North Carolina Newspapers

    Carolina Watchman.
Col. Win. JoUnslon '
. . . . ft r l l.Uo TMkm
has written a MMniVvw P F '!.
Florida'a Orange crop is catimaieu 10
,be irorth this .vear a million dollars.
floods in the rivers about Nashville,
.?.... i..v iatrnved iivonerty to the
j run., -
vle of half a million of dollars.
from which wo make the following
Important Movemept iu Congress.
American Register.
Judge Geddes, of Ohio, introduced into
tract: . . p.,.,(T.v.M. nn Monday last, a resolution to
" A nnrtion of the pres of (lie Mate nas ' , tt:
' " . KM.k M .nUreiiresen- ao aineun me cuohiiuhw wi h
Men ,o,rr iu I' "n"!- L. ol-i- .l,o fmm the President
.Hnn nuil in( ii ire in vne " c""" l" '"v "-j
": -. j ; ... r it.
These malignant attacvs api" i " f appmnixng power, anu comer it upuu
originated witbeonie peiiuy-a-iinei, a commission consisting of two comniift-
Waah.ngrou , c.?, wno ? ; T nsrs (to be appoinUd by nomination
sou-ht office of the President ; that I said of the President and confirmation by the
desire to see the Democracy or non. Senate), with the head ot the department
. 1 I 1 1. .....f AlAOtlilll " I . - . X . .
. . c.i '.iin urn c eiiin ill uie uciv cn-v . , , . r.rwiiittnnt are rennireu
rr.i nf Pornoohrnt. Mnilioniiu v. 7 .... . l ...... iv riiu . i.....
ins Dime ui vwi.". , i.a i imii ininea rue ivauicui.ip, i , , - n
..Lwii.ri8.,i.h the number of divorces. , -J"". the and all such to be made, anu tne term oi i
i . . I - - - o I. .Umvvao 1 ntinkintftAa fiir rsara
i - ji fr u itful evil in inw BMitftments utterly wise. ouch iaiS l-r.ut..jv...
Jk Mo v""- " - I . . . il. ..!. L-.wrtv I mi i A. 4-
are unworoiv or nonce 10 iiiubc w u -"" i xuis is a must, nnjiui i.uit luuicimui
me, but others may ie misieu oj j i wJjct uag ieen made in Congress for ma-
A good portion oune nine o,vuuK., s X!nlnel did not come
. 1 A L..A ..nvln.r IHMIH)- " ' " I'"-' . .
last wee, w-b I r..,.r.i nmmitiv with tins denial, ne
rooden jtntmeg State.
Wiwuevuieuw pplT3 TT forward niomutlv with
rial honors to flon. Amoroso u.u.. hftTe remailied riieut UIltil uot j
and Senator uarpcuicr.
,t. 'tU nrpu nf the State ' UDl Hie
nresa of the United States, especially
the Btvublican press of the North, had all
published the reports whicb originated
at Washington. A prompt denial would
have saved him some unpleasant feelings,
mnA "ti. in cm of the Suite" would have
WWW i' - "ii.
done him no injustice.
The temaining portion of the Cslonel s
k- . .iL r. 'm. intrAil.irprl letter weaueus tne aoove uemai .
Ec ported attempts on the life of- the
Car continue to be published. The poor
man is in continual dread -of dangerous
surprises. The last discovery just in
time to save him, was dynamite in the
wood brought in to make his morning
a bill in tho House to facilitate the pay
mint of the public debt and to provide a
uniform pner circulation. Several bills
are now before Congress desigued to re
lieve the country of the inconvenience of
rather heavy metal currency.
tont almost destroying it. We presume
he did not intent that result, and there
fore omit it asji means of giving empha
sis to the main design.
Hirean'a counsel. Mr. Scoville, has
issued an address appealing to the pub-
fh. are numerous bills and petitions He for pecuniary assistance to continue
rrr.. nn the discrimination of the defence of the prisoner
wiuiw v T ' :
Railroads in freicht charces It is to be
V . 0 A. I i 1
uy years, it wouiu onng auouc civil ser
vice reform (thoroughly and efficiently,
and break down the spoils system which
has corrupted and degraded all brandies
of the pnblic service. It would do more.
