'!;K i-tir-.-Vi?: . j . ! !-;--::-;- 1:::-;v1:.'-?-l Vi'-VV U--.- If r " - - . v " - - 5 --j - - y " ' : '.' '7- ! - V;,--:. 7.,. 7. -7 .;:V . .V: .k. : 'v V ' -. - 7 :. v : - :: v - 77.7,m "y- y . -77-7; . - ir vV:"f-'v :vV7' "7- ' ':':- : -'v--'j- .7- - 7777 7. 7- ' :y - - 'yy-yyyr:-yi- vvr; 71 -7 ' 1 . " , . ' v- ' " r-- ' I - al - 7' - .7 y : t y r-tAix -ailRSDAYl WGUST26, 188" NEW 1TKK3IS. ; -I ; Vronliol after the 1st day of January the -subscription pice of the Watch "JrVtfelr, tfAtd In AtVAbce, . $1.50 f paynirtiit rteKiyed 3 inonlh8,2.00 X U ll bavmeiripdelayed 12 mouths 2.50 Democratic, CoWty; Convention. i Jti SatartUy the 23th of Angus ',5 I! o'clock Ml, at the Court Houie i'&aU-y. ..r 1 DjiRATic Towxsnip Convextioxs tfiQ ftfVJ o ciock (ai., v iue respective W BsIiW votiug precincts, exceipull fii Uifch wil1 infet at Jese Miller', Hid! AWelli''; wbic i swUl meet at. David for delegates to the County Vf,tuu, and alio balloting fr candi . ipJ(ori tlie various nominations will h-flri jft32i o'clock, P. U.t and coutiuue - i pcmocrats of Rowan are earnest It call! bPuU to attend the Township inwiltious.' . Let pur victory in the No- 'nilif I Sections ie graua ana ftiortous ! eiuocrats to your uanuaru : - Fkakk IJiiows, ) County ArG. Halyuckton, V zetiv4 J so. W j M a uxtr, ) Com'tee. !The ulve received their caps. r-o i 4tETS.L :.f jmore than the splutter of a duck in a mud they respectively fill, od D A Atwell was --.. vvhmdj. f icuivtrauc XiXeCUllVO fv4ic. iyr UiauilDa lQlulUT etj: IOC I uuiuiuai.tu w wvv.. lommittee .have requested ns to notify measure of a fool in his folly and settles him delegates to the County Convention Sat- where he belongs.' In the present case, we urday 23th inst, to call at tile o&lce of (6aPPoe it will Uke more than the question JbhnW. Mauney,VUi Ooaiiouse of Rowan to burst a report of the IWuship meetiairiuP the Democratic party.i The! ?caose rep- and - iobtain tickets of admission1 jtu the ' 'escntcd bv Hancock and JartU isltke Mooat Convention. None will be allowil to :Mitcel1 &!ong 8f lh piloi spreading appear In the Convention without i tickeui out anecP nti towering high up u,u central executive Cora mi t tee. SpecUtorawill be restricted to the cal- enes 01 the Court Room. ! ,1 The arrangement strikes nsas proper. - l ' " i'O 1 ' i otarviko Silesia.- London. AuguU 1 JIDeatji or Judge Sporroftri,,ni?T.ftrm. 20. A Berlin dunatr.h fa 77mAv . I v . Lt?;.i,, v Red Suphur .5u:M -..tu WHEAT filfnV1M?J " 1- 4V lie .was taken I is about time run tvnr frttin-4.nw T.-..' T a Kfiilpr ana .1 K l.nihATf. l -"""r " " "".-"" , iuotipers are again tun or disneartening I ainounces the death at ' J r Keiwrtrpf the harvest, JnSH 1 r. QrUWlRiw- ' Mu;x.ascana west Prussia. (The cros W. SpofTord;; Louisiana; ' j LOCALS. . il 'itlpecial.'.Cour is likely to run into next week. i !iir i lit BOW. -o . abundant on the streets t j ft 1 shower of rain. m .1: ftreels lld roads are dusty. tor Is longed for-j-the lie Frankliii Academy picnic, Sat criiiy ffeclv, and talie somebody with you. Dfefiors of the Western N. C. R. R. met tffit Mi Vernon oi last baturuay orgat i tDdHnuisaeted ffcnie buiincsa, the j;er ortjofliich we hajve not yet learned. Pr. VP L. Crump pf Davie county, who hwbwKinhad healthor a lew" weeks pa?t weirc giad to foe U on our streets, and "is Tmnrovintr ranidiv.J He will return to his "tirofojsionai duties tjhe last of this week. i - Hi- -: - !.. . " m ' Dr. Howanl, has I uts for'several wet be is K -Rood one. IV- een ainutiinsour cm s by his ventriloquism His worm medicine ba gained some reputation here. i lit. JiiQ. Malony has opened a new store nn Maid Street, jut opjmsite Meroney & Br III pro posa ti) keep afirst class gents iiif3iihiij esubiishraent, where you may be iiki out handsomely, and at moderate i i i ' 1 ' cwtfc' titbhig landed in Salisbury for some f SCHOOL The iBchoola, in a i r ,. Is : - Prejbvterian chiircli .onIoiilkT t!ie!5th priel'&c'. ' .A: For Sheriff, Waggoner, ! 1 ; Bingham, r -t Legislature, W G Watson," FrauK isrown, . Very 1-4 J J Stewart J L Greber, 1 'A : ftcauenng, . : . growing land converted into jlakea and ifeeely :,ThovoUforUheotlier offiees ia not swamps by torrenta of rain, while great McNeely TV ; ' ' V ;i i tC 1 ' me 18 featn all thVabove named n3iki 40 votes, i 33 . 