North Carolina Newspapers

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C.; AUGUST 26, 1880,
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Theparolina WatcluMn,
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V month 8 Ws c la's u m?
fl.50 j$2.50if3,50 J 5. 09 fS.N '
3.00 . 5:25 7.59 12.68
4.50 I .00 7150 11.99 15.99
6.00 7.50 9.99 13.59 18.99
7.50" 9.75 11.25 16.59 25.99
11.25" 15.75. 20.50 25.59 40.99
I 18.75 1 26.25 33.75 4S.75 75199 '
New Orleans Custom house,
lEDY tor th cm of Serof.
laU. grpbius, bcroniou Turn, uneo
llTtLm! White SwelUBC.Gost. Goitre.
ICoaioiBptloB. Bronchi U, Kerroos De
from mi mpiirv cvuuiuuit y m
bill or scalp. ; - -- y - '
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ii ROSiLDillalS
X-a Cures Klicnmatlsnu
X Cures Sypkilli.
P 1 fL Cures Halaria.
r-Mi ' - - '
1 1 Cures Kervous Debility,
i rfl..,;r .......n i
S if! ROSiLD-aMSr
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tj. y RosABjaEais
& I ... . . i 1.11 1 I r a. MMMMP
i Fckaga how It to your Physician, ana
! 1 rl H.. Tn oll Tim It 1 nnmnosed or the
(The Great Fraud of 187C.
tye Xamet of the Tkfcves and the Jaeards
ObtainedChapter of History
J ' that Should be Kept Before
' the People.
ippen4 te list originally publislied
in the Qazette of September 29, lsJ7d, and
ai'tervrards -enibodiedwithout credit) in
the Putter lie port, containing the names
of sixty persons whp helped to steal the
Presjdeuc iqr IJayesi, together with a
brief statement of their part Ju the drama
and the annual pay secured out of the
United States Treasury for their services.
This list is necessarily incomplete, and
yet, including the fees not enumerated in
the table, it amounts to over $200,000
ner aiimim. M i
J Madison Wells, President of the Louis
iana Returning IJortfd, Surveyor of the
port of New Orleaus, $4,000
M Kenner, member Returning Board
appointed Deputy Na-Tal officer of New
Orleans, $2,500. - j
W Pitt Kellogg, so-called Govejaior of
Louisiana and Hayes Elector, who cer-
tified to forged returns and made re
ports againsts countiug voto for Demo
cratic electors, foisted into the United
States Senate by Stanley Matthew's
support,- $0,000.
Stanley Matthews, great-go-between and
confidential correspondent of Supervi
sor Anderson, elected to the United
States Senate through Hayes' interfer
ence $5,000. i
Morris Mark,' Hayes. Elector, appointed
EtToccstRiterathrea that exist, and to an i Collector, of Internal Reveneue, $3,750.
E0SAD1LIS to aoid bran Drogstota. U ll urewster, Hayes Elector, appoiuieu
iiij niiji w. w iil.-.- -. - - . j o : r.. i ..ft ai ann
A B, Hayes Elector, whose
electoral vote counted for Hayes, al
though Ins name was forged to electo
ral certifi'cateKappointed Special Aeut
; of Internal Revenue, $1,500.
S B Packard, candidate for Governor on
Hayes' ticket, and who got more; votes
than Hayes, but juggled out of offk-e to
satisfy Hayes' promises, appoiutea Con
sul to Liverpool, $0,000
John Shermau, Leader of the band of vis
iting statesmen, who promised ; to re
ward Republicans who did their I duty,
appointed Secretary of Treasury $3,000.
E V Stoughton, ''visiting statesman,
clerk in
$1,200, - .
Maxwell, Hayes body goard, appointed
Lieutenant United States - army, uovir in
the penitentiary, $1,500.
