North Carolina Newspapers

    Carolina Watchman,;
niuiisDAY; July 8, ipso.
- J " -
Of Ixdiana. !
Of Pitt,
Of Iacon.
-For Secretary of State,
Of Wake. -
Foit Attorn ey-General,
' Of Wilson.
For Treasurer
Of Randolph.
For Acditor,
' . Of Gates.
For SciT. Public Instruction,
Of Johnston. ,
Electors for jus Statet Large,
Of Davidson.
Seventh District Congressional
At a meeting of the Democratic Executive
Committee of the Seventh District held at
Statesville on Tuesday the 8th, a Conven-tioafto-nouiinate
a candidate for Congress,
was called to meet in YADKINVILLE on
THURSDAY, the 5th of August. .
Meets Saturday the 28th of 'August,
j830, 12 o'clock, M., at the- Court II ouse
; inSalisbury. -
Democratic Township Conventions
, will meet on Saturday 21st ql . August,
4 1880, at 12 o'clock M., at the respective
, township voting precincts, except Gold
jHl!i which wijl meet at Jesse Miller's,
'rthtr'Atwelf, which will meet at David
-Earnhart's. - -
; Balloting for delegates to-tho County
. CoHvention, and also balloting for candi
(. dates for 4 the various nominations will
begin at 12 o'clock, P. M., and continue
- till sun down.
All Democrat of Rowan are earnest
ly called npon to attend the Township
CoBTentious. Let our victory in the No
vember elections be grand aud glorious!
Rally, Democrats to your standard !
Prank Brown, i County
J A. G.Halyburton, I Exe'tiv
.Ixo. W. Mauney, ) Com 'tee.
Gov. Vance's Vote in Rowan Coun
ty in 1870.
- the following is the. official vote of
Rowan county, given by townships, for
Got. Vance in 1876 .
Franklin ,
Unity .... ... ......
Scotch Irish ,
t Mount Ulht
f At well
Li taker .
Gold Hill
" - Morgan
The Couury Executive Committee have
' taken this vote as the basis of reprensen
tation for delegates to the County Conven
tion, giving one delegate to every forty
votes and fractions of tweuty votes.
Dr. Tauuer is the name of aJ gentleman
in Nw York, who proposes to fast forty
days. On (flie 12th iust., he had accom
plished RHjdays in fasting. Ve do not
know exact y what his object is, unless to
demonstrate the fact that the human sys-
tern is capable of eudurfng much more in
the' way of fastiug thau is generally ,nii
posed.; 'Hp is described as being in good
spiritTcairying on. conversations with
persons who call. He is said j to bp very
couftdcutof accomplishing this feat he
is closely watched. x
Death of ax Oritiax. We learn from
the Columbus Timet that little Gertrude
Hood, the 'jidopted daughter of Mr. and
l Mrs; Josephtlied Monday at i the Warm
Springs, in Merri wether county where Mrs,
j Joseph had gone tospendthe summer.
- 'She was one oftlie"orphans of Gen. J.B.
Jloiwl, and who was given to Mr! and Mrs.
;r Joseph by their earnest solicitation whilo
1 Kew Orleans last winter. The attach
t ment and devotiou of the foster parents
could iiot have teen greater had the bright"
: little girl been their own offspring. They
watched over it with the tenderest care,
und their hearts are made sore by the
death of the sweet little babv. And not
only th parents but many of their friends
J-'lso formed a strong attachment forj
nwvanfl many, eyes were wet with tears
-yesterday as'they pl:iced the little flower
in th cold grave.
TiiB funuy political pfedicameut of the
repulican lieVspaperi w
their candidate for the Presidency la with
those of them rJio denounced Garfield in
1873 for connection with the Credit
Mobilier, the pavement swindle and. Sec.
Then they had bo dream lie would ever
be their candidate for the presidency or.
nnvthinr else. I and I their indignation
"" C7 w i ;
against him and his dishonest acts boiled
over, and they bespattered him with dis
graceful "epithet, ontir they politically
killed and buried him:, na they thought,
forever. , But now the funny part ot liie
business is in! unsaying all they said
against him', and in , lifting him but of the
ignominious grave into which they had
plunged him with their own willing hands,
and in their wUkHeartedyendeavors to
breathe into hirji vitality enough for a Re
publican president, O, it is a heavy job,
and they go at jit with faces all awry.
