North Carolina Newspapers

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xoTEnin-iiTrc. HfliLROAUi
xMfaW II. fL MAY 11th, 1884
'Rouirll on Hats" clears out Rats. Mice.
Rough pn Corns,7fox. Cornsr
p ii i ii r
JtAST. f
Train No. 1,
At. a. m. ( Ballsburr ;
lit i-8UU-8Tille
1.1T " ; ' Newton ;
ll.4Sp.mJ JHlckorr
lt.M M riMoryanton
tjl ,'Maripa - !
s.40 "jlOldKort
T.5 ' uiKound KnOl
- T4J " i I Block Wountajn
. Anhertlle
.S3 - i Alexander's ,
- tA4 " Manlull
An iM t;.wrni gprlngr
Tr&ln N6.S.Y
Lv. ir5 a. m.
i Ur. J w -
! I - t.t " .
i " 4.X6
" M4 M
' M
. T.5 '
1 i " ' 8.5
i (Train No.
4.M p. m 'lA&hertlle' j I'Lt. t.W
i Plfeon R1W 1 Ar. I1.1S
M iiwajntrsvllle ;j
TnOn 'TandmiidaUy. i
TralA No. S connect at Salisbury wttn R. D. K.
.roa an polata South.
- m : Train Wo. I-
Connect at JaUsbury with R. & D. R. R. from
' all polnUNOrtn and from Raleigh. Connects at
tatWTlllewlth A. T. & O.Mv. it V. CA. R.
k coonecu at Warm Springs with E. Tenn.. Va.
" , B. B. for Morrlstown and pcinU Went, S. W
'T Train Ho. 2
Tliin nple.f ttWdls Ilcall h cpewer,
restores liealtlr nd ViWi cUrcff dyspepsia,
;&c fl., .V.:.m- -'.'..' T:- p '(V!f,-!':
j 4Bougl onTo hache," instant retitt 1 6c;
..Ladies who would retain; frehnc8 nl
vivacity don't faih to try "Well' Ileal th
fBuchu-paiba, great kidney and urinary
core.4 " . -, r
Flies, roaches, ants, 1xkMu?s. ratft.'micc,
I clearetJ out ly MHinli on Rats." loC4 '
4Roub oh Coughs," trtklie8flciiqaid
Fcr children, slow in deve'opmentl wan?4
J and delicate, use ?i Wepa' If eaJth.Ren$wcjr.V
"unuiMi ou jucnusi, looiu.x-owucf. ,rj
1 1 1 -f i
!' Nervous WeakncssV Drspepsra, t Sexual
Debility cured by "AVells lfeulth ReuH er.,'
Mother Swan's Worm Syrup, for fererjsh
ness, u orma, consti jat ion ; t ast eless j 25c.
Stin"inr, irritation, all Kidriey.and Uri
nary complaints cured by fJJuchUrpaiba,
Jfight sweats, fever, chills, malarm. dy
peps:at, cured by "Wells' iieanii iteneyen
My husband (writes a lady) is thre times
the man since using "Wells- Health He
newer," fli, ; .... ; .,;:; 'Jr
If you are failing, brokenr worn out and
' ' at Warm SDrtnzS with E, T.Va.AGa.RJt,
V aiorrlatowa A the. West A svw. Coanects at j nervous, nse " M is eaisa wenewer." f i
Prevalence of Kidney complaint iti,4.mcr-
till with A. T. U O. Dir. of C C. A A. K. R.
, at SaUsbuiT with H. A I. K R. for all points
' rtfc and East and for Raleigh. ;
' Through Tickets
a sale at Salisbury, Statesvllle, Ashevllle and the
W ' Springs to all principal cities.
;' ; j7. a. tuek,
A.O. P. A.
ica; .Buchu-paiba" is quick, ( complete,
cure, $1. '.K''''"' .'"r 'i':'
WftAiuct a ui-ciucii i
Jlttorueys .t Ij.x7-f
Salisbuuv, N. C.
j't, ! Salisbury, S!iC.
I Office on Council Street, opposite the,
Court Iloase. ,
-37:tf ' - ':
Tlia Greatest Modisal Triamh of tte Ael
torpid livek;:
XiOsacf oppetlte, Dovrela costirc Pain la
tbo head, with a dall eonsatln ia tlie
baci pri rt, Pain onder tho shoalder
blade Fallncos nftcr entire, with adic
f ocHnntion to excrtloa of body ormlcd,
Irritability of temper, Ixtt spirits, wltla
afcclisaof having ncelcctod yoiao datr,
Wccrlaocs, Dizziness, Flattering at tbo
Xlsart, ro:a before tbo eyes, Headache
over tbo rlsbt eye. RestlessRcss, firlth
fitfal drcntns, Ilhrbly colored Urine, and
TUTT'3 arc especially adapted
to each cases, one dso e'Jects tucli a
change of feclinjr n to nstonisli the suflercr.
