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Carolina- Watchman.
TilUKSDAY. jMAKCii, IGV 1?62.-
t there
cotetu Horary noting itlie fact tliat cf the comuiitti-e pn exiense8 incident to
are negroes in Meckleuburg jail Gen. GarfiehlV jiruess will opjse the vx
I awJtis trial for the crime of m order, trsivgaiit jtJKoranpe me, j.uj
I Banire-"Wa8 there ever jhe lite known ipade by tl'V1 TheJ W,U ?ot
bioi the warT" vo answer, no. -ecomniruu. uhj -
for a negro to 11 opnoso any Uin iik t" ,or vr
imti that t)ie coninittep had a stormy
. 1 'is.'' :
H rare thing before the war.
VFttiinit murder
EAKTilQUAKBi A tcrrib)p jBartlMjuftke tjlB over the; conpideritjpn, jAt the laat
" i !occairel in Cot liica, a repprted by meetipg BlackbiHii denounced the doctors
I telecraph from Panama Mrpli 13th. and declared that; it ould he a burlesque
1 Ban Bamou, GrecU and Ucredia, in wuat r (mft for ttro months as a gunshot
r5 1 HUVII U VHf f P " -7: V . 1 IT UUUU HUU U . . v-w-.- . O
were lost.
until the disectih knife revealed it after
th victim was dead. ' The friends of the
GeK. GaKT, it was reported on the high allownaces, it is Jl?"
Pth, iiM i the condition of an overload, $r wiul
1 shipIn dangerof going under. It is rnli Aid without reference trusting to
IVeported thathe has been carryinga jgeptjipeut to hid ihe accomplishment ef
I heavy load of various stocksland that hf this end. The minority however, will
I recent-decline 'in price, has1 imposed Vl.,.
i trwJr , " 4 aa, r Lai calendar and submit to the light of exau)-
j heavy losses. Other sources contradict JatiolHaDa disenssion. It is not belief-
Ilthfs report kn& represent hipi as all right. ej toat n xril beteached till next scssioa,
livn1,.;,-,: ritmm I . and maiiy(are inf favor f that coursk
In the jear.i77 tonsiuerapje wwri. 'uii,' j"v" - - , 7;
" , fT. ! r v- T, . il.. ..ana aF nil MnMi-niul 'anil thntlt
araa manifested m an announcement that I v- :, .u . 1 :. : n;.ii
air stoves had been completed f n rhjla- CQUgiaerea
' t . m-m W " 9 m 1 n M mm.4 0
. -'Gra.JSarfleld'ri Illnnw. ' Joan pacnuaa
77 Extraiagait pmamU jfade npo , flower for'tfe Secretary and FaUfi Vouch-
J ;Qotrunient fbr 8errices,: j . tftfat the Auditor. ,
: WAsnisGTOy, March 10.-1 l-e minorHy,. . , on Coslo1iw
t . mf
, m ' ; ( Pitney.
(Jnestion Doyoa know of any instance
except the gas bill or which yon spoke,
wherein Mr, Brad. Adams, or Mr. Some
body Else, made out false vouchers ov
ei ingthings undelivered, and not intended
to be delivered.lto the Treasury Depart
ment I Answer There are cases where
the the voucher, described things other
wise than by the .name of the article
furuislied a good many instances jof
that kind., We paid vouchers for flower
that never came to theUepartnient,iut
there was a constructive delivery, ' from
theact t that they were for the uee of the
Secretary. .
Q. What Secretary t A-The Secre
tary of the Treasury.
Q. Do you mean that you paid for
flowers which .rere never delivered t
A.I mean this, for instance:;. If the
Secretary wanted-'flowers for his use, he
would get thoni feiad they; would be paid
Q. Got them where, and where
. '.- Jm i i ' .Ji.l
iil'be possible tbihave it impartial- wereiney pa.aori wBmn
msidered. . Said one of the committee have them jn the garden we would get
people of tliis country I them from some florist. , '
brought tor allowance . n.-And ay for thenit A. And then
dclpbia. The annuel product of the stove I to-day : ?If the
in tliat'fitT ill now valued at could see the bill
-3 if" . rf - , - I ... j; 11 I... .....!-
14,000,000, and i the industry supports Senenu S JZ" V for them
suqbv j4,vaa; .wpicf-v" . ita nnv me for nurs uir mv wife throuuli an I v " ."rr "J j
IE- j
There arp several pjeces of a stove at illuesa as to put ih aucU a bill as some of ih&.appropMtioiWorrUfii tare of grounds,
I Jhe Rock Honse in tbisconnty dated 17GG; tiiesaii i were m fnepiaceoiceriauiper- &c. f, .--.U; t in thi nn. DU8 1 PnW uam' nV t - f O.-What sort lot , voucher would you
1 1 ST 7 - i Thi is anotherigrand gift by the Gov- r aie f u tImtLase , A.That Woiid
ernnipnt for which there is nolaw,humau de8Cribed as Xut8 ftfi- the gardeu.
