North Carolina Newspapers

    "T i 1 t . . ; I" !. . 1 . . i ! I 11''' " ; i .:.'.,'.''." " -1
SALISBUEY. If. C, JULY 22, 1830
110 40
fhe Carolina Watchman,
iti I f FEBRUAKY20,32SO. -
J rmr (or
da do.
imoDtb;sms sm's em's ism's
$1.50 1$2.50 $.&U $-5.1(0 $8 00
: 3,00 fi 4.50 6.25 1JM . M.QO
-4.50 ; .00 T.50 lt.(X 15.00
6.00 ! 7.50 .00 13.50 lft.00
7.50 1-9.75 11.25 1.50 iii.OO
11.25. i 15.78 20.50 23.50 40.00
18.75 j 25.25 83.75 4S.75 75.W)
i . r
: 1 -
, i
KE3IEDY for tfc care tf kcrof
bit, Kiphtlia. berunioas Taict, i.tien.
L.Ifiki. White Kwetdar.Goat. Gull re.
Eilltr. MalarUt m4 all dixMM srhing
jiaorsaup - ,) -
Cures Rheumatism,
I For the Watchman.
Tlie sweeteRt floweii fade away,
Bennty lilooms but niiist decay ;
Bright, indeed, Js the dawning day,
; Even it, too fadea away.
Failing away the lot'd ones die,
Severing the happiest eartlily tie $
TaMti ejigth of man must give way
-' To fate'w decree and lade away.
Spring time comes and life's begun,
.The fuiiutner follow with its suu ; I
The falll is o're, the rate i run j
- .A sad defeat, or a vict'ry won.
Tljei-o is a gift that will not fade i
'Mid day or night, or endless shade
The glorious life God doth give j
i In an eternity to live.
"The Republican Party has no distinc
tive principles beyond its desire to abrogate
and destroy the Constitution of the United
States Haleigh Olmerter. j
L, e "In all that the Republican
Earty has done lor the preservation of the
nion it has been guided by the i Constitu
tion as interpreted by Hamilton, j Madison,
Marshall, Webster and Taney.' Col. Lewi
Hants in thttaUstiUe American.
Our little paper will not allow us to show
the utter fallacy of this statement of Mr.
Ilanes, as wc would like to do by quoting
from the expressed opinions of the gentler
men named. We will, therefore; have to
con&nc ourself to a few short sentiments ut-
the acts-of the Federal f government, the
mere agent and creature of the States, re
ducing its creators to the pittiful condition
of dependent provinces, disfranchising their
citizens and forcing upon them military
government instead of a republican form of
government as required by the Constitution.
May be it was the suspension of the writ of
ftaleat corpus, in a time of profound peace,
in fla rrant violation of the Constitution f or
the establishment of the nejro Bureau ? per
haps the Enforcement Act!
preserving the Union jn
way as understood by Mr
Hanes will show one sing!
Campaigrn Song.
1 j
was one mode of
a. constitutional
' Hancs. If Mr.
e important act
of the Radical party since it came in to
nnnnr ia. nnt flirpntlvL or inilirwtltr in
tered by each of the three more prominent, j - . , . ; r ' . a . .
J . . flagrant violation of the Constitution as m-
Mr. Hanes declarations are in perfect L . , . TT ... ,T .
r t(rnrptrrl hv Mr iTn.miItnn. MaHicnn nn1
keeping with his reckless mode of express- I q Wfi ghal, mo9t h to
ing facts. Of all the frothy, arrogant, and h for f onr
. indefinite writers of the times, he exceus. ..- - 4 . - ' . : - .J T ,
Every important act of the Radical party
1 Now, when did the Radical party, since . . ! , J
, . . r , has been in utter subversion-of the Consti-
it camu into power, begin the work of pre- . , ,, .1 . .
r . ' . - , r . tution as understood by the great men of
serving the Union I Was it begun when it tl 1 K j- i j
6 . . , . ' the Constitutional Era, and directly tend-
iiiuuguniicu 111c isilc imjKi war upvu tuc
and thieving faction that has cursed the
country with blood and tears and iuisrul
for the last twenty years. The goodof the
whole people demands a change. There
is every thing togain by a democratic
victory- and everything to lose by defeat.
