North Carolina Newspapers

HO 49
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The Carolina Watchman, j
PRICE, f 1.50, l AUA.nvii.
: t? ' - - - - - MHMMMBMiMHM ' --
Garfield at New Orleans.
1 1
- 5 H :
; iacu'-a '
T fwo Mr -TbreMor
i colli tan for
J ab.i d.
" 1.50 fi.W $3..')0 ; J5.i9 $4 99 J
.3.00 4-50 5-25 j 7.59 11.89 J
4 50 .K 7.60,11.99 15.B9 '
6.00 7.50 9.99 j 13.19 18.99 S
7.50 9.75 11.25 I 1(5.59 i 99 I
11.45 1W5 e9f9!2!S9 40.99
18.75 2ft.25 .33 73 ! 43.75 75.99
ItESIEDYfor tho cure of fcerof-
jU, hjpiilUs, Scrofulous Taint, Lhea
...iiua. Uhite KweUiiiff . Goat. Gulire.
IcotmuinptloD. donch ili, Nerrout De
bility, JlaUn,oi u jMer riiiing
itrom an Imtmre condition of tho blood,
Lkln or scalp.
' Sententious Opinions About Maine.
i.' I j A'I-
I c febuuai-y 2Qis8o. ; j The net result i.4 not flattering.
l montb 2 m's Sm'3 m' Hml P&fladclpbia Presa Kep. "
It means hard work. .
Sew York Tribune, Rep.
The Result in Maine will
what disappoint Itepubliean.s.
Philadelphia Xorth American, Vep.
'We have heard the newM'.frm
Maine. It is not good news.
New York World, Dem.
The plumed knight would jappear
to he just now a plucked knight.
Baltl aore Gazette. Dem. i
IVaiae will find it a difficult task to
seonrv -Maini'V xvrn e'octrn!j votes
' v - it t V 1
tor s 1 vi' l vt U irh'".'l at r t0!Mi:r
, -
e!-rti i -4 n Xmi-tiNer
: Ne ,vi for,; Star, .D?!ft,
' , ,'.. 'Slivss. parage" t!:H, 'nit an
tVr i MMto. " j
Va4tiinjrloii Iivt, JJcrn. j
Hartford Current, Hep.
There is nothing in the situaMou to
c-'ius? party .discouragement, hi very
intelligent man knew that Maine was
a dounjitil State.
New York Slants Zeitung, Dero.
' I
A heavy blow for the Republican
party. !
New York Poet, Kep. f
Indiana and Ohio are much less
certain for the right cause than thev
were twenty-four hours ago.
New York Exprw, Dem.
It will tell with immensely
nig effect on the Democracy of
State in the Union.
New York Graphic, Ind.
The Republicans have suffered a
V In November;
Whatever Gen. Garfield's
may have heretofore thought
President elect Hend we
question that they now call
bold, bad man, and that they
tain feelings of ineffable disgus
wards him. And it is all Uxxiuse
L ' X. T. Sun.
tiA nil
J v I v W W - -
ot Vice
John Pool, Ex U. S. Seneator from
1876! North Carol ina. and Ex-Rennhliran. lm
Wiiie out imperialism. , written an elaborate and able letter. cit-
hima! Wipe out the bribe taker and the ng conclusive reasons for supporting
enter- perjurer of the Credit mobilier. ji
Married and in Love,
The Small Abts or Lrmro. Hardly
anything is too small to spoil the comfort of
life if. it be m"i la:cd. A spec in the rje, a
kernel of wheat in the boot, a pin point
A Newport correspondent says thetouc,ng the skin, a band too-tight or a
recent marriage of Miss Bessie Liv- neKjed trsp gone and good-bycomfort t
A I,:., ..1.1 r' .1 t i. n si, i I ni'anilieh I a ntinnlr n . . . M TT, 1 r o O
r : .. ta. nl. ? -- uwwu menu woaepii a. vner- i .Mv.v, juuii iiiK. the conitUna nrwlo- -t,;, : :a :
n,,t l.riiH in the form of fees to mrn- Bert,e,couu- tMr' Pl ns' ! 'hman, son of a member of Parlia- m.ny families. Some people think a good
out iriiej4 in tne form i lees to Oim-. eI.tll tiint uv VM. (.. v.i. i r wt i ... r .r b.
