North Carolina Newspapers

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cnSscriptioP .Bates
&4i :..,;...vrntes'of the C'aroii
.i .Ill VIII I .
'f A .niiniinii matters ad-
Sal is-
...,.,tlir ucompnuiuu .
InMlrU, i. Ufore the Leg.s-
, tt ni doubtless pass.
' ,TaniW'5lt? cap i now said,
Te . k..nMtibn among the fatir
J II C. Taffe, who baa morougniy
Tfl'.tJ Aft of mantua-fitting and
'"f. is mow ready to receive calls from
L..a urvices. See her ad-
uo ne-w , ,
tfuf iu " "
jit and oats crop in this coun-
l- f'i I.L-inir luwlli' and
?yreltVrful of a failure. The dry
Shifted'' early, sowing ntid these
11 runtfil lieforH
It UtVOTICK J persons whd have
(' pjjj tj.fir taxes for 1884, way do so
ft jing jii my office between the 5th
fj H5th off tbii9tl. Alter the' loth
vyp$ave ta tle j with some one
ft ; , ; l : ' C. C. Kkideu.
'd'i-ij' Board, last Satnrday, elect
jW -j -M. Barrieger a 4oliceiiiAu, in
j Ti tt.L.i v who tliotirht it wise.
'wUl 1
(eeeki ago, jo vacate mis rancne.
Barriiger U a reliable .man and we
ifldmibt will discharge his duties
fidelity. ,
ocso Ladies t'oLUMX. The Watch-
jtlttgive space iu m..,...jv.
Pfcef-xtracts iir verse or prose
liiyiwteli, nuns, of whatever reading
Qter that pay be of interest to its lady
Lieritiu iU columns under; the above
i -Mi
Jbnulortanate lunatic, (who gives his
II John Ivey, was picked Up last
yaj st jhrdeHi iu. this place, and
on the iuiorniatioii that lie had ai father
oo file ID;
jiisuville, Tenji., the Mayor
Z m
l.iiii a ticket to tuat place. 1 ne
titers N.C, Uailroad fharging, ouly
(ntUfur'his passage over iis line. ,
Dr.Willarjl, who receutly visited this 4
m and iiifached a very; able-sermon J5
3K ftvuy tcnau cnui-cn. ouuuay ween,
t ttJCliailotte. He is having much
iff incccis as a lectmer than he en-
uAhls lectures are spoken
sfxtftiordiuiiry mid surprising.
Touol'gh Wokk. We aie glad "to
cttatdlie Town Commissioners have
liorough street work near
Mf ilwdigt church, which! has been
HiM ronjjli needed. It is a real pleas-
uotecoia gtMMl tilings of the Conunis-
Iwwli they desci ve it, and ull the
;t tbeyU have to stand great deal
uonsiilerkt abuse. "
-N ' : o ; -
-The acqtttuntanccs , of
will lie pained to - learn
Jilw had s-atroke of paralysis Sunday
ninjj lash sndji re-currene of ft
Way follow in ; and that ho is in
"critical condition. , . '
J 11 18 Sltll RIIiphi p norm iv tli if h i.
raW o the above that Mr! Coffin
w tbi uioiiiiug utliis residence
.before six o'clock. , Aged about
nu services will take place, at
church tomorrow morning
A Uatbcr. sou of Joseph
a rather ilemarkuble
batnrday Half hour after
HIS UI1L'. niui WllllA w.
,E5"i tlthonf. t
Wl and refill ITU 1 t lilrtn frit
mi sei ions .injury- was done
J.- . .
w VMijII iiio
rnRTwues bro..eo and the flesh
O f
jt,,,,1i louacco lo lieairs
hWi..;.o. . .... o .
: 1 1
i ii csaiurtfay. Jt was
r ay and broWkt riL
Vl' Wen dnilv ! t-ii
i . J innoai, infill
"f. ami m !.... i - j
i. ...
; , - nave ueen nne.
jjusuow brinjriuir iuhpir
Mf.l .-1 l.l-.k w . . .
heaji'l , r- - .-rft nw ii8 a Teu
j ' l- anu isew Zia and.
intimate and tw.i..,.i
J: ivvme Habits. piunm.
