1 4 f- i . . - -,- - " - .? , - I . -', ! i' ; - 1 - . -I - ine barolma Watcnman. 701 XIV--THIRD SERIES 1 I fl SALISBURY. N. C. OCTOBER 11, 1883. . -- 1 . ' NO 52 D.- The Carina Watchman, EgTAlI.l4lliI). IN THE. YEAR 18S2. PKl E, 1.50 IN ADVANCE.- f iIarbys PROPHYLACTIC ' a Housf !iolJ Article for Vnlrersal fnmily I'M. For Rcarlet and Typhoid Fevers, Diphtheria, 8aU vation. VloeraWHl orThroat,SmU Pax, MtwlM, and all Con Diseases, fersons wajtmr m tbe u it freely. Scarlet Fever nac f "Tcn. '""lv C wi.ki, f Sick vouiU hajd taken place. Yctiow r cvi i'he ok, of Diphilenyicld to U. everel ind picS Per- SMALL-POX -rhettt-t and ad dSorplreyent- , PITTTNO of Small ed by taiiing with p0x PREVENTED Dubys Hull, L ! A rat-mber of my fam- I.mpUY.e fge jily was taken with 92l2Su : Small-pox. I used the For Sore TJuat is a F,uid . tien( wu w. nirf s! I j I- : - ,u.-. - .a . i not '.curious, was not Contapion 'r'y- pitted, and ras about for Proved f,0 the house again in three OWlwawW weeks, and no other lbUin 1 rhutine-. etc.? had it J. W. Pakk- inscn, Philadelphia. lon sec ;rpJB.y4s use. gulp FfVf r jrevntert. To purify iU!Irat!i, Cleanse life Tfeeth, ilucaii'! be sMrjiasled. CaUrra rciveii and cured.. Errlpcllred. Burn rcaeveaiasfoiitly. Eiph.th.eria Prevented. The physicians here use Daxbys Fluid very successfully in the treat ment of Dinhtheri. Sears prevent'! lwwnterv curea. Wounds heafti rapidly. . ment of Diphthe georvy curel . A. Stollkmwbxck. AnAaUdoteibrnimal Greensboro, Ala. or-A'egcubleJ Pduons, s, tr , f Tetter dried up. I use "T.' . . . i . j our present fSciioti with Scarlet Feveis wiljl de Ulcere purified and healed. cided adv It is 1 In cases of Death ir th4 sick- i should be used about room. W Sand-! the corpse it will prevent any unpleas ant smell. The eminent Phy slcian, J. M Alt I ON S13IS, M. I., New x'ork, says : " I am convinced Prof. Darbys Prophylactic Fluid is a valuable disinfectant." VandnrDIlt tlntversity, Nashville, Tenn. I testify to fflie.iaost excellent qualities' of Prof. Dir1 ys Pripljtlactjt Fluid. As a disinfectant and detergent it i buip theoretically and practically raperior to airtr preparation witli which I am ac quainted . N.r. Kftoh, Prof. Chemistry. Darbys fluid is Eocom mended by Hou.:ALnxNDEii H. Stephens, of Georgia; ' Rev. Chas f. Deems, D.D., Church of the Strangers, N. ST.; . Jos. UCnk, Columbia, Prof. , University ,S.C. Rev. A J fArTLB, Prof, Mercer University ; Rev. Co. . PiixcB, Bishop 'M. E. Church. DiDIRPENiiABLK TO EVEKY BO HE. Perfectly hartnless. Used internally or extij-nallf for Man or Beast. , The Fluid Has bVen thoroughly tested, and we . Juve ahuiKiantlevidenee th:U u has done everything .here daimcd. f Kot fuller information get of your Druggist a paifiph! or send to the proprietors, J.h. EEIXIN & CO., MannfncturiBifChemists, PH 1 LADELPH I A. BLAGKgER & TAYLOR t ! HAVINjG IPURCHASED O OK O V MITHDEAL, 1 I AS THE INTEREST OP ! - " II R Crawford, of the Arm of f R. R. QRAWFORD ft CO. .. i- I i. ni'C IIIlAV lri.nnlaJ f.v .nnnl . ...... ' 1 1 i 1GRICULIURAL IMPLEMENTS, f i (JiMition to the Selected Stock or I W A K E in the S T A T E. II A We ;ilso li. inill.' m blasting Powder j FUSE II. 1 - f , 1 5 U III J in,. t- Sapjflies. 4 1 J- We will JgjO ttPli4teJ Any Prices in State. PSEE US. i 4; : ' " SI TAYLOR. 50,1- 1 i ? 1 F intag bien roao, Eyrie; ila. j truvr S T DEFERRED ARTICLES. A strange movement of cutting down priced among the leading daily news papers in New York caty is attracting some attention. The fact is the enormous ad vertismg income of several of the leading dailies notably, the Sun and Herald will probably admit of their issuing at tbe low rate of oue cent a copy ; but other city papers not so extensively patronized may be driven to suspen sion, f . r : The sugar problem from sorghum cane may be considered as solved when it is known that reports to the Agricultural Department at Washing ton through special scientific agents sent out