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lie Carolina Watchman
I 1 VivTnE YEAll 1832.
AiECUiriRQuARTZ.--Mr. W.B.
tlfof Kiton,if Catawba jcouniy,:
Un,ltP,l Jilif. this office yesleruay, a
ac b'cnfforia on Hog Hill, rn that
3unty,whlch among other pcculiari
ie haai ihcddcd. within it a few
rons of .-.titer, fine water ?oum
,e plainljlseen and has probably
lockel up for centurid. VWho
ah say holv long? Won't some scien-
ist tellus low this tusus naturae came
Proceedifigs have been instituted n
he Philadelphia courts, by members
J the KeclV Motor Company, to make
Ccely divulge the spcret 01 nis aueg-
d inventidn. liut it was argueu mat
e Vathelonly possessor of. his secret,
hat it vas? in his head, and that no
court coull jwupel-him to divulge it.
That'svhfre Keely has the advantage
of the conlpany.-Ctar. Obs.
TreasurrVorth reports that he has
faude $81819,745 of old bonds into
new four erCejiti bonds, and given
in exchange 2,598,850 onew bonds.
fliere .stilj remain otitstamlihg of old
bonds'$,yG700. The period dur-
ingVhicliSthe, cliange could be made,
under the! act of the legislature, has
expired. -C7(ar. Obs. .
. - .1 - 1 .
i SUc Didn't Die. .
A colurcu womau whoTias Wen liviug
16 liaUighl for a good while, and is very
well kuowl iy hoik white aud black as a
Laid-workiug ; wooiau, was takea sick
two or thifeei.vveeks ago with pneumouift
aud carnal vry near dying. In tact, the
doctors cave! her uuaud refused to do
any worejfor her.. One day last week
tue crisis icanie, but tue day bctore, she
culled hoi liareuta to the . bedside audr
- ! --
tuM themslje was going to die, aud that
ehe waited theui to make Jiershioud right
away. Ti bloth was picked i out by the
dying w ifiuan, and she told her inuthev
lior she w ished it cut out aud made.
vervthicfe; i was doue as the '- daughter
directed. IfATlast she was dyiug, it was
thought, ifhe motiier and husband etowd
by tlie-bedside watching for the last
-breath. . 4Gf and get the shroud,' sajd
the mother to the husband, aud leta be
ready for her. The shroud was hurriedly
made, an alt-Was ieady, waiting and
; watcfiing iot the last moment.
nut a enange cook xiace about one
o'clock a.jni and she did not die. The
change was tor the better and the shroud
will uot be used j at least for the present.
She h nearly well now ItaleigU Vmtoi
" The uroectiomsts have overleaped
thefusel ya very much. In tlieir gieed for
Ca'iofoii'inonopoiy they have dug un-
der.thejr hwu fouudations. as the future
There ia no sort of doubt
- - r- - e -- i - . s- . . - i
that a discussion of free trade, and pro
tection Ufcofies results in the conversion
of the aairpeates of tho latter, save only
hen tRy are engaged in such pursuits
as they hiokf reqiiiro protection. The
Bieauy growth of; ideas is ! changing the
tfeugthofi the, jiwo parties, and that
5 streigth s going over to tho advocates of
slor tariff, and for revenue. This is so
plain tht Col; Alex. llcClure, editor j)f
; tlie r Philadelphia Times; and a sagacious
politician, as well as a staunch protec-
.tiouist, admits tliis. He says : '
: Trcp i -frade is now he i faith of the
ablest id itni)st; inttoentiat , Uepablican
journals of I tlie country aud ot many of
its ablest statesmeB, while the'Democrat--Jc
pai-tys (iiaiulyr free outside of" Penh
sylvanias, with no necessity i for a protec
tive tariff as a revenue measure. The
- battto for - protection will be most un, and the threatened' tempest! of
Copgfesfeionul jobbery will be likely jto
;?IUvljts; the coun
try in tifetrittmph of free trade." -
; He fe;rs. that tho days of protection are
rnnmberdJ , Rut j let the Democrats ;be
ofi-eful fnot to obstruct the; reduction of
tariff d dfles. Wilin faston jStat
s, i he Rfst Tkst. Oh, you want to
know the best rule by which t to measure
your laer. Very good, it . is simple.
foes ii show a genuine love for his fa
tuer and jmother, always speaking of
inein wuit respect and rcvereuco: moth
er works does he honor ' them bv word
and deed ti If not, he is 'disobedieut to
.. - vuo. uiusi. Bacreu law Known to men is
j untrue o God and will be so to you.