It would relieve the President from the
degredation and pressure of the multi
tudes of office seekers, who incessantly
crowd the Executive Mansion, and require
all the time of the President to hear the
innumerable applications and counter
applications for appointments to office,
and which allow him no time to attend
to the great interests and matters of pub
lic policy involved iu the affairs of this
great nation, internal and external. And
more than all this, it would put an end
to the wrangling commotions of our Pres
idential electious, which every four years
convulse the whole country, and disturb
business a flairs.
Press Comments.
Wilmington Star.
Col. Wm. Johnston, of CLarlot to, has
published a card iu the Southern Home,
in which he goes for all papers that
criticized him, and says : "They state
that I sought office of the President ;
that I said 'we desire to see the Democ
racy of North Carolina defeated at the
next election and that I had joined the
Radical camp,' See. 1 pronounce these
and all such statements utterly false.
Such charges are unworthy'of notice to
those who know me, but others may be
misled by my silence.''
Now this looks as if he were stiu a
Democrat and not a Radical. But is a little the rise of $50, but this is a small
he f What does be mean by the follow- grievance to the chief iu comparison with
Heard From. Chief of Police Mc
Ninch has beard from the Bible agents,
Kelley and West, who skipped ont of
town last week, leaving a large-sized
board bill unpaid at the Charlotte hotel.
After leaving here they went direct to
Memphis, Tenn., ami after reaching that
point it is stated they wrote business
letters to parties in this place, bv whicb
means their whereabouts became known.
Instructions, with necessary papers, have
been sent to the chief of police of Mem
phis to arrest and hold them, and it is
more than likely that they are now in
custody. If they are arrested an officer
will be sent from this city to bring them
back. The amount of the unpaid bill is
"If a private citizen, who is neither a
candidate or aspirant for office, is to be
denounced as unpopular, dishonest and a
traitor for exercising independence of
thought and action, such a party will
soon disintegrate. And if with the unfor
tunate legislation and management in
both State and Federal politics there .is
their "getting away" with
Charlotte Observer.
him so easily.
the defence of the prisoner. He has ex
hausted his own resources aud has reach-
biped that this subject, now so generally ed the point of imperative necessity to
ke care ui uib iuujii y. uuu uuibw w
can raise $2,000 further efforts in
The Reapportionment
occupying the public mind, may be wise
ly settled upon some well defined princi
ple of equity, just to all.
; Railroad News. Col. Thomas A. Car
tr, of Asheville, N. C, has commenced
a suit for the possession of the Western
lf ;C. Railroad, which he claims he bought
at a sheriff's sale iu Asheville, Feb. 7,
and for which he holds the sheriff's
the prisoner must end.
The Court has fixed on to-morrow,
Fridae. to hear and consider a motion
nf J y
for a new trial.
Every possible means will be employed
The apportionment bill reported to
the boose Friday is based on the Seatou
aid of method of com nutation, aud as amended
- m - ri
by the committee is as follows:
A bill making an apportionment of the
representatives iu congress among the
several states under the tenth census :
Be it enacted, ect., That after the third
deed. Able and numerous counsel have
tlie case iu hand, and will probably re- the Court in Washington had no right to
a oo l.of it io nn l L-clv Hicv trv Hie prisoner, because tne victim aieu
ill rat thft iu ew Jersey.
... t
to releasetho prisouer. A writ of habeas of March, 1883, the house of representa-
corpus to bring the prisoner before the tives shall be composed of three huudred
Dri strict Supreme Court is also talked of. and twenty members, to be apportioned
The defense in this case will claim that among the several states as follows :
Alabama eight.
