims the infernal Puritan-Abolitiou,
war procressed. A huso nibuutain , of
debt aud Uvxes was heaped j; upon tliej
shoulders of the laboring poor.! High tar
iffs, extravagance and a large addition of
matter of
"of $200,000," they would have "the bonds
drawn so as to fail due at different times,
say at ten, twenty, aud thirty years or
.longer, anddrawm a low rite of interest.
If hxd at 0 per cent., the interest then
on $200,000 would bo $12,000 annually.
This is just the amount they would have
bird to pay, if tlie Western Koad-had not
beeii6old. Xow) since they have been re
lieved of this burden, cau they not do
sometuiug; towards securing a ltoau tnat
isvoff the most ; Vital importance to
thchi f Tle rednctiou in railroad tariffs,
the general prosperity, the enhanced val
ue of md'estate it is believed tlie comple-
jtionof tliisRoadyiLs bring about, will
more tlumj compensate thiem for the out-
alsd open up a splendid mar-
ill enable them
temperance, the principle of subduing
?6sires and living moderately, it ) k.
. ; There are moments in the battle of
possible and that these astronomical j ings. Everything was right, and one
t.uT.u.. aT miueno oeen accompa. of the 1,, 8aiJ ; - -
nied? by great epidemics, is proved by
history. A ort and Courier.
Mrs. Atkinson's Baby.
The Atkinsons have had a terrible i
'In my opinion the burglar is in '
the house yet.'
'We'll go for him,' said anotlicr.
So drawing revolvers, they proceeded
to Search" the bnildinop. ProcontTv ' '
time over their baby. Mr. Atkinson rP; Atkinson hrA th -nnrTnr .
sent .home a folding crib, with the pistol ia the kichen. He rushed " '
slats - made in two pieces and hung down. - ; - ,
down upon hinges. When they op- t think I've killed hlm.' hl nn- j
Jones. 'Bring the light! " t-
life that rush past us, pregnant with pened the crib and put" the mattress Uceman
vast results, which seized may be the in it, sMr. Atkinson omitted to fix, quict
'By George, I forgot the baby
harvest may be past, the summer end- j to j bed early that night, and about
ed, and we shall not be saved. Ouni-1 eleven 'o'clock while they were asleep, I 3 tjie officer
mln3; ' V : 1 .; Sc awaKe. DCganw Then the light came and they.
Spartanburg (S. C.) Spartan: "Gen. kick vigorously. The result was that found that policeman Jones had shot
Thomas L. Clingman is going to beat the flats' slowly descended and depos- tis jog whjch had followed him into'
Edison. He is applying for if patent for i ted the mattress and the baby upon tne house. Then policeman Smith's
zirconia, which is oxidized xircon, which the floor. The babv. beiner Darticn- :.i . m:i.. ....1 .u.
he- thinks the finest illuminators ever ht u. LL,iJ ..y, u w um-
to get more
fof their produce, better prices for stock,
therr;KJultry, or whatever else they have
to seif. 4 There is a' certainty that they
will now get the Koad, if they will make
this subscription: " They can now1 get the
necessary assistance from the owners of
Western N. C. ltailroad. If they fail at
this time to avail themselves of the pres
ent opportunity, there is no assurance
that they will ever get the road, as the
public offices increased as a
course. The millions wrung from the peo
-.1 1. H 1 L ' I , '
am ilium ui.iu iiju wiuuut-jt:iu-ci iicji. i .,.r , . k i, .
c:il throughout the length and breadth of " i i ' A ' ' ' 1 iir ' ' ' t esiern win seeK 10 lencn v iiiniiigiuij,
c il, tliroiehout the leiigth and breadtp ot l)cfore any of lt reactle8 the pfjbflr trta. . . , . othlu.1,lIltPR.
the uortnem ueit, lrom Massachusetts to cm Tl. result i -th ritrh! armad . . . . . 7
.'.' r . ----- - -t I i.;iviii(t Kaiisimrv otic enriruiv. 11 tnev
Ver I Inrlv 4vid ' trnrstv wlprl nnt. infft I . 1 .1 1 .. 1 1 t ' "
discovered, and that it is the very thing " A h f. , ; ' nit tneKitcnen ciocK, wnica strucK
required by Edison. On his mining lands the room, and seeing a light in the nine hundred and eighty-one, and
in Buncombe county he Iras an abundance entry, went through the door just as tne confusion and racket so unstrung
of zircon. This mineral occurs in square Mr., Atkinson s aunt, Miss Boggs, j Atkinson's nerves that she went
prisms with pyramidal terminations of was coming upstairs to bed. She :ntrt o,i Bt.v;v"
picked the-baby up, and finding that yells 0f a terrific character. This
its father and mother were asleep, she brought Miss Boggs down from the
carried it to her room in the third tu;i efw : rMi.
story, ana determined to take care 01
it through the night.