H It 1 " I -.
lives, of those
ma l..
i; i;
lriiih .. . V. tow,,, we
,:i; V"s way. . :
A citi-
ting Arkansas
J,?i, M..:.MOmUe 'Wed
a.., ; w" wanted
!(-W.i crop j
su-;.-; ! V,UI M? .vxorth
'W.-.TI wur
' 8oul jwith pa-
1.' 41
ami look
Ai?v ,,c4 .wvwui cbii oi n u. com.
arnJ.Euhg them tip in oue ?f the bigsest
stores iju lirownsvwie. STIT soon L:
traded ntteottoo by their site and beao
ty audpyry farmer who sawftheni trai
boanatke them down aiid hexamlo
theoi. a'4'ey were labelled M6rtli Car
lina Ppcoro bear itho can." He
turned the JaagJion Safts of ihe
West most effect nl ly; oue cf Jtftan
sas best farriers begged the two ears for
seed corn, and bu it happens that thwse
Arkansas 'boy8tw have got to'be produ
cers Of "riortll Carolina7 Pot mimi
oi ds spoken iu derision are often of
greater significance than, the speaker is
List or Letteiis remaining in the Post
Office at Salisbury, ' N-C, for the week
emling March 2d, 1885:
W Williams, - J Williams, N Wilson,
tV Williams, J II Wadkius, J Wood
E Wise, P White J P Wrien, W Good
man, II James, E El Jorney, J Jcffres,
Ann Motley, S Snyder, F Starus, E Jlori
Rpp, XI Eagle, J Elmo, J QEcmird, Saiu
ueTWise. V '
Please say advertised when the above
letters are called for. -'
.J. 41. Rausat. P. M.
,Mafey peraous in our coinuj aui ty were
pained Turslay evening last oo learning
that this gentleman huddied, and that
his frieuds Were bringing his remains for
sepulcher iu Oak Grove Cemetery, where,
a few years ago, his mother was buried.
Mr. Gray died in Bay St. Louis Miss., in
the 37th year of his life. Ho was of Scotch
descent His parents settled first iu
Tennessee, and afterwards in Louisville,
Ky., aud Wallace was reared and educa
ted there. His father fell in the battle of
the Wilderness, in the late war, fighting
witlt Southrons. He bequeathed to his
sonsa strong and vigorous iutellect as
well as patriotism. Wrallace, at an early
age, connected himself with the Methodist
Episcopal Church, which relation he sus
tained through life ; and in his last hours
waited for the summons with uujluunted
courage and faith. Few j assessed a more
gentlemanly bearing than he iu his in
tercourse with men, or was ever more
highly esteemed by those most intimately
acquainted him. His remains were ac
couiiauied to this place by a deeply
strickeu sister, and a nephew; and fol
lowed frOiu the Metodist church last Sou-
day morning to their last resting place by
a large and sympathising congregation.
Death of Mr. John Jexkixs. Mr,
John Jenkins, says the Charlotte Obser
ver, died iu this city last Sunday morning
at the residence of Dr. E. Nye Hutchin
son, after a sickness of abtut six . weeks.
The deceased was a brother to Mrs. Dr.
Johu II. McAden, Mrs. Arm i stead Burwell
iud Mrs. Dr. Hutchinson, aud was uatnr
illy 'a man of a most genial nature aud
opeti hearted disposition, and had many
friends who deplore his death. He was
aged about 33 years. His remains were
interred yesterday morning in ElmwoodJ
Cemetery, , the funeral services having
been conducted from the residence of Dr.
Hutchinson, by Dr. A. W. Miller, of the
FjrstjPresbyterian church.
Editor oj 'Jhe Watchman :-
i !
Your remarks on the subject of Lent,
as having no Bible authority, bear as
ueaviiy on Episcopalians ns on Romau
Catlidlics. If the boys of Salisbury were
io argue on wingirs principles, tncy
niihtrefnse to go to the Graded School
until some one Would show I theiu Bible
authority forgoing there; and if they
detnankled a. text expus-ly coium:uuliiis
it who' could auswer them f The best we
could do would be to show tltejiu 'that the
Bible commands them to obey their
parents, unless they icqnire somethiu!!
cdutrayvttt God's will; ami therefore tney
muse goo sciiooi, unless tney lean sltuw
it to be contrary to God's will. On the
sjiue principle, Zwingli isanswered. The
Bible coniiuands Christians to obey their
sijirituiil rulers, "Obey tlieiu 1 that have
the rule over you aud submit yourselves;
for they watch for your souls' Chris
tians ought to obey them unless thev
couniiand things contrary to God's will,
or go beyouu their corumissiou. Zwtngh
ought ; to have been called ou to show
that the ruler? of the Church had, either
exceeded their commission, or gone con-
nary uous win, in appointing a
special time for. fasting juid proyeiy
wluch he couTdriicver have done. Times
of ; fasting aud prayer are iudiffereut,
uutir appointed by those in authority,
and tjieu they are obligatory ou those un
der that authority, but not on others.
Theretbre we ought neither to judge or
coudemu those not under this obligation.
The more you look into, this matter of
Lent, the more you will be convinced
that it is u time when many do by that
fasting aud prayer really draw nearer to
Goo, aud therefore really nearer to all
other Christiau men.
, ' F.J. MuuDocii.
Feb. 27th.
