North Carolina Newspapers

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-Carolina vateiiman.,-
:fFX Dresden watchMnaker hasf pi odyced
madef pnper,w!iiclifulfi
'ipiireiueiits of a fimc-keeper r
The Chinese anlTXegro Problem.' The Uoiqrou reoiT.
'We' remember hciaring Seaatw Ransom TUe Organization Ejected Amidst Conus :
ufwmlt that woum iue?u;iup u- i
ifivil.r a uftthe neirro wwuluconie
Vi.. v.rtii.rn Ifrtmblicans. and tlat Gold.boro Messenger,
Is the re- tlisit race would jelliave rely; upon the The ple of the State Leld a
time Of it
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brethren -in Wack arehaviMga J
at Goldsbvilf. -i o.V uave
blood in their ej and aiV ivntad aa lior-
nets, ryr some time past preparation
for holding thi asmblv of discontented
colore tnenj haver been perfecting and
broken- oat. 1 ue
aow.the . storm . hai
We regret to leara that cx-Governof
Southern whites td protect them ia the at the'T.wri Uall on Wcdnes- Wack floods drifting ttf Goldsboro hare
r g its now gnarantped brthe State and con venuoa MtenRivelr met and the brewing trouble is opon us.
VAfmnil i-oHMtitation. Rwccnt ntterances day last, In pnrsnance of an extensively j , j .
bZm in Congress, publi6hecali whiciras first pnbli.hed Dancy, Edgecombe representoUve, grew
An eccentric doctor in Milwaukee, Wis
consin, has f attracted a good deal of at
tention by, wearing a pair of shoes made
bat of the skin of s a negro, which he had
tanned for that pnnwwe. If that occurred i
in the South it would be denounced as an
evidence of Southern barbarisin.-Car-
jotte Observer.
J 1 . . ...n-ii. n,Vt- in I : . - I t..A I vcrv wruMirr riiu asserted that even some
r , . .wfnivsU. nieu wuo.uave w.w.;rru,,L" in a WUimngton paper. ..oouib;.uw T"T- ,,r ..-. ;.
s no uen i. iu.u u vV" 1 " 77 " that concerued the negro, maite mj , ,innilredUr-. more 'deleiiates. priodpalh pubMC4in8 uemea tae man ana orouier
:;i,?w,,,,UvrT..f - 1 7 ' i.2,IUVnw aKiA Stnntiir. I from the eastern" counties, were in atten-1 "Wmsiisiiare 01 paironagn, ? in parncu-
- able, J i i i f raiuins me Jru iuvt . "'r " VI. ' - i tlnr 1m
!t :fw I ! v 1 H'i iAn.i;..r lWhlilirnn Senators who Linra:Manv of these were professional Iar
'"-F- -i- i r iiotitifll with tLe nreseut I Jn.i imTHinflf nf. I marKs
T--f ! Cornelia. .Vanderl-iU : WfVf radical administration, can deliberately c kind or clerks in the reve-
ide a ew:day. ago, owu-S to bad health. d , from. their places i the Senate, f JT0. nofitefficeiu: :BUhoD
!IIe was' richly-provided Xor, lnt couwi tjmt the enti-aucbisemenioi uieucgiu r.-.- 7" r" w
a taiiiire aim a irauU aim uwai, uvuio nuwouu, vw6w ... .
but the white is fitted for the eiercises of james H.jllarris, Stewart, John H.-.WH-iil'cS
:TiSSL liamsonrUtor of the Banner, E. E.
ior iiie uegroea wi iwo m.""-" . 7 ... i - - , i t i
iuiDiovcmeiit of the them and ask. to
pot bear. being au invalid.
I There is a proposition to appropriate
was displeased with the receutre
of one Jones, a Senator from Ne
' Said Senator" Jones," speaking ol the
African racct
'Can a current uf barbarism be per
mitted to flow into this country, without
i l7.b0O,00O for the
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1 lllCSlSSipp.lf " HCIBUJIV" omvvHv...-n
gesited it would be cheaper tedbuy a new
J iver. ;' ; . y. y: : ' :
The prediction
though not by any
ions man that we
if . - - I isf t! r,. .k
e saveu irom luwrio""""! ui",v .i-. , . y h.j , .