John M Aarlau, member Louisiana
Commission to carry out bargain on which
Hayes was counted In, appointed Assci
ate Justice United States Supreme Court,
$10,000. - j j
J R Hawley, member Louisiana Com
mission, appoiutment of Chief Comtuis
sioner toParis Exposition, $2,000. j
W L McMillian, who helped the com
missioner to break tip Pack ark' Legisla
ture, appointed Pension Agent, $4,000.
L JSouer, who bribed Packard Legisla
ture to elect Kellogg Senator, Appraiser
of Merchandise, New Orleans, $3,000. j
James Lewis, Returning Board, Ken
ner's friend, appoiutcd Naval Officer to
conciliate him, $5,000.
Benjamin Bloomfield, Jim jAudersoh's
protege, Auditor in New Orleans Custom
house, $2,500. '" ; ,
Governor Steam's secretary, who help- 1
ed along the Florida frauds, place j in
Treasury Department, $1,400.
F A Lesage, an East Baton Rogue
striker, appointed to New Orleans Custom
house, $820.
How the Benders Died.
The Story of a Man Who Says lie Helped
to Lynch Them Pursued by Forty Arm
ed Men, Captured, ; tied to Trees and
Shot to Death Dying Vith Curses on
Their Lips. j
A recent dispatch published in Ihe Ob
server stated that a correspondent of the
Chicago Times, writing from Oswego, La
bette county, Kansas, declares that the
Bender murders are dead and that he
helped to lynch them several years ago. I
They lived upon the highroad through
the prairie, aud in the floor of their din
ing room was a trap doof, whicn, ' when
opeued, precipitated the;1ntended victim
into a well, where Kate and her father ex
ecuted them. They had murdered in this
way a great many travelers. Dr. York
was the hist who came to their house aud
I The full story of the correspondent is
now at hand and is as follows : When
search was instituted for the body of Dr.
' York, in April, 1873, suspicion was direct
ted against the Benders,! and, contrary to
geueral belief, a close watch was kept on
For MJJf and BEAST.
rj i External and Internal.
flWsliror Pills:
! j Dr. Rogers'
Vegetable WORM SYRUP
Icltantlr destroya VOKI and Is rwommendwl
by pbtaiana as the best WORM MLXiICLNK.
ii i 1 t7For sale by all Drucglst. . 4
- . i j '- SOLE PBOFEIETOE3, . .
34 CallecB Place. Ncvr York.
Por 3al by T. F. ivLUTTZ, Druggist,
' : 3$:r n : ; " : Jsiilisbury, is. C.
Also the following more or less promi- tuem for a wuile- They; must have been
nent actors in the great steal, viz : j " awre of the surveillance, for at the nrst
Jack Wharton, appointed United States ' cppoi tnuity they decamped. They bun-
Marshal, $2,000.
L Desmarious, Cashier New Orleaus
Custom house, $2,500. .
"Judge" Cessna, appointed Postmaster,
Henry Sniith, appointed New Oaleans
Custom house, $Cj0Q.
E Lukemau, appointed New Orleans
Custom House, $600.
Napoleon L Lastrppes, appointed New
Orleans Custom house, $600.
Paul Treyigne appointed New Orleans
Custom house, $1,000.
II M Twitchel, appointed United States
Consul at Kingston, $2,000.
A B Sloauaker, appointed Internal
Revenue $1,200.
Mr Varnuin, appointed Receiver Land
Officer, $1,500. j
Mr. Taylor, appointed Receiver Land
Office, $1,000.
Bowles of Leon, appointed Treasury
Department, $720.
Mr Phelps, appointed Commissioner to
Paris, $
Total amount per annum (exclusive of
fees not estimated), $196,560.00
P. S. James A. Garfield, "visiting
statesman"' to New Orleans, elected Uni
ted States Senator, salary $5,000, by the
influence of Hayes, afterwards chosen by
the National Republican Party as their
been left to themselves they would hare
made full confessions beyond a doubt.
Kate perceived this, and thinking it would
please the vigilantes too much to hear
The Late General Grimes.