Stanly Gleaner," is the title of a new
It is reported that the managers of the
-i.fclv nftwanaiMtr inafc Rtarted at Nor- Western North Carolina Kailroad have or
ioed, Stanly County, N. C; by R. W. dered for it two engines, 120 box cars, 40
knight, Esq. It takes up in earnest the flats, and 40 gondola cars, and two complete
sew Btfilroad scheme from Wadcsboro to passenger trains, so as to equip the road in
Charleston, West Va., aud urges the peo- first-class style in respect to rolling stock
Jle of Stanly aad Montgomery to gife it New rails, fish bar, are being laid on parts
m the suDDort in their power. of the line near Statesville, while 150,000
I The Gleaner will be Democratic in noli- cross-ties will be laid between Salisbury and
i -i ....
tics, but will be chiefly devoted to the Henry as soon as the weather permits
interest of the county!
The West. N.C. JL K.-We omitted
Cu t Xn-r iln nnwliwen nn al'il-m t to mCUtlOU iASt Week tilO COmPletlOll OI
w mLJUv vvi.or ii TnnL-os it an. the road to Piceon River. The cars cross
bearance, for the very good reasons that the river aud a large force is at work on
-z: - . - .... ..,. ...... .i i.,-,i
Jt is a dangerous and loathsome disease. uuu-
ri. ,wfD ,i. nnt frnm nn imfnr- I It may also be mentioned that the
1 IIV lLil lO 11 UIVM O Amvau mu r
iunate community afllicted with it are al- change iu the track at Newton has been
wnysexagerated. The citizens of Winston so far completed as that trains do not
are just now exerting themselves to cor- back in as heretofore, but run pass that
hoct the false reports which have gone place, coming out at and beyond Cono-
put concerning their town. They have 1 ver.
managed the disease very well and kept
it from spreading into the community.
1 ieBi m
The Morgan! on Blade says that the
Democrats in 1876 pledged themselves to
'abolish tlie internal revenue system. We
1; now many of the members of the party
advocated its abolishment, this paper
among them ; and we are in favor of it
to-day. Maj. Robbins has constantly de
nounced it and labored for its repeal ; and The public reads have seldom been in
mow since it has become apparent that J a more deplorable condition. It is abso
there is no government, need lor the rev- lutely cruel to drive teams through tlie
enue raised in this way, the reasons for its mud ; and the farmer or wood hauler who
repeal are stronger than ever, and its is obliged to do it, should not fail to wash is added to
Tho extent to which, Congressmen
have degenerated ioto mere errand boys
for their constituents is sharply illustra
ted by the fact that, by actual count, no
less than 266 of the 293 Representatives
called ou the commissioner of pensions
iu one day recently to ask him for action
on special cases.
r friends should press the demand.
Arkansas five, a gaiu of one.
California five, a gain of oue.
Colorado one.
Connecticut four. r
Delaware oue.
Florida one, a loss of one.
Georgia ten, a gain of one.
Illinois twenty-one. a gaiu of two.
Indiaua thirteen.
Iowa eleven, a gain of two.
Kausaa six, a gain of three.
Kentucky eleven, a gain of oue.
Louisiana six. . J
Main four, a loss of one.
Marvlaud six.
Massachusetts twelve, a gain of one.
Michigan eleven, a gain of two.
Minnesota five, a gaiu of two.
Mississippi seven, a gain of one.
Missouri fourteen, a gain of one.
Nebraska three, a gain of two.
Nevada one.
New Hampshire two, a loss of one.
New Jersey seven.
New York thirty-four, a gaiu of one.
North Carolina nine, a gain of one.
Ohio twenty-one, a gain of oue.
Oregon one.
Pennsylvania twenty-nine, a gaiu of
Rhode Island one, a loss of one.
South Carolina six, a gain of one.
Teunessee ten.
Texas ten, a gain of four.
Vermont two, a loss of one.
Virginia ten, a gaiu of one.
.West Virginia four, a gain of oue."
