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SALISBUEy. II. ,C, OCTOBER .r), 1882.
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The CarplinaWatchman, !
i to
Thetroe Miiidotc to the effects bf miasma
U Hostettetis Stomach liitters. This meU
irine U oneidf the most opulyf remedies of
.a of idecesaful proprieUry pecittc,
n? is in anmense flemand wherever oa
this Contiifint fever and age exists. A
wiheelassfat three times a day is the. best
powihle iliepariitive for fiicounterinK
malarious atmobimere, i-rf;u';n-6
- v..r asklolbv ull DriitfsrUti and Dealers
w JL f geiii-ruijy.
29; ly.
I i. : .
; j.UHoiEsCROvjE,Prest. VM.C.clt)AliT,Sec'y.
AHomq C oinp any, Seeking
Home Patronage.
fiSt,- ReliaMs, Litel!
Term noli
if b Written on Dwellings,
livable One-half casli and bal
inontli9. .
x Premiums
ancc in tsvel
21. Cm
600 .A$ res OF LAXP 'for Sale,
near.Mt. "yeron Rowan County. If rot
soldb; tliej-t.h of-Octolier, it will le'or
rent. Aiivloi wantiinsr to buy' rood land
I woqld hI tluni o p sto this land.
I would refer to Sheriff C. C. Kfiper and J.
8. McCubUnsl of Salisbury, N. C.
47:5t j Statesville, N. C.
ERlicfus YOUTH.
A OKNTiE!iAN wlici 8uflered for years from
Neryofs IteBiu'rjY, Premati;he Decay,
and all thepflct8 of y)uthliil indifcrttion, will
for themkl of8ufleriiig hiinianitjr.peiid free to
all who ned t ths recipe and idirection for
making : ihfe niiii pie remedy by whiclfche wax
acred. SulTer wislin to profit ly the ad
yertiner elpelteqce can do so bv uddreningin
perfect coi iidfhce. JOHN B. OGDEN,
. 2(hjy k. I . Cedar St New Yo rk
Marble Monuments! ancLGraye-Stones of
..Every Description. .... .
I cordially Invite the public generally
to an iiispctmn bf iny Stock and Work.
I feel jnstifieil in asserting that mv past
cxperienccj nHder first-jL-lass workmen in
nil the nevet and modern styles, and
that i the Ayprkftnaushjip is equal to any of
t re best w tie country 1 do-not sav
that 111$ wiik is superior to all others. 1
ani reasoublfe, will Juot exaggerate iu or
der to aeeitt jflish a iale. M y endeavor is
to please' :(mt;ivc each enstonier the val
ue of cyer- dollar tljey leave with me.
PRICB3 35 lo 50 ?er Cent CHEAPEN
.than evr ctren d u this town before.
Call "-at one &v seiid for price (list and de
signs. Satisfaction guaraut'd or no charge.
'l ife ei-eetfdu of marble is the last work
of respect fwhach we pay to tjie nienioiy
uf departtU fiends. !
Salibbuifyv C Nov. 1S81. i
The aijvertsehaying been permanently cure
i" 'fthat d reap disease, Conumptioh,-by asimp'e
" remedjy,ia anxious to make kn!wn to his fellow
; 8uflerer8thte faiiansof cure. ' o all 'who dwire
f (6, he will sent! a copy of the preccripdon used,
b 'free of chrgef),wiih the directions for prepar-
"g anu usjng jne same, winch they will and a
8.e CURK foChrnus: (ir.Tis.fVKiTf prtnv
Phmv. HitoirHiTis .to? i
I. . 3 k J ( '
artua Wishing the Prencrinlion, wjll please
ulrlimnhrs8, N. Y. 'J0:ly
8TOMCH J (p.
HEM' S 1 ?'ri.3;'4
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Th Presideut of a Faction
Arthur a Failures
Arthnr h.i ln Pr.!,W i:tu
thau oujer, aud in that time he has
pucceeil in! doiitff mnch harm.! He has t
bone sjstetnaticallv to work tot debauch
the fwilth as jfar as in him lies. IHe tried
first hi hand on Viririuia. aiAl we nil
know (the result, lie h
is now endeavoriui; ,
carKui t Aortb 'Carolina . ahd other
la. -i
outlijsrii States by eqhallj dlpatable
uietiiodH. J He has so conducted himself
tovrai l bwri party' tliatM i"enfe 1 in
tnaiuin two wf moro Kutes.1 Da fdlind
iiiuieei ia; oVtQber,,, 18d2f peitfaecbe
President bf a party 110V of the coun
try, but of the meanest, most! corrupt,
most dangerous fact iou now 'known to
American history. The best men in the
Republican party are either at war with
him or are regarding him with but HttleH
favor. -He has Grant, Uonkling, Came
ronradjf, Dorsey, 'the old Giant set"
and the dependent office-holders to back
him. The pnrest and most useful ele
ments are hostile or iudifferenti This is
what Arthur has accomplished ; during a
little more than one year of official life.
