North Carolina Newspapers

" ' ' -ill
Ov Penxsylvam. J
- Ok Indiana; I
MiM Painter U pi-.bto,. tbi Court l
IIoubo iu cwrosimt,""" ,et
getting up consiuerauie jcji&iuuo iuiui.
. 1 . ' ' '" t j
The Republicans of the Gth District
have nominated W. B. Myers, of Char
lotte," forCongress, and G. W. Patterson,
pf Concord, for Elector.
Dr. Phillips lias experienced very deci-
u 1 , . , , ,
numerous friends now cherish a livelj
Lope of complete restorations j -
The population of Charlotte has increase
ed, from 4,437 in 1870 to 7,075 in 1880. A.
laree increase beyond question. Similar
results will bo shown 0f rIIickoryi Win
. ston, Durliam, and perhaps Raleigti
' Mr. Best is again the subject of inquiry,
the 20th of July having passed without
his appearance along the line td pay off 1
hands, &c. Confidence iu his success is
still maintained,' and so the failure is
having no serious effect. f j !
Bv a recent decision of the Commis-
siouer of Internal Revenue, , leaf ! tobacco
. . i
cut and prepared for cigarettes is manu-
factored tobacco, aud cannot be removed
for use or consumption without; paying
the tax of sixteen cents. j i
There is no abatement, but the contrary,
in the earnest zeal manifested from the
start in behalf of Hancock for the Presi
dency. jPhe Country is settling down on
the idea of his election as certain, beyond ;
doubt. Every new development tends
hat way. j
Fatal Accident. A N. Y. Company
are constructing a tunnel under the Hud
son ;iver to connect New York city and
Jersey city.. The work bas been pushed
'latterly witjh considerable vigor jrom the
New"3rsey! side. Ou tho morning of tho
21st., 28 men being at work, the casing
gave away and 20 were either crushed Or
(Irowped. i i ,
" Electou for the 7th District. The
friends of Capt. Charles Price,' greatly de-
. piro that -he should be appointed Elector
for this District. We know of no gentkr"
inan who possesses higher qualities for
the His popularity in Rowan and
-Davie, where he is well known, is com
mendation enough. I
fbe Statcsville A vi erican says : "Among
the leading Democrats who have express
Xiil confidence in Gen Garfield's integ
rity, are Hon. Jere Black, Hon. Allen J.
Thunuan, Justice Field, Hon. bleary Wat
son ant! Don Piatt." Rut it don't amount
to much, since every one of 'them will go
Col. Armfield, iu a public; speech in
Statcsville, is reported b.y tho American
as saying, "thatjio felt that the govern
ment would be perfectly safe in the hands
f. Gen Garfield." Does Mr. 1 Armfield
'feel" that it would "be "perfectly safe in
the h ands" of the Republican iiarty 1
: 1 . rotf
' Gov. Jarvis returned from ghelby and
went on to Raleigh yesterday) expecting
to meet Judge Buxton in Raleigh to-day,
for the purpose of consulting iu Reference to
joint cauvass of the State. Gov. Jarvis
thus- does his adversary the honor of
choosing his own course iu the premises.
Wo hope the judge will decide to accom
pany Mr. Jarvis'. It will be more accepta
ble to the people, aud more honorable to
;j CAMTAKiX Or-EXKD. Gov. Jarvis and
i Attorney Gen. Kenan, opened the cam-
paign at Shelby, on Saturday last. There
. "was a large crowd present, and the speak-
er entered upon the w ork of the sum-
uer - wmi mucu animation, ihe candi-
dates of the Republican party w ere not in
attendance. After the Governor: and the
Attorney ueneral had concluded their j
speecucs, tol. Charles R. Jones was call-
pq ana responded. !
M r ine Wilmington btar says: Stephen
fM ... 1
iwenarason, caiorexl, made a murderous
- nssauu on tue fannly Qf Robert Phinney,
colored, iu the city, on the njght of the
20th, i He entered the houseWith a heayy
iron shovel, and made iudiscriininate war
upon old man Iinney and wife, and their
r daughter, who was the wife of tlie assail-
aut! : The. latter died of her wounds, and
v.. yvvj.tu en senseless and
oipeumg ou the Hoor. Richardson ran,
vr vupmreu uiiu is in prison.
"The Old Set ' io the Fkoxt. The
reformers of the; Republican1 party, like
uearge imam Curtis, HaUtead and
;Schurz, are thus spld out at tle very be
ginning of the campaign and are to have
riu piaco wiui uarneiu, should lie be elect-
uas auo11 set" are to hare the front
eats. IUsuuteworthy-that after Gen.
Garfield announced m his lettt kf-
.Aa t ' ' i 1 1 , " "1'
tance that lie should rely unon th '1
bossei for oecio,, of ll
to tlir dUtrtrt n... J
-record tmktJ: unia " ,ree
, ' ' ; :rr!--r?nK.fJ yard split her skull onen. ITnmao.
. . ; - - extiinir his horse he thfin drmr
pursiou for a trfp to Europe. X r. JForMJ
. . j -
.There are over 200 teachers attendirg
uituimm scuooi.
