North Carolina Newspapers

    Carolina Watchman.
The Ohio electiou took place on Tne
day. There was greater excitement than
usual and a lieavy vote was polled.
Both parties claim the victory, bat which
ts really successful i not yet certainly
known. The contest is prolmbly very
close, and it may require several days to
get at the bottom facts. The Democrats
seem to be vi ry ootid nt of a majority
ranging from 5,000 ;to 10,000. There
publicans think they have pulled through
with about 5,000 majority.
Rbv. Mk. McKinkox, by appointment,
closed his pastoral connection with the
Presbyterian church in Concord last Sun
day. He has been a very successful la
borer in that church for 12 years, and its
members sorrowfully give him up. May
he be equally as successful at Columbia,
8. C. in the irreat work for which he is so
well fitted.
1 We learn from the Concord Register,
that Rev. Mr. Hallman, pastor of the Lu
thern chuch in Concord, has also severed
his relations in Cabarrus and will remove
to Pomania, S. C. He, also, has been
remarkably successful iu his labors iu
Concord and at two churches in the coun
try. This seeming calamity to Concord
may result in greater good than can now
be seen.
P. M. Hale's new book, "the Coal and
Iron Counties of North Carolina," is on
our table, a neat vol. ef 425 pages with
an excellent Map of the State. No bet
ter book can be desired by those who wish
to pitch their tent iu North Carolina.
Every couuty is carefolly described, and
as onr State comprise a larger variety of
soil and climate thau any on the Atlan
tie slope, there can be no difficulty
in finding just such a place as may be de
sired. Especial attention is given to the
coal and iron regions, which at no distant
day will become great centers of busi-
The removal of the Confederate dead
from Arlington to Raleigh is now progress
ing. Senator Vance has notified the
ladies of Charlotte that pecuniary aid
from them will be highly acceptable, as
money is needed to complete the work ;
and as it is a work that appeals to all
patriotic citizens of the State, Salisbury
should take part in it.
Anmnor tlm i n ttii-t i iur rliinfra which
will be on exhibition at the State Fair,
Messrs. W. H. Wet more & Co., of Thorn
asville, will have a part of their shoe fac
tory there in full operation, making by
machinery, sixty pairs of shoes a day.
From present indications the number
and quality of horses, cattle, hogs, fcc.,
on exhibition will oe larger and better
than usual,
The State Chronicle will have comfort
able quarters in the east end of Floral
Hall, at the Raleigh Fair, where the pro
prietors will be pleased to welcome mem
bers of the fraternity and all other friends
Ul Mil- 'U(r . f I Ifl WI .MM 1 Mil II IVilll Jt-
will be on hand, together with facilities
f ii p:i... ..r v. ...i... n..
for writing, Sec,
The death of Edward Belo, of Salem,
s the subject of niucb regret in that town
And vicinity.. Jle was a highly esteemed
citizen, and one of the most enterprising
and successful merchants of the place.
He was a man of Stirling qualities of head
and heart, and much relied op as wise iu
Several of our mountain cotemporaries
are in the pi act ire of announcing births,
which, indeed, is a great deal better
than many other items which find place
in newspapers.
A Glen "Alpine correspondent iu
"Mountaineer" talks nhont "onr Mayor,
Mr. Bright," and of property transac
tions, and all that sort of tiling when
did it become a city among the hills.
The Western Carolinian notices the
musical performance of the Gruber Fami
ly lather, mother and four children
natural musicians, and aays the father
can perform on njue instruments at once.
"Charlotte's graded school numbering
eleven hundred' should be written
schools white and colored we presume.