- Jrnsjt him 'not. Again : Does he speak
-aisrespectful of God's word, of His peo
: pie, and of sacred things generally! If so,
v spurn, him; - for he is no better than !!
; vile spjnt, which tempted! Eve. and as
sooa as the novelty of the f marriage j has
' passed and the stern affairs of life come
oni will trample you likeXiildJeast.
Ixisvvorth remembering that nobody en
; joys thenicest surrnnnrliiinrQ if in XA health
: i nere .'are : mseraUe noonln .i m-ii t. t.ri.1 air
: i vuh: pe foot in the grave, when a bottle of
- ?reY-!mKcr Ionic would do them more
i(. good than; all th i
-.-i"Jve ever tried. See ad.
VqJ Nov 13. " V ' : '
- s
J. Rhodes BROWNE, Prest. Wk. C. COART, Sec'yJ
A Home Company,Seeking
Home Patronage. 11
StroDiProitEeliaMe, Literal!
Term policies written on Dwellings. 1
Premiums "payable One-half cash and ball
ance in twelve months. J ! !
21;Gm " Salisbury, N. U.
- - i i I
:. a
o td o
p S
CO .
to sr.
O 3
2p '
cr p
o o
Marbls Uonusients and Grave-Stones of
-. Option. . i
I cordially invite the public generally
to an inspection of iuy Stock and Work.
I feel justified iu asserting that my past
experience under nrst-ciasr workmen in
all the newest and modern styles, and
that the workmanship is equal to any of
the best in the country. 1 do not say
thafruiy work is superior to all others, .
am reasonable, will not exaggerate in or
der to accomplish a salei iMy endeavor is
to please and give each customer the val
ue of every dollar they leave with tue'
PEICES 35 to 50 Per Cent CHEAPER
. than ever offered in this town before.
Call at onco or send for price list and de
signs. Satisfaction gnaraut'd or no charge.
1 he erection of marble is the last Avork
of respect which we pay., to the; memory
of departed mends. 4
Salisbury, N. C, Nov; , 1881. j.
Blater aid Henderson,
attorneys, Counselors ":
; " and Solicitors J j
Januay22:l879 tt.
WESTERN IT. C. Railroad
Takes effect Sunday July 17, issi, at Lis, P. ;M.
1 120 a.mj sanstmry
4 30 a. m
is os a.m
13 30
12 53
S 2S
si- : -
9 00
rrnlrd creek
3 34
12 28
Statesvllle !
u 67 p.m
10 29
Glenn Alpine
unasrewater i
Marion I
9 45 J
8S6 I
8 02
T17 !
87 i
6 07
5 49 i
5 27 !.
Old Fort.
7.07 A.M
Bl'k Mountain
Cooper's i j
Swannanoa . i -
Ashevllle Ju'ct
French Broad
j 5 00 AJi. Salisbury
i 5i r.M
0i.x. " jTnlrd creek
6 24A.X
j sis 4
1 3 43 I
j 1 84 i
;12 25 i
US 09
i , - i Elm wood
J SStatesvuie
i jCatawba
I - -Newton?
j "jconoverl
j jllickory 1
!lO 40 Heard
10 v ,
9 41
12 S3 A 31
4 04
5 88 .
5 SO
6 80 -
III 31 A
.1 ;Glen Alpino
j 4 -Brtdewatcr;
', iMarlon. jf
I 8 44
7 42
i . iOldFort II ! 6R
: -Henry U ! 5S9
, 5 ;Bik Mountain-; s 03
j 5 so rjf.;Cooper"8 i . j 4 48
! . -Long's - 423
J - -iAsbevUleJaV
5 jAshevuie j 1
S . -French Broad?
