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Washington Letter.
From Our Regular Correspondent.
Washington-, Oct. 17, 1885.
Which Bible.
Ak interesting question has recently
been decided in the court of common
pleas of Mercer county, Pennsylvania.
An ininnotion was armlied for to restrain
The election in Ohio aroused but little ; the use of the Kinc James version of the
interest here. I was surprised to find less Bible and tjwf gospel hymns in the open
than half the usual crowd on the night of ing exercises of the public schools. The
the election around the bulletin boards. ! movers were members of the Roman Cath-
There was but little excitement, and the olic church. Thev alletred that in their
anxious face of the government clerk was j
not be seen. - -
The Republican party seems to be sur
prised and glad it is alive. As for the
Democrats, they bold that it was simply
natural that Ohio should goUepublican;
! it was and is a Republican state, and the
political predictions of the people are-
paramount, and cannot be changed per
manently by tidal waves or trickery,
i The President has nothing to say in ref
I erence to the result, and those who ex
pected an expression of opinion were
disappointed. Of the prominent Demo-
hj ; crats all advanced some reason for the
52 ; defeat, and Senator Eustis is quoted as
M having said to a friend that he regarded
CJ the result as a rebuke for the President.
03 j The most exciting and gossip giving
tj eventof the week was of a diplomatic
i and'-saturnalian character. Emanuel Del
Cam no, secretary of the Chilian legation,
-is List nitrht arrested and taken to the
jpd -Fifth Precinct Station House for being
J drunk and disorderly In company with
iir. l errearu, me proprietor ui a. rreuuu
al theatre last night about 10:30 o'clock,
L3 1 struggling to enter while his companion
endeavored to dissuade mm rrom tne act.
O ' 'H1C noise of their scuffle attracted the
m 1 attention of Officer McMahon, who ap
"r proaehed and at or.ce proceeded to ar-
I rest the one who was the most intoxica
; ted and disorderlv. This person happen
ed to be Mr. Del Campo. Mr. Perreard
objected to the officer's action. "You
jH ! cannot arrest this uatf" he said; no, sir:
belief "the only correct version of the Ho
ly Hi ilo is the version, recognized, aaopt
ed and directed to be used in worship by
said Roman Catholic church, commonly
known as the "Douay Bible, and that all
other English versions of the sacred scrip
tures are incorrect , unauthorized and sec
tarian in character; that in the public
schools their children were compelled to
read and sing, or hear read and sung, that
which is oilensive to the plaintiffs, and
which the-plaintiffs believe to be injurious
to their children, or else to absent them
selves from the opening exercises of said
schools." This, the plaintiffs claimed,
was contrary to the Constitution and laws
of Pennsylvania, which guarantee the
rights of conscious and prohibit sectarian
instruction in the public schools. The
court held that it had no authority to de
cide upon the correctness of either the
King James or the Douay Bible, as all
versions stood equal before the law, and
the school directors had the power to au
thorize -the use of any. This ruling gives
Roman Catholics the right where their
school directors are in the majority to
have their own Bible used in the' public
Lessons in Heroism.
Not long ago in an editorial we re
ferred to heroes in broadcloth. Two
instances have occurred to illustrate
this. A boy had fallen in the river at
New York. A crowd of men and boys
were looking on. An exquisitly dress
ed person appeared, fie took in the
situation at a glance. He saw a strange
boy in the water drowning and no one
lending a helping liana Off went his
coat and hat and he plunged into the
river and rescued the boy. He took no
care of fine clothes, diamonds, or life
as long as a human being was in peril.
He was a hero in fine fcnen. Here is a
lesson net to judge by appearances.
Another instance is reported at Roches
ter, N. Y. The Genessee river runs
through it and the batiks are steep and
rocky. A gentleman living there bad
long been absent and had just returned
on the train. He was harrying home,
anxious to see his wife and children.
An account says :
"He was hurrying along the streets
with a bright vision of home in his
mind, when he saw on the bank of he
river a lot of excited men.
14 'What is the matter?" he shouted.