TBcy inrreKSO t&rt n ppeute.naa caucs tu
Rowan County.
Ij? the Scpe'rior Court, Jas'y 10. 1 885.
Samuel IJ. lIart, Adm'r of John M. Brown,
St,, Petitioner, j v r
i r 4 Againut . -
Getirge A r Brown, John M. Brown, Jr., Jo-aeph-F.
Brown, James L. Brown. Wm. L.
Brown, and Margaret Kerrj wil'e.of Wuh S.
Kerr, heirs at law Defendants.
This is a special proceeding brought by
the said administrator for art' order to sell
the land ol his intestate for assets ; and the
-above named 'm: L. Brown, Margaret
Kerr and iet husbarjd Wm. S. Kerr, being
proper patties defendant and uon-residents
of this State and residents of Texas, said
Wni. L. Btpwn, Margaret S. Kerr and Wm.
&Kerr are hereby! notified and summoned
to appear before this Court and answer or
;demur- to the petition on tile in this rase,
on or Iwfore the 14th, day of March, 1885,
or judgment will be. taken procdnfento as to
. them? and tliis notice will be published in
the "Carolina Watchman" r newspaper six
successive weeks from this date. This Jan
uary 10th. 1885.
J. 31. IIORAII, C. S, C
l&Ow .i - , of Rowan County.
body t Take on VloHmtMH tlie system -aoarlshed.rrd
bythoirTonto Action ou
the uigeSiiveororanSfitea'aiarbfooii
prodnceil. Price iBBc. 41 Bfnrray
Gsat Haib or Whiskers changed-to a
lie a err hv n slnorlo aoDlication of
this DTE. 1 1 imparts a utitaraf color, act
send six ceats postaep. and
i receive free, a costly box of
goods which will help you to
t more money rlirht awar tham
anyiuing eise ia mis wona. ah, oi euuer sex, suc-i
eeed from ilrst hour.' The broad road to fortune!
opens before the workers, and absolutely sure,
Atora aaaress THCB & Co., Augusta, Maine, I
,i . r-lni?-. : f
r I pleased to announce to the ladies ot
SaliiJiury 'and surrounding country, that
she )iaa optne4 a MILLINERY 8TORE in
Crawford's new building lob Main Street.
nujoiuing v ine room formerly occupied by
BlaetmeT &'Tayloras a Hardware House.
She prepared to til orders and respe.t
fllyliiiv;tes ladies to call and inspect her
atock'.A;Can "supply dn short notice any
artitUe not in Store. Believes her work
will -not only give satisfaction but pleasure.
Wilffll orders , promptly and at charges
as moderate as possible. Indelliblc stamp
ing on 'any kind of material tor Braiditi"
and embroidery, also free hand drawing
for Mottos, Hat bands. Handkerchiefs, &e,
any sire; plain to elaborate.
1 Mar.'27:tf. 4 '. r. : ' f '. y
lnstantaneoasly! So!l by Drurjglata, or
sent by express on receipt of CI, 1
Offico,44 Murray St., New York.
qN . 8T05XACH tm pt
To the needsefT the tourist, eommerelal
traveler and new settler, Hostetter'a 8 torn
ach I Bitters is peculiarly adapted, since it
strengthens the digestive organs, and
braces the physical energies to unheal th
ful influences. "It removes and prevena
malarial fever, constipation, dyspepsuQ
healthfully stimulates the kidneys and
bladder, and enriches as well as j purine!
the - blood. When overcome by ) fatigue,
whether mental or physical, the wear
and debilitated find it a reliable source ot
renewed strength and comfort. For sale
by all Druggists and Dealers generally.
m w sTJ mir i-
tape vonni
Arterainent Gennan scientist has recent
ly diaveid from a root extract, ari rW
hite ItpeeiJUr for Tape WormJ -;
It is pleasant to take and 1s not distress
ingfto the patient, but is peculiarly sicken
in. Wj- BuPcnS o the Tape Worm,
,which lu'-sens its hold of its victim and
passivaway in a natural and' easy manner
'"My vMct;with Head, and while till
alive. I , -,,r : i- I s
Ojie physician has used i this specific in
over 400 cases, without a sinule. failure to
void worm entire. Success guaranteed. No
pay;requir;d until removed iwith head
SencT8tam p for e.ircu lar and terms. J t
nrjir wood l
ri i Park Plce, Xcw! York.