ILJrii.k, n,.r.Hl ii.nir cha'l.e Wp. , ' J. " " " ui iruui u imenaven, rousin ot Hie aeai more ot wnat is on the table than what
- - , j c uei i viigrCT wim u'ivi me tiav ujuuHgers tn nm uepuoucan party nave
and made goi.d his dwiaration that tring of the nation. - beeu stetidily driving the Sooth to the
(larficld had niitiiipulnteil tle reiluus Wipe nut forever the attempt to Democracy Mr. Pool thiuks the elec-
f West Feliciana in the Louisiana ei,uvert lhe hoacst and free republic of, Ga,feld l !Jflirt, uP?n.the
. i:ii;ipjci uuvocaieu oy ine nepuoucan
.four fathers a government of ; liartJf wmll4, be a 8ectional trimphf
Cures. Rbcnmatlsm.
Cures Sypbills.
Cnres Blalaria.
Cures Ncrvouax Debility.
fhas Its Ingredient pabUohed on ererr
Ipackacou Jfihovr it to your Physician, and
the will tell yon It la composed of tho
Etronsest rlterativea that exist, and 13 on
Jexceifent lllood Purfiev.
I E0SAD1LI3 la sold by all Druggists. "
MUffi'S fffi PASACEL
Wor MAN" and BEAST.
ji'. External nnd Internal. 5.
f ra u d o f fi 1 1 r y ea rs ago. When Mr.
Hendricks iiiade th assertion a firtr
night since, Gai field's frfenU were
verv indignant, and they publicly
;i:i.lii.'d iiitn ti make go I his
.v - ivhi i hat cuhl be ul-' ,, Gen. G.inicld wiiuld be
:;,.-,i;i-vJ." X u tiificupou Hend-
i . (k-l. end a;i elaborate , Spec h,
a'hlies-.in4 liiui-c!f chiefly to the
points lived iu tie ciialltMijie. He
took up Gurfieul's own rvornj statc-
, , i .. . :.
election is an assured "iciu oeiore a ongresHioi.a. .,-
tee, and proved from the mouth of
the! Rrpiibiicin camiidate for the
Presitlency that he was in New Or
leaiis, during the fraudulent count
eighteen days, occupying an j inner
room in the custom house, a private
retreat, where he had copies of all the
brute force and fraud.
Wipe out Jamd- A lira m Garfield, j ter in the following words :
winch he depreciates. He closed his let-
the tlisgraced, tainted, aud shameful
candidate of the Republican party.
Wipe out the party that is guilty
of such frauds, aud that outrages com
mon decency with such a candidate !
The. Truth About Vermont.
The Lord vf the Mills Coercing Employe
while Politician Bought Every Purchasable
The Democratic national committee re
ceived from a member of the Vermont Dem
ocratic btate committet;, yesterday, the fol
lowing 'telegram : f
Wuite Kiveii Junction, Vt., Sept. 9.
Wm. II. Barhuta, Chairman Democratic 2fa-
tional Committee :
Garfield has had his dress parade in Ver-
ollicial papers which were delivered mont and the Republicans have labored
to the returning board bearing upon . with the energy of despair to appear strong-
., i , i' ... pi :.. a .l : er than ever. Money has flowed like water,
the election in est reliciana. And , J '
.. i . l c land all that it could reach were bought,
there, shut out from the light of day j Thc KcpubUcan3 CUBtrolM lhe 10i!, and
he examined these papers, and had ; uunaturttiized Canadians an.l men who had
the witnesses before hiui,aud examined ! eft the State months and even years ago,
them one by one, and when their brought back for thi purpose, voted the
. . i T...... 1 .1 ; .... t..r,.t Tim iinriiiin nf cnm-riv.
testimony was not to Ins niiing, ne . "cru"1"" ".-.w. - - r j.
prepared written questions to be asked e
them. In one case, that ot Amy
present duke of Portland, is still talk- iid or-done around it; and some few,
ed of among the cotagers. "It is not PerbaP' "Terse the order an operation
.;. ii . . that may do very well for special occasions,
wise, generally, for American women - a ?
