North Carolina Newspapers

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The Caroliija Watchman,
'ji PRICE, $1.50IN ADVANCE. f.J tr
Thtfcrrible iconr? fevir and arae, nra
Its eonftn:
lection f
ihe fetoiniM:ta,.livrr aiil boreU
PS;VI, :V.1 M,,-Cnud by thereof
nuasmaiic air mm
gSTeUxirf indorsed by ph.c,H, and , ;
ii v nw! mi a rrrat'dv for the
eclZs pi dj'sordfra, as well M for many
ffiSbf any of the ape. . " - , -V
FoViald by all Pmjrpista aud Dealera
20: J
J. Rhodes BttofrXE, rress't. Wa. C. CO ART, SeCy
A Home C omp any, Seeking
Solas Patronage.
Stroll, e
Tcrrti jKiliJics written on DwoUirigs.
PrcmliiiisLaYahlc One-Uuli cash aiul bal.:
ancc in tvil
c months. -
21.-5u i
Salixbury, i. C-
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in . wiiuat5 ana urave-olOlleS cz
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jL ' 'j; " ; Etsry Description. . -
- I cordiallyluvite the pablic generally
i to an inspeetij).! of Uiy, Stock aiul AVork?
. u JtlStlhcaJi) JlSSel tllirr ths.f. mv ' naf
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E efl7ce .uijjler first-class woikmeu iu
Tlt'ir tl'.. a - f
ilat the woi kni.-niAliiii i ..r
the best
11 II . . A.
mat mj-.worklis sniwrior to all other. 1
elm i lih: a-iiii urn i hj
ni reasonably will uot exaggerate io or
, - er to accomiil isb a sjtle. M y eiidpuvdr is
o pieae ami give each enstojuer the val
ue of every dallar they leave with we. t
PRICES 35 to 50 Per Cent CHEAPZ&J
than ever offered in this town before.
hu at.once qf send fojr price list and de-
8g8. Satisfacion guaraut'd or no charge.
J respect whifch we pay
f departed frieuds. ;
to the memory
salbary c., Nov. 1, 1831.- '
Gentleman who suffered forbears from female Angbra goat that hasgivea'four quarts -aowatbo mer to-onr old home in Cas
wyuus DimuTV, Pbematdre Decay, " of milk dairy ' the season through. df ' as ' ell couuty, 7 miles froin Danville. , The
0J til the eftft& yf youthftrl
' "e 8akv of gflvring liuma
.. I. "ft"' w-avij xmj WlllbU. no was Uli J-
taat$ aairiiltlaa faattl A! I k awl.. ,mi r
f -:Hiiri ej-5 ! or sixt goats will subsist laxurisntly tobacco, which the ; oldest fanners say
! Perfeei ill.f .LecMT,1 waiiu wi.i.r! ianri now i will rnn1v ftad anfRriinf thfT have never seefi enualedi ' Wo no-
m . . v a . w 4J 'VJ mJ a a - , i ' . a ,.- 7 - W - -
y e ci
congratulate the'ocoDle of NorHfcari
olina on the era of peace,prosperitv andgoo6T
fe" v"umjnun,n tins UCCUUU. LHTUUIt KIDCc
tieincominyof a Deniocmttcfltetfdinini
t rat ion; upon the pure and Ini partial admin
istration of justice and the honefct enforce
ment of the latre : upon the bfficiencv of our
I common school system and; irreat advance
made in edacatf6n7ad WefleifeilLrcittf
l,,u 'tmtm uuu truierpnsc mamiesica iu eTJ
ery part of the State, and We pledge our
selves to exerf al efforts jtoM advance the
material interests of all sections of the State
in the future as vvc have done, in the past,
And j we challenge a comparison between a
Dctnpcratic administ ration of our State af
fairs and thejcrimes, outrages and scandals
that accompanied Republican misrule.' Af
firming our adherence to Democratic prin
ciple as defined in the platform adopted
by the National Democratic -Convention
held at Cincinnati, in J88Wf: T-s- -i
'7ft5ptfr?d!i;'l,hat?we tegard CTree" ancf - fair I
expression of the public wilt ;at the ballot
box .as the tjnly sure1' means ?of preserving
bar free American institution?: and we de-
nounce the'Hepublicanparty and theinter-
ierence oi its tederal omcials fonheir gross
rrauas upon the elective lranthise, whereby
whole districts. States, and the Union have
been deprived of.t heir just political rights;
and we eliev"e the corrupt ahi fcorruptinjr
ujcui icucmi puiiuune,- udu ' OI -puUltC
money drawn by taxation from the people
in influencing and controlling elections, to
be dangerous to the liberties of the State
and the Uniori I
If EewhcdyTliht we are in farorojfh'en.;
tire abolition of the internal revenue sys
