North Carolina Newspapers

    'l- . -----
A "'correspondent of the Buffalo
Courier who has been traveling in
the South for five years, conimmii-
'cates to that paper the views he en
tertains in reference to negro labor.
He sees things as we know them, aol
tells his tale in a btraiTu-ionvard
way. He says :
"Entf ring upotvlhis prUgrimage in
1876 tborbuglily imbue, witli Re
publican principles and tire idea that
negro oppression and butchery were
the" chief pastimes of the Southeru
gentlemen, and ex-slaveholders, my
Northern friends of the same school
of opinion naturally, expected mc to
launch out into terrible talcs of blood
and rapine. They expected prompt
and amplij verification of the popular
idea that the poor, honest, industrious
"aud naturally intelligent "man and
brother" toiling w itlr Christian forli
tudeand industry towards the attain
' ment of iiHtepciideiice, i?ef-respecting
manhood and commendable citizen
ship, between which and him stood
the Southern white man ft) the last
mother's son with bloody knife and
pmok fng bh it-gu n. A 1 most any North
ern man will admit that this is not
an overdrawn picture of the Northern
-Republican idea of tlie social and po
litical condition of the South in 1876,
and in making a tour of certain sec
tions of the North last summer. I
found little if auy modification of
this view among the untraveled mass
es. I say that I came South entcr
tjiining about this view of the state
of affairs."
Having, then, these bitter prejudi
ces to start with, he admits that it
took some time for him to understand
the trtr.h. At first he confesses he
would not believe his own eyes when
t he bare facts as they exi-st were forccil
upon his notice. And yet he asserts
"ills a fact that the colored man as a
laborer and a citizen is much better
treated and fully as well paid as the
white laborer in "the Middle and
Kastern States."
Ho draws a picture of the white
labor at the North, where the supply
is irrenter than the demand and shows
to whit bard usage the Northern
laborer has to submit, or lose his
place -and his bread. And he sup
plements this with the easy-going way
of doing busiifess at the South, where
the supply is less tHan the demand,
and where labor is freer and less ne
cessitous than at the crowded North.
He says that he has passe d from one
plantation to another, and from one
community to another, anil "I say
positively that I hive never traveled
in a section in which the laboring
classes were as thoroughly independ
ent as are the negro farm laborers ot
the South as a whole. Nor is there
another section in which the laboring
classes live as easily and are as con
tent, in the legitimate sense of that
terra, as are 1 lie.-e same negroes. Take
the State of North Carolina, from
which there were so many exodus
ters to Kansas a few years ago, when
the NorthernIicpublican press poin
ted to the fact as evidence of the un
bearable oppression which made
North Carolina untenable for them,
I find that the demand for labor,
winter aud summer, exceeds the sup
ply, and therefore not one single
colored man or woman need be idle a
single day. Consequently," he con
cludes, "there is no crowding or driv
ing, and the laborer goes his own way
and works or runs about the country
as he sees fit. When perchance the
farmer does have a faithful h-and, he
is shown favors lhat no white -laborer
in the North would think of expect
ing. 1 would say, in couelusion, that
in the cases of the tens of thousands
of negro laborers under Southern em
ployers and overseers which have
come under my notice, I cannot call
to mind a single instance in which a
blow, or an angry oath, or any violent
expression has been used toward the
negro laborers by his white directors.
There are, without doubt, such cases,
but- tlrey must be rare indeed that
some of them should not have come
under my notice in five years' travel
and study of the South."
7 FiSh That Fly.
An old sailor said tliat there was
notning on land not to be found in
the sea. There are sea cucumbers
and carrots, and many 'other vegeta
bles that look very much like those
whose names hey bear. Some of the
fish even have .names like those of
laud animals. They: are hog-fish, sea
horses, toad-fish, and sea-cows. But
the most curious of all is the flyino--fish,
which has broad fins like wings.
This fixh is shaped and colored some
thing like atnackerel. Its back U
bine and its under parts are white.
