North Carolina Newspapers

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iimiii i HUM mum linn iibiii iiii i
Carolina Watchman.
:r u ra
THURSDAY, OCT. 15, 1885.
m:tters ad-
snh55RriT)tion Rates
. . i f Hi a Carolina
'The subscription -
.7! . f .. Iikfl i.'
l! vear, paid in advance, 1.50
navui't delayed Wi90
paytn't-dod If .m.'2.50
TttrSeed Wheat.
lriffittbbins. Farm for sale
Druuci , .. - . i
n P Krwin, sec y, meeting oi swc.-
VM " '.
C.eA. Snow & CoM Patents etc.
V. Wallace is receiving nis
winter goods.
fall and
Kkot & Co,, are receiving a new
stock of goods.
Work is progressing on the
sides" tobacco warehouse.
CongressmaiL Henderson has been
doubly blessed a boy and a girl.
-, Mr. Alston Horah is reading medi
cine under Dr. John Whitehead.
See what "Mack" Harrison has to
aay about wheat in this paper.
The Synod of Nortrrarolina con
venes at Reidsvffle, N. C, on next
Snd Hvf. voune men to Mocksville
rnlov Ufc Siilisli.irv meet Da-
vie half way.
Sixty thousand shingles wtll be used
covering Tbomason & Swink's to
bacco warehouse.
Do you want a .railroad to Mocks
ville? Go to the meeting at the Court
House on Saturday and say so.
R. J. Hor-MES has returned from the
north where he has been laying in his
iaii " o
Little Jack, son of Mr. Jacob Fra-
2ier. fell from a corn crib, one day last
week, and broke his arm.
Rev. J. Rumple, D.D., is attending
meeting of Concord Presbytery at
Mooramlle, this week.
Tomacoo there is but little news in
this branch of trade this week. Prices
stiff for good medium grades.
. o if t t.i r :n
The rnends or. jir. i. r. no win
regret to learn that he is so unwell as
to be confined to nis room.
I C!oTTON-Mr. J. D. Gaskill bought
64 bales last Saturday receipts for the
two weeks past aliout 360 bales.
Mayor Neave is making a good
walk on Fisher Street it needs t"he
roller to make it a finished job.
Rev. Mr. Stondenmire, pastor of the
Lutheran church llere, has gone to
S. fL' where he will be absent for sev-
f ral weeks.
No doubt Salisbury will be as well
represented at the circus at Concord on
Friday, as was Concord here, a few
weeks ago.
Holmes and Gaskill will enlarge
ir Tobacco factory, with a view ot
vtbling their working capacity next
Is there life in Salisbury business
meki? Certainly! Then go to the rail
road meeting on Saturday and make it
a lively meeting.
Mr. J. C- Menus, of Mt. Ulla town
ship lias a Held of cotton that he thinks
Will average 51 bowls to the stalk.
Fine cotton.
Soda water has about played out for
this season? but there is still a demand
lor mineral waters among the drinkers
of the lighter beverages.
n Wm Swrmsn will rpf jim in AaVi
-A fc . T U " AAA. A V V WW A4.U11
lie soon, where he has a large busi-
in the mercantile line. Sorry to
so active a business man.
Mr. J. M. Patterson, of China
re, has a stalk of cotton bearing
bowles of cotton. He brags on a
good crop this year
John Goubley, Esq,, of Locke town-
i - m . i m
snip, boasts of three stalks or corn
bearing 18 ears he says he has plenty
bearing tour and live.
x vol. John F. Cotton, of Montgomery
county, was here this week, on his way to
Presbytery. He is Elder from the new
Presbyterian church at Palmersville,
btanly county.
The reporter find nothing about
the Mayors office to "stuff a naDer"
with; Salisbury has been on her good
oenavior since tne new administration
took hold
. ft 1 -i
;i 1
Stotkholoers Meeting. The regu
lar annual meet'mg of the stockholders
of-the W. N.C. R. R. Co., will be
held in Salisbury on the 25th of No
Several parties from the north are
coming down here this winter for the
purpose of hunting the bird law per-4
mits snooting; alter tne xuxn oi .uct.
Col. William March, of Davie coun
ty, was in town this week, looking as
hale and hearty as he did twenty years
. ii ....
ago barring tne gray nairs.
Mr. W. L. Rankin has seven carrier
Sigeons which he will liberate in a few
ays. They were sent from Philadel-
i i j. ; a.-- .
pma anu are expectea w maKe we re
turn flight in a day.
There is a cow, belonging to a party
in town, that deliberately climbs up
into the barn Joft when she is hungry
for hay o say those who have watch
ed the perf ormatice
Mrs. J. 0. WhTte and daughter,
Miss Addie, have landed in New York
safely on their return voyage from
London. They will spend a few weeks
there before returning to Salisbury.
The merchants have brought on an
enormous number of hats all styles
and shapes for the fall and winter trade.
They bought as though they expected
ii ii i i
every ienow in tne counwy w wear
new hat.
i Capt. S. N. Wilson, of "Wilson's
family flour" fame, fell and sustained
injuries in his right side, which keep
him confined to his room. The Capt
has many friends who regret to learn
of this accident. v
A dozen apples and a drink of li
quor thrown m, is Vie way a iipuor
sharo is evading the Revenue license
tax. He goes to country sales and oth
er public gatherings. He will be
caught up with one of these days.