tem, with its attendant corruptions, and
thatvc denounce the present! tariff laws as
grossly unequal, unjust and I vicious. We
favor puch u revision of .the jlariff - as will
produce a revenue sufficient for ttVeconorn
ical support of the governmeiit, with such
incidental protection as will ivc to domes
tic mauufacrures a lair , competition., with
those iof foreign production. Thatthere
should be an immediate repeal of all laws
imposing a direct tax for th support
the government of thesUnited States, but if
it should -prove impracticable to abolish
the internal revenue system with all its at
tending demoralization, fraud and corrui:
tion, then "we urge upon our Senators and
Representatives in Congress the impprtance
oi so amending me Law tnat tne revenue
officers whonoi? received jn salaries in North
Carolina alone more than $o 00,000 shall be
elected by the people of the (localities to
which; they are assigned. . r 4 ! !
Heaaleedi That the course of the Demo
cratic party since its accession- to power in
North Carolina in furtherance of popular
education is a sufficient guarahty that we
earnestly favor the education of all classes
ot our people; ana that we will advocate any
legislation looking'to an inc rease of the fund
tor that purpose that will nojt materially
increase the present burdens of our people.
Jlesohed, That the question! of prohibi
uon is; not now, ana never has been, a par
ty question in North' Caroling, and never
been endorsed by the Deiiimiiu- , party,
and the people of the State at the general
election, in the year 1881, hiving by an
overwhelming majority-voted against prt
hibition, and the Supreme .Court having
decided that the prohibition act is not and
never has been law, we regaid the matter
as nnany settiea, ana anv mterops to re
new, the agitation is merely a. weaki effort
of designing persons to divert Ihe minds of
the people from the dangerous principles
and corupt practices of J.he IJepublican
party, h y - ' f-ji r f
Heoled That while we are;not wedded
to any particular form of rl county, govern-
ment, we recognize the fact that' a large
part ofjthe- taxes of the State ore paid for
the common benefit by the white people of
our eastern counties, and that vve consider
it the bpunden duty of the white men of
the State to protect these people from the
oppressive domination of ignorant blacks,
and pledge ourselves to such legislature as
will secure this end. i.
Aud whereas it is seriously suggested
that vigorous effort will soon (be made. to
compel the State by judicial proceedings.
to pay the trauuulent and unlawlul special
tax bonds, amounting to $22,000,000, issued
under legislation passed by tlj Republican
Legislature. 1868 and 18G9; therefore
liesolud, further, That the j Democratic
party will resist rrsuch recoyjfy and the
payment of such bonds by j every lawful
means. - : ; - V-
The above resolutionswcreTi'ad seriatim.
and on motion were adopted ai a whole as
the platform of the Democratic party, of
North Carolina. i.-Vr ;h- ;
On motion of Mr. Purman,tlfe following
resolution was adopted : i I
Resolved, That the present faithful and
efficient gtate Executive Committee of the
Democratic party,1 with Col-! Oct. Coke as
chairman, be and is hereby1 continued as
the executive, committed of ! the party,
thanking them for the untiririg seal and
triumphant results of their past services.
lion. A. S. Merrimon being called on, de
livered an address of marked ability the
synopsis of which we regret we cannot print
in this issue. .
On his conclusion Mr. Paul B. Means
moved that the thanks of the; ctMiventiou
be tendered toJJudge MerrimorJ a rising
vote for his able, masterly, eloquent and
instructive address. Which motion being
carried, all the members of the convention
rose to their feet with a shout of applause
a Compliment as handsome as it was deserv
ed v J ' : ' ! ! i - -
J. W. Reid, of Rockinghani leing called
on, made some handsome and eloquent remarks.-.Remarks
were also niade by Hon.