The Watchmax had no expectation
and much Ie6s a desire to provoke a reli
gions controversy, by Jts reference to
Zwiugli's troubles leeulting from his
teaching and preachiug iu opposition to
the Lenten rules of the Romau Catholic
church, of which he was a very distin
guished memberr But having brought
pat the above reply it would bo very
unjust to the memory of that glorious
hero of the Reformation times, to let pass
the ; above as an antveer to his views on
Leut, and by implication t marry other
points of religious faitkasjf the practice
of his-church. There wafe few men in
his day more learned than he, and fewer
still more thorough aud devout students
of the BiblCyWith which 1 was perfectly
acquainted in three languages the Greek,
the Hebrew land the-Latin. Hisbwu
translation of , the Bible-into German is
still! extant and at some places iu use.
He was among the earliest and most
bi illiant of those stars which gleam out ou
the dark aud bloody back ground i f the
history of tho lUformatioH, without whose
Jight, and fervor, heroism nod martyr
7 lnn. L i ' rus.iic was dom the warld had yet been wDned in
with civil and. religions bondage. TJie least
we.can lo! io vioication of .the imrUnr
tal Zwiogll.liaring nuatwjtlonaUy drasrif
hita before tho iitlie in .this fv ay jU to
exhort all persons feeling any intefestln
the subject to refer to his history, which
may, be found iu the library of almost
any protestant minister.; -There is a
condensed 25 cents copy of his life, issued
byonk-at Wagnalls, 10 land ? 12i Dey
Stifef, N. iiTr may be had at Boer
baumsy perha p,) which is more interest
ing and far. more profitable reading, than
any1" novel of the timeacaul be.- For
'thbngh dead he yet .siKjaketh" - with
charity towards all, and is his own best
witness. " V i
T. S. BBCXKK. X. If. SAMXS, JK., X. K.
Dr. Lneas is'shipping about 5 tons of
coruudum a week from near Webster
N. C, to Mass. t .'
The Mica mines -iu the vicinity of
Franklin, Macon county, produces a
large aud fine quality of that mineral
. A company are engaged in gold miu--ingfi
miles from Haysville in Clay comi
ty., j They aie taking iu some heavy
machinery and have- promises of a good
ler cent, on their investment. .
Supt. Jacobs iuforms us that he is run
niug the Chloriuatiou works? near town
on Reimer mine ore. i
Mar. 5, 1885.
Corn, freely, at C065; Meal, 7075j
Wheat, 7580; Flour per sack, $1.75
$1.90; Western bulk ineats, 810; Lard,
1012i; Beif, retail, 610; ou the hoof,
2i3i; Butter 1520; Eggs, 15; Hay, 30
40 1 Fodder, G0b5 Shucks, 40 ; Bt an,
20; P;otatoes, Iriih, for table 7580; for
planting $1 1.2o; Sweet potatoes 75fl ;
Peas0100;X)at8,4045;TaIlow,7; Dry
Hides, 10; Babbit ftirs,2530 cts ier
dozen ; Mink skins, 2030.
Cotton, ready sales at 10J cts for good
middling highest, Ki.
Tobacco, stiles every day aud prices
Poultry, in steady demand, but prices
moderate. .
March 31835. -
Our; Philadelphia markets are corrected
every week.
Philadelphia Market. Evans Bros.,
large Produce Commission Merchants, 56
North Water street, Pliila'delphia, report
the following city markets : Eggs, Vir
ginia and Southern, 2300. Live poul
try 1213 cts. per pouud; dressed 10ll;
turkeys T415, according to quality;
ducks 1314 ; geese I0I1. Live cattle
4$5jj hogs, live 5$6. Potatoes: Early
Rose; choice, perbush55C0; Burbanks,
choice j 58G0 ; Peerless, 5053 ; Pearl
Mammoth, 5558. Cheese: N. Y. Facto
ry, choice 13 131; fair to good, Hi to 12;
Peuiisylrauia full cream, 89i ; part
skims, fancy 66J; full skims, 23i.
Dried Fruits: Apples, evaporated, iu
cases, C7; sliced N. Carolina, fancy 4
good sliced 3; blackberries 99;
chetries, pitted, prime dry 12I3:
peaches, pared, evaporated 1722 ; N. C.
sliced 79; uu pared halves, new, 88;
quarters 66J; evaHrated 1013; ears,
23; plums, 9; raspberries, 2424J per
pound. Feathers, choice geese 5355.
Hides, dry, I0M. Honey iu comb, 10
11; beeswax 2931.
To Graze in Itowau Pastures.
The Summei field swindlers are still
doing this State, and an Observer repor
ter has discovered that they are smiu to
commence operations iu Rowan, Davie
aud adjoining counties. They have'had
their shoddy wares stored iu Charlotte
and yesterday they telegraphed here
from Danville to have their goods ship
ped to Salisbury.. A hint to the good
people of Uowau will be sufficient. When
two men come along offering to sell $300
worth of goods for $100, or even offering
to sell the goods at half their cost, don't
buy, but wait till you go to town aud
trade ;with a merchant whois known to
you anil wiio lias always dealt fairly and
squarely with you. Give the peddling
swindlers the go by, for they never fail
to cheat all with whom they can "make
a trade." i These swindler have gone
through Lincoln, Cabairus, Cleveland,
Union, Alison and Richmond Con u ties,
aud they ought to be jerked Up for ob
taming money under false pretenses.
