North Carolina Newspapers

Carolina Watchman.
"to : b h-n.
NO 6
m Carolina w awum-au
L.Tcnrirt T THE YEAR 18S2.
i floiuehold Article for VtfWMl
For Scarlet and
Typhoid Fereri,
Diphtheria, Sall
ration, Ulcerated
re Throat, Small
Pox, Meaalea, and
m rniiicious Diseases. Frsons wining on
gSgfSOTS frcdy. Scarlet Fever ha.
P S1. ... a.-.-..., ,n oread where the Fluid fU
E? bellow Fever has been cured with it after
8k Vomit hl taken place. The wow.
of Diphtheria yield to it.
. frHcd and
d Sore prevent- PITTING of Small
by bating; with ' Pox PBEVENTED
Darby Fluid. -H A member of my fam-
Iinpure Air .rnaae ,j- waJ uken wi(fc
harmless and purified.
For Sore Throat it u a
mre cure. J
Contagion destroyed.
apor iVosted
S Chilblains, Pile,
1 Chafinjrs. Ht
Vbrumaiism aired.
goftrVhit Cortlplrx-
ioil secured byffcs use.
Ship feer weffeiard.
To purify the Breath,
Cleanse the f ectu.
Catarrh rclievji and
cured. I
. Erysipelas cured.
Scars prevented
"Dysentery cuid.
Wounds healet.spicUy.
Scurvy cured. 1 .
An Antidote fotAnimal
i or Vegeublj poisons,
i Stings, etc M , .
1 used the Ftuiffdunng
pur present sfllictjbn with
Scarlet Fever with de
cided advantage It is
jndispeniaMv to ffle Mtk
room -Wm. Yi Sand-
fobd, Eyrie, Ali
Sm all-pox. I used the
Fluid ; the- patient was
not delirious, was net
pitted, and was about
the house again in three
weeks, ana no others
had it. J. W. Pajuc
inson, Philadelphia.
The physicians here
use -Darbys Fluid very
successfully in the treat
ment of Diphtheria.
A. Stoi.lkhwkrcic,,
Greensboro, Ala.
Tetter dried up.
Cholera prevented.
Ulcers purified and
In cases of Death it
shouhl be used about
the corpse it wilt
prevent any unpleas
ant smtll
The eminent Phy
sician, J. M A It I ON
SiJVIS, M. I)., New
York, says: "I am
convinced Prof, parbys
Prophylactic Fluid is'
valuable disinfectant."
H'snderbllt Ufiiyersity, Nashville, Tenn.
1; testify to tMimost excellent qualities of Prof.
iDafbys Pr 'ijliylittic Fluid. As a disinfectant ape
dettrgciu it U lfih theoretically and practically
jsupierior 'to any preparation with which I am ac?
tQuaiated N. T.;Li cton. Prof. Chemistry.
Darbys Fluid is Kecommended by
Hon At-uxANiiKH H. Stephens, of Georgia;
Rev. Chas. IB' Deems, D.D., Church of the
Strangers) N. Y3
Mos. LEC'osTEjiColumhia, Prof. , University ,S.C.
i jtrv. A. J. Battle, Prof. H Mercer University;
J Rev. Geo. F. Pierce, Pishop M. E. Church.
- Perfectly hrmltss. Used internally or
externally for Man or Beast.
The Fluid has! le"eii thoroughly (ested, and we
tinve abunilantjcMideni " that it nas done everything
bere claimed. Fnr fuller information get of your
Druggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietors,
J. H. ZEIX.IN & CO.,
Manufacturing Chemists, PHILADELPHIA.
For the Watchman
A Itural Picture.
A plowman and Ins smoking team,
A roll ill'' gOd. a RllAr'a l.riol.r rrl
Smooth acres and a soft blue sky :
Bejond, his cottage, yard and barn,
r luiiKeu oy a tmcket and a tarn.
A garden's quaint, old fashioned flowers,
O ershadowed by deep, vine-clad bowers,
TIito' modest palings shyly peep ;
A clover field, wbei-e tinkling bell
And beeg' low hum in concert swell
With lowing cattle, bleating sheep.