Mb. S. A. LowitAXCE, of West Rowau,
f who is oheof the biost successful wheat
ndsers in this or any other part of tho
fcrate, furpisbes the followingon his nieth
ctc!iJIejBeecle4 IB bushels this year
and has garnered 501 bushels, being au
average of over 27 bushels to one oilseed
sown, - f , .
Por tue Watchman.
i i
Mr. Editori Having had frequent in-
Jfuirics a to my mode pf sowing wheat
roin my fellow faxiiiers of Rowan county,
and for the benefit of any others who may
wish to know; I will give a few ways, as
I have no iron rule i
-&Z&Et& v
First- ? to make a jrood crop, 1 would
a Bunjcieni unie ior a crop 10
gi - Qvr w oe lurueu w Augusi-T-pio luei
the dropping of the stock is all kept 01
the dropping of the stock is all kept on
the land, Though a clover sod that had
ti rst crop mown, jor better, turn all the
crop under in August, is a good start for
a wheat crop. Au jold pasture is also
good. 1 never follow Wheat after wheat,
and seldom sow after corn. -7
, First of all. Hie essntial is a thorough
preparation of the soil : plough well and
subsoil if possible. I frequently sow peas
h M auj mu fceforo frost, leaving all
the vines on the land, of course. My time
for sowing is from the 10th of October to
the middle of November, but prefer to
sew froin the 1 5th tojthe 20th of October,
one year with another,7 though late sown
wheat is sometimes the best. I drill in
one bushel to the acre with about 160 to
180 lbs. of Peruvian Guano. I hare made
good wheat with other standard fertilizers,
though the Peru yiai j is best, for wheat. r
Last but not least, a personal attention
to the ploughing! is indispensable to suc-
The oldrsaying is true witu respect
to farming especially : If you want any
thing done get it done, but if yon want it
done.rigbt do itj yourself." As to soil a
clay soil is best, but 1 have had as good
wheat on light soil as any. With a thor-
ouch preparation oti soil, &:c.. i never
Calculate on reaping less than 20 bushels
frn nnA TIia bm Ron "" nit iiinrKi. hafl Vfil'V
, t do witb tbe cron.
Hoping these rcmai ks may be of benefit
to my fellow farinors; I am
, 1 lours &c,
y : SI A T .rxxiT a
The Atlantic and j North Carolina
J- Railroad Lease.
- - f :
Newbern Nut Bnell J
At the meeting of the lease committee
of this road, held on the 14th inst., at
Morehead City, the following proposition
were submitted i i
Mr. Wm. P. Clyde, Col. A. S. Buford
and Col. A. B. Aiidrewa offered to lease for
a term of tweuty-oue years $30,000 per
annum. They recommended : That $5
000 of this go topermanent improvement
of the road, the balance of the indebted
ness of said corporation secured by the
first mortgage ibonds of the company.
The guarantees Of this proposition were
not m definite j shape. I hey were not
prepared to ofiel a deposit of money as
The next proposition was made by Col.
Bridgers, President of the Wilmiugtou
aud Weldoil' Railroad, iu behalf of that
compauy. They offer $33,000 per auunm
for a term of twenty-three years, with
the understanding that the entire amount
outside of that necessary to keep np the
corporation, which isjfrom $2,500 to $3,
000, to go to the payment of the first
mortgage bonds of the company uutil the
same shall be paid, aud thereafter as
a semi-annual dividend upon the stock.
This amount of 33,000 to be paid quar
terly. As a guatautee of their good faith
$20,000 iu bonds are to be placed in tho
National Bank of Newbern or any other
place agreed upHj. .
A proposition was submitted by Mr. C.
W. McLean, who telegraphed the propo
sition to lease from Chicago at $35,000
ler auuum. There was nothing definitely
shaped as to terms, guarantees, etc.
A fourth proposition came from Apple
ton Oaksniith, iij behalf of ttie Midland
route. The ternks of this proposal were
forty years at $1,200,000 for the entire
term, with the privilege, t$ mortgaging
the road at the rate of $15,000 per mile.
The State Canvass, ,
The State eanfass wo may say, began
on yesterday ati Shelbey,' where Gov.
Jarvis and Col. Kenan opened the battle
onoiir side. We do not know that thev
were replied to or that there was any
division of time asked by any one repre-
seutingthe Republican ticket. Indeed,
up to tho present time, it is altogether
uncertain whether there will bean anta?-
ogist in the field
against Gov. Jarvis, for
Judge Buxton ilppears, like Mahomet's
coffin, to be iq a fearful state of suspense.
He wants to be Judge aud go on aud try
cases, and at the same time be a candi
date before the people for a purelv noliti
' -1.
cal office. It is paid to be by no means
settled what course he will pursue, and
so we are still w ithout definite iuforma-
tiou whether 0ov. Jarvis will have a
walk over or a con test before the people,
It will matter but little so far as ihe re-
suit is concerned1, although a livelv cau-
vass would stif us up- aud bring out
many voters who might otherwise re-
wain away from the polls.. Raleigh Ob
Double Mubx er axd Suicide. New
York, J uly 20. A. special from Syracuse
N. Y., says: Oc Sunday last a wealthy
farmer named Easterly, living near the
Village Lyons, N1. Ti, became-involved in
a quarrel vvithi his -wife. The latter's
mother interfered for Mrs. Easterly riro
icciionf wiiereulou Easterly killed, hi
,..i...n - - r, i.. .
motuer-m-law th an axe. He then at
liicKcu ins wire Wptu tne same weanon and
n. -i J 00uOWwiHJD,anQ
ST. "t"." ly tever.1
"W. V-T" "oase t of
gua outlet, stripped himself naked and
ll rn wnl Mmclf:- . '. . : :
: f . w .u. ViUJUUiLl-
uuuocii 114 vutj stream, lie was
w year of age.t and Ayprth $20,000
uw. leaves tw diDdren.