The farmers should make it a rule never
to patronize such characters, but when
iu need of articles visit the regular 'mer
chants', and; thus they' will avoid being'
swindled. Cir. Observer.
At 12 o'clock last night policemen Joe
Orr aud Luwsoii Black welder came into
the Observer office with a basket filled
with an assortment of general merchan
dise. They. had just captured Henry
Ariustrolig,!c6lored, aud the collection
hail been taken up by Henry from the
stores about town. He was captured near
Hargraves & Alexander's store, having
just stolen a j leather hand bag and two
pairs of babyi shoes from that firm. Henry
was a Santa claus iu disguise. The offi
cers pulled from his pockets eight oranges
twoL candy -popcorn balls, one plug to
bacco, ten iiirsif hosiery all sizes, and
a number other articles. Tho officers
locked liim uiy-Mr. Observer.
Merchautsr 4 who do in heavy Saturday
uiget ousiuoss ougni io make a note of
and children by using bnnuer s Indian Ver
mifuge twice a year. Worms ruin the com-
plexhm. j .
Work tor Sontlterii AVomcn. j
was almost ttuknowu , among, the white
women 'of ilie South under tlie regime of
slavery. Bat with the era of freedon,
inaugurated " and; accompanied :. aa it wa
with great dest r act iou and ( loss of pro-
pertyj the hard necessity of "doiug some
thing lor a living" feB upon thousands of
women . iu that section who liad never
before undertaken directly to earn a dol
lar. Labor having ( been dignified by
freedom, and made 'respectable by cus
tom many womeii of the South have been
led, as their sisters at the North long
siuce were, to work without the stress of
actual oeccssity, because work contrib
utes to their independence and even to
their pleasure." With this .change in the
social aud industrial situation, public at
tention at the South has been directed by
the press and by essayists and lecturers,
to the discovery and development of
suitable and remunerative employments
for women. The climate of that favored
section opens many occupations to wo
men that are iu a measure closed to them
in the North; and! their 1oc of outdoor
life leads them to choose such avocatious
as flower gardeuing, fruit .. growing, bee.
keeping, dairying,poujtry ralsiug and the
like, rather than the really, harder and
more con fining work in offitesand shops.
A capabable and buergetic woman can
direct the .work of tn anyisui table out-ot
door occupations with much greater
pleasure aud profit aiKTwlth less loss of
nervous foire, thiin result from school
teaching, writing, j-cierking or .other ef
the employments usually chosen by her
sex. The new South will yet prove to
be uu inviting fiejd for self-supporting
womeu. Boston Herald.
Mysteries of Jupiter. .
The problems waiting for solution in
regard to Jupiter are almost without
number. Telescopists nre uever weary
of studying the markings on its disc.
New lines of his varying belts dots on
his surface, changing tints, bright spots
near his equator, rifts iu his cloud aud
atmosphere occupations and transits of
its moons and their jshadows are scanned
by eagle-eyed observers, accurately, map
pud by skilled draughtsmen, and laid
away to swell the huge pile of observa
tions, which, oue of these days, when
the Joviau alphabet has found au inter
preter, will reveal jhe process of world
making going on in a planet so huge in
bulk that his primeval fire still burns.
The great red spot, visible for years ou
Jupiter has come and gone. Its apear-
ance was a mystery, its disappearance
was equally uunccouu table. It left be
hind au uusotved problem, tangible proof
of the equatorial acceleration of the
planet. For tho bright spots near the
equator made a circuit around the planet
in five minutes less time than, the great
red spot that was forty .degrees from the
equator. ; In precisely the same wav the
spots near the sun's equator complete a
evolution iii less time than those nearer
the joles. . Here is another link connec
ting the central luminary more intimate
ly wjth his lordly son, aud iucludiug his
developments within the bounds of solar
mysteries. . When we find out the reason
why the equatorial sun spots move faster
than the polar sun spots, then we shall
learn why the Joviau bright spots moved
faster than the great red spot. We shall
probably be' convinced at the same time
that the regal planets is far more iu the
condition of the sun than his less massive
aud less richly endowed brethren. How
many ages must roll on before the dawn
of the day of certainty succeeds (he loug
night of theory t Providence Journal. -
The Soudan St ry.
Sketch of Brents that Lend ,u io
Present Situation.