A sparkling brooklet's waters ponr
upon The pond beside lug door,
The Queen and tbe Quakeress.
In the autumn of 1818, her late
Majesty, Queen Charlotte, visited
Bath, accompanied by the Princess
Elizabeth. The waters soon effected
r - ""viivi iinu a Mini, i i . . . ,
On whoso cool banks his white flocks c. a re8l,!e from pain tn the royal
H. i patient that she proposed an excursion
to a park of some celebrity in the
neighborhood, the estate of a rich wid
ow belonging to the Society of Friends.
Notice was given of the Queen's in
tention, and a message returned that
she would be welcome. Our illustri
ous traveler had perhaps never before
held any personal intercourse with a
Where suowy googe its long neck member of the persuasion whose vo-
avcra, lanes never vo untan v nnid taxes to
. j i
Vesuvius in Storm.
Mr. Keeler'a Recent Experiences.
Baltimore Son.
AnAnnli AkJ Ljl 1 il
v ' J"6" lu iwr bucks neia across many occurrences that- inU blm :
il.e opening, The inside was dear tl.aitSarfi
ana we could see Dassaces Slid OJl V . ami hrionn I l tr
... nv. , . , , r" vtstaTia oacn.
v,uo taiwminn uuwn to great depths.
XT' a I i i.
Comity vs. City P.tper.
From nthpr nnpninrra unliilin tMLA.
a - ''VSII Ilea Oil I I II I II I nillllK H
I have just returned from a hard was issuing and the orient Ted hot
climb lo the top ot Ml. Vesuvius, r rocks were visible below. The eras
hired a guide and horses in Pompeii, I was wafted around by the eddy fug There js a growing' feeling in healthy
and started out from that city this winds so that we had to hold our" c6mrauni"
morning. 1 tie weather was uaci ; rain ; breaths lroquently, and wait for fresh 1T tne,r 'pecial object to minister toa uei
fell every few minutes, and the top of air. , j vertW tast'o 1y seeking out and serI
np in a seductive form
the mountain was buried in clouds.
We rode through the raost luxuriant
orchards aud vineyards, the latter
heavilv ladeu with enormous bunches
disgust iuir and
revelations. There is giod
ietieve that 't lie cjean iiawsoa-
per is more highly prized to day than it
rea8ofi to
The cackliug hens search all the ground;
In sunlight Towzers sleeping sound
The pigeons wheel around the eaves.
A mountain in the distance rears
Its hoar j head of hemlock spears
And rugged rocks and lordly pipes;
Midst wide savannah's waving grain
A river sweepg to yonder plain,
Aud all the vale with silver lines.
While wandering this wide world around,
How many scenes like this are found !
And yet no others can compare
With these ; their quiet beauty reigns
O'er human hearts supreme, aud chains
Ihem down to bumble, homely lare.
... ,
ait. vernon, Aov. lbc3.
Iscarlet FeverS
V. P
"the man George, called King by the
Vain ones." The lady and gentleman
who were to attend the august visi
tants had but feeble ideas of the re
ception to be expected. It was sup
posed that the Quaker would at least M0
say thy Majesty, or thy Highness, or
Madam. The royal carriage arrived
at the lodge of the park, punctual to
the appointed hour. No preparations
appeared to hae been made, no host
ess uor domestics, stood ready tqgreet
the guests. The pfcrter's bell was rung;
he stepped forth deliberately with his
broad-brimmed braver ou and un
bendingly accOStetKthe Lord in wait
ing with, 'What's irtjv will, friend'?'
This was almost unanswerable. 'Sure
ly said the nobleman, 'jour lady Is
aware that her Majesty Go to vour
Big Fire at Norfolk.
- 4 il mi I
we i the western Katiroaa Devtol at
Norfolk, TirmiM .VOIMI Rah HnUnn n
r,r v,,,'ii' r.. mistress and saw the Queen is here.'
er Prmertn. to the Ammm-0f erermdf, T V'"1 ajiAvered the man, it
(i Million Dollars.