I V 11 ; f, V U
interested Jo nides, iur Wocll, Roots,
camera, , ccswtX;, Uuttef, Clieeie, Eg8,
Dried Frujt, poultry, Hay and I Prodttee
ffencallyend for our f Price Currents.
Prompt retarns orr. Consignments: I V
Trfal Shipments Solicited. .
R. IWjLLIAils & CO. ; I
Geskiul Coumimiok MraurtAvrs,
: - Office 16, William St., Xew York.
.sr 'J 1 IP" si' is.. -
.: 1 VI?ST( ENEMY to children
is worms. -Shriner'a Indian Verm
save them from-ruin if used accbrdinff to
the dtrcction'f Z :yr v : ' M ; I ; 6
fuge will
JiP w" TU1 dl? Coue.TfoT or! Lcso Fa
R. ir rontj!' l'owden nre ned in time.!
Fontx'K PnwdorR willrnre and prevent IloftCiioutKA.
v2!!f owJl0T" wm prevent GArwraK Fowls.
1 rowdorn win lnrce the qnnntitr of millc
ni rtteum twenty per cent, and nialce the butter firm
ni sweet. s - 1
Font Powderawni enre r! prevent Almost ktxst
Dlp,i!.towhlc,, Hornet and tittle Are subject.
Sold everywhere. . ;i i v
DAVID r. TOTTTS. Proprietor.
LArejrou failinsr. try Weixs' Fkalto $m-
Lung AuvucquaJcainrjaorsnt. CnresT
Headacbo, FeTer, Asuo, Chills. l
jL,1. " 1 r - i'
. m?rit,tmewua!ed for
Sweats, Nervous Weakness,
Malaria, Leanness, Sexual Decline!
W II '.pi I, II II. fill 11 Ii sa niT J
ii 11 14 l A CI
EIk,ai,le Cnres o'Catarrof
N71.intion'LT-itatioacf Kid-
.of tie Prostate Gland, PropsieS
on?, Jem?' Ineontin-fUrln-i,
aH Diseases oltbe Geaito
i:"?7 TSa latither nex For Un
"3ew,? each $1.
vJtTbi us- f r contracted or
rAIi S1 awl
Cispia'a Fy-f-flfric RSa 100; tctfcha-
R nluUtte feiiiv. tliML bottlew
t-yntn. i of ra?, 1 Bal re, bT rroreaa on
m mi " w, v.
Extracts from Mr. AYinthron Or-
-Bat fe'tiotr-I toirhf all oirintts
not the acknowledged preeminence; ,01
tne f atner oi nis country nrst witnoin
a pcoa?t,mortJj fljacjl jwequately.xe
presented by. that soaring shaft,; rising
high above trees and pires and domes,
and all the s&oke'and stir of earth
he ever roe abbre seeti6rialTbreiu3ic'es,
and party poiitics, and personaCinte-
mg out as everjTista as tar m .nuraan,
sight can reach, arresting and nyeting
the eye at every turn? -while it shoots tri-
nmphantly- to the sHea f ?Does nbt
does notf;1 1 repekt, 'ttiaVlpdlossal lTJnii
remind all who gaze'at iL more forcibly
man any arcn or statue couia ao, tnai
there iswpner name in r American history
abbye aUothier names, one character
more exalted than all other characters
one example to be studied and reverenc
ed beyond all 'other examples; one
bright particular star in the clear upper
sky of burfirniament; whose guiding
light aid peerless fustre are for all men
ana ior au ages, nexer to De lost i signi
of, never to be unheeded? Of tha
name, of that Jcharacter, of that exam
ple, that glorious guiding light, our
Obelisk, standing oil the very spot se
lected by Washington himself for, a
monument to the American Revolution,
and on the site, which marks our Na-1
tional meridian, will be a unique me-i
morial and symbol forever. The
character of Washington ! Who can
delineate it worthily? Who can des
describe that priceless gift of America
to the world, m terms which may do it
any sort of justice, or afford any-degree
of satisfaction to his hearers or to him
self v
Modest, disinterested, generous, just,
A of clean hands and a pure heart,
self-denying and self sacrificing, seek
ing nothing for himself, declining all
remuneration beyond the reimburse
ment ot his ohtlays, scrupulous to a
farthing in keeping his accounts, of
spotles3 integrity, scorning gifts, chari
table to the needy, forgiving injuries
and injustices brave, fearless, heroic,
with a prudence ever governing his im
pulses and a wisdom ever guiding i:s
valor, true to his friends, true to (lis
whole country, true to himself, fear
ing God, believing in Christy no stranger
to private devotion or public "worship,
or to the holiest oflfices of the hurch
to which he belonged, but ever grate
fully recognizing a Divine aid and di
rection in all that he attempted and in
all that he accomplished, what epithet,
what attribute, could be added to that
consummate character to commend it
as an example above all other I charac
ters in merely human history ! -
From first to last, he never solicited,
or sought, an office, ; military or civil.