Who is the temti and con afci t n t imml riw.
emor of North Carolina 1 This question
may appear as silly to some, and to oth
ers may afford an interesting subject fi r
. constitutional discussion. We had not
thought that there was any doubt about
the question until in a recent conversa
tion with the most learned of our ex
Judges, he expressed the decided opinion
that Governor Jarvis had permanently
vacated the office and could not resume
It, and therefore that Hon.. J. L. Kobin
son was the legal Governor of the State,
hia ponition, if tenable, it startling and
w ill excite much criticism. Did the vol
untary abandonment of his office bv
l - .li .l.i
iiirvra uiMiuuii v mm irom resuming it
w neii ne i ei m neu 10 me Slate T In order
o fully consider this question let us un-
1 A i .1 A l.l
iiersmiiu ine iucin ami I lien apply to
those tacts the coiititutiiou. About a
jnonlh ago ijov. jarvis wrote to Lieuten
ant (governor Kobinson informing him
to come to Kaleigh ami exercise the
unties appertaining to the office of Gov
t- ii . .
-rnor. in accordance wtn tins request
.1.2 i. n . .
jooiukoii can m; ui ryan-ign and was uillv
qualified as Governor by taking the oat'l
jt oflii e, and immediately entered upou
the discharge of his official duties. After
an absence of tour jiir k Jarvis returned
to the Stat and returned the duties ot
the Guheriujtorhii ohVe. Could lie eon
titutioually do this f The State Const U
iut ion nay iu tM-fioii J'J of article HI :
"Iu case ot the impi arl.n ent of the
ilovomor, his h.ilme 4t qiialih , His vb
KNC r:n:! tiik Jttatk, his inability to
discharge the dul ics of his office, or, i..
as the office of Goveijn,r 8,aj, Ui av.
wise become vacant, the powers, duties
and emoluments of the office shall devolve
upon the Lieutenant Governor until the
pjSAHii.iT.ies shall cense, or a new wov
ernor shall be elected and qualified."
r - ...
To an ordinary layman it would seem,
upou reading the above, that the consti
tution expressly allows the Lieutenant
Governor to exercise the duties of the
Governor durinjr "his absence from the
State," and that the Governor could
resume his office upon his return. But
learned lawyers argue to the contrary. It
is argued that the absence contemplated
is an enforced, and not a voluntary one :
that a voluntary abandonment of the
office is uotr one of the "disabilities'
provided for : and that a Governor cannot
resign and resume his
office as suits his
We, therefore, repeat the question,
"Who is the legal and constitutional
Governor of North Candida?" CJtatham
We go for the common sense theory
if it is against the law. Gov. Jarvis, Mr.
Robinson and every body else understood
it as a temporary arrangement, and so it
ought to pass.
State Fair Its Outleok.
The prsspects for a grand success were
never more promising for a State fair
than for the exhibition to be held at
Raleigh from the 15th to the 20th of the
present month. The display of machinery
of all kinds will be large aud full, com
prising many new articles of practical
utility. The display of fine bred live
stock promises to be the largest ever
witnessed in the State, if not in the
South. Hogs worth 200 a head are not
often seen aud yet that is the value fixed
upon hogs now being prepared for ship
ment to our State fair. Fine sheep, in
the raising of which our people have
great need of becoming more interested,
will be present in all the best breeds.
The trials of speed wiH be very attrac
tive for at least four days of the fair.
Then come next fine breeds of cattle, in
cluding Jerseys, Devons, shori horns aud
other fine bloods, in all of which our
people are becoming more interested
each year. Those fine butter makers will
ere long take the place of our scrubs to
a large extent, and the sooner the better.
Oue man has engaged coops for 120 fowls.
The prospects are very flattering for an
unusually large exhibition of farm pro
ducts of all kinds. Our farmers are
showing more of the present day pro
gressive spirit, and we trust at their
State contention they will infuse the
intensive spirit into each other, and
spread the same throughout our grand
old State, j
The side shows, frequently a source of
entertainment and a profit to visitors,
when they have become jaded from walk
ing around, promise to be better than
usual. One party with educated canary
birds has applied for space; another with
a pair of sea leopards and eight alligators;
aud still another with a mammoth
museum, then another with a three leg
ged calf ; and still another with an ox
weighing 3,700 pounds. Then last, but
not least, there seems to be a general
determination on the part of the people
of all sections to come to the State fair.
The railroads will run excursion trains
each day aud will bring the people at
two cents a mile each way and bring
their exhibits to the fair and carry them
back home, all free. So, with the pros
pects of a grand exhibition, the liberal
rates furnished by the railroads and the
people all anxious to come, the State
fair this year must be a grand success.