The talented editor and sterling
confessions, she fell to cursing her broth- gent,eman Henry A. London, Esq.,
erjand father for their cowardice. They j u ',e 'a8' 'ssue of tne 9"atnam eo"
took it sullenly at first, but soon some- ordf pays a high tribute to the scldier
thing of her reckless spirit infused them y qualities of the late General Grimes.
twi' j0iintLe tiradC: Er In an editorial of length, he says:
the old woman chipped in occasionally, Tl. , 9 J .
and her appearance indicated that .he? It,wJIOTr ood fortune to have
wholly approved of the family demonstra- eeu ,ntimate7 acquainted with Genv
tidn. When charged with the murders Grimes, and we desire to express our
laid at their doors the answer was a curse ; tribute of affection and regard for so
followed by more curses and then a vol- j true a friend, so brave a soldier and
ley, a fusillade of curses and ribald abuse. ' - l- u a i it
Our court went through with the form1? hiZtoa a gentleman. He was
prescribed and Uien pronounced the sen- j the soul of honor nd M ineere as
teiice of death. , The announcement was : ne was brave. In him North Carol i
received with jeers from the hardened na has sustained a great loss. With
criminals, who had determined to brave ; out any exception whatever, Bryan
it out to the last. It was decided that the j Grimes showed 8vratom8 0f fear
... vAv-k ii o ouvuiu euvij its lb VTUUIU
than any man we have ever seen. It
mattered not how thick the death
dealing bullets or the shrieking shells
might fall around him, he was cool
and calm in giving his orders, and
in leading his men in the' rushing
face with unfliuch-
showers that
died their goods in to two wagons and start
ed for Indian Territory.; They crossed
over iuto Montgomery county aud squat
ted near the Verdigris River to await de
velopments. The distance from their farm
was something like twenty miles John, Jr.,
or John, Sr., made daily trips back to the
viciuity of Cherryvale and took observa
tions. It was their intention to return if
the excitement should blow over, but if
it continued warm they would go on as
oritrinallv planned. They knew of the
discovery of their crime within an hour
after the bodies were dug out of their
shallow graves, and lost no time in strik
ing their tents. They struck out for the
west, bank of , the river and started south
ward post haste, Their flight soon be
came a panic, and to add to their discom
fiture one of their wagons broke down.
Packing what they could of the loud on
their hqrses they piled up what was left,
ett- fim fit ii !iiul Iiiu tii'!? tin.
Mmvhih. a v,,, committee had inS to heaveD- We theu Proceeded north
w ft...,i Ti. v5.rii.Mt -li.t notnnm- waM derating before reaching the set
v. waAW - - -
her moae than a 100 me
500 with the new ones just elected
from thirty-one States and Territories
Alter electing members of the exec
utive council the association adjourn
Reported Suicide of Dr. Duch Anna
A Probable Ruse to Escape Jus-
, wee. - - . j;
The Philadelphia iZecorrfyesterday
announced that Dr. John Buchanan,
dean of ther Eclectic Medical College,
u iiian vi i jf 1IUIU WUICU DOgUS UipiO-
mas have been issued purporting to be
authorized by institutions uider names
almost without number, had ended his
career about 1 o'clock yestenlay morn
ing by leaping from a Camden and
Philadelphia ferry-boat According to
the Record, about the hour above nam
ed Dr. Buchanan, in company with a
friend, Thos. . Vanduserj; was on
board the ferry-boat PhHadelphia, on
her 1 o'clock trip to Camden. As the
boat was entering the west end of the
canal at Ridgeway Park, Dr. Buch
anan went to the side of the steamer,
th rew off his coat, jumped upon a
wheelbarrow and sprang overboard,
shouting, "Good-by." The boat wn
stopped as soou as possible, and back
ed to the snot, but as there was a
a. 9 -
strong tide running nothing could be
Attdrnay aitrGounssllor at Law,
Ijl SALISB Vli r, x. c.