About an hour latter Mrs. Atkin-
a brown or gray color.
called hyacinth."
A red variety is
Pen Sketches of Snorers.
the far west, and from Mason & Dixonts to
thoCanadii line, Were suffering from' the
ravages of ; that incurable distemper; the
I samo classes being invarably the first yic-
f!liir nnil tlm nivir ruuirir. Viirt' nianil
- . . ' ' 'j e r : i i doift net tlwj peoitle of Rowan to do some
.aew ibiifi.uuu is 1 . - Si A ,
fact u ring interests' of
fostered and protected at thejespeuse of
the agricultural States and the commer-
ciacities. vA nons
Those who have enjoyed the music of
the nose when the player slumbered, will
be amused at aud recognize the truth of
the following pencil sketch by Dr. Bagby:
"Turning upon my back, I folded my
hands upon my anything but peaceful
breast, and sighed wearily: 'This, then
is earthly bliss these be the delights of juraped from the bed in alarm.
travel, oiasc inem an i t grew more
cheerful as 1 began to dissect the suores
of which I distinguished the following
well-marked varieties, to-wit : The long
smooth, homogeneous snore j the short,
interrupted, suorty snore ; the thin, wa
tery, rattling snore, and worst of all, the
pudding-cOoling snore, when the mouth
puffs out the wind that the nose takes in
as if to cool an imagiuery pudding. Fin
ally, I laughed outright, as I discovered
why a snore is so exaspirating. In the
first place, it is involuntary, and you J tone-
son awoke and thought she would
glance over at the crib to see how
the 1 baby f was getting along. No
sooner had she done so than she
baby was not there ! The bottom
seemed to have fallen out of the whole
contrivance. Her first thought was
that the baby was lying under tlie
mattress smothered to death. She
pulled the mattress aside, but there
was no sign of the baby.
, 'What on earth is the matter?' she
" 'Matter?' said Atkinson, 'Don't
you know that burglars have broken
into the house and stolen the baby?
Wrhy we've been having the awfuUest
time you ever heard of for the last
two hours.'
'Why, I've got the baby up stairs
with me,' said Miss Boggs j I've had
him all night.'
'You have !' exclaimed the party in
a breath.
Mr. Atkinson, and told him to get
up. Atkinson growled out in a sleepy
9 Dyspepsia and Biliousness.
tints, those of small mental calibre land
mean spirit, and always those whose J-ual taxation is forced upon the country
blood or ideas came from Massachusetts. I Itrirrinds into powder the laboring classes.!
Abolitionism having corrupted all the J Jt keeps their noses, as it were continual-i
Evangelical congregations of New Eng- j ly tothe grinding stone, their limbs hac:;
land, and all Puritanic aud ultra-evaugel- I kled, and their muscles mortgaged; Cur
thing toward building this Road, they have no legal right, though you have the
will go down lrom Statesville by way of greatest desire ana ainpie provocation to
Charlotte, thence down the North Caloli- d . to kin t,,e nmu t,,At ,uakes for
na Central to Wil.ungtm anTCliaileston. he is ffWrespotfsible. In the next place,
Tn this caseTa wkly lumlK'r train will noreis not an assertion of anything
!- r.m from h.-r,. to Stati-sville : or is lt an auswer to a .piesuoun, im
Do vou mean to tell me,' said At-
Then, wild with alarm, she shook, kinson witn supernatural calmness,
'that the bay was quietly sleeping in
your room all this time V
Atkinson simply looked at her.'He
felt that language was unequal to the
expression of his feelings. Mrs," At--
kinson flew up stairs, two steps at '
. mt 1 1 . t 1 1 "
a time, me policeman lauguea anu
fThe paregoric is in the closet ; go
andiget it yourself.'
-fAlonzal' shrieked Mrs. Atkinson,
'ydn don't understand the baby is
gone I stolen ! kidnapped ! mur
84 fkJlege Place, c -s Hew York.
For Sale by T. F. KLUTTZ, Druggist,
, 6:Iy j -J j j Salisbury, NfC.
True Heroism.