48 46 1G 12 4 u i Mr A. J. Mock, just returned from the be done under the shadow of 31 1. Mitchell ; northern and eastern . cities, savs he never land when it U over thev will blake their before saw so much activity in the 'great I thirst at the pure waters winch j gush from vwu,ui?;inw uiaii, at mis Beason oi tneyear. The weather is excessively ,bbt f and ithous- in the blue heavens and dwarfing into con tempt the little potatoe hill by ts side, rep resented by Waggoner and Bingham. Oh I no. Democrats mav Jaw each other, and even do a little old time knocking anion them-1 Delegate: W W FraW, Roteboro, selves about the sheriffality- but it will all A J Fleuiiugi nud 13 A; Knox. , M. in Certain districts in these nrnvideeiil ft ek Iwith nnM(;ra'i.MH xiknA-'-- irmnrwAt lion mayj be . said j - to , bo .wrbolly.j destroyed, lay Unsensible until yesterday when 1 he ?nd nISue8' grades of f"Acid Phsphate8T, Lives have been lost, railway and river diedl 'w'! ' -U.i fo,r composting.' Call at once and secure - y yl -y- j ' - - - what you mav wsnh Wilinln hntrft jsn bndpsi,rokn;down,'villlage9-flooded fai-nis inundated And Ttat tracis of '.jI'-' ur 1. '' -I1 E Parties waatini the Genuine "Xul' I Peru growing land converted into llate. and llSCfr SiThf .X2i?S. 'f: Guano, will do e!i to leave their ands are on the move for cqot retreats, wat ering places, &c. The steamboats and rail year of her age.,; Mrs. orders with me in-time." provinces.' Atweijs.- its cool gorges, and abide together still un- uer its snaaow. There is one patent fact about this sheriff question it would be well to consider, and cars are crowded tqlheir utmost capacity, it is this : nearly all the fu$ about it was ana lucre seemed to. be no end tb-i On be-j-un and is kent uu bv town people. The bia return the trains were overflowing with conntry people have had no hand in any passengers, ail the way out tnto iVirginia trick, and have sought to createjno com pi i- whither many are going to the springs and tions. They are.therefore on high van- 5 Star i 40 vote. 33 " u was as well as usual on Snndav. at church, and died snddenilv be. fore If he dawning of the next morning,- of Coi.l Itil431 thyself of to-morrow." i - For Sheriff, Bingham, L ' ; Wsrggoner, . Legislature, ' J LGra?bcr, ' 4r.:s lr.yf A liouclt, 1 S;- IT it IS Overman, ..,, ... , .I.-Tv flrnliiliil. Scattering, V. Coroner, -DA Atwell, Xo opposition to Register, Treasurer, and Surveyor. - ' ' J L Sloan, Chairn Ex. Com. to the mountains. While passim? through ta-e around, and have it in their power to 12'? 43 3D 34 10 10 50 Colored tlEPUPLicAx OBATORs ixo.pw ashington, August 21. Tlo Re publican National : Cora rait tee, ?vJiaving been! asked to send prominent, shakers iu the Southern States, it . is uudvrstood I P 25th' 1 8S0 in 1 ne Asylum at Ral- hat invitations have been extended to rC: f.1 VOII nariotte, in T T Aug. 23rd, Miss Ann Hide, in the 72d yeafherage. J.A.R. J. Ati.EX RnowK.i i August. 4tb 1S80. in 42;tf ' Mrs. Kliftmclleb, head of the art de partment of Simontoii College, tfill make Crayon Portraits, life size.froru Fhotograpbs. at moderate charges. Call n Mrs. K. taad see specimens at Captain BeaU's residence. 3t;p. . - -. 'i.i. .. ,,-.f'..?.,t " Just received at A,C Harris' ! the popular colored orators'of kite North to visit the Southern States and persuade theif brethren not to vote? the j Democra tic tjeket, but to maintain their fealty to the Republican pat tyv " ! A! Noveltt. the 44th year of his age, after an attack of acute mama, of a week or ten days dura tioni t I ijlxtj, -i0 i-'i- -;v.? : w a fine lot of Xo. 1. Cigars auu xrtucii anaies. 1 1 PRICE CURRENT. f Corrected by JM. Ksox Jc uo.V'j Aug. 1830. Virgiaia one of the passengers went through command the peace, by acting independent the train taking the vote on the : Presiden tial question, lie did iiot hear the final re sult," but af .the, moment' when '"ha 'saw the man, the vote stood Grarfield 8 and cock toS-yA :V'Z ft .THE -SHEKIFF TKOUBLE. ly of town interests and strife. t The township of Salisbury can be com pletely $ntced under by the Country pre- Han-; ciricUif it shall become, necessary for the : sake of peace and for the sake of the Demo- cratic cause to do it. And such a combinai- ! tion lor the purpose indicated Would com- LlTAKElt'S. 34 mand the applause of wise men everywhere, the -great since it would rescue" lrom harm in settling will be for ic moment We conjecture there has been !more worry about the disputed result of the primary meetings iu relation to the onice ; cause ot the country, rruuence u some of Sheriff thau t!i ere was good occasiou j times the better art of valor, and the more for. The Executive Committee of the Trudence we can bring to bear County were very specific in layiug flown this family quarrel the better it the rules to be observed by the primaries R concerned