Wisconsin eight. I
Section 2. That whenever a new State
the uuion the representation
BY virtue of a decree of the Superior Court
of Rowan county in the special proceeding
entitled George Kluttz and others against
.Tnprth Fvlntty nnrl nthers. the nndinicmfd
not some improvement, the party will win Mn on Monday the 6th day of March,
disband itself, aud reorganize under the 1882, at the Court Bouse door in Salisbury,
banner of economy, retrenchment, re- iVtoout 200 Acr
form, and popular rights." f.TjiSSS m-" S X C' ?lp'
IW 1 .1 11 ii l i 1 lot A I lvAtt- Uili anH AthAM levin
The news from Washington from both D ,. . V hS
. .... ,i i J : I J o o
sides torn me same siory concerning iur. estate of Jacob Kluttz, dee'd
Price. We await further developments. TERMS one-third cash, one-third in six
Tf liA ,.imoft to work with the Democrats months, and the balance m twelve months
-w - . - - t i -evr i a l i a. a. jf
fiirlMm Tf h. ow guMcun y ana inieraiiram
date of sale on deferred pavmcnts.
CHAS. FiUUJS, Corner.
Salisbury, N. C,
' Feb. 2d, 1882. 16:1m
Hill ID
takes to play the part ot Ma bone on a
swell scale he will be criticised and cen
sured by his former allies. It is now in
order to hear from the "Mniah." As a
private citizen the papers would treat
Col. Johnston with silence. But if he
aspires to leadership aud to overturn
aud destroy the graud old party he may-
Can't Aft'ord It.
Greensboro North State. (Stalwart Rep..)
The great importance attached to the
desertion from the Democratic party to the
Republican rauks of Col. Johnston, Maj.
T J il -ft
nice, aim a ww omcis, is rauier am us- . Tl'MT'MTQTP A THQ CAT TP
ing in some respects. It looks big proba- iiWMfIWJLBJilVJi O OALiili
bly, in Washington, to see a few Colonels
A Spring Oats and
Wonderfully prolific. Will vield ashieb
as from 75 to 150 bushels to the acre, and
one pound has produced as much as five
bushels. These oats arrow frem 81 to 5 feet
iri height. In tact, thev are said to be su
pen or to alt others.
For sale at ENNISS1 Drug Store.
aud Majors come iorward and announce
their new nllegiance. But where is the
army which is to follow them T We can- Pursuant to an order of the Superior Court
not afford to take our leaders from the
other side put them in commission
i.i i . a i
and then piace-tuem in command ot our
taithtui soldiers, who, tor to these many
years, have m the face of ostracism,
abuse and every adversity ,bravely march
ed to the polls aud voted the Republicau
ticket. Who are these men who are pre
sented to the President as the political
of Rowan county to me directed, I will offer
lor sale at public auction, at the Court-House
door in the town of Salisbury,
On Monday, 6th day of March,
A. D., 1882, at 12 o'clock, M., all the Rea
estate lately owned by Burton Craigre, dee'd
situated partly within and partly without
the corporate limits ot the town of Salis
bury, consisting of twenty-three acres, more
or less, on which is the residence formerly
. . : 3 I w : .i j i
I AH Ohio farmer gives his experience in
im pre ring a farm that was in poor con-
? dition when he bought it. He says: tIt
was difficult for me to get from 12 to 15
bushels of wheat per acre, but by saving
all my manure and carefully applying it
I thave raised, for the past six years, 33
1 bushels per acre on an average. My man
- ner of rotation is : Break to sod, plant to
- -
J com, follow with oats. I apply all my
manure ou the stubble and plow it under
at least eight inches ; then roll and har
I row, and drag and harrow and roll and
drill at least three inches deep, aud seed
to timothy and clover, four quarts of each,
I iu March. I-seldom fail to get a good
catch. Keep to grass three years. Be
I sure and save all your farm manure, and
I you will need no artificial fertilisers."
Silver Certificates.
down and rub bis horses at the cud of j or representatives assigned to it shall be
the trip and feed well at night. I in addition to the number of 320.
