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tehimtn are as follows :
i'Ar, pft'd 'n advance, $1.50
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m t uerea i ino'gz.ou
ra' O I : t- -
TUXES see oueriu rviiuei a Mim in
tbU paf and prepare to meet him.
Dr. Jj ? Keen nas Sot tue wor'c 80 far
wmpleed on his new steam mill and
cin li0U6ithat he can now gin cotton.
b If o
The ft rst -student was admitted into
the Ro4pki County High School on last
Saturday 4
1 o
The epiollment at the colored Graded
School ifuit month was 101 ; at the Nor
mal Schjxil about thirty.
of sales
frown is increasing his number
to meet the fall and winter
A drutnSner told ns yesterday that for
itorwly, substantial improrement, among
North Carolina towns Salisbury takes
the lead! j
Mr. Hi Williams is to be seen on
the strell ; Sampling cotton. He is buying
for J. ! Raskin and wants to see his
farmer ftiejids before tlicy sell.
The Sjunday school picnic at St. Mat
thews cliijrch, was postponed on aewtant
of bad leather, will be held on the 3d
Satuida'1 n this month.
We art- glad to see the Ross comer in
bloom a&ain. Mr. Ross intends to make
its lieiftfjcentre for cotton and fertili-
If esstf. Ben Caubie, and v. Wallace
indulge! iit a small affray Monday after
noon. It grew out of a fight between
the child rMi of the parties. Mr. Caubie
was ntiefl feiglt dollars.
r j-
Capt.4Chas. Price has gone to New
York lei take depositions in the case of
Prinf agjtiuBt Becket and McDowell.
11 o
Look I oat for yonr hen roosts. The
proceed! from the sale of three chickens
is just ilic exact change required at the
entrance pf Sells "great combined
i I 1
!- ' i O
The cotton bale, after an absence of
some months has again made its appear -anee
on oir streets iu something like
iMr. iVil. Lindsay and Mr. James
Rutnnayf vfent North Sunday evening.
They propose to unite business and
pleasure;. Boston and her exposition is
oue ot tin-it objective points.
3 ! i
One f falisbnry's youn ladies stop
ping at j Rltberford College is creating
a sensitio among the young gents at
that place ly her beanty and intelligence.
Nothing! iw. We have more of the
same suit.
Mr. V. (r. Ram.ay is not going to
Chariot ie is a salesman in the employ
of Wjtfjtoijfcky and Baruch, as was
aniiounced 1 1 the columns of the Journal
Observer. SesKrs. Meioney know how to
appreciate a good salesman and made it
to his iijterett to stay hero.
The "Poifnm" hunters are beginning
to get in tiler work. A party of hunters
caught qVelouday night.
"Appropo i' hunting. The quail and
turkey sea so i does not open on the 15th
of October is many have supposed, but
on the 1st of November.
Messrs. Bernhardt Bros, are receiving
their new fk , and winter goods, both ex
tsntive and choice in selection. Read
their advertisement of a "New Depart
ure' which pgpetra in this pair.
:. I A
New C(tn Weigher. Mr. John
Beard of this place was elected by the
Town Cwnuiisdouers at their last meet
ing, to tie office of Cotton Weigher. We
understajndHluit the Standard Keeper,
Mr. WiUjjanJg Brown, has condemned the
Cotton Sfcalts (FairbaukV) heretofore iu
"i a"djtht nofher will bo employed.
Mr. JoWskennard of KlurtVa Wr
house isidofuir a good work for Salisbury's
tobacco jnajrket.- He says he is going to
nnke tie farners grow the weed, or
"row aay Uie best tobacco seed in the
world, j By eratoitoaalv distribution
atiaesj oi growing and curing along
wa "p o$m1 from Burke on oue side
to Staujy n the other, he hopes to
nake HH&ary ihe center of a tobacco
growing bointrv.
Some Lvrl
The regular monthly meeting of the
Rowan Coonty Teachers' Association will
toe held at the Graded School Building
on Saturday, Oct. 13th at 10 o'cclork.