when the heat oft and the County Couveulion, and the ap ha passed away. plication of these rules caunot fail to set tle the questions involved in the disputed matter. We suppose it will be idoue squarely ami fairly, and that the trouble will.theie end. V , We'copy the following from the Execu tive CommitteeV instruction as the lead ing ruleiu this cam?:. - 33 - 25 " 49 " 18 5 52 " 51 " 49 " 35 " 11 OFFICIAL VOTE i Of The Township Meetings, Ausr. 21st, 1880. Locke Township voted as follows: ces to be tilled, each township isreques t ballot at its convention tor canui U For Sheriff, C. F. Waggoner, G. A. Bingham, Legislature, Frank Brown, L. S. Overtnau, J. J. Stewart, J. L. Gr&ber, W. li. Watsou, J. K. Graham B. C. Arey, " T. J. Sumner, Register, H. N. Woodsou, Tresu'r, J. Sam. McCubbins, W. II. llonih. Surveyor, J. C. Bernhardt, Coroner, B. F. Fruley, :. " D. A. Atwell, tt tt ti tt i. tt OPENING. e and female, of the of this place, will open of Septeml)er, at the 55 votes. 35 " 23 35 23 51 37 1 1 1 73 CD 1 G5 33 4ti 4 tt ti tt : Wat Fkutiuzeks. The Messrs. Bernhardt will present to. the attention of tlitjst growers a sp;cial crop labour uexf, 74"! 1 . -o "in order tliat your delegates may know your preferences for the variousoni- jested afeH lor the various utuuiuations, the balloting to bo under the suervtsiou ot the execu tive conimitteea resiHctively aial uovern- ed by the same rules and regulations, as lar as applicable, as are above prescribed ror balloting lor delegates." But if the County Convention shall fail to reach a conclusion satisfactorily to themselves, they may order another primary test, and if they should do this, we submit that the Question lm left to a .i.- ,...1.. Detegatee: T. J. Sumner , ' . ' . . i I C. 11. Mclveuzie, lu uie, Mwuiive uouiuiitLfn auu couuieu j Kubinsou, by them aud 'the result declared. J. A Fisher, Otherwise, refer ' the question ! to the R B. Hairis, .ww.t.lo .. ,TTu V.i..inl.ui.- lo,.twm I V C H Ul'UDfcr, , , ' ,L i J F E Brown, uemocranc canuiuaces wouiu soon oevei- i -p q Watson 1 I F P-itteraon 1 ope streugtn enough to oeathisoppoueuts hou 3, J C Bernhardt 2, J B G whoever thev miiiht be. ."J. Sumxer, Chair'n lVjl.,.nn tl...',.,r,to P.mi,anin ,.-11 XiX. Committee. -. ..A A. A .. Al... . 1.1. I. 11 rnHcwoseottuwie u.UKi.oi8e BUgftea- SaLISBCKY ToWNSIIIfL ii I... .1: r 4.x. y .ii I l no.., uuiuupuw ot uie u.nui ioo.ue For slieriff) C. Waggoner, J56 votes. (jr. A. lsinglium, Scattering. For Sheriff, Bingham,- ' r '.', . Waggoner, M Legislature, Frank Brown, " J L Gnclr, L S Overman, 44 ... Scatteriug, Register, Woodsou, ' Treau'r, , McCubbins, j Survey'r, J C Bernhardt, Coroner, D A Atwell, " B F Fruley, Uelegatee: A F Gneber, A II Heilig, P A Slop, Michael A Brown, J M Eddie man. ' The delegates are instructed to vote in the bounty Convention, to le held iu Salisbarv, August 23th, for ierBous elect ed at this meeting. When any such per son cannot receive the nomination by dif ferent ballotiugs, then to vote for the most suitable candidate. M A J ROoKMAX, 1 A II Heilig, Ex. Committee. P A Slooi, We have not yet recived full returns from Gold Hill, Providence and Morgan townships; but give reports as they have reached town, as follows: Gold mil For Waggoner, for sheriff, and Frank Browu and Ji L. Grceber, for the Legislature. Providence Bingham for sheriff. Morgan Bingham for sheriff. Yesterdav Williamson called oor attention toacuri osity iu cotton growth which is wedare say something which but few cotton' pro ducers have wituessed. It was a cotton stalk fully five feet in heightj the body of which was hard aud solid asablackjack. But j I A HELPING HAHD. i Drugs of all kinds taken inter nail r Wfc l . ... i ' : i . .. " iue sysiem ana ut reaction nroduee tlie uottos dull xrood AUddlmp. 104 a t . i . ... .. w . t Mr. James results. Dr. FIagg Improved Liver and Middling ... ; .J0 fiomacni'aa aida nature sown way, and ; : ow,Vi do 4 a tj i73 peneci ueaiuvuever iaiis to follow its use. t ains i r , t . t '-n : - I Bacox, county, hog round l f 4 CQilo x suow i ULCxzeus . 01. Rowan 1 bcttkb Countv: lEoos ; I aiuiouube myself as a candidate for S?!' Dovelty in this case was that in the be held on the 21st and 23th days of this oua-best fam. - $1.50(22.00 1 . MRU the liov top branches of the cotton tree a bird has month. built its nest and has in it three eggs. I take this occasion to return my sin- pn-.ft-a Twta tic umuwj 10 ice voters 01 itowau tor I nmva 5lf10 extra super. Writ it t.i t uwu-lil tl.ot WoL.fnnt.tr Is w OiriT Ol AOW8U lOr I n,-t : .. .... ........... - their ioug continued confidence and sup- tTl growing cotton treesin which the birds p0rt. 1 have earnestly endeavored to "D" build their nests. This- unusually large discharge my public duties according -to and ihrifty stalk was raised by Mr. Bev- liiwt favoring the people with whom 1 erly -Williamson of this county .