UancoeU in Pennsylvania,
Hon. Milton Speer In jN..Y. Herald, lth.
With the tide
running as it now is
debate as to Peunsolvania will soou end.
Her people have
soldiers, as well
gri'at State pride. Her
as the soldiers of tue
Union, love the name of Hancock. The
Republicans of Pennsylvania could have
but two issues jfirst, the bloody shirt,
and second, the tariff. .. The first issue is
eliminated from the
nation of Hancock
canvass by the uomi
He wore the bloody
sliirt when it cost
one's me to wear it,
and it cannot be
never heard the
used now by men who
roar of cannon or saw
the flash of powder. As to the second,
Geu Garfield has j declared; repeatedly
that he is for protection for the purpose
of securing' fiee trade, and so distinguish
ed have been his: services in public for
free trade that he has received the unu
sual honor for an Ameriain, of beiug
elected a membrof the Cobdeu Free
Trade Club of England. Hence Hancock
is aggressively strong in Pennsylvania
with the soldiers and his appeal to our
State pride. He knew when to fight aud
fought. When tiie; war was over he
knew when to quit, and he did quit. The
machine Republicans of Pennsylvania
were for Grant. The Independent Re
publicans were for Blaine. Prior to his
nomination there was not a dozen Repub
licans in Pennsylvania who ever dream
ed of Garfield becomiug their caudidate.
Pat ty drill may, aud doubtless will, bring
the body of the party to Garfield's sup
port. But I predict that iu this contest
the Republicans will lose every doubtful
legislative and Congressional district iu
the State. Hancock is the pride of our
people aud the idol of our soldiers. He
is stronger than the party, aud with the
many declarations by prominent Repub
licans of their earnest aud enthusiastic
support I cannot and I do not doubt that
the electoral vote of Pennsylvania will be
cast for him by a decided majority.
The; Cash-Sbannou Duel Senator
Butler Thinkf it is not Defensible
tinder the Coie.
From the Charleston Xews and Courier.
Eiwjefield C. H., July 13, 1830.
Messrs. Riordan d? Di(cson Deak Sihs :
I want to Riiy to vou that you have niy
hearty eudorsemeiiti iu the position you
have taken in reference to the Cash
Shaunou tragedy, lit is uu letlection upon
the memory of tlij gallant geutlemeu of
the past who resorted to the duello to
settle their personal differences to ask
that the law be vindicated iu this case.
Informer days the most punctilious de
corum and chivahtc courtesy distinguish
ed the conduct of gentlemen iu "affairs of
honor," aud coarse;
ribaldry and gascou
encc as odious as the
; but now the "wash-
ade in correspond
brand of cowardice
buckler style" appears to be fashionable.
Tlse issue is v-ry sharply made be
tween those who trample law defiantly
unuer loot auu uiose wna execute ir, and
I do hope that courage enough may be
found to execute it.
It will be a sad lay for South Carolina
when a geutleni?.n, who feels it to be his
personal or professional duty to vindi
cate private rights iu our courts, is first
to be insulted, pursued, villified aud
goaded to desperation, and theu shot.
If that is to be the plane which onr civili
zation is to occupy! we shall all bo sleep-
iug ou our arms. Aud there must be
something radically wrong in public sen
timent which cau force a mau of Shan
non's high character and acknowledged
courage to tight a duel under the circum
stances which surrounded him. It is
about time we were finding out where
we are, and ascertain whether Vborder
ruffianism" is to govern this couutry or
whether civilized institutions shall be
I express no opinion on the merits of
this difficulty for j I know nothing of it,
except what I have seen in the public
prints ; but I do veuture the opinion that
it is the first time in the historv of duel
ling in South Carolina that a man has
been shot for doing what he had, iu
morals and law, clearly the right to do,
and for doing whatf it was his sworn duty
to do, to wit; faithfully, representing the
interests of his clients in the courts
against parties who had themselves gone
into the courts. His without a parallel
either in the issue' made or the manner
of its conduct.
You are doing your share of public
duty iu a proper manner pardon mo for
saying so aud I believe that nine-tenths
of tho respectable people of the 'State
will sustain you. i
You may couut on my doing so in any
way that I properly may.
Very truly yours, &c.,
M. C. Bctlek.
London, June 28th, 1880.
Bro. Brunkr ; I have arrived safe in
London, the largcsticity on our globe. We
think New York large, but' the population
of this city is fourfold greater, being some
thing like one-tenth as great as the whole
United States. lu; X write not however to
tell you about London; but how I got here.
Well, at New York I took passage on board
of the S. 8. Ship Italy of the National Line.
She is in length 425; ft., in breadth of beam
43 ft. and depth of hold 84 ft., and register
ed to carry 4,303 tons. She had a crew of
85 officers and meqi commanded by Capt.