Some of them are working for party suc
cess without calling the name of the can
didate at all, like a fellow wln holds his
breath when liftiug something tlwit dou't
smell sweet. It is not a plasant thing to
be driveu to tjie performance of hated
work jobs wlijich offend the eyes and
nostrils of men!; and: the fellows in this
hard ease certainly hare a very hard time
of it, especially when other fellows have
the liberty to stand around and make re
marks while the job is in hund. This is
just what Democratic editors North and
South are doing for the Garfield men who
don't like the work they are doing. School
boys were nevef tnore ingenious in plan
ing or plotting; tormeuts on each other
when there was a chance for fun.
But if Garfield won the scorn and con
tempt of his owii party friends seven years
ago and has doiie nothing since to purge
I himself, as all know he has not, there is
a very -grave qnestiou 'underlying the
"fun" alluded ito above, aud that is:
Is it possible that the' Republican party
with a notorious bad record of its own,
has the audacity to present to the Ameri
can people as a Candidate for the Presi
dency a man whom they themselves have
denounced for his political aud public vil-
laiuiesl No amount of white-washing
they can da will hide the marks of dis
grace worn by their candidate. And
when it is considered that their efforts in
this direction are only for the sake of par
ty success nod iiot for truth and patriot
ism,' the insult to the American people as
sumes a form and gravity which .should
challenge their most unequivocal resent
ment. The Congressional Candidate. A
correspondent of the Winstou Sentinel
proposes as a comjM-ouiise lietweeu the
frieudsiof Hon. W M. Robbius and Hou
R. P. Ariutieldtluit bot,l be dropped and
Mr. J. M. Clement, of Duvie, be taken up.
We have no objection to such talk iu the
newspapers : Perhaps it does good. The
Democratic party is absolutely rich iu
material out of which to make Congress
men, Governors, &c. We have some
splendid stuff here in Salisbury our Kerr
Craige, Chas Price and Jno. S. Heuder
sou, for instance. If the pistrict Conveu
tiou should be driven to take up a dark
horse (which is hardly possible) in order
to harmonize the party, without a word
prejudicial to Mr. Clement, ofDavie,
Rowan will claini to enter her fellow cit
izen, Kerr Craige, Esq., as worthy of the
Cot. J. L Scales, who has for some
time been under1 treatment In the Presby
terian Hospital, in New York, died in
that city on the; 12th. He was a native
of Jiockiughntuicounty, N. C j and was
aged about 43 yeats. He was an honor
ed Son of the State, and his death will
afflict numerous friends left behind to
mourn his departure.
A bad wouianjdied suddenly in Wyth
ville, Ya., last Priday, and was buried.
Afterwardsa very bad smell iu her apart
ments lel to the discovery of five dead
white . children,! Crammed down into a
barrel in the corner of the room.
L It is proposed-to have a reunion festival
of the soldiers of the two armies at Gettys
burg, sometime during this year. Why not !
It is a good ideal. It was there the two
armies did their hardest fighting. There is
rro more fitting place for them to renew their
pledges to the union of our fathers.
Dr. Tanner's voluntary, fast, in the inter
est of science, it s said this morning can
not be extended beyond 15 days. He in
tended to make it 4Hlays if possible
The Republicans must be on the ragged
edge of despair,
They are said to be laying
Gartied in the President
plans for putting
tial chair as Hay
alively time of i
es went m. 1 hev will have
if they try that game.
Gen. Patrick H. Jones, of New York,
heretofore a prominent and influential re
publican, has declared in favor of Hancock
and English. ."