I We must not overlook another impor
tant fucloif in making Arthur distasteful
to t lie best men in his party. For a
twelvemonth he has been steadily engag
ed in turning out Republicans to make
loom for "either the "3067 bi ass medal
fellows, wjbp wanted Giant and the Em
pire, third! term aud all in 1880, or for
some of tlieir henchmen. No In an who
wanted Grant, iu view of his f detestable
civil record! and the traditions of the
country as to a third term, to be again at
the head of the Government, dught ever
to be trusted by the 'people. Whenever
you know, there is a man in the commu
nity that was for a third term for "the
in a iron horseback,1' spot him, for he will
never do to trust in matters ; connected
with the liberties-oX the jieople and the
government of the country.
It is the factTthat Arthur is the Presi
dent of a faction. His views are narrow
and his patriotism iu keep with the char
acter of the set he bosses. After the un
timely aud damnable taking oft' of Presi
dent Garfield and Arthur had drawn the
"highest pi ize iu the lottery of assasina
tion," to quote the saving of -Stalwart
Edmunds he had it in his power to have
made himself acceptable to the whole
country, unless we except the ";J06." Hot
he preferred to pleasu. Gratify Conkling,
Cameron and Logan, and to be the Pres
ident of a mere faction rather than to be
the honored and revered and trusted
Chief Executive of a great Confederation
numbering more than fifty million people.
He lias chosen evil companions and he
must abide the consequences. The Amer
can people have no confidence in Chester
A. Arthur. He is simply a smart politi
lician of the New York type. That is
enough j
Iu one. year Arthur has disgusted his
own partj-; has alienated its best ele
ments; has debauched most thoroughly
the civil service by appointing to office
men of the lowest stamp ; has dishonored
Iris party and the true sentiment of the
country by Upholdiug and advancing re
pudiation ; has given countenance to the
most corrupt system of blackmailing; has
8!iown a n illinguess to abuse the powers
of the Federal Government for mean par
tisan -purposes, aud has antagonized the
duties and powers of the Supremo Court.
He has shown himself a political shyster
elevated o a great office by accident and
without the proper qualifications to ena
ble him to avail himself of grand oppor
tunities, j He went iuto office by the
bullet of ja murderer ; he will go out of
office as a mere ignoble partisan, who
prostituted his great office to subserve
the low and selfish ends of aj dangerous
partisan. f"nnwep4y unhouoretl and un
sung." II'. Star.
Kailroad Ceiumission.
One of the measures to come before
the -next meeting of the Legislature
of North Carolina will be the pass
age of a bill, to regulate railroad
freight 1 rates, and passenger fares
througheut -the State, and the ap
pointment of a railroad commission
to enforce the law, through the courts
of the Stale, if need be. Action on
this question has been staved 6ft for
various xeasons, for several year, but
it cannot be longer postponed, because
the people demand it. Such a com-
mission has done good work in Geo
y uii v 111 vjyuvu Vrii iui ilia. cAiAvt n iii
niuch to do in North Carolina,
its rulings will be effective be-
cause the power of the people will be
behind it. Charlotte Observer.
The Boss was AT HilLsboro.-
Dr. J. JL Mott, the boss of the Repub
lican party in North Carol in, spent
several days iir Hillsborol the past
week looJsing alter the boys. He goes
rouud over the State aud says who
must run for the Jegislaturexand who
must not. It vasam using to see how
the little fellows, who waut to run
and getf the Republican vote, were
hanging around him. Those who run
in opposition to the Democratic ticket
will be Jjossed 'by Dr. Mottand don't
you lorgct it. lobacco vlant.
HIgU. llceLj; 3Icdically Considered.