The steps iu the Soudan tragedy which
the world is now witnessing are as fol
lows: 1. Revolt of the Soudanese against
the Egyptian government, which had,
since the conquest . in 186i, beeu little
better then organ iz4l robbery. 2. Inef
fectual efforts of the Egyptian govern
ment to suppress it, ending in the des
truction Hicks Pasha's army. 3. Refusal
of England, which had in the meantime
taken charge of Egypt, to allow these
efforts to be repeated, in view of the con
dition of the nr'myjand treasury. 4. Re
fusal of the Mahdi to allow the Egyptian
garrisons iu the Soudan to be witlidrawu
peaceably, followed by loud Jingo cries
iii.f.ugi.iuu inni u nun a snuiue io leave
these brave 'men" to lie massacred. .5
Slow acknowledgement of the British
ministry that somcthiug ought to be
done for theni if possible. 6., Appear
ance of Gen. Gordou on the scene, offer
ing " $s settle the whole matter single
hauded by going himself to Khartoum.
7. Acceptance of his offer by the ministry,
with emphatic warning that an armed
expedition was not contemplated, aud
that he if he failed lie was to come back.
8. Further concession of the ministry to
the Jingoes, by sending troops to Sriakim,
just to secure the port against Osman
Digna. 9. Complete failure of Gordon to
make any impression on the Soudanese
as a deli yerer, and his: conversion into
the commander of the Egyptian garrison
iu Khartoum. JO. Announcement of
Gordon that he would not come back, bat
would stay ahd "smash: the Mahdi," if he
could get some Indian or Turkish troops,
or if Eunqveau aud Auiericau capitalists
would lendhim about a million dollars. 11.
Growing impudence of j Osmau Digua at
Suakim, leading to a sortie of the garii
sou, and two fights in which about 5,000
men were killed or disabled, just to teach
him mauners. 12. Gradual blockade of
Gordou ut Khartoum, j accompanied by
lonlJirgo cries that it. was a shame to
heavsuch a splendid fellow to be over
whelmed. '13 Gradual breaking flown
of the ministerial detefmlDstion not to
meddle, in the SoudaK trouble partly
through fear of the jinsoes. knil tnrtlv
through fearof effect which anyl sign of
tlmiditr mtht hiirii'nn CLJ ....1
- m tm
; : ' f. - . usiiuauj .uu
France and the Indian MoMulmahs. 14:
Determiuathm to send 7000 men? and
speiid $50,000,000 in rescning Gordon, as
splendid specimen of the British officer.
15. Death of Gordon before - the Arrival
of, tlie expedition. 16. Deternutiatiou,
sluce there was no Gordou to rescner to
prosecute the war,' and t'oiasli the Malidi,M
anyhow, no matter nt what cost in blood
and treasure,' but wiUioat any iutentiou
of keeping tbd ISoodau. 1 I " J.
Bauos AVti Barrw. Yes,riaid
MrsParveau, witii a wadof pride io Iter:
roice as big as a chew of fine cutf fm y
daugtiter is to be married at au early
day . " . j
"To a titled German, I believer quer
ied the frieud to whom she was talking.
"Yes, a German Barou." . v v . r-j-;.- r
"Ahl. A Baron 1 what is his name T '
The Baron of Barou of pshaw, it's
funny I can't remember his name. My
dear," she said, turning to her husband,
a gruff old chap be h iud a newspaper,
what is our new son-iiawV titlet
He's Baron of something but I can't
recall it." J ' T
"Dou't know," he growled, M Barren
of Funds, I reckou."
The drouth in "Southwest Georgia last
spring dried up the wells, and we were
compelled to use water from the creek on
the plantation. The result was that all
were troubled with chills and fever. I car
ried with me several bottles of Swift's
Specific, and as long as I took it, I had
perfect health. Asoon as I ceased taking
it, ITike the rest, wast afflicted with chills.
When I resumed its use, I was all right
again. We have used it in our family as
an antidote for. maUrial poison for two or
three years, and have never known it to
fail in a single instance.
W. Ct Fcblow.
Sumpter Co.. Ga., Sept. 1 1, 1884.
Some two years ago I received a 1kv
(Lena White) into tlie Orphans Home,
near Macon, from Columbus. He was one
of tho poorest creatures I have ever seen
nothing but skin and bone crippled and
deformed by Serofula, which - had atten
ded him from his birth. About eighteen
months ago I commenced giving hi.u
Swift's Specific After several bottles had
been taken and no visible results to be
seen, I began to despair, but continued the
medicine. At last signs of improvement
tecame apparent, and from that date to
the present there has been constant im
provement in both body and mind. He is
uow about fourteen years old, and is one
of the brightest boys I have ever known. I
honestly believe that he will ultimately
outgrow the effects of this loathsome
disease under the influence of Swift's
The two cases of crvsinelas vhii-h were
treated some two years ago with S. S. S.
show no symptoms of return of the dis
ease, i L. B. Paynk Snh't
Orphans' Home. So. Ga: Conf.
Macon Ga., Nov. 1, 1884.
1 reatise on Rlood and Skin Diavasea
mailed free.
The8wift Specific Co.. Drawer 3. At
lanta, Ga.
I have had hereditary scrofula broken
out on me for eight years. Mv mother and
one sister died with it, and I, supposing
that I would io as other nit-mlxr of tl
family had, had despaired of life. The
treatment of mercury and potash seemed
to aggravate instead of curing the disease.