JEvery office stood candidate for him,
and was ennobled by his acceptance of
it. Honors clustered around him as if
by the force of "first intention." Re
sponsibilities heaped themselves on his
shoulders as if by the law of gravitation.
They could rest safely nowhere else, and
they found him ever ready to bear them
all. To what is called personal magne
tism he could have had but little pre
tension. A vein of dignified i reserve,
which Houdon and, Stuart have rightly
made his peculiar characteristic in mar
ble land on canvas, repressed all famil
iarities with him. His magnetism was
tnat ot merit superior, surpassing
merit the merit of spotless integrity,
of recognized ability, and of unwearied
willingness to spend and be spent in
si a i i mi a
tue service oi nis country, mat was
sufficient to attract irresistibly to his
support not only the great mass of the
people, but the wisest and best of his
contemporaries in all quarters of the
Union, and from them he selected, with
signal discrimination, such advisers and
counsellors, in War and in Peace, as
have never surrounded any other Amer
ican leader. No jealousy of their abili
ties and accomplishments ever ruffled
his breast, antt.with them he achieved
our Independence, organized pur Con
stitutional Government, and'stamped his
name-indelibly on the agein which he
lived as the age of Washington !
Is Well did Chief Justice Marshall, in
that admirable preface to the biography
of bis reverend and illustrious friencS
sum mp with judicial prepision the ser
vices he was about to describe in detail:
Well and truly did he say; " As if the. cho
sen instrument of heaven, selected for
the purpose of effecting the great designs
of Providence respecting this, our Wes
tern Hemisphere it. was , the , peculiar
lot of this j every
epoch , when, the destinies of this count
ry seemed dependent" oh the ! measures
aaopteu, to dc caiiea py tne united voice
approached till our. 1 New,. World shall
require a fresh, discovery; and the glory
of ; Washington will remain unique and
peerless1 until - American' Independence
snail require to be again acnievea, or
tne ipunaations OI WJmuwuuuai aauer-
tKto be laid Vnew. 4 fl Thmpit
elaborate and durable monuments may
perish.; But neither, the . forces ot-na
tureViior any fiendish enme -of man
cah'eter mar or matilate agreat exam
ple of public or private virtue:
iOur matchless Obelisk stands proud
ly before us to-day, and we hail it with
the exultations of a united and glonous
aton ,ilt may, or may not be i proof
against the cavils of critics, but noth
ing of; human construction is f "proof
the casualties of f tima; The
stornis of winter must blow and beat
u)dn- it. The action of the elements
of Heaven may scar and blacken it Aji
earthquake may shake its foundations.
Spme mighty , tornado, or resistless cyc
Une,tnay rend its massive blocks asunder
and hurl huge fragments to the ground.
But the character which it commem
orates and illustrates is secure. It
will remain unchanged and unchange
able! in all its consummate purity and
is the reason why one niarr5 is pcrmjt
tetlto get rich, while another, strug
gle-fas he will,' remains pparGd
directs and overrules alitor fjood, in
uuiviutiais as well as well as nauous.
All is uiuler His eye, and not a spar
row falls without His observatiou."-4'
1 Better Thau Gains: to hnxr.'
splendor, and will
mandthe homage
more and more com-
of succeeding ages in
all regions of the earthi
God be praised, that character is
All Js for the best." said ne to a
merchant who had met with heavy
4J.t is not for the best that I should
lose my property," indignantly replied
le merchant.
"The Lord's providence deals inti
mately with the affairs of men," said
the other, "and all these dealings are
for good."
; But the merchant spurned the sen
timent. His heart was placed on
riches, lie looked upon money us
the greatest good. Lo.s of wealth
was, therefore, in his mind, the great
est evil that could befall him.
j "It is not for the best," he said in
his hear,! ; and with something of the
spirit in which the fool said u2so
i The disaster proved fatal. The
merchant, yet quite a young man, be-
came oanKrupi. ixor was tins an.
A marriage contract in a wealthy
family was broken off, thus visiting
him with a double calamity.
I f All for the best !" he raid to him
self, bitterly, recurring to the senti
ment which had been uttered in his
ears. "No ! It is not for the best.