Medical News. -
II- -. - , s. ; ,i;
il l e heel is made too small - ana top
'"S1 " displaced forward Its par
nwn-V--akes women unsteady ire, their
-'AlW ihe Chinese. -Their quilibri
um !s -"stable. Its height is still worse
It pnte the sole on an incliued plane, aji
i r110 nearer were consranHy.going aowi
a moauiaiu anu now iaugmng inat is
lei n oneway 4after if triHI ( t predis
poses to alls.' 'The foot sliding forward
on their upper sttrXac,It throws the
J eight on the.oea, doubles them up, pro!
dcing painful corns oa their upper sur
face. It throws the weight n the fore
foot instead of 'the heel. Onimus shows
by the graphical method, to which we
lately alluded, that this ' twists, the axis
of the footuCoEward'mnd often v.t produces
Painful contractures of the calf muscles,
the anterior tibials, and even the muscles
of the thigh due to extra work required
by the abnormal posture to maintain the
body iu equilibrium, and prevent it from
falling forward.- Especially is the pero
nens lougii8 muscle put on the strain by
these two defects. Let any one stand
bare-legged on one foot, and watch the
tendons of these muscles iu a looking
glass as his equilibrium is disturbed.
Every slight want of balance causes one
or another to spring into strong; relief,
showing their vigorous contraction. Imag
ine this goiug on all day in both feet, Aud
one can readily believe that walking and
especially running (well-nigh a lost are
among corset-bound aud Chinese shod
women) will be rarely indulged in except
wheu necessity admits of no excuse
Dr. Talmage drew a fearful pic
ture of the degradation of modern pol
itics, in his sermon last Sunday. He
likened it unto Gehenna, the place
from which the fires ascended unceas
ingly, but he said this Gehenna, witl
which we have to do, is not in the
suburbs as was the first, but in the
hearts of our towns and cities, f'lts
carcasses rot on the steps of the city
halls, and its fires sis aud simmer ami
crackle through the long night of po
litical corruption, and the minds and
souls of meu go down under its pest
iferous influence. The present degre
datiou of State and National politics
is appalling. As instances he poiut
ed out the drunken revels of the
York town celebration and the; dis
graceful orgies of the Garfield funeral
party. While the whole nation was
sick with sorrow, after the worst dis
aster that ever befell a countrv. there
were public men, who, at i public ex
pense, -guzzled aud swilled and stag
gered on the way to Cleveland, after
they got to Cleveland, and on then
way home from Cleveland. Cleveland,
lie said, never had so much drunk
en n ess and debauchery as on the night
before the burial, when the mayors
and common councils, Congressmen of
cities and States, were there waiting
for the obsequies. j
He looks for a great change i n the com
position of the great parties by 1884
The splits in the existing parlies give
warning of this. A new party or new
parties will be formed. There must
be and there will be more. of God in
politics. Something must be wrong,
he thinks, when it costs $200,000 to
hang one Presidential assassin. A
flight of parrots showed Columbus the
diraction of the land. We will come
to new and regenerate America by a
flight ot prayers.
I Outraged Republicans. The
long and the short of this thing is
that the 12,000 Republican voters of
this district have for many years fought
for honest money and the ' principles
of the Republican party were ycster-4
iay surrenuereti.sDiarastney couiu ue,
by the machine, to a man who received
ibout GOO votes ; for Congress two
years ago. Was there ever a greater
outrage perpetrated on a confiding
people? reenbacker! Just think of it!
Reflect on this honest, you brave Re
publicans of the Fifth District who
have for ten years manfully walked
to the ballot box, without hope of vic
tory, and deposited your vote i in op
position to the crazy doctrines and is
sues advocated by Winston The Re
pulicans who brought aboift this re
sult should be remembered by the
people. The effrontery off the men
Who thus seek to override all deceucy
in our conventions is byoiid expres
sion. They seem to be crazy. The
bosses 'declared that no Repblican
should be nominated in this district.
JLet them have their way, and allow
them tli e privilege of getting their
greenback, coalition-liberal-arti-pro-hibition
votes. Let them sail in.
North State.
j A company of Iowa capitalists with
three hundred thousand dollars capital
tire in Biriuington, Ala., for the purpose
of building another iron blast furnace.
This makes a total of three million dol
lars invested iu the manufacture of pig
iron in Birmingham district. ;
The sting of a bee is only one-thirty-second
of an ich long. It is
only. your imagination that makes it
seem as lung as a hoe handle.
JbYict. for i Farmer.
t -fj ..I
The Agricultural Experiment Station
at Hit. Stale Fair.