AlLrrMe Citizen. Lfc Jo in C. iDancv were the most-promt-1
mi ln Wn made. I ninfcnftlie delegates. . '. "
Ut... r.i. mat,, i that the African is, an advantage to this
know of. that tu less incr to order. It was noticed that very wuumj
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" ' Ll ..... I lisra trill lkn a I Ann Uluratn. n-krv iliiAmlPflr. nwinfft UUCB WOre
IFASTiciDE.-The Chailotte msertet , . . - . .. . . . jm
i . . .. i. r . ...intn I nanouai euort u vu j j- i in part iw mo ian.nn mij """
repords the unuiuz oi iwo ueu uiuuu . . - ,1 ? . - , 1 , . , i
BlUte IUC lirgl UCB) 4IUU igu llCCy ..a.M.0, --
ants of the northern abolitionists will known as! North Carolina corn whiskey,
be the leaders of ithe movement. It is John Jp PAncy,) of Edgecombe, was
ovi.lniit rlmf. ttiA rlpoTo nroblem is not rlinRAn tftnnorarv ctiAirni'an and made . a
nearly settled ndvj will not l -without gech iajwhich he-jdetailed the objects Th0jrorstin2;aboutJones is his
rof .frirwu,. The' feext will f h rniirfintion tri be to demaiid of the sneaking 'meanness. He said lots of
",J"" pt r i - .i .
Infants under one of- the Railroad plat
forms in that city, and says tnerg are m-
jdicatious that the child i en were m urdered.
The I' remains of Thomas Baskiu, who
Mysteriously disappeared from the town
ef Monroe, iu
"I ask'Senators to reflect, what would
have been the 'condition of the entire
country if the same proportion of Afri
cans had been in the North as were in
the South." ; -,;
und in that
h. froro te death.
,.i,t. n.nrA 7nrtU to the fate of the race hif rwiJnlR f North Carolina" for the tbirifisj in his speech that he was afraid to
Dumber the former. It will be afac. 00 colordpeiple moret political and social priutfind they are not to be found in the
vicinity, auu-jt .is wjwtwi . .ijji L,rinti Wlitlir I si.f-' 1.- imJi nMnt hAn am. Congressional Record. Ho was evidently
V.- I II II I. lllll 111 iAAVUMWmBV I M 1 2 I m UU VWA VB M V MWM WWW w- I
Shameful, A marvclousrstory was
published in a.Daijjvillo paper dated April
or not this is to be exclusively Mthe white ied in sikty counties, the right to sit on "a,u v,c "'"r WUrt"'
man's government j J 1 - juries, and had been denied in countiss he dM sy. Enough was priuted, how-
trl.PrP tlikr.were In the maforitv. the ' P r lDe uloou Ainca 8 sons
vrr votr ntUi :i.-Kr-norernor I . .. t,?- within them, especially that part in which
r" I ' Si - . w . I AVUni - -"- I 11H.LIU VM VllVII VwUHr.1 VSUVW (? 4V4 wU 11(11101 i4 -
1st, setting forth how the sherm oi btoKes Moge, was arraigned n tlie Tombs Police Ll, wh0 denied the colored Jes denies that their blood is like the
turns out to be nllialse. .The author
Kthe story ous'it to
smart for hi j cruel
bo indicted and made jer xim.
. IU IUUI ll l lliv v
v - t.t.I"-" i.a - mi i n loon or oriiei ioiks. Ami tnft ornriiron
th'e coWfnnds ft hi. possession and mentioned last niglft, and committed for eu au cuuai suaroi u-uage. xej, , b "
.mo wuBtji ,uf-u. itUnklvn offiren were the colored people,- ceuld not and would wcro Pr,n nccoruingiy, so warm mueeu,
.I ..fA no mm fran nni trn Kl len. I "..... . -r -j - r " 71 - - 't - it.,... t-..ii..i . f
ifiiiii -u. ... r ' inn,rt tn ta . ih tliprn forMrial. bnt nn ofn1 .noli. frrAntmAnf Th. rnll iwias jjouu iianuoiiiu, .noi iiauuoiUJi oi
1U VVlll V 1. IUV mm m -y-. y I lJ f OIHUW OUVII HI A MJ 1 4
not keenoniet until the board of commis- "oanoke, but the mall agent, apprehend
r I i ii . i , ai i n ii
ioners. everv magistrate, cverv indce. eumat tuey were loccing ineir spirits
; ' -mm . .. ....
aud everv State or county . official, from Ket tle Detter W-tuein.
tl.a flovcfuor down, accorded the neirro Priei New Houover's member, thought
his every right. Let it be heard from lmU the county commissioners ought to
Currituck to Cherokee that the neero is be in penitentiary, and that the dar-
alive to all his rights, and will not stop keJ Sht t0 voto early aud ofteu for
until all are accorded him. Dancv al- TPolican party.