I We therefore appeal again to bur dem
ocratic friends to organize. Form Han
cick and Jarvis clubs in every township,
and bring out the whole vote! Stand
firmly by the Democratic nominees, and
let no side issues distract your councils
oy shake your purpose of victory.
Xost Records.
a few years upward of 500 sheep, bo-
ides hogs, - poultry ad other iarar
prodace. They make their own cloth-
.ttempt ia being made to gatb.: iog n M-!riowd ln, - nd
ther the record, of the North h"S "
- Ex-Gov. Hendricks.
The IToosirr Leader in Line for Hancock
Victory- Indiana Safe for the
1 i Democracy.
Special to the Courier-Journal.
: An
er together
Carolina - troops in the war of the f1 10 common,; and Vhea
revolntion and of 1812. but it is diffi- T comea tqwnlhey
cult and perhans a lionet ffc Tho n"? " a,on antl P7 as tbey
& 1 sav
records of the revolution are misera
bly meagre, consisting, for the most
part, of the vouchers fdr pay and re
ceipts for the same. These bear no re-
The mother died 4 few years ago.
being upward of 100 years lof -age.
They are active, kind and tmfuetriooc
old people, attend to their own busi
ness and are universally respected.
fereoce to the company, regiment or
brigade of the soldier, and are nearly Terrible Explosion 110 Persons
tne war of 1812 are complete. Sever- London, July 15. An exnlosio
li :-"A Wet Sheet and a Flowing $ea." States ? If so, was it guided by the Consti-
! : Curca Syplillis.
Cures Blalarla. -
iS ,. 1 113, nMm
1 Cares Kcrrpas cbility.
ia w trf1 A'A T'i Jg-n-
cross coxsujsptiok.
Rise in your Inight, ye Democrats,
Ye-Ktul warts, brave dud true,
Nor falter in the glorious work,
Yiiir honor 'tis to do;
And hold the standard high aloft,
Nor let it trail in dirt.
Which bears a name that spiked the guns,
A ml bleueheu the bloody shirt !
. ". 4 ' ! j '
No need have we tifT4r proof,
Ut that uiiKUlIied Sfiuinc;
ing to centralization or despotism. Mere
assertion is nothing. We ask Mr. Ilanes to
give us the proof. j
The Radical Party a Fraud.
For twenty years the Radical, party has
eminent any authority to coerce sovereign had full control of the General Government,
States. The war from beginning to the end dispensed the public patrnhage, and made
was a clear usurpation of power, according ; persistent war upon the Constitution, op
to the expressed opinions of the statesmen ' pressed the people and squandered thereve
above named ; and Col. Ilanes. if he knows nues of the land forsel fish purposes. What
invthin-r. knows it. The Union, according a terrible wreck of our institutions, of our
Washikotox, July 9 The following 1 .f tbeboks containing the certified occurred at twenty mimites past one
iter from Gov. Hendricks has been re-copies of muster rolls are missing. 4his mornin? in "the London anJ
'tfJleJe- records were apart of those South Wales Colliery Company Vveia
inie Republican doubts as to how ImH- i .1 .'-. . vwjr
la intends to vote: j thrown mto the rotunda of the capi- pit, at Risen, six miles frora ,iew
tution as interpreted by Hamilton, Madison
! and others in prosecuting that war ? Sure
i ly, no one at this day will have the temeri
' ty to declare that the Constitution, as inter
preted by these men, gave the Federal gov-
IherMiiiti j ,Noiiih,SSoiith, East and Yet, to these statesmen, and all others of prom- constitutional guarantees, at t lie peace ana
Glows with its h.Aimed lame ; j inence 0f the constitutional era, is simplv a ! posperty of the country his been wrought
h niJZ?ha.,rF,,S..tU,f bnl,C8 1 ! wmofsoverignti the terms of the com- Lin that timel This party gan the devel-
.utiioi itv, i rnpeyiei"0, ' i j l i i . i
One cibnge it nv,!s-Lit spkied the gnU, ' pact being expressed in. the written const i- j i work of crime and war and
The hlooihi xhirt ithlmched ! I i tution. IMnz sovereign before, the States , the installation of Abraham Lincoln as Presi-
i !
bas its togredlents jroMlpbcd on everr
Cine, saowr it 10 your inyK-cian, era
will tell yoa It is composed of o
onrcrt r Iterative that exist, and la aa
fcxoeHent Clood Purficr. i
ECSADALI3 13 sold by all Drasslsts.