"They replied, 'A boy is in the va
ter.' " 'Why don't you save him?' he asc
ed. "In a moment, throwing down hs
carpet bag and pulling off his coat, ht
jumped into the stream, grasped th
boy in his arms and str uled with mrx
Mary Anderson in Boy's Clothes.
New York Graphic. 1
If Mary Anderson has gained in
flesh during her long absence, the fact
is not made evident through any en
largement of her somewhat thin but
always beautiful features. Sue has,
however, learned to give new expres
sions to her countenance as well us to
her voice, and as Rosalind she haft
nianv new moods and caprice, some
of them recalling, without greatly
resembling, the Parihenia which is
an abiding picture in the memory of
most Americans. In her dress as a
boy she gives us an especially pleas
ing new feature in the exhibition for
"If I were you and you were I"
she sang vigorously at the piano,
tfnd taming to him she said: "What
would you do?" "Well, love," he
answered, "judging from your dispo
sition and the color of your hair, I'd
say you would take a dab and knock
roe-off that piano stool if I didn't
stop singingsCincinnati Merchant
Particular attention paid to fresco!" and
decorative p.iliuln j, in oil. wax or water-color -
will make bias on Cnnrehes. Diitllc bullAii and
l pnvute residences. Work guaranteed. Keterencen.
u desired. Post office, address. "
When In .The Wrong Channel.
The bile wreaks grievous injury. Head
ache, constipataon, pain in the liver and
stomach, jaundice, nausea ensue. A few
doses of Ilnstetter's Stomach Bitters will
reform these evils and prevent further in-
the first time on tins stage of a leg upon the bowels being unaccompanied by
which, it is mil the irntn im say, needs . griping, rue uver is notti regulated and
only to be seen to be admired. It is
i ;.i . i ? t .
ampie wmioui oeing gross, it is ap.
The Hickory Fair a Success.
Notwithstanding the limited time in
which it was gotten up. and the busv
cj A ' . j i li 11 10 cui 1110 nuu oji ur ILU 1 111 111U.
season with the farmers, the Fair which to the shore, and as he wiped the watei
has been m progress here since Wed- from his drippinir face he reconizedi 6 - . u "
nesdaymominghas been largely attend- ZTomX reconlze4 possess,r w, h he consummate grace
Here is lesson number two. Do not
judge by appearances. Wil. Star.
ed and is a success in everv particular
The exhibit of the various articles from
Ohio Gone Republican.
As Im rlifl not state anv reason why he
could not arrest him, the officer conclu
ded that Mr. Ferreard was trying to re- the field, orchard, garden, workshop,
sist him and take his prisoner He ac- stu(iio and cf a domestic nature is
cordingly struck TJm,& splendid. The display of musical in-
and disengaged his nold upon the diunK- r r j .
en man he had arrested. Hr. Perreard, struments, machines and articles m l lo-
who is a Frenchman and naturally of a ral Hall made by some of our business
fur-inns nt thft Vl nl-Un mAGr
and poured out a torrent of abuse at the interestirfg and substantial feature of awaited the Democrats.
omcer, wno piacea nim aiso uuuer arr,u f, PThibitinn is the dailv oarade of
registered and fine blooked stock from
propriate to the trunk to which it be
longs as if it had come from the hands
of an artist specially gifted as to har
mony in proportion, bearing in mind
the entire structure from head to heel.
On a buxom person it would certain
ly have the appearance of a leg pain
fully misplaced and dangerously un
certain; but as Miss Anderson's mem
ber it is precisely as it shonld be it
is graceful, it is accurately rounded,
it is confident and at the same time
modest, it is pathetic in some of its
movements, in accordance with the
Hues it helps to interpret; it is wiu-
rung always, and it is hand lea oy its
if !
- f o r : !
