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Empire of Force and Empire of Love.
From the N. Y Journal 66mnictn
New York, Aug. 15,1885. We have
lately been reading a good deal about
the greatest heroes, greatest generals,
&c., that ever lived. I remember when
a youth reading that somebody once
asked Napoleon who was the greatest
general and he made the" noble reply,
uThe Saviour," whose constantly in-
wishes the wife to live on
This sum the wife thinks inadequate,
and certainly it is very little. Put
then it appears that the wife's mother
and sisters are 'inmates of the house
hold, and it is very likely that he is
determined not to encourage thera to
remain by spreading before them a
bountiful table. They have been jmar
ried only a few months, and they
have not yet given married life a fair
trial. The husband cannot be com-
ereasmsr armies tor l.ouu years naa
pel led to maintain his wife's relatives.
wu The husband has not refused on the
uinivucu vtci mt nvira. ' ' vi- I 1 t fir
, . , ... , contrary ne expresses ins willingness
aairnig yuu mutu W F1"1" rn nrnwu a foi his wiTp Tt a mv ini-
words, or can you say where they can I bre8Slon that instead of havine fur-
be found? E. P. I ther litigation the nartics had better
ifrp7y.The following is found at meet and try to make the best of each
page 171 of Arvine's Clydopcadia of ier- nere is no aouot mere is
TUT 1 A -Di; A Aa. uT UHaupwinwcui uu uuin aiuco. auu
o K M T K T 1 that. (hA wifo'a nn hninn inm havA
Ul.i.V.M.JVIiVI .... v
know men, said Napoleon at St Hele- provcd fco fee Deaa Sea apples, bu
na to Count de Montholon, lI know gue naa no case that entitles her to ai
men, and I tell you that Jesus is not a from the courts."
man! The Religion of Christ is a mys
tery which subsists by its own force,
and proceeds from a mind which is not
a human mind. We find in it a mark-
mi m m m - . - .
ed mdiviaualitv, wnicn ongmated a
train of words and actions unknown
Murder of the Chinese.
Says the Charleston News and
Courier: "The wholesale murder of
Chinese laborers in the Northwest
eroes far beyond anything that has
I AtTAH I A A r AlllllliVA1 ttTlf ll f 11 I t
u. urau0 jpuu, r the gn ,e in their dealillgs
his proofs are miracles, and from the witn the negroes, and is without the
first disciples adored him. Alexander, excuse that might have been made for
Caesar, Charlemagne, and myself found- race collisions in the South. The
ed empires; but on what foundation did Chinamen were not making a distur
we rest the creatures of our genius? bance of any kind, were violating no
tJpon force. But Jesus Christ founded ,aw were narmd and, we Peace
T it;., ably at work. Iheir sole ofiense was
anwupu uyuu thafc were working for a ow nU
millions of men wouW.die rotJUftrs 1 of WJgeg and for this crime their
die before my time, and my body will white neighbors turned out in a body
be given back to the earth to: become and chased them and shot them down
food for worms. Such is the fate of like wild beasts. We shall look with
him who has been calledUe GreatNa- interest to see whether there is going
uc i v.T I to be the same amount ot tear shed-
IT an caw too mvtajl
deep misery and the eternal kingdom
of Christ, which is proclaimed, loved,
adored, and still extending over the
whole earth? Then, turning to Gen.
ding over the massacre of these men
as over the hypothetical slanders in
regard to the riots in the South. The
colored people undoubtedly stand on
a lower plane, in many respects, than
Bertrand, the Emperor added, 'If you the Mongolians, but as the latter can
3 hh do not perceive that Jesus Christ is God,
I did wrong in appointing you a gene
In-Growing Toe Kails.
not vote, and as the Republican party
does not claim to have a proprietary
right in them, it is not likely that the
bloody blouse will be shaken to any
Earthquake in the X. C. Mountains.