IB 11
Tor HAJT and BZA3T.
External and Internal.
Tht.raJi-en.sigii now no more, j
Ri'PiOlicaiits riiii wave,
Who, to attain ignoble ends, j
Would rob the soldier's grave ;
Instead of icar'g die;ntniblem now
The Hag jteacc will flirt,
Since IIanc-k name -has spiked the guns
And bleached the bloody shirt ! !
No more we'll hear of "solid South,
Or "rebel brigadiers"
They'er "solid" for-".One Country," and
Of loyal men, are peers ;
The. trynsured goal for which they strove
At last, than God, is reached,
For Hancock limv has spiked the gunsj
The bloody shiri ' has blaiehed !
intimidation and
men who took prt in framing the Con- j bribery, it has succeeded in! holding power,
ition. Mr. Madison, the father of the j N Party tvcr nia(le a Wacjcer record. No
party was ever less unscrupulous. jo par-
Extract from Mrs. Mary ti. Clarke'sjet
ter in the Raleigh News -
It was iiouriiii: rain whetf we left ifor
onr four roiles ride to the railroad, a
most jolly one, as we had a carriage
which held"e four and no more.'- But
even the charms of gwd company could
not keep me from holding the conductor,
Captain 15. A. Newlaud, to Ins promise ot
letting me ;
which I uioiuuted at once on reaching the
train, and rode on to Henry's. Prose
won't do iustice to that ride: I must
re W 1.. Vf utuvgin, ln,ak ilJto r, me to te!, of
A nie till lilt: iron ihhoc s iii i ,
iveecsis VUM.1 oxuui-
fcmtJr ftsritrrrs VJCIl'TI, P".d It r-y-T-Taendcd
tT;it?t.taor,i u Uie best HU-iC..
ii CTFor ca!s ly nil Dra-r
JoiiTiuinr::inY. cunnAN & co.,
-' it- i ! r-.- P3OPEI2T0I13.
llitMoi Prices!
:f ';!.: - and 1 " "
AH Dtlier iOrass Seeils. at Richmond
l'rics, (trelglit included)
Call and .see at -I
and Coiinssllor at Law,
Ofllcc iq the Court House lot, next doo
qjure Uitnghton. ; Will practice in all
.weuiarttot the State.
4 T LA W,
i , . - ! i
Practices in the State and Federal
h, , gnomes m ara,
vj faliBifck .rV, 2ST. O.
Ifchifc: ail ; Heateon,
tw0tT1 nnt. , " . - - - -
a i aii3stolicitors. .
;1 t
a glori
ous ride and grand,
When 1 fell bis pulses 'neath me throb,
and the rein was in my baud.
And his liery breath iu my face was blown
till niv bair was wet with spray,
As through the mountain gorges' wjld we
dashed o er the iron way.
"Ho, tireman, pile the fnel high and keep
the boiler full,;
For she has; work before her now right up
the Ridtreito pull. '
So spoke his face all seamed with scars
Gordon; the engineer,
While Newland, Captain of the train,
commanded m the rear.
The sham king s rage they both have
felt, and both will bear through life
The battle-Hags they won from him in
desnerate deadly strife.
Troin the valley : green and the ferny lales
of the winding bwaimanoa, i -
Where the laflrel spreadjrHta pink-white
bliMtui u the inoniitaiirs side we tore
Twa grand, ! O God, how grand it was !
to scale the frowning peak,
By the side f the silent engincer, who
woi ked but would not siieak.
One moment like an eagle poised on the
tonmost height we hiinir.