Miss Caldwell's select school for
voung ladies and children has grown
.... . . . . i
into such proportions as to require tne
assistance of another "teacher. Miss
Liwrie McCorkto has been selected and
is now engaged as assistant.
Singing master John Eairor, mar
ried Miss Sallie Suiter, recently in this
county. The supposition is that sing
ing John suited her he was her suiter
and now she is his suiter. Suitable
match. This item is by request
Mr. David Swink, of Franklin town
ship, lost a fine barn of tobacco by fire
last week. Reports come of large los
ses from this cause near Jerusalem, in
Davie county. Too much care cannot
be bestowed on tobacco when curing.
The Street lamps were not lighted
on last Sunday night. The weather
was too inclement for the lamp-lighter,
perhaps, but was not for the church
i -i iii n .
going people wno naa to grope ineir
way homeward in the dark that nignt.
Hymen on Wing. Mr. Thos. Mock
surprised the community by eloping on
last Saturday with Miss Carrie, daugh-
ter ot D. L. Jonngle. in tact, it was
i . 1 C. i
a surmise all around, tor it was un
suspected. The knot was tied in Lex
The result of the Ohio election is
yet unknown. But the Democrats and
republicans claim a victory, and from
the present outlook, the latter seem to
have the weight of evidence. The offi
cial count may change very much the
guesses now indulged in.
Miss Lillian Warner, the accom
plished organist of the Methodist
church, is training Miss Mattie James
to fill her place at the organ while she
and her mother take a pleasure trip
north. They will visit friends and re-
ations in New Jersey and Mass.
The rost Master is keeping an ac
count of the number of letters that
pass through his hands in one month.
On Sunday and Monday of this week,
twenty-two hundred was the count.
This, of course, does not include letters
put up in packages passing through to
other omces.
The manufacturers of tobacco in
r i t l
Salisbury are mucn encouraged, so
that they are preparing to enlarge
their capacity for the coming season
There is every condition 'here for the
successful manufacture of any article
fine climate pure water and cheap
The miserably mean vagabond who
took from the lawn of Mr. Hoyden, a
net belonging to a lawn tennis set, repor
ted stolen m last paper, was none other
than a muly eow. She mistook it for
chewing gum, and was found mastica
ting the net in a quiet and contented
manner in another part of the green.
New Hardware. Mr. D. A. At-
well, the reliable and popular hard
ware merchant is just now receiving
a new supply of goods in his line.
He has had a run on paints, oils, nails
and an building materials recently
m a i ii a , .
mr. AtweH is one or tne oldest and
(most thoroughly congenial business
men of this town he is as easy as an
old shoe, and never gets out of humor
Maj. S. N. Finger, State Superin
tendent of Public Instruction was here
last week visiting the graded schools
Ho predicts that the Hlair Educationa
Bill will pass the next Congress
will be the worst thing that could hap
pen to the people of the South, and it
is the duty of every thoughtful person
The negro population here is divi
ded on some subjects. One of the fac
tions has organized an independent
free school, with A. S. Richardson,
ex-mail agent, principal. Ihe Com- gome Englismen, recently arrived,
mittee is made up entirely of negroes. have the Russell mine in Mont-
iuia is progress, may me time suuu gomery countv.
cuuie wueu mey win nave iu miuiogc
ii il 4 r . ii ni-
aii tneir scnoois ior tnemseives wiwi irfv a0fa win
J.- ii- i a I
npo-ro tar ravers. I w mmmpx, Uj.i.uB
W M I kn JuuiAtiniuw at rhiH mina
Humanity as seen .through the eyes Rnu n hvdraulic work not vet
m L : i. . - j --th 4 "r
ox a re venae ouieer is a. uxusb bwubu nnrtfA
j i iti a ui. it-u Tu- r
ana uepravea ining. a wh wim jui.
Thos. H. Vanderford, U. S. R. Deputy
Collector, reveals some of the humor-
. - . T A 1
ous and some of the serious, tie tells
of one man who refused to swear to
his hrandv return, saying he had nev
er done so. and that tne
Exposition. It is especially calculated to
interest mini ng operators from Colorado
and the Pacific States, who have recently
been brought to concede that there may
be gold and silver fields east of the Mis
sissippi quite rich enough to justify their
The Asheville Citizens in reprodu
cing a paragraph from the Watchman
concerning Mr. S. H. Wiley,! has this
to say:
Mr. Wiley is one of the most cjmterpns-
Winslow Mina
Several Englishmen hav gone to the
Winslow mine in Randolph county,
with the view of operating it, should
good book their investigations prove satisfactory.
said pSwear not at all ; he was follow
ing this injunction. This conscientious,
pious soul was soon convinced that ne Mr. Jacobs is running right along
must swear to tne returns ana ne pro- hig chlonnation works. He is
ceeded to do so. The Deputy discover- eneaged nQw on a rather low grade of
consideration. Modern ensrmeerintr anil ! e
machinery renders any free milling ore, to know has located himself, even for the
down to a very small percentage of the summer, in our Western section, to the
development of which lie hast devoted
much of his time and large meas.