-Huleigh ve had business, aa much as I could. : r ur continued support up to this time is an assurance of your unbroken confi dence. I thank, vou for it. Aud if it IU- I at .ill I.. .-.-..-.. ..Inn r.. I ... . . . 1 . T Du.in uv juiu inr.iouic iu re-cievii me, a Actri . Hat: Oats tK y Beeswax Tallow - ' Blackbehhieb ; Afples, dried Scoar it 1 i I &85 2.73 9.50 150 150 UO 40(45 540 20(321 I0i2i 1YINST0X TOBACCO MARKET I a Wxxstos, N. C, Aug. 2L X8304,, Lugs, common dark Lugx, 'common brieht.. w r 1 t ,KriLLEi. A colored woman was stanily killed near this city on the Falls will serve you with the same carefulness of Neuse road vesteidav uiomintr bv a run- and, devotiou I have ever done. a-way mule. Rue was driving tbe mule to , "V:v t " l" whho ... . s nave oeen an uuwavenuir UeiiMcrat since a cart wneu it became 11 ignteueu una ran t d ftJU 8ti T not aovred Lugs, common dark.........$3,50 $5.00 away upsetting the cart aud breaking the niy political preference to iuflueuce me I ,,g i TOIUon oriRUt,.., 5.00 t(&W womau'aneck. An infant which she was in the discharge of my official duties. hrMt' " holding in her arms escad uuhurt.-tfaZ. .VrTf iv , 1? ,,UrBl xecuiiv,e- Leaf, conmondark L. Too Ned r !:i!lD!!t,'e gd dark, J . 7ofe aoo p,,,uuw uwito 01 uy par- Leaf, coraraon bright,.... 6.00 7,50 T1e Convict and the Kitchw Minx, T T n 'iiuih. iiic ''uFni w wrappers, common tjrignt,.....ia.&U (rl&.liO -John Lover, a negro convict who work- i011g. The dutie8 f Sheriff should be Wrappers,, Sood brlghtf......... 25.00 30.00 ed his time out ou the Milton Sntherliu impartially performed, and that officer Wrapper, fine bright, ..35.00 50.00 Narrow Guago Railroad, fell in love while should make no difference between Dem- Wrappers, fancy bright......... .50.00 d 75.00 g,. . 1 , t:i. .:.u xTi : I w-ioio auu 11c uuui i lus, lb is ills UUlV lading the road uear Milton, with Iselsi- tn ;- , , n J , ... -1 , 1 o - - - ..... namint, a mulatto woman raiaeu ana 6,lCti this eouise, aud if re-elected will o'-vned bv Mr. laz Hunt, who has been I coutiuue to do so. I faithful to the familv since the war. and H is objected that I "bolted the decis- : .. ..e .1... i . 1 has alwava declared she would remain uuri'ulu rauc Vounty V,Vfc": Messrork... uex me ioiiow tug suuiuiui ui me 1 ; . I lion I St. Louis Slarket Quotation!. lrtes given a -e fer goods aboard cars' or tat readx tor slUpoioat to desUnatlun. ., : j Dylls. Cta 53 52 41) 43 34 40 37 34 W F Wat- sou 3. We an vote for sheriff iu the county according to the generally accepted reported at the time of going to press : Waggoner, II Salisbury, Fraukhn, Gold Hill, Locke, Pro ideucc, Atwell, Morgan, Litaker, i Scotch Irish, Unity, Mt. Ulla, RjoiiiE&Y. Lawyer MeCorkle's office was trcihlj entered last Wednesday night, and li Offii clock takt-B out. All his private plttrriwere examintd f? ?c Rtinnou'd with -i i i 1 ' T rt v tbt;er of obtaining money no papers . wtrt taken out, and the ck way without iujustiee-to the preaeut can didates. - 1 The republicans are fooling them Selves rtie'e for this prodigiously if tliey suppose this, family jar is going to sjdit democracy into frag ments. It will do no such thing): it is two small a caue for so great'an effect. tt 137 ! t, Totals, 00 5 4 00 00 00 5 4 00 4 33 Bingham 00 6 00 00 5 7 3 00 00 0 00 23 Civil War iu liowau. a tt tt tt tt tt Mr. Editor: The implacable spirit now ni nf iniv 4 lia tuircAnol 4riArla fit' tKa t a rv s . . I OAl I (11 r I A Ai 1 iiiv iv-i cvrum iviiua v m l U W V T w ; nf Km rotaainfV arront I- . . . ;UUl.....D vvv. caujjjjates for nomination by the Democrat ic party, tor the office ot. Sheriff, has become -O - I ctnrlr frinrl munttv Thft iiiorc nrrtliniinrpil Tne Radicals have become Dresumntuous I Uihprnra of p.h Almost. twpr that, thfv tjieif despair tlvey have a huge flag pole, will vbte for Dave Bringle, if the other is wtfcu lev. prouosd4 erect on 3Iain street, nominated, which will unquestionably make 1 1 - a - - . i - '11- 1 a - A. 1 - A - i t - - : . .-M z tea tiSii ,m i u , . , . . I lliis oemocraiie couuty, tuusiunnniiu raui i ' . . I cai, nuu niut mu 111 m;u uiuihcihuuj - AlmM i.r IT. .1 , t ' r, I . i it 7 r uancocK anu jams, iney ire 4mn.ii I -' . . . ' ... I . 