There is to be a hotel erected on Black
Mountain. A mau iu Hickory has the
contract, and a sawyer in Burke has en
gaged to furnish 150,000 feet of the lum
ber. We have never known an appointment
by the Governor to meet with more un
divided favor than the appointment of
Mr- Merrimou to the Supreme Court
X nacu
ar virtue In Aycr's Sarsapart lla Is that
eanses and purees the blood from all cor-
winie it c
rupttons aud impurities, and thereby routs out dis
ease, it builds up and invigorates the whole system,
and makes one young again.
Died. In Mocks ville. October 3d. 1883.
Prof. Richard Sterling, in the 71st vear I
of his age. Prof, Sterling was widely
known and highly respected throughout
this aud other States us one of the lead
ing educators of his day. He was at one
time president of Edgeworth Female Col
lege, tireeiiiboro, X, C. He ranch t schools
oi nigii graue in miiieaxeo, Indiana and
1. Jt. - a , -..
other Mates, and was at the time of his
death County Superintendent of public
Instruction tor Davie count v. Prof, rtter-
ling had been iu feeble health for a lone
. . . .
tune. He was stricken with iniralvsis
about 4 o'clock TtMtutay morning and
died at H oVIock A. M.. Wednesday.
Thus Imk parted away oue of onr best and
njost -'highly esteemed cit:z u.Ihivie
A T kiikip-i.k Cotton Gin Accident.
We regret to learn that Mr. Kichard A.
Torrcnce, a prominent citizen of Hope
well hiwuship, this comity, met with a
very -erious accident ia hi cotton gin
yesterday, by which he had his right arm
torn off in the saws of the gin. The gin
had become choked, and iu the effort to
clean it, Mr. Torrence gut his hand caught
iu Hie saws winch drew hi arm iu up to
the elbow, badly lacerating it all the way.
A messenger was dispatched to the city
tor Dr. Uibhon, who went out to give Mr.
Torrence such ti eminent as may be nec
essary. From w hat the messenger could
tell about the injury, it is evident that
the arm will have to be amputated. Mr.
lorreuce seived iu the Confederate artuv
and left a hg ou the i.attlrtield. In this
sad misfortune which has overtaken him,
he has the sincere sympathy of his many
" c,,u cuy auu couutrv. Journal
Obserrer. I
0 1 1 u- a go, Oct 5. A eiasy woman ere
ated quite a strjr this morning iu the aub
treaaory building, aud later iu the U. S.
court, presided mr by Judge Bhidgett
oy demanding the immediate payment
'"rwwww -'r diooi." Efforts to
quiet her by promising thjrtiyu million
ami the bai.mce next, reek foiled and
""V. . m,!,,'.V . ted by four
nan ins w Hum tor a tiue h..
fought des
Gold by the Ton.
The Precious Metal in lumps as Heavy as
a Strong man Can Lift.
From the Amador Dispatch.
One of the richest strikes known in the
mining history of California was made
three miles south of this place last Satur
day. A pocket of quartz of almost un
paralleled richness was found less than
one huudred feet from the surface. in which
was contained from $75,000 to $100,000,
and about two tons in quantity. Much of
this might be termed chunks of gold
instead of jrold beat ing ouartz. Some of
these pieces of solid gold were about as
heavy as a mau could lift from the ground.
ti i i
l lie luijarst piece was an u ui, si.iirii
bv twent v-two inches aud six or seveu
inches thick. This gold is almost black
and of the same character as the former
rich strikes found in the same mine.
We have no doubt that this is the richest
find of cold ever kuown iu the Uni
ted States nt oue time.
During Friday-a ton of this gold freigh
ted ore was taken out. It is not so
rich as the gold streak taken out some
time ago, but there is vastly more of it.