All of which is true and inure: he
is a public spirited man in the broadest
sense of that term. It is alvnys a
pleasure to say truthful and pleasant
things about our citizens, and to repro
duce what other people say abut themj
precious constituent, worth working, and
u it snoma prove tnat the Little river
bonanza is only one of the many equally
good prospects in the vicinity, we need
not wonder if there should be a "Pike's
Peak" excitement on the basis of it.
CUorination Works.
ed that he had sworn to several enor
mous lies. He had better not sworn
at all. Blockading, says the Deputy,
was practiced more in Rowan, Cabar
rus, Mecklenburg and Union, than in
the mountain counties. This is news
rr ii r . . i
ore. ne noes not propose, nowever, to
work the lower grade ores as a rule.
Sawyer Mine.
"Mr. T. J. Redding has been develop-
111. UlU U VMv-- - I . ... .
to most of the law abiding people of rag the Sawyer mine with satisfactory
these counties.
Seduction. The good people of
Franklin township, were shocked to
learn of the unnatural seduction of
Miss Mollie Holden. She was the 15
or 16 year old cousin of the wife of
Locke Miller, and was living in the
results. The property, lying m Ran
dolph, was worked in a small . way be
fore the war. ,
Edmistonville Lots.
EMfisxoKvrLLE, Rowan Co., N. C,
Oct. 10th, 1885.
Editor Watchman :
I see in your last nnper a notice of Mes
srs. Ilouck, Line & Patterson's new cotton
gm. I am glad to mtorm you we have
three new ones within two miles of Edmis-
tonville. The one in our little village is
run by two of our Rowan farmers, Messrs.
Benton Ludwick and G. W. Revels; anoth
er, near by, by Jos. F. McLean. Esq., and
still another one, new out and out, by
Messrs. Denton, Bum row & Co.
All are doing good work and getfins
plenty to do. So when Sheriff Kriker
comes around for his taxes, (which is as
sure as death,) I don't think there will be
any excuse for his having to come the sec
ond time this fall, for evervbodv can now
have their cotton ginned, aud enough sold
to pay taxes, which I believe they, arc do
ing. A. H.
Mica Mining. -
Conflicting reports concerning the
production of mica comes from several
house with the family. Miller has localities in the western part of the
made an assignment for the benefit of State. Over in the Webster country
his creditors and fled the country. 1 it is reported that the mines are turn
Miss Holden was an unfortunate insr out excellent mica, and that it is
girl in her personal appearance, being not being shipped; while in Mitchell
blind m one eve and a cnnDle. There countv. mica is reported flat in some
j ..'.- r
is one thing about Miller that softens localities.
just a little his crime he is said to
have been subject to some kind of fits,
and was not of sound mind. It is a
sad case. The innocent and helpless
The Clarke Concentrator.
Mr. A. D. Clarke, the inventor of
the "Clarke Concentrator' is just now
Flaggtown, N. C, Oct. 7th, 'So.
Editor Watchman:
There is little news hereabouts. Our
Superior Court is in session, Judge W. J
Montgomery presiding. Old Montgorn.
ery has given birth to one Judge, and de
lights to honor him. Two cases of inter
est were tried yesterday, State vs Blake,
for disturbing public worship, sentence
twelve months in the county jail and
costs. The other, State vs G. H. Crisley.
for larceny, sentence, three years in the
nenitentiarv. Defendant was a colored
boy about sixteen years old, and was in
the employ of J. W. Ingolds & Co., to
bacconists of Greensboro, as driver. He
List of Letters remaining in the Post
Office at Salisbury. N. C, for, ihe week
ending Oct. 10,1835:
J S Atkins, Pleas Barger, Laura E Barger,
Julius Bringle, J D Bruin, Lulki Bittiugs,
D A Roger. W M Brown, Carol iie Brown,
Laura E Cord, Mary J Clemenf, Willson
Coleman, M N Carson, Albert Hentor,
Mrs Huggens, Hauff & Son, W H Hery
boyers, Sam Kama, Jane L Shaver, L C
Trexler, Dennis Walton.
Please say advertised when the above
letters are called for.
A. IL Botdeh, P. M.
Jas. S. Moore, to Miss Mollif B. Pope,
by Bev. J. A. Bamsay, on last-Thursday.
O et 13, 1885.
Oar Philadelphia markets are corrected
every week.
PnrLA DEipmA M AlfKET. EvauSBros
large Produce CniMisiojMorclia8ts, 5t
N'oitU Water streetLPniladelphia, report
the following city markets: Eggs, Vir
ginia and Southern, 12&13. Live poul
try 12&13 eta. per pound; dressed HkMMi;
turkeys 0000, according to quality ;
ducks 00 10 ; geese Ol0Q. Li vo catt Ir
5 liog, live 5iG. Potatoes: Early
tin ah . AftjaOl) 1tmb.inL'.