4 00A.lf.
f rains ran dally, Sundays excepted.
lany, fcunaaysexceptea. ' 1
A; B.ANDREWS, ctupt
V did see sayx, iur. oonaiuan i
45ruce stood leaning over the kitchen
the casement, iWUh pale green Jeayes I
..----' : , - . t "" ' - I
and ' curling tendrils. -. He was stout
ana DV no tnCHOS ail JiaoniS lO.lOOK
k.;t wJti,.f.ii-I
Pese in Ms Inaner: is hi brcathl
ly awaited his middle aged sister's 1
answer to the question he had just
asked. f; $ - I
deftly round the outer edge of the
crust before the answered,-1
.'ShesVid. "
Mr. Jonathan's countenance felU
'Linda,' gasped he, didj she mean it?'
Of course she did said Miss Be-
linda : 'and I told you as much be-
fore, didn't I!' ; . I )
;'But I never heard of such a thing
before !' cried j Jonathan, excitedly.
'I'm a well-to-Bo-farmer, and she's
only a servant.
'But sh'es proud as Lucifer for all
tnar, assentea ins sister.
'Where is she r asked Jonathan
with a vague Ktea ot seeking out uie
ODCiurate lair one ana j pieauing;
own cause, tor an oiler ; pi marriage
chanced to be J the ; question under
debate. -
'Gone!' taid ;Mis Belinda, crisply.
'Gone?' echoed her brother.
Ye9, gone.'
Miss Belinda! set the two pies in the
oven witn au .empuasis mat spoue
volumes for the! strength of the bak-
ihg platters. . j i -
'Packed up and gone and I dou't
know where and I don't care, so you
need't take the trouble to ask, for I'll
keep no girl in ny house that feels
herself too cood to be! ray brother s
wife. A hauelitv thins as I have no
patience with.'; j
Jonatliau Bruce said nothing but
he took his elbows down off the kitch-
eu window sill and walked away, feel
as if all the brightness had gone out
of the summer sky, all the sweetuess
from the balniy- July air.
'I've made d mistake,' thought he.
'It seems to roe my life is all a mis
take. I ought io have spoken out my
self, instead of trusting that matter to
sister. ! I thought wonien could man
age such a matters better than a man
But I forgot there were different kinds
of women, Linda is excellent in driv
ing bargains about butter aud eggs
and chickens, but I doubt if she'd be
gentle-aud soft spoken enough to deal
with a: question like tjiis. Poor little
Dorothy !- I vish I'd asked her my
self, though I perhaps after all it
wouldn't have made any difference.'
Jonathan Bruce had lived to the
age of forty-five without feeling the
darts of Cupidnd when he did fall
in lovej it was a serious business.
Dorpthy Dale had come to the old
farm-house toi earu her living. She
was a delicate?, lovely! girl of nineteen
with dark gray eyes, black hair, grow-
ingLlow upon her forehead, and a
fresh bloom like that of a peach. She
had first come to Lowmoor to try and
get, the place jof teacher in the district
school. But the trustees had their
particular favorite, and when the
spectacled Miss Keene was appointed
poor little Dorothy found herself pen
niless in a strange place.
'Whatcanldo?' she said, piteously.
'Miss Bruce wants a servant, sug
rested the landlord's wife. 'Ten dol-
lars a month and a good home. House
work ain't so; genteel as school teacli-
lug uui 111 iuj. ui.u Houiuicucaiiujr.
And JJorothy caught at the. straw
.i -li. i.!-.jf.fD :-i -1 i
. . 1 . t . . . . .
extend to her. and took the position
of servant in th
she filled satisfactorily "until Mr.
JonathauVunexpected offer of raar-
riage. t
'Marry him,
become his wife?'
thought Dorothy, with flushed cheeks
and wildly beating heart. 'Oh, never,
never!' j I '-' :
And yet, sirangejtQ say, she did not
actual ly disl i ke honest Jonathan Bruce.