SknatoB Vance's Speech. We co- or. divine. Mr..;;Garfieia accepted the, n.Do von- know of any case " where
f ipletedju pur hst this exceptional speech Presidency on a salary of .$50,000 a year. that was done t A. Thete were a great
1 ! pf the present
The Flooits in lhc Mississippi.: Keliffions Toleration in Hew voric.
KewOkleaxs, March 13. The livpr pev. n.M. Feia,Presbj-tertaii,InN.T.EvanffeUst.
4 . . ' . - I ' ... .. ' . i. .11..
remains stationary at ten inches below 5 Human institutions are not wuouj
the rise of 184. 1 TJie only levee news to good or wholly bad ; and he who praises
day was the report of the successfnl clos- or blames without discrimination is sure
ingjof tle break'in the Hermitage leve to be wrong.. It may be sup
in St. Charles parish, near Red Chnrcb. poed that such splendid services (as he
Tlij break waa caused ty a rice flume. Jt aw in Rome) are only for the rich, but
s now stated that many plantations n n the greajf concourse tnere were many
West Baton Rouge parish are protected or the poor some oftne very poor. in is
by' back levees, t whjeh wili prevent ;'4 li a feataro wL,icu 1 can admlro iu tue
overflow from the Ptiint Coupe crevasse. - Boman Catholic Church, and wuicn sets
Mem l'H is. Alarcli J3. A special from contrast, uos crjr uncriu5 w u
Ilelpna, Ark., says the river has fallen
an inch. '4 Careful watch is being kept on
the levee aud every effort is being "put
forth to niakq assurance doubly secure.
The .relief comtnittees have their hands
ull and are doing good work.
"or 9G0, persons were issued yesterday.
These do not include applicants who are
supplied by the marshal as special com
missioner. ' Many colored persons j are
coming iu from the lower districts, and,
from the outlook uow labor will be scarce! religion orders both of men ana women.
on Jtjiej; Ida&Uolui, wheti. the time for Among these are some which are jvery
making cpt'eome; Jntelligcnce from beautiful, especially those which are de
Ularendonrfifty miles west of here,' gites Toted t0 "Sl k of charity and mercy. If 1
a gloomy picture of the situation j Uii( J were an anti-ropery lecturer, I wouia oe
ittle or no business is beinc done therei TerX careful never to underrate eitner tne
and the water in some places is six ffet tirtar,hainleei..ef,tlis Sisters of
deep in the streets. The board of health naruy. x no arguing guiu.
announced yesterday that starving cattle4i,,OM who are doing he work of Christ
tati been killed and sold in market,- and humbly, so patiently, and so lieroicai-
passed resolutioas calling on the city iu- V- en 1 ,nto Ul nospicais ana
thofities to prevent such sale as being see how they minister to Uie sick, and
dangerous to tlm health of the citv. wstch bJ the oedsido of the dying, I am
NewOrlkans, March 13.-A Bayeu compelled to say tins is true religion i
Sara dispatch says that at seven o'clock Indeotl.I rejoice to own it, and to declare
last night the Point Coupe break was it for the honor of religion, for I am nn-
wideiiing, and expected a break above at willing to admit that such devotion and
jsabsciibers hav
Congress. Wo. hope our e nau no rutin io expect iuo goTerniucui VUi nil case of that lind.
e read it carefully for the to pay ins aecioirs uiu. ne; never ex- . q Wiiere efe
1 exceedingly valuable information it con- pected any such thing, and no inemberof X.:They woultj be generally
I tains on the pperatioas pf a protective Congress ouglit tc votf away the people's ti,,, Secretary 'a huse,. or for his
the flowers sent to ?
sent to
use. If
tariff. The Senator broucht down this money without law or tneir consent to it. ant f flri 'mHtii
. m. ml m m IT ' i "1 1 A. 1 t
; important subject clotliea m simple lan-H congress may pay uarneius uocior aiMj cet tj,e lowers;
Ijguage so as to be easily understood by uuis, wny iroc pay mose oi me vice-
. J J' .1. . . i . In ;.i l. . e a. . 1 j i ii. 1.: t.