VI I Hi 1 IS iue coioreu; ei-uovcruor oi o.
C. After getting away from South Caro-
SntASaK. A wqfck or two a so wo hai Una he took refuge iu New York city
a JStury. from Europe, of skeletons found f where he has succeeded in supporting
In the hollow of a ieat tree near a city, himself by all manper of rascality prhc-
of which the presenl generation could give ticed upon the Got jiamites! under various
no accouliti As if-determiiied to bo even assumed names. Swindling has been his
'v)tli the old world Georgia comes to the chief mode, and truly he seems to be an
rescue with a precisely simitar story adept at the art, beating the most artful
j'a hollow treo with! 'dead men's bones in rascals of the great metropolis i clean out
'it-was 'found recently iu Gilmer county I of sight. They hafehim in the Touibj
1 . -- j ... ' : . i . . . . .. t
now, and the chances are rather against,
him. He is, however, accustomed to
I i i .
John L- Dicksdu, P. M., sf Grassy 1 prison life has often been held eu charges
Creek, Mitchell county, N. C, sent to the of various kiuds and managed to slip
"Albany Penitentiary 12 months for rob- through without terious interupjtiowPos-
bing the mail of $10, did no big thing toUibly he may do it agaiu,
accept a pardon after 4 months imprison? clouds of adversity are certainly thick
went on the ground tai iue roooery was jening arounu uim.
dne by his wife and not by himself. If
he had shielded her to tlie bitter end,
then and iu that case, there would be
something for him.j t
' of that State.
hided to tho speech of Senator Jones
made in the United States Senate in
which the latter alluded to the negr
incapacity to govern himself, and said
there were many Republicans who pre
tended friendship, for the negro, who at UP the darkeys to get in ahead of some
Now What's all this rumpus about!
Who is it that fs manufacturing these sa
ble voters for purposes of their own t Are
we to. have negro candidates for State
officers, or some white folks just stirring
Allcock's ' Porous" Plasters ?
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he Best Exlerual Uemed ever in
vented. ; They will cure asthma,
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land any local pains.
Applied to the small of the back
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are a sure cure for Dyspepsia and
Liver Complaint. -
paiuless, fragrant, and quick to cure.
Beware of imitations that blister and
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ir Dry Goods, Notion and Clothing Departments have been selected with grestjeahr
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April 6th, lk
heart were like the Nevada Senator.
Some of the Democrats in Congress had
spoken more kindly of the colored peo
ple thau. the Republicans had. Dancy,
iu conclusion, said the convention should
adopt resolutions! demanding equal
rights with white men, an equal distribu-
Gcn. Green B. ltaum.
rirals in the race for office T
It is significant that while the couren-
tion cxpresid no great attachment for
tho Democrats, its tone was also agaiust
the treatment which the race lias receiv
ed from its white allies. The crv was
that Republicans Imd tabooed them, aud
had allowed them representation oul by
. Mr. Thos. D. Carter; isout in quite a
Jlerigtliy? reply; to Sl.Tate, of lorganton
lu 'regard to Alio esteru NC. Railroad,
"In .which lie;nndertakea to show of Mr.