This will be an important meting and it
is hoped that there will be full atten
dance of teachers. Among other subjects
to be discussed will be the proposed
establishment of a montly paper devoted
to the educational interests of to trait
County. Those persons who have been so
liciting subscriptions for the paper will be
expected to report at this meeting.
The Asheville Citizen notes the passage
of eleven ear loads of cotton over the
Western N. C. Railroad from Paint Rock,
destined to Lowell, Mass. It is expected
that" the Western N. C. Railroad will do
a large business in freights from Tennes
see and the West generally. Messrs.
Brown & Gowan have a heavy stock of
stores just received from a Nashville,
Tennessee, manufactory over the West
ern Road ; and coal can be obtained over
this raod at about $5 the ton. Travel to
and from the west is also taking that
route. There is said to be no detention
anywhere except two hoars at this place
"t OUT citizens liiirA lkfirim
coal U cheaper fuel than
, am ae bringing into use handsome
W stovs iu place of wood-stoves,
vuiong alniiuiber of styles which the firm
slnppedubeni to fill orders, Messrs.
?tK rtr" beautifully decorated
h oruauntal designs and highly pI
rrU'aD1 4h can be quickly converted
t thc f'"' otablishnn-ut we mw. vea
S, alhelaUJUl coal furnace to be'put
fm KeL,..ii Jml ZTr
mmm ii iim J iii t IM1H ,N ;
"J tacilitie;
Beware ! Some two or three weeks
ago, a person representing himself as an
agent of the "Great Eastern Mutual In
surance Company of Baltimore," made his
appearance here, and, wo learn, has suc
ceeded in persuading several of our citi
zens to take out policies on the lives of
two or more old negroes, whose ages ran
up into the seventies and eighties, prom
ising that in a year they will receive a
bonus of $ 800 en the investment; bat, in
one instance, at least the certificate pur
ports to be issued by the ''Maryland Life
Association," although the agent seems to
represent t lie first named company. One of
this agents ietims, suspect ing that all was
not right, wrote to proper parties in Balti
more the beadquartes of both of these com
panies asking for information as to their
solvency, &c, and the answer was that
"they were no good." Besides, Mr. Wm.
H. Blackford, a gentleman promiuently
connected with the legitimate insurance
business of Baltimore writes that he
knows nothing of the companies, and that
some time ago the authorities of Pennsyl
vania prosecuted the officers of some con
cents of the same description as the above
named, on the ground of swindling, and
drove them from that State. Some of
them, he aays, took refuge in Maryland.
Our town authorities iu the possession
of this information, caused the arrest of
these men last Saturday, and after exam
ination put them under bonds to answer
for violation of the laws .of the State by
issuing policies in a company not lisensed
to de business in this State. It is be
lieved other causes of actiou will also lie
against them.
o 1
The joyoas season of the year is npon
us when "pleasures pour profuse round
and, iu their shower, hearts opeu and are
made oue.
Such was the pleasant occasion of a
marriage in Salisbury, Oct. 9th, 1883, at
First Presbyterian Church. Mr. Walter
Alexander of Charlotte to Miss Minnie
Ramsay of Salisbury. Ceremony per
formed by Rev. J. Alston Ramsay, broth
er of the bride, assisted by Rev. J. Rum
pie, D.D. The Church was most taste
fully decorated with the many lined
flowers of Autumn the columns wreath
ed, and an arch in the center over which
burned waxen candles, shedding that
soft radiance that only wax candles can
At an early honr the house was densely
packed, but not till 9 o'clock did the
bridal party appear. The music on the
occasion was grand, swelling in magic
chords like waves, as one dies away
another sweet and touching comes on.
The bride's maids glide iuto the Church
looking in their maiden freshness beauti
ful as the morning.
First, Miss Ella Brown and Mr. Archie
Young, of Salisbury; Miss Nettie Ram
say, of Monroe, Mr. J. H. Ho rah, Salis
bury j Miss Annie Brown, Mr. Will
Ramsay, Salisbury ; Miss Laura Ross,
Charlotte, Mr. J. F. McCubbius, Salis
bury ; Miss Sallie Alexander, Mr. W. B.