Why have I been dealt with so
harshly ? Of what crime have 1 been
guilty? Whose ox, or whose ass, have
I taken uni stly? I have beeu frown
ed upon without a cause."
j In this slate he remained for mouths
and then made another effort. ' On a
few hundred dollars he commenced
business once more, and will hard
labor and slow progress, he ot
whom he had been engaged in mar-
was u in tea to a more wealthy
and he sought a union with
One whose external circunitaaces cor
responded with his own. He wed
ded happily. The partner of his
bosom was a true woman, and their
hearts were joined in the tenderest af
fection. Years came and went, and many
precious children blessed their union.
Prosperity crowned the merchant's
efforts. He gathered in wealth, but
prized it less for its possession than
its use.
! i'fWhat now ?" said the one who
had previously referred to the dark
dispensation of Providence. "Is all
for the best? or does your heart still
doubt ? '
J "I see it clearer, yet. sometimes I
doubt; said the merchant.
f "But for your loss of property,"
said the other, "you would have mar
ried the daughter of Mrs. Humphrey?"
"And she would have been the
mother of your children ?"
I "Yes."
j Have you heard of her conduct?"
MAo. y hat has she done?"
'Yesterttiiy she deserted her hus
band, leaving a babe three months
old, and has gone off with an opera
singer." '
If 'fit cannot be !"
"Alas 1 It is too true."
? Wretched creature! Oi! who could
have belie veil her heart so corrupt!"
H "Was not the loss of your wealth a
blessing, seeing that it has saved you
and your children from disgrace and
Wretchedness ?"
I "A blessing ? Thrice a blessing !
Yes, yes. It is for the best. I see, I
feel, 1 acknowledge it."
j IfHeaveu knows what is best for us,
and ' orders all for good, if we only
lierform bur duty. Not, however, our
mere natural good, but our spiritual.
veu-ueing. uoa is spirunai
s " - ! ' a !
Last Saturday a drummer was put off
a train on the Carolina 'Central Ro'ad
by a conductor,: and walked the track
for a distance of four miles to' the next
station, which was Wadesboro.1 The
drummer was on the train with a friend,
and they had a thousand mile ticket be
tween them, both their names being
written on the ticket. ! It was against
a rule of the company for both of them
to ride on the train at the same time
on a ticket of this character, and the
conductor told them that one of the
other would either have to pay fare, or
get off. The drummer refused to pay
and was ditched. Ai wl hear it, the
Order in regard to the restrictions, upjjn
traveling on the class of ticket iiamed
had been countermanded by the railroad
authorities, but the conductor had not
been notified, and therefore, in' ejecting
the drummejr-ffom the train, acted un
der the order by which he had always
beenguided. The drummer came to
Charlotte Monday and began arrang
ing for a suit for damages against the
company for his ejectment from the
train, but a conference was arranged
with the railroad officials. The confer
ence lasted about two days and ended
last night in a compromise, by which
the drummer secured, so we are inform
ed, about $600. Charlotte Observer.
A Deer Park In MI cbell County.
Two brothers named Baily, living
near B-ikersvule, in Mitchell county,
at the foot of a mountain, have a deer
park in which they keep tweutyfive
or thirty deer. It covers forty or fif
ty acres, and they capture the deer
and confine them there. When they
want some venison or desire to sell
some they have only to go in and take
one. The wild deer come to the park:,
being attracted by those that are in it,
and jump over the fence, which is so
constructed that they can easily enter
the enclosure; once in, however, they
are fast, as they cannot bound out as
they jumped in. Mitchell county has
plenty of wild turkeys, foxes and cpons
with an occasional wolf or bear, and
the sportsman can enjoy himself there.
The wolves are in fact quite numer
ous, and so destructive to sheep that
the rewards for their "scalps" has been
increased froni $5 to 10. Waynes
ville News.
i ThiT Times' -f ojt our Qui Bonds."
Our Raleigh dispatch gives encourag
ing informatirin-as to a' movement ior
settling Lthe ; debt of North aroima
heretofore repudiated. -.':There'itre some
$10,000,000 of these bonds, mostly issu
ed in aid of railroads It wacnarjreu
that many of them were tainted iron
fraud, and it is ketty well, established
that some ot them were so. - ajui.
State has had Wid advantage.-from
them! and its refusal to come
to any terms with innocent holders who
redd value for thlem'and had no notice
of any traua irom tne otate, nas oeeii
... t - " i XT i.t
serious blot uppm ira reputation,
narolina is nowisteadiiy advancing m
nrosneritv. and la stronsr feeling has
i ii '-ai .iiCli ' . r
rrrown no in tne orate mat, eveu uum
the noiht of view of immediate pecuni-
ary interest, it wouia ue ueiwr
the reoutation oi xne dhiuj uv uiuc
honorable; adjustnent with the holders!
of the bonds.. xi wies.