Cor. Newa-Observer. i ; - - '
The Station will at tempt to Improve
the occasion to impart; some instruc
tion which a large number of intelli
gent farmers in the State have been
seeking for iiic lime. t. Of late years
a iargc.JiuuitHT oi , lariuers jn ionn
Carolina have become scientific farm
ers. AH who use chemical manures
anitearlyvery eastern fanner
doesare ii.teresled in the teachings
oi agricuuunii cuciuistry. 11 is .111
ibis matter that the greatest progress
has been made." '1 housands of farm
ers, scattered all over , the State, have
become in a measure sludeuts of agri
cultural chemistry aud are advancing
their know Iedre of tfie subiect bv
w ar J
reading the reports of the Station, ag
ricultraJ papers, tfec, and by experi
menting upon their lands. Sueh farm
ers tell us that tha greatest difficulty
in the way of obtaining clear ideas on
these subjects arises out of the fact that
the elements and compounds most
talked of, and the process most dis
cussed, arc entirely beyond their per
sonal observation. Thev are familiar
with the term "phosphoric acid," for
example, but have no idea in the
world what it looks like, what its col
or, &c, are, and a very imperfect no
tion ot some of its properties. They
have continually; heard of analysis,
but have no idea what the process is.
They need to see things and handle
them in order to get clear ideas on the
For the benefit of such inquiring
minds and iu order to incite others to
study a subject of the greatest impor
tance to them ana our great agricul
tural community, the Station will set
forth at this fair a small exhibit in
tended to be 4 . j
in agricultural science. It will be made
tip of specimens, materials, apparatus,
etc., arranged so as to illustrate the
composition and growth of plants, the
composition of the atmosphere, the
composition of farm and chemical
manures, the crude materials from
which they are prepared and the meth
ods for testing them. Some of the
specinieus will be'classified as follows:
1. The fourteen chemical elements
important in agricultural chemistry.
Seven of them metals and seven iion
metals. 2. Mineral compounds of these ele
ments commonly occurring in agricul
ture. This will include a large num
ber of most important aud interesting
3. The rocks formings soils. The
character of soils is eutirely determin
ed by the rocks from which they are
made by disintegration. The compo
sition of these rooks will be given so
that every one can understand , the
sources of the soil's mineral wealth
4. The chief varieties of soils, the
products of the rocks.
5. The composition of the atmos
phere ; illustrated by, volumes of the
gases entering into it, corresponding
in size to their relatite proportions in
the' atmosphere.
:,vo. more; important organic
compounds from which plants are
made up.
7. The chemical ingredients most
important iu fertilizers. Examples:
Phosphoric acid in its several forms,
as . soluble, reverted: and insoluble ;
potash in its salts ; nitrogen and am
monia, and their compounds, &c.
8. I he crude materials of fertili
zers and the more common chemicals
used in composting. It is all impor
onjethi ibout ; th
tant that the fanner should know
ie appearance, the
properties of these materials, and the
simple means of testing them, in order
that they may protect themselves
from fraud in buying them. Under
this head we have the commercial
sources of phosphate the sources of
potash, soda, lime, nitrogen, &c, ar
ranged in groups together for com
parison and study.
9. We have the fertilizers them
selves, the mixtures of these materials
iu two classes.
First. The commercial fertilizers,
represented by those sold iuthis-State
accompanied by analyses made at the
Second. Home-made manures and
composts made in our own Stale on
farms. A number of North Carolina
fanners have sent samples of fine ma
nures they have made, to the Station.
10. We have some illustrations of
frauds in chemicals and fertilizers
which have been detected at the Sta
tion. These are very interesting aud
there is a story connected with each
one of them which will interest every
fanner who deals in these things.
11. The products of cotton. "Cot
ton. is King and-dispenses his bless
ings with a bountiful baud. Few pet -pie
know, or if they know, have ever
enumerated all the valuable products
derived from this valuable plant. A
single group will present a large
number of these; the fibre, the seed,
the stalk, from which a food for stock
is made, the roots, from which a val
uable medicine is prepared; the ker-
neisjot the seed, used for food for cat-
tie; the cottonseed oil, used for il-
lumtnating in cooking instead of lard,
in canning ana lor a Hundred other
nurnoses! th hull fUw1 fm. Grv.t .
Z ! Y4 i
iiuiu me reiusc oi me on iniiis, anu
. i: ' - - ' ' - '. l i - . t
In fpprllnrr etrwdr
httle known valuable products ofthe'Ua average soils, no Fertilizer broduces better restiltRV
1 ia!' A few uncommon ngriciilturat
'dn -4:. Ltt-ii.e."
BOll, ,
14. The methods of preparing home
made manures illustrated, -methods of
dissolving bones, miking chemicals J
and building-couaposi lieajts. A niodel i
Am rftcf Vkal m nl AivitAcf ah n !