Any ppe, Xe did more: lie Illustrated in l rresiuenr-, oi ue ineuiuers oi iho cuuiuet,
great iniquity j and 'Ui every otuer government omciai
the people are down to the conn try postmaster or whis-
year ; to year, key and
his happiest manner, the
I! pf the inensnre to. which
11 nn'otlr Bnliniitiinnr frnm
Q. What Secretary T A. Mr. Sher
man and Mr. Windom.
Q. How nincli did they generally cost?
A. Boxes of flowers, bouquets and
d tobacco spies who infest the back baskt8 Yary. lot niYe. the prices
iilhere have been hundreds of speeches on woods of North CUroliuat There is jnst Thev can be shown thon"h from
. . I 1 , f .1 - it.- l.t. 11 . T f s
AO completely I as mucn taw lor ipe one as tue oiuer, auu
f i irutted the mouster and exposed its parts, there is uone for either.
: . - .
I And he did this, according to Republican
: 1 1 newspapers, 'Withour originating a single
1 1 j new Idea, not even allowing for the baby
r I story nor the knife swapping in the fiery
'-1 furnace. - . . .
A Hint
A special to thd
Irish potatoes raised iu ' Ireland, hare
in Advance,
the vouchers iu the department. There
was one bill paid for $147, and--one .for
about $90 paid during the last spring. I
think there was another of $70 or $80..
New York Timce from I The Democratic executive committee
Raleigh, t'ased the 8th inst., referring to of Cincinnati hariug eutrusted the pre-
the proposed call of the Legislature in lnuinaryai'rangenient for the spring cam
extra sessioji say Ipaigu toa . committee of twelve, these
s anticipated. The In-1 latter have . ignored the old system of
! been selling jn this marker for several deperideuts williiake a determined effprt I organization audi have announced that
S i weeks
1 i
, and dealers say ug there is a bet-r i " V " T "i"- nominations for c ty officers will be made
i J 9 I order to Rpfiirn ai inamt-itr f tliA rinm I t . .
n them than on those of Amerr Cousressmen to which he State is eivtit- f a " n?M-nieet ug. In tlieir address
pi-oduction. They areVery good, led. Au effort will doubtless be made to;hl"'J "Your committee having con-
I iter profitju
I -lean
I .:bu'4o"wo" geena $ Jjerbetter . than the
these questions, aud . being con.
that reform is i necessary and
so gerrymander the State as to make Ihis sidered
I home raised. X ? v ' Po.iu e. . oevera i proutiuenc uemoc ats iced
But why is it necessary that we here in Uressional honors iu the w d-nl lt. demanded by t1i4 iMjoplo in oar manici
the garden spot of the world should an- J ed under a S re-apportionment : among I Ual au Knowing that good men
I mem is ex-uongrtssiuan Jyeacli." ' I will not seek a nomination from coiTupt
I . tiotiitoes f .; The finest iotatoes ever bro't j What Independents does the sender .of I sources nor be willing to support candi-
' "l into this market wern limhn ri.Hpd. Wa i tills remarkable Snccml refer in f " Aral rhites ulio urncnre mlTninntinnii with tliA
' vomAinliOP inntM nf thn Tti-iiilnura if tlmm. I there an V Tn1rMllllpntR s.ita rtncathl I mn f ninniiff' nk rtfltur tuim-iit nmina
. ,f Wm. Howard, at the edge of -town, has I or tnree, in tne legislature elected two r therefore call at mass convention of
Often excelled the northern seedliugs I yars ago! Can ahy one who was elected the democratic Jvoters of the city of
. - . $ '1.1 '- .!-. .'.1 '. f '" TV.L"t!' l "J - n til..'.. T 1. .tJ . I . . i mi
: j pianieu. sir van i icenpour, near lioiu xjvuiucnn, uesen ins party, Aiauouei vinciunaii, u pe ueid on riiurs
, I Ji'Mj has made himself atnpqs by hisjuce, Avithout dishpnprT The Legislature day, the 23d ilTst., in Music Hall, aud
' K jargo prop and fine potatoes. Mrs. Horn : j that will assemble knows nothing of In-1 thus' begin auevf with the people, the
f :; parrier, pavid, Henry and Alex. Peeler, j dependentisiu. Democrats and Republi- source of all political power."