A bill has been! introduced in the New
Jersey ..Jjejpslatufe which specifies that
hereatjter.any male person wnp snau
beat, bruise-or wjiip his wife, some one
else's wife or an female person, shall
be corporally puiished by the infliction
of a number of fashes, not exceeding laid tupon his bare back by
the sheriff of a conty or one of his depu
ties, armed with ik whip of suitable pro
portions, the whipping to be done only
in the presence of the officers of the
Court or jail.1
Mrs. Wm. Mdorc, of Southampton
Lono- Island, swallowetl a large stee
needle last Angdst, which she put iu-
to her mouth while she was sewing
It lodged crosswise in her thrat, be
coming firmly imbedded. Since then
she has been a gi-eat suficrer. Friday
while she was attending to her house
hold duties, she tainted and fell against
a table. Blood spouted from her
mouth and ears,' and with it, through
the right-ear, came the needle.
The Public IJoads. Mr. Jones, of
uaiivoinbf, lias introduced a bill to is
tublih n Public poad Commission, aud
the House commit U-o has considered
aud recoiiiiueuded its oassae. . There
have i been beeu otne lueasuies of vei v
great cousetiiieiit'e acted upon by the
present Assembly, but the Ues"ister
knows of none already disposed of or ye
lo We considered of moro value to the
people than llii.s. If Mr. Jo lies sec are s
ii a passage, his iaiue is likely to live
history as that ofj a public benefactor.
i i i a
Leave Charlotte.'..
'."Salwburj ....
"Mlifh Point..
Leave G reenHboro .
Arr. Hillslro......
" Durham
M IUIeigh ...
Lv. " .......
No.jl8-Dail, MeelattKr
Iveave dreensboro 4(C1 "
Arrive ni ttaleigl, 11.54g T
Arrive at Uoldsboro 5.0(T it,'
: i 'n;
No.5 Conned at GreenRhnUI7,,
R R for all point Noril,, EaXl
Danvillf. At Slisbury Viih VWrV!
all points in Wtstern JTC lAftk
with W& W R R j4J l
connect at Greenboro with iaV i.: fe
for all piointa on the Saltm Brsnrli
Jun.6lh, 1S84.
o. 5XH
1 DailyL
' i Li
T rL, J..1 i Utr
jjeaYeiuiuiiHjru ... ti.oo a. m
r . l A' I . . . . ,U1
Arrive twieisii . .i "-'.1.3pm
Arrive Durham
' Oreensti ro...
Iave " I
Arrive HigbPiont
f Saliburyi..,..
, Charlolte......
.7.08 41
9.25 '
9.55 "
12.05 "
1.58 a
No. 50 Connects at Salisbury tlrt
points on W N 0 11 Rnd at CJiarloti
No. 52 Connects al4.Miaxlotewiifc"t J
& A.R.U. with allpointsSoutii aridRnw
and with A & C Air-Liire for all puloug
Going South.
ex. Sun.-
3a. $'
Lv. Greensboro ;
Ar. Krrnersville
" Salem i
1 1 30 p u
12 3G "
1 16 "
Goikg North.
Mo. 51.
ex. Ni'in.
11 oi .
1 VI --
Leave Salem j
Ar. Kerner!ville.
" Greensboro
1 2o ni
8 05 " :
915 '
Going North
eternal, and His providences 111 re-
jgaru to is creatures ioo,k 10 spirit
ftial and eternal ends. Thus, while
faonsipnnmchuthe: success of those
meUresrmcirWr UU
: tret. ' f f f'-'M , . .
There are sdnieicircaiiiislarices-w
canixot ioccur.iwicei, i some occasions of
which there eanbe1 no repetitibhsome
iwWIivalways' assert their in
dividual preeminence, and admit of no
rivalry or. comnarisoii. t The . clorv of
Colnmbu can nerer be. eclipsed. rever
Coat Tails Cut Off.
A Practical Joker Who' Was Caught in
llis Own Trap.
Gay Tippleton is a great practical
joker, eays the Liverpool Caller. At a
country house not long ago, when the
ladies had retired for the cveuing, the
gentlemen congregated in the smoking
"I say, Ewait," said Tippleton, "I
think it 8 very bad lorni 01 you coming
iu here without taking the trouble to go
up stairs aud change your coat. If you do
it again I certainly shall have those claw
hammer tails cut off."