Jas. Sumner, 9.1 saloon passengers and 30
steerage passangersj 300 head of fat cattle
and 4000 tons freight. We left New York
at 11. A. M. June loth. The day being fine
we had a fine view! of the harbor and its
surroundings. If the Bay had a Mt. Vesuvius
some where on the end of Staten Island the
scenery, I think, would equal if not excel the
Bay of Naples. At II! P. M. we were outside
of Sandy hook and discharged our pilot. A
Cunard steamer wjeut out just before us
and a French steamer behind us, they both
tooK a course away j ro our leic. we saw a
number of other vessels going out and many
I bo.und in. By C p. !nx. we saw neither land
nor vessels except the twp that came out with
17th. A quiet morning and a calm sea.
No vessel in sight but the French steamer
far away to our left. Saw two steamers in
ward bound and quite a number of ether
vessels daring the day. , fe'
The sub went down behind a cloud and
not a thing to be seen on the broad waters.
While a few passangerswere complaining of
sea-sickness, the greater part ot them were
engaged about something some were play
ing audi singing, some reading, some iu con-
rersatiuu,! some at shuffle board, some pitch-
ing rings, some piaying cuecker ana some
cards, Ac. ' ' '
18th. A fresh wind ahead which stiffened
during the day, and put a number more on
the sick list. At 7 p. m. the S. S. City of
New iprk of the Inman line, inward bound
passed jus away on our right. She being out
of her course, signaled us to look out for ice,
as she had to run south to her present lati
tude 41 before she got out of it.
,19th.! A fresh wind, a sprinkling of rain,
and sea at times breaking over and washing
some of our deck; saved myself from a
wav? sprinkling by dodging behind a mast
oiu wtiH mma anKieueep in water running
Cross t Ue deck. Many of our passanyers are
down with sea-sickness. Not a thiug seen
all day! outside of our ship but the waste of
watersiwith their white crested waves.
20. A lovely Sabbath morning, wind has
calmed down but still considerable sea Tun
ing. Had Episcopal service in the dining
saloon; by II r. llovey of Brooklvji. and in
the afternobn by Geo. C. LerjrueL D. D. of
Chicago. 5 p. m; met one Barque and pass
ed another, and saw four others lufore sun
down, j Suppose they have been driven south
oi tnejr course ov ice.
2lbCFSea calmed and many of the sick
have got on deck. Passed a Barque in the
22d.i A smooth sea and fair: wind. Noth
ing seen from our decks to-day but the
boundless deep. .
23rd. Weather and sea as yesterday. Pass
ed a Barque at noon. At night had an ex
cel lent concert (in dining saloon which was
draped with flas for the occasion) and a
stiring address from G. C. Lejimel, D. D. on
behalf of the Sailoi's, Orphan Home, tor
which! a collection was taken up. There is
a Coaipany of Minstrel passengers with us
rro:u whom we at times have line music.
24th. Sea rough aaia, making many
sick. iixm. met uauauian oi tuis -line ou
her way to ,New York.
2 th. A fresh north wind causing hip to
roll, while at times a white crested wave
sends its spray a cross the deck, sprinkling
altwlio are in its way, but generally the
the deck is dry and many are sitting
Hat on it. Hearing laughing, I looked
and saw some who were sitting on deck be
tween 'smoking saloqn and skylight jump
up and run when a stream of water rushed
across: the deck where they had been, a wave
having broken over that part of the ship.
Later a row of ladies were reclining on easv
chairs; along lea side of diniug room sky
light, loa camp stool at end of row, while
before us were some seated on deck and
others standing, a big wave rolU our ship
over to starboard, launching all in tront ot
us into scupper against deck railing, while
we who were !ittin'r are launched from our
seats On to our backs full length on deck.
When: the ship righted we were trying to
right ourselves, when the ship took another
lurch and we slided against those that were
in thej scupper. No one was hurt, and
amongst the general langhter we soon all
got righted agam. Nothing but white
crested waves seen from our decks to-day
except a minute s sight ot two porpoises.
aotii. A lovely mormnsr, wnul and sea
calmed down, six vessles in siiht at sun up
andnfour more are seen during the dav.
How soon they vanished out of our sight!
This aiternoon we had ships crew mustered
and drilled by gettingout four of our boats.
27th. A lovely Sunday morning with calm
sea ami ncm wind irom the south, we are
nearing land as a steamer and several ves
sels we have pised are making for theaauie
point as we. We hve had quite an interest
ing discussion on Christ's 2d jcoming, after
which! we hadthe Episcopal service on deck
folio. vpd by a few practical remark.- on the
lessanjot the day (the draught of hlu-s) b
Rev. Mr. Johnston, Methodist, Baltimore
Have met a lew vessels this ; morning and
passed many, 1 p. m., see a pilot bo:it. h;iii
iag them.
W e jhave 3 methodist, 2 presl? terian, 1
Baptist and 1 Epicopalian ministers aboard.
We breakfast at b a. m., Liinh at 1 p. m.,
dine at 5 and tea at 8 p. m.
Each morning after breakfast a few of
the ministers and others assembled on deck
with their Bibles (weather permitting) read
a portion of Scripture, had prayer and then
discussed for an hour the Scripture read.