Uhen it flies it. takes shortflights
from.tlie top of one wave to th(ftop
of another. The flying-squirrel can
fly, in this way, from a higher point
on a tree to one lower d own Tfm.
are plentiful near the West Indies?
where the water is warm. In the
morning the sailors may find a dead
fish on deck. It had seen the lights
that the vessel carries at night and
flown toward them.. It could fly high
enough to reach the; vessel's deck, but
could not fly acrojs it. It may have
struck a boom or sail and fallen dead
from the bIoc After thU they grow
more numerous, aud you will see them
in 'he d ay time. They will flv out
of the water in front of the ship, in
little groups, looking like flocks of
I swallows. Their white tides, will
gleam like silver in the sun. Ther
cannot fly fur, perhaps a hundred
yards. After wetting their wings or
fins, they can fly farther on. They
look as if they enjoyed tlieir life in
the air, but t!iiy do not always fly for
pleasure. Ta'dolphin, a very fierce
and fast swimming fih, hunts them
in the water, j When the poor flying
fish triesJo e-cape him,-the great sea
birds, the gulls and peficans, seize
them as they fly out. They are very
good to eat. -The people j in the is
lands about which they live! them catch
in dip nets ant! frytfiem.
This is the most .accurate descrip
tion of the flying fish wje have y;t
seen. It is inaccurate we think in
only one particular. The flying-fish
needs no wave jf the sea jo put it on
its wings. Thjey leap out?of the wa
ter very much like partridges out of
the grass, and fly very much like them
except the noisje of ih mag is not
The laboring classes, j who need
money the most, help pay the taxes,
although they way not kuow it or
realize it. If ja merchant pays taxes
on his goods, (he charges more for
them and the purchaser has to make
it up, whether he be rich or poor.
...V .:i - - ! -: -i :
Aim so on in every reiauou ui me
Now if property owners are taxed be-
.a i i '
cause ot -the crimes aua - pauperism
cngenered by the liquor traffic, .'much
of the tax comos, after all, out of the
laboring mail. I He is therefore, inter
ested to break; up the business o
drain selling, laud ought to vote for
Prohibition, j i
The abuse of liquor must be rerne
died and corrected by moral influence
and police control, and not by legis
lation." J. J. jMoTT. Oh, yes; that's
the way to do it, is it? Build church
es, supply preachers, and Ithen flood
the land with whiske to corrupt ami
destroy. Givejone dollar j to redeem
and " spend ten j to corrupt. At this
rate when will the Millennium be?
Our ltiyhts. :
Canada has a! little sensation now in
the fact that a poor man in London,
Canada, West, (urns out to be the son
of the Eul of Mar and heir to the
Scottish Earldom of Mar. He was
born before the lady who was his
mother became the wife of the Earl
and was sent to Canada iti charge of
a trusty ""friend, -to hide the disgrace
of the mother, and there grew up to
manhood, ignorant of his paternity,
until accident threw in his way let
ters Ut Jiis guardian, which arc said
to fully csiahiidi his claim to the
title and estate! of his dead father,
which estate is wofii millions ot
pounds. Friends in Canada are fur
nishing hiirt money to prosecute his
claims. .
The falling off! in New England's ship
building industry Appears from; a compari
son betweeu i.35 and 1880. Is the former
ihe tonnage buijt was 326,429; in the
Iatterr46,374. Cause: Svnscle9 protective
tariffs. Char. Observer.
A citizen of Florida tells the Fayetteville
Examiner, that in jsome. sections of that
State ''mosquitoes are so numerous that
they extinguish the fire built jn the fields
to attract them from the dwellings, and
frequently farmers; burn them and use the
dead, hulf-burned" bodies for fertilizers."
The Prohibition Act.