In this condition I was pressed to use
Swift's Specific. After taking six bottles
the tearful ulcers on mv neek and arm
pisappearcd and the scars only remain to
remind me of my sufferings. Had I taken
S. S. S. at first, I would have leen a well
man long ago. Fhakk Gilcuer.
Oct. 18, 1884. Danville, Ky.
I was affected for nearly four years with
eezema. the doctors called it at first
erysipelas. I was treated by physicians.
I was cured bv Swift's Sneeitic. I uspd
about thirty bottles antl have had no trou
ble with it since. I refused to take it. even
after it was recommended to me by others
for some time such was my prejudice to
the name of it; but having tried it tnvself.
I now belive it is the best blood puriticr iu
all my knowledge. It did another thing for
me,- I hud suffered from piles for many
years. Since taking this medicine I have
been relieved, aud believe it cured me.
i R II. Joses.
Cartersville, Ga., August 25, 1881.
My daughter, seven years old, has been
afflicted with eczema for two veers, and
after trying other remedies in vain, I gave
her Swift's Specific (S. S. S.), and one and
a halt bottles cured her sound and well. Iti
is the best blood remedy in the country.
Mits. M. S. Judkiks.
Cedartown. Mill, July 23, 1884.
Treatise ou Blood and Skin Diseases
mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, At
lanta, ua.
Thk Beactv of Yoctn.No matter how
handsomc.or stalwart a young man may be
otherwise, nothing can make up for a par
tially bald head. Shining talents are at
tractive,, but a shining h1I is not. The
cause may be sickness or anything else,
yet Parker's Hair Balsam will stop the loss
of the hair and start a new growth of glos
sy and soft hair so quickly as to surprise
you restoring the original color at the
same time. Not dye, not oily, delicately
perfumed. Only standard 60c. dressing.
sn rosy and healthy and are never sick.
Our children are so delicate and have such
sallow complexions. Your neighbor keeps
up with the times and gives Shriner's In
dian Vermifuge to his children twice a
year, ' " .
Price low and ttrms easy 'For further
particulars, address or call on
14:8m Salisbury, N C.
Indian Vermifuge and if he fails to supply
you, address the proprietor,
Baltimore, Aid.
AmasstnaUoti In Florida.-
r .Tlie Ifidsoh Viile pbnn the
paiTicuiare ot a s not sing affair, which jnc
enrred last Jteek nt JJraidMown, which
is only a few miles from th town of ilarn
ateey Jlorida.- It eeras thaik trambef of
persons were in conversaUoiynt Braiden -townwhen
the subject of the Abbe ninr
der carde npabd one of the JaHy , a;.M r.
Campbelfi' madea retnarto. tlie effect
that he was of the opinion thiit tlie coui ts
Would not "convict the parths wlio have
been arrested for -the mrtrder,aVioT he
would be oue to assist in killing them if
they were turned looje. . The party after
wards dispersed; and within 4 very short
time Mr. Campbell was notified to leave
the county withm foarlrours or he would
be killed for expressing -himself as he
did. lie did not - leave and that night
some oue knocked -at' his door. He "got"
up and partly opened -ft; when the' per
soti outside 'threw in a ball ofdynanilte;
which exploded, blew the'housc to piece's.
and broke Mr. Campbell's back, from ilie
effects of which he died short lv '"after.'
wands. It. is also stated-tliat other parties
had been notified to lea ve-the county in
side of twenty -four hours or '! Hey would
meet with a like fate.
Savixo Banks. The annn'al reiiort of
the snpsriutendeutsof tle New Ybi'fcbaiilr
big deitartmeiit -furnishes sohie interest
ing facts relative to the coiidition of the
saying tmnks of that State. Tjiey are 126
in number, holding desposifs to the
ainount of H37,107i:: Theldepsltors
Dumber 1,165,174, or m
re thau one-fifth
of the total population of the State. The
deposits averngeoTS.o each' aud the
average, rate of interest paid was 3.44 per
cent. The number of depositors increas
ed 17,586 during the year and the amount
of deposits $6,027,491 , The effect of the
present depression in -i business is shown
to a marked degree iu tlie' small increase
iu deMisits, they having increased for the
five preceding years at au - aunual rate bt
more than $26,000,000. ;
Has opened rooms in the Old Photograph
Gallery. Sho has. learned Dress Making
and the most accurate system of 'cuttfrig
thoroughly. ..
Fit Giiarantcpd ! '
Will be pleased to receive tails from the
ladies of Salisbury.