to inspect a factory in New Jersey, have come forward with the an- ' nouncemut that that establishment is turning out from 700to 1000 lbs. pure white sorghum sugar every "day. It requires no refining process after it leaves the mitK ;Flie company Have a thousand acrejfcin cane which is es timated to yield a thousand lbs. of sugar to the acre. A startling report also comes from the West, to wit: that Kansas will produce this year 2,000,000 lbs, sugar from the sor ghum cane. These reports coming through the Department at Washing ton, challenge public faith, and give us ne-.v hopes of the time whey the United States may manufacture their own sugar supply. i MASSACHUSETTS Has become more reuownetl for the ex traordinary character of her Governor, aud his extraordiary ideas and methods, than any other State in the Union. Ben. Butler "is a brick," if any body knows what that menus ; or "a trnmp," winch is well understood by card players j aud hence the eyes of the country are fre quently turned on Massachusetts to see what tbey are doing and how they do it. It is for the purpose of gratifying public curiosity, therefore, that we present below the proceedings of the Democrats of that Suite in general convention to nominate a candidate for Governor. The report is interesting: Massachusetts Democrats. Butler Nominated for Governor mouslg. Una in- Springfield, Mass., September 26. At a quarter past 12 Jonas H. French, Chairman of the State Committee, culled the Democratic Convention to order, and Colonel Coveny, Secretary, read the call. While the call was being read J. W. Chaudl er rose aud addressed the presi ding officer, but not being recognized, remained stauding until Colonel Coveny finished. As Colonel Coveny ceased reading, N. A. Plympton, of Worchester, rose and addressed the chair, Chandler insisted Ion his right to be heard, but Freuch decided Plyinoton had the floor. This was meet- i ed with hisses in several paits of the hall T j. ins us u ice i - and tor a second there was quite a com motion. I'iympton then moved that officers of the Stale Committee be the temporary organization of the Ceu voli tion. This motion was declared carried, bqt was doubted, and an uproar ensued, which was promptly checked by French, who called upon Rev. Mr. Simius to offer prayer. At the conclusion of the prayer, French addressed the Convention. He spoke at some length on National affairs, reviewed the recent address of the Republican State Convention, refer red to the administration of Governor Butler in the highest terms, detailing important events that hare occurred the past year, aud predicted a great victoiy for theDeinocratic party throughout the country. After a great amount of wrangling (he Hon. P. Coll ins, M. C, elect, here arose and moved that the Hon. Ben. F. Butler be placed iu nomination for re-election by aeclimatiou, and it was seconded amid thundering cheers by President Grant's old Collector of Boston, Mr. Win. A. Simmons. The motion was carried without an opposing voice. The platform as reported by the Com mittee on Resolutions and which was adopted by the-Convention at the conclusion uf General Butler's remarks, who was escorted into the Hall to the tune of "See the Conquering Hero Comes," is substantially as follows : It declares that the outlook in Nation al politics is encouraging, ahd it reaffirms the platform adopted at Cincinnati in 1880, and that adopted iu Boston last year. The Democratic party of Massa chusetts believes in the supremacy of the Nation and the integrity of the State, in equal rights as regards the sexes, iu a thorough reform of the Civil Service, in a tariff limited iu amount to a sum neces sary aud for revenue, in the abolitiou of excessive war taxes, aud iu a still further reduction of extravagant State expendi tures. It opposes air sumptuary laws which in fringe the personal liberty, nud favors the introduction of boards of arbi tration for the purpose of reconciling difficulties between employers aud the employed, iu order that a better uader staniug may exist between capital and labor. It declares that the investigation of affairs at Twekshury disclosed a want of proper system in accounting for pub lic money aud an indifference to human feelings and .suffering by subordinates which strike the people of Massachusetts with grief and indignation. 