' when what is said is something extraordi-
to accept European husbands even nary; but one that we beg to be excused from
Englishmen, but this union appears "as regular diet," eren if thegods came to
to have been wholly desirable. She dine, until wo are able to dispense with; all
is reputed to be a very sweet aud in- tUt iimPried ia god appetite,
terestin? trlrl nf nmnU i.UnM.A The cookery is too big a topic to tbnehia
sentiment, duty, souud policy and j , , ' ... ' I this sonnectioa; though what witli cookery
the future, I reganl the nomination j e ,l Ue a modest sensible, manly, .chools, a better knowledge among the peo-
weu-urea ieuow, ana well provided pie, and higher standards made familiar by
for fiuaucially. What is more, the our best hotels and dmning places, the art
marriage was one of mutual inclina- has B dTnced in this country within
tionand sympathy, not of arrange- th V &on. Good bread, a prop-
' . . b erly broiled steak, and a roast done to a
rueut or mere pecuniary advantage. Wrif no longer excite tUe fpeci&l wonder
I heard a middle-aged woman of so- th&t once they did. By-and-by perhaps ii
ciety say ; "Ohy it is perfectly delici- will not be unusual to find a good soup or
ous to see how very, very fond these vegetables that harcn't been spoiled by
two children aref each other. They coking' . , , '
... . T ,, - , But consider the meal cooked ; how shall
spoon like rustics. I actually found u u At u j .m
J it be best enjoyed ? By having it daintily
them kissing one another -behind the and tastefully arranged and served, in the
library door at eleven o'clock in the first place. We always mark the good house
morning charming Arcadians that wife up a notch or two in "our esteem if. we;
thev are." That thev are snoonv e that, however competent help she may
' l I 1 .1.- .1 ..... I i " V. . ul...
uiic, oiiv ainnji sups uui lu glC lius lUk
touches" to the table before the family or
the guests sit down. Some do it for the
Mitchell, he says himself that her
first affidavit was not full enough, and
ess has been tearful. The issue wassquare-
v presented : "Vote our ticket or leave our
employ." Thousands of laborers were thus
compelled to vote the Republican ticket.
Towns nestled in the hills show Democratic
.In view of the whole situation, involv
aud the
of General Hancock as a most fortunate!
and providential event. He is endeared
to the North and coin tueuded to its full
est confidence by the purity and firmness
of his personal character aud by the ser
vice he reuderd in defence of the Uuion.
lie has the confidence of the South as an
honorable and gallaut soldier representing
that feeling iu the North which would
respect the just rights of all and make
the Nation solid iu peace aud unity
instead of the sections in discord nnd
hate, Affer what has transpired dnring
the war and since, I am convinced that
no Republican President could now re
store the country to a normal condition
of peace and order and I am as fully con
vinced that the election of General Han
cock would bring that result. The North
ern people would naturally be prompt to
aid and sustain him iu all measures
adapted to such a purpose and the South
em iifiinle would of iipcertxitv ns well ns
.i:.....:,:.... i i ' . the, forethought that looks out for flowers
.B,w,..u..uc....j..ur.w, u tcn years. iewporters, are not ad- for the,e . thom?h the center tabla
tliell tllll CO-opcratlOll and support. Ll.ntpH t. nnol. nnnnnhi.l ftdlir-nn u.-. .u. . ...Kv il,.
QoirLiw- Fills.
9Lm M
1; Bp. S.ogs2?s?
iiantly desirtra, nrd It rit-onnicadc
JOHN F.jiEnrjY. cunriAK & co.,
i i ..zjz rnorrjETona, - -
!M CoIIcyo Place, r.OT7or2i
' PdrSale by T. F. KLUTTZ, Druggist,
J16:ly - - . Snlisbiiry, N. C.
defeat which at this juncture they can
illy afford to bear.
New York Herald, Ind.