Lenoir Topic
We learn from a reliable boo roe of a
very remarkable occurrence which, took
place near Blowing Bock and on the
Grandfather mountain , on Thursday even
ing of week before last. About eandown,
Mrs.Heid, who lives on Capt. Fancett's
farm, about 2i miles from Blowing Bock,
was sitting in the house and was surpris
ed to hear a very load clap of thander,
although the sky was perfectly clear, and
immediately the house began to shake,
dishes to rattle and a noise was heard as
though a "six horse team was being driv
en rapidly through the house." It lasted
but a few moments, but during the time
of it there was a perceptible and violent
rocking. Mrs. Beid says she was "shock
ed" and could scarcely stand. Mr. Joseph
B. Clarke reports very much the same
state of affairs at his house. It is report
ed also to have been heard and felt in
A man named Pat Coffey, who lives at
the foot of the Grandfather, and several
other people, were ou top of the Grand
father at the time, were very mnch fright
ened. Coffey was sitting on the large
hanging rock, on the Watauga side of the
view, which has such precipitous sides
and which is so famous for the beauty of
the view to be obtained from it. He says
it shook and quivered and trembled so
that he scrambled from it in such haste
and in such a fright as to appear more
dead than alive. He and his party at
once descended the inoantain in a state
of great alarm
Mr. Joseph B. Clarke, who has taken
some pains to investigate the strange af
fair, says that as far as he can discover,
the shock or whatever it was, came in a
" wave" that was deflected near his house
and went down St. John's Biver. Poes
any one else in any other section remem
ber to have noticed a like phenomenon.
- am
Tlje following named School Committee-men were appoint
ed by the Board of Education at a meeting held Sept 7, 1885,
for the several school districts of Rowan county said Com
mittee-men to hold their places for two years from the first
Monday in October, 1885. The said Committee-men will
please qualify on or before the 1st day of October, next.
"3ff W"
Salisbury, No. 1. Henry M. Brown, Chas. S. Pattern, Adam
iu.. crown. I is
2. Jas. M. Trexler, S. C. Ketchy, Monroe Peeler.
27. S. H. Wiley, P. N. Heilig, WZ Murdoch ,
4. R. A. Gobble. PhiliD Sowers. J. (1 Riishr
Franklix, No. h H. C. Bost, D. A. Swink, G. W. Fowler.
2. Jas. Monroe, H. A. Fisher. J. L. Cauhl.
3. A. M. Cruse, John Eagle, Julius Earnhardt.
4. W. A. Lentz, George Thomason, H. C. Cranford.
5. A. L. Hall. T. P. Thomason. W. T. fthm
JJrlL A. Agner, C. A. Waggoner, James Colly.
This most painful of the diseases of
the nails, is caused by the improper
manner of cutting the nail (generally
of thereat toej and then wearmg a
h narrow, badly made shoe. The nail be
r I crinnin fr to PTOW too lone, and rather
W IB O O -
Nearly as Bad as the Murder.
The Chatham Record says: We
hear that on last Tuesday night a
party of disguised men arrested the
wife and sister of Jerry Finch, who
is confined in jail on suspicion of be
ing one of the Finch murderers, and
tJ I wide at the corners, is trimmed around attempted to extort information about
Bvsjejtic Mixture.
the corner, which gives temporary re
lief. But it then begins to grow wider
in the sidewhere it was cutoff; and as
the shoe presses the flesh against the
corner, the nail cuts more and more in
to the raw flesh, which becomes excess
ively tender and irritable. If this state
POSITIVE AND PERMANENT CURE continue long the toe becomes more
and more painful and ulcerated, and
fungus (proud flesh) sprouts up from
the sorest points. Walking greatly in
creases the suffering, till positive rest
becomes indispensable. Treatment; we
omit all modes of cutting out the nail
Dyspepsia and Indigestion
Prepared by Dr. W. V. GREGORY,
Charlotte, N. C
Charlotte, N. C, Nov. 29, 1884.