Tate what tWlatteraidjf him "he-is
a oau man. j ; been guilty ofV oneJ thing isi very certain :
i l he liauroad question involved in tins he did a great "thijug for his country n
wbrdv war is tlie only one 'which concerns' preventing Grant, feorrupt, vindictive add
tiny considerable part of the public and ambitious, from lielugesideut for a
'aii : a. ' i a .i i i .i third term. If, uudCr an y circumstances
htsis;yetito be finally" settled by the it is-aii0nble to do wrong that good ny
courts We regret that there wis any real follow, then Raunt acted jwell when he
ora pparenc causej ior. a personal uispuie saveu iue couniry irom me most tiireiui
jhichjCan settle nothing.
tion of public patronage, and demand
that no colored man should bo taxed Pry subjecting them to daily insults,
without renresentatiou. &c, &c. 1 hese were their false friends
on the revelations hf Dr. Wheefer, former Several colored men tried to speak and the'jtrnitors- in the Republican party.
revenue collector in thd 5th Distriet. 4ii much disorder prevailed, aud a member Tuo uegroes may well understand, once
recant to Rauiu's treacherv toS Gralit in snested that tho officers of tho law be fo.r nlI tl,at t,,e Democrats will be glad
The undersiOTed, with a view to better
adapting his situation to the business he is
following, has ooncluded to sell his new
house and lot in the South-eastern part of
town. The establishment is new and com
plete, with all necessary out-buildings; and
the situation is highly desirable to any one
wishincr retirement and comfort. The lot
is a full square of the town. There are
seven rooms in the house, all finished. A
youns orchard and grapery. For further
particulars call on GEO. MO WE RY.
March 30, 1882." 24:4t
JDest and, Cheapest Fertilizers.
nTTViiii! main . i BMr at ti.25 perBoi.
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COMPIjETE manure
No fertilizer ever introduced has undergone severer tests, or cciniout of them wilh a better
record, than the .
It has been in nse in Virginia since 1873, and during that time has been applied o all kinds
of oil under every variety of reason, " Evidence that it has givenj general and great Btliaiw
tion is found in the fact that since its introduction over 20,000 TONS have been sold is
in mis marKevaione ; anu aiso in leuers iuu cei uukuicb uvu
1 . 5,000 Farmers and Planter
of Virginia and North Carolina, who have used it from one to eght vears rail j:olnp;toe.
tablish it as a fact that, 'all things considered, it i Equal to any land Surpassed by nose.
We offer it with great confidence for use on the TOBACCO, COTTON and COKN crop
to be planted in 1882, with the assurance that it is in ull resitct fullv equal to what it hu
been in the past. Knowing the mattri:U which enter into it CHJikirMiuition, and manufactur
ing it under our personal supervision, we Guarantee the Standard. i i
It has beeh the aim of all connected with this Guano, to produce the best possible fertilizer
at the lowest possible cost, and claim that our extended experience and unuftial resources and
The regular annual meeting of the Stock
holders of the Western North Carolina facilities have enabled us to approach this more nearly ihn has been done any other fertil.
Railroad Company will b held at the Office izer with which we are-acquamted. Those who have been U6ing it unite in the opinion that
of the Company in Salisbury, on the 3rd
Wednesday in May, 1882.
March 20, 1S52. Sec'y & Tre'sr.
By its Use the Consumer Gets the Greatest Benefit from the Smallest Outlay.
An orditinrv application of this Guaro will cause an increase of 100 to 2C0 per cent, in qua
tity at ihe same time improving the quality and hastening the maturity ipf the crop. It U
especially adapted to , ,
the Chicago Convention, ciusing bis de-1 called upon to remove all drunken nieu
feat as the llepublicvu nominco for the from the hall. f .
Presidency, puts itj ; truthfully thus: John Randolph, a hiail agent, said so
Whatever treacherv Raiim niav have many delegates were; inflated with whis
ky that lie feared tho couventiou would
disgrac tho race, i
Mori is of Newberir, appealed for har
mony and said : "ye want to convince
the people of North Carolina that we are
stronger thau the county comniisioners."
He begged for quiet, j saying, "The eves
of the people are bu this convention.
to advaiico their material interests, will j We will sell, on Monday the 1st day of
be glad to hellish em prosper, will be IMay, 1882, on the premises, an undivided
rlnrl r niil Hii1ii tl..i.- fr.vf- u . one-halt interest in atract ot land situated
mv mm m. m, m. mm m- am-m m m m . a A.r O V.
Its use promote growth, prevenlMhe atlackR of t.he "fly," and miakes healthytocky-plasU
with thick leaves and an abundance of roots, which bvar trausplauitiiig much Leltt-r than ithoM
raised with Peruvian tiuar-o. !
Manufacturers, jRicliuirind, V.