Let cjhers write of battles fougbt
0nl;bfooJy, ghAstly fields, :
. "Wliejfte honor greets the man who wins,
And death the man who yieldst;
But L will write of that brave man
WHo struggles; on through years
Against : himself, isind wins tire day
: Umtained by human tears. r
"' y X ; ' : ri ! . - - - '
Ife w hero staunch and brave,
Who tijrhts an unseen foe. - ,
And puts at last beneath his feet , "
: passions base and low,. .
And stands erect: in manhoxid's might,
tnjaunted,' undismayed,
Tlie bravest man 'that drew a" sword & 2 iU U V-
It wife for something more than brawn
i - Ot masclq to o'crcome- .
An enemy who marcheth not ..
j WitJi banner, plume or drum
4 f,)e furcvur lurking nigh, !
'it silent, stealthy tread, ; .
"Side Tour 1mat1 rch nassinr dav.
Ui, t - r o .
flight beside your bed." ' .
!'?r thcn to that brave heart,
jrnWg!i poor or juch" he be,
!'? 1uSSIe8 with his baser part,
,i rr " . ui 4a unit
t!"?y;not wear a hero's crown,
. . Norj tttt a hero's graver. ,
u4 truth wilrplace his name among
Thd bravest of the hrarw -
, v1"!, Vrt&yUriari Journal.
ical bwlies throughout the uotheru Stiltes, I they have to foot the bill to pay the ac
they bcirig the onl ones in which Massa-1 cruiug interest on the war debt, and to
chusetts ideas prevailed, those bodies; be- J liquidate the bouds held by; tho 6hody
came so many political organizations, I contractors and favored parasites of the1
doing yeoman service to the black wooly- I rail-splitting, Union-splitting State aud
headed father of Abolitionism the devil J liberty-destroying Administration of Abe
who is the real father of -Puritanism. JLiucolu. The manufacturers and mer-
Thi Abolition distemoer nrevafled un-1 pliant, iii realitv. nav no internal reve I Koad aiKl as tn
til it assumecia malignant type, and whole nue except what little is consumed by ed by it, whether they secure it or not,
States and tections were swallowed op by their respective familes. The inanufac- arc entirely willing to leave the mat
it. Tho ktrong government party, the old turer and the wholesaler raise their pri-i ter with them. ,
ArlUf.. rtuHinrairvA itsnread for nolit- i-pb tn rover their tax. the iobber does the It may be stated, however, that it is
ical puiimses, just arfCromwelleiKJourag'- j game, and so, also, the retailer; but the "proposed to raise $50,000 out of the town
ed the growth of Puritanism hi tugland,1 great mass of the people composed of la-
to overthrow the institutionsand govern-1 borers, the mechanics, the artisans, the
and it mabe, that it wiU not be run that parts no information whatever, and it is dered,. maybe ! (V what shall I do ?' fied ou, Jones pulling his dog by
often, -.there being no competing line, even a oquy, I"-- or - Whal shall I do ?' thc tail. Atkinson went to bed with
fNow, be calm, Julia, said Atkin-
-tl. Vrl.,,: K.iilnn1 will eontinue ciauiauon il is naruiy u cuiuiua uiiu ucv
. I ;. . .1
... .... . 1 rt nAfiiwi it ie mar mi nrrmiu nnpaiini
to dmciiminate in freight tanlls against 1-" - - onn j .... . ftIlf ftf M . Mnn'f. rrt
fr mwl Rpnspless noise. Klinninc aimless- 1 ow" & & " 0
lv up and down the nostrils, like airbub- hysterical. The child, most likely, is
ble in a spirit level
Salisbury, trade Vill go by us,
will decrease, and general! stagnation m
every branch of industry will follow as a
natural iconsequencei liut surely the
peoplecan see tlie importance of this
Road, and as they are to be directly alTect-
aud the balauce out of the county. Salis
bury Examiner.
With all tho fast living and reckless
disregard of the so-called Laws of health,
nient of his country. 2JTli scheme work- clerks, the farmers, being the principal
ed well, for soon the once noble f)ld VVhig consumers, pay almost exclusively the en-j
Party Aorth became a reeking mass 01 ti,c tax. wj,ile the bondholders and non
Abolition corruption. The Democi-atic J mmlucinir claseS' nay next tol hothinffi I statistics show that there lias been
Party for a long time stood, like tlie rock j There is scarce! v an article of necessity or I gradual and steady increase in the avcr-
of Gibraltar, but at length, the defeated I ftmfort tJiat.the laboriuir man hits to bnv. I atfc lenghth of man's life since the six-
pniwlidnts. ambitious noliticians. 1 and I .. . -..Q'w - .-.-i I'V.-r T xt i I' i. - rn,t
A Period of Misfortune
The Stellar phenomena which will ap
pear in the sky shortly, announce, as we
are told by the Luxumbourg Gazette, an
event w ich may become dangerous and
destructive to the earth aud its inhabi
Since the beginning of the Christian era
the Perihelia (thus the appearance of the
stars in the neighborhood of the sun is
called) of the four great planets, Jupiter,
under the bed.'