Entire Stock of
1 -TO-
I will carry on the
; in all its brunches, including
neeileth not ; I have no mistress nor
laily, but friend llacliel lrlilfs expect"
cth thine;, walk in. 1 he Queen and
News and Observer.
Noiifoi.k, Nov. 14. A fire broke out
at the Norfolk and Western Hail road to
day at 11a. m.,at
in their warehouse
spread rapidly and inside of fifteen min
utes the two immense warehouses, Nos.
2 nnl were enveloned in fast d von i i n j
flames. The harbor tugs and the flie de- . auM eiresh thee ami Uiy people betore
partments of both IjMTand rts- I f owAld W hat could
mouth worked uiiccasingly until about "e ba,u .l bucn a P" T ome con-
2:30 n. m.. when the fire was reported to ue.iioi. weie auempiea implying
Lack of nu net na lit v on flio lirr nf
. -.t k . a m i J " "" l'v w i .,
or ripe grapes, sso wonder the loot ot farmers, as well as on hthor hrnr.t,M w r or five years airo. It'ia nlan sjif
the mountain is inhabited' in ipfte of ( Gf industry, is the fruitful chnse of to p,ect as leople'in all ranks of
the danger. 1 I mttch trouble, vexation, and uersonal
VI, s ii i . i i t f fa foiAlt0 rm I lnt 4 It i 1 1 rr I ! 1 rt 1. T a i
i. c uut am iinmu-M, "6'' uiracuity. it a has an account to
of life who protect their own, at least
irom contamination, become mure coo-
several small villages, then un. over a settle with B, or has a debt to pay Murasof- the pernicious influence of a
field of finely powder! lava, until and agrees to attend to it ou a certain tertfli chiss of journals -called enter-
theroad became too rough f5r the day, it should bVfaitJifully attended Prisil,S because tlicy are ambitious to
horses. ..-We dismounted and walked to. Or if he has a note or interest I se,ve P "i-fy scandals-they will be
tor about halt afJJ when we fallmg due on a certain day, it iat"1 " .'iee that Ofiejpurnars (hey per-
came 10 a stream cp-wvarmig oowu probable U stays at home specialty on Tnf" ' rb tTie famify circle are the
the mountain. Venwi.,W;inft actual- that day so as to be certain to 'meet neler forget the proprieties of
'j iai .nniMii'vw.t uis iiieuci. it irav be A went tn at. Aireauy men and
Wo 111 en nf ra.A.
few places, where tttfe$enjjwas too tend to the business a dav or twp be- meut autl hea.thy morals have had their
steep for a crust to form.- 'TJis crust . forehand, and not find' Bit home, liep'ttention called to tho; pernicious influ
is so poor a conductor of heft that we concludes to stav at home an? wait I'ehefeW bad ltrernViiV nn.f 't.J..
climbed for a quar(er of airile upon ! for B to come to Hm. 3ut B, nJijcoinineBaaWe efforts tcouujeraa "the
tftls sffeam, over ,jrmgli Jlocks and knowing the determination of A, stays same'by'fcausing sound n'tciaW? to
serpeutine curves off uvaftets, where; at home to waft for hi n.. gets out of" ptfoHshed ffiid-soTd at no,mlar mirea
often a few inchesluWthe surface" humor at his not coming, and con-fThege'erToiU are !worllmg" a f silent hat
- & j ; -"i wj a-iivt- nit; account, or noie
note ue revolution. Tlie best are mmV rfnl
erally read to-Jayjthan tU any, preAioas
arty, nie sickly aeutuuental aiaaw nn.i
f.i sm it. ! Jiliti lrow-lo-f?
fi tne wnd' ranirer and mmin arraa-u
Vesuvius without ioetiHtV.Mmbeddeir irciirlibors are alienated forever ' Aj.wl 'nrsloUh.Wr .rTXw --iLih-JZ'.i... .