The next, with a shriek, ancream, a yll
-nrto utttet darknes sprung. i
As into the mountain's rtck lieart with; a
ierk and a nlunire we co, . i
Where the convict's torches flicher faint
as the v -gnome-like work below. -
Ijike striped snakes before the train they
run as it slowly tolls,
Or stand in niches at one side like ghosts
if wicked souls ;
"Now slack jour steam, cries the engin
eer, 'and pukon every brake,"" j
For the heightiswon, the Blue Kidge gain
ed, and the down grade we must take.
From the tunnel's month like a sinuous
snake, we slowly, slowly glide,
AVith slacked speed and bated breach
adowji the monutaVT side.
High over head hangs the track we'te
- passed while a hundred feet below j
On a latticed tiessel-woik, we see the
path we yet must go. j
Now tieach'rous Mud Cut's slowly passed
and the goal is almost wou !
The sun has set, and. myglorious ride
adown Komtd Knob is done. i
M. B. C.S
were not less sovereign after the compact, j ot tne unuea states, j it was largely
since thev delegated no sovereignity, but i the minority. Lincoln having received but
only certain powers to their agent, the Fed- l"-tlc more than a third of tfie popalar vote.
orl mwriimont. This is clearlr shown bv ! y I,aua ana violence,
. -,7
Constitution, says, 4ia breach of the funda
mental principles of the compact by a part,
would certainly ataolve the other part from
their obligation to ifcr" Again, "clearly a
breach of any one article by any one party,
leaves the other parties at liberty to consid
er the whole convention as dissolved." Mr.
Hamilton held that the creature of the
States, which is the general or Federal Gov
ernment, had no right to coerce a State. He
said, "But how can this force be exerted
on the States collectively against Stite au
thority? It is impossible. It amounts to
war between the parties. To co
erce tfie States is one of tnV maddest pro
jects that ever was devised." Mr.
Webster said : "If the constitution be not
observed iU all its parts, the whole of it
ceases to be binding. I have not
hesitated to say, and I repeat, that if the
northern States refuse wilfully and deliber
ately to carry into effec t that part of the
constitution which respscts the restoration
of fugitive slaves, and Congress provide no
remedy, the South would no longer be
bound to observe the compact '"
There arc numerous decisions of Marshall
and Taney which strengthen the opinions
of those given above. So that the gentle
men cited by Mr. Hanes, never expressed
any opinions to justify the usurpation of the
Radical party in making war upon the
States. And we might enumerate .Tosiah
Quincy, J. Q. Adams, Judge Rawle, Thomas
Jefferson, Judge Story, and a host of others
who held substantially the same opinions.
In the Virginia Convention, Patrick Henry
protested against the adoption of the Fed
eral Constitution on the ground that it
formed something more than a compact.
and that Virginia would lose her sovereign
ty, &c. His protest was overwhelmingly re
futed by-Mr. Marshall and Mr. Madison
who took the opposite grounds.
When Mr. Lincoln called out his seventy
ceived here
"Ixdiaxxapolis, July 2, 1880.
Col. U. T. Terry: . '
! My Dear Sik--I was very glad to re
ceive your'-kind letter of the ii8tlt tilt. I
very sincerely thank you for it, as my
friend, I want you to feel assured that I
liave no gievauces growing out of the
Cincinnati convention. Thw New York
delegation, assured delegations from oth
er States that I eo ild not carry that State,
aud that prevented my support from them.
a stare mat uouht ed my ability to carry
New York did well not to support me. "l
want you to be assured, also, that I will
most cheerfully and earnestly do my part
to secure success, as will my friends in this
State. We will carry this'State. The tick
et takes very well, and will make some
gains from the Republican rauks. We
have no special return of hard times, such
as you describe as appearing in New Jer
sey and Fenusyivania, but the impres
sion prevails that we ought to have a
change of the national administration. I
have no doubt of the success of the ticket.
ith best wishes, truly yours,
1. A. Hexdricks."
ty ever showed less regard for the rights of
freemen, for popular liberty, for law, relig
ion or the cherished institutions of the peo
ple. It has trampled every thingin the dust,
torn to shreds the constitution of our fath
ers, and forced upon the country the most
detestiblc and pernicious dogmas as matters
of civil polity at the point of the bayonet.