1 :
v,viiifvb vvU (IUU WUJJAKV IICal via I
small scale.
15. The Soil and ensilage, illustra -
ted by model, materials and products,
Apparatus, re agents and other ob
jects illustrating the analysis of ferti-
lizer of drinking waters &r Rot wp
iizer., or uri Dicing waters, jlc. ba we
have no space to enumerate the Mher
features, all of which will interest
progressive, reading farmers.
All of the first part of this collec-
lion will be lound in floral hall; the I am also prepared to furnish cotton ginners
composts and coarser things in the with Baggiug, Ties and Twine, at verj low
machinery and implement building, jatcs,'
A gentleman will be in attendance) JCjE$tt jZ&
all the time to explain the objects to as I buy more COTTON than any one man
all those who may desire to know here, it maybe a double benefit to make
more about them.
Ciias. W. DAbney, Jr.,
The Next House.
Not only are Democratic papers of j
us taking a hopeful view of Demo- i
cratic prospects in the next House of 1
Representatives, but some of the Re- j
publican papers are candid enough to
admit that there is real danger that!
their party will be in the minority. I
It is admitted by some of them that
there is danger of losing several mem
bers in Ohio because of the revolt of
the German?. In New York it is be
l.evcd that at least two or three nlem
bers will be lost. Even a seat each
in Wisconsin and Minnesota may be
lost. It is conceded also that the j
probability is that one each will be j
lost in Massachusetts and New Jer-j
seyi In Pennsylvania we may count
on at least one or two Democratic ,
t n .t r-i . ill ... '
gains, it me oouin noius its own
there is good prospect for the Demo
crats. What will North Carolina do
about it? Shall the boasts of Radical
politicians and letter wri e s be ful
filled? Are North . Cariliniana bv
their apalhy going to hand over four.
or five Districts to the Radicals ? We
do' not believe it. But to prevent it
there must be harmony enthusiasm
an t zeal. ; .
The above was written and inten
ded for a previous issue. Ohio has
probably met the Republican appre
hensions. It looks now as if the
Democrats would control the next
House. So be it. Let the Third Dis
trict have n hand in it. Democrats,
what do you say Wil. Star.
Flie Colored Fair.
Addressed by Commissioner MoOeheet
Gov. JarvU and Gen. Cox.
Raleigh, Oct 11. The annual
fair of colored people was opened
here yesterday by the State Commis
sioner of Agriculture McGehee. To
day Gov, Jarvis delivered the annual
address which was well received by
the large crowd of blacks in atten
dance. Congressman W. R. fJox also
spoke. The fair grounds are better
each year, the exhibits are m re nu
merous and better. The display of
stock, products, &c., is excellent.
Notwithstanding the weather is in
clement the attendance is good.
Professor Sharpless, of Haverford,
Pa., College, says that "the nearest
distance the coraest, which is now
speeding away from us at the rate of
about two and a half million of miles
a day, approached to tlie sun was
100,000 miles. It is made up of
sodium, carbon and a number of oth
er elements. It may be one solid mass
or a collection of solid lumps like
stones attracted to one centre. It is
not known if it re voles on an axis
like the earth. The lightness of the
tail is not conclusively accounted for.
The tail, however, is a sort of atmos
phere on which the light probably
Those who have been feeding the
surplus fruit to hogs say that their
stock are in excellent and healthy
condition. Fruit makes fine sweet
Gail Hamilton says a woman may
hae been originally one step in ad
vance of man iu evil doing, hut he
very soon caught up with her, never
aiiin to labor under a similar disad-vantage.
V I 1 1 1 I K I SK P Af
wvmvmuju x nun ivi uunnVi
"PlTR AI 14 TT1 A rn
' ruft WXXJ1j.J,.
manufactured by the Pacific Guano Co. Capital 1,000,000., u
xtiigeo uuauu vu., iu iuu v.
! 1 ' ' ! ' - i ; t ;fi
The friost popular Fertiliuer. its
I i8C5 fine drillingcondition ano!
L. . " A ." iui
The sfime planters continue to use
j V i
j JJ
1 have on hand t,ie MfcEA FOWL GU-
ano" " Buadlkt's Supkb Phospuatk,"
and the EqurrABLE n which j wilI Kll for
wheat on term f,r nntmn.
your purchases or engagements of me early.