& L V I - " W T" i T -7 ti i v i V IvIUIUL: Illtf ill
coiii. After cl.nMiVtfll have this all growing out of aVabtf toyp.fcT cfaima.Ass.:. JSZ74
said, .weani e to fta-nnhfckenn of t his nrroeHLiUis. A -n 2X Uteii- f v.-J hU'J-&j$ ' T I
f - " rj. a V. . , i v s iiicm, aui4 caiHf- vciia, nc Bji.iit;r, u niav. lie. SMI(i that
IrerstAam of rocaUiUlWthe mid- cially farmers, have necessarjTy '(oV1 WeVe' it has a place in The family, and
die the lava was still-'Doutinu-.un Irom ' absent from lwmi nianv AfAJ ti kw. t..- ' ' ' '
x ue vv,ueen aim . . . ; r t: i - i iij m a , u cu mm eais ov voting as wed
Princess were handed out aud walked-1 ne n,ter,or 0u,e rn.. . We sat year, there is great necessity for them, a'rf we'llas old, It has "develied sucfi 1
up the avenue. At the door of the uu V ! " -T??-K w.wmi iier as wen as those Who have dea 1 digs Healthy tone," afi'tTWfi a discrimiuatiii-r
at the footef Main street hou$e stood the plainly-attired jfcichel a w lu le becajire9gtt0ils4at we-were them, to be exact and punctual in .all. tnites that thtfUWaWfe or t1,e Jams ha
use No. 5 The flames i who without ;evei a conrtsey, but r," -"!TOIT ; i ".p 5g"6Viepsu. xne exciusy. to no aumirers. Fortunately Hie number
witl? a cheerful noJ, said ": 'Hoy's thee
do, friend? I am glad to see thee and
thy daughter; 1 wish thee well J Uest
be under control,
Five thousand bales of cotton were con-
that her Majesty came no? only to
view the park, but to testify tier es-
; 4n..a Aa alt JLitirt tMk!l. f I . .
snmed and two trains, twenty-three cars 1" ",c "5wl which wim,
each of walnut logs, and two other large Wls gouged. Cool and unawed,
trains with cargoes of soft coal were s ,e answered, 'Yea, thou art right
t nol tlia m riandti u a io I I 4 Iw.n.r h t
burnt, The total loss is estimated at
that it may be left here for a permanent
exhibit of the resources of that wonder
ful State."
Wilmington iStor.- A car load of
Western (N. C.) apples arrived here
yesterday, consigned to Mr. R. Mc
Dougall. A great ileal of fruit from
the West now finds its way to Wil
mington. A genuiue white shad,
and a fine specimen t that was
cauglit in Messrs. W, E. Davis and
Sons fish traps yesterday. A white
shad on the 2nd of November is
something remarkable in the annals
of fishing in this part of the couutry.
Governor Jarvis has succeeded,
whatever may be urged against bkn,
in giving the State a fine and pros
perous administration ; and o far,
his last days in that capacity are his
best. He has not only becUmeHcnbwn
and admired at home, among his own
People, but has spread his influence
abroad and sown seed that must turn
out his State an abundant harvest
Edenton Enquirer.
The loss op cotton will reach 250,000
and ou railroad material, freight aud roll
ing stock about $365,000. The railroad
property was fully insured by Philadel
phia companies. The cottou loss is cov
ered by insurance with about fifteen com
panies the loss about equally divided.
The fire is continually breaking out yet,
aud it is feared that warehouse No, will
burn. In this city the freight and pas
senger depots, with vast trestliug work,
will also be destroyed.
Two reports are current as to the ori
gin of the fire. One is that a spark front
a passing tug caught in a bale of cotton,
the other report is that a tiuner at work
on the roof dropped a spark from his fur
nace. The latter is the. in ore probable of
the two.
The Ducktown Mines.
All kinds
of Agri-
We noticed the other day the telegraph
ic report of the sftle of this famous prop
t-rv r mi Kind i ah eomnauv for $600,000.
rTT I O- '
Wagons The report is confirmed, with the addi
tional fact that a large force is to be put
to work on a railroad to connect the
mines with the p. T., Va. &Ga,, railroad
at (Meavelaud. Tenn., a distance of 40
These mines have beeu idle gince 1858.