, , i-- 7 t 1 y
1 : fr . . r . 1 Anni - f 1 i :
jiaiuiuoiii, uni. .neest: i.rHci.
rv, choice 718i; fair t good, ( to 7
Pennsylvania full cream, 0J7i) part
skims, fancy 4g05; fnll skiros, 1 J5fv!.
L)iul I-raits : Applet, evnpor.-iteit, W
cases, 020; sliced N. Carolina, iancy 0
00; good sliced 0; Wacklienics 000$
cherries, pitted, prime dry. 00 OO
peaches, pared, evaporated 0000 y !fc C.
sliced 00; aupared halves uew, 000;
quarters 0000; evaporated 000: pears,
0000; plums, 00; raspberries, 000 per
pound. Feathers, choice geeso 4850.
Hides, dry, 1( 11. Honey iu comb, 10
1 1 ; beeswax 2425.
Am now receiving my stock bf fertili
zers for wheat, including best jbrands of
Phosphates, Dissolved Bones, aid Ammo
niated gools. Prices $15 to $ per ton,
Have a large lot of Agricultural Lime at
$12.50 per ton. J. Allen Brown.
ii T it 1
i. . - . . v-. i rrm win i rrnn too m prtnivir in Kdnnn nn nim
uni nic juiiicu, me uuu aim uuuu- y" r r tv. Sent. 30th. near Dunbars Bridire
dmg wifes heart broken; the tour ing- neicis. ne conies nigniy recom- found uear Bringles Ferry, in Davidson,
children left to bear their lather s mended with a reany very practical and decoyed into Montgomery was ar
QUma nml bo floAiVtr frnm fbo i4iw. and valuable concentrator for placer rested on suspicion. Two hundred and
inss of his conscience and more stern mines where "float" and "flour" gold nmety-nme &29i) dollars were found in
TUmooW simnlA ann nn- ,lls possrasiou, hiucu uc wum uui hhh-
, r- r factorily account for; was committed to
rable, will handle as much jravel as jaQ byJmyaelf until the facts could be
TTio Trtwn fiancme. n oroinarv simce, ana uwg eucctuaiiy, ascertained. On Friday he was ldenti-
saving all the gold. Mr. Clarke is now fied as the driver of Ingold, and on Sat-
The revision of the census of Salis- visiting the mines of the placer dis- urday he confessed the theft. Was in
bury has been completed, and the pop- triets of North Carolina. He will go dicted on Monday tried Tuesday and
ulahpnisfoundtobe 3,408. To ena- into Stanly, Montgomery, .Catawba, SLK: "rEi commtttedWed!
we tne reaaers oi tnis paper to see tne liurke and McDowell counties, mr. nesdav and sentenced Tuesday follow
growtn or tne town or late we win give uiarke has left with the mining riditor a ing.
the numbers at the three last enumer
ations hpfnrp this nnp; flnol nnomUnn nn Snntb Ronhlpr ffrpek. &C Some very fine tobaeco
i o loon iooe l ill ..i r,-A tUicn i I U Ul
XOiVJ. J.OOW. looiJi I VIllUlll UUUULV. VyUl., Uliu. niuac i
ested are invited to call and see it.
Pp.of. W. G. Browne will heat the
Mt. Vernon Hotel, for one ay only,
on Saturday, 17th iust.. when all should
see him who require, spectacles or are
suffering from impaired or Imperfect
M,l vision. Consultation, examination and
advice free. I
In April, 1884, there appearaed oa my
feet and legs what the doctors called Salt
Rheum, which produced intense suffering
I tried a great. many remedies, and had the
attention ot one of our! best physicians, but
received no permanent renet. The dis-
case continued to grow worse artd ray
imhs were greatly inflamed. I whs Anally
induced to try Swift's Specific, and after
taking four bottles relief came. I contin
ued, however, -until I had taken; sevea
bottles, and am now sound and well, and
not a sk'n of the disease left. My general
health has greatly improved, and ! most
cheerfully recommend S. S. S. as being the
best blood punuer that 1 hnveever known.
Mrs. :i. . uignsmun,
Lulaton, Wayne Co.. (3a.
May 10,1685.
3,408 j
Total, 2,420r 168 2,723,
In 1870 the population of that part
the town south of the N. C. Railroad
only was counted.
This shows a growth of nearly 7
in the last five yeara.
Belle Mine.
will be sent
J At ' Tl
and those inter- Irom tn l..'A ?Jr"
some raieti ui ?w per iiuimrai uv luu.h;
conists of High Point. This is a new in
here or rather an old one revived.
Jno. P. Cotton.
To. Subscribers. Hemempor that
Mr. Jas. H. McKenzie, is regularly en
gaged as general canvassing and col
lectmg Agent tor the W atchIian, and
he will call on all delinquent. suWri
bers. Be ready to meet hiin. Tin
Watciiman has been over indulgent
with subscribers and a reform is neces
sary. It is due both subscribers and
the Proprietor that old scores le settled
up. 1
I have been afflicted a number of years
with cancer, and have tried atl the, reme
dies suggested for this terrible Idisoaae
without any benefit. Six bottles of tho
Swift's Specific has done me more good
than all the medicine I had taken. My
strength has returned, and I can walk
farther and take more exercise than I have
been able to do for years. Its effects have
been wondcrf 1 andJhe cancer has greatly
improved. W. ShiesUngr .