The value of this bonanza is estimated at
from $50,000 to $100,000. The ledge is
five feet wide and the whole face of
was held together, as it were, by spikes
of solid gold. Altogether, three thou
sand pounds have been taken from this
bunch of ore and the end is not yet. The
very rich streak from which tins mass
of free gold has been taken ranges from
an inch or so up to twenty inches in
width. The previous seam varied from
the thickness of a kuifeblade to three
Commenting upon some observations
made by the Scientific American upou
the use of copper for roofing pur
poses, the American Architect says:
There are in Boston many copper roofs,
put ou about forty years ago, which show
no signs of deterioration aud the metal
is still much employed in that city for
cornices, gutters aud rain-water pipes, as
well as for covering bay windows, and in
mauy other ways iu place of galvanized
iron, which is much inferior iu beauty
and durability, and not very much cheap
er. The copper has the additional ad
vantage of needing no paint, so that the
delicate lines of artistic work are in no
danger of being filled up, and the metal
increases rather than diminishes in beau
ty, by the slow formation of a bluish pa
tina over it. For flashings, as well as
other portions of roof-work, copper is
much superior to ziuc or tin, aud with
the aid of a certain amount of lead the
most difficult problems iu roofing can be
successfully and permanently solved.
A Cotton Picker. The Tarboro
Southerner says: Dr. W. J. Lawrence
brings us the pleasing news that Mr. Ben
0. Savage's cotton picker is a success. He
has seen it at work. In rank cotton be
fore the leaves are off it is at present of
little account. The leaves cover up the
bolls so that the bristles do not reach
them. When the leaves are olt, the cot
ton is picked out cleanly. Asa pea pick
er it is a complete success, doing its work
rapidly and well. It can pick at least
five acres of cotton or peas in a day. Dr
Lawrence now thinks that it is only a
question of a short time when it would
pick any kind of cotton.
We were informed the other day by
one of our prominent planters that the
corn which is now being harvested iu his
locality is full of weevil?. Said he : '
uever saw so many before, but you can
say to such of your readers as may have
grain infested with these insects that the
weevil will leave if they will sprinkle
salt on their corn. This is a simple and
cheap way to get rid ot a very destruc
tive insect. Hatekinsville (Ga.,) Hews.
st. Petersburg, uct. o.--serious so
cialist disorders have broken out at tin
mines in the Lral. During the recent
demonstration the troops made a sudden
descent on a large body of socialists and
dispersed them. So savage was the at
tack that many socialists were killed.
Qi'ixcy, III.. Oct. 8. A full blooded
Indian medicine man, who has been plying
ins profession by incantation union" the
people of this neighborhood for seveial
years aud was married to a white woman
this morning murdered his wife and then
killed himself.
Hannibal, Mo., Oct. 8. Fred D. Hill,
aged 14, in attempting to jump from an
engine on the Missouri, Kansas aud Tex
as Kail road fell beneath the wheel aud
was instantly killed.
Lima, via Galveston, Oct. 8. Ad
vices from lea state that the. Chilliaus
evacuated Chiuaca on September 28th,
aud that preparations were being made
for the evacuatiou of Pi sea on the 4th in-
Peruvian papers state that the sol
has risen in valne one penny and is now
worth three aud a half pence.
Boston, Oct. 8. Twenty-five members
ot the North Carolina Press Association
and a number of distinguished gentlemen
from Connecticut were royally enteitain
ed at dinner by the proprietor of the Bos
ton Commercial Bulled u at the Parker
House ou Saturday.
Washington, Oct. 8. The case of ex
Senator Kellogg, charged With accepting
bribes to influence the postothce othciaht
in awarding star route coutracts, came
up in the Criminal Court before Jude
Wylie to-day. A plea of not guilty wra
entered, and the trial was ?et for the 2i:d
Monday in December.
Providknck, R. I., October 4. Alex-
auder J. MacDonald, about 30 years of
age, fell 85 feet with the Skinner laddei
while exhibiting the ladder on .hxchangt
place to-night and was instantly killed
Jefferson Bailey who was a dozen feet
further down ou the ladder when it fel
escaped without injury.