They have always beeu considered the
richest copper mines in the United States
except those on Lake Superior, hut they
have always labored uuder the great dia
adrantage of difficulty of access, great
cost attending the transportation of the
ores, which were geut we think, to Balti
more for reduction. A wealthy company,
coming into posseagion of such property
would never consent to the expense aud
plies. In short, evcrvthin" ordinarily found delay of such operation, and hence their
determination to uuuu a ranroau.
This purpose will tend to solve a prob
lem connected with the completion of the
Western North Carolina road. The Mur
phy branch is often erroneously spoken
of as the Ducktown branch, probably be
cause a road authorized by tbe State
might go to the State line, twelve miles
or thereabout, to within three or four
i 5
g Sup-
Dvnamite and all kinds of Mi
of by most folk, but they need not
the praise of the world ; lor the rest,
mauy strangers gratily their curiosity
by going over this place, and it is my
custom to conduct them myself; there
fore, I shall do the like to thee, uiy
friend Charlotte; moreover, I think
well of thee as a dutiful wife and
mother. Thou hast had thy trials,
and so Irad thy good 'partner.. T' w,ish
thy grandchild well through hers'
she alluded to the Princess Charlotte.
It was evident that the Friend
meant kindly, nay, respectfully, that
offense could not be taken, She es
corted her guests through her estate.
The Princess Elizabeth noticed in her
hen house a breetTof poultry hitherto
unknown to her, and expressed a wish
to possess some of those rare fowls,
imagining that Mrs. Miljs would re
gard her wish as a law , but the Qua
keress merely remarked, with charac
teristic evasion, 'They are rare, as thou
sayest ; but if any are to be purchased,
in this laud or in other countries, 1
know few women likelier than thyself
to purchase them with ease Her
Iioyal Highness more plaiuly express
1 ed her desire to purchase some of
those she now beheld. 'I do not buy
ami sell answered Rachel Mills.
Perhaps you will give me a pair?'
persevered the Princess, with a con
ciliating smile. 'Nay, verily,' replied
Rachel, 'I have refused many friends;
and that which I denied to mine own
kinswoman, Martha Ash, it becorueth
me not to grant to any. We have
long had ir To say that these birds
belonged only to our own house, and
I can make no exception in thy fa
vor,' Home Journal.
d was burstiiig. fourth in a new .place, meet an engagement is the : right one of snch aihittes is increasing iu the land
where We were, AMy slowK, the , not before and not after. Nearly and as they increase the that de-
cakes cracked and parted, aud the la- half of all financial troubles among votes itsdf tb sickening revelations of
va was forced out. It was a novel neighbors, and vexatious lawsuits, immorality w rft be compelled to find its
sensation to be sitting on top of an grow out of want of puutualil-jt o support solely among those who practice
eruption. I was alraid it might go I If you have promised topuy adelny IkUemdoiMto lean.
i it i' it I i a bun o I 1 1 1 t t I i i v n w o a n 1 1 1 if nan Ln , - ja - a . tl iAl1 .... - .. . . i ai if lit. J a 1
v,.a .a., wrua.g, uuu s.aa, ' n jii u.ic iuicici or note hi pay, go to lolIOw such way s. -Pi-in tcr's Circular
tiw, w wtrsnjcu mere umir lire inn punctual ly, uoi go Straying in a ISW
wasrrimiiing out. -be vera I other out- . days before when tlie man you want
lets were fdrtbeu around us at the to see is not expecting you, and is not
same time.
There is a railroad up Mt. Vesuvi
us which carried passengers up to the
level where we were namely the old day to receive them. And then it is
crater or great surrounging rim, but j when the -debtor should meet him.
the great central cone, the hardest eft Farmers frequently have no credit at
all to climb, is still ahead. When j banks owing to their loose nations of
there is no eruption of lava, as at 1 punctuality, and are consequently do-
' m a a a . I . tki 1 . 1 f I a I. . a
preient, one nngut as well remain! in i pnveu ot temporary accommodations
v ' .j 2 alii j, it .