Gritfln, May 1, 18S .
Swift's Specific is entirely vegetable,
and seems to cure cancers
the impurities Irom the blood
lv' fordins out
Salisbury Choral Union.
Mr. Theo. F. Kluttz, who bought a
pony for Jus little son, Theo. Jr., has
added a nice phaiton to the pony. It is
fiKn the manufactory of Tyson &
Jones, of this State. j
Look here! Read what Meroney &
Bro., have to say m their advert4e
mrnt If you have the eash to spend
there is where you will get the worth of
' it every time. Go see them.
. Is it desirable to connect the towns
T T j uu sjiv Rn. - .
ySKEiTfe 5 .tow of the
' !
This valuable property, lying in
Moore county, has been kept in practi
cal idleness for several years. Develop
mer has been coins on, but not in a
V? . -. - . . ..i I WW T TA A T TTT A I
wav to enable the nroDertv to yield as M"-. eaauur oj ae naicnman.
ml r 4. M I m . ' a
;t iknM K rimiiff If is ft tine, free Since vuse war kind nut lur tew anser
milling, high grade ore, and should be a private vay My tetter ter jmq
The oration of the SWhuj KSfeS L,.r Z -fc V8,kSt "2JftS
-,, -I XT -111 I i I WUC UHlUiV. v. v f-,, I Uai 1 IS, UUll 11 Jill UUU t UU UU KUUU. UH
Choral Union was completed on last J -i,-- t nieet the payments as prom- don't do no harm, i vile writ yuse a
x iiurty ociiiii at nic JC91UCUWV1 xiv. -i Tn r.xoL i u t irade any ex- nuther' 31r. edlitiir is yuse nearnc oiue
Knmple, D.D. Ihe object of thel nUnDO ,vm0nUf fliS 000 dimerkrat lasses cane Seed? & dc uther
nro-ani':itiori is for flip nnrnnsfl of 1 , " . , , rJ a i nrvrv 3... i.i.- vei table Seed Wat war Sont oler dor
leaviJit; ci uitirtui,c vntwu vi.4 1 otintrv'''
is found out bout hit lately, dar-
e i is cwine ter tell hit. dey all sed
r.t PlnolrtfQ ok tho nroimrs l hsp hit. wnr 'lnvfluiwl id nnorkrat Seed & dat
. . -. -w . , . -mm-. I 1 1 ; I IfLl j IJIV V " JlV-i W. A " . v I "V . . . , . '
lrwin was elected f resident, Miss .1 L' j.ui.j a;., Kbits seen a bout hit ven he vent ter
Linda L. Rumple, Vice-President, T.K. r(ftvpr ao thtA the DroB t for the Cleveland Ohire, but dat ain't So
Bruner, JSec. and Treasurer, and Miss "VV"' :r U,. L De Seed am prcsaent vieveiunu aimer
t? u xr, n T) T?w,- Tir t 1 useiumws Ui j k t geed Avhur he kaptured lrUm cie
n -aAi. r t j r j ir- m8- publecan partv dat John shurMan dc de
Gnrhth, Mrs. L. b. Overman and Miss lode the vein is only 12 to Sther Ohireipublecans payd three or fore
Ella thrown were elected Committee of 15 incnea in tb, but wonderfully dolers a bushel fer & piled avay in de
arrangements. It is the duty of this m. 1 i..j. iuL Nunited States barn iu Vashinjrton fur to
v. . v 1 r II' I I I 1IH VHI II III til mym I .LI II I I 1 Ii L 11 T I . I ... -.
r r , . I sSiw-kit Krtinor nn tin h hcjin WOteS. OCV
stiifivinff tne niirner erraae or cnoruses ri L o u t i tt.
j " t.Z " 4i original owners, o. iv. xoaruii, x4., ffil l
"-v"' s iV Salisbury, and Mr. b. rJ. JLonton, fOI
Rnminff winrer evfiiintrs. Mai. It. H. i ,i n m ..
Regular Correspondence of The Watchman.
GOOD SMALL FAUM, near town, for
sale at reasonable price 75 acrei- briiiir.
cotton, corn, wheat and oats opd mead
ow (2-" one horse loads hay ipmnally)
pasture, and gool dwelling and put hous
es. Apply for particulars to
Bbun'eb & iMcfrPBiN's,
Keal Estate Agents.
I contracted
poison in 1883.
committee to provide entertainment .
e 1. ieeu
ior eacu uieeung. luee.ings occur once ft depth of a hundred and ten
in two weeKS. xne next meetine is n.
i. L. h.u t? i K-j. uiwjcii xeet
to oe neiu on r nuay evening, xjci.
23d, at the residence of Mrs. Lee S.
nl.rinf fbyoo
wide. It has been developed to ftS
i i j j j wcic fc" "'v i-
oi i innrl Ar Fi-wtfh u-ntp? Si Send tnurman
In accordance with the suggestion
made in the Watchman last week, Mr.