1 o - Legislature, J. J. Stewart, Frauk Browu, L S Overman, W G Watscin, J L Grajler, J K Graham, J G Fleming, . Scatteriug, Register, II X Woodson, JY Barber, Tre'suV, J Sain McCubbius, Survey'r, JC Bernhardt, Scattering, Coi-oner, D A Atwell, B F Fraley, Dr.Thosilill, tt 152 58 46 41 I? 285 2 ! 3 25 101 46 ti n tt a tt n tt n tt t tt a a a tt a a tt The Law of Entail. Much misapprehension exists in th country as to the powers of entail England. There is uo such thing as a I ficulty. law of primogeniture, except iu so fat- that if a man die iutestnte his real es- VCi VP.'IM itrr !i nil 1 1 1 ft T I &lmtil1 I Twv aitr Chutil6N with ;her master and mistress as long as I, rulinl out of ihn nrm-;,. rimnrv " Ciear Kib bides..' they lived. But she snubbed John Lover meetings aud County Convention. 1 feel Baconbcae?...".V.V.V ufter he got free, aud for this he took re- that this objection is absurd and ridicu- ;; Clear Kib siiea J."."." venue last Saturday night. As Nelsina lous. This question was decided by you nams-Piaia...... r:;.""- "; . .. i ai me uuiiot wti io jears ago. jouaur " was eooking iu Mr. nunts Kitcnen, tue knliw he history of the Convention ex-cduvict crept iu and asked- her for a j 1878, and hundreds were thoroughly of- I Flour Extra 'Fancy piece of bread. Sha refused to give it, fended by it. Many ot the best Demo- JjJJjg; and he jerked a pistol from his breast and cratsiu the Couuty urged me to disre- ..IZ ' J, ,l . gard its action because it was so manifes- Corn Meal begai firing at her. She ran screaming tly unfair, and to fake the field against it. cwn-Whl'w inBmV. from ithe kitchen and he in in pursuit at I did so. The validity of that Conven- " sacks everi shot. He tired three times and tion was put on trial before the people, " !.' j32ck?.!f.f.:: rfnnltfl... tcmiM l.av killed her. but Mr. auu eiwieu uie u iarKe luitjoinj uan-aina in ...... ! . over Mr. Bingham, Mr. Buchanan and Hunt ran out and seized him. A warrant Mr pijier. This, I thought, nud still was 4ent fr to Milton aud he was baud- think, settled the questioivsof my "bolt cuffed and imprisoned. The womau was ing." In conclusion, on the results of badiv1 shot in the arm, so badly that it that contest I claim that I have as good , , ; . , , . a right to come before you now as a can- may have to be amputated.' John was a Jidte for slierifr M auv otber Democrat hardtworking convict, always lively and in the Countv, and that I have done noth- iis sin-'ilig at his work, but he was then in ing in the past to forfeit your goo'd opin in service for having stabbed a man in a dif- io- . Your obedientiservnt, Salisbury, Aug. 9th, 1880. .Per bbl. ..Per lb. 15 ..Per bbL its 'ft . - . " , --. IS" I ". " Is ..PorJm. I X , 6 . J ' 11 ! . It ? S!i so so so as KH 43 M 43 'M Sacks Prices on Horses. Mules. M'jurons, Xiachtoery Farm Implements, Field aadUrass Heeds etc, give on application. 1 Wn. M. PRICE & C0- ' 6U Lpuls, Mo. CONDENSED TIME I NORTH CAROLINA RAILROAD. TRAINS GOING EAST, t No. 47. 150. 45. t NO. . Date, May lJiia. - f Daily ex. j Dally. I Dally. Sunday. What North Carolinians are Doing. The Charlotte Observer says that oh the A Card. fnro nti11 iiQua to liSa ialilacf fjti A vnn r : in Knt L. it rM 1- diri.l. 1 flmm w 3d inst., Prof. J. F. Latimer, of Davidson To the PeopU oRoican County : College, successfully passed all theexann- J I aUa a candidate for the office of Sher- Scatterin DtUaatet ; Kerr Craice 589. t F Kluttx Eventfbnb run, the one 2S8, Chas Price 143, J Y Barber 143, Juo nil liia enna Tin i tliA tftmaA tf I liu ! it I cr.,.. i' w. . . 1 . :.. ,... Y!...o nf iff.nl. onf tn U.a .innrntxi nf till l)fmO I LeftVO nti f ii i-i- tlti imn'dt1 olituil a-a a lllmiita. I . .1 ... . . , . ; n i An 1 Arrive v I - " I oi.M.rwl,.. 0f tli TTnivftr&it.V ,,f I craMC LOUntV UOUTCIUIUII, eaiicu iu wu- . ble. It was curtailed in consequeuce of I . ;. i i i i : 1 vene in Salisbury on the 28th iust. I am alJ th .vh-!ut,,1ina,v will hv u ,pr- ipsic, V,e. mu; , ...u . au tu . t makc UlU aunounccment, be- -.i.i.pi.u;i.-. fS.i' confenelnponhimby the Procancellai cause T believe it to be the wish of a wan " - ! -... rnrrftritc. His examiners were ar!s maioritv of the DemM:rat8 of the No. who accumulated a vast fortune iuLon . ... - , r. I 'if l cV.n tl. nomination. 