'o, it isn't; it's not there !' ex
claimed Mrs. Atkinson, upon her
nanus and knees.
. -
to feel uneasv. 'he has crept into the turnincr out three hats a day. There:
raging anger in his soul ; and the
next morning he put a sheet iron bot- '
torn, fastened with rivets, under that
folding crib. " j
Hat making was first begun in .
Danbury, Conn., in 1780, the factory
candidates, ambitious politicians, land
time serving trimmers, created, by their
unwise course, a permanent breach iU the
great-Democratic party of popular 4liber:
ty and State 'soveringty; and tho. oppos
ing party of a thousand and one names,
Vodeinto powcKi Xo-sooner had itfairly fovore: who;Jloid tlie government
tKeu 'S"8 " . Mia bourtH on wllicll tIiej receive h1gh interest
the horns and cloven hoofs of supposed- . :naf 4floi a Riole. Cn,it on these
O 7 L1 " " ,
to-be defunct Federalism became painful
ly visible; pendant from the rotten carcass
of-Abdiitionism which was , animated by
the fierce, implacable hatred of the piost
ittniin-n.-iiit lvio of Puritanism. . Hatred
that had for' more than half a century been
kept in cheek, under proper control, now
burst forth liko the flames of a long smoth-
that thercis not aJax on. . In this way liel tcenth century. 1 hen it was oniy eigut;-
is continually paying tribute to the rich teen years. Now it is forty -three iu the
in the fomi of euliiuced prices - and at the United States, forty -four in France and
same time he Jias to, pay an internal tax' forty-five- in England. Much of this in-
ou his Iucoineliougli that inebme be not creased longevity has been due to the im-
onAmrkfn.tiinnnrt liU fiimilvL Yt tlie nroved condition of living among all
classes, ana tne inuuence 01 uuu mm,,
home comforts, etc., is shown at the pres-
lit time by the fact that wealthy people
average twelve years inore of lite than
the poor.
millions of bonds, towards defraying the
expenses of the government, j j t
Such is the accursed systvminaugTijrated
aud fixed upouthe people b the . Radical
party. It has been well saiil, and it is a
veritable truti"lha uudif.the demo
cratic 'Administration of public affairs,
thtt-lnlwirni.r man eoiild iiiiov mailV of the
eied tire; or the raging ferocity of ajwil( lnxnriw mna jlU 't, ..rta iif life? I now;
Uncf unnin!r fitnr the Carre of-civilixa-1 . . -;u '';i,-.i ib . :j '
Tl . ; 1 . . 7- 1 t ..;t--o. - . - - -.j - 1 no is not oniyr oeuarreu iroju ei eu em-
Uuljf Oraphieof this city, in a-ent-Jtion t6 its native lair in the jungles, of , . . v -j-; Al'.;l:Le nn.i
ily many the absolute necessaries of i life..
UillV11 V. "T- d " : .Lincoln, the head 01 this congiomcm- Ho cart notbea. clieerful and .happy as
khtcd l: k ut " f FU"F-.' uo tion of isms, who had been heavea to uie formeriVt norappear sdrespeetable, while
p" r J iut 1 w,m 8 v nu 8Urface by tIje tuvbitl Waters of passion,
ocls" '" " - .,,w . t,Je lucrc tool ot the uesigniug tuaves
s.;.,e South, to complain when bv whom ho Wrts surroumlcd. He! was
I :' uA?ortcomings.are held up. to the I '; nUt
I V.I '
I . 1T AKSW UUKV- li S KM tm. ft. nJ I,
IMIitnrevV loolcattliel picture in
,r ca t lcy are drawn to the life. Mrs.