Naples excepf rof the wontitul view
of the bay and the surrounding couu
try. My arrangement with the guide
" jm. mm m J3L m ; . t '
ill owl v as lar a the old crater;
'-..".I... - a- .... a.-.
jr.. i rrr ' ) ,
I .a ... . . .
at home. If the man has correct no- Cnein.iu ri(iii.AaUM.g the. road sear Uei
tiona of business himself, if debts are: , Irw H shUUe Uvkmx fellow seat
due him. he will stav at home on that Fa uu.tire top rail of a fence whittling,
. ' J " - l i... : i i
uuu nu. uiii to iu in.: i-
"See here, my ftiend, you ought to be
at.wtfi k, not sitUiig therp on the fence
nhiWW&e i . :--
: "I imide $3 here yesterday, and 1 reck
on that pars.
, ; "Made $5 whittling, yn a fence. I would
on that account. If -you can or caiirj
not pay, go punctually and meet your
creditor on the day. xuiiv. punctual
ity will make confidence, aud
like to. Know iiow you did it."
Why, yoorseevCarV, if I hadn't leen here
jmjj.g I'd have gjrine to Austin and; got? drunk.
but T wanted so much to go to the top I your credit. Too many people think liArffi lhf .wond havad uiu $5, so I
Bernhardt Bros.
,rRY coon,
And desire to call attention to their
In this the; offer to the Farmers a good,
.-election of
Wagons, Plows of alLDescrip
t ions Cast, Chill and Steel;
Tbey also have the
Best Sewing Machines.
They are Agents for the i
Plof-Brani Um
As good as can be bQght in tire markets
g"Call and be convinced That "their
house is the place for Farmers t get whata
they need. Respectfully,
in a First Clasfe Hardware- EstabMsment
What To Read.
TQ f I K
McWeeSy Comer
Are you deficient in taste? Read
the best English poets, such as
Thompson, Gray, Goldsmith, Pope,
Cow per, Coleride, SCott, and Woods
worth. Are you deficient in imagination ?
Read Milton, Akeuside, Burke., and
miles of Ducktown, w ithiu the State of . Shakespeare.
Tennessee. But the State extended to
its own limits, aud no further; and there-
'Iwrejl will-be pleased to see all nprsnns fVo l dependence was placetl Upon an-
. . - ra . . Aa.t..., ...i.n.i.nlmiia taa ..ill .
OtlieV Slate Vncl iuiiwiiih"m " -
nect the Murphy branch with the reu-
ucssep syU?ui.
The purpose of this English corpora
tin simplifies the problem. When they
build the road to Cleaveland, there will
then be a gap between Ducktown aud
Alt parties indebted to Blackmcr Murphy of yut more than twenty miles.
We believe it is -rather less than that.
The work on the W- N. C. R. R. is bciug
niosecuted vigorously on the .Murphy
h to purchase Hardware
KEEP NO BOOKS or Accounts.
.i . . .
hands fof w-
II '
'Jor arc requested to make immediate
Their accounts will be in the
S. Bi.At KMEa who will make
Arc you deficient in powers of rea
soning? Read Chilling worth, Bacon
aud Locke.
Are von deficient in. judgment and
good sense in the common affairs of
life ? Read Franklin.
Arc you deficient in sensibility ?
Read Goethe and Mackenzie.
deficient in political
Read Montesquieu, the
Federalist, Webster aud Calhoun.
Arc you deficient in patriotism ?