1 I 1JMnlinala HAIIV,il I II IT 1 1 1 A H II 1 1 V III"1 . I VHIJI T A. A o.if.i v . . v.tv . ; Leave Charlotte Hansbury mh Point Arrive at Greensboro Leave Greensboro Arrive at lllllsboro Durham Kalelgb at Goldsboro 8 50 a.m 4 10 p.m. 6 03 564 " 7 81 " kt-I M 810" ;7ST 8 20 " 103 " 11 W- ' Itkoptn 8 80 coo " 6 00D.U.. t Witt i . .,. iiT4l a.m. I 6 00 O-IU I 10 00 " -:t:::r f i u' ut euc" ostentatlon w 143 a nominee and the other as an mdepend- Fraley 148, Adam Brown 148 P eler bereUked iu November to the tune of ent the same result is clearly fora-shad- J47, D R Julian 147, C R Barkejr 147, Ro- 1000 Bajoritv for Ileiicock in Row An owed.! ' - r bert Gobble 147, Ilemy Canble 146, J A , fyjoaty tor UeucocK. in Kowan. When the party spirit of self interest and Suider 141, M L Holmes 14, J A Rendle- I ihilnaMacCali care two entertainments niere man worship thus prevails, of a niauT41,J S Henderson 141, J A Barret iticrAt n f ! , eDl"nmen" party-all sense of reason and magnadimity J40, Geo Mowery J40, R F Graham 131), i $ ffl - i We y is ,ost- A furioU9 8l)irit of vio,ence' k,most M i Bailey 139, J F Pace 137. f M!r.; eyeing. She is a lady of very to annihilation, rasrea paramount. All re- HT Rkhjihaudt.) townshin deckel talent as a reader, which joined to straint is displaced and detraction, calumny pf fine appearance, made her.ofterl left I Uniol Acceptability. She prevatancc and supremacy of such a sUte of rn j-1" fr0 or Asnevuie, u., wnere, iu teelmg. reading neighbors, laenticai inter ests, into two distinct parties, more averse fto cath other than if they were of different hostile race and nation. In such crisis, the counsel of dispassionate 1 thinkers is utterly powerless. There is no more sense of reason remaining with them, I A C Dunham, D R Jui,U. r Executive Ooiumitt'e. fMMefstood, she will spend sonic weeks. . ivs-- Uo -... Franklin Township, Am. partly bv buying up jewels from French emigres at the time of the great evolution; M. Thellusson intended his money to accumulate uutil it vould have readied about $700,000,000. The govern ment deeming it undesirable that any subject should possessweuth so colossal , 11 trod need a bill limiting entail to liviug persons and 21 years afterwards. This is not much greater than the power of eu tnil in New York, aud almost identical o 7H icase Morrison vs the town of the juryl returned a verdict for! "ePIamtiS; for $500.00. This is objected j j ' .wlllle otcrs think It a fair ver- than with the panic struck simpleton at sea 4 Those yho object, and favor an ap- in a storm, who lashed himself fast! to an P $ the highei courts, do so on the ftncllor fp. s.; and..f in his case the cromwl i,. .1 , . . . . eeni us of gravitation will carry them all so lack 'r J notwisnto estawisn straight and so profoundly to the bottom, I ,t SIief:ent that everybody will be that net a bubble will ever rise to moracn- ,Q'?g the tOWn fin thm nth a I tarilr mark th snot fvhiM thev wentdown! thfptlta fair verdict, say that the 7,hartMtr?Pjie would not be. so depW Wil , h ' ' Ji " ,wwv their rational neighbors with them. T "ri""s result. 87 vote. 23 There appoars but one method for keep insr the Countv Democratic which is tot J M Monroe. vSMdsit. v;J D.irf. ru:i. 1 1. M . . , ,tt j Lij tt- tt w i.iuuuc,n.in., 1 aiscaru ooin oingnam ana uaggoneranu T 8 of her sister. Mrs. Chas. Price, il take up Mr. Theo, F Kluttz, a hiffhly esti- t'Pnda Rumple ha? gone to Peace In mablei and promising scion of a longhonor .talrf Ai.-.A .J. C1 gre rpected sire. And I think ;Aj . b" ' " i 1 . ou,i t that Jtr. Bingham, at least seeing the fierce For Sheriff, G A Bingham, . CF Waggoner, V W M Kiucaid, 9 Legislature, rFrank Brown, 88 JJ Stewart, 87 ' JLGrscber, 57 ; Scattering, ; 1 1 Register, II N Woodson, 120 Tresu'r, J S McCubbins, 120 Surveyor, J C Bernhardt, 119 Coroner, D A Atwell, i;83 B F. Fraley, m DrThosHill, , V Dclcoaics: R C Bost, Wilson Trott, W M Kiucaid, G T Thomason, W H Kester, tt a t i. tt tt tt a tt tt tt a Mt. Ulla. Vfe Teach' For Sheriflf, C F Waggoner, " G A Bingham, ler. 7 .1 1 Af,AA lock exlstinir. is too thorourrhlv nuhlic lurrioa . 1 . . f-iHHMrtM c : I . . . , . . ... .... n . . . i . ... et Ui '! ' y -- i v " . .. I spirii-eu mi ucuiuir, uun win cneeriuity give 1 Legiiamrc, aj o uciiuu, w wish him much sucbess, 1 uespecuuiiy sunraitted by aiAzti v;oxskkvatives. Xt rote A.i . v t r v. ' fpwevcr; w wish him much success, ces8- 7f,5 p'e Skeenlof Mt. Pleasant, is stop. piS "t ilra. It J. Holmes'e, I ":y ! Wa think our correspondent, "Many .Con- allie Wijfkinson of Tarboro i servativea," is rather much alarmed at the Itintf Itt-i d1 tt w.x. .. . I iniminnin PoWan. We havecomnlicationa . t nev. I,-., --r haw! of.New York City,is in respect to nominating a candidate for inkhis citv i I sberirt They may be thought to be serious - L ' 1 1 hv aomf. excitable nersons: and hastv indi- ' . " i i r ' . fro i cPr ''as wou golden opinions J viduals here and there may pile up oaths as I t lyivVx whom he has come in con- high as Pil Misi I te j !awyeii8' iuror those in swearing they will do this or v:j "tP uPQ ids 4 court : all speak 0 this qttestion of Sheriff is not Pilot Mountain on the subject, that in. case adjusted ac- J L Grabber. 