Combining the wonderrul curative virtues or (To
bacco, with other approved rubefacients, lnakpug
a marvelous compound tor tue renei oi uuuiau am
ttirtng I
election in Ohio surprised
It was believed that a victo-
The nom
ination of Hoad I v was reerarded as a
Meanwhile his first prisoner had Jeen "" Tr " T.rIT. mLnA .n,l D
struggling to release himself, swearing at registered anu nne oiooKeu siuca irum - - r-
the officer in a curious jumble of French, Catawba andadjoining counties, consist were found declaring in advance
English, and Spanish. McMahon, Avho ing mainly of cattle, but there are a that he would be defeated.Tbe Re
is a powerful man, was quite capable, great many fine horses, mules, stallions, publicans are victors, electing the
however of managing two prisoners at a jacs sheep, hogs, chickens, &c. The Governor and carry ing the Legislature
hou?e matches, DaseDaii playing, c, nave an is no doubt that unio is ltepuoiican.
is your name?" inquired the been enjoyed very much by all. Among It m always so when there are not lo-
of which only she is capable. We feel
that this notice of its first appearance
on the New York stage without the
dis6gurement of drapery is unavoid
able. The debut was ent irely success
ful, and, more thau that, it serves to
remove a rowingiy unhappy doubt
as to the member in question which
has been carried by an always patient
but at present thoroughly gratified
public altogether too long.
buiiiuiuuu u ii, nuu us iu iss very impolitic
iu uirpgiiru uiBurucr 01 mat organ, wnicn
through neglect may culminate in danger
ous congestion and hepatic abscess, the
Bitters should be resorted to at an early J
. wt-: i a. i r i . n
eiue. r niiure 10 uo tins renaers a contest
with the maladv more protracted. Fever
and ague, rheumatism, kidney and bladdery
troubles, are remedied by this tine medicine,;
and the increasing imflrmities of age miti-:
gated by it. It may be also used in con i
valescence with advantvge, as it hastens'
the restoration of vigor.
tj:ntty high.
An English and Classical School for boyi
and girls, located at Woodleaf, 11 miles
west of Salisbury. Students prepared for
business or college. Desirable board at
reasonable rate.
Students desiring to study music will
be under the instruction of an experienced
teacher, Mrs. R. W. Boyd.
Term opens the 28th of September, 1885,
and continues nine months. Address
G. B, WETMQRE, Jr., Principal,
Woodleaf, N. C. f
Oall on the undersigned at NO. 2, Granite
Ro w. D. A. A'npjX.
Agent for the "CardwellThreaher,"
Salisbury, N. C, June 8th tf.
kecjier, addressing the drunken I the winners of the trotting and running
races, we notice Messrs. Abel Kobinson,
J. M. Garrison, H. F. Kistler and D. W.
Rowe. Press.
"I am Emanuel Del Campo, of the
Chilan Legation," was the reply extracted
from the prisoner, amid many oaths and
curses. ''And if you arrest me," he add
ed, shaking his list in the station keeper's
face, "I'll have you life." The handsome
face of the man was nvid with rage anct
bloated with dissipation. He raved and
stormed, knocked the books and ink
stand off the desk, and shouted and swore
in all the tongues at his command.
"The difference between you and me,"
said he to the station keeper, "is that I
am a gentleman of birth and education,
while you you " and here his indigna
tion chocked him. "Miserable" summed
up his estimation of the station keeper
when he could regain his speech. As
soon as hehowed his
i Silent Men.
Washington never made a speech.
In the zenith of his fame he once at
tempted it, failed, and gave it up con
fused and abashed. In framing the
Constitution of the United States the
labor was almost wholly performed in
Committee of the Whole, of which
cal issues to divide. The Germans
have not alwavs voted solid for tlie
Republican candidates but when they
have done so there has been no difi
culty iu electing them. What effect
the Democratic defeat will have on
New York may not be known, but
the Jprobability is that it will injure
the prospects of that party. It may
be tliat it ought not to huve such an
effect, but judging from former defeats
an unfavorable influence will be ex
erted. The greatest danger iu New
York, however, will be found iu the
Opposed to the Blair Bill.
The Salisbury Watchman thinks
that the passage of the B!air Educa
tional Aid Bill by the next Congress
"will be the worst thing that could
happen to the people of the South,
and it is the duty of every thought
ful person to fight it."