Yet this bloody faction never held powrhy
a majority of the popular vote. Outof a vot
ing population of nearly 5,000,000 Lincoln
received the first time but. 1,837,610. Still
he skulked into Washington in disguise be
tween two suns and was inaugurated by
the mob. The second time lie ran in 1864,
his opponent being: George ;B. McClellan,
with all the public patronage, backed by
the army contractors, all the power money
could wield, with hosts of minions, soldiers,
and bayonets at every precinct, to broW
beat, intimidate and stifle public opinion in
his favor, he was able to increase his first
vote but little over S00.O00. jit was during
this presidential campaign of 18G4, that the
horrible proposition is said; to have been
made to arrest and murder from two hun
dred to one thousand citizens in a given
night, in different parts ot the United States
in order to strike terror intoj the ranks of
the people, and deter them from the poll?.
It has been openly charged and never deni
ed that this monstrous crime Was entertain
ed and discussed by the leading Radicals
about Washington at the time; 'but the pht
came to the ear of the late Thomas Corwin,
whose natural kindness of heart revolted at
the horrible suggestion, and promptly arrest
ed it. Such a plot and crime were in per
fect keeping with the whole tenor of the
Radical Administration. Indeed, a similar
murderous plot was proposed; in this State
when it was suggested to arrest and lose
such men as W. A. Graham,: Z. B. Vance
and others. And the infamous Radical par-
No Republican has yet offered any ap
ology for or explanation of the recent re
markable utterances of their candidate
Gen. Rufus Barringer. Having no excuse
toi by order of Chief Justice Pearson port The shock was violent. ! It is
m 1868. At that time the missing supposed a hundred and pineteeu
numbers were taken by a party in were in the, pit at the time, and there
this city, now dead. Not long before is scarce a probability that , any will
His death lie stated that he had the be saved. Onejboy has been found, at
records in Ins possession and would the bottom of the shaft, ventilation
return them upon payment of $50. being restored jn the mine with a
The auditor, to whom he made the view to exploring for bodies.
proposition, did not entertain it. The The explosion t occurred at twenty
man's relatives now claim to know minutes past one o'clock, the bodies
nothing of the whereabouts of the 1 of three unfortunate miners were found
invaluable documents. Thus many near the bottom of the shaft, but they
applicants for pension service in that have not yet been brought up. ; The
war may be prepared to get unsatis- force of the explosion wasjterrific,
factory answers when they write for a blowing to atoms the ventulating iar
record ot their service. It is a pity in the upcast air blast. There is no
that the records are lost, since they hope that the men below can exist,
can never be replaced. The State Ventilation is being restored With ft
owes it to her people, however, to view to exploring. They are in search
make an attempt to recover the re- of the unfortunate miners. Thescenea
cords, if it be possible, by any means about the mine are reported as heart
in her power.
Moderate intelligence would not be guil
ty of this. Charlotte Observer.
Singular Phenomenon.
rending. There is a iarge throng of
It is necessary to have a record of people present, composed in la great
l.a. . . I i '--
to make, they wisely refrain from men- tne trooP8 wno served in the war oi part by the. relatives -and friends of
t toning the matter. It cannot for a mo- the revolution, and any definite in-1 the imprisoned miners Amonc them
ment be believed that thev endorse it. formation fn rmdw.d iho ndlntnnt-
i : -w--- &
general's office Will be received with the fate of their husbands and sons,
thanks. llaleighpbscrvtr. while little children are askine anx-
lously concerningtheirfathers. Every
thing possible is being done to ex
pedite the condition of the men, but
scarcely any one hopes to find one -of
the miners alive.
London, July 15. Another ac
count of the colliery explosion' a Rises
gives the number of men in the pit
at the time as 107. Three brothers
Aichison, Kan., July 14. C. H.
Peck, contractor for the excavation
work of the packing house of JT M.
Smith, of East Atchison, Mo., hav
ing engaged several colored men, to
whom he was paying a dollar and a
y were about fifty yards quarter per day, a drunken mob, arm- ,
rose to the height of nearly 4, , j i a have thus far been discovered,
i i , ed with revolvers and knives, made Kn . r,wi
il feet, when they arched to- 7 . , , 0:oU. A Card in correspor
Yankees Mobbing Negroes.