It was only , the" natural recoil of
the wild birtl from the fowler's snare,
the untamed j deer from the hunter's
touch.; j ' -
It was scarcely a month from the
winuow- sui iiKe an exaggeratea copy i he came upon a light figure crouch-1 learned to know.
or one of Raphael's famous cherubs, j ing in one of its embrasures Dorothy I are the noblest
his head and isliouldersjjpst Visible BOleVfiiref ! l':,t,iJ:u 5 ,And lkIr Bruce
above the hop vines that garlanded 1 Why Dorotbyi xhild l lie ejacula- 16 the quarries'
- juisseunaa iiruce, wno foe. In truth and In fact I aml- U -T
fore the kitchen! table making apple -.a ! I U - K -f: W. !: AVe
Tl' : t ' T 1 1. - I
, ; , i - VV ?- t force of
rw, w ..... ...w y on ..wouldn't
ore which the rai(dleaged farmer j
beard ; tois doom that T he chanced to 1
becrossins: the bridge which , spau-
ned the river, when, all of orsudden,
ted. starting backj;-W: jr-1 1
. .!-" . T .,-7i7-- .. 'i y l
' She pushed the dark, hair out of her I
pps And ImiL-Arl clpfinntlv ntllim. l, ? I
irty.Vl-W' i ; 'hfi.-;,,,! .;. r
r ,.You he matted slowly,
and very, very! thin.'
Yes he said. 'I I have had hard
work to livel 1 Verr hardv
marry toe I f r -r I
'No she flashed out, I would not!'
" 'Will you marry me now ?'
He looked hard at her.
minK you re raaKiug a misiaKe, ;
She was silent, still lookiucr at !
! a a a a a a ' ; I
him in the same scared, uncertain
sort of way.
'However,' ! he added, 'that's neith
er here nor tljere. But Belinda misses
you. one will oe giau to nave you
jjacj. aajn -
r 'After ' - f
ecked herself instinc-l
yeSj after everything. Let by-gones
be by-gones.
Remember that Belinda
waus you aiKi' there's always a I
, .r J I
needn't trouble. I shall not be in any
body's way,5
going up to
a; little bitterly. 'I am J
some slate quarries that I
I own, and Belinda will be all alone.'
'Yes,' she Isaid. I will go. After
all: I shall be putting myself under
obligations to
I shall be
earmug my oyu living.
So she went back asain and Miss
Belinda received her brusquely, but
o511 tuitK n ilairi-Aa nf linnnoua f lilt I
i ! I
went to the i)6or girl s heart.
1 1 1
'Are the quarries very larger she
asked, wistfully, one day, when she.
hnd bopn about a month- at the old
'Never heard.'
'Were von never there ?'
'Bless your' heart, child, no.'
'Does Mri Bruce often come home?'
'He's at liouie now.' said the spin-
ster.' .. - j
'At home V
'Why, yes J only he's staying down
at the tavern He's a sort of notipu
that you don't want tosgc him here.'
'He is very much mistaken, ex 1
claimed Dorothy. 'I-I-it. is horrible
to think of turning him out of li is
own housed !
'There ho is down in the clover
meadow now, with the men,' 6aid
Belinda. 'He'll be up this way direct
ly, I dare say; shall I call him ?'
'1 think 1 ouglvt to speak to turn.
said Dorothy, ?ith her eyes fixed yn
her work.
'Wants to speak to me, eh ?' said
Mr. Bruce. 'Yes. I'll be there in a
minute, j
Dorothv looked una minute later
GA i.:U ...i
. 11 -rv 1 .1 1 a o
- o
. w ell, xoroiuy, wnai is 11 x ;
'Mr. Bruce, I am bauishing you
from youriown home.
'Well, uo von are not he answer-
. i I .
ed, slowly, 'I can be happy any where,
little Dorothy, so that I know that
you are content.'
'Mr. Bruce.'
'There is 110 occasion for your ab
senting yourself from jrour home on
my account
'May li come back, Dorothy ? he
Y0U kftOW that
you can,
I .
'And will you stav here ?
'Why should I not ?'