Twd p. m., see lighthouse on land, and
half past 2 sec land, wheu a band of us join
iu singing, "Praise God from whom all bless
ings flow." 4 p. m. pass Lizards point 4-i
miles ifrom light on Lands End and 3G-1
milKs from Graves end which is 23 miles be
low London. Passed the celebrated Editson
Lighthouse at half past 7 p. m. Went down
this evening into Fore catle with a number
of ministers and others, and jheld interest
ing religious services with the sailors.
27th. A calm morning with a licht fog
5 a. m. nassin Iale of
Wight The shore along the Lizards are
rocky and steep, rising 200 to '500 f'.-et high.
and then the table lands sloped back with
green fields dotted with white houses and a
village, uegret I could not jsee what the
Isle of! Wight is like. Why should old Eng
land hide her face from us. Ill a. m. pass
ing Beachy head with bold white clitts.
Old England has now unrailcd her face and
Binilcsj upon us. 1 p. m. pass Dunvtenys!
Church Castle and ligbt house. Engine
stopped for first time since we left New York,
ana tikes pilot aboaru. We now pass
Falksteu and Dover with their bold clifts
200 to 400 feet high. 3 p. ra. enter the
Thames and have a tine view of South Point
with its beautiful lands and residences.
Passengers are admiring ihe tine landscape.
Can t make Graves End on account of lw
tide, so cast anchor.
28th. Hove anchor, and was up at Hams-
gate 1V 4 a. in., when Costoui Ortjcors came
aboam and we had a change of pilots and a
steamer hitched along side of Us. We were
opposite to our dock before 6 a. m., but it
took us five hours to get in and pass Custom
house Officers, Dock Officers, fcc., and get
aboard of train to go up into the city. So
it was near 1 p. m. betore l rcacnect my
hotel. lours truly,
Wm. Murdoch.
Calendar oFCajsseis forTrlal
at iuuMt ?5pocial Term
o 1 to wtm Superior Court
Coinmcuciiig JAoiilii' tin?
OtU luy of AuffitNit, 1 WJSO,
IIIh Honor A. AJ 3JoIQy,
J?ieslclliig'. i
i - -
! Moxday 1st Week.
No. 6 Pleasant Martin, j B. T. Cheat-
! ham. !
9l-rRl A. Caldwell v J.: V., Syuions.
10 Margaret A. lleeyes, v W. A-
! Kestler.
11 Boy den v Ackenbaek.
13 E. Manner, t T. J. Crowell.
13 John F. Park, v Elizabeth Park.
14 Frank Dobbin, B. & D. 11. II, Co.
j V TuESDAT-rs Week.
No. lt Means v Waggoner. il.
18 T. J. Meroney v MJ LMcIntyre,
. ! (t at, - i- '
13 Meroney & Bro., t M. I. Mc-
Intyre, rf al.
20 State Ex Bel. M. L. Holmes, t?
"Thomas J. Foster, tt ah.
21 George U. Iveuuerly, v Margaret
Keuuerly. ; . . ; ! -x
22 Moses; L. Holmes, t R. ) A. Cald
well. V i
23 John W. Fisher, v T. H. AVebb.
21 Jones, Gaskill & Co., v A. T.
Powe. ... "'
Wedxesday 1st Week.
Xo. 25 George Lyerly and others, Ex
... Parte --- ... ,-f.-4 , -26
Anna Macay and others x Parte.
so Anna iiacay ana others t.x rurte. 1
27 Anna Macay audothers Ex Parte.
23-Jos. Dobson, r S. McD. T ate. I
2U T. C. Hauser v S. McD. flute.
30 Cowles v R. & D. R. R.,Co.
32 Jas. ICiider v R. A. Ranisey.
Tiiuusday 1st Week;
No. 33 State Ex. Bel., B. C. Arey v J. S.
, , Henderson, admr. of Mason and
others. j
370., G. Foard v Henry Cauble.
33 Tobias Kestler v I. S. Linker.
39 C. Blihgle t' Sally Ilill.-
40 Johu II. Loug v Louis Mason.
41 Moses L. Holmes v W. h. Kcsltr
and others.
EuiiiAY 1st Week. ;
No. 42 State upen relation of S. C. Stvers
v George H. Peelei admr. of
Charles Eller and oihers.
43 Simeon" Klultz, r John Hi A. Lip
ard. 41 V. A. Postou v John Rose.
4bV-Sylvauus Huyues, v W. A. Wo
mack. 47 J. B Woods aud others vObadiah
Atwell. !
43 John Beard r Sam. H. Wiley.
50 W. A. Poston v J. W. Moore.
Saturday 1st Week.;
o. oi it. ii. aiomsoo, i7 v.oauuis8iMers
W T W ft Mt .
oi fcaiisoury.
54 C. B. Hotchkiss, r Ann McNeely.
55 Geo. Ackeuback v T, P. Johnson.
50 E. W. Hovey v L. B. Cady.
57 Thos. J. Meroue.v i' J. L. Wright.
58 Abrain Meant v Phaniah : Pi opst.
Monday 2d Week.
No. 59, C. A. Coble r James. McLean.
01, Jones, Gaskill & Co., J. W.
Bright, tt al.
G2, R. J. Holmes, r E. V. Hovey and
63, R. V. Lanier, v R. & D. R. R. Co.