Read Demosthenes and the Life of
branch; and we suppose the syndicate Washington.
now controlling that road will very will- , yol teficjent j conscjlbee ?
htgly embrace an opportunity to make a Read gume of president EdfWard's
. & it.... ...... a 1.1 i3
desirable connection on lerma uiumwiiu wnrks - -
ave them the time and cost of making
such connection at their own expense
Are you deficient
Read the Bible.
iu anything
of that central cone that we star
.ii " i a a r
the loose cinners. we were per
three-ouarters of the wav up when
a a
one of the most outrageous storms
burst upon us. We took shelter in a
... ii if i i j
nan cooieti oh aim raisea me gtiuies
old umbrella. It rained most vio
lently, and in spite of the umbrella
we were soon wet through. Then hail
was added with thunder and light
ning. The rain failing o;i the lava
generated vast clouds of hot steam,
tiid our shelter became a perfect
a r t
steam-box ; we could not see ne teet.
Streams cf water poured down into
the cracks, aud coming in contact with
the red hot rocks, made a hiesing and
roaring noise which was quite alarm
ing, it certainly was an infernal
kind of a place. The storm gradual
ly passed away and we emerged from
steam -box, only to take refuge in an
other a few minutes later. After this,
however, wc were favored with blue
sky, and climbed to the top of the
great cone. A magnificent panorama
lay below us, which we stopped for
some few minutes to admire. Ahead
of U was still a small cone, perhaps
fifty feet high, in the middle of a
rough, hot stretch of ground, emitting
steam and stifling sulphurous vapors
from the numerous orifices and cracks
crusted with yellow sulphur. From
this central coue, at short intervals,
violent explosions threw clouds of
dimt ami stones into the air. with
black smoke, w hich floated off' to lee
ward. 1 he guide said it was very
dangerous to go further, but I was
bound to look down into the very
throat of the monster, and as the stones
all seemed to fall on the leeward side,
vvp rdiruhod tin the loose, hot cinders
and reached the very highest point
At our feet was a vast shaft so fillec
with sulphur smoke that wc could
not see into it, and from it every few
seconds, stones, dust and smoke were
ejected high over our heads, but for
tunatelv not falling on them. As wc
looked a terrible expolsion occurred
filling the air with debris, and the
o-iiidc. shouting "Come on I come
on ! started down the slope as it the
whole infernal regions were after
him, and I was not far in his rear.
We reached a safe place, and watched
the grand spectacle at our leisure.
Then we wandered around the smoky
track surrounding the cone. Here
were several circular orifices, crusted
with sulphur, from which nothing
l ut hot air v. as issuing,, but that hot
ted up ! it is no discredit to let a hole remain consider .that J am jut. that much ahead,
LM haps over-due. If it cannot be paid, bpn- ds.'t yo.?.' - u .
or requires that it should. be renewed , fffj rft'i? nm
or amicably arrauged in some way ".von keep right on' at iht. rate and yon
w ith the creditor. But be sure to go. l,e a J?y QoidV UfHP i'Ou kuow it.'
depression of the stream of lava not to him on the day he is expecting j Jr bhtftvtfj.
you and is probably waiting for you.
. . . E- .' i 1 I .
Without punctuality, all is trouble,. ociiKSTKita Y rNev.; Early
confusion, dlss;itlsfactlon. , A man this morning the went shore railroad con -
wdio pays no attention to lus notei strnothm train was tln'fVfvn from the track
when it is due is far gone in financial and ' three' bhx'ca is loatU-d with workmen
honor or hopeless uaniiniptcy. auu i yere sent. Uivn an uiUiipVnitnt M teet
manv a niah has been financially ruin-J iiiih. All weie reported niore or le?s
ed by mere neglect, when if he had I hurt flirirseteyHrl liad-'legs and arms hro-
golie to his creditor, promptly and kerf and sklillis fract ured. One" man was
airly explained his case, might liave horribly mutilated. The cause of the
saved his property and his credit.
This is not an idle subject nor an ab
stract question. But it is all about
us in every day s business, and aeep-
y involving the prosperity ot every
accident wan a broken journal.
men iu all were injured.
A Prison Picture.
Bishop Turner, of, the African Metho
dist church, wants hit head put ou ice.