pep. . McLean, a greater military, man
aud a better patriot,-than U. S. Grant,
end,orscsu the nomination of Gen.; Han
cock. '
Mr.' Garfield has formally accepted his
nomination. t
The First Gcx. Governor Ja'rvis fir-
ea ine nrst gun of the campaign at Bur-
gaw on the 5th Inst. A large crowd of
both Republicans and Democrats were
present. He d welt ' at length upon the
sale of the . Western Rail road." A Star
correspondent says : 5 "He satisfied every
one here as to his action in the. Western
North Carolini'jRailrbad niatter, and he
really converted! many Republicans who
spoke of him as one of the leudiug men of
Nortlt-Carolina.i - ,
"" . ; EOWAN COUNTY.'-.-.-
. , . T, 7 ' -
In obedience to the order of the State
Central Executive Committee of the Demo
cratic party, your County Executive Com
mittee hereby calls a; County Convention to
held in the Court' House in Salisbury on
Saturday the 28th day of August, 1880, at
12 o'clock M. for thej purpose of nominating
two candidates for the House of Represen
tatives, one candidate each for Sheriff, Reg
ister of Deeds, Coroner, County Surveyor
and County Treasurer. The sakl cemven
tion shall be composed of fifty-six delegates
to be elected by the township conventions.
The basis of representation shall be one
delegate for every forty democratic votes,
or fractions of twenty such votes. Each
township shall elect (the fallowing number
of delegates, to wit : 1
Fraski.ik j.
Unity j.
Scotch Irtsb; . .
SfoDXT UlLA.....
Gold II ill.
i .
Each township shall pc entitled to vote
in tike County Convention as many votes as
it is entitled to delegates ; and twenty-nine
votes shall be necessary to a choice for any
All democrats of the county are request
ed to meet io convention in their respective
townships at their accustomed voting pre
cincts, (except Gold Hill which will meet
at Jesse Miller's, and Atwell which will
meet at David Earn hart's), on Saturday the
21st day of August 1880, at 12 o'clock M..
for the purpose of electing delegates to the
County Convention. The township conven
tions shall elect their delegates by ballot.
The Township Executive Committees re
specti vely shall open the polls at 12 o'clock
P. M. and close the same at sun down, and
allow all democrats to vote who have there
tofore voted the democratic ticket or who
will declare that they will vote the demo
cratic ticket in the November elections.
Each voter shall be entitled to vote on one
ballot for as many persons for delegates as
his township is entitled to delegates. The
number of persons, equal to the number
of delegates each township is entitled to,
receiving the highest number of rotes in
any towship convention shall be declared
by the Township Executive Committee to be
the delegates elerted to the County Con
vention from said township and shall be so
notified of their election by the Township
Executive Committee. In case any town
ship shall fail to hold a convention and
elect delegates us herein directed, then the
township executive conuiitteeof such town
ship shall be authorized and requested to
appoint the delegates for the said township
The said delegates, or such of them as shall
attend, shall represent their respective tovfli-
ships in the County j Convention, and shall
vote the democratic j strength of their said
township as above stated on all questions
that shall come before the County Conven
If any such delegate elected or appointed
shall be unable to attend the said County
Convention, he shall be authorized and re
quested to appoint ; his own alternate in
writing, approved by the chairman of his
township convention, or by one of his Town
ship Executive Committee, and none but
delegates or alternates 6o provided for or
ap)ointed, shall be entitled to seats in the
County Convention. :
If all the delegates Or their alternates
froni any township shall attend the conn
ty convention, each; delegate or alternate
shall be entitled in the vote of his town
ship to one vote ; aud in case of a division
of opinion or preference in auy township,
then the chairman of its delegation shall
cast its vote according to the wish of its 1
individual members.
If auy delegates or alternates of any
township are absent from the county con
vention, the delegates or alternates pres
ent from such township shall be entitled
to vote the full democratic strength of
the townsh'p, and in case of a division of
opinion or preference in such townshisp,
'then each delegate or alternate present
from such township; shall be entitled to
a pro rata part of th votes of the said ab
sent delegates or alternates in addition to
his own vote, and the chairman of such
delegation shall thus cast Its vote accor
ding to the wishes of Its individual mem
bers present. j
The person or persons receiving twenty-nine
votes or upwards in the county
com'ention, shall be declared by the chair
man to be the nominee or nominees of the
Democratic party fjr the office or offices
for which he or they! shall be voted in the
said convention.
After the delegation of any township
shall have enst its vpleiu theco,unry con
vention, there shall be no change in such
vote before the fiual; result of the ballot
shall be announced by the chairman.