Next evening scene repeated young
Ewait stroll 8 into tbeisinokius room with
his dress coat on. Without more ado
Gay aud a few congenial spirits had
young ESvart down on a couch and cut
the tails off his coat. Ew art took it very
coolly. He strolled up. to the fire, aud
stood in the attitude the ladies allege to
be the favorite one of the male sex.
"You take it very philosophically,"
said oneot Gay Tippletou's frieuds.
4Ob?" replied Ewarr, 'it doesen't mat
ter to mc. It's not' my coat; it's Tipple
tou's garment. I kuew he'd j keep his
word, so I just dropped iuto his room in
passing aud put his coat on." .
There was a roar of laughter, and, to
do Gay Tippleton justice, no one joined
iu more heartily than he.
Keep your fteart full of generous
emotions and your head full of good
thoughts; thusfin .heart and head there
will be found io room for evil. The
heart and head thus occupied, the words
and acts will always be genjerous and
beneficent. I
Clear shmihg comes after rain and
the darkest, gloomiest days are often
followed by aj bright and beautiful to
morrow. .
Arthur is putting up his forty nine
fancy cravats, sixteen plug hats and
nineteen pairs of fancy pants, prepara
tory to vamo$ing the ranche, or, in plain
vv -1 ini i 1 1 "t.
iJnitea states, "mttini? un and mttin
0 0 j. o
Morning tar.
airs, ueiva Ijickwoou carriel as
many States as Butler or St. John,
anyltow, aim that is doing pretty well
for a woruau's first run against old
experienced politicians of thc jiunta
loon geudejr. Norristown Ileral(.
Politeness is like an air cushion;
there may be nothing in it, but it
eases our Jolts wonderfully.
the bavins of you and your children
Iron this calamity, may conduce to
ybur i higher good, its permission to
fall upon 'another man and his chil
flren mav be the means of their ispir
ltukr "elevation. All that occurs in
each one's life is. designed to react
jipori his ieculiar character ; and this
Is the reason why one mau is visited
bvl calamity, and another spared; and
A letter from Savannah, Ga., says :
"Not far from here there lives a mau
named Howard, who calls himself Lord
Baltimore uud declares that he intends to
prosecute a claim to the throue of Greait
Dritiuii. Uutil recently he kept astute
but upon the strength of his representa
tions and of some old documents which
he freely exhibits. Several Georgians who
ought to kuow better have advanced him
money aud are encouraging hiia to carry
his case before the English courts."
It is reported by an English journal
that five Americans who have accepted
service as officers iu the Chinese armies,'
have arrived in that country. They are
all meu of military experience aud they
have gone to England as experts to settle
certain coutracts for the supply of war
like store. After a brief stay there they
will go on to China by way of the Suez
caoal, aud will ultimately ijoiu t,iu
Chinese forces ou the Tonqutu frou-
tier. '. -. A
A Chattanooga, Tenn-, dispatch states,
that seventy-five Moiuiou converts left
that city Thursday for Salt Lake City.
They were from East Tennessee, North
Georgia and North Carolina. The Mor
mon Church has been making such rapid
headway in the south; the elders have
decided to have a spring and fall h'egira.
Heretofore the con verts have emigrated
only i the falll' -
And its a parallelled abuses, are fully anc
freely discussed in a neat 3 page book
mailed freq to any address, by Blood Balm
Co., Atlanta, Ga.
irop a. postal lor it, as every man and
woman needs it and will be delighted with
its vaiudbje and entirely new revelations.
Sometimes shake a Nation of people and
arouse mem 10 action. r.xpressions simi
lar to the! following, from a well known
Druggist of Atlanta, pour in from sections
where li. p. 15. has been used.
1 Atlanta, June 12, 1884.
Jt is ouf firm belief that B. B. B. is the
pest Blood Purifier on the market. We
a re selling four or Jite liottles of it to ONE
of any other preparation ot the kind. It
has failed in no instance to give entire sat
isfaction.! Merit is the secret.
. . W. P.-SMITJ1 & CO., Druggist.
This, isjt he only blood medicine known
hat combines quick action, certain effect,
cheap price aud unbounded satisfaction.
That one single bottle of B. B. B. will do
as moch j work in curing Blood Poisons,
Skin Affections, Scrofula Kidney Troubles,
Catarrh nd Rhumatism as six bottles of
any oithef preparation on earth.
One fifty-year-old chronic nicer cured ;
Scrofulafof children cured with ono bottle.
It never fails. We hold lioine ioroof in lionk
form, tjend for iU: Lai'ge.bottle $1.00. six
for $100.
Expressed on receipt of price, if vour
Druggist can't, supply you. address
KLVUD 15 ALII CO., Atlanta, Ga.