The returns from Maine will infuse
life and htpe in the Democratic can-
yass, which has heretofore bceii heavy
and sluggish.
Cia i lotle -Democrat, Dem. - j
Even if the Republican candidate
hal been elected iy a small riiajority
it would still have been a victory for
the Democrats.
Roleigh Ne's Observer, Dt-m.
seems to be the general report. No
wonder it creates a commotion. No
two persons have been married here guests but not for the family, but that is an
in what is spoken of as high life, and error. The artistic arrsngement of the tabla
been suspected of being desperately furniture; the skill that avoids crowding
. i f .ii.l uisiics loiieiucr. ur icaviuii spaces too uui c :
1 1 ni'a Willi on f i nl m. - K net I O ' o r
. svr.v. miiii vuii wiivt, 1UI illb iuai
President by a sectional vote is to pro
long and intensify existing evils and dan
Promptness in each
he had her to make another, embody- gains, but these are neutralized by losses in
. c ,i l . r adioinms towns controlleu by lactory lorus.
intr answers to further questions ; af- VJWU,U J .
. , . , The Democrats have made a gallant nght
terwards,so the evidence runs, this and although the vote in the State is 5;000
woman swore that everything stated irtrj,er than in 1876, the Republicans do but
bv her in answer to the questions little more, with all their desperate resorts.
asked her bv Garfield was false, that than hold their own. 207 towns give for
she did not say anything because she Governor: Farnham, Republican, 44,419;
. -.lit ' .1 .ill Phelps,Dem. 19,851 ; scattering, 1,480. Rep.
; knew it, but because they told her to . V ' .
i ' . . J majority, 23,088. 1 he same towns gave in
say it. This is the testimony of Amy 1876. Fuirbaukss Republican, 41,891; Bing-
Mitchell, from wbich it appe.irs that nami Dem., 19,602; scattering, 71. Rep.
Garfield got her, as he got the other majority, 22,217; Republican net gain, 471.
witnesses in his dark inner chamber, Thirty-one towns to be heard from gave
and "cooked" her testimony. It an- W Republican majority in 187C The
, . . I Kepublican mvjority in tue wnoie oiaic is
Ti -following attested st;itcmciit from
Witii & GHtaih, ,,f the N'iill.-y of Vir
ginial has Ikcii sent us for 'ihe iiitorina- wl:o wish to use :
The successful man is Plaisted. A 1 - u .
...... . T - i i trrely satisfactory and he talked with
friendjwith an awful ear fori sound, J . t
. , I i ! n her, and finding her a oonvenieut
says the Democrats placed it well ui . , i " -
ainc this year. . , ,
ciio iviii tfilil to nnsvvor in n fprtsiin
Washington Republican. Rep. : lLi:-
T nina nroe vrarv rnrhr. Mflinil HO J 1
fl. n.iitirla in Mainn lr. wOa rmion rf '
nearer a last ditch.
St;itesville American, Rep.
-Tl 1 i -
' V i)
r -'mil oOO i nns iiilivi i i
.!! Vlu-:ii ami a t" -i r iri'iv i-
I j V. ii - I it is iifcVU .-licll
, - . .' . .
mi-, tVi-
, r m t rr
Attorney anl Oa-jnasllor at Law,
: szLisnuur, .V. u.
0 an? i;i the C.nrt House lot, next jlno
I'uie llauiton. Will practice iu all
Me Lourts -ot tlte State.
L23 D. bV3?.HJslT,
OBXE Y at rni
Vl&ices in the State and'Fcderal
. Court
Republican mwjonty
about 24,500, being a net gain of less than
1,000. The Democrats of Vermont hope
that the election of General Hancock, brinj
ing peace to every part of our country, will
be the dawn of a better day, when white as
well as colored men can vote as freemen and
not as slaves.
however, she stuck to her first story Our valued friend Col. Cameron, Editor
and went back on Gen. Garfield and of the Durham Recorder says: "It is im-
iI,Q .,i P H,0 I,,. (. SKp wn possible, it seems, for North Carolina to
1 he result in Vermont is a glonous . f t., i have a railroad of her own, that is, one that
WHY UUt KJl 4SA4AII J . II SO SO . 1 V. I - , .