Tether w ould , rirolflblT f never have
nor we hive published; "The Jlas-
rofdLcafbut to
j fes as others see thein. By the way,
k lca . that Tourgee has sol d his
This is no
5Wcsagferation. He will be verv
riii 11
ftoroM' f --"--r a i"u 11191, .u WW,
V fa 1",000 from it.A'. ' Corre
I 1
"a hiis tlje nlv wooden Vdatc fac-
He Wrvrl A 1 ...1 "1. 1 1
. 4or CXnort. Thfrf nrp nno nr two
aih'shmenta at the North where a
bjjv r" iai three-ply plates are made, manufactures thc only com-
not so dishonest as they, but being too
weak to lead .he' became themero instru
ment of Neviltu the hands of the worst set
of scoundrels and'scditiouists that ever
disgraci-d the ' iitiagOi of our JIaker. ',So,
tho Puritan-AbolitipnlUdical war went
on.Terrorism reded the hour, pespotism,
desolatitm, aud death held high carnival
throughout the land for four long, dreary
years. Seward touched, as he boasted, a
little bell on his "right hand, and arrested
acitizenJof New York, He touched abell
on his left hand and arrested a citizen of
Ohio: and so in other States, wherever a
citizeiiVpoke i out against'the fearful jdes
Dotisin. or was even snspicioned of j ','sy ro-
i,nthr.w b was arrested without warrant. I fkrnve recreant or unfaithful turn them
thrown into prison andMhere ; allowed iii out and, put others that; are lionet.
ll,,V , i 1 . . . . r rviJL , Neitlter tlie government nor ittofticesrbe
remaiu, or was finally bamshed. l he most Jiu v ..articular party but to the
eminent Judges arid; Statesmen" of Ken-1 Deoieihose who administer lit' for 'the
the simple announcement of their name niand that it be administered to this end,
the. rich are more extravagant) than ever
in dres, equipage, and4iviug. .This vile-
system; illlcoujinoui ; opprei?, 'annojt,
and to alienate the different classes of the
people nntil Democracy is again restor-j
ed to nower.
True, we have a partial restoration of
Democratic authority in North Carolina,
but such ( was - the ruin wrought .by the
Kadical party duriug its rule iji the State,
that it will require a good while ;toj re
pair damages nnd -restore former good
times. - But nevertheless, the work ltust
go on until every office fromj constable
np to the Pi-esideucy of the United States
is filled with a true and triedr fmthful and
tinnPRt Democrat. The preservation of
WH.-'W 1
Democratic infetitufions
ernment depend npon.this. If
A quick, nervous out gentleman irora
Gaton, walkiug with a heavy hickory
slick, was s&inding tidking to a friend on
tho street tho other day. One of the city s
funny men approached him behind and
executed on tlie calf of the old man's
iegthe new and entertaining joke of a
closet. Let us look.
'This is horrible f said Mrs. Atkin
son, clasping her hands.
'Do you think,' asked Mr. Atkin
son, I'that he could have crawled into
the bureau drawer and pulled it to af-
Uranus, Saturn and Neptune, have not I ter Him ?'
taken place at the same time. Rut this 'Certainly not!' said Mrs Atkinson,
event wiloccur during next five years, y knQW hecouWn,t
aud according to Dr. Knapp, who has col- ,j thnk t hcar him now. Hellas
lected a mass of statistical material on . , . ,
this subject, the nearest of these pTanets fallep out of the window ! said Mrs.
to the sun when occurring at the same Atkinson, as a faint wail floated up
time, has so far always been marked by from the back yard.
great epidemics and mortality. The views No : it's only Mrs. Magruder's cat
of astronomers are to the eflect that wnen nn thtt fn mUeA Atkin- ibrlftv wrmn he ever I-new. 'Whv.
cendition of our atmosphere is so disturb- you looked in the bath tub in the spreads during the last -two years ;
ed that fluctuations, dreadful torrents of next room ? Perhaps he has gone in made them herself sir, out of the sara
rain, long continued droughts, &c., arise, 1 10 take a bath.' pies she collected in her shopping
'Drowned ! I know it ! I'm sure of tours during that timer
it 1' yelled Mrs. Atkinson, rushing in
. 1 1 i 1.
to tne uatn room. ua w;n cif thmiWr
'He's not here,' said Atkinson. 11 , -..-
n v, . . 1 1 a veteran editor asfced. o, sir,, wag
'Could he have gone down stairs and , ,
wu i B . ... tiio answer 'and I dont want to: a
fallen into the sugar bucket iu the ' v U.
newspaper UlUt wuum.DuiM,iu;uy;
are now employed 1,800 persons and
they make 17,400 hats a day. The "
payroll-is $23,000 each weekIn 1780
it was uuder $20 a week.