Prices are as low ns any one here will sell
Will not he undersold.
and see that this is to your intei est. r
Oct. 5th, '82. lm v
Efil Rv
R. R. Crawford, of the firm ' of
We are now prepared to supply our
customers with all Kinda.of
In addition to the
, T Jfest Selecfid Stock yf
ii Jl ji p vr jit it jd iujilo
We alao handle
Rifleand Blasting Powder
and a full line of Mining Supplies.
We will
Duplicate Any Prices in
the State.
. Oct. 5, 1882.
The firm of R, R. Crawjord & Co.
this day dissolved by mutual consent.
I return my sincere thanks to a generous
public for the liberal patronago bestowed j
upon me during the last 17 J years, and re
spectfully ask all persons indebted to the
firm to call at once and make settlealent. j
The business will be continued' by my
former oartners. Samuel Taylor and W. S.
Blackmer, and I sak for them the same lib-
eral patronage bestowed upon the old firm.
offer my splendid Brick Store,
Dwelling House and Four building lot for
sale, privately.
,f R. R. CRAWFpRD.
Sept. 23, 1882. -50:tf
! FIT Til I A l1 I
o. .
sold. ; .. i ;
j r 1 ' !
sales bcincr the lariro.t.
prepared for immediate use.
it year after year.
Sale By '
1 -4
Notice is hereby given that an elcctioa
will be held at the several election precinct
in Howan county, on Tueslay, the 7th da
of November, A D. 1882, for the following
named officers :
1. For on. Associate Justice of the Su
preme Court ; Six Judges of the Superior
Court, ahd a Solicitor for the Sixth Ju
dicial District. I
2. For a Representative in the Congress
of the United States fmr the State at large.
3. For a Representative in the Gongresn
of the United States , for the Seventh Con
gressional District. ,
4. For Senator of the 30th District anc
one memberof the House f Reprchcntatives
5. For Sheriff, Clerk of Superior Court
Register of Deeds, Surveyor, Treasurer auc
Coroner. I
0. For Township Constaldc
$3?The pd!s will be ojenrl from sever,
o'clock in the niorning until sun-set, ant'
no longer. t
fSFThe Judges tf Election must.noi,
count out the ballots until after the polln
are closed. '
j"No person; shall he" allowed to vot
unless he is registered ; and no elector shall
be allowed to register or vote unless he
shall have resided in the State twelve 4
months, and in the county xxketv days, :
next preceding the election. "
C.C K RIDER, Sheriff
of IJe. van County. .
Salisbury, N. C., Oct. 4, 18S2. 51:1m j
i i , t
Pursuant to a decree of the Superior
Court of Rowan County, I will expose to
public sale, to the highest bidder, at th
Court House door in the town of Salisbury,
on Monday,' the 30th day of October, 1882,
the following valuable real estate, situated
ia the town of Salisbury :
One vacant lot on Main Street, adjoining
the National Hotel and the lots of J. L. and
J. A. Iledrick, fronting 25 feet on Main st.,
and running back 200 feet. This lot is in
the very heart of the business centre bf thjo
town. Also, one lot of land running 310
feet on Lee street, 200 feet on Council street,
and fronting 310 feet on the Western N. C.
Railroad, immediately fronting the Railroad
ticket office, &c. ' This is valuable property
for hotel or manufacturing purposes. -
Terms: One-third of the1 purchase money
to be paiad cash ; one-third in six months,
remainder in twelvemonths. Title retain
ed until purchase nionc iv all paid, t
The undesigned will be glad to show
the property upon application. b
MOSE8 L. HOLMES, Cora'r.
Salisbury, N. C, Sept. 20, 1882. 50:5t
Comblmet ike actitilij of Perurian Quan
go tcitk the strong and tatting effects of An
imal Bones. u
It is prepared '.'under our pemonal super
vision, ana is made of the best materials
fnntninm on thruhhi itr nihpr inferior' an.
It is Fine, Dry and in Excel
lent Condition for Drilling.
This Fertilizer luut been, in use twehe
years, and has-aained a reputation for ex
cellence setond to none.- VSSTANVAItD
Allison & Addison,
Manufacturers, JiicJunond, Va,
Salisbury, N. C,
R. M. Koseboko, Third- Creek Sta
tion, N. C, and by Agents at all impor
tant point- throughout the. wheat grow
ing wet ion of Novth Carolina.
45: lOt JmI
Average Samples. - Price List "ion appii-,
cation. Correspondence solicited.
' 49.4t
P. O. Uox o. 352, Wilmington,
North, Carolina.
f ! . f -
i .

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