. i
The fii-ra of Sheppar'd, Swink' & Monroe,
proprietors of Kluttz's WarhniP
been this day dissolved by mutual consent.
j , . , IX ASwisk,
-f Jas. M. MnxnnE
Salisbury, N. C., Jan. 14th, 1883.
io:iui. f
ASKimOUR DRUGGIST, for Shriner'a
Indian Vermifuge and If he fails to supply
you, auaress tue proprietor, David R Pbata,
liainmore, . - : i
Leave; Chapel Hill'.
Arrive University
10,20 am
Goijro SotrTH.
Leave University....
Arrive Chapel Hill.
I No. 2.
j Darly H.fta
I 12.05 pn
I 2.25 p. mi
Sick Unitck
rfoflea, Ansa
Ifi:i Ml If aul aU Mm
rang:emeatf Urer, liowelj-BJEW
Bad Breathi Painiit the SSde.
pain is iinder the Shiultler4lie, aitttakr
Khcumatisni ; general loss of ppW; jk
generally costiye. ontimc a!ternigk
the head is troubled with pain, H dujl d Mj
with considerable lots of mcrtiory, ti.jfm
with a Dainful stnsatiinofleaviiiii'aiiAatK"
which ought to bare bctn done; li(fctJJ
' and flushed face is sometimes
of weariness and debility ; neivow, bitty"
feet cold or burning, sometimes a priclJTWB'
of the skin exists; spirits a low: iti "P
ficial. vet one can hardlv summuia UP
r It in 4act,; distrusts every rcnwiy
theabore svmptoi.-.s attend iheidice,W.'
Kavi. nr-rurrn. -hrn bill (fw of thein CsW.r
examination after death has sho tb l1
nave ocen extensively deuneca.
iir1 1V all ncrslat.aUM'
yomng, w henever ny tiw
symptom appeai.
PcrmM Trivelln " Mf
healthy Localltiea. by takinpjaWw'?
1 neaUny cyo", "TI
.n 1 .v I : k I.K
WIT IU KCCif IU. UVCI 111 liv.nt.y f .
&11 Malaria, lUllnoa atlncks fttma,mi
Sea, Drowsiness. Denressi m "f jKinf L "it
wilt invigorate like a glass of win). f',i
toxlcatius beverare.
If You have rnlt-n anythtpr
lliseatlon, or feel hea vy after "My. 9r
leaa at night, take dose and yo wiBkw
Time and Doctors' TOlls B1
by always keeping the
ww t '- -1 1 :
For, whatever the ailment may be,
never be out of iplace. 1 he rciaefly "T,
ana aoes not lutenere w.p 7
pleasure. I 1 t
And has all the power and efficacyt
...w. .j - y- j j
1. liOTernora ,.-? u
stmmons uver negiiiator ik. ' tj k it
medical s
J. Gill S
milv ft
Tai liable addition to tne medical
MoaTsaiC." -H.
Hon. Alexander
. F . J 1 -
says: nave ocnng wure ui yc j
Simmons liver Reeulator. and w 7
airther trial.' : SU
xne only Thine mac p. 1
Believe.- f nave used many ""Jff
eosia. Liver Affection and DefcHty, - f
found anything to benefit fff
binunons Live' IKeBuiator has. f ri-A
esota to Georgia tor it, and vuaut TTtaJi,i
such a inedicine,;and would advieif"5
ilariy affected to eive it a trial a rT
thine that oever fails to relieve, j t
Dr. T. f. llaaoti ayJ
perience in the ke of Simrin-ns ua 2im0
my practice I have been and mf'T7 j
and prescribe it as a purgative mttJKf"! . 1
tTTalce only the 6nnln.jJ3
has on the Wrapper the red Z !T.f
and Signature of JJf- Z m U
rrD ai fc pv AI L HRL'GGIS3
Tfcfe VallBT Mnfnsl Irffl
m AAV f UUUJ AJUS1 , ,
vioriHia. i i.
HOME OKU3V-., iellabl'tS
The encapest. Safest, and Mt nf
sura nee now offered the public is
ley MtituaL wltlcU eaatoles ou crJ l.
p Ucy at an actual average com 01 j
For further Infonnatlon, call on
3iayso, 1SS3.1 ,
all U U.f m hih nprsoDS of
or oldTcan make Kn ai W"
with n rwlitf Mrtalnt. writ-IO' ruiut Ju
w 1 1 t t i MV A I U. I I
M.X . IK JnlJ-a .
MB THS ' 1 1 -3
Kale to take-beins paHj Jp.
ins. trice cts. AU -
"... .'.--'r
I, -

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