'Ac "onerous hearts of the own a ml . ... . A 5 I t I 1 a . - women oi uus common wealth, reject in the idea that misfortune, poverty aud sickness are criminal or that the unfor tunate have forfeited all rights to pro tection in -their feeling and self-respect, are justly incensed at the existence in their midst of such wrongs as the testi many has disclosed. It approves the energy and persever ance show u h y : tbe Governor to preveut waste aud to secure economy in all de partments of tbe State, and calls upon the people to select this year a Council and a Legislature which will be willing to co-operate in the work of reform and help remove the evils which liepablicau apathy has permitted to invade the pub lic service. For the Watchman. Gun (Newf Researches fu South Africa. Port Elizabeth. They have aq absurd and utterly ridic ulous speci men of zoological -architecture here which they call a Gun. I am moved to expatiate upon this brute from the fact that 1 had a personal encounter with one recently and the results of that en counter haven't got well yet. He is a cross between a humpbacked cow aud an un finished army mule, aud bis nature par takes largely of the rascality of both. This mule-cow is not considered volup tuously handsome. His expressive coun teuce is hardly as saccharine as that of the average bull dog, and the rhiuocerous is more graceful. He has a quantity of material piled up 't'orrard,' which seems to have been left over when he was built and which gives him the appearance of having started out in life with the inten tion of being a dromedary, but getting discouraged gave i.t up. His head cou veyA the impression that it was .an after thought, whittled out, and stuck ou in haste: It is never in the right position aud never seems to tit the wearer. If I were to meet one of these parties with the head omitted from the bill of lading I would refrain from making any remarks partly out of consideration for the crea ture's feeliug and partly because I would nor be at all surprised. It is claimed by Elizabethians that the gnu is a very ami able, tractable and docile beast. I will not contradict this at least while 1 am here but I will say that for the possess or of so many admirable traits of charac ter he is very unassuming and certainly keeis them well concealed. They milk these conglomerations. I happened to be at a house the other evening when that operation was being performed. The lady of the house laughingly proposed that I should go out and try my hand, sayiug that it would be a novelty, aud the milk something different from what I had been accustomed to. (It certainly i a?.) I readily assented, remarking that I was fond of new (gnu) milk. I know as much about milking as a feline docs about the Nicene creed. After I had pumped away for ten minutes without obtaining auy results excepting an occa sional whack across the face from the beasts narrative, I remarked to the gen tleman that there was evidently some thing wrong, and suggested that he had best take the top off and see what was the the mutter. He declined, but said that twisting the tail was sometimes an effee- e ... . 