The. following is the Prohibitory Act as
it passed both Houses of the Legislature,
with all the amendments inserted at the
proper places, li is an eiact copy of the
bill as enrolled aud ratified: i
Tlte General Assanbly of Korth Carolina
do Enact :
Section 1. That any persons who shall
manufacture, buy or sell, either directly
or indirectly, any spirituous or malt li
qnors, except wiues aud cider, or bv any
shift, subterfuge or deViee, spiritnous li
quors, or any liquors of which Hpirituous
liquor is a material or constituent part,
in any quantity, in this State, otherwise
than by this act provided, shall be gnilry
of a roisdenieauor! and upoik eon r ration
Thereof in any court of record bavin" ju-
iieuitiiuu iii Kame Biiau oe Dtieu not less
than one hundred dollars uot more than
one thousand dollars, and be imprisoned
iu the discretiou of the court.
Sec. 2. That spirituous liquor or li
quids of which liquors are a material and
constituent part, may be kept aud sold
as by thUact provided, aud I in no other
way or manner, only for medical, chemi
cal and mechanial purposes, and for these
purposrs, only by a druggist, apoth
ecary or physician, who shall tiave
obtained a license iu pursuance of
the provisions of this act, allowing
him to ell the same for such purpone;
and any druggist or physician who shall
have obtained such liceuse shall not keep
at any time a greater quantity of such
spirits ou hand than thirty gallons; aud
shall not sell to any persou a greater
quantity, at one time, than one gallon.
SEc.3.Tlie Coiinty Commissioners of
the several counties in the State may,
upon application made to tlicra, only iu
the way in this section provided, bra
druggist, apothecary or pbysiciau, graut
a license to-last for one yearud no 1oq
er, to sell sucb spirituouliquors as are
mentioned in this act only for medicinal,
chemical and mechanical purposes, and
iu the way and manner iu this act direct
ed, and no other ; but before granting any
such license they shall ascertain aud find
by the oath aud examination of two or
more soberand respectable citizens of
their county, that such applicant is a so
ler, reliable, and trustworthy person ; and
they shall record the names of the citizens
so by them examined and the facts so
found by them uprtn the'minntes of their
proceedings in connection with the orders
and prceediiiga granting such liceuse ;
and any druggist.! apothecary or olirid.
emu desiiing to obtain such license, shall
lpiy xor me ssme uy petition settiug
forth that lie i a drfiggist, apotheeaiy or
ph.viciau m the CJiinty ; where, such ap
plication is made tfie place where hescils
drugs and inedcineslor regularly practices
imnlicine that he j desires to keep and
mrll such liquors oiiL- for medicinal, chem
ical or mechanical purpose; that lie will
not knowingly keep or sell such liquors
otherwise, nor in greater quantities than
as by this act ulhwei, aud that he will
welf, truly and fitlifully keep and ob
serve the provisions of this act so far as
the same are applicable to him ; such pe
tioner shall ! subscribe aud swear to his
Htitiou, and the same shall be filed
aud preserved among the papers and re
cords of the county commissioner before
whom it. shall !e presented. But no
druggist, apothecary or physiciau shall
be licence to sell any of the spirituous or
malt liquors herein mentioned, uutil he
has executed ud given to. the Board of
Commissioner of the county wherein the
liquors are proposed to be sold, a bond
with good and sufficient security, to be
duly justifiedjiu a sum of not less than
five hundred dollars and not more than
five thousand dollars, conditioned that he
will fathfullyj comply with and perform
all the requirements and conditions of
this act. Th said bond shall be record
ed and filed as in cases of official Ixnids
anl whenever the Sidd commissioners
shall have reason to believe that the par
ty so licensed has violated auv of said
conditions or promises they maj- put the
same iu suit and prosecute to judjineiit
and in addition thereto they may for
good cause revoke said license, first giv
ing to the bolder thercot at least two
days notice of the time when a motion to
revoke will be made.