'Dorotliy.' f
'Yes.' j j -
'Couldtf'tL we stay here together
She looked up coloring, yet wit
1 a
bright smile.
'I have said no once,' she said,
you were to ask iiie again :
1 snouiu My yea.
T 1
'Then jt'a a bargain,' said he quiet-
ly, if yon think you. cau put up with
au unfashionable old chap like me
such a sweet Iitte
rosebud as
CShised her innat -young lips
lor the betrothal kiss.: i e s Mii
- nave iearnel to love you since X
came bacr here, she I whispered.: - U
you as : you reauy j
and bestO f men. 1
- - . . I
Slier lUau - . ; I
it . . .. - I
r rn .1 - . 1
r ' -' , ... , - i
i ; Some idea of the quautity of Irish
PVww liuiwiricu iuio mis wuiury
mnv: he fnrrriod frnm iIip 'rfnt flint I
jritfia the past siimonlhs at the port
I of Bostop alone $100,000, import du-
ties were la id being collected at the
n16 f fifteen cents a bushel,-
convicts employed -on the Paint )
Rock branch Of the Western North Can-1
liua Railroad were! removed on Monday I
and wisre sent down the Dncktown branch
on Tuesday to be pnt to work on the sec-
tion near afad beyond Pigeon River. We I
learn thftt. TaVita Arli)itinii nf fiMh It. in (Ik I
js to be mdde te the force by accession of
newly convicted criminals. un Tuesday the
' - m I
mail train went down the river as far as
Deep water, which is the train on regular
schedule ! to that point. The trestle at
Deep Water, will be completed for the
passage of trains this week j and the iron
bridge will be put up as rapidly as possi
ble, the material and the constructors are
all on the spot'. ' ' ' -
The West axd Socth. In an article
on the comparative advantages for resi
dence and business of the West and i
South, the Danville Register says -of the j
former, that "with all the attractions
wb'ch that busy and progressive, people
uuu men 1VI 1UUUS UUCI IW HID DClliri.
- ,t -
time some
...V V.M.W MV.MW M
backs which are becominsr more and
more felt from rear to year and which
after awhile may direct the tide of immi-
gration in part to other favored fields.
As to climate, the northwest is a most in
hospitable land. Emigrants learn as
much after they get there. The prairie
winds are terrific and tlie blizzards are
quite past endurance. There is scarcity
of purejwater everywhere, and a perpet
uai prTDce 01 cu,us , , 1U . am
moi 'I ha l-npnui n nn1 tho ilrnntli nr.
nt..u rtvnfinn wLim, nnknnwn in
wimessuu uuu ieii were iu u ut-crce ui
j the middle and Atlantic States. Added
to all ithis the recurring inundations
" be fireat rivers, which destrqy crops
and impoverish the people are calamities
which deenlv disconrasre and demoralize
the inhabitants." The Register's conclu
sion is that "taken till in all, the middle
and southern Atlantic slope is tlie most
attractive ceuntry uuder the sun."
The New (York Tribune contains an
teresting article on the progress of
the wheat-growing industry. It 6b-
I serves that the wheat-growing industry
has been steadily moving West for more
than half a century. Western New York
and eastern Pennsylvania were once the
great wheat sections. Then Ohio had its
turn. (Now the counties of that State
which: forty years ago shipped large
quantities of wheat to the East do not
raise enough to supply their own popular
tion with bread. Afterwards Indiana,
Southern Michigan, Northern Illinois and
Wisconsin made wheat the chief crop, to
be succeeded by Iowa, an now by Miu
nesota. Nebraska end Dakota. The
belt cannot move much further
West.! It will soon reach the great gras
sy plains where there is not sufficient
rainfall for successful agriculture. Be
yond the Rocky Mouutaius, in Oregon
and Washington Tenitory, a new wheat
country of immense extent is being de
veloped ; but on the Atlantic side of tho
continent the area where wheat-farming
I , .
f i.j.. J .J . .