11,1,1 'e"euy. A lew minutes alter it oc- crred to me that his remark was strictly true. Upon further reflection I feel sat isfied that one who associates with a gnu would not be so reckless as to tell a lie. It behooves them to walk uprightly. But to resume the tail which I didn't twist. After I had staggered to my feet and cleared my eyes of mud I perceived that I was a trifle mutilated, while directly ahead stood that insufferable Gu usance gazing at mo with calm contempt. I did not do so auy more. When I went on board ship one of those persons of an of ficiously sympathetic kind iuquired if I had been iu a railway collision. I reliev ed his anxiety by replying that I was suffering from a severe attack of Gnu ralgia. Later Gnus. What a barbarous delight these people take in imposing their practical lies upon the credulity of the involuntary sojourn er iu their benighted land ! A gentleman has told me that ynns are rarely ever milk ed. A MONKKT TAIL (TALK.) While iu Port Elizabeth I met an old hunter from the interior. Among other things he related what seemed to me a very funny plan for trapping monkeys. His outfit cousists of a plug of tobacco, a flask of double distilled lightning, and several pairs of diminutive boots, the iu sides of which are smeared with an adhe sive gum. Arriving at the scene of ac tion, which is generally some tall, wide spreading ''monarch of the forest" he tiuds the ever exuberant monkeys holding high revel among its brauches, blissfully unconscious of the close proximity of the free-booter. The hunter proceeds to bu siness by taking a chew of his first store aud a swig of his second. He then sits dowu aud leisurely pulls off his boots, seemingly deeply absorbed in tho con templation of his pet corn. He repeats this operation several times to the great edification of the interested assemblage above. Presently Ninirod gets up and saunters off, leaving the small boots be hind. Now is the goldeu opportunity for the chaps nloft. They scramble has-! tUy dwa to secure their booty, ty&Suxh j naving iounu a peiiicr jtr, the jolly quad- ramariaus are soon engaged iu all kini!s of monkey shines. Suddenly the depart ed one returns,by no means in as leisurely a manner as he left, li is now quite evi dent that, the proper moment for deboot ing has arrived, bat horrible to relate, those boots stick.faat! Then follow fran tic efforts to shin up a tree ; this also proves fruitless, for who ever heard of a monkey climbing a tree with bis boots ou ! Quadramaniacal shrieks, impreca tions and prayers fill the air ! There is wailing and gnashing of, -teeth ! The finale is the ignominious incarceration of the now dejected crowd in a tow bag, only to be liberated open the payment of sundry shekels by some maccaroni demol ishing Italian who owns a hand organ and wants monkey to fit it. W M. W. The position of the Democratic party in regard to the intermit vje v ' I J no new thing iug. It has been the same for years, without any turning or shadow of turning. The Democratic party has never claimed that neces- saries should go untaxed. That is a statement worthy only of those Radi cals who are pratioed in perverting Democratic utterances. We found the culture of tobacco, an industry fol lowed by one-third of our farmers, surrounded by odious and exacting restrictions, and a tax placed upon their product. These farmers are en titled to as much consideration as the farmers who are engaged in the cul ture of rice or of peanuts. The latter have the benefit of a protective tax J . . . to increase the nrice of their nroduct: the farmers growing tobacco have tax imposed upon their product, the e ' effect of which is to decrease its value. It does not seem right that this class of farmers shall bear the only burden imposed on anv a2ricultura! produet. And this is one reason why the Dem ocrats have voted to repeal the tobac co tax. Besides this reason there is the general objection to direct inter nal taxation by the federal govern ment, and still more powerful objec tion to the internal revenue system as it exists. The system is so odious that at any cost whatsoever it should be abolished. This question rises a superior to the matter of taxation, just as the necessity for protecting tne eastern whites from negro majorities . .... , . - . , rises suuerior to the principle "that majorities should rule. it is expe dient, it is