Ague Cure
contains an antidote for all malarial dis
orders which, so far as known, is used in no
other remedy. It contains no Quinine, nor
any mineral nor deleterious substance what
ever, and consequently produces no injurious
effect upon the constitution, but leajws the
vysteai as healthy as it was before the attack.
to cure every ease of Fever and Ague, Inter
mittent or Chill Fever, Remittent Fever,
Dumb Ague, Bilious Ferer, and Liver Com
plaint caosed by malaria. In case of failure,
after due trial, dealers are authorised, by our
circular dated July 1st, 1&, to refund the
Dr. J.C. Ayer&Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggists,
John Bostian, Thos. B. Marsh, Frank Young,
David Gaskill, or any of us
will take great pleasure in she wins: you
Lovliest, Host Stylish and Completest Stock of good
GOODS to be found in Salisbury.
Washington, Oct 5. The last day of
the bicycle tournament here drew a large
crowd at Athletic Park this afternoon.
The one mile heat race won by J no. S.
riuce. Keen, the Englishman, won the
first heat iu 3 minutes 6f seconds; Prince
won the second heat 3 minutes 7 seconds,
Keen passing the cord second laer.
rinco also won the third heat and the
race iu 3 minutes ftf seconds, Keen J of a
second behind. Highan, the English
champion came in 3d each heat. The
five mile race between Hanna aud Bor
den, of Washington was won by Hanna
n 16 minutes 47f seconds, Borden cross
ing the line iu 16 minutes 47 J. seconds.
Niiw Yokk, October 3. From the fact
that over 500 letters were deposited iu
the postoffice on Tuesday for dispatch to
oreign countries, each prepaid by a two
cent stamp, it would appear that a con
siderable portion of the public are under
the erroneous impression that the foreigu
as well as tiie domestic rate of letter pos
tage has beeu reduced. 1 his is not the
case, the rate on letters to foreign coun
tries of the Universal Post union (of
which nearly all civilized nation. and
their colonies are. members) remaining as
lerelotore. at hvc cents per half ouuee.
Industrial democracies ate never given
to war, although tney are sometimes
dragged into one by t lie reckless action
of their leaders. The proviso of the
French constitution, which renders a vote
of the Chamber necea'ry before a war
can be commenced',' tit oue that we should
do well to adopt. "It is owing to this pro
viso that the French fleet had to steam
out the harbor of Alexandria when we
suggested a joint bombardment. We
spent a few millions in Kg v pt, i he French
spent nothing. Who was the wiser?
London Truth.
The diptlicria is
prevailing in Burke
count v.
Bernhardt Bros.
And desire to call attention to their
In this they offer to the Farmers
a good
selection of
Wagons, Plows of all Descrip
tions Cast. Chill and Steel ;
They also have the '
Best Sewing Machines.
They are Agents for the
Plow-BraM Guano
As good as can be bought in the market.
Call and be convinced that their
house is the place for Fanner- t get what
they need. Respectfully,
Hair Renewer.
Seldom does a popular remedy win rooh a
Strong hold upon the public confidence as haf
Hall's Hajb Rexiwee. The emaea in which
it hat accomplished a complete restoration of
color to the hair, and rigorous health to the
scalp, are Innumerable.
Old people like it for its wonderful power to
restore to their whitening locks their original
color and beauty. Middle-aged people like it
because it prevents them from getting bald,
keeps dandruff away, and makes the hair
grow thick and strong. Young ladies like it
as a dressing because it gives the hair a beau,
tif ul glossy lustre, and enables them to dress
it in whatever form they wish. Thus it is the
favorite of all, and it has become so simply
because it disappoints no one.
Eat become one of the most important popu
lar toilet articles for gentlemen's use. When
the beard ia gray or naturally of an unde
sirable shade, Bcouxghak's Pn ia the
R. P. Hall & Co., Nashua, N.H.
Sold by all Druggists.
Administrator's Notice I
Havimr Qualified as administrator of
John M. Marlin, deed., notice is hereby
given to all creditors to present their
claims to the undersigned on or before the
5th day of October 1884, and all persons
indebted to the estate are requested to
make immediate payment. This the 28th
day of September, 1883.