I is tue cuici luuusuj wiuuunw I'uou
hpvnnd Ihe riresent limits of Dakota,
The jam3t in tlie Valley of the Red
riveriof the North and the vast rolling
. - .
plains of Dakota and Manitoba are evi-
dently destined to be a permanent grai na
ry, like Hungary and Southern Russia.
i; . -
A Natchez paper speaks of the hun
dreds of deer that have been driven out
of tho low lauds- by the overflow, and
saysf "On Sunday last several gentle-
nipn. in their Sandav rambles, found a
number oft deer that had fallen into a ra-
vinei from which they found it impossi-
ble to get! out. With true humanity they
1 . . 1. .1 71 h a I li n r. r- liir
wenv to hoik aim uug n ttmj
which the little animals could find their
wayioutof the ravine, helped them to
mnnnt to the ton of the bank, and sent
them en their way rejoicing to the green
wmWU nf the couutrv. Instances of the
same kind of humane feeling have been,
we are glad to say, the rule with the peo
ple of this vickiity, while the disposition
to capture and kill the deer haa been the
. SiN FfiAjrcisco, March 27. Three tons
of powder exploded to day in the Vulcau
powder company's Works in Alexander
county near Oakland, killing 11 men, 5
white and 6 Chinese. Four men all white
were injured. Total loss about $23,000.
1 T L state Df Georgia has declared her
' independence and has planted more oats,
wheat and corn this seasou thau ever be-
ote. - -
Can a Congressman be Elected by
: d f ue olsie rge v
t Mn.lrrbR Considerable discussion
is nowi going on and will continue as t6
wuemer .mere is any machinery; lor : tu
lcclAUfUi wiugresamau large iu
tsortnai - oiina, and as to whether tbe
Conuril of SKat nrfwl wilr WnW
fijg ertnest flf the fiownmr to rnlt nn
,7-r- -w.,, . " o
extra session of the Oeneral Assembly to
provide for such election. It is very clear
iv". .. wrw
Ioan" uie laws from time to-lime en -
machinery by which the will of the o-
pie at the. ballot box is ascertained; The
office or position of .Congressman, is one
or law for its existencp. It is provided for
by - the constitution and laws of the TJuited
States. - Congress itself fixes the. number
of Representatives to which each State is
entitled and not .the States , themselves,
and Congress nowhere fixes the machine
ry for the States. For this reasou j the
States onlv Drovide for the election of
such - nnmber as Congress by its law gives
" eacn or sucu btates. if a person is
votcu ior at uie election lie must be a
a . . . a
candidate for an office recognized and
named in the election laws of our State,
For this reason every officer to which wo
have heretofore been entitled is mention
ed, and a ballot box provided in which
such officer is voted for. In our election
laws the State officers are mentioned by
name,' members of the General Assembly
are mentioned bit name, and bo with
county officers and a Congressman for
each district. Judges and Solicitors are
also provided for. Where is. there any
provision in our election machinery for
Congressman at large f He is not known
to the statute law of North Carolina.
Our election laws providing for the elec
tion of certain officers make provision
also for a ba Uot box to contain the votes
for each officer so named. Going still
further the law ia its certainty and par
ticularity directs the exact number 0 boxes
the county commissioners are to provide.
In order to ascertain the will of the peo
pie the county commissioners are to pro
vide boxes in which officers known to the
laws of North Carolina are to" beAroted
for. With the election laws as they now
are, what authority will the county com
missioners have for adding auothcr box
and appointing two Judges of election
more tli an the law authorizes them' to
dot Before the election and when they are
fixing tho receptacles for ballots they
take the statutes of the State as they are
I written. They doift go by what that
man sa3s or this mau says. They most
be governed by the late as enacted by our
Legislature. Now do the county commis
sioners know we are entitled to a Con
gressman at large. What law tells them
sot Who is to direct them to provide a
box for him t Who tells them how many
Judges they-are to appoint to preside
over a box they have 110 authority of law
for' opening? What tells-J hem whether
the Judges iru to be of diJiVreut political
parties ur of the same party, and if the
latter, iif what party t Iu a word, what
law regulates aud -guards this box by
details as it does all tlie other boxes T
What law says on what kind of
the Congressman t-large shall bo
for ? Shall it be written or printedi shall
it be .on white or red paper t shall the
ballot be without device? All these . de -
tails are mentioned in our election - law
for State aud county omcers because they
j are named in the law. Suppose the coun-
ly commissioners uo proviuu iuim uoi ior
the extra Congressman, and a ticket is
deposited on red paper instead -of-white
and with a device 00 it, shall it be thrown
out or counted t. In all the other boxes
which the law mimes, the law says throw
it outantt not count it. conmsion couia
arise here, bectious Id, 1 and JO Jiat.