For sale by J. ALLEN BROWN, Salisbury ; RT M. RO.SKROR0, Rowan Mills ;43.F.
dangerous Giant once more in the Presidential chair
would have probably reinaiued: there un
til his death. Civil liberty might have
perished at Chicago with the turn of
few votes.
Macon Telegraph : The most
creature that walks is a cook armed with
Tat and a frying pan. Her value as au
agent in ay be summed up in a fww words :
If 011 seveh'tenths of the tombstones scat
tered about lis "was carved thq gure of a
. negrojwomau, holding aloft banner fash
ion, a frying pan, there would bo no need
pi insci iptious other thau the victims'
sanies. Tho emblem would I show the
. tause of death, and apologize for the er- Greensbocb News.
- rors iu tuo lives it commemorated.
oi curses ijr rant ior another ipar years.
Rut, farther: he ilnay have saved tlie
country from even a ' greater ; woe, for The wirea are talking now. probabl v say-
1 1.... .1..,.
cu.4Juui...rH, win poiiuciiiiy China GroTe, adjoining the lands of W
tlie democrats are not interested uitheni. Kimball, G. A. J. Sechlcr and others, con
They stand as a solid wall against the 'raining Filty Acres, more or less. Said Irnd
best people and the best interests of the win bc sol(1 unilcr a decree of thc Superior
; 1 .1 ,. Court of Rowan County to make real estate
community 111 which they live. Ihe.v assetft J
are joined to their idols. Politiciilly we TERMS OF SALE One-third cash, one-
let them alone. Since the adoption of third in six, mot nhs, and the balance in
the constitution of 1803 we do not remein- ine months. Title retained-until purchase
in Rowan County, about one mile from I LOWE, Lexington, and by agents at all important jn-inln in .Virginia, North Carolina, t?OBlk
Carolina, and Georgia, at prices a low and, on ait lil er:l terms an any other suatidatd lugfc
grade fertilizer. We solicit vour confidence and patronage. 20:3m
Western North Carolina Kail-
road Suit. ' i . -.
mg, 'The uiggers got in a row broke up
iu a fuss just as wo expected.' w
Secretaries consisting of the editors of
i newspapers devoted to the interest of the
colored people, and a committee ou cre
dentials were appointed. Then James
ber ever asking the colored people to vote
our ticket.' What would have been the
uset j We have spared ourselves the
pnins of soliciting votes which wo knew
they would uot uive. The Democi-atic
partyj owes them nothing. We have done
much! better by them than their Radical
frieuds have done iii the way of estab-
I money is paid.
W. II. CONE and
Adni'rs of Chas. A. Miller.
Special. Proceedixgs by Cbeditors.
E. Mauney, Executor of David McMackin,
who sues tor hunselt and all creditors et
Burton Craige, dee'd.
The author of this probably atelsbc bull
Us hT, so. occupies a .position under hin schools, asylums, &c, &c, for
Ike Young at Raleigh, after quiet was re- "iem.; Ana we Have rescued the people
stored, made a speech. Ho appealed to! Iromfne ev,,s or their rule in counties -al-L. Holmes, AUavrot Burton Craige, uee'ef.
No action will H taken at this term of the delegates to behave theiuselyesj to where they Had the- nnuicrical majority, ; All creditors of Burton Craige, dec'd.are
' "r' ' : !
L . I . ' 1 I . 11 fl mm m m 1X1 I j
,i,,i !.,.!, wnw0 .DJ Federal court in the case of fcarter- vs. be a unit ; to staud by old and tried lead- ma coulcrrto a benefit upon them, potiued that they must appear before the 1 . J. lVlorUiNJl I ,
r .v..., D..vVO? 1 ' J li..r ui: 1 x .1 1
liana, a dozen friedleinrs and four enns o
cojuyejfor his supper after a hard day's
f ide iii the sun. Of course it was the fry
. ng pan ; which only stiffened him for a
Lweek when it ought to have killed him.
: - 4
the Western N. C.iR. R. except the Alius ?rs of the Republican! party ; to demand Alie couventiou complains of tho exclu-
of the pleadings.