C. R. Barker opened a dollar subscription
list, at Kluttz & Co's Drug store, on
which are found the following voluntary
John WhiteheadjAI.D., $1.00
Miss A. . Rut led ire. 1.00
J. J. Summerell,lM.D., 1.00
C. K.T$arker, 1.00
Wm. H. Overman,
Will. H. Kestler,
Kerr Uraige,
Eugene Johnston,
H. T. Trantham, M.D.,
J. B. Lanier,
Southern Mineral Boom.
New Orleans Times-Oemocrat, Oct 6th.
If only to excite avarice enough among
Times-Democrat readers to encourage them
to efforts connected with the develop
ments of Louisiana s mineral resources,
it is an extremely salutary thing to give
them occasional views of the golden pro
cress of mining and metallic industries in
m m - . i Am t m . . 1 ml
neighboring States or tne feoutn. ine
resources peculiar to some of our sister
States are not identical with our own,
land & fotch wotcs.
back to thc'Cenate ter vave de bludy
Short flasr rtsrin. but Murat haltsted Ker-
vorted in de papur; presdent Lleviund x
John ess heinderson war lected, de Seed
war kaptered & Hoardly-d up, Knot fur
Ohir, , butturusiN. U. dimerivrats. x
brung hear py John ess henderson Yen
he cum home fruin de big thrashin de
"!imerkrids Lih de nublecans in de Nuni
jp x
ted States barn in V aslungtn,
Dem lasses cane lasses am splendid,
dar hain't no ded bete fceed,
de Sower Kraut Uabages am large, cie
Cow-comers, de sqush fc de Comatuses
war de best i eber Sede & bo war all ot
de seed & dat am de vay dey cum ter be
caled dimerKrat Seed.
D kantured lasses cane seed war
fearful case of blood
I was treated ? by-some
of the best physicians in Atlanta. They
used the old remedies of Mercury and
Potash, which brought on rhetimatism
and impaired my digestive organjs. Every
joint in me was swollen and full pf pain.
V hen 1 was given up to die. nfy physi
cians thought il would be a ;)4 time to
lest the virtue of SwiiVs SneeitteJ When
I commenced taking S. S. S. t lip physi
cian said I could not live two wbeks un
der the ordinary treatment, file com
menced to give me the medicine strictly
according to directions, which 1 continued
for several months. I took nothing else,
and commenced to improve from the
very first. Soon the rheumatism: left me,
my appetite became all right, and the
ulcers, which the doctor sai'd were the
most frightful he had ever seen, began to
heal, and by the first of Octobef, 1SSL I
was a well man again. I am stronger
For 25 years I have suffered from the
rffectsof Mercury andIodide of Potussium.
I was ealivatcdin a most fearful tyay, and
was given up to die. I have had no relief
from anything I have taken for it, and I
have tried everything, until now, that I
have taken a course of Swift's Specific. It
has entirely cured me. It a!.:o cured me of
It also cuted me of Fciatic rheumatism,
from which I have suffered for many long
years. lam now well of. b. tit, and there
is no evidence of mercurial poisoning or
rheumatism about me. O. F; Russ, .
With Howe Scale Co.
Albany, N. Y., June 20,
"I Don't Fkki. Likk Wohk." Jt makes
no diHerence whal lus-iness you nre cnvg
ed in : whether you are a prcaHler, a me
chanie, a lawyer or .i common i.iliorer, yo
can't lo your work well while yog are halt
sick. Thousands try to, but all in vain.
How lunch better to keep our organs in'
good order 1, taking Parker's Tonic when
you feel -a liitle out of sorts." It would
bj money in your pocket. One hour ol
i frooit. reioicin.' iieaiiii is worm nan a uoz-
en hours full of languor and pain.
Splendid Faum fop, Sale. Terms rea
sonablegood neighborhood -e-splendid
tobacco lands. BftU.NEB & McCtrBBisa.
now man l ever was peiorc, auo weign
more. S. S. S. has saved me from an early
grave. LEM McCLEDOX.
lime i
D. A. Ramsav,
W. L. Kluttz,
E. B. Neave,
J. Allen Brown,
T. K. Bruner,
J. G. Heilig,
Robt. W. Price,
Lee S. Overman,
A. S. Luter,
T. B. Beall,
Buerbaum & Eames,
D. L. Lindsay,
There are many others in the town and
county who are desirous of contributing
but they are not more important or val-
1 HA I nokla on1 tViorn cli-iiilfl Ko itonrlitv flfi tn
i m l , aA-aaao Am toMM! .-rxTxoA tn thorn I nlanted. tho sum of dem war Sprouted
w I L 1 i V 1.V1 VIIH 1 AAA9AJAAASA W V I g 7 "! ,
fur nnblieans. but when dev cum up, aey
1.0a wealth for the people of the Virginias, war DimerKrat & all of us is aii
AIji- krnt, Darfore de Seed wont Sprout i
i nn i inMgVf fiH fe shurman wont be
1 no m,m,rti,0 wiifoT minaml HiafrirtK Sont back to do Ceiiato. Is other is .31a
-i nn I ii A i " u I..- i :n:. i,:nn. hinnoc Mnn Vicip. entif fur ter send nun
1.00 Hnrintr thft nast, venr i, is snnerfluous to back but fitz Lee
1.00 car flint. TCVirt.b f!nrnlina is mnre than chesnuts from
vill kontimie ter shell
out on unkle Kobberts
Kase vy
be a rode meetin &
Wroan Wbambleb
i no i mm.A tx, xnikiiM S;id(l e hairs m ole urcinnv
-m...- 't IlllUtll QUI 1 11 Lt 111 V I t ' A . IL lJlicirv'-v i--- CT
1.00 pxnoftition of rpsniirroft and industrial uebber tires.