1 In order that youi? delegates may know
jiui uirjgiviitLa im;iiio laimue imucuo iu
i -
he filled) each township is . requested to
ballot at its convention for candidates for
the various nominations, the balloting to
be Ujiuler the supervision' of the executive
committees resictiVety and governed by
the same rules and regulations, as far as
applicable, as are above prescribed for
balloting for delegates.
K Your cqmiittee iealls npon you all,
j Democrats of Rowan, to attend the town
ship conventions and give expression to
your wishes and preferences.
Your committee recogniziug the great im
portance of nui ted effort aud harmonious
action by our party iu the great political
contest now upon us, take these steps
thus early, to the end that when the No
veniber election shall come the full Derat
ocratic strength of
he coanty shall -be
brought out to the
polls, and that the
most brilliant snccess and the grandest
victory i shall emblazen ottf noble old
Democratic Banner. s
Frank Browx,
Ex. Com.
A. G. Haltbuktox
Jno, W. Mauney
vuiy jo, ioou. v-M-Democrat
and Examintr please insert.!
... j j r . .
Sherman's "Lack of Harmony,
Tims' far the only disCorttant note
which has beeu sounded in the Repnbli-
can cianyass has leen caused by alleged
movements iu the Sherman camp. Usnal-
ly, defeated presidential candidates hide
their jwound, if they haverthy, atrd dis-
appointment try working j heartily for
the successful competitor, unless Sec
retary Sherman is misrepresented or
is most unfortunate in his manner 'of:
making removals, he has cherished the t
fleeiing animosities of the' preliminary i
canvass, lite abrupt removal of Com
missioner Rauui's power of appointment,
the trouble over the snpergednre of the
United States district attorney for Ala
bama and the late displacement of Col.
Lewis, the colored naval officer at New Or
leans, are all unfortunate, to say the
ieasti These iucideuts are seized upon
by Secretary Sherman's critics as evi
dence of his long surviving vindictive-
new. They give rise to rumors of a lack
of harmony in the Republican pf.rty,
And if they are defensible on ground of
sound public policy, explanation cannot
come, too soon. Xew York Times, Rej. i
Hartj Run. The Republican organs
having searched in vain for something
againt Hon. William H. English, demo
cratic nominee for vice-president, at last
hit npon an old newspaper which had Mr.
English's name down as a contributor to
the amount of only $1 to the sufferer
from the Chicago rlre. Much w made
of thij evidence of illileraliiy and now It
is discovered that the gentleman really
gave $100, and an error on the part of the
compositor reduced it as above. Is it
hard to see what a person's contribution
to the Chicago relief fund has to do with
his qualifications for the office of vice
president. When the Republicans are
reduced to such straits in their anxiety to
to attack a man's character,; it may be
concluded that they are hard run indeed.
It is worthy of note that the Democrats do
not have to apply to the list of contribu
tors to the Chicago sufferers to find ma
terial upon which to base charges against
Republican candidates for any office, from
President down. Ex.
: Supporting the Guns.
Detroit Vree Press.
. DiI you ever see a battery take posi
tion 1
It hasn't tho thrill of a cavalry charge,
nor the griiuuess of a line of bayonets
moviug slowly aud determinedly on, but
there is a peculiar excitement abont it
that makes old veterans rise in the sad
dle and cheer.
We have been fighting at the edge of
the Woods. Every cartridge box has
been em tied once and more, and a fourth
of the brigade has melted away iu dead
and wounded aud missing. Not a cheer
is heard in the whole brigade. We know
that we are being driven foot l3 foot, and
that when we break back once more the
the liue will go to pieces ami the enemy
will pour through the gap.
Here comes help !
Down tho crowded highway gallops a
battery, withdrawn from some other posi
tion to save ours. The field fence is scat
tered while you could count thirty, aud
the gnus rush for the hill behind us. Six
horses-to a piece--three riders to each
guu. ; Over dry ditches where a farmer
would not drive a wagon, through clumps
of bushes, over loirs a foot thick, everv
horse iu a gallop, every rider lash
ing his team and yelling the sight be
hind us niitkeH us forget the foe iu front.
The irons jump two feet high as the
heavy wheels strike rock or log, but not
a horse slackens his pace, not a cannoueer
loses I his seat. Six guns, six caissons
sixty i hoists, eighty men race' tor the
blow of the hill as if he who reached it
first was to be knighted.