We agree-with the Watchman, and
say good bye to States' Rights and
self-independence when a Southern
state acknowledges it sell a pauper
and dependent ou the National Treas
ury for a gift of money for any pur
pose. Char. Dem.
has just returned from the Northern cities
Stock of Goods that he has ever offered to
the public; consisting of Dry Good, Gro
ceries. Hats, Boots and Shoes, Sole Leather,
Crockery and Queen9-ware, Clothing, Prf-
visiou, Wood and Willow
Also a full line of
Where the Editor Stopped.
Overcome by Quirine.
but he made bn?y two speeches during unfortunate discords, thot M P
" lL , the convention, which were of a very " perpeiuai.rrM.ocar.
tihsk i it pi, :l i r ( m i i .-
r' - -t - ii l i:
that he belonged to the legation, the ser
geant on duty told him that he was free
and could go. "No," yelled Del Campo,
with excited frenzy, "1 won't go. "I'll
have Secretary Bayard brought here to
prove my Identity. Telephone to him,
A hansym which had been sent for ar- ea upon, me wusuiuuou vvuuiu nave j from h,s chair aod ftt,og to the there and
rived at mis moment, anu iei uuupu rieen rejecueu oy uie pwpie. aiiuukus
was taken out between two policemen and Jefferson never made a speech. He
sent home. I onnlrln'f. rln if Mnrmlpnn. whnsp PYPfiii-
tive ability is almost without a parallel,
few words each. The convention, how
ever, acknowledged the master spirit,
and histonans affirm that, had it not
been for his personal popularity, and
.... . Ti
the thirty words of his hrst speech, pro-
The Boyden House, at Salisbury,
is being fitted up for Winter guests,
a number of whom have already en
gaged rooms, and others expected.
The house will probably be full all
V inter. Amongr other guests w
A scene was created in the Supreme are expected, one of the largest deal
Suffer no longer. Be humbugged with quack
cure-alls no louger. Tobacco IS Nature's Oieat
Keuiedy. It-has bi'en used In a crude way ij-om
the d lys of Sir Walter ttaleigh down; and has work
ed many a marvelous cure, and saved many a valu
able life. In the "Tobacco Uniment." its virtues
are sclentiilcally extracted, combined with othet
valuable medical agents, and cwnUdcntly offereU to
the public, not as a cure-all. but as a safe, powdriul
and effective External Remedy, applicable wher
ever there Is pain to be relieved.
In large bottles at only 25 cents. For
al by all Druggists. Ask for it, and in
tuit upon having it. Don't be put off with
worthless substitutes. Try it and you iill
be thank t'ul for having had it brought to
jour attention.
THE O. F. KLUTTZ to CO., j
Wholesale Druggists. lropi1eUrs
50:3m Sausbukv, N. C.
South Biver, Rowan County, N. p.
What a terrible little gaine cock of a
...... i ' , i 1 In I i i.i ui n f mr it a1 Tl 1 1
shake "in her boots over the events of said that his greatest trouble was in
last nitrht. But it is well understood Uniting men or aeeas ratner man woras
that the American Navy is not in such
nn advanced statre of reconstruction as to
render a hostile misunderstanding with JToo Well xiepresentea.
any foreign power at all desirable; and I , . . ,
it is well known that the Chilian govern- Last week there were six blockaders
ment has a somewhat contemptuous ana a negro, mil uichson, cnargeu wun
opinion of the Udited states, and might
jump at this little emeute as a veritable
casus belli.
Court at Atlanta. Ga.. cn luesdav. o,-a rcnl oatnt in Hip Xw F.norland
' - .1 1 I 1 , "I,, "i t . ' . . I V.B " P
nouncmgit tne best mat couia oe unit- by Justice Blandford suddenly drop- states will make his headquarters
ping irom nis cnair ano iamng to ine there and carry on an extensive busi-
floor. Court was immediately sus- ness in North Carolina lands. The
pended and Chief Justice Jacson and Boyden, we understand, has a fair
ousiice an rusiieu to nis suie anu share ot the traveling patrouage.
laid him on one ot the velvet, benches Lexington Dispatch.
t j i fpi. i .I i '
oi tne room, ine lawvcrs in in
room. 1 lie lawyers in the
room gathered around him and it was
thought he was dvii. Medical aid
was summoned, but when the physi
cians arrived it was found that he
was better. He was soon well enough
to get up and was carried to his home.