rv W W ripnimri' T hAPAhV f!firtltV
that I Uave recentTv vised your Dyspeptic bv the root, and all other cutting or
Mixture with very great sow ro myscix li operations. JKegin tbe ettort
nu wiuia..,, 4Vw.. I . - 1 To, nnn .ahnil tf) ttiP.
li. If. WARING. I at CUre UV Biiuuic "fj-"
Member N. C. Legislature. tender nart of a small quantity of per-
pVilnrkl of iron. It is found in drug
CHARiiOTTK, N. C. , a - q aniA thouch some-
Dr. W. W. (iresorv: 1 taice great pleasure , , . .
in adding ray testimony to the value of your times in powder, mere is imui
Dyxpeplic Remedy. I have used it witn reai moderate sensation 01 pain, con
iL Md cheerily oM - or , . Iq ft few minutes,
torpid condition of liver and bowem. ne tender surface IS ieit w oe uricu up,
W"A.KaSU tanned or mnmmined, ces to
;.nf vchn. before
r I oe paiuiui. xiic o-"t "
For Bale Hr J H McAden and T 0 Smith & ij not put his foot to the floor, now
Co.,Charlotte, N. C and T. F. Klnltz & Co-, fi , j , . . can walk upon it without
Salisbury, N . C.
Buggies & Spring Wagons.
Bickford a Huffman
. i
t li-i.:., horrlonpfl
pain. rjy permiiwu v '
J 1 !, flnoh tn remain tot iwu ui
WUUU-lIftC llMBtm.
three weeks, it can be easily removed by
naVino' the foot in hot water. A new
o . m. , ......
and healthy structure is found nrm anu
solid below. If thereafter the nails be
no more cut around the corners or sides,
hnt alwavs curved in across the front
end, they will in future grow only for-
.wla. aA Viv weanne a snoe oi rea-
the murder from them by hanging
them up. It is said that eaeh of the
women was hung up twice, out both
persisted in declaring that they knew
nothing about the murder to tell.
We much regret this occurrence, as it
did no good and is calculated to do
Destructive Hail Storm.
Port Tobacco, Md., September 7.
The most destructive hail Btorm ever
known in this Section of Maryland occur
red Saturday eveniuc. Entire fields of
corn and tobacco were destroyed, in many
not a leaf of tobacco having been left on
the stalk, and ears of corn broken from
the stalks, while little more than half ripe.
The bail stones were as large as pullet
eggs, and the destruction was general
where the storm touched. The damage
in Charles county is estimated at 100,
000. A Warehouse Falls.
8 Hickory Press: The warehouse o
Messrs. Hall Bros, in the rear ef the store
now occupied by Messrs. Flaum Bros,
gave way from the pressure of its contents
and was crashed off its pillars to the
ground lasi Wednesday night, making
considerable noise. There was a large
quantity of goods in the warehouse,
among other things about three car loads
f salt and dried fruit and a large quanti
ty ef store hardware, &c, to which but
little damage was done.
Grain and Guano Drills.
ihemOS HAY RAKES, sonable good size and shape, f W
H Avery's Ridiner and Walking trouble will
P TT T TTTf A T r D C Journal.
wjuiivn. a w iv vj.
be avoided. BosttcicVs
Telegraph Straw Cutters,
Avery and Dixie PLOWS,
3ctox Corn Shellor
h . Engines and Boilers,
jping, Engine and Boiler Fittings Guns,
Pistols, Shells, Cartridges, Wads and Caps.
Powder and Shot, Dynamite Fuse and Pri
mers A.xes, Shovels and Spades, Building
fdware. Paints, Oils and Varnishes,
Aad everything else usually leapt In First Class!
i XS and implement Stores. I have on hand
ri" wock oi tne above, & offer themior tne ne
;2w (lays, tor leas money than tney nave ever
a sold in this country.
ur7)0ct.2V8i. W. 8MITHDEAL
ore money than at anything else by taking
agency tor the best selling boo' out, Be
eceed graadlr. None f allTerms Iree.