Office in the Court House lot, next ddo
Si$e llaughton. Will practice in all
Jhe Courts of the State.
. ' -1 1 - . i
33 G.
Presidential standard bearer at Chicago,
vho explained the forged return of votes prospective salarv $50,000, in considera-
as a "clerical error," and who was one tion of distiucuished services to the party
0 - -
of Hayes leading counsel before the
electoral Com mission, Minister to Rus
sia, $17500.
John A Kasson, "visiting statesman,"
Hayes' connsel before Electoral Coin-
at New Orleans, in connection with John
Sherman, Sec. G. C. W.
take too much time to hang them.
The sun was already nearly down and
the shadows of approaching night were
deepeniug. There on the borders of the
forest the cruel killers were tied to sap
liugs aud told to prepare for death. One
of Olir mitnlur trim li-wl rwtt- nnit-a fnwtm-
-- , v"bu" 1 . 1J
ten his earlv eduction, undertook to of- """6C uu.v
fer a prayer, but Kate spit in his face inS eve the ,eaden
while he was addressing the Throne of I swept the held. In battle he seemed
Grace, and he quit right in the middle of to bear a charmed life, for he would
a sentence aud drew off in disgust. The exDose himself where it seem no man
f, , . .. i: i j I
wu, uicu miu luic uu lueir iiys, uaru- ..IJ i: w.H An a r0momK0r
; i i , , , . i w ft v a vsv iiv a wmviu awa
eneu ana unrepeurant to tueiast. inerei . . .
in that lonelv. dismal snot, awav bevond um iaia raorn,Dg April u, 1000,
the confines f civilization. thv mt A when the lines around Petersburg were
righteous retribution, with their souls stormed, aud as our soldiers were re- seen f the body, although Jhe moon
black with crime, and murder. tiriuff before overwhelmine numbers vas shining brightly. In the pocket
Their executioners treated them better now Gen. Grimes rushed to the front f bis coat was a note addressed to his
than they treated their innocent victims. geize(j a musket from a retreatln sol. wife without signature, which indicat-
ZZrur rrJ dierf nred it In raVd succession .t the ed ins purpose to commit suicide.
much time was wasted in burial, but it vanciug enemy, and finally rallied AH yesterday the harbor police were
was growing late and the vigilantes had his men, and charged and recaptured "ragging me Delaware river tor the
a long ride before them. A hole, made a portion of our line which was held body of Buchanan, but without suc-
by the 'displacement of the roots of a fal- ali that dav until niehtfall. when Gen. cess: One of the ferry boat hands says
leu eottouwood, was made a little larger ordered a retreat." He also says : that when he last saw the doctor '.'he
and brushwood. Thi. wa all thr wna dOU Ot Ueorgia the glory ot the last ot " luuuiui AS.anu. XAe was
to the funeral. On reaching the level fight at Appomattox. It was Gen. held in 10,000 bail on the 10th of
again the effects of the Benders were Grimes who had command of all the June last by the United States- Corn-
stacked aud burned as a eort of an offer- tr0ops in the engagement, aud not missioner, and a true bill wis found
Gen. Gordon, and he it was who against mm juonaay Dy thegrana
i - u- io uiu.nt koirrA tn I itirv for usincr the mail to assist in
I . i . .. i -Ail UiilUO LU4L 1 do u LFililiAllb V.IIUI ij j o ;
u an toid, uut tney , J hrnaU hrnnh Rhoridaii'a swarms of his bocus diploma trade. TheUni
. . .i i i t.. i inert) uu uiuw iiiaue aoouc uut n -.. i .