March 5," 1885. ly ' ' ,
My stock of Chcmtcma, Acid Phosphates
Kainit, etc., is more couipWte -and-cheaper
than ever before, and of tho ;er highest
grades. 1 Don't fail to" call 'tin .'me beforj;
furchasing -elsewliere and Stite 'Money.
also have a large lot of- Best'VVifglnia1
Lime for Agricultural purposes,, which 1
am offering at reduced pijce -r -r.ct
Feb. 20; 1885. tf " r -
Cancers Coiiqueredk
The Swift Specific Compnny have the
most endubitable evidence as io the cure
of Cancer by their famous medicine, S.S.S
Among others, John S. 3Iorcow, an old
and highly esteemed citizen of "Florence,
Ala., makes the following statement as to
the merits of this remedy:
'I have been suffering with a Cancer fn
my right car, for about three years. I tried
various remedies and was treated with
Iodide of Potash, which produced rheu
matism. My feet and. legs were greatly
swollen, so that I could not walk; About
one year ago I was induced to try Swift's
Specific, which Soon removed the trouble
in my limbs, and my' rheumatism is ni)w
entirely gone and my Cancer is steaxlih
improving, being better now than at any
time within two years. This medicine has
done me more good than anything else 1
have taken, and I feel that I am on the road
to a speedy cure. Undoubtedly Swift'o
Specific is the best blood purifier in t fie
world." JOHN S. MORROW.
Florence, Ala., Sept. 22, '84. .
I have had a cancer on my face: for many
years. 1 nave trieu a great many reuieoics
but without reiiet. 1 almost gave up ltoe
of ever being cured. Dr. Hardniaivmy
son, recommended Swift's Specific,. which 1
have taken with reat results. Mv face is
almost well, and it is impossible tor inc to
express my thanks in words for what this
medicine has done for me.
Monroe, Ga., Sept. 1884. ,
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases
mailed Ine. .... .
Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta,
NOTICE . ; '
Is hereby gi veu-that application will
be made to the next General Assembly of
the State for an ameudiueut to the chat ter
of the town of Salisbury. 6t
Jan. 1, 1835. A. I. Bovdex!
Atlasta, Ga., August, 1883.
My six year old sim has had a terrible
slojghing Scrofulous Ulcer of the neck for
three rears, attended with blindness. ss
of hair, great emaciation, and generf
prostration Physicians and various blood
remtHlieS were resorted to without benefit.
The Xew Atlanta Medical CoWege treated
him for three mouths; but his condition
grew worse.
I was urged to tryjhe efficacy of B.B.B
and to the astonishment of myself frierwl
and neighbors, one single bottle effected a
entire cure. Ulcers of the neck entirely
healed; eyesight restored, and the Jair
commenced growing on his heail H'ain.
I live ai 345 Jones Street, and my Uy is
there to be seen. Fit a.nk Joseph.
Notice to Creditors
AH persons haviug claims against the
estate of Iawreuce Lingle, dee'd; are
Iiereby notified to present the same to the
undersigned on or before the 16th d.iy of
Jannarv. or this notice will be
pleaded in bar of their recovery.
juii i-iauiv,
Jan. 9, 1835.-GW
Dress Makind!
.'. x s
1 his do rder never rule, a mmi mt 'w.
stifBg-iaund wholeauivneH. Mure HbMia:aI
cotoeeuuda-wrthiueifinnuadeof low Tm" Sfort
man ae uratnnrv kinds, and mnuoL..!-. mvih.ia
ns. naxL Bikino rowocK co.. nx hhi ku .
pallid, chalky complexion .which thenof-j.
elist catl a4washcd out c6mplexipB.',vTt is
gliastly enonhT and tm mistake?' Tksheoi
put,Jaled,.dUaLured, or part oldredTiahv
is. Almost as repulsive and mblaacholY'
Parke'rs Hair Balsam will restore.; vom
hair to its orignial color, whateverUU. WiiSi,
browsj aulwrn or black. Why wear moss'
RffK" vl 1 c HU' Wl,cn
" " :
Salislmry -Tobacco1 Hartet. ;"
Luss, common to med
Lugs, med. to good,
Luys, good to hne.
Lugs, tine to fancy,
Leaf, enniuon to med.
Leaf. lned. to good,.
8.."i0tO 11,00 .
14 .00 to 1H.0O
5.00tv . '
C.25 to 8.50 '
.V8 50 tftlSa,
Leaf, good to tine,
Wrappers, com: to med.
Wrppors.'nwd. to jrood
Wrappers, sood to fine,
Wraniwra Ann
10 ou to 10.50.
18.50 ti 25.00"
40.00 toMLCO-
m iujM.-i, lanry none onerca. . . v t .