Section 3. That each State entitled un-
Guiteau thinks if his friends will send der this apportionment to the number to
in plenty of money to engage first-class I which such State may be entitled in the
counsel, with the Lords help, of which forty-eighth and eacbisubseeuent congress
he is confident, he will get through, but j shall be elected by districts composed of
he don't seem to rely upon the Lord
bonanzas which the "barnac
have discovered T Are they cherished
Democratic leaders who have seen the
error of their ways aud now espouse the
Republican cause ; or are they a few dis
appointed aud sore-headed office hunters
who seek pastures new T We will uot
attempt to give an answer, but will cou
elude with one of Sydney Smith's auuec
doteS. Smith said a farmer could always
tell the number of a comiug litter by
counting the teats provided by nature
for the approaching family of swine.
The wittv Sydney said that there was
generally a "teat" for each pig, but some
times, through an ecceutricity of nature
oue Or more pigs than had been provided
for. Iu this case the poor extra pigs wet: t
fighting from teat to teat, driven off by
the lawful possessor until driven by ban
cer and desperation they would at last
seize on the caudle appendage of the in
different mother, aud suck and squeal
and suck, uutil exhausted nature found
relief in death. ,
We want something better than dead
political pigs to add to our vigor and
strength. We prefer acouisitions from
the well fed Democratic litter.
le brigade" ocHK?Kby said deceased and his family
... fcSFi his property is very valuable, an
1 f
Reports from all sections of North and Sooth Carolina,
sustain our claim that the
Georgia and Alabama
Is the BEST and Most Reliable and CHEAPEST Fertilizer in use, and that the
which we put out for the first time last season, has proved unexcelled by any Acid
hosphate on tftc Marxet. . . ,
Tt i not necessary for us to say anything about these Fertilizers, as the reports which
might be obtained from our agents, or ourselves, cover the whole subject, and wjll am
ply repay perusal. We will have a moderate supply oi eacn, which can oe ooiained
from our Agents, payable in Cotton next Fall. If there is no Agent at your Railroad
Depot, get your merchant to order it. . .
16:2m Savannah, Ga., & Charleston, S. C.
Our Dry Goods, Notion and Clothing Departments have all been supplied in the
last week or two; and we offer them very lew.
New Stock of Shirts and Underware;
I 1 ' '. f -.1 . ft - i .vrr
m a owti a xrrv a t innv a oonnTWWilT -
-nr . e. 1 tU
Tf e uiuiui iu iceu juu wim mw
Best Flour, Meats, Sugars, Teas, Ccffees, Symps, "
Buckwheat Flour, Hominy and Corn Starch,
- Prunes, Tomatoes, Potatoes, &c., &c,
That are to be had. We have as Fine Flour as is made in the United States.
Full stock of Corn, Meal, Shorts and Bran. r , ,
Now Supply oTGlass and Table Ware.
See us before you buy, as we have a thousand things not mentioned. Come and see
E. F. TATUM, Salesmen.
j- I ! j
January 11th, T882.
will be dirided into lots to Ruit the conve
niencc of purchasers,
1 ekms of sale one-third of tire purchase
money to be paid in cash, one-third at the
end of six mouths, and the balance at the
end of nine months. Interest from day of
sale on deferred payments. Title reserved
until all the purchase money is paid.
AdmY. ot Burton Craljje, dee'd.
Salisbury, N. C,
February 4th, 1882.
JClVsSA ' m M SmmL:,
- . . - - i
1 " -- -- - - -J--" ' - a i
Ha vlDe fully determined to convert mr general Hardware Business into Machinery. Agricultural Imple
ments and vealcles exclusively, l now oner lor uash my enure majck ui rutu pmpim j vbi
aii fv:iniinnriin ni mv . um k ami rrnxs la irsutxuuiu win .n u nuiu uuuuj . -
ui lie iouowihk tow pnecs:
KHI 111
AT Jno. H. Enniss,
Destructive Fire in Sew York.
We have had a good share of snow and
ice this winter, but very few days of se
verely cold weather. We have had snow
and sleet all this week tbe thermometer
ranging from 27 to 30 at night.