meant business, as tue sequel proveu. iu ,.: , ,i nn States District Attorney abnlied to
, , , . . i. atiiicTciueui, eacu uiitu keeuiug ui unu uivaiiv, auu lact wiun - - j-
was nv oou oi uitu mnuuc iu u wuc m i - - . ... I t i n i i
the elect! Scouts were sent out iu all di- counsel. The secret was well kept, and that battle field was carried by the J udge Butler in courtjesterday morn-
rections. and within fortv-cight Lours of aml u was weeK8 ore outsiders stopped writer hereof from Gen Grimes to ng to have ISuchanau's-DaiUorieiieu,
The Statesman IlANCOCK.-pNearly every
dav something is brought to light bearing
mission, appointed Minister to Austria Upon the character of Gen. Hancock, and
$12,000. ! -1 showing how patriotic and wise our soldier-
E F Noyes, "visiting statesman" and statesman has ever been. The more his re
confidential friend of Hayes, appointed cor(j js ventilated, the more he appears to
Minister to France, $17,500. merit the profound respect and esteem of
William M Evarts, Hayes' counsel before i,j9 countrymen. His utterances, whether
Pnietice3 in the State antT Federal
I! i
gUomen at
; -51
nlL5 1
ir and Heierson, :
Attornevs. Counselors
if "
and Solicitors,
laay22 I870!tt. .
Electoral Commissiou,Secretary of State,
Lew Wail lace "visiting statesman," ap
pointed Governor of New Mexico, $3,
000. ; "
Eugene Hale, "visiting statesman," ten
dered by Hayes position as Secretary
of Navv. $8,000
Gedrge L Smith, who manipulated the
public of private, are always on the same
line. He ever exalts the constitution and
the laws, and pleads for harmony, good will
and reconciliation between the sections. His
letter to General Sherman, written hastily,
with the freedom which one officer uses in
his intercourse with a brother officer, breath
es throughout a spirit of patribtism worthy
of the better days of the republic, while 'his
the departure of the Benders from their
camp iu the next county the fact was dul
reported to us. About forty of us organiz
ed iuto a pursniug party aud started after
the butchers. Once on their trail we had
no difficulty in following it. The murder
ous quartette had.taken to the open coun
try west of the river, but were keeping
within convenient distance of the thick
timber that grows in the valley watered by
his stream. They were expecting pur
suit and and hoped to escape by losing
themselves in this timber if it came to the
worst. As we proceeded the trail fresh
eued and ere long we came across the
half consumed ruins of the wagon left by
the Renders iu their flight.
Burdened as they were with mi;ch enm
brous baggage, they had not been able to
make very great speed, but they had used
every possible effort to put space behind
them. It was 3 o'clock on a hot sultry
prowling around in search of the Benders. J ,y
All for Love.
What the Lawyers Talked about at
Saratoga this AVeek.
but consideration of the matter was
postponed until Thursday nejtt.
The Philadelphia Evening telegraph
of yesterday says the story of the sui
cide is regarded by the officials a high-
returns of seven parishes, Collector ofr military orders- and public letters while
Port of New Orleans, $7,000.
commander of the Department! of the Gulf,
Hugh J Campbell, who appended forged stamp him as a nian whose name might well
jarats to papers before tne returning mentjoned along with those of Washing
ton, Jefferson and Jackson. Ital. Observer.
The Fall terra of this School will open,
, 08tar; AnTnci! ;i,.,l
! .Wernis, &CT address.
Geo. r. McNeill,
Wood LeafrJN. C.
Female College,
Greensboro. II. C.
A Jl Session will begin pn the 25th of
ilV known! Institution oflers unperior
Wed I u nivnll and nwral culture, coiu
dprJI'1" l!ie ccuifcrts cf a pleasant, wellor-
f5 Fr wrion of 5 month : Board
inTnU of .hinK and lights) and Tuition
mJl '''"gih course, $75. Extra Studies
Herchel V. Johkson Dead. Augusta,
August 17. Ex-Governor Herchel v .