64, Wiley Parker r Paul Barringer.
05, Jones, Gaskill & Co., v W. H.
Go, E. W. llovey r Henry Tyson, e t al.
67, E. W. Hovey r William Davis.
08 Sandy Shaver v Thomas Pinkstou.
Tuesday 2d Week.
a .
No. GO, M. W. Campbell, t' W. A. Pos
70, Jesse- F. Wyatt, v W. C. Rutty aud
71, Wm. A. Downun r J. A. Fisher.
72, Nancy F. Kirk v Agnes Eagle,
73, Ja.s. C Carter and wife, v Agues
Eagle, Executrix.
74, Henry Barringer v Noah Peeler.
75, J. R. Silliman c J B Gaither.
70, Alexander Parker v A C Harris
and others. ,
78, Luke Blackmer v P N Heilig.
82, Luthci Hubbard v Rosauah Hub
bard. 84, 1 A Goodman v J C Miller.
8.5, K 11 Covvan r Jan S McCuUbins.
80, Jas liLiinit-r v Thos J Meroney.
X7 t.itt..v I Ih.u t- 1 li l! ft- r
Thuusday 2i Week. I
No. oG, Johnson, Clark & Co. va C H ;
Beruheiui. !
88, Ttibias Kesler vs Ii P Uo.senian. i
8J, Wins. Brown vs R S Johnson.
UU, Hi ss, Uogi-is &- Ch;i!ubers vs R
F Grab. i in and others.
Ul, Koonce vs Jciniuia Pinkstou.
1)2 fet ate ex. rc-1 F II Mauney vs Isaac
E u iib.udt and others.
Wm Hunt vs Emma Hunt.
Ul Kaic Fostt i vs r J Foster.
r:;:u.vv l H tKK.
No. 1)5 Fiaiii..iu Davis & Co. vs T M
K.i i ii...
do Meroney & Rogers vs Mis. M L
05 Washington Paifer vs Audn-w
09 Tobias Ivesler vs It P Roseman.
100 Harriett L Fily vs Valentino
101 John Lowder vs Caroline Chuuti.
102 Thos J Meroney vs.lnoil Bright.
103 Thos J Meroney vs It M Payne.
104 J J Mott vs Jno A Ramsay .
Satubdav 2t Week.
105 J C Lentz vs W A Posu.n.
I Oli Albei t Peeler vs W A Poston.
107 W A Hanner v It & D It It Co.
103 Alfred Sappentie'.d vs It & D R
It Compaux .
100 W Ii Leouard and wife vs J II
Shelton audothers.
No. 1 Clarissa Julian and others ex
10 J 11 Newnan and others ex parte-,
11 RA Caldwell kivf v'g adm'r of Clin.
F. Fisher vs Christine Fisher &
4 Juo Hughes adm'r vs J G Flem-
mg et al.
5 Juo Y Bryce vs Jas Calloway.
4 7 Wm II Horah adm'r vs John M
Horah and others.
" 12 XCG Amalgamating Co., vs X C
O D Company.
15 E Mauney vh Joseph Marshall.
17 L Black tuer adm'r of John McRo-
rie aud others.
" 31 The Commissioners of the Town
of Salisbury vs D Ii Julian and
others, i
" 34 E H Marsh vs T J Meroney.
44 35 Commissioners of the Town of
Salisbury vs J Henry Heilig and
' 45 Charles Price vs H C Eceles.
49 Coins, of Guilford vs W B March
aud others.
" 52 E W Hovey vs W F Buckley aud
and others.
" 53 Edwin Shaver vs E H Marsh.
'60 C A Coble vs Alexander Brown.
" 7U Marg't W Long vs Geo S Cole Sc
44 79 Dugal L Arey vs David Baringer.
" 60 B C Arey vs David Barringer.
81 Jno W Manner, receiver vs John
D Brown.
" 83 Johu Graham and others vs The
Commissioner s" of Rowan.
44 97 J X B Johnson vs Victoria John
sou. In the call of the Calendar, any case,
not reached and disposed, of on the ap
pointed day, goes over to be called on the
next day, and in precedence of lease set
for the next day. Witnesses not allow
ed fees until the day appointed for the
cases ii which they are subpoened. Cases
on the Motion Docket will be heard ac
cording to the convenience of the Court.
Miraculous Power,
The Forest and Stream has it i 'iTo pre-
serve health use Warne's Safe Remedies.
These are almost of Miraculous power in
removing diseases for which recommend
ed. The wonderful curative qualities
they are possessed of are Touched for by
tens of thousands,"
This School, located in a beautiful and
healthy village, four miles north of Salis
bury, ; will reopen on the 1st Monday in
August, 1830. ,-; - - f : .' .,,-.
Itey. H. M. Buowx, A.M., Principal. ;,
H. C. Fisheu, Assistant.
it n . . fl
. r, t.. r, ; . 1
axi. ruAAMy vuiurus uuuuij .
The next session of this Institution be
gins the first Moiidav of August, 1880.
Instruction is thorough, and the total
expenses ior len niomns average iromv
tonuis average iiomv
further infrmation, j .11 11 . Pi-K'f. !
1 25 to SI 00. For
; address, La A. Bi
Notice! The Milk of one cow is
reserved expressly for infants at.
38:tf MES. J)L. BEINOLE'S.