Sec. 4. A druggist, apothecary .or phy
sician having a license to ' keep and sell
such spirituous liquors as by this act pro
vided, shall not sell the same to any per
on. at one time, a greater unantitv than
one gallon, nor in auy qnantity, unless
the iKjrsou applying U purchase the same
shall present and deliver the cert locate
of a sober and respectable practicing idi v-
sicia n, not a licensed dealer uuder this
act, given upou his honor, to the erTect
tliiit such spirituous liquors so required
are iu fact leqnired for medical purposes;
or a like certihcate of a sober, respecta
ble chemist or artist, that such ' spiritu
ous liquors are required in fact for chemi
cal purposes; jor a like certificate of a
sober, respectable mechanic that such
spirituous liquors so required are in taei
required ftn-mechanical purposes; and il
any physician, chemi. f, artist or median
ic shall make any certificate falsely stat
ing or suggesting the purpose for which
such spirituous lii;;urs specified lv him
are required every such physician, chem
ist, artist of mechanic making such falsi
certificate, shall le deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor,! and upon conviction ii
any court of record having jurisdiction
thereof, shall be fined not less than oiu
hundred nor more than five hundred dol
lars, aud may,! iu the discretion of tlu
court, be imprisoned.
Skc. 5. Every druggist, apothecary or
physician who shall have a license to sell
such spirituous liquors as provided for in
this act, and shall violate the provision
of the same in an. v respect, directlv oi
indirectly, or by any shift, or subterfuge,
shall, for every surli violation thereof,
Ikj deemed guilty of a misdetneauor, ami
upon conviction in any court of iccori!
having jurisdiction shall be fined not les
than one hundred dollars, nor mole thai.
five hundred dollars, and be imprisoned J
in the discretion of the court : and more
over shall forfeit his said license to be
cancelled by the court ; and if any clerk
or employee of such druggist, apothecary J
or physician shall iu any way violate tin
provisions of this act under pretense of
selling such spirituous liquors for his em
ployer or otherwise, he kImII for every :
such offense be, deemed guility of a mis
demeanor, and upon conviction iu any
court of record having jurisdiction shall
oe nucii not less than titty dollars noi
more than one hundred dollars, and be
i in prisoned at the discretion of the court.
Sec. 6. 1 hat this act shall have no
force nor effect! until the first day of Oc
tober, A. !., Iddl : and on and after that
day it shall haye full force and effect.
Sec. 7. Thatian election shall be held
by the qualified electors in the State on
the first Thursday iu August next to take
the sense of theS electors ot this State u li
on the question! of prohibition, those de
siriug prohibition shall vote a written or
punted ticket Vith the words: "For Pro
hibition" on it ;i those opposed to prohi
bition phall vote a written or printed
ticket with the words : 4Against Prohi
bition" on it. The election h ereio nro-
vided for in this section shall be held un
der the same rules and regulations aud
tlte returns to be made as are now pro
vided by law for the election of Judges of
the Superior Court, and tho Board of
County Commissioners of the several
counties of the State shall in the manner
therein prescribed appoint registrars and
judges ot said election : Provided, That
ii ac me saui election a majority of the
votes so cast be "Aganst Prohibition"
then and in that case uo person shall be
prosecuted or puuished for any violation
of this act. And it is further nroviilwl.
That upon the counting of the ballots as
aforesaid the Governor of the State shall
issue his proclamation declaring tho re
sult thereof.
39th VSAft.
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qualities, usually at one giving ease." Local
weakness of the back, breast aud side, always
benefited, thus curing lumbago in a few hours,
sometimes. in a few minutes.
In serious heart and ctlest affections their
use cames an absorption or evaporation of wa
ter, hy which dropsy of thdieart and hydro
thorax have undoubtedly been cured.
They appear to have a peculiar effect upon
the nervous, allaying irritability while supply
ing warmth. They seem to accmulate elec
tricity, and aid the circulation of the blood
through the part where applied, by which
healthy action are induced.
The Porous Plasters are flexible, and found
of great help to those who have weak backs
or pains in the side. Especially are they val
uable to those who have neglected colds. They
are often preventives of consumption; nay,
they are believed in have loosened the grasp of
this terrible affliction, and had been mainly
instrumental in effecting a cure. In variable
climate l hey should be worn on the breast, or
between ilie shoulders, or over the kidneys, by
those who are subject to take cold easily. This
simple plan will soon produce constitutional
vigor that will enable one to resist eztraordi
nsrv chnzs of leintwrature. Experience b
proved th Porous Plaster In bi blessing to t
me oorisiimpn veiy incnneo, invarisDiv prtKlue-,
ing the most remarkable abatement of the I
worst symptoms. j
PrincipalAeencv, 291 Canal Street, !