Johuson died at his residence in Jefferson
count v. Ga.. last uiht, in the 68th year
of his age. He was a presidential elector
and Judge in 1844, United States Seuator
in 1848, and Governor of Georgia from
1853 to 1857. He was also the Democra
tic candidate for vice-president with Don
glass in 1860, and a member of the seces
sion convention in Georgia in 1861, when
heapposed vigorously the policy of leaving
the Union j iu 1863 was elected to the
Confederate States Senate and presided
over the State constitutional convention
in 1865. In 1866 he was elected United
States Senator but was not permitted to
take his 6eat. In 1873 he was elected a
TOT Uartirnlur nnlc to
. M T. M. JONES, Pfes't.
gage Deeds for sale here
so various other blans.
: i - ! I
w i . 1 I-' 1
Dice !--The Milk of one cow is
expressly for infants at
Board, on which Mr. Hayes was count
ed in, District Attorney for Dakota (in
addition to fees), $250.
M L Stearns, Governor of Florida, who
certified returns of Hayes' Electors, ap
pointed Commissioner to Hot Springs,
Arkansas, $5,000.
S B McLinn, member of Florida Re
turning Board, appointed Chief-Justico
of New Mexico, $3,000
W H Green, clerk to Returning Board,
appointed to a place in the New Orleaus
Custom house. $1,000.
York Woodward, clerk to Returning
Board, appointed Chief Clerk of Survey
or's office, port of New Orleans, $1,800.
C S Aleel, clerk to Returning Board,
appointed Clerk of Custom house of New
O.rleans, $1,200.
Clerk B,lapk, appointed clerkship in the
i tt ii t'j n ii U r judge of the State which position beheld
Clerk Herrell, appointed Collector of J . ... , ,
rt J rnn 81 UIO lime Ui 11 IS Ueaill.
RM J Kenner, brother of Returning
Board Kenner, appointed to a place in the I The Great advance of agriculture in
New;Orleans Custom Jipuse, $00. j Georgia is indicated by the fact that np I
St Felix Caseuavje, brother of Returning to 1874-75 the cotton crop of that State
Board Casenave, appointed Store-keeper was only about 500,000 bales. Now it is
of New Orleans Custom house, $1,460. about 900,000. This is due, in a great
II C Clarke, Kellogg private secretary .measure, to the use of fertilizers. For the
appointed to a place inthe Interior De-1 Reason of 187o7fa there was inspected in
partfnentr. f ,200. S - 1 :f I that State 60,000 tons of fertilizers ; for
W F Dean, ex-Chief of Police of New 1876-77, 80,000 tons ; for 1877-78, 103,000
Orleans, appointed clerk iu Revenue office 1 tons, ana ox tue present season, l7y-0,
under piarks, Hayes elector, $J4i00. 1 133,000 to,n,s. Averaging the cost per ton
A S Badger. Chief of Police of New Or-1 at $40, Georgia paid out-last year $5,-
leans, appointed Postmaster at New Or- 320,000 for feitilizers. Her cotton crop at
leans. '$3,500. .iiIvTV ;- - $45 a bale will be worth about $40,000.
. F A Clover, Supervisor "of -'Election of 000. The crop of 1875-76, it the same
Baton Rogue, appointed clerkship in the I rate was worth about $2200,000. This
New Orleans Custom house, $1,500." II shows the value of fertilizers when jodi-
w!a Heistand. Supervisor of Election, ciously applied. Z?al. Observer
Saratoga, August 18. The lyimprobable one, but rather .as a mse
American bar association met shortly to escape justice. On the other hand
sympathy of the towns-people! It is
tinie that bounds be placed to sentimen
tal nonsense on the subject of love, for
the public' feeling on the subject threat
ens to undermind every moral and social
virtue. A majority of the people talk and
New York Herald.