Iv on the eround that she is bearlv tne fre wonderfully.
" L. a ii. . . . ii Tmemberof thc family is another essential.
gets and toshrould in darkness the pre- ,iy ana ne twenty-six. Actually ft demoraHzM the gr'oup to bave 8traggle
sect and the future, involving white and in love with one another, and married, dropping in an the way through the meal,
black, rich ant poor iu a common calami- too! How perfectly ridiculous. and gives a restaurant air a suggestion of
ty mere "feeding" to the family meal, which
These, my friend, are the candid views The amount of new cotton coming it should never have,
formed from close observation and sober :nto niarket at this advanced stao-o of
rejection under circumstances that have Lt , , . A, Speak Up Young Max. Young man
. . line BCitson is uiiurt-ueiieiueu in ine , ... . -
giveu me the best opportunity to observe r when you see anything you want, ask for
aud consider. In the approaching Presi- .c aiupic. ..uusuuus 01 it like a man if you want to borrow five
dential election the success of one party is hales are pouring into the more south- dollars of a man, or if you only want to
to restore trustful confidence aud mutual ern towns, while here, where the sea- marry his daughter, don't slide up to him
kindi.ess between the sectious and thus SOn is herdly begun, we received on ana uanS 0,1 3 ur hat and talk politica
. ..... I O I , ,; J i ll U
to make the Union solid, 1 hope, tor an yesterday more than five huntlred ana religion ana weamer, anu ;n o.o,
time. The success of the other is to put , , rr, . . , . stale jokes whereof you canT; remember
..... . . uaies. ine rerun is uiuiuuoieuiy uue 4! - . 4.
the sections in solid array with no reas-1 J the point, until you wory the old man into
onable assurance that the same thing is 111 Part to the peculiar weather, but a nervous irritation. Go at him with a
not to be repeated as long as the party in ltisalsolargely owing to the use of fer- fall head of steam on and with your bow
power can induce the .Northern people to tilizers, which hastens the growth ports open, like an iron-clad pulling for a
prolong sectional rancor aud malevolence anj tne maturing of the boll. 8,10re Datt;rJr non anrt Paw ana
aud to treat ten millions of the American wiTT. :i yoQr head if you feel like it. no matter if
people as couquered enemies instead of ... A . & it does make him look astonished. Bet-
fellow citizens in the common brother. Pck ing season adds to the improve- agtonhlll hi.tJian boro bim. Go into
hoixl of the Uniou." ment and value ot the crop. Ami so his heart or his ptcket, or both (il
Youra respect'ully aud truly your friend, it appears that fertilizprs aud ther- amounts to the same thiug,) like a brin-
Johs Pool. ono-h cultivation not onlv increase die bull with acurl In his toretieaa cnarg-
the product, but also hasten its de-
I VAlnnmnnf anrl nlbinr tio nlnntors
The New Orleans papers recall the fact r-
that durin.' the period when the Louis- lo realize earner man iormeriy.
- j
Republican victory.
New Vork Sun, Pe:n.
This great event marks the rising
of agreat flood "which is likely to
sweep over the whole land.
New York Evening Telegrhm, Ind. i
unvarnished tale told under
is to benefit her towns and ports exclusive
ly. The State has gotten used to the tap-
oath, ana Mr. Hendricks, in response I ping process which emptied her wealth on
to the challenge, his aired It and one side from Charlotte n Charleston by
weh on it mil lin rlpsirlv npnion-1
iaua fraud was in contemplation there Observer.
was a conference between the members
of the returning board and certain Repub
lican manipulators, and a result was
Periodically Dumb,
reached as to what parishes were to be Topeka (Kansas) Poet
thrown our. 1 ins statement wus suo- . eiMQ nuannmann rt
.... I i OliUULb fllVIIVIUVUUIIi Ullll VUV
Ulllieu to UIO visilliu Bkuicaiuvn. iim.
ing a red merino dreas, eyes on fire, tail
up, and the dust a flying. Then yoall
fetch him. Or posibly he may fetch yon.