Yesterday Judge Scheuck, attorney for ocratic
undersigned at his office in the Court House
THIS MACHINE is a plain wooden tank lined-withcppper or galvanized iron,
t o..l!-l .1. n l j -
..... - . : 7' .. Ar il... r. . . s ': pu onuuury, uu ur ucmic iue uii uay ui
0,1,16 Vert m he nghts tne cm- T I , u pril, 1882, and file the evidence of their with perforated pipes in the bottom for ti e aWS h
convention i which nominated V wo oeueve x an non- cialms against the estate ot Burton Craige, made of same mettle, and of sufficient weicht. This Rolei 'oatlien the air while um
the railroad company, filled a demurrer to Greely for Presideni in 1872 pledged it- ensei I ho law is made for all alike, dec d, or the case will be set for hearing, jng back and forth over thc cloths, forcing air and waterthrouh the fabricPAt Mm
PnrWn cnmnlflinK . noctn,.,Jn, Bivt.n I Klf fn fMVf tlipm. : H nm.lfl an n,,,,rst JUlOia SllOUld De COOinetCUt. IllCOfflDe- uu uettru Mr"e " lllcul-
v- -w ' WW U . lldOIIIIli DlALCeil I m-mtmm mm-m, . v m,mm-mrMmm m W M 9 mm mmj w I
1 1 .Cotton j Factories. Wo learn from
Hho Durham Recorder that the enteral i.v-
fng weif .oi inai rising tity areraiMug'a
capital to build a Cotton factot v at that
Mace. Three hundred tobacco wagons
athmal administration and urged tlie "tbejirjr. To it on the jury is not a per-
icgroes to stand by I it. Tho time had onal; pi iileg merely, it affects the life,.
causes why the suit should bo I dismissal plea for the Republican partv and the tent me" siioniu never be permitted iu
Judge Millard, attorney for tho State natioiu
of Aorth Cartdma.lalso filled a demurrer negroes
assiLMiinir fiftprn rAnsP?ni. -lmiotoi I come when the neirro should hAcomn hi liberty and property of theparties to the
C3 " a v u IBQIM I O j, - .
of thesuit and alsoalea oTthestatutelown representative materially morally I litigntiAti- - Tle State owes it to these
of limitation I 1 ! - - land politically, and not always be repre- K wno rcsso,t to &tate courts lor
i l justice, to sec that a reasonable chance
crowding their streets in one day do not connsel. f!L SranW fii.(l U ..iw suited dailv. Theri ahorild r-nt irJ for Justice is afforded. To this end the
nuitesatisfy them,jand so they are going nitCf ayd what appears to be a conclusive The convention should demand no taxaU StslH nofc adrait incompetent men
jo reacuoutneirj lianas to the cuWou answer iu his ownfvindication as former tion without representation, and that to t,,e V"?
queers pi uieatate, nothing learing pmident of the Judge Bynum, I every negro should have a fair trial be
ii, ' .. 1 " attprneyfor Col.McAden, was absent on fro a jury, equal rights in public con-
thefer S veyances,&c.. f
tlitlyl mh??Sf tyay.wthk Wl&h ti George W. Price, of WUmington, said
"inzandexnectant.. Un,nn. ti. JiT Com.uisioner Patterson, t,f Morganton, there were many negroes sent by county
23:6 w .
Jons M. HoRAri, C. S. C.
Rowan County.
The law makes no race
pxiuwix invse. me uan-1 ....... a. . .. i , - ... i x.. t. t.
ilUhnnPni,. i.) i ,-, i- i'l'l'n,"ic io taKO Uie aeposition ofi wiuiiiiswuuem io iiio xenuenuary. iue
1 . county commissioners sliould themselves
i-. I . ' . - . -
discnnunatiou whatever. It has really this season with the above well known Fer-
seeiued to us, as wo. hinted abovo, that tilizcr.
this jwhofelFSftrveVitioii movement was
only a shrewd device in the interest of ANALYSIS P OR 1882:
oi some particular itepnuiican politicians . piedmont Special Fertilizer, Piedmont
to strengthen their individual hold upon Guano and Manufacturing Company, Balti
Argniuent on tho Joni rrers will be be therei In sixty-one counties the ne
heard by Judge Dick at an early day. It Sroes are deprived of their rights chief
is understiHid thatiMessrs. Bufprd, Clyde; ly the right to sit on juries. He appeal
Loganjind rxSentor Gordon; and sev- e to be colored people to stand by only
eral eminent Richmond land JiTew York those men in the Republican party who
lawyears will bo present Jude -Scheuck 1 had stood by tho colored men. There
were traitors in : the Republican party.