This is how he laves over the late decis
ion of the Supreme Court ou the civil
iidits. bill : .
t Mai k m v word, there will bo bloodshed
, . a j eiough over the decision to Uown every
"Dood bye, papa, laughed a little -f- 4lf Slllll,;Ilie (;umt in
l 1 1 - uil ..! il.i I . .1 .Ii .: a . . .'J ( ...
cnini as ner mouicr neiu uer up niiiw
she might kiss her father through tire
grated door ot the city prison
jaf -' 'm -Tmmrmmm ' W al
"Dood bye, wild hurry and turn back.
What all m men dour with my
papa?" she continued, in on
the rough looking prisoners who
were crowding near the door; 4fif
oo is dood, everybody, you can turn
right back and sec your little girl,
too." Then she clambered down and
ran away, while the big iron door
closed after her as a . sullen cloud
darkens the sunlight. This little
child with her innocent prattle,
looking iu upon ami talking to a
group of hardened men was a pretty
scene. As she put her little face
against the bars ami kissed her papa,
the w retched w ithin that prison could
not i c tr ain heir tears. Men wcie there
whose lives hal been on the darkest
aide of existence, who would hesitate
mi a a reel v anv crime, whose chaiao
- j j
thau two years'. It absolves the allegi
ance of the negro" to the United States if
the decision is correct. The United
States Constitution is a dirty rag, a cheat,
a libel, and ought to be spit upou by
every negro in the land. .More, if that
decisiou is correct and is accepted by the
country, then prepare to return to Africa
or iet ready tor extermination.
-AJ i
,U .i :.. c-rr .i-.iiii nn1 lilat-T "Mh
I .nr:i.-. i-.- In .a rt mill, lit, htr
. !, fi . i'.! ir. m in- in .litf
. i;ii iln.-!fil-r s.i.inacli 114-
! , u.. .-: at u" ,iui 11 ana
l. k .t. 1.1 mill .- witich is
1 ii ii.,. .. .-in 1. 11. rniity' for livr
4(1 11 . i'i -1 ij.i.r 11, 'I . .-in, (Miill-
ii.. inn i!kii, kiilmj ti-oitlilt'S ant
'. !trt iiilin 11I0.
fcur .tt. itj iil r'iiiK.i-U aad Oaalvra
Washington Critic, Rep : It was real
ly not amch of a victory in New York,
but the Republicans are making the nu-t
of it. "Thank God !" said the old lady
of the day. W.i:riAXTKn to CURE every
time or the moxkt ukfcndf.o. For sale
only at FNMSS' Drug Storft
Magic Asthma Cure. Persons af
flicted with this distressing complaint
should trv this Medicine. A few hoars una
I --..'. .. : JaU.
when she fell down stairs and broke her ! will entirely remove an oppreiy. ,
Asked why she "thanked God,"
"Because I didn't break my neck." So
the Republicans rejoice that the Demo
cratic majority was no larger.
patient can breath and sleep with perfect
a m a " r a A T." ..1. a
case aim trceuom. iticc i. iwssn
ENNTSS' Drug Store.
The Boston Advertiser says : "The
I ........ . . . t a . . am iv-V CTI)PrT
magnificent exhibit of North Carolina, orlnaUn aih au
i a considerable portion if it, will probab- I office hofbs
1 ....I . ....
i lar l.A r. . t , i . , ,.,1 in Hnstoii Uw the ex 111 n- 8 to 10 A. M. anil i lO .J F.
.. f ,oj i ; a ... I.l.l
! 1 ,l laa, UOIIOI ICO-l.ailO lllipiooiiuie
lei were nu uciiuti ,.iaj t,iiiiivu j
sin and de mnc'.ierv ; yet a simple
litllo scene like t e above, a few
brattling words of a child, reached
down through every covering and
touched the t better emotions. It
kindled within them lingering memo-
ries of otlwr and better days, a
stirred up the little remaining senti
ment of manhood, huslraudbood, fath
erhood. The visit of the child left
an impression on those nieii and en
ed their heart to letter rr 1 es.
However, it was only ouc of the
Salisbury, N. C.
Mm, Boilers, Saw Hills,
Also, Contractor and Builder.
3 to, s?.. ly
Askm'He Citizen.
' Br

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