Wants the
Washington, Jan'y 30.In the Crimi
nal Court this morning the court fixed
upon Friday next as the day for hearing
arguments upon the motion for a new
Mr. Sinith, of Illinois, made a very trial for Guiteau.
sensible speecu m tne House on the 26th Scoville called attention to tbe fact that
January, in favor of issuing silver certifi- oue of the affidavits in support of tbe mo-
pates oi small aenommation, to take the tion had annexed to it a conv of the nit;
T w f v w v-
place of the cumbersome silver dollar,
now in circulation. The government has
been heretofore issuing silver certificates
of the denomination of $10 and upwards,
and they are constantly preferred to tbe
specie, whether gold or silver, as being
far more convenient for the purposes of
trade. Certificates of one, two and five
dollars would meet a public want, and
there is no good reason why the. govern
ment should not let the specie accumulate
in the vaults and issue upou it bills of
this kind. Mr. Smith shows that since
tlie rehabilitation of the silver dollar the
government has coined over one hundred
millions of silver dollars, but has been
able to force out into circulation only
about thirty -lbur millions, and that it has
been returned into the Treasury and
bauks about as fast as it has been issued,
and the silver certificates called for in its
place. This is a sufficient indication of
the public want, aud it is to be hoped
that the bill now before Congress ena
bling the officers of the government to is
sue the small certificates referred to will
become a law.
New York, January 31. A fire broke
contiguous territory, and containing as out at 10 o'clock this morning in tin
nearly as practicable an equal number of building corner Park Kow and Beck man
luhabitauts, and equal in number to the treot, entirely occupied by the New York
representatives to which such State may I World. The flames spread rapidly and
TIIIS is to state that all the old seeds
that were remaining on hand were destroy
ed by fire on the 1st of November last.
Now have on hand fresh and reliable
Seeds from Landreth, Ferry, Johnson &
Robbins, Buist and Hiram Sibley.
tor CASH, and cash only
Open Buggies, $5o ; Top BuggicsTlao.
I have the sole Agency for the following named
chin' ry
Beckett & McDowell's Engines and Boilers and Mi
ning machinery of all kinds.
Oelser Separators and Horse Powers.
Blekford Huffman Grain and tiuano Drills.
Thomas' Hay Hakes.
B. F, Avery & Son's Sulky Plows, walking Cultiva
tors, tc.
Stance's Dixie Plows.
Buckeye and Champion Mowers and Reapers.
Favorite a-ftl Dexter Corn SheUers.
Telegraph Feed Cutters ' . ; "
Bell Cane Mills and Evaporators.
Miller's French Burr wnsi Aims,.
Davis' celebrated sewing Machines.
Kentucky Hazard Hide and Blasting Powder,
sechler Davis Gould's Buggies and Spring wageas
Robert Law son a Go's. Buggy Harness.
Besides many less Important articles.
fW All persons Indebted to me must come forward and settle
I mean just what I say. Jan. 1st, 18S2.
All falling to do so win have cost to pay.
The allegation was that during the tri
al that paper had been read by the jury.
It bore on the margin what purported to
be the signature of. four jurors who denied
that they saw any newspaper during the
time they were empannelled. JKe thought
it important to cross examiue the jurors
in connection with their admission that
they had during that time given their au
tographs to various persons. He asked
that the jurors be produced in court, or
that the court appoint a commission to
take depositions, and that he be allowed
to produce further testimony as to the
gennineas of the handwriting.
The District attorney said he did not
intend the jury should be put on trial.