Neabit, Charlotte ; Miss Lizzie McCorkle,
Salisbury, Mr. Thomas Pittntan, Char
lotte ; Miss Fannie Neely, Salisbury, Mr.
Ed Anderson, Charlotte; Miss Mary Jones
Beall, Leuoir, Mr. W. C. Alexander,
Charlotte Miss Lncy Alexander, Char
lotte, Dr. W. L. Ramsay, Mooresville ;
two little flower girls, Miriam Wiley aud
Lilian Foust.
Then all eyes are turned to greet the
bride who comes leaning on the arm of
the groom, and stand under the Floral
arch. She is graceful and gentle, "deli
cate and fair" as the lilies of the valley
that adoru her brow and hold back the
veil that weeps, like misty moonlight
over her long traiu of satin aud soft fall
ing lace.
The ceremony over the bridal party go
to the residence of Mr. McCubbius, uncle
of the bride, where a sumptuous supper
is spread.
The groom with his bride leaves for
Charlotte their future home, on the 12
o'clock train, aud with them goea an earn
est wish for happiness, aud as years on
years have passed away may they find
'There's bliss beyond all the miustrel has
When two, that are linked in one (tea
v'nly tie,
With heart never changing aud brow
never cold,
Love on through all ills, love on till
they die!"
N. Y. Mining Record, Sept. 29lh.
Boston, Mass., Sept. 18, 1883.
To the Lditor Mining Record:
Sir. I see that some friend has writteu
you in regard to North Carolina's exhibit
of resources here. Thinking that yon
aud your readers might like to know
something of the extent and variety pre
sented, I have concluded to place at your
disposal some statistical facts. Begin
ing with gold ores. We have milling
specimens from some fifteen or twenty
counties as follows: 2 from Burke. 10
Cabarrus, 13 Caldwell, 2 Catawba, 6 Da
vidson, 4 Gaston, 2 Guilford, 3 Lincoln,
19 Mecklenburg, 18 Montgomery, 2 Ran
dolph, 2b' Rowan, 6 Stanly, and 5 Union.
The others are from scattered localities.
From this number, 119 milling specimens,
(besides the scattered ones), some idea of
the extent and character of North Caroli
na's ore deposits may be sained. These
specimens comprise all grades of ore from
the simple free milling slates and milky
quartz, to iron pyrite, iron and copper
pyrite aud auriferous chalcopyrite, gale
na ana other complex ores. 1 hey are
arranged so that they may be easily ex
amined, and we iuvite examination from
scientific men. Oar exhibit of silver ores
comprise some fifteen milling specimens,
the most valuable of which came from
Davidson county, though Rowan, Union,
Caldwell, Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Mont
gomery and Burke counties also furnish
specimens. There are over thirty milling
specimens of copper ore. Some fifteen of
these are auriferous. The richest and
purest specimens are from Mechlenburg,
Rowan, Cabarrus, Guilford, Watauga,
Ashe and Person. The ore from the last
is exceedingly rich, gray or black copper,
and has only recently beeu brought to
notice. The section is being largely de
deloped aud promises to become one of
the greatest sources for this metal in the
It may not be well known that a good
many of the Carolina copper ores are
gold beat ing, as, for instance, at Conrad
Hill. Here they ran the ore through
a stamp mill aud save by simple amalga
mation, from seven to ten dollars per ton
in gold, before extracting the copper.