Josl J. Davis,' Capt. Swift Galloway,' of
Greene ; Capt. C M. Cooke; of Franklin
Andrew, Joyner, of Pitt; P.'G.j Skinner, of
Perquimans; J. M. Gudger, of Yancey, and
WJFostef French, of Robesbo 'aiodi aftW
the conclusion of hU speech, Jlrl RJ Mi Furi
man moved to adjourn. . j
There is ,a Chinaman in San Francisco
with red hair, llis countrymen treat him
with superstitious respect. At the table he
has' the best of everything, anct at all cere
monials he takes precedence. ;f ( 3 ,
Despair land postponement are cowardice
and defeatr t Men arc lrn to succeed, not
to fail. j . . . i i
: A" Mr. , Watt of SouthCarbina, a4 a
his farm, of which he has several. An An-
joat!wilt thrive -where: a coW-vrill
rinr , -. ; .. i ; '' tice that all of tlie tobacco barns were vour life. If vou think the good claims are cheese and Indian corn.
i ? M i A-i. Uiiif ing! 80 jj I
: ..Mr. Editor rVillvytmirpcrmit an old
farrar,-throush the columns of-your aT L
per, to attempt Nague desciiptionWat
trip recently made,,' together with what
heaw andlieanl whilst ou tliewing, nud
by way of a -teg leave to say
Want them
vi w iw us wiia a cruic a eye, r .
But pass all our imperfections by." 1 "'v
, We left home on the. 9th of, Angust to
attend a a delegate the, Salisbnty Dis
trict Conference, Jield iu Lexington, N. C.
Wef apent the night j with Capt. R. R.
Pravfojrd!and his ; kind ifcimilyi bearded
the CtoV:lpicjrainr next j inoruing,- and
found ourself at the depot in Lexington
by breakfast tiine.1 Bro. Thoinpson, the
preacher, in charge and many of the
brethren "met and conveyed ua to, our
home which had; beenr assigned to us for,
theeession ? It'w'as our good fortaue to!
be assigned,. tof, Mr. Noe, aiuercliaut of
uuu, HID ., U Clll lSllilU
gentleman of the highest order j aud with
him and his cultivated christiau fainily
we siHjntJourdaya of pleasure that will
long be i remembered byJ I should our
days be lengthened. We had for our
room mates delegate Jeseph Eagle, of
Rowan, and Revs. Smith aud Cole, of Con
cord . ; j ' : L.
The conference was opcucd by Rev. W.
S. Black, Presiding Eldei C. G. Mont
gomery aud Dr. Wilboi n j were t elected
Secretaries. The district w:ur'vell I rep
resented by both clerical and lay dele
gates. The report 8 from the different
charges jhow that Methodism is hirgely
on the increase, " notwithstanding the
prophecy of the nnlis i that prohibition
would nun the Chnrch After a Imrmo
nious sessiou of threedays flle coulerence
adjourmdr'tho' nextmeetingMo "be at
Farmihgton, Davie county. The services
on Sabbath commenced with a love feast,
at 9 o'clock a. in., conducted by Revs. J.
W. Lewis aud Z. Rush. lThe hearts of all
present were made glad by tho presence
and cheering words of the two old vete
rans of the Cross, Unclei Bell and Over-
man, of Salisbury. The Methodist pnlpit
was tilled at 11 o'clock by Dr. tJoues, Pres
ident of Greensboro Female College, and
his sermon was pronounced by those who
have a chauco to know, to have been one
Uf the finest his life. A Sunday
School mass meeting at 4 o'clock- ad
dressed by R. R. Crawford, C. G. Mont
gomery and Rev. W C Wilsou. Preach
ing at night by Rev, Gattis.
For the proceedings of j tho conference
see secretary's report in the Raleigh Chrin
tian Advocate.