Adm'r of John M. Marlin. -
Be pleased to know that I have made full
arrangements to buy all the CottoarSeed
that can be delivered at Salisbury, China
Grove and Third Creek Stations. Will pay
full market prices through the season.
Call and see me, or write at once for full
particulars. Truly,
I will meet the Tax Payers of Rowan
county, aftihe following times and places
for the purpose of collecting the State and
County tax for the year 1883.
The law is rigid and Tax Payers are
earnestly requested to meet in the townships
and settle their taxes. I will make but one
round, as the law requires no more.
funlt y , at Bice Bally '8 store, Monday Oct. 15
Scotch Irish, " Mt. Vernon, Tuesday ' is
Steel, " Davis store, Wednesday " IT
lit mi " Husflns' House near
u LUU' Dr. Houston old Place, Thursday " 18
Atvveil, at Coleman's, Friday " 1
do. EnoclivHle, Saturday " 20
China Grove, " China Orove, Monday " 88
litaker, Bostlan's x Koads, Tuesday " 23
Gold Hill, " Gold Hill, Wednesday " 24
Morgan's " Morgan's old place, Thursday " 25
do. at Root Miller's, Tuursday evening " 25
to ten o. clock " a
Providence, "at Hatter Shops, Friday, 12 M. " 26
SaUsbury, Court House, Saturday " 27
Franklin, " Franklin Academy, Monday " 2
Locke. " Gibson's, Tuesday so
Scoteh Irish, " Rowan Mills, Wednesday " 31
C. C. KRIDER, Sh'ff
of Rowan County.
mm aj
of the day. Warranted to CURE every
time or the moxey refunded. For sale
only at FNNISS' Drug Store.
BSagip Asthma Cure. Persons af
flicted with this distressing complaint
should try this Medicine. A few hours use
will entirely remove all oppression, and the
patient can breath and sleep with perfect
ease and freedom. Price $1. For sale at
ENNISS' Drug Store.
. ' DRS. J. J. & E. M. SUMMERELL.
. 8 to 10 a. m. and 3 to 5 p. m.
37 6m
Norti Carolina, Rowan County.
October 3d, 1883.
Ann Grimsley and husband, Wm. )
GriniBley ; Elizabeth Hicks and
husband, Win. Hicks; Andrew By
ard, Mary Millsaps, Caroline Har
niet and husband, SanTl Hamet ; &
Eliza Byard. heirs-at-law of Eliza
beth McBryde, dee'd.; Thos Benton
McBryde and EKzabeth H. Mc
Bryde, heirs-at-law of James Mc
Bryde, deceased; the heirs-at-law
(names unknown) of John Mc
Bryde, dee'd.; the heirs-at-law of
Win. McBryde, dee'd., viz; Rachel
McBryde, Susan McBryde & others
(names unknown;) and the heirs-at-law
(names unknown) of Thos.
McBryde, deceased. Defendants. J
It appearing to the satisfaction of the
Court that Andrew Byard, Mary Millsapa,
Caroline Hamet and husband, Sam'l Ham
et; Eliza Byard, Thos. B. McBryde, and
Elizabeth H. McBryde ; the heirs-ut-law
(names unknown) of John McBryde, dee'd.;
the heire-atdaw of Wm. McBryde, dee'd.,
viz : Rachel McBryde and Susan McBryde
and others, names unknown ; and the heirs-at-law
(names unknown) of Thos, McBryde
det;l., are nrm -residents of this State: It
is hereby ordered that publication be made
in the Carolina Watchman, a weekly news
paper published in the town of Salisbury,
for six successive weeks, notifying the above
named nnn resident defendants to be and
appear nt the office of the Clerk of the Su
perior Court'of How an county at the Court
House in Salisbury, on Monday the 3d day
of December. 1883, and answer or demur
to the petition which has been filed in the
above entitled action; and it they fail so
to answer or demur, the Plaint iff' will apply
to the Court for the relief demanded in the
baid petition. Jobk M. Hokah,
01;Ct Clerkk S. G. Rowan Co,
ft ft fl ft ft
Have their JSew (Spring Stock Complete
T 11 .1 9SV an-
Pronounced by all who have inspected tnem as the Prettiest
Give us
R. 1H.
- - -r-i TP
nrm lire
an a aaavia
CHEAP BEDS, $2.50.