He had taken fifteen grains of quinine
for the bad cold from which he was
The Mortgage System.
The Durham Reporter says of tne mort
gage system:
If, however, a larmer or any one else
can get along without mortgages, it is far
better. Sometimes it is the best thing
that can be done, and like other species
of credit, is a benefit to the mortgagor,
but in many cases great loss falls on the
mortgagee. If a man will look over the
larceny, in iail. The moonshiners were
all taken to Statesville to attend Feder
al court Monday and Bill is left in sol
itary confinement. In addition to these suffering, which overcame his nervous
men, who were in jail, several others J system aud prostrated him,
have been, withm the last tew weeks,
bound over to attend court at States
ville on the charge of either making or
selling whiskev illicitly. Caldwell and
o .
Alexander are too well represented at
Statesville this week. Indeed, it seems
that this illicit whiskey business is be-
in sr run for all it is worth and the de-
Eistoric Room.
The Jerusalem chamber, in which
the bible was revised, is a part of
Westminster Abbev. and teok its
name from tapestries and pictures
pile of mortgages held by some of our Lty marshals are having plenty of hvhu:h represent scenes of Jerusalem.
work. This business should either be
.-. it 111
tr hohi Small broken up root and orancn or eise tne
Mormon Proselyting in North Carolina.
A meeting was held by three eld-
ers ana two laaies oi me mormon
faith at an old school house in a se
cluded place near the village of East
Bend, xadkin county, a short time
mi .. I 1
since, ine attendance was smaii ana
earnest exhortation tailed to add a
single convert to the fold. Polygamy
was barely mentioned and is entirely
omitted from the "Articles of Faith"
which were distributed at the
close of the meeting upon neatly
printed cards with the name of an
elder upon the opposite sid Win
ston Sentinel.
of the very best brands, viz :
MERRY MAN'S A. D. Bone "
WALKER'S Ground Bone " "
NATURAL, Guano just from Orchilla,
and supposed the only Natural Guano "on
the market.
Go and get Testimonials and if you want
to save money, don t forget to call on him
before buying either Goods or Fertilizers.
Salisbury, Oct. 1, 1885. 35:ti
U Ii G AN I C W I1KKIW tl nomeroqa
re disease, baf
fling Uw skilled phJ
8icir,nf, result . f roa
roulhf ul indiscretion,
oo free indulgence, or
over brain work. Avoid
the impontion oi prcicq
tioun remedies for tlx te
troubles. Oet our Fret
I Circular and Trial Pack
am. and learn imDOrtaui
IfacU before taking treal-
Iment elsewhere. Take, a
ClKLl) tnousanas. boss
I not interfere with aucn-
Ition to businesi, or cause
I pain or inconvenience tn
any way. Jounded on
scientific medical prinej
pies. By direct appflcatifa
to the aeat of disease to
tpeciflc InHnence u
without delay. The t3
ural function a of the hu
man organism Is restored.
The animating elements
of life, which have been
waited are given ba: k .arid
the pat i cr t becomes chert
fuland rapidly galnabeja.
latrengu ana fcaiuu vigir.
A Radical Cure for
Organic Weakness,
fFHx oICA-Li
1 r. Young & Middle!
tea men.
Tested for ove8x
Years by usein many I
Thousand Cases.
One Month. - CS.OOl
Two Months, - 6.oo!
Threa Month. 7 00
Yadkin Mineral Sprioas Academy,
i PALMERSVILLE.(an'yco) M.C.
C. U. MAKTIN, Principal,
raduate of Wake Fun-st College, and also at
tae Cnlversltr of Virginia.
ar rrmoN, $5 to $in per session or 5 months.
The only school In this section that teaches
jthe University of Va. methods. vigorous ex
tensive, thorough. The cheapest school in the
J. s. where these world-renowed methods are
taugut, uood Boarti only fo permontn.
I 27 ly Address, C U. Maktin, Prla.