Halifax, N. 8.. July G. Mr. Stod
dard, second mate of the brigantioe For
1 11 nate, which arrived on Sunday from
the West Indie, reports that one night
while passing along the coast of Florida
oui a recent voyage, a singular phenome
non appeared. Just after dark two col
umns were seen, seemingly about a mile
awav. Thev
apart, and 1
five hundred feet, when they arched to- f w,iU ' 5:30.-A CardlfT correspondents L
wards each other, but did not meet. They their appearance on the spot to-day the pregs assocjation telegraphsy
burned with a steady, dull, red color and couipeneu w 4u.u wur. fal)o8 . Tiiere is 60meecbnfusioil
did uot emit any sparks, but at the arch- Hie crowd increased and proceeded
iug portions emitted tremulous rays or to the brick-yards of Smith & Co.,
openings ot light similar to the aurora wj C00T(.A were
ooieans. 1 iiev aooeareu 111 mltijl an 1 . ... .
.!.. . , , , , 0 . ployed, and compelled a suspension
" - 1 ii 1 11 .t
liiJht came. The weather was beautifully 01 ai1 worK ana urovc u,e negroes ov-
1 . m mi . t I
clear and not a cloud was visible the en- er the river. 1 he moo then number
tire night. On the following day there I several hundred and was addressed
was a tremendous thunder storm, accom y the Mayor of Atchison and others,
pan ieu oy a gate 01 winu, out no ram. 1 . ..4
T ... ....
five thousand men to begin the work of co- j ty would have cameu it out in rxmi cases,
ercin the States, he did not pretend to : ld it felt strong enough to do so,though the
hss that call unon anv article or clause of! monstrous villainy would have eclipsed in
i u..;. u.,r hi,,i it nnnn an atrocity the murder of the first born thron-
act. it is alleged, of Congress, passed in-icled in the Old Testament Scriptures. Such
170S t .nfthl th State of Pennsylvania is Radicalism such is its record. Grant
to call nnon the U. S. troons to put down a a,8 8WU hlto the Presidential chair on
whiskey reliellioniherlwrders. The ablest the supple back of a popular minority. The
Tipnnblinnn'naneni. including Mr. Grcelv's States of Mississippi, Texas and Virginia
r-.-i . u iRfl .,ln,;t. tht tl.or were not allowed to vote at hU election, and
was no power in the Constitution authoriz- a" the prominent citizens in the other south
ttw, Vdprftl mrnmnt to make war --r States were disfranchised, yet his majori
uwn the States. So that the great crime of ty over Seymour was only 336,000. Out rf
the Radical nartv-the monstrous crime of acting population of over 6,000,000, he
4-..,.. ...o nf n r .lhlond ws in most received but 2,985,031.
flagrant definance of the Constitution J and ' The fraud, Hayes, went in by dint of bri-
in utter disregard of the interpretations iriv- bery and perjury, with a popular majority
en to it, y the gentlemen named bvi Mr. -of than a quarter of a million of votes
u.,.o Tf ; nnc,;u. th a.o.iimI Rp. against mm. it is niung . uiereiore, mat
A Cheap Disinfectant. At this sea-1 oreu unvtrs ' uuai tcau,B
son of the year disinfectants are not only compelled to turn back over the
needed in the gutters and sewers, but in bridge, and the colored parties at the
a guat many of the private lots about the various freight depots, and other ne
city. Indeed there are few premises that gin tQwn were huntcd
doi not need them. In the New York I . , XT mi iL
sent over into jvansas. xne autnori-
regarding the number of men iB the
pit. Recent calculations lessens it to
80, but I am informed that it is not
impossible that over 200 colliers had
gone down. The pit is 280 yards
d eep. Al 1 th e m ach i n'ery wai . new
but the black vein scam is an, old
one, and is well known in connection
with previous explosions, one of which
in I860, killed 145 persons.