Hlmtt Biok. oo Portland, Malne,
A Little Warning.
Here is story printed for the ben
efit of the girls: "A young woman
. ar VorW married December last
Aara hr senior, one"!
a man many j - jr
now wants a divorce on the . groand of
cruelty, the one act specified being
Sher husband violently squeezed
her hand. The judge, inlawing
the case, says: 'ne main gnevaoe
of the plaintiff appears to be that the
defendant is pa Jmouious and jealous
There is a difference in theage of the
parties that is unfortunate tor them
both. The wife does not find hei
slderly husband a congenial compan
?: Vr this the law can afford 110
. urU nnd a
reroerty. The husband
remedy for parsiony. ! iHiaoaiia
After the Soiree.
Dusenberry "Charming woman,
old boy! I congratulate you."
Judge (languidly) "Thanks."
Dusenberry "Such grace! Such
wit!" v
J nd o-e fas before) "Y-a-a-s.
Dusenberry 'Such conversational
f powers! I couW JUten to fter lor
hours." ......
Judge (gloomily) "1 ottea do
N. Y. Times, Rep.
Of the loyalty of the South to the Union
Mr. Warner speaks at length. He finds
that aentimeut a very positive eue aud a
very growiog one. JLouiaiaiia "was never
in ita wlible history so consciously loyal
as it is to-day The feeling is not in any
sense a political movement for unworthy
purposes, he says, but "a genuine devel
opment of attachment to the Uuion." He
puts the situation strongly by an anecdote
or two:
"When a woman, who enlisted by the
consent of Jeff Davis, whose name ap
peared fer four years upon the rolls, aud
who endured all the perils aud hardships
of the conflict as a field nurse, speaks of
President' Davis what does it meant It
is only a sentiment. This heroine of the
war on the wrong side had in the Expo
sition a tent where the veterans of the
Confederacy recorded their names. On
one side, at the back of the tentr was a
table piled with touching relics of the
war, aud above it a portrait of Robert E.
Lee; wreathed with immortelles. It was
surely a harmless shrine. Ou the other
side was also a table, piled with frait and
cereals not relics, but signs of prosperi
ty and peaceand above it a portrait of
Ulysses S. Grant. Here was the senti
ment, cherished with an aching heart.
maybe, and here was the fact of the Union
and the future."
Mr. Warner was in New Orleans on
Decoration Day and visited the cemetery
while the oTiservaBces were taking place
around the soldiers7 monument;
t atnnr hAsiiiA ft ladv whose name, if
I mentioned it, would be recognized as
representative of a family which was as
nn a r inn nil S. and did as much, and lost
as much, as any other in the war a fami
ly that would be popularly supposed to
W - - A A
KA..i1 nnralpntiniT IBellHkfS. AS LUC
vii ci sou f o
fiterans. some, of them on crutchers,
many of thetn with empty sleeves, group
h tiiATMRftlvca about the monument we
"remarked upon the sight as a touciung
one. aud I said, 'I see you have no ad
dress on Decoration Day; at the North
we still keep up the custom.' 4No,' she
replied, 'W have given it up. So many
in...iatit thiixra were said that we
1 UI I' t uuvu v w-- -
thoucht best to discontinue the address
And then, after a pause, she added,
thouffhtfully, 'Each side did the best it
ia. i km all aver and done with, and
let's have an end of it.'Jfct the mouth o
the lady who uttered it the remark was
rerv sicnificarit, but it expresses, I am
fi,..,iv nnvinAud. the feelins of the
South." I
3. H. G. Lippard. J. P. Marlin. A. A Harf.
) 1. George E. Hughey, Thos. Niblock, White Fraley.
f 2. W. L. Steele, J. W. Phifer, John Wilhelm.