i nn -7-i v. r.. k.. aaaA fha Hur nm mvmo ter be a
1.00 fiflfcet. tn Attract, a oroAt dl of outside a Yorkin day sune, a bout vich yuse shal
LOO capital to its forests, mines, fisheries, and no
i.oo so on: and the practical developments re
1.00 wealth and renntation of the Common- For a Forthcoming BOOK Oil Ul U . 5
SlnmA rOMnt monnroln in the Tlnlti- A TkAlV of English tOUHStS Were COm-
to this fund, and they are requested to more Manufacturer' Record, from the pen ing from the Yosemite- last week, when
call and put their names down. There
will be no canvassing only free-will
offerings are sought.
to fight it. The intelligence of the
State, except those who hope for pecu
niary gain by its adoption, oppose it.
The Presbytery of Concord is now
in session at Mooresville, N. CL and
Dr. Rumple and Mr. R. A. Knox are
in attendance. Besides the routine
business, there will be several questions
sent down by the General Assembly, to
he answered. One of these will be
whether the clause in the Confession
of Faith, forbidding a man to marry
any kindred of his deceased wife, near
er than of his own, is tcrbe answered.
In other words, shall a man be allowed
to marry his "deceased wife's sister?
Another question is, whether provision
shall be made, allowing a Ruling Elder!
to be Moderator of a Presbytery, Syn-
Af r t v D.nnv trA mill Vui Amnm. of f nATTi. who had been auDDca tne
VI U1 ay a IV, JM UUll , nUU M ill I UUv Vf "7 . .
. r . T 9 f I.. a ' . , 4 k.-k nrrl aaruo 1 a
bered pleasantly by many of our readers interrogation pinuv L"y 1 '" V"
as the courteous and able assistant commis- pair of hrogans sticKing m ine race oi ine
t,itr tnri down. udinntr the coacn
oivuvi uvuipvtiju Viaiuiuut ioov niuiciiuiuu) y' - j,..,
are calculated to afford an idea of the driver, wiio (-aanccu wuu uiuum
current activity of the local interest de- Clcnathan, he asked Ah, driver, 1
voted to mining the precious metals. Jn wondan wnax ino uuuse ww
addition to the HaiJe and Brewer gold doing up theah? Uid Hm seareeij g anc-
mines just over the line in South Caroli- ed up as he replied: l nat s a man nun
na HrkfVi nf Tflii1 i-r tyi o r in or a ram iiar e. nn there, and the boys were in such a
Lem McClendon has been in the em
ploy of the Chess-Carley C'oinpfany ful
some years, and I know the alKye state
ments to be true. At the time he began
taking Swift's Specific he was in4a horri
ble condition. I regard his cure almost
miraculous. W. B. CKOS1JY, Minager,
Chess-Carley Co., Atlanta Division.
Atlanta, Ga., April 18, 188..
For sale by all druggist.
Treatise ou Blood nud. Skin rVeaws
mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co., Diar li At
lanta, Ga. I
Splendid Watets Power for sale. Pow
er enough to run several fa,torie.
Land for sale on
McCt'llBINS. '
Messrs Editors: Tlease allow me, through
your columns, to call attention to an un
pretentious but valuable little book upon
India and its missions. Havinc emminpd
o lit, ivtu vt n iiiv u ui V iuu Auir u iuni v 'i v,t f -
this book. I am prepared to erive it a hear- nlnnn that thevdid not dig deep enough
ty approval. It is , written in a simple, items regarding the work at a number of to get his feet in," "Bah Jawve, that s
clear and direct style and gives much in- home mines, and reports a discovery very strange, ye knau; I'll make a note
formation in a few pages. To persons which may be of importance to the fu- of that. But I say, driver, the toes point
who are wanting information about for- ture of the gold mining interest of the down. He must be buried on his face,
tAirm mica inn wort T wnll lft AfmAMflllv oAnti TJn 4 ;,.V, Avi A'-.- lrnan " ' Vp Said old Bill. mUS-
milling vein has been struck on Little
commend the volume. The author was for
. " A W Y I a. A m.-nm, A . .
seven years a missionary vo mai ana i river, m JNorth Carolina. Tho ore is
quartz, in taico-argillaceous slate forma-
knows whereof he affirms.