Ilersharply criticised some Republicans
is niauaging counsel.
wgout ,uw yards -of beautiful plaids
daily. OfDr.J. M. Worth's establisht
meut two or three miles below; just uow
putting iu new and improved machinery!
Two niiles lower, the Diffeo Maiiufactar
- inft Co., now ; iu course of cpustruction.
.0hjr Falls, Fran.kliuville, tTie Randolph
Manutictuiing Co. the Columbia Facto-
; S"EZ7 -T There is Wfo thought i the fifty, m being falsa friends to theolored rac.
termise F icterv bn -! W scco aunnal report of the Eastern Peni- The negroes sliould learn to bo -iadepeh.
te Pennsylvania, 0f he 433 dent. They have ben slave, too long.
' ie ready S prisoners received last jcar 423 were Their votes counted, and they should have
. ?We1 CCr -ere. being- but 10 wouL all told: inore to W ln matdr. than they have
feteel Co 'a Thn J f..! . s ' r. , tKdes duly 93 had any regular had heretofore. Ho jbelieved in giving
jn lesiuI-ond occupations 54 hatf WrnedftradeXin a the race more public patronage. ?
SSl regular way4lad "picked upgrades The immitteo on entials about 3
:1 ,J "Zyr "uut m HM ,325 never learned anv trade t all: D. in. concluded their report amid mneb
Uoldsboro JSIessenger.
tu b - am. iih w i inn ii io tin . a 1
mi w- w " 1 vii uuaui a 111 m i.iii.n Tint r
Jones in :frkrun J-"" uer .1 idlers at ;tho time of disorder.
- ! . . 'IT ',8U i comtuittinff theciiniennf trhfIi'tliavWa I
SWfffl K ml Wflson, con victeileailvl i There; is
, "y itson county, have ordinized a U:' , , J . : V-l " ? nif; from
:.(,' w . . , : - ... . .m 1 ac.i.n i luv wrm ti,iK.w. .1 . ov
rmrmm 1 I 11 lI4f II IIIIMI' fTO 1,
. . m 'r ' m- "V. - T
py, auu u. SY. awj-psoit is. rebuilding his Must enf ago.
lactorv'on Haw river, v Tliac . n 1 "
i'ithef in ?iicc'essfuoperation or iu course
uf rapid preparation for business. ' 1 1
... i
Forty years'trial lu provctl " BLACX-
Tlie dismissal of Cadet Whittaker from
Yest Point,' for ajleged deficiency 1n stu
dies, iloqWs" liksV dexterous artifice to
i a bushel of sense in the follow
the Augusta Chronicle : If the
; Southern people will teed themselves to
: .4 - -i - - - -
agrcatuegree, manufacture much of their
necessary fertilizer,establish small as well
as great indnstries and avoid specula
tion for the benefit of New York brokers
aud 'mUIionanes they will, in a brief
i t M m m m .
period, uecome iue ncnest coinmuuitv.
........j veiiiirowai Of tliu court
DRAUGHT" - the best liver meoicine in martial' sentence of dlsirra i liu U,er Pt " all thoj world. Nature has
IhTwcrlu.''" J" .s i - mieaarH,rt,rtu.r i i . ,. given the bouth every condition of wealth
. z- .- v... ...uui ...i... iiiM.iviii. r.. -rifeA. . . .. .a .
.vt ineo. r. iviuttz s color line Z.W; i ,M-r r V I ' i
I Ir"?'1 ,ue. XiriBiorJ American. lien. 1 Ii.ivr 1mmii itniinnilorft
' . . . s i ' . 1 .A .T.
time the steam is thrown up through the perforated pipes! underneath from the bottwa
of the tank. There are wooden strips between the pipes so as to protect them and fona
ouhiviu uouuin in mc uhk. . r-i ) il ; 1
The process is simple : any one can operate the machine.! First, poap the cloths M
distribute them evenly about four or five inches thick in the tank. Turn dh enough wa
ter to cover them turn on steam, and mover the Holer lirV And forth until Ithe wUf
is colored. Turn the valve and let the water pass off. Add fresh water, and repeat tbi
three nr f I m ra on1 iah !nd K ii ..i.i;..ij.Lj . .l. .lioltt.