IIrnJl v find "eldnrtd of Itad" r-
commended as the cheapest and most ef- ties finding all their efforts to quiet the
fectivedetHlorizerahddisinfectantknown, mob useless telegraphed to Sheriff
and the following. receipt for its prepara- Snencer. of St. Josenlt. to come and
tion is given :
T prepare a solution of ehloride of
The following appointments ofrTown
ship Committees have been made by .the
Chairman f the Rowan County , Demo
cratic Convention, to wit:
central executive comxittee. j -
T. F. Brown, A. G. Ilally barton, and
exercise his authority but he refused Jol,n w- I"ey.
to come. The mob now have posses-
township committees, p i
lead on a small Ecale for family use take 7 - A .... , A , iU BaliMbury-Jte. ii. AlcUubbms, br.f V
on Eighth of an ounce of nitrate of lead 8lon of East Atchison and defy the J R Julian, and A C Dunham. i - .;
f ranklin William K. rraiey, Jonn u
Foard and It J lialtum.
I . . 1 . rr.i. t 1 . L
and dissolve it in one quart of boiling wa- law and militia, xue people 01 Aicn
ter then dissolve one ounce of common ison who. are largely interested in in
salt iu five gallons of water; pour the dustries are indignant at these dis
two solutions -together, and when settled gracefu proceedings, and unless the
pour off the clear mixed solution and , - 0 . .
pour uu 1 officers of Buchanan county, Missru-
keep well corked iu a demijohn or jug , , . , ,
f '&a ri. do.their duty to-morrow, they pro-
A cloth wet with this suspended in the pose to take a nano in tne anair.
room will neutralize all offensive vapors
peeiistoro Female College,
Greensboro, IT. C,
Wn'luOE88lon will beein on tlie-Zdtb'Of
tiliui. " inxiuuuon Mllrn superior
'Niit i " ut i moral ' cul ore, ni
rrj , 4,'e -ctiaforis f.a lf at-snt, wrll or-
tcti.!. ""'on 01 o-inpnllin: linaru
frilf-T""" and ligl is) andTniti
ote Heads; B!Li;IlE
VtSH VEiJopEiiried .fl-or
An extractfrmu the Richmond Enquitt'
rof Juue 2nd, 18G2, published Iti tlie
last issue-of the Southern Historical Paper
says : 'j :M ' .-
"The Yankee General,' JIancock, aid
that the! Fifth North Carolina and tlie
Twenty-fourth Virginia (Regiments) for
their cpudiict iiii the'battle before Wil
liamsburg ought to . have tins word ("Ira!
mortar') .inscribed upon their banners.w
The Ral eigli Obse rrerdiears that J udge
Buxton S will resign his i ludceshin. He
, . ; - , t m " I .
should do so by alV-means j he cant Afftrq
to takeanr tother1 course, if lie. intend
o make vXAf-Vhar Obscrfer
publican party was preserving the Union
this monstrous faction should begin with a
according to the interpretation of the great ea ana e,,a 118 1 " 11,1 a Iraua us 1 rt61'
statesmen when Lincoln was arrcstingiand cnt.
mMnnrr th T.siatr of MarvlUd. We have shown that the Radical party
and other.distinguished citizens of the Uni- has never been endorsed by a majority of
ted States; but it seems that the venerable the people; obtained power by
Chief Justice Taney did not think so at that revolution and held it by violence, A
time, for when application wasmade to him majority of the American people to-day
in the case of John Merrvnian, one of ! tlie hold it iu condem nation, and are ready
parties arrested by LienohVa order, he held to strike off the fetters that party forged
the Executive Edict to be unconstitutional, for tlie liands of freemen. They are look-
and ordered the discharge of the prisoner ing to their leaders for proper connsel,
It is well known that Lincoln's CabUiet is- and silently awaiting the hour to reclaim
ued'iCarat;wili:Perlpsth their, rights and liber ties at; the ballot
too. were merely preserving the Union &c- box. Ktliiug but the cowardice of dem-
cording to the aforesaid interpretation ; and ngogues, -and the selfishness of political
Grant was doing the same thing when: hja leaders can prevent the democratic Jnas-
was dispersing Legislatures and surroundj- s from achieving a glorious victory this
ing ballot boxes witU lwiyonets. j year. The whole peope.are anxious for
But Derhaps the revolutionary acts of the a change.