I . .. ... m
i. if aw 1 'iinn .V' nrnui-iHA run rim nniiAa ni
1 ' --i" t
the county commissioners in providing
boxes and Judges of election, and the
manner in winch the Judges shall Connt
A. 1 A. 1 . Z 1 ST 1.. 11 ..1. 11..
ie votes uuu nmu i unuuw iuej
shall count, but wnat ngnt nave fuese
Judges to say that the same law applies
a- .i. i...iii. r.-.. 1
w mo UU11U19 iui uug.coomvn uk-mipv,
wnen mat law ians to recognize umi 01-
fice in its provision for elections! -Is
this Congressman to be voted for on a
ballot with the district Congressman Y
The law says not. He can't be voted for
on a ballot with any other person, for
an v iiiir wimthiiii inr .
UUi lil.t eaj 9 n uv cuhii w i wvv -t
l n nt tni-a iiIia bI.oii lia i'iira1 fi nnnn
caclfballot, and if there is another name
UIIUU tunv uuiivii mini Juan .wi
1 . x, A . J, , '
named, then all the names shall be.
' . . , a. i
thrown out. And finally, after tho elee-1
. 41. n l.fillf tli.n inor eiii.Ii o oa
tion who is to count, the vote for Con-
j gressman at-large and declare the resultt
Can the Governor do it alone or shall he
nave help t Shall it be the canvassing
board provided for tlio other; officers or
shall it be a different one. No law de
clares who, or how it shall be douef So
it seems that a Congressman at-large is
not provided for and that he is without
a habitation and a homo, it does seem
to me that the Governor's Council arro-
gated to themselves a great deal of learn-
iuir when thev deliberately decided' that;
l.irin4nfcwiiulom enabled them toisee a!
way out of these difficnUies. : ThoAtlor-
ney General whom the law makes the
legal adviser of the Governor decided'
that the law provided no machinery WT
Uiis eleytiou. But Messrs. Worth, ; Rob-
erts and Scarborough, neither of whom
ever opened a law book, decide that he f
fcicb ueai or inutguation
was aroused at Uie close of the war wheu
we were refused representation in "i Con
gress from the Sontb, and yet here; are
these gentlemen, who set themselves, np
as the embody men t of wisdom and law,
paving the way for n to lose that! repre
sentation to which we are entitled. B t
If 7
f The Democratic party is an bianiza
ion. It fs; an association. TIrose who;
are members of it owe a fealty to it.;
They are supposed to be in accord with
its sentiments and desirous of premoting
its objects. At least they must prefer Its
success to the success of f the Repnblican
party, otherwiso they wouldjbe Bepubli
cans rather than Democrats.! PlWlnn
- x . . 7' -t - n
uiereiore,Nmen wno claim to ba Demo. -. ; I
.1.1 iL. . ' . '' . . 1 1: 1-
v.fno ec5, wjo uverinrow anu aisraptloa
of the Democratic party, make war upon
1 1, in an. c (.-uarge ngntnst irt ana una
all manner of faolt with it, not ith any
view of correcting an civil, buf for- the
purpose ol leading Voters away from its
support, they are guilty off political
treachery. Such persons 1 have! an 'un
questioned right to separato thcmselrof
from the party and to become1 Indepen
dents or Republicans. But they have no
right to call themselves Democrats' anil
be working in the interests of tlie Repub
lican party. If any abuses exist in the
Democratic party let. them be exposed.