New York Cfy; aad, for Sale by all
Druggists, 201 -pd. ,
Fee Simple Deeda, Deed in Trust, Mortgage Dccda, Commissioners' I)f4 V
Distill era -Entries, and Tarious other
Administrators, executors, commissioners,
call on ns for printed sale notices. It is
their property at public auction without first giving ample notice of the sa' rs?
quircmentsof the law on the subject every body knows are insufficient P -often
sacrificed from this cause when a dollar or tw o spent in advertising n Fcn?'
saved it and made it bring its value. "We furnish sale notices promptly and d
TffiO. BOERfiAUl'S
Fruits, - Candies,
.. Cigars, Books,
Pictures, And,:
Pict ur e-Frap i e a
wnns you waxt
II A 11 fl W A 11 E
At Low Figures
Call cm the undersigned atBo- 2, Granii
Salisbury .N C.JnneS if.
Coitoei Time Tatle-I C. B. R.
Date May 13, 11 I No. 41 I No. 49 J No.
Dally I Dully Dally
Lv. Charlotte. 4 05 A M 6 15AM 4 15 p u
A-L Depot
" Junc't 411 AM ' S " 4 20 "
" SaUsbury 5 56 AM ! 7 50 " e 7
A rr. ureensboro 8 m AM 30 . 7 5T
Lv. Greensboro 8 A M 9 50 " f 8 18
Arr. Ualeigh l 4 P M for Rich-
Lv. 1 45 P M mond
Arr. Goldsboi-o 400 I'M , vnly
Lv. Greenstx)io
forinchmond 8 25 PM
Lv. Danville 10 kl AM 1131 "
' N. Danville 1027 AM 11 S3 "
" BarUsdale 10 ns A M 12 ul P M
Drak's br'ch 12 37 P M 1 20 "
' Jetersvllle 2 24 P M 2 57. V
Arr. Tomahawk 3 !0 P M 3 5t
Arr. Belle Isle 4 03 P M 4 "
Lv. ' 4 10 P M 4 33 "
Arr. Manchester 4 13 PM 4 as "
Arr. Richmond 4 13 P M 4 43 " 7 S a m
Date May 15, 0 No. 43 No. 4S I No. 50
Dally I Dally pally
Lv.Rlctimond 10 4") P M" I'FooM
Burkevlile 2 i5 A M 2 41PM
Arr. N. Danville 7 uo i5
Lv. 7 25 " c 13 "
lanville 7 27 "
rr. Greensboro 9 26 si7 '
Lv. v 31 " 8 37 "
Salisbury 11 lfi " in 33
rr A-L Junction 12 41 " 12 15 AM
charlotte 1 w 12 o A M '
Lv. Richmond 2 To P M
" Jeierdvllle 4 41
" Drak's Rr ch , 6 o"
" Harksilale ' 7 "
Danvl'.le 7 r.i "
" Renajj s 55 "
' Greensboro 9 27 "
Salisbury 11 03 "
Arr. A-L Junction 12 6 "
Lv. "
Ajr. Charlotte 12 so A M
is uiuue Irom a Minnie irooical oi i
Value, and is a POSITIVE hem EOT for all the!
diseases that can.! pales la the lower part of the
body for Torpid Liver Headaches Jaundice i
Dizziness, Gravel, .Molarta, and all dllHcultle of the-j
Kidney, Uer. and Mr! nary urgan3. For FEM ale I
DISEASES Monthly Menstruations. and dnrlng j
Pregnancy, it has no eu,ual. It restores the organs!
that wde ihe blood, and hence la the best BLOOD t
PURIFIER. It is the only known remedy that cures
BLIGHT'S OlS-ASE. For Diabetes, use WAK.V-
For Sale by Druggists and Dealers at ftl.2B
per bottle. Largest bou- In the market, try tu t
M M- W A KnE R & CO. KocuasTEK. '. x-.