Daniel and Moses ddeman, Wm. Bea- cass aro represented. The movement j This committee has evidently been
I yer, Reuben Bost, Af F, and . h Grabber, indicated above wo shall not anticipate ! reading after Ton? Evans, who wants the
I puu uuiuviuu ciiiicun iuji mio peigituorM no utuuub courave oi iionorauie men nexi convention t cailea oui in tne old
hood of Organ cliurch, are kqown to suc holding seats asIJemocrata iand working fields, were all Whe folks can come and
r...l ...2.1. i. s i p .i. i. ii. i m-v' . . I M.. l .i . .i r
raising as much as one hundred bushels, may be a few; badjmen who may sell out, I opposite of the
; I Mr. W. L. Kluttz, while farming, relied but they would 'do well toJie in advance J their coiiveution
: ff.p0 this crop ashis money crop,jraising, for their characters would suffer iwJ poration, patten
Jreak ap tlie Democratic party. There j attend o their mutters. It is just the
Republican method, as
conventions pure a sort of close cor
natternibz after national con
- - . - m, , - I - J .- : t
j! aometimes; as much as JO bushels from I mensely after such a betrayal of . trnsU I veutious. For the selection of local offi
I jane bushel of seed. The! soil and climate I and surrender of principle. Men. wheth-1 cers in small places we believe in mass
I pfjlowau is well adapted to tho crop. We erefcefedas Democrats or Republicans, meetings, but wlile desirable in some
I ve never been troubled with the potato must act as such or they are dishonored poiuts of view, they must be very iucon-
M bug or other enemies, so that there really irretrievably, or theymust resign. If a t venie nt ) because I of their numbers in
r jseems to be no good reason why Rowan j Democrat has been converted to other populous cities ori where .State officers are
1 T t lu "SMi. resign. Any ai-i iw iwwiuatcu iney aiirays give u
ajeadof spending money every yearfor tempt to betrayjiis party will end ulyf preponderating advautage to the local i
. i
ed. 1 f; be said "they run out" after a in a loss of character. Wil. Star.
o said that that I . - ' ' -'1,,
year or twoy jt may alsf be said that that
1 js cansed . byl careless f management.
i ivheiir. nnts. mm and tlmntt v.tU...r .i - 1
. ft -r v :- i - j ir' i nroir, Aiuiniv,! tit.ii j.
S mWmj.AimL ni2- .. - , y, imu street
' M.'M.lf T . ' hat ben brant, who lias been-loaded up
f ,ld wgmeat.-;: Due care.w Uie aeleVj-lVftf; V.;uVi:i! vJ :,
i . i . ... .. - i- ;
A New. York dtf patch siys that it' was
A A " ' ! r" I m. ' - f -
wiiii a variety of stocks ever .Him --thi
ties near which the! meeting is helU.
But without doubt, they! upset all trick
sters and gi ve a correct expression of the
popular, feoliag ao far as the people in
attendance are I eoacerned. Nexce &
9 .t v i j , - i . . . lunutj vi diwm ever ii
s Uonef seed always takinir the best fori i i, . . .
.. . ; , i. u ii mooin prominent amoncr
I II nual doibt prevent -frnn. which are Wabas Pacific and S
trXEV:?!1 Rio Grandlaid down- .n hi.
I ,! 8Q,JS -TO ,-vortbjrthe brolcers being; unable or indisposed to native on thil to appoint a Liquor
attention pfpur farmera, especially in make gool his diskipated margins. The Commission. Sepator Jones, of Florida,
' . rr. . - fv?v"" r"m across steady accumn
vvearegratiaea to note that botb 01
the North Carolina Senators voted in the
with ' our Protestant churches. In the
Church of Rome all worshippers stand on
the same level. The peasant from Cam
pagna in his garb of sheep skin and the
beggar in bis rags ku eel beside the high
liatioiis I bom lady, who docs not dart nt them a
look of scorn, and whom they do not re
gard with a feeling of shame and embar
rasmen t. - All are ;qual before God.