Of iron ores, the exhibit is full and inter
esting, with over thirty specimens: limo
nite, hematite, powder ore, spotted ore
and all grades of magnetite. Some of
these ores have been analyzed, for exam
ple, the Powder ore, from Ormoud Ore
Bank, Carolina Mining Company, King's
Mountain, N. C, specimens taken from
four car loads, gave:
Silica 0.43
Alumina .78
Peroxide. ..98.82
Lime 45
Magnesia 18
Phosphoric acid 0.28
Sulphur trace
Metalic Iron 65.67
Miny forjret that the nalr and scaln nel cleans-
luv us w ell as tne minus aod teet. Kxten&i re Hse of
A ft s Halt YLror h.ts proven that It Is the heat
nlAaiwInnr 1 fro ri t tnr t h. hit. thAt 4t v.maama
i ...i .mining camp wen its nnna unuuruu, cuuin ami soomes toe
al e1tl4 Western X. C. Railraod. 1l?fV8llmulat8 tUe 10 "ewc1 d
bite, thirty-five per cent, in Samarskite
and large per cent, in Fergusonite, Mic
rolite and Hatcltettolite.
Tantalum, often to the extent of thirty
per cent, in Columbite and eighteen per
cent, in Samarskite.
Decipium, Phillipium and Scandium,
the lately discovered metals present in
Samarskite and Fergusonite.
Timbers : Some hundred aud fifty SCO
tions taken from the butts of trees, four
feet long and cut so that the grain, both
with and across, is shown, together with
the bark. In addition, the plank of like
trees are finished, or rather hand-polished
showing the surface uncbauge in color
Another series ot tue same woods are
varnished ; making altogether, the B nest
exhibit of woods and timbers ever made
in this country from a single State. There
are fine curled and waved woods for ve
ueers, and niauu fact mod articles in ad
ditiou to the timbers.
There are many other things of interest
here, but iu anticipation of a visit from
one ot your Editorial staff, who will see
for himself, and through your columns for
yonr readers, I will desist and gladly wel
come him. T. K. B.
" 97.19
" .56
" .24
" 0.76
" 68.03
Phosphorus 0.13 to 0.36
Titan n m none none
The limonite of the same locality gave:
Metalic Iron 57.50 60.66
Sulphur none none
Phosphorus " "
Prof. Geo. B. Hauua, of the Charlotte
mint, who made these analyses says that
he does not think the samples as a whole
will go so high, but some of the bet ter
pieces' will.
The Cranberry magnetite is the most
beautiful aud attractive ore on exhibit,
aud is much admired by people who
know something of iron. It may be of
interest to give here four analyses made by
Dr. Genth, and oue by Prof. Chandler of
New York. They are takeu from Kerr's
N. C. Geological reports. He says : "The
quality of the, ore will best be seen by
reference to the follow ing analyses :
64 65 66 67
Magnetic Ox. of Iron. . 94.37
Oxlde ot Maganese 0.26
Alumina 0.43
Lime 0.43
Magnesia 0.36
snica. Pyroxlne, etc. . . 4-l
Phosphoric acid
1.45 6S.50 80.77
0.06 0.24 1.42
0.77 0.11
1.01 0.72
0.S3 0.33
0.44 1.53
5.74 11.48
Total loo.oo loo.oo ioo.oo 100.0099.95
Metalic Iron 68.34 66.22 61.98 58.49 66.63
This ore is remarkable for its toughness
and tensile strength, and is much sought
after. I might go on aud give analysis af
ter auelysLa, as we pass the different piles,
but these; serve to show the quality.
The iron beds of Western Caroliua are
practically inexhaustible.
Coal from the coal fields of both" Chat
ham and Stokes counties, is very fair, be
ing semi-bituminous and bituminous.
Coke is made from it. These coal beds
ou Deep and Dan rivers, are important
but as yet are not developed. The Deep
river coal field is forty-three square miles
in extent aud the depth of the deposit is
six feet. The Dan river bed is about
eighteen square miles in extent and the
coal occurs in eight or more parallel stra
tas of from two to five feet iu thick ness.
In this paper it will be impossible to
go into the general exhibit of minerals,
embracing about 150 varieties which are
shown in considerable quantities, yet a
few of the rarer minerals found iu Prof.
VV. . Hiddeu's cabinet are of sufficient
interest to deserve mention. They are
ores of rare metals of special interest to
chemists and mineralogists:
Yttrium, to the extent of forty per cent,
iu the Fergusonite from Burke coonty.