Monday morning . we were astir bright
aud early to hike the eastern truiu for
Danville, Va., to visit tho home of our
childhood, in Caswell comity. Before
Leaving. -Lexington we saw our kind
hostess inspecting aud feeding her poul
try, and notwithstanding conference was
over and.thttpreiichers and laypiep verv
either gone or prepariug j to go, tho old
rooster aud tho larger spring chickens
seemed to stand at a respectful distance
and looked kiuder shy as if to nay, we
don't exactly'kuow whether the danger is
all over yet or not. We cauuot icfrain
from saying something more about some
of the people we met hcre.f We had the
pleasure of visiting at hi- eleirantSresi-
denceur wd ifrieudatidlhoi mate,
Marshall Pinuix. Marsh is now a suc
cessful, entetlisiugllawyer, ? tut?)uiided
with all of the comforts of life that heart
could wish for j aud never didii kiuder
heart beat beneath the jacket of a fun-loving
boy than Marsh had. We also spent a.
pleasitut evening with B B Robbert, for
merly of Salisbury j and Mrs. Margrave,
formerly of Mocks ville. Time and space
will not permit me to say what we would
wish about these cultivated christian
families j so we bid our friends adieu,
seize our carpet sack aud hurry off to the
depot, aud in a short time we are whirl
ing along at a breakneck speed for our
old home. The finest fields of corn could
be seen everywhere along the railroad;
After leaving Greensboro, fields of tobac
co began to show themselves, increasing
iu n umber and size us we ueared Danville.
The whistle blow, the train stopped and
the conductor put his head in at the door
and shouted, Danville. Carpet sack iu
hand we stepped out.aeais Jiad passed
since we saw the place and we could
scarcely realize that we stood in Danville.
Tlie small dirty toVn that we once knew
is now a populous city, with scores of
huge tobacco factories now giving em
ployment to hundreds and perhaps thou
sands of hands. Several large factories
are iu course of erection along the stupen
dous "water-power of the Dan for the uian
nfactre of cotton , lyoolen . goods, nmchin
ery and other, things., Everything was
new to us except tlie smooth, clear waters
of the Dan which stilt: roll on in its same
old majestic grandeur, singiug the same
requiem it did thirty years ago when we
learned tq swim upon its bosom aud play
ed upon its suuny bauks. .. 1
offered- us conveyance, and we started
whole of the -river , bottoms seemed to
groan beneath the. heavy fields of corn,
find the liijfo'witli heavy leafy crops of
to those who may .chance to read it, that
(fiupplied witpattpn? ajiefit Iron appari
tus for curing, J-Tlie old laborious .and
I unhealthy method of burning coal" U en-T
tt - I . . mm- m '. .. a.-.-1 I
Urel r aboUsJiea.; u un oeavy ijears ye x
approached the homestead only bne aged; I
and helpless nncle remains out of a largo
aud happy family that surronnded the
fireside when we were a boy. One by one
they have passed over the river, and soon
he aud I will go too.
AVednesday. we set out for Milton, 1 4
miles still further: down r the' river, over
one of the roughest roads, wo, ever saw.
The people of Caswell cointy vorship'at
the shrine of tobacco, and care but little
about roads or anything else. Don't think
it had' been' worked since the war aud
each plantation ive passed through seem
ed vie with the' others iu - the' unmber of
unwieldy gates across tberoad.Ir'XTter
several hours orHiard traveling we came
in sight of ancient Miltou. Twenty-five
years have passed since ' we last saw the
'place, but ft 'stilt looketl familiar. 'Tlie
same old dilapidated houses are still
standing, aud Dr. Stamp's brg,whitegate
which we used to gaze at withso much
wonder is still -there. The ouly chauge
we noticed was the Narrow - Gauge Rail
road, and a few more grog shops aud
loungers around theui than them used to
Our first call in Milton was to see uncle
Charlie Evans, of the Chronicle. We found
this noble old printer by himself seated
at a desk handling type as Tumble as a boy.
He said his journeyman Was out on a" drunk
and he had all of the work to do. Uncle
Charley is t3 jears old. He voounenc d
publishing the Chronicle nearly 50 years
ago with 23 subscribers a whig paper
when CaswcU county voted 10 Den.ojrats
to one Whig. During the long period of
years he has stood faithfully at his post,
and the Chronicle has never gave an uncer
tain sound, ' He related several rich anec
dotes that occurred with him since the
war ; and requested me to say to you that
he was not tdo old yet to go to shows.