Sewinsr Machines weed and Hartford.
Bead Frjof of Wonderful Cnres:
Charle8ton. 8. C, July 88, 1883.
Da. J. B. Kendall & Co., Dear Sirs: 1 purchased
at Louisville, Ky.. a very line bred colt, and in ship
ping Ue got Uls hock badly burton the outslJe of the
joint which caused it to swell three or four times
the natural size, which made him very lame. I tried
a great many liniments which ruled to benefit the
injured part. At last when disgusted, and ready to
give up the colt as ruined, 1 happened to see your ad
vertisement ot "Kendall's Blister and Spavin Cure,"
and thought I would give it a trial, 1 first applied
the "Blister" to the hock whlch'by this time had
calloused, and to my surprise found It worked like a
charm. In twenty-four hours the part that was
hard became soft and the lameness began to lave.
I then jot some of "Kendall's Spavin Cure" and ap
plied it according to directions, which has made a
perfect eure, and tue eoit Is now ;i:s sound as any
horse alive. I merely write lid.s letter to you, as I
think tt a duty I owe to you. and also for the good
of the p in lc at large.
Th" foregoing statement I will flidaitto, and
can also have the same writicd oy the best house
men in our city who saw tae colt before and after
treatment. Wry Hespectfully ,
1 Chapel St. Jonic Tt. A:nold.
Beunonl N. H., July 85, 1883.
Dr. Ji.J. Kt-n.lall t- Co., Gents: U Is with the
test pleasure that I wish to say to you that
ve used your "Kendall's spavin Cure" with
very best results, having entirely cured a horse af
flicted with splint, also another that had a spavin.
The cure found to be permanent. I have used tt
many other cases aud find that it does all claim tor
It either for man or beast. Pkok. Jri. Cillet.
Galveston, Texas, July is, 1888.
Ir. n. J. Knt lt ,(. Co. : I hereby certify to hav
ing used "Kendall's Spavin Cure" on a valuable
horse for a curb with entire success and take pleas
ure in recommending it in all confidence.
Modesto, Cal , Aug. 9th, 1882.
Ii. J. KnulnU & Co., Gtuts: Before coming to this
coast, and while at home, in Longmeadow, Mass., I
had occasion to observe the benefits resulting from
the use of your Kendall's spavin Cure. My brother
had a young horse which developed a bone spavin
which he cured and at the same time removed the
enlargement. A Mr. A. K. Mathews also cured a
valuable stallion of a spavin, as well as another ac
quaintance by the name of B. Combs, both of which
came under my personal observation, being in my
own town, and a gentleman wiih whom I was well
acquainted, and in the Interest of the horsemen In
this vicinity I offer this my experience.
Kespectfully yours, James Qcink.
Col ton, Cal., Oct. 3rd, 1882.
B. J. Keminil Co. .-While In the employ of C. C.
Hastings, the well known horseman, of San Fran
cisco, In the year ending lsso, we had a young horse
two years old that contracted a bone spavin and
seeing your liniment known as Kendall's Spavin
Cure advertised, upon my own responsibility I com
menced using it and within thirty days from that
time and after having used only three bottles the
spavin was removed entirely, and therefore I natur
ally have the utmost conddence In Its merits. I do
not hesitate to recommend it to aU who have occa
sion to use the medicine and should any one desire
to confer with me I shall be glad to answer any com
munication relating to the case in question
Respectfully yours, John Roaoxan.
Price $1 per bottle, or six bottles for $5. All Drug
gists have It or can get it for you, or It will be sent
to any addr.s on receipt of price by the proprietors.
Dr. b. J. Kendall & Co., Knosburgh Kails Vt
35: ly
Sale of Valuable Land!
On Saturday, the 13th day of October
next, I will sell, on the premises, a tract of
land belonging to my ward, Charles E.