Thorium, to the amount of six per cent,
iu the Mounzite from the same county.
Cerium, Naothaninn, and Didymium,
in the Mouazitc, Allanite and Samarskite
from many localities.
Zirconium, sixty-eight per cent, in the
Zircons from Henderson county. Over
30 pounds of this mineral were obtained
by two hand with a common rocker in a
few days.
Uranium, pure oxide, and the hydrated
ore (Gnmmite) at many of the mica mine.
Columbiuni, fifty per cent, iu colura-
It Is Coming. The great show em
phatically the show of shows the organ
ized consolidation of the Sells Brothers,
who have for this season so added to its
previous great attractions as positively
te eclipse all other traveliug exhibitions
Always in the van, the Sells Brothers
have so widened the gap between them
selves and the more pretentious of their
rivals, as to make the latter despair o
ever being able to catch up. A glauce
at the bills will satify the most insatia
ble appetite for amusement. There is
the greatest and best selection of eques
trian and general performers in the
couutiy, and a show of the rarest animals
from every part of the world. Tribes of
native Australians, Arabs, Hindoos and
American Indians will add to the intei
est of the exhibition, which will be here
on Thursday, Oct; 11th.
That our readers may judge of the
merits of this vast enterprise, we copy
from the "Courier Journal" the follow
ing :
"It is a big show : it is a clean show ;
it is a respectably conducted show. Noue
of those roucb. rowdysb, tiresome or
annoying teat ores which usually accom
pan v a large circus are present. The
menagerie part is a treat, from its clean
liuess, the size and convenience of the
cages aud condition of thc animals. The
visitor does not find a few worn out
specimens of ill-fed and mangy animals.
so constau ti v exuiulteu us to become as
common as cows. All the living things
are well cared tor, aud are, either rroui
their kind, their size, or their uatuiv
rarely seen in traveliug shows."
Criticism like this from Henry Wutter-
son's well known journal, speaks vol
umes in favor of the Sells Brothers great
MarriageJoyous lleceptlou
Mr. J. H. McDowell, of Asheville, and
Miss Ella G., daughter of Mrs. C. Graham
of Salisbury, were married in the Presby
teriau church at Salisbury, by the Rev
Mr. Stickuey on the evening of the 3rd
Their recepti u at home was an ova
tiou : a gratifying testimonial of the af
fectionate regard entertained for the hap
pv bridegroom by the members of his
compauy, the Asheville Light Infantry
That gallant band ou Wednesday morn
ing marched down to the r tench hi oat
Depot with drums beating aud colors
Hying, aud ou the arrival of the traiu
received the happy pair between opei
ranks. As the bride alighted irom the
coach, the First Lieutenant of the coin
pany gallantly presented her with superb
bouquet at ranged in Ion ic s most ele
gaut style : aud then the pair took seals
iu a handsome phauon, drawn by tour tiue
greys, over the heads ot eacli ot whom
floated the star s ami stripes, and then
escorted by the Light Infantiy, the3' were
accompanied to their home.
Mr. McDowell is Color Sergeant of the
Company, and ou the evening of his nup
tials the armory was brilliantly illumi
nated, and Hags hung suspended from all
the windows. A worthy youug man has
had touching and striking evidence of
how much he is beloved aud respected at
May the happy beginning of bis
married life be free from the cares and
the sorrows that must overcloud at
last. Atheville Citizen.
He Blew the Gas Out.--Haiti
Oct. 6. J. E. Soaucler. a
Va., mercbaut. arrived here last night
and lodged at the Niagara House. This
morning he was found dead iu his room.
iaiug ueen sunocateU iiy the gas which
be had blown oot instead of tnrninnl it
The Asheville Citizen S.irs Mninr
Heindon with his wife visited the South.
ern Exposition, and returned from Louis
ville with some valuable trophies of his
trip. He brought back a second premium
year oiu srauion ; a urst premium 2
year old black lilly from the Shelbv
county fair, and also two other fillies.
and also a registered Jersey heifer. All
these are valuable aco. nisi t ion, which
stock men and others will appreciate.
ine bpint of the South savs thnt
George Blown, a colored bov about 16
m ' r " - T
years or age, was shot at Old Hundred
last Sunday by Frank Williams, col
ored, and died from the effects of the
wound received a few hours afterwards.