Alter seeing all we could, we prepared to
leave Milton about daylight Saturday
morning went to the Depot and found
the ; train waiting. This road is very ac
commodating: will wait awhile on a fellow
if ' he sleens late. The engine carries itaJ
water tank on its back, and reminded me
in looks, of a mud turtle, (and also after
we had started) somewhat in its gait.
But after all narrow guage roads is bet
ter than no Railroads. Arriving at Suther
lin we boarded the western train on the
R. & D. Rail Road-for Salisbury. At
Greensboro we met up wilh Mr. Oliver
Dock ery, Ike Young and other notables
bound for Western N. C. to teach us poor
ignorant creatures the blessings of Liberal
Radicalism. The run from Danville to
Salisbury was .made in company with Col.
Garrett, Col. of the 11th South . Carolina
Regiment,, now a successful Lawyer in his
own State.' At Salisbury we found our boy
with a buggy waiting, and in a few hours
we were safe at home with the old woman,
and the babies,wbere we have quietly retired
to the shades of prevate life, fully believing
if we have not done what Capt. Cooke
did, go round the world, we have at least
bera part of the Way, lJ At'
Yours truly,
Clod Kxocxer.
Tho Matrimouial Miuc.
The other night old Blinkus, seeing his
son getting ready to go to a ball, proceeded
to give him some wholesome advice on
"Tom, my boy," he said, filling us his
pipe, UI see yoa are getting fancy togs pa
for a ball. Now I don't object to balls, or
any other kind of amusement, but I want
to give you a little advice, Tom. Look out
for the women you meet there. A man who
gofisoui4tsitc.,wi.oancn is a gggi deal
like a prospector hunting for a mine. You
see a woman-at a ball, and she's air frizzled
up aud rigged out ip silk, and powdered
aud paTnedrfeerve!ier skin shojvsltself.
These "aifacecroppings look pretty well,
but if , you locate on the strength of 'em
you'll be fooled every tinier A woman of that
kind is just like a salted mine. Don't you
take any stock in her. She won't wash. If
you want to prospect such a location a lit
tle further, slide up and take an assay ef
her conversation , Ah, my boy 1 Three per
cent, of intelligence, twenty-five of fashion
able etiquette and vanity, mixed up in
about equal parts. Drop her right awayi
Such rock won't pay to mill. If jou got a
pateut for the claim you'd never see a
dividend come out of it as long as you
lived. The assessments to keep the upper
works in repair and the lower levels from
caving in would Irnd you in the poor-house
on a lightning express, and tome morning
you'd wake jipjo find jour claim, relocated
by somebody else.
The old man shook the ashes out of Lis
pipe and continued : . ,
"Sometimes you'll strike a plain giil in a
common sort of dress. She won' bet good
looking maybe, atd - wont have any airs.
The surface indications won't sliow mucb,but
be fore you've prospected Jpugypu'reHkely to
Come tosome good indications that will pay to
foltbprlticnstrln'gers of conversational
quartz ! and spurs of intelligence showing
up finely the ', 'deeper you go. Pretty 6pn
you'll strike a well defined vein of practical
sense.- That's the sort of a mine to freeze
to, : Locate it as soon as possible, and get
out your "patent 'papers, and you'll have a
regular bonanza to back on for the rest of ,
The Onlv Rea v teBT'G-Hnwn-"
it fflw illi
nee. Mi.b:iiu-uia
Do not be lcdstray by the DECEPTION practiced by. SMALL SHOWS, who my endeavor tia.pcieon you.
twiitr time tvts-U-u a.i tin; coming of the Bl Show. 1
T,,,r Mit of Rrrnf llionlhv
T l..n,Lnmpt Wnmen f
ia t !L.r..ri....t.;n Atl.lnt'c
Animals 10 Female HurdlRiders. Six Great Bands. 14 Trained Kentucky Thoroughbred Horses
Steam Locomotive BandJ 1,000 Men, Women, Children, and Horses with the Bi:; Show. Troupe of Gymnasts,
It is worth more to see the
other Show in America.