The book is for sale by Bev. Dr. Davis tion. and does not show much free eold
missionary from Soochow, who is person- to the eye, but produces wonderful re
ally acquainted with the author and gives suits in the pan. It is worth several
him an unqualified endorsement. It is hundred dollars per ton, and is perfectly
bound in paper has two hundred pages free milling. "The vein is two and a
and can be bought at thirty five cents a half to three and a half feet wide, and
Salisbury, Oct 13, 1885.
has been opened at several places, the
deepest being twenty feet, where splendid
ore is found." Montgomery county, where
t this bonanza is loeate I. is the most noted
'But what's
;rrK- "hu-fSsnn lnsliman
his being an irishman got to do with his
being buried face dovn?- asked the now
thoroughly arouseu uu. 4
looked at him in a pitying manner for
some seconds, and then, m a tone full of
cArmw and astonisnmem ai my
Oct 15, H85.
Corn, freely, at 4050; Meal, 000j
Wheat, !)0g10t); Flour per sack, f'2.25
$2.35; Western bulk meals, 810jj Lard,
101-i; Beef, retail, G10; on tlje boot,
23i; Butter 2025; Eggs, 12; Slay, :J0
40; Fodder, 00)0; Shucks, 00 j Bran,
30; Potatoes, Irish, for table 3?)40; for
planting $11.25; Sweet potatoes 040i
Peas,12500; 0ats,354p; Tallow; Dry
Hides, 10; Rabbit furs, 0000 ca per
dozen ; Miuk skins, 00(K).
Cotton, ready sales at 0i cts fr good
raiddling highest, 09L
Tobacco, sales every day and ipiiccs
Poultry, in steady demand, but prices
moderate. ;r-
Valuahj.e Mkveual
easy terms. BlU'NEB u
TOniTRl V H With any diiaaneptca
lllU U L I J LTUliar toyoiirgentlewx?
I f so, to yo-i we bring ibling of comfort and
greaijoy. You can
anu restored lo perfect health by using
Fcmale ':;
Eegulatcr I
; Ht is a special remedy for all tU"ntnen per
t.iir.iiig V) the wornh, and any intllruent wo- -' ,
man can cure herself by folh wg jlhe dine
tious. it y especially cfiicaciuiM in eiH f - -sapprensetl
or parnful menHirn.ttiori, in whites
aud partird prlapkiiK. It aflbrdd immedial
relief and permanently restores the; menslraal
function. Aa remedy to be unea duting that &
critical periol kiown . "Chahiof Ltn
this invaluable iepraUon has no rival.
Uxim Tobacco Mariet.
"Well, do you
nnrist's toTiorance, said:
ko'va crnt a sort of suncrstttjon
this way that on election day every dead
Irishman gets out of his grave and votes,
anA en bitdv we've srot to burying em on
the too of the hill, face down, so that the
nils uuuauzu is iikswic , uudv uv. t vu t- r- . , j
TVVKNTY THOUSAND CHILDREN ' -frA millimr" district of North Carolina, more the corpse tries to dig out t no dcep-
iprw aa t V v a wuror tne w 06 iuuuerawr ui u jrresoywry, oyn- " " r r? Lijlu-a 9 K Abm ia 1 or b irets in the crounu." un. ves, i
lem ; and W m gtatefl ? ! , AssemW J rfcj is 1 aftved from di8ea8e and death bv the most ! The HMKJ1JK fSSSf ' SL JS iZ Euelishman. irravely : "I'll
I inv in iXovonii , , i & t r i i j t - verv liKeiv w avinH't cyou mvic in.iui"" . . . , y
'bablvl Z r!t ?W will always new business, and the Session WOnderful iM 8hriner Indian Ve.nj; than already has been given to 'North make a note -of that for my book. -Sen
j oe one ot tne points visited. will be an interesting one. fage. It will not deoeivs you. Carolina old resources since the World's Francisco Post.
Lngs, Common dark
j medium red
Leaf. Common short green,
pood kl red
" med. fillers
fine 44
Smokers, common to medium
1 to 6
f to
b to 7
? to 9
8 to V2
Wto 1(5
Of to 10
lto 10
l.lto 25
10Uo 20
2ujto ?,0
30lto 50
5Qto 70
Saved Her Life !
Kiixje, McIntosh Co., Oa.
Dr. J. BaAKPif Li Der Sir: I have tak-en-everal
bottle of your P male Regulator
for Calling of the womb and oiler diieascftcom
l.inod, of sixteen jrara standing, and I really
believe I am cured entirely, for which please
accept my thanks and nwjat profound
.rralitnde. I know your medicine saved my
Jife, so you nee I cannot apejik too highly in
it favor. I have recommended it to several
ofjmy friends who are saftering as I was.
Youra verv respectfully,
Our Treat i on ihe -H-. aHi and Happi
new" mailed free.
Brafielo Regulator Co., Atlanta, Oa.
" fine
Wrappers, common
Market active. j
Breaks have been quite full for th past
week, with a al'ght decline in common
grades, while ail desirable g.ood& a re- tak
en at full quotations.
Any one desiiinrj to purchase a complete
outfit for a 24 column Newspaper and Job
Office, with nn abundance of Mdy type,
displav and job type, preys, easrs, etc., aut
ficient for a iii st rate country ..fn?e, will de
well by writing at once lor tcims, aid
SHmple-slieets. Addrses,
p.t:3t Salisbury, W. C.
t. m

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