Arthur Bennet, colored, was lodced in
jail here Monday by Deputy Sheriff
Livingston as accessory to the murder,
Williams making his escape. Last
1 uesday Mr. Martin Rush, oue of Mont
gomerv county's oldest aud best citizens,
was so severely injured by his horse
running away with him near his resi-
deuce (he had started to Troy court)
inai ne uieu cue loiiowing day.
As an evidence that the South moves
it is pointed oot that in 1860 the best
railroad time botween New York and
T 1 t. .
leans was nve days, and a
passenger had te make nine changes,
many of them long rides from depot to
ciepot; in im! the time was reduced to
four days , in 1873 to three and a half
days, and in 1878 to three days and oulv
oue change. Now the time has beeu
reduced to fifty-eight hours
A Sensible Suggestin. Store away a
tew bushels ot dry road dust for the hens
to dust in the next winter. Give them
enough of it and have it entirely dry, so
iney cau "make the dust fly" all through
the hen house aud cover the roosts aud
fill the cracks, and the lice most move
out. tins does not sound quite so nice
as soapsuds, carbolic acid, kerosene, per-
iect.cieauliness, &c, but it is more prac
i tea i ami more iiKeiy to ue (tone on a
farm where washing henroosts is not the
mam business. Dust is also good to
sprinkle on young stock, that should be
carJed and brushed out of the hair after
the vermin have left. Mirror d; Farmer.
. I 1 1
" w nen does a man become a seam
stress T" When he hems and haws."
"No." "When he threads his way." "No."
When he rips and tears." "No." "Give
it up." "Never, if he can help it." Oil
City Blizzard.
west lrgiuia is twenty years old as
a State. Iu that time her population has
been nearly doubled. lrgima, which
suffered in population both by the loss of
territory and meu during the war, has
just about regained her former position
having almost as man v iuhabitauts by
the census of 1830 as the old aud undi
vided Virginia had in 18G0. Border
Washington, Oct 6. Major Nicker
son, U. S. A., who was. recently found in
the courts to have obtained fraudulently
a divorce from his wife, aud who subse
quently disappeared, has written to the
War Department from Thorald, Canada,
but declines to obey the order to return
to Washington.
Salt Lake City, Oct. 6. The fifty
third semi-annual Conference of the Mor
mon Church met in this city yesterday.
The session is being held morning and
evening. This morning session was ad
dressed by Apostles Taylor, Young and
Grant. The attendance is large, and the
meeting show the detei mi nation of the
Church to stand by polygamy.
Capt. Turner W. Battle, of this county,
has ten acres planted in cotton that he
expects to make twenty bales of cotton
from. He adopted the Furman plan on
these ten acres, and would have made
more, but for the cotton-blight which is
doing the cotton in Edgecombe so much
damage this season. Tarboro Guide.
Adam ate the apple becaase it looked
ripe and lucious aud he wanted it and his
treachery to Eve, his cowardly betrayal
of a poor, defenseless woman, who had
no big brothers aud rich kin to stand by
her, has clouded his name for many thou
sand years. Ancient and modern history
gibhit the traitor and makes treachery
the most disgraceful of all crimes.
Sell the Old Hens. Sell the old hens
as soon as possible. They are not worth
keeping through the winter and in the
fall they will be almost unsaleable.
Removing Warts. A correspondent of
the German fawn Telegraph says : "Fresh,
clean hog's lard, rubbed three or four
limes on auy kind of warts on
or cattle will remove them iu thrue or
four applications. I have removed the
warts lime after time, and have never
been able to find the wart for the fouith
In Salisbury, N. C. on Thursday the
27th of September 1883, at VA o'clock
M. by David L. Br ingle. Esq., at the
Courthouse, Julius A. Oauup, Esq., to
Miss Anna j. Link, daughter of Oliver
Link, Esq., of Salisbury township. No
Near Enochville Sept. 1883, John Over-
cash after protracted sick ness at the
good old age of 86 years, 8 mouths and
12 days.