One Hundred Bushels of
Onions; also, One Hundred Bushels of
Peach Stones, at . - EKNISS'
Wesleyan Female Institute,
Opens its 31st Sessiou. September 20th,
1880. Atkliimr tlu Unit. Sflituils t'nr iniiinr
ladies iu the United Mates. Climate un-
. :. . : r. v ' ""is t
I . . "
sin passeu. ouiTunuuigs ueauiuui. -i'u-
i.s troui seventeen States.
oim terms at the Union.
i'i;.JS: Board, Washing, Ligliti", Englinh
Conr-.'. Lalin, French, foi each hnlf of the
iloiiic year.. . ' -. $ 15
All extras verv' low. For catalogue, ad
dress Rev. Wm." A. II A RK1S, D. V , Pre?.,
3S:"Jin Staunlon, Va.
Maclisery ii Miniii Materials:
One new Morey Sperry 10 Stamp
Battery. -
One new Agitator for Same.
One new 30 horse-power Return Tubular
One new 30 hore-power Erie Company Su
tioncry Engine.
One 12 horse power Horizontal Hoisting
Engine with verti. al boiler. All ihe above in
runnijiyr order.
- One Bi.tckiuith out fit. One btre vice.
Also, Picks, Shovels, Diilis, llamhit-rs, Pipe
tongs, wrenches, ropes barrels, barrows and
mining .ippertenancfs.
All the above are of superior. quality and in
first-class coti'.iiiji. For pun it ol afiv or
all of ihe iti.ove, iiiiiress hv r t- loie Jnlv 10,
Lock Liux 410, Aalishurv, J. C.
otiec To ot tractors
Proposals will Ik- received by the un
dersigned until 9 o'clock A. M. on Satur
day tin 31st inst., for bnildinga parsonage
near Thyatira Church. Plans mid s;-fi-
lu-tUioiis mav bo seen l anoJ to tin-
undersigned Chairman of Holding (':;
m it tees. ' V. A. Lingle.
Jnlv (ith, KvO.
Administration, 3zc.
i i in-
il.r.c E
.M u hiiM Shops and Fo-.imirv ni' t lit
i. Maih are
r a r.
An exirienced nm liii.tsi uno t'!nt- t i.i
to aMirige, will fin i i.riv a vrv invitini.- -l'oi;.:iiiiv
fur uei u i . I';i.ii, "1 ni;i-
i-liii.rv in ai! iii oo.i r iii-u j:
ttt- kt'J.i Uivj :ili :. ui.lii ri nu-Tir
rii-. r
H rvi;g ;iiiiii:;i-i-i a .:) uiv late Inirbarnl .-e-MafC,
a!i erMn it.iiibu! ti it re lieret .
nulitied i mat cfti l . j i iH'tit. And lltuM
havii; i iaitns njraii?-: u.v miitv, are requiinl
to prt j-i-tn tin in iof 11 ni.ini within iw iv
(r-ltl l .l- ll . l-i ti:i ll'Ji;l( , .1
f .iiJi he plt-;il i. :i.r ot j-. in t r ,
MA It 1:1 V. M UtSM '
dy i, 1880.
From one hundred
and fifty to two
hundred acres of good
half woodland, and balance (including
good meadow and new ground) under
cultivation. Tract lies on the X. C. Rail
road, two miles from station. Will be
.Hold at a bargain.
For further particulars call at this of
fice. 37:2m.
Special Term of the Su
perior Court of Rowan
Notice is hereby given to all Parties to
Suits, Wituesses, Attorneys, and to all
whom it may concern, that a Special
Term of the Superior Court of Rowan
Comity will be held at the Court House
iu Salisbury, on Monday, the uinth (9th)
day of August, 1880, for the trial of civil
cases, aud continue until the business is
disposed f, D. A. DAVIS, Chairman
County CommisVs of Rowan,
II. X. Woodsox, Cl'k Board of County
Commissioners, 37;Qw
Administrator's Sale
Notice of Settlement;
Having qualified as Administrator de bonis
non with the will annexion the estate, of Solo
mon Eagle decM, we will sell all of his estate
both real and personal, at hi late residence,
on the 20th day of - July. ' Horse, Cattle,
Sheep, and Hogs, with Farming tools of all
kinds, and . household and kitchen furniture
will be sold, with Three Fine Plantations of
land near Libertr Church, on Dutch Second
Creek, coai prising about 700 sens, all in good
t epair. fQUTerms of Sale, Cash.
All persona indebted to the estate are re
quested tq make immediate settlement, and, all
E ergons having claims against the estate are
ereby notified that hat they must present
them to U4 on or before the 20th day of June.
1881, or thw notice will be plead in bar of
their recovery, '
Adminhiton de bonis con of Solomon Eagle.
June 19, 1880, $66w
' ' Wftw l Af . . '
uwnsreui tiu aiming L&nrta n ;
commualcauoa. K na3 aMBuye,pi
au Miuxu tuictcaia uietl prompt aUfinti 1 t
NoLes. accounts. &e. coiWt- 4 uuoa.i !