, Among the peculiar features of the
Church of Rome is the great number of
any moment when tne whole levee will
probably go.
self-sacrihcing.can be inspired by auy
lower motive than the love of our Divine
In New Zealand an enormous tree,
probably many; hundred years old,' Jias
been blowu down,disctosiiig the astound
ing fact that; the hollow interior, extend
ing from the roots to the first fork, about
forty five feet, hml been filled with, hu
man bodies., Since it fell these have
burst out at the butt of the tree in the
form of a confused heap of skeletons. ! A
i r J
more extraordinary sight than this mon
arch o( the forest lying prone imd clis-
Result of Public Plunder. A Sf
Louis paper, the Post Dispatch, called
attention to the fact that "some twenty
years ago Conkling, Blaine, Sherman,
Allison, Windom and Wilsou were all
Republican members of the House to
gether. They were all poor at the time
very poor. Blaine is now a millionaire;
Allisou of Iowa, in the Senate, is another
millionaire ; Sherman is trebly a million
charging a perfect hecatomb of skeletons uire i Windom is
can, scarcely be conceived. Some are
also got very rich
a millionaire; Wilson
: Roscoo Conkling, the
nearly j perfect, j while others are mixed "blest, greatest, proudest of them all is
up in a chaotic mass of heads,' bauds, poor to-day."
feet and arms, Indiscriminately. Alii the Men eek Congressional positions now-
natives seem to have been unaware of a-days, not for the purpose of serving the
this natural charnel-house, and declare Peop1 but for the advantages they af-
that it m u t have been filled long before
their or their fathers time. Indeed, the
appearnnee of the tree fully justifies 3 the
supposition that it must have been some
hundreds of years since this novel family
vault was filled with its ghastly occu
pants. 1 I
ford for making money for themselves.
Jingle: Our readers ivill
A Washington dispatch to the New
York Herald Saturday states that it has
become known that agents of the star
route combination tried to tamper with
the grand jurv. Eleven or twelve mem
bers of this body were approached iu dif
tereut ways, and one in so gross a man-
No fertilizer ever iritrodUced nas undergone severer twin, ur i wiie iiuivMHtui iiiin
ftcord, lhan the . . r . ; P . ! '.
iiAvnn nnnnn " nnnnif :TC jnnr i npi-
If has been innse in Virginia since 1873. and during Uat lime hss been srPd to ill id
of soil under everr variety of eason. Evidence that it h civen pen era! and great
lion is found in the-fact -that- since its Introduction over 20,000 TONS have Leen Sola ii
i - - in this market alone j and ahso in letters and certificates from, s f T
1 v.:, 5.000 Farmers and Planters - -t .
of Virginia and North Carolina, who haw-used it from one to eijsht veara all poiajj ta 4
tblisli it a fact that, all thins considered, it is Eqnal to any ind Surpassed by aoni
I ,We offer it with great confidence for we on the 1 OKA v vU, tOl iaij . and COKMctoiV
li be'jilanted in 1882, with the awmrunce that it is in all respects fully equal to whai it hlj,
the materials which enter -into iu com nofiiion, and tninuf.rt,,!
iag it under our personal aopervwion, we Guarantee the. Standard, -4 i i :tM 5
J It nas ueen ine mm 01 tu cuimrei win. - uVre cruuztf
al the lowest possible cost, and chum that our extended experience and umnuia resourew i0j
facililie have enabled ua loapproat n mm more iiearij tiH uune iunjoinerirUli
iser with which wi are acquainted. Those who have been using it .unite in the opinion that
j . - : ' - ' : . . " - ..--T: aJJ' " ' 1
By its Wie the Consumer Gets the Greatest JJeneni; trom tne Smallest Ontlsy.
ordinary application of thlsUuano win canse an increaseoijiuu to zuu pertem&4kmh
af the ssote time improTlngtbeiuaiuy sna nwening uaiarnyDi ih crop, m H v
especiallj adapted to
Its nse promotes growth, prevents the attacks of the "fly," and makes healthy, sleeky pram
with thick leaves and an abundance oi roou, wnicu oenrirauKiuanung mucn eeuer uian ibo
raised with Peruvian Uuano. t . I
juxaaujM os Auuisuii,
' -.jLK.ManuacturersfRiehmondA's!
For nale bv J. ALLEN BROWN. Salisbury ; K. M. nuiiunu, Kowan Alillg; C.R.
LOWE, Lexington, and by agents at all important points in irginia,Iorth Carolina, $?out
Carolina, and Georgia, at prices as low and on as liberal terms as any other standard higV
trade fertilizer. We solicit your conudence ana patronage. - . .
never twgel the murder and robbery of "er that the grantl jury hud, it is said, at
ourj estimable citizen, John Parker,! en one time an intention to bring the mat-
ter to the attention of the court.