Sept. 28th 1883, Mrs. Mary Leazer, one
of the oldest citizens in Rowan county,
aged 91 yeats, 5 months aud 14 days.
Oct. 3d 1883. James P. Sechler, after
several days great suffering from fever
at the ripe age of 53 years.
Administrator's Notice!
Those persons having claims against the
estate of T. W. LowBKY, dee'd, are hereby
notified to present the same to me for pay
ment on or before the 5th day of October,
1884, or this notice will be plead in bar of
recovery. S. H. WILEY, Adm'r.
Oct. 4th, 1883. lm
By virtue of an order of the Superior
Court of Rowan County, in the case of J.
B. Hooker and others against W. L. P.
Easrle and GG. Eagle, T will sell at the
Court House door in Salisbury, on Satur
day, October 2?th, 1883, at 11 o'clock a.m.
forty acres of land, situate in Litaker
Township. Rowan County, adjoining the
lands of Geo. Barger, Rowan Mitchell and
Terms: Ca$h as soon as sale is confirm
ed. The above tract contains some good
bottom land, and has on it a dwelling
house, fences, barn and other out houses,
all in good repair. Those desiring
to purchase land will find this a good in
vestment. J. B. HOOKER,
Sept. 22d, '83. Commissioner.
Popularity at home is not always the best
test of merit, but we point proudly to the fact
Mart no other medicine has won for itself
such universal approbation in its own city,
state, and country, and among all people, as
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
The following letter from one of our best
known Massachusetts Druggists should be of
interest to every sufferer :
" Eieht years ago I
had an attack of
Rheumatism, so se
vere that I could not more from the bed, or
dress, without help. I tried several reme
dies without much if any relief, until I took
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, by the use of two
bottles of which I was completely cured.
Have sold large quantities of your Sarsa
parilla, and it still retains its wonderful
popularity. The many notable cures it has
effected in this vicinity convince me that it
is the best blood medicine ever offered to the
public E- F. Harris."
Biver St., Buckland, Mass., May 13, 1882.
George Akdrstws.
overseer in the Lowell
Cariet Corporation.
was for over twenty years before his removal
to Lowell afflicted with Salt Rheum to its
worst form. Its ulcerations actually covered
more than half the surface of his body and
limbs. He was entirely cured by Aykb s
Sarsaparilla. See certificate in Ayers
mmnumn for 1883.
Sold by all Druggists; f 1, six bottles for $5.
The subscription prioo of th Watcitmvn
isonlv ft.50, with Kendall's Iniok, "A
Tretiae on the Horse," free to every subscriber.
Have Now Received From New York City
One of tie Beit Fall anil Winter STOCKS OF GOODS
in Person, with Great Care as to Prices, Quality, Beauty and to suit the tastes of our
fS A i
vuswMnere, ana which we will sell as cheap as the cheapest. Our Department of
D17 Goods, Notions, Clothing, Friiiiisning Goods, Hats, Bcots and Shoes
have been largely increased. We have a complete Stock of Gr cer'es ar.d we B en to
feed you with the Best
Flour, Meats, Sugars, Molasses, Potatoes, Meal. Bnekwhe&t Floor. Maca
roni, Cheese, Canned Fruits, &c. to be had. in any market.
A full assortment of Family Medicines. New Stock of Table and Tin Ware
Large lot of Bagging and Ties.
Agents for Coats' Spool Cotton.
We buy and sell all kinds of Country Produce. Be sure and see as before you buy
or sell, as we will sell you good Goods and save you money.
W. W. Tatlob, )
Oct. 1st, 1883. D. J. Bostian Salesmen.