But never mind ; you'll accomplish some
thing and show you aren't afraid to speak
what's on y r mind. And that's a great
deal more than you would accomplish by
the other method. You needn't be cheeky,
but you ought to bo straighforward.
A Valcablk Secret. It is related of
strated that
line and Petersburg by the Petersburg and
rpsiimisihlp for the f jOiiisiiin.T. outrage I a. v, i. i;n.ii.i..ti,l.p;.mnnt T?tari
im .! .ir,. c m"i ; "ciuuw, u,mn,Uju......iv.
jine suuMuiiuai uficat wihib-iw ,i e i,A'(..:a::..
man aiiy uuici ui ine ,1011111
r t;iti!3.
which struck the North Carolina Road
lit ima I.H HI I T lltliiuil- I ...., r . 11 . 01 1 I 111 1 1 CU IV 11IVI lUMliuf, cmivum. . I , . I . . , I . , ... v " -" -
fip nary,l wa,n1(1JCCS8 ffl:,!h fed Nor oik by the Seaboard ti whatever bad which deserves the investigation of rrftnklin lhu ffom the window ofhUoffice
------- - 1 . Ui.kioiinifv ina worarki iiirfr ani 1 - 1 z . a. : r . a. a. : . a i l. . -
been examined or any vote had been scie iiwim is at present on view aurara- in Philadelphia he noticed a mechanic,
thrown out. , The details of the conspira- j herst & Davis's grocery store. It is a J among a number of others, at work on a
cy was telegraphed to the Philadelphia colorad man who becomes periodical- house which was being erected close by, who
Tones by Mr. M. 1 . lianuy, who aesigna- , ,,unlb fI;s name js Istiiah McClea alwaJ" aPPa"a 10 n a mcrrJ .
ted the parishes intended to be throwu ,. r v . r, .. who had a kind an J cheerful smile for every
iru 1 1 , . t 4l ry and he came from ISorth Carolina . . T . . . crt
out. It is further 6aid that the Demo- J , oue he met. Let the day be ever so cold
cratic committee had full information of about thrcc years ag- He ,! strong gloomJ ur 6anle93 the tmii danced like a
the whole scheme, and that it was pub- and healthy, attending constantly to sunbeam on his cheerful countenance. Meet-
lislied at the time. It was carried out his duties at the store, but has been ing him one day, Franklin requested to
... , .1 O . ' . 1
publicans yesterday on tne Qiaie a..ti Hg conc,Jsive, amidship, and turned the stream into Rich-
conjrressional election 111 Maine is . .nMt!llllJ ...lja i-L trilll mond. All this had been accepted as a
. iiicnc uncjiaiiwu-1, ,ijih, v.,ii, .... . .
nothing less than a signal of distress. . . , 0 n K , ,, .Mi . matter of fact, inevitable, and no longer to
: mikes him ihsgraml man. Ami
ill spite or tneir noerai use 01 ine un- thereforc we g3V that these frids of whose course of trade seemed to admit of
limited resources ot their party in tne ,,
ite of Senator Blaine's
..ll?l '.1 . I I j: : 'Tl. ri..i:MA Punlral ' T.
is iirp niir. nr :in 111 nive wim ine man i nu uivcfMuo. 1 uo viihu wuw , :
who was elected to the Vice-Presi- irom uming ou . u. .. . ftml a H to - of spirits.
ountains was believed to be tree 1.0m ai- - " OCYC' Jai niUH -I've ant one of the best of wives.
a letter. jaui. ,T. , . i i i o
ws, : l " rZ, 'i n,, faithfully by the conspirators. Garfield, attacked in the manner described at know the Becret ot 11,9 cn8tanI' nPPJ
! -
I 0-" Tl .1 : II .1. I "
joio. Aiiey 110 uui, : 1 ci ion 1 . . . v.(i, Pm.
1 ur v tl 1 1 1 1 iifHiin 'ii in ii a iiuuu
nation ; in spite
stUv:irt Invaltv and fine treneralshin: .