est injury, for there is no rubbin-r nrocess emrjlovod. the Rnler h.ivinr rounded edtret
R"PTinT AL fnr COTTON" I as to prevent any wear or cuttincr. A lace handkerchief can h washed as well as sbtJ f
ri""w his jHaciune is. in operation at Meroney & Bros, Machine Shop, wnere tn
We would inform our friend and custom- r" ""aiaciurca ai as smai a cost as possible. Any one Jiaving a steam boner i ,
. t - . v a m - 9Mtm j uv0 u r oiiiaii v.i.rab uuu nis.ii naLiniaLUi v m bo
ers we uave again arrangeu 10 supply inem i nersitn ran An ho -v- . . . y r - . v . -
, . ; I Persan can tney work ot ten wash-women in one day and do the work better.
fa-It is a splendid thing for boiling grain and vegetables for stock.
BSirit is also a good wool-washer. - v
SSPState and County rights for sale by the Iuventor.
ho colored voters. News & Observer.
The Ohio spring electious took place
ou yesterday.- The result will be regard
ed with i particular interest because.
t - ,
whUe the Republicans have again wooed
uio temperance people tuey nave driven
on iue liquor men. vviiat is known as
more, sampled at Shelby, N. C, contains
Water 13.68, available phosphoric acid 10.8a,
ammonia 1.91, potash 0.96 per cent. . Com
mercial -value per ton (2,000 pounds) $38.07.
Chakles W. Dabnet, Jb.,
A lP:tf j
-I- ! i ' t :
i .
tlie Poud bill, by which tlie liquor deal- at once.
We shall be pleased to have your orders in every toWn in the State
UHLIOBUni) ! Uif
For the Sale of Engines and Boilers of all
stiles NEW and SECOND HAND. Also-
Saw Mills and Machinery generally. il .
18tf "Mention where you sawHhis notice.
ers ttlergTcatIy aggrieved, was passed by
the' Republicans, aud this lias had the
effeci of forcing all of that class of active
politlciaus over to the Democratic side.
Tlie election has, therefore, been ou a dif
ferent basis from the last, and we may an
ticipute that the news, will be very much
against the Republican party. This will
help us iu the fall elections when Con
"re&siuciinrn tn bo. p.Iiasumi - mul trl.nna We have made arrangements to sell the
f; ii fi. K,wi .a... A:- cL following high grade Fertilizer for Cotton
1 .... .. aU 0f.wnicn ive been . thoroughly tested
may not net the gain of Republican mem- and given as good satisfaction as any in
uersiexpecteu. tne market:
r&U110 J S0L01LS
the. picnic
V : . : 1 I
ClrlC! 'GUANOir
GD110 COSPffl
Macon Trlegrapl The ruin of Blaine,
the hangiug of Guitean and the partlon
ing of Mason ,are the. living issues between
the stalwarts and Imlfbrecds. Another
legislature (Illinois), has passed resolu-
PliOW BRAND, . .
some of which we have bought and lean
make our own prices. fci7 Be sure to call
land than tlio 'T i nirin" - Vnr ).. I. u i Pniron nd
- a . , m. v. &uv aai cijkictru v fa is il uiis utxu sum. m
1 joining cpunties. It is ofiered you again tliis year at same prices' asked for the mef
I grades. $ . - - .. . ; j .;.;! !
x -j vmv uv y vj , ,
tionS dtsinaudiiiff Miimiu wl., j . ,ik zL-: , r. - . I . Is of tne lushest srrade and for COMPflSTTNft it h,e.nn Snnorinr and iin cse
m - - , iu iuau sev- us, uuu iicai vui putts ueiore J()u, . 1 tn" ... n0rtar
it now turn out that when Mason is buy, as you cannot do better with any one. nav.e not enonSh.rao for making up compost heap, it can be done in the drill anw he.amuses himlf by beating . "RP.PWTT A PTIT TVR fV.Q S 8Und llcl redoinm Intingtimo. ; I
Retty aud the baby.w Charlotte Ob.
Office front room over CrawtbrdV llard,ware.J :
-v. K

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