A moment ago the battery was a con
fused mob. We look again aud the six
guns arc in position, the detached horses
hurrying away, the ammunition chests
open,! and aloug our line runs me com
mand: "Give them one more volley aud
fall back to support the guns !'' We have
scarcelj" obeyed wheu boom ! boom !
boom ! oiKfus the battery and jets of tire
jump! down ana scorcu tne green ireeB
under which we fought and despaired.
The shattered old brigade has a chance
to breathe for the first time in three
hours as we forma line of battle behind
the guns and lie down. What grim,
cool fellows those cannoneers are! Every
mau is a perfect machine. Bullets splash
dust iuto their faces, but they do not
wince. Bullets sing over and around
them,; but they do not dodge. There
goes one to the earth, shot through the
head as he sponged his gun. The machin
ery loses just one beat misses one cog in
the wheel, and then works away again as
Every gu,n is using short; fuse shell.
The ground reels and trembles the
roar shuts out all sounds from a battle
liue three utiles long, and the shells' go
shrieking iuto the swamp to cut' heads
short off to mow great gaps in. the bush
es tot hunt out and shatter and tear men
uutil her corpses cauuot be recognized
as human. You would think a tornado
was raging through the forest, followed
by billows of Arei Hud yet men live
through itaye J press forward to cap
ture the battery ! We can hear their
cheers as they form for the. rush.
-The shells are changed for grape and
canister, and the guns are served so fast
that the reports blend into thr mighty
ft.. -i...ttj 5 i..ii t !.
iinir, i Alio nil lie ik. u sucii io n nu",
edest sound in war, but nothing; makes
the flesh crawl like demoniac singing,
purring,' whistling grape shot and v the
serpent like Ills of canister.' Men's legs
and arms are not shot through but torn
off. Heads are torn front bodies, and
bodies Cut in two, A round shot or fthell
takes ; two men out of the ranks as it
Ctashes through. Grape and 'canister mow
a swath and pile the dead on top each
other.!1 -- - - -,( -,
Through the smoke we see a swarm of
men. ; It is not a battle line, but a mob
of lueii despanite enough to bathe their
bayouet in the flume of the guns. The
guns leap from the ground, almost, as
they are depressed on the foe, and shrieks
! and screams aud shouts blend into one
awful ,um1 8twld cr
Twenty men out
. Rreuun,l ,u,u
..r i. .. i. . .i .i... ii..:
' lnierrniireu. nn iw sirciiiA it jik :i Hirn
of wavering aud comes rushing on. Tjiey
are not ten feet away when the guns give
them a last shot. That discharge picks
living ueu off their feet and throws them
iuto the swamp, a blackened bloody
Up now, as the enemy are among the
guns! There is a silence of teu seconds
and tlten, tie flash and roar of more than
3,000 muskets and a rush forward with
bayonets. For whatf Neither on the
light, nor left, nor in front of us is a liv-
i iu 61 There are corpses around ns
which have been struck by three, four
aud even six bullets, and nowhere on this
acre of ground is a wounded man ! The
wheels of the guns cannot move until the
blockade of dead is removed. Meu can
not pass from caisson to gun without
climbing over winrows of dead. Every
gun aud wheel is seared with blood
every foot of crass has its horrible
Historians write of the glory of war.
Burial parties saw murder where histo
rians saw glory.
The Impending Crisis of the East.
One need not be a prophet or the son
of a propnet to discern in such telegrams
as have reached us from Constantinople,
Athens, Scntari, Janina, .lorliaand Philip
popolis the signs of a coming storm. The
indication1 are multiplying on every
hand that theerernal "Eastern Question"
is about to le reopened, if indeed, it can
be considered to have. ever been closed
jw"1" Turkey openly decliu-d to fulfill
the leading obligations imposed upon her
by the Berlin Congress of 1878. The
Ottoman Porte has acted since that date
as if its sole object in life were to falsify
all the promises it had ever made, and
alienate a?I the friends-iipon whom it had
relied. In this effort the Porte has lieen
eminently successful. Even Sir Austen
Lnyard, for n:i.y rears the most strenu
ous apologist for Turkey, has lieen forced
to acknowledge nothing but coercion can
ever reform the Ottoman Empire. When
the inevitable crisis comes, as it ina
within a few days, Turkey will literally
have no friends. The European concert
recently established at Berlin and tin
generally amicable nature of present re
lations lietween all the powers forbid the
idea that Turkey can liud any ally ready
to fijrht against the reunion of tV.e two
Bulgarians, the cession of Janina to Greece
of Duloigno to Montenegro, or the ad
vance of Austria upon Mitrovitza. This
time the doom of the Turk will probably
lie sealed by the "bag and baggage" pro
cess so strongly in favor alike at Lon
don and St. Petersburg. New York
Texas Sparks.