3. H. F. Rudisill, Geo. Moore, Martin Phifer.
4. Geo. Misenheimer, Jay Moore, W. A. Luckey, sr.
5. W. L. Carson, L. A. Wilhelm, D. Fleming.
6. M. A. Plylerr John A. Davis, J. M. Cowan.
7. A. D. Moore, W. A. Barber. Vi. A. RhmnW
Mt Ulla, No. 1. J. H. Gray, Monroe Barger, J. S. E. Hart.
2. C. A. McConnell, Thos. SherriU, J. W. White.
" 3. J. F. Miller, M. A. Goodman, G. M. Morrow.
" 5. G. A. Masters, Jno. S. Knox, Joseph Cowan.
-Steele, No. 1. W. L. Kistler, J. F. Stansill, Chas. S. Shoaf.
2. H. N. Goodnight, S.T. Baker, 0. H. Deal.
3. D. M. Barrier, H. S. Peatre. Calvin Hyde.
Atwell No. 1. P C Goodman, E A Proost. J A Line.
6. tios mciiean, u Morrison, It L W eddington.
3. C A Sloop, Ellis Shoaf, J m Harrison.
4. Jno P Silliman, C L Shuping, William Deal.
5. Henry C Corriher, R A Corriher, William Boyd.
6. Levi Deal, William Caven, James Bostian,
6$. D M Uooper, G C Smith, M A BostLan.
7. A F Goodman, P R Albright, G H Basinger.
8. C J Deal, E P Deaton, M E McNight.
ai m
r 1
H A R D W A ft jEftat
I fl II on tho nn, on L KTk r r ..
kow. . D. A. AT WE I
Agent for the J t'lThf
Salisbury, N. C.,une 8thtft&fT753t
x - a t
'AVIXG bought out the Groccrv Bet
cond uctmg a First Class - jTZ
My stock will consist of SUGAR. COF
BACON, LARD, FISH, Molasses. FL(
Butter. Chickens. F.o-cra & r War, f -
T OO I " vl ..MV, VWiU
Fruits, Nuts, Crackers. &c in fact. I i
tend keeping everything usually kept
the Grocery and Provision liner and
close attention to business and seflinir It
for cash, I hope to merit at least a portion
of the trade. Come and see me at J.D.Mo
Neely's Store. J. M, HADEN-
No. 1. J C Bernhardt. A S Correll J P!
" 2. Peter Weaver, Jas Rice, Adolphus Pethel.
3. G A J Sechler, J A Thorn, I F Patterson.
4. J L Graeber, Jos A Shank, M A Stirewalt
5. Henry Fink, Milas Ketchy, W C Kluttz.
6. Martin Blackwelder, Levi Deal. Henrv Pechel
No. 1. J C Bernhardt, Geo Albright, Beuben Cress.
2. Dr R L Cowan, W A Brandon, P R Cress.
3. J A Fesperman, W J Brown, J Gaskey.
4. W E Dunhani, H M Cauble, C H McKxnzie.
5. Otha Cauble, W H Bost, Ed Sifford.
0. S B Collv, John Linele. L. M. LioDard.
Litaker, No. 1. Geo A Barger, Jas 6 Ludewick, P A Sloop.
2. J W Frick, Jho D A Brown, EdmM Fesperman.
l 3. A H Heilis:, John Graeber, G fl Koon.
GoldHill, No. 1. David Beaver, Allison, Bost, Jacob Barger.
6. jas a miner, Alex Trexler, Jas McUombs.
3. B A Miller, J R Fisher, U E. Miller.
" 4. F H Mauney, John Snuggs, J W Jenkins.
" 5. Luther C Miller4 Jos Beaver, Moses G Bradv.
Morgans, No. T. D A Lemly, Alex Frick, W R Reid.
If. John Buchanon, Dan'l Eagle, John Bringle.