MP Outfit-sent free to tnose who wish to engatre
rln ihe most pleasant and profiable bu.sineta
(V.lkBOwn. Everything i.ew. Capital not re
V Wqulred. We will furaisu ypuererythtng. $lo
a day and upwards Is easily maue without btaylng
away from home over nlht. So risk whatever.
Many new workers wanted ut once. Many are ma.
king; fortunes at the business. Ladies make usmutb
as men, and young boys and girls make great pay
No one who is wining to wor. fulls to make more
money every day than can be made in a w eek at
any ordinary employment. Those who enguge at
once will find a short road to lortune.
Address, H. Uallktt Co., Portland, Maine.
obtained for new invention, cr for improve
mcnls in o!:! ones. Cavents, Infringement,
Traie-Mai k, and all patent busincFS pioiupi
Ij Mttendfd lo.
Inventions that tare been Hernt?A
may still, in most case, be nalentt-u Lv n.
Ueing oj)ot.ile ihe U.S. Patent Oiiice, and en-1
icagea m patent easiness Exclusively, i
we can secure palenu in lens time than lhoe j
who are remote from Washington. j
When Inventor nentl modfl or sketch, we
main o... .,!, : I I l... 1 Cll . 1 , I
as to its patenaliilily free of charge. Corres
pondence confidential : fppa rpinnM- A
Uo Charge Unless Patent is Obtained.
v inn ut (ciiniiun io ine city j. ot
msHer, and to the Superintendent of th I-ri
OfSce Money Order Divinon in WaKlisngton.
For special reference, circular, advice, terms,
Ac., ddre C. A. SNOW & CO.
Opposite Patent Office, Waahingion, D. C.
8:lf .
Outfit f urnUhed free, with full Instructions
ui wiwutuiij; me mosi prouiaoie ou.Mness
asy to learn. anujiirln.strui-tir
so simple and plain that anyone can make great pr v
flu from the very start. No one can fail who Is will
ing to work. Women are as successful as men. Bovs
, i. veil, wikc nuun. .mhiit u;ive njaae at
the nuniness over one hundrpd Aiiiarv c. Lir.i
r - ' WIUI c. rtll wnu
enjrage are surprtsnd at tb ease and ntt.idity wiih
which they are able to male- money. You can en
frame lu this b-islnis during voursparetlme si iae t
proct. l ou do not have to invest captral inn We
TAlce 11 th rt.alr. Thn- nhn
week. Nnthtntr Tllrv if vr V r.r.u. r. . i,
shonld wrtu to us iu once. All furnished trv-. .a!
1Vlt i CO., AUfcllaU, JJ1B0.
forms for sale at the "tifictv.
sheriff, coDStables, agents, &c are A
certainly great iniustTce tn .U
iAND ?.3AD? rrn"
!LTi (inrnin. ' '3
ci n uiaease.ctiu t7 Absorption .rfip"
ulatoi y Ducta. Prot?te Gland .V?8lc!e' Sc-
Ten:5iica, aad &on not Intorfori wUhthS Jco
puraiU cf life; It is qaickly dUrJu 2
Stive. sSoct cpoa Ui eiual anel2-2i? tad
tb drain from tUo system, rcstnri-1 ,U?WU
cf BiKht. Nervous lobUitV&nusBl?MW,
AversJoa to Society, cic,etcandfh-5itle
cf premature old ui usuiui aWr.lTr
it has been dormant (or roara. Thi tr,tf;ThT
he0t ha. stood the test fa vS, Wvcrf'.
now s pronounced success. Lrue9r. ,1!, " na
pes. to, with but little if any rSt c5Si
la no lvooaense about tbisJ'n-panaioQ. IWtlli?!?
n-ryat ion enables as to Positively guarantoi tUft
r;.ll give satisfaction, burln th Sytli fLI
It bas been in ireneral ns. wo have lhoJsa0dfc,7t
Medical r.-ofos5ion to ho the most rt ionll,.