SalisburyVoolen Mills
is now iu operation, and facilities for man
ufacturing W oolen Goods such as have nev
er before been offered to our people, are
within the reach of the entire Wool grow
ing community.
We manufacture JEANS, CAS8IMER8,
Soliciting a liberal patronage of our peo
ple, we are respectfully, ;
- j SALI8BUBT woolen mills.
5r"OrBcc it old Express Office.
May 28th, 4885. 32tf
Corner of Kerr ft Lee Streets,
with a full line of DRY GOODS and
GROCERIES. Also keeps a First ClAtt
BOARDING HOUSE. Call and see liwn.
S r Ask for terms of o-ir Appliance.
A good school located in a healthy J
lage, 8 miles from Salisbury. Term com
mences September 7th, 1885, and contirv
nes nine months. All the English
branches (including Algebra) taught tiior
ouglily. La tiu and Greek optional,
Good board iu private fauiiliesrt low
rat 's. Tuitiou moderate, and gradediac
cording to studies pursued. Rest fur
nished school-building in the county.
For paticulars address,
J. M. 111LL, Principal.
Sept. 2,1838. 3m
Bv virtue of a decree of the Superior
Court of Rowan County, in the ease! of
J. L. Siffbrd, Guardian of Mary C. Miller,
ex parte, 1 will sail at public auction at
the Court House door, iu Salisbury ou
Monday the 5th day of October, 188J5, a
tract of land adjoining the lands of 4 r
Morris, Leah C. Bern hart and others fbe
ing lot No. 4 in the division of the lands
of Chas. Miller, dee'd. containing 54 acres.
Terms one-third cash, one-third inj six
and one-third in twelvemonths, with bond
and interest from date of sale at eight! per
cent, on the deferred payments.
J. L. SLFFORD, Guardian.
business men that are past due and no
way to collect them he will see who has
the big end of the bag
amounts, from ten to twenty dollars,
scattered over an area of from twenty to
thirty miles, comprising in the aggregate
perhaps a thousand dollars, with no, way
to collect, is a considerable item to one
nian. Our advice is to keep out of
mortgages if possible, as the best thing
for both parties."
There are farmers and fanners. One
will thrive, grow rich, and another close
to him will be in debt, will mortgage and
finally be bankrupted and homeless.
You may see this in the finest cotton and
tobacco counties. One man makes his
three, five,teii thousand dollars clear each
year while his neighbor just over the
fence loses year by year, and finally ends
with complete ruin. How is this? It is
the mum much more than in the land
hour of the of the day by pointing with
its beak at a dial stretched beneath the
wire, and having the figures from one
to twenty-four. When it reaches the
latter figure, it glides across the window
to one again. There is no mechanism
The mortgage system once entered upon J that can be seen, it all being inside the
will tKsalways coutinuea irom year u
year by poor farmers, or lazy farmers, or
drinking farmers or extravagant farmers.
The first mortgage upon a jarm is as bad
for the farmer as the first chill is for the
victim in a vellow fever district. It is
the beginning of an attack that wnll end
I A ict oinrmlA 11nnfn11r.11 I n I. rAAIYI
Xll ID f SIIUMiC I CI IttllgllJHl IUUUI)
wainscoted with cedar from the Holy
Land. In the center of the room
stands a long, broad table. In this
chamber Henry VI died in 1413
when he was on the eve of a pilgrim
age to Palestine. In I he room Ad
A Westen jeweler has invented a dison and oir Isaac .Newton lay in
novel time-piece in the shape of a steel 1 state before thev were laid in their
wire streched across bis show window, final resting places. Kinc James'
in which a stuffed canary hops from Version of the Biblee, the Westmin
ieii, w rigui, luuicauug ua n gura me 6ter Catechism ami the common
internal revenue system should be abol
ished as useless. Lenoir Topic.
A Hovel Clock,
Asheville Fair Notes.