7 J J Stewart, 1 5 Frank Brown, . Jo- Register, U X Woodson, j 51 Tresa'r. J S McCubbius, W4 Survey'r, J C Bernhardt, Coroner, B F Fraley, . D A Atwell, Delegate ; J M Harrison 35, W F Lack ey 26, R J Sloan 25, W L Kktler 24. 3 18 -UKixr. 1,0 partial ruliug, his firm,: jet pleas- cording to some conception of theirs. (There For Sheriff, Bingham, in - 1 I , wuUer of hold OB I. J ! 1 ! 7 ' 1, v. v vwwuj 1 ia ,uvwim(, - ,. v. j " O 1 cHlrtaiIllIHTj ft a w.. f.,11- .L...-, 11.:- iTn;.Uu.T. rA Ii... tin,,. Itrf jl S ' 6 11 aoiutt J UCIUUU I VU1S. jiUUIIllUiaM VI VUU BlUlt u,w imi.bijv ...... f1? lat Thursday evcuinir at a existed in eyery community. They! are a ttea party1 given by Mra. J. Wj I mere fractional part of the whole, and after i w uia iionor ana a lew friends. I the trouble is over, mey are tne men most Onr .Waggoner, Legislature, V G Watsoo. J J fctewart, , JL Grber. Frank Brown, ccaiienug, tt tt 33 votes. 22 44 32 12 8 M - tt : tt tt "a ti " o-7i t 1 ...:n who with their cougratulatious, paid.htm gatUfact to the partJ) ftnd do aU in DatGf Ma g hiirh comniimet.rd Tor. nassiujr ui umiui S - nations iu so distinguished a manner. 3 4.1 4 58 5 30 IftO 820 ... ., .!. - -a Willi tuac iu Massiicnusetta. .uauy e-1 . "J, j tn PpanirH his nositiou as Pro tates in and around New York the Lef-1 1 . , , .... .. : TA, frets, Rhiuelander, for example are en tailed. In Eugland, hatidreds of great properties are completely uueutailed, and it is purely the custom, not the law, of the country which will cause them to be transmitted to tne eldest son. aien wno G Sh.inuonhou8e exhibited at are very liberal in politics favor the 1 Cuarlotte 0lserter offic on Friday a custom, because tney tmuk mat; H nf ,llftnkt, manufactured by Messrs w r ....... ... .. 1 . I .. . .... u-4 . K 1T VT J i . v - iU4i-u;uiici:ui ai uoumij mi.u , v. .4 mlBtsla Western North Carllna, 'aflj except , Sundays. At Greensboro w ith the It. Jt p. fiallroad mtsono, easi ana v esu At uoiusDoro Railroad tor Wlltnlnirton. ... .-. 45 Connects at Grertbort with the H. tt V.- Rallroai tor all points North. Kast and Vetu : TRAINS GOING WEST- No. I No. it, I No.5,Dany j DaUy. Dally.' fx.SOBday 1 iny power to assist in a glorious victory Ceave Gretasboro io 10 a.in. . 6 u p.ni. j It foV our noble standard bearers on the Na- Arrive at jujrfgb jit p.m. jio 5 - ' t nrrwwo nt fiiat. t tiotial and State tickets. In conclusion, I Arrive at Durham Has UUt IV l . uaiiuici o ipmiFwa-w ..v I . , I tllllahnm ..If t ,.,..,-n m,r nro rnta&f HianLa Tl TTV I . IllUSDOrO present himelf before the board until the XI' tl .nt rtven . 1 reensboro end of the year, bnt by his energy and his during the last canvass, aud notwith-1 Arrive HUrto Pototjl sm . i. - it..k.i I . , i f .t..ii...;i..T) ki: 1 " Salisbury jiois a read v nne aitauiineuiB ne accoiu hwhcu i ststutlinff i was ueieateu uv wie xvcpuwotau u f-hartntr, i n m i it i? his ournose in one-third of the expected party, I have the satisfaction of knowing! -xsonnectsatGreenrowithsiii SrV,. Pf Trdthat I received a considerable majority of At auu Mui nuic. v i -.. noniI,ri xrnt in thnt rontPRt. intention when he left to remain in ber-1 G A Bingham. Examiner and Democrat please copy. too a.m. j,v .. ....I 3 45 p. D. 4 S a.IU i I SO i 1S r. many until the first of January, when he fessoil of Greek and German in Davidson College. Gradually Davidson College tiirongh its teachers and pupils; is becom ing recognized as among the leading insti tutions of its kind iu the Southern States. To the Voteri of Rowan County: I herebv-announce myself as a candi date for re-election for the office of Coun tv Treasurer, subject to the action of the i r . A ". . ? i Democratic uounty convention, j i J. Sasi'l. McCubbins, Jb. July 26th, 1860. To the Voters ofBotcan County: keeps up the position of a. family, and tat Q & Chatham, at Elkin in this State, date for re-election to the office of Regis were an estate divided up in the next in asefaiue88 ana durability are ter of Deeds of Rowan couuty, subject to generation none would be better for such ; . 