proper, in both cases that the general principle should be subor dinated to the good of the people in their respective sections, aud thus to the advantage of the State at large. The internal revenue system is' a cor rupting influence. This being re cognized, he who objects te its re peal throws the weight of his influ ence in favor of continuing a system that breeds corruption. It inioht not be right to say that such a person . t i favors corruption, but it is right to say that he is indifferent to corrup- tion. Let s look at the facts a mo- ment. In one district in the west twenty -even gangers and storekeepers were employed for the quarter ending c . I on io77 rt . n September 30,1877. I lint was a! I . ' tt. .i twenty-seven. J?or the same qnar- ,0-o .i t'i ,i ter, 18 8, there were fifty-three: for ' io?n .i. ... i l ie same quarter, ioiu, ine uuuiun ' ' increased to 135. I he next year was election year, and for that quarter, 1880, it was 194, and for the quarter covering the presidential election it was 235. For the same quarter, 1881, the number fell back to ninety-three. Now, what does that signify ? Now let's see what the expenses were : " EXPENSES. COLLECTIONS. 1876 $ 45,642 1877 49,345 1878 60,351 1879 129,845 1880 205,773 1881 269,324 osvO Ovq oo-7 ana The additional expenses in toe; Presidential year were $63,555; the additional collections were $44,000. That is, the additional cost was near $20,000 more than the additional collections. These are the official figures. Now hear what the Landmark has to say on this subject : "Persons outside of North Carolina and even aome persons inside the State, who art in ignorance of 3 the situation of affiiis iu the central and western, sections, more partifcutJaidy the western, cannot understand the public anxiety to see this internal revenue system repealed We wish they could see its workings as we here see them. It is not so much that it supports a horde of small politicians at high salaries, in idleness, thus withdrawing them from the produ cing element of the country. It is not so much that it is a system of op pression and espoiuage, Well calcula ted in its nature to raise the rebel lious spirit in honest men and cause tlieni to violate laws which they would-not violate were tlvey just ami justly executbd. It is not so much that this force is ah army, the first and (fast thought of which is poiftTes aud the every day labor of whichis devoted to making votes for the Re- publican party. But the working of this system are such as to bea widespread public demoralisation, the eiufo which cannot be foretold if it is . k IBM i i - . -ift i suffered to continue. It it well under stood that a revenue office is the price that will be paid for a Repub lican vete. A storekeepers commis sion is at the disposal of any moder ately respectable Democrat who will lay down his politics and take it up. Eveu now, thus far ahead of next year's campaign, one Democrat after another, generally young mep, is re ceiving these appointments.: They will change their politics inside of a year, or else they will walk the plauk. We do not undertake to say that tbey all know the alterna tive, but we know it and others know it from the observations of the past. It is painful to say that, as a rule, after the door lias once closed behind them, they surrender their I . .. - . . . A,,ese mcn 8 Pca principles oegiu to set lightly upon them and after that, what? The moral sense is blunt- ed ha yielded once: he has taken a downward dep. If he does not lose a measure of the respect of his fellow-citizens which will lead in evitably to the loss of his own this will be proof that the public- sense has become blunted, which is the very deplorable result which is to be ap prehended, and the evidence of which are already seen. "But why need so painful a sub iect be pursued? Our own people i kaow what demoralization is, and W " ai Pwuc Vle rePas A ! A f fl 9 internal revenue system as &8ee it operated. Outsiders are not "wrest. 