A young man and woman, nnmarried,
have in a New England city been loung
ing about in the houses of absent rich
to o ot 1 . . In i , t 1.1- a. 1
and now we are told that their affection after half-past ten o'clock, ana was uucnanan s wne regarus ine reporteu
for each other has gained for . them the called to order by Luke P. Poland, suicide as an actual fact. tShe eays
chairman of the executive committee, that since the prosecutions in this cage
President Benjamin Bristow was in- had begun her husband was very
troduced and read his annual report, much depressed in mindso- much so
which dealt chiefly with the changes that about two weeks ago he attempt-
made in the statutory laws by thesev- ed to commit suicide by taking laud-
act as if love were a sufficient excuse forleral States and by congress during num. "She further saysthat he had been
any crime, and as a reciprocal passionate tue pasfc years. Among other new paralyzed on oae one side and could
attraction between meu and women de- j . enactments he referred to at- not swim a stroke. His counsel also
serves t be dignified by the name of love , railroads say there is no. doubt of, fihanan's
vat micf nf th tionnlo trhn f:illr t.hia inrt. J . . . - -r . '
J v I l .. I . 7
of nonsense are last to admit its annlica- Georgia, wnere a comin.w.uu buiuue.
. . .. . i. a. ..el I . . . i . i i
.May auernoon inai we came m H.g..t o tioil if they uappen to sufferers by it. been appointed to nx rauroau raies, death of A3f EbTlifABLE Lady.
w.-w rPlin Ortnt r a DAAn flB TV.'" I . ........ I . w- . a fli i I
Pu. . ...... Uo o If tue young mflQ lrapi,cated m the con- and to the law in the same estate ior w chronicle with regret the death
came from the cover, i"d Udon,ng teinptible theft8 aUuded to really loved his the appointment of temporary judges , M. . . t of
t.j u,,fe w.... j iemimne companion ue would not nave ..i 4i -rtncon nr uoMnv , 1 . ' , , .
plunged into the woods and scattered, h. a fellJburdar ofIier; he would pro em. with the consen of Iit.gat Dg g Xavlor Martin formerJy of thia
We were close upon their heels, however,
1 !
mug. me oiu nmu auu um auu aw en jea to raise Let in the respect of I in LOneress some equiiaoie uansrupi . r?,nfiv
yi . m m lAd HiAft an Imnr I . ... I . . t I
wnc uuun bucbi iu iw i'" " I oil t nhnm elm mifriit. avar mmA in I I 1.. .n viul in nhmn tne I .. . t . f.t
. " ....,.. - . - law liiin i b tJv, . . j. . , ... i .ii.fttr itwiinrr mnniv v n wnn
I w I MS. t T . M-rsJ. .v. v. w. ..... , . . . . -
air would
her condi-
1 I - .. I o " ' '
to surrender. ' ,.1, niilftr na nalliation for their offence real estate after twenty years trom me
V.a nf thorn chnirdil ticrUt. hilt I ... .1. .... .. .1 I
iiic.j o", oi.i mara l,nato f.i inanA. hi honestv loef navmnt to tllfi ai)D0intmeni DV r..i
-Ifl. nT,Pntinn of Kfltft thev all weak- " . - . lJ " " . ' martin was a line wuiuau.y u.!,
.v.. -" 1 I .1 ,l mna fnr lrth Ilffl RIITH TO 11 ee,ll I i L . CJ. i .rannrio nt t lio (imiffrflnt I i.i ii t . t
""""""i ---1 me oiaic vi vw.6. "b anc was much oeiovea nere, ana ine
a grea, ue... u. s - commissioners for the encouragement announcement of lier death will carry
r,nejT'" ' I of emigration, and to the stringent us- J ,anor to the hearts of as many per-
ury law recently passed. Unly twelve gong as knew hcr wejj and appreciated
they did not succeed in eluding us into vulgar carousings; he would have out of the various laws proposed in months past she has been in failing
The old man and his wife and Kate endeavored to raise Ler in the respect of in Congress some equitable bankrupt heaftu Recently she was carried to
John. Jr., was more fortunate than the
other members
trived to evade
he was at leng
of tu. tribe, f b. . zr:;" MTAr::. "attDee- "pDueu . "t'1"' . , u t ci.aDge ot
, for an honr loiter, but :.?,a .... He referred also to tne law enacieo k imDroveraent i5
- aiia aiiiK aw 1111 m -; mm oa,a. u lou a
th run to cover and forced inftuatioil of the80 young people for by South Carolina removing liens on t(w; She gradually sank,,
their names.