1. , anv miirflp.wh,re. The sheen tho action of the Democratic County Con- - . I rniai v atj w " '- I Anti-iii .lia.iV.;., 'I id nMt. frnnoraill tinlrfif OTMl I I i - i -.1. a I iCUM'MI ai w lotuu. o uw a,viv.n.v i 4t,Af vnrtHA i,k wtvrt nnii r.rift irooi iiiai niaue here that the law in England permits a . n4l ti.e blankets themselves a,a ii Vnrth Carolina oroductions. The TO THE TUTERS OP R0WAX firm is manufacturing cashmere for gentle- I announce myself as ft candidate for a men's Wear aud the people of that region seat in the ,tuely independent Wing , Co Uon. j .,iaU be man to leave his property precisely as he pleases, and that a duke cau leave all to his footman. The great estates, for in stance, of the Duke of Hamilton, premier duke of Scotland, were, up to the time of liia marriage, completely uneutailed. This came ontin some law proceedings, i i . - BUitable for all the purposes in behalf of the whole ticket. Should it an points soutn ana sowmwesi. ai tnrioue mm I the C. 0,4t A. Eallroad Inr all points floutfc South 4 ' least.- .4t Salisbury with W. N..C. Ballfoart, dally, except Sundaya, tor all pomta la Western North 's Carolina. ' ' No. 43 Connects at Alr-Llne Junction with A. C. A. L. Railroad (or all poyiW South and South west. ' ' " ; TIME TABLE - r ! WESTERN II. C. RAILROAD Takes effectiturday, July 84, 6 jw P.M. 136, GOINOWEST. UOINOEAST LKAVB. LCATE. to so r. x . .Salisbury a,x; t M - ltt Third Creek.. 3 w : i It so ..Elmwood....? 83 1117 statesune o 116 Catawlia !,. "li t t 13 ..Newtoa ..7. 14 SO S ts Cooova.. ii iT5 5 8T Hickory r.ii 41 . $41 ..leard 18M' 4 2T Morganton.. 10 i 4 M tilen Alpine. 1 1 St s 6 IS Brldgewater if ! M 5 64 Marlon. : . !S 44 ' 41 Old Fort f 37 4' 7 10 Henry.. it- jl 45 '- 8 85 ..Black Moantaia..... iW 8 40 ".Cooper's...... ... L'. .-. : OS . S S9 Swanninoa.. i5 Head ot Koid , r.u s aVTra'ns run da!ly. i(ii'wpf. - ;. A. B. AXpKSVVK, OeflTBupl. - are becoming entin .U. 4- 4 AVAKvi(ra flia rrwI fnr the rluill OD I . A. 1 llkAnAmtMorian u,.yr 4s grareiiiiiomj .r,cv.r r "i I fl n TI T finniT 0 IT1 ft TT P the spot, and two nines oisiani, u ouiaiu and xf ominatea, i pieugo mj ov cuui i A li-fj II 11 li U U JV 1 U T h London Tune4. of ordinary wear. Row in a Circcs. Knbxville, August 21. At. Robiuson'a circu-i in Mornstown last night, the sheriflf of Hamilton county was shot and officer Morris killed by Ben j Richardson. While attempting to arrest Tlmfflnn Enterorisc says that "Mr. Andrew Hoyle Shuford, aged about oa roars died fli Hickory on the 17tb, after an illness of several mouths. Mr. Shuford was wu known in this section and com- tbe latter another officer killed Richard- mande4 the respect and confidence of all son. Six others were wounded in the j ho triew him. He affair day be the pleasure of the Party, however, to noiiiini.tft another. I shall yield willingly and erter the gnat contest as au humble private in the ranks. 7 Frank Browx Salisbury, N. C, Aug. 1 1th, I860.' . . Better Timei. The Democrat. New Orleans, La., says: . l.c4r: n mnn rt snrh 9li!ivAUHin tron- was several times i ofwrwug L Lri iV--.- bled witn uiseaaes ut nuurj. auu uc, Warner'a Safe elected. Sheriff of this county in the ante- pp, beUer lellum days and was member of the j troViuction mohg 1 us of V yi P10 very Jniuch leiued with 1 laughed at, and the meavwbo rlie lowest, - Woodson, McCubbin; and Bernhardt, j Main and New Hampchini m each ! ' - ' ? A Their snluttoria noUttoa don't Msfmucla'rct6A tn'noTOinatoo fora offices Oarlotte terrr. All the eensus talk we hear amounts jegisiature at the time the North Carolina Kidney and Liver Core." ' f r llffTM rrtnm than frnoaa.wnrlr. Tf I 1 i. .1. -tA n i , . ..... , 1 - w ...ww Kauroaawaacuati. i vp : Tfffrsipnlnns Power .1 v. a. c,.,o. i.l i ).,:-.-, - I joiracuious rower. UCOOUU UiU, UIB 0VUUII1U UUVB w, US WW I - ... I ! ; I I . j three representatives but of 105. It is LirrLEriELD Buotsees. Ualteston, guessed that the ew England die States will Jose 10 represcntatire New York 4 ; Pennsylvania 2 Wllilil AMS BUOWIT f i i Ha the1 excluaiT-s sale of thU celtrbrat tbe Porrtf and rm Ias it : "To pre-1 Cook 8tove and are g dig ofl like hot I . -A.f TT' ESr.. a. I I T i . . .... , , r ira rn ne tiarnes caio ucuicuicatiata. . andfMid- Aug. Sf.-Aeirf special ,iroza - - - Mitacalous powcrin - ,, l.tri in adifficnltr oa aaturaav, as ueea-i - ' i,;i. M,nm,nA,w1. I m""- i : . . . . - :-vi. i reaiovine uiowK:a vm . : . : Ohio 2:lTllle"20mnes from there, the three Ril.KThe wonderful cqrativo Qualities IMJW i TIME TO SUBSCF; detlrfdi-rtlirfWinUim,i:cPhflip and they are possessed of ore vrvj:hed fiu ly 1 trri1D mTJP, WATCTTMA,- ,t, .rB tlllfctL tens of thousands." ii 1 in J i 4 7 i 14 ;l i 1? 7- ! I 11 : i -v t M t

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