Business Failures. New York. March
10. II. G. 'Dunn &Co.'s mercantile agen
cy reports failures throughout the coon
try for the week at 143 as against 128 the
week previous. The Eastern States con
tribute 20 ; Western 41 ; Southern 44 ;
Middle 21 ; Pacific coast 10, and New
York city 7.
The Winston Republican thinks that
Col. Holt, or Col. A. B. Andrews will
be the Democratic nominee for Governor
uext time, and says': "We confess, if
the State must have a Democratic execu
tive, a better selection could not be
made. They are gentlemen of abili
ty aud superior business qualifications."
the Atlantie are' underselling those of I been
pome production.
accumulating losses which he" hair0 a 8?and P08'011 that Congress had
Four hundred and sixty-Jhree factories
o)erati6n in
Think of it!
obliged to ! submit to ia whnt iWl no r'St to regulate or interfere with the
him to deed his.Lbng Branch property to 1 ,iottor. trafBcin tlie States. John Sher-
m i i uimif iu repiy, Bamjuat tue oujeci oi uie
Mrs. Gran t5 a
or more ago-
. . ' .1 .Ilk II m k mm m a m. MiMt I m 1.m f .Z
J( ill kinds "were nut i.,t'. -.-. PFese,,t " 5 uecjajed the General is with-1 w uut imiuirc
Il&nSft.f". PUt !"lo !ruUoM 'M ut anvi.Lnal ln.nn, .. into '.'the best mode of dealing with it."
7 -w w. u SUCUIUUI. t . ' ' . - -
1hlHdelphu last year!
' I ' (conceutrat
;jse, of louu&try j
; ppmfort, of competi
fMraui to ; general prosperity,
I .arantee for domestic happiness
I jerty, idleness, crime are ra
A UI1IK 11T IT ! I
7 -- I 4,r It i HtMi rorinrfl !.... oen w I OUXrCBB UUS DJ TICUS lO lOtenere. WUT
tW lit a difftisioii of inrested in! Wakash Securities which Uiness tSt doei Jot belong to itt Why
ency,;of wcajth ! What - J, . Jm '. t J r?! pr'1,c? umiiiI timM . UMW, in . Wrfttilr
i iiiiiru a i inn r rn nan wt v -
whatl n ,i . . ? . I "the best mode of dealing with a niattAr
. p i ..v..Ui. uyintus iiuto ueen ireeir I - ,
ov I .r,,l,,f.i iit iJJi i i. .--.- litcflnnafctonr.h wirhont nanrnfliinn nntl
i - 1 1 -"t """-v) iuak ua uu oroKen. out vre see l -r
i comranicieu. and one of hisl irv T
dphi friehds has w4cntK- bavc another leak. Ten , thousand dol-
ium iiom of that if ftt anj tiDQ he nead 100 ooo 1F8 !sJrPPrPriated and to d that
" ... i no nau out to uraw on him ' i v". ("p"' w wuvcm tucu
i 1 .r fc j - . auuuvi ! a uib i9 ;m vr v wiuiuiaiuu
latent, occupation, -r rtue, take their
E ua III LIIIB pUlie
I ihe multitude of resources
and torn to our ouru prtifit the
I ;teriaVwhich t.he enterplrse of distant nefi-
I le absorb for thdr advantages. Aehe
I fiUe Citizen. . " ) " . : -
i w . ' .' ' i " for theallotmen
. r:lrn. J. J. Knnnn f.m..n..l- ? I . .. - t i
. v rw..w , ..uviij w op w x Indians on reservation
the; public street near his own door, aud
before 9 o'clock on the ni"ht of Februnrv
13th, 1 or the knocking down and
robbing of Colonel Kaukiu, another
of bur most peacouble citizens uuder sim
ilar circumstances a littlo wliilo thereaf
ter j The avenging spirit of public jus
tice has at last found a red-handed vic
tim. Alexander McAdoo (colored) was
yesterday tried and convicted for! the
knockiijg-dnwu aud robbing a strauger
of tho naina of Woods, ou Davie street, !
near McAdoo's livery stable, as. early as
8 o'clock on tho eveuiugof February j27th
last. The. defendant, was sentenced to a
term of thiity years at hard labor iu the
peuiteutiary. . . j
Alex Stephens has recently celebrated
his seventieth birthday, and has beeu dy
ing ever since we fu st heard of him, more
thau thirty years ago. He sits in the
House of Uepresentatives in a little re
cliuing cnair on wheels, and has many
privileges accorded him as the iu valid of
of the bod. i We believe he weighs? few
er pounds than he numbers, years.j In
deed, he is such an atom that it is deemed
possible that the augel Gabriel has over
leoked him, and if ho keeps pretty quiet
the trumpet will not blow for many years
to come, fie has beeu forgotten apparent-lyU-
NewtObtervtr. ' j
- They ' are telling a good story in the
Senate iforeiffu committee room of a! spe
cimen office holder of the hew adiuinjstra-!