Mr. W. S. Primrose, President of the
State Exposition, after lookingjthrough
. . 1 A 11- J Li i. i
the exmbits, saia tne uepan-pent oi
agricultural products on our j grounds
is decidedly the best he ever saw in the
Everybody is praising the !magnifi-j
cent display of farm products at the
Fair. This is but a just tribute to our
farmers and section, and a specially
merited compliment to Capt. Jsatt At
kinson, to whose extraodinary energy
Kerosene Oil!
ENNISS' Drug Store.
July 9, '85 tf.
The Earliest and Best Turnip Seed for
sale at
prayer book have all come from the I and judgment the success is dije.
Jerusalem chamber.
bird. The inventor says he was three
years in studying it out.
Great and Rich Country.
In the days of the Montezumas we
are told that the aboriginal Mexicans
shod their horses with silver and cov
ered their houses with gold sheeting,
so plentiful were these now preciom
metals then in that newly discovered
land. Upon the same principle we
Cluveriue will Probably Hang.
The writ of error granted by the
in great suffering and possibly in finan- Virginia Court of Appeals in the case 1 suppose that Doc Smith, of BuQalo,
cial death. Betcare of the first mortgage. I rMor:,,- tli Riohmond mnrderpr !. -i,an ho Imva a,,
W if. 3or. . , I . . iD ,Q.r,oa ,,iMn.ifl, I a t r
until the question of granting a new ed up in a crater made of walnut slats,
trial can be heard and disposed of. What with a railroad from Richlands
It has no effect whatever on the ulti- with silver rails and marble topped
mate carrying out of the sentence in walnut goose crates from Buffalo, we
case of an adverse decision by the are inclined to pronounce this a great
court. country. Lenoir Topic,
A stump orator exclaimed, "I know
no north, no south, no east, no west,
fellow- citizens!" "Then, exclaimed
an old farmer in the crowd. "Its
time you went to school and larnt
The stock exhibited is land, and ve-
rv fine. This is one of the (most en
couraering features of the FaJr. The
improvement in stock is mostj noticea-
a .. .i
ble. Several counties are represented
Ex-Governor Anthony oice said:
"The average Kansas town will vote
bonds to buy a can to tie to a dogs
A man who died in Cincinnati the
other day owned up to having six
wives. There was a smile on his face
when he was dead.
It is generally believed that Dako
ta and Montana territories will be ad
mitted into the Union as states dur
ing the next session of Congress.
reduced prices, at
Of all kinds, nt
Fruit Jars!
Bobber Rings for Fruit Jars, at
For sale at EN NIBS',
For Threshers, Reapers, and Mowers at
H von want yonr prescriptions put up
. " .. 1 1 A. ?
cheaper man anywuere erne gu w ,
ENNISS' Drug Store.
-!y 9, '85. tf. jj
Enniss' Blackberry Cotdial,
nintrr. Diarrhoea, Flnr, &c, for sale
At ENNISS' Drug Store
n T)Tnr at a cts
750.000. I
Prest. f Secrteurj
.Twenty-sixth Annual State it,
January 1, isss.
Cash Capital
Unadjusted Losses
Reserve for Re-Insurance and all other I
llabiuues, t
Net Surplus,
Cash In NaUonal Bank.... ...-$ T.904 M
Cash In hands of Agents ll,6J w
$300,000 00
24,000 00
12,117 SO
. 255,23 IS
$711,380 3
$ lt.SN 3$
. 110,800 00
. 51, W 00
United States Registered Bonds
State and Municipal Bonds
National Bank Stocks 180,400 00
Cotton Manufacturing stocks 1 1 4,735 00
Other Local 8tocks ,m) OS
Real Estate (unincumbered city property) 07.107 17
Loans, secured by first mortgages 50,413 84
Total Assets,
$741,380 38
SaUsbury , N. C
March i6. 1885. &n
that will not break bjheat, tor sale at
DIAMOND DYES All colors you
wish at ENNISS
DON'T FORGET to call
alt kinds at
for Seeds of
Call and see the Flower Pots at
A MILLION of worms gnawing day
;h i nnltn enough, we think, to thro
child into snasms. Sh riner'o Indian Ver
raifuge will destroy and expeinem
rootore the ch ild.
4 4
1 u
Srpt. 4th, 185.

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