discovered of reaching and curiae tbUvrrSJ
trouble, that , -well knov,n to ba , thecaSJ SfS
mlwiry to so nany.and upon whom quacks mirtk
their n-!asi nostrnms and big- tetCrhlSt
is put in nat boxes, of thW sixeTlfo. 1
tolaet mouth.) 3; 8. .sufficient 572
racnent enre, nn!oss la. sarere cases.) S5
(UsUnS over three monlts, will stop smlMtoM Taml
restore vi-or in the worst cwesj ! if. Beet "82
4 je.lod.ln jlaln wrappers. Full DlRECTIOKaS
xxzng: v ifl teeomoany EACH BOX. "
, .-7rr for m Mr-nmpti,-i Frnntt
'cfsoi Vina Anattnlral 1 Uwitrntiina)
otKi TeHtiiHony.jrhtrh trill renrfne
tht inivt til-flirt An I i, 1 1
ihom siuytnrai mat the rmn h
imtnreAt to nrWert mtt 11.. 77
to far thmtltitUtm nf lift, mime ai if
r.grrr;iar.n MS. -ST. LOUIS. Mo
.1 ' . " -ui uu:c diseases, aa enjoys a natkn.
el rnput-.tioa throuoh she corlD of com! . irtl7.i
I" DlR E T I O N .r E X P O SU R E?S
Th. - 1 1 V ;
ectioon of the lilool akin or lmnes.7neatl wHb sat .
c, without using Menrurr or l oUonous Mrdicliwir
YO U W O MEN nr" '"Utring from tbeeCsett
tmrr-r mm mm 1 if a dirae Ibat unCU Hi Tir
tims for bx!nws or mnn-:aim. nermanentlT rnrad
I fill II 111 1 1 iiiawiiai insiiiiitM but Bonibtt.
frK.ojl conilt!io ii preferred, wliKli u FREB tat in.
eJ. List of miic.iks ie he muswrrcd hV naticuu diiiriutiMi.
Bunt nj ul.-il (r. e to W7 iMrri on aHllrrton.
Cf.rvi.ui. a jfrrina; trnm Rapture mI4 kkI Isrlr srtli, 1
asit lni wmrlblii-le tltrir dnwlsf It b Mt s trmkj
Coanu'jiur rx-tlT cotifi lrntlil, and ihoulil be ad4rraai
Dlt. UtXTS, ia North hth -M. IhWTIw
For lsi is an Elegant Book of 120 Pages, One Col
ored Flower Plate, and wo IHustratlcjus, wiih De
script ions of the best Flowers and Vegetables, hJl
Uirectluns Tor growing, only 10 cents. In
Hsu or (icraa.i If you afterwards order scedsde-
)ii tut- i ip rt
VI t'K 'S-SKI . I lS A rf t hO luCt In tho ivn.l,1 Th.
Flokal OriDK w ill tell how to get and grow thfm.
i ,o rjes, b coioreu riates. 50u Knravlngs. ForM
cents in paper eorers; $1.00 In elegant cloth, to
(German or KnllKh.
T fl ' I.' u II 1 l-w f TUn irf-n, .
s.' Pages, a Colored Plate In every .number awl
nviny line Engravings. Pileo fi.25 a year; Flrr
eopws for $" ci. Specimen Numbers sent (or li
cents; 3 trial topics for '.'3 cents.
Address .) A MES V1CK, RocLestrr,: T.
The Largest and Best Family Paper ia
the World.
Send for Sample Copy Free.
I'arli Con, cn York.
in time and prepare you
iisuinst disaster liefore it w
. . I .
too late, by calling at
and btftininr: a Policy of InsaraDCJ
against It9 or damage by FIIu-V
LIGHTNING. This is the
Aggregate Assets represented vcr
All FiM Clas Cos., including Enslish ai
Ttli z Auieiii-Mii, ami ur own Mate ( '
, All Policies written here at this AgtiicJ
2"Lu; 9 proinoll settled.
made on gwu Dwellings. Furniture, p4
purm jiiopci tv. lr a term of 3 to 5 'ear,
W M V m
v-'-r- XJuect Application CK-V?? "PV.lru,

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