Galvestox, July 6. Professor N. A.
Quin was drowned in. Galveston yester
day. A special to the Xetcs says iu an af
fray in Atlas, Cosa county, lietween
two Dee brothers aud two McCoys, one
of each was killed and the others badly
While firing, a salute at Fort Ring
gold yesterday, a man had his arm blown
off aud was fatally injured.
The sad intelligence of the death of two
of Statesville's fairest flowers litis reached
this place. Last Friday Morning at 3
o'clock1, Misses May McLelland and Ma
mie Long, died. The former of consump
tion, the latter of typhoid fever. The
funeral services of each were conducted
at the same time and place, and more
than half the people in attendance were
uuable to get iu the church. Sulitbitry
Miraculous Power.
The Forest and Streayn has it : "To pre
serve health use Warne's Safe Remedies.
These are almost of liraculous power iu
removing diseases for which recommend
ed. The wonderful curative qualities
they are possessed of are vouched for by
tens of thousands."
Chew Jackson's Best Sweet Kavy Tobacco
P. M. Hale, Editor, L. L. Polk, Cotres.
Editor. Edwards, Bkoughton & Co.,
Business Mauagers.
A North Carolina Democratic Journal.
Daily, 1 rear, "$7.00
6 month, 3.50
Weeklv, 1 year, 2.0Q
" - 6 reoa. i.OO
" 3 M
RaleiglilN. C.
The Fall term of this School will open,
Tuesday, Angnst 3rd, 1880. '
For terms, &c, address,
GEO. r. McNeill, ,
30:1 ra Wood Leaf. N. C.
-fFRMLKAill; ;;
This School, located In banttfiil arid
healthy village, four miles north of Salis
bury, will reopen on the 1st Monday in
August, 1880.
Rev. H. M. Bnowx. A.M., Principal
II. C. FistiER, Assistant. r
North Carolina College,
Mt. Pleasant, Cabrrns Ccmntyf. C.
The next session of this Institution be
gins the first Monday of Augusr, 180.
Instruction is thorough, and tlw total
expense for ten months average from
$ 2o to SI 00. For further information,
address, L. A. Bikle, D. D., Pres't.
39;4t" ' '; '
Notice! The Milk of one cow is
reserved expressly for infant at.
38:tf MRS. D- L. BRINGLE'S '
II ilil lMJ l'Oue Hundred Bushels of
Onions; also, One Hundred Bushels of
Peach Stones, at
Wesleyan Female Institute,
Opens its 31st Session September 20th,
1880. Among tire liist Schools for young
ladies iu the United Mates. Climate un
surpassed. Snrrotiuuings lreautiful. Pu
pils from seventeen States. Among the
lowest terms in the Union.
TERMS: Board, Washing, Lights, EmrhVh
Course. Latin, French, loi each half of the
Scholastic year . SI 15
All extras verv low. For catalogue, hU
dress Rev. Wm. A. HARRIS, D.D, Pres.,
' 38:2m Staunton, Vs.
MacMnery anil Minii Materials :
' One new Morey & Sperry 10 Stamp
. One new Agitator for same.
One new 30 horne-powtr Return Tubular
One new 30- horse-power Erie Company Sta
tionery Engine.
One J2 horse-power Horizmitc) HoUiinp
Engine wiih vertical builer. AH the buve in
ru n n i n ji ord ejr
One BI:tekst J outfit. One large vice.
Also. PicksViftovels, Drills, I J.irmners, Pipe
ton;s, wrenches, ropes bunt-Is, barrow and
raining apperte naiK'es.
All the above are of superior quality and in
first'-elasft condition. Fur mil m ol any or
all of the above, siHilrs lv or tt'ere Jniv 15,
Lock Box 410, fcalisburv, N. C
It '
Wotice To Contractors.