1 - i t
tion. It raus that his name . is John B.
Weaver,-joC North Carolina, lately con
firmed consul to Bahia, Brazil, and that
immediately after his confirmation lie re-
'isi- .1 W ..tii.. i L i..i I
paireu i ui commits .u. u uu Quano Rnd Manufacturing Company, Balti
ihe cleik to shoxvhimtlje darned place Bampied at Shelby, N. 0., contains
on themnnand ten him something aoout Q !iiiiKQi..:.A:i m q..
As T M .Tf 11. mm,' ii ' 1 tl I
ii. , Aua .uietiurBuuu in, n nu in iuiiii u. i . Q1 f,eu n on ' r.
raercial value per ton (2,000 pounds) $38.07
Charles W. Dabney, Jk.,
! THIS MACHINE is a plain wooden tank lined with copper or galvanized iron,1
1.1 hi pcuuioiuu pipes iu me lkihhiu mr uie uuuussion oi sieam, wiin corrugaieu ivtm,
piade of same mettle, and of tufRcient weight. This KoJe'r gathers the air w-hile pass
ing back and forth over the cloths, forcing air and water throuuh the fabric. ' At saiiw
time the steam is thrown up through the perforated pipes. underneath frbni the bottpnt
f the tank. There are wooden strips between the pipes so as to protect them and fora
a smooth bottom in the tank. " .. I l i
i .The process is simple : any one can operate the machine; First, soap the cloths tnd
Qisinouie mem evenly about tour or nve inches thickrm the tank. Tutworl enough wt-
ter to cover them turn on steam, and mover the Roler back; and forth until the wt
is colored. Turn the valve and let the water nass off. Add fresh water, and reneat tliis
three or four times, and you find the clothes arc thoroughly washed without the slight
est injury, for there is no rubbing process employed the Roler haying roundi'd'cdgfes
as to prevent any wear or cutting. A lace hand kerchief can be washed a$ well asi !i
quilt. "QThis Machine is in operation at Meroney & Bros. Machine Shop, where thct
will be manufactured at as small a cost as possibLe. Any one having a steam loiler is
operation can use one of my machines at small cost and with satisfactory results.; One
person can do they work ot ten wssh womcn in one day and do the work better.
tWlt is a splendid thing for boiling grain, and vegetables for stock, ; i
53FTt is also a good wool-washer. i
53F"State and County rights for sale by the Inventor. ; 19:tf 7
in every town in the State.
Tarboro Southerner: The run of shad
in our streams is larger than it has been
in years.
"WINE OF CARDUI" cures irregular
painful, or difficult menstru a tion.
At Theo. F. Klutlz's.!
piedm nmm
m a m f " - i
ine beuate irdmmiftee ou Indiau af.
lairs has agreed upon a bill to provide
. ' ! " ' . - . , i -. v.
ana centennial ceieorations. and every-
thing must be investigate cr frolicked
oyep. , John & Herman needs to be mves-
of lands in severality tigafed Imuch moi-e than the liquor traf
Jervations,iand; to ex jfi, AIt .Bcll iJalation is but Wdition-
riStOWn. I Ptf Wila rocUnt.. ....!ii. i . .. . I T.
S'te'S M'r.te: :
)'.... -r- r- - 'a f " iiuius- i uio until iiipiie nrn tn u mik.i.
bv the I worK on the unester ana Lenoir narrow
president pf f he) pnifed States iu his Guageailroad is pressing fiuelyj T0
flleANll.iu 1 Ai -Ai 1 m m . I . - ' a t . M .
uw,l "vui yi we um .prescribes that I tracK lias ueen iiaitt: on tne nrst three
: ti1,'PM&fhage.:'r
.-.:,4.;lflfW tint V k VO t aiik 1 A ' ' fn?.. . I
J leaving fafct as they can. f he . levee in
Hie rear. of Delta is about tp gjre way. '
if f
1 1
yiio drink "
he ad-ache or bn(k-achc for ladle
'- J At Thcoil. Kluttz's.