- . 0 , , decv ,
. . ! . I. 1 I I 4
in L'tiiin ni iifi nniMrpH fiiiii.nifhiiLLuij- ...
" "t" r 0 the idea ot having these charges so
ing me (i.spute u w u. . dam ing to the character of their Upped it at Wadesboro, and Wilmington
years election, ana in spue 01 me icr- . nrorninence in the bleeds a-ain. A last hope for an exclusive
MIt no secret, Doctor," the man
Una Road. Vain delusion ! Charleston has
ilis present attacK came upon mm . when I tro to work the always gives
the 8th of this month and he is firm lm(. kind word of encouragement and a
rible bugbear of aolid South.
A Healed TVound.
3ittarnen at ato,
3NT. C
M HeitoOB,
nveys, Counselors
-1 tTH-
ahd SoHcitors
Salisbury, n.c
Scales at Mibanesville.
Gen. Scales very modestly and
tQiichingly alluded to the fuct that in j
one of his limbs he had received a
wound, and very often now he was
cdmnelled to go along limping because
of the wound. He received the wound
at the battle of Gettysburg antl from
one of Gen. -Hancock's corps But
now "I shall become perfectly recon
ciled to that wound," if Hancock is
placed in the Presidential chair." He
went on to state that his own election
to Congress was as dust in the bal
ance when compared witKjhe election
of a President ; and that the election
of Hancock would give to the several
tates their constitutional rights, and
that ihcTState and national govern
ments, would be aids to each other,
insfafef oue attempting to crush the
other. J?-or tne attainment 01 ,11ns ena
Sherman has been defending Garfield in the belief that at the expiration of Westing with her parting kiss; and when I
from Hendi ick's charges. He would thirty days his toungue will be loos- go home he is sure to meet me with a smilo
doubtless have Eliza Piukstou on the ened and he will bfe able to talk again nd a kiss of welcome, and then The tea is
campaign also doing duty for the party b sure to be ready, and as we chat m the even-
but that she u unfortunately in jail ds e" !?? U ing, I find that she has been doing somany
1 :Krir;. another husband, similarly atUcked, and did not utter r.ttle thinirs throujrh the Tlsy to please me,
of the first importance, involving the than that too is struck on the flank. The B ' the question is pertinently a word for oue month, when speech that I cannnot find it in my heart toppeak
highest interests of every American wise aud energetic people of Danville, look, rf wh;u going to defend Sherman! returned to him as suddenly as it had an unkind word, or give sn unkind Uk to
left him. His hearine is intensely "JJ. na ranK,,n .u..
campaign, But they cannot avoid it. North Carolina Road was the Cape Fear and
r it i i i r 1 1 ... Yadkin Valley Road, from Fayctteville to
Gen. Garfield is before the country gp1eudid JValle; of the Yadkin. n0
and this is a public matter a : matter W)oner is that in a fair way of completion
citizen. Whenever it siiali: come
about that the man who is jiustru
ing to their own interests, already project a
road from their city to the Yadkin Valley
Road, connecting, with lt with a view rf
Ral. Xw and Observer'
mental in p-erpetrating such an out- drawjng on the traffic it will open up, and
. . it . i : L I . . e t.i -i. ..
ra2:e as tieieatUlg tne eimimi ui a reiy upon nuiammg "vuiauic nuni.h
" I ... .1 I. I. ..ntI ir,r th
acute, and all his other faculties are .ouen in nnd make it the
. . ' ...
CHnK8ETBEiTMEaTOFAxiMALi.-Tliey um, ne vaimu ojun a fountain ot eheeriui anu pure cmvu.
President by fraud, hirus-lf is to from the next North Carolina Legislature.; ofa foreigner wouid be not only use- stoc4 by writing, of which art he is a kind word of greeting after the toils of
be elevated to that high office, then : less, but dangereous to every one about it, t - T no aplearance Qf day are over, cost nothing, and go far
American liberty is a farce and our How to Keep a SrruATtOK.-Be ready to becomei, in the possession 01 a vuiD..u, religjoussuperetitious fanaticism about
sume i as quiet as a iauiu uu - i . . , , , - .
system a failure. Ual. Obfierv'r.