Proposals will be received by the un
dersigned until 9 o'clock A. M. on Satur
day; thelst inst., for Ixiihiingn parsonage
near Thyatira Church. Plans and speci
fications may be seen by npphiug to the
undersigned Chairman of Building Com
mittees. W. A. LlNGLt.
July 6th, 1830.
3c : 4t.
Administration, &c.
'The Machine Shops and Foundry of the
late E. H. Marsh are
An experience l ni.-u liiri.t and rcmrctrnl man
rto manage, will tin i here a very inviiiog op
portunity for suceessiul. ln.fiii.Rs. 'U.t-iuj
chinery is all in ood ri.innrj; ordr Hini will
be kept in operation until rented. Orders will
be rilled as UMial.
Having adiuiuixiered un mj late hushandV
estate, all persons indebted to it are l.ereby
noli tied to nmke early p;ij :nent. And thtmi
(Hviii claims aaiimt the Oiime, are required
to present theui for payinant within twelve
months from this the 1st day of Jul v, 1880, or
this notice will he plead in bar of recovery.
m a urn a c. marsh,
July 1, 18S0. Adroiuinitrix.
, 37:Hw
From one hundred and
hundred acres of good
half woodland, and balance (inelnding
good meadow and new ground) under
cultivation. Tract lies on the X. C. Rail
road, two milex from stilt ion. Will be
sold at a bargain.
..For further particulars call at this of
fice. 37:2tn.
Special Term of the Su
perior Court of Rowan
Notice is hereby given to all Parties to
Suits, Witnesses, Attorneys, and to all j
whom it may concern, that a Special!
Term of the -Superior Court of Rowan
County will be held at the Court House
in Salisbury, on Monday, the ninth (9th)
day of August, 1880, for the trial of civil
oases, and continue until the business is
hHsposed of. I). A. DAVIS, Chairman
County Coinims is of Rowan.
II. N- Woodson-, CTk Board of County
Commissioners. 37KJw
Administrator's Sale
Notice of Settlement.
Having qualified as Administrator de bnis
no's with the will annexion the estate of Solo
mon Eagle decrd, we will Fell all of hi entate
both real and pernonal, at hi late residence,
on the 20th day of July, florae, Cattle,
Sheep, and Hog, with Farming tool of all
Iti nd, and household and kitchen furniture
wiilbesolri, with Three Fine Plantation of
fund near Liberty Church, on Dutch Second
Creek, comprixing about 700 acrtt, all in good
repair. CgTerma of Sale, CUsn. 4
All person indebted to the estate are re
quelled to make immediate settlement, and all
person having claim against the estate are
hereby notified that that they'muM present
them to w on or. before the 20lh day of June,
1881, or this notice will be plead in bar of
their recovery.
Admlnintors de bonis non of Solomon Eagle.
Jane 19, 1830. 36:6w
fifty to two
ttarntii anV (fannon -i
wvvuuv ai-wr
- OFFICE . v ir
Owners of Gold Mlnlnsr ijnrt
communication. w "rit,!
- AUMlnlni taterestj meet prompt atten.,
Noie"accoiratS,&c.coUecte(t ttUoa' -,k .
Estates, and all .matters of Admiml. rU
Executors, Ac settled AamlIlbUutoiS J.
L4aBiaUoltleScarnnnv ,j
ConTuftrnteatloa solldtea vrttt, .k,.
bu or bell. " luU5e
nonuj, itytas ami Minnesota atiat tttBlk
tue promised Land). 1 ut Pan kjSJjj
Land for ale la IlUnois. ami uw ; i
rlverlo Virginia. . - ana SLUie
Parties dslrln? to Uate, or tvme to vli L
furnlstied fitu necessary tntormauoiu rC4fKi
e.o. jjuus oougat ana sold iinr,.. - I
road' u.k he buiST whettei 8
an counties receive outside aw or bot ,MEo2
of the day and the awakening eVJSi; J5PS
Vlot these counties demand and S "
Atrangements being- pertected t n. C- tt .
8aUtury nd at other points in iMrK te a
P.S. A market ready lor small desire t
fy Call office, or address Lock Boi
Hunting Creek!