10 neip us preserve me virtue of our young men; they have no interest in our buftetings with 1 t,,e8e waves ot' corruption which are annually rising ntgner anu n.gner and becoming stronger. If they had, the days of this system would surely now be numbered." Butler in New Orleans. Chalcston News & Courier Southern newspapers which have short memories, and are anxious that B. F. Butler shall have the' credit of his good deeds, are respectively invi . T I 1 " . I : . I . .. . . I . tea 10 lay oeiore meir reuwers me following order, with which Butler ! beiran his career in New Orleans Headquarters, Department of the Gulf, New Orleans, May 15, 1862 As officers and soldiers of the Uni ted States have been subject to repeat ed insults from women calling them selves ladies of New Orleans, in re turn for the most scrupulous non-interference and courtesy on our part, it is ordered hereafter, when any fe male shall, by mere gesture or movement, insult or show contempt lor any urn ' np LiUr M' the United States. ghe shaU be regarded and held liable to ; betreatcda8 a woman about town plying j ha. vocation. j fiy oomma,ui Gf Maj. Gen. Butler., , ' Geo q Strong, A. A. G. .. . l.i-.i , 1 he newspapers which declined, to .... S . , pub is i tins infamous edict were ' 4 , ... , ., ,i threatened with suppression, ami 1 .r , ' nf ,10 Mavor Monroe and some ot the eitv i . . . i .. :t ...,... : i, li.uir; w w nriif ii-tci iltrillllSL It CI C . , , ? . r i. I ,..;..-,. I ilIlM L' O 1 1 7 (IMW I III I' I III. .I.IIT1V Ul I VOICVI LA 1 1 V I .-V II. . v " - ' ' son, where they were kept in confine J n.Ai .J ment tor many luontns. uuuei s conduct in New Orleans can never be forgotten. Snakes Break up a Camp Meet- l xg. A telegram to the Cincinnati mcctinir ' son was preaching, a remarkable sen- 8216 9''8 Times-Star trom Winston, v.,oai 238,653" ept. 29, says: "Sunday at a camp oo Oiio i mcctintr near here, as liev. v. Uod- 455457 8:,tion was caused by the sudden ap 499 455 : pearance in the midst of the congrc ' i ..:.i f cBi-arnl moccasins, a deadly r I. 'Pimm H'rn iivpr SpeClCS Ol auiiiwv-. amiv. - 2,000 people present, more than half women. The snakes began to s rike in every direction. One young lady was bitten. Over fifty females faint ed. The preacher came down from the stand, and the men began a buttle with the snake killing four of them. But the serpents broke up the n)cet- The New York Times referring to M .hone's bold black-mailing scheme gives some information with an ap propriate comment. It says: 'Senator Mahone is said to have been warned by a special official envoy from Washington that he must not 'pi W his assessments upon the em ployes of the Norfolk navy yard. But if Mahone has 'directly or indirectly been concerned' in such an assessment the only official envoy that should be sent to him is a United States Mar shal with a writ of arrest." Geu. Cox of Raleigh, has returned from his European tour. Ho wears a pair of shoes that cost Mm iu England $2, and worth $0 in America, and a suit costing $17 iu England, worlh n' i" America. These are startling differences. England has free trade and America has a protective tariff. He found, liqpevvr, much complaint in England that Ai-e trade kept dotvu the price of everything. pyimmHt Press Maj. Young has drawn a map of the sugar area of North Carolina. He has ascertained that the climate' tn this section is like that of a Louisi- ' ana in summer and that of Itally in winter. Mr. William Rrice, of Rock fish township, has been making for several years from 1,000 to 1,200 gallons of syrup per acre from rib- bon cane, and last year ' Mr. R. M. : Middjeton, of Warsaw township made at the rate of 2,550 pounds of sugar and ,120 gallon, of svrup per acre. Clinton 'Caucasian. T . . ! . ' . ... The Garden Spot. The Norfolk TT. , . , . Virgman speaking of Eastern North Carolina says : The time is fast approaching when the mnifinf nA - Eastern North Carolina, watered by WW""VIWI UIIV, itllllt It-" 1 1 111 Of its great sounds and splendid rivers. nt .i . ' win ue the garden spot of the United States TTp Hn-r. T r u.vDr. r r (jOT lr MIXED. One of our merchants received the following or- Aa A.,kr,. i- i uer liom a customer a few davs since: "Mr. B- please send me $1 worth of eofTv nnrl !1 -nrrl, r l. ; uon witiun that tune the plaintiff will ap oi eotty and tl worth of shoogar, piy to the Court for the relief demanded some small uales. My wife had a in t,,c petition. This the 13th September, bady last uite, alo two padlocks and I 1883 j. m. ho rah. CPk s. nor. a monkey rencli. Macon Telegrajdi. THE ONLY BIG SHOW COMING THIS SSASOH WILL EXHIBIT AT OCTOBER 11. ENORMOUS RAILROAD SHOWS NOW ALL UNITED IN ONE VAST and COLOSSAL EXHIBITION M0 OTHER SHOW HAS ONE HERDS OF ASIATIC ELEPHANTS NINE AFRICAN ELEPHANTS THE ONLY WOOLY ELEPHANT A SCORE LIONS A SCHOOL OF SEA LIONS A BLUE NOSE NANDRIL BRAZILIAN Two HORNED HORSES KAN 6 A R 0 0 S NYL 6HAU B ADDAflUO COLONIES 10F MONKEYS 100 Artists in firnet Ridors 6 Bnds of Music Tripe of Aerlalists SCORESofACROBATS STRONGEST teAN Living STIRK BICYCLE TROUPE G FRENCH EQUESTRIENNES MOST 60RGE0U5 PA6CANT 50 CASES ANIMALS THE CARNIVAL OF VENICE REVIVED GLISTENING WITH GOLD AND SILVER 7v 7 Ciiieka 7W iiuu.yuu V'V m m rm w m w m iiriii ir y w m - - - X m mj M BBw SB V S BH B m " ssb m k i M . mm M VJ 1 iaminuihxt trrrA-riiDrr is x.vHfl ATBCB eunie eie rjtu AVC i HW UIBtn HUI BBO IBkBI I V m . .sasBBksasv jskm-vsk. rv v M f i i ib bb m iagusmv. THBBaiBBBaa:ia I v . x S BBWsSHHl m v i imi li li in i ii mi ibi iimi I m m X . : ISJSMJSJlM ! llMSIII m II lit HI I mm 1 f X X n I I I Will II I " I M . y mt jiii in. ii mi mm j a k. ' . . M ml A X-AWE EXHIBIT THEM FREE $ IV X ftVA V Tn ail Til r mviuuia v X v-iu nc rninvnoA y- S. -. V f V0F OUR X 5-A ouaw - f . X i w " a x l at .mmw aw m u x t r x r n . Af THE FEATURE OF ALU FEATURES! A PAIR OF LIVINO HIPPOPOTAMI, MALE A FEMALE 1 f Boivithiianding the Enormous Expenzo attending to wait an Eitbiton tho Admisxion is not moro then snail Sbosrs charge. BAGGINGft TIES! Gisxrrs Will note that I now have on hand and will comtinmrto receive thmucli the season, in order to furnish ALL, Bae ging and three different kind of Tics, that I will sell at very close prices. Orders by mail filled promptly. Truly. r J. D. GA 50:1 -. Ra nAf TiWVi r1tk ft W wcwvAAua,, ROWAN COUNTY.-Is Suremon OoUbt. .' . ' f ... ... .'. . . - .i. v. mcx.anies8, auiu r or mufel stdif?r I Petitfrtfto sen real estate Elisabeth McCanless and , for assets Jona T- Steidifor. j , n U5Kffi?aI ioJh faiio i Court, that John T.Steidifor, one ot the defendants in the above entitled ease, is m non resident of this 8tateT it is order that 1 publication be made in the "Cabmixa ixr . . m .... . newspaper pubueaed in Rowan County, notifying the said John T. Steidifor to appear at the office of the ' Clerk of the Superior Court of Rowan coun- t.v, on or before Monday tbe 5th dav of ; November 1883, and answer the petitioa, coPy of which will be deposited in the omce oi said uicrk, wit on ten days from i ,:.i m J.Tt " llllO UiUV, And the said John T. Steidifor 1 ' notified that if he fail to answer the petir 48:6 w of Rowan County. J. R. KEEN, Salisbury, N. C. Apat for PHffilllX IRON WORKS, Enstoes, Boilers. Mills, AN1 TURBINE WHEELS Also, Contractor and Builder. J.a ,,'S3.-ly.. . t.t :i OF THESE FEATURES I DROVE GIRAFFES A WHOLE FLOCK OF OSTRICHES a; F,vE to- FIVE SjSNeAl THEN ,Pr KFfHfn. ZEBRAS rur nui v I insi ftl Avcm in AH U v t GORILLAS r- x a y k : a n y svsjiix A POLAR BEARS VLACK VARIE APES MYRIA0S OF BIRDS 20 CLOWNS 6LADYRIDERS 20Gold'oCharloto 24 Great LEAPERS Troupes of GYMNASTS V -?n ; otai i inuo GREAT Prof. WHITE'S DOG CIRCUS cVThe CAR0N FRENCH FAMILY 3 MILES OF STREET DISPLAY A THOUSAND MEN AMD WORSES GLITTERING MARCH THOUSAND COSTLY BANKERS y a la ITT A

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