aud it doesn't make any difference who. fij
shall bring them to light. It isj tlnr (jtj-fi7T
of a good Democrat to expose them, for ; j ;; ti
the party should not tolerate abuses. : 4. f
But it is not the duty of a Democrat .tot
be raising a false clamor and making va
mountain out of a -mole hill merely to.
render the organization of which he claims : ,t
to be a member unpopular sccuro,
its defeat and the success of the llepublU..
can party at the polls. Tl'iZ. Star. 1
Buncombe Superior ; CocnT.-rThe .
following is the disposition made of par
ties convicted under indictments found
and tried: - j
7 Robert Lisehby, white, malicious inju
ry to buildings, twelve months in the
county jail j James Massey, James Hall
and Loftin Murphy, all colored, carrying
concealed weapons, all six j months ia
connty jail. Clayton Sprouse and.Jamos
Morris, white, assault with deadly weap-..
ons aud resisting officer, each 12 months
m jail for one offense aniLsix months for
the other. In all these cases of commit
tal to the jail the Judge directed the par-
tics to be hired out to public work until j
both costs and Jincs had been paid by j
their work. ! 1 .
1 i - --; ' t
The following were sent to the pen I- i
tentiaiy; all for larceny : j - ?'
'James W. Paine, white, 3 years, John
Carter, colored, 3 years,; James Dauiel,
colored, 1 year, George Lisenby, colored,
1 year, and Wm. White, colored, 5 years.
Jason Williams, colored, was convicted
of brcakiug into the office of the Clerk of
the Superior Court, with a view to rob
bery, and has 2 years in tits pcuiteiitia
ry. .. ..' . nk'P;
Malaria, sickness, and even death, is
sometimes very convenient, Shipftcrd.
ballot the Peruvian Company man now uuder
votwl going examination, has "malaria" whcii-
ever he gets in a tight place aud the-iii
vest igat ion has a stop. Ex-Senator Dor-
' scy, on trial for swindling the govern-!
, . ; - . - -
1 ment in the star route matters, it is stat-i
ed has suddenly sold out his ranches for
$600,000 and is now quite sick .ia'iNew'
j aiexico. a ue reports ara uiai jio cannot
recover, and that his death is a matter of
. only a few days. He wjll probably re-ap-
pear with his $G00,00d, under another
name in Australia Xetcs-Observer.
Victor Hugo feels the shadow oftlio
. tomb gathering round him, but is not
i i i , mi. . n i i
. irouuicu oy it. "jij insuDci teiii me,
1.. r.PPMr Rid tn a frlnd. "that xthmn
; 1 ,fas8 through the black tunnel called
Death, I shall open my eyesjn tt higher;
i '
, aud brighter existence.; Why should I
ot believe iu this instiactt It is one of
the rare things that never lie." Victor
-i . .. .1. - -
Jlugo ,g uappy that he has tanght Uie
Freuch ieople to revereuce childhood
the infaut is to him arsacred thing.
Wasiikgtox, March 27. -Judge Advof
cate General Swain has made his report
I v . 0
: the court martial in the case against Ma
1 f -TT ?
, . ,. V, -m - 1 '
court martial is invalid by reason of cer-
. . . . . . .; - J ,. - 4.
tain irregularities in the proceedings of
... " . i 1 ,
There is some advantage in being blind.
One cau work at night as well as during
the day. A blind darky at Americor,
Georgia, was discovered the other night
i at 2 o'clock, sawing wood' for dear life.
He thought it was day . time; Perlia
the roosters crowed too soon.- '1 i i ll
j Joues says that after trying for years
to photograph his girl upoi his heart, all
i,e got from her In the end vas a negative.
7- I j ' V y 1 1
There is no man suddenly either exj-f I.
dleutly good or extremely evil
"WINE OF CARDUI rt inakea roj cbc-ksi
and clear complexions. ;
At Tlieo. F. Klutu,
if 1
a :-
t j
I' -
f v.
1 J.-;; : it
.-si 1
! .
r i
1 : -i f
-1 i. ' :- i
- l :
- -Hi- -PM
H. W
.... .

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