To Rext. I have a very
property for Merehantile Bmnm ai U.J
Creek Mills. Settle P. O., Wlell C I , .VftP
wfck W 1 ill rent on favorbt uS'-ft
a tood place for a Store and u well w,u7i
mspeciion ol any aenve -man wirLiti ' T (
lish a country place for businew.
Al, I want to ereei a FaetorilMiiM;,,."?""
Ilnntiiflt Creek, and .Vi
nddress me for apecihvat2i.ii. An( ot,er
nlarx. ' K ne'-
I have also snitahle btdldinVp foriBJ i
Hrnith and Shoe and Bool ML -. i "
rented very low. The iJIaeksmith;
ready furnwheil with tools. --. r "
June 4. 1880. J. W. ELLIS
34:6t:Hi Settle, IredelJ ? 0nniy,K,ai
Frats, Z Candies
Cigars, Books,
Pictures, And
! Ficture-Frapvea s '
32: h if
CoipKY Shops, N. t;., May 31, 1880.
The liirty first Aimnaf; Meetinjr or the
Stockholder .f tlie N..rth l arolinn KailroiJ
Company will tie lield in (ireensbdm, a, (' ;
on tise Se oud Thursday in Jnly, lSSO.mJ
the Tran6r Bixki of mid irompairr U1 be i! from thin d oe until 'd'ter tiicjQiertinit
M 0l P. B. RUFITU, Sect j4 I
Money Saved By Examining,
Kluttz i BeflilA
Large and Well SelectedStock of
Just Read a few IihVh and judge the )
lialaiu e of our Stock aeeoidiugly :
Lawns, nques, an.i rereus ai m cis. 1 wowuw:
1 Iiousarwl yr sof ;oKt t,'-ailo. bnus,'l t U.-t jnt.
thatrwe offer at T eis. A KuU assertaent. ot iHj
A complete Stock: ol shos a old prices. JLaistsS ,
Men s Hats fron"l2 cts n;-. A Full Aisoruieam ;
Shirts at last, year's prtoos.
Clothing Cboapt
('aiTsell a M vv Com ior ceau. r-lut or Tra
kinds ot COFFEfcS, f rm U cts tc the llw
Mocha. EiptiL varieties ol rups an?'. Kolas'-
as can be U id la ttie place. Twelve kinds ot
Clifapetst to tlie best td be had in any martd.
S.tlt. Leatticr. !eats Crockery, Potatoes andmuj 1
m.wiy articles not berflnAtentJoaed. ' - ' j
We buy soil all kinksot t'onmry Prwlw f?
will pay gotKl prices for Drted Frutts and Heme, i
' Be sare and see us betore you buy or seiL.jf
May 2", 31:Sm
At Ho. 1, mM Granite te:
. - Have just received their
at exceedingly low prices", which cannot frit
to please. Thev have a full andeomp!fU
stock of DKY GOODS. j
Fish, Bacon, Lard, Flour, Meal, 4c.
They are agents for the sale of Job
utmas & Co's. BONE DUST, admitted to
be the very best cotttm and tohacco-FrVp'.
zer in use. Also, for the French Burr M"1
Stones, Bolting Cloths,. Eureka bmui
chine. &c. Don't fail to call ft't No. 1-
March 26V 1880. a4:1y
T tt rW. hr. foncHl nn a FstI b'&'
in? Lot in rear of of our Warehouse,
people can hitch and feed without !"
annpved by cattle anl hogs. We intff.
nuttinc nr Stalls. &jT No charge xr
to hnt th rrntp.
IJavinj: qualified as Executor of tbr-bj
Will and Testament of Alexander firowj
deceased. I will have a Sale ofhi9PrwJJ
property at his late residence on Wedocs
the 14th da? of July next. ..-
Horses, Cattle, Hogs, with
and-KiTChEX Fuknitpre and
Tools of all kinds will be soid:
AH persons indelfel to the estate r
quested to make rmmedirtfe wsit?
all person- having claims against tM
are notified that tbcy tnust present tae
me, on r before the 12thrdy of JUD5t-her,
or this notice will be plead in baror
recovery, k -. G. Hexkt BjwV, Er
June 11th; 188a - Alexander B"

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