Estates, and ai uiauers ot Admins. X i
Executors, AwsetQej . iminlstrjttort L
Land ana sui other Utles cirefuliv lmL i
buy or sell, f I u "" 5
I Amugeineius niaae to parchfisii
b-lortda, lexas and nesotaiS
TheproiiitS.3914 lUul PnJ
Lands lor sale la Illinois, aid i
river in Virginia. ! the 4
Parties deslrtnir to irartlnr,. . V'i 1
farmed with nrv;.,:v 1 't-mrtw
furnished wUJ nocessarj LitOriia,
N.B. Lond4 bouat aiti
line ot toe Wadesburo and lis"?M
road must be bunt whether Arm st$ 3ad- oS
an counties receive outside au or ioToS
ot the day and the awakening enerrij?
pie ot these counties demand na mM
Arranjemeats behijf perfected tS rmt "
Sansbary and at other polnmn B U
r.s. a nrarm ready tor small,- 4 ,
ET-Call at baiee, or address Lock Eot
- h .- . -.
-1 have a
verv ilcV.i,
property for;Mtrt-haniile Uhmmwi -
CreM.H Nellie P. O, Ire.Wl CoomX?
which I Mill rmi ah .
a good place for a Store and is wvn WOnL
innpection of any acuve uian wU.ii, txUv-
I lwh a eoiintry place foi : Wmi. - iW
AIo, 1 mint to erect s. Fjirtor l.nn.i:..
i Huntiuir CrtL.
r.,l k.,;i.i... -."wft-
i address roe for ions Anl tni,. 7
9 v
...... .r are luvuwu
I have also Piutahle luilIlin., fn, . B, ,
umttli'aiul Sluu ami rt.u.i M1.. ...
n . . " "Wi
" ,' v"" '""ker, wnrcliciiU
reaoy lurninneu tviui looia.
June 4. I8B0.
J. W. F.T.f .TS
Settle, Iredell rouiTu .c.
Fruits, Candies.
Pictures, And
Ficture-Frapvea -
ComJ tY Shops, N. jn May olhM
The lliiitv first Aiu tia! Meeting' of the:
Stock litUl-rs ihe Nartii jirolina RaHrwd
Com pan v will be ht-ld' in rvr:8lciro,S. f
on lire wnnu i imrMi.iy in Jnue, loSU, r
the Trannfejr BtKks of snid ccnipanT willhf
closed iron tins a alt- until sttf-th- niecting.
JAW if. u. KUJc i, SectY
Money Saved By: Examining
'1 . . rt n Ii I
muz & mmwii
Large and Well Selected Stcck cf
Just Read a b-u )iulg fhf
ala;u -;'-jif our Stock acc-of-jU :.-"! :
!'. lliups, and I
Th(ti:, i n.t yair s of ii 1 i h
tii v -nffvrat ly. ct
k:-...!.. t
(J : It .. ii ;.
Vt 11 h :- frii';. VI V, tits
1 1 .
l-.t ;:rti ."s. Lift'iiSi
A tail A-vrtEftt.g
siilrt -j m :l''sr prt'-s.
Clot&iuK Clioap:
t .in sf-Sl nJ i'j'.i CiHt for -vi cem' fcu;:.t ct J
h:r ib ot COFFEr.S. fr.jn uy u. neris
Mo. ii k. i; vuieU-" cf r.ip; ana Wvf'
ri rrM-an. A',.-.t .'irtiiiem of :3i;CAS '
as cui b ' ha.i'i the place. .Tw.-lvt- !.' f
cnhwtaa tobacco, -
"ClK-nnsl tOitie bt'il to t)4'?
s.tU Lenatr. '; :r;o '..
n,iny'f rrT ,'."!; n
we buy ,tn4 l.i .-i:; ; -u-
w ill py t ; ni-f.- rr i r. j;
Be Kure aal.soe, UT-t
May 2 -, l---
At Ho. 1, Marpliy's Granite Est
Li ; I I i-
ifave just received their ; V
at exceedingly low prices, which cannot fi3
to please. They have a full and pojuplt
stock of DRY GOODS,
Fish, Bjicon, "Lard, Flour, Meal, &c. ;
Ttjey are agents for the ra'e of Jons MM"
RV.MAX & Cb's. BONE DUST, admitted
be the verv! best cotton and tobacco Fertiflj
zer in use. 'Also, for the French Burr w
Stones, Bolting Cloths, Eureka Sroot
chine, fcc. Don't fail to call at No. -March
25, 1880. 24;lf j
P. g We have fenced up a Fbeb bi
ing Lot in rear of of our t Warehouse,
people can hitcB" and feed without WW
annoved by1 rattle and hogs. W c"10:
putting aprStalls. No charge exeep
to shut the gate. ' . z
navlng qualified as Executor of thJ
Will and Testament of Alexander lrB-2--deceased,
I will have a Sale of lua
property at his late residence on Wcdn
the 14th day pf July next, HOta
Horses, Cattle, hogs, witn "v--
TrtrTj f All kinds will be sold.'
ah Tverirm indebted to the estate ar"j.
ae esmvo -v r
quested to make immediate stsitleuieni
all persons having claims against tbe w
are notified that they must present tne
me, on pr before the 12th day of Jan, JJ;
or this notice will be plead in barot
recovery. G. Henrt'Brows, Errv, 4
Jqne 11th, 188a Alexander Bro.
; i n,p.35:6fr: - ' ; . .?
. f -.' S -

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