You may
A Trkt to tha Great Shows costs but tliasama small price paid
all taken up, you are badly fooled. This
town's full of 'em. I'm an old prospector
and Pve'travelcd
around a great deal. It
mv time wasn't taken up with my
. , - m .
mine, I know where tliete are lots ot prime
locations only waiting for some practical
miner to-come along and develop. '' A w o
man's heart, Tom, is a mighty curious Ining.
Take it in all it's spurs, angles, ramifica
tions and sinuosities, and it's more of a
puzzle and a mystery than the wuo:e -
stock lode. Some fellows try to work it,
and by pure luck strike it rich right off, in
places where old experienced miners never
.'loosed there was anything. Uinttin the
title to the property aint the onlyMhing;
its keeping up the proper developments,
and seeing that jumpers
don't Kt- in an(i
encroach upon your claim. Some of these
domestic mines require an awful , lot of
money for machinery and some of m can
bet run on about rbthing, Wfieneyer you
get one of 'em and find you can't run it to
advantage the best thing to do is to throw
up your job as superintendent and shut
down the works." Virginia City Chronicle.
Lemon Tubes. It is surprising that
more persons do not grow these in pots and
tubs'asroom ornaments. A comparatively
young lemon will grow from twenty-five
to fifty lemons a year, and usually they are
much better than those we buy. Wc saw
a test recently, where one was taken from a
tree yielded double the quantity of juice to j
a first-class store fruit. Gardener a Monthly.
In Spain it is the custom of everyone
who cats a fruit to dig a little hole and
plant the seed, and the roads in that coun
try are lined with trees, the fruits of which
are free to all. Some one says: '-The man
has not lived in vain who plants a good
tree in the right place."
Carrying Religion Into Business. There
are two wajs of carrying your religion into
your i business.; Talking , religion .to the
people you meet in your business hours is
oneway; dealing fairly, meeting all obli
gations promptly, treating those in youi;
employment with kindness and courtesy is
anoier. Some Christians may do good by
the first method ; ho Christian can dr good
who neglects the second. " :
,; 'A1 celebrated English physician, says a
pint of milk is equivalent in nutritive pow
er -to an ordinary mutton chop, and as a
pint of milk will yield only an ounce of
cheese wet mtist have ia the latter a theap
and highly concentrated, food. The Eng
lish eat double the cheese in proportion to
the population that is consumed by Ameri
cans: The Italians live to a great extent or;
eaiiy Km
: - . . -
. I . i. '. ,,i a JLil kj W ! -. -, 1IIIIIIH-
. SHOWS, -
Tho only Aggregation of
visit your vicim-cy m
SALiSBUilY Ufi 1 HUnSUAi ScPTcnlobn, 2 1ST.
The management of S. II. Barrett & Co's.. New United Monster Railroad Slujws will
donate $ 1000 to any chanty public or private, the Sheriff of the County may designate if 1
any other.shnw advertised "to appear in Salisbury arrives on its own Cars. Aill also
donate as above $1000 if S. II. Barrett &'CoV., Shows does not arrive on its on a
cial Trains.
cra.a vE3 " . iiv'.wuw., - -
200 Male and i- eni;V' Artists.
En-land and America. M.iuy Great Gol.len
in enntivitv. Great Jan.uiesj Ten
1 03 Trained Musicians." Drove of Dromedanesr 100 Caes of Rare Wildj
And countless First-time r eaiures twi numerous io
rGand Spectacular Free Street Pageant in the foie:ioon
not,' in a life-time, have unequal opportunity
" g
Branch of LUDD'.IJ DAT33.
, riJ !TTltianTmTlfiT llo.
j Preparing fcr Pall Trade.
; -n .n prm vrm PnttftTl pnTTl
; M llU rf 0. itl H Jl&J UiiUJii L'Jiiluu iJ.
000 PiailOS tllld 500 OrffailS.
j?"Under oir .Midsummer Sale, we oner
to sell (lurinif -'the months'ot' JUNE, JULY,
PIANOS and ORGANS, of every make,
style &, price, at our very lowest cash rates:
On Pianos $25 Cash, Balance Nov. 1, '82.