An enterprising American shipped .
some wheel-barrows to Rio Janeiro,
and the natives filled them full of
stones and such, and carried them oil
their heads. They said its was a cap
ital contrivance, and wondered how
they managed to get along so many
years without it.
Jones says his wife is the most-
" ' 7 . r-
bv which harvests are destroyed and pes-
A Nkw Phase ok' as .Old Tr,ck- j tilential; epidemics produced among men
and beasts. Dr. Knapp, while examining
the history of the great epidemics of more
than 2,000 years previous to our present
time, has found the fact always confirmed
that the nearness of a great planet to the
has invariable been followed by an
'Do you ever expect to make, a
V?- . . ... wouldn't Be worth reading.'
Va mnf. Kfareh the whole house I .
If W sswir - I ,
More cotton is passing through-the
enidemic. Thus in the 6th and 16th cen-
. . fi ....
11 lmrL- The (iaston couutV 1 1 nA In 1iaa npriodA lor Hliu, miu mis m...
it Biii.ui uvS o ' 1 peani near un; - i i - . . rp, " i t I j ji r XT r'l-.l
him-v i-amn round with a whiz like a , anTO tiinft the neatest and most So they began to hunt. They look- looms and spindles ofew kogland
minnie ball as the man jelled, "Damn ,e8triictive pestilential epidemics of the ed everywhere. In the clothes ham- than at any time since the beginuing
that dog." The gMRl-uatured oui genne- christiftU era lmve )Ccnrred. But wn ner. in the kitchen cupboard, in the of the business. The .Lnglisli con-
- . I- ,i i- 1. 1 ' . . . . 1 . . . ... ,
after 1800 tor tne nrss iime hhous Darl0r. in the pantry, and even in the sumption is about 32,UUU
iast i:,iwo years an ,our j cellar, but without avail,
planets will at the same tune come into UUb ' ,
the perihelion, so that probably forev- 1 He couldn't have gone up stairs
eral years, viz., from Jau to 1000, wie because be couldn't ciimo me steps.
health and lives of the inhabitants ot the j; Kc. lie1 must have been stolen.
He has been stolen by burglars ! I
man apologized, but the fnuny man car
n. Rlinsr. Charlotte Ob-
iiv.. a 1 1 C9 iiiiu . o
Be calm
High Point is looking up. The improve
ments are numerous and substantial. Promi-
hent among them is O. C. Causey s cotton earti, vrill lc exposed to a severe trial.
- . i L.An nn intn nrutn. I i .' .1. r,i1ni-aa rf lifirvftf. PRnft-
t. s,-a rr Mp-ra. .ir aMv fever amonc Uhall never see him again
llOU. A lie engine is I tlilHJ v iwmmww I TV 1 1 T l"a
v tt -n,i J Tt Fields have onened afirst-l mAn nd iests amoni: cattle, are prophe-1 'Don t give way, Jitna
class livery stable. New buildings are ris- M precursors of the perihelion of the J wiUgo up at once for the police.'
ing up in nearly' all directions, and High uianct. : , , , j Mr.! Atkinson dressed himself hur-
Poiutjs, to all appearances, improving more yye $0 not meution Urrnapp lore- 'j-l an dashed down stairs and
in 7' "Je 7 oat into the front street. He met a
nt binet of our solar system, one of frantic accents laid the case belore
tor ia a tlionsnild times larcer Tli mllwrnm sounded the
niltviif v ---r- - . i iiiui I "
- T A
rapidly than at any previous period.
A Georgia farmer uses a novel fer
tilizer. ! He kills snakes, lays them in
I . : . i . ..i nillVlli.wui'iwii . ' I.IIIUJ, I
thefurrqwand then plants corn wnn tle eartll; mast iconsiderae alarm nd soon had six other police
them. These snakes are made to pro- aistnibances in our atmosphere ana tern- man &f baud They entered the house
duce jeorn, wliichiprqdijccs whiskey, peratufe, is possible ; that these disturb- w6cccdei t0 examine theTasten
wh;ch in tniilaHwJw
bales a
Winter sat down so heavily in
spring's lap last week as to nearly
knock the breath from that maiden
body. 'Oh, you old Laplander !' sho
gasped. Danbury Neves. ; ?
The salt in the ocean in estimated
bySchaf hautl at 451342 cubic
geographical miles, or about four
times more thau the mass of tho
Alps. - .
The grape islands of Lake Erie
have 4,00CH acres of vines, and the
yieldjn f879 was 16,000,6oO pounds.
The wine production was 1,526,400
gallons. -

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