Karnker, being a part of the David Fouts
plantation in Atwell Township, adjoining
the lands of Jacob Sloop, George Karriker,
D. Cooper and others. This tract contains
Sixteen Acres and was allotted to Charles
E, Karriker in severalty by order of Court.
Terms of gale : Cash as soon as the sale
is confirmed. By order of Court.
Jacob Bost, Ouard'n
of Chas. E. Karriker.
Sept, 6th, 1883. 48:5t
BoM laa triO. WarrutW mm.
Tlllt llllll
suuuaToi, a. V
and (renenJ sUhrticn. frrr.
j -
now s aoa
m the
a call you will be pleased.
I i
1 Ti y 1 - ' )
fia fir upholsterer
Woven Wire Mattresses, m
nnnrin ar i tt tit n .
j n iiiiii in ii ii iiiii iii it i ami
in IkAiA- in u a I IV It 1 HKllhr
-A T-
Wittkowsky & Bartcii
raiace Ot Atfrnrimm
The Public Will Always
:W. & B:
i uio tuts "in t i ih'uoju i j vf
I Ii i a ' no t in nn I t t!k.Li:.fl,t L . , . '
avion 1 o i i , i i r. i i . . i . t . . . . , ., .
.......... 1 l i . ... . ,
terminea to supply. Tins fact is now torn.
Uiuu.uu vt. a ii v- i inn!,' lCim Vile aufyUulGI
outlay was unlimited. Deparmrat afters
palnneut has been added. The capital re
quired for such of these deparuumi
would make a handsome bunk tt.
But 'tis done, inspired by an abla
tion that our city should stand ti
to none, we have felt that td
brlngour Immense estallshmt
on an equal footing wlthNeti
lor-, 1105JHI1 or elsewhere,
we had to place belore our
patrons a stock of such
of Dress Fabrics, silks,
Sfltlns, Velvets. Milli
In 4-
nery, &c. we have
made our selec-
tlons from
t h e
rrcdacts ot Lvery Clime on use
w K
also add
ed a Ladies'.
Missis' and Chil- f
dren's Underwear
Department nevt-r be
fore attempted Id the M
South. This Department
occupies one of the raiiseof
magnificent galleries which
are reached by four stairwajw
The entire establlslimeninrtlhv
antly lighted bvtlfty chandelier,
presenting a most beautiful pletuj?
We have also added at the earnest
solicitation of mitnv friends a vifii
long and very much felt in this sect,
namely, a Dressmaking DeparuatM-
e tneretore Deg 10 lniorm me uw
North and South Carolina that we oje
i--.n.i ti.u .r.pvo..iw.f no wL Hi-! nnlsUV
. v . viae- otl itri wi l n (i o.t .mne md
have ever catered to the tastes of the laa
arustic taste nas long w-en known in mci
tonable circles of N. York, Philadelphia, 1
and Chicago.
111 nnt a 0s 1 a r m 1 1 r a 1 n 11
(In n r. WK fin Vn N n
In saying to the Ladies of North i
" 1: 1 ., o Virst
Dress Makinsr Denartiiient. where')
can relv on their most particular W
ui any ireaas or lapuion wm r
We have fitted un in excellent sttw
ar..:..j. .. T i,,iL-inU
ment, supplied
npeessnrr fur it a rnniiiriinentS. and '
now mny prepared to guarmi fr
tion in fittinjt, style and workmanship
.. . . .. . .... :
wc solicit the favor 01 vour ir-
in person or
which shall have our most prnWp'
careful attention at all times.
-Ve are Yours Very 7
TS m 1 I r US8
. . . .... .. ..rtles-'"
Keeps a seiect stoc k oi-au-iue
and good.
lie cunit. one of the bus rm '
do ws of Davis
unf, call V"
can suit you to
1 I ',
tb valley iitm m as
. , T ' P. 1.1
.. u.w RollahK'
rue uncappgi. Biwa,""- ...ii?
lev Mutual, which enables you to earn
policy at an actual average cost of V? "JI,
For further information, call on or -riyj
- - se
HAy to, 1883. mu;

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