On Organs $25 Cash, Ealanoe Ihr. I, '82.
Without interest or any advance on price.
j-pjgyit balance can t be paid in the fall,
lonsren time will be given, w ith a reasonable
increase of price. All instruments of every
grade and price included in this sale. Tell
your musical friends of it. Write us for
Catalogues, Price Lists Circulars. This sale
closes Octolier 1st.. 1332. Early purchase
secures casu prices and easy terms,
Six (J5) years gurantce. Stool aud mstruo-
to. wllh -very
ways if no sa
Urgan. ivreignt pant 00111
sale. Test them in your own
homes. Address -
"Prof. Win. Baker is my only authorized
Tuner and Repairer. All work guaranted.
; Send orders to this House
33:3m II. McSMITIL -
Having become rather aged to do farm
work I have concluded to sell 'my planta
tion, stock, wheat; oats, hay, cattle, &c, at
Public Auction, "
The farm i3 eight miles' East of Salisbury,
on both sides of Crane Creek. Has nrt it a
Corn Mill, and Cotton Gin and Piess.ndl
new, and in good ordc-r. There arc about
150 acres of land, a ;oo l deal of it excel
lent bottom, and a jjood meadow.- There
i is a good peaoh and apple orchard, a good
dwelliug house and superior Utru Air thu
buillinus arein good order. Will also sell
Imusehold aud kitchen furniture, '&.
Trma of 'sale r For personal property,
caslu For the land, one-half cash, and the
h other half oa a credit of twelve months
with interest. Geo. II. Pzeixu.
' Aug. 11, -1811 --It'
7 mil 1UI Liv.
Great Exhibitions that
1004.-- w iu xisuoic mnf
-k ...
li will pay. you
- - -
iieni oi jvssianc ami rnuia iicpnants
Chariots. Xerxes (ireat Indian;
Gr.-at Clowns. -20 Bareback Hideri
nie:iiion neiu.
than it is to s:e the
of any
- of witnessing a procession so varied
the ordinary teat. shows.
i 5
'U. .
OF .
Chartered under the Laws of North
J. D. MiNEEI.Y,... ::?.. 7ff.r President.
w. T. J.I vn. .. Vlce-Pres't and Cienl Maaag-er.
Til EO. i KH li A U.M . .. Secretary.
J. SAM I EL Mi-CUBBINS, .Treasurer.
Dr. J')!1N whitehead".... M edleal I Jinsetor.
Hon. J. S. HENDERSON, Legal AaMser.
Refer to the Bank find business men of
Salisbury. Reliable and energetic tr ivcl
m ig.tnts wanted everywhere. ; t
You. plans, terms to agents, blanks, arid
nnv intormation wiiatcvcr, auuressinie
Secretary. . -ii
J. ALLEN BROWN, Local Agcut, Salii-
btiry, N. C. - j (
Raleigh News & Observer and Wiluiing
ton Siar, copy for one month and' scud
bill to thie Office.
Tl&ACLTXA.t ATAlXoktU Umld,pUm.
41:2111 .
Theo. iuerbaum
' ! ' '
- 43:11. , , -
i i
The exercises oP this Institutronwilt
open ou the 11th day of September under
the direction of Miss J&r A; GlLMKK,
Principal; and Miss. Jkxxie A. CauA
well, Aait Jlllt. ' '
Tkums For the Engliah Classes, $2j00
per month. For pupils studying Latin
oi French, $3. Coiiriugeut fee $1 ier
sesstoil. " . . T .
For admission apply to S. II. Wiley, at
the Bank : or iu his absence to Mr. 0. D.
4 1:1 ni J
Ch'm School Ccmi
W V :,
EJfOlXKS im tkt wrU. For Pampbieu and Prica ,
.:!. ! fi . f T I: - " ' O O ' . . , : - i : . - . ; . . . , 9 . 7 L -r - - . ; . - -I - . m - j . : . .
r.i - S, ' - .f- : ' ".:-:-: M"! : -V-;- ' ' - - , " " . . i I - 1 - . .. ' '- -I ' - ' .- -
. .k - . - -. . . ...... . i -. : , 4 . - ; ... . . .

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