acres to each single person; tover eicli- county criminal docket; is the State
A. ' . I L - - I '-I - . - t . I - .
teen years OI aire and anh,,n PMnun. for thai killing nf WalWr
... . ' - ...w.. v i mii y i o - -
Tlini Ii.i1i .1 .. I T1.. i Hi.i. Tl -
piate t. Jiiayiec.K, ior
4bernethy, has been tried
ht conrictetl, but do sen-
f""T f Yi imus acqnirejl oy;lhe 1 1 we vae oi mo
indmns are to le iua)ienable and free the murder of
from laxatuiu foii a peridd ofitwenty-Qve aud the defenda
years rum the dites of the patents. - I teucc passed as
We would inform our friend and custom
ers we hare again arranged to supply them
this season with the abovc wcll known Fer
Piedmont Special Fertilizer, Piedmont
Weaver, ofliNortli. Carolina T Xewl-Ob-
In Pompeii, recently, a very beautiful
fountain was foiiud among tho ruins. It
is said ;to surpass iu beauty any of the
fouutaius hitherto dng up there. Venus
is represent as' rising on a shell, with Cu
pid in her arms. Other spirits of Love
are seen here and there in the Waves,
while in the background appears a nereid,
or water nymph, near a dolphin, with her
arm thrown aronnd the neck of a Cupid.
lujthe , foreground, on the shore, arte two Ji JtC UUJX X UIN I
draped women looking nt the merry group
in !tu water.
We shall be pleased to have your orders
at once.
22:4t '
i - . -- - : :
II. Ih Cornwall the clerk of the Fourth
National Bank of New York who is sixty -five
years old; and been a trusted bank
officer jfor eleven years, Laving in cliarge
bonds and stocks to the value of 8,C0O,
000 left with him as secuiities- for loans
made jy the bauk, went to stock specu
lating abd Post a lot of nioney.! Ho used
the securities intrusted to him- to raise
the wjnd and is mijins $70,000.
WINE OF CARDUI" for Ladies onlV,
- f
A Theo. F. KlnttaN.
We have made arrangements to sell the
follow ing. high grade Fertilizer for Cotton,
all of which have been thoroughly tested
and given as good satisfaction as any in
the market:
some or which we have nought and can
make our own prices. -T Be sure to cal
an 4 see us, and bear our prices before you
buy, as you cannot do better with any one,
For the Sale of Engines and Boilers of all ize A
stiles NEW anh SECOND HAND. Also- ,
Saw Mills and Machinery generally. ' r
""Correspondence solicited.? Sub Asrcnts wsnte4
18tf ""Mention where you saw this notice. .
jKLUTTZ. & 'AmitM&$
I'- - . - ARE RECEIVING ; '" - K ' -1; I'
, ; i . .i ;
PRios to a:
Our Dry Goods, Notion and Clothing Departments have all besn supplied i flf
last week or two; and we offer hem very lew.
New Stock of Shirts and TJnderware; ;
Wc mean to feed you with the:
Best Plour, Meats, Sugars, Teas, Coffees, Syrups, ! .
Buckwheat Flour, Hominy and Corn Starch,
mt m hMivu mi vimmwvwj mt i.w ,
That are to be had. We have as Fine Flour as is made in theJnitcd States.
- " Full stock of Corn, Meal, Shorts and Bran. .Jgj r
"fVcv Supply, of G In km and Toillo War.
See us lefcre you buy, as we have a thousand things not mentioned. Come anl
E. F. TATU3I, Salesmen.
January 11th, 1882
manufactured by
pa e i Fie j g ii a wo,
i ;
The oldest and most reliable brand sold, and of the highest crade the comia
than nineteen-twentictbs of the lertinzers r,,j
crcater satisfaction on general crops and all K'0 j
For the last sixteen vcars it has been sold in Rowan "
Yalue Iteing several dollars higher than nineteen-twentictbs
Carolina. No fertilizer has given
A 11.. un..n..l : T.1
' . . -"3. f ai" . me iasc sixteen years u iias ocen soiu in - f
grades, j . M. i " - - --'- , ' I j
(Manufactured by Pacific Guano Company,)
Is of the highest grade and for COMPOSTING it has no Superior, and in case J
have not enough time for making up compost heap, it cait-bc done in the drill aiic r
paring your ground and let lie. covered, until planting timo. ! ii !
limuuil tllllU. - i a;
T m t -r -r-i-n-r 1 -nT -VTTTIVT a ITHIll.
fOfliiX- front room over Crawford's Hara
- :"' . " , -!- ni i t

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