2. Reams Basinger, William Stoner. Levi Trexler.
3. Dan'l P Morgan, Jesse A Morgan, Jas L Morgan.
4. John W Miller, Thos Parker, Cain Morsran.
6. Abram A Hodge, Abram A Morgan A K Miller.
7. Jos ifiagle, Geo A Can up, C W Misenheirmer .
PbovideItce, No. 1. G WLong, Jas A Reid, Geo (Corhelison.
2. r A Hartman, Geo Boger, John BlackwelL
3. W A Cauble, Henry Peeler, David Eller.
4 Alex Peeler, Paul Peeler, Lawson R Lingle,
5. Paul M Phillips John Morgan, Fred Waller.
6. S A Earnhardt, Cornelius Kesler, H R Kesler.
7. Monroe Casper Sr. W H Boggs, 0 V Poole.
By order of the Board of Education.
T. 0. LINN. Secretary.
Dated September, 7th, 1885. "
Jfarmsr Boys Look Here.
TT.ifn this time there have
about 120,000 pounds of sumac ship
ped from this place. The leaves are
stripped from the bushes and dried
and bring from 60 to 65 cento a
pound.; Oue unusual thing is that
the bushea are not injured by the
stripping but grow more luxuriantly
the next year. There are quantities
of it and the money it brings is that
mnnh extra. Over $700 have been
paid out here for it and put into cir- I
1 .. . T , V ,
cuiaiion. xwtiwc
1 1
Is ' ! : 'I .( ti:
New & Fr
Will continue the husinewi ' mt f h
Stand, having closed oat all t lie old stock.
mis present stock is Entirely Netr, and will
be offered on reasonable terms for Cash
Barter, or first-class Mortgages.
Those who could not pay all their mort
gages last year may renew, if papers are
satisfactory and appliance is made at once.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots
and Shoes, Hats, Clothing, Con-
fectioneris, Crockery, Drugs, Baton, Lard,
Corn, Flour, Feed and Provisions of all
kinds, with a full line of V
High Grade Fertilizers.
as cheap as the cheapest. You will 4
weu to see him before purchasing elsewhere.
Salisbury, April 1st, 1885.
Yadkin Mineral Mm Mm
PALMER8VILLE,(SUuly ro.) ti. C.
C. U. MARTIN, Principal,
graduate of Wale Forest College, and also at
mo i- uiv uraiij oi Virginia,
rromos, S3 to $15 per session oi .5 months.
too oniv scnooi in intnspn im tii.. taoiiM
the University ot Va; methods. VlirnrniiR ex.
Avntave, inorongn x ne cheapest school In the
u. o. wnere cnese worid-renowed methods art
taught. Good Hoard only $6 per month. 777
AUUreSH, U li. MARTIN, rllU.
Showing WUat Deteriniiiation Can
The forty days allowed by President
Cleveland to the cattlemen who had been
illegally occupying land in Indian Terri
tory have expired and it speaks volumes
for the 4onwg of the President tliat it
inspired tpse cattlemen with so much
reapect that they hare moved right ont
without calling jtfce arm to expedite
their moHng. Omaha Herald.
a sort of pantry for the old "mansion,"
but their plan were thwarted by a
angry colony of bumble-bees, which "held
be fort" and reacnted all attempts at dia-
There are always new things to be
learned. Saturday the workmen at the
cr-hnnl wished to tear
ueoieniii 8"v" - ne aau acteu unuc piviuumj. uwc
away an old brick outbuilding, formeriy t;wo met by chance at a New Orleans
lodgement. The workmen were iu des
pair and the contractors were in the same
fix. Finally Mr. Len. Royster bethought
him to ask advice on thesubject. He was
told to place an open mouth jug half full
of water near the bees' headquarters and
to stir up the bees, who, fiyhig out, would
see the open mouth of the jug and (like a
good many people) at once experiment to
see what the Jug contained. This they
do by crawling into the mouth of the jug,
and so perish miserably in the water.