. . New'toljatfco breaks for" the pSs w'rejc
Imivo been lihr. Prices stiff for allrades. '
Good, ricli, waxy niters, smooth eotfrrsSnd
.lug smokers are. in reat demand and prices'
ia shade stifier than the quotation. Wrspr.
per3 of all classes are high and eagerly
sought after. Planters would do well byj
puttjni: some of thdr good tobacco tm the '
market at this tinie.; ...
and fall are' times when so many '
people get sick. The changes Sn the" "4
weather arc severe on feeble persons, sn4 1
even those naturally string are apt, a they '
say, "to be feeling miserable." Thcu.they
are just in condition to be struck . I down),
witli some kind of fever. A bottle, pr tWe T
of Parker's Tonic will invigorate the diges
tion, put the liver, kidneys and blood hi'
perfcet order, and prevent more jicrious
attacks,. .Why suffe. and perhaps die,'
when so simple a medicincwill cnre'yoUl
lood fpr. both sexes and sll ages. H-
. , ' ",'
Go to ENNISS andbny Kcros4 sad
Madliii.'c oils. .
Obtained, and all PA TES1 BUSlSKSSttUadrtit) '
for SiOhtylA TE . ; i
Our ontce in otiosite the U. s. Patent Offlisc, antt j
we caa obtain Patents In lew time tban those rw
mote from Wa.shlD)fton. Send Nodrt r UrnwinQ. ,
We advise as to patent,abl!ttr free of cbargT;aa4
we make mo Chargr uU potettt ' mermrtd.
,We refer, bere, to the I'ostnjaHier, tbe Snpt. bC '
Money Order I 1 v.. and to officials of the U. S. Pat-
tent Ofnce. For circular, cdvlce, ierma and; refer
ences to actual clients tn your own state oretmatr
write to C. A. SNOW. 4b CO.: , .
opposite Patent onlce, VVafcblnirton. 1. c. s
drotd to Miene. machtoica.
eoreries, inTentions And ptnia rr poblihS rV
amber illustrated with splendid BrTina. .Ti
pnblieation. farnisbM a mou T4abt mtv?So9m? :
hiformttioa which bo panoa hoald bo withoot. TW
KpnUrity of tho Scxnrnno Auzmkax it nehthot t
1 oircaUtioa aeoriy eqaolo tbA of oil other 00901 or
its claaa combined. Prico, 9X30 iwtr. nmmm r
ClntM. Sold
r All MmilMWt.
linhers, Ito.
, roodwsf, H. V.
A Moaa m 00. aojo oioo
BBaHMHHBHv lore toe rmm wma.
ud bow prepared wwo thoa On Mrn- .
.nobu, Airmeat.d eil otbeo '
for wenrinr to lnentow tbe.r riohU Jo tho
United . Btete Cnd, f. tuMM,
Gormn7 and other f oreiica ooootrieo, P'iBnria .
ot hort notico and on reoaable frmo.. ;."..
Information aa to obtaininf patenU ehejl four
iriTen witbout chair-:. Hand-oookJ of "
Mnt w Wt.nU obtained thromoh llano
Tho odrantoiro of aueh notico irwoll onderatood by nil
I I Vc. 1 1 1 1 11 n i.iifl a iniiao fr
persons wbo wi.h to dispoM of tl
VAddreeaMCNN aOO.OSoo
361 Btoadway, Vow York.
Oi prttonU give aaj. Set
us 5 tents postage, and by
mall you will get frt s pack
age of goods of lar.e value.
it viU !t ti-t y-i in work that win at once n
o 1 i 1 n ) 1 ' 1' l ivr,uiaa an thlBg elsta A m en
11 dm ti; tiii.DOi ia presenu wuof oaca o
gii.i 1 1 -e wyjrtaere.of either sex; of all a
r ft t ! U n or spare Uinooly. to workforw
tAir in himM. Portuoeo for all workers aj
tilv nvi.'eJ. tlou't delay. IL. UalXETT M COu .
0.1 It; 'st -ly ortund,; Mala
'I Dojt T Feei. Lick Work." It makes
no difference what business you are engag
ed in: -whether you are a preacher me
chanic, u lawyer or a common laborer yew
can't do von r work well while you ant bait
sick. Thonsnnds try to, but all inivaia.
How mucir better to keep your organs la
good- order 1t taliing Psrker's Tonic whea
you feel "a little out of . sorts," It 'WtfuhV
le money in your jpockct. One Iwur ot
yfood. rejoicing health Is worth Ihslt ajdot
11 hours ftill ot languor and'pain.
irk) too3f No. 1 Valley of ViriiajaV
Tiniothv nay "or saie uy )
43:6m. .. Staustoa, Ya
Cu SaturcTay the 14th day of March next
at the Court Houms dor in Saiisbtiry I
will sell a tract of nine acref of land, inore
o-less; being the place wflb thf buildings .
thereon, whore W. A. Wise lived and re-,
cently died, being aUut seven miles ftm
SalisbJry on theStatesville lNad;aaJorniBg,
the lands" of lUd Wyatt, J. K Brlsgs. John
Gourley. Terms of sale one half caakafhd
a credit of six month ffr tUebiher 'WrH
with interest at eight per 1 ent ? j
Feb.. 10th, 1P?4. 17:4t. '-:
1 !
, Ui-
-l r.
- 1 iL.-r
-' 7
y7r "
' i 8
- !

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