The Nfxt Congress. The shrewdest
Repitlican managers are now giving more
earnest attention to the Cougresa districts
and to the Legislatures iu the States that
are to choose Seuators, than they are
giving to the Presidential contest. Some
of the more candid admit that Hancock's
election i a foregone conclusion, and
others would be quite willing to see Gar
field defeated, and even to bargain for
that result by a trade of votes if either
hence a mule that, in the and is obliged to make himself under- Speak gently then; a happy smile and a
far to
ward making a home happy and paceful.n
ti,mw ;n nn nrlrl hulf.hnur or an hour'st me as ouiet as a lamb ana as tractaoie as a uog. , . , . n. v. rrtuyww w'" - I .... I Him nl hrt si nnl npoianil fn an.
!. .:n i. mui.!m. .nrf Wonmrr hpheldi runaway, a jibing or a ,4M vw r w "w
H IlC XI lb Will UC feU. awomiowMawtvu, . - . . .
rinn't to mAk a merrit of it. Do it vicious mule or pony m a v;ninaman a em- wum urui3 vyuuiuvu u way.
heartily. Though not a word be said, your ployment; but found the same rattling, I He simply states the fact, which are
ployer will make a note of it. ' Make cheerful pace maintainea over neavy or ugui corrobiirated by his six children, and
yourself indispensable to him, and he will roads by means 01 iur-r oruc-, w.c km jeayeg
lose many
will part
watch the
work in
what state their work may be in, at precise? mired the tact exhibited in getting a large jje to Jan5aJi. A humbug you
Iv the instant who calculate the exact drove of sheep througn narrow, crowaea .
.-.'.. I I . lii.t. I :
tmonnt thev can slisrht their work, and vet streets, and always oy mereiy naviag
k ara Uvi.1i nf their I lww to lead one of the qoieteit of the flock
nut Kv isiiiviBu - . . -- . i - I - . . . .
in .iim-aT-a. Iia ih nnt I tut frunt ' the otliers sieaany loiiowea, wim- i wjii.
. I . i .Ka rT nw I B I Willi HI IIIIISI Ilf7
of the opposite Kina nciore ne turning ro u.. . ' r'Z. "? hi interrogators. He is 46 vears of bov. and said : -I wouldJiave
with von. Those young men who with but a umwrora wuc.c.u.. - . ... L;.hr(.ht ihtbov He has got
. . . I -11 u i. I cpo nnd ia intpllirront and iiidiigtriotis I anywhere oy tnat ooy. nc ua. kv
clock to see the very second their ment extena vu ;v -b-, -7; t "tK .nd rhin. hut his nose, eves and
.... i , .v I hoir o4rvice. URen Dire 1 ia- I hAvinv mniiA a hnniA tor iunise I lines I ' . .
rr nour IS UD W IIU icbtc. ho lusiici I urcaa iuiu "- - I " & - I
IBliout Mistake. ne had not seen his
friend for some years. The other day be
met him coming up Galveston avenne, with
e solution of the problem to his wife on his arm, accompanied by a little
head are precisely like his mothers, i nev
er saw such a perfect resemblance.' The
boy was an adopted one.
NOW IS Tin? Tlun arvnnn-nwv
I . .. . . JM .ll J !iL I
' - 1 nrA. will ,l v be the first I in front : the otuers sieaany louowea, wnu-
itii. Suiiata nr tlm Huiiu nf l?iTirniipntii. - " J , -6 J ' , , .... t: ! XT-.... oMa 1if nintiA.! f-fYl IK.
- . i . . .4. . u lUBUVU",vv' . ii,. nKf;.. l,n mN n riwll. nnr. thn aid either irom a veipins cur or secij wui i-o ,..60i. .w
.11 good anaAwue Amenoan, SnomU tir, coald tub, be 8.uul- ?ork - T"! .rf .-JWr,,. JftU. I Thi. mt m nM ta Korth CirfU.. fTOutWp
We are informed that three des! Ti
occurred in one family from dipti"ui
1 &'.-
''r'il- l
.! " :

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