Mr. Royster tried the scheme yesterday
morning and to his great joy it worked
like r charm. In half an hour he had
every bee in the jug and then, and not
until then, coald the house be demolish
ed. Necn$ -Observer.
A German writes to an English
paper that celery is a specific for rheu
matism. In order to be effectual,
however, it must be cooked. His
mat hod is to make a soup of the stalks
and roots. Generally celery is eaten
raw, which prevents its therapeutic
Qualities being: known. Another me
thod of using it is to have the celery
cut iuto bits, boiled in water until
soft, ami the water drank by the pa-
. . . . 1
tieut. It can be served warm, witn
toasted bread. This, it is said, will
subdue the worst cases of rheumatism.
A student at Yale, twenty years ago,
wrote a letter to a New Haven girl pro
posing marriage, and in reply received
ner wedding cards, showing that his
wooing was too late, but giving no in
timation of what might nave been if
he had acted more promptly. Ihese
Corner of Kerr 4k Lee Streets,
with a full line of DRY GOODS and
GROCERIES. Also keeps a First Class
BOARDING HOUSE. Call and see him.
28:ply. t
Administrator's Notice 1
All persons indebted to the estate of
William Townsly, dee'd, are hereby notified
to make immediate payment, and all those
i : 1 7.
uaviug uitiuis against saiu esiace are noti
fied to present them to me oil or before the
6th day of August, 188, or this notice will
be plead in bar of their recovery.
This the 6th day of August, 1885.
! D. R. JLLIAX, AdmV.
Davenport College, tgg it
hotel table, the other day. He had be
come a Louisiana Judge, and she a
widow. Their betrothal immediately
A High Grade Home School
Best Climate, Surrounding!, and Advan
tages -in the South. Delightful Home.
Higher English, Music, Art. and Elocution
Specialties. Two Teachers from the Royal
Leipzig Conservatory. Complete new out
fit for physical training. Send for circulars.
Aug. 13, 1885. 8t I
UiM States Mental Rererae.
6th District, N. C. J
The following property having been seiz
ed in Morgan Township, Rowan O'ounty, N.
C, for violation ef the Internal Revenue
Law, the owner thereof will appear be
fore me within thirty days from date hereof
and make elaim thereto, according to pro-
visions oi sec. JJ40U k. a., or the same wti
be forfeited to the United States, to wit;
One 60 gallon Still, cap and worm to
match. T. H. VANDEHFOUD,
Special Deputy Collector.
jWM. C
- 1
.Twenty-sixth Annufcl Statement
Jancart 1, 1883.
Cash Capital 3, M
uaadjuutea Losses 21,000
Reserve for Ke-lnsur.iuce and all other I -iL
liabilities, ....i. T,
Net .surplu-,.. SISJMS
i m
arttimri v nv teavrl.
Cash In National Bank $ 7,904 os
Cash in hands ot Agents ..11,962 29
$ 19 944 t
United States Registered Bonds.......... 179,800
State and Mualcl pal Bonds KLSfT as
National Bank Stocks 153,400 m
Cotton Manuiacturlng stocks 114,788 eo
Other Local Stocks ......... 29.770 m
Real Estate (unincumbered city property) 97.997 17
uoans, securea by nrsi mongaies . . i SOIS
Total Assets, - $741
Salisbury, n. v., Marcn a, Itxs5.
i . i
80 4W
that will not break by heat, tor sals at
wish at
colors job
DON'T FORGET to call for Seeds of
all kinds at ENNISS',
Call and -sec the Flower Pots at
do? exist in the hum,. B body and are ofi n
the cause of disease and death, till fine "
Indian Vermifuge wiH destroy and ei-po!
them from the sj stem.
. ..'-. - i-a , -" 1- v '.- 1 li te 14
J B'; ! hK
',1 1
it !-
! i

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