That the gentleman who had filed the af
fidavit and purloin'd the paper had already
beeu bouud over for forgery in the Dis
trict. He would show that this was a
clever attempt at forgery,
The Court said he thought he would
avail himself of the discretion of tbe court
and question parties making affidavits
and suggested to the District attorney
that the j mors be present ou Friday.
be entitled in congress, no one district
electing more than one representative;
provided that uuless the legislature ot
such State shall otherwise provide be
fore the election of such representatives
shall take place, as provided by law,
where no change shall be hereby made in
the representative thereof to the 43th
congress shall be elected therein as now
provided by law. If tbe number, as
hereby provided for, shall be larger than
it was before this change, theu the ad
ditional represetative, or rep resent a
tives allowed to said State under this ap
portionment, may be elected by the
State at large, and the other representa
tives to which the State is entitled by
districts, as now prescribed by law in
said State ; aud if the number hereby
provided for shall in any state be less
than it was befoie the change hereby
made, then the whole number to such
State hereby provided for, shall be elec
ted at large, uuless the legislature of
said States should otherwise provide be
fore the time fixed by law for the next
election of representatives therein.
Section 4. All acts find parts of acts
inconsistent herewith, are hereby re
riie ratio'of representation as adopted
by the committee, 320, is 154,285. When
the matter is taken up for considera
tion in the house of representatives Mr
Colerick, of ludiana, will probably offer
amendment providing that the total num
ber ef representatives shall not exceed
involved the entire block as far as the
Timet office. The latter suffered some
damage, but the fire was extinguished
before doing serious harm to the Times.
All other buildings in the block were
practically destroyed. It is know that
one winau was killed in trying to escape
by the window. She broke through a
canvas stretched to save her, and her
head was crushed. It is supposed that
other lives were lost.; The pecuniary
toss is very heavy.
Iu tbe block were a large number of
offices of weekly and class newspapers
and periodicals, among which were the
Scientific American, New York Observer,
Turf, Field and Farm, Scottish-American
Journal, Thompson's Bank Note and Com
mercial Reporter, Forest and Stream, aud
Italian, Spanish, Swedish. German and
Portuguese weekly journals and a num
ber of advertising agencies. The build
ings involved are 35, 37 and 39 Park Row.
Among the occupants of the ground floor
are an extensive rn . bber firm aud a whole
sale machinery and hardware house. The
list of losers is very large and amouuts
heavy. Rumors are afloat that fifteen
lives have been lost, but only one corpse
has beeu found so far.
Richmond State : "Last week a house
paiuter living on Broad street was sud
denly taken with all the symptoms of
small-pox. He vacciuated himself, aud
theu seuding home for a change of cloth
ing not daring to go himself for fear of
rfio, which win make the ratio of 156,-1 communicating the disease to his family,
238. I ua
l?anrai.liflltiir Tatn. f C! lU r I . . . ... . .miU,u,ui cuuiu taiu-iauu in lour oava was neau. mis was
Una, intimated an intention to propose true, self-sacriliciua heroism, aud the
au amend men t fixiug the total number of act is worthy of being recorded in letters
representatives 730 instead of 320. 0f cold.
Homestead: Compost !
Ingredients will be furnished so that
you may make
cost yeu Three-Fourths less than what you
pay for other Guano's, and which will
yield as full returns. For Sale At
CLOVER & Grass Seed
At Richmond prices at
ENNISS' Drug Store.
Letter and Fools Cap Papers
at reduced prices, at
ENNISS' Drug 8torc
The Store-room formerly occupied bv C.
R. Barker as a drug store ; the handsomest
small store in the place. Kent moderate.
Apply to J. H. BUIS.
Alt I
From to-day we will commence rednciug onri
Will be sold regardless of cost. Just received a lot of
In 1 Slack and Colors. If you want a
Now is tbe time to get it. We have a lartre line of Fresh Samnlea Snoer Extr
and Three-Ply to select from, j
T f T "3 Vf AUj SEEDS In paper ten arwvra
JL U XVlN close of Season. Send for condition
Of this NEW SYSTEM, the Most Advantageous
ver offered to both Merchant and Conumr.
grotm on their own Farms, OVER MO
ACRES devoted to this purpose, are the
SALE TBADK PRICE LISTS for Seeds, ie bulk
Other form. mn.ilrl In mprrhinti nn OPliCtlW,
4 if
s f -w

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