Radical party after the war -are intended to Jladical
mean preserving the Union as interpreted bound as
by Hamilton, Maqson, fix, May be jt was t)vertiiro
and a little dashed in a privy, sink, drain
or sewer will disinfect aud destroy all
noxious gases by combining with them.
It is said to be in geueral use ia England
for purifying sewers.
Good Old People.
There Is a family -of old people
named Baker residing on the Eliza
beth road, 6 miles from Lumbcrton,
The German can keep cool over as N. C, who are in a manner indepen-
well as under fire. Not long since dent of the world. J he old stock
smoke! was seen issuing from tinder came from Scotland bringing with them
the floor of a Galveston hoarding- two children; two others were born in
ti, a? tiioss.ntr nrQ I is couiitrv. Thechildreii maybe
IlOllSC. IIC illlLUiiuu vi iv. 1 j - ' .
called to the circumstance, he looked said to be paradoxical, having remain
nt the smoke and then said solemn- ed single and together ever since
1 j when one dies the property goes to the
" 'I'll tell vou vat I diuks. De raU l survivors.
knaws a hole in de bottom from de Archie died on the 1st of May last
chimney, and d smoke from de stove at the age of 76 years, leaving one
co down witter wind.' brother, Aleck, aged 80, and one si?-
But this smoke smells of pine, and ter, Sallie, aged 85, and a sister's!
Unity John A. Bailey, Knox Culbert-
on and Geo. U McNeills !
Scotch Irish VL F Johnston, John W
Steele and B A Knox. 3 j .
Mt. Ulla Mai. N F Hall, John K Gra
ham and Jesse V Miller.
iocie Thomas J Sumner W F Wat
son and J F Robinson. ! I"
Aticeir John L Sloan, John Coleman
and V M Cmijier. i i
Litakcr Dr. Milo A J Roseuiau, tA
Sloop and A II Heilig. j 1
Gold HillVr. h V Coleman, Moses J
Barger Jind F H Manney. . "
Jorn'ji-Jolin Wilson Miller,' M C
Morgan aud Paul C Shaver. I
Proridenoe Lewis Agner,S AlEara
heart ami Alexander Peeler. 1 i '
The Salisbury Democrat wiU pleass
copy. ' f 4
you arc burning oak.
child, who is now about 100 years of
'Dotiaso. Veil. 1 dells yon vat 1 age.
does. 1 So soon as dinner is cooked I They own 1,300 acres of laud, most
The idea of Radical papers talking about
having saved t he Union. They know the
Radical party did every thing in its power
to destroy the Union. They made warlup-
on the States in violation of the Constitu
tion, and after the war, they excluded ! all "
the Southern Etcs from the Union and
made military provinces of them, j They
chose nnd have persisted in the methods of
destruction instead of preservation. They
look upon tlie Constitution as an Imfia-rnb-ber
big to be expanded at will, and to suit
their purpose. They understand it as ex
plained by Abe Lincoln, btanhton, Thad
l UtI i.TT - W i Buxton i will -resign his judgesliin. He Butperhaps the revolutionary acts of the a change, veo: many honm men in. tne tpu0 uc fire, -and den, ven dere of it nne unboxed wooaianq. J.ey jbtevens ana lien-ijuwer; ana lucsejaen
WfaH0 "MltlE'ns, should 4q o' liy ilBneans-i he cat ft4 Radial party after the warre intendei Judical party, thongl, theyl arT held and 6 kvc jf dflq returned 160 head of sheep, and .the
l:?!x4 ra i WQods foU of Jiogs. They sold during ter-pieee of crimt V , : -
--, : ' 1'"''! v'HvAr - ; - - y l . . - j c.i- i..-'.--" --M"' - .... , -i. ... " '" "; . ' "... ' ."" ' ' ; -
1 ' :.'-. ::' -.-i fi - "' ' - ' ' !" ' - -' -.' ' - - ! ' ' ' ' ! H i I r
''' ' h '
- pn
j - l ;-; I ' - - .. - - - V.: - . -

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