eued when it came to the scratch. She
emptied every chamber of her revolver
into our faces, but her aim was bad and
she did no serious damage beyond maim
ing one of our horses and clipping a lock
of hair from inv temple. The bullet rais
o1 n riilim nlnurr thfi fskin. the IU
which shows to this day. Shefiually sue- finishing touches on the dome last
cumbed to superior strength, but to the wee an(j the structure which Catho-
last maintianed the same dare-devil, reck- jjc gu e jiag een contributing to
less demeanor, navingcuieu ic q hundred years is now finished
. u ... .. . c ITt WA founded in 1248. At various
are we to lo witn tnem i oome were ir
taking them back and letting the law take times work on it was suspended. W hen
its course. The advocates of this line of the great Reformation started by Mar
policy were largely iu the minority. There rher swept over Germany it was
were those among us wiiose relatives uaa
fallen victims to the deadly hammers and
knives of the wretches, and they would
not listen to the suggestions of the con
servative element. They threatened to
do some killing then aud there if their
demands for iustant veugence were not
regarded. No one would have offered a
very strenuous opposition if they carried
out their threats, but it was thought best
to do the job up after the most approved
form obtained in the courts presided over
by Judge Lynch. The prisoners were ac
cordingly arraigned and asked what they
had to say in their defense. The old wo
man was sullen and ugly, but the two
men showed signs of faltering. Had they
abandoned entirely and for a great
period it was a matter of doubt
whether its construction would be re
sumed. But with the indomitable
will and perseverance which i has ev
er characterized the Catholic; Church
the task was taken up andlittleby lit
tle the vast cathedral has grown tow
ard perfection. The building is in the
form of a cross. It is 510 feet long
and 231 feet wide. The towers are
500 high and the eides are made to
represent in the carving and orna
mentation the four seasons.
The Oxlt Cekscs Fraud. --The only
census fraud which has leen discovered
so far Las been iu the North, and that,
too, in the very moment when a portion
of its DoDulation was quivering witii in-
At last the great cathedral of Co- States and Territories, he said have her true worth StatesvUU landmark.
t nt Whe is complete. The artist put the no laws against usury, tie spoke oi
cw a. i -or a - . I . .11 i t . .
the recently enactea law oi iuisana
requiring every person in business or
professional life, with the exception
of those engaged in agriculture and a
few others to pay special license fee, rtjgnation at tne idea of the wholesale in-
and referred to the laws torDiaaingi faUjies about to be committed at the.
the intermarriage of blacks and whites $outb. One enumerator in New York
which has been passed in South Car- has so far forgotten himself-thongh he
r,, , mi i i gars he has been mm posed on as to re-
o Una and other States. The law here- BaJ"w . "r
uuuit auu uniw w. torn the namesiof all the caudidates for
toforepassea to vne same eiic " the presidency as residents of a house of
Virginia has, he said, been aeciared questionable character.
constitutional by the United States
Supreme court.
j' On motion of Carleton Hunt, of
Louisiana the thanks of the associa
tion were tendered the president for
his address.
1 A large number of new members
were elected on the report of the exec
utive council. The georetary report
ed that the association had more than
400 members last year, and more than
yly daughter, never tell any one.
your private affairs," said a mother,
in sending ber daughter away upon,
her first journey. Monsieur, a third.
class ticket, if you please?" said the
daughter at the ticket office. For
where V asked the employee. "Is that
any of your business?" answered the
Madamoisselle, indignatly, remem
bering ber mother's advice. i
. i
s '
-7 f
.-... i
1 1
i''i . I ' ' ' ' ' .. . - . - !
--'X. : . i. - 1- ' " - ' i j i ' "; '. ' -.' r.;,-':T-:-v:.v;;'Tv:'4;'-

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