& J. A. Nkklt, )
T . f?TT AiTYvron? v n
vm ia SKSivr a. m.m$ At v.
lining Machinery a Specialty
We invite the investigation of Mine owners and
Mill-Menjseeking MACHINERY.
We can furnish on board at our Wnrki nr 'im
- w. . .
! at the mines anywhere in thc southern gold region, on
(tor wet or dry crushing), :
"Estimates furnished and prices quoted on application. 25:6ro
Au old army officer auy a there are more
cases of army officers uow peudiug beloie
Uie War Department, or iu Uie bauds oi
court-martial, iu wiueli Uie otieudeis are
cliai'ged vuiu Brtiudling by uupiicntiug
their pay accounts ot ocmug tucii p.i
for uuv iuuut.i to several peioous, than at
auj 1 1 uie Mi to ntatory oi tue army, ex
cluding, ol course, Uunug tue war, when
there were more oiuceis tuau there now
are soldio.s, aud thai mis iact is urtroug
urguuieut XkfM Uie secretary oi War to
tlisuiiss every oue oi litem, ami especially
in cases where me court-annuals recow
meud dismissal, lie advocates not ouiy
the dismissal oi me odciideis, but their
ptoseculiou in tue couits lot swindling
utter they ale uisiuiooed."
Are now in receipt of their
Duke's Cigarettes wholesale and retail
at Factory prices.
Fresh Mackerel (No. 2 Shore), Fat.
Lemons by box or dozen.
Best Leaf Lard ou baud, at
Corrected weekly by J. M. Knox & Co.
Salisblky, Oct. 11, 1883.
10 to 1 1
I2i to 20
70 to 75
2.20 to 2.25
40 to 50
25 to 30
70 to 75
&5 to 40
85 to 100
Salisbury Tobacco Met.
5.00 to 6.25
6.25 to 7.50
7.50 to 12.25
12.25 to 17.50
6.50 to 8.00
8.00 to 11.50
11.50 to 18.50
12.50 to 1500
15.00 to 2A50
27.50 to 40.00
40.00 to 05.00
Luixs, common to med.
Lugs, med. to good,
Lus, good to fine,
Lugs, line to fancy,
Leaf, common to med.
Leaf, med. to good,
Leaf, good to tine,
Wrapers, com. to med.
Wrappers, med. to good
Wrappers, srood to fine,
Wranuerrt, fitu1,
Wrappers, fancy. none offered.
The breaks for the past week have lieen
good and prices have ruled high for all
grades. All tobaccos have found ready
sale at the-above quotations.
Quotations are changed whenever
there is any advance or decline in the
markets. Our manufacturers require
over one million pounds of leaf tobacco
which they desire to purchase on this
market stud will pay the highest mar
ket prices for all manufacturing stock.
Wrappers, cutters, smokers arc in demand
and hiah.
Concord MAiltct
Bacon, Hog round,
Fmlil. r, pc. i00:b .,
Concord, Oct. 01, 1883.
15 to 20
12i to 20
12i to 15
0 to 9
75 to 85
2J50 to 2 40
40 to 50
80 to 90
40 to 45
00 to 1.00
25 to
which w ill be found Larqe and Complete.
Consisting of
Boots and Shoes,
Queesware, &c.
BAKER'S Standard for Wheat.
Merryman'b A. D. Phos. for wheat
They also keep ou hand
Wheat Drills,
The very BEST MAKE aud very Cheai
Sept. 26, '83.) RaUsbbry, X. C.
To Mine Owsjiil Iwi Col
The uudenagned are prepared to purclatores
of ."in. MUver, Lead, Copper, and HulpUur, in un
liuiltea quantltifrs, to be detHeml at lcu-hi rail
way 8iftlon,. accorditg to marl ct rrl .
payraeous. contracts entered Into for one to fifteen
jCanS. KlCHAIibts l'OWi. A COMPANY,
London and Swansea, Kngland.
All letters should be uddiesst-d to ti. Pairy
cornet, TUomasvllle. Davtdbcn